My Boyfriend Likes to Expose Me
or perhaps it should be called
The Exhibitionist in Denial
by Vanessa

Part 28

All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over 18 when the events took place.

Background: The main characters in this fictional series are Tanya and Ryan, who are both in their early / mid-twenties. They met at university and have been together ever since. Tanya’s body stopped developing when she was around twelve or thirteen, and to this day she still looks that age. This has led to a number of problems for her but it has also given both Tanya and Ryan the opportunity for some ‘interesting’ fun when she role-plays a girl of the age that she looks.

Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the earlier parts. They will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 28 – Not Ryan’s fault at all

The Gym

I’m still having lots of fun there.

Ryan easily managed to convince Darren to buy a Kung Fu vaginal muscle exerciser for each of the girls. In the workout room there is now a bench with ten weights (one through to ten kilograms) on one end; all with rings on them so that we can hook our carabiners onto them and try to lift them from one end of the bench to the other.

The guys seem to like watching us, especially when we get to the point where we can’t do it and the marble eggs slide out and clunk onto the bench. So far there’s always been at least one guy who wants to put them back in for us.

I’m doing quite well; I guess that all my Kegel exercises are now paying dividend; I can lift the eight kg weight and get it to the other end of the bench. Ryan is trying to talk me into wearing it to work and carry something heavy round all day. So far he hasn’t suggested something small enough to not hang below my skirts.

Kieran final got the wrestling off the drawing board. There was another obstacle course challenge which was followed by each of the four girls taking on a man in the wrestling ring.

Kieran has changed the wrestling rules a bit. They still have to pin their opponent’s shoulders down for a count of three and there’s still the no hurting rule; but the rules now say that if a girl wins she can do whatever she wants to her opponent for a full two minutes. If the man wins he has to put the girl over his lap and spank her butt for the two minutes.

None of the four men chosen to take on the girls had a spanking fetish so they all chose to lose their match and let the girls take advantage of them. One of the girls chose to sit on top of her loser and rub her pussy into his face while wanking him with her hands. A second girl chose to make her loser eat her pussy whilst she gave him a blowjob. The other two chose to ride their loser cowgirl style, one in reverse. All this was whist they had an audience of about thirty people.

I went in that big room one day during the school holidays and found the twins wrestling in the ring. I watched them for about five minutes before they ended up in the 69 position. I left them to it but Kieran was there and he loved every minute of it. Ryan wants me to enter the next challenge.

Lizzy (from our recent Trip to London)

Lizzy and I have been phoning each other. We became great friends when we were caught masturbating in that big store in Oxford Street and were made to do all sorts of fun thing; then having naked fun at Carrie’s hotel. [I wrote all about our trip in part 27 but a couple of sites that I post on have restrictions on what can be posted so a dramatically cut-down version had to be posted. If you missed out on our awesome fun and want to read all about it just use your favourite search engine and you will find it quite easily.]

Lizzy has followed Ryan’s instructions, (well that’s what he thinks, I know that she would have done it anyway) and started being naked at home most of the time. Her brothers drool over her body and she’s sure that she’s become what they think about when they’re wanking.

Her father was a bit more of a challenge. With him being away from home quite a lot she got her brother’s used to seeing her without any clothes on before she exposed herself to her father. He was home for a weekend and when he got home on the Friday evening Lizzy was in the shower. Instead of putting some clothes on she just wrapped herself in a towel and went to greet him.

As they hugged, Lizzy un-tucked her towel so that when they broke contact the towel fell to the floor leaving her naked in front of him. Lizzy just stood there pretending to be shocked but not trying to cover herself.

“Wow Lizzy, you have grown up haven’t you?” her father said.

“Daddy, of course I have;” Lizzy said as she picked-up the towel and wrapped it around herself; “I’m not that little girl that used to share a bath with her brothers anymore.”

“I can see that; you’ve grown into a beautiful young woman Lizzy.”

“Yes she has.” Dylan her brother added.

Lizzy then proceeded to get a meal ready for her father, still wearing only the towel, while her father went for a shower.

When he returned, Lizzy served the food, accidentally letting the towel drop a couple of times; each time she quickly put it back round herself. The third time it happened, Dylan was there talking to her father.

“I don’t know why you bother sis; it’ll only come off again.”

“Maybe,” Lizzy replied, “but I can’t have both of you seeing me naked.”

“Why not?” Dylan asked; “we’re all family and it’s not like we’re going to rape you or anything.”

“Well yes, but I can’t, it’s not right is it daddy?”

“Lizzy girl, this house is yours just as much as it is mine, as I’ve always said, ‘live and let live;’ you wear as much or as little as you want.”

Lizzy leant over and hugged her father; the towel falling off as she did so. Her brother was stood behind her and she got a tingle in her pussy as she heard him groan a little because of what he must have been able to see.

After that she did the washing-up in the nude then went and sat next to her father on the sofa to watch television and catch up with the bits of news that her father had.

She didn’t wear any clothes for the rest of the weekend before her father had to leave early on the Monday morning.

During the next week Lizzy started openly masturbating in front of her brothers, and at the end of the week a couple of Dylan friends had called round to see him. That was unusual so Lizzy guessed that Dylan had invited them to go and look at her so she put on a bit of a show for them.

When I could get a word in, I told Lizzy more about the gym and the obstacle challenge and the wrestling. Lizzy said that she’d love to have a go at that.

When I later told Ryan what Lizzy had said, he suggested that I invite her up to stay with us for a while; maybe during the school holidays. If I didn’t know better I’d think that he just wanted another pussy to fuck – again.

When I phoned Lizzy after I got back from my trip to China (see below). It was the school half-term holidays and she’d been at home on her own on the Tuesday; her brothers being out working, when her father arrived home. He’d been on what was supposed to be a week-long trip round Europe but something had happened and it had been cut short so his boss had sent him home for the rest of the day.

Anyway, when her father arrived home Lizzy was on the sofa, totally naked, and rubbing her pussy with one hand while fucking herself with a cucumber with her other hand.

Lizzy had just frozen but her father had told her to keep going. She did and she had a wonderful orgasm but when it subsided the embarrassment took over and she apologised to her father. He just laughed it off saying that it had been a long time since he’d seen a girl do that.

That evening her father got a phone call from his boss telling him that he had to go on a trip up to the top of Scotland. It would mean that he’d be away for a couple of nights, sleeping in the cab as he usually did. Lizzy had a crazy idea and asked him if she could go with him. He reminded her that they’d have to sleep in the cab and that they’d be in the middle of nowhere.

That was what Lizzy was hoping. When they left in the morning Lizzy was wearing only the white nurse’s skirt that Ryan had bought her, a skimpy see-through top and shoes. What’s more, she didn’t take any other clothes, or even a bag of any sorts.


Of course Ryan wanted me to go back to China; the thought of me having to spend two months working in a foreign country and be naked all the time really turned him on even though I told him that I might not have to be naked.

After spending those two days mulling it over, I told Tim (my boss) that I would go. He seemed quite happy and so did Mr Chang. When he came to our offices a couple of days later he made a point of coming over to see me and thank me for volunteering. I didn’t dare ask him if the traditions of the area that I was going to would require me to be naked all the time, or expose my pussy every time that I went into a room with men in it.

When I was talking to Tim about the trip the next day he told me that Mr Chang had asked him to tell me that I needn’t take many clothes with me. I asked Tim if that was because the weather was good or because I wouldn’t be allowed to wear them. Tim couldn’t answer that one. What he could tell me was that I’d be working at the Nuwa Corporation headquarters which is on a little island about a two hour boat trip from Hong Kong and that the Nuwa Corporation is the islands biggest employer with a factory and a big office complex. Tim told me that Mr Chang is a regular visitor there.

He also told me that most of the Nuwa Corporation’s staff from all over China, that were involved with trade with the UK, would be at the headquarters at some time during my visit and that I would be training them in the accounting practices that we use; similar to what I’d done on my last visit but on a much bigger scale.

The big day came and I found myself on a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong after a tearful parting from Ryan at Heathrow airport. Ryan had put quite a few of my toys and a good supply of batteries into my suitcase. He said that I should be prepared for a couple of months without his cock, adding that it was alright with him if I found a substitute; after all, we’d both arranged for the twins to visit him at least twice a week to keep him from going crazy.

As I entered the ‘Meeters and Greeters’ hall at Hong Kong airport I saw a man holding a card up, with the name ‘Tanya Turner’ on it, and went over to him and he bowed and took my case from me. As we walked out into the open air I was pleased to see (feel) that the weather was good and that I wouldn’t need any warm clothing.

I was chauffeured through Hong Kong to a port where I was escorted onto a smallish ferry and told that I would be met at the other end.

The two hour boat ride was very relaxing; especially as I’d gone to the toilet and put a vibe inside me.

I was half expecting to be transported to my hotel on the back of a motorcycle but instead, the man led me to a pedal tricycle for the slow, 20 minute ride to the hotel. On the way I saw quite a few naked young women, and a few naked men; all walking about as if it was perfectly normal; which I guess it was for them. It was when I saw the first naked young woman that I guessed that I had brought lots of clothes for nothing.

The next even bigger surprise came when I checked-in at the hotel, Mr Chang was there. When I’d got over the surprise he asked me to join him for a drink. He took me over to an area with a few sofas and ordered a ‘cooling (herbal) tea’ for me.

As I drank the rather strange tasting tea Mr Chang explained the cultural and social things that I would have to observe whilst I was there, and what was expected of me at the Nuwa Corporation’s offices. He explained that the island observed the same cultural laws that applied in the place where I had been before; i.e. that all unmarried females, from when they reached puberty until they were 40, had to remain naked at all times.

I asked if that applied to visitors as well, hoping that I would be exempt. He said that there were no exceptions so I asked when I had to take my clothes off. He smiled and said,


I stood up, looked round and slowly took my top, then my skirt off. I’d got my barbells in but not the stirrups or chains. As my tiny tits got exposed I instinctively rolled then pulled my nipples getting them hard and causing my pussy to tingle.

After folding the clothes that I wouldn’t we wearing again for a couple of months, I sat down again and asked what else I needed to know.

“I see that you are still wearing the clitoris ring, Tanya. Is it still performing well?”

“Oh, err yes Mr Chang, thank you so much for it; it was very generous of you.”

“My pleasure Tanya, you are a real asset to your company and your performance last time you were in China was superb.”

The next thing that he said really did surprise me. As a guest of the Nuwa Corporation I was entitled to have the services of a Courtesan girl or boy or both, for the duration of my stay. When I asked Mr Chang what the duties of a Courtesan girl or boy were he told me that their role was to provide for my every need; a bit like Japanese Geisha girls. He told me that after school they’d all spent two years in Courtesan College and had to pass a strict written and practical exam before they were allowed to be employed.

My mind was running wild as Mr Chang explained that being a Courtesan girl or boy is a respectable profession and a reasonably well paid one as well; that these girls and boys are expected to be with their Masters 24 x seven for the duration of their stay on the island, and that they would do whatever they were told to do.

Mr Chang clapped his hands and within seconds, five girls and four boys were stood in front of me. All were totally naked and hairless below their necks. All stood with their feet about shoulder width apart and their head bent down.

I looked at Mr Chang; was he really expecting me to choose one of those nine young people to be my ‘slave’ for the next couple of months?

He was.

“Don’t worry my dear,” he said; “if you get bored with the first ones that you choose you can just tell reception and they’ll let you pick another one.”

I was shocked and a little turned-on. I WAS getting what could / would be a couple of sex slaves for two months. Then I realised that I had to choose right there and then. Did I pick a girl or a boy, two girls or two boys, or one of each?

“Get up and inspect them, Tanya.” Mr Chang said.

I slowly stood up and walked over to them. I ‘inspected’ the girls first. All had tits only slightly bigger than mine, flat butts, were quite skinny and each pussy looked like that of a pre-pubescent girl.

The boys were skinny too. I stood in front of the four of them and looked at their penises. All were flaccid and smaller than Ryan’s and all four were circumcised. One started to get hard as I looked at them. It attracted my attention and I watched as it got harder and harder until it was pointing to the ceiling.

Just then the effects of my two vibrators got the better of me and I had an orgasm while I was stood looking at the boys. I don’t think that Mr Chang realised.

I turned to Mr Chang who smiled as I pointed to the hard cock.

“Do you want a second Courtesan, Tanya?”

“Err, I’m not sure.”

“Choose one Tanya, and if you subsequently decide that you only want the one boy, one you can dismiss the other.”

After a minute’s thought I picked one of the girls. My logic being that if there was another naked girl with me all the time she might take some of the attention off me.

“Don’t worry Tanya,” Mr Chang said; “they all have thorough medical exams after each assignment and they all take a daily herbal pill that keeps them sexually aroused all day; the equivalent of the west’s Viagra pills.” He then said something in Chinese and all but the hard cock and the girl that I had chosen turned and walked away.

“One more thing Tanya,” Mr Chang continued, “all men are not equal here, you only have to assume the position in front of managers and council members, and only when they tell you to; so your pretty little knees should not get dirty very often. 969 and 132 here will explain anything else that you need to know when needed. I have to go now Tanya, an important meeting; I’ll see you at the office in the morning. 969 and 132 have to go and do something; they’ll be back in a minute and take you up to your room.”

He said something in Chinese and the two naked teenagers briskly walked away. With that Mr Chang stood up and left. I was in a state of shock. I’d half expected to have to be without clothes but I had never seen the Courtesan thing coming. I took another sip of the strange tea and decided that I needed something stronger.

Looking up I saw the two naked teens walking back towards me, the cock on the boy waving about. When they were stood in front of me the girl said, “May I get you anything, madam?”

‘Madam’? Bloody hell, there was no way that I was going to let them call me that. I was also pleased that she spoke reasonable English.

“My name is Tanya; and that is what you will call me; what is your name?”

“My name is 132, Tanya,” the boy answered.

“And my name is 969, Tanya,” the girl answered.

“No, your proper names.”

“The numbers are the names that we were given when we graduated college and that is what we are to be known by whilst we are employed as a Courtesan, Tanya.”

“Oh... Alright then, 969 can you get me a drink, a vodka please?”

969 scurried off and I stared at the cock on 132. It was pointing to the ceiling with pre-cum leaking out of the tip.

132 returned with my vodka and I downed it in one. “Take me to my room please, I need to freshen-up,” I said to neither of them in particular.

Standing up, I watched 969 pick up my clothes and handbag whilst 132 got my case. They led me to the lift, up to the third floor then to my room. 132 opened the door to let me go in. As he did so I asked him where my room key was.

“There are no locks on any of the doors in the hotel ma.. err Tanya; nothing ever gets stolen and nothing is private on this island.”

The room was bigger than I expected with a nice big bed and a proper bathroom and a proper toilet. There was a balcony with a great sea view too. I was going to enjoy staying there.

Deciding that I needed a shower I went into the bathroom and turned the shower on. 132 followed me in, and into the shower where he picked-up the soap saying, “Let me wash you, Tanya.”

I just stood there whilst his hands soaped all of my body; yes, all of it. He paid special attention to my pussy and before I realised what was happening he’d made me cum, his hard-on pressing on my thigh.

He even dried me with towels before I went and opened the balcony door then lay on the bed, grateful that the weather was warm and that I wouldn’t need my clothes.

“Can you disappear for an hour or so please, I need to have a nap.”

“Yes ma... err Tanya. Please phone reception when you need us,” 969 said before they both left.

I squeezed the vibe out, lay on top of the bed and stared at the blue ocean. I tried to get some sleep but the events of the last hour were running wild in my head. After about fifteen minutes I gave-up trying to get some sleep and got up and went and opened my case. It was empty. Looking around I realised that 969 had put all my belonging into the wardrobe and drawers.

I found my tablet out and as soon as it was up and running it had found a Wi-Fi signal and connected me without a password so I skyped Ryan. The Wi-Fi speed was amazing and I got through in a couple of seconds. Ryan was just getting up and was about to get into the shower when I called. Soon after our greetings one of the twins walked behind Ryan; shouting ‘Hi Tanya’ as she passed; she too was naked.

“You didn’t waste any time getting them into your bed,” I said.

“Couldn’t help it TT, they knocked on my door at eight PM yesterday and asked to stay for the night. What was I supposed to do?”

“Exactly what you did my love, assuming that you fucked both of them. I’ve got some amazing news. I’ve got a naked young man to cater for my every need whilst I’m here, and he takes Viagra every day.”

“Hell TT, you are going to have fun while you’re there aren’t you? Tell me all about it.”

I did, not missing out anything.

“So you’re going to get this 132 to fuck you every day then?”

“You don’t mind then?”

“Of course not. You make the most of it, my randy little exhibitionist.”

“I’m not an exhibitionist, oh never mind.”

“Are you going to get them to fuck each other in front of you as well?”

“I don’t know yet.”

“Can you get them to do it with skype up and running? I want to watch.”


“Can you do it a bit later in the day so that I can let all the guys at work watch?”

“Ryan! You’re a perv.”

“Yeah, and you love it, don’t you?”

“I guess so. I suppose the upload speed here is good enough.”

“Yeah, it is good; there’s no latency at all. I’ll be able to record it all quite easily; even the sessions with you getting fucked or making yourself cum. Can you do that for me now, please?”

“God, you really are a perv at times.”

It didn’t take much for me to make myself cum because I was already playing with my clit. When the waves of pleasure had passed I asked Ryan if he had recorded it but he hadn’t.

Then he asked, “Can you get your hands on some of those pills that 969 and 132 are taking, TT? You said that they’re herbal so they should get through English Customs okay.”

“Why, do you want to be able fuck me non-stop all day?”

“Hell yes, and if you get sore I can go straight into the twins without stopping to get hard again.”

“Fuck Ryan, go and fuck Kate or Jude, or both, so that you can get sex out of your head for a bit.”

“No chance.”

Jude (well I think it was her) must have been close by because I saw her hand reach over and grab Ryan’s cock.

“I’ll leave you three to it lover. I’ll call you back later, bye everyone.”

I thought about what Ryan had said about getting some of those pills that 969 and 132 take and decided that I would ask them. Maybe they’d make me horny as hell all the time instead of having to use my vibes. Maybe I could use both and see what happens.

It was still the middle of the afternoon and I was feeling wide awake so I phoned reception and asked then to send 969 and 132 up. I just had time to slide one of my remote vibrators in before there was a knock on the door and I let the two teenagers in.

“How long will it take to have a tour of the island?” I asked.

“A quick tour can be done in about an hour, but it’s best to take a slow tour; you can see much more that way,” 132 replied. “There’s plenty of time for the slow tour before it gets dark, Tanya.”

“Good, it’s the slow tour then. Can you organise it, please?”

“That’s easy, you can get a motor tricycle outside the front door, madam.”

“It’s Tanya, 132; and WE will get a tricycle. You two are coming as well, but first can you get me one of those pills that keep you all hard 132 and you all wet 969. I want to take one every day that I’m here, and take lots of them home with me. Do you know where I can buy them?”

“I do Tanya,” 969 replied, “and you can get them shipped to England if you want.”

“Good 969, you can take me there tomorrow. Let’s go.”

I switched the vibe on to low and we went down to reception where 969 went and got me one of those pills, and another vodka. After downing them both, three naked people left the hotel and climbed onto a motor tricycle. 969 and I sat facing the front while 132 sat opposite, facing me and 969.

My eyes kept going from the scenery to 132’s cock then back to the scenery.

The village / town was typical of what I’d seen the last time that I was in China except that this place is by the sea. The tricycle trip went along the coast round the island and I saw a few beaches that would be great to sunbathe on. I presumed that the locals didn’t do that because the beaches were all deserted. The quieter ones would have been great for Ryan and me to swim and fuck on.

Perhaps I could get 132 to fuck me on one; or more. I got a wet rush with that thought and shortly afterwards the vibe got the better of me and I orgasmed. We were still bouncing along the road so I don’t think that 132 or 969 noticed.

The Nuwa Corporation headquarters is a three storey building; quite new, and when we passed it lots of people were leaving. I was pleased to see quite a few naked young women coming out with all the other people; at least I wouldn’t be the only naked woman there. The factory is behind the offices but I couldn’t see much of it.

I don’t know if it was my vibe, or the pill that 969 had got me, or the fact that I was on a naked tour of the village, or the vibrations of the motorbike; but my arousal stayed up at about an eight, roughly where it had been since Mr Chang had got me to take my clothes off .

It was still at an eight when we got back to the hotel and I remembered that I’d left my bag at the hotel so I couldn’t pay the tricycle driver.

“132, can you run up to my room and get my bag please?”

“There’s no need Tanya;” 969 said, “all rides that you take whilst you’re here get charged to the Nuwa Corporation.”

I was about to ask how the drivers would know it was me but I remembered that I did look a little different to all the other naked girls.

Back in my room my mind was involuntary concentrating on my pussy so I decided to test the fucking situation. I sat on the edge of the bed, lay back, spread my legs, squeezed the vibe out; then said, “132, my sexual tension need relief, will you fuck me please?”

He didn’t hesitate; his still hard cock entered me and started going in and out. Meanwhile, 969 had got on the bed and sat on her heels with her knees either side of my head. She leant forward and started massaging my tiny tits.

They brought me to a wonderful orgasm, 132 not stopping fucking me. When I coherent enough I told him to keep going, I wanted to cum again.

I did, that one being slightly stronger than the first. “Stop!” I shouted just before I reached my peak.

132 pulled out of me and they both watched me go over the edge then slowly get back to normal. When I was able to think straight I realised that 132 hadn’t cum. He was just stood there, still with a hard-on. Not caring about that, I closed my eyes and promptly fell asleep.

I woke-up probably an hour later with a mouth eating my pussy and another one teasing my nipples. “Wake me up that way every day please.” I said as my conscious level increased.

“What time is it?” I asked.

Anticipating what I was going to say next, 969 said, “seven:30 PM Tanya, the restaurant is about to open.”

“Good, I’m starving.”

I went to the bathroom to freshen-up, 132 and 969 following me. Sitting on the toilet (I’d half expected the toilets in the hotel to be the old-fashioned stand-up type), I peed then started to shit. As I sat there looking at 132 and 969 looking at me, I suddenly wondered if they were expecting to wipe my butt. I didn’t give them the chance; I got some toilet paper and did it myself without looking at them.

969 did however turn the shower on before I’d finished and when I stepped into the shower she paid particular attention to my butt and puss as she soaped me all over. She didn’t make me cum though.

Now I’ve been in restaurants before without any clothes on, but this was weird. For starters I had a teenage girl and a teenage boy (with an erection) following me. Then there was the fact that most of the rest of the diners were middle-aged men, most with a naked teenage girl or a naked boy next to them. The remaining four diners were women with naked teenage boys sat next to them; one of the women was also naked.

Everything just seemed weird.

As I was waiting to give my order I looked round and saw that none of the teenagers were eating, just watching their ‘Masters’. I asked 969 why that was and she told me that Courtesans only ate when they were excused, and only in the hotel staff room. She also told me that all Courtesans were on a strictly controlled diet designed to keep them slim and horny.

The waiters were obviously used to there being naked customers as they totally ignored us being naked, and 132’s hard-on.

It was a bit embarrassing being watched when eating, especially as my mind was thinking about 969, 132, the fun that I could have with them; and what it would be like at the Nuwa Corporation for the next couple of months.

After dinner I went for a walk, 132 and 969 following me. No one seemed to care that I was naked or that I had two naked teenagers following me. It was only a short walk as the events of the day were catching up with me and we were soon back at the hotel. I passed the bar on the way to the lift and saw some of the men and women that I’d seen in the dining room. All had their naked Courtesans with them.

I lay on the bed, too tired to think about any sort of sex with either of the teenagers. Before I knew it I felt mouths on my pussy and tiny tits. Realising that the sun was shining, I opened my eyes to see 969 and 132 pleasuring me.

I just let it happen, a wonderful orgasm causing my butt to lift up off the bed as my body jerked about. As the waves receded I just said, “Fuck me,” and 132 did; him not cumming as I reached my second orgasm then I told him to stop.

969 was sat on the bed caressing my tiny tits, and as I calmed down I reached over and found her wet pussy. As I rubbed it her body reacted, her breathing got faster and deeper and her pussy oozed. Before long she lost control and orgasmed, her body jerking a little. I was pleased to see that the pills that they took didn’t stop girls from having orgasms.

“132, fuck 969.” I said. I wanted to watch them and see if 132 would cum.

He did, at the same time as 969 did. I wondered if Courtesan College trained them to be able to cum at the same time. 132 stopped thrusting only for a few seconds and I watched his scrotum contract like Ryan’s does when he cums. I also wondered if they trained boys to only cum on command, a bit like I can.

When 132 started thrusting again I told them to stop, wondering how long they would have kept going for.

My shower was ‘interesting’. 132 soaped and shampooed me then he insisted that he shaved me ALL over. He made me cum again as he worked around my pussy.

Down at breakfast it was a smaller version of the previous evening; the only real difference being that there was a little box waiting for me. When I opened it I saw a little blue, circular pill. 969 told me that it was one of the ones that she took every day. I swallowed it along with some mango juice.

Back in my room 969 put some toothpaste on my brush but I wouldn’t let her brush my teeth for me.

I couldn’t make up my mind about wearing one of my vibrators for my first day working at the Nuwa Corporation. After my fucking and 132 making me cum for the second time that day I was already quite aroused so I didn’t notice any effects from the little blue pill; well, to start off with. I wanted to stay aroused, particularly for the first day, so that I wouldn’t feel embarrassed about being naked.

Not wanting to take the chance of the pill not working, I slid a vibe into my pussy and switched in to the ‘low’ setting just before leaving. 969 got me a motor tricycle and insisted that 132 (still with a hard-on) and her ride with me. Five minutes later I was getting off the tricycle and telling 969 and 132 that I would see them back in the hotel.

As the tricycle disappeared I turned and looked at the Nuwa Corporation. There was a steady stream of people, about 50% being naked girls, walking in. Assuming that the majority would be going in through the main entrance, I followed them.

Inside there was a reception desk with a naked girl sat behind it. She smiled at me and said that I must be Tanya Turner, again in quite reasonable English. She got me to sign-in and then took me to a little office where she took a full-frontal photograph of me which quickly appeared on an ID card that she asked me to wear at all times. When I looked down at my naked body she apologised and got a card holder and lanyard for me.

I looked at the ID card; it was three times the size of the credit card sized ones that we use in the office back in England. There was a full frontal photograph of me taking up most of the cards. As I looked at it I asked myself why I’d stood with my feet about one foot apart. I could clearly see all three barbells and my clit poking through my clit ring. It was going to be so embarrassing letting people look at it. I had a little chuckle thinking that it was a good job that we didn’t have ID cards like that back in England.

The receptionist then told me that the CEO of the company wanted to see me. She led me up the stairs to a big office. Just before she opened the door she told me that I needed to ‘present’ myself to the boss.

Before I had a chance to ask her if that meant I had to get on my knees and ‘assume the position’, she opened the door and ushered me in. At the other side of the office was a big desk with an elderly gentlemen sat at it, writing away. Gesturing me to go over to the desk, the receptionist turned and left.

I slowly walked over to the front of the desk then got down on my knees. Putting my bags down, I spread my knees, lay back and waited, and waited, and waited.

After what seemed like hours, during which my vibe was slowly getting the better of me, the CEO finally looked up, saw my head, then got up and walked round to the front of his desk.

He slowly walked round me, staring down and my very exposed body. After he’d stood between my legs for a couple of seconds, he said, “You must be Tanya Turner; welcome to the Nuwa Corporation headquarters. I am Mr Nuwa, CEO of the Nuwa Corporation. Mr Chang informs me that you did an excellent job on your last visit to China, which is why you are here. He also tells me that you are an easily excited young woman and that you can get quite vocal at times. I do hope that you are going to honour our traditions like you did before. You may stand up now, Tanya.”

I did, then replied, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit you wonderful country and your corporation. I will do my best to honour your culture and traditions and will willingly submit to any punishment if I dishonour you in any way, Mr Nuwa.”

“Good, good;” Mr Nuwa said, “In light of your previous infringement of our culture’s rules, the first thing that you will do each morning when you get here, is to come to my office and release any built-up sexual tensions that you may have by getting down on the floor and masturbating to an orgasm. If you cannot manage that I will get someone to do the job for you. With a bit of luck that will negate the need for you to pleasure yourself during the day. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yes Mr Nuwa, each morning I am to come to your office, assume the position and masturbate in front of you.”

“That’s it Tanya, now let’s see you perform for me.”

Hell, the man was as much a perv as Ryan is. Not wanting to upset him, I assumed the position again and started rubbing my pussy. It didn’t take long for me to start cumming and just as I did Mr Chang walked in. He and Mr Nuwa exchanged words as they both looked down on me as the waves of pleasure hit me then disappeared.

“Good morning Mr Chang.” I said when I was able.

“Good morning Tanya, Mr Nuwa has explained what is expected of you each morning. If he is not available you are to find another manager and perform for him. Let’s try to avoid another public humiliation for you. Right, come with me and I will show you where you will be working.”

Mr Chang led me to a small meeting room that had five PCs setup on the table. He told me that four people would join me each day and I could run through my training with them. When they were happy with using the system I was finished for the day and could do anything that I wanted.

That didn’t sound too bad; with a bit of luck I could get some beach time each day. I quickly got set up and checked that everything was okay. It was thirty minutes before the first four people were due so I decided that I would ‘release any built-up sexual tensions’ as Mr Nuwa had described it. My vibrators and the little blue pill that 969 had got me had raised my AF to an eight and I didn’t want to cum in the middle of giving a lesson to four strangers.

I was sat on a chair with my legs wide open and rubbing my pussy when the door opened and a naked young girl walked in. She saw what I was doing but ignored that and asked me if I wanted a drink of coffee. I of course had stopped rubbing and clamped my legs together.

The moment was lost but I was still feeling horny. Fifteen minutes after the lesson started I just had to give the two men and two naked young girls something to do and escape to the toilet to ‘release any built-up sexual tensions’.

The rest of the lesson went well and as I was shutting down the computers Mr Chang arrived and asked me how it had gone. He then told me that as it was approaching 2 PM he would take me to the Quality Control department. As we walked I asked him why we were going there.

“Oh, Mr Nuwa didn’t tell you then? All naked girls have to go to the Quality Control department at 2 PM every day. It is their duty to test some of the products that the company produces. We like to produce products that do what they are supposed to do, and for many years, and the only way that we can be sure that we are doing that is to run long-term tests of the products. The girls at head office test the products of our Feminine Care division. They spend one hour every day using the products and are closely monitored by members of our Quality Control department.”

Suddenly realising what was probably coming, I excused myself and went to the toilet where I squeezed out my vibrator and had a pee. I didn’t want the embarrassment of having to do it in front of lots of people if my suspicions were correct and that I was going to get girl's toys put inside me very soon.

Mr Chang introduced me to Mr Tay who is the head of the QC department; then he told me that he’d be back to collect me in about an hour. Mr Tay then told me that I would be joining the other un-married young girls who ‘volunteered’ to test the company’s latest products. I later found out that the girls didn’t get employed if they refused to volunteer.

Mr Tay opened the door into a big testing room. It’s quite big, and down one wall I could see five gynecology chairs, complete with feet rests. Passed those were ten stainless steel tables. At the far end of the room I could see five sybians; all looked exactly like mine. I wondered if Ryan had got mine from the Nuwa Corporation.

On the other long wall were three different fucking machines, a treadmill, two mattresses (no beds, and two of them had fucking machines at one end), and a big space. Another thing that surprised me was that all down the middle of the room were cameras on tripods.

Just near the door that we’d just come through were a couple of the same, long stainless steel tables with lots of plastic boxes on them. Each one had a label on it with what turned out to be girl’s names on. Two men in white lab coats were un-stacking the boxes; presumably for the young girls when they arrived.

Mr Tay said something to one of the lab coats and he went and got a box without a label. While we were waiting for him to return Mr Tay told me, in broken English, that it was good to have a western girl in his lab. He said that western girls are a lot more vocal and active than Chinese girls when they are being pleasured. He told me that he knew that because they have a girl working there who has an American father.

When the lab coat returned he gave me a marker pen and a label and I wrote my name on it. While I was doing that I saw a brown paper covered box inside the plastic box.

A bell rang and about twenty naked young girls walked in, most talking amongst themselves. One of them had brown hair instead of black hair. Her breasts were much bigger than the other girls, probably a ‘B’ cup, and her butt was much more bubbly. All the girls went to the table with the plastic boxes and picked one up, presumably the one with their name on it, then went to stand at a chair or table or other place where they presumably had to test their item.

The lab coats then went to each girl in turn, got them into the required position, switched whatever on then inserted them into the girl’s pussy. At the sybians the girl just impaled themselves and waited for a lab coat to switch them on. The girl on the treadmill had a remote controlled vibe put inside her then she started walking on the treadmill. Seconds later her body jerked but she kept on walking.

Mr Tay took me over to the one place that was vacant, one of the mattresses, and told me to lie down. As I got down I was feeling confident that I could cope with anything that they gave me. A lab coat came over to me and indicated that I should spread my legs wider than they already were. Picking up a tube of lube, he looked at my pussy then put the tube back in his pocket. I’d dried my pussy when I’d gone to the toilet a few minutes before but it was again soaking by the time that I lay down.

The lab coat got the brown paper covered box out of the plastic box and un-wrapped a metal egg with a wire coming out of it. On the other end of the wire was a little black control box. That had another wire coming out of it that went to plug that he pushed into a socket on the wall. I wondered why the metal egg couldn’t run on battery power.

As the lab coat eased the metal egg up my vagina I thought that it was going to be just like have one of my vibrators purring away inside me. It was, for the first couple of minutes. Then I got the shock of my life; literally. I screamed, not knowing what had happened, but when I got over the shock I realised that I’d had a shock, an electric shock, inside my pussy. My pussy reacted by getting wetter and raising my AF.

The vibrations continued and after another couple of minutes I got another electric shock and my AF went up another notch.

Ten minutes later, a fourth electric shock took me over the edge and my body arched up then shook all over, my body expressing itself in a stream of loud expletives.

The process repeated itself over and over, the gaps between my orgasms got shorter and shorter as the vibrations alone made me cum until I was almost having one long continuous orgasm. I was sure that I was going to black-out; but I didn’t. The vibrations finally stopped and I just lay there, covered in sweat and feeling totally knackered. After a few minutes a lab coat came over to me and I gasped and jerked as he slowly pulled the metal egg out of me.

I looked round and saw lots of other knackered looking girls; the American fathered girl on a sybian with her head hanging forward. I guessed that they too had been pleasured / tortured for the full hour as well. As my eyes reached the door I saw Mr Chang stood with Mr Tay; both were staring at me, smiling and talking.

I got onto my knees, not sure that my legs could hold me up. After a couple of minutes Mr Chang came over and held a hand out. I gripped it and pulled myself to my feet.

“You have done well Tanya, Mr Tay is pleased. Apparently our Chinese girls black-out after about twenty minutes.

As I walked over to Mr Tay I saw one of the lab coats putting the shocking vibrator in to the plastic box with my name on it.

“Thank you Tanya,” Mr Tay said, “that was most interesting. We will repeat that for the next few days and see how the device stands up to its continued use.”

I looked at Mr Tay then Mr Chang, undecided if I wanted to go through that again. Okay, the orgasms, the pleasure was un-real but to say the least, it WAS extreme. I couldn’t wait to tell Ryan.

Mr Chang led me out of the room; the air conditioning instantly reminding me that my nipples and pussy were uncovered.

“That’s it for today Tanya, you have the rest of the day free to enjoy as you wish. Your Courtesans should be waiting for you at the gate; use them as you wish.” Mr Chang said, then he walked off leaving me just stood there.

The other girls were coming out of the room in dribs and drabs; all looked as knackered as I felt. The American’s daughter smiled at me as she walked by and I couldn’t help but notice her very prominent, hard nipples leading the way.

I slowly walked out of the building and to the gate where 969 and 132 were waiting for me, 132 still with a raging hard-on. 132 passed me a bottle of water which I readily accepted and drank half of it while 969 took my bags off me. We all just stood there until I felt a little energy return.

“Right,” I said, “let’s go to the beach; a swim will do me the world of good. Can one of you get a motor tricycle and get him to take us to that little cove that we saw yesterday? Oh, tell him to go via the hotel and can one of you can go up to my room and get my suntan lotion?”

“No need mad.. Tanya,” 969 said. “I have some here in my bag.”

I smiled at her as we climbed into the tricycle, 969 and I facing the front and 132 facing us again. I was still highly aroused and without thinking, I sat with my legs open. I caught 132 looking at my pussy; not only did I get even wetter, but I watched 132’s cock as precum formed at the tip.

It only took minutes to get to the beach. As I climbed out of the tricycle I looked round at the beautiful sandy beach, inviting sea and lovely blue sky. No one else was on the beach and I wished that Ryan was with me.

I walked straight over the beach and into the warm sea where I splashed about and swam for about 15 minutes before getting out. 132 and 969 were stood watching me, one of them having spread a towel for me to lie on. I lay on my back, legs slightly open and soaked up the sun; it was so peaceful and relaxing.

After about thirty minutes I remembered that I hadn’t skyped Ryan or my boss, Tim. Feeling a little guilty I got my tablet out of my bag; I wasn’t expecting to get a Wi-Fi signal but at least I could say that I’d tried.

I was very surprised when I did get a signal, a strong one. My surprise must have shown because 132 said, “There is free Wi-Fi all over the island; the Nuwa Corporation pays for it.”

Forgetting that I was naked and on a beautiful beach, I skyped Ryan. I got through in seconds; Ryan was in a meeting room with the rest of his four man team working out a strategy to do something or other.

At first I could see only Ryan and hear him and the other guys talking shop. Ryan plugged in his ear buds and I started telling him all about my day. After a couple of minutes Ryan asked me where I was, so I did a 360 with my tablet, letting him see the scenery. As the tablet passed 132 and 969 Ryan asked me to get them to fuck each other. Not being able to think of a good reason not to, I told 132 to get on his back and 969 to ride him.

They did, and after a couple of minutes Ryan asked me to put the tablet between my legs. Folding the tablet cover so that it stood-up on its own, I placed it on the towel and adjusted the position until Ryan could see my pussy and up my front to my tiny tits.

Not waiting to be asked, I started rubbing my wet pussy and teasing my nipples.

It was only after I’d cum and was calming down that I heard one of Ryan’s colleagues say, “That was fucking amazing Tanya. I wish that I was there with you.”

Another voice said, “Can you turn the camera so that we can see your slaves fucking please?”

It was then that Ryan told me that he wasn’t using his laptops built-in camera but a separate USB camera that he had set so that I could only see him but all his colleagues could see what my webcam was capturing.

I gave Ryan a few choice words, but didn’t move my tablet until the same voice asked me to point my laptop at 969 and 132, who were still fucking.

We all watched 969 ride 132 for ages. After wondering if Ryan would be able to stay hard as long as 132 could after he’d taken one of those little blue pills, I turned the tablet and put it back between my legs.

I let them look at my pussy for another minute then said, “I’m going to cut you off now, perverts. I’ll skype you again tomorrow, Ryan.”

Without thinking about where the tablet was pointing, I skyped Tim. He too answered quite quickly and as soon as we got connected Tim said, “Hell Tanya, what’s going on?”

I suddenly realised that he was getting a screen full of my pussy so I picked-up the tablet. “Sorry about that Tim, I was just talking to Ryan.”

“And letting him see what he’s missing.”

“Err yes, sorry.”

“Don’t be Tanya; I’ve told you before that Ryan’s a lucky man and I stick by that statement. Anyway, how’s it going, what’s the hotel like, what’s the Nuwa Corporation HQ like? I see that the weather is good, and the beach.”

I told Tim all about things so far; well not ALL about it. I missed out the bit about the product testing. When I told him about the Courtesans I turned the tablet so that Tim could see 969 still riding 132.

For a couple of seconds Tim was speechless; then he said, “And you just told them to do that; out there on the beach?”

“Yeah, the place is deserted.”

I did another 360 with the tablet, but as it pointed to the end of the beach I (and Tim) could see two naked girls walking along the water’s edge.

“Bloody hell Tanya; I’ve got to wangle myself a trip there.”

I laughed then continued telling him about the business side of things.

As the conversation came to an end I turned the tablet to face the two girls again. They were only about ten feet away by then and Tim must have had a great view. The two girls were watching 969 bounce up and down on 132 and had slight grins on their faces; obviously not at all upset at the sight.

I put my tablet back into my bag and told 969 to get off 132, then told them to rub some suntan lotion on me. I lay on my stomach and relaxed.

As masseurs, 969 and 132 aren’t bad; nowhere near as good as Jacob in the hotel in London (see the full version of part 27), but not bad at all. When they asked me to turn over they brought me to a wonderful orgasm then left me to enjoy the sun.

When I woke-up the sun was starting to go down. I woke myself up with a quick swim then got 969 to get a tricycle. The first one to arrive was a pedal one and we had a slow ride back to the hotel.

That was my first 24 hours on that amazing island, and it set the scene for the next sixty days. Below are the notable events of my stay.

Daily Masturbation In Front Of Mr Nuwa

Most of the days started with me being pleasured by 132 and 969 then masturbating in front of Mr Nuwa when I got to work. He was obviously enjoying the sight but he never tried to touch me.

If Mr Nuwa wasn’t there I had to find another manager to ‘perform’ for. Most just watched me but one of them got me to do it on his desk and he played with my tits and pussy, delaying me making myself cum. He wasn’t rough with me so I never complained to Mr Nuwa or Mr Chang (when he was there). Unfortunately, he was the only manager that was there at that time of the day on eleven of the days so I got groped eleven times.

I never did work out if those masturbation sessions stopped me from cumming at inappropriate times or not.

Those Little Blue Pills

Every morning when I went down for breakfast there was a little blue pill waiting for me. Yes, just one per day does make me wet and horny all day. I found myself not needing to wear my vibrators very often. Those pills, my little clit vibe and the hour product testing each day were enough to keep me horny all day.

After work on the third day that I was there I got 132 and 969 to take me to the shop that sells the pills and I was surprised just how cheap they are. What’s more the shop sells them on eBay and accepts credit card payments. I got them to ship a thousand to Ryan immediately, and another thousand four weeks later. I also got a box of 50 to use whilst I was there (as well as those that 969 got me).

Whenever I took a second one I was so horny that I made use of 132’s hard-on two and sometimes three times that day. I’d taken all fifty by the time I flew home.

The first batch arrived in England about three weeks later. I guess that the UK customs accepted that they were only herbal. Ryan took one when he got home from work that night because the twins were going round to see him. The next morning when I skyped him he still had a hard-on and was wondering which suit to wear for work as he didn’t want everyone at work noticing the bulge.

The twins were still at our house and Kate (I think), thanked me for a wonderful previous evening.

Passion Flower - The American man’s daughter was on the fifth training session that I gave. Her English is very good and we quickly got talking like friends.

After her training session, followed by the product testing session (see below), we met on the way out of the offices. I offered her a lift home in the tricycle and when she agreed I dismissed 969 and 132 and off we went, talking nineteen to the dozen.

During the training session she’d told me what her Chinese name was but also added that it translated to English as Passion Flower, so that was what I called her. When we got to her house I met her parents and her younger sister. Her father looked pleased to meet me, telling me that it was great to talk to someone in ‘proper’ English.

Of course Passion Flower’s sister was naked but I was surprised to see that her mother was naked too. When I asked Passion Flower (PF) why that was she told me that her parents had refused to get married just so that her mother could stay naked. Apparently quite a few couples are doing that these days. Her mother is 36 and they were planning to get married when she reaches 40 and has to start wearing clothes.

Another thing that PF told me was that young girls couldn’t wait to have to get naked. Some of them spent ages trying to convince their parents and teachers that their breasts or pubic hair were starting to grow so that they could strip off.

When a girl does reach puberty there is a little celebration in school where the girl has to take her clothes off in front of the whole school, and then the whole school gets the rest of the day off.

PF’s sister was ‘curious’ about my three barbells and asked me the usual sort of questions that I get, but her last question was to ask me if they made me feel sexy. I’d not been asked that one before. When I opened my legs and showed her my little clit ring she asked me if it made me cum all the time. While she was asking those questions the mother and father were right next to her; her father with a big grin on his face.

One time that I was at PF’s house her sister came home after getting into some trouble at school. The standard punishment for the two girls is a spanking; what’s more, if one got spanked then the other got spanked as well. Apparently it was to deter the other from committing the same crime.

Anyway PF’s father was waiting and as soon as the little sister came in, she was taken back outside and onto the street. PF’s mother followed then with a chair in her hand. PF followed with me close behind. There was a lot of talk in Chinese then PF’s father sat on the chair and the young girl proceeded to lie across his lap.

What followed was the quickest and hardest twenty swats that I have ever seen, or heard, or felt. The father is a big man and he looked like he could have administered a hundred swats within a minute without breaking sweat.

What happened next was quite amazing; the mother poured some sort of lotion on the girl’s very red butt then the father rubbed it into her flesh. Okay, reasonable so far, but the girl spread her legs and the rubbing moved to her pussy and before I knew it the father was finger fucking his daughter. He kept going until she orgasmed and until she calmed down.

By that time some of the neighbours and people passing by had stopped to watch the spectacle. The young girl got up and went to stand by her mother. Without being told, PF got over her father’s lap and the process was repeated.

I was still in a bit of a state of shock when PF got up and told me that I had to do the same.

I protested, but whilst I was doing that I moved over to the father and lay across his lap. The thing was I automatically spread my legs before the swats started. It was like I wanted the father to swat my pussy. He didn’t, but he did give me a painful butt then made me cum, and it was a strong one.

When I got up the parents and audience just returned to doing whatever they were before it all started. I was left standing in the street with two other naked girls, and me wondering what the hell had just happened. PF later told me that was the way that most girls got punished. The making the girl cum was supposed to stop the pain but I couldn’t help thinking that it might just make me be naughty more often.

The three of us went to the beach and I skyped Ryan them Tim. I showed Ryan all our red butts.

Passion Flower and I spent many hours talking on the beach after work. She wanted to know all about England and found it hard to understand why girls wore clothes all the time.

Most times I got 969 and 132 to join us. PF, and her sister, were fascinated by 132’s hard-on. They’d seen their father’s quite often and knew that male Courtesans usually had hard-ons but she didn’t get to see them often. She loved it when I got 132 and 969 to fuck or give each other oral sex. After a couple of weeks PF asked if she could join in. The following day I send 969 to get some condoms and I suppose we had a few orgies on that usually deserted beach. It was a good job that 132 took those pills.

I used my time at the beach each day to skype Ryan and Tim. I know that Ryan let his work colleagues watch the little orgies that we had, even when 132 fucked me. Yes he was jealous, and I was jealous of him fucking the twins but our love is stronger than that, and we both knew that after the two months we’d be back together and fucking non-stop for the first few days, especially if he took one of those little blue pills.

Tim got used to seeing me naked, not that he wasn’t before, and seeing the little orgies with me cumming at least once each day. I never asked if he was letting my work colleagues watch and I never saw them on Tim’s camera, but I was pretty sure that what Tim was seeing was also being seen by some of the people that I work with. Whenever the thought crossed my mind I just ignored it. I decided that I’d worry about it when I got back to England.

Product Testing

The product testing sessions took place every day. I was told that I would spend the hour with different products just about every day. I quickly realised that the girls, and me, were not allowed to use the devices on themselves. If constant holding or moving the device was required then it was a lab coat that did it. If the device had to be inserted in, or extracted from the girl’s vagina or anus then again, it was a lab coat that did it. That last fact alone often brought the girl, and me, to another orgasm.

When it was my turn to use the treadmill (no one called it that there), it was ‘different’. The lab coats put a remote control vibe inside me and got me to spend the hour jogging. Ask any girl that you know if it’s easy to run whilst you’re cumming. I was thrown off the back of the treadmill a couple of times and was grateful that there were rubber mats all around the machine.

One afternoon then I went into the product testing room I saw two men in blue overalls assembling something. I was allocated to one of the gyno chairs and one of the lab coats came and inserted some sort of vibrator inside me. He switched it on and moved on to the next girl.

As the vibe slowly raised my AF, I watched the two blue overalls assemble what looked to me like some sort of automatic spanking machine. It was ‘different’ because there were scaffold type poles all over the place. I kept watching as I had first one, then a second, then a third orgasm. After the third one, Mr Tay came over to me, switched the vibe off and asked me to follow him. A lab coat that had followed him retrieved the vibe from inside me then I got up and followed Mr Tay.

He led me across the room to where the blue overalls were working. As we watched them finish off Mr Tay told me that the Nuwa Corporation were expanding into the punishment market and that what we were looking at was their first product. I wasn’t sure what it was so I asked Mr Tay, and he confirmed that it was a spanking machine. I still couldn’t work out how it would work because of all the poles, so I asked Mr Tay.

“I’m glad that you asked that Tanya, we would like you to be the first girl to experience it.”

I’d walked into that one and couldn’t make up my mind if that was a good thing or a bad thing. My pussy obviously thought it was a good thing because it was dripping.

Anyway, when the blue overalls were ready I was told to go and bend over the end of a weird looking table. I got a little worried when the blue overalls restrained my wrists and ankles so that I couldn’t move.

I had to wait as the blue overalls made numerous adjustments that I couldn’t see; then I heard a motor run for a couple of seconds then a noise and almost instantly my butt hurt like hell. I screamed.

Then it happened again.

Mr Tay came over to me and told me that they had got the settings set to maximum pressure and that they were going to reduce it and use some of the different attachments.

Over the next 20 minutes my butt got swatted with different attachments, ranging from what I guessed to be a belt to a table tennis bat. I don’t know if it was the machine not swatting me so hard, or the attachment didn’t hurt as much, or what, but the pain got less and less. My pussy got wetter and wetter and I could feel my AF rising.

Just when I started thinking that I was going to cum soon, Mr Tay stopped the testing. I thought that it was over, especially as the other girls had left, but Mr Tay told me that we were moving on, to phase two.

The blue overalls released me then motioned me to turn round. As I lay back on the table thing I saw Mr Tay and about fifteen lab coats, all watching me. The blue overalls lifted my arms above my head and restrained them, then moved to my ankles. Pulling my legs wide apart, they tied my ankles to the legs of the table. I was spread-eagled in front of lots of men, most of which I didn’t even know.

I could see what was going on by then and I got really scared as the business end of the machine got moved around so that it was alongside my chest. I correctly guessed that my tiny tits were going to get whipped.

I screamed again as a thin, very flexible bamboo cane came down on my nipples. Fuck did that hurt; I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I could also feel the heat from my pussy on my legs and that really strong indescribable feeling inside my pussy. My nipples were on fire as well and I could see a red line across them and my tits. I was so busy assessing the damage to my tits that I missed hearing the motor wind-up the elastic band or whatever it was, and all of a sudden my nipples and tits were on fire again, but I didn’t scream. Instead I made a grunting noise.

“Good,” I heard Mr Tay say; “that obviously works well; can you try the other attachments now please?”

My tits got swatted with a table tennis bat with a long handle, a broad leather belt, and a tawse. When the belt landed I had an instant orgasm. My hips went up in the air and I let out a long, deep groan. That didn’t seem to impress the blue overalls as they just continued loading the next attachment.

Mr Tay came over again and I was expecting him to say that my ordeal was over, but that wasn’t what he told me. He told me that there was just one more phase before I would be released.

The blue overalls moved the motor to above my stomach. “No. No.” I shouted, realising what was coming next, but my pleas went un-answered and two minutes later I screamed again as that very flexible bamboo cane came down on my pussy. When it came down again my hips again rose up but this time they stayed up as another orgasm hit me.

After that the blue overalls changed the bamboo cane for a wide strip of leather and again got the machine to bring it down hard on my pussy. By that time my pussy was throbbing more than ever before, even when Ryan torments me with orgasm denial.

After one more orgasm, it was finally over. I was so relieved when I saw the machine being un-plugged from the wall socket. Thankfully, Mr Tay left me alone for a few minutes so that I could get my breath back and compose myself. My butt, tits and pussy hurt like hell but I didn’t think that there was any permanent damage.

When the blue overalls released my restraints I stood up and looked down at my front. The two men were looking as well. Then Mr Tay told me to lift one foot up onto a chair so that they could look at my pussy.

“No blood,” Mr Tay said, “but I think that we need to reduce the pressure before we get the other girls on it. I don’t want any formal complaints.” Mr Tay then turned to me and told me that I could leave.

I walked to the front gate slowly, and when 969 and 132 saw me they both just stood there staring at my tits. I just said, “Take me to the beach, quickly.” Nothing was said as we rode in the tricycle or when we got off. I just walked straight over the beach and into the sea.

Naked swimming always makes me feel good and that time was no exception. Okay, I still had the red wheal marks and my pussy lips were still swollen, but apart from that I was good.

On the towel, both 132 and 969 rubbed lotion all over me front before asking me to turn over. I stayed on my hands and knees while they put lotion on my back and legs.

Meanwhile I got my tablet out skyped Ryan. All he got to see at first was my face as I told him about my day. It wasn’t until he asked to see my red marks that I picked up the tablet and showed him. I got 969 to hold the tablet behind me so that he could see my butt.

At first Ryan was annoyed and said that I should tell them that I wanted to come back to England but then I told him about the amazing orgasms that I’d had. It was then that he asked me how much one of those machines would cost.

“So, you want to pussy whip me, do you?” I asked.

He said that he did and as he started to tell me how he’d do it and how he’d fuck me afterwards I realised that I wanted to be fucked right there and then. I was still on my hands and knees so I told 132 to fuck me. It was a bit painful when he first entered me but I soon got over it. Ryan was grinning as 132 kept thrusting in to me.

I said bye to Ryan and tapped on Tim’s name. I was in mid-orgasm as Tim answered, and the first thing that Tim said was, “Tanya, good to speak to you…….. Are you cumming?”

There was a silence until I was able to talk. “Err yes Tim, sorry; it’s just that I’ve had a very unusual and tiring day and I really needed to get rid of some tension.”

“Yes, well err Tanya, never mind about that, how’s the training going?”

As I was telling him, Tim interrupted and said, “Why are you rocking backwards and forwards, Tanya?”

“Oh, err, nothing Tim; I’ve got to go, call you again tomorrow.” With that I tapped on the disconnect button and put the tablet down.

Just as I reached another orgasm I saw PF and her sister walking over to us; both had big grins on their faces.

A short while later I showed my red marks to the sisters and explained how I’d got them. Strangely enough, both of them said that they wanted a go on that machine.

I got 132 and 969 to rub more lotion into my red bits when I went to bed. After they’d made me cum I fell asleep and the next thing that I knew 132 was on top of me fucking me, 969 was massaging my tits and the sun was shining through the window.

Nothing was said about my red marks that day but I noticed a few people looking at me and whispering. When it came to product testing Mr Tay looked at my tits and butt and said that he’d turned the pressure down a bit so the marks shouldn’t last as long the next time.

Thankfully (I think), I wasn’t told to use that machine that day; no one used it. I was put in a gyno chair and had a lab coat pump a big rubber dildo in and out of me for the hour.

A couple of days later PF was put on that machine and I heard her shouting and screaming. On the beach later I saw her red marks, they were nowhere near as dark red as mine had been, and they’d gone on 24 hours later.

For the rest of the time that I was there I only saw four girls use that machine, PF being one of them. The truly Chinese girls were nowhere as loud as PF and I were, they just lay there whimpering. I had to go on it twice more but the red marks always disappeared sometime the next day.

The Even More Public Exhibition

The Nuwa Corporation has an ‘open day’ every year. According to PF it’s just an excuse for the company to push their dominance on the island and to have a big thank you party. As luck (maybe not) would have it, it happened during the fourth week that I was there.

One thing that they do put on is a display of all the products that the company produces in all their factories all over China. The Feminine Care division is no exception. Usually they only manage to get one or two girls to volunteer to demonstrate the products, but this year they wanted to show off their new departure unto the female punishment market.

Mr Chang had suggested to Mr Nuwa that I would be the perfect person to demonstrate the new machine. Apparently he’d suggested me because I am less reserved than the average Chinese girl when it comes to showing my pleasure. Mr Nuwa had agreed but told him that they were going to setup both machines and he had to get Mr Tay to find a second volunteer. He’d asked around and the only volunteer was PF.

The big day arrived and I have to admit that I was nervous. It’s one thing walking around town naked, even working naked, but to be strapped to a machine and whipped on my tits, butt and pussy in a VERY public place with lots of people all around me is something else.

As we didn’t have to be there until 10 AM I asked PF to come to the hotel. She arrived whilst I was having breakfast and the receptionist brought her into the restaurant. I dismissed 969 and 132 and told them to come looking for me when the open day was over. PF was a little disappointed as she wanted to watch 132’s hard-on, and I suspect, get it inside her.

Anyway, PF admitted that she too was nervous, she was going to be strapped onto one of those machines and most of the town were going to be there and see her spread out, getting whipped and probably cumming. What’s more, her parents and little sister would be there and knowing him, her father would probably go up to her and finger fuck her.

I’d already taken the little blue pill that was on the table but I decided that it would help me to get through it if I was REALLY horny. I opened my bag and got another pill out and took it. Thinking about PF, I got two more pills out and gave them to her. She took them, admitting that she’d never taken them before, although I had told her about them before when she asked how 132 managed to keep a hard-on all day.

I took my bag up to my room and then we set off, completely naked, not even shoes or a bag, for the fifteen minute walk to the Nuwa Corporation offices. The open day was being held on some open ground just outside the gates.

As we walked, PF told me that she was getting horny.

When we got there the place was buzzing with activity. We walked round and saw the two machines; a couple of blue overalls were finishing setting them up and testing them. We both cringed as we saw, and heard, a test swat of a bamboo cane. I also felt a wet rush in my pussy.

“Hell, anyone would think that I was looking forward to the public humiliation.” I thought.

We walked on, and a couple of minutes later we met Mr Tay. He told us to go over to the two machines. When we got there the machines looked ready for us but two of the lab coats had bowls of water and towels near the tables.

Mr Tay told us that he needed to make sure that our bodies were in the best possible state for the display. Not knowing what he meant by that I asked him and was told that we were going to be shaved before the display started. I tried to tell him that I’d already been shaved that morning (by 132 and 969) and I couldn’t see any evidence that PF needed shaving but Mr Tay insisted. He told us to jump up on the tables and lay back. We did and two of the lab coats proceeded to soap and then shave both of us.

Even though the little blue pills had got me quite aroused I still felt embarrassed, firstly at having my pussy shaved by a man that I didn’t know and secondly, we were out in public with strangers watching. What’s more, the end of the tables where our heads were was higher than the other end. We could see everything that was going on. I looked over to PF and her face was red; she was taking deep breaths as well.

When it was over we slid off the tables and stood there. Mr Tay came over and I asked him what the plan was. After bit of thought he told me that one of us would be strapped on face up and the other face down. We’d stay like that for a couple of hours then swap over.

“Does that mean that our tits and pussies will get whipped for two hours solid then our butts for another two hours?” I asked; getting quite worried.

“No, no…. Well yes, but you won’t be whipped all the time. What we will do is give you five swats every 20 minutes, rotating round the different implements. In between swats we will allow the people to come and inspect the new marks on your body. Oh and don’t worry we’ve decreased the pressure so that the swats won’t be so hard.”

“Was that last bit supposed to make us feel better?” I asked PF.

“It didn’t work for me,” PF replied. Can we back-out, please?

“Don’t worry PF,” I replied; “think of all the orgasms you’ll have.”

“Well I am feeling VERY horny, it won’t take much.”

I was feeling incredibly horny as well. I could feel my juices on the insides of my thighs and my pussy was really aching for attention.

“Okay girls,” Mr Tay said, “get into position.”

We did, PF opting to go face-up for the first half so I bent over the end of the table and spread my legs as the two blue overall moved in and fastened the ankle and wrist straps.

Just as they were finishing I saw 969 in front of me holding a bottle of suntan lotion.

“Well done 969, I’d forgotten about that.”

As she finished covering me I asked her to do PF as well.

“No need Tanya, 132 is doing her.” I turned my head and saw that he was, his hard-on pressing against the table; well, he was rubbing her pussy so I assumed that he’d already done the rest of her.

We were then left for what seemed like ages, me bent forwards with my legs spread wide, and PF on her back with her legs spread wide. I could hear people talking behind me and I wondered how many of them were staring at my spread pussy.

Eventually, I heard the motor backing up the swat arm, and then I screamed. Then I heard PF scream.

“I thought that you’d reduced the pressure,” I said, but there was no one near enough to hear me. Then I felt hands on my butt. “Bloody hell,” I thought, “Mr Tay wasn’t joking when he said that people would ‘inspect’ our bodies between swats.”

I felt hands spread my butt cheeks a bit more and fingers poking into both my holes. Someone was pulling my clit from one side to the other; I guessed that they were inspecting my clit ring; one set of fingers really finger fucked me. Then nothing; then the motor; then I screamed again.

The groping and the swats continued until I’d had the five. I knew that I could rest for a while but my butt was on fire on the outside and my pussy was on fire on the inside. Behind me I could hear people talking and feel hands prodding, pulling, finger fucking and generally groping me. I wondered if PF was getting the same treatment.

Two fingers went in and out for a few seconds then they bent over and found my G spot. That was just too much for me and I started cumming, getting quite vocal and my body jerked about. As I started to calm down, the voices of the people behind me sounded different. I got the impression that they’d enjoyed watching me cum.

More hands groped me for a while before things went a bit quieter then I heard the motor again. This time it felt like I was swatted with a wide strip of leather, the pain was more spread and not as strong. I didn’t scream but I did groan.

More groping followed then the motor noise.

That went on until I’d had five from the leather strip. My butt was burning and my AF was an eight or nine but I didn’t cum. The hands groping me raised my AF a bit more but I didn’t cum again until I’d had two swats from what felt like a table tennis bat.

I was cumming as more hands started groping me again. My butt was getting quite tender and the groping was starting to hurt.

I had five swats from two more ‘things’, I couldn’t see what, lots more groping and poking and two more orgasms before Mr Tay finally came over and said that we could have thirty minutes rest before swapping over. The lab coats appeared and undid our restraints but I just lay there.

132 appeared and started rubbing some sort of cream on my butt, the tip of his hard-on occasionally touching my leg. I heard PF gasp, presumably because 969 was rubbing the cream on her pussy.

I stood up and looked at 969; the poor girl’s tits and pussy were bright red. I helped her up and asked 132 to get us some water. The cream that 132 and 969 had used was working, and after about five minutes most of the pain had gone.

“It looks like you’ve had the worst bit.” I said.

PF looked at my butt and replied, “I’m not so sure; you should see your butt.”

We both laughed and had another drink.

Ten minutes later, Mr Tay arrived and told us to get ready for part two. As we got into position 132 and 969 moved in and rubbed more lotion on the exposed sides of our bodies. 969 was doing me and she paid special attention to the bits that were about to be abused. I don’t know if it was suntan lotion or something to help with the red marks or pain or what, all three I hoped.

I didn’t realise just how exposed PF had been; my legs were spread really wide. Because the table was angled, I could see all down the front of my body and to my clit hood barbell. It was then that I realised that I would be able to see EVERYTHING that was going to happen to me. I had been lucky when it was my backside that was getting whipped.

It seemed to take for ever for the second half to start, it was as if Mr Tay was delaying it just to make us suffer the horrible anticipation. My pussy wasn’t suffering like my head was; the lust, the anticipation, the humiliation, the embarrassment, the desire to be fucked hard; even right there with hundreds of people watching was driving me crazy. I was sure that if the delay went on much longer I would just start cumming without anyone or anything touching me.

The machine was setup to whip my tiny tits first, and I could see the thin very flexible bamboo cane hovering above me. Then it moved up and away from me. I tensed up knowing that in a couple of seconds my tits would hurt like hell. For some strange reason I didn’t close my eyes, I just looked at my rock hard nipples.

I was expecting to see the very flexible bamboo cane hit my tits but I didn’t; it all happened way too quick for me. It was just a case of my tits suddenly hurting like hell. A red line going over both nipples suddenly appeared.

Before I really had time to get over the shock a few of the crowd moved in and started groping me. Stupidly, I had assumed that they would only go for my tits, but no, I felt a finger, no, two fingers invade my vagina. I looked up and saw PF’s father attached to the fingers; and boy, did he know how to use those fingers; they found my G spot and I started to cum.

I didn’t really feel the hands that were groping me, nor the next swat with the bamboo cane, although that did bring me back to the real world.

Five times that bamboo came down on my tits and I got my tits and pussy mauled before we had a break. 132 and 969 moved in and rubbed cream on my tits and PF’s butt. Strangely, and unfortunately, PF’s father only made me cum after the first swat of that cane. I think that I would have preferred to have been in close, post orgasmic bliss when that cane hit my tits again.

After the short break it was five swats with the broad strip of leather. They didn’t hurt as much, and PF’s father did his trick with my G spot only after the first swat.

I don’t know why, but the third set of five swats to my tiny tits were with the same strip of leather. Again, PF’s father did his bit only after the first one.

By the time that the third set was over anyone could have done whatever they wanted to my tits and it wouldn’t have hurt; they were numb.

Whilst 132 was putting the cream on my tits I found the courage to look around. PF’s face was completely blank and I could see Mr Nuwa and another man looking at me and talking. I felt a little ashamed knowing that they were about to see my pussy get whipped. I have to admit that I felt a wet rush and a little of my juices run down to my butt at the same time.

The blue overalls finished moving the business end of the machine to directly above me and loaded the bamboo cane into it. Seeing them do that and knowing that the cane was about to come whizzing down and inflict pain on my pussy in a couple of seconds was not a nice feeling, although it was a bit arousing. My AF which had dropped down to about a seven was rising again.

I made the mistake of tensing up as the motor burst into life and the cane reared up. There was silence for a second as I held my breath, then the next thing that knew was that my pussy hurt like hell and I was cumming.

I was still cumming as the public moved in and PF’s father’s fingers invaded my vagina again. My body was arched up and I was swearing like a trooper as those fingers kept me up on a high.

I never felt any hands on my tiny tits but I could see hands on them.

I wasn’t tensed-up for the next four swats, I wasn’t looking and I tried to concentrate on the noise from the crowd around us. By the time the rest period came I was thankful that I only had to endure one more set of five swats. 132 rubbed some more cream on my pussy but I didn’t know if it was helping or not.

The last five swats were similar to the previous five; PF’s father again making me cum after the first one. By the time it was over, my tits were still numb, and my pussy had joined them; no pain, no feelings. I think that I was beyond that.

The blue overalls released us but I just lay there; I just didn’t want to move. Even after 132 had held a bottle of water to my mouth, I just lay there. I eventually started to find some energy and looked round. Mr Nuwa and the other man were still looking at me. People were no longer standing around, but were walking by and looking over towards us as they went.

Eventually I pushed myself up onto my elbows and 132 held a bottle of water so that I could drink again. My legs were still spread wide; subconsciously I think that I didn’t want to risk closing them in case it hurt. PF was stood up and I could see her red butt, but there didn’t look to be any blood or permanent damage. Her father had his arm round her and under her arm. I couldn’t see but I wondered if he was holding her tit.

As I slid off the table I had to stop my legs from crumpling under me, then I took a deep breathe and took stock. Okay, I was knackered, my butt, tits and pussy were starting to really hurt, but apart from that I was okay. I tied to do a quick mental count of the number of times that I’d cum but I soon lost count and gave up.

Then I heard Mr Nuwa say, “Tanya, we made the right choice asking you to demonstrate our new venture. You did a magnificent job, no one could have wished for more.”

I laughed to myself; I certainly wished for less pain.

“As a small token of our appreciation I have arranged for Mr Tay to fit you with the mark three version of your clitoris ring. It has improvements that I am sure will give you more pleasure. Don’t come to work tomorrow, then the day after go straight to Mr Tay. He will perform the procedure.” With that he turned and walked off.

I had a quick flash vision of me spending a whole day on the beach doing absolutely nothing. I turned to look for PF but she was gone. I guessed that her father was taking her home to rest. 132 and 969 were hovering close by so I told them to take me to the beach. I needed to be in the sea.

Swimming and floating in the sea was great, it seemed to take away most of the pain that had appeared as the numbness subsided, and the cool water seemed to give me some energy. So did the lotion that 969 and 132 rubbed on my red bits.

I got them to take me back to the hotel and get some food sent up to my room. After I’d eaten I sent them away and went to bed.

I awoke to that lovely feeling of someone eating my pussy and the sun shining in through the open patio doors.

When I got out of bed I looked in a mirror and inspected my wounds. Actually, I was quite surprised how little all the red hurt; and it was red, not purple. I decided that I’d got off quite lightly and wondered what PF was like.

After breakfast I decided to take Mr Nuwa up on his offer of a day off. I got 132 and 969 to get me some food and drink then drop me off at my favourite beach. A quiet day on the beach, on my own, was just what I needed.

I’d had one swim, a nap and a couple of chapters of my favourite Vanessa Evans erotic story, when I heard a familiar voice. “I thought that we might find you here Tanya.”

I looked up and saw, PF, her father, and her little sister.

I stood up, hugged PF then backed away and inspected her body. She obligingly spread her legs so that I could check her pussy. She was in a similar state to me and told me that she only hurt a little.

We sat and talked whilst her father and little sister went for a walk. PF too had been given the day off, and a pay rise. She said that she’d happily do it all again if she could get another pay rise.

When the father and little sister got back I started talking to the father (Chuck). He said that it was good to talk to a westerner, especially a gorgeous naked one. I remember blushing a little. Then I asked him why he’d finger-fucked me and made me cum only on the first swat of each part of the whipping. He laughed and said, “I wanted to give you something to think about instead of the next four swats. It’s okay, I did it to PF, as you call her, as well.”

“It worked for me.” PF added.

Little sister said something to Chuck in Chinese then PF translated it for me. Apparently she was jealous that PF had been finger fucked so many times and that she hadn’t. She was also complaining that her father still had his clothes on.

I laughed and told him that I didn’t mind if he took them off.

“Thank god for that, I hate clothes,” he replied; then stood up and took his clothes off.

As he stripped there were three girls waiting for his hard cock to spring free and I guessed that all three pussies got somewhat wet. I was quite surprised at his size; okay, he was a big man (height and weight) but his cock was slightly bigger than Ryan’s.

“Do you take those blue pills?” I asked.

“Hell no! I’ve got three naked women around me all the time that take care of all my needs; I don’t need those.”

“Lucky you, but I bet that you’re thinking about fucking one of those three right now aren’t you?”

“Hell yes girl, after seeing you perform yesterday, what man wouldn’t want to fuck you?”

“I was thinking more about your wife but if it’s me that you want to fuck, go ahead; I haven’t had a good fuck since I left England.” As I said that I stretched my arm out and put my hand on his cock and said, “What do you say, big boy?”

“I thought that you were never going to ask, Tanya. Get on your hands and knees and brace yourself.”

I was glad that I’d leant back a bit because he really did ram his big cock into me. After he got a rhythm going I looked over to his daughters, both were staring at us with a smile on their faces and a hand on their pussies. Chuck has lots of stamina and I’d cum twice before I felt him shoot his load deep inside me.

We both lay on our backs getting out breath back. Then I went for a swim. All three eventually came and joined me in the water and we splashed and messed about for ages before getting out. PF insisted on putting suntan lotion all over me.

After about an hour of sunbathing PF and her family had to go, leaving me to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the deserted beach, the sea, and the sun.

When I left the beach I had a nice, long, slow walk back to the hotel. A couple of tricycles stopped to offer me a lift but I wanted to walk. No one seemed interested in the naked girl walking along; after all, I wasn’t the only one.

Back in the hotel room I sat on the balcony and skyped Ryan then Tim. I told Ryan everything and showed him everything, probably some of his work colleagues as well, knowing Ryan; but with Tim I kept it to business, except my role in the Nuwa Corporation’s open day. Of course Tim could see me naked, and probably my pussy as well because I’d setup the tablet on the table on the balcony. He didn’t ask about my red marks and I didn’t offer to tell him.

I had a pleasant evening without 969 and 132, the next time that I saw them was when they woke me up the next morning in the way that I’d asked them to.

My 3rd Clit Ring

When I went to work I went straight to Mr Tay who smiled at me then told me to follow him. He led me to a little room that had a doctor’s type table in the middle. He told me to get up on it and wait for him. I did, automatically spreading my legs. He watched me climb on the table, saying that he was glad that most of the red marks had gone.

Mr Tay went out of the room then came back a few minutes later with two lab coat men. One was carrying a little package and the other a small bottle with a cloth. I have no idea what was in that little bottle but seconds after one of the lab coats dabbed some on my pussy I realised that I couldn’t feel anything around my clit, it must have been some sort of anaesthetic.

I watched as Mr Tay and the lab coat were working on my pussy. I couldn’t see exactly what they were doing but I wanted to make sure that they didn’t perform some sort of FGM on me. They didn’t, and after a few minutes Mr Tay told me that they were finished. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked at my pussy. My old clit ring had been replaced by one with a thicker ring, it must be nearly an inch in diameter. Mr Tay gave me the box that it came in, and that included the remote control and a set of instruction; thankfully, there was version in English.

As well as having an option for random zaps there is an option for random shocks. I couldn’t wait to try that one but it would have to wait. I only had ten minutes before the training course.

On the beach that afternoon I read the instructions and gave myself a shock. It wasn’t that bad, but it still made me gasp and jump a bit. It certainly made my clit go even harder and start throbbing. I wondered how many times it could shock or zap me before the battery went flat.

The instructions say that the battery will last a week without excessive use and that it uses body heat and light to slowly charge the battery; yet another reason why I was glad that I don’t wear knickers and only wear short skirts. I decided to expose my clit to the sun as much as I could to see if it charged the battery enough so that I wouldn’t need to hold the charging pad over it. It must have worked because I didn’t have to charge it until four days after I got back to England.

The Senior Management Dinner

About a week after my ordeal on the punishment machine I saw Mr Chang in the dining room at breakfast. After telling me that he’d just got back from England and that my boss and colleagues sent their regards, he told me that he’d heard that I was doing well and that Mr Nuwa was pleased. He also told me that all the senior management were descending on the island for a big meeting. He also told me that they were having a big dinner in the hotel that night.

When I said that I was sure that 132 or 969 would be able to take me elsewhere to eat he said, “No, no Tanya; you don’t understand. You will be coming, you will be our honoured guest and star performer, you will be the only female there.”

I wasn’t sure what to make of that; what did he mean by ‘star performer’? I hoped that he called me that because of the work that I had already done.

As the training got underway I forgot all about what Mr Chang had said, but as I was leaving the product testing session Mr Chang was waiting for me. He told me to be in the hotel reception at eight PM that evening. I got the butterflies in my stomach and a tingling in my pussy. What was in store for me?

I went to the beach with 132 and 969 again, and whilst I was there I skyped Ryan and Tim. Tim hinted that he knew about what was going to happen at the dinner and told me that I was representing the company and should be proud of the opportunity. I was starting to get a little worried.

After a shower, in which 132 made me cum, they both pampered me and got me ready for whatever was in store for me. At eight PM they led me down to reception then left me with Mr Chang. As I walked up to him I could see quite a few elderly gentlemen, all in formal suits, walking down from their rooms and going to the big function room.

Mr Chang took my arm and led me in to the function room. As we went in I could see over twenty middle-aged and elderly gentlemen all stood around talking and a couple of young girls (naked) carrying trays of drinks.

Mr Chang walked me to the top table where someone shouted something then Mr Nuwa then all the others took their seats. Mr Chang took me to a seat between himself and Mr Nuwa. Gawd, I was sat next to the main man. I didn’t know whether to be happy or nervous.

Mr Nuwa stood and started talking in Chinese. His talk went on for ages and at one point it became obvious that he was talking about me because he turned and looked down to me, and most of the other men were looking at me as well. He must have cracked a joke because everyone laughed whilst still looking at me. I felt embarrassed.

Eventually, Mr Nuwa sat and the naked girls served the food. It must have been traditional Chinese food because I didn’t recognise any of it; nothing like the Chinese restaurants back in England. What’s more, I didn’t like most of it so I got very little to eat.

At the end of the meal, Mr Nuwa got up and talked some more. Again, I didn’t understand a word that he was saying but I did understand when Mr Chang told me to stand up go round all the tables. He told me that he wanted me to show everyone my new clit ring.

“You want me to go to each table and spread my pussy so that all of them can have a look at my most private parts! Are you serious?”

“It’s not your pussy that Mr Nuwa wants them all to see, it’s the Mark 3 clitoris ring and the effect that it has on you. And it’s not every table; it’s every person. Mr Nuwa believes that all his senior managers should know how all the company’s products work. Start on that table over there Tanya,” Mr Chang said, pointing to a table at one side of the room.

When Mr Chang had started telling me what was expected of me I became terribly embarrassed at the thought of what was expected of me. I also got very wet and tingly. I felt my nipples and pussy start throbbing.

“OMG!” I said to myself as I slowly stood up and slowly walked to the first table. “What was I supposed to do at each table?” I thought.

That was answered as I got there. Someone had arranged for a food trolley to be brought out and one of the men gestured for me to get on it. It was just big enough for me to perch my butt on one end and lay back on my elbows. Instinctively, I spread my legs so that my pussy, my dripping pussy, was on full display. “Hell!” I thought, and wished that Ryan would come and rescue me.

Just as I got settled into that obscene position, the Mark 3 clit ring gave me an electric shock. I gasped, jerked a little and wished that I hadn’t spread my legs on the beach that afternoon. I wished that the battery was flat.

Slowly, the naked girl that had brought the trolley out pushed me all around the tables, stopping at each man so that he could lean over my pussy and have a good look, and a feel.

Whoever had the remote control must have been close by because just as I moved to the next man I got another shock. The shock that I got when I arrived at the fourth man was enough to take me over the top and I started cumming.

I have no idea how long it took for that girl to push me round all the tables, or how many times I orgasmed, or how I stayed on the trolley, or how many electric shocks my clit got, but what I did know was that I was knackered by the time I’d gone round the last table. My pussy had been groped over twenty times.

The naked girl had to help me get off the trolley and back onto my seat between Mr Nuwa and Mr Chang who leaned over and whispered, “They like the way your clitoris protrudes through the ring and then swells to what looks a bit like the end of a small penis. It looks very sensitive Tanya.”

“It is, especially as someone has a remote control for it and is constantly zapping and giving me electric shocks.”

“Are they? I’m sorry about that, but you certainly looked like you were enjoying it. Everyone loves the noise that you make and the way that your body reacts to your orgasms. Please Tanya, have a drink and relax.”

I did, and as I went to pick-up my glass I saw one of the clit ring remote controls on the table near Mr Nuwa. It must have been that dirty old sod who was zapping and shocking me.

The rest of the evening was quite boring for me; everyone was talking in Chinese and laughing, occasionally looking over to me. I didn’t really care; I was too knackered.

There was a sort of follow-up to that night. At the product testing the next day, some of the senior managers were there watching us girls. Mr Tay put me on the punishment machine. It was set so that it hurt like hell and I was strapped on, on my back. What’s more, one of the lab coats had pushed a vibrator (on full power) up my pussy before the first swat. The senior managers were treated to the sight of my naked body writhing about and screaming all sorts of expletives.

The sea, 132 and 969 soothed my red marks away on the beach afterwards, and I got 132 to hide his cock inside my still dripping pussy.

Going Home

My last day at the Nuwa Corporation started much like all the others. Mr Nuwa was at work that day and I went to his office and assumed the position. As usual, he kept me waiting for a couple of minutes before walking round his desk and standing in front of me between my legs.

“You may begin,” he finally said.

My right hand went to my pussy and started rubbing. As usual, the effects of the little blue pill at breakfast were already kicking in and it didn’t take long for me to start cumming. All the while Mr Nuwa was stood there watching me.

When the waves of pleasure subsided, I looked up at Mr Nuwa. “Tanya,” he said, “This is your last day here and I have to say that you have done an excellent job, and you have provided amazing entertainment for me, my senior managers, and indeed, the whole town. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to go a little further and please this old man a little bit more?”

“I’m not sure what you mean Mr Nuwa, but I will be honoured to do anything that you wish.”

“Surely he couldn’t want to fuck me; maybe it was just a blowjob, or maybe it wasn’t anything sexual at all.” I thought. “Those little blue pills were making me think about sex every minute of every day.” I smiled to myself thinking that my pussy and Ryan’s cock are going to take one hell of a hammering just as soon as I got back home.

“Tanya, one of my companies manufactures surveillance equipment, cameras so small that we can put them just about anywhere and they’ll never be noticed. Since the first day that you arrived, we’ve been videoing you all the time. Even at this minute your wonderful performance has being recorded and will be stored on the company’s servers. I was wondering if you would agree to us using some of the videos for training and sales promotional purposes?”

“You mean that you’ve been videoing me EVERYWHERE!”

“Yes Tanya, even at the beach. Our media department have WiFi enabled cameras all round this building, the hotel, your room; even the beach. Your whole stay here is stored on the servers.”

“O.M.G!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t be embarrassed, or upset, you’ve done nothing illegal or to be ashamed of. Quite the reverse; you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful body, you should be proud of yourself. Now, will you sign this wavier please?”

My AF was still quite high, and with all the blue pills that I’d taken over that past couple of months I figured that I’d do absolutely anything that anyone asked of me. If someone had asked me to fuck them in the middle of the town square in the middle of the day, I would have done it. I soooo wanted to be with Ryan. Without even reading the document I signed it and passed it back to Mr Nuwa.

The rest of the day went the same as all the others, even the product testing (I spent the hour on a sybian), then I met 969 and 132 and they took me to the docks to catch the boat back to Hong Kong.

I was still naked when we arrived at the docks and 969 had to remind me to put some clothes on. She’d already got one of my summer dresses and some shoes in a separate bag. For some strange reason I left the Nuwa Corporation ID card hanging round my neck.

It felt a bit strange wearing clothes, after all, the only thing that I’d worn for the past two months was that ID card. I was still wearing it when I went through security to catch the night flight to England.

Unfortunately, when I went through the metal detector the alarm went off. At first I hadn’t a clue what had caused the alarm, after all, I’d had to take my shoes off and the only thing that I was wearing was the dress and my plastic ID card. As the guard told me to hold my arms up, I realised that my new clit ring must be the reason because I’d gone through metal detectors with my barbells and my old clit ring on before without any problems.

As the wand reached my pubic area, and buzzed, I moved my right hand to hold out my ID card. The guard looked puzzled so I spread my feet and lifted the front on my dress so that he could see my pussy and the ring.

He smiled, pointed to my pussy then the ID card and said, “Nuwa Corporation.”

I wondered if Mr Nuwa had sent any other girls through Hong Kong wearing one of the rings.

I slept for most of the 12+ hour flight. Just as we were getting into London a noise woke me up. I found that I was covered in a blanket that I hadn’t put on me. I was leaning against the window with my butt facing the aisle, and the man next to me. The thing was, my dress was up around my waist (under the blanket). As I straightened myself out I wondered if my bare butt had been on display and one of the cabin crew had put the blanket on me. The lecherous look on the man’s face told me that he wouldn’t have covered me.

Ryan caught me as I jumped up onto him in the arrivals hall and we just stood there kissing for ages before I said, “Take me home and fuck me hard, lover.”

We made it as far as the carpark. Ryan had reverse parked (up to a wall) on the second floor of a multi-story. We went round the back of the car where Ryan loaded my case. As I leaned over to put my bag in Ryan moved behind me and before I knew it my dress was up over my head and on my out-stretched arms.

I spread my legs and let Ryan take me from behind as his hands grabbed my little tits. I nearly banged my head on the car as Ryan’s first thrust lifted me off my feet.

“Fuck that’s good Ryan,” I said, “you don’t know how much I needed that.”

“Even when that Yank, Chuck and that 132 kid were fucking you?” Ryan asked as he thrust in and out, lifting me up in the air each time.

“Hell yes, I was imagining that it was you fucking me. Did you take one of those blue pills this morning, Ryan?”

“And another before I left home; I want to give you the best fucking ever.”

It must have been fifteen or twenty minutes, and two orgasms from me, before Ryan finally shot his load deep inside me. During that time I’d heard a couple of people walking by, and one young man telling Ryan to give it to me hard, but I didn’t care. For once I was being an exhibitionist.

End of part 28

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