My Boyfriend Likes to Expose Me
or perhaps it should be called
The Exhibitionist in Denial
by Vanessa

Part 27

All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over 18 when the events took place.

Background: The main characters in this fictional series are Tanya and Ryan, who are both in their early / mid-twenties. They met at university and have been together ever since. Tanya’s body stopped developing when she was around twelve or thirteen, and to this day she still looks that age. This has led to a number of problems for her but it has also given both Tanya and Ryan the opportunity for some ‘interesting’ fun when she role-plays a girl of the age that she looks.

Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the earlier parts. They will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 27 – Some of it was my fault

My Job

Things have been slightly different since that party at my boss’s house. Nothing's actually been said, but I keep seeing some of the guys talking about me (they keep looking over to me as they’re talking). I’ve now had five golf balls appear on my desk and I’ve had a few brochures from gym equipment manufacturers emailed to me. Thankfully, it hasn’t affected the way anyone treats me professionally; in fact some of the guys who used to ignore me are now a lot more friendly and helpful.

As for my boss (Tim), he’s a true professional. It’s as if he had never seen me naked, or fucked my mouth, or pushed four golf balls into my pussy.

One thing that has happened was the annual salary review. I was one of the last to go into Tim’s office and he asked me not to tell anyone that I had got a bigger pay rise than anyone else. When I asked him what I’d done to deserve more than the others he told me that it was because of how well I’d done in China. I wasn’t so sure because I later heard Grace telling someone what percentage she’d got and it was less than mine.

I wanted to discuss it with Ryan but I couldn’t because I didn’t want him to know that the hypnotism at Tim’s party hadn’t worked and that I knew what Tim had done to me.

I really do hope that Ryan forgets about that hypnotism app that he’s got on his phone.

Ryan’s Job

Since the Lord Mayor’s Parade, Ryan’s been promoted, and so has Karen. Whether or not it has anything do to with the way us girl ‘volunteers’ were dressed or the performance of ‘The English Roses’ is a very debatable point.

I’m just glad that I had a few drinks reasonably quickly as soon as we got to the pub. I haven’t been out drinking with Ryan’s work colleagues since then, and I’m sure that it will be embarrassing when it does happen.

A Trip to London

Ryan had to go to London for a two day training course and he got the okay from his boss to take me with him. The plan was to go down by train on the Tuesday evening, have two nights in the hotel, then travel back home on the Thursday evening.

As soon as Ryan told me I got all excited at the thought of a couple of days shopping in central London, but Ryan put a bit of a dampener on it when he told me that he wanted me to dress as a school girl for all of the two days, except for when he took me out on the evening; for that he’d pick one of my long dresses. The other part that I wasn’t at all happy about was that he said that I had to spend quite a bit of time in different Starbucks or other coffee shops flashing my pussy to lots of other customers. As you can imagine, that part didn’t go down too well and at first I refused to do it.

The row that followed left me agreeing to do it providing that I could wear one of my remote controlled vibes all day, as well as having my little clit ring fully charged and the random blast mode set to frequent. That was the only way that I could imagine that I could do it and not die of embarrassment. Anyway I figured that I could go to a Starbucks and just sit there drinking my Caffè Lattes and surfing the net on my tablet. Ryan would never know that I’d kept my legs together all the time.


The big day arrived and Ryan packed our little case and took it to work with him. I met him at the train station and we were soon zooming down to London.

No sooner than the train started moving Ryan opened the case and got out an old school satchel that I hadn’t seen before. He gave it to me, telling me that it had my school uniform in it. He asked me to put it on saying that the sooner I got used to it the better.

The satchel was bulging so I thought that maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. He wanted me to put it on there and then but I refused saying that there were too many people walking up and down the train.

When I opened the bag in the toilet I wasn’t happy. The only parts of my old school uniform that I thought that I’d be wearing were my white ankle socks, my black flats and my old school tie. The rest I had never seen before.

The pleated plaid skirt ended about two inches below my pussy and the blouse was nearly transparent. What the bulk was in the satchel was a school blazer. I’d never had one of those and I quickly put it on hoping that it would cover my little tits that I could clearly see through the blouse. Unfortunately, the blazer was so small that it wouldn’t fasten and the length was such that it stopped half way down my butt.

When I’d got everything on I was glad that my little clit ring had got me a bit aroused. If it hadn’t I’m sure that I would have been even more embarrassed as I left the toilet and walked back to Ryan; the blazer opening up every time that I had to twist to get round the fat people who were over-flowing their chairs.

Ryan had a big grin on his face as I walked towards him with a slightly red face. I was so pleased that there was no one sat on the seats facing us. As I sat down the back of the skirt went up and I was sat on my bare butt.

“You look fantastic TT.” Ryan said. “Tomorrow can you finish the look by putting your hair in pigtails?”

“Okay,” I replied; “I will if you’ll fuck me before we get out of bed and let me wear one of my remote vibes all day.”

“It’s a deal!” Ryan replied; “I only wish that I could follow you round all day and watch the people watching you. I hope that you’re going to let half of London see your pussy tomorrow.”

“Of course dear, and it will be oozing with my nectar all day as well.” I lied, not having any intention of flashing anyone.

With the train not being very full, Ryan spread my legs and played with my pussy for most of the journey while I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure that he was giving me.

I must have dozed off for a few minutes because I suddenly woke-up, opened my eyes and saw a ticked inspector standing over me. He was looking down at pussy which was exposed because Ryan had pushed the front of my skirt up so that he could get better access to my pussy.

“Tickets, please,” the man said.

I turned to Ryan, expecting him to pass the tickets to the man but Ryan was pretending to be asleep. I picked-up the tickets and passed them to the man. He took his time doing his thing, and looking down at my pussy. (For some stupid reason I hadn’t closed my legs).

After what seemed like thirty minutes, the man passed the tickets back to me and said, “Thank you, have a nice journey,” lingering for a few seconds more before moving on.

A few seconds later Ryan turned to me and said, “The first of many in the next couple of days, my love.”

His hand reached over and a finger went inside me for a couple of seconds. When it came out he held it in front of my face, smiled and said, “I see that you’re going to enjoy the next couple of days as well.”

Then he put his finger in my mouth.

I soon got reminded of how breezy the London tube stations can be as we took the short journey to the hotel. At that time of the evening it wasn’t that busy. Maybe less people would have seen my butt and pussy if it had been more crowded; although if it had been more crowded I might have got groped on the tube.

The Radisson Blu hotel was quite old, but quite smart. We didn’t see any sign of a swimming pool or gym; not that it mattered as we wouldn’t have time to go there.

When we checked-in the young woman said, “Just the one double room sir?”

“Oh yes, my daughter will be sharing with me.”

Realising that the woman had thought that I was Ryan’s daughter, and that he was playing along with that assumption, I added, “But Daddy; I haven’t brought any pyjamas or a nighty or even knickers.”

“Don’t worry Princess, I haven’t either,” Ryan replied.

The woman’s eyebrows rose up a little but she didn’t say anything.

Just to keep up the charade that Ryan obviously wanted to play, I skipped over to the lift. I felt my skirt bouncing up and wondered if the woman, or anyone else, was able to see my bare butt.

The room was quite nice, but the view from the window wasn’t up to much, just a busy, wide street. But there again, that didn’t matter.

We decided on a Chinese meal that night and went out and found a restaurant not far away. It was a bit dark in there so I had no fears of anyone seeing anything that I didn’t want them to.


I woke-up the next morning in the best way possible; Ryan had spooned me and the thrusts of his cock going in and out of my pussy had shaken me awake. I rolled on top of him and rode him until we’d both cum.

Knowing that I always take longer than him, Ryan let me use the shower first. I was just about finished when Ryan joined me. I teased him a bit and got him all hard before I got out and got dried. Leaving the towels in the bathroom I went to dry my hair and put it in the pigtails that Ryan thought would complete the schoolgirl look. I’d just finished when the doorbell rang. I went to the bathroom to get a towel to wrap round me but Ryan wouldn’t let me have one.

“Go on TT, give the man a thrill. Make his day.”

“It might be a girl,” I replied.

“You might give her a thrill then.”

I was still on a bit of a high from cumming with Ryan inside me so I thought, 'What the hell, he’s probably had hundreds of naked women opening the door to room service. He probably won’t even look at me.”

So I did; and no, the young man didn’t even raise his eyebrows. He carried the coffee in and set it down on the table. He turned, stood in front of me and handed me a pad, not even looking below my face.

“Please can you sign for it?”

Remembering Ryan’s father / daughter game I shouted, “Dad, the man wants a signature.”

After a few seconds of silence with me looking towards the bathroom, Ryan said, “Can you bring it here, please, Princess?”

I walked to the bathroom, wondering if the waiter was watching my little butt. Ryan kissed me, he tweaked my nipples (I had my barbells in but I’d left the stirrups and chains back at home – Ryan’s suggestion), slid a finger along my slit then signed the pad.

As I walked out of the bathroom I saw the waiter’s eyes rise up from my body to my face. I got a little wet rush as I handed him the pad then watched his butt as he left the room.

Pouring two coffees I turned to see Ryan walk out of the bathroom sporting a nice hard-on. “If you’re lucky, Buster, I’ll take care of that before you have to leave to go to wherever it is you’re going.”

We drank our coffee as we got dressed to go down for breakfast. Ryan told me to leave my blazer in the room and as we stood in the brightly lit lift I looked at the mirrored walls and my nipples got hard again as I watched them through my nearly see-through blouse. I hoped that no one would notice. I guess that no one noticed because everyone seemed to ignore the schoolgirl in the ultra-short plaid skirt.

Back in our room we cleaned our teeth then Ryan got the remote vibe out of our case and told me to get on the bed and spread ’em. I did, and he slid it in quite easily. I sat up, unzipped his trousers and soon had him cumming in my mouth. “Hmmm,” I said, “I’ll have that taste with me all morning.”

As we left the hotel, Ryan with his briefcase and me with my satchel containing only my tablet, phone and purse, I felt the cool draught of air on my pussy and my nipples hardened. We walked the short distance to Warren Street tube station with no one taking any notice of the schoolgirl with an ultra-short school skirt, holding onto the arm of her father.

The tube station was where we were going to part and after we’d bought the tickets Ryan kissed me and told me that he’d meet me at the Starbucks down the road from the hotel somewhere between five and six o’clock.

No sooner than I’d turned my back on him and smiled to myself because the vibe wasn’t switched on it burst into life. I stopped in my tracks and silently swore at Ryan. My peaceful shopping day had just disappeared. Thankfully, Ryan had switched the vibe on to the slow mode. If it had been on full blast I’d have been knackered before lunchtime.

I walked towards the Northern line for the couple of stops to Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street. It was rush hour and very crowded. Even though I was squashed in the tube I didn’t feel even one hand touching me. I was both pleased and disappointed.

Going up the escalator and stairs I felt the draught lift my skirt but the blazer stopped my whole butt from being put on display. Not that anyone would have seen; everyone was way too close to each other.

Out on Oxford Street I decided to go down one side then back up the other. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just girl shopping to see what I could find. As I stopped to look in one shop window I realised that the vibe was starting to make me as horny as hell and I just hoped that I wouldn’t be driven to do anything that would get me arrested. The other thing that it was doing was making the insides of my thighs wet; I was going to need those coffee breaks.

It wasn’t long before I saw a denim skirt that I liked in a shop window. It was in one of those narrow little shops with a window just about wide enough for a couple of mannequins; and one of them had this cute little skirt on it. I went in and looked round the racks and piles of denim for the skirt. After a while this Asian man came over to me and asked me what I was looking for. When I told him he led me to a pile of skirts. I looked through them and found one in my size but I wanted to try it on. There was no way that I was going to buy it without trying it on. I looked round and saw a little curtained-off area. I looked at the man then the changing area. The man nodded so I went over and pulled the curtain behind me.

I guess that it was because I was so horny, or maybe because it was what Ryan always told me to do, but I stripped naked above my knees and tried the skirt on. The label must have been wrong because it was way too big for me.

Being so aroused must have affected me because I dropped the skirt, pulled the curtain open and walked over to the pile of skirts. I was checking each one when the man came over and said, “Come on kid, you’re not getting the skirt for free. Put your clothes on and get out of here, get back to school.”

That brought me out of the aroused trance that I was in and I turned and ran back to the changing area. I quickly got dressed, picked up my satchel, and ran out.

What the hell was wrong with me? Why the fuck had I stripped and then walked out into the shop? I must have walked quickly passed three or four shops before I slowed down. I needed a drink to calm me down.

I crossed the road and went down Wardour Street and saw a little coffee house. I went in and got a Latte then went and sat down. The place was more practical than luxurious; wooden tables down each side with benches either side of the tables.

I sat down and held my Latte and then it hit me; my first orgasm of the day. (Excluding Ryan fucking me). I closed my eyes and just shook. When I started to calm down I opened my eyes and saw that I was being stared at. What’s more I had instinctively opened my legs and the two young men on the table opposite were looking under my table.

'Fuck!' I thought; 'Ryan was getting his way and he wasn’t even with me.'

It was too late then; and I was still a bit high; so I lay back against the wall, leaving my legs open. They’d already seen most of my pussy so I may as well show them the lot. I sat there, sipping my coffee and staring at the young men who were staring at me; well, my pussy.

They were still there when I’d finished my coffee. So were a couple of girls on the next table to the young men, and they’d noticed that my legs were wide open. I didn’t think that they could see that I was bare under my skirt from the angle that they were sat at so when I saw one of them looking again I twisted a bit on the bench and gave her a good look. She smiled then nudged her mate.

Putting my empty cup down, I lifted my satchel onto the table and got my tablet out. Powering it up I started a game and pretended to concentrate on it. After about five minutes the two men decided that they had to leave. As they got up I wondered if I’d made them late for anything. One of them couldn’t resist having a closer look. As he came round in between our two tables he squat down and re-tied a shoe lace. I obliged him by opening my legs a bit further and clenching my pussy muscles a couple of times.

He had a big smile on his face as he got up and chased after his mate.

I looked over to the two girls and saw that they’d seen everything. I got back to my tablet then a few minutes later the two girls left. One of them looked at me as they passed me and said, “Shouldn’t you be in school, little girl?”

“No more than you should,” I replied.

I decided that I’d had my bit of fun and put my tablet away and left. As I walked back to Oxford Street I smiled as I thought that Ryan would have been proud of me. I also felt the cool breeze on my pussy as I walked. I didn’t think that my skirt was blowing up but I didn’t check, I just walked.

Back to the shops I window shopped and browsed round a couple of shops. both of which had escalators up and down. I didn’t look to see if anyone was trying to look up my skirt, but I did see a young man following me a couple of times. One time that I thought that he was close behind me I ‘accidentally’ dropped my satchel and bent at the waist to pick it up. If he was there he’d have had a great view of my bare butt and pussy; so would anyone else who was looking.

When I’d gone passed Oxford Circus tube station I saw a little sign for a Starbucks. I followed it thinking about what Ryan had said, and found myself near Hanover Square outside the Starbucks. I went in, got myself a Caffè Latte and a chocolate muffin then looked for a seat. Just at that time I saw a woman vacate one of the tables in the window. I quickly went and sat at it, moving the chair so that I was facing the street. Then I thought about Ryan and what he’d said about Starbucks.

'Sod it!' I thought. 'I’m not moving into the main part of the room and looking for someone to flash. I’ll just watch the world go by while I drink my Latte and eat my muffin.'

It wasn’t long before I felt a bit warm so I took my blazer off and put it with my satchel on another chair. Looking down I was reminded that my blouse was just about see-through. I smiled to myself and again thought ‘sod it’.

Getting my tablet out I folded the case so that it was upright and switched it on. I was going to play that damn game again to try and distract me from my throbbing pussy, but a pop-up appeared saying that it had found an open WiFi so I connected and started browsing the Internet.

A young man came and sat on the bench outside the window and looked in. When I saw him in my peripheral vision I automatically lifted my feet and put them on a bar under the table, my feet about eighteen inches apart, all without looking up from my tablet. Moving my eyes, but not my head, I could see that my bare legs and pussy had attracted the man’s attention. He seemed to be shrinking down to get a better view.

Ignoring him and pretending to be glued to what was on my tablet’s screen, I absentmindedly (ha) moved my right hand between my legs and the index finger circled my clit. The inevitable, combined with the vibe purring away inside me, and my little clit ring, happened and I started cumming - again. As I sat there shuddering and struggling to keep quiet, I turned my head to look at the man outside but he never saw me; his eyes were glued to my pulsing pussy. What I also saw were two other guys who’d been passing and had looked in, spotted my flesh and decided to stop and watch me.

I don’t know if it was those two extra guys, the vibe purring away in me, my index finger pressing on my clit or a zap from my clit ring but just as I started to come down from my high, I went back up there. How my body spasms or my moans didn’t attract some attention inside the coffee house, and get me thrown out, I will never know, but it wasn’t long before I was back to normal, albeit with my hand still on my pussy and the three guys outside still looking at it.

I kept staring at my tablet and moved my right hand back onto the table and eventually the two guys who had been walking by moved on. That just left the one guy on the bench, still bent over and staring at my exposed pussy. I finished my muffin then put my feet back on the floor, restricting the man’s view. He finally had enough and decided to move on.

I too thought that I should get going, after all, it was the middle of the day and I hadn’t bought anything yet. I left the coffee shop and headed back to Oxford Street; there were still quite a few shops that I wanted to look round. As I went outside the fresh air reminded me (not that I needed any reminder) that I had on an ultra-short skirt and no knickers. The breeze felt nice and I didn’t even think that the skirt might be blowing up or bouncing up.

Back on Oxford Street I started going into shops. Unconsciously I was looking for escalators to go up hoping that someone behind me would be getting a good look at my butt and pussy. In one shop, just as I got on one escalator, I thought that I saw a man pointing his phone’s screen at my legs. A couple of seconds after I started moving up I turned round looking over the man. Glancing down I saw that he looked like he was videoing up my skirt.

Still being on a sexual high, I spread my feet to shoulder width and felt my lips open. 'That’ll give him something to wank over tonight,' I thought.

I stayed like that until the top of the escalator then turned and walked towards the women’s clothing section. As I turned round some racks I saw the man again. A few seconds later I saw him again; he was following me. 'Okay,' I thought, 'I’ll put on a little show for him.'

I went over to the shoes section and selected a pair. Taking a quick look to see that he was still behind me, I dropped the shoes on the floor then bent at the waist to try them on. Looking back through my legs I could see him with his phone in his hand. I smiled and continued putting the shoes on knowing that he was probably videoing may bare butt and pussy. My already dripping pussy got a little wetter. I gave him another look as I changed back into my own shoes then picked up the new ones and put them back on the shelf.

Moving off, I went and found a skirt and top that looked okay then went to the changing rooms. They were ‘women only’ changing rooms but I didn’t care, I wasn’t there to flash a man, I just wanted to play with my pussy and cum again.

The room was long and narrow with cubicles down each side, eight on one side and six on the other. I went to the one furthest from the door and quickly stripped off and leaned back against the mirror and got my fingers busy. I was just getting to the point of no return when the curtain flew open revealing a young woman standing there looking at the naked (apart from shoes and knee socks) me furiously rubbing my pussy.

The young woman was wearing the store's uniform and her name badge told me that she was the shop floor manageress. After a few seconds silence whilst we both took in what we were seeing, the woman said, “Well, what have we got here?”

Another silent pause followed.

“A little slut playing with herself while she’s planning on how to steal some clothes.”

“No.. No.. I’m not stealing anything.”

“How old are you anyway? And what the fuck have you done to your tits? You’re way too young to be getting that done. You, my girl, are in serious trouble. I think that you’d better come with me.”

“I… I wasn’t stealing anything. All I’ve done wrong is what you saw when you opened the curtain.”

“That remains to be seen. Put your clothes on.”

I started to get dressed while the woman watched me. I looked at her in the mirror as she watched me and she reminded me of the Karen that works with Ryan, but a more dominant version.

When I’d got my blazer on the woman said, “No underwear I see, and with that skirt no wonder you were getting yourself off. Get that skirt and top and come with me.”

As we walked out of the changing room and to the back of the store I went over the situation in my head. I hadn’t stolen anything and the only thing that I had done was masturbate in their changing room. That may well be against their company rules, if they had anything written on the subject, but it certainly wasn’t illegal. No, I was going to be all right.

The woman led me to a big office that had two desks and a big table and boxes piled all over the place. No one else was there when we went in. The woman told me to stand in front of one of the desk that she went round and sat at. “You know that you’re in serious trouble don’t you? It’s company policy to prosecute all thieves to the maximum extent of the law, even minors like you.”

Going into little girl mode I said, “I haven’t stolen anything. That top and skirt haven’t left the shop and were hanging on the hooks provided and I have nothing else on me.”

“That remains to be seen young lady. Take your clothes off – again, and I’ll search you properly.”

I glared at her for a couple of seconds then started getting undressed. She’d already seen me naked so I didn’t care.

As my blouse came off she said, “Do your parents know that you’ve had your nipples pierced?”

“My daddy took me to get them done.”

“Hmm, I see.”

As my skirt came off the woman said, “And did your daddy take you to get that done as well?” The woman said in a condescending tone.


“Wow! That’s some father that you’ve got there kid, it maybe explains a lot. Socks and shoes as well, girl.”

When I was completely naked I put my hands together in a ball and held them at my mouth.

“Go and sit on the end of that table.”

I did, and instinctively opened my legs so that my knees were about shoulder width apart. I watched as the woman got out a pair of latex gloves and put them on as she walked over to me.

“Lay back and spread those legs girl.”

I did, then heard the woman say, “Fucking hell, what the fuck's that?”

I felt the woman touch my clit then she said, “Fuck! It’s vibrating. No wonder you’re soaking wet.”

I felt my clit being pulled and pushed then it hit me; an orgasm hit me like a train. I screamed, my back rose up off the table and I started shaking and arms and legs jerked. When I finally came down from my high, I looked over to the woman. She had a big grin on her face and was licking her lips.

“Fucking hell girl; what are you, twelve or thirteen, and you cum like that? Shit, I wish that I was like that when I was your age. So where did you get that thing from, and how did you get it on there?”

After a few seconds pause I replied, “My daddy got it off the Internet and he put it on there.”

“Your father put it on? What did your mother say about that?”

“Nothing, she doesn’t know.”

“Hell kid; you’re unbelievable. Right, back to the job in hand. I’m going to check in both your holes to make sure that you haven’t hidden anything up there. I normally tell the girls to relax and use some lube but I can see that you won’t need any.”

I felt first one then two fingers penetrate me then the woman said, “What the hell have we got here? Have you got a vibrator in there?”

I didn’t answer then felt more fingers going inside me. I nearly came again as they probed round inside me then came out of me holding the vibe up for us both to see. I felt so empty as the woman put the vibe on the table and we both watched it dance around. The woman laughed then I felt a finger being pushed into my ass hole.

I gasped at the sudden penetration, then moaned as the finger probed around. When the finger came out the woman said, “Good, not stealing anything but that doesn’t excuse the lewd behaviour. You can’t just get yourself off in public changing rooms.”

“Daddy tells me that thousands of women do it every day, so why not?”

“Well yes, but you’re a kid; you’re too young to be doing that.”

“Didn’t you do it when you were my age?”

“Well yes but…”

Just then the door opened and another two other young women came into the room, one wearing the same store uniform. The woman stood between my legs turned and saw who it was. “Got another one Trish. Who's that? Oh, it’s her again. You skipping school again Danni? I won’t be long with this one, Trish.”

Trish spoke to the girl that she’s brought in, “Right Danni, this must be about your fourth time, you know the drill, get naked.”

Trish came over to me and the manageress and said, “Not seen this one before.”

“No, it’s her first time, and look at this.”

The manageress flicked my clit causing me to moan.

“Bloody hell; what the fuck’s that!”

“It’s a vibrator and her father put it there. And look at that; I pulled that out of her as well. It’s so easy to make this kid cum. Watch this.”

“Bloody hell, another incestuous kid coming here for relief. Does your father fuck you too, Danni?”

Danni nodded and the manageress picked up my vibe and pushed it into me. I gasped as contact was made, then moaned loudly.

By that time Danni had got naked and was stood at the table next to me watching what was going on.

“This is going to be fun!” The manageress said, as two pairs of hands found my body and started rubbing me all over.

As you can probably guess, it didn’t take long for me to start cumming again and just as I was starting to relax the manageress told Danni to get on the table and straddle me. Within seconds her pussy was descending on my face. Thankfully, she shaved and was already turned on so my mouth didn’t take long to make her cum. All the while the two staff were working on my pussy and easily made me cum twice more.

When the staff were done with me they told Danni to get off me and me to stand up next to Danni.

“Danni,” Trish said, “we haven’t given you your cavity search yet, you’d better get on the table."

Danni obviously was looking forward to having a cavity search because she quickly got on the table, spread her legs wide and lifted her legs right up. I watched as Trish put on some latex gloves and probed her holes. When Trish was done she rubbed Danni’s clit until she came again. At one point I turned to the manageress and saw her standing there and rubbing her pussy up against the corner of the desk.

“Your lucky day Danni, you got to cum twice. Now get dressed and get the fuck out of here.”

“You too, whatever your name is. Get out of here,” the manageress said to me.

Both Danni and I quickly got dressed and got out of the shop. In the street I turned to Danni and said, “I get the impression that you go there to get your rocks off. Is that right?”

“Yeah, it’s fun and occasionally they let me have a top or a skirt for free. It beats paying for it; how about you?”

“Well yeah, I guess that it is.”

“That thing on your clit. Does it really vibrate all the time.”

“Yes, it does.”

“Fuck girl, I want one of those. Where did you get it from?”

Staying in little girl mode I said, “My dad got it off the Internet; and does your dad really fuck you a lot then?”

“Hell yeah, and he’s good at it as well. Sorry, but I gotta go; I’ve got to be outside the school gates when my dad comes to pick me up or he’ll beat me up. Maybe I’ll see you here again sometime, it’s fun in there, isn’t it? See ya.” With that the girl turned and ran to the bus that was filling up just down the road.

I just stood there for ages just taking in what had just happened. It was only when a policeman asked me if I was okay that I came back to reality and realised that the vibe was making me horny again. I asked the policeman what time it was then thanked him and told him that I had to get going.

As I wandered along Oxford Street I wondered what to do next. I was getting a bit tired of the shops, (yes, amazing isn’t it?) but was it too early to head to the Starbucks where I was going to meet Ryan. At the same time I was still horny as hell and getting my tiny skirt blown up revealing my butt and pussy to anyone who may be looking wasn’t enough. I needed to cum with a man, or men, staring at my spread pussy.

I found myself outside Tottenham Court Road tube station and went down the steps. I think that I was subconsciously heading towards the Starbucks near the hotel. The breeze through the underground tunnels felt good on my pussy. It was warm, but still cooler than my pussy.

As I was going down the escalator a man below me kept turning round and looking at me. I didn’t know if he could see my pussy under my skirt but I spread my legs just in case he could.

On the train I sat on one of the side bench seats. There was no one opposite me but if there had been they’d have easily seen my pussy. At the next stop a young couple got on and sat opposite me. The guy noticed what he could see almost immediately and he nudged his girlfriend.

“Sod it,” I thought, “I’m getting off at the next stop so let them look.” I opened my legs a bit more and stared straight through them. The thing was, when the train stopped at the next station I didn’t get up to get off, I just sat there letting the couple look at my pussy. When no one got on the train I stayed exactly as I was. I saw the girl raise her eyes to my face, our eyes met and we stared at each other.

No one had come to sit near us and my right hand drifted to my pussy and my index finger got to work on my clit. Still staring straight at the girl’s face my finger went faster and faster until I started to cum. I even stared at her as I moaned and almost screamed, my body jerking about. I wondered if either of them could see my pussy pulsating round my hand that was still busy. When I reached my peak I pulled my hand away knowing that both of them could definitely now see my contracting pussy muscles.

As I came down from my high the staring match continued in silence; all I could hear was the train rumbling on. The train slowed and the spell was broken; the girl and the guy looked at each other and as if they’d spoken using telepathy they both stood up at the same time and moved to the door. My eyes followed them and as the doors opened the guy looked back at me and mouthed the words ‘thank you’.

I smiled and watched to see if anyone got on. One woman did but she turned and went the other way. As the door shut I put my head back and took a deep breath, still with my legs open. At the next stop a couple of old men got on and sat opposite me. As they approached I closed my legs but when they sat down and one of them smiled at me I let my legs drift apart. The old man looked down, smiled again, and nudged his mate.

“Finished school early today?” the first old man asked.

“Leave the poor girl alone, Fred. She doesn’t want to talk to a couple of old codgers like us.”

“No, it’s okay, I like talking,” I said in my little girl voice.

“That’s not all you like doing is it?” the second man said, looking down to my pussy again.

By that time my legs had drifted far apart. “Do you like looking?” I asked.

“Is the pope a catholic?” man one asked. “Of course we do, it makes our day to see such a beautiful young girl’s body.”

I was feeling more confident and relaxed. These two men wanted to watch me and I wanted them to watch. I pulled the front parts of my blazer wide apart so that they could see my tits through the nearly see-through blouse, then I started un-buttoning it. The two old men both stared as my tiny tits came into view.

“Just exquisite,” man one said.

Man two nodded.

My right hand moved to my pussy and my left hand to my left tit.

“Absolutely perfect, young lady,” man one said as I started to go back up there.

The train stopped at the next station and I’m sure that all three of us were glad that no one else got on. I don’t know what I would have done if they had as my hands never stopped working. As the train jerked a bit to start moving again, I started cumming again. It was just as good as the previous one and the two old men appeared to enjoy it nearly as much as I did.

“That was soooo beautiful, my dear,” man one said. “It’s been way too many years since I saw anything so wonderful.”

I smiled and said, “Thank you kind sir. I’m so happy that I made you happy.”

“You certainly did that,” man two said. “I haven’t had a hard-on like this for years. I just wish that you could take care of it but we have to get off at the next stop.”

For one split second I was seriously considering getting off the train with them and finding a place that I could give the two pensioners a blowjob. As they got up and left the train, both of them thanked me and warned me to be careful. I thanked them back and told them that I would.

As they got off, three middle-aged women got on and went to sit not far from me. As soon as I saw them get on and turn my way my legs clamped together and my arms pulled my blouse and blazer closed. As they passed me one of them looked down at me and gave me a filthy look. I fastened my blouse and pulled my skirt down as much as it would go.

At the next stop I got off and went round to the other side of the line to get the next train back to where I was supposed to get off. As I went down onto the platform I was suddenly in the middle of a group of about twenty teenage boys. They had an older man with them who seemed to be in charge of them because one or two of them commented on my short skirt and the fact that the draught was blowing it up. After the second comment the older man shouted to the group to behave and leave me alone.

When the train came we all piled into the same carriage and I was surrounded by some of them standing at the end of the carriage. The leader was down at the other end of the carriage. I suppose that I could have tried to get through them to a seat but I didn’t want the hassle. Besides, I liked the idea of being surrounded by horny young men. I reached up and grabbed one of the over-head straps to steady myself when the train started wobbling about. I was sure that if any of guys who had sat down could have seen through their mates they would have been able to see my pussy.

A couple of the guys started to talk to me. When I stayed silent, the one that was stood on my left put his hand on my butt. When he realised that one of his fingers was on bare flesh his hand slid down then back up under my skirt.

I moaned a little as he squeezed my bare butt. I should have turned and told him to get off me, but I didn’t. I just stood there. The guy took my inaction as permission to explore and before long his fingers were rubbing along my very wet slit. Instinct took over and I spread my legs.

“Fuck, girl,” he whispered in my ear. “You’re gushing, you randy little slut.”

I wanted to say that I wasn’t a slut but the rest was right but I didn’t, I stayed silent. The fingers found my clit and toyed with it; then they found my hole and invaded me. Fuck, it felt sooo good. I took a better grip of the overhead strap and put all my weight on that arm, bending my knees slightly and pressing down on the hand.

“Fuck, you’re good, kid,” the guy whispered.

I was in the middle of cumming yet again, when I heard the guy’s leader shout for them to get off at the next stop. The fingers started fucking me even faster until the train stopped and they all piled off. The guy with my juices all over his hand never even looked back at me.

A middle-aged couple got on and the man stared at me as he passed. When the train started moving I went and sat on one of the forward facing seats. I just sat there with my legs closed, thinking. Okay, I’d already worked out, and accepted, that when I’m sexually excited I’m quite happy to, and want to, flash my tiny tits and pussy and that it makes me cum quite easily. I’m sure that nearly all women are like that, but once I’ve cum, why do I want to cum again, again, and again? Is there something wrong with me? Are other women the same or is it just me? Am I some sort of nympho freak? Is there something physically wrong with me? Have I developed that ’Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder’ (PGAD) whereby I cum just about all the time? No it can’t be that, if I had that I’d cum every time that someone touched my clit. Hell, I do! Well, no I don’t. Not every time.

I was still thinking and staring out of the window at the black walls when I realised that we were stopping at Warren Street tube station. I jumped up and ran to the doors before they closed.

Going up the escalator I heard a young man say, “Fucking hell, Ben. Look at that!”

Instinctively I moved my feet further apart and leant forwards a bit.

Up on the street I asked an old man where the nearest Starbucks was. I was sure that he was watching my butt as I walked off in the direction that he told me. As it turns out it was just down the road past the hotel.

When I got there I went and ordered a Latte then I had to decide where to sit. My first reaction was to find a table at the back of the shop. Instead of turning that way I turned towards the door and saw that the table in the window to the left of the door (looking out) was vacant. I put the Latte and my satchel on the table then moved one of the chairs so that I was facing the door with my left shoulder close to the window. As I sat down I told myself that it would be easier to see Ryan when he arrived, but I just knew that I was doing it again; putting myself where anyone coming in could look through the glass door and see up my skirt. What’s more, anyone sat at the first table outside or people passing by in one direction would be able to see up my skirt.

All in all, half of me figured that I’d got the best seat in the house.

I shuffled my bare butt to the front of the chair and lay back; then I pulled the front of my skirt as far down as it would go, which was just hiding my pussy from my sight. Next it was my tablet then adjusting everything so that I thought there would be a clear line of vision from everywhere that I wanted. I settled back, sipped my Latte and pretended to use my tablet. I kept looking up and outside and realised that most of the people passing looked like students. I remember that look and wondered if there was a college or university nearby.

It wasn’t long before a couple of young women walked in; one glanced at me; then looked again before going to the counter. Then a young couple came in. The guy saw me and smiled. A few minutes later they were back near the door, the guy trying to persuade the girl to sit outside. He won and they went to the first table outside. The girls sat with her back to the shop but the guy sat in front of and to her right. As he sat down I watched him shuffle his chair a bit as he kept looking over to me.

'Got one!' I thought, and opened my legs a bit more. For the next ten or fifteen minutes I flashed my pussy and scratched an imaginary itch near my pussy, all the time glancing around to make sure that no one who shouldn’t be looking was looking. The vibe, my clit ring, and my imaginary itch finally got the better of me and I started cumming again. Biting my bottom lip I managed (I think) not to attract any unwanted attention. The man outside was the wanted attention; his eyes were glued to my pussy.

As I calmed down I realised that the vibe had stopped purring. I guessed that the battery had finally run flat.

Another guy leaving the shop stopped dead in his tracks as he opened the door and looked over towards me. He stared at my pussy for a good five seconds before shaking his head and continuing outside. As he walked away he turned and looked back but I doubt that he could see my pussy any more.

The next guy to look at me was coming in. As he opened the door he was looking round and when he saw me he let go of the door, stared and me and grinned. My response was to open my legs as wide as I could get them. He moved off then came back a couple of minutes with two Lattes. Sitting on the chair next to me he put a hand on my pussy and slid a finger inside me.

“Hello there, pussy;” he said. “I hope that you’ve been a good little girl and let lots of naughty men look at you today.”

I squeezed my legs together and replied, “She sure has, DADDY. Want to hear all about it?” I opened my legs a bit to let Ryan have his hand back then sat up straight and asked him how his training course had gone.

Drinking our coffees, I told him just a bit about what I had been up to. We drank quickly because we both needed to get back to the hotel quickly. We both needed his cock inside me; and quickly.

As we quickly walked back to the hotel Ryan told me that we had to get changed; he told me that we were going to see a show then get a meal. We rushed up to our room and I had to stop Ryan from fucking me while I still had the vibe inside me. His fingers quickly delved in and fished it out before bending me over the table in front of the window and taking me from behind. All that flashing in the coffee shop must have really turned him on. I was still as horny as hell and him making me cum again only added to it. I could see that it was going to be a long time before I calmed down, if Ryan would let me.

We quickly showered and I let my hair down. I didn’t want to look like a schoolgirl that night. Ryan had brought one of my few long dresses for me to wear. It’s red, backless, has a halter style top that is very small, and the skirt part has a split right up my left leg to my waist. What’s more, it’s made of very light, silky material. It looks amazing when I’m just stood there but when I walk the front opens up and people would be able to see my knickers – if I ever wore any. When I sit down I have to keep pulling the material back over my legs because it slides off revealing my pubes and stomach without me even moving.

As we walked out through reception, me wearing just the dress and a pair of four inch heels, the doorman wished us a pleasant evening and then said, “That’s a pretty dress, young lady. Your father must be very proud of you.”

I giggled, did a twirl in front of him, then thanked him. I wondered if he’d seen my bare stomach as the light material flared out and parted at the split as I twirled.

It was getting late so Ryan stopped a taxi and we were soon walking into the theatre. It was great show but I was grateful for the time sitting still and not feeling too aroused. When the show ended we walked out onto the street. Ryan had been recommended a restaurant that wasn’t far away and we decided to walk there. Okay, the walk was only about ten minutes but a cool evening breeze had got up, and my skirt was blowing up behind me which meant that most of my legs and stomach, and the front of my slit, was on display most of the time. It was dark and I just ignored it, but I did spot a couple of men doing a double take. The other thing that Ryan pointed out was that the breeze was pressing the thin material of the halter against my tiny tits. He could see the shape of my nipples and barbells.

The restaurant was quite nice. It wasn’t very bright in there and Ryan was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t do any flashing.

We got a taxi back to the hotel and I wondered if the taxi driver knew what the squishing sound was as Ryan finger fucked me for most of the journey.

I know that the doorman saw my bare legs, right up to my waist, as we climbed the steps up to the hotel entrance. The look on his face gave him away. We all wished the other a good night and we went up to our room.

After an energetic fuck Ryan spooned me and his cock got hard and entered me again as I told him some more about the day's adventures. I must have fallen asleep sometime during my story because the next thing that I remember was that light was coming in through the window and Ryan’s cock was pounding my pussy. I had my first orgasm of the day and thought that I was very lucky. I’d gone to sleep being fucked, and woken up being fucked.


We repeated the flashing of the room service guy before getting dressed and going down for breakfast.

We parted at the tube station with the same arrangements as the previous day, me with a fully charged clit ring and a new, long-life battery in the vibe, and both switched on. It was only a short journey to Oxford Street but standing in the crowded train I did feel one hand slide up the back of my skirt. Unfortunately, we arrived at Oxford Street before the hand had the chance to explore further.

The first thing that I looked for in the shops was some sunglasses; I wanted to be able to watch the voyeurs easier than the previous day. I quickly found some and braced myself for another (hopefully) orgasm filled day.

I wandered around a couple of shops before the vibes first got the better of me. I leaned against a concrete pillar until I was able to walk on.

As I walked along Oxford Street I came across the store where I’d got caught masturbating in the changing room. Without even thinking I turned and walked in. I went to the ladies clothing department then wandered around looking at nothing in particular. I came across the shoes section again, and looked around to see if there were any men close by. There weren’t so I kept walking. As I got near the changing rooms I stopped and thought, “Shall I?”

Five seconds later I was walking to the back of the changing rooms with my nipples so hard that they hurt and my clit throbbing. As I got near the end cubicles I could hear someone moaning. As I reached the last two I looked first to the right then to the left. In the left cubicle was a totally naked girl who looked to be about fifteen, fingering herself and squeezing a nipple. She saw me, smiled, and kept going.

I turned into the right cubicle and started getting undressed. We watched each other as we brought ourselves to a climax. Just after that I heard a slow hand clapping then a voice, Trish’s, saying, “Very good girls, did you plan the stereo cumming of was that just coincidence? Pick up your clothes and follow me.”

“Can I get dressed first please?” the other girl asked.

“No, walk quickly.”

We couldn’t because Trish was walking slowly and I for one wasn’t sure where we were going. What’s more, there were people in the shop and they were watching the two naked girls following the woman in the staff uniform. It was the office that we were led to. As I walked in I saw the manageress sat at her desk with a naked girl stood in front of the desk with her head bent forward.

“So that’s what happens if you get caught stealing stock at this store, and it’ll get worse if we catch you again, as these two are about to find out. Now get dressed and get out of here.”

The girl looked at me and the other girl, then quickly put her clothes on. I watched her and noted that she didn’t put any knickers or a bra on. The later she didn’t really need as her tits were only slightly bigger than mine.

Trish told us to put our clothes down and stand in front of the desk. As we stood there we watched Trish set up two video cameras, both high up and pointing down to the table. Just as she looked satisfied with her work the manageress looked up and said, “I see that business is good today. I wonder how much we’ll get for the videos?”

“I guess that it depends on how good these two little tramps are.”

The manageress went round the front of the desk and looked at the other girl. “Lizzy, good to see you again. Glad to see that you got naked before we even get started. I guess that some of the customers enjoyed your little show.”

Then she turned to me. “Oh, hello again, I thought that you might be back; you certainly enjoyed yourself yesterday. What is your name anyway?”

“It’s Tanya, Miss,” my little girl voice said.

“Did your daddy put that little vibe inside your little cunt before you left home again this morning?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Well you won’t need it for a while so take it out.”

“Yes Miss.”

I squat down and squeezed it out, letting it drop on the floor, picked it up and put it on the desk then watched as it danced around.

“I see that you’ve been doing your exercises; did your daddy teach you those?”

“Yes Miss.”

“I like this one, she’s so polite,” Trish said.

Just then the door opened and two young men in suits walked in then stopped dead in their tracks. One said, “Oh sorry, Ms Roberts. I didn’t realise that you were busy, shall we come back later?”

“No, no. Come in gentlemen, you’re just in time to see how we punish girls that we’ve caught stealing. It’s usually quite effective as the theft figures for this department are the lowest in the store. Close the door please.”

The two young men came in and stood alongside the desk that the manageress was sat at, both looking at Lizzy and me. Lizzy had moved her hands to cover her pussy and was looking down to the ground. I was looking at the increasing size of the bulges in the men’s trousers.

“Right, girls. Do you know each other?”

Lizzy and I both shook our heads sideways.

“I thought not. Now’s your big chance to put that right; turn and face each other and have along, sexy kiss. And get those tongues working.”

Both Lizzy and I turned and looked at the manageress in surprise. I think that both of us hadn’t seen that one coming. The manageress gave a hand gesture telling us to get on with it. I stepped closer to Lizzy, bent my head back and sideways a bit the leant forward and our lips met. A couple of seconds later my tongue probed Lizzy’s lips, which opened, and my tongues found hers.

The kiss suddenly got a bit more passionate and our arms went round each other. Lizzy’s ‘B’s(?) felt warm against the top of mine and I could feel her hard nipples pressing against me. Another couple of seconds later I slid my hands down her back to her butt and gave both cheeks a squeeze.

“Okay, that’s enough for now,” the manageress said.

We broke the kiss and stepped back. I looked over to the two men and felt a wet rush.

“Right, cavity search time. Tanya, get on the table. Gentlemen, would one of you like to do this?”

I got another wet rush as both guys said ‘yes please’ at the same time. I went over to the table, jumped up, lay back, spread my legs and lifted them right back so that my knees were at the sides of my head. The manageress gave one of the men a pair of latex gloves and told everyone to go over to the table.

“Tanya here is very obliging. As you can see she likes to make herself easily accessible. Start with her pussy, have a good probe around to make sure that there’s nothing else in there,” the manageress said to the man who was just finishing putting the gloves on.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. Tanya had that dancing vibrator that’s on my desk inside her when we caught her.” Both men looked over to the vibe that was still dancing around.

I moaned as the fingers touched my pussy and as my pussy stretched to accommodate what felt like ten fingers going into me I started cumming.

“Just stay like that,” the manageress said to the man. “She’ll calm down in a minute or so.”

It was a good job that I was holding my legs down because there was a distinct possibility that the spasms would have caused me to straighten them and I might have hit the man.

A minute or so later the manageress told the man to continue. As the probing started again I had a little after-shock which caused the man to jump a bit. When he was done he was told to probe my butt. That gave me another orgasm which seemed to please everyone.

When I looked able, the manageress told me to get off the table and Lizzy to get on. Lizzy appeared a little reluctant and the manageress had to shout at her to get a move on. Lizzy just lay there and had to be told to open and lift her legs. As she slowly did so, Trish went round to Lizzy’s head and pulled her ankles right back. Lizzy gasped. She also gasped and moaned when the second man’s fingers entered her pussy.

“Not as wet as the first girl looked to be,” the man said, as I watched him probe at all angles. Then I presumed that he found her G-spot because all of a sudden Lizzy screamed and started cumming and swearing and cumming. It looked every bit as good as the best of mine.

The only response from anyone when the man probed her butt hole was from the man. He said, “She’s tight.”

Cavity searches over, the manageress told me to get on the table again and for me to get in the 69 position over Lizzy. Neither of us needed to be told what to do and we both got on with it. Two orgasms later, the manageress told us to get on our hands and knees, butt to butt. I wondered what was going to happen, but not for long; Trish got a long, floppy double-ended dildo out of one of the desk drawers and leant over and pushed one end into Lizzy’s pussy and the other end in mine.

“Right girls,” the manageress said, “backwards and forwards until I can’t see any of that thing.”

We took a couple of attempts to get going backwards at the right time and it wasn’t long before I felt Lizzy’s butt meet mine.

“Keep going,” Trish said.

We did and we were only told to stop after we’d both cum.

After that we both had to stand in front of the desks with our hands on our heads while the manageress gave us a lecture on good and bad behaviour. I thought that it was a bit ironic with what the woman was doing to us. When she’d finished she told us that we were going to get what all bad girls should get. She didn’t tell us what but she stood up, then told the two men to take two chairs into the open space where we were stood. She then told them to sit on the chairs.

By that time I was beginning to see what was coming next. I was right, Lizzy and I were told to lie over their laps. From where I was I could see Lizzy’s butt and her shiny pussy. You see, we’d both spread our legs as we lay down. Also, as I lay down I felt the guy’s hard-on pressing on my stomach.

Just then there was a knock on the door and when Trish opened it another staff girl pushed another young girl into the room. “I caught this one just out on the street.”

“Okay Ann, we’ll take it from here.” Trish said and shut the door. She turned to the newcomer and said, “Being caught on the street with unpaid-for goods is a crime. You’ve got two options, young lady. Either we can call the police now or you can accept whatever punishment we chose to inflict on you. Which is it to be?”

Trish stepped back letting the girl have another look at the two naked girls lying across men’s laps. She burst out crying the started to get undressed. Everyone watched until she was naked then Trish told her to watch closely. The two men were then told to spank our butts until she told them to stop.

When the first swats landed I let out a grunt followed by a moan. Lizzy however, screamed and grabbed her butt. The manageress wasn’t too pleased and came and gave her a swat of her own. The swats continued with me grunting with each one; well, to start with. After a few of them my butt was getting quite warm and then I realised that my pussy was gushing. I was starting to like it.

A few more swats later and I started cumming but the swats didn’t stop. On and on they went. In between my orgasms I heard Lizzy having one. At least I wasn’t a freak for being turned-on by the pain. When the manageress finally told the guys to stop and for Lizzy and me to stand up I’d had four more orgasms. As I got up I looked down at the man’s trousers; there were two dark spots; one just below his belt where the zip was, and the other on his trouser leg where my pussy had leaked on to him.

I put my hands on my butt, it was on fire but I couldn’t feel any damage. I glanced over to Lizzy’s butt. It was bright red but apart from that it looked okay. 'No lasting damage then,' I thought.

“Okay girls, that’s your punishment just about over but we’re now left with a problem, or should I say four problems; we have two young men who have been very helpful this morning but they’ve been left with blue balls. Assuming that there are no objections, your final punishment will be to relieve those blue balls with your mouths.”

I looked over to Lizzy and saw a puzzled look. I, on the other hand knew what I was expected to do and as the man in front of me stood up I got on my knees and unzipped his trousers. As his cock sprung out I looked over to Lizzy. She’d realised what she had to do and was following my lead.

I took the man’s cock in my mouth and started bobbing up and down, taking more and more of the cock each time. It didn’t take long, the poor man must have been wanting to cum for ages. He held my head on him as I felt him swell in my throat, but I didn’t want to swallow all of it. I pulled back and off his cock just as he exploded all over my face, some of it going in my mouth and some into my left eye as I looked up to his face.

“Clean it,” I heard Trish say.

I sucked his cock until there was just my saliva there then rubbed my left eye and licked as much off my face as I could. I looked over to Lizzy and saw that her face was covered in cum as well.

“Right you two,” the manageress said, “that’s your punishment for today. Although I’m guessing that you’re both serial offenders and that it won’t be long before we see you again. Let’s just hope that you’ve learnt something today. Tanya, pick that thing up (pointing to my vibe that was still dancing around on the desk) and put it wherever you want, then get dressed both of you and get out of here. I’ve got another criminal to deal with.”

Lizzy and I got dressed with me thinking that I sure had learnt something, but maybe not what she thought. I put my vibe back where it belongs. I watched Lizzy put just a short, light weight mini skirt and a tank top on, no underwear, her nipples tenting the thin cotton. As Lizzy and I left the room the poor newcomer was again crying. I wondered how long it would be before she was cumming.

Out on the street Lizzy got some tissues out of her bag and we cleaned our faces. As we did so, Lizzy said, “That was fucking awesome Tanya. It’s never been that good before. There’s never been men there before, just those two dykes.”

“My butt hurts,” I said.

Lizzy didn’t say anything; she went round behind me and lifted my skirt up. “It doesn’t look too bad; give it a couple of hours and you’ll have forgotten all about it.”

“Have you been spanked before?”

“Hell yeah, my dad spanks me all the time.”

“So do you cum every time?”

“Not every time but usually these days.”

“What does your dad do after he spanks you Lizzy?”

“He usually finger fucks me to make me cum again. What about you Tanya?”

“I don’t get spanked very often but when my dad does do it he always fucks me straight afterwards.”

“Wow, I wish that my dad would fuck me. Hey Tanya what are you going to do now?”

“I was thinking about going to a coffee shop to think about what just happened and maybe have a bit more fun. How about you, Lizzy?”

“I’ve got nothing planned. I’ve just done what I came into town to do. Hey, I know a McDonalds where we can have a bit of fun, the tables are split on two levels and I’ve flashed my pussy there a couple of times before. It’s getting near to lunchtime so there should be plenty of men in there.”

“Sounds like a plan to me. Let’s go, I’m getting wet already.”

Lizzy hooked her arm round mine and led me to Oxford Circus tube station, walking at a brisk pace. I’m sure that both our skirts were bouncing up and that my bare butt would be on show. I doubted that Lizzy’s would be showing because her skirt was longer. Lizzy fixed that problem as we were going down the first escalator; she rolled the top of the skirt so that it was as short as mine. The thing was, she didn’t have a blazer holding her skirt down and the line and material of her skirt were such that I was sure that she’d be showing a lot more than me very soon.

That was confirmed when we walked to the next escalator; as we passed a crossroads in the pedestrian tunnels her skirt blew right up to her waist. What’s more, she ignored it and kept walking. The same thing happened when we were stood on the platform waiting. My skirt blew up as well.

It was near lunchtime and the train was crowded. We had to stand at one end in amongst many other people. I decided to test something and put my hand on the back of Lizzy’s thigh, then I slid it up to her butt. It was then that I confirmed that it isn’t just me that opens my legs in a situation like that. Lizzy’s right foot slid a few inches sideways. I slid my fingers down her butt crack to her pussy and flicked her clit. She didn’t even flinch, but a few seconds later she turned her head and looked at the man stood on the other side of her.

We had to change trains at the next station and as we waited on the platform I asked her if the man beside her on the last train had touched her up. Her reply was, “Yeah, it happens all the time, you get used to it. I don’t know what all those miserable bitches complain about, it’s quite nice, and it’s more fun when your skirt’s as short as this one is now.”

She called me a sneaky bitch when I told her that it was me. On the next train she got her own back; well, I think that she did, I got groped but when I later asked if it was her she denied it.

It wasn’t far from the tube station to the McDonalds and after we’d got our food and drinks we got a table on the higher section of the eating area. At the edge of the higher area is a glass partition about three feet high. The tables are in lines, the lines continuing on the lower level, so when we sat down we were right next to a table with four young men on it, albeit them three foot lower than us, their heads just above our legs. Of course that meant that all the men had to do was to look towards us and they would get an eyeful of our bare legs and more, when we let them.

Needless to say that we both perched on the front of our chairs and lay back with our knees a good foot apart. I’d put on my sunglasses so that I could watch them without them knowing. It didn’t take long for the guys to realise what was on display and I watched them moving around so that they could get a better look. That excitement, and the vibe, took me over the top and I sat there biting my bottom lip and cumming.

When I calmed down Lizzy asked me if I’d just cum. I nodded. “You lucky thing; I want one of those vibes.”

I told her that my daddy had got it for me off the Internet but that there must be a few places in London where you can get one. I then asked Lizzy to tell me about herself. What she told me was:

She lived with her father and two older brothers, her mother having done a runner when she was eight.

Her father was a long-distance lorry driver and often was away for the whole week or longer if he was on a long European run.

Her older brothers had brought her up but she had to do most of the cooking and housework.

That her father often spanked her if the house wasn’t tidy when he got home and that her brothers usually watched it happen.

That she always had to strip naked for her spankings.

That it was shortly after she reached puberty that she discovered that she liked the spankings.

That she’d first had an orgasm when getting spanked when she was thirteen.

While she was telling me all that the vibe and my fingers had made me cum twice and Lizzy’s fingers had made her cum once. About half way through Lizzy’s life story we’d both turned sideways a bit so that the guys could get a better look; and one of them had disappeared for about ten minutes. When he came back I heard him tell the others that he’d moved the van so that they didn’t get a parking ticket.

When Lizzy had finished I got up and went and got us another coffee. While I was in the queue one of the guys came up behind me and started to hit on me. He wanted us to go with them and have a good time. I told him that it was a case of ‘look but don’t touch’ and that if they didn’t stick to the rules we’d stop playing.

When I got back to Lizzy I saw that the four men had all changed seats. I smiled knowing what they were doing. Lizzy also told me that she’d made herself cum one more time while I was getting the coffees. I sat back on the seat almost sideways again and watched the men through my sunglasses as we talked and drank.

About thirty minutes later my phone rang. It was Ryan and when I answered I said, “Hello Daddy.”

The conversation was very one-sided as he quickly realised that I was with someone. He asked me who it was and I told him that I’d made a new friend and that her name was Lizzy. He asked me a few questions that I could answer with either yes or no, then he told me that he had some bad news. He went on to tell me that the training course had been extended to three days because the instructor had screwed-up the timings. When I asked him what we were going to do he told me not to worry because he’d got it all sorted out. Our hotel booking had been extended for another night and, even better, he’d spoken to Tim (my boss) and got me another day’s holiday. We were now due to travel back home on the Friday evening.

When I hung-up Lizzy asked me what was wrong. I put my phone down and noticed that my legs were still wide open and that my left hand was still diddling my clit. Then I told Lizzy that daddy’s job had changed and that we were staying another day.

“Well, that’s good news, isn’t it? It means that we can have another day flashing guys like these.” Lizzy said.

“Yeah, and we can get some more revealing clothes than these as well.”

“That’s going to be a challenge, the only thing more revealing is our birthday suits.”

We both giggled and I started to cum again. That vibe was certainly earning its keep. One of the white shirted staff walked by and gave us a filthy look. As he walked away Lizzy said that maybe we should leave; after all, we could now come back tomorrow.

We left and were followed down the road by the four guys who were probably getting an eyeful of our butts as our skirts got blown up. We lost the guys when we went down into the underground as we headed to Warren Street tube station. We’d spent way too long teasing those guys at McDonalds and it wouldn’t be long before Ryan was going to be at Starbucks.

When we got to Starbucks I got us yet another coffee and waited until we could get two stools in the front window and put our drinks on that long plank like table. It didn’t take long and we climbed onto the stools, the backs of our skirts over the back of the stools; our bare butts on the stools. Then, facing the street, we both opened our legs giving anyone who passed, and those sat at the tables outside, a great view of our pussies. I had to laugh when one guy sat outside realised what he was looking at and nearly spluttered his drink all over the woman who was sat with her back to us.

Surprisingly, not many people walking passed stopped to stare at us. Okay, a couple did a double take before moving on until one guy stopped and had a good long stare. I was looking around inside for potential ‘victims’ when Lizzy told me about the man. When I turned round I saw that it was Ryan and my legs automatically spread as wide as they could go and I started cumming. I just knew that it wouldn’t be long before his cock was inside me.

Ryan just stood there for ages, his eyes going from my pussy to Lizzy’s. “Make yourself cum for him,” I said. Lizzy did, her hand going like a pneumatic road drill.

“Fuck that was good.” Lizzy said as Ryan broke his stare and came into the shop. He ignored us and went and got a coffee, then he came and stood between Lizzy and me. He put his coffee and briefcase down then his left hand came to my pussy and his right hand went to Lizzy’s pussy.

“Hey pervert, get your fucking hands off. I’ll call the police.” Lizzy said.

Ryan’s fingers rubbed our clits. “Stop it you paedophile, we're only schoolgirls,” Lizzy said, but I saw that her legs were still wide open. She was enjoying it.

I decided that it had gone far enough and I didn’t want Lizzy attracting any unwanted attention so I leaned forward so that I could see Lizzy’s face and said, “It’s okay Lizzy, this is my dad, Ryan, he isn’t going to rape you.”

“That’s a shame Tanya, you didn’t tell me that he was cute as well.”

Ryan took his hands away from our pussies and put them round our shoulders. “Shall we go to that table outside and talk?”

We did, us girls sitting on chairs with our backs to the shop window. Ryan was facing both of us and I couldn’t help notice that Lizzy was perched on the front edge of her seat and her legs were spread wide.

Ryan asked Lizzy how long she’d been exposing herself to people. After she gave him a brief history of her life and family Ryan said, “So you don’t walk around naked at home then. I would have thought that you would have started with your brothers and your father. That would have been a good way to start, get over any nerves in the comfort of your own home.”

“I never really thought of that,” Lizzy replied, “they’ve all seen me naked but only when my dad spanks me. I always went to my room straight after that. You’ve got me thinking now. I think that I should be thanking you.”

Ryan smiled then turned to me and asked, “Have you told her?”

“What about?”

“The truth about us, it sounds like she deserves to know, and besides, if you’re going to spend all day together tomorrow it’ll make it easier for you.”

“What truth? What do I deserve to know?” Lizzy asked.

I then told Lizzy the truth about Ryan and me and my age. Lizzy just sat and listened, but she didn’t close her legs. When I was done Lizzy said, “I just knew that something wasn’t quite right but hey, we all tell little fibs when it suits us don’t we? I’m a year older than I told you.”

We all laughed a bit then Ryan asked, “So are we all good then?”

“Fuck yes. I haven’t had this much fun for years. Now that you’re staying for another day can we do the same again tomorrow? I can easily get another day off.”

Ryan replied, “I’m sure that both my ‘daughters’ will have a great day and cum many times. Maybe we should have a competition to see who can have the most orgasms in one day.”

I suddenly realised that the two of us weren’t on an equal playing field. “Ryan,” I said, “I think that I need to leave my vibe out tomorrow, Lizzy hasn’t got one. And do you mind if I dump the blazer? It’s too long and stops my skirt blowing right up.”

“Hmm,” Ryan replied, “come on, finish those drinks, I have an idea.”

We did, and Ryan led us to an ‘adult’ shop that he’d seen on his way to meet us. Ryan bought Lizzy a little remote controlled egg and two ‘naughty nurse’ outfits, telling us that we could wear the skirts that were about the same length as my school skirt, and would definitely blow up with not much of a breeze. Ryan said that I could wear it without the blazer even though my blouse was virtually see-through. I couldn’t wait.

Ryan also bought something that I hadn’t seen before, one for me and one for Lizzy. The heading on the packaging said, ‘Vaginal Kung Fu’. They are marble eggs, chicken egg size, with a chain attached to the thick ends. The chain is about the thickness of a strong necklace and about two inches long. On the other end of the chain is a little carabiner.

Lizzy was puzzled when Ryan gave one to her, but I instantly knew what it was. When I explained it to her she laughed and said that it would be dropping out all the time.

“Try just hooking small things onto the carabiner to start off with, perhaps you could go to school with no knickers and something small hanging under your skirt,” I suggested.

“That’ll mean wearing a longer skirt,” Lizzy replied. “I’ll experiment in front of the mirror.”

“You can do that at work as well,” Ryan added.

As we left the shop Ryan said the he had an idea. He went on to tell Lizzy that I used to use a code to let him know how aroused I was, and as, he assumed, we’d need to communicate that information to each other, we should use that code as well.

I explained to Lizzy that it was called Arousal Factor or AF for short and that it was a number from zero to ten where zero was ‘the thought of any sort of sex at the moment disgusts me’ through to ten was ‘I’m about to explode’. Lizzy liked the idea so we agreed to adopt it.

After that Lizzy said that she’d have to go, there was something that she had to do that night. We arranged to meet Warren Street tube station at 08:thirty in the morning and exchanged mobile numbers. Ryan told her not to run the egg's battery flat before the morning.

Ryan and I headed off back towards the hotel but Ryan was hungry so we stopped at a restaurant where the waiter gave me the children’s menu. While we were there I told Ryan all about my day. In the middle of telling him all about it I had an idea. I asked Ryan if we could stay in London until the Sunday evening. He grinned and asked me what I was thinking about. I told him then got my phone out and looked up the phone number of the hotel that I stayed at when I was on a training course a couple of years ago; the one where I had been given a car because I saved a Japanese girl from drowning in the swimming pool.

I dialled the number and when someone answered it I asked if Carrie still worked there. I was told that she did and that they’d get her for me.

“Hello, Carrie speaking, how may I help you?”

“Carrie, this is Tanya Turner, I stayed at your hotel a couple of years ago, do you remember me?”

“Tanya, Tanya my love, how could I possibly forget our own little hero? Why haven’t you called before? I miss the fun that we had.”

I explained our predicament and without even asking Carrie offered to give us a room for free. She told me that she was really looking forward to seeing me again, and meeting the man who was responsible for me being the way that I am. I asked her if the hotel was still ‘clothing optional’.

“Of course it is, I’ve just been skinny dipping and I’m stood here in reception without even a towel.”

“Great, that’s just what I wanted to hear. I’ve made another London friend and we’re having a competition to see who can cum the most times in one day. Would you mind if I brought her along as well?”

“Of course not, I’ll reserve one of our suites for you so it doesn’t really matter how many of you there are just so long as you all sleep in the one bed. I’m just looking through the list of who we’ve got booked in this weekend and it looks like there will be lots of young men here so I’m sure that we’ll all have a good time. I don’t know what your Ryan is going to do though.”

I laughed and then told her not to worry about Ryan and that Lizzy and I would be there in the morning.

I looked at Ryan and said, “Sorted, but I don’t know what you’re going to do all weekend.”

“Hmm,” Ryan replied, “let’s see, you’ve invited a cute young lady to be naked with you all weekend, and to sleep with us, and it sounds like there will be other naked young ladies there, one the daughter of a rich hotel owner. I think that I’ll be able to keep myself entertained.”

I got a little wet rush and reached over and squeezed Ryan’s hard cock. “Better ask Lizzy,” I said and phoned her.

She was ‘excited’ to say the least. She said that she’d never stayed in a hotel before and I’d just invited her to spend the weekend in a five star posh one, and that she could be naked most of the time. She couldn’t wait.

Ryan and I went back to our hotel, checked-in again and went to bed. I was tired and it looked like the next three days were going to be very tiring. Having said that I went to sleep and woke-up the same way as the previous night.


I teased a different waiter on the Friday morning; different waiter probably because we were in a room on a different floor. I got another complement from the doorman as we left. I was wearing just my see-through blouse and my new, white with a red waistband, nurse’s skirt and when I did another twirl for him the skirt flew up parallel to the ground. I wondered if he saw my pussy. The pussy that was wet with the anticipation of the day ahead.

Ryan and I parted at the tube station again and I waited for Lizzy. This time I had our little suitcase and my satchel with me, but that was only until we got to Carrie’s hotel.

Lizzy snuck up behind me and sharked me. I screamed and quickly pulled my skirt back up.

“First flash of the day, Tanya?”

“No, I flashed the doorman at the hotel.”

Lizzy was wearing the same white skirt, with red waist band, as me and a white tank top; her hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin material.

I told Lizzy where we were going but she didn’t recognise the hotel name. When I told her where it was she knew exactly how to get there and we headed off to the tube station. As we walked I asked Lizzy if she’d tried her new egg vibe.

“Fuck yes! I put it in as soon as I got home. I experimented with it while I watched some telly with one of my brothers. My dad’s away on a trip and my other brother was down at the pub with his mates. I was still wearing what I was yesterday with the skirt still rolled at the top. It didn’t take long for me to start cumming. My brother Dylan was too engrossed in the telly and didn’t even notice. I was so horny by then and I thought about what Ryan had said about getting naked in front of my family. I decided that I’d let Dylan see me without my clothes. After a bit of thought I went and took a shower then got dried. I’d decided that I’d do the washing and filled the basket with my things. Still naked, I carried the basket into the lounge, put the basket on the sofa then asked Dylan if he had any washing. He was still ignoring me after I’d asked him twice so I went and stood in between him and the telly.

He said, “Fuck sis, what are you doing? Where are your clothes?”

“I’m doing the washing and I wanted to wash all my dirty clothes. Have you got anything to wash?”

“Why didn’t you put something clean on?”

“Haven’t got anything.”

“You should do the washing more often then.”

“Well, have you got any washing then?”

Dylan went off and got his dirty clothes and put them in the basket then he watched me as I went into the kitchen, loaded the machine and set it running. I then went and sat on the sofa opposite Dylan.”

“So how long did you stay like that?” I asked.

“Until I went to bed, but Dylan kept looking over to me. After a while I went to my room and switched the egg on, to full, then went and sat on the sofa again. Dylan had watched me walk out, and then back in.

The egg did what it’s supposed to do; twice, before I went to bed. As I got all worked-up again my legs spread and I started playing with my tits. By then, Dylan had lost interest in the telly and was staring at me. I just went for it and gave him a good show. When I got up to go to bed Dylan said, “Fuck sis I didn’t realise that you were so hot; can you wash all your clothes every night?”

I just said, ”Shut-up perv, I’m your sister.”

“And a fucking hot one at that.” Dylan replied.””

“So are you going to flash him again?” I asked.

“FLASH him! Hell no; I’m going to start being naked all the time. I’m going to drive him and Adam crazy.”

“So is the egg still inside you?”

“Yeah, I tried to get it out last night but I couldn’t get it. I just switched it off then back on just before I left home this morning. The control and a few essentials are in my bag.”

“I’ll show you the exercises that you can do to make it easier to squeeze things out, and practicing lifting heavy things with you Kung Fu egg will help as well. I’m sure that Ryan will help you get it out until you can do it yourself.”

“That sounds nice; I’ll look forward to that.”

By that time we were stood on the platform waiting for the train. Our skirts having blown up a few times but neither of us had pulled them down; we waited for gravity to work. As the train approached the breeze got stronger and two girls with skirts round their waists got on the train.

Two train rides, skirts blown up three times, two vibrator induced orgasms and only Lizzy getting groped later, we arrived at Carrie's hotel. We went in and I told the receptionist who I was. Two minutes later Carrie came running over. She was wearing a business suit similar to the ones that I wear for work but I was sure that hers cost ten times what mine do, even if the skirt was as short as mine.

“Tanya, Tanya; it’s so good to see you again,” Carrie said as she hugged me.

When she let me go I introduced Lizzy and Carrie hugged her as well. When she backed off she looked us both up and down then said, “Are you two in some sort of club wearing the same skirts? Oh, I know, you’re both Naughty Nurses aren’t you? You both look cute.”

Then Carrie turned to the receptionist and said, “These two, give them anything that they ask for, I’ll sort out the bill. Make two keys for the Yorkshire suite please.”

The two key cards quickly appeared, Carrie clicked her fingers and a porter almost grabbed the case out of my hand. All the way up in the lift Carrie was asking all sorts of questions. When the porter opened the suite door I just stood there and stared, so did Lizzy. It was the biggest hotel room that I have ever seen, and through a double door was a gigantic bed.

“It’s got its own sauna and Jacuzzi through there,” Carrie said, “but I doubt that you’ll use them. I’m guessing that you’ll be down in the leisure centre within half an hour. It was quite busy a short while ago with plenty of ‘victims’ for you.”

The porter left and I told Carrie that I’d like to pretend that I was thirteen years old again, and that Lizzy was my fifteen year old friend.

“Yes, of course,” Carrie said. “I’ve never told anyone your true age, so that won’t be a problem. Are you going to tease all those nasty men again, you little minx?”

“Yeah, it’s more fun that way and we can get away with more. Is Manuel still here? I’d like to book us a couple of massages if that’s okay with you.”

“Tanya my darling, you can get away with anything that you want while you’re here and yes, you can have as many massages as you want, just have a word with the girl down there. But Manuel has gone back to Spain, his son Jacob has taken over. His technique isn’t quite the same but he’s got an amazing right index finger. I can guarantee that he’ll drive you crazy, he does me. Sorry, but I’ve got to go now, another damn meeting, but if you want anything, just ask. I’ve reminded everyone what you did for the hotel and I’m sure that you’ll have a great couple of days.”

“And it’s okay to be naked anywhere in the hotel?” Lizzy asked.

“Of course, I frequently wander all over in my oldest suit.”

With that Carrie was off, leaving Lizzy and I to have a look round the room, but not before we took our clothes off. Five minutes later we were walking down the corridor to the lift.

“Are you sure this is okay? I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m a bit nervous,” Lizzy asked.

When the lift doors opened a couple of middle-aged men got out. They looked at us and smiled but didn’t say anything. As we went down I told Lizzy that I had a few things to show her in the leisure centre. Lizzy was still quite nervous as we walked into the leisure centre. I asked her what her AF was and she said it was about a six. I told her that mine was an eight because I knew what was coming.

“Oh hi Tanya, do you remember me? I was working here the last time that you were here. Is your father here with you this time?” The leisure centre receptionist asked.

“He’ll be along later, he’s got some business to sort out. This is my friend Lizzy, she’s not been to a leisure centre before.”

“Well hello Lizzy. I’m sure that you’ll have a great time here. If there’s anything that I can help you with just ask, okay!”

“Err yes, thank you.”

“Oh, while we’re here, can we book some massages with Jacob please? One for each of us, this afternoon, tomorrow, and again on Sunday please Sophie?” I said, reading her name badge. I didn’t remember her.

“And can they be one after the other? We want to go there together.”

“Of course, I’m sure that I can arrange that for our famous hero.”

I grabbed Lizzy’s hand and pulled her away. “See, that wasn’t too bad, was it? I’ll show you around the place then we can decide what we’re going to do first. Relax girl, or I’ll go back up to our room and turn that egg up to full.”

“No, please don’t do that; that would be ‘death by orgasm’.”

We went to the workout room first because it was the nearest. “Is that a swimming pool through those windows?” Lizzy asked.

I said that it was just as I saw George, he had his back to us and was adjusting something on a machine. As we walked over to him Lizzy said, “They’re all looking at us.”

I whispered back, “Yes, good isn’t it?”

“Hi George.” I said.

George turned around, saw me, and said, “Oh hi there Tanya, I heard that you were coming, oh sorry, I should have said that differently. Here, let me have a look at you.”

He picked up my hands then stepped back so that our arms were straight. Slowly looking me up and down he said, “You’re even more beautiful than the last time I saw you, but you haven’t grown at all.”

I pulled my hands back then put them on my tiny tits, squeezed them then pulled my nipples out as far as they would go. “Not even these, George?”

“Nope, but I love then just the way they are.”

“Hmm, so do I.”

As I said that I rolled both nipples between index fingers and thumbs, my AF going up to a nine.

George turned to Lizzy, did the same thing with his hands, and while he was looking her up and down he said, “And who’s this gorgeous young lady?”

“George, this is Lizzy; she’s my fifteen year-old friend. I’m fourteen now, by the way.”

“I’m so pleased to meet you Lizzy, you are just as gorgeous as Tanya, even if you are bigger.”

Lizzy put her hands on the bottom part of her tits, wobbled them up and down a bit then pulled and rolled her nipples. She’d obviously been watching when I did that.

“No, I was referring to your height, but I have to admit, those are very cute, not big and ……. Oops, I shouldn’t talk about female parts like that; sorry.”

Lizzy blushed again and I thought that she was going to cum.

“George, leave her alone.” I said. “We’re both here to have FUN.”

“Does your daddy still make you put that thing inside you?”

“George, you shouldn’t ask a lady such things; but yes, and Lizzy has got one as well; and I’ve got a little something on the outside as well.”

“I can’t see anything different.”

“If you’re lucky you may see it later, and maybe even touch it.”

George’s eyes lit up and the tent in his shorts got bigger.

“Can I be your personal trainer during your stay, please?”

I looked at Lizzy, she was blushing and her nipps looked as hard as mine felt. “Yes of course, George, but I’ve got some stretching exercises that I want to show Lizzy. Perhaps you could help us.”

“Whenever you’re ready Tanya, just shout.”

“Thanks George, I’m just going to show Lizzy round the rest of the place then we’ll be back.”

As we walked out and down the corridor Lizzy said, “I’m getting close to a ten Tanya, that was sooo cool, all those men looking at me, and George, I nearly orgasmed when he touched my hands, never mind him talking about my tits.”

“Wait until he touches your pussy. I think that we’d better go to the sauna next, there’s something that I need to take care of.”

Lizzy looked a bit shocked when we went into the sauna, there were two men and one girl there; she was naked and clearly masturbating while the two men watched. I think that she might have been a bit pissed when two naked young girls walked in.

I climbed up to one corner and sat with my feet on different levels and I nodded my head for Lizzy to do the same. Automatically, my hand went to my pussy and quickly gave me the relief that I needed. Lizzy had followed my lead and she too came quite quickly; both of us before the other girl who had lost the attention of the two men. I looked down at her and when she looked up to me I said, “Sorry.”

She smiled then turned her head back forward, her right hand still busy at her pussy.

Both Lizzy and I sat there idly rubbing our clits until I thought that Lizzy was getting too hot. I kicked her foot and nodded towards the door. We climbed down and went to the shower, both of us going into the same cubicle.

“Ever been in one of those before? I asked.

“No, never.”

“I thought not. I had to get carried out of there the first time that I went in. Just don’t be afraid to admit that you’ve had enough.”

“Is that what girls are supposed to do in saunas then?” Lizzy asked. “And what about the men? Are they supposed to wank as well? Those two men were just looking at us.”

“Not always, it depends on the sauna; some are good like that, others are not. I can tell you some really good stories about saunas.”

“Go on then. Will they make me cum again?”

“Both of us. Come on then, let’s go to where we can talk.”

I turned the shower off then led Lizzy to the sun loungers. I lay back, bent my knees and parted them about a foot. Lizzy did the same and then I started telling her some of the good times that I’d had in the sauna and on those very sun loungers the last time that I was there.

While I was talking we both got interrupted a couple of time when our vibes got the better of us. Also when people walked passed us going to and from the sauna. One of the men quickly came back out of the sauna and went and sat opposite us and stared at our pussies for the rest of the time that we were there. He never spoke a word so I don’t know if he could understand what we were saying, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to cum again.

Our desire to cum in front of that man got interrupted by Sophie; she came and told us that it was time for our massages. Sophie introduced us to Jacob; he’s probably in his late teens or early twenties and quite cute, nice and slim with black hair. His English was perfect and he had a London accent so he’d obviously grown-up in London.

On the way there Lizzy had told me that she was nervous so I told her that I’d go first and that she could just watch. Jacob got me on the table, on my stomach and gave me a long, slow massage from head to foot. I orgasmed when he did my thighs and he just stood and watched until I stopped shaking.

When he asked me to turn over I looked to Lizzy; she was sat there with her right hand between her legs. Without thinking, I spread my legs to the edges of the table as soon as I was on my back, even though Jacob started on my head and shoulders.

I came again as he worked on my tiny tits; this time though, he kept on going right through it, which of course prolonged my pleasure. As he worked down to my stomach what Carrie had said about his index finger was causing my pussy to gush so much that I was starting to feel like I was laid in a puddle.

I was slightly disappointed when his hands left my stomach and went to my feet. One at a time he lifted them up and massaged them. My eyes were closed but I could just feel his eyes burning my pussy. His hands worked up my left leg and I moaned as he lightly touched my pussy before starting on my right leg. This time when he touched my pussy I had another orgasm. As I calmed down I prayed that he wouldn’t stop because I’d just cum.

I lay there for an eternity not daring to open my eyes just in case I saw Jacob walking away from me. It got to the point where I was convinced that my heart was still pounding, not because I’d just cum, but with the hopeful anticipation of what I hoped was still to come. I gasped and had a slight after-shock as I felt something lightly touch my throbbing clit. I felt it again, sighed and exhaled, letting all the tension go out of me. Within a minute I had decided that I just had to get Ryan to do that to me, Jacob’s touch was just so light.

My next orgasm built so slowly, but so beautifully. I felt like my whole body was tingling. It slowly built up until I finally exploded. My butt must have risen about a foot before crashing down as I jerked all over the place. As my high started to subside Jacob’s middle two fingers easily slid inside me and bent up searching for my g-spot. They found it and I was instantly back up there, his hand keeping up with my body's movements.

Jacob kept those fingers working for a lifetime before pulling them out. I lay there, gasping for breath as my body continued jerking about. In amongst the usual noises that I normally make I realised that I was giggling and I couldn’t stop myself. Jacob had backed off and was just watching my body slowly get back to normal.

When Jacob finally told me that I could get off the table I sat up, swung my legs round then just sat there for a few seconds as my head got used to being higher than my body again. Jacob asked if it was okay if he took five minutes before the next massage and I nodded. He went out of the room leaving just Lizzy and me.

“I’ve no need to ask if that was good, Tanya, the look on your face tells it all.”

Just then I heard Jacob talking. I turned to see if the five minutes was up but Jacob hadn’t come back into the room. He hadn’t closed the door properly and it had drifted open about a foot.

“Hey man, had any good hotties in there lately?” I heard an unknown man say.

“You should see two that I’ve got in there at the moment Liam, both as naked as they can be. I’ve just done one that looks about twelve or thirteen and she cums like a pro.”

“Are you taking the piss, Jacob?”

“What’s more, she had a vibrator up her cunt and it was switched on.”

“You’re having me on.”

“No I’m not. When I go back in I’ll leave the door open for a couple of seconds and you can have a look.”

“If you’re right you are one hell of a lucky bastard, Jacob. I think that I should have become a massage therapist instead of an electrician.”

“It’s not all good Liam. Imagine having to massage a twenty stone ugly pensioner with so many rolls of fat that you have trouble find her jungle-covered pussy.”

“Oh fuck! Give over, you’re gonna make me puke. Maybe you can keep your job. I’m out of here.”

I quickly told Lizzy to come and stand next to me facing the door. I wanted to see what Liam was like, and let him see us.

Jacob came back in, apologising for taking so long. He left the door wide open then pretended that it was by accident and turned round to shut it. For a couple of seconds I saw Liam, and he was looking at us. Well, our bodies.

“Okay, Lizzy isn’t it? You’re on next, hop up. Are you okay Tanya? You still look a little flushed.”

I nodded my head and sat where Lizzy had been. I sat and watched Jacob give Lizzy the same treatment as he’d given me except that he had more to work with on her chest. Her pussy was leaking as much as mine was. I know that because I compared the size of the wet patches on the sheets that covered the table. Her final orgasm was as lively and loud as mine was – I think. I’ve never watched myself in a mirror; maybe I should get Ryan to video us when we come back for round two.

Jacob gave Lizzy a few minutes to relax before we left him, telling him that we’d be back for more the next day. As we walked out of the massage room I suggested that we go to the workout room and for me to show Lizzy some of the stretching exercises that I’d mentioned to George. He was still there when we got there and we went to the open area and I started showing Lizzy a couple of the exercises that I do at the gym in my town.

I told her that I’d start with an easy one and got into the crab position and walked round a bit. When I got up Lizzy said, “I can do that, we used to do it at school, but all those men are looking; they got a good look at your clit ring.”

“Isn’t that the idea? We are here have some flashing fun.”

“Yeah, but that’s just so obvious.”


“Well, okay, but don’t blame me if I cum and collapse in a heap. I’m back up to a nine already.”

“I hope that you do, then I’ll have to make myself cum to keep the count equal.”

“You’re counting?” Lizzy asked. "I lost count ages ago."

I showed Lizzy another couple of exercises then decided to do the splits. When I got down I called George over and asked him to check to see if I was completely down. He promptly got down on his hands and knees in front of me and looked at my pussy.

“Looks good to me,” George said.

“No silly, that’s not how you check. Slide your hand under.”

George looked up at my face, smiled then slid his hand under my pussy, palm up.

“That’s it; that’s how to do it George!” I said as George was finger fucking me.

I lifted myself up an inch or so then lowered myself again a couple of times then got to my feet. “That’s how to do it George, you’re learning.”

“What is that on your clitoris Tanya, and is it vibrating?” George asked.

“Err yes; it’s a little ring that Daddy put on me. He says that it’s to remind me that I’m his daughter.”

“Wow, can I have a closer look at it?”

“Later George, later. Now it’s Lizzy’s turn to do the splits.”

Lizzy struggled a bit but the thought of George finger-fucking her must have convinced her joints to go that extra bit. As George slid his hand under her pussy and presumably finger fucked her Lizzy suddenly said, “Ten!” and promptly fell backwards.

George, myself, and three or four of the other gym users watched as Lizzy’s body jerked about for a few minutes before she looked up and her face went even redder. She quickly got to her feet and said, “Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.”

“No need to say sorry, Lizzy;” George said. “It was a wonderful sight and I can’t see anyone complaining, can you?”

Lizzy looked round the room then said, “I need to get out of here.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room.

“What was that, Lizzy? I thought that you wanted cum with people watching you.”

“Yes, I do, it’s just that it was such a shock. It was a killer and I wasn’t expecting it to be that bad, I mean good. It was wonderful. I…. I want to go back and do it again.”

“Slow down there girl! Let’s go and cool down a bit first. Let’s go and see what’s new in the swimming pool area.”


As we walked in, a man saw us straight away and stared at us.

“So, is this the pool where you saved that Japanese girl?” Lizzy asked.

“Yeah, no big deal, it was easy, she was as small as me. Come on, I'll race you to the other end of the pool.”

“Err, Tanya, I can’t swim.”

“You can’t swim? Wow, didn’t they make you learn at school?”

“No, they only did it for year five and when I was in year five the local pool was closed for repairs.”

“Okay, how about I give you a quick lesson and see how you like it. Hang-on, I’ve got a better idea. How about I see if I can get a man to teach you? He’ll put his hands all over you.”

“That sounds like fun, just so long as they know what they’re doing.”

“Oh, they’ll know their way round a female body all right.”

“No, I mean know how to teach someone to swim.”

“I know, I was just joking. Let’s go back to reception and see what they can do.”

Sophie was really helpful. I told her that Lizzy needed two instructors because Lizzy was so scared of the water. She phoned three guys and two calls were successful.

We couldn’t hear both sides of Sophie’s phone calls but each one started with, “We’ve got a naked girl down here that needs a swimming lesson.”

Closely followed by,“Fourteen or fifteen.”

“Yes, naked, she’s with another naked girl who can swim.”

“Thirteen or fourteen.”

Both guys promised to be there in fifteen minutes. I told Sophie that we’d meet them at the Jacuzzi. As we were going there we had to stop for a lean on the wall while Lizzy had another one. It was the first time that Lizzy had been in a Jacuzzi and she loved the way that the bubbles tickled her pussy.

When the guys arrived they were brilliant. They talked Lizzy into the water and both promised to hold her as she practiced the strokes. It certainly wasn’t the way that I would have taught someone to swim, but there again, that wasn’t why they were there; they knew just as well as Lizzy and I knew that they were there to grope Lizzy.

They had Lizzy on her stomach while they held her up, one on each side of her. Each guy had one hand on a tit and the other under her thigh; right up at the top. Lizzy later told me that both her nipples were being played with all the time and she thought that they were taking it in turns playing with her pussy. When she asked them why they were holding her there, one of them told her that it was to relax her and take her mind off the danger. Then he’d told her that it was BREAST stroke that they were teaching her.

About ten minutes after they started Lizzy told them to put her down and she stood with the water up to her neck. I could see her biting her lip and her face was all screwed-up. While that was going on I was sat on one of the sun loungers with my feet on the floor either side, and the index finger of my right hand idly toying with my clit.

Lizzy had been in the water for about twenty minutes when Sophie appeared beside me. She told me that there was someone in reception asking for me.

Suspecting that it might be Ryan I quickly walked there. As I turned the last corner I saw him. I shouted ‘DADDY’ and ran to him. I jumped up onto his front putting my arms round his neck and my legs round his waist. I started kissing all round his face. He in turn put his hands on my bare butt and held me up; the ends of his fingers on my pussy. That was too much for me and I orgasmed right there in reception; burying my face on Ryan’s shoulder until it passed.

When I slid down Ryan’s front I looked behind Ryan and saw Carrie. She was still in her business suit. “Carrie, this is Ryan, my DADDY!” I said, winking at her. “Ryan, this is my amazing friend Carrie.”

“No Tanya,” Carrie said, “you are the amazing one, and we’ve never had a young lady who likes to ‘enjoy’ herself as much as you do.”

“Yes,” Ryan replied, “she does like exploit her good, youthful looks. Don’t you, my love?”

“Hey!” I said. “I hope that you’re not saying that I’m an exhibitionist, Buster! And you Carrie, I’ve seen you having as much fun as I do.”

“Perhaps, but I don’t get the chance very often these days, this damn job is taking way too much of my time. Oh, and I’ve just checked to see who we’ve got booked in over the weekend. We’ve got two football teams and a Star Trek convention, so you should see a few weird outfits around the place.”

“More weird than this?” I said sliding my hands down my side.

“You are not weird, Tanya; you have a beautiful body and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.”

“But you will find the time to join us in the sauna later won’t you?” I asked.

“I’ll do my best, I need some relaxation time. Ryan, Tanya will take you up to your room. I hope that it’s okay for you. And here’s another key card for you. Tanya and Lizzy have a problem with where to carry theirs.”

Ryan thanked Carrie and kissed her on her cheek then I led him to the lift. There were three men in suits waiting to get in as well and when we all got in I turned to Ryan and said, “Daddy, will you come and help me with my swimming lessons, I like it when you hold me up, you know, with one hand on my chest and the other between my legs.”

Ryan smiled and said, “Of course I will, Princess.”

As soon as the men got out of the lift I jumped up on him again and gave him a long proper kiss until we got to our floor. I practically dragged him along the corridor and started taking his clothes off just as soon as we were inside.

When he was naked I pushed him onto the bed and was about to jump on him when I remembered the vibe. I quickly squat down, squeezed it out and left it vibrating on the carpet as I impaled myself on Ryan’s gorgeous cock.

Thirty minutes later I washed the vibe, put it back where it belongs then went to find Lizzy, Ryan saying that he’d come looking for me when he was ready. I found Lizzy relaxing on a sun lounger the same way that I had been. The only difference was that there was one of Lizzy’s swimming instructors sat at the bottom of the sun lounger between her legs. I wondered if she’d cum while he was sat there.

I was stood beside Lizzy with the man sat on the sun lounger making his head at about my pussy height. As his eyes went up and down me I automatically spread my feet a bit so that he’d get a better look. A couple of minutes later he took the hint and excused himself. I took the man’s place on Lizzy’s sun lounger and while we brought each other up to date I reached over and rubbed Lizzy’s pussy slowly.

Up to date on everything, I asked Lizzy if she was ready to go back to the workout room and spread her legs for the poor sods who were trying to work-out. She said that she was and that she wouldn’t freak-out this time so we went up there. George smiled as we walked in and we were clocked by a couple of young guys just as soon as we walked through the door.

Lizzy was game to try a few more of the exercises that I do in the gym back home and both of us put our stretched pussies on display for an increasing number of guys that stopped to watch us. We both had to stop at one point to have yet another orgasm.

When we stopped, George came over and asked if he could show us how any of the machines worked. I said not but asked him to adjust one of the exercise cycles for Lizzy. I asked him to set the saddle a bit too high so that Lizzy had to stretch her legs and slide from side to side to keep them on the pedals all the time. George smiled and gave me that knowing look just as Lizzy said that she couldn’t ride a bike.

“It’s okay Lizzy,” I said, “you won’t fall off these bikes.”

George stayed and watched Lizzy as she pedalled and orgasmed; I orgasmed again too.

After that I think that George wanted to watch Lizzy’s tits bounce up and down because he suggested that we spend some time on a treadmill. As soon as he said that word I orgasmed again.

“Oh sorry Tanya,” George said. “I forgot about ‘that word’. It still works then?”

I nodded, trying to catch my breath. Lizzy just stared at me; she hadn’t a clue what was going on.

George started the treadmill for Lizzy then stepped back a bit so that he could watch her chest. As we jogged Lizzy asked about ‘that word’. I explained it then Lizzy said, “So, what is that word Tanya?”

I tried nodding down to the treadmill but Lizzy didn’t get it; so I stopped running and then whispered, “Treadmill.”

As I started to calm down Lizzy said, “Did you say ‘treadmill’ Tanya? The music’s a bit loud.”

As I went up there again Lizzy realised what the trigger word was and I vaguely remember hearing her say that she was sorry.

Lizzy had got George to stop her treadmill by the time so that I could talk again and I told Lizzy that we were going to the pool area where we could talk. Getting on two sun loungers, Lizzy spread her legs with her feet either side on the floor. I did that without realising and I wondered if Lizzy did the same because I sat like that or if she automatically exposed herself without thinking.

Anyway, without saying the word ‘treadmill’ I explained how Ryan and I had trained my brain to associate that word with orgasms. Lizzy loved the idea and said that she was going to try it herself. I asked her not use the same word, or if she was going to use the same word, to say it to herself for the rest of the weekend. She said that she’d whisper it to herself.

We lay there for a while, watching about eight fit-looking young men come in, stare at us, then dive into the pool. All of them kept looking over towards us.

About twenty minutes later Ryan arrived, wearing just his boxers. I again jumped up and ran to him shouting ‘DADDY, DADDY’ and jumping up on his chest. His fingers again found my pussy and my back was to the fit looking men that Lizzy and I had decided were from one of the football teams that Carrie had told us about.

Ryan was obviously getting a little excited and he carried me to the pool and jumped in, still holding me to his chest. I wanted Ryan to fuck me but he wasn’t too keen on the idea, too many men watching him. What he did do was push me away and we started messing about like any parent and kid.

After a while Ryan said that he had an idea; he squat down so that only his head was out of the water then told me to get on his right shoulder. Then he explained he wanted me put my left butt cheek on his right shoulder facing the same way as him. He would use his right hand, palm up, under my butt to support me. He told me that once I was there he would stand up lifting me up out of the water using just his right arm.

I said that it probably wouldn’t work, but hey, I’ll have a go at anything. The first attempt failed miserably with me slashing into the water. Most of the footballers were watching and as I surfaced they were cheering and giving Ryan tips on how to do it. We tried again and this time Ryan got me up in the air. As I went up I felt Ryan’s thumb enter my vagina. What’s more, I spread my arms and legs to try to help me balance. Ryan started walking with me up there, going round in a circle.

As I looked down I realised that the footballers were getting a great view of Ryan’s thumb in my vagina. I orgasmed again, causing me to lose my balance and fall off Ryan’s hand. Fortunately I’m used to getting dunked and I could feel myself shaking in the calm of being under water.

I slowly surfaced to hear one of the footballers say that he could hold me up there for a longer time. The other’s joined in, saying the same. Ryan looked at me then said, “Okay then, let’s see who can hold my daughter up in the air the longest.”

One of the footballers had a watch on and promised to time everyone. Ryan swam out of the way and the footballers formed a big circle around me. After they sorted out who was going first the lucky guy swam to me and I climbed on.

Eight thumbs in my vagina and three more orgasm later, Ryan thanked the guys for looking after his daughter. One of the guys asked me if my friend would like a go. Lizzy had obviously been watching and listening because she said, “No, No, I can’t swim.”

It took a few minutes but we all managed to persuade Lizzy to have a go. I think it helped when I reminded her that I’d already saved a girl’s life in that very pool. Anyway, in she went and walked over to the smaller circle; the guys promising that they’d catch her if / when she fell. I think that she liked the idea of being man-handled by those cute, fit guys.

Lizzy was a bit nervous at first but she soon got into it. I guess that the thumbs and hands helped her to relax. By the time she’s been lifted three times she was virtually running to the next guy. All the fun took time and by the time the footballers had finished it was time for them to get ready for dinner. One of them did say that they’d be back later on if we fancied another round.

Lizzy just said, “Maybe.”

Lizzy had got used to the water a bit by that time and she asked Ryan and me if we could help with her swimming lessons. I realised what she wanted and when Ryan and I got to her I told Ryan how we had to do it. Ryan was quick on the uptake and I supported both her thighs while Ryan finger fucked her and we both played with her tits.

We were still pleasuring Lizzy when Carrie walked in. The meetings must have finished because she was as naked and I was. She called, “Come on guys, let’s go to the sauna, I need some relief and relaxation.”

As we entered the empty sauna Carrie said, “I didn’t think that you’d be the shy type, Ryan. Are you going to please the three of us and get those shorts off?”

Ryan’s not the shy type around women and five seconds later the boxers were on the floor and three naked girls were staring at his semi. By that time Carrie had got up into one corner Lizzy up to the other corner. I sat in between them and Ryan lay on his back on the bottom bench.

“I thought that you three might just enjoy me laying here,” Ryan said.

Both Carrie and Lizzy smiled and their hands went to their spread pussies. Ryan’s semi started getting harder. “Do you want me to start wanking or does one of you want to take care of it?

I had an idea. “No lover, just lay there and watch us three. Let’s see how long it takes for you to cum without anyone, even you, touching it.”

“I like your ideas, Tanya.” Carrie said.

Ryan’s eyes rotated round the pussies of the three masturbating girls and about four or five minutes later his cock jerked and his cum started squirting out. “Oh fuck,” Ryan said as his cock jerked to get the last drop out. His cock started getting softer then before it got totally flaccid it started getting hard again. I guessed that the sight of the three masturbating girls was too much for him. I climbed down and gave him a blow job.

Afterwards Carrie told us that she’d expected me to mount him, and that she’d looked forward to seeing us fuck. I reminded her that I had my vibe in and that it would probably have hurt both Ryan and me if I’d impaled myself on him. Then I invited Carrie to come up to our room and watch us fuck. Ryan added that she could join in if she wanted.

“Sounds nice, I might just take you up on that offer.”

“Come to think of it, there’s only one bed in our room, where am I going to sleep?” Lizzy said.

“Don’t be silly Lizzy, that bed’s big enough for all four of us. Ryan won’t know which way to turn.”

By that time both Lizzy and Carrie were close to cumming. Ryan was still watching them and he said, “Maybe I can help you with that, ladies.”

Both said, “Maybe later.”

Carrie had to go and take care of some hotel business and the three of us went for a cold shower, we’d all been in the sauna for quite a time.

We lay on the sun loungers (Ryan having put his boxers back on). Lizzy and I both bringing our knees up for a while then Ryan asked if either of us was hungry. Both Lizzy and I said that we were so Ryan told us to stay there for a while then go to the bar, that we’d be able to get something there.

As Ryan got up I asked him to bring the controls for the vibes down with him. I needed a rest. Ryan laughed and said “Okay.”

Before we left the leisure centre both our vibes did their job and five or six people walked passed it; the guys looking down at both our pussies.

We got a couple of strange looks as we walked into the bar and got a seat at a table but no one said anything; well not about us being naked. One guy came over to us and tried to hit on us but when I told him that I was only thirteen he soon made his excuses.

Ryan arrived and I asked him to turn both vibes off before he went to the bar to order us some food and drinks. I hadn’t realised just how hungry I was. Food and drink finished, Lizzy and I went to the ladies then we talked about what we were going to do next. Ryan wanted to let us girls go and do some more teasing and I have to admit that at that point in time I was quite happy to be with just Lizzy and flashing my pussy so we agreed to go our separate ways.

Outside the bar we spilt and as we walked away from Ryan he switched the vibes back on. After an initial gasp I shouted to Ryan, “I hope that you’ve got some more batteries for these.”

Yes, we went back to the leisure centre. Lizzy said that one of the footballers had told her that they’d be there after they’d had dinner. I joked with her saying that she just wanted to get their thumbs back inside her. She laughed and said, “And what’s wrong with that? A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.”

I told her that if she played her cards right Ryan would fuck her later.

“You’d let him do that?”

“Of course, I know that it’ll be me that will be going home with him on Sunday. He loves me, so why not?”

Lizzy stopped me walking and gave me a big hug. “You’re the best, Tanya Turner. Now let’s go and flash some guys.”

It was a bit quieter in the workout room, only two guys there. It looked like George’s shift had finished. I showed Lizzy some more of the stretching exercises that I do in the gym back home then had the idea of showing her part of ‘The English Roses’ routine like I’d done with the twins after the Lord Mayor’s parade.. Of course we couldn’t do all of it but two girls doing a synchronised routine that displays their pussies a lot is bound to attract the stares of men even if it wasn’t that good.

We spent the next forty-five minutes or so practicing and entertaining the two, then three guys that were there. The entertainment included them watching us cum again; the vibes getting the better of us yet again.

Lizzy was a bit disappointed that the footballers hadn’t re-appeared but by that time we were both getting a bit tired. We decided that it was time to go and get some sleep. Ryan was on his laptop when we got to our room but that soon got put away when I asked him to switch the vibes off. I squeezed mine out and Lizzy attempted to do the same but she just couldn’t do it. She looked at Ryan and said, “Please!”

She collapsed on to the sofa and spread her legs wide as Ryan walked over to her and got down on his knees. I left them and went to have a shower. Shortly afterwards Ryan came and joined me, his cock pointing to the ceiling.

After I’d taken care of Ryan we got ourselves together then shouted for Lizzy to come and join us. When she got there she said that she hadn’t wanted intrude on our privacy. I reached out for her hand and pulled her into the walk-in shower that was more than big enough for all three of us.

Lizzy had a happy look on her face as both Ryan and I soaped and shampooed ALL of her body. Ryan rose to the occasion but we all ignored that and concentrated on Lizzy. We dried her then Ryan carried her to the big bed. It wasn’t long before both of us were on top of Ryan, Lizzy riding his cock and me with my pussy on his mouth and my hands on Lizzy’s tits.

We went to sleep with Ryan spooning Lizzy and me spooning him.


I woke up feeling Ryan finger fucking me. I was flat on my back and my legs were open. When I turned my head I saw Lizzy, on her back with Ryan’s head between her legs. I reached over and caressed one of her tits. When she looked over to me I smiled and blew her a kiss.

After Ryan had made Lizzy cum he swapped over and did the same to me. When I’d cum he stood up and Lizzy looked at me and said, “Can I?”

I smiled and nodded; Lizzy pulled Ryan down onto the bed and tried to swallow his cock while I gave him a long, passionate kiss.

A slightly crowded shower followed by Ryan getting dressed and us girls drying our hair. Knowing me very well, in the middle of me drying my hair, he pushed me back on the bed, got between my legs and pushed my remote vibe up my vagina. Switching it on, he turned to Lizzy and said, “She needs that to get her turned-on a bit before we leave the room to avoid her feeling all embarrassed. Do you need yours putting in?”

“I’m not expecting to be embarrassed but you can put it in for me, please. Have you put new batteries in it? I don’t want it going flat half way through the day.” Lizzy jumped on the bed and spread her legs as Ryan got her egg and eased it in while I watched.

“They’ve both got new batteries in and they’re the long-life variety. With a bit of luck they’ll last but I’m going shopping later so I’ll get a good supply.”

We both winced a bit when Ryan switched the vibes on, but still managed to finish drying our hair ready to go for some breakfast. Lizzy decided to put hers in pigtails as well, saying that she wanted to look younger as well.

As we left our room I told Ryan and Lizzy that I was a bit nervous going to the restaurant totally naked. I told them that the last time that I’d been in there I’d worn my little robe. Ryan laughed and said that I may as well have been naked because it doesn’t really cover anything. He’s right, but at least it’s something.

Anyway, no one took any notice of the two naked, young girls. That was until some of the footballers came in. They were obviously talking about us, and they kept looking at us. By that time the vibe had raised my AF to a level where, not only was I not embarrassed, but I quite liked being looked at. Lizzy obviously loved the attention and she turning to face them and was smiling at them.

When we got back to our room we found an envelope under the door. When Ryan opened it he found three tickets to the Star Trek convention. The previous day, after Carrie had told us about the convention I’d decided that we would just try and walk in but the tickets meant that we shouldn’t have any problems, apart from where to put the tickets.

We talked about what it might be like in there and Ryan said that we should pretend to be aliens. He suggested that if anyone said anything we should just say, “We are from the planet Taresia. We have come here to observe you earthlings.”

Both Lizzy and I practiced saying it in an emotionless, toneless, robotic voice. When we both said it at the same time it sounded quite good. Ryan also told us that we should walk and act in a sort of robotic way and whenever we stopped we should stand with our feet about shoulder width apart with our hands by our sides. If we had to talk we should not do any contraction of words, always use both words.

We practiced it a bit, trying not to laugh, and stopped when Lizzy’s vibe got the better of her and she collapsed onto the sofa.

Ryan headed off to the shops and Lizzy and I went down to the leisure centre. We figured that there wouldn’t be many people at the start of the Star Trek do so we’d go and flash a few men in the workout room and maybe the sauna.

George was there and managed to convince us to let him talk us through using some of the machines. The only one that Lizzy liked was the leg spreader and she giggled each time she spread her legs, letting George and the other three guys in there that had stopped to watch have a good look before she closed them again. Of course, I did exactly the same (without the giggling).

After that Lizzy had had enough of the machines but wanted a go on an exercise cycle, telling me that her AF was up to an eight and she wanted to do something about it. Lizzy asked George to adjust the height of the saddle and it took ages for him to get it to the height that she wanted it; she kept having to get off for another adjustment. Each time that she got on or off she did so like men do, lifting her leg over the back, probably because George was stood at the back of the cycle.

Meanwhile I’d adjusted my own saddle and pedalled myself to an orgasm before Lizzy even started. I pedalled to another one round about the time that Lizzy reached her first one.

As we slowed down Lizzy said, “Let’s go on the treadmill and see how long it takes us to run a mile? Oh shit! I forgot! Sorry Tanya.”

A couple of minutes later I was able to tell her not to worry about it; that I’d enjoyed it. So had George and the other guys in there, all of them watching our every move.

We did use the running machines but we gave up at half a mile. After a short rest and a drink of water we went through the stretching exercises. By that time our audience had doubled and two of them followed us when we decided to go to the sauna where we both assumed the position in the top corners. When the two guys arrived both our clits were getting rubbed. They watched us make ourselves cum whilst we watched the tents in their shorts get bigger.

After that Lizzy decided that it would be nice to have another swimming lesson so we went to the reception and asked if either of the swimming instructors were available. Unfortunately, neither of them was anywhere near the hotel and just as Sophie was giving us the bad new George walked by. I had an idea. “George, what are you like at giving swimming lessons?”

“Tanya, you can swim, I’ve seen you; and you’re a lifesaver as well.”

“Yes, but Lizzy can’t swim and she wants a lesson. Sophie managed to get a couple of men yesterday but they’re not available today and I was wondering if you could give her a lesson.”

“I would have thought that you were better qualified to teach her than I am, Tanya.”

“Maybe, but Lizzy wants a man to teach her.”

“Hang on a minute,” George said. “I’ll just have a word with my boss and check that it’s okay.”

Lizzy and I stood around in the reception area and waited. As we did, a few more people arrived, all staring at us but not saying anything. Not even when Lizzy suddenly gripped my arm as her vibe got the better of her.

When George re-appeared he was already changed into some swimming shorts.

“I take it that it’s okay then?”

“Of course; I didn’t think that it wouldn’t be, but I just had to clear it with my boss. Shall we go then?”

We followed George down to the pool and I dived in. When I surfaced both George and Lizzy were in the water, Lizzy hugging him with her legs round his waist. “Please don’t let go of me, George.” I heard her say.

I started doing some lengths and watched George slowly get Lizzy onto her stomach. It was obvious that he had one hand on one of her tits and I could see some of his fingers come up between her thighs, right next to her pussy.

I got out of the water and lay on a sun lounger in the usual way, and watched Lizzy getting pleasured by both George and her little egg.

After about thirty minutes they got out and came over to me, both had smiles on their faces. Lizzy lay on the next sun lounger and George squat down between the two sun loungers. George tried to persuade us to go back to the workout room but we told him that we had other things to do. All the time that he was trying I watched his eyes. All the time they were going from our eyes to our tits to our pussies; and back to our eyes. This went on until he gave up trying to persuade us.

Lizzy and I lay there talking for a while before we decided that it was time for us to become aliens. We left the leisure centre and went up to our room. On the way we saw a group of people dressed in various Star Trek outfits; some of them looked really stupid. Most of them stared at Lizzy and me, two turning and watching us as we walked passed them.

Ryan wasn’t in our room so I assumed that he was still out shopping. We visited the bathroom and got ourselves looking as much like aliens as we could. All we could think of was using lipstick and eyeliner to put black and red circles round our areolas and an arrow from our belly buttons down to our pubic bones.

Not wanting to cum as soon as we got there I found the remote controls and turned them both up to full and left them there until we’d both cum. Then I turned them back to where they were. Satisfied that we looked stupid, and that we weren’t going to cum again within the next fifteen or twenty minutes, we picked-up two of the tickets and went looking for all the Trekkies. As we went down in the lift we practiced talking in that emotionless, toneless, robotic voice.

At the table where we had to hand in the tickets, A Spock looked us up and down and said, “So who have you two come as?”

We looked at each other then, in stereo, we said, “We are from the planet Taresia. We have come here to observe you earthlings.”

Spock didn’t crack his face, but the guy in some Enterprise crew uniform next to him smiled.

The hotel had opened the sliding doors between the two biggest conference suites and there were a LOT of people in there. Just inside we stopped and I reminded Lizzy that we had to walk in a sort of ‘formal’ way and only talk in that stupid way and to stand with our feet apart like Ryan said.

“What if, err, when I cum?” Lizzy asked.

“Just bite your lip and keep as quiet and as still as you can.”

“Easier said than done.”

“I know, I’ll be just as bad, or should I say, just as good, as you.”

We started slowly walking down one side of the big room. It didn’t take long before we got noticed and within the first five minutes we got asked three times which characters we were. Each time we came out with the agreed reply.

Again, it didn’t take long before someone wanted to take a selfie with us. News of the two Taresian females was spreading and it seemed like everyone wanted selfies with us. Each time we remembered to stand with our legs apart. I doubted that the photographs would show our wet pussies.

All those photographs took some time, and seeing the people who would have images of me naked, for ever, soon started turning me on. Well. I guess that the vibe helped. My AF was rising at a steady rate. When my orgasm arrived I was stood between two geeky Trekkers in different uniforms as a third one took a photo. As I returned to normal one of the geeks said, “Have you just cum?”

“The word ‘cum’ is not in my database. Please explain,” I said in my best Taresian voice.

“Err, err, it, it err means orgasm.” The geek replied as if he was embarrassed to say the word orgasm.

“In that case then, yes, I have just cum.”

I was looking at Lizzy as I said that and I saw a slight smile appear on her face.

We wandered around posing for lots of selfies and each of us cumming twice before I suddenly gasped and turned to look at Lizzy. She too had a startled look on her face. We were stood between three more male Trekkies waiting for yet another photograph to be taken. In her best Taresian voice Lizzy said, “I have just been turned up to full power.”

“So have I. Our leader must want us to orgasm again.”

The Trekkie taking the photograph had to take another one because the ones on either side of me turned to look at me with their mouths wide open.

As we walked on I told Lizzy that I thought that Ryan must me somewhere around, telling her that it was the sort of trick that he would do.

The next hour or so was tiring and it certainly would have been embarrassing for both of us if we hadn’t been so worked-up, and kept like that. I lost count of the number of times that I had to say, “Our leader has just made me orgasm.” In my best Taresian voice, of course.

Eventually both Lizzy and I needed a rest and had got a stomach full of people in funny outfits. As we went to the exit there was Ryan, with a big grin on his face. As soon as I was close to him I asked him to turn the vibes down which he thankfully did. Then he asked us what time our massages were scheduled for. When I said two o’clock he told us that we had fifteen minutes to get to the leisure centre.

“Wow!” I said, “we were in there longer than I thought.”

We rushed to the leisure centre and into the ladies changing room where we washed the makeup off. Ryan was waiting outside and he gave me his phone, asking me to take some photographs and videos of us getting our massages.

When we went into the massage room Jacob and that Liam guy (the electrician) were there. Jacob welcomed us, introduced Liam and asked if we’d mind if he stayed and helped, saying that Liam was his assistant. I smiled then said that we didn’t mind just as long as they didn’t mind us taking photographs and videos.

I let Lizzy go first whilst I watched. Liam seemed reluctant to touch Lizzy’s naked flesh to start off with but as time went on his hands were going everywhere that Jacob’s were. I took a photograph of Lizzy’s face, her eyes closed and a very relaxed, satisfied expression beaming out. I put the phone into video mode as the two guys took it in turns to massage her tits. That was too much for Lizzy and she orgasmed. As her body jerked about Liam backed off but Jacob kept massaging her tits and rolling her rock hard nipples between his index fingers and his thumbs. Lizzy came again as Jacob worked his magic on her clit while Liam continued to massage her tits.

I got it all on video.

As I got on the table for my turn I passed Ryan’s phone to Lizzy and asked her to record it all. I had a relaxing and wonderful time as the masseur and the electrician brought me to two amazing orgasms. As it came to an end I decided that Jacob is a worthy replacement for his father.

Ryan was waiting for us outside the sauna and when we went in I was exhausted and just lay there as Ryan and another man watched Lizzy bring herself to yet another orgasm.

After that it was back to our room. Ryan had decided that we were going to eat in the hotel’s restaurant that night and that both Lizzy and I were going there wearing just our shoes. Both of us girls were very nervous. Okay, I’ve eaten in cafés whilst naked before but not a posh restaurant, but the best that Lizzy had done was the previous night in the bar. When I told Ryan that both of us were nervous and that I wasn’t sure that we should go there naked, he told us that he’d checked with Carrie and that she had said that it would be okay.

Lizzy and I took over an hour getting ready. Ryan couldn’t understand why it took that long, asking why because we didn’t have any clothes to choose or get ready. Men will never understand us girls.

Anyway, with Ryan looking very handsome in his suit with a naked girl on each arm, at least one being very nervous and sexually excited, we walked into the restaurant. The Maître d didn’t even bat an eyelid as he organized a teenage girl to take us to our table. The same couldn’t be said for some of the other diners, we got quite a few stares and heard one old woman say, ‘sluts’; and a man say, ‘lucky bastard’, but I didn’t care, I was so turned-on that if Ryan had asked me to climb on a table and make myself cum I would have.

Just as our first course arrived we were joined by a naked Carrie. Apparently she’d asked to be told when we got there. As it turned-out we had a great time and drank a few bottles of champagne. The restaurant was about empty when we left to go up to our room. I asked Carrie if she’d like to join us, but she declined saying that Ryan would have his hands full with both Lizzy and me. Looking at Ryan I think that she might have been right but I doubted that he would have admitted it. The three of us had another enjoyable night but poor Ryan was worn-out.

The next morning Lizzy and I were up and finished in the bathroom before Ryan woke-up so I woke him up giving him a blowjob then riding him while Lizzy watched and played with herself.

We had to wait while Ryan had a shower before going to breakfast. Just as we were about to leave our room Ryan got our vibrators and told us to lay back on the bed. We both had grins on our faces as Ryan slid then in to us then turned them up to full.

There were only a few guests there when we got there and, although we got a couple of funny looks, no one said anything about the two naked girls and it was really difficult eating with those things working away inside us but we both managed to get back to our room before cumming. I wanted Ryan to fuck me again but he refused, saying that he wanted us both to be worked-up before the day really got started.

There were about half a dozen men having a Sunday morning workout when we got to the leisure centre. Ryan went to the machines while Lizzy and I practiced our stretching exercises. It soon got to a point where Ryan had the choice of any of the machines because all the others were watching Lizzy and me. When we got round to doing the splits I was so worked-up that I asked for a couple of volunteers to check that we’d got right down. Ryan had a big grin on his face as both Lizzy and I got finger fucked; both of us cumming again.

After that it was to the pool where Ryan gave Lizzy another swimming lesson while I watched from a sun lounger and idly played with my clit.

Our last massage was next, with Jacob (on his own) living up to the high standard of the previous two days while Ryan went and sorted out the room and our limited luggage.

Just after mid-day Lizzy and I went up to our room for a shower before putting some clothes on. Lizzy was looking so unhappy that I whispered to Ryan, “Would you like to give her one last fuck?”

The bulge that appeared in the front of his trousers answered that question and I sat on the sofa and watched as Lizzy squeezed her little egg out on her own then climbed on Ryan’s hard cock.

We asked for Carrie when we went to check-out but were disappointed when we were told that she’d had to go out for some business meeting.

Both Lizzy and I were near to tears as we parted at the underground station; both of us promising to phone soon. Giving Lizzy the control for her little egg, Ryan told Lizzy that she had to get naked at home more often and to make sure that both her brothers and her father got used to seeing her naked. Then he dared her to put her Kung Fu egg in and dangle something from the carabiner while she was naked at home.

Lizzy smiled and looked like she was thinking. Then she said to Ryan, “Thank you so much for the vibe and the kung fu exerciser; they’re going to get used quite a lot, even at school. I’ve had an awesome time with both of you. Thank you so much and I hope that we can do it again some time." With that she turned and quickly walked off; her little skirt fluttering in the breeze and giving us flashes of her bare butt.

I slept on the train for most of the journey with my head on Ryan’s chest. Thankfully, Ryan had seen how tired I was and had switched my vibe off. When I woke up I discovered that he’d pulled my little skirt up so that most of one of my butt cheeks was on display. I didn’t ask him how long it’d been like that, I didn’t care.

In our own bed, after a long slow fuck, Ryan asked me what I thought of the idea of Darren getting all the girls at the gym one of the Vaginal Kung Fu eggs and a load of weights. We could then exercise our pussy muscles in front of all the men there. He added that Kieran could add a weight-moving challenge to his obstacle course. Being still on a high from the fucking, I thought that it was a wonderful idea. Ryan also got me to agree to try wearing the egg under my work skirts. Ryan agreed to help me check what I could hang from the carabiner and it not be seen whilst I was stood up.

End of part 27

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