My Boyfriend Likes to Expose Me
or perhaps it should be called
The Exhibitionist in Denial
by Vanessa

Part 23

All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over the legal age of consent when and where the events took place. Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the earlier parts. They will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 23 – Ryan’s still doing it to me

The Charity Shop

Thankfully this is one place that Ryan won’t be exposing me again; the shop has closed. It got to the stage where Ryan was taking me there early on just about every Saturday and getting me to try on clothes that looked horrible and that I would never buy. That doesn’t sound so bad but he got me to change at the back of the shop, outside the changing room.

Every time I’d have a rotating audience of volunteer college students, male and female.

After I’d tried on one or two items that Ryan had picked he’d hand me over to the staff to take it in turns undressing and dressing me in clothes that they’d picked. While they were doing that the one that was dressing me would be groping me and the others would be taking photographs.

If any customers came in they’d see me as well.

It was so embarrassing, especially as Ryan just about always neglected my body before we got there.

Ryan’s also talking about another ‘Human Sexuality’ course. He says that he’s been in touch with Dan and Fred at the college and told them that I’d be happy to be their guinea pig again (which was a lie because I keep telling Ryan that I don’t want to do another class. One was one too many); and Ryan’s just waiting for a call back from one of them.

The Gym

The place just gets better and better. Do you remember me telling you about the big room that has some school gym type equipment in it? Well Darren has employed this trainer who is organising some events for the girls.

When one of the girls told me about it I got a little worried; you see I’m only small (in more ways than one) and I was sure that I’d be at some sort of disadvantage. I told Ryan about the trainer and competitions and, as expected, he encouraged me to go along and find out more.

After an hour's workout (ha!) one weekday afternoon I went to the changing room and put some of my jewellery back in. That day instead of wearing all three little chains I was wearing my clit hood little chain and the longer one that goes from nipple to nipple. I put the nipples one back in but left the clit hood one in my bag.

As I walked towards the sauna I decided to look into the big room where all the school gym equipment was to see what changes had been made (I was still naked of course). I wasn’t really surprised to find no one there but I wandered around looking for changes since I’d last been there and was just about to leave when a man in his mid-twenties walked in.

“Hi,” he said, “I’m Kieran. I’ve only just started here and I’m still working on the ideas that Darren has given me. Perhaps I could run them by you and see what you think, maybe even try some of them.”

“Hi, I’m Tanya, and before you say anything, I’m a lot older than I look. And yes, I’d like to have a bit of input into the competitions. As you can see I’m quite small and I don’t know if that will put me at a disadvantage to the other bigger girls – assuming that these competitions are only for girls that is.”

As I was talking I watched Kieran’s eyes as he looked me up and down. I’d started to calm down a bit since being in the workout room but watching Kieran watch me made me think about sex again and it wasn’t until I was actually doing it that I realised that I’d reached up and rolled both my nipples between finger and thumbs. As soon as I realised what I was doing my hands shot down to my sides. I blushed a bit but still felt a little wet rush.

“Well, Darren only suggested competitions for the girls but I’m also thinking about something like mixed wrestling.”

“What, one naked girl against one clothed guy!” I said, sounding surprised; “that doesn’t seem fair.”

“I was actually thinking about maybe two or three naked girls against one naked man.”

“That sounds better.”

“Yeah, I’m going to have to think about that some more, maybe set-up a trial run, would you be interested, Tanya?”

“Yeah, why not; just so long as there are some strict rules; I don’t want to end up in hospital.”

“No of course not. Can I show you what I’ve got for the sort of obstacle course so far?”

“Why not?” I said, “I guess that you’d like me to try each one – just to prove that it can or can’t be done.”

“That would be great Tanya. I thought that I’d get the girls off to an easy start by getting them to walk in the crab position to the second challenge.”

“Like this.” I said, getting down into the said position and walking in the same direction as Kieran was. Kieran was walking faster than me and was watching me (or should I say my pussy) as I caught up with him.

“Then I thought about getting them to walk on their hands.”

“Like this,” I said as I put my hands up in the air and went over on to my hands and walked forward. I’d automatically done an upside down splits just like I always do.

When I caught up with Kieran again I lowered myself to my feet and stood up.

“Wow, do you always open your legs like that when you walk on your hands?”

“Yeah, it helps me balance.”

“Okay, you know that you put on a good show when you do that?”

I blushed a little and said, “I guess so; my boyfriend always tells me that I should get my legs as parallel to the ground as I can.”

“I bet he does. Okay, next I was thinking of getting them to do ten jumping jacks before the serious obstacles start.”

As I was jumping up and spreading everything, I said, “If this is designed to get the girls breasts bouncing up and down it will work for the ‘big’, but not me; the only thing that is bouncing up and down is my chain.”

“And very nice it is too, Tanya.”

He took a few moments before saying “Right, for the next challenge I was thinking of getting a big net and anchoring two opposite sides then getting the girls to crawl under it.”

“Yeah, that would work as long as it isn’t the type that you can get your hair stuck in it.”

“I assume that you mean the hair on the girls heads because from what I’ve seen so far, none of the girls have any hair down there.” Kieran was looking down at my bald pussy as he said that and I got a little self-conscious, and little wetter.

“Next I was thinking of getting twp rows of car tyres and the girls would have to run along putting a foot in each one.”

“Okay, another one for getting the breasts bouncing.”

This time it was Kieran’s time to blush a little. “My next idea was to use the wall bars. Each girl would have to back up to the bars, put her arms up and hold a bar then lift her legs up and out and hold it for 10 seconds.”

I did what Kieran described except that I automatically spread my legs wide when they got parallel to the floor. Kieran was stood in front of me and guess where he was looking?

When we got to the ropes hanging from the ceiling I smiled, hoping that Kieran would tell me that I had to climb one.

“Do you think that the girls would be able to climb to the top of one of these? I guess that it’ll be a bit difficult with bare feet.” Kieran said.

“No problem.” I said, and immediately started climbing. As soon as I touched the ceiling I started sliding down laying back a bit so that my clit was rubbing against the rope. I’d only got a few feet when I started cumming. I stopped and let it happen before starting down again. By the time I was half way down I started cumming again.

I stopped again, and waited for it to pass before starting down again. Instead of landing on my feet I put my legs out in front, parallel to the ground and just managed to cum again as my butt hit the floor.

When I got up Kieran said, “Did you just cu….”

“Yeah, three times;” I interrupted. "Do you want me to do it again?” Before Kieran could say anything I was off back up the rope.

Three more orgasms later Kieran said, “Do you think that all the girls will be able to do that?”

“Do you mean climb up the rope; or cum?”

Kieran looked a little embarrassed then said, “I mean climb the rope.”

“No, I did a lot of swimming at school and that built up my arm and leg muscles; not all girls will have that arm strength. I guess that you’ll just have to tell them to get as far as they can.”

“If it has the same effect on them as it does on you then I’ll forgive them for not getting to the top.”

“They’ll only cum if their pussies rub against the rope as they slide down.”

“Let’s hope that they have good arm strength.”

I smiled and thought that there no way that some of the girls will be able to put on a show like I did.

“What’s next?” I asked.

“Well Tanya, that’s about all I’ve got so far, do you have any ideas?”

“Actually yes, another one for the wall bars; how about getting them to face the bars, arms out straight forward and grip a bar, then get them to lay back and walk up the bars leaving them hang upside down.”

“Show me please,” Kieran asked.

I went over to the wall bars and did it. Firstly it was harder than I thought; secondly I automatically spread my legs wide when I got upside down; and thirdly, I couldn’t work out how to get down. I had to ask Kieran to help me. He was a little nervous about lifting me, presumably because I was naked.

When I was back on my feet he said, “I’ll have to think about that one. Anything else?”

“Yeah, how about putting the vaulting box and a spring board in the course? You could get the girls to jump up and stand on the vaulting box with their hands and feet on the box, hands together and on the side of the box, and legs spread to the ends of the box. Get them to stay like that for 10 seconds before continuing round the course.

“That could work too. Any more?”

“Only one; at the end of the course you could have a row of dildos screwed to the floor, like in the workout room; and the winner would be the girl who does the splits over a dildo and impales herself right down to the floor. You’d need someone to get up close and verify that they’re right down. You could do that by trying to slide your hand round the base of the dildo. If you can get your finger in then the girl isn’t right down.”

“I like that idea, I haven’t seen those in the workout room, I’ll have to go and have a look.”

“Yeah, you do that, I’m sure that the girls will appreciate you looking at them.”

Kieran had that typical male lustful look on his face and I imagined him watching me lower myself onto one of the dildos. I got another wet rush.

“Well, thank you for your input on that, Tanya. It’s helped me a lot and I’m sure that I’ll incorporate most of your ideas into the course.”

“You’re welcome.” I said. “Kieran, you mentioned wrestling, I’ve never seen any of that before, what’s the objective, how do you win; or lose?”

“Well, the rules would be very different to what you see on television; I assume that the idea of girl wresting is to put on a show for the audience so the way to win is to have your opponent pinned down longer than they have you pinned down.”

“What do you mean by pinned down? Can you show me?”

“Well yes, I guess so. Let’s get into the ring; the padding on the floor is quite good.”

“Okay, but I can’t go rolling of the floor with this chain hanging between my tits. Can you unclip it for me? My boyfriend normally does it and it’s a bit fiddly doing it myself, I’m looking at it from the wrong angle.”

“Err, well; I guess that I can but it’s against the rules for a man to touch a girl here.”

“How can guys wrestle girls if they can’t touch them? I’m sure that Darren took that into consideration when he bought the ring.”

“But we’re not in the ring.”

“That’s easily solved.” I said and climbed up into the ring.

Kieran followed me and then just stood in front of me.

“Come on Kieran; I guess that you’re going to have your hands all over me when you show me what ‘pinned’ is.”

“I guess so; you don’t mind, do you?”

“Not if it’s part of the wrestling.”

Kieran squat down so that his head was right in front of my chest and reached over to my left tit and started unscrewing the barbell. He couldn’t help touching my nipple and as he did I let out a soft moan.

Then he did my right tit and I moaned again.

“Okay, let’s get started; and remember to be gentle with me,” I said.

Kieran put his arms on my shoulders and I felt one of his legs behind me. The next thing I knew I was flat on my back and he was getting on his knees, one on each side of my chest; then he shuffled up so that his shorts-covered cock and balls were right in front of my face.

“This is the most common ‘pin’, but there are others,” Kieran said.

“Can I try it please?”


Kieran got off me and we got up then he let me push him flat on his back. I of course just did to him what he did to me; but my spread, wet pussy was now right in front of his face.

“You’ve got to remember to not get too close because your opponent has to breathe.”

“You mean don’t do this.”

I shuffled up a bit putting my pussy right on his mouth.


My pussy was leaking juices like mad by then and he must have got a mouthful. I backed off then got up.

When Kieran got up he said, “Sometimes it’s possible to pin your opponent like that but facing the other way.”

“You mean like this.” I said and tripped him up again. This time though I pinned him with me facing his legs; my pussy right on his face and my butt sliding a little from side to side.

It was too much for me and I started cumming, arching my back and shaking and jerking. It was a good job that Kieran can hold his breath. My orgasm lasted longer than it needed to have because I’m sure that Kieran licked my pussy and chewed my clit.

As I was calming down I felt Kieran struggling so I quickly got up.

“Sorry Kieran, I just couldn’t help myself.”

“That’s okay, I’m not complaining….. There’s just one more ‘pin’ that I want to show you, Tanya.”

Kieran helped me up and immediately tripped me up again. This time he lifted my legs up and over to my head and well apart; then knelt at my head and held my ankles down. My wide open, dripping pussy was about 2 feet from his face; and his bulging shorts were about 6 inches from my face.

I just lay there looking at his shorts while, I am sure, he was staring at my pussy and butt holes.

After a lifetime, probably only a few seconds, he let go of my ankles and stood up. I just stayed like I was for a few more seconds then swung my legs over and got up.

“Do you want to try that, Tanya?”

“Yes please.”

This time I put my arms on his shoulders and stared into his eyes for a few seconds before pushing him back over my leg that was behind his. Down he went and I quickly grabbed his legs and pulled them over his head. They wouldn’t go down as far as mine do but I still managed to kneel down and hold his ankles down.

Of course my pussy was right over his face again and this time I was sure that he licked me. I came again, pressing down on his mouth as I did so. Again, Kieran managed to hold his breath for a while before easily pushing his legs up, lifting me up as he did so.

Back on our feet, Kieran started to say something but I interrupted saying, “A bit revealing some of those ‘pins’ aren’t they?”

“And quite sexy.” Kieran replied. “You did cum again, didn’t you?”

“Three times - again.”

Believe it or not I actually blushed a bit and I think that Kieran was a bit embarrassed too because he quickly said that it was enough for today and I picked up my chain and started walking towards the door.

I was about half way there when he said, “Thank you for your input Tanya, it was most helpful.”

“You should go to the workout room and watch the girls do the splits.”

I went to the sauna, put my chain back on while two men watched me and made myself cum twice before it got too hot for me; my little audience enjoying the show. (I guess).

After a swim and lounging around while I dried off, I called in at the workout room just to see who was there and was it worth going in there again. Kieran was on an exercise cycle slowly pedalling away. There was no one doing the splits so I walked to Kieran and as I passed him I said, “This is how you do it, Kieran.”

I went and did the splits, fully impaling myself and letting out a loud, “Ahhhhhh” as I bottomed out.

I stayed like that for a few seconds then raised and then lowered myself a few times; letting Kieran, and another three men who were watching me, see me fucking myself on the dildo. While I was watching them I was imagining what I was going to do to Ryan as soon as I got home.

The next time that I went to the gym I saw a notice asking for girls to sign-up for a gym competition. I was waiting for Ryan while I was reading it and he came up behind me and told me that I should sign-up for it. I added my name to the bottom of the long list.

The Twins

One Saturday Ryan and I were both at the gym and so were those twins. We’d got talking to them in the sauna and then again by the pool, and Ryan told them about my exercise cycle and my Sybian in our garage. Both twin’s eyes light up and one of them said that they’d love to have another go on a Sybian so Ryan offered to take them home and let them loose on my exercise machines.

I wasn’t worried by there being two more naked girls at our house or that Ryan (and maybe Tom) would be watching them pleasure themselves because I know that Ryan will always be mine and me his. Anyway, he’d just watched them masturbate in the sauna and they were laid with their legs wide open by the pool when he made the offer.

The twins jumped at the offer and asked if it would be okay for them to ride to our house naked, knowing that I would be. Of course Ryan agreed and a while later Ryan walked out of the gym and across the car park with three naked girls in tow, two carrying small bags and one not even wearing shoes.

Back home, Kate and Jude (I still can’t tell them apart) immediately asked if they could go into the garage.

“Wow, you’re keen.” Ryan said as he led them there and showed them how to work the Sybian controls. He left them, one pedalling away and the other lowering herself onto the Sybian.

About an hour later they appeared looking knackered and all sweaty.

“You’d better have a shower before I take you home.” Ryan said just as Jenny and Tom arrived. After saying hello, Ryan led them upstairs to the shower while I told Tom and Jenny what was going on.

By the time they came downstairs Jenny had stripped off and I’d got some drinks for everyone. Shortly after that Ryan drove them home and they got out of our car still totally naked and walked into their house.

Looking for a Holiday

Ryan and Tom have spent ages on the phone to their parents asking about their aunt and uncle that live in Spain. Apparently, they live on a farm on the outskirts of a little village, in the hills, only about an hour’s drive from the coast. Ryan’s mum had phoned them to find out more and to broach the idea of them having some guests for a couple of weeks. When she’d phone Ryan back she told him that the place had changed quite a lot since they’d moved there and there was now a small town built on the outskirts of the village. She told Ryan that the village still had some ‘unusual’ customs but wouldn’t elaborate other than to say that she thought we’d enjoy ourselves there.

Both Jenny and I weren’t convinced and both Ryan and Tom had mixed feelings. I told everyone that I’d prefer to go on another villa sitting holiday.

On the one hand it would be good to see their aunt and uncle and to be in the good weather, but on the other hand Ryan and Tom wanted Jenny and I to be able to be naked all the time. They wanted to expose our cute little bodies to lots of people. Jenny added that she wanted that as well. When I was aroused I agreed with them, but when I wasn’t I would rather go somewhere where I could at least wear a dress or skirt and top.

The other complication was the twins. After I’d told them about our previous holidays they’d asked if they could come with us. Of course Ryan and Tom liked the idea and to be honest I liked the idea of another couple of cute bodies to take people’s attention off me.

Anyway, in the end, and after another phone call from Ryan and Tom’s mum trying to persuade us to go and see her sister and her husband; we decided to go to the farm in the hills in Spain. I was still a little apprehensive and not sure that I would enjoy myself; I even had visions of me mucking-out some cows every morning or spending hours picking tomatoes or something.

You can read all about that holiday at www asstr org/~Vanessa/Twins07a.htm (cumming soon and I’m sure that you can work out what’s missing from the above link).

I’ve decided to let Kate tell you all about that adventure for reasons that will become obvious when you read it.

My Boy Dildo

Ryan’s bought me a new dildo (s?); a prosthetic penis and scrotum. This one is a bit weird in that it has two dildos, one for each hole. Both dildos have golf ball sized lumps on the end; the rectum one allows my sphincter to close and grip it and the vagina one has a sort of vibrating egg in the end. The joining bit has some sort of spring that tries to close the gap between the ends of the two dildos.

The circumcised penis and scrotum are very realistic. They’re made of some sort of silicone and even have a very realistic paint job. You can move the two spongy testicles inside the scrotum and the penis even bounces up and down when I walk. It’s in a bit of a semi-erect state but it doesn’t look like it's got a full hard-on.

Thankfully, it hasn’t got any hair on it.

It really does look real and you have to be close to me to tell that it’s not real.

When Ryan put it in me and I looked down I had thoughts back to Ryan getting me to dress as a boy so I’ve called it my boy dildo.

I had a very ‘strange’ Saturday shopping trip when Ryan got me to wear it with a short, thin skirt. When I was stood up there was a bulge in the front of the skirt and when I sat down the bulge was bigger and I really did look like a boy with a semi going commando under a skirt. Ryan had switched the vibrating egg part on before he put it in me and I felt very horny for most of the day - until the battery went flat. I really did want to flash my pussy but I daren’t, just in case someone thought I was a boy, wearing a skirt and flashing his bits.

So far, we haven’t shown my boy dildo to Jenny or Tom, Ryan wants to be able to surprise them when we go on holiday - if we get the opportunity.

Ryan hasn’t said anything about me wearing it and dressing as a boy but I can see that he’ll be getting me to go topless in some boy’s shorts then getting me in the male showers with real men all around me. I wonder if people will be able to tell it’s not real if I soap it all up like I do my body?

Bottomless Party

Yes, another of Ryan’s ideas. When he mentioned it one Saturday morning at breakfast, Jenny was so excited. Ryan hadn’t fucked me that morning and I wasn’t very aroused. After her initial enthusiasm Jenny asked if the men had to be bottomless as well. I hadn’t thought about that and suddenly I got a bit more interested.

Ryan wasn’t that keen, neither was Tom, but both Jenny and I told them that it was only fair, and after a bit of badgering, they both agreed. I could see that Jenny was quite excited at the thought of seeing a few cocks and I wondered if they would be hard all the time.

Ryan, Tom and Jenny spread the word around their friends and work / university colleagues but I said nothing at work; I didn’t want any of my work colleagues there, and eventually the big evening arrived.

Ryan picked the top that he wanted me to wear and guess what, it’s totally see through. Jenny borrowed another of my totally see through tops and that is all that we wore. I have to admit that until I’d had a couple of drinks I was a little embarrassed.

Twelve people arrived and I have to say that it was a good party, even if you ignore the semi nudity. The twelve people were half male and half female and it proved ‘interesting’ at times. Eight arrived with trousers or skirts on and stripped when they got there but the other four stripped in their cars and knocked on the door bottomless.

Only three people there had any pubic hair (and they were well trimmed) and four of the men admitted that they’d been waxed. Four of the girls told us that they’d had laser treatment to permanently remove their pubic hair.

Of course, quite a lot of the conversations were about being bottomless and the men’s erections; including Ryan’s. Amazingly, only one of the men was embarrassed by getting hard although none of the men flaunted their erections.

Most of the conversations between girls, to start with, were about the men’s erections.

It wasn’t long before most of the girls got fed-up with wearing tops and they got discarded over a period of about 15 minutes. That seemed to re-erect one or two sagging erections.

For a while the party went just like any other party but after a couple of hours the silly party games started. The drinking games turned to more ‘interesting’ games. Of course twister was the first of these and it proved very ‘interesting’. A couple of times girls collapsed onto some guys and there was a lot of groping and a bit of face sitting.

Then there was the blindfold game where all the men were blindfolded and they had to move around the room groping whoever they bumped into and they had to stop when they thought that they’d found their partner. I had to laugh when two of the men didn’t recognise their partner’s bodies and moved on to grope around (pun intended) for another girl. One of the girls suggested that they were doing it on purpose. At the end of the time limit only half of the men had found their partners.

After that the roles were reversed and from what Ryan later told me, all the girls wanked each guy that they found and five (including me) actually gave blowjobs in an attempt to identify if it was their partner. I guessed that the other girls were like me and just did it because we could. Another thing, I’m sure that the guys extended the time limit because I was sucking my fourth cock when time was finally called.

That game just about got rid of any remaining inhibitions and Ryan and Tom went into the garage and brought my Sybian and exercise cycle into the living room. They were occupied for the rest of the night.

Whilst two girls started on those someone suggested that each girl write their name on a piece of paper. The thing was, they couldn’t use their hands, mouths or feet to hold the pen. They had to use their pussies and squat down. It was hilarious watching each girl try.

The pens started people thinking about what else girls could put in their pussies. As soon as someone said that, Ryan went and got our golf balls. Yes, as soon as he got back I had to demonstrate how many I could get in. As usual, the fourth one wouldn’t stay in and everyone wanted to try to get that fourth one to stay in. I had six guys and three girls pushing that fourth ball into my pussy; some holding their hand there to try to keep it in.

After they gave up on me, some of the other girls wanted to try, or their partners wanted them to try, and the demand for golf balls outstripped the supply. But it was fun watching them.

All the time the Sybian and exercise cycle was in use and the night was interrupted with girl’s moans and screams as they orgasmed. Then there were more moans and screams as Ryan produced a magic wand and that was put to good use.

The frustration of watching the girls get themselves off proved too much for most of the guys and eventually the fucking started. At least two couples were still at it when Ryan and I went to bed and I got fucked.

End of part 23

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