My Boyfriend Likes to Expose Me
or perhaps it should be called
The Exhibitionist in Denial
by Vanessa

Part 21

All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over the legal age of consent when and where the events took place. Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the earlier parts. They will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 21 – Ryan takes advantage of my realisation

I’ve finally realised why Ryan exposes me and why I expose myself. It came to me one afternoon when I was at the gym on my own. If I’m not sexually excited I get all embarrassed and feel humiliated when Ryan exposes me; but if I’m all horny and randy then I love every second when I’m exposed and crave to find ways to let men see me naked.

My logic says that all women love to be seen naked when they are aroused; just like me; so how could I possibly be called an exhibitionist? I’m just like any other woman and just about all women aren’t called exhibitionists so why should I?

Ryan obviously realised all this early on in our relationship and although he misjudges my level of sexual excitement at times, he has been exposing me because he knows that, when I’m sexually excited, I love it.

I just wish that I’d realised all this years ago.

I’ve talked to Ryan about this and got him to promise that if he’s thinking about exposing me to loads of men then he’ll make sure that my AF is way up there before he does it and that he won’t expose me if I’m not feeling horny.

I’m not sure that he’ll stick to that promise because I know that he like seeing me all embarrassed and humiliated.

The Charity Shop

Ryan’s still taking me to the charity shop each time that we go into town. It’s usually on a morning and sex is usually the last thing on my mind when he drags me in. I must admit that I’ve started looking through the clothes but never find anything that I like. Of course Ryan finds a short skirt or skimpy top that he expects me to try on.

As I’ve said before, the college students that volunteer to staff the shop keep changing but word of the girl that tries things on with the curtain open seems to get passed from student to student and Ryan doesn’t like to disappoint them by opening the curtain on me.

It’s usually embarrassing letting those young people see me naked because I’m rarely feeling aroused when we go in, but it keeps Ryan happy.

One Saturday morning we slept late and when we woke-up Ryan said that he had to hurry because he needed to be at a shop in town by 10:00. As I got dressed Ryan asked me to not put any of my jewellery in. As we were in a rush I didn’t ask why.

Arriving in town we got off the bus and started walking our normal route. As we got to the charity shop Ryan steered me in. I asked him if having me try on clothes that I never intended to buy would make him late for whatever it was we were rushing for.

“No, no, it’s all planned,” was all Ryan said.

Inside I looked round and saw no customers, but I did see four young men and two young women all behind the counter. That’s unusual because it normally takes just one or two people to staff that sort of shop. Anyway, Ryan selected a cotton dress off one of the racks then took me over to the changing cubicles. There I saw that the curtains had been removed and the area next to them had been cleared, apart from a chair in the middle of the open area.

“You may as well try it on near that chair,” Ryan said.

I looked around and saw that we were still the only customers and I figured that the angle was wrong for the staff to see me from the sales counter so I put my bag down and got undressed with my back to Ryan. When I was naked I turned to get the dress from Ryan and got a shock; all of the staff were stood near Ryan, looking at me.

I gasped, just before Ryan said, “Tanya dearest, I told these nice people that we’d help them shoot a video to promote the clothes for young people that they have in this shop; you don’t mind do you?”

“Of course I mind! I’ve had enough of taking my clothes off for other people.”

We then had one of our little ‘discussions’ that I always lose and Ryan told the staff that everything was okay and we could start. One of the guys setup a video camera and another got an expensive looking camera out of a case. Another disappeared then came back saying that he’d put the ‘closed’ sign up. All the time I was stood there, naked, and watching what was going on.

“Right Tanya,” one of the guys said, “we’ll be dressing you and undressing you so all you have to do is act like a mannequin; we’ll do everything else.

One of the girls stepped forward carrying a bag from which she pulled out a pair of boy shorts and a bikini top that looked very small. The material looked very thin as well. She put the top on me then lifted it up and pulled my nipples and then rolled them between her finger and thumb before pulling the bikini top back down.

“Got to make them stand out;” she said.

Then she lifted my feet one at a time, putting them through the legs of the boy shorts. When she’d pulled them up she looked at me then pulled them down again. They felt mighty thin.

“Too boring,” she said, and proceeded to rub my pussy until I felt it get wet and swollen. While she was rubbing she slipped a finger inside me and finger fucked me a couple of times. I looked at Ryan and he just nodded.

The girl must have felt my juices as she said, “That’s better.”

She pulled the boy shorts back up, giving me a slight wedgie, and rubbed my pussy some more outside the shorts. I looked down and saw two little tents in the bikini top and a definite camel toe covered in wet, thin material.

“Smile at the camera and look sexy,” the girl said. “Oh hang-on.” She then got two hair bands and finger combed my hair into pigtails.

She backed away, and the two men with the cameras started poking them everywhere that they could. Things went on in a similar way for what seemed like an hour. The guys as well as the girls taking it in turn to put clothes on me. None of the clothes were anything like what I’d seen in the shop the times that I’d been there. Each time they put something on me they had to tweak my nipples and play with my pussy (men as well). Whenever they put a skirt on me the cameramen always managed to take quite a few upskirt shots.

About half way through, my mood changed from almost annoyance to lust and the desire to make sure that they got lots of photographs of me naked. At least one of them must have sensed my mood change and finger fucked me for longer before dressing me in a skirt (belt) only. Then he asked me to sit on the front edge of the chair with my legs wide open and my left hand rubbing my left nipple.

Well, by then I was as horny as hell and after a minute or so my right hand wandered to my pussy. As I started to rub my clit I looked over to Ryan; the lust on his face was as good as it ever has been. It didn’t take long for me to start cumming, all that could be heard in that shop was my moans and screams of pleasure.

As I calmed down I heard one of the girls say to Ryan, “I wonder if you’d mind if your daughter did some nude poses for us; she’s the perfect subject material for our post grad course.”

Ryan didn’t need to ask me, he could see that I was so horny that I would do anything for any of them. “Yes, of course it is; you can either tell her how you want her or you can just let her chose her own poses. I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed if you just let her get on with her own ideas.”

I looked over to Ryan, smiled, stood up, moved the chair out of the way and took the skirt off. I was totally naked again. I then proceeded to do all the stretching exercises that I do at the gym, holding them for about the same time (roughly 20 seconds) before moving on to the next one. All the time the young men, (apart from the two camera men who were really close to me), and the girls were just stood there watching me.

When I leaned over backwards, down onto my hands, Ryan came over and whispered, “Treadmill.”

I started shaking and jerking and collapsed onto my knees, still spread wide, as the orgasm hit me like a train. When I could compose myself I got up and continued.

I wore myself out and just lay on my back on the floor. The young people must have realised that the show was over because they seemed to lose interest in me and went back to doing what they were supposed to do.

I just managed to get dressed before the next customer came into the shop. On the way out one of the staff came over and thanked us for our contribution to the charity. Ryan said that it was our pleasure and that they could call on us anytime that we wanted.

I wanted to say, “Same time next week,” but all I managed to say was,“You’re welcome!”

As we got to the door, one of the girls came up to me and told me that she wished that she had my courage.

The rest of the shopping trip was a bit of an anti-climax and I couldn’t wait until we got home so that I could jump on Ryan.


Work is going well. They’ve introduce a flexitime system and as I often arrive early I’m accumulating so much time that I can usually have one afternoon off each week.

The Gym

When I told Ryan how much I’d enjoyed myself when I went to the gym on my own after I’d been wearing one of my remote vibes all morning, he’s been encouraging me to use my flexitime hours to go to the gym on my own. I’ve started wearing one of my remote vibes to work when I think that there’s a chance that I’ll be able to get the afternoon off, and if my request is approved I’ll switch the vibe on and ‘simmer’ on the edge for the rest of the morning. Okay, it makes it hard to concentrate on work but the rewards in the afternoon make it all worthwhile.

One morning when I managed to get the afternoon off I remembered that Ryan’s brother’s girlfriend Jenny had shown some interest in going to the gym, and that Jenny didn’t have any lectures that day so I phoned her and invited her to join me there. At first she refused but after a few minutes persuasion she started to come round. Her last excuse was that she didn’t have any gym kit. I laughed and told her that she didn’t need anything; everything, towel, shampoo and conditioner, were all provided. All she needed to bring was her gorgeous body.

Finally she agreed and I explained how to get there and when to be there. I think that she was just a bit nervous because she’d often told me that she liked to men to see her naked.

We met and in we went. Darren was on reception and he welcomed me and asked who my friend was. I introduced them and told Darren that she wanted to join. Just as I said that a naked girl walked out of the changing room. Jenny did a double take the said, “You weren’t kidding me, were you?”

Jenny quickly filled-in the membership form and Darren gave her a little black tube and we went into the changing room. Jenny knew what the black tube was because she’d seen Ryan making some of them at home.

We quickly stripped naked and then I pointed out the cameras in the changing rooms and showers.

“Isn’t that illegal?” Jenny asked.

“Only if you don’t know that they’re there, and all the girls love them being there; you are getting wet, aren’t you?”

“Dripping!” Jenny replied.

As we walked out into the reception area I saw that Jenny’s nipples were rock hard and she wasn’t trying to hide anything. She even smiled at Darren when he looked over to us. I gave Jenny the tour of the place and she kept saying that it was amazing and that she never would have believed it if she hadn’t seen it. The girl masturbating in the sauna particularly amazed her.

That was until we got to the workout room.

Jenny was like a girl with her first vibrator. As soon as we got in there she just stood and stared.

“Is that a bike like yours? And look at that; you can lie on your back and fuck yourself. Fucking hell, that man’s face is inches from her pussy. And look at those screens (there was a close-up of one of the girls spread pussy), is that 4k resolution?”

I smiled and asked her where she wanted to start.

“I’m going to use one of those spreaders and get my pussy up on one of those screens.” Jenny said and quickly left me.

I started out by using one of the normal exercise cycles with the saddle too high. I wanted some pressure on my clit before moving on to the rest of the equipment. After I’d been pedalling for a while I looked round the room. It looked a bit different and as I looked closer I saw two new pieces of equipment. One was a new rowing machine.

I’d never bothered with the rowing machines before and hadn’t taken much notice of them, but the new one was different. When I got off the bike I went over to the new rowing machine. It was different in that the feet rests were about three feet apart and in the middle where the seat slides up to is a bar with a rubber cock, parallel to the ground, pointing at any pussy that slides towards it. Studying it I saw that the dildo was adjustable in its height and angle. The seat too was different; this machine has a proper seat with a back, albeit in a semi reclining position that just about lined the user’s pussy up with the dildo.

Sitting on the seat, I slid forward until the tip of the rubber cock was near my pussy. I made a minor adjustment and shuffled a bit until the bell-end was just nudging my hole. I pushed with my feet then slowly pulled on the handle. I slid forwards and the bell end of the dildo slid straight into my hole. I started to push and pull over and over. It will never be as good as impaling myself on Ryan cock but it was certainly good.

The machine had a camera on the side of the dildo arm and I soon saw my pussy on one of the big screens. Because I was making the dildo go in and out of me my hole didn’t have time to contract before it was opened up again. This left my hole open to the camera and I looked like I had my black plastic tube inside me.

I rowed and rowed until I had another orgasm; all caught on camera.

The other new machine isn’t really a machine, it was a big, black, rubber cock; and it’s fixed to the floor and coming up about 8 inches through a big rubber mat. It’s close to one of the mirrored walls and on the mirror was a sign saying, ‘Something to help you practice leg stretching.’

So simple, but so much fun; and it did what the sign said. I just had to have a go. I could do it either facing the mirror or the room so I chose the room. I spread my legs and lowered myself down; letting out a few moans and ‘ooh’s and ‘arrghs’ and ‘yes’’s’ on the way down. It felt soo good going down on it, right to the floor; I felt so full.

I looked up and saw that I’d attracted a small audience, including Jenny, who had a big grin on her face. I also saw my pussy on one of the big screens. I hadn’t seen a camera but there must be one there somewhere. Then I started raising myself up and going down again. I kept doing that until I had another orgasm. I got a little applause from some of the guys as I was cumming.

I got up and leant against the wall for a few minutes, getting my breath back. When I was ready I got on with doing all the things that I normally do in that room, and that I’ve described before. About 20 minutes later Jenny came over and asked me if I wanted to go to the sauna. I said that I did and asked her if she wanted to try the little black tube.

“Hmm, I’m not sure about that but I’ll give it a go if you do.”

We went to the changing room and got our tubes out.

“I bet that you don’t need any lubrication.” I said.

Jenny laughed and said, “What do you think?”

Tubes inserted, we wandered over to the sauna. On the way I’d asked Jenny how many times she’d cum and was amazed that it was once more than I had.

At the sauna we joined two other girls and four men. The two girls were sat with their legs wide open and were rubbing their pussies. We sat and did the same. Jenny was a little slow starting, probably because she wasn’t sure about displaying her pussy with the little black pipe holding her hole open.

All four men’s eyes were going from one girl’s pussy to another, right up until one of the other girls started to cum. Her moans and ‘yes, yes, yes’ attracted the attention of all four men, and the other girls, and we all watched her do a little squirt that landed on one of the men.

I didn’t cum in there, but Jenny did. The excitement of something new must have got to her.

Suitably over-heated, we climbed down, went and had a shower then went and lay on one of the sun loungers by the pool. Jenny quickly changing the way that she’d laid down to match the way I was (legs akimbo).

“This is amazing, but weird at the same time,” Jenny said. “I never would have thought that somewhere like this existed; never mind only a few miles from where I live.”

“Yeah, we are lucky girls aren’t we?”

It wasn’t long before a couple of men’s heads popped up from the pool at the foot of our sun loungers.

“I feel more exposed than I ever have before,” Jenny said.

“You are, girl.”

Not wanting to disappoint the man at the bottom of my sun lounger, I stared him in the face and started rubbing my clit again; ever so slowly.

“Fuck, this is so naughty, but so nice.” I heard Jenny say, but I didn’t reply; I just stared at the man as I brought myself to another orgasm.

I looked over to Jenny and saw, and heard, her cum again.

Afterwards I told Jenny that she should really go for a swim while she was there; apart from the amazing feeling, I reminded her that one side of the pool had a glass wall and that she’d be on display to everyone in the workout room.

As we surfaced Jenny took ages describing the feeling of the water inside her. Three times she got out and jumped in so that she could feel the water rushing inside her hole. Finally, she calmed down a bit and we did a few lengths before getting out.

We’d been there for three hours and we decided that we’d better head for home; Jenny making me promise to call her the next time that I got the afternoon off work.

We left the pipes in our holes during the bus rides home; Jenny saying that the cold air going up her hole would either make her cum lots of times, or that she’d catch pneumonia. She didn’t, and the sight of her open pussy made Tom drag her to their room as soon as he saw her.

We didn’t see either of them for the next couple of hours.

A couple of Saturdays after that Ryan announced that we were going to the gym. We’d fucked before we got up but we’d been busy round the house in the morning and I wasn’t feeling at all sexy and I wasn’t feeling like going. Anyway, Ryan got his gym kit and we got in the car and drove there. As usual, I hadn’t put any clothes on and we walked in with me as naked as the day that I was born.

Darren was at reception as usual and standing at the counter were two young-looking girls. I blinked my eyes and confirmed that there were two of them as they were very identical; even their clothes.

“Oh hi Ryan, Tanya. Would you have a minute please, Tanya?”

Ryan went off to get changed while I walked over to the girls.

“Tanya, this is Kate and Jude; new members, would you mind showing them round and what’s what?”

“Sure thing Darren.” I said. Looking at the girls, I thought, 'How the hell was I supposed to know who was who?'

“Right girls,” I said, “I suppose we’d better start by getting rid of those clothes.”

I led the girls into the ladies changing room, pointed out the lockers and stood at the side while they took their clothes off. I was pleased to see that they both wore no knickers under their micro skirts, just like me. When they took their tops off their little tits were about the same size as mine and were not restrained by a bra. When they turned to face me I saw that they were as bald as me as well. Apart from them being slightly taller than me, and a different hair style, we could have been sisters.

“Right girls, you’ve seen the lockers; the toilets and showers are through there; oh, the showers as communal but I guess that that won’t bother you. One thing that I have to tell you right now is that there are cameras all over the whole club, including in here; and that the pictures are broadcast to big screens all over the place. There are very few places that you can get any privacy.”

I looked back at the girls and saw that they were smiling. Also, their nipples were as hard as mine.

“Shall we go for the tour then? We’ll leave the workout room till last because that’s where you can have the most fun; err sorry, exercise.”

“What are these for?” one of the twins asked, holding up one of the little black plastic tubes.

“Ah yes,” I replied, “those are my boyfriend’s invention. Leave them in your locker; their use will become obvious later.”

They put their tubes in their locker and followed me out of the changing room. There wasn’t a hint of shyness or embarrassment as we walked out into the reception area and saw two guys signing in and looking at us.

“Wow,” one of the twins said, “I’m going to like it here.”

I smiled and led the twins pass the workout room, telling them that we’d be back there soon. I did notice the twins looking into the workout room where there were about five guys standing around one of the leg spreader machines. I couldn’t see but I assumed that a girl was displaying her goodies as she worked the machine.

When we got to the sauna and I opened the door, there were two girls and one man there; both girls had their legs spread wide and were masturbating. I looked back to the twins and saw that both of them were grinning. I could see that they were going to enjoy being club members.

Down by the pool Ella was on a sun lounger with her feet either side and she had one of the black plastic tubes in her pussy. As we walked up to her one of the twins asked what was wrong with her. I laughed and said, “Nothing.”

I introduced them, telling Ella that they too were going to college then told Ella that Jude, or was it Kate, was asking about the plastic pipes. Ella smiled as I went on to tell them about Liz and how her pussy gapes open when she gets aroused. That I wanted my pussy to gape open so I got my boyfriend to find something that I could put in my pussy so that it gapes open and he came up with these little tubes of plastic pipe. After I wore it to the club lots of the girls wanted one and that’s what Ella is wearing.

“Wow!” Kate, or was it Jude, said.

“So that’s what Darren gave us. Do all new girl members get one then?”

“Yeah, Ryan’s made a whole load of them and he gave them to Darren to hand out.”

“Hey,” Ella said, “Which college do you go to and which course?”

One of the twins gave the names.

“And you’re in the second year of it?”


“That’s funny, I’m on the same course and I haven’t seen you before.”

Both Kate and Jude blushed, then confessed that they were really only 14 and that they’d got some fake IDs that they’d used to join. Both Ella and I promised not to tell anyone.

As we walked away one of the twins said to me,“You knew, didn’t you? That bit about college was a test, wasn’t it?”

“Relax, it’s not a problem; I’m often mistaken for being younger than you are so I’ve got lots of experience of what young girls can get away with.”

“Yeah, when we first saw you we thought that you must have joined with a fake ID as well.”

We had a bit of a laugh and I promised to tell them about some of my ‘experiences’ some time.

We continued the tour and ended at the workout room. In there were four girls and five men; both dildo cycles were in use so the twins didn’t see them straight away. They did see the bald pussy of the girl on one of the leg spreaders with two men staring at her; and one girl spotting a man with her pussy only inches above his nose.

Both twins just stood and stared for ages before one of them said, “Don’t the girls get groped in here?”

“No, the club rules are simple, no men touching the girls. Having said that, accidents do happen. A couple of times when I’ve been spotting I’ve collapsed on the man and he tongued my pussy but apart from that it’s fine. Sorry, were you hoping to get fucked or something in here?”

“No, no, it’s just that all these naked girls and horny men, I bet that it’s hard for them not to touch,” one of the twins said.

“I’m 100 percent sure that they’re hard in here,” the other twin said.

We all giggled a bit then I told them to go and do their thing but to come and find me if they had any questions.

I started to do my routine but I wasn’t getting into things like I usually do. Then it hit me; I wasn’t aroused enough. If I was going to really enjoy myself I had to do something about that. I looked round and saw that the exercise cycle was just becoming free so I went and climbed on and set the timer for 20 minutes.

'That should get me in the right mood,' I thought.

And it did; I came just before the 20 minutes was up and I went on to have another great workout with me exposing every little bit of my pussy to just about all the men in there; and cumming five more times before Ryan came looking for me to tell me that we were going.

I went and told the twins that I was leaving; they told me that they intended to be back there at least once every weekend and more often during the school holidays. They whispered that last bit.

Clothes shopping

Ryan wanted to get me some see-thru tops and dresses so one Sunday we went into town and did the rounds of the clothes shops.

In all the shops Ryan told me to try the item on and to come out of my cubicle to show him what I looked like. I gave quite a few people a surprise when they saw through what I was wearing and realised that I had nothing on underneath.

In the shops where partners can go into the changing area Ryan kept opening the curtains to have a look at me. I have no idea how many men saw me in various stages of undress.

We bought two see-thru dresses and three see-thru tops. I have no idea where Ryan expects me to wear them, but I’m sure that he’ll find somewhere to embarrass me wearing them.

Christmas at the Rugby Club

One of Ryan’s work colleagues plays rugby and he invited Ryan and me to the Rugby Club Christmas Dinner. It was a Saturday and Ryan and I had been crawling around town looking for some new furniture so I was tired and not at all aroused when we were getting ready. I made a special effort to look good and wore a really nice, short dress that was slightly sheer – if you got close, shoes, nipple chains, and nothing else. Ryan didn’t want me wearing my clit hood chain.

When we got there the dinner was being held in a big, old hall with a really high ceiling. At one end there is a stage and in one corner on the stage was a Christmas tree that must have been 10 feet tall. They must have had problems keeping it upright because I could see some scaffolding at the sides and two little platforms either side up near the top. It was decorated with the usual decorations, a fairy on the top and quite a few pairs of knickers and thongs spread round the branches.

“Tree looks good,” I said to Mike (Ryan’s colleague).

“It’ll look better soon, won’t it, Ryan?”

“Tanya,” Ryan said, “We’ve got a little job for you this evening.”


“We’d like you to replace that little fairy on top of the Christmas tree.”


“Under the little skirt of that fairy is a dildo and we want you to fuck yourself on it, right after we’ve all eaten.”

“You cannot be serious, Ryan. I’m not doing that; besides, how could anyone get up there and how could I fuck myself on it without bringing the tree down. And what about my dress? I’m not going to ruin that."

“Don’t you worry about all that,” Ryan said, “we’ve got all that organised. You enjoy your dinner then we’ll get you ready.”

“No Ryan! I won’t do it.”

Of course, I knew that I’d end up on top of that tree, Ryan always gets his way.

The other rugby players, their friends and partners all arrived. By the time that the dinner started there must have been 60 or 70 people there, nearly all of them men. Over the dinner, and a few drinks, I kept telling Ryan that I wasn’t happy and that I didn’t want to do it.

The time finally came and Ryan took me to one of the changing rooms. Mike and his girlfriend (Sara) were there waiting. Ryan told me to ‘get naked’ and Sara unzipped my dress.

Then came another surprise, both Ryan and Mike picked up big paint spray cans.

“What the hell are those for?” I asked.

“You.” They both said. "Come and stand in the middle of that sheet," Mike added.

“You want to paint me?”

“Yes, all over.”

“What colour is it?”


“How do I get it off afterwards?”

“Don’t worry about that, it’ll wash off.”

“I hope so; I can’t go to work all silver. Oh, hang on a minute.”

I got a couple of tissues from Sara and wiped my pussy again while Ryan and Mike put on some paper overalls and got started. It took about 15 minutes to cover me from head to foot. They even sprayed my face and hair. All the time Sara was standing back and taking photographs.

Fortunately, the paint just about dried on contact - apart from round my pussy because it was getting quite damp again.

When Ryan and Mike had finished, Sara moved in and fixed a tiara to my head, hooked some wings over my shoulders and gave me a wand. She took some more photographs before telling the guys that I was ready. They picked up a big sheet to hide me from the eyes of everyone and led me out.

When we went out to the main room I saw that big curtains had been pulled across the stage, hiding the tree from everyone’s eyes. Mike and Ryan guided me behind the curtain and told me how to climb up. I was surprised how stable the little ledges were; I didn’t feel at all unsafe. Talking me through how to get in position, Mike kept asking me if I was okay.

When I was in position, with my legs spread wide and my pussy hovering behind the little doll fairy, Mike told me to lift the doll off and throw it down. As I did so I saw the big dildo waiting for me. I grabbed hold of it to see how stable it was and was surprised to feel that it was solid. Looking down I saw that a long pole went from the base of the dildo down into the branches. Judging by how stable it was I guessed that it went down to the floor.

Ryan quietly told me to impale myself to see that everything was okay. I did, and it was.

“Okay,” Ryan said, “catch this. Then stand up and wait there until the curtain drops; then go for it.”

I un-impaled myself, caught the wand, adjusted the wings a bit, and waited.

Ryan and Mike left, leaving me with the head of the dildo just below my pussy and me thinking about the situation. What the fuck was I doing? My heart was pounding and I felt so embarrassed. The anticipation was unbelievable. I could hear someone saying something on a loudspeaker but I couldn’t make out what was being said. Then there was a cheer and then the curtains opened. If my face hadn’t being painted silver everyone would have seen how embarrassed I was.

I smiled, waved the wand and lowered my pussy to the tip of the dildo.

Fuck, I almost died of shame; the sight of all those people staring at me and my pussy. At least I was covered in silver paint. After a long pause I decided that I’d better do something so I lowered myself onto the dildo. I’d dried up a bit so it was a bit uncomfortable but I soon felt very full.

There were more cheers and a few rude comments.

Assuming that everyone was expecting me to fuck myself on the dildo I started going up and down slowly. I tried not to look at anyone out in the audience but I couldn’t help myself. From up near the ceiling I could see everyone. I’ve never seen so many people staring at me while I fucked myself.

I couldn’t help myself, I started to get aroused. The more I went up and down the more aroused I got and the wetter I got. The inevitable happened and I started to cum. It was difficult trying to keep relatively still as I didn’t want to risk rocking the boat and falling off the tree.

As the waves receded I pushed up then started fucking myself again. I assumed that Ryan was expecting me to keep going and cum more than once; and to be honest, by that time I was starting to enjoy myself. Besides, my audience were shouting for more. I transferred the wand to my left hand and moved my right hand to my pussy to start rubbing my clit.

After my second orgasm someone came onto the stage with a microphone and thanked me for my show. He also told me that I could climb down anytime that I wanted. I didn’t; I kept going up and down as the man announced that some dancers were going to put on a bit of a show for everyone. I looked down and saw three girls come through the same door that I had. They were dressed as schoolgirls and they came onto the stage and as some music started they slowly stripped naked.

As I watched I saw that I recognised two of the three. They were girls from the gym; one was Ella. When they were all naked the man with the microphone announced that the girls would be moving round everyone and acting as waitresses for a while.

All the time that they were stripping I was fucking myself and came once more; but when the man said that the girls would be mingling with the people and acting as waitresses I decided that I wanted to join them. My AF was hovering around 9.9 out of 10 and the thought of getting groped by a bunch of rugby players was just too good to miss.

I bottomed down on the dildo one more time and stayed there for a few seconds before pushing my legs straight letting my pussy leave the dildo. I just stood there for a few seconds to make sure that I was able to climb down without my legs giving way and me having a terrible accident. I slowly made it down to the stage in one piece and Ryan came over to me.

I kissed and hugged him and was about to ask him if he minded if I joined the other girls, but before I could say anything he said, “Go on TT, I know that you want to. Count the number of fingers you get in your pussy and I’ll try to think of something that you can do to get the same number somewhere else.”

I gave Ryan the wand and the wings and as I walked over to the audience I wondered what Ryan was scheming; no doubt it would be something where I ended up naked; but at that moment it was something that I looked forward to.

I went over to one table and stood next to a beefy man. Even before I asked if I could get them some drinks, the man’s hand was sliding up my inner thigh. I spread my legs a bit and started to ask what drinks they wanted but half way through my question the man’s fingers found their way inside me and the rest of my question was incoherent.

That sort of thing happened loads of times until this one man’s fingers found my clit. Boy, did he know what a woman wants. As his fingers toyed with my clit I started to cum, and cum. The bastard wasn’t going to stop and I didn’t want him to stop. In the end it proved too much for me and I pulled away from him and asked my question again.

As I walked back to the man with a tray of drinks in my hands I looked over to the stage and saw Ryan doing something, I couldn’t see what. After I’d given the drinks to the men I saw that one of the tables in the middle of the room was being cleared and moved to the wall. Standing at another table and getting my pussy fingered again, I saw Ryan and Mike carrying an exercise cycle in. In between gasps I looked closer at the exercise cycle and saw that it was identical to mine; complete with a dildo coming through the saddle.

Just as I moved round the table and got groped by another man, I heard the man with the microphone say, “Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see a couple of girly toys have been brought into the room and you can ask any of the girls to use them whenever you like; with one exception. As both toys and the fairy belong to one of Mike’s friends I think that is only fair that Mike's friend choses which toy his girl will use first. Ryan, which toy would you like your fairy to use?”

I looked round for Ryan and saw him standing on the stage. “Tanya,” Ryan said, “would you be so kind as to come up onto the stage?”

I looked round and saw that everyone was looking at me. Then I looked at Ryan on the stage. I could see him but I couldn’t see what else was there. I started walking and as I got closer to the stage I saw the toy that was there. It was a Sybian. As I climbed onto the stage I looked at Ryan and said, “Is that mine?”

Ryan nodded.

“Is that my bike as well?”

Ryan smiled and nodded.

“Oh shit!” I thought as Ryan waved me over to the Sybian.

I stepped over it and, to a lot of cheers and rude comments I knelt down and lowered my pussy onto the little dildo. I reached for the control but Ryan grabbed it and switched it on. Then he called for a volunteer. About ten men started to move forwards, but one man who had been sat at a table near the stage, was stood beside me before I could blink.

Ryan gave him the control and said, “Go for it, mate.”

That man turned the control up to full straight away and I screamed out, more in surprise than in pain. That seemed to please the man, and a few people in the audience.

The man turned the control down to about half speed and I realised that this man didn’t understand the concept of a slow build-up. Anyway, because I was very aroused already I soon got into the rhythm and it didn’t take long for me to start cumming. The problem was that the man was stood next to me and as I started cumming he turned the vibe up to full and put a hand on my shoulder.

As my first orgasm on the Sybian started to subside the man pressed down on my shoulder and kept the control on full. I didn’t have any choice; I started cumming again, and again, and again. Finally Ryan came over, thanked the man, took the control off him and turned the Sybian off.

As I started to come back to the land of the rugby club dinner I realised that the audience was applauding me. The man with the microphone thanked me and announced that the Sybian was now free for anyone to nominate another girl.

I climbed off and slowly walked to the front of the stage. Climbing off, I sat on the edge to get my breath back. It was then that I saw two more girls from the gym walk through the door to the changing rooms. I suddenly became quite alert as I realised that it was the 2 x 14 year old twins; and they were stark naked.

I waved at them and beckoned them over. “What the fuck are you two doing here? You’re way too young for this sort of do.”

“We read that volunteers were wanted for this and decided to come,” Jude, or was it Kate, said. Then the other twin said, “We’re sorry that we’re late we had trouble getting the right bus; and what’s with the silver paint?”

“It’s a long story; do your parents know that you’re here?”

“No,” one of them said, “our dad thinks that we’re on a sleepover and our mum doesn’t live with us. Please don’t tell anyone how old we are, we know what happens at rugby club dinners, Ella told us; that’s why we’re here.”

“Relax girls; I’ve already promised that I won’t tell anyone your real age and that goes for here as well. If you’re really sure, then get on out there and get some drinks orders. Oh, and don’t be surprised if someone nominates you to ride that (I pointed to the Sybian) or that exercise cycle in the middle.”

“We’ve both used the exercise cycles at the gym, but what’s that?”

“It’s called a Sybian; you kneel either side of it and lower yourself onto it. It takes care of the rest.”

“Sounds like fun,” one of the twins said as the both walked into the audience.

I looked down at my pussy and saw that most of the paint on and around it had gone; I guessed that my juices were responsible for that. Then I set off to take some more orders. I passed Ryan who said, “Where did they come from?

“Long story, I’ll tell you about it later.”

For the next hour or so I got groped dozens of times. By then I’d seen all of the girls riding the Sybian and the bike. I too had been asked to ride the bike and I’d cum – again. Unfortunately I hadn’t seen the twins get on the Sybian; I’d thought that it might have been interesting.

Everyone was quite ‘happy’ and I was getting more requests to fuck me; all of which I ignored, but then the man with the microphone announced that he wanted all the girls to come to the front of the stage. When we were all there, the man said, “Wow, they’re breeding, I’m sure we only had four naked girls earlier. Bloody hell, we’ve got twins as well. Right girls, perch your cute little butts on the front edge of the stage and lay back.”

We did that and he continued, “When three of these cute girls arrived they asked if the fucking was going to start straight away. When I told them that there wasn’t going to be any fucking they looked very disappointed and one of them got a big box of condoms out of her bag and asked if I could change the programme. Well, how could I disappoint not one but three beautiful girls? So here we are at an unscheduled part of the evening that I’m sure that all of you will enjoy.”

As he was saying that I realised that there was going to be a gang bang. I felt my pussy tingle and get very wet, but I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t be unfaithful to Ryan. I got up onto my elbows and looked round the room for Ryan. I saw him and he was smiling. When he saw me looking at him he nodded and mouthed ‘do it’.

Bloody hell, my boyfriend was giving me permission to get gang banged; and he was going to watch. The tingling in my pussy got stronger; I was looking forward to it.

I looked either side of me and saw that all the girls had spread their legs wide and raised them up; effectively giving the audience the best possible view of their pussies. It was then that I realised that I too had done the same, some sort of automatic female reaction to the situation.

“So,” the man continued, “here we have six beautiful young girls who are ready and willing to let as many of you as want to come up and fuck them. Isn’t that going to be a great climax to the evening? Pun intended. Wait, what’s this?”

I could hardly hear that last bit because of all the cheering from the audience, but I looked out into the audience and saw a young woman walking towards the stage. Everyone watched as she climbed up onto the stage and stripped off her quite nice dress revealing that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Then she came and sat on the front edge of the stage, lay back and spread and raised her legs; just like the rest of us naked girls.

“Wow Emma!” the man with the microphone said, “I assume that Harry’s okay with this?”

A male voice from the back of the room shouted, “I sure am Dave. She’s got it and I’m happy to share her with you guys.”

I looked towards the voice and saw another girl start walking towards the stage. “You too Angela,” the man said, “I might have known that Pete would send you up to get your share.”

“He didn’t tell me and I didn’t ask,” said Angela as she too stripped (again no underwear) and joined us girls.

“Any more of you girls want a share of the action?” the man asked.

After a short pause during which I thought of the twins, “Shit, they’re only 14; they shouldn’t be part of this.”

I looked at both of them but I needn’t have worried; they both had big grins on their faces and a look of sexual lust. I wondered if they were still virgins.

“Right gentlemen, and you ladies out there, if you too want a piece of the action, the condoms are in that box, grab one and pick your cunt.”

The room filled with the sound of chairs being pushed back and before I knew it we were surrounded by men that were obviously as horny as I was. Hands reached to my little tits and I felt a cock plunge straight into my pussy. Then I felt the end of a cock touching my face. Instinctively I opened my mouth and the cock slipped inside. My hands started reaching out and were soon guided to cocks on either side of me.

Fuck, I was in heaven. The cock pounding my pussy made my whole body wobble, not that a skinny girl like me can wobble much; my mouth was sucking a cock and my two hands were wanking two men. When I left home that evening I was expecting a pleasant evening and a good fuck from Ryan when we got home. It’s amazing how quickly things can change.

On and on it went; I have no idea how many men fucked me or shot their load either down my throat or on my face or body. I also lost count of the number of times that I came.

I started to notice that there weren’t enough men to fuck me at both ends and as I started to get my breath I looked round and saw that the other girls were having the same problem. Eventually, eight naked girls were just laid there, totally exhausted. I looked out into the room and saw that most of the audience had left. Ella got to her feet and helped pull the rest of us up. Ryan and Mike came over to us. Ryan was still grinning and he asked me if I was okay.

“Hell yes. Thank you so much,” I managed to say.

Ryan moved to hug me but I pulled back, “Not with me like this, I need a shower first; can we use the showers in the changing room please Mike?”

“Of course, follow me ladies, and thank you so much for the most amazing Christmas dinner that I, we, have ever had.”

“You’re welcome.” The twins said in stereo.

Mike turned the showers on and us girls went in and just stood there for ages before finally using the soap and some man’s shampoo that we found there. Feeling refreshed, but a bit sore, we dried and got dressed. All the time, Ryan and Mike were sat there watching us. None of us cared.

“How are you all getting home? Have you all got lifts organised?”

Most of the girls said that they had, and left, leaving just Ella, the twins and me. “Oh shit,” one of the twins said, “we never thought of that.”

“That’s okay,” Ryan said, “we’ll give you a lift; I’ll come back tomorrow for the toys Mike, if that’s okay.” Mike nodded.

“Err no, I mean thank you,” the other twin said, “it’s not that, it’s just that we’ve got nowhere to go; our Dad thinks that we’re at a sleepover but we can’t go to Dina’s house at this time of night.”

“Just how old are you two?”

Both twins looked at Ella and me but we just shrugged our shoulders. “We’re 14, is that a problem?”

“Bloody hell, there must be 50 blokes who could get locked-up for what happened tonight!” Ryan said.

“Well we’re not going to tell anyone,” one of the twins said, “we enjoyed it too much."

"What a way to lose your virginity!” the other twin said.

“Bloody hell, you two are something else, un-believable.” Ryan said. “I guess that you’d better come home with us and we’ll get you home in the morning. Do you want a lift as well, Ella?”

“Yes please.”

Ryan looked at me and said, “Did you know about this, TT?”

Ella replied for me, “We knew about their age but not that they were coming here tonight.”

We followed Ryan out to the car with him still shaking his head sideways. On the drive home the twins were very talkative. They just couldn’t stop telling us how much they’d enjoyed themselves.

We dropped Ella off then at home Ryan got a drink while I made-up the spare bed. When I’d gone upstairs I’d automatically taken my dress off and when I went back downstairs the twins both looked at me and then took their clothes off (not that they were wearing much).

“I’m glad that you got undressed Tanya,” one of the twins said, “we don’t wear anything at home either. I hope that you don’t mind.”

“Hell no, this is a female clothes-free zone,” Ryan said. “It’s nice to see more naked girls here, even if they are under-age.”

“You can see us naked anytime that you want, Ryan.”

I was tired and told everyone that I was going to bed and I left Ryan to show the twins where they were sleeping. When Ryan joined me, he spooned me with his cock inside me and asked me if I’d enjoyed myself.

“Yes; thank you, it’s something that I’ve always fantasised about but never thought would ever happen.”

“Yes, I know, lover. You told me once.”

“Did I? I don’t remember.”

As we were talking I felt Ryan get harder and then cum. He’d cum inside me without even moving his cock.

After a few minutes Ryan said, “What are we going to do about the twins?”

“Nothing; they’re happy and they don’t look or sound as if they’re being corrupted by anyone so why should we do anything?”

“I guess not,” Ryan said, “and they certainly did look as if they were enjoying themselves, at the gym as well, and what a way to lose your virginity.”

“Yeah, and listen to them; they sound as if they’re enjoying each other at the moment.”

We went to sleep still listening to the sounds of two happy 14 year old girls.

When I woke-up and went down stairs, Jenny was sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee with two 14 year old girls; all were as I expected, naked.

“I see that you’ve introduced yourselves,” I said.

I got some coffee and we talked about the previous night. The twins were still full of it and kept saying that it was the best possible way to lose their virginity.

Jenny was amazed and asked them how they’d managed to hang on to that until they were 18.

“We’re only 14.”

“Fucking hell,” Jenny replied. “It’s a good job that I’m not a copper.”

Just then Tom appeared, wearing only his boxers. He stopped dead when he saw the twins and asked what was going on. Jenny quickly brought him up to date and all he could say was, “Fucking hell.”

Jenny and Tom started getting some breakfast ready and Ryan appeared just as it was ready. After that we all went into the lounge and spent about an hour talking about the twins holiday, our last holiday, and the gym. The twins were so jealous when we told them what Ryan had made me do on the beach.

One of the twins decided that they’d better phone the friend whose house they were supposed to be at and was told that she’d covered for them when their father had phoned but told them that he was going to pick them up at 12 o’clock.

It was already after 11 o'clock so they asked about buses from our house. Ryan told them to get dressed and that he’d take them to their friend’s house. I walked out of the house naked and the twins stripped again saying that what was good for me was good for them. In the car one of them asked if they could go to the gym with us and travel in the same state of dress that I did. She said that they wanted to walk into the gym naked as well.

After we’d dropped them off, Ryan and I talked a bit about them. I said that they were total exhibitionists.

“Like you then.”

“No, no, I’m only like that when you get me all worked-up.”

“Yeah, right.”

“No,” I said, “It’s your fault that I end up naked, not mine.”

“Yeah okay, you go on believing that, dear.”

Back at home Tom asked me if they were really only 14 or if they were winding him up.

Ryan shows my tiny tits in public

Ryan has started getting me to wear one of my new see-thru tops when we go into town on a weekend. Now this isn’t a problem most of the time because the weather isn’t very nice and I wear a jacket when we go there. The problem is that he’s started taking me into coffee shops and fast food places where he gets me to take my jacket off. I usually manage to sit in such a way that my arms cover my tiny tits but there’s times when that’s not possible. I also try to sit facing a wall so that no one can see me.

There’s also the times when Ryan has got me very aroused before we’ve left home; or got me to wear one of my remote vibes and he’s got me all worked up. When we go to a coffee shop or fast food place when I’m like that I sit there with my chest thrust forward and my arms at my sides. I also sit facing the main part of the room so that anyone nearby or passing can see my tiny tits and nipples. Sometimes I’m wearing my nipple rings and chains and they too are clearly visible. I’ve had lots of men staring at them and when they do I get even wetter and want Ryan to fuck me as quick as possible.

I’ve had a few women stare at me as well. I love it when a miserable bitch calls me a slut or asks me if I have no shame. One woman told me that I should get my mother to buy me a bra.

Ryan also gets me to wear the see-thru tops, or a very loose top, when we go out on an evening. There was one evening that we went out for a meal with Doug and Naomi and half way through the meal Doug told me that he loved looking down my top. Naomi told him to stop it but Ryan said that it was okay, that he’d dressed me so that people could see down my top. Doug said that the waitress had been staring at them as well.

I, of course, blushed, but I did get a little wet rush at Doug’s comments.

When we went on to a club Ryan unbuttoned my top and got me to tie the front tails so that most of my chest was exposed. As we danced Ryan pulled the knot undone and my nipples were exposed. I was glad that it was dark in there.

My Sybian

This continues to provide me, and Jenny, with a lot of pleasure. Often when I’m daydreaming as I ride it, I remember the rugby club do, and all those people watching me and fucking me.

One time I was enjoying myself, I again accidentally knocked the steps away leaving me stranded and getting more and more worked-up and knackered by the second. I couldn’t reach the control and it was Jenny who rescued me, but only after I’d cum four times. Jenny had to help me off and she made me promise to go and check on her every five minutes if she was alone in the garage.

My in-laws visit

Ryan has started printing and framing lots of photographs of me, naked of course, and putting them up on the walls around the house. In some of the photos I have my legs wide open and in a couple of them I have objects sticking out of my pussy. One of them is of me pleasuring myself on my Sybian amd one of me riding my bike.

Now that doesn’t bother me normally, but when my mother and father in-law came to visit us for the weekend, we forgot to take them down. It didn’t take my FIL long to spot them and he decided to look at all the photos on display; along with my MIL.

As they went around the house I heard quite a few ‘Oh my!’ from my MIL, and when they came back to the sofa my FIL was telling my MIL that we are only young once and that we should enjoy it. He continued saying that they used to get up to some ‘adventurous’ things; the only thing that was different was that technology made it so easy to record everything.

They turned to look at me, (I was bright red with embarrassment), and my FIL said, “Don’t worry about it Tanya dear, we used to get up to some real wild things when we were your age; it’s just that we didn’t have the cameras to record them all.”

After lunch on the Saturday, Ryan and his Dad were trying to fix something when one of them said that they needed a screwdriver. We keep that sort of thing in the garage and Ryan’s Dad said that he’d go and get it. I thought nothing of it until he came back with a big grin on his face.

Then I remembered what else we keep in there. My face went bright red. Ryan’s Dad put his hand on my arm and said, “Think nothing of it love, I’m just pleased that you’re all happy.”

Ryan heard that and realised what his Dad had seen. He just grinned then got on with fixing the problem.

A bit later Ryan’s Mum announced that Tom and her were going into town to get something for Tom’s uni course. Shortly after they left Ryan asked Jenny and me to give his Dad a demonstration in the garage.

My mouth dropped and I said, “Are you serious? Your Dad!”

Jenny looked just as shocked as I was.

“Come on, let’s go,” Ryan commanded.

Obediently, Jenny and I followed Ryan and his Dad into the garage.

“You really want us to do this?” Jenny asked.

I looked at Ryan and then his Dad; both looked like little kids with a new toy. I then looked at Jenny and saw that she was looking at me. We both slowly lifted our tops off letting out tits see the daylight that was streaming through the window. Looking at each other again we slowly unfastened our skirts and let them drop revealing our bald pussies. We both just stood there wondering if we were both dreaming.

“Come on girls,” Ryan said.

Jenny was stood next to the Sybian and me the bike so we turned and climbed on. I stood up on the pedals with the dildo just touching my pussy. That was enough to start my juices flowing and when Ryan gestured for me to get on with it I started to lower myself. As I got penetrated I heard the motor in the Sybian start-up.

When my butt reached the saddle I slowly started pedalling. I continued slowly, thinking, “What the hell am I doing? This man’s old enough to be my father! Hell, he is my father in-law. This isn’t right.”

But I kept pedalling.

Before long the rights and wrongs went out of my mind and my arousal factor started to go up. Judging by the moans, Jenny’s was as well and shortly after I started to cum, closely followed by Jenny. My pedalling slowed down and the Sybian’s motor slowed.

“Excellent girls, now swap over and start again.”

My guilt started to come back, but Ryan was insistent. Jenny and I changed places and I switched the Sybian on. Again, it didn’t take long for my guilt to disappear and I was soon up there again, slowly rocking back and forwards so that my clit pressed on the pad.

Second orgasm of the afternoon later, I just sat there thinking, 'What the hell have I (we) done?'

My FIL was the first to speak, “Ladies, that was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen; I just wish that we’d had machines like that when your Mum and I were your age. You both look as though you’ve done something awful, but you haven’t; you’ve both done something natural and wonderful, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact you should be proud of yourselves. You had the courage to done something that millions wouldn’t do.”

That little speech took most of my guilt away and I climbed off the Sybian and went and gave my FIL a big hug.

“You don’t know how happy that makes me,” he said as Jenny made it a 3-way hug.

“I wish I had my camera,” Ryan said.

“You’ve already taken some excellent photographs, son.”

We all laughed and went back into the house. It was only when Ryan saw Tom and his Mum walking towards the house that Jenny and I ran to the garage to put our clothes on.

By the time that my in-laws left my only regret was that I’d had to wear clothes for most of the weekend.

End of part 21

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