My Boyfriend Likes to Expose Me
or perhaps it should be called
The Exhibitionist in Denial
by Vanessa

Part 18

All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over the legal age of consent when the events took place. Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the earlier parts. They will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 18 – The continuation of our holiday in Ibiza; and a lot of fun

We headed into Playa d'en Bossa and as soon as we found somewhere to park I looked for a café.

Two naked little girls and their ‘daddy’ sat at a table and waited to be served. When the waiter arrived I watched him looking at Kate. It was then that I realised that she was sat with her legs quite wide apart and her chair back from the table. What’s more she was perched on the front edge of the chair.

From the menu Kate and I selected the ice creams that we wanted and Ryan ordered them, a beer and 2 large vodkas (my request). When the waiter brought them he put all the drinks next to Ryan. I laughed a bit, thinking that the waiter must have thought that Kate and I were too young to be drinking alcohol.

As soon as the waiter had gone I downed one of the vodkas in one go.

“Bloody hell Tanya,” Kate said.

“I think that I’m going to need that; and the other one too.”

Ryan smiled.

We ate our ice creams while Ryan watched us. Ryan had selected a table by the side of the footpath and I’d seen a couple of men staring at us as they passed by. As Ryan finished his beer I downed the other vodka and said, “You are going to take us onto the beach aren’t you; to where that loud music is coming from?”

“Yep; there’s supposed to be a great beach bar/club and we should be able to find lots of young people for you two to flash your bits to.”

“Ooow goodie.” Kate said.

“Oh shit.” I said.

Ryan was going to do it again.

We went onto the beach and headed for the noise. The closer we got the more young people we saw. Not a kid or an oldie in sight. Kate turned to me and said, “You look to be the youngest person here.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Okay,” Ryan said; “Here will do.”

I looked round and saw lots of 18-25 people; mainly men. The girls were all wearing bikinis or just bikini bottoms; some wore just thongs. It wasn’t too noisy there and I could hear what the people close by were saying. Two youths were close by and I heard the one that was sat up watching us say to his mate who was laid on his stomach, “Hey Ben, cop a look at this; these kids will be right up your street.” Ben turned over and they both watched us.

After we’d spread our towels Ryan said, “Hang on a minute girls; you need some suntan lotion on. Come here, Tanya.”

I went and stood in front of Ryan and he started to rub lotion all over me. Even on my little tits. I didn’t think that he’d rub some on between my legs; but he did, and he took his time doing it; slipping a finger inside me for a second.

“Remember, you’re a little girl.” Ryan whispered into my ear before slapping my butt and saying, “Off you go; and remember to play fair.”

“Yes daddy.”

“Come here Kate; your turn.”

I watched Kate get the same treatment that I’d had. I also looked around and saw that a few people were watching what Ryan was doing to Kate. Ryan really took his time putting lotion on her tits and I heard her say,

“That’s nice daddy” as he rolled her nipples between his fingers.

“That’s really, really nice daddy.” Kate said as he rubbed lotion on her pussy. Kate even spread her feet so that it was easier for him. Judging by her eyes suddenly opening wide I guess that he fingered her as well. I looked at our audience and saw two of them open their mouths as if they were about to say, “Did he really finger his daughter?”

When he was finished, Ryan said to both of us, “Play nicely girls; no arguments. Hey, how about finishing that game of truth or dare?”

I looked at Kate; she smiled and said, “My turn isn’t it?” Before I had time to answer Kate continued, “I dare you to kiss daddy.”

I went over to Ryan, bent over (he’d sat down to watch us by then) and kissed him on the cheek.

“No not like that silly; like you did in bed this mornibg, on his mouth.” Kate said.

I moved round to in front of him and bent over. As I kissed him he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I moaned and wished that we were back at our villa.

“That’s better,” Kate said, “but you took longer this morning. By the way, I could see your cunny when you bent over.”

“Kate, stop it, you’re embarrassing me.”


“My turn,” I said. “Right Kate, I dare you to rub your tits in daddy’s face.”

Ryan heard that and said, “Stop that Tanya. I’ve told you that we can’t do that sort of thing out here.”

“Why not? She did it to you when we were by the pool yesterday.”

“You’re only jealous because you’ve got no tits.” Kate said.

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are.”

“Stop that you two; we’ve had the conversation about Tanya’s breasts before and we’re not going to have it again out here. Right, no more dares. Kate, show us what you learnt in your gymnastics class last week.”

The sulk on Kate’s face turned to a smile as she thought about what she was going to do. I wondered too because Kate had never said anything about gymnastics.

After a short pause Kate moved into the open area, put her hands up in the air then did a handstand. She walked around for about 10 seconds then came down onto her feet.

“That’s easy,” I said, “watch this.”

I did a handstand too; but I opened my legs wide and walked round like that for ages until Kate came up behind me and pushed one of her fingers into my pussy. I collapsed onto the sand and said,

“Daddy, Kate just put a finger in my cunny.”

“Stop it you two; play nicely or we’ll go back to the villa.”

“Betcha can’t do this.” Kate said.

Kate put her hands up in the air then bent over backwards into a perfect bridge. Her feet her shoulder width apart and her pussy was on perfect display for our little audience to see.

“Easy.” I said.

I did the same then started walking in a circle whilst still in the bridge. When I got up Ryan called me over and whispered to me that he thought that I needed a little handicap. I got a puzzled look on my face for a couple of seconds then I gasped and stood up straight.

“That’s not fair daddy.” I said as I started to get used to the vibe purring away inside my pussy.

“Go and play nicely Tanya.”

The ‘betcha can’t do’ competition that had developed continued. The two vodkas that I’d had, and the vibe, helped me lose my inhibitions and the things that we did were VERY revealing. The thing was that Kate hadn’t had any alcohol yet she wasn’t at all embarrassed about spreading her legs for everyone to see. Some of the things that we did were:

Cartwheel – As it says; but on Kate’s first attempt she was too close to a couple of guys sitting watching us and she landed on top of one of them. I saw them both grope her as she slowly got up. I was expecting her to complain about being groped but instead she stood in front of them with her feet apart and said, “Sorry mister.”

After a couple of seconds she turned and did a perfect cartwheel in the other direction.

Back flip – Where did Kate learn to do that? I was useless and kept ending up in a pile on the sand.

Lie on your side and lift your upper leg and bring your knee to your face and hold your foot – We both managed this but when I was doing it I heard a man’s voice say,

“What’s that on her clit? It looks like some sort of ring.”

Then another say, “Fuck, I bet that hurt when she got that piercing done.”

And another, “I’ve never seen a pussy that wet.”

Part of me wanted to cover my pussy quick and another part wanted to tell them what the clit ring was. Yet another part wanted to wipe my pussy dry. Instead I just lay there, pussy wide open letting everyone stare at me. The little clit ring zapped me and reminded me (not that I really needed it) that the vibe was purring away inside me.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably less than a minute, Kate said, “My turn, watch this.”

That brought me back to earth and I quickly brought my leg down and got up onto my feet.

Everyone watched Kate do the same as I had done but she went one better. After she had one leg up she rolled onto her back and brought the other leg up. It wasn’t the best view for anyone who was sat on the sand but those who were stood up got a great view of her pussy; her very wet pussy.

I let her enjoy the exposure for a couple of minutes then slapped her butt.

“Hey, what did you do that for?” as she let go of her feet and her legs straightened out.

Splits – The thing about this was that Kate said that we should have someone’s hand on the sand so that they could confirm that we’d got right down. Kate asked ‘daddy’ but he refused so she looked round and picked the geekiest youth that she could see and asked him. At first he refused but after his mates said that they’d do it he got up and moved over to the area of sand that had become our stage. She told him to lie on the sand and put his hand out, flat and palm up. He was to shout out when she touched his hand.

I’m not sure if he realised that it would be her pussy that touched his hand because his eyes went wide and his face went red as her pussy got closer and closer to his hand. She bounced up and down a couple of times before collapsing backwards keeping her legs wide open for ages before getting up.

When I had to prove that I could do it I turned to the geek and said, “Now you keep your fingers to yourself. I don’t want you doing anything that will get you into trouble with my dad.”

Kate had gone down with her back to the geek but I chose to do it facing him. My pussy went down inches from his face and he’d found some confidence because I felt a finger slide into me as my inner thigh found the sand.

“Ooow, naughty man.” I said I lifted and dropped a couple of times; effectively causing him to finger fuck me. I wondered if he felt the vibe. As I got up I looked at Ryan and saw a big grin. The geek got up holding his finger in the air. Of course everyone knew what he had done and there were a few cheers.

Splits standing on one foot – I’d had to do this for that embarrassing art class so I found it easy; although I couldn’t balance for long. When Kate tried it she nearly made it but collapsed. As she went down she fell on top of a youth in the audience. Of course he groped her and as she got up she said, “Naughty man; I’ll tell my daddy.”

Make yourself cum – As soon as Kate said that Ryan said, “Kate, stop it; you know that you’re not supposed to do things like that when there are people that you don’t know around.”

“Sorry daddy,” Kate said as she looked down to the sand.

Ryan stopped things then, telling us to go and cool down in the sea. Just as I was about to run down to the sea Ryan called me over and whispered for me to give the vibe to Kate again. That pleased me as it would mean that my AF would go down.

Kate was pleased too and in the middle of splashing about I squeezed it out and gave it to her. As we walked out of the sea Kate had a smile on her face.

When we got back to Ryan he held up a towel for us to dry ourselves then he told us to lie on them and that he’d put some more suntan lotion on us.

Kate was first and she was already lying on her stomach. I watched Ryan do a good job of covering every square inch and when she turned onto her back he did an equally good job. When she’d turned over she’d spread her legs to give him good access to her pussy; and give the audience a good view.

Ryan lingered around and on (and in) her pussy. When his finger went in she said, “Please keep doing that daddy, it’s wonderful.”

I looked at a couple of faces in the audience and saw a look of unbelief on one and a big grin on the other. I wanted the same treatment, even if it meant exposing my pussy to strangers. “Is it my turn yet daddy?”

“With you in second, princess.”

I lay on my back with my legs open but Ryan said, “Back first princess; turn over.”

Reluctantly I did and Ryan raised my AF as he lingered at the top of my legs.

“Over you go.”

I quickly turned over and opened my legs. I was looking forward to it. As Ryan massaged the lotion into my little tits I sighed and moaned a bit. Then he tortured me by slowly going up each leg, just brushing a finger over my lips.

“Please daddy!” I said quite loudly.

I felt a blob of lotion land on my pubes then his hand rubbed all round my pussy. A load moan escaped my mouth as a finger slipped inside me. Oh, that felt good.

Ryan wasn’t going to give me the relief that I needed, instead he pulled his hand back, slapped my pussy and said, “Right you two, soak up some rays for a while.”

Both Kate and I still had our legs open and neither of us closed them for about half an hour. In that time most of our audience had moved on but when I got up on my elbows I saw that three youths had moved into our ‘stage’ and were all laid on their stomachs looking up to us.

I lay back and whispered to Ryan to tell Kate that we had a new audience. Shortly after that I heard Kate loudly gasp. I smiled, suspecting that Ryan had turned the vibe up to full; and pleased that it was her and not me. I relaxed and felt good.

Listening to Kate moan I knew that she was getting close. I didn’t even move when Kate exploded. I was at peace with the world; even though I had my legs open and at least three youths were looking at my pussy.

I must have dozed because the next thing that I knew Kate was shaking my arm saying, “Come on lazybones; time to dance.”

I looked round and saw the youths still there but the music was louder and some people around us were dancing. The party at the club had obviously spread along the beach.

“Go on, get up and shake those tits,” Ryan said.

I laughed as I got up and started to dance with Kate. After a while Ryan called Kate over, said something to her then she came back and continued dancing.

Kate started twerking, first me then some guys that were close by. The guys really looked like they were enjoying a naked girl twerking them. A bit later Kate came back to me, leant over and whispered,


“Bastar..” I shouted as the orgasm took control of me. My legs gave way and I dropped to the sand shaking and jerking.

“Daddy, is Tanya having an orgasm?” Kate asked.

The word orgasm attracted a few people’s attention and all eyes around us were looking at me as I went through a powerful orgasm.

“Don’t be silly Kate;” Ryan said, “she probably just forgot to take her medicine this morning.”

Meanwhile I was thrashing about on the sand moaning and shouting, “Yes, yes.”

At last I was getting the relief that I had longed for all day; but definitely not in the place that I wanted to get it. As I started to come down from my high, embarrassment took over. I felt so ashamed; there was no way that all those people would believe what Ryan had said. Kate was the first to speak,

“Did you really have an orgasm Tanya?”

I didn’t answer. Smiles started to appear on some of the guy’s faces. The girl’s faces had a mixture of disbelief and jealousy. I didn’t want to hang around there and I started walking away. When I’d got about 50 yards away Ryan and Kate caught-up with me. Ryan put his arm round me and said, “Come on Tanya, you can’t say that you didn’t enjoy that.”

“No I didn’t; I mean yes I did; oh I don’t know.”

“Tanya,” Ryan said, “that was a really good orgasm wasn’t it? Would it have been so good if there had been no one around?”

“No, probably not.”

“Then it was worth it wasn’t it?”

“I guess so; well yes.”

“So you want to have another one?” Kate said, butting in. Then to Ryan, “Can you turn this thing up (pointing to her pussy) so that I can have one too? Or are you going to play with my pussy right in the middle of this lot?”

Both Ryan and I laughed at that idea; there was no way that that would happen.

“Right then my gorgeous little daughters; where shall we go to get you off?”

Kate and I both laughed then agreed that we preferred to cum in front of men rather than women so we looked for a big group of youths. We wandered around until we found one such group that didn’t look too drunk. Ryan didn’t want to have to cope with a load of horny drunks.

Ryan stood back while Kate and I went close to the group and started dancing. It didn’t take long for the guys to spot the two naked little girls and most of them watched us dance. I wondered how many of them really thought that we were 12 year-olds but still wanted to fuck us.

We danced for a good 10 minutes before I saw Kate’s eyes open wide and I guessed that Ryan had turned the vibe up. After another couple of minutes her hands started caressing her body then moved to her tits. She massaged them and teased her nipples. I looked at the youths around us and saw that most of them were staring at Kate.

Just as I thought that she was going to explode she leaned over and shouted, “TREADMILL!”

I hadn’t really been expecting it at that moment and it hit me. My heart started to race and my pussy pulsed. Before I knew it I was flat on my back on the sand, legs wide apart, my left hand squeezing my little tits and my right hand finger fucking myself.

Through the haze of the orgasm I saw lots of young men looking down on both Kate and I as we both rode out our orgasms. I could vaguely hear some of the comments that the young men were making, “Fucking sluts.”

“They start young these days.”

“What I could do with either of them.”

“I like ‘em young.”

“Come here and cop a hold of this.”

“Wrap it round this slut.”

“I could easily become a paedophile.”

“Stop teasing us bitches; you might just regret it.”

I heard a couple of female voices as well:

“Fucking tarts.”

“Get back to school, sluts.”

As the waves receded I looked up and saw Ryan standing between us.


Realising that he was still play-acting I got to my feet and said, “Sorry daddy, I just couldn’t help myself.”

Kate was getting up and she apologizing too.

We both stood there looking down at the sand. Ryan slapped our butts (hard) and said, “Get yourselves home and expect a lot more of that when we get there.”

Both Kate and I started walking away from the young men, heads down and holding our hands in front of our pussies.

When we’d got about 50 yards away Ryan came between us, put an arm round each of our shoulders and said, “You two were brilliant. I’ve never seen such lust on people’s faces; but Kate, don’t you go trying that on your own. Always remember that there’s safety in numbers.”

“Yes daddy.”

We all laughed then Ryan said, “Right, who’s for another teasing session?”

“I’m up for it.” Kate said.

“I think that we should relax for a bit first. How about a swim, I’m all sweaty?” I said.

All agreeing Ryan dropped our backpack and we all waded out into the sea. I wanted Ryan to fuck me while we were out there but it was a bit difficult with Ryan wearing shorts. We settled for splashing around for a while before heading to the backpack.

“The sun’s still quite hot,” Kate said; “how about a bit more sunbathing?”

“You just want Ryan to rub some more suntan lotion on you don’t you?” I said.

“Don’t you?”

Kate and I both smiled and looked for a space to spread out. Ryan put lotion on his ‘daughters’ again, making us both moan as he played with our pussies for quite a bit longer than it takes to put suntan lotion on normally.

After about 5 minutes of sunbathing I noticed that both Kate and I were lying on our backs, knees bent and spread apart. Ryan was in between us on his stomach and doing something in the backpack.

Kate suddenly gasped and then moaned.

“That’s nice Ryan, please leave it like that,” I heard her say.

I sat up and put my weight on my elbows and looked around. Kate’s knees had drifted so far apart that one was touching Ryan. Anyone who looked could see absolutely everything. For some stupid reason I felt a little jealous and spread my knees as much as I could.

I looked around to see if anyone was looking at us. I couldn’t see anyone but who can tell which way eyes are looking when they’re covered in sunglasses.

A group of youths were walking along the water’s edge towards us. As they got closer I watched them as one by one they all started looking at us. They stopped right between us and the sea and stood there pretending not to look at our pussies and Kate’s tits.

I don’t know why I did it but I put all my weight on my left elbow and moved my right hand to my pussy. I rubbed it for a few seconds, then rubbed my clit, then pushed two fingers inside my hole. I finger fucked myself for a couple of seconds then transferred my weight back to two elbows.

I regretted doing that very quickly as the youths moved a little closer and sat between us and the sea. I felt embarrassed but I didn’t close my legs. I started feeling horny and was torn between what a good girl should do and what my body wanted. I started to get wetter.

I turned to Ryan and saw that he was watching what was going on. He’d obviously turned the vibe up as Kate’s head was slowly going from side to side and her leg was pressing against Ryan. She wanted her legs as far apart as they could be.

I let my feet slide down and apart and as I looked down my body to the youths I could see my pubic bone sticking well up from my stomach. I suddenly thought of something that Ryan had said; that I could make a great bikini bridge – if I’d been wearing a bikini.

I looked at Ryan, his legs squashed between Kate’s knee and my leg. He was looking at the youths and his eyes were going from side to side. Bloody hell, he was inviting them to look at Kate and me; not that they would have needed an invite; after all, they’re men.

I looked at the youths again; they all had either lust or grins on their faces.

The vibe must have started to get the better of Kate as she started to get a little vocal and her stomach was rising and falling quickly. I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to cum too. On the one hand there was the embarrassment but on the other hand I could feel that it would be a good orgasm.

Ryan made the decision for me.


My elbows slid from under me and I started jerkin as the spasms took over. I could feel my hips rising to meet a cock that wasn’t there, and my pussy muscles trying to pull in something that wasn’t there. My hand that was nearest to Ryan grabbed out and gripped his arm and squeezed hard. I could feel my juices leaking out and running down to my butt.

The next thing that I knew was Ryan whispering, “Can I have my arm back please? It’s starting to go numb.”

I let go and looked at Kate first; she too was starting to come down. Then the youths; they’re eyes were still glued to our pussies and a couple of hands were on the front of their shorts. I wondered what their cocks looked like.

I lay there for ages as my breathing slowly got back to normal. As soon as I was able I got up, helped Kate get to her feet and dragged her into the sea. I certainly needed the sweat washing off me and I guessed that Kate did too. I also needed to cool down.

Thankfully, the youths had gone when we emerged from the water. Ryan was grinning at us as we towelled ourselves dry.

Time was moving on, the sun was going down, and we were getting hungry; so Ryan had the idea of going to one of the beach side cafés for something to eat. I would have preferred somewhere less public but as usual, Ryan got his way.

Kate must have been feeling a little tired because when she sat at the table she sat like good little girls are always being told to do; except that she was naked.

After the meal we headed back to the car and Ryan drove back to the villa, all of us a little quiet.

The food and the rest must have done us some good because when we got back to our villa I got us all a drink and we sat out by the pool and talked. After a while Kate said, “Would you really have tanned my butt Ryan?”

“Why, would you have liked me to?”

“I don’t know.”

“Only one way to find out,” I added.

Kate looked at me then bent over and spread her legs a bit.

“Go on then Ryan; hit it.”

I smiled, looked at Ryan, nodded then stood back as Ryan’s hand flew down onto Kate’s ass.

“Oooow!” That hurt!

“It’s supposed to.” I said, “Do you want some more?”

“Yes please.”

I went round to Kate’s head while Ryan rained slap after slap on Kate’s butt. I reached under Kate to her tits and found two very hard nipples which I rubbed and squeezed as she screamed out and started crying. After about 20 slaps the screaming and crying stopped and she went silent. After another 10 or so she started moaning. Another 10 or 12 slaps and Kate started cumming.

Ryan stopped and we both watched her; still bent over with a red butt.

Kate stood up a couple of minutes later and before she could say anything Ryan said, “You need to cool that down.”

Without saying anything, Kate walked over to the pool and walked straight into it. She surfaced a few seconds later and swam to the side nearest us.

“I don’t know what to say,” Kate said, “I never would have thought that was possible; or that I would have wanted to try it; but I’m glad that I did. This whole day has been full of amazing self-discoveries and I’m really glad that you helped me. I’ll remember this day; and you two, for the rest of my life. Thank you so much.”

I didn’t know what to say, neither did Ryan. After a few seconds I picked up a towel and walked towards Kate. “It still hurts.” Kate said as she sat down.

“So Kate,” Ryan said, “what’s going to happen tomorrow when your father and brothers get back?”

“I’ve been thinking about that, the way I see it is that I have two options. Option 1 is for me to go back to being the ‘old’ me boring and repressed as I was. Option 2 is for me to start doing what ‘I’ want to do. I really want to do option 2 but I don’t know if I’ve got the guts.”

“Only one way to find out.” Ryan said.

“I can’t just walk out of my room stark naked.”

“But you can get ‘caught’ sunbathing naked; pretending that you weren’t expecting them to get back so soon.” I said.

“But what could I say?”

“Well don’t apologise.” Ryan said, “Ask them if they’re going to join you. If your brothers throw a wobbler just tell them to grow-up and get over it. If they’re anything like normal kids they soon will, and they’ll start ogling you. As for your father, the way he looked at Tanya yesterday I’m sure that he won’t object too much; if at all. He too will start staring at you. If you play your cards right you’ll soon have them doing anything that you want them to do.”

“You think so?” Kate asked.

“I’m 100 percent sure.” Ryan said, “Attractive young women like you really can manipulate men quite easily if you are prepared to use your main asset, your body, to do it. Just look how Tanya manipulates me.”

“I do not.”

“Oh come on Tanya; you walk around naked all the time and when we go out you always wear very short skirts with no underwear.”

“And….” I said.

“Just joking; I love you exactly as you are. I wouldn’t want you to change one little bit, and you don’t manipulate me. I was just joking.”

I’d started to get annoyed but as soon as Ryan said that he was joking I just thumped his arm.

Kate decided that she was tired and wanted to turn-in but before she left she asked Ryan to retrieve the vibe that was still in her pussy. Both Ryan and I had forgotten about that. Kate shuffled forwards in her chair and spread her legs. As Ryan was groping around inside her Kate said that she was going to miss that; and us.

Thanking us (again) for the most amazing day of her life she left us to go to her bed.

Ryan and I sat by the pool for a while reflecting on just how unexpected the day had turn out. After a while we went to bed and Ryan spooned me and we fell asleep with him inside me.

We were late up the next morning and as we were having breakfast by the pool we heard a car arrive and assumed that it was Kate’s family returning. We both wondered how Kate was dressed (or not) at that moment.

That afternoon we went to another beach and Ryan once again made me cum right in the middle of the crowded beach.

We bumped into Roger and his family a couple of days later as we wandered round the village. Kate rushed up to us and hugged us. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra under her tank top and as we hugged she whispered that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. Her micro skirt was only a few inches lower than her pussy and I wondered if she’d been exposing herself to her father and the boys. They all certainly looked happy.

Ryan later told me that Roger had said that Kate had taken a leaf out of my book and they’d all had to get used to Kate wandering around without any clothes on. I smiled and thought, “Good for you girl.”

I also wondered if she was going to do what Ryan had told her about using her body to get power over the males in her family.

I kept up my Kegel exercises while I was on holiday; most days I did them out by the pool. My pussy muscles are getting so firm that I can grip Ryan’s cock so hard that I can stop him from shooting his load into me; then when I relax my muscles it all comes squirting into me; the first time that I did that it felt like a hosepipe had been turned on.

Talking of hosepipes; there was one near the pool and I remembered what I’d done with a hosepipe before. I had this urge to do it again so I went for the hosepipe and disconnected the end bit. Guess where I put the end of the hose. Ryan was smiling as he watched and went and turned the water on for me. It was quite warm for a while then it cooled down. It didn’t make me cum but it sure did feel good.

Another thing that made me feel good was the pool inlet. Floating on my back with the water pounding my pussy is sooo relaxing.

Another evening we went into San Antonio again. The plan was to go clubbing and I was wearing all my jewellery, my swimming skirt (Ryan said that it would be good for clubbing and that no one would notice that it was so short that my pussy and butt were showing), and one of my see-through tops.

As we both intended to have a few drinks we decided to get the bus rather than drive. The bus only took about 30 minutes and Ryan kept playing with my nipples all the way there. I was glad that I wasn’t wearing the remote vibe as I was sure that Ryan would have made me cum on that bus.

We walked to near a popular looking club then found a bar for a few drinks first. That bar was full of young people doing what we were; i.e. getting happy on cheap booze before going into the club and having to pay stupid prices for drinks.

The bar was a bit untidy because there were beer barrels and empty bottle crates in one corner. Ryan thought that it would be a laugh for me to stand on one of the upturned bottle crates so that I was his height for a change.

It did feel different, but I soon realised that Ryan had an ulterior reason for me to stand on that crate. Soon after I was up there one of his hands went to my butt cheeks under my too short skirt. He was fondling my butt and pussy right there in the bar. I was glad that there wasn’t much light. After a while of starting to feel good I realised that I had automatically spread my feet a little so that Ryan had better access.

We were just getting to the end of our second drink when in walked his three old school mates. After the usual greetings they went for some drinks and Ryan apologised for bumping into them and he promised that we’d get away from them as quick as possible.

When they got back to us all three of Ryan’s mates said that I looked good. All three were looking lower than my face as they said that, and their attention made my nipples stand to attention. All the time Ryan’s hand was still rubbing along my slit and sometimes sliding a finger inside my wet pussy.

It’s a strange (but exciting) feeling being fingered whilst you’re taking to someone else; but not quite as strange as being fucked whilst you’re talking to someone else. Ryan’s gentle finger fucking was raising my AF, but (thankfully) not enough to make me cum.

I was hoping that Ryan would dump his old school mates before we went into the club but we all joined the queue together and eventually we were all inside. Ryan was right about my skirt; most of the girls there were wearing as little as I was and I’m sure that I saw at least three other uncovered pussies. Ryan, who seems to be able to spot a bare pussy at half a mile, said that he saw at least ten. I was happy that I wasn’t the centre of attention.

The club was heaving but we were having a great time. Thankfully, Ryan’s old school mates were out to get laid so they went chasing pussy leaving Ryan and me alone.

The club has one floor that they fill with fog and Ryan pulled me into it and we started dancing, hardly able to see each other. We’d been holding hands to stay with each other but I lost touch with him for a few seconds. Then felt two hands slide from my back around my bare stomach. Assuming that it was Ryan I relaxed a bit and continued slow dancing.

The hands slid down over my skirt onto my bare mound. Thinking that Ryan was just showing his love for me I spread my legs a bit, hoping that he would finger me in the fog.

I wasn’t disappointed as the hands slid between my legs, spread my wet lips and penetrated me. There was a moment’s pause as I felt my chain and both rings being touched. It felt good as the fingers teased my clit and finger fucked me. It certainly helped that I could feel a hard cock (through shorts), pressing on my butt.

I was getting so close to cumming when Ryan’s face was right in front of mine and he started kissing me. It suddenly dawned on me that if Ryan was kissing me there was no way that his hands could be wrapped round me from behind and fingering me.

I clamped my legs together and the hands moved away. As soon as we broke our kiss I turned round but all I could see was fog. As I turned back to Ryan he asked, “Are you okay?”

“Err yes, I think so.”

I thought about telling him what had happened but I started to wonder if I’d dreamt it. Was it just wishful thinking on my dis-oriented part? I decided not to think about it.

When we left the fog we had another drink and did a bit more dancing. I didn’t feel at all out of place in my very skimpy clothes; in fact we saw a few topless girls dancing.

A while later Ryan’s mates appeared again, but by that time they’d got lucky and had three girls with them. All three were wearing skimpy clothes as well. We tried chatting but the music was too loud and in the end we all decided to leave and find a quieter bar.

We found one and the guys got some drinks. As time went on we’d all got very ‘happy’ and the crowds thinned out. Someone thought that it would be a good idea to have some tequila shots.

After a couple of rounds the guys decided that they wanted to do body shots on us four girls. A table was cleared and the guys started to try to persuade one of us to lie on the table. Bearing in mind that I only had on a see-through top and a way too short skirt; and all my jewellery; there was no way that I was going to volunteer.

Fortunately one of the ‘pick-ups’ volunteered and lay on her back on the table. I smiled when it became obvious that she too wasn’t wearing any knickers, or a bra.

The guys all (including Ryan) had a shot from her belly button then one of the guys wanted to have one off her tits. She happily pulled her top up letting her tits spring free and shouting, “Come and get them!”

Someone was sober enough to realise that the tequila wouldn’t stay put on her quivering tits so one of the guys pressed a finger on her right nipple while another poured the tequila into the indentation; then someone else slurped the shot.

This went on until all of us had sucked up a shot from her tit. Feeling a bit naughty I teased her nipple a bit with my teeth before I stood up.

Another of the girls wanted to have a go, so she took the first girl’s place and seven more shots were sucked-up from first her belly button, then one of her tits. This girl was wearing a thong that had a wet spot where her hole was; a point that all the guys made a comment about.

Girl 3 had her turn, revealing that she was without any underwear. The two girls that had no knickers were also shaved bald and the girl in the thong probably was as well because the thong was plastered flat to her pubes.

After all three girls had had their turn everyone looked at me. There was no way that I wanted to be displayed like that but the whole group, and the alcohol that I’d already drunk, were persuading me. So were the audience (half the bar) that we had attracted.

Up on the table I got and I heard a few comments about my pussy piercing, chains and one about my clit ring. Embarrassed, but giggling I waited for the tequila to be poured onto my belly button. Seven shots were sucked up with Ryan telling me to stop giggling because my belly was shaking too much.

After the seventh I sat up ready to get off the table but Ryan stopped me saying, “You’re not done yet TT; there’s the tit shots next.”

With that he reached over and pulled my top right up and off me. Apart from shoes and the way too short skirt I was now naked in a bar with what seemed like hundreds of people staring at me.

“Might as well have this off as well.” Ryan said as he pulled my skirt up (it had been round my waist) and over my head.

Fortunately the alcohol and the fact that I’d been naked for most of about 10 days had numbed my embarrassment a little but I still put one arm over my little tits. One of the guys stepped forward and with one hand lifted my arms off my tits; and with the other he pressed down on my right nipple.

“That’s no good,” he said, “they’re too small to hold any tequila.”

That got a few laughs and the odd comment about my age but I didn’t care. The guys and gals were quiet for a while then Ryan said, “I know what we’ll do, we’ll use her pussy.”

“WHAT!” I said.

“”Won’t it all disappear inside her?” one of the guys said.

“Maybe,” Ryan said, “but there’s only one way to find out.”

Ryan grabbed my ankles and lifted them right up in the air, leaving only my shoulders and head on the table. “Put your hands on your hips to support yourself.” Ryan said.

I did, and as soon as they were there Ryan pulled my ankles wide apart, opening my lips and pointing my exposed hole to the ceiling. There were a few cheers from the guys and the crowd, and a few more comments about my rings and chains. One of the girls asked about the two rings and one of the guys explained what Ryan had told him that day on the beach. The girls were surprised by his knowledge.

While that was going on I was laid there, embarrassed but giggling. For some weird reason I spread my legs as wide as I could, almost making them parallel to the floor.

Ryan sensed that I was co-operating and let go of my ankles. He got the bottle of tequila and poured a bit onto my pussy. I was expecting it to be cold or to sting my sensitive skin but it was warm and didn’t sting. He peered down at my pussy for a while then said, “Good, it’s staying there.”

He then stuck a slice of lemon in MY mouth and said, “Right, who’s first?”

All three guys moved forward but one was slightly ahead. He looked at Ryan who nodded and his old school mate lowered his mouth to my pussy.

It should have been a quick suck to get the tequila but it went on for ages as he sucked my clit and tried to poke his tongue into my hole. I suddenly thought about my Kegel exercises and squeezed my pussy to keep the tongue out but as my AF started to rise I relaxed and let it in. I don’t know how long Ryan let his mate eat me but I certainly felt relaxed and happy when he stopped. I looked at Ryan who winked at me letting me know that he was happy about what was happening. I relaxed and waited for the next guy.

All three guys had a go at getting their shots and I was just about to let myself down when one of the girls said, “My turn!”

I felt happy that I was about to get eaten by a girl. I hoped that she’d make a better job than the guys. I wasn’t wrong and Ryan let her keep going until she made me cum; much to the delight of the audience.

When I calmed down I was still up on my shoulders, legs spread wide and pussy pointing to the ceiling. I started to bring my legs together when another on the girls said, “Not yet Tanya, you’ve got two more to go.”

Both girls took their turn to drink their shots; and to make me cum.

By the time they’d finished, the tequila was finished too. Ryan was holding the empty bottle and looking at me. I smiled and saw Ryan get an evil look in his face. He stepped forward and lowered the opening of the bottle to my pussy. He held it there and said, “Shall I?”

It seemed like everyone in the building started egging him on; the noise was deafening. Ryan paused for a few more seconds before lowering the bottle to my pussy. I squeezed hard but Ryan pressed until I relaxed and took the bottle in as far as it would go.

Boy that felt good. I moaned and bucked my hips, trying to get more inside me; but there was no way that the main part of the bottle would go in. Instead, Ryan fucked me with it as the whole room watched. The inevitable happened and I had another orgasm.

After that the bar staff produced a couple of cans of cream and some cherries. Guess what happened next. Yes, all four of us girls got cream squirted on our interesting bits and quite a lot of men in the bar, not just Ryan and his three mates, ended up licking it off. A few of them made jokes about taking our cherries. We were a sticky mess; but a happy sticky mess. I think that all of us had at least one orgasm from the licking.

Ryan looked as pleased as punch; he really does like people seeing me naked, being groped by strange men and cumming in front of them. I sometimes get these images of me being gang-banged by a load of strangers and looking up and seeing Ryan staring down at me with a ginormous grin on his face. Then I come back to reality thinking that I hope it never comes to that.

Anyway, things started to quieten down and when I looked outside dawn was starting to break. Most of our group were still quite lively and one of the girls suggested that we go skinny-dipping so us girls put our clothes on and off we went.

We walked down to the beach and away from the centre of town. Behind some beach bars we all stripped and ran into the sea. After some splashing and messing about we split into four couples and started making out in the sea. I’m pretty sure that we four girls all got fucked; I know that I did, Ryan fucked me hard as I floated on my back.

When we emerged from the sea there were a few ‘early-birds’ on the beach and we got a couple of funny looks but none of us cared.

Ryan’s old school mates and their girls all decided that they were going back to their hotels. They didn’t say so but we assumed that they meant to the same hotel room for some more fucking. Ryan and I were both hungry so we became the first customers of the day at one of the beach cafés. Thankfully none of the staff were interested in my micro clothes.

After that we walked to the bus station and waited for the bus back to our villa. I fell asleep on the bus and when I woke-up Ryan was running a finger round my clit. Unfortunately we had to get off a few minutes later and walk back to the villa.

On the last full day that we were there Ryan promised to give me the most pleasurable day that he ever has. I had images of a romantic day with lots of fucking and cuddling. Unfortunately what Ryan meant was a day full of embarrassing public nudity and orgasms.

I started to get a little worried when he changed the batteries in the remote vibe and asked me to put my hair in pigtails and my barbells in my nipples and clit hood. When I asked him where we were going he said that he thought that we’d go back to Playa d'en Bossa. Okay, I’d had lots of fun there with Kate but it had been very embarrassing and tiring.

“So are you going to give me lots of orgasms then?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” Ryan replied, “I want to see if you can get up to triple figures.”

“Bloody hell Ryan; are you trying to kill me; ‘death by orgasm’?”

“What a way to go.”

“Well yes, but not today;” I said, “I’ll be happy if I just have a couple; and preferably with just you near me, lover.”

“Oh, I think that we can do better than that my sexy little exhibitionist.”

“No I’m not.”

Ryan just smiled.

We left the villa with not a stitch of clothing for me; just suntan lotion and a towel to lie on; oh, and four pieces of metal attached to my privates that I suspected would be anything but private that day; and one remote controlled vibrator inside me that would be invisible to everyone.

I was a little nervous as we drove into Playa d'en Bossa because it’s one thing to pretend to be a 12 year-old naked girl when everything about you looks young and natural, but it’s something else when your nipple and clit piercing jewellery is visible. I don’t suppose there are many 12 year-olds in the world that have that sort of jewellery on display.

Anyway, we parked the car and walked towards the beach. As we got close I asked Ryan if we could stop at a café to get something to eat, and a drink; or two. I figured that I’d need a bit of alcohol to loosen me up for what I suspected Ryan was going to get me to do.

The waiter had a bit of a grin on his face as he approached our table but Ryan said that he must have been told a joke.

As we sat there Ryan switched the vibe on, on low, telling me that he wanted to get me ‘warmed up’. I shuddered a bit as I wondered just what Ryan had in store for me.

The alcohol and the vibe started to work and I relaxed in my chair and I didn’t object when Ryan used his feet to spread my legs a bit. I was laid back in the chair with my legs still spread when the waiter came to get our money. I watched his face and his eyes opened wide when he realised what he could see. He stared at my pussy as he tried to convince Ryan to order something else.

Ryan was obviously enjoying seeing the man stare at my pussy because he ordered us both another drink and when it came the waiter took ages to move things around on the table to get them just how he wanted.

As we walked away from the café Ryan said that the day had got off to a good start and he asked me if I was happy.

“Of course; you’re with me and I’m starting to feel good.”

“And a bit wet?”

“Oh yes, I can see that I’ll have a lot of sand stuck to the insides of my legs quite soon.”

Ryan put his arm round me and said, “That’s my girl.”

I noticed the odd double-take as we walked onto the beach, but no one said anything and Ryan steered me towards the club areas of the beach. Fortunately, the louder the music the fewer kids there were and we soon got to a place where there were only teens and twenties men and women.

Ryan picked a spot right in the middle of a bunch of mainly young men and we spread our towels. Ryan got me to rub suntan lotion onto him then he told me to lie down so that he could do me.

He took his time getting every square inch of my back and when he moved down to my legs I automatically spread them to give him access to my inner thighs. As expected, he lingered around my pussy and he whispered, “Bloody hell TT; you're gushing.”

“That’s your fault.” He continued rubbing the suntan lotion, and my juices, into the top of my legs.

As I turned onto my back I saw that a handful of youths around us were watching us.

“Time for kid mode.” Ryan whispered.

“Daddy, will you do my front now?” I loudly asked.

“Of course princess.”

As Ryan started rubbing the lotion on my arms I saw two geeky looking youths walk up and sit only about 6 feet from my feet. Both sat so that they could look at us but both pretended to be looking elsewhere.

I smiled a little and thought, “Poor sods, they look too shy to get anywhere with the girls; I bet that they’ll still be virgins when they fly home.”

Ryan started on my chest and little tits. As he massaged the lotion around and on my nipples he said, quite loudly, “I don’t know why I agreed to let you have these piercings done; you’re still too young for this sort of thing.”

“But daddy, I like them, especially this one;” I said as I opened my legs and gently pulled on my clit hood barbell revealing my clit ring to the geeks and anyone else who was looking. “Besides, all the girls at school have had them done.”

I looked towards the young geeks and saw that they were now on their stomachs looking at me; well, my pussy.

Ryan moved to my legs, lifting them one at a time as he continued with the lotion. I let out a moan as he touched my pussy.

“Princess,” Ryan loudly said, “You’re so wet, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s you daddy; and those boys looking at me, I can’t help it.”

“Just ignore the other people princess; pretend that they’re not there.”

“Okay daddy.”

Ryan finished my legs and moved up to my lower abdomen. As he rubbed the lotion round and on my pussy I let out a few moans, loud enough for the geeks to hear.

When Ryan had finished we both just lay there enjoying the sun. After a couple of minutes Ryan noticed that I was laying there with my legs closed and he whispered for me to open them. I did.

A few more minutes later Ryan said, “I bet that you’re getting bored Tanya; how about practicing your gymnastics?”

I looked at him as if to say, “Really, you want me to do that with these geeks and others watching?”

Ryan answered my unspoken question by turning the vibe up to full.

“Okay, okay.” I said as I got to my feet and started doing all the things that I’d done with Kate a few days previously.

It was probably a mistake but as I exposed my pussy to the geeks and the others that were watching me I kept looking at them. Their expressions and stares compounded the effect of the vibe purring away inside me and it wasn’t long before I started cumming. I collapsed onto the sand and lay there jerking and moaning.

As the waves subsided I looked over to Ryan.

“Come on Tanya,” Ryan said, “you shouldn’t be having a rest in the middle of your routine.”

I glared at him, slightly annoyed, but grateful that he’d turned the vibe down to the low setting. Getting back up onto my feet I continued doing more of what I could remember of the day with Kate and in the art classes.

I was just walking on my hands with my legs parallel to the sand when Ryan turned the vibe back up to full. The sudden shock to my already very horny body took my AF off the scale and I collapsed as I started to cum again.

Unfortunately I collapsed right on top of the two geeks. Lying across them while cumming and having no control over my body I just stared into the glasses of the geek who had his arm on my tits. No doubt he would argue that he was just catching me.

When I was able I rolled off them and got up. Apologising, I walked back to Ryan and sat next to him. “Can we go for a swim please daddy?”

“Of course princess.”

I watched Ryan put his hand into our backpack and switch the vibe off before getting to his feet and holding my hand as we walked into the sea. Up to my neck in the water I just stood there for ages, just relaxing with Ryan holding my hands. When I’d got myself together I looked at Ryan and said, “Fuck me now, please.”

As I said that I let go of Ryan’s hand and put my right hand to my pussy to catch the vibe as I squeezed it out. I then put it in Ryan’s shorts pocket before pulling Ryan closer to shore so that I could float at cock height and let him fuck me. It didn’t take long for both of us to cum and me to just float there impaled on his cock as it slowly went soft.

Before we went ashore Ryan got me to put the vibe back in its proper home and as we were drying ourselves Ryan whispered something about moving on and having ‘round 2’.

I wasn’t sure what he meant but I helped him pack our backpack and we walked off, passed the two geeks who just couldn’t stop staring at us – well me.

As we walked further down the beach I asked Ryan if he was happy with the embarrassment that he’d caused.

“You were fantastic TT; you really are a natural at flashing. If you ever decide to become a porn star you’ll make millions.”

“That’ll never happen mister; it’s way too embarrassing. But I’m pleased that you enjoy it.”

We then had the same short argument about me getting embarrassed and humiliated, and Ryan saying that I loved every second of it.

As usual Ryan won and we stopped walking and Ryan chose a place for us to spread our towels again. I found out what he meant by ‘round 2’ as he switched the vibe onto low and told me that we were going to do the same as we’d done a few minutes ago.

We (I) did; in fact we repeated the ‘show’ three times, with me taking my orgasm count well into double figures, before Ryan decided that I needed a rest (he certainly got that right), and some food.

We walked to a beach-side café where we ate and had a few more drinks. I sat lady-like as we ate with no one taking much notice of the naked kid and her father. Just as I was starting to feel ‘normal’ again, Ryan stood up and said, “Come on princess, time for round 3.”

The alcohol and my AF count had loosened my inhibitions and after a very small objection, we headed further along the beach with Ryan looking for a suitable crowd for me to embarrass myself in front of.

Three more ‘rounds’ later as we were fucking in the sea, I pleaded with Ryan to stop the shows; I was just too knackered. I’d totally lost count of the orgasms I’d had but guessed that it must be well into the twenties. Ryan took pity on me and we collected our things and walked to the edge of the beach. We found some steps and sat half way up, relaxing and looking down at the crowds of young people on the beach.

We were close to the Bora Bora beach bar and I could see quite a few girls, wearing just thongs, dancing and drinking. I didn’t feel at all under dressed even though my pussy wasn’t covered.

Ryan decided to go and get us an ice cream and I leant back on my elbows relaxing and trying to think about nothing. I didn’t realise until Ryan got back, but I’d let my knees drift apart. Ryan brought my attention to it by telling me that the man at the bottom of the steps was having a great view. I looked down, saw him and clamped my knees together.

“Look, you’re such an exhibitionist that you’re flashing guys without realising that you’re doing it.” Ryan said.

“I am not.”

Ryan smiled and passed me my ice cream. When we’d finished Ryan said, “Right, time for ‘round 9’.”

“NO! No, I can’t take any more of that; please no more, I’m knackered.”

“Hmm, you do look a bit done-in. How about we just lie out and soak up the sun for a while?”

“Yes, please, that would be great.”

We walked down onto the beach and found space to put our towels down. We lay there on our backs with my legs firmly together and holding hands.

The next thing that I knew was the vibe started purring away inside me and when I got fully awake I realised that my legs were spread wide, my right hand was on my pussy and I was feeling very horny. I looked at Ryan and saw a big grin on his face.

“Having a nice dream?”

“Err yeah,” I said, “it was nice, we were on a beach on our own and you were making love to me. It was so romantic.”

By that time I’d moved my hand and was feeling a bit embarrassed. “How long has that thing, pointing to my stomach, been on?”

“Only about 10 minutes.”

I looked around and saw a couple of people looking at me but they were talking and didn’t (thankfully) look that interested.

“Ryan,” I said, “I need to cum – soon.”

“Wow, my horny little slut, will here and now do?”

“No not really, but I’m guessing that you’re not going to give me any choice in the matter.”

I was right, the vibe went onto full speed and I moaned and grabbed handfuls of the towel to stop my hands from going to my pussy.

My hips lifted off the towel as I started to cum. I could feel my pussy spasms and hoped that no one was looking. I was wrong; as I calmed down I looked and saw a young couple staring at me. The girl had a smile on her face and the boy was adjusting the front of his shorts.

Ryan had seen them as well and he whispered, “Guess what they’re going to be doing as soon as they get back to their hotel.”

'You and me as well buster.' I thought.

Ryan turned the vibe down and I tried to relax.

About 10 minutes later I started to feel a bit restless. When I told Ryan he got up and pulled me up too. “Come on, I’ve got an idea,” he said.

We walked along the beach until we came to a place that was renting jet-skis. “Fancy a go?” Ryan asked.

“Does it involve having an orgasm?”

“Do you want it to?”

I didn’t get the chance to answer that as one of the young men looking after the jet-skis asked Ryan if he wanted a go. Ryan looked at me and said, “Yeah, both of us.”

The man looked me up and down and said, “Okay, I’m sure we’ve got a floatation-aid her size.”

He went off and came back with two flotation-aids and handed them to Ryan who gave the smaller one back to him and said, “Can you put that one on her, I’m a little busy.”

The man looked me up and down again and his eyes seemed to linger on my piercings then he opened the jacket thing for me to put my arms through. When I was done he zipped it up then said,

“I need to fasten the strap between her legs.”

Ryan looked over and replied, “That’s okay, go ahead. Tanya, open your legs for the man.”

I did, and the man put his hand between my legs and grabbed the dangling strap. As he pulled the strap through my legs the side of his hand brushed my bare pussy. I gasped and shuddered a bit.

“Sorry.” The man said as he clipped the fastener on the strap to a socket on the front. As he tightened the strap it pressed onto my pussy and I gasped again.

Ryan was already done by then and was getting the money out of our backpack to pay the man. As he did he turned the vibe onto low. I hadn’t been expecting that and I jumped a little.

“Are you okay?” the man asked; “there’s no need to be nervous, I’m sure that your daddy won’t go too fast.”

I nearly laughed but Ryan was suddenly back with us and asking the man how the jet-ski worked. Ryan got on and I climbed on behind him. When the motor started the vibrations went straight through me making me think that I wasn’t going to last long. As Ryan opened the throttle I hung on for dear life. I heard Ryan ask if I was okay and I squeezed his waist to let him know that I was.

As we sped along I could feel my AF rising. When the inevitable happened I gripped Ryan’s waist so much that he backed-off the throttle and turned to look at me. When he realised that I was cumming he opened the throttle wide. This made the orgasm more intense and the grip on Ryan’s waist tighter.

As the intensity decreased, the pressure of my grip reduced and Ryan went even faster. When the intensity increased my grip got harder and Ryan slowed down. This went on for ages until Ryan turned the jet-ski and headed back to the beach.

The man came over to us and I just sat there, trying to relax and get my strength back. After a few seconds the man said, “Here, let me help you.”

He stood beside me and lifted me right up and off the jet-ski. As he lowered me down I managed to straighten my legs and take my weight. Ryan got off and started taking his floatation-aid off. The man turned to me and asked me if I needed some help.

I nodded and the man un-clipped the strap. I was glad that I’d been splashed with sea water as I’m sure that the strap would have been quite wet. As the man unzipped me and lifted the jacket thing off me, my nipples got exposed to the air and sun and I realised that they were aching and rock hard.

The man saw them and stared at them for a few seconds before saying, “You okay sweetie?”

I nodded.

Ryan thanked the man, grabbed my hand and led me to get our backpack.

As we walked away Ryan asked me if I was okay. I mumbled a quiet ’yes’ then Ryan asked me if I’d enjoyed my ride.

“Yeah, that was fun. It reminded me of the time that cop gave me a ride on his quad bike back to your uncle’s mobile home. I still wonder what he’d have done if he knew I was having an orgasm on the back of his bike.”

“I wish that I could have seen that.”

“You’ve seen me cum millions of time.”

“Yeah, but naked and on the back of a policeman’s quad bike! That’ll never happen again; maybe we should look for something similar. How could we get you to get a ride on a police horse?”

“That’ll never happen.” I said, trying to dismiss Ryan’s idea, but at the same time wondering what it would be like.

The vibe was starting to get the better of me and I needed to relax a bit. “Can you turn this thing off please?”

“But you love cumming.”

“Yeah, but I need some rest. How would you like to cum 40 or 50 times in one day?”

“That’ll never happen, men aren’t built like that.”

We found a space and spread our towels. As we lay down, up on our elbows watching a big boat go pass, I said, “How would you like to have a hard-on that lasted for days?”

“Bloody hell TT; do you want me to fuck you non-stop for days?”

“That sounds nice, but it wasn’t quite what I was thinking. It was more like what would it be like for you to stay hard and shoot your load every 30 minutes for a whole day?”

“Bloody hell TT, men are different to women; men just can’t do that, they can’t produce enough cum.”

“But with Viagra you could stay hard for hours, maybe days.”

“Probably; would you like me to fuck you non-stop for hours TT?”

“Hell yes.”

“Well maybe we should get some Viagra and try.”

“So just how many times have you cum today TT – so far?”

“I don’t know, I lost count hours ago; but I’m sure that it’s more than I’ve ever cum in a week before. Hey, and what’s this ‘so far’ bit; what are you planning lover?”

“Well, I don’t know yet, but let’s increase that count right now.”

With that Ryan reached into the backpack and turned the vibe on and onto full. My body jerked at the sudden shock then I looked round then lay back. Fortunately there was no one that close, and no one looking at me.

Because of all the cumming that day my AF was already quite high and it didn’t take long for me to start cumming; my hips rising and my hands gripping the towel. I so wanted Ryan to fuck me right there and then.

As I calmed down I looked round hoping that Ryan had been the only one watching me but I was unlucky; a young couple walking along the water’s edge had stopped and were staring at me. I blushed a bit, but only a bit, the alcohol and everything that had happened that day had really lowered my inhibitions. I was almost at the point of not caring.

“Ready for another one?” Ryan asked, but he didn’t give me the chance to answer him. The vibe went back up to full and I resigned myself cumming in public yet again.

While I was up on my ‘high’ I was vaguely aware of first a young couple, then a whole bunch of people standing around me. After they had gone and I’d got back to normal Ryan told me what had happened. It started with the young woman coming over to us and saying, “Is the girl okay?”

“Yes and no.” Ryan replied as both he and the woman looked at me.

The woman then knelt beside me, put her hand on my forehead then held my wrist checking my pulse. By that time the man that had been holding her hand as they walked along the beach, had come over and knelt next to me as well.

“What have we got Jude?” The man asked.

“Not sure yet Justin; it looks like she’s having an orgasm but…..”

“A bit young for that isn’t she.”

Ryan interrupted them by saying, “Yeah, probably; her mother took her to the doctors a couple of months ago and he decided that she’s got this ‘Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder’ thing. Apparently she can have an orgasm at any time.”

“I’ve heard of that,” Justin said; “but I thought it only affected older girls and women.”

“Apparently not.” Jude said.

Justin explained that Jude and he were both medical students and he went on to explain, in medical terms, what PGAD was to Jade as Ryan sat there listening as I continued to cum; again and again.

Ryan must have had the vibe controller in his shorts pocket and his hand in there because the vibe suddenly went dead.

After a few seconds Justin said, “It must be passing.”

“Maybe;” Jude replied, then, “does she get these episodes quite often?”

“Not too often at home but since we’ve been here she’s been getting quite a lot.” Ryan replied.

“Is she on any medication?” Justin asked.

“No, the doctor said that there isn’t a cure. He said that the only known way of helping reduce the symptoms is for her to have her clitoris cut off.”

Apparently Jade’s eyes opened wide at that before she said, “I’m glad that they didn’t go for that option, it would have ruined her life. I’m surprised that he offered that as an option because female genital mutilation is illegal in England. What’s this round her clitoris?”

Jude was spreading my very wet labia so that my clit ring was clearly visible.

Ryan turned the vibe back on at that point and I started again; probably helped by Jade’s fingers. I don’t know why I did it but I opened my legs wider. It was if I wanted them to have a closer look at my pussy and clit ring. It wasn’t just Jade and Justin; the rest of the group of young people that they had been walking with had turned and come back to see what was going on. Maybe they too were medical students; I don’t know.

“Oh that;” Ryan said, “the doctor said that because our parents had rejected the amputation option he could try restricting the blood flow to her clitoris by putting that thing on. It doesn’t look like it works, does it?”

“No,” Justin said, “The weather here probably isn’t helping; I’ve read that heat can trigger an episode. Is that why she hasn’t got any clothes on?”

“Maybe that’s the reason;” Ryan replied, “she says that she hates clothes but maybe that’s her body’s way of telling her to keep cool. Perhaps we should take her into the water.”

As soon as Ryan had said that two of the guys had moved forward to lift me up. I got lifted up by unknown men as I continued to have more orgasms. As Justin and Jade’s friends carried me to the water one of the guys said, “A bit young for all these piercings isn’t she?”

“Apparently most of the girls in her class have got them, and more, so she tells us.” Ryan replied.

I got lowered into the shallow water and Ryan obviously switched the vibe off because I soon started to get back to normal. As soon as I was free of the men and thinking (not so) straight I opened my legs and let the water cool my hot and aching pussy.

When I looked up the two men were still there, still looking down at me; so was Jude, Justin, and Ryan.

“How are you feeling now, sweetie?” Jude asked.

“Fine; I’m just fine; thank you,” I responded after a short pause. I sat up in the water and looked out to sea, too embarrassed to face the people there.

“Right, I think that we’ve done all that we can hear,” Jude said, “May I suggest that you keep your sister out of the sun as much as possible.” With that, all but Ryan turned and walked away.

“Why do you keep doing that?” I asked Ryan.

“Because you love it when I do.”

“No I don’t.”

“Do you want me to finger test you right here.”

“I’m sat in the sea, of course I’m wet.”

“But the viscosity of your pussy juices will be a lot different and I bet that I can get my fingers out of the water quick enough to prove it.”

And he probably could, so I let it drop and got to my feet.

Ryan pulled the remote control out of his pocket and said, “Ready for number 65?”

“Is that all, it feels like hundreds; I’m knackered. Can we just sit quietly for a while; besides, the sun is starting to go down and I’m sure that I’ll be feeling hungry soon.”

We walked along the beach for a couple of minutes then sat on our towels. It wasn’t long before I was fast asleep leaning back on Ryan with his arm around me.

When I woke up I was pleased to feel that the vibe wasn’t switched on. It was so romantic sat on the beach with my boyfriend’s arm round me and watching the sun go down.

But that couldn’t last; after about 15 minutes Ryan asked me if I was still feeling horny. After been naked on a public beach, letting dozens of people see my pussy and having goodness knows how many orgasms; how could I not feel horny. It would take a good fucking from Ryan and a good night’s sleep before those feelings would go away.

“Just a little lover; what have you got in mind?”

“Well…… Do you remember what was near the car when we parked it?”

“Other cars.”


“There was a little kid’s play area.”


“Not with little kids around.”

“No, of course not. Tell you what, if there’s kids there we’ll just go back to the villa, but if it’s empty I’ll give you a few more to add to your count.”

“What count? I lost that hours ago.”

“Well we’ll just have to add to it anyway.”

“Before we go there can we stop and get something to eat please, I’m starving?”

“Of course we can, I’m hungry too; how about a burger?”

We went to this little burger bar. It has a big glass window with a long, thin worktop inside the window and high stools with little backs on them. There are only two proper tables inside and five or six outside, in front of the window, between that and the street. Ryan told me to go into ‘kid’ mode just before we went in so that there was more chance that the only man working there would think that I was a little kid; although I wasn’t sure what he’d make of a naked little girl who had nipple and clit rings.

The worker stared at me as we went in so I said, “Daddy, can I have a happy meal please?”

“Sorry princess, this isn’t McDonalds, they don’t have happy meals here. Do you see anything up there that you’d like to have?”

“Have they got chicken nuggets?”

“No honey; tell you what, I’ll order for you; okay?”

“Thank you daddy.”

Ryan got our food and I was hoping that he’d take me to one of the tables outside but he led me to the worktop at the window.

“Can you manage to get onto that stool okay princess?”

“Of course I can daddy; I’m a big girl now.”

As I got onto the stool I realised why Ryan had picked that part of the worktop; there were four young men sat at the table at the other side of the window. I hoped that they wouldn’t try to look at my pussy. I settled on the stool with my legs closed and said, “It seems a bit weird being in a burger bar without any clothes on.”

“You never have much on when we go to Burger King or McDonalds back in England.”

“Yeah I know, but being totally naked is different; more naked; more sexy; more exposed.”

“Yes, and you’re loving every minute of it.”


“Slide forwards and lay back a bit then spread your legs.” Ryan whispered.

I looked through the window and saw that the young men’s heads were level with my pussy; Ryan wanted me to let them look at my wet, swollen pussy. “What the hell!” I thought; I was still sexed-up from everything that had happened and I would have done absolutely anything that Ryan asked.

I shuffled my butt to the front edge of the stool and lay back until my back met the short stool back. Then I opened my legs as wide as I could.

Ryan let me eat most of my food like that. About half way through I looked out of the window and saw that the young men had spotted what they could see and were doing what was expected. Seeing them looking at my pussy caused me to get a wet rush and a strong ache for something living inside me.

As I was getting towards the end of my food Ryan switched the vibe on. My pussy muscles contracted at the shock and I heard a bit of a cheer from the youths.

I felt my juices run down my crack to my butt and probably drip onto the stool.

Ryan wasn’t eating as fast as I was and he still had some chips left. He picked a big one up and eased it into my hole; then ate it.

I heard another cheer.

“Hmm pussy dip.” Ryan said; “Is that a new sales opportunity. It tastes much better than tomato or brown sauce.”

I imagined a waitress in a restaurant saying, “Would you like any sauce with your meal sir, tomato, chili, brown, or pussy?”

I smiled to myself but didn’t say anything.

Ryan dipped another chip and I heard another cheer. This time Ryan held the chip for me to eat. I opened my mouth and Ryan teased me by putting it in then quickly pulling it out. He did that a couple of times then left it in my mouth.

Ryan put his hand in his pocket and I felt the vibe go faster. My pussy gushed and spasmed as I started to cum. My head went back as I just managed to keep quiet. Ryan kept the vibe on full and my orgasm turned into a double. Thankfully Ryan then turned the vibe down.

When I’d got back to something like normal Ryan said, “Can you squeeze the vibe partially out then suck it back in?”


I relaxed for a few seconds then started squeezing. As the end of the vibe appeared I heard a bigger cheer from outside. I looked up and saw that the four young men had been joined by three more. That thought raised my AF a couple of notches. If I wasn’t careful I’d cum again.

I turned my head to look for the man worker. I could see the man that had served us but he was busy serving someone else. Ryan must have been watching my head and eyes because the vibe suddenly went back up to full. I started to cum again and my pussy sucked the vibe back in.

More cheers as my pussy sucked and sucked; searching for a cock to fuck it. As I calmed down Ryan turned the vibe off. My bodily needs told me that I needed to cum again and because the vibe was off, my right hand went to my pussy and I started rubbing.

As I frigged away I looked outside, not one of the guy’s eyes were looking at mine. The thought that all those male eyes were glued to my pussy made my juices flow faster and the ache in my pussy intensify.

When one of the guys leaned up to the window and started licking it just in front of my pussy I felt the start of yet another orgasm coming on. I bit down on my lip and was pleased that the burger bar had some loud music playing.

When I looked up again I saw the burger bar worker was stood behind the youths watching me with a big grin on his face. I clamped my legs together but it was too late; the orgasm hit me like a train. When I opened my eyes the man had gone but I could hear Ryan talking. I looked round and saw the worker talking to Ryan.

I was sure that we were going to get thrown out. I heard Ryan say, “Come on TT; climb down.”

My heart was pounding for a different reason and I really was expecting some harsh words from the worker, but instead he turned and cleared one of the tables in the middle of the shop. I had about two seconds of puzzlement before Ryan led me to the end of the table and turned my back to it.

“Up you get TT.”

“You want me on my back on here?”

“Come on TT; I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself.”

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but I was all sexed up so I turned my back to the end of that table and jumped up.

“Slide back a bit then lay back.”

I did as told and for some strange reason I spread my legs wide. My body was over-ruling my brain – again.

My head was over the other end of the table so I propped myself on my elbows and looked round and saw Ryan talking to the worker again. What was a little worrying was that most of the guys from outside had followed the worker in and were all crowding round me.

I was pleased that my butt was well back from the edge of the table. Although I really wanted to be properly fucked I wanted Ryan to be the one to do that; and Ryan to be the only one sticking his cock in my pussy.

Ryan turned to me and whispered, “Squeeze the vibe out TT then just relax and enjoy it.”

Ryan said that in a very calm and confident way so I did as I was told; the vibe clunking as it landed on the table between my legs. The burger bar worker came and stood between my legs, I was expecting him to start playing with my pussy and perhaps finger fuck me but he bent over and started licking my pussy. I looked at Ryan and saw that he was smiling so I knew that he was going to let it happen.

The man was good and it wasn’t long before that familiar ache returned to my pussy; and a lot of my juices. The man’s left hand came up to my left nipple and started squeezing, rubbing and pulling it.

I knew that I wouldn’t last long as I looked down at the worker’s slightly bald head. Then I looked round and saw six or seven young men all staring down at me. Some had cameras or phones in their hands and I just knew that my little body would be their wanking material for weeks to come.

As his tongue went from my clit to inside my hole I felt myself start to cum. The waves of my orgasm rose then subsided as my arms gave out and I fell flat on my back. My head went over the edge of the table and hung down.

I heard Ryan shout, “Right, who’s next? Remember guys, she’s as young as she looks so unless you want to end up in jail, keep those cocks out of her pussy.”

“Fucking hell,” I thought, “Ryan’s just about invited them to gangbang me.” Although I wanted a cock inside me, I wanted that cock to be Ryan’s. I just hoped that they’d heed Ryan’s words.

I didn’t get chance to think anymore; I felt something on my face and opened my eyes. A cock, and not Ryan’s, was coming straight for my mouth. Instinctively I opened my mouth wide and the cock went straight in and to the back of my throat. I closed my mouth gently and started sucking.

As I was doing that I felt hands all over me, then a mouth on my pussy. I was being groped and used and my pussy was loving it. My already high AF was getting even higher. The cock started going in and out, occasionally pausing for me to get some air. Then I felt the swelling and the cock stopped deep in my throat. Pulse after pulse of cum shot down my throat and I started to think that I needed some air - quick.

Fortunately, the man realised and pulled out. I gasped for air then looked over to Ryan. The grin on his face told me that he was happy. He leant forward and whispered, “That was to stop him calling the police; the rest is for your pleasure my love. Lay back and enjoy it.”

And I did. The hands and mouths took care of me below my neck and different cocks kept invading my mouth. Most added their sauce to the burger in my stomach but two or three shot their load all over my face. For ages, as the orgasms hit me one after another, I had to keep my eyes shut as my eyelids were covered in cum.

Eventually things stopped and just lay their wondering if it was over. After a while I heard Ryan say, “Here, wipe your face with this.”

I felt something soft on my hand so I grabbed it and cleaned my face as best I could. I sat up and looked round. The youths were gone, the worker was back flipping burgers, a young couple were just walking in (looking at me) and Ryan was next to me; still with that grin on his face.

I was about to close my legs but Ryan reached in between them and I felt the vibe being pushed inside me. When it was in I did close my legs then swung round on the table as Ryan said,“You’re not done yet TT.”

“Did I do good daddy?” I said quite loudly.

“Yes princess, you did good; you made your daddy proud.”

I looked over to the newcomers and saw the girls jaw drop as she realised the implications of what she had just heard. Ryan helped me down and we walked to the door.

“Gracias señora atractiva joven.” I heard as I stepped outside.

We walked back to the car park with Ryan holding me against him. I was both disappointed and happy to find that there weren’t any kids in the play area. However, there was a teenage couple but they were more engrossed in each other to notice us. There were a couple of street lights but one wasn’t working and the other was very dirty so I was pleased that the visibility wasn’t that good.

“Right TT; how about a bit of fun here?” Ryan said.

“But there’s that couple over there, they’d probably start looking at us.”

“Maybe, maybe not; they look like they’re more interested in each other. Besides, since when did you care if someone was watching you; you must have had over a hundred people watching you cum so far today.”


I didn’t get the chance to finish my answer as Ryan switched the vibe on to full blast. I jumped a bit with the surprise the Ryan guided me over to the climbing frame and told me to climb up. It was only small and I got to the top in seconds. Ryan climbed under it and put his hand up. He could reach my pussy so I spread my legs to make access easier for him. His fingers combined with the vibe soon brought me to yet another orgasm.

It was nice not having to worry about anyone seeing or hearing me so I let myself go a bit and got a bit vocal. It was only as I calmed down that I saw that the couple had moved a bit closer and were looking at us. Luckily Ryan turned the vibe down and I got my composure back; and Ryan moved his hand away. I told Ryan but he just said, “So what, just ignore them.”

I wasn’t happy but I was feeling horny and after all, Ryan was right about how many people had already seen me cum that day. Ryan told me to climb down and we went over to the swings. I thought that he was going to just push me on one of the swings but he told me to go to the rope rings. They were two plastic rings about 6 inches in diameter on the ends of two ropes. It was like one of the swings seat had been replaced by the two plastic rings.

Anyway, Ryan lifted me up so that I was standing on the inside of the two rings. I was expecting him to push me back and forwards but he pulled one of the rings sideways. My legs spread wide to a point where I couldn’t pull myself back upright.

Ryan turned the vibe back on and let me slowly cum. I leaned back and looked up to the dark sky. “You’re dripping TT.” I heard Ryan say but I was passed the point of no return and I gripped the ropes so hard that my hands hurt. Just as I started to get my composure back Ryan reached under me and teased my clit. The inevitable happened and I came again quite quickly.

When I got my composure back Ryan switched the vibe off then supported my butt and I was able to pull my feet together. As I got upright I saw that the couple had moved even closer to us and were stood next to each other, openly staring at us. The guy had his arm round the girl and was fondling one of her tits. Ryan pushed me back and I swung backwards and forwards. As I came forwards my legs opened just enough to go either side of him. Ryan held out his right middle finger to a position where it went inside me as I came forward.

The third time that he penetrated me his finger hit the end of the vibe and I gasped in pain and surprise. “Oow, that hurt.”

Ryan grabbed my ankles and stopped me, then told me to squeeze the vibe out. He caught it and put it in his pocket before pushing me back.

It was so nice being penetrated each time that I swung forward. After a few times Ryan backed away as unzipped his shorts; holding his hard cock he moved forward and lined it up where he thought my hole would be when I next swung forward. Unfortunately he got it wrong first time and we both thought that the other had been hurt as his cock hit the front of my pussy.

The next time that I came forward Ryan was right on target and I was in heaven as his cock thrust into me. Ryan pushed me back and we did it again, again and again until I had yet another orgasm. We kept going until Ryan came as well; then I just hung there with Ryan still inside me until he went soft. He played with my nipples until he had gone soft then we just stayed like that for a few seconds until Ryan said that we should go.

I pulled myself up then put my weight on my hands to allow me to lift my feet out and drop down. With Ryan’s cum slowly seeping out of me we walked to the car. I looked back and saw that the girl was sat on a swing with the youth between her legs. It was too dark for me to see if they were fucking.

I have no idea how many orgasms I had that day but I am sure that it must have been well over 60, perhaps even 70 or 80. What I do know for a fact is that I was so knackered that I was asleep within a couple of minutes of getting in the car to go back to the villa. Ryan had to carry me from the car to our bed and the next thing that I knew was Ryan waking me by fucking me shortly before we had to start getting ready to leave.

Well, I think that there’s only one more ‘interesting’ part of our holiday and that was the flight home. For some strange reason the flight was only half full and we got three seats on one side of the plane. I sat by the window and Ryan in the middle one of the three seats. Shortly after take-off Ryan got me to sit on his lap facing the window. With a bit of slow shuffling we managed to get Ryan’s cock out and into my pussy. I sat with my head on Ryan’s shoulder, pretending to be asleep, and his cock in my pussy for about half an hour. Because no one could see my front Ryan was able to play with my clit and he brought me to two wonderful orgasms and I managed to play with his balls and make him cum deep inside me.

We renewed our membership of that select club. I have to say that the holiday didn’t turn out the way that I’d hoped, or expected; but I did have a great time, and I did cum hundreds of times.

We Move House

After Tom had been with us for about five months we finally got into the position of being able to buy our first house. We’d already been looking round and found a couple that we really liked. When we got a provisional mortgage offer we put in an offer for one of the houses and then everything moved fast. Three months later we moved in.

The house has a back garden that, unfortunately, is over-looked from all directions; and a garage. Not that we’d ever put the car in there, it would have to survive on the driveway. Ryan had already decided that the garage was going to be our ‘fun’ room; not that I knew what that meant at the time.

The house also has three bedrooms so I was happy that Tom would be out from under our feet a lot of the time and that I wouldn’t get stared at as much.

Another brilliant benefit was that we’d be leaving Mr. Perv behind. Ryan jokingly said that we might have three or four Mr. Pervs in the surrounding houses. I shivered when Ryan said that and I said that I hoped not.

Another thing about the house was that it was built in an era when big windows were all the rage. Thankfully all the ones in our house have been replaced with double-glazed units so we wouldn’t have astronomical heating bills. I liked the idea of large windows and the amount of light that they’d let in, but I hadn’t thought it through until Ryan said that we might have three or four Mr. Pervs nearby. I suddenly thought that we needed to put up some curtains and mentioned it to Ryan.

He reminded me that moving house is expensive and it was going to be a long time before we’d get the place how we wanted it; in the meantime we were going to have to ‘rough it’, living without things like some of the furniture and curtains and blinds. I wanted to get some temporary curtains but Ryan said that it was a waste of money and that we’d do better waiting and just take the risk of someone looking in.

“Don’t worry about it TT; just ignore them like you ignored Mr. Perv.”

“Easy for you to say Ryan, but it’s not your body that’s on display; it’s mine and you know that I get embarrassed.”

“Embarrassed and horny; and you love it TT.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do. Come here, I’ll prove it.”

Ryan took my hand and led me out into the back garden. Then he unfastened my dress and let it fall to the ground leaving me stark naked in our new back garden.

“Please don’t do this Ryan.”

“Just proving a point, my love,” Ryan said as he lifted my feet out of my dress.

I stood there with one arm over my little tits and the other hand over my pussy. Ryan stood there watching me for about a minute as I looked round to see if any of our new neighbours were watching us (I couldn’t see anyone), then Ryan pushed my hand away from my pussy. He ran a finger along my slit then lifting it up to my face and said, “There, I told you that you’d enjoy it.”

“No I’m not.”

“You must be, look how wet you’ve suddenly become.”

He was right; my pussy had got very wet and tingly.

“Can we go back inside now pleeeeeeeease,” I pleaded.

Picking up my dress Ryan led me back inside then lifted me up onto the worktop and opened my legs wide. Moving in between them Ryan christened our new kitchen. I was pleased that Tom was upstairs sorting out his room. I wondered if he’d seem my exposure in the garden.

That night when I went to bed in our new bedroom I looked out of the window and saw that I could see into the bedrooms of three houses at the bottom of our garden. Okay, there was no one in them but if I could see into them then they could see into ours. When I told Ryan he switched the light on and pulled me onto the bed. As I bounced up and down riding his cock I looked out of the window and thought, “We’ve got to get some curtains.”

The next morning as I got out of bed I looked out of the window to see what sort of a day it was, and caught a glimpse of a naked man, He was in the dining room (with glass sliding patio doors) of one of the houses at the bottom of our garden. He was using some sort of running machine while looking out over his garden.

I watched him for a few seconds; his body looked fit (in more ways than one) and his cock was bouncing from side to side. I wondered if it was painful for him. All of a sudden he looked up and our eyes met. I immediately backed away and told Ryan what had happened. Ryan did what he usually does, laugh, and said, “Don’t worry about it; he probably thought that you were a young girl or, with that short hair, a young boy. Did you like his cock?”

“Not as much as yours, big boy.” I said; trying not to think about the proper name for the running machine.

I went and showered then put a skirt and top on because we still had a lot to do sorting out our new house; and we were expecting Ryan’s mother and father to visit us the following weekend.

We’d already decided that it would be quicker and cheaper to go to work on the bus. It was me that had pushed that idea and Ryan had agreed. As we were looking up the bus timetables Ryan said, “I know why you want to go on the bus; it’s so that you can let men look up your short skirts when you go up the stairs. You just want men to have a good look at that pussy of yours, don’t you?”

“No I do not.”

“Yes you do, you little exhibitionist.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yeah, right.”

The weekend after we moved in Ryan’s parents came and visited us for the weekend; and to check-out our new home. They helped us with the cleaning and a bit of the un-packing. Tom’s dad was doing something and he needed a screwdriver. Ryan told him that his tools were in a box in the garage and to help himself.

A few minutes later he came back in, screwdriver in hand and a big grin on his face. When I saw this I remembered that my bike was in the garage and the cover had been taken off it. I went bright red when I realised that he would have seen the dildo sticking through the saddle.

“Don’t worry Tanya,” Ryan’s dad whispered as he walked passed me, “were all entitled to have a bit of fun when our partner’s not around. I do hope that my son’s keeping you happy when he is around.”

I was so embarrassed but somehow I managed say that Ryan does keep me happy.

It took me ages before I could look Ryan’s father in the face again. I don’t think that he said anything to Ryan or his mother because neither of them said anything to me.

It was a busy weekend and in bed on the Sunday night Ryan joked that I’d never been at home with my clothes on for so long.

As I mentioned earlier, Ryan had decided that the garage was going to be our fun room. I think that the previous owner had used the garage as a sort of office because they’d had the floor and walls painted and put lots of these new LED lights in. That combined with the large window at the back meant that it was quite bright in there.

I saw the naked man on the running machine again, early one morning as I was getting up; but apart from that it was an uneventful week. We managed to get quite a bit sorted out on the evenings and the Saturday. Late on the Saturday afternoon we stopped for a rest and Ryan suggested that I unwind by having a session on my bike. It was over 2 weeks since I’d ridden my bike and I liked the suggestion. I asked if we were going for a ride round our new neighbourhood but Ryan told me that he was thinking more of a session with my bike on its stand.

I smiled and said, “Go on then; I suppose that you’re going to watch; at least Tom’s up in his room so he won’t be watching me. Are you going help me bring it into the house?”

“I was thinking that we could bring it out into the back garden; after all, the sun is shining and it’s not cold.”

“But what about the neighbours? I don’t want them seeing me.”

“That man on the running machine has already seen you, and you’ve seen him so there won’t be a problem with him.”

“But what about the other neighbours?”

“Tell you what, I’ll go out there and have a look around. If I can’t see anyone we’ll take the bike out and get you started.”

I wasn’t happy. Just because Ryan couldn’t see anyone doesn’t mean that someone wasn’t hiding behind a curtain; and I’d probably be out there peddling away and fucking myself for over 30 minutes; anyone could turn-up and look out; and I was sure that if there was anyone at home they’d want to see what their new neighbours were like. What sort of impression would a naked girl fucking herself on a bike create?

I put all my thoughts to the back of my mind and helped Ryan get the bike out. He wanted to set it up in the middle of the garden but I managed to persuade him to set it up right next to the back of the garage.

I looked round to make sure that we were on our own then climbed on and lowered myself onto the dildo. As usual, no lube was required as my pussy always seems to be wet enough. I bottomed-out with a sigh and then slowly started pedalling. Ryan just stood there. He was obviously liking what he saw because I could see his cock changing shape in his trousers.

It took ages for me to get more aroused, I guess that I was too nervous about being seen by our neighbours. Eventually I felt my AF start to rise and knew that I wouldn’t last much longer. As my orgasm subsided Ryan told me to keep going. I looked all around again and not seeing anyone I started peddling faster making the dildo go in and out faster. Oh, that felt good. I just knew that I wouldn’t last long; and I didn’t. I got a bit vocal, not caring about any neighbours.

As my peddling slowed and I got control of myself back I again looked round. My face went bright red as I saw the naked man (wearing clothes) and a young woman stood next to him in the bedroom of the house at the bottom of the garden. They saw that I’d seen them and waved to me. OMG! The embarrassment; the humiliation; I’d been caught naked in our back garden fucking myself with a dildo through the saddle of my bike. How could I face our neighbours now?

Ryan must have seen the horror on my face because he came over and kissed and hugged me. “Wave back TT, show them that you’re not embarrassed.”

“But I am.”

“Don’t let them know that. Wave to them then get off the bike and suck the dildo. That’ll show them.”

I knew that Ryan was right and that I had to do it. I back-peddled a couple of times, waving to the couple as I did so; then stood up on the pedals, rising up off the dildo. The couple waved back and my face reddened up.

“Get off on the house side of the bike TT. Let them see the dildo and that you’re proud of what you were doing.”

It was really hard, but I did it. Ryan didn’t have to remind me to suck the dildo. Because of the height of the bike and my height I couldn’t get it down my throat but I took as much as I could. When I stood up I looked over to the couple again. The man had moved behind the girl and was caressing her tits through her top. All of a sudden I didn’t feel so bad.

Remember the dildo that was screwed to the kitchen stool, well Ryan removed it when we moved but the week after his parents had been he screwed it back on and again got me to sit on it every time that we ate in the kitchen. That’s every day because we haven’t got any furniture for the dining room yet. Ryan’s brother Tom always seems to have his breakfast at the same time as us and he stares at me when I get on the stool. I’ve got used to Tom seeing me naked and using the bike and the stool but I still get all embarrassed when he brings his mates home.

Ryan’s said that he’s going to get another dildo for me; and a bench for the back garden. He says that I can impale myself on the dildo and relax looking out over our little kingdom.

Three weeks after we moved in Ryan organised a house warming party. He arranged it for the Saturday afternoon/evening and asked people to wear old clothes and to bring a paintbrush. He was hoping that we’d be able to get a lot of the decorating that was needed done.

Three of Ryan’s workmates, Tom and Ryan and I were painting in three rooms and doing quite well; when Karen and Emma arrived and started causing some chaos. I’d been wearing an old skirt and top and even though the guys got me to work up the steps, everyone was concentrating on getting job done before Ryan got the beer out.

I was painting at the top of a wall and I heard Karen say something about a blue pussy. The next thing that I knew was my skirt was being lifted at the back and I felt something wet go up the inside of my legs and land on my pussy. I turned round to see Karen pulling a blue paintbrush from between my legs. I got off the steps and chased her with my paintbrush. When I caught her I daubed blue paint on her legs. Ryan intervened and told us to take it outside. We did, and we chased each other around the back garden trying to get our paintbrushes up the other’s skirt.

Skirts were pulled up and eventually both our skirts became unfastened and fell off. Two half naked, half painted butts were chasing each other round the garden. Of course the others had stopped work and were cheering us on as we giggled and, eventually, rolled on the grass. Emma joined in with a brush full of blue paint, and while Karen held me down Emma daubed it all over my pussy.

Karen and I stopped struggling and just lay there, still laughing. Eventually we stopped and got up. I looked down at my pussy and legs and was grateful that it was water based paint. Ryan gave Emma the hosepipe and told her to clean us up. Both Karen and I took our tops off and kicked our shoes out of the way and Emma got to work.

As the water was pounding my pussy and legs something made me look up and around. I suddenly got embarrassed as I saw both the couple from the house at the bottom of the garden, and a man from the house next to us, looking down on us. I told Karen that we had an audience (apart from Ryan’s mates) and told her where they were.

“So what; they must have seen a naked female before. Just ignore them.”

“That’s alright for you to say but I have to live here.”

“Just act like it’s perfectly normal for you to be out here without your clothes.”

“Those two at the bottom the garden watched me riding my bike out here the other day; I was naked then too.”

“You were fucking yourself on that bike out here, stark naked?”


“Well good for you girl. I always said that you were an exhibitionist.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yeah right; you go on believing that, my naked little friend.”

Shortly after that Ryan appeared with a couple of towels and threw them at us. We thanked him, dried ourselves and went inside. My clothes were ruined, but only Karen’s skirt got paint on it. I put it in the washing machine with some more of our clothes and set it running on a quick cycle. For the next hour, one naked and one bottomless girl got on with some painting. Unfortunately, Ryan’s mates didn’t get much more done and in the end Ryan got out the beers and the paint brushes were dropped in a bucket of water.

Karen and I stayed like that for the rest of the evening; Karen using the logic that the guys had already seen us naked so what was the point of putting some clothes on. She also said that they’d all seen us both naked a few times before; which was true.

New House, New Doctor

Ryan was late home one evening and he told me that he’d registered us with a new doctor.

“That doesn’t take this long, does it?” I asked.

“No, the doctor wanted to give me the quick once over and I had to wait until he could fit me in.”

“I assume that you passed with flying colours.”

“Yeah no problem, but he wants to give you the once over as well. I’ve made an appointment for 8 o’clock next Tuesday evening.”

“That’s a bit late for a doctor’s surgery, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but he said that he had to be there for something else so to get it done quickly he said that he may as well do it then.”

“Okay, I’ll catch-up on some things at work and meet you there.”

“Sorry, can you manage on your own? I’ve already made plans for Tuesday.”

“Well, I’d hoped that you could be there but okay, not a problem.”

The next Tuesday evening I arrived at the surgery and was surprised to find the place locked. I knocked on the door and a young man came and let me in. He invited me through to one of the examination rooms apologising for the late appointment as we went. When we got there he took his jacket off and put on a white coat.

I suppose that I should have been a bit nervous, after all, I was alone in the building with a man that I’d never seen before and there was a good chance that he was going to ask me to take my clothes off; but for some reason I wasn’t. The man sounded very professional and had such a calm, friendly voice. Then he started asking me similar questions to what my previous doctor had when I first visited him. It was when he asked me to undress that I remembered that I had my barbells and stirrups in. I had planned to take them out before I left work but I forgot. I cursed myself for getting so used to them that I forget that they’re there.

He had the same surprised look on his face when he saw my clit ring, but that look changed when he inserted his speculum into me. As he was looking inside me the index finger on his left hand was slowly rubbing my clit. He kept saying, “Yes, yes, perfectly normal;” but he kept rubbing my clit.

The inevitable happened and I started to cum. Instead of stopping he kept going, and looking inside me. When I started to calm down after my second orgasm he said, “Good, good; I’m pleased to say that you produce a normal amount of lubrication when you’re building up to an orgasm.”

I was confused, that’s the first time that a doctor had done that to me and I had mixed feelings. On the one hand I always enjoy having an orgasm; but given one (no two) by a man that I’d never even seen before 30 minutes ago; even if he was my doctor, seemed a bit strange; quite embarrassing as well. Anyway, the doctor removed the speculum and told me to get dressed.

I was still a bit confused when I got home. At first Ryan was a bit mad, but he soon started to get over it and before long we were at it on our bed. Afterwards Ryan told me that he was sure that the doctor had a good reason for doing what he did and he asked me if the doctor had said anything about going back to see him soon, or for regular check-up. For a second I thought that Ryan wanted the doctor to make me cum; but I soon dismissed that idea; Ryan would never want that.

The strange thing was that when I went to the doctor's a couple of weeks later to renew my prescription for birth control pills the receptionist asked me to make an appointment for a new patient check-up. When I told her that I’d already had one she told me that it wasn’t on my records so I’d still have to have one. I made an appointment (it was boring by comparison) and when I told Ryan he started joking about a cleaner pretending to be a doctor. I was puzzled and didn’t know what to believe. What I did know was that as Ryan was joking I was getting hornier and hornier. Again, Ryan pulled me into the bedroom and we fucked like rabbits.

On the buses

As I mentioned earlier, we’d both decided that it would be quicker and more convenient to go to work by bus. I was a bit pissed that Ryan had joked about me wanting to flash my butt and pussy to people going up the stairs (which wasn’t true), but our decision was right, it was quicker. The bus stop is quite close to our house and the buses go right by our places of work. Unfortunately I have to take a different bus to Ryan and mine goes about 5 minutes after Ryan’s. We walk to the bus stop together but I’m left waiting for an extra few minutes.

I found it quite embarrassing the first few mornings because the nude man on the running machine also gets the same bus as me and usually arrives just after Ryan has got on his. When I first saw the man I went bright red and wished that Ryan was still there; but there again, Ryan would have just laughed – typical man!

Anyway, the man started smiling at me and after a couple of days he started saying ‘good morning’. I slowly got over the embarrassment and I started to think that he’s not such a bad guy. Ryan says that we have more in common than I realise. We’ve both seen each other naked, more than once, and we both exercise naked; although I haven’t seen him make himself cum like I have. What’s more, he’s quite a gentleman; he always lets me get on the bus and go up the stairs before him, even if the bus is nearly full and there’s a chance that he might not get on.

One morning after a couple of weeks the bus was quite full and when we got upstairs there were only two seats free, a double. I went and sat next to the window and he came and sat next to me. We exchanged a few pleasantries then all of a sudden I came out with, “So, do you always exercise without any clothes on?” As soon as I’d said it I cursed myself. What the hell was I thinking? I didn’t want to get into a conversation about being naked.

“Yes, if I can; I find it much better. Those Greeks knew what they were doing all those years ago.”

“Doesn’t your girlfriend mind?”

“She doesn’t live with me, she only visits most weekends.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“That’s okay; we’re both happy with the arrangement. Talking about partners, does your boyfriend take your clothes off you in the back garden often?”

I blushed then said, “Thankfully no; he’s got this crazy idea that I’m an exhibitionist; which I am not; and he’s always trying to prove that I am by doing nasty things to me like what you saw.”

“He didn’t appear to be forcing you to get on that bike.”

“Well err….. err……” I couldn’t think of anything to say.

“That’s okay Tanya; it is Tanya isn’t it? By the way I’m Doug and my girlfriend’s Naomi.”

“Yes it is. My boyfriend’s Ryan and it’s his brother Tom that lives with us. Tom’s at university here and it’s cheaper for him to stay with us.”

As I was saying that I realised that I was trying to change the subject of the conversation and get away from me and my bike.

“So you don’t mind your boyfriend’s brother watching you exercise and fucking yourself while you’re naked?”

“Well no, err ….. It’s a long story."

Thankfully we got to Doug’s stop and he got off before the conversation could go any further.

A couple of days later Doug followed me up the stairs on the bus and sat next to me again. After the pleasantries Doug said, “You never did tell me why you don’t mind your boyfriend’s brother watching you fuck yourself on that bike.”

“No I didn’t.” I said, hoping that Doug would drop it.

After a minute or so Doug said, “Well Tanya, are you going to tell me?”

“Right, okay, it started when we went to stay at Ryan’s parents house for a few weeks and Ryan got me to go swimming in a very brief see-through bikini and I ended up naked in the swimming pool. Then a couple of days later I asked Tom to rub suntan lotion on me while I was sunbathing naked thinking that it was Ryan stood next to me. I still thought that it was Ryan when I asked Tom to finger fuck me.”

“Wow!” Doug said, “Didn’t Ryan get pissed off?”

“No he didn’t, he just asked if I’d enjoyed it.”

“And had you?”

“I’m not answering that. Anyway, a couple of days later Tom burst into Ryan’s bedroom and caught me riding Ryan reverse cowboy style.”

“Wow, I’d love to have seen that.”

“Stop it, where was I; oh yes, Tom came to visit us and Ryan undressed me and made me cum while we were all watching television. After that Ryan said that I may as well keep my clothes off whenever Tom was there, and act like he wasn’t there; after all, what else could he see? I could see the logic in that so from then on I did just what Ryan had suggested.”

“Wow Tanya, you’re one amazing girl. A gorgeous exhibitionist; not many of them around.”

“I’m not an exhibitionist, Doug!”

Doug looked at my face then down at my short skirt that ended way up my thighs, then back at my face; then said, “Whatever you say Tanya. Hey, how about you and Ryan coming round one weekend and you can meet Naomi. Perhaps some of your ‘non-’ exhibitionist ways will rub off on her.”

“That would be nice; I mean meeting Naomi, not the other thing. I’ll talk to Ryan about it.”

The dinner party

I did talk to Ryan and we went round to Doug’s place the next Saturday evening. Naomi and Doug greeted us and our bottles of wine. Naomi is taller than me with bigger breasts, probably a B or maybe a C. She’s really nice and friendly and took us on a quick guided tour of their house. She told me that her job keeps her away during the week until she can get a transfer to the local branch.

When we were in the back bedroom I looked out to our house. I was surprised how clearly I could see into our rooms. I could see our bed and had this horrible thought that Ryan and I would be putting on quite a show for Doug, Naomi, and their neighbours to see if they cared to look. I made a mental note to discuss the issue of curtains with Ryan again, quite soon.

Back downstairs Naomi took me in to the back room. Right in front of me was the running machine that I had seen the naked Doug exercising on. I really hoped that no one would refer to it by its proper name.

Ryan and Doug followed us into that room with drinks in their hands. “This is the treadmill that you must have seen my naked boyfriend on.” Naomi said. “I do hope that he didn’t offend you, although having seen you on your bike I doubt it.”

As Naomi was saying that last sentence I was cumming and trying my best to hide that fact.

“Are you okay Tanya?” Naomi asked; “can I get you anything?”

“No, thank you,” Ryan said, “you called the running machine by its proper name and Tanya has been trained to have an orgasm every time that she hears that word.”

“Are you saying that somehow you’ve programmed Tanya’s brain to trigger an orgasm each time that she hears the word ‘treadmill’?” Naomi asked.

I started shaking again as the second orgasm hit me.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Tanya; I promise that I’ll never use that word again.”

As I started to come down from my high, I looked at Ryan and Doug. Ryan was grinning but Doug looked bemused.

“Hang on a minute;” Doug said, “You’ve programmed Tanya’s brain so that she cums each time someone says ‘treadmill’? How the hell did you do that?”

Up I went again, having my third within as many minutes.

“Stop it Doug!” Naomi said, “Can’t you see what poor Tanya is going through?”

“She looks like she’s enjoying it to me.”

“Of course she is; aren’t you, TT.” Ryan said.

When I was able, I said, “Well yes, but there’s a time and a place and this isn’t one of those.”

“Oh I don’t know;” Doug said, “There’s nothing nicer than watching a beautiful woman having an orgasm; don’t you agree Ryan?”

“I certainly do, and Tanya likes having lots of them, and she’s not choosy where she has them.”

“Yes I am,” I said, “orgasms are something that women should have in private; not in the street or on a public beach.”

I made a mistake mentioning a beach because we went and sat down and Ryan started telling Doug and Naomi all about our last holiday and in particular the beach at Playa d'en Bossa with all those people about. As we all listened I got redder and redder; especially when Doug and Naomi kept looking at me.

Thankfully, Ryan limited his talk to what I suppose were the highlights to him. He certainly brought nice memories back to me even if they were embarrassing. Both Naomi and Doug were amazed that I had been walking all around the place stark naked; Naomi asking if I was afraid of getting arrested.

The first two glasses of that wine went down quickly before I started to relax again.

During a nice meal Ryan kept going on about how he liked me to be naked all the time and when he mentioned my piercings and jewellery both Naomi and Doug said that they’d love to see them. Ryan then went on to tell them that I had a great party-piece and said that he was sure that I’d love to show them. He didn’t tell them what it was but I guessed that he was on about the golf balls.

I blushed as Naomi said that it should be my decision. Unfortunately, I’d had quite a bit of wine by then. That combined with the three orgasms earlier and the fact that Ryan had been talking about my record number of orgasms in one day, had got me feeling quite horny. Obviously I didn’t want these people seeing me put golf balls inside my hole but when I opened my mouth to say that I didn’t want to, it came out as, “Yeah, of course, I’d love to show you.”

As soon as I heard what I was saying I cursed myself and was about to say that I was only joking, but Ryan quickly said, “I just knew that you would, you’re such an exhibitionist.”

I gave Ryan a dirty look but didn’t bother to tell him that he was wrong; what was the point? He’d probably reach over and dip his finger in me and hold it up for everyone to see my juices. I still wasn’t that worried as I said, “No I’m not; besides, we can’t anyway; I didn’t bring any of the golf balls with me.”

“I think that I might be able to help there.” Naomi said as she got up and disappeared for a couple of minutes. Naomi came back with a tube of six table tennis balls.

“Will these do?”

“No,” I said, “they’re too light. I might have trouble with those.”

“No you won’t.” Ryan said, “You’ve been doing your Kegel exercises; and besides, I’m sure that Doug or Naomi would be only too happy to delve around in there to get them out.”

OMG! Ryan had just dropped me in it again. At least there were only two of them.

The conversation drifted to things like work and where we used to live and I started to relax more. After clearing things away Ryan asked if Doug and Naomi were ready to see my jewellery. My heart dropped because I’d hoped that everyone had forgotten about that. I shouldn’t have hoped that because there was no way that Ryan would miss the opportunity for get me naked in front of other people.

Anyway, we were all sat in the lounge with glasses of wine when Ryan asked Doug and Naomi and they both turned and looked at me. My face went bright red and I felt warm all over.

“Come on TT, get those clothes off.” Ryan said.

I shouldn’t have been all that embarrassed, after all, Naomi was a girl and Doug had already seen me naked a couple of times; but I was; I was glad that I’d had a few glasses of wine. I looked at Naomi then Doug; both were staring at me, obviously waiting for me to strip. I put my glass down then stood up and looked down at my chest. My little nipples were sticking out and I could see the outline of the barbells and stirrups. I put my hands on the hem of my top and slowly peeled it up and over my head.

Three pairs of eyes were glued to my nipples and jewellery and I felt my nipples get even harder; and my pussy had a little wet rush. I didn’t want to get turned-on but I couldn’t help myself. My body was betraying me - again.

My hands slowly went to the fastener on my skirt and undid it. I knew that as soon as I let go of the fastener my skirt would drop to the floor leaving me naked, but I hung on to it, reluctant to be naked.

“Come on TT,” Ryan said, “Naomi is the only one here who hasn’t seen you naked and she looks 100% girl to me.”

“Oh, thank you Ryan.” Naomi said as she rubbed her hands over her breasts and down her body.

I let go of my skirt and I was suddenly quite naked. I wanted to cover my bits but somehow I managed to resist the urge.

“Wow,” Naomi said, “knickerless as well; and I can see why people would think that you aren’t even a teenager; you really do look quite young; even with those piercings and chains. Oh, sorry, I don’t mean that in a bad way; you look really cute.”

“I’m not upset, I’ve heard just about every comment possible on the subject and none of them upset me. I like my body just as it is,” I replied, “and Ryan keeps telling me that he does as well. Besides, I’ve found a few advantages of looking the way I do.”

“See,” Ryan said, “she does look cute with those chains hanging there doesn’t she? I like the way that they attract people’s eyes getting her turned-on even more. And wait until you see her clit.”

“I like those cute little tits and those bullet nipples,” Doug said.

“All of a sudden my B’s seem ginormous.” Naomi said.

“Hey Naomi,” Doug said, “I love your little girls, and don’t go thinking about getting implants.”

“No chance of that.” Naomi said, then continued, “Have you ever considered implants, Tanya?”

“Hell no!” Ryan said, “I’d never let her have them and besides, she wouldn’t want them.”

I blushed as bit more as they continued talking about me like I was some sort of sex object.

“Hey, stop the talking and let’s have a look at that clit.” Doug said.

Ryan told me to sit on the front edge of the sofa, lay back and open my legs. As I did so I realised that they were going to see just how wet I was.

“Wow Tanya,” Doug said, “It doesn’t take much to get you all excited does it?”

“No,” Ryan said, “she’s one hell of a sexy little minx.”

“Ignore them Tanya, they’re men, they just don’t understand us women.” Naomi said. “Hey, how the hell did you get that little ring on your clit?”

At last I managed to get a word in and I explained how Ryan had got the ring there. When I explained that it vibrated both Doug and Naomi were amazed.

“No wonder that you’re so wet with that thing stimulating you all the time.” Doug said. “That probably explains why you run around naked so often as well.”

“She was doing that long before I put that ring on her.” Ryan said. “She’s a right little exhibitionist.”

“No I’m not!” I almost shouted.

Ryan just smiled and Doug and Naomi looked at each other. Then Doug said, “Naomi likes flashing as well. She’s not wearing underwear as well.”

It was Naomi’s turn to blush. By that time my pussy was aching. I really wanted to take Ryan home and fuck him senseless.

“Where’s those table tennis balls?” Ryan said.

Doug almost flew into the dining room and was back with the balls in seconds. He passed them to me but Ryan stopped him saying,

“No guys, you two take it in turns to push one in.”

I should have been annoyed at Ryan but I was too turned-on. Both Naomi and Doug moved forward with a table tennis ball in their hand.

“After you darling.” Doug said and I felt the first ball touch my pussy. Naomi wasn’t pushing hard but my pussy opened up and almost grabbed the ball from her.

“Fucking hell!” Doug said, “Did you see that?”

“Now you Doug.” Ryan said.

Doug leaned forward and did the same as Naomi had. “Wow, how many can she take?”

“Try it.” Ryan said.

Naomi held the third ball to my entrance and as she gently pushed, my pussy opened up and swallowed the ball.

“She can’t take a fourth one can she?” Doug asked.

“Try it.” Ryan said.

It was Doug’s turn and as he gently pushed my pussy opened and took the ball. Doug was just about to say something when my hole opened and out came the table tennis ball.

“I guess not.” Doug said.

“Try it again Doug,” Ryan said, “but this time rub her clit as soon as the ball disappears. You never know.”

Bloody hell, my boyfriend was inviting Doug to make me cum; because I sure as hell was sooo close to cumming. Doug looked at Naomi (who nodded) and Doug pushed the ball in. As soon as I felt my pussy close I felt Doug’s finger rubbing my clit. Literally 2 seconds later I started cumming and not one, but two of the balls came shooting out.

“Fucking hell!” Doug said; “Did I cause that?”

“Relax mate; she’s loving every second.” Ryan said.

And I was; I always enjoy cumming; even it is in front of other people and I’m naked. I just wished that I was at home and it was Ryan’s cock in my pussy. As the waves receded I looked at the three of them. Both Ryan and Naomi had big grins on their faces and Doug looked totally confused. Ryan broke the silence by saying, “Tanya does Kegel exercises as well.”

“What are those?” Doug asked after a slight pause.

Naomi explained to Doug.

“I bet that she could crush the two balls inside with her pussy.” Ryan said. “Tanya my love, can you squeeze your pussy and then squeeze one of the balls out?”

I did, not expecting either of the balls to change shape; and I was right. When the seconds table tennis ball came out it was perfectly round.

“I know what the problem is; Doug, push all four balls back in and hold your finger in her hole, then Tanya, you squeeze like hell.”

Doug did, and I did; not expecting any ball to change shape. What did happen was that Doug suddenly said, “My finger’s stuck, I can’t get it out.”

“Relax TT and let the man have his finger back.” Ryan said.

I did, and shortly after Doug got his finger back the fourth ball came shooting out. I also squeezed the other three out and Doug said, “They’re all normal shape. After feeling how tight she gripped my finger I expected them to be flat.”

“Silly man Doug, how do you think women are built? Never mind, I’ll explain later.” Naomi said.

Naomi then picked up one of the balls and held it to my pussy. “Squeeze when I tell you Tanya.”

I felt my pussy open and then heard Naomi tell me to squeeze. I did then a few seconds later Naomi told me to relax then squeeze it out. This time the table tennis ball didn’t start to roll when it hit the floor.

“Wow!” Doug said.

I sat up and looked down at the now useless table tennis ball.

“I’ll buy you another one.” Ryan said.

“No need mate, I’m sure that I can get it back to its proper shape. All it need is some hot water.”

Ryan looked puzzled for a second then smiled as he realised that what Doug was saying.

“Yes, of course. Hey, have you guys got anything big that we can try and get inside TT’s pussy?”

As Doug and Naomi looked at each other Ryan continued, “How about that bed of yours?”

“What!” Doug said.

“No, not the whole bed, that would be slightly too ambitious; I mean the acorns on the headboard.”

“They’re way too big.” Doug said.

“Only one way to find out; that’s if you don’t mind.”

Doug looked at Naomi the said, “Go for it. Are you sure that you want to do this Tanya?”

I was going to say that I didn’t and that I wanted to get dressed and go home but when my mouth opened out came, “Sure, I’ve never had an acorn inside me; it sounds like fun.”

Naomi held my hand and led me up the stairs. As we went she whispered asking me if I was sure that I wanted to do it. I didn’t get the chance to answer her because Ryan slapped my bare butt and said, “Hurry up; I’m looking forward to this.”

When we got into the bedroom I looked at the bed and wanted to chicken out. Those two acorns looked mighty big.

Doug moved the pillows and cleared one of the bedside tables before Ryan said, “Right TT; one foot on the bed and the other on the table and, with your back against the wall, slide down and relax.”

I did as I was told and felt the cold acorn start to open my hole. I got part way onto it then said, “Sorry, I can’t take anymore.”

“Of course you can TT; just relax and let it happen. Doug, rub her clit; she’ll relax more.”

I have to admit it; Ryan knows more about my body than I do. As Doug brought me to another orgasm I felt myself going further down and the next thing that I knew all three of them were congratulating me.

“I’ve got to try that,” Naomi said as she hiked her skirt up as she cleared the little table at the other side of the bed. I smiled a little as I saw confirmation of what Doug had said earlier; Naomi was knickerless as well.

As she climbed up and got her bald pussy just above the other acorn.

“I might need some help, darling,” she said to Doug.

Naomi was obviously suffering as she eased herself down; her face was showing the pain.

Doug moved forward and as his hand went to Naomi’s pussy he whispered something to her. Then he turned to Ryan and said, “You do this Ryan; it’s only fair because I’ve played with Tanya’s clit.”

Ryan looked at me, then at Naomi. Both of us nodded so he moved in and took Doug’s place. As Naomi was moaning and complaining about the pain, Doug disappeared then came back with a camera and started taking photos of, first Naomi, then me. By that time I’d started playing with my own clit; I wanted to cum again.

It didn’t take long and I could see Doug clicking away and Ryan rubbing fast as I went over the top. When I started to come down Naomi was off the acorn and stood on the floor; still with her skirt round her waist.

“Sorry,” Naomi said, “I just couldn’t get all the way down, it hurt too much. But I will do it; I’ll keep practising so that the next time you two come over I’ll be able to do it as easily as Tanya.”

“That’s okay Naomi,” Ryan said, “Tanya’s had lots of practice.”

“No I haven’t. That’s the first acorn that I’ve in my pussy.”

“Yeah, but how many other things just as big, or bigger, have you enjoyed?”

I didn’t answer that one. Instead I used my leg muscles to raise me up and off the acorn. As I got down onto the floor my legs nearly gave way and I had to sit back on the bed.

“Are you okay Tanya?” Naomi asked.

“Yes, I just need to get cleaned up.”

Naomi grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom; telling Doug to clean-up in the bedroom.

We met the guys back down in the living room. I was still naked and I couldn’t see my clothes anywhere. Before I could ask where they were Doug put another glass of wine in my hand and asked me if I was okay. When I said that I was he told me not to worry about the photos and he promised that they’d never leave their house.

Ryan started telling them about how I’d got my car and what I’d had to endure getting presented with it, firstly in front of all those car dealers managers in the hotel and then in the car showroom when I got the keys. He told them that the papers had been there and my picture had been in local paper.

“Naked?” Doug asked.

“Yes, but unfortunately they blacked-out her goodies. I believe that the car showroom still has a couple of un-doctored photos up on their showroom walls.”

“Can we talk about something other than me being naked please?”

“Of course we can Tanya.” Naomi said and she started asking me about shopping and clothes.

Doug and Ryan weren’t interested and they started talking about motor sport. This went on for about an hour then Ryan said that we should be leaving. I looked round for my clothes again then asked if anyone had seen them.

Ryan looked at me, and with a big grin on his face he told me that they were in our back garden.

“What!” I said. “How did they get there?”

“I threw them there when you were in the bathroom getting cleaned-up.”

“Why the hell did you do that?”

I knew the answer and wasn’t at all surprised when he confirmed my fears. He wanted me to walk home naked. Naomi offered to lend me something but Ryan refused, and I stupidly agreed with him. I knew that it would only take a few minutes to get home, and it was late at night. Ryan was right when he said that the chances of anyone seeing me were very remote.

All the time Doug was smiling and as we left he took a few photos of the naked girl walking away from their house. I was lucky; we made it back home without seeing anyone and as soon as I’d collected my clothes we fucked in the kitchen before going to bed.

On the bus going to work on the following Monday, Doug followed me up the stairs and sat beside me. After I’d thanked him for a really nice evening Doug told me that Naomi had practiced impaling herself on one of the acorns and had succeeded in getting it all inside her. He told me that she was very competitive and didn’t want her new friend to be able to do something that she couldn’t.

End of part 18

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