My Boyfriend Likes to Expose Me
or perhaps it should be called
The Exhibitionist in Denial
by Vanessa

Part 13

All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over the legal age of consent when the events took place. Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the earlier parts. They will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 13 – Even more embarrassment

Ryan goes on another Training Course – continued

Day 5

I woke early and, the weather looked reasonable, I decided to go for my morning run. Pushing the Ben Wa balls as far as I could up my vagina I stepped outside and set off. I was still wearing the barbells, stirrups and chains. The bouncing of the chains helped to raise my AF and I had my first two orgasms of the day on the deserted beach. It was good to let it all out, rather than trying to keep quiet.

When I got back I got straight into the shower then dried myself; I was putting the kettle on when I heard someone knocking on the door. It was then that I remembered that Alfie would be with Freya. I quickly started to take the jewellery off, but the door opened and Freya and Alfie walked right in.

Freya came in first, dressed in a miniskirt and tank top; closely followed by Alfie. “Hi Tanya, you remember Alfie don’t you?” Freya said; “don’t be shy, move your hands, Alfie’s seen you naked before, remember?”

“Errr yes, but not like this.”

I realised that it wouldn’t be long before Alfie knew my secret and slowly lowered my hands.

“Bloody hell Freya, what have you been doing to the kid?”

“Alfie,” Freya said, “today is going to be a very educational day for you. You’re going to learn things that you never even dreamed about. When did you last see me naked?”

“What’s going on Freya?”

“Just answer the question Alfie.”

“Okay, I suppose it was when we were four or 5 and we had to share a bath.”

“Yeah, you used to undress me when I couldn’t get my dress undone, remember? How would you like to see me naked again?”

“Freya! I’m your my brother.”

“So what? You’re a normal man and I’m a reasonable looking woman; answer the question.”

“Of course I’d like to see you naked, but you’re my sister; it’s not right.”

“Stop being such an old fuddy-duddy; there’s no harm in a brother seeing his sister naked, is there Tanya?”

“Err, I guess not.”

Before I’d even finished those few words, Freya was peeling her top off. Her pert little tits and hard nipples came into view. Poor Alfie just stood there mesmerised by Freya’s exhibitionism. He didn’t know what to say, but I saw movement in his shorts.

Freya threw her top onto the sofa and unzipped her skirt. Letting it drop to the floor she stepped out of it and kicked it onto the sofa not far from her top. Apart from her sandals she was naked and hairless from neck to toes.

Freya turned to face Alfie, parted her feet and just stood there for a few seconds before saying,

“Well Bro, what do you think?”

“Fucking amazing, I know that I’ve seen you in your bra and knickers a few times recently, but this is just amazing.”

“Okay Alfie, don’t get too excited; well not yet, I don’t want you creaming your pants; there’s more revelations for you. Look at Tanya; how old do you think she is?”

I blushed as Alfie turned to look at me. I also got a wet rush and hoped that Alfie couldn’t tell.

“Well, when I saw her at the pool the other day I guessed about 11 or 12, but seeing her this morning with those rings and chains; I’m not sure. I’ve never heard of girls of 11 and 12 having piercings; well not those piercings. I don’t know. Just how old are you Tanya?”

Sheepishly I told him. My face went all hot as I told him that he was about 10 years out.


“It’s true.” Freya said. “There are tell-tale signs. Tanya, jump up on the table and lay back.”

I should have refused, but I didn’t think and just got on the table, and lay back, and opened my legs. Freya hadn’t even told me to do that last bit but I just did it automatically.

“Look at her pussy Alfie. Little girl’s pussies don’t have lips that big; and I’ve never heard of an 11 year old having a clit like that; and look closely, her hole is open a bit. If you had a torch you’d be able to see inside her.”

Freya picked up the end of the chain and gently pulled my clit hood up revealing all of my clit to Alfie. I felt myself getting quite red, and quite wet.

Little girls don’t get as wet like that either.

“Wow!” was all Alfie could say for a minute or so, then, “But she hasn’t got any tits.”

“Not all women have tits, Alfie. Most who haven’t wear bras stuffed with whatever so that no one can tell. Tanya here isn’t ashamed of her lack of breasts, are you Tanya?”

“So you really are 23, Tanya. So how come you're walking around without any clothes on?”

Before I had a chance to say anything Freya said, “Her boyfriend challenged her to do it. He also told her that he’ll buy her a new dress for each day that she has at least 15 orgasms. She’s getting two new dresses so far and she’s going for a third one today, aren’t you Tanya?”

They both looked at my face and I quietly said, “Yes.”

“How many have you had so far today Tanya?”


“Shall we make that three right here and now?”

Freya didn’t wait for me to answer. If she had I would have said that I didn’t want to because Alfie was there and staring at me as I still lay on the table. Also, I still had the Ben Wa balls inside me and I’d never had both the balls and the egg inside me at the same time.

The next thing that I knew Freya was pushing the egg into my vagina and Alfie was asking what it was.

“It’s a vibrator; you’ve heard of those haven’t you?”

“Of course,” Alfie said, “but it hasn’t got a switch on it.”

“It’s a remote controlled one, like those damn cars you used to have,” Freya said as the egg disappeared out of sight.

Freya held the control up then passed it to Alfie. “You switch it on.”

“How will I know if it’s on?” Alfie asked.

“Maybe you will, and maybe you won’t; watch Tanya and see if you can tell.”

Alfie turned the egg on and my body jerked even though I was expecting it.

“Wow, a vibrator can do that to a girl?”

“And more,” Freya said. “You play with that control and watch Tanya.”

Alfie did, and the inevitable happened. My AF went up and up. The egg vibrating against the steel balls seemed to intensify the effect.

I didn’t want to cum in front of Alfie, but I had no choice in the matter. I got vocal and my body got active as the spasms hit me. At one point only my heels and shoulders were on the table. Why is it that having an orgasm in an embarrassing and humiliating situation always makes it a stronger one?

As my third orgasm of the day subsided Freya said, “Well done Tanya, we’ll soon get you up to 15 today. Oh Alfie, you can turn the egg off now.”

Freya had to remind Alfie what she’d just said because he was stood there in some sort of daze. Maybe he’d never seen a woman have an orgasm before. For some weird reason I just lay there letting him stare at me.

After a couple of minutes Freya said, “Okay Alfie, you’ll get plenty of time to see Tanya naked later; she’s not going to start wearing anything now. Neither am I so you’ll be spoilt with two gorgeous naked ladies in front of you all day. So Tanya, what did you have in mind for today?”

“My plans have all gone out of the window.” I said, “Originally I planned to spend every day lazing around the site, a bit like yesterday; but now that there are two of you, and that one is a man, I’m not sure what to do. Have you any ideas that don’t involve any of us getting arrested?”

“Well,” Freya replied, “I guess that Alfie will want to look at us both all day, so how about we start by going for a walk along the beach?”

“Fine by me.”

“You’re going out like that, Sis?” Alfie asked.

“Of course. Tanya’s been walking along the beach like that, and the other day she even got a lift back by a policeman. Yesterday morning we both went for a naked jog along the beach.”

“Cool,” Alfie said, “but she looks like a kid, you don’t. You might get arrested.”

“No I won’t. I didn’t yesterday.”

“You went out on the beach like that yesterday. Bloody hell; I wish that I hadn’t gone with dad yesterday.”

“Well Bro, you’re going to see me naked on the beach today, so let’s go. Oh, and put that control in your pocket – if there’s any room in there at the moment.”

We went out the back and down to the beach. I could see that Alfie was uncomfortable in his shorts; and that Freya had noticed too. The beach was quite deserted and when we got down near the water’s edge Freya whispered to me,

“Can you do cartwheels and handstands?”

I nodded.

“Come on then, let’s tease Alfie.”

With that Freya did a cartwheel right next to Alfie. He must have been able to see everything. Then it was a handstand and she spread her legs. She was like that for ages while Alfie just stared at her; well, her pussy anyway.

When Freya got back on her feet she told me it was my turn. I did the same as she’d done but when I was walking on my hands I saw Freya go over to Alfie. Seconds later I collapsed onto the wet sand. Alfie had turned the egg on and the shock had caused me to lose my balance.

'No, please, not here.' I thought, but the egg stayed on. I got to my feet but I knew that I didn’t have long. As I stood there both Freya and Alfie came over to me. Freya got hold of my clit chain and gently moved it in a circle.

“Pull one of her nipple chains, Alfie.”

Alfie went one better and reached over and pulled on both of them. He tugged then let go, over and over. After a while, when I was getting close to cumming, Alfie let go of the chains and rolled both my nipples between his thumbs and index fingers while Freya did the same with my clit.

I lasted only seconds before my fourth orgasm of the day hit me. I started to fall, but Alfie caught me and held me up. With my orgasm peaking I looked up to his grinning face. He has that same sadistic (but nice) streak that his sister has.

As my legs got stronger I pulled back and stood there calming down.

“Four down; 11 to go.” Freya said, “You can switch the egg off for now, Alfie.”

Alfie did, and we walked on in silence.

After a while Freya said, “You want to see me do that Alfie?”

“Bloody hell Sis, it’s one thing you being naked in front of me, but to have an orgasm! Christ, you’re my sister.”

“So what! Tell you what; when we get back to Tanya’s place I’ll make myself cum in front of you, then you do it in front of us.”

“I don’t know; it doesn’t seem right.”

“It’s not like I’m asking you to fuck me, Alfie.”

“We’ll see.”

From the way that Alfie said that I just knew that it was going to happen. I just hoped that it didn’t turn into a threesome with Alfie fucking me. I definitely didn’t want that.

We turned round shortly after that and headed back. Half way there Freya said, “Time for number five; Alfie, turn that egg on, and turn the knob to full; I want it to be a quick one so that we can get back and I can have one."

I didn’t have any say in the matter as the egg burst in to life. I stopped walking and let out a big gasp. I shivered as the egg started to do its job. Freya came and hugged me as the egg quickly got the better of me. I screamed as it hit me and it was a good job that Freya was holding me as I would have got covered in wet sand if she hadn’t.

Alfie just watched as I peeked then subsided with my fifth of the day. Fortunately he’d switched the egg off as I reached my peak.

When I was able we continued walking. As we got closed to the holiday park a middle-aged couple came in the opposite direction. The woman didn’t look at us but the man sure did. He was smiling as we passed. I wondered if he’d got a hard-on and if his wife was going to get it later.

Back on the sun loungers Freya lay there with her legs wide open and Alfie stood between her feet. He obviously wanted the best possible view of his sister masturbating.

“God, I’m so horny.” Freya said as her hands found her tits and pussy. “Watch and learn, Brother.”

Both Alfie and I did watch Freya frig until she came. Not satisfied with just cumming, Freya reached out and put her hand on the front of Alfie’s shorts. “Show me.”

Alfie’s incestuous guilt completely disappeared as he dropped his shorts and underwear; his hard cock pointing up to the sky. Both Freya and I stared at it for what seemed like ages before Freya sat up and reached for it. Freya sat up then rubbed it up and down a couple of times before opening her mouth and lowering her head onto it.

I sat there and watched, my right hand’s fingers playing with my clit, as I watched Freya give her brother a blow job.

Poor Alfie must have been close to cumming as he soon grunted and jerked. Freya didn’t lose a drop and swallowed the lot. I guess that poor Alfie had been tormented by the sight of his naked sister for so long that he probably would have creamed his pants quite soon if she hadn’t done what she did.

I kept frigging and watching, as Freya kept sucking and it wasn’t long before Alfie got hard again. When Freya next took a breath she turned to me and said,

“Your turn,” to me then to Alfie, “Give Tanya some of that wonderful cock.”

Alfie came over to me and knelt beside the sun lounger. His cock was inches from my face. In automatic mode, I opened my mouth and moved my head forward. Thinking about Ryan I started sucking, my head bobbing back and forwards.

Freya must have got up and found the eggs remote control because it suddenly burst into life. I managed to hold off the orgasm until Alfie shot his load down my throat. I had all on not to bite his cock as the waves of pleasure of my sixth orgasm of the day hit me.

It was still only mid-morning and I’d had six orgasms. I was doing well. For a while I dreamt about another new dress.

As I lay back on the sun lounger I thought about Ryan. I’d just given another man a BJ. I was pretty sure that Ryan would understand and forgive me.

“You’re doing well Tanya. That’s six now, isn’t it?” Freya asked.

“Yes, having both the egg and the steel balls inside me makes me cum faster.”

“You’ve got both the egg and the Ben Wa balls inside you?” Freya asked.

“Yeah, that’s nothing; you should see what I can do with a couple of golf balls.”

As soon as I’d said that I knew that I shouldn’t have because Alfie said, “I’ve got lots of golf balls back at our place. Let’s go there and you can show us.”

“Ooh goody;” Freya said, “but I think that you’d better take the jewellery off, Tanya; we’ve got to have you looking the part. Alfie, do you want to do it?”

Before I could object Alfie came over to me and was attacking my right nipple. I enjoyed the fondling as Alfie discovered how they were put together. I got so close to cumming again when he took the clit one off.

Just as the last bit of my jewellery came off Alfie asked what Ben Wa balls were so I told him that I’d show him when we got to their place.

“You can’t go out there like that,” Alfie said to Freya.

“But I don’t want to put any clothes on.” Freya said.

“The only way that I get away with it is to look like a kid. Do you think that you could get to look like a little girl?” I said.

“It’ll be difficult with those tits,” Alfie said.

“They’re not that big.”

“You’d have to do something about your hair, and it’s a good job that you’re not wearing any make-up or nail varnish; and that you shave your pubic hair. Do you think that you can walk and act like a young girl?”

“Of course I can,” Freya said.

Freya walked across the room and back lazily, and sucking her left thumb.

“Very good, you have to remember to act like there’s nothing wrong with walking around outside with no clothes on, no covering your tits or pussy with a hand.”

“Yeah, okay; I can do that. Have you got any bands that I can use to put my hair in pigtails Tanya?”

I looked in my bag and found two. Somehow I’d managed not to lose any over the last few days.

Freya put her hair up and said, “Okay, let’s go.”

With that Freya went out of the front door. She was as naked as I was, and we were about to cross over to the other side of the site.

I have to admit that Freya did look like a kid. She even kicked a pebble and swung round a lamp post. The only problem was her tits.

I followed them to their mobile home. It was almost identical to the one I was staying in. Inside Alfie disappeared, presumably to get some golf balls. Freya cleared the table then told me to get on it. Without thinking, I lay on my back and opened my legs wide. Why do I always do that? It’s as if I want people to look at my pussy, which I certainly don’t.

Alfie re-appeared with a big bag of golf balls.

“I hope that you’re not expecting to get all those inside me,” I joked.

“We’ll try.” Freya said. “But first you need to push the egg and the steel balls out. Alfie, come and watch. Tanya, go to it.”

I looked at Freya then Alfie. I got all embarrassed about what I was about to do.

“Come on, Tanya.”

I started squeezing my pussy and the egg slowly appeared, then popped out onto the table.

“Goody, I want to borrow that,” Freya said as she picked it up, squatted down, and pushed it up her hole.

Poor Alfie didn’t know who to look at; his eyes kept going from my pussy to Freya’s.

Both steel balls made a little thud as they dropped onto the table. Alfie picked them up and said, “So how can these two possibly turn you on and make you cum?”

“Easy,” I said, “watch.”

I sat up and got the balls from Alfie and formed a ball round them with both hands. Shaking them about you could hear the clunking.

“You do it Alfie.”

Alfie did and then smiled. “Aaah, I see. I wish there were similar things for men.”

Freya picked up the bag of golf balls, got one out and gave it to me. Feeling confident I lay back onto my left elbow and put the golf ball to my slightly open vaginal entrance. As I gently pushed my vagina opened wider and swallowed the ball.

In stereo, both Freya and Alfie said, “Amazing.”

“Got another one?” I asked.

Freya picked up a golf ball and put it to my pussy.

“Gently push.” I said, and the second golf ball disappeared.

“Can I do the next one?” Alfie asked.

Alfie put the ball to my vagina and pushed.

“Not so hard, let me do the work,” I said.

As the third ball disappeared Alfie flicked my clit then gently pulled it.

“Aaaargh, don’t.”

“Keep going Alfie;” Freya said, “we may as well give her number seven while she’s in that position.”

Alfie continued teasing my clit and my AF rose even higher. I did manage to tell Freya to try to get another golf ball inside me.

The ball disappeared then came back out again. Freya tried again, and again, and again. But each time my pussy wasn’t having it. Freya even tried as I had my orgasm but I still couldn’t keep it in.

Eventually, Freya and Alfie stopped and let me relax. When I was able I told them that I’d never managed to get the fourth one to stay in.

“That’s one hell of a party trick,” Alfie said.

I laughed then told them about the party where Ryan had let a few people try to get the fourth golf ball to stay in. After that Alfie asked how I got them out.

“Easy,” I said, “watch this.”

One by one I squeezed those three golf ball out then put the egg back in. Alfie picked-up each golf ball and swore that he’d treasure those balls forever. Then he said, “I’m getting a bit hungry; how about we go to the café?”

“We need to make you look as if you have a reason to be naked, Freya,” I said. “How about we pretend that you’re being punished like I was?”

“But you had a red butt,” Freya said. She looked at Alfie. “No, no Alfie, you can’t!”

But it was too late; Alfie had grabbed Freya and pulled her over the back of the sofa. Her butt was sticking up and Alfie was giving her a good spanking.

“Want a go?” Alfie said after a few minutes.

Poor Freya was in tears. She’d given up fighting and was just taking it. What’s more she’d got her reason; her butt was bright red.

Finally, Alfie let go of Freya who immediately turned to me and said, “You’re not getting off with it!” She grabbed me and pushed me over the back of the sofa.

Freya gave my butt the same treatment that Alfie had given hers; and I too was reduced to tears. As she kept going I again experienced the disappearance of the pain and the pleasure starting. As I started to cum Freya started to finger fuck me. First one, then two, then three fingers were pounding in and out of my pussy. My eighth orgasm was a very satisfying one.

All that time Alfie was just watching. I smiled to myself and wondered exactly what he was thinking of.

When things got back to normal, Freya said, “Come on, I want people to see me.”

“How about we go to the café-cum-bar, I’m getting hungry,” Alfie said.

I wasn’t too sure because it would put Freya stationary for quite a while. I told them that there would be more time for people to stare and wonder if we were really kids. I was out-voted and we set off to the sound of me reminding Freya to act like a kid.

Thankfully no one took any real notice of us until we entered the café. There was an oldish woman there who smiled when she saw us.

“Still being punished I see. How’s your butt?” she said with a bit of a laugh.

“She’s been at it again;” Alfie said. “Turn round and let the lady see your butt.”

“Oh my; that looks painful.” The lady said. And who’s this? Have you been naughty as well?”

Freya was looking down at the floor, hands at her side. She nodded.

“This is Freya, Tanya’s younger sister, although you wouldn’t think that by looking at her. She started developing early, probably due to them having different fathers. Our mother caught her smoking this morning and decided that the same punishment was appropriate. Turn round, Freya.” Alfie said as Freya slowly shuffled round while still looking at the floor.

“Oh my; I’ve never met your mother but I already like her; she certainly knows how to treat her kids. Wait until I tell the other people who work here.”

“Can we get something to eat please?” Alfie asked.

“Sure, pick a table and I’ll bring a menu over.”

The woman laughed and walked off. When she came back she was carrying two cushions.

“I thought you two might appreciate these.” She said as she put the menus on the table, laughed and walked away saying that her husband would be over to take our order in a few minutes.

Both Freya and I picked up a cushion and put them between our butts and the chairs. My butt didn’t feel so bad.

“Tanya, slouch down on the chair and open your legs. Let’s see if the waiter looking at your pussy can make you cum.”

I did as I was told and noticed that Freya was doing the same. When the waiter did arrive the poor man didn’t know where to look. It was obvious where he did want to look because his eyes kept going back to either Freya’s or my pussies. I know that mine was all swollen and wet and I guessed that Freya’s was as well.

Just as the man had managed to write down what we wanted (both of us girls ordered kid’s meals), Alfie switched the egg on, on low. I wasn’t expecting it and I jumped a bit and clenched my pussy muscles. I hoped that the man hadn’t noticed.

I went through the meal with Alfie randomly switching the egg on for a few seconds. I should have been used to it because of the random zapping vibe that I have at home, but I wasn’t. One time that Alfie did it I’d just gotten a mouth full of my burger and the whole lot went ended up back on my plate; much the amusement of Freya and Alfie.

Just after I’d finished eating Alfie took me over the top. Probably because of the long build-up number nine was a strong one and I was glad that we were the only ones in the café.

As we walked out of the café a youngish couple walked in. I was pleased when I noticed that neither of them was looking at me. They were both looking at Freya. It was nice to not be the centre of attraction. It meant that I could relax a little. Not that I could relax that much with the egg inside me and Alfie still giving me random blasts of full power.

We’d only walked a few yards when Freya turned to Alfie and asked him how much money he had on him. When he told her she told us that we were going on a bike ride. On our left was the little shop that I’d been in. It also doubled as a cycle rental shop.

Freya walked in, bold as brass, and told the man that we’d like to hire some bikes. The man just stared at Freya, then at me.

“Oh, it’s you; still being punished I see; and who’s this?”

Alfie went through the same story as in the café, getting us both to turn round so that the man could see our red butts. Shaking his head and laughing he told us that he’d go and get his son who looked after the bikes.

The son came out and stopped and stared. He was no older than me. I blushed and wanted to cover my chest and pussy but I managed to resist the urge. Alfie told him that we wanted three bikes for a couple of hours.

“Oh, right, err were a bit short on girls bikes at the moment but we’ve a few boy’s bikes if they don’t mind getting their leg over.”

I don’t know if it was intended to be a pun but I smiled a little as Alfie told him that boy’s bikes would be fine. The young man went to the back room and came back with a bike. It looked a bit big for me but the young man wheeled it to Freya. I knew what I wanted and said, “That’s more my size.”

I went over and lifted my leg up and over. I didn’t care who could see all of my pussy as I lifted my leg. I wanted that bike. I stood with the crossbar of the bike pressing hard on my pussy and my toes just touching the floor.

“It’s a bit big for you, young lady,” the young man said.

“No it’s not. I want this one.”

“Well okay then.” The young man said then looked at Freya. “I suppose you want one that’s big for you as well?”

Freya looked puzzled but she could see me nodding my head.

“Err yes, like my sister.”

The young man looked a bit confused, so did Freya and Alfie.

“Trust me,” I whispered, “you want one like this.”

I was still on the bike with my pussy pressed on the crossbar. As Freya and Alfie watched I wheeled the bike back and forwards a few inches. Freya smiled and nodded. She understood, but Alfie hadn’t a clue.

The young man wheeled another bike out and we all got a good look at Freya’s pussy as she lifted a leg over. As she tried to straighten the bike she said, “Ow, that’s too big.”

It was, she couldn’t get the bike upright because her pussy was pressed hard against the crossbar. She lifted her leg up and over, giving the young man another look at her pussy.

“Have you got one just a little bit smaller?” Freya asked.

As the young man wheeled the bike out of the room Alfie gave me another blast of the egg. I bent my knees a little so my pussy pressed harder on the crossbar. Boy did that feel good; so good that I felt orgasm number ten coming on.

I didn’t see much of Freya, or Alfie getting their bikes; it was all a bit of a haze as I fought to stay quiet. As I started to get back to normal I heard Alfie say, “Come on Tanya, pay attention, what’s wrong with you?”

I put one foot up on the high pedal, lifted myself up and started pedaling out of the shop. The young man was holding the door open and as I went passed him he told me to have fun.

If only he knew.

I pedaled standing up until I caught up to the others. When I sat on the saddle I thought, “Oh yes, this is going to be fun.”

I looked at Freya and saw that she’d discovered the fun that a girl with no knickers on can have on a bike that’s too big for her.

We rode out of the main gate, down the road a few yards then onto a trail through the woods. I was sure that Freya was getting the same feelings as our pussies slid from side to side over the narrow saddles. My clit was getting systematically rubbed by the seat. In a way I was glad that Alfie had stopped randomly zapping me with the egg, but at the same time I wondered how much I could take before number eleven would hit me.

I managed to make it about three hundred yards into the woods before I screamed and stopped pedaling. I slid off the seat and pressed the crossbar hard against my clit as number eleven got the better of me.

As the waves receded I looked over to Alfie. He was watching us both. I wondered if his cock was as hard as I thought it would be. Freya was stood straddling the crossbar but bent over the handlebars with her pussy trying to fuck the pointed front of the saddle. She wasn’t having much success and after a few seconds she sat on the saddle and started pedaling.

“Come on you two. We need to find somewhere.” Freya shouted as pulled away from us.

We eventually caught her after passing an elderly couple out walking. I wondered if they ’d realised that two naked girls had just passed them. They didn’t say anything, and I couldn’t see their faces.

Freya had stopped near a gate to a big meadow. She was getting off her bike when she saw us. “Come on; I’m going to enjoy this,” she shouted as she climbed over the gate.

Alfie and I caught her when she lay out spread eagled on the grass. “This is so beautiful, so natural, so erotic.”

A minute later Freya got up onto her knees and reached over to Alfie. As she unfastened his shorts and pulled them and his pants off she said, “You’re going to enjoy this. Get down on your back.”

Freya continued to strip her brother completely naked, even his trainers. Freya and I both looked down at his cock with the pre-cum seeping out of the end. A couple of seconds later Freya straddled Alfie and impaled herself on his cock. After a loud satisfying sounding sigh Freya said, “Oh that’s so good. I’ve wanted to do that for years. Tanya, stand at Alfie’s head and kneel over his shoulders. Lower your pussy onto his face.”

Not even thinking of Ryan I did what I was told. I hovered over Alfie’s face feeling his breath on my pussy before Alfie’s hands found my hips and pulled me down.

Alfie started eating my pussy as Freya started going up and down on his cock. Both Freya and I reached out and fondled each other’s tits. For a second I wished that I had some tits like Freya’s but that thought didn’t last long as I felt Alfie’s tongue invade my vagina.

I was in heaven and it wasn’t long before number twelve hit me hard, my body jerking as the spasms took control.

I came back to my senses in time to see Freya cumming hard on Alfie’s cock. Judging by Alfie’s stomach jerking up and down I guessed that he was cumming too.

A few seconds later two knackered girls collapsed onto the grass. The only problem for me was that Alfie had managed to switch the egg on. I didn’t have any say in my pussy throbbing away and slowly, but surely taking me to my thirteenth orgasm in less than six hours. It was no wonder that I was knackered.

As the body spasms took control of me I screamed, “NO! NO! YES! NO!”

But Alfie wasn’t going to help me by switching the egg off. Even if he did it was too late.

Finally my body stayed still and Alfie switched it off. I was too knackered to move. Freya rolled over to me, kissed my forehead and stroked my hair.

“That was beautiful. Look, it’s even got Alfie ready for more action. Do you want him to fuck you?”

I did, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to be disloyal to Ryan. “No, you ride him again while I watch.”

Freya rolled over to Alfie, took his cock into her mouth and sucked him for a minute or so before getting up and straddling him again. As she rode him I watched him play with her tits, pulling and twisting her nipples. She loved every second of it.

The rest did me some good and I managed to get up, just in time to see two men standing at the gate watching us. When they saw that I’d seen them they both clapped their hands. They’d obviously been watching us for a while.

Freya heard the clapping and looked over. When she saw the men she waved at them and seemed to increase her speed of bobbing up and down on Alfie. She obviously loved being watched by strangers.

Freya was getting close to cumming and also getting vocal. I was sure that she could be heard back at the holiday park she was that loud. She was cumming and she wanted the whole world to hear her.

Alfie obviously hadn’t cum by the time Freya stopped moving. She collapsed off Alfie again and I saw that Alfie was still hard. I really did want to ride him the way Freya had, but instead I knelt next to him and sucked him until he gave me a load to swallow.

I lay down again and looked at the two men. They must have assumed that the show was over as they turned and walked away.

About 15 minutes later Freya was the first to stand up. She looked down at us both and said, “I hope that you enjoyed that as much as I did.”

Alfie grunted and I nodded my head.

“Come on you two lazy bones, I want some more fun on that bike,” Freya said.

That girl is insatiable. I had a quick count and realised that I only needed two more orgasms to get another dress.

“Freya wait, you can have the egg now. I need to rest for a while.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh yes, I’m knackered.”

I squatted down and squeezed the egg out onto Freya’s hand. She was that eager that she’d put her hand on my pussy waiting for it.

The egg went straight from my pussy into hers. I relaxed knowing that I was going to have a relatively relaxing time for a while.

“Switch it on please Alfie,” Freya said.

Freya gasped a little then smiled. “Right, I’m ready, let’s go,” she said and started walking again.

Alfie got to his feet and covered his soft cock with his pants and shorts before following us to the bikes. Freya was already sat on her bike with her pussy pressing on the crossbar when we got there.

“Come on,” she said, and started pedaling away from us; her butt sliding from side to side on the too-big bike.

Alfie and I got on our bikes and chased after Freya; my pussy enjoying the sliding over the saddle as I went.

A couple of minutes later Freya started shouting obscenities; she was clearly having an orgasm as she peddled.

We passed an old man out walking his dog. The poor man just stopped and stared as we approached then passed him.

When we got to the road Freya was there waiting for us. “That was fun, I might do that again tomorrow, shame that you won’t be with us Tanya.”

“Come on,” Alfie said, “we’d better get these bikes back.”

I was a little disappointed because my fourteenth orgasm of the day was building. Never mind, I only needed two more for that dress and I knew that I could easily manage two more in the eight or so hours before I went to bed. Maybe I could have the fifteenth as I texted Ryan later.

We cycled along the road and back into the holiday park. Only one car beeped at us. Probably because us two girls were naked; our bike riding was good, even though both of us were siding from side to side on the saddles.

As we approached the cycle shop the young man was outside waiting for us. He watched Freya and me as we slid off the saddle and pressed our pussies onto the crossbar for the last time, then lifted our legs over. I tried to do it without him getting a good look at my pussy. Unlike Freya, who seemed to have her leg in the air for ages.

As the man took our bikes off us he looked at the very wet saddles, smiled, and asked us if we’d enjoyed ourselves.

“Definitely,” Freya said. “We’re going to the swimming pool to have some more fun in the jacuzzi. Care to join us?”

That was the first I’d heard about the jacuzzi but I didn’t mind. It would be nice to relax in the warm water for a while without the egg torturing me.

We’d only managed to walk a few yards from the shop when Freya stopped and put one hand on each of us. He face went red then she started shaking. Alfie must have left the egg switched on.

“Careful Freya,” I said, “if you’re not careful you’ll have as many as I’ve had.”

After a minute or so Freya said, “Oh, I do hope so.”

When she was back to normal she let go of Alfie and me. I said, “Remember, you need to act and sound like a little girl if you don’t want to get in trouble.”

“Please turn it off for a while Alfie. I need to get into the jacuzzi in one piece.”

Alfie’s hand went to the control and Freya gave a sigh of relief.

No one took any notice of the two naked girls that walked through the swimming pool area and got into the jacuzzi. Alfie had been hanging back and I saw him put the remote control on the wall before he joined us. From the expression on Freya’s face Alfie must have switched the egg on before leaving the control.

There was a middle-aged couple in the jacuzzi when we got in. Neither seemed bothered by Freya and me being naked. We all settled and relaxed in the warm water. A couple of minutes later the couple got up and left; and Alfie moved and sat between us; his hand resting on my thigh.

Shortly after that his hand moved up to my pussy. Without thinking I opened my legs giving him access. Why did I do that? It was Alfie, not Ryan.

Alfie’s finger got to work as my head went back and my eyes closed. I was sooo relaxed.

At one point I opened my eyes and saw that Freya was enjoying what the egg, and probably Alfie, was doing to her. I heard the unmistakable sound of a girl cumming.

Alfie brought me to my fourteenth orgasm of the day as I sat there, legs wide open and eyes closed.

It was only when I finally opened my eyes that I saw that we’d been joined by a man about my age. He had a big grin on his face. My face went red as I wondered if he had realised that I’d just had an orgasm right in front of him. I turned to look at Freya; she looked as if she was still having one.

After a couple of minutes I felt a soft hand touching my thigh. I looked at Freya and she said, “Your turn.”

I moved my hand to hers under the bubbling water. She’d leant over Alfie and was holding the egg. It was still vibrating. Realising that she’d obviously expelled it and wanted me to put it up my hole, I took it from her and opened my legs even wider. As I pushed it up my vagina I realised that it was the first time that I’d put it in while it was switched on. It felt good.

Number fifteen came quite quickly. I kept my eyes closed and concentrated on trying to keep a straight face and my mouth shut. Fortunately my little moans were drowned by the sound of the bubbles bursting.

While I was occupied with my own pleasure, Freya had moved to sit on Alfie’s lap. She had an arm round his neck and was a little higher in the water. Her tits were just out of the bubbles and were being stared at by the man.

I wondered if she’d got Alfie’s cock out and was being fucked as well as being stared at. I didn’t mind, at least the man wasn’t looking at me.

Number sixteen was just starting to build when Freya stood up and turned to Alfie and said, “Can we go home now? I need to go for a pee pee.”

I nearly burst out laughing as I saw that Freya was standing right in front of the man. Her pussy was only inches from his face. At least I don’t do that deliberately.

“Okay,” Alfie said. He turned to me and continued, “Come on Tanya, I suppose you want to go to the toilet as well.”

“Can you just wait a minute? I’ve just got to …….” I said as number sixteen took control of my body. It was a good job that I’d been totally relaxed before Freya gave me the egg otherwise it might have been a long orgasm. Instead it was just a quickie, and I managed to keep quiet.

When I got control of myself back I opened my eyes; Freya was still stood with her pussy inches from the man’s face. I wondered what his hands were doing under the bubbles and giggled a bit.

“Okay, we can go now.” I said; and one by one the three of us got out and headed out of the swimming pool area. The egg was still vibrating inside me and I was glad when we were away from all the people.

Just as we got to my mobile home Alfie switched the egg off.

“Getting close, were you?” Alfie asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Good, I want to fuck your mouth one last time, and it will be better if you’re cumming as I do it.”

'Wow, you’re getting a bit confident.' I thought. I wondered if he was going to be that dominant with Freya. I had visions of the two of them fucking like rabbits when they get back home, with Alfie thinking that Freya was doing what he wanted. I smiled as I wondered if he realised that Freya would be calling the shots, not him.

Alfie led me over to the table and told me to lie on it with my head bent backwards over the edge. As I got into position I realised that I’d automatically lay there with my legs, and my mouth, wide open; and Freya was moving between my legs.

Alfie dropped his shorts and I saw his cock heading straight for my open mouth.

Alfie’s cock went straight down my throat and he started fucking me, his balls banging against my face as he thrust forward. Meanwhile, Freya’s mouth and fingers were working on my pussy. The pair of them soon had me cumming.

Alfie lasted quite a long time; he must have been short of jism, having cum so many times already that day. Meanwhile I had orgasms seventeen and eighteen in quick succession before they withdrew and let me calm down. Alfie also switched the egg off. I was pleased about that because I was knackered.

As I lay there I watched both Freya and Alfie get dressed. I imagined Freya’s nipples poking through her top at her father and her ‘accidentally’ showing him that she wasn’t wearing any knickers, wondering what he would think; then wondering what he would say if he caught Freya and Alfie fucking.

“Don’t get up Tanya.” Freya said. “We’ve got to go now, and I suppose that you’ll have set off home before we emerge tomorrow; so have a good trip, give Ryan hell when he gets back home, and make sure that he buys you those dresses; you’ve certainly earned them.”

We said out goodbyes and I was left there still on my back on the table. I put my hand to my pussy and touched my clit. As I did so I got a little after-shock that brought me to reality.

I slowly got off the table, expelled the egg and went for a shower. I needed to relax for a while. With a towel wrapped round me I went out the back to lie on a sun lounger to enjoy the last of the day’s sun.

When I woke up it was starting to get dark. The towel had fallen open and my right hand was playing with my pussy.

“Stop it Tanya,” I said to myself. “Give it a rest; you’re turning into some sort of nymphomaniac.”

I smiled and got up to see what food was left in the fridge. Seeing nothing, I decided to go to the takeaway. I was feeling good and wanted to look good as well so I got my piercing jewellery out and put it in then combed my hair and let it flow. I’d had enough of the pigtails.

It was only when I got outside that I thought about the little girl look.

“Sod it!” I thought. “I’m going home in the morning; what’s the worst that they could do if the realised that I’d been conning them about my age?” I laughed to myself and kept walking.

I made it to the takeaway without seeing anyone, but those damn youths were hanging around just outside. They stared at me as I walked passed them.

“Fucking hell!” one of them said.

Inside the takeaway were the man serving and a young woman, about my age, getting served. They stopped talking and looked at me for a few seconds before finishing their business. For some strange reason I didn’t feel at all embarrassed about being naked and having the chains hanging from my nipples and clit. I thought about Ryan telling me that I was an exhibitionist and thought, for once, that there may be a little truth in that.

“You look different tonight; what can I get for you?” the man said as the woman left.

I suddenly felt embarrassed. “Yes, my mum’s been experimenting with me. Do you like it?”

“It makes you look a lot older.”

“Yeah, I like it too. I just wish that she’d let me wear some clothes.”

“You look great just the way you are,” the man said as he packed my order.

My face burnt as I walked out knowing that the man’s eyes would be glued to my butt. I wondered if he could see the chain dangling between my legs.

The youths had a couple of rude comments for me as I passed them again; but I ignored them and kept walking.

I was eating when Ryan’s text arrived but I’d finished by the time our text conversation had finished. I was knackered and decided to have an early night.

Day 6

I woke early to find a wet pussy and fingers playing with it. I decided to have one last run along the beach before getting ready to leave. The steel balls did their job and I had to stop twice to get capable of running again.

I cleaned the place up, showered and packed my things. It didn’t take long because most of my clothes never even came out of my bag. As I decided what to wear I realised that I hadn’t worn any clothes for nearly five days. I didn’t know if I was happy or sad. What I did know was that I’d certainly enjoyed myself. I’d never had so many orgasms in such a short time. My pussy tingled at the thought.

As it looked like it was going to be a reasonable day I decided to wear a cotton tank top and a little floaty skirt; and my jewellery and Ben Wa balls. I wanted to feel good on the journey home but at the same time I knew that I’d have to be careful in that skirt.

I didn’t see Freya or Alfie as I walked to reception, but I think that I saw their father driving off.

“Punishment over?” the woman in reception said as I handed her the key.

“Yeah, and we’re going home today.”

“You look a lot older with your clothes on; quite pretty. We’re going to miss seeing you walk around.”

I blushed and quickly left.

The trip home was quite uneventful, I was making a mental list of everything that I had to get done before Ryan got home. I didn’t want us to have to go out for the whole weekend. I had things that I wanted us to do which didn’t involve clothes.

Talking about clothes, I thought about the new dresses that Ryan was going to buy me.

I went to the airport to meet Ryan and as soon as I saw him I ran to him and jumped on him. I had my arms around his neck kissing him and my legs round his waist. My skirt must have ridden up at the back because I could feel his hands on my bare butt, but I didn’t care; I was so pleased to see him. After a couple of minutes of non-stop kissing one of his colleagues said,

“Hi Tanya, I can see your butt again.”

Ryan lowered me down and I straightened my skirt.

We never did go out that weekend, and Ryan did forgive me for giving Alfie a blowjob. Oh, and I did get three new dresses.

My new haircut

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it didn’t take me long to realise that I’d made a mistake.

I really liked my new look, nice and short and easy to manage. Ryan said that he liked it too, but soon after he saw it he got this look on his face.

“TT, we haven’t been swimming for ages, do you fancy going this weekend?” he asked.

“Yeah, okay, I’ll wear the bikini top and swimming skirt again.”

“No, I’ll get you something new to wear.”

I got worried. I remembered the last time Ryan bought me a ‘swimsuit’; it turned out to be a see-through thong – no top.

As usual Ryan made me wait until the very last second before letting me have my new swimsuit. We were both naked in the changing cubicle when he gave me the bag with my new costume in. I opened the bag and all I could see was a pair of swimming shorts.

“Oh, you got yourself a new pair of swimming shorts as well.”

“No, those are for you,” Ryan replied.

“What, I’ll look stupid wearing those and a bikini top.”

“No you won’t, there’s no top.”

“Are you trying to say that you want me to wear just those shorts; you can’t be serious, I’ll get kicked out.”

“No you won’t. You’re always saying that your tits are so small that you look like a little girl; well, now that your hair is so short you’ll look like a little boy.”

That’s when I started regretting getting my hair cut so short. Ryan wanted me to pretend to be a young boy and expose my little tits. Okay some young boys these days have moobs bigger than my young woman tits and my front does look like two sultanas on an ironing board, but I’m an adult woman. I can’t walk around a public swimming pool with no top on.

As usual Ryan got his way. I was nervous as hell as we opened the door and walked out into the public area. I wanted to hold Ryan’s hand for moral support but we didn’t want to attract any attention. It was going to be difficult to keep our hands off each other.

The strange thing was, Ryan was right. No one did take any notice of me. I really did look like a boy. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. What I do know is that I felt incredibly horny.

Ryan had us swim hard to try to take our minds off me being topless. It sort of worked but we sure as hell had some good fun in the changing cubicle afterwards.

Ryan must have told Karen about our swimming session because a couple of days later Emma phoned me and invited me to go swimming with her. Once I’d agreed she told me that I had to take my boy’s swimming shorts. She said that she wanted to go swimming with ‘her little brother’.

We went and I had a good time. That was until showering afterwards; Emma talked me into taking my shorts off and showering naked. There was a man in the showers and he was facing us when I took them off. You should have seen his face when he realised that I was a girl. Emma insisted that I soap myself in front of the man. I wasn’t happy but I did it, and I was so happy when Emma said that we could go.

I’ve got a job! – at last

It seems like it’s taken forever but I finally managed to get a proper job. It’s with a big accountancy firm and I work in an office with about twenty others.

In a way I’m glad that I don’t have to do the modeling kids clothes job for that store anymore, but at the same time I did enjoy parts of it. I used to get so embarrassed when people saw me naked; but at the same time I used to get so turned-on; especially when one of the fathers got so dominant and told me to take my clothes off in front of him; or worse, when they took the clothes off me and had me stand there totally naked in front of them. It was even more humiliating if they did that in front their teenage sons.

As soon as I got the phone call I phoned Ryan and we went out and celebrated. The next weekend we went out and bought me some more skirts and blouses. I wasn’t too happy that Ryan would only let me buy miniskirts; but I was grateful that they weren’t micro skirts.

The people there are really nice, but it wasn’t long before someone discovered that I don’t wear underwear. The problem is that the new girl has to work at a table, not a desk, and I keep forgetting to cross my legs. It didn’t take long for me to be known as ‘the girl with no knickers.’ They know that Ryan calls me TT, but they don’t know what the TT stands for – yet.

Being the new girl I have to do all the GDB (general dog’s body) jobs; including the filing (not much I’m happy to say) and the general running around. I have to be really careful not to show too much leg. Ryan just laughs and says that I’ll get used to it.

Whenever we have to go upstairs to the conference room my boss insists on letting me go up the stairs in front of him. I don’t think that he can see my butt, but I’m not 100% sure.

There’s a pretty good social life at my new office, for starters just about everyone goes for a drink after work each Friday. I’ve been with them a couple of times and it was fun. I declined the offer of going on to a nightclub, but I might go soon, if Ryan can come.

Sharing Photographs

Ryan bought a colour printer because he needed to print some quality presentation material for work. After printing that lot he decided to take some photos of me; he wanted them to be of me naked and in some almost pornographic poses. I was expecting him to keep them in a folder on his laptop. He put them there okay, but then he decided to print a couple of them on the new printer. He printed quite a few copies and when I asked him why he told me that he was trying to get the colours right.

What I wasn’t expecting him to do was hand them out at work. When he told me I nearly threw a wobbler. When I asked him why he’d do such a thing he said that he was proud of me and that he wanted the world to see what they were missing.

I love him when he says things like that, but these were photographs of me with my legs wide open and with a dildo sticking out of me!

When I said that I’d never be able to look his friends in the face he again he repeated what he’d just said and added that all his friends think the world of me. He said that I should just think about it as another nude modeling session.

As usual Ryan’s words brought me round and before long we were at it like a couple of rabbits.

At least I was wearing my nipple and clit jewellery.

Ryan’s younger brother Tom

During one of Ryan’s phone calls to his family Ryan volunteered our sofa to Tom for a few nights while he came to look round our city and see what the university is like. I like Tom; he’s a nice young man so I had no problem with Ryan’s offer.

It was only when we were in bed that night that I realised that I’d have to be careful what I was wearing, and where. I was so used to being naked all around our home.

Ryan just laughed and said, “It’s our place and you can wear what you like, where you want. It’s not as if Tom hasn’t seen you naked before. Do you remember that time when you asked him to rub suntan lotion all over you then you asked him to finger fuck you?”

“Hey, that was a mistake, I had my eyes shut and I thought that it was you.”

“Yeah, but the point is that he’s seen you naked, so what’s the big deal about him seeing you naked again?”

'Oh shit!' I thought, 'Ryan’s going to have me naked in front of Tom again.' I wasn’t happy, but, as usual, Ryan got his way.

A couple of weeks later Tom arrived. As I was getting him a drink Ryan came into the kitchen and whispered, “Relax TT, it’s no big deal; pretend that he’s a mini-me.”

I laughed then said, “Okay, but don’t think that he’s going to fuck me.”

“Hell no, that wasn’t what I meant. What I meant was that you shouldn’t put clothes on just because he’s here. When it comes to clothes, just pretend that he’s me.”

“I think that I know what you’re saying; I’ll try.”

I kept my clothes on for the rest of the day but that evening when we were all watching television and drinking beer, Ryan started getting a bit passionate with me. He got me sitting on his lap and he started to undress me in front of Tom.

I whispered for him to stop but Ryan just reminded me of what he’d said earlier. It was a good job that I’d had a couple of beers because before long I was totally naked. Tom was pretending to be cool about it but his eyes kept going from the TV to me.

I buried my face in Ryan’s neck to hide my embarrassment as he started to finger fuck me. He made me cum while Tom watched.

More of Tom’s visit later.

End of part 13

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