My Boyfriend Likes to Expose Me
or perhaps it should be called
The Exhibitionist in Denial
by Vanessa

Part 6

All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over the legal age of consent where the events took place.

Part 6 - House Sitting – Week 2


We didn’t get out of bed until lunch time and then crawled out to lie on the sun loungers. It took another hour for us to wake up enough to jump into the pool.

After a quick, lazy swim we went to a café to get some breakfast. Ryan got me to wear my bikini top and underwear thong. I just couldn’t be bothered to argue with him.

With some food inside us, and feeling a little better, we walked along the sea front and then back along the beach. I had to keep pulling the thong out and down as it kept creeping forwards and up giving me a front wedgie and a couple of young men noticed. Of course Ryan just laughed.

About 100 yards from the villa Ryan stopped me and gave me a long kiss. What I hadn’t realised was that as he was kissing me he was gently unfastening the thong. When he pulled away he pulled the thong right off me as well. Before I could stop him he was running off down the road and back to the villa. I had to chase after him wearing just my bikini top.

At least it was worth it, we had great sex in the pool.

That night we went for another walk through town. Ryan got me to wear just his string vest, and one of the remote controlled vibes. We didn’t get far as Ryan kept the vibe going quite fast and I’d cum 3 times even before we got near town. The people who saw us must have thought that I was some sort of mental nut or ravished with some sort of horrible disease the way I was sweating and jerking about.

I was so pleased when Ryan turned it off when we went into a bar for a drink. It might have been early (about midnight), but in one corner of the bar there were a few drunk teenagers struggling to stay awake. There were girls with all sorts of wardrobe malfunctions; skirts up round their waists (no knickers), tops hanging off, and one girl was spark-out on the floor with her legs wide open, letting everyone nearby see her bald pussy. Another drunk girl was holding a beer bottle to her pussy and looking like she wanted to see how much of it she could get up her. We didn’t hang around to find out.

As soon as we left the bar the vibe was back on and my juices were running down the insides of my legs again.

Why does Ryan love doing that to me?

After I pleaded with Ryan to stop he turned it down and took me back to the villa.


The pool man came back – again. If I could speak Spanish I would have asked him why he was coming so often and why he had someone different with him each time. This time when he came we were in the shallow end of the pool, both of us totally naked and I was giving Ryan a blow job. I was a little busy and didn’t see them arrive, but Ryan did. He didn’t tell me and let them watch for goodness knows how long.

When I’d swallowed Ryan’s seed I lifted my head and went to kiss him. It was then that I saw the 2 men. The regular one, and yet another man that I’d never seen before. Was this man bringing all his friends to have a look at me?

I had 2 choices of what to do; I could get out and walk to the villa, or get out and run to the villa. I chose the latter; covering my bits with my hands as I ran.

Ryan got out and walked to the villa.

In the kitchen Ryan wrapped his arms round me and hugged me; his cock getting harder as he did so. Ryan backed away and put his hand to my pussy. His middle finger rubbed along my slit and he said, “You’re wet, aren’t you?”

“Of course I’m wet; I’ve just got out of the swimming pool.”

“That’s not swimming pool water, that’s come from inside you, taste it,” Ryan said as he lifted his finger to my mouth.

He was right, that was the familiar taste of me.

“That’s 10.” Ryan said; “You know what that means?”

“Shit! Okay, a bet’s a bet. When and how am I going to deliver?”

The pool man and his ‘assistant’ got forgotten as Ryan went through a few options. All the time that he was talking and suggesting ways and times that I would be naked on the beach and then the streets, I was very nervous and apprehensive. I really didn’t want to do it, but I knew that I had to.

Out of the options that Ryan gave me I chose to do it late afternoon. My theory was that people would have spent the whole day on the beach or doing something else, and be a little tired and want to get back to their hotel to get something to eat; therefore not being as alert as they could be and hopefully not notice the naked girl walking along.

We agreed that I would do it that afternoon. At lunchtime we got something to eat then went to the beach. I wore my bikini top and swimming skirt and we had a good afternoon swimming in the sea and sunbathing.

When people started to drift off I got real nervous because I would have to do it soon. Ryan loved every second. It was about a half mile back to the villa and I was going to walk that half mile totally naked – well, apart from my piercing jewellery.

The time finally came and I started by taking my bikini top off. No real big deal, there were dozens of topless girls there. No one took the slightest bit of notice of me, not even when I squeezed my nipples. Why do I do that every time that I expose my nipples?

Then it came to the time to drop my little skirt. Ryan kept telling me to get on with it and to do it as if it was something that I did every day. I knew that he was right, but actually doing it took a bit of courage.

The crazy thing was that when I gave my skirt to Ryan no one noticed that I was naked.

Ryan put the rest of our things in our bag and we walked off, holding hands.

On the beach I only saw one man look at me, and he didn’t look for long.

Once we got off the beach and started walking along the road a few more people looked at me, but no one said anything. I wanted to walk faster but Ryan held me back.

“Look as if you do it every day,” he kept saying. He even got me to stop and look through some clothes outside one of those sell-everything shops. I saw a sarong that I liked and made the mistake of telling Ryan that I liked it. He decided to buy it for me and a pink scarf that he said would look great as a skirt. I had to stand around in amongst the racks of clothing while he went and paid for them. A couple of people saw me, but neither of them said anything or stared at me.

As we left that shop Ryan told me that he nearly bought me a kid’s bucket and spade. He told me that we looked just like a father and his little girl coming back from a day’s fun on the beach.

When we got back to the villa Ryan dipped a finger in me and I was pleased to see that I was quite dry. “I told you that I wasn’t an exhibitionist.”

“10 to 1 – I think that the odds are on my side.”

I tried different ways of wearing the sarong and decided that I could easily wear it as a skirt or a dress. The only thing with wearing it as a dress is that in bright lights it’s just a little bit see-through. Ryan likes that bit. Ryan also liked the scarf – that is when I wore it as a bikini cover-up. He could see everything underneath it.

DAY 10

We decided that we should really see some of the capital of the island so in the morning we got the bus to Palma.

Ryan got me to wear my tennis skirt – did he know that it was going to be windy in Palma? He originally wanted me to wear one of the vibrators, but I managed to persuade him that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate and walk too far with one driving me crazy all day. He did insist that I wore one of the little chains hanging from my clit jewellery. It hangs just below the hem of that skirt, but when I’m stood up it’s difficult to see.

We spent the day wandering around the old town, marina and promenade. It was a very pleasant day, but also embarrassing. That wind kept blowing my skirt up and I spent ages holding it down, or pulling it down.

We stayed in Palma until after dark and had a couple of drinks in the crowded bars before getting a late bus back.

DAY 11

Ryan decided to start the day by getting Skype working on the PC that we found there. He tested it by connecting to one of his work colleagues. The thing was, when he got it working he called me in to see it working. He didn’t tell me that the video was switched on and I walked right in front of the camera to see what was on the screen. His colleague got a full frontal of my naked body and piercing jewellery.

We spent the rest of the day on the beach and in the sea. Ryan got me to wear my underwear thong and thankfully no one looked close enough to realise that it was see-through. When we went swimming I took it off (before Ryan could) and tied it round my wrist so that we could fuck under the surface.

DAY 12

Ryan kept teasing me all day, getting me worked up then backing off. After the first few times I told him that I wanted to cum. He told me to wait, telling me that it would be so much better if I held back for a while. That went on all day and about 9 in the evening Ryan decided that we were going out. When I told him that I wanted to cum he just told me that I would soon. Ryan got out a couple of tube tops for me to wear. The smaller one round my chest and the bigger one I wore as a skirt. Okay it was short, but no shorter than those that a lot of girls would be wearing.

We walked down the main street and as we got near the erotic dancing club Ryan persuaded me to go in, saying that it would make me want to cum even more, and when I finally did cum it would be mind-blowing. That made some sense so in we went.

The place was more like a little theatre with tables at different levels, all looking down to a little stage. There were a couple of girls wearing just a thong, dancing on poles on the stage. The other thing that I saw was that there were about 15 big screen televisions all around the place. All were showing close-ups of the dancers.

Ryan ordered us some drinks and we sat watching as the girls took their thongs off and danced naked. All the time Ryan had a hand on my thigh and was gently caressing my clit.

After a while a woman got onto the stage, introduced herself as Jackie and welcomed everyone to the club’s amateur live show night. She announced that they had a very special girl for the audience to watch that night, but to get things warmed up they had an act that would get us in the mood.

“I wonder what that was.” I said to Ryan, then, “Bloody hell, look at them.”

Two very hunky men dressed in just a man’s thong came onto the stage followed by 4 girls wearing just a bikini top and micro skirt. They danced in a very erotic way, simulating having sex. After about 10 minutes the men pulled off the girls clothes and again simulated having sex.

“Wow, that’s hot,” I said as Ryan continued to tease my clit.

The act finished and Jackie came back onto the stage. “Right ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the star of the night. Please give a big hand for Tanya.”

There was a long silence and no one moved. Who was this woman with the same name as me?

“Tanya, don’t be shy, come on down.”

This Tanya woman was somewhere in the audience so I looked all around. No one moved.

“Boys, please go and get Tanya.”

The 2 hunks appeared and started running up the stairs. Shit, they were coming my way. They can’t possible mean me. How could they even know me? I looked at Ryan. He was grinning. He leant over to me and said, “Go for it TT. I know what’s going to happen and I’m okay with it.”

“Fuck Ryan, what have you done?”

I didn’t get an answer because the 2 hunks picked me up and held me high in the air. My legs were open wide and my skirt had rolled up to my waist. They carried me down onto the stage and stood me next to the woman.

I quickly pulled my skirt down to cover my pussy as Jackie said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, as you can see this lady looks very young. I know that some of you will want to know just how old she is and some of you won’t. I’ve seen her passport and have written her age on this card. Close your eyes now if you don’t want to know. After a second I saw her lift the card up. Before she turned it round I could see that it had my correct age on it. How did she know that? Ryan! What the hell had he let me in for?

I heard a few gasps then the card came down. “Right girl and boys, let the fun begin.”

Some music came on and the hunks started dancing. They held my arms and got me to join in. Soon afterwards one of them reached for my top and pulled it right up over my head. I was topless and was scared that I was going to end-up naked. At the same time my pussy was tingling and wet enough to drown someone. What the hell was wrong with me?

It wasn’t long before one of them got hold of my skirt and it too disappeared.

The music stopped and the 2 hunks picked me up in a sort of fireman’s chair but with my legs wide open. I had to put my arms round their necks to stop myself from falling off. They then carried me all round the place letting everyone look at my spread pussy. As we got near Ryan I saw him mouth,

“I love you.”

The hunks carried me back to the stage. As we got there I saw an addition to the stage. It was a large wooden ‘X’ with loops at each end. The ends of the ‘X’ that were at the back of the stage were raised up and there was a bit for me to rest my head on.

I guessed what it was going to be used for and started screaming, “NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!”

The hunks took me to the ‘X’ and strapped me down. I was still screaming ‘NO’ as Jackie came over and strapped a microphone round my neck. I started to hear my NOs being echoed around the place.

I tried struggling, but there was no way that I would get loose so I stopped. I looked at the 2 hunks. Their faces were emotionless but they were both rubbing their thongs and large bulges.

They came over to me and started caressing me everywhere except my tiny tits and pussy. It felt good. My AF had been about an 8 before this had happened, but I was so scared when it did start that it went down. Now it was going back up.

Some sort of oil was dripped all over me and the caressing felt good; so good that I started cumming. The caressing continued as I arched my back and screamed. I dropped back onto the ‘X’ and started shaking and moaning.

I looked round and saw one of the big television screens. There must have been a camera focused on my pussy, it filled the screen.

The caressing stopped but 2 microphone shaped things got lowered from the ceiling. The hunks got them and one of them put his to my pussy. FIH, it was some sort of vibrator, and fuck, did it feel good.

The other hunk put his microphone vibrator to one of my nipples. Shit, I wasn’t going to last long.

I started moaning and moaning. It wasn’t long before I wanted to be fucked and I let them know. “FUCK ME PLEASE!” I shouted.

But they didn’t. They continued to torture me with those vibrator things. I seemed to be having a continuous orgasm. Even when they took it in turns to stop and take their thongs off I kept cumming. To be fair, the sight of their massive cocks probably made my orgasms stronger.

I looked up at the big television screen again and it was still filled with my pussy. All of a sudden, as another wave of my orgasm hit me, I saw fluid squirting out of my pussy. I’d squirted before so I knew that I wasn’t pissing myself.

One of the hunks came round to my head and started rubbing his cock on my face. I opened my mouth ready for his cock, but he just teased me with it. I moved my head to try to reach the cock but every time I got close it moved.

Fuck, did these guys know how to tease a girl? The teasing went on and on. I was screaming to be fucked as my orgasm kept finding another level.

Then it all stopped; the music as well.

“FUCK ME - PLEASE!” I shouted and heard it echo round the room.

“What do you think people? Shall we grant Tanya her wish?” Jackie asked.

I heard lots of things that basically meant ‘yes’.

“Are you sure?” Jackie asked.

After the chorus of ‘yes’, Jackie turned to me and said,

“What was it that you wanted Tanya?”

“FUCK ME - PLEASE!” I again shouted.

And they did. Not with their cocks but with a huge black dildo. In and out it went, teasing me more and more. That just made me cum again.

“I WANT A COCK.” I shouted.

One of their cocks started to fill my mouth and I sucked and sucked; well until it started going down my throat. Fortunately the hunk knew how to throat a girl and let her get her breath.

I felt the other cock start to invade my pussy.


The cock in my pussy started going in and out and my pussy tried to drown it with my juice. My orgasm got even stronger.

Both my throat and pussy filled at the same time as the 2 cocks shot their loads in to me.

Both hunks backed away as I lay there totally knackered. The 4 naked girl dancers came back onto the stage, untied me and carried me off the stage.

They carried me to their dressing room, put me down on a sofa and went back to the stage. I heard Jackie telling everyone that the show was over and thanking me for my magnificent performance.

Performance I thought; that was real, what the fuck was Ryan going to think of me? Why had he put me in this horrible, humiliating position? I was starting to get angry; angry at Ryan and angry at myself for enjoying it so much.

The door opened and Ryan and Jackie came in. If I could have I would have got up and hit him. I started to have a go at him but Jackie shut me up and said, “Tanya, you were gagging for it when you came in here tonight and you loved every second of it so don’t blame him. He knew what you REALLY wanted and he organised it for you. You should be thanking him.”

I calmed down a bit and asked if I could have a shower.

I watched Ryan talk to Jackie as I relaxed in the warm shower. She was gone when I came out. My skirt and top were on the table so I put them on then turned to Ryan. You’re one hell of a bastard, but I love you,” I said and put my arms round his neck and gave him a long kiss.

“For one minute I thought that I’d got it wrong and gone too far.”

“No, no, you know me better than I do. Is there a DVD of it?“ I asked.

Ryan hugged me and we left to walk back to the villa – slowly.

DAY 13

I was a bit sore when I woke up and got out of bed before Ryan woke up. I was out on a sun lounger drinking coffee and letting the sun heal my sore pussy when Ryan got up. He wanted to know if I had any regrets about the previous evening or if my feelings towards him had changed. All I wanted to know was did he think any less of me because I had been fucked by another man.

Everything was good and I stood up and gave him a big naked hug. His cock got hard and we both wanted to fuck, but I asked him if he could wait for a couple of hours, until I was less sore. He laughed and said that he could wait for as long as it took.

As Ryan was going back to England the next day we spent the whole day sun bathing and swimming and having sex at the villa.

DAY 14

I woke Ryan by giving him a blow job and then riding him for a long satisfying fuck.

Day 14 was a bad day. Ryan had to fly home to go back to work. He wanted to say goodbye at the villa but I wanted to go to the airport with him. I won and we both went and got the bus.

It was a tearful parting; after all, we hadn’t been apart for more than a few hours since we got together nearly 2 years ago. I wasn’t a happy bunny for the rest of that day.

When I went to bed that night I used the vibrator to take my mind off my loneliness.

End of part 6

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