I Discover That I Like Men Seeing My Body
by Vanessa

Part 2

All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over 18 when the events took place. Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the earlier part. This will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Hi there; well it’s been about ten months since Piper (aka Peach) and me (Abby aka Abigail aka Bamboo) got our jobs as strippers, and it’s been a busy ten months in which a lot has happened. We’ve earned shed loads of money for the few hours that we work and have got up to quite a few things, some of which I’ll tell you about. The others things are just little occurrences of us flashing our tits and pussies in lots of different public places.

The Club

At work we’re allowed to mix with the clients once we’ve done our turn on the stage. However, on the stage we end up totally naked and if we’re mingling we’re supposed to put some clothes on first. For the first couple of months we’d put a top and a little skirt on, then when we were out shopping one day we saw these little Japanese Kimono jackets that looked cute. Getting one each we cut the bottoms off them so that they ended not quite past our butts and pussies.

We started wearing them with the waist ties tied and the boss didn’t complain; so after a couple of nights we left the ties undone, just letting the jackets hang open. This seemed to go down well as we walked round the club and no one complained. Even when we served some drinks the guys were happy.

So, that has all that we’ve put on after our turns for the last six or so months and we’ve been getting lots of drinks bought for us; and getting turned-on as the guys stare at us imagining what they would like to do to us.

The Gym

One thing that we have done recently is to join a gym. Piper and I wanted to keep fit and flexible for our job; and keep our bodies nice and trim. One of the girls at work told us about a gym where girls can get free membership as long as they didn’t mind being stared at. She wouldn’t tell us what she meant by that but she was 100% sure that we’d enjoy keeping fit there.

We arrived there to the sight of a naked girl walking in through the front door with a man. Piper and I looked at each other and smiled. We instantly knew that we were going to like it there.

The free membership was conditional on us being over 18 and working out in the nude. “No problem!” Piper said to the man on reception who explained that to us.

“Okay by me!” I added.

“Right then,” Darren (the gym owner) told us. “I’ll give you a quick tour then it’s up to you what you want to do. If you need any advice about any of the equipment there’ll be plenty of men around that will be only too pleased to help you.”

Darren led us on a quick tour, ending up in the workout room. He told us what each of the machines were and what they were aimed at. When we got to two of the machines he told us that they were leg spreaders and that they toned-up our thighs. He continued saying that they were particularly popular with the girls but he couldn’t understand why.

I smiled, thinking that I sure could.

We saw a few clothed young men and one naked girl running on a treadmill as we toured the place. The guys in the workout room were mainly watching her but they did have a good look at us as Darren showed us around. I wondered if they’d still be there when we got naked and went back in there.

They were; and so was that girl that we’d seen arriving naked. She was on an exercise cycle so I decided to go on the one next to her and have a chat. Her name is Tanya and she was there with her boyfriend and she is a LOT older than she looks; even older than me.

As we pedalled and talked she told me that she’d been conned into coming there by her boyfriend but she’d discovered that she preferred working out in the nude so it wasn’t that bad. She told me that she found it very embarrassing at first but she just ignores the stares from the men.

When I told her that I was sure that I was going to have lots of orgasms while I was there she told me that having all those orgasms was still embarrassing for her; especially when she had her legs spread wide.

I giggled and told her that I was really looking forward to that part.

When we got off the cycles I realised that Tanya was very short; so short that if I got close to her she’d be able to open her mouth and suck my nipples. What’s more, her tits are so small that it looks like her breast growing period lasted only a couple of days. She makes up for that by having her nipples pierced and wearing three dangling chains. The third one dangles from a clit piercing. They make her look dead cute.

Our conversation got interrupted by moans coming from Piper. We looked round and saw her with her legs spread wide and four men stood in front of her having a good look at her pussy. I felt mine tingle and I got a wet rush. One more legs closed then open and Piper started to cum again.

“That’ll be me in a few minutes.” Tanya said.

“Why do you do it if you don’t like it?” I asked.

“Good question; my boyfriend tells me that I need to tone-up my thighs and that I really like doing it and cumming in front of the guys; which I don’t. Well not really. I love cumming but I prefer to do it in my own bedroom.”

“I hope that you don’t mind me saying,” I said, “but it sounds like you do like spreading your legs and letting those men see you cum; why else would you do it? And besides, those gorgeous piercings and chains attract the attention of men.”

“That’s okay, I don’t mind; my boyfriend says the same thing but I’m sure that he’s wrong. How can any woman not cum when she’s spread like that and being stared at; and wait until you see what Ryan has put on my clit; unfortunately that’s definitely a magnet to men’s eyes.”

“Oh girl, I can’t wait to see it.” I said. “Shall we go for a run on the treadmill while we wait for our turn on that machine?”

When she didn’t respond I looked at her and I could swear that she was cumming. After a couple of minutes I asked, “Did you just cum?”

“Long story; just don’t mention the proper name of these machines again please; okay?”

“Err okay; I guess.” I replied, wondering what that was all about.

After the running machines Tanya got the chance to go on a leg spreader and I discovered what she meant about her clit. I’ve never seen anything like it. How the hell did that Ryan get that on there? We watched Tanya cum twice on that machine.

While Tanya was on one of the leg spreaders another girl was using the other spreader. My eyes, and most of the men’s eyes in the room, were darting from one pussy to the other. Tanya’s main attraction was the clit ring and the little chain dangling from her clit hood piercing. The other girl’s point of attraction was that her vagina was wide open all the time. It was like Piper’s is for the few seconds after I’ve pulled a big dildo out of her.

I wondered if there was any such thing as an internal pussy spreader that isn’t visible from the outside? Something to look up on the internet later, I thought.

Oh boy; do I like those leg spreader machines or do I like those leg spreader machines? I must have cum four or five times on each of those machines; and each time with an audience of men. When I got off them I asked Piper if we could go for a workout every day.

“On the days that we’re not working yes, but I’ll be at the front of the queue.” Piper replied.

The gym has a big room that they use for yoga and a few other things. It has a few big sponge mats in there so Piper and I went in and started doing our stretching exercises. These include stretching our legs in just about every direction so when we do these exercises at home it is quite common for us to be on our backs with our legs up and spread wide.

This was what we were doing when a couple of guys came into the room and started watching us. The thing was that they came real close to us I could almost feel their breath on my pussy.

Of course, both Piper and I enjoy close attention like that and it wasn’t long before I was cumming as I was trying to get my legs behind my head. Those two men were staring at my engorged, very wet, twitching pussy at I lost control of myself. For a few seconds I was in heaven.

We continued exercising as three more men came in and joined in inspecting our bodies closely. Boy, were we in heaven? We’ve never exercised for so long and never cum so many times.

Eventually we got tired and decided to call it a day.

We go back to that gym two or three times a week and there’s always a few men there waiting to do some pussy spotting. It took four or five visits for us to stop deliberately exposing our pussies all the time and to get into our workout routines. Of course we still show our pussies and we still have a few orgasms each visit but we’re starting to get more exercise as well.

Now that the cold weather is starting to go away we’ve started doing what that Tanya girl does – go to the gym naked. Oh yes, over the winter we both passed our driving tests and we’ve bought a car. It’s great to not have to rely on public transport, but I do miss the flashing that we did on the buses.

Our Piercings

After we’d seen that Tanya’s piercings we both decided to have some of our own. We’ve both had our nipples pierced and have little barbells in them. We’ve got these little tassels that we wear when we’re on stage. The guys seem to like it when we swing them round (without touching them or our tits).

We’ve had our clit hoods pierced as well and we have a selection of mostly fake diamonds that we wear usually only on stage but we have both worn some of the bigger ones when we’ve gone flashing round town. It adds to the slutty appearance that we like to give off.

The Music Festival

Piper and I decided that we wanted to go and experience a music festival. We picked one of the largest in the country that happened to have a couple of bands playing that we fancied seeing and we managed to get a couple of tickets.

We planned on camping for the weekend and went to a large camping store to get what we needed. Neither of us had been camping before so we relied on the shopping assistant to tell us what we needed.

When it came to the tent we told him that we wanted something that was small and light. The man showed us a couple of tents and suggested that we go inside the demo models and see what we thought.

Now, neither of us had expected that and we were both wearing short skirts and tops (nothing underneath). It was obvious by the bulge in the man’s trousers that he’d enjoyed following us inside the tents as we bent over to get in. I had to smile, and got a wet rush, as I noticed him looking down our lose tops as we knelt in the tents.

I asked him if he’d got anything that we could stand-up in and he showed us one that both Piper and I thought would do. He pointed out where the packed versions were and I went and got one and put it in our trolley.

The man also recommended which sleeping bags we should get (we wanted two that could zip together so that we could snuggle together (and other things) and a few other things. We left the store having spent more than we’d expected, but it didn’t worry us as our stripping jobs make us feel quite well-off.

We planned to travel light but having said that, the equipment, a bit of food and just a few clothes took up a lot of space and weighed a lot. If it hadn’t been for what we were going for we would probably have abandoned the trip.

Wearing only short skirts, tops and shoes, we finally arrived and were told where we could put up our tent.

That proved to be our first problem as neither of us had put up a tent before. Fortunately, a couple of young men in a nearby tent took pity on us and helped us out. I think that they were enjoying watching us bend over and squat to unfold the material; and that they wanted to get a closer look.

It was then that we discovered that we hadn’t bought a tent, we’d bought a gazebo. What’s more, the walls were made of mesh so they were totally see-through. The guys that were helping us were killing themselves laughing, and (at first) we were both pissed that I’d picked-up the wrong bag from the shelf in the store. After a while Piper said that it would be fun to have everyone seeing us as we slept and got changed. My pussy tingled as she said that last bit.

Having finally got ourselves organised we decided to go for a walk to get the lay of the land. Before setting off we decided to get changed. Weather permitting; we planned on wearing only string bikini tops and tiny wrap micro skirts for the whole of the weekend and we’d bought a selection of cheap ones that we half expected (hoped) to lose over the next few days.

As we stood in the middle of that gazebo about to get changed, Piper asked if I was going to get naked whilst getting changed. She reminded me that there were people in tents all around us and that they could see through the mesh walls of the gazebo and see us.

“Hell yes girl;” I said; “that’s what we’ve come here for, isn’t it?”

With that I pulled my top up and off then dropped my skirt. I looked all round and saw that we had a small audience. “Come on girl, you get naked too.” I said to Piper.

Within seconds there were two naked girls in the gazebo and about seven or eight people, mostly men, staring at us. We rummaged around in our bags, taking longer than needed, looking for the right tops and skirts; both of us on our feet and bent at the waist with our knees straight. I knew that my pussy was tingling and gushing and I guessed that Piper’s was too.

When I pulled the top and skirt out of my bag I stood up and looked round at the audience then said, “Come on guys, haven’t you seen a naked girl before?”

We got a few ‘choice’ comments as we put our clothes on then bade farewell to our watchers.

It didn’t take long for us to find some guys that wanted to see our tits. “Get ‘em out for the lads love;” we kept hearing.

I was a little nervous as we decided which ones we were going to flash at first. It’s one thing stripping and having an orgasm on stage with my knees spread wide, knowing that there are bouncers not far away, but there in that field with all those unsuspecting (and expectant) people about made me nervous and as horny as hell. If I’d been wearing knickers they would have weighed twice their dry weight. We selected four cute-looking guys who were about our age and sitting outside their tent drinking beer, and turned to face them.

After a quick look around to make sure that there were no cops around, we lifted our top up over our tits then opened our wrap skirts. You should have seen the guy’s faces. They clearly hadn’t expected us to actually flash our tits AND pussies to them and they just couldn’t believe their luck. Those expressions quickly changed as they realised that it wasn’t a quick flash. My nipps were so hard that they ached and my pussy leaked even more. Both Piper and I love it when we’re showing our bits to men.

The guys cheered and called us over. After looking at Piper we declined the offer, telling them that we might be back later. We probably would, if we could find them, but we wanted to look around some more before flashing our tits and pussies in exchange for some drinks.

Three more times we got asked to flash our tits before we decided to go over and talk to some cute guys. When we did we got asked to show our tits again. Of course we did, and when they asked us if we wanted a beer we accepted and sat indian style on the ground with them.

One of the guys was a bit more forward and it wasn’t long before he reached over and pulled on the ends of the strings on our bikini tops. The inevitable happened and both Piper and I were topless.

So far we’d only exposed our tits to those guys but the ‘forward’ guy asked us if we were wearing any knickers. Piper looked surprised and asked him what sort of girls he thought we were.

“The fun loving sort,” he replied.

“And what has fun loving got to do with not wearing knickers?” I asked.

“Nothing, but the way you two are dressed certainly implies that you intend to have some fun.”

“What’s wrong with the way we’re dressed?” Piper asked.

“Nothing; absolutely nothing; you both look great don’t they guys? Well, are you?”

Piper and I looked at each other, giggled and stood up. I turned to the guy next to me and lifted the front of my skirt. I slid my feet apart and let him stare at my pussy.

His eyes were getting me close to cumming but I wasn’t ready to have an orgasm quite yet so I turned round and looked at Piper. She hadn’t lifted her skirt; instead she’d taken it off. All she was wearing was her shoes. Not wanting to be outdone, I unfastened and dropped mine.

“Want this?” One on the guys said as he held out a beer bottle. I wondered if he was expecting me to put it in my pussy but I giggled, called him a naughty boy and sat down again.

Piper sat down as well and picked up a beer bottle. “Cheers guys;” she said; “Here’s to a fun weekend.”

“It will be with you two around,” one of the guys said.

We sat indian style again and drank and talked about the festival and a few other irrelevant things. Because of the way we were sat the guys could see our tits and hard nipples but they couldn’t see our pussies, only our bald pubic bones.

Piper asked the guys what they did for a living, and inevitably, they asked us. “We’re strippers.” Piper replied.

“Wow!” one of them said, “that probably explains why you seem to be comfortable sat here without any clothes on.”

“Yeah, that’s not all that we’re comfortable with,” Piper said, “maybe we’ll show you later.”

“What do you mean?” one of the guys asked.

“Well….” Piper continued, “we end our turn by kneeling on the stage with our knees wide apart and we usually cum just by being stared at by the audience.”

“What!” one of the guys said, “you can cum just by being looked at?”

“Yeah, of course,” Piper replied. “Can’t all girls? Maybe we’ll show you later.”

“Ready when you are,” another of the guys said.

“We haven’t had enough to drink yet,” I said.

“That can easily be fixed,” I heard, as more bottles of beer appeared.

The conversation got round to the bands that were performing and one of the guys told everyone about one thing that happened at the same concert last year. Apparently some girls had gone crowd surfing and one had got stripped while she was being passed about.

“Wow!” I said, “I’ve got to have a go at that.”

“Me too!” Piper added.

The talk of getting stripped and groped got me feeling a little more horny and a few more beers got me more relaxed and even more horny, and without realising it at first, I’d straightened my legs and leaned back on my elbows. My legs were still closed but the front of my slit was on show, and the guys quickly noticed.

“Careful,” one of the guys said, “you might cum.”

I giggled a bit and opened my legs but stood my beer bottle in front of my pussy.

“Hey, don’t tease us,” I heard.

I picked my bottle up, took a swig and put it back in front of my pussy.

“Cock tease!” one of the guys said.

I looked over to Piper and grinned as I saw that she too had straightened her legs, but her ankles were crossed.

“If I move that bottle will you cum for us?” one of the guys asked.

“Maybe!” I replied.

I was on both my elbows at that point and I didn’t move as one of the guys reached over and took the bottle. Four pairs of male eyes and one pair of female eyes were staring at my pussy, and that didn’t include any that were passing by. I felt my stomach tingle, my nipples hurt, and my pussy get even wetter.

“Fuck!” I heard, “look at those lips swell up and shine.”

I knew that it wouldn’t take long. My breathing got heavier and I watched my chest and stomach rise up and down faster and heavier. As I started cumming I felt the convulsions in my pussy as it wanted something to suck in.

As I started to calm down I heard, “Fucking hell, that’s amazing. No wonder you’re a stripper; I bet that you make a lot of money with an act like that.”

“That’s no act,” Piper said, “that was real, and she’s not the only one who can do that.”

“Come on then girl, show us!”

Piper spread her legs and the same ten eyes stared at her bald pussy as she too started to cum. “Fucking amazing!” A male voice said. “Think what that would be like if your dick was inside that.”

To me that was an invite so I got to my feet and went and stood between two of the guys. I moved my feet apart, bent over (keeping my knees straight) and waggled my butt at the guy nearest my butt. As he started to fondle it I reached forward to the zip in the trousers in front of me. As I pulled the cock out and opened my mouth I felt a cock behind me slide into my pussy.

I got fucked at both ends until I was filled at each end; but I didn’t cum again. The cock in my mouth had been pushed so far into my mouth that it was in my throat. Twice I had to push the guy back so that I could gasp for some air. I decided that I needed more practice at deep throating and made a mental note to get Piper to use the big, soft, plastic cock that we have at home on me.

When the two guys withdrew we sat down and watched the other two guys fill Piper at both ends. I could swear that Piper was taking more cock in her mouth than I was and I looked forward to us talking about it in bed one night.

After another couple of beers Piper and I decided that we needed to move on. A little surprisingly and disappointingly, we both found our bikini tops and skirts, got dressed and bade farewell to the guys saying that we might just be back sometime for more drinks and ……

We wandered around some more and it wasn’t long before we were asked to flash our tits again. Of course we obliged and we got talking to some more guys. These ones were cooking some food and we agreed on a swap; some food for a blow job. After both we were offered some beers.

About half way down the bottle I started to feel REALLY horny. Without realising it my right hand was under the flap of my skirt and playing with my pussy. Piper must have been feeling the same as she asked, “Did you guys put something in these beers?”

The guys laughed and one said, “Sure did; that’ll keep you randy for the next couple of days. When it gets real bad you get yourselves over here and we’ll take care of you.” As he said that he was rubbing his crotch and grinning. The other guys were smiling as well.

Unsurprisingly, both Piper and I were a bit pissed. We wanted to be horny all the time, and get a lot of sex; but we wanted it under our terms, not because some creeps had drugged us. Piper got up, pulled me up and told the guys to ‘fuck off’. We left them but as we walked further towards the stage area we soon got over being pissed and laughed as we agreed that whatever it was that they’d got us to drink was working; we were both very randy.

As we got nearer to the stage we saw the toilets. We both needed a piss so we went and had one. We’d both expected the toilets to be disgusting and to have to piss standing up but they weren’t bad; maybe it was because it was still early and the weather was warm. We had a look at the showers whilst we were there. We’d been expecting to have to go for the whole weekend without being able to get washed; but they too were okay looking. We decided that we weren’t going to go home stinking of sweat and cum after all.

Down at the main arena there must have been about a thousand people watching a band that we’d never heard of. They were okay but we could have more fun wandering around and teasing men. Besides, we were both feeling quite horny. I could see Piper’s juices running down the insides of her thighs and I’m sure that I was in the same state.

When I mentioned it to Piper she said, “Yeah I know, I’ve seen your legs. Maybe we should shorten our skirts to let the breeze dry us.”

The skirts that we were wearing were very short to start off with but when Piper rolled the top of hers it uncovered her pussy. She was going to walk around with her pussy on display. Not wanting to miss out, I did the same. Our skirts were now more like wide belts. To add to our slutty appearance I adjusted my bikini top so that both my areolas were exposed with my nipples threatening to pop out. Piper’s response was to do the same, except with one nipple showing.

Arm in arm, we set off to where the stalls and funfair was.

“I need some more cock,” Piper said.

“Me too; let’s go the long way round, through the camp site.”

We did, and it wasn’t long before we accepted some more beers and got fucked again. The guys that we chose invited other guys to wank over us as they fucked us. I think that I got fucked by four guys and gave a similar number of blow jobs. When we finally left them we had cum dripping out of us and drying on our faces and bodies.

Amazingly, we still had our clothes but we didn’t fancy walking around for the rest of the day with dried cum all over us so we headed for the showers and got cleaned-up. Neither of us fancied putting cum-crusted skirts and tops back on so we streaked back to our tent.

The problem was that we weren’t sure where our tent was and I’m sure that we ran further than we really needed to before we finally saw the gazebo. We were both happy that the gazebo was taller than most of the other tents.

We saw two policemen as we streaked but all they did was smile at us. As I ran passed them I thought about an old joke about a truncheon and smiled to myself as I ran.

We got quite a few rude comments from guys as we ran as well; all of them about what they’d like to do to us. When we got into our tent I lay on my sleeping bag cumming and thinking about having a queue of guys taking it in turn to come into the tent and fuck me. As my high subsided I looked at Piper; she too was lying there frigging away. Suitably refreshed we found some clean clothes and headed for the funfair.

We never did make it to the funfair that day; too many men asking to see our tits then pussies. Then it was too much beer and too much fucking and blowjobs. I got better at deep throating that day. I hardly ever gag now although I still have to push the guy away if he tries to keep his cock in my throat for too long.

There was one guy who just wouldn’t stop ramming his cock down my throat. I thought that he’d never cum. By the time he had cum I had saliva all over my face and chest. It was even coming out of my nose.

When we woke-up the next morning we were laying naked on top of our sleeping bags. We both stank of booze and had dried cum all over us. We looked for the clothes that we’d gone out in the previous day but we couldn’t find them anywhere. We guessed that we’d staggered back to our gazebo naked. Finding a towel each we wrapped them round us and went for a shower.

The showers were individual ones but in clusters; male and female. Each cluster was round some pallets with limited views from outside the cluster. You could either leave your stuff out on the pallets or take it into the small showers where it would probably get wet. We chose to leave our towels on the pallets and leave the shower door open (we shared one shower).

We started remembering things as the cold water washed the dried cum off us. Remembering that we’d been fucked lots of times and still has cum seeping out of us that we wanted to wash out. Stepping out onto the pallets we looked round for a hosepipe or something but all we could find was an empty 1.5 litre soft drinks bottle.

“That’ll do.” Piper said as she rinsed it out then filled it with clean water.

She squat down and lowered her pussy onto the bottle so that the neck was inside her. “Right Abby, get down and squeeze that bottle.”

As I did, Piper gasped and complained that it was cold. She stood up, leaving the half full bottle on the floor. She squeezed her legs together for a few seconds then opened her legs and the water came gushing out.

“That was fun,” Piper said, “let’s do it again.”

We did then did it to me twice. Piper was right; it was cold and I wished that they’d had warm water there but ‘what the hell’, I felt clean after it.

Wrapping the towels round us again, we headed back to our gazebo, this time responding to the ‘show us your tits’ requests by opening our towels and giving the guys a full frontal. Yes, we were still horny. We didn’t know if it was just us, or the drugs that had been put in our drinks; but we didn’t care.

That day was the main day of the festival, when all the big bands were on. We were definitely going to be in the audience.

As we walked back to our gazebo we smelt bacon cooking and just had to find the source. We did and managed to scrounge a couple of bacon sandwiches; but it cost us. We had to eat them without our towels, and give four of the guys blow jobs.

Satisfied on all counts, we made it back to our gazebo and decided to get a bit more sleep before heading to the main arena. We lay on top of our now double sleeping bag and had a quick cuddle and diddle before falling asleep.

I was woken up by the sound of a rather loud, particularly bad band blaring out. Piper was still asleep so I started rubbing her clit to see how long it would take for her to wake-up. About 30 seconds, but she asked me to keep going.

After she’d cum we found another little wrap skirt and bikini top each and went to the main arena. It wasn’t long before we got chatting to a group of guys and we traded our tops for some beer.

Surrounded by thousands of people we enjoyed the music and atmosphere. At one point I wanted see more of what was on stage so one of the guys volunteered to let me get on his shoulders. When he squat down to let me get on he told me to stand in front of him, facing him then lift one leg over his shoulder.

I giggled to myself as I realised that I’d be on his shoulders the wrong way round; i.e. with my stomach in his face and my pussy at his mouth. He had to support my butt and he couldn’t see what was happening on the stage but he certainly seemed to be enjoying himself; and pleasing me as his mouth got busy. He’d made me cum before his arms got tired and he passed me to another one of the other guys. Piper too was enjoying a similar experience. We watched all our favourite band’s performance getting eaten by a number of guys – double pleasure.

Later on, one of the girls in one of the bands jumped out onto the audience and got passed around for a few minutes before being returned to the stage. That started a number of girls in the audience doing some crowd surfing.

When one of the guys said that he hoped a girl would get passed near him because he wanted a grope, I said, “Lift me up and pass me around and you’ll get your chance.”

Another guy told me that I’d probably lose my skirt. I smiled and said, “Let’s do it.”

Both Piper and I were raised up and passed from groping hands to groping hands. That guy was right, our skirts soon disappeared and our naked bodies got groped and probed. Wow! What an experience; I had two orgasms before I got lowered to the ground.

It took me a good 5 minutes to find Piper and we never did find those guys again. We were both naked, half drunk and still as horny as hell. We had quite a bit of fun on the way back to our gazebo that we finally reached sometime in the middle of the night.

The next morning (afternoon) when we woke up, most of the tents round us had gone. We put some clothes on, packed what we wanted to take home (leaving the gazebo and sleeping bags) and headed for home.

The Porno (soft) Films

One night at the club we were relaxing at the bar after our acts and we were approached by a man who told us that he was a film producer. I could tell that Piper was thinking the same as me, 'Yeah, right, sure you are,' but we listened to his spiel as he went on about some of the films that he’d made. Neither of us had heard of any of them.

Anyway, he told us that he was about to make a film about girls who get naked in public and the reaction of the public around them. He said that the film was going to be produced round the Mediterranean where the climate was more conducive to outdoor nudity. That sort of got our attention but we were still sceptical. When we talked in bed later we were both a bit worried that it might be some sort of scam and that we’d end up getting kidnapped and sold to some Arab slave trader.

Anyway, the next day we phoned the guy (Lucas) and told him that we wanted to go and visit his studio in England. A couple of days later we went and watched a gang-bang being filmed. Lucas offered to let us join in but neither of us fancied it – but watching them did make us horny and the back seat of our car got used just after we left.

While we were there Lucas told us that the film that he had us in mind for was going to be filmed in Marbella and that we’d be based at a villa along the coast and that it would take about three weeks. That sounded good to us and before we left we told Lucas that we were in. Three weeks in the sun flashing our goodies sounded great to both of us.

The next day we found out what we needed to do to get our first passports and soon made the trip to the nearest passport office.

One week later we were heading to the airport for the trip to Malaga. We’d been told that we didn’t need to take many clothes as everything that we’d need for the filming would be provided for us. Nevertheless, we still had a small suitcase full of skimpy clothes, and a few girly toys with us.

There was a car waiting for us that took us to the villa where we met the film crew (two men – Max and Leo) and Lucas. And what a villa it was, enough bedrooms for all of us, a big swimming pool, and reasonably private as well. Lucas told us that we could chose whichever bedrooms we wanted but we chose just the biggest one.

After asking Lucas if we had to wear anything at the villa we went and had a shower then joined the three guys by the pool. Of course we were naked and the guys stared at us as we walked towards them.

Over some drinks we talked about the scenes that Lucas wanted, the proposed locations and what he wanted us to do. Lucas kept telling us that being naked in public is all about confidence, about believing that there was nothing wrong with it and that everyone did all the time. It all sounded very easy to Piper and me, but we got a little nervous when he told us that a Spanish lawyer would be dropping by later to introduce himself to us – just in case.

Lucas put our minds at rest by telling us that nudity around that part of the world is quite common on the beaches but he wasn’t sure what people's, or the police’s, reaction would be in the places that he was proposing to use. He also told us that a Spanish girl about our age would be joining us later; she’d be doing the housekeeping and would be carrying some backup dresses for us when we went out and always be nearby, again, just in case.

Business out of the way, Lucas told us that we could relax for the rest of the day. We took the opportunity to look round the place, swim, sunbathe, and flaunt our bodies in front of the men.

Later that afternoon the housekeeper arrived. She’s quite good looking and called Catalina. Lucas brought her out and introduced us before she got started with her work. She didn’t seem at all phased by us being naked. I guessed that she’d seen lots on naked girls on the beaches, maybe even getting naked herself; she has a cute body.

When the lawyer arrived he couldn’t take his eyes off us. We joined Lucas talking to him even though they were talking in Spanish. It felt good having a man stare at our bodies and by the time that he left I was VERY wet and horny. I had to go and dive into the pool again, just to calm down.

We asked Lucas if we should put some clothes on for dinner and were pleased when he said that it was up to us what we wore when we were at the villa at all times. We talked over Lucas’ ideas some more and had a few drinks before going to bed. It was a while before Piper and I got to sleep because we’d both got very horny being naked around those guys.

Next morning found us putting skirts, tops AND underwear on and heading into Marbella. Our first stop was a McDonalds near a big shopping centre. Lucas took the 2 camera guys in first and got organised. The cameras weren’t the big ones that you see on TV; they were expensive looking hand-held ones that could sit on a table and not attract any attention. It was lunchtime so the place was quite busy.

Piper and I had been sat at one of the tables outside, feeling quite hot, until Lucas waved at us. When he waved at us we walked in. As we queued to be served Lucas had told us to take our tops off so we did. One man stared at us and our boring, white bras; so I waved my hand in front of my face and said, “It’s so hot in here.”

As we got closer to being served we’d been told to take our bras off; so we did. When we got to be served the ‘would you like that with fries’ guy just stood there for a second staring at our tits. I started getting wet – and it wasn’t with sweat.

Piper started to give him our order, which brought him down to earth, as I looked at the other staff. Some were looking and then ignoring us whilst some stopped work to stare. No one said a word – well not one that we could understand.

Tray of fries and drinks in her hand, Piper led us to a table that Lucas had kept for us. He got up and moved away just as we got there, not acknowledging us. As per instructed, Piper put the tray down then proceeded to take her skirt then knickers off. I was doing the same and we sat down wearing only our shoes.

We slowly ate as one or two people stared at us. One was a guy sat at an angle to us and I’m sure that he could see our bare legs. I confirmed that by opening mine and saw a grin appear on his face.

I hadn’t been told to, but I picked up one of the fries and slid it along my wet slit. I so wanted to dip it in my hole but I resisted and just opened my mouth wide before putting it in and eating it. No one had come up to us by the time that we’d finished and our instructions were to just get up and slowly walk out. We did, taking the long route and the place went silent as we slowly walked round the place, then out.

We stood by the car as we waited for Lucas, Max, Leo, and Catalina then drove back towards the villa with Piper and me still naked. The thing was that the car that Lucas had hired was a jeep; a topless jeep. It was so exciting driving around like that.

I asked Lucas if there was a beach nearby where we could go for a swim as I’d never swam in the sea before. After a quick word with Catalina, Lucas drove to a car park with loads of big sand dunes at one side. Catalina pointed to the way to the beach and Piper and I jumped out, threw our shoes back in the car and were off towards the beach.

We walked through the dunes then the beach, with lots of people on it, and into the sea. What an amazing feeling that is. There’s nothing sexy about it, just natural; being at one with nature with nothing man-made in between.

When we got out we went for a walk along the beach, passed Lucas and the others and on to an area that I don’t think is supposed to be a nudist beach because we were the only two naked people there. We didn’t care as we wandered around looking at the little beach stalls.

After a while Piper saw Max and Leo with their cameras. We ignored them and continued walking. We came to a beach bar and wanted a drink so we went in and looked around. It didn’t take long for a middle-aged man to offer to buy us a drink. We accepted and stood at the bar drinking and talking to him while he stared at our tits and pussies and Max and Leo continued filming us, and the other patrons of the bar. Eventually, we said farewell to the guy and headed back to the car. One man driving into the car park nearly crashed when he saw us walking towards him.

Max and Leo went and got Lucas and on the way to the villa Lucas told us that that wasn’t the bar scene that he’d wanted; but the footage would certainly be going into the film.

That first full day sort of set the pattern for the whole three weeks. Out filming a scene or two each day then stopping at a beach for a while then back to the villa for a meal and some drinks; or just to get some clothes on and go out to eat then a bar or club.

Some of the scenes that we filmed were a bit boring and not very exciting but the ones that weren’t were: -

Getting on a bus naked

There’s a bus service that goes along the coast road and Lucas thought that it could be ‘interesting’ if we were to get on one of the buses naked and sit there for a few stops then get off. Thankfully Lucas picked a bus that was nearly full. The bus driver looked rather bemused as we handed him our money but he didn’t say anything. As we walked along the centre aisle everyone sat at the sides looked at us. Some of the men grinned and some of the women glared at us.

We had to stand near the middle of the bus and the men sat near us never stopped staring at our pussies which got me wetter and wetter and I got so close to cumming. I could swear that my juices were trickling down the insides of my thighs.

When we got off the bus I’m sure that a couple of the men still on the bus must have hurt their necks as the strained to watch us as the bus drove off.

Walk into a bar naked and order a drink

Lucas picked a bar that was full of young people and we got quite a lot of comments as we went in. Funnily enough people moved out of the way to let us get to the bar. The only comment that the barman made to us was to tell us that we should make ourselves invisible if the police called in to do their regular checks.

We hadn’t taken any money with us but we didn’t have any problems getting a drink; there were plenty of young men willing to buy us one. We chatted to quite a few of them and both of us had an orgasm when we sat on the bar with our knees wide apart. I’m sure that some of the men must have realised that we were cumming but none of them shouted it out loud. I for one wondered what I would have done if they had.

The bus round town

We took our clothes off just as the first bus arrived, and when we tried to get on the driver muttered something in Spanish and shut the door before we could actually get on. I guessed that he was a miserable old sod. The next driver wasn’t so ancient in his attitude and he let us on with a grin on his face.

Some of the seats on those buses are higher up and Piper led me to them. We sat on the seats nearest the exit with our pussies high enough for everyone getting off to look at them with ease. Most of the older women either ignored us or muttered something in Spanish as they got off, but every one of the men had a good look; especially as we opened our legs as much as we could when men got off.


This was fun, and something I’d like to try back in England. Lucas, Max, Leo, and Catalina went ahead and got a table in the middle of the room; one that had a few empty tables nearby.

When we walked in a member of staff quickly approached us and asked us if we were in the right place. When we said that we were, and that we would like a table for two, he hesitated for a second then said, “Of course madam, follow me please.”

He led us to a little table in the back corner of the room but there was no way that we were going to be hidden away. I looked round, walked over to a table near Lucas and said, “This one will do for us. That’s not a problem; is it?”

The table was one that has a bench seat on one side and both Piper and I sat on it. We wanted to be able to sit back whenever the waiter(s) came to see us. We got excellent service with just about every member of staff coming to look at the two naked girls. Even a couple of male customers came over to ask us stupid questions. It was obvious what they wanted, so we sat back, spread our legs a bit and let them look. Both Piper and I managed to cum once.

When we’d finished we got up and walked out, still total naked. Catalina was waiting just down the street with our clothes.

Shopping for clothes

That was fun. Lucas picked what looked like an up-market boutique; quite small and on the main street. So that there was an excuse for one of the cameramen to be in the shop, he (Max) and Piper pretended to be a couple browsing for clothes with Max holding the camera in a shoulder bag. That left me to go in on my own, strip and try clothes on. Bloody hell, those prices were out of this world. I guess that Marbella has quite a lot of millionaires living there and that shop was aimed at their daughters.

There was a woman, in her later twenties, looking after the shop on her own (I don’t suppose they get that many customers), and she looked down her nose at me as I walked in and started looking through the racks. Some of the clothes weren’t that bad; they just had stupid price tags. I found one dress that looked quite nice and turned to the woman and asked her if I could try it on.

Nodding her head she pointed to the changing room. It consisted of a curtain across one corner of the shop. Ignoring her I moved round so that I was visible to Max and Piper, and anyone outside the shop who looked my way, and started taking my skimpy top and minute skirt off.

“Madam!” The woman said, but by that time I was naked. I looked round and saw that Piper, Max, and the woman were all staring at me. I picked up the dress and put it on. I walked around, smoothing my hands up the side of the dress as the three of them continued to stare.

“I think I’ll look for another one.” I said and took the dress off. Putting it back on its hanger I started looking through the racks without getting dressed.

“Daddy, can I try some dresses on?” Piper said.

“Of course you can, poppet.” Max replied.

That was the cue for Piper to strip. We both wandered round the shop checking-out all the clothes and trying one or two on. Piper and I got close and as she tried a little skirt on I said to her, “That looks good on you.”

“Thank you,” Piper replied. “That suit looks good on you.”

I giggled a bit because the only thing that I had on was my birthday suit. Piper turned towards Max and slowly walked up to him rolling her nipples between finger and thumbs and said, “What do you think, Daddy.”

“I think that you should all be leaving,” the shop assistant said. “This isn’t a brothel.”

As Piper was taking the skirt off I went up to the woman and as she watched me I put a finger in my pussy, lifted it to her face and rubbed it across her mouth lips. I laughed at her, turned and picked up my clothes, and walked out onto the street still naked.

“Policemen!” Catalina shouted.

We all looked round, saw them, and Max, Lucas, Catalina, and Leo stood between them and us while Piper and I quickly got dressed.

Laughing as we walked passed the policeman, Lucas told us that we were going to the shopping centre to find a ‘normal’ young woman’s clothes shop and have a bit of fun there. This scene was going to be something that we’d done in England, in a shop that sells clothes for young women and a branch of a big multiple. Lots more people to flash and hopefully some men.

The plan for this scene was for Piper and I to browse until we saw seething that we liked then just strip naked out in the shop and try the new clothes on. Then take it off and browse some more. Max followed me with his hidden camera, and Leo followed Piper. Lucas pretended to be with Catalina and just watched from a distance.

The store was quite busy with quite a few people and quite a few men. Piper and I split up and went in different directions. I quickly found a dress that would do and stripped my top and tiny skirt off leaving me naked apart from my shoes. Two teenage girls were nearby and they stopped and stared as I got naked and put the dress on. With the dress on I turned to them and smiled. One of them smiled back; the other just staring.

I smoothed my hands up and down my sides and front (tits as well) before lifting the dress right off me. As I put it back on the hanger then rack I saw that the two girls had been joined by a young couple; the man staring at me with a grin on his face. Hopefully, a bulge in his pants as well.

After I’d tried something else on and put it back on the rack I was looking for something else to try on and a young woman came over. She started talking in Spanish but I didn’t have a clue what she was saying; even her waving of hands meant nothing to me. In the end she turned and walked off saying something like, “Puta Inglés.” I didn’t know what the first word meant, or if I had heard it right; but I was sure that the second word is the Spanish version of ‘English’.

I looked round the shop and saw a little crowd of people around a naked Piper. It looked like she was having as much fun as I was.

Moving to a rack near the front of the store I continued my search. Finding a nice top I slipped it on and looked round. There was a mirror on a pillar nearby so I went to it. Firstly to see what the top looked like, but also to see if my juices were visible from the front. They weren’t but my nipples were tenting the top. I smiled, took the top off and walked back to where I’d got it from.

As I walked I looked round, my audience had increased and a man was looking at me through the store window. I’d just selected a skirt to try on when an older looking woman marched over to me with the girl who’d ‘spoken’ to me earlier following her. In broken English she told me to get out of the shop. Then she stormed over to Piper, presumably to tell her the same. The younger girl followed me to where I’d left the clothes that I’d worn when I arrived; watched me put them on then, followed me to the door. Piper followed shortly after and we laughed as we went looking for Lucas.

Market along the coast

One day Lucas piled us all into the car and drove us towards Fuengirola. We stopped at a market set up on some land alongside the coast road, near a village called Mijas Costa. There were dozens of stalls selling just about everything that you could think of; including quite a few clothes stalls. The first one of these that we came to Lucas told Piper and me to try some clothes on.

Stripping in front of the stall it didn’t take long for a little audience to surround us. After trying on a couple of things we moved on; still totally naked. We stopped at a couple of stalls to look at what they were selling; and to check-out how many men were following us. One of the stalls was run by a man just a bit older than us. He obviously wanted us to stay at his stall because he kept bringing other things for us to try on. Some of them weren’t totally ridiculous so we obliged him. He also asked us if he could take a selfie with us. Of course we told him to wait until we were naked again before taking it.

Once we’d been round the market we walked to a nearby café and had a drink before leaving. The staff there didn’t seem at all bothered by our lack of clothes.

Water Park

I’d been to a Water Park back home in England when I was a kid, but that was indoors and not very big. I was expecting this outdoor one, near Torremolinos, to be bigger. It was, but not as big as I expected. Anyway; the plan was to wear something going in then find somewhere to setup a ‘base’, strip, and spend a few hours on the rides and in the pool totally naked. Just to add to the normality of us being naked, Lucas, Leo, and Catalina were going to walk around with us, leaving Max to carry the hidden camera.

Catalina was a little reluctant at first, but when Lucas offered her an extra 100 euros she was happy to walk around wearing just a little wrap cover-up skirt that only just covered her butt and pussy.

We quickly found a bit of grass and spread our towels. As we started walking around Lucas said, “Remember girls, act like you have every right to be naked and that you do it every day.”

That statement proved to be true on many occasions on that holiday/film making job. I was amazed at how few people took any notice of us. It seemed to be only the men between the ages of 18 and 45 and the women over 45 that noticed us; and they just stared; although I did spot two young men following us for most of the day.

Frolicking around in the pools was fun, but not exciting. The exciting parts were the rides; and queueing for them. In the queues we always seemed to get just in front of some young men and Piper and I just had to stand with our legs apart.

The first time that we got to the top and the start of the ride I was a little nervous that the staff there might throw a wobbler and throw us out of the park, but it turned out that Catalina knew the young man there; they’d worked together just after they’d left school. When Catalina first saw him she was very nervous, trying to make the skirt longer; but when he saw her he just held her hands and kissed her cheeks. They talked a bit in Spanish before she turned to get on the ride with a smile on her face.

That first ride/slide managed to rip Catalina’s skirt, making it useless. Lucas told her not to worry, and threw it in the nearest litter bin.

“But, but….” Catalina started to say but Lucas just waved her off saying that it didn’t matter. He was right; the skirt didn’t cover enough for her to call herself ‘decent’ and her pussy had been on display since we got there. Even the young man at the top of the first ride must have seen it. Lucas insisted that we go on that ride again, and if the young man hadn’t seen her pussy the first time, he certainly did the second time. The rest of us left her talking to him and then we had to wait for a couple of minutes for her at the bottom. At the bottom, Catalina told us that her friend had been on his radio and told all the staff that he knew one of the naked girls that were in the park.

The rides that use the big rubber rings were the best; we had to sit on them with our legs spread wide; Catalina seemed to be embarrassed every time that she saw someone that she knew. I thought that it was funny and wondered what would happen the next time that she saw any of them.

We had a great time with Piper cumming twice and me three times. We even walked out of the car park and back to the car totally naked, Catalina as well.

After those scenes, which had gone very smoothly, Lucas decided that he wanted to up the stakes a bit and have us do something a bit more outrageous. He suggested that he put is in situations where we might get groped, fucked, or even gang banged.

Piper and I looked at each other, smiled, and in stereo said, “Bring it on man.”

The Game of Pool

That evening Lucas gave each of us a short, but not too short, skirt and a thin, scoop top that was a little big on me, and told us that we were going to play pool. When Piper told him that she’d never played before he told her that it didn’t matter; he wanted us to lose. He told us that we were going to a bar that has a games room with a couple of pool tables in it. It’s frequented by lots of young men all wanting to prove how good they are at pool.

As planned, Piper and I went in, followed by Lucas, Max, and Leo. Piper and I went up to the tables and watched for a while. When a game finished I said, “How about us girls show you boys how it’s done.”

One of the winners turned and looked us up and down then said, “We play for 20 euros a game; have you got any money?”

“We ain’t got no money but we do have these,” Piper said, holding the hem of her top.

“You want to play with your clothes as your stake? You know that you’ll get beat and have to give them to us?” one of the guys said.

“That’s only if you win; and that ain’t going to happen,” I replied. “Yeah, sure, bring it on.”

Well, you should have seen us play; it was pathetic. I don’t think that the guys cared though. As Piper or I moved around the table and bent over to play a shot some of the guys moved around with us and stood behind us. Of course we spread our legs; and of course our skirts rode right up on our butts. We didn’t forget the tit men; our scoop tops hung down letting them look across the table and see our tits.

Of course we got thrashed, but that was what was planned. When it was over one of the guys came up to us and said, “Okay, time to pay up.”

“Can we play again please, there were too many distractions for us.”

“I don’t think so; come on pay up. Get them off.”

Piper and I looked at each other and slowly lifted our tops off. There were a few cheers and comments as our tits became visible. “There you are, guys. Happy now?”

“No, the deal was clothes; plural. Get the rest off.”

We both unfastened our skirts and let them drop to the floor, making a half-hearted attempt to cover our goodies with our hands. More cheers and a few rude comments.

“Can we play another game please, we want the chance to win our clothes back.”

“But what stake have you got?”

“Err, nothing.”

“Well we only play if someone’s got something to lose.”

“But we’re naked, we haven’t got anything.”

“Tell you what, we’ll play you again and if you win you can have your clothes back, but if we win you get on that table, spread your legs wide and make yourself cum.”

After pretending to have a short whispering conversation with Piper I said, “Okay, but when we win you guys have to wank in front of us as well as giving us our clothes back.”

Piper added, “I’m looking forward to seeing your cocks as you wank.”

Two of the guys laughed and one said, “It’ll never come to that.”

“Yes it will, come on, line them up,” Piper said.

The guys set up the balls and let us take the first shot. As expected, we were rubbish, but the guys weren’t as good this time. It was either that they couldn’t concentrate on their game or that they wanted more opportunities to look at our bare butts as we bent over to take our shots. Piper and I took every opportunity to stick our butts into the faces of the guys who were sat round the tables as we took our shots. About halfway through the game I looked over to Lucas, Leo, and Max. All three gave us the thumbs-up sign.

The inevitable happened and we lost. As the last ball disappeared into a pocket I looked at Piper and said, “This wasn’t supposed to happen, you said that we could beat these guys.”

“Sorry,” Piper said, “I really did think that we would win. OMG are we really going to have to make ourselves cum in front of these men?”

“You sure are girls. Come on, pay up. Get on that table and get those fingers working.”

We just stood there looking defeated for a few seconds then Piper said, “Someone’s going to have to lift us up.”

Piper had hardly finished saying that before lots of hands appeared on our bodies and up we went. The hands put us across the table at either end with our lower legs hanging over the side. More hands spread our legs wide. “Come on girls,” a male voice said, “get on with it.”

I turned to look at Piper and saw her right hand sliding down her front. I did the same and started rubbing my body all around my pussy. Before long my hand was on my pussy and my middle finger was working on my clit.

With all those horny men staring at me it wasn’t long before I started to cum. As my body shook and jerked I felt myself being moved across the table so that my head was hanging off the side. Before I’d even come down from my high I felt a cock forcing its way into my mouth.

As the cock pushed its way into my throat I felt fingers on and in my pussy. I did a quick check and they weren’t my fingers so whilst one man was fucking my throat another was finger fucking me - hard. I don’t know how many cocks got rammed down my throat; or how many different hands probed my holes; yes, at least one man fingered my butt hole. I also don’t know how many orgasms I had, or how long it took, but by the time the assault on my body stopped I was absolutely knackered. My face and hair were covered in cum and my saliva and my eye liner was running down the sides of my face (I saw that in the mirror when we got back to the villa).

When those men had finally finished with Piper and me they just lifted us off the table, dumped us on a chair and got on with their game(s). As I started to feel something vaguely resembling normal I said to one of the men, “Can we have our clothes back now?”

“Hell no, you didn’t win so we get to keep them.”

“But how are we going to get back to our hotel?

“Not our problem, babe.”

“But, but…….”

“No buts, you lost everything. So piss off now and let us get on with a serious game.”

We just sat there for ages until I got up and pulled Piper up. As I got to my feet I saw two big wet patches on the table where our pussies had been. I almost smiled and thought, 'You won’t forget me in a hurry.' We got to the door where Lucas met us and almost carried us out to the car.

Back at villa Piper and I spent ages in the shower before going to the main living area where the three guys were. We plonked ourselves on a sofa and were given beers before we got asked about the evening.

The Rodeo

Well that’s what they called it but whilst I was there never saw one live animal. What the place was, was an organised 18-30s booze-up with some entertainment thrown in.

Lucas didn’t tell us where we were going that evening, he just gave us a very short top and a skimpy skirt and told us to get in the car. We drove for about 45 minutes, out of civilisation and into the hills, and then we arrived at this old farmhouse type place. As we drove in I saw about five or six coaches parked-up and got really curious. Did Lucas want us to get naked in front of dozens of people? My pussy tingled and got real wet just thinking about it.

Lucas parked the car and led us into this very big barn-type building. On the door was a poster for a Rodeo with a banner across it saying ‘Nude English Girls Waitressing’. That couldn’t be referring to Piper and me, could it? I got a bit wetter. As soon as the door opened the noise of over a hundred people hit us. What I saw was a dozen or so long tables with 18-30s sat at them, all quite happy.

Along one side of the barn was a long stage. At either end was one of these mechanical bulls. In the middle was a comedian cracking some very rude jokes. When he saw us he called Lucas up onto the stage. Lucas told Piper and me to follow him. Microphone in his hand, Lucas said, “Ladies and gentlemen; you all saw the poster on the door on the way in and maybe you’ve been a little disappointed so far, but don’t despair, your two naked waitresses are here. May I introduce to you to Bamboo and Peach.”

Lucas held his hand out towards us and I blushed a little; I didn’t know what to do. So I did a little curtsy. When the applause died down Lucas continued, “Ladies, you are improperly dressed to be able to do your job tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think Bamboo and Peach should do?”

Of course, the majority of the people there said, “Get em off!” or “Strip!”

Now stripping in front of an audience is our job so this was easy. Music started coming out of the speakers and Piper and I started gyrating our hips and slowly getting naked. When the music stopped both Piper and I were on our spread knees rubbing our pussies.

Lucas called for quiet then said, “Ladies and gentlemen, very soon these two lovelies will be coming down there to take your orders. Please feel free to touch and grope them as much as you like; but please, don’t take all night. There are lots of you out there that all want to have a feel.”

Lucas then led us down to where the other waitresses were coming from and introduced us to the man who was organising the girls. After a quick talk about the very limited range of drinks and their cost; we were sent out to get our first orders. All this wasn’t completely new to us as we often serve the tables at work. The main differences being that at work there is a no-touching rule, and we’re supposed to have some clothes on.

As we walked out Piper turned to me and said, “Shit, girl, this is going to be fun.”

“Too right!” I replied.

And fun it was. The first guy that I asked put his arm round my thigh and went straight for my hole; my wet hole. “Fuck girl; you’ve been waiting for this haven’t you?”

I smiled and asked him what he’d like to order.

The next couple of hours flew by. My tits must have been squeezed, my nipples pulled and squeezed, my pussy invaded and my butt slapped over a hundred times. Oh, and I must have cum six or seven times. I did hope that Max and Leo had got it all on video. A lot of the guys there got selfies and videos of me.

While that was going on the comedian introduced some sexy dancers and got a constant stream of people; mainly girls, to ride on the mechanical bulls. I never saw much of it as I had other things on my mind, but I did see a few topless girls and one naked girl walking back to a table. As it all came to an end Lucas got Piper and me to stand either side of the exit door so that anyone leaving who wanted one last feel could do so.

I was knackered, but we were stood by one of the mechanical bulls and I mentioned that I would have liked a go on one. One of the Spanish organisers was nearby and obviously heard me because he offered to let both Piper and me have a go. I said that it wasn’t necessary, and besides there was no one left to watch us. The man got on his 2-way radio and within a minute or so 20+ male staff (presumably), were stood there waiting for us to begin.

Piper went first; one of the staff pushing her up onto the bull by her bare butt. It was great fun watching her bounce about. She was holding-on to the bull by that little rope that was right in front of her pussy and she kept having her pussy press against her hand. I wondered if her hand kept pressing against her clit. The operator kept Piper on for ages. I was convinced that he was doing it just to let him and his colleagues have a good look at her.

Eventually she lost it and went flying; landing on her back with arms and legs spread. She just lay there until two men went over to her and lifted her up. They had to almost carry her to a chair to rest.

My turn – the same guy helped me get on and as he pushed my butt his fingers opened me up and invaded me. I looked down at him and smiled.

Wow; I soon found out why some girls only last a few seconds. I really had to concentrate to keep my balance; my little B’s wobbling up and down. Again, I was sure that the operator was deliberately trying to keep me on because every time that I thought I was going to go flying the bull stopped so that I could get my balance.

My pussy did get pressed against my hand a few times but sex was the last thing on my mind. I didn’t think about sex until I too was spread out on my back on the inflatable mats. As the two men came to pick me up my pussy reminded me that I was naked and that two men were about to handle me. I didn’t cum but I got very wet quickly and my pussy ached for attention.

As I was sat next to Piper getting my breath back I saw Leo with his camera rolling; our little audience slowly dispersing.

Lazy Day

The next day was a lazy day; Lucas took us to the main beach in the centre of Marbella. It’s not a nude beach, only topless, but that didn’t stop Lucas telling us to get naked.

We spent quite a few hours soaking up the sun. Whenever we were laid on our stomachs we had our right hand under us and playing with our pussies. Anyone behind us would have been able to see our pussies with our fingers working away. I actually managed to make myself cum twice on that beach.

The Night Club

We went to a night club a few times but this one particular night was extra good. Lucas had got us to wear ultra short skirts that didn’t even cover our pussies or butts. We went to the bar across the road for a couple of drinks before going into the club. We were just crossing the road to the club when a limo pulled up and lots of girls started piling out. All of them were as scantily dressed as Piper and I was.

Lucas had the idea that Piper and I could tag along with them to see what happens, so we all went round the front of the limo and as we walked through the line of girls getting out of the limo, Piper and I turned and joined their line. The girls were being led straight in and we managed to get in with them, without paying. Lucas and the others (including Catalina) weren’t that lucky; they had to join the queue and pay to get in.

Once inside we followed the girls to the main dance floor. From the way that they were dancing and letting the men get all over them it was obvious that they’d been on the booze or drugs before they got there. Some of the guys were all over us as well and neither of us resisted when they groped us and pulled our clothes off. We were soon dancing on the main dance floor wearing only our shoes. Catalina came over to us to check that we were okay; and to bring us a drink; and we managed to get her to stay and dance with us.

After a while we noticed that some of the limo girls had disappeared and we soon realised that they were going through a door with a bouncer stood by it. As we got closer we saw a sign on the door that said ‘VIPs’.

Catalina also saw that the bouncer was one of her cousins. While she was talking to him Piper and I went through the door. It was a sort of lounge with sofas all around. It was what was going on on the sofas that was the interesting part; basically it was an orgy. People were fucking and sucking all over the place. Naturally, we joined in and I was sorry that Max or Leo couldn’t get in there to film us.

Sex with our Hosts

With all this writing about us getting naked in public I haven’t yet written anything about the sex that we had with Lucas, Max, and Leo. It started the second day that we were there and both Piper and I fucked all three of them.

There weren’t many nights that started in our own bed; but we always ended up back there. Whichever one of us woke-up first each morning woke the other by rubbing her pussy. I just love it when Piper does that to me.

End of part 2

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