Dumb Blonde
by Vanessa

Part 6

All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over the legal age of consent when the events took place.

Part 06 – The Riding School

The school is only a small account but Lucy had seen the accounts and told me that she always fancied riding a horse, so off we went.

When we got there Rose (the owner) was happy to get one of the stable hands to show Lucy round while she and I got on with the business. It didn’t take long.

When Rose and I had finished we went looking for Lucy. We found her sitting on a horse, still wearing her microskirt and top. Well, I say wearing her skirt; it was up round her waist.

“Having fun Lucy?” Rose asked.

“Yes, Steve (the stable hand) is letting me walk the horse a little so that I can get the feel of it.”

Rose looked at Lucy; her long blonde hair was nearly down to her waist.

“Lucy, what do you think of the idea of being Lady Godiva for a day?”

“Wow,” Lucy said, “This is the first time that I’ve ever been on a horse and, to be honest, I’m still a bit scared. Anyway, why do you need a Lady Godiva? We’re not in Coventry and this isn’t the 13th century.”

Rose explained that she was one of the organisers of a carnival parade and that she’d volunteered a horse with Lady Godiva on it, but still hadn’t found anyone willing to play the part. Some of the organisers wanted to show their opposition to the way the government throws their taxes away like it grows on trees.

“So, Lucy, what do you think? Are you up for it?” Rose asked.

Lucy looked at me, I smiled and Lucy said, “Yeah, why not? But I’m still not too happy being on a horse. What if the horse decides to go the wrong way; or it throws me off?”

“That won’t be a problem, but if you like you can come here a couple of times before the parade so that you can get used to being up there.” Rose volunteered.

“I’d like that.” Lucy replied.

“Judging by his face, I’m sure that Steve here will be happy to help you get some confidence. It’s a couple of weeks before the parade; Jack, could you bring Lucy here the next two Wednesday mornings? It’s always quiet here on a Wednesday morning, even during the school holidays.”

All the time that conversation was going on, Steve was stood beside the horse’s head looking at Lucy. Her skirt was up around her waist but she was sat on the saddle so Steve wouldn’t have been able to see her pussy.

He certainly did when he helped her get off; he got a right eyeful. We left the riding school with Lucy telling us that she was looking forward to the next Wednesday.

Rose met us when we got there the next Wednesday and told Lucy that she thought that it was best that Lucy get used to riding the horse the way that she’d be on the parade. Lucy took that as her cue to get naked; and she did, passing me her clothes and shoes. Rose just stood there looking bemused.

“What I meant was that you’d be riding ‘bareback’, that is, no saddle on the horse.” Rose said.

“Lady Godiva rode naked didn’t she?”

“Well, yes.” Rose replied.

“Well then, I’d better get used to riding naked.”

Rose took us to a paddock where Steve was waiting with the horse. His face was a picture when he saw that Lucy was naked.

“It might be a good idea if you keep your hair tied-up while you’re getting used to riding. You don’t want to get it in the way while you’re getting on and off and doing the exercises to help you get some confidence.” Rose said.

Lucy’s long blonde hair is long enough to easily cover her breasts when it’s round her front, but it rarely is; Lucy usually has it in a ponytail or hanging down her back, and it was hanging down her front at that moment.

“Okay!” Lucy said, “Can I have my bag please?”

I held her bag as she got a band out and put her hair into a ponytail. As she did so her magnificent breasts were thrust forward. Steve’s eyes looked as if they might pop out of their sockets.

“Right, I’ve to something I’ve got to do; Steve will be your teacher Lucy, if you follow his instructions you’ll be okay,” Rose said and she turned and walked away.

“Right Lucy,” Steve said, “your first lesson is how to get on the horse. We’re stood on the left side of the horse, and that’s the side that you always get on from.”

“Why?” Lucy asked.

“Good question, and I don’t know how it started; but all horses are trained to have people mount them from the left so that’s what you’ll do.”

“Jack,” Steve said, “can you come and hold the reins please? It’s not really needed because this horse is so docile, but it will give Lucy a bit more confidence.”

Steve turned to Lucy and said, “As you can see the horse’s back is level with your head and there are no steps here. I’ll be with you all the time, even on the parade, so you’ll be able to use my hands as a step.”

Steve inter-locked his fingers and put his upturned hands in front of his body for Lucy to use as a step. They were both stood next to the horse, with Lucy at the horse’s middle and Steve next to its back leg.

“Okay Lucy, put you right foot on my hands then push yourself up and lay with your stomach over the horse.”

Steve had to bend a little so that Lucy could get her foot high enough.

Up Lucy went and Steve stepped back a little so that he didn’t get kicked when he told her the next bit.

“Well done Lucy, now what I want you to do is to swing your right leg up and onto the horse’s back. As you do that, turn your torso so that your head is over the horse’s mane.”

“Main what?” Lucy asked.

Steve put her straight then she slowly moved her right leg back and up. In doing so she revealed her open pussy, in all its wet, swollen glory, to Steve; I smiled to myself and wondered just how nervous she was; or was she just putting on a show for Steve.

Lucy lay there, along the horse, with her left leg down the side of the horse and her right leg on top of the horse’s back.

Steve stood there taking in the sight. After about 10 seconds Lucy broke the silence. “What now, Steve?”

“Sorry Lucy. Okay, move your right leg down so that you’re straddling the horse. As you do that, sit up.”

Lucy did as instructed and then turned looked at me. “Wow, look at me, I’m Lady Godiva!” Lucy shouted.

“Not quite Lucy,” Steve said as he moved in close to Lucy’s left side; “first you need to practice getting on and off a few times; then you need to get used to the horse walking along.”

Lucy looked a little bemused for a couple of seconds then said, “Okay, let’s do it.”

“Right then,” Steve said, “try leaning a backwards and forwards a bit, then to each side; to get a feeling of how stable you are up there.”

Lucy leant forwards, then backwards. “Hey, this is okay.”

She then leant over to her left a little then her right; then a little further to her left. The problem was, she leant too far and came crashing down on top of Steve. His natural reaction was to try to catch her, but they both ended up on the ground with Lucy on top of Steve. Her right tit was in his face and his right hand was on her butt.

“Ooops! Sorry;” Lucy said, “I guess I went too far. Are you okay?”

They both got onto their feet. Lucy had a grin on her face and Steve’s face was bright red.

“Let’s try that again.” Steve finally said.

Steve inter-locked his fingers again and Lucy lifted her right leg. This time I was stood a little away from the horse’s head and I could see that Lucy’s toes were touching the front of Steve’s trousers. I wondered if she could feel his hard-on with her toes.

Up Lucy went, again stopping as she swung her right leg up onto the horse’s back. Was she deliberately letting Steve look at her pussy? It certainly looked that way.

When Lucy was sat up, Steve said, “Try the leaning again, but this time grab a hold of the horse’s mane for support. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that bit last time.”

Lucy got more comfortable sitting there then Steve said, “Right, now let’s try getting off – the proper way.”

Lucy giggled a bit.

“What I want you to do is let go of the mane, lean back a little and swing your right leg up and over. Stay leaning backwards a bit, like you’re sitting on the edge of a chair.”

As Lucy leant back her pussy came into view. I swear that I could see a wet patch on the horse. Her leg came up and over, leaving her perched there, slightly leaning back. Her legs were slightly apart and her gorgeous bald pussy was right in front of Steve’s face (he’d moved in close ready to catch her if she fell again).

Steve was gob-struck again, but I wasn’t going to spoil it for him. I’m proud of Lucy’s pussy (and the rest of her), and am happy for the whole world to see her – if that’s what she wants; and I’m sure that it is.

Lucy looked at me and grinned. She knew the effect her pose was having on Steve.

Lucy let Steve look for quite a while before leaning forward so that she slid down the side of the horse. Steve snapped out of his trance and put his arms out to steady her. This time his hands went onto her upper arms.

“Is that what you wanted me to do Steve?”

“Errr yes, errr sorry, I was just errr …….”

“That’s okay Steve, perfectly understandable.” I said.

Steve let go of Lucy then said, “Sorry, shall we go through all that again?”

And they did, each time Lucy paused at the appropriate time to let Steve have a good look. When Lucy was back on the ground Steve said, “This time when you get up there we’ll go for a little walk.”

Steve helped Lucy up then took the reins from me. They slowly walked around the paddock. When they got back to where I was waiting Lucy said, “Wow, this horse is hot; I’m so warm between my legs.”

Steve stifled a laugh and so did I before saying, “Are you sure that the heat isn’t coming from you?”

“Well I am a bit horny; being naked with my legs spread wide in front of 2 men is bound to get a girl aroused you know.”

“Argh!” Steve said, “shall we try getting on and off again?”

And they did; twice more. Each time Lucy paused when her legs were spread. By that time I was convinced that she was doing it on purpose.

After another walk round the paddock Steve called an end to the lesson, I gave Lucy her clothes and told her to get dressed.

“Do I have to?” Lucy asked, “I was enjoying that.”

“See you next week.” Steve said.

“I’m sure you will.” I whispered to Lucy as we walked away.

“Lucy, you are such a naughty girl teasing Steve like that.” I said as soon as we got into the car. “I think that I’ll have to spank your bottom when we get to work.” “Ooow, yes please.”

The next Wednesday we arrived at the riding school to find Steve waiting for us in the car park. He apologised for Rose; she had to go to a meeting.

“I suppose I should get like Lady Godiva.” Lucy said as she got out of the car.

As soon as she was stood upright she started taking her clothes off and she threw them into the car. Both Steve and I just stood and watched.

“Right, let’s get started; I’ve got a lot to show you Steve.” Lucy said.

Steve was blushing as we walked to the paddock.

There was another young man waiting there and Steve introduced him as Mick. Steve told us that Mick would be helping him.

I smiled and thought that I knew exactly why he was there.

“Let’s practice getting on and off again, you still look a bit nervous getting on. This time Mick will be helping you while I watch to see if you’re doing anything wrong.”

Steve took the reins from Mick and gave them to me. Mick then got into the right place and inter-locked his fingers ready for Lucy’s foot.

“No looking Mick.” Lucy jokingly said as she lifted her leg.

This time I was stood further away from the horses head and I could see Lucy’s toes touching Mick’s crotch. He let out a little moan as Lucy’s weight forced his hands down a bit and Lucy’s toes slid down his cock.

Steve was stood behind the horse so he got the best possible view of Lucy’s pussy as she paused before moving her leg over and down.

When it came to getting off I’m sure that Lucy deliberately stuck her legs out parallel to the ground as she started to slide off. Of course she panicked. Of course Mick went to grab (sorry, save) her as she came down.

The inevitable happened, but this time Lucy ended up sitting on Mick’s chest with her pussy touching his chin.

“Ooops, I guess that I’d forgotten to lean back a bit, sorry Mick. Can we try again?”

They went through it all again, this time everything went okay. After getting back on they went for a walk round the paddock then Steve announced that Lucy needed to do a couple of things on the horse to show that she was no longer nervous.

“Okay, bring it on.” Lucy said.

“Right, the first thing is for you to do is to get off the horse then back on again; but this time, instead of swinging your right leg over the horse, swing your left leg over.”

Lucy swung her right leg over and slid off the horse. Mick inter-locked his fingers and Lucy climbed up. Again, Lucy’s toes rubbed Mick’s hard-on.

When Lucy was laying over the horse on her stomach she tried to swing her left leg over, giving all 3 of us a great view of her pussy.

“I can’t get my leg over.” Lucy said.

“Lift it higher and turn to your right a bit.” Steve said.

Lucy’s legs got even wider apart and she eventually made it. When she sat up she said, “Oh, I’m facing the wrong way.”

“That’s the idea.” Steve said; “now we go for a walk.”

As Steve and Mick led the horse away Lucy looked nervous. By the time they got back she was smiling.

“Good,” Steve said, “The final challenge is for you to lay back and go for a walk.”

Lucy slowly lay back and her head finally rested on the mane; her magnificent tits pointing to the sky. Because she was on her back her wide open pussy was on display. Boy; was she wet. Steve led the horse round the paddock with Mick following. He walked through 2 piles of dung because his eyes were glued to Lucy’s pussy. She must have known and got quite aroused because when they got back I could swear that her pussy was having spasms.

“Right,” said Steve, “if you can get up and off the horse without falling you’re okay to go on the parade.”

Lucy put her hands on the sides of the horse for support and managed to sit up. With a grin on her face she swung her left leg over and slid off the horse.

“So I can be Lady Godiva now?”

Steve nodded and Lucy gave him a big hug.

We left Steve and Mick in the paddock and walked back to the car. As she got dressed Lucy asked me if I was going to spank her when we got to work.

“Yes you naughty girl, I saw you teasing them. I might just have to fuck you as well.”

I did.

That weekend we went and met Rose at the start of the parade. Steve was just getting the horse out of the trailer when we got there.

“Good!” said Rose, “are you ready Lucy?”

“No, I’ve still got my clothes on.”

“Apart from that.”

“Yes, of course, I can’t keep my public waiting. Shall I strip off now?”

Both Rose and I laughed.

“No, I’ll tell you when.” Rose said.

We all walked (horse as well) round a corner to where the parade was starting. There were hundreds of people, lots in fancy dress and some on floats. Some were carrying banners protesting about all sorts of things. We found the people protesting about the government wasting our taxes and joined them.

“Right Lucy now’s the time.” Rose said.

“Time for what?” Lucy said.

“To get naked dear.” I said.

“Oh, oh yes.”

We all crowded round Lucy as she stripped off. When she was naked Rose held out a roll of double-sided sticky tape.

“What’s that for?” Lucy asked.

“To stick on your breasts and then press your hair against.” Rose said.

“Why would I want to do that?”

“So that your hair covers your breasts; we can’t have you flashing your breasts to everyone, you might get arrested.”

Lucy pushed her hair over her shoulders and asked Rose for a couple of bits of the tape. Rose tore them off and gave them to Lucy who turned her back to Rose, did something that neither Rose nor I could see, then pulled her hair back down her front. When she turned round, both her nipples were covered with hair.

“Okay,” Rose said, “time to get mounted.”

“We can’t do that here, Jack and I would get arrested.” Lucy said.

Rose looked at me with an exasperated expression then said, “No, mounted on the horse.”

“Ooops, sorry,” Lucy said then turned to Steve who was already waiting with inter-locked fingers.

Up Lucy went, and sat there looking round.

“I can see for miles.” Lucy said.

“Turn this way Lucy,” Rose said, “I need to check what’s visible.”

I was stood next to the horse’s head. What wasn’t visible was Lucy’s pussy and the front part of her breasts. She was legally decent.

I looked round and saw that Lucy already had an audience. Her ‘Barbie’ face and body had quickly attracted them.

After about 5 minutes we heard a brass band start playing and our part of the parade started walking.

On reflection I don’t think that having a Lady Godiva was such a good idea for the cause; just about everyone was looking at Lucy and not the banners being carried around her. It didn’t help the cause when the wind got up and Lucy’s hair went all over the place. Lucy tried to keep it straight but in her attempts to do that the hair that was stuck to the tape came off and those magnificent cones got displayed many times.

Lucy later confessed that she’d folded the tape a couple of times before sticking it to her tits. There was only a little bit left to hold her hair in place, and she’d helped that to come off shortly after the parade started.

Lucy got quite a few comments from people along the route. A handful of teenage boys even followed us from just after the start, right to the end.

When it came to the time for Lucy to get off the horse at the end of the parade there was quite a gathering on men around us. I guess that they’d all realised how Lucy would have to get off the horse; and they weren’t disappointed. Lucy swung her right leg over and sat perched there, leaning back for ages before sliding down. Everyone must have been able to see her shiny, wet pussy. By that time the sticky tape was either gone or useless, the breeze, and the angle that Lucy was leaning at, gave everyone a great view of those magnificent cones.

I gave Lucy her skirt and top and as she put them on she said, “That was fun, but I wish that I could have done it lying back on the horse, my inner thighs and pussy got so hot from the horse.”

I smiled and said, “The heat wasn’t coming from the horse dear.”

Lucy looked puzzled, but didn’t say anything.

Rose came over and thanked Lucy for taking part. Lucy said, “You’re so welcome, I really enjoyed it. When’s the next parade?”

End of part 6

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