Dumb Blonde
by Vanessa

Part 2

All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over the legal age of consent when the events took place.

The Fucking Machine Client

The next meeting that I took Lucy to needed a bit of explanation before we went. Firstly I told her that the dress code would be as casual as she wanted; the client would not be bothered what either of us wore. Lucy’s reaction was, “Goody, can I go naked then?”

“I’m sure that the client wouldn’t mind that at all, but no, you have to wear a dress or skirt and top.”

The second piece of information was to tell her that the client has a business making fucking machines.

“What sort of fucking machines? Vending machines, coffee machines?” Lucy asked.

“No, proper fucking machines.”

“Isn’t any machine that works a proper machine?”

“Sorry Lucy, I’m not explaining myself properly. He makes machines that fuck women.”

There was deadly silence for a few seconds then, “For real, he makes machines that fuck women.”

“Yes Lucy.”

“Wow, does he give free samples?”

“Not satisfied with me anymore?”

“Oh sorry Jack, I didn’t mean it like that. Of course I’m satisfied with you, and your cock; it’s just the thought of a machine that can fuck me for hours non-stop just sends nice shivers right through me.”

“That’s okay Lucy, I understand what you’re saying; but we’re going there to sort out the man’s accounts, not to ask for free samples.”

“Of course boss.”

We spent the rest of that afternoon and the first part of the next morning pulling together everything for the client, then set off late morning. When we got there the place was really nice on the inside (the outside looked just like any other newish industrial unit). There was a little reception with two internal doors; one went to the workshop and the other to a plush display area.

There were quite a few machines in there and Lucy was fascinated. She asked Pete (the Client) if she could have a look round them before we got down to business. I could see her drooling over each and every one of them and could guarantee that she had very wet inner thighs. Twice I saw her holding the dildo part of a machine, obviously wondering what it would be like to have it inside her.

Pete told me that he had 30 minutes before a camera crew and a model arrived to film the model in action on a couple of the machines – a promotional video. He told us that we could stay and watch if we wanted to.

Lucy came back to us and we went into the reception area and got on with sorting out Pete’s accounts. As the 30 minutes ran out Pete looked quite anxious. Lucy asked him if he was okay, and could she get him a coffee.

We got on with our task and after another 30 minutes Pete said that he just had to make a phone call and went outside. He came back a few minutes later and told us that the camera crew would arrive in about 5 minutes, but the model wasn’t with them. He told us that the video had to be shot that day because it had to be sent to his agent in the Far East the next day.

Lucy surprised Pete (and me) by asking him what skills the model had to have to use the machines.

“Well she has to be beautiful, be shaved and be prepared to let herself go and really enjoy herself. Why, do you know someone like tha... Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Well I’m prepared to give it a go if you’ll let me.”

Pete looked at me (I was smiling and my trousers her getting uncomfortable), then at Lucy, then up and down Lucy; then he said,

“The pay’s good.”

“I was thinking more in the line of one of your machines.”

'Blood hell, Lucy has been reading negotiating skills books.' I thought.

“I’m sure that we can come to some mutually agreeable arrangement.” Pete said just as we saw a van pull up outside.

Lucy got a hair band out of her bag and tied her long, blonde hair into a ponytail as Pete went out to talk to the camera crew. I asked Lucy if she was sure that she wanted to do it and reminded her that she’d be naked in front of about half a dozen men and machines would be fucking her and making her cum.

“I’m sure if you are. I wouldn’t want you to get upset by it. I’ll change my mind if you like.”

“No, no, I’m more than happy for you to do it, on one condition. That you get Pete to send you a copy of the video.”

“What’s that about a copy of the video?” Pete said as he came through the door.

“Jack wants a copy of the video to play continually in his office. Can you do that please Pete?”

“I can send you it later tonight by email if you want,” the man with Pete said, “By the way I’m John, I’ll be directing the video; and you must be the gorgeous Lucy. Peter, where did you find this amazing example of womanhood; she’s just wonderful; and Lucy, if you ever want to change careers I’m sure that I can get you into one of the top modelling agencies.”

Lucy blushed as we all shook hands while the rest of the crew brought bags and lights in.

“Lucy I understand that this is your first time doing anything like this. Please don’t be afraid, I will not ask you to do anything that you’re not comfortable with. If at any time you want to stop all you have to do is shout stop and we’ll end the shoot right there and then.”

Before anyone could say anything, John continued, “Okay Lucy, can you get undressed please, we need to give your body time to get rid of any strap or elastic marks before we get started; this video is in high definition and any mark will show easily.”

Lucy had undone her skirt and it hit the floor just as John finished talking. Her hands went straight to her top and it was off in seconds. As she dropped her top she automatically pinched her nipples to make sure that they were as extended as much as they could.

Lucy was naked in the firm’s reception area and anyone passing would have been able to see her. “Wow, you’re keen.” I said as I leant forward and kissed her. “You could have gone in there (pointing to the room with all the machines in) to get undressed.”

“Sorry.” Lucy said, but didn’t move.

“Right then,” Pete said, “shall we all go in?”

I picked up Lucy’s top and skirt and followed them in. It had been almost dark in there, but all the lights had been switched on and it was quite bright.

John was talking to Lucy, presumably telling her what to do, so I went and stood behind one of the cameramen. I had to marvel at Lucy as she stood there, completely naked, in front of half a dozen men, and not showing one sign of embarrassment. I was so proud of her.

John and Lucy went over to a bicycle on a stand. It looked just like any folding bicycle that you can see on the street except that it had an extra couple of cogs and a chain going up to the base of the saddle. Through the saddle was a dildo.

I heard John shout for some lubrication and one of the crew ran over with some, but John dismissed him just before he got there. I guess that Lucy was wet enough already.

Lucy got on the bike and stood on the pedals; then she slowly impaled herself on the dildo. As soon as she was settled she slowly started pedalling; her solid breasts giving not the slightest hint of a wobble.

All the time two cameramen were moving all around Lucy, presumably recording every gasp and sigh. One cameraman moved to the front of the bike and pointed his camera right at her pussy.

I moved round to where I could see Lucy’s face. She had a big grin on her face that was occasionally interrupted by a quick wince.

One of the crew came over to me and whispered for me to go and stand near a table with some equipment on it. When I got there I saw a big television monitor with the display split into two. What was showing was what the two cameramen were shooting. I stood and stared at my Lucy fucking herself on that bike – in glorious high definition.

About 5 minutes later Lucy was getting close to cumming so I went back in front of her and watched as she screamed her head off in pleasure. It was a really beautiful sight.

Her pedalling slowed down but didn’t stop; she slowly peddled for another couple of minutes as she got her breath back. Lucy opened her eyes, saw me and smiled. She stopped pedalling, stood up on the pedals and got off, just as John shouted “CUT!”

Lucy shakily walked over to me and I gave her a big hug. I didn’t care that her body was covered in sweat. I whispered to her that I loved her and took her over to a chair to rest.

John let her rest for about 5 minutes then came over to her and asked her if she was okay. When she nodded he asked her if she was ready for the next machine. Lucy nodded again and stood up. She was totally unconcerned that she was naked in front of the men in there as she calmly followed John to the second machine.

I’d seen pictures of similar machines, but this one was different. Yes it was a Sybian, but this one was fastened to a board that had leg restraints either side, and two ropes coming out of the floor in front of it. I heard John say something like that she could relax a bit on this machine.

Pete was there as well, and he told Lucy to kneel either side of the Sybian and to lower herself onto the dildo. When she was there Pete fastened the Velcro leg restraints, put cuffs on her wrists and fastened them to the rope coming out of the board. Lucy was no longer able to get of the Sybian even if she wanted to (which I doubted).

Lucy’s eyes lit up when Pete switched the Sybian on, then her face settled to a contented look.

The two cameramen moved in closer and I went to look at the monitor. One cameraman was focusing on her gorgeous face with all the expressions of pleasure, while the other cameraman kept moving from het tits to her pussy. On the screen I could see every little bump on her areolas; and that beautiful clit being pressed onto the Sybian.

It didn’t take long for Lucy to show signs of arousal. Her face showed it, and her juices seeping out from around her clit showed it. With shouts of “YES, YES, YES,” and “ARRGGHH” and “OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK” Lucy went over the top again.

But she couldn’t stop pedalling this time and the Sybian kept going. As soon as she’d cum and started to calm down, the Sybian brought her back up again. She tried to struggle free but it was pointless. She wasn’t going anywhere.

Lucy came again but with more obscenities shouted this time. I looked at the screen showing her pussy, the whole of the front of the Sybian was wet.

Pete switched the Sybian off and the expression of relief on Lucy’s face was golden. As she calmed down I heard “CUT!” as I went and asked Pete for some water for Lucy. He rushed off for some, apologising for not having thought of it himself.

I went and helped Pete free Lucy and helped her to her feet. As soon as she tried to put some weight on her legs they gave way and she collapsed onto me. I carried her over to the chair to let her rest. She was sat on the edge of the chair with her legs wide open when Pete came and gave her the bottle of water; most of it going down her throat in one go.

“You can have a longer rest this time.” Pete said. “Only two more to go; I think that we’ll do the rectangle next, that should give you more of a rest. That is if you still want to go on?”

Lucy nodded and drank some more of the water.

Twenty minutes later Lucy’s sweat had dried and she was getting talkative. She asked me if I was happy with her and she told me that she’d stop if I wanted her to.

“No, it’s what you want to do Lucy. If you want to ride 100 of these machines I’m more than happy to watch you; it’s a beautiful sight and I’ll watch the video every night for the rest of my life.”

“You’re so sweet Jack,” Lucy said, as Pete and John came over for her.

“Are you ready, Lucy?” John asked.

Lucy got up and followed them. They went to this big horizontal rectangular frame with a covered lump of something in the middle of one end. Lucy had to lay down on her back, spread-eagled in the frame, while Pete went round her arms and legs fastening them to the frame. As he did so I went and watched the screen. One of the cameramen had zoomed in on her spread pussy. Her vulva was all swollen and very wet.

The camera went to her tits. The two symmetric cones pointed to the ceiling.

Lucy had lifted her head and was watching what Pete was doing. Even from where I was I could hear her gasp as Pete uncovered the machine between her legs. The dildo looked massive.

Pete positioned the head of the dildo at the entrance to her vagina and switched the machine on low. The dildo slowly went inside Lucy as her face showed the pain. Out it came and in it went. This time her face on the screen showed no hint of pain.

Pete increased the speed and Lucy lay there with closed eyes. Slowly Lucy’s breathing got heavier and heavier, those glorious cones going up and down with each deep breath.

Pete increased the speed of the machine again. Lucy started swearing and her head rolled from side to side. Her swearing got worse than I’d ever heard her use before; I didn’t know if it was caused by plain or pleasure; or both. I assumed both.

Lucy reached her peak and her back arched off the floor. She collapsed flat and went quiet; I started to get worried, but her head moved and it started all over again. All the time the machine was pounding in and out of her.

Lucy had two more orgasms before I heard the word “CUT!” and Pete turned the machine off.

I ran over to Lucy and looked down at her. She looked up at me and said, “I want one of these.”

I laughed and started to untie her. When Pete and I had finished I put my arm out to help her up but she just lay there and said, “Not yet lover, I want to enjoy this for a bit longer.”

I stepped back and looked down at her, still spread-eagled with the dildo inside her. She had a really contented look on her face.

I went over to Pete and John and asked if everything was okay.

“Fantastic!” John said; “a professional couldn’t have done a better job; she was superb.”

“I know.”

Pete thanked me again and asked me which machine Lucy would like.

“I’d like one of those Sybian machines please.”

We turned and saw Lucy struggling to stay on her feet. I put my arm round her waist and held her up as Pete said, “It’s yours; you were worth every penny. I’ll get one shipped to you.”

“Oh, and don’t forget the copy of what each of those cameras recorded.” Lucy said.

I sat Lucy down and talked to Pete about the rest of our business as John’s crew carried equipment out to the van. Pete and I didn't have much to sort out and it was soon time to go. I went over to Lucy and told her that it was time to go.

“Can you get my clothes and bag please?”

I got them and held them out to Lucy.

“I can’t be bothered. Can you just help me out to the car please?”

I carried her out to the car, not caring that it was home time for a business down the street and quite a few people were walking and driving pass.

I went back and got Lucy’s bag and clothes; and all our paper work; bid farewell to John and Pete and drove off with a naked Lucy in the passenger seat.

She was asleep before we got to the end of the road. I woke her when we got home and she still couldn’t be bothered to get dressed to go up to our apartment. We were lucky that no one saw us.

I put Lucy in the shower and soaped the dried sweat off before drying her and putting her to bed.

She was still asleep when I phoned her early the next afternoon, but was wide awake when I got home.

Pete had emailed me the videos and we watched them in bed that night. Lucy was hornier than I’d ever seen her before.

During the drive to work the next morning Lucy told me that she’d never had anything that big inside her before and that she just loved having the cameras right in front of her pussy. The thought of her pussy being recorded and seen by millions of people was a real turn-on for her.

I suggested that we get a decent video camera and make some videos to post on YouTube. Lucy said that I’d better make that a porn site.

Lucy was quite horny that day and kept coming into my office to get her ‘punishment’. We stayed at work until after Ethan and Liz left then fucked on her desk.

On the way home I told Lucy that we have a few clients in one part or another of the entertainment business and that she’d be coming with me when the time came to visit them.

End of part 2

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