Dumb Blonde
by Vanessa

Part 1

I thought I’d try something slightly different this time. This story is written from a male perspective.

All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over the legal age of consent when the events took place.

Hi, my name’s Jack and I am an accountant. Yeah I know, accountants are boring and what could they possibly have to write a story about? Well up until a few months ago I would probably have agreed with you, but my life has changed. This bubbly blonde came into my life and no one could possibly call my life boring now.

I have this little accountancy business catering for a variety of small businesses who want to meet their legal requirements, but also pay as little tax as possible. You see, I’m a specialist in finding legal ways of not paying taxes. One other thing that has made my business a success is that we are quite happy to go to our clients rather than having them come to us. Quite a few of them appreciate that as we can talk to them while they are still working.

I had two people working for me, Ethan, slightly older than me (29) and Liz, an 18 year old receptionist cum filing clerk cum tea girl cum everything else mundane; a GDB (general dogs body). She’s not bad looking for a young girl, but she came to us straight from school and she fully admits that she will never have a career, just a job.

About 6 months ago I decided that we needed someone else to help Ethan and me but I didn’t want to take on a qualified accountant. Ethan suggested that we get an intern, see what they were like and then let them go if they didn’t come up to scratch or failed their accountancy exams.

I interviewed three people and was reading the CV of the next candidate just before she was due to arrive for the interview. On paper she looked good, an honours degree in mathematics, and from a good university.

When Liz brought Lucy in I was dumbstruck. She is gorgeous; every man’s wet dream. I had real difficulty concentrating on the interview, but after just 5 minutes I knew that she had got the job.

Lucy was dressed in a business suit; tight black skirt just above the knee, black jacket and a white blouse with just a hint of a bra showing through it. Her face is out of this world; it’s just like the best bits of all the top model’s faces put into one. To top off her face she has this long blonde, straight hair. Her tits are high on her chest and looked the shape of that conical bra that Madonna wore in that video all those years ago. Her blue eyes have this look of innocence all the time.

I suppose the title of this story isn’t really fair on Lucy because of her qualifications, and we soon discovered that Lucy is brilliant at absorbing information and regurgitating it on demand, but she doesn’t have a lot of common sense. She’s also inclined to believe everything that you tell her. She is always trying to please people; to such an extent that she makes me want to protect her innocence.

I later discovered that she has a 34B 24 28 figure; her ‘B’s are indeed very conical and as solid as they come. She has these gorgeous, suck-able, large nipples that seem to be rock hard all the time. Those long nipples are surrounded by small, dark areolas.

I fell in love with Lucy the day that she walked into my office and her internship was going to be a success whether or not Ethan agreed with me.

During that interview I explained that our dress code was quite informal, except when we were meeting certain clients; some are as relaxed as us, but some definitely aren’t. Lucy was happy about this as she much preferred to be casual. When she started her internship her clothes could be described as ‘smart casual’; which fitted in well with the rest of us.

After about a week I just couldn’t help myself; I just couldn’t stay professional any longer; I asked her out on a date. She readily agreed and we met in a pub that night. Lucy arrived wearing a mid-thigh mini skirt and a strappy V-neck cami top – no bra! Her nipples were poking little tents in the cami. She looked stunning and she blushed when I told her so.

I got us a drink and found us a seat. Lucy was sat facing the bar and I kept noticing people look at her. When I went to get our second drink I had to queue for a few minutes. I knew that I wasn’t going to get served for a couple of minutes so I turned round, looked over to Lucy and thought how lucky I was.

“Bloody gorgeous that one.” The man next to me said.

“Excuse me!”

“That blonde; you don’t get many that good looking round here.”

“No, I guess not.” I replied.

As we were both staring at Lucy she looked up and over to me. She smiled and then did something that I just never saw coming. She uncrossed her legs and opened her knees just enough for me (and the bloke next to me) to see her white knickers. It only lasted a couple of seconds but I got an instant hard-on.

“Fucking hell!” the man next to me said, “some lucky bastard is in for a treat later tonight.”

I smiled but didn’t say anything.

“Who’s next gents?” the barman asked.

I got our drinks and went back to Lucy. We finished our drinks then I took her to a nice restaurant that I know. Half way through the meal she got up to go to the toilet and immediately bumped into an older woman that was passing.

When Lucy got back she was holding her top just where the spaghetti strap joined the rest of the cami at the front. She apologised saying that the strap had become detached when she’s bumped into that woman; and that she needed to go home and change.

I told her that there was no need and that I would tell her if the cami started sliding too low. Lucy blushed saying that she didn’t want to get thrown out for indecent exposure. She blushed again when I told her that it would be more like a very decent exposure if her breast did get exposed.

It did get exposed. As we talked and ate Lucy’s top did slide down (a few times) and when it did I’d tell her and she’d blush and pull it back up. After about the third time that it slipped below her nipple I didn’t tell her for ages, my eyes kept going from her face to her nipple and that solid breast. I hung back for as long as I dare before telling her that she was exposed; but this time I added, “You have fantastic breasts, you know.”

Lucy blushed even more and said that she wished that she’d worn a bra. I asked her why she hadn’t and she told me that she didn’t really like bras; that she’d never been comfortable in them and anyway, her breasts didn’t need any support. She told me that she didn’t like having visible bra straps or straps or strings that dig into her.

Lucy blushed again when I said, “From what I’ve seen I have to agree with you; they look pretty solid to me. If it makes you more comfortable, you can come to work braless, except when we have formal meeting with the fuddy-duddy clients. I’m sure that Ethan won’t mind, and Liz may not even notice.”

Lucy thanked me and we got on with our meal.

Towards the end of the meal I decided to ask her if she realised that an awful lot of people stared at her.

“Yeah I know, it’s sort of embarrassing but at the same time I like it. My dad used to say that it’s because I’m so beautiful.” Lucy said.

“And your dad was right, you are gorgeous.”

“Why thank you, kind sir.”

After the meal I took Lucy to a club with her holding her left hand on the top of her right breast most of the time. While we were dancing she relaxed and her right breast emerged, she didn’t bother pulling her top up until we left the dance floor. We found a table in a quiet corner and I asked her if she knew that her breast was exposed for most of the time that we were dancing. Her reply was, “Yes, I know, but I didn’t think that you’d mind.”

“I certainly don’t mind.” I replied, “and I’m sure that the guys round appreciated it as well.”

“Oops! I didn’t think about other people.”

“Well I’m sure that no one minded, in fact I don’t think that they’d have minded if you were totally naked.”

“Oh, I couldn’t do that; I might get arrested.”

“I doubt that, more like the management would give you a job as a naked dancer so that you’d pull in more punters.”

“Oow! I couldn’t let them pull on my cunt.”

I laughed a little then reached over to her and kissed her on the cheek.

“You are amazing Lucy.”

Lucy was still staring at my face in a dreamy sort of way so I kissed her again, this time full on the mouth, tongues as well. It went on for ages and my cock quickly got rock hard.

Some slow music came on and we went for another dance, this time I held her close. When I let her go she turned round and backed up to me. I put my arms round her and held her to me as she laid her head back on my shoulder.

I looked down her front hoping to get a nice down-blouse view, and saw that her right nipple was about to be exposed again. I moved my right arm down a bit while gently pressing against her ribs. The right side of her top slid down as well and her right tit got totally exposed. What a magnificent sight! My right hand went lower and gently pressed on her lower stomach and pubic bone. I could feel her thong underneath her thin skirt and feel the heat coming from her pussy. I twisted my head to kiss her again.

While I was kissing her I let both my hands slide down her hips to her thighs then I slowly slid them back up taking her skirt with me. I stopped when I thought the hem of her skirt was close to her pussy then moved my left hand up to her exposed right breast. I gently squeezed her nipple while my right hand cupped her pubic bone. My fingers pressed against her thong, only it had slipped in between her lips and my middle finger found her hole and slid in. Lucy started grinding her butt against my hard-on as others looked at her exposed breast and my hand on her pussy.

When we finally broke Lucy whispered that I made her so horny.

Lucy went to the toilet and when she came back she asked me to hold my hand out. When I did she put her clenched fist on my hand then opened her fist. Her wet thong fell into my hand and she said, “Can you hang on to that for me, I don’t think that I’m going to need it for the rest of the night.”

I looked at her thong and felt my hard-on get quite painful.

As we walked to get a taxi I asked her if she would like to come back to my place. After a long pause she said that she would love to, but she’d taken so long to answer that I asked if she was sure.

“I want to get my lips round that.” Lucy said as she squeezed my hard-on.

It was my lucky night. Ever since I’d met her I wanted to fuck her, but did she mean her mouth lips or her pussy lips, or both. I didn’t care which, I was in heaven.

In the taxi we kissed some more and I got her into a position where her cami would slip down and expose her right tit again. I let the taxi driver look at her through his mirror for a while before cupping it with my hand and squeezing the hard, big nipple.

Before long we were in my apartment and taking each other’s clothes off. Lucy’s body looks even better without clothes on. There’s not a single hair below her neck and her pussy looks just like a little girl’s except for a half inch clit sticking out. When I first saw her clit I knew that I was going to enjoy chewing it and making her cum over and over.

The sex was wonderful. Lucy throws herself into it and makes sure that both of us get the most out of it.

Afterwards, as we lay there on our backs, both totally naked, I had my first real chance to look at her magnificent body. Oh those breasts, nipples pointing to the ceiling and not a hint of sag, even though she was flat on her back. Oh that pussy, all pink, still swollen and glistening with our juices. I was in heaven.

We talked about Lucy’s past and she blushed a bit as I told her that I wanted to look at her gorgeous body all the time. Lucy told me that she was used to people staring at her; she said that she actually enjoyed it and sometimes thought about running around naked and shouting, “Look at me, I’m naked!”

“Would you run around naked for me? I mean out in public.”


She started to get up but I pulled her back telling her, “Some other time.”

“Good, I’m sure that it will be more fun when it isn’t so dark. Won’t you get jealous and possessive if other people, other men see me naked; I know a lot of men would?”

How could I be so lucky? This girl, this gorgeous girl wanted to run around naked in public. How could I possibly deny the world such a wonderful sight?

“Of course not, you have an amazing body that should be enjoyed by everyone. Visually that is, I wouldn’t want every man to fuck you.”

“That’s nice.” Lucy said as she turned on her side facing me, put her arm and leg over me and went to sleep.

I woke up to the feeling of Lucy sucking my cock. When she saw that I was awake she climbed onto me in the classic ‘69’ position. I got my chance to chew that clit and I made her cum twice before I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

In the shower we fucked again before I drove her to her place to get changed for work. As I drove my phone rang. I pressed the button on the dash and heard Lucy in stereo. She was speaking into her phone telling her boss (me – sat beside her) that she was going to be late for work and that she’d make it up to him later.)

This girl was crazy, but I love her.

At her place she stripped naked then gave me a little fashion display of her clothes before deciding what she was going to wear. When she selected a slightly sheer top I asked her if I she was going to wear a bra.

“No, my boss says that I only have to wear one when I’m going to have to meet boring, miserable clients.”

I smiled and said, ”I’ve heard that too.”

“Is that why you don’t wear a bra?”

I laughed and asked her if she was sure about the top because her colleagues would be able to see her tits.

“Yes, I’m sure; it’s not as if my boss hasn’t seen them before.”

“What about the others at work?

“Oh I hadn’t thought about them. Do you think that they’ll mind?”

“No, but that young girl might get a bit jealous.”

“She might copy me, then my boss will have two pairs of tits to look at.”

I laughed again as Lucy stepped into a summery skirt, quite thin and flared, but not that short.

“Do you think that my boss would like me to go commando?” Lucy asked.

“I’m not sure,” I said, “maybe you should try it and flash him that gorgeous pussy of yours and ask him? If he says it’s okay then you’ll have to flash your pussy to him at least once every hour just to make sure that he’s still happy with you. You never know; he might just take you shopping and buy you some clothes that will make it easy for you to flash him.”

“Ooow, will he? I need some new clothes.”

I kissed her and squeezed her butt under her skirt before we left for work.

During the drive I asked Lucy if she’d always been an exhibitionist.

“Is that what I am? No,” Lucy said, “I used to hate people looking at me and I used to get quite depressed about it; but my dad slowly convinced me that I should be proud of my body and how I look. He was still convincing me when I left home to go to university. When I was at university I saw all the other girls being so bold and open but I still didn’t have that much confidence in myself. It wasn’t until I met you that I really realised that I can have lots of fun looking like I do. I’ve got to thank you for that, Jack.”

I wanted to stop the car and hug and fuck her there at the side of the road, but I didn’t. Instead I just squeezed her bare thigh and thought how lucky I was.

Lucy went on to tell me that when she was a young teenager she set herself a number of goals. The first one was to get herself a decent degree; that had always been her number one priority. She said that if she got that right everything else would fall into place. She told me that she sacrificed all the normal fun that university students have to make sure that she did well. Her only lapse was at a party at the end of year two when she got drunk and taken advantage of. That was when she lost her virginity. Her next sex partner was me.

I told her that I was honoured.

Lucy also told me that her second goal was to swim a mile non-stop. She’d achieved that when she was 17.

Lucy also told me that because she’d now achieved her two main goals she wanted to make up for all the time that she’d been celibate. She wanted to do things that most girls would never do; to be adventurous and daring.

We were late arriving at work, but neither Ethan nor Liz said anything. When Liz brought me my coffee she said, “Lucy looks happy this morning; she must have enjoyed herself last night. Cute top she’s wearing, you and Ethan might have trouble concentrating on your work today.”

“Thank you Liz.” I said, thinking that she was right; not just because of Lucy’s top, but Lucy in general.

About an hour later Lucy came into my office, shut the door and said, “My boyfriend says that I have to let my boss know that I’m going commando today.” With that Lucy pulled up the front of her skirt and let me stared at her bald, little girl pussy with its protruding clit.

“Did your boyfriend also tell you that it’s naughty to surprise your boss by doing that without asking for his permission first?”

“Err, no he didn’t. Does that mean that you will have to punish me?”

Bloody hell, not only is this girl gorgeous, she has a fantastic body that she’s not shy about showing, she’s amazing at sex; and now she’s inviting me to punish her. I nearly creamed my pants there and then. I did make a mental note to bring a spare pair of trousers to work, just in case.

“Yes it does, Lucy. Come over here and bend over the desk.”

Lucy came and stood beside me and leaned over the desk. I stood up and went behind her and lifted her skirt exposing her bare butt.

“Open your legs, Lucy.”

She did and I looked down at that beautiful butt encasing her wet, swollen vulva and clit. I really wanted to just fuck her there and then, but at the same time I wanted to see if she really would let me spank her butt.

I chose to spank her. I was afraid that the noise would attract unwanted attention so it wasn’t too hard and only a few slaps. Lucy took it well and her pussy told me that she was very aroused; but I just couldn’t fuck her there, not with Ethan and Liz just the other side of the door.

“Right Lucy,” I said, “straighten your clothes and be back here in an hour for part 2 of your punishment.”

“Yes boss.” Lucy said with a lustful smile on her face.

And back she was; twice before lunchtime, and each time I spanked her bare butt. I swear that the inside of her thighs got wetter and wetter each time that she came in.

At lunchtime she was in again. As soon as she shut the door she told me that both Ethan and Liz had gone out for lunch. I pretended to go through the same routine, but after the spanking I rammed my cock into her before she could stand up. Oh, that was heaven; and Lucy’s moans, screams and convulsions told me that she had an orgasm too.

After I’d pulled out she stood up and sat on my desk with her legs wide open. I watched my cum seep out of her pussy as we talked about how naughty we’d been.

That afternoon I had to go and see a client and didn’t get back until both Ethan and Liz had left. I fucked Lucy on her desk before taking her home.

When we were in bed that night, and after I’d fucked her again, Lucy said, “My boss spanked me for not warning him that I was going commando today.”

“Did he now, and did you think that you deserved to be spanked?”

“Oh yes, I got what I deserved, it’s naughty to flash your pussy at your boss, he might get the wrong idea.”

“And what idea might that be?”

“That I enjoy going commando and braless, and that I enjoy flashing him.”

“And do you?”

“Of course! How else am I going to get him to spank me?”

“Does that mean that you’re going to go to work underwearless every day?”

“I don’t know, what do you think?”

“I think that you should, and I also think that you should wear short skirts and see-through tops.”

“Oh goody, I want to please my boss and I like flashing people as well.”

“Lucy, you are such a naughty girl, perhaps I should spank you as well.”

“Only if I’ve been naughty.”

“Of course, but how often do you do naughty things?”

“Usually at least once a day.”

“Wow, your boyfriend spanking you at night and your boss spanking you at work. You are going to have a really sore butt.”

“Oh I’m sure that my boyfriend will find a way of making it better; a little massage or something else to take my mind off it.”

“And what did you have in mind Lucy?”

“Something like this.”

Lucy climbed on top of me and impaled herself on my cock. As she rode me I massaged her hard tits and tweaked her nipples.

I slept at her place or she at mine for the next couple of weeks. Some of her clothes moved into my wardrobe, but not her bras or knickers. Lucy stopped wearing both and took every private opportunity at work to show me what she wasn’t wearing.

After that couple of weeks I asked Lucy to move in with me and she has never been away from me for more than a few hours ever since – except when I’ve sent her away on a business trip.

In the office we act very professional, but Liz caught on first and asked what took me so long. Ethan said that he’d suspected, but wasn’t sure. I formally confirmed it and told everyone that it would not affect our work, and if they ever thought that it was then I was happy to discuss it.

I then corrected myself a bit and confessed that we would be taking holidays together, but that Ethan and Liz had already proved that they can run the business when I wasn’t there.

Both Ethan and Liz congratulated us.

That night I told Lucy that we had be very professional at work – except when we were there alone, then we could fuck each other silly.

The following Saturday I took Lucy shopping for some new clothes. She’d been complaining that most of her existing wardrobe was from her student days, past its best and not what she now wanted to wear.

We spent most of the day buying clothes for her. One shop had dressing cubicles in one back corner of the shop and I took great delight in opening the curtain so that I could watch her change. Lucy called me a naughty boy because other people might be able to see her as well. I told her that they couldn’t, even though I knew that anyone passing would be able to see her. Lucy just said “Okay” and continued changing. The strange thing was that Lucy was only trying on skirts, but she stripped naked before putting any of them on.

As well as looking at her I was looking at the mirror on the back wall. One man and two teenage boys were looking at her. She must have noticed but she never said anything.

We bought three skirts in that store. All the skirts are no longer than 12 inches and all are flared. When she had the shortest one on I told her to bend at the waist. With her back to the open curtain Lucy bent over. I stepped back and joined our little audience in looking at her beautiful, wet pussy.

I walked back to her, slapped her butt and told her that we were taking that skirt.

In another store we found some tops that we both liked, and Lucy took them to the changing room. This store has a separate room with the cubicles in so I couldn’t go in. I had to stand at the room’s entrance with other men that had partners in there. Lucy promised to show me each top so that I could help her decide.

A couple of minutes after she first went in I heard Lucy ask me if I was alone. I said that I was (I wasn’t) and a couple of seconds later Lucy appeared in the doorway. The only thing that she was wearing was the top.

“Jack! You said that you were on your own.” Lucy said as she put her hand over her pussy.

“These guys only just arrived.” I lied. “Don’t worry about them, pretend that they’re not here.”

“Okay!” Lucy said. She took her hand away from her pussy and did a twirl.

“What do you think?”

It was a thin cotton vest-like top that had two pokies out front.

“I like it.” I said, “What about the others?”

Lucy was taking the top off as she walked back to the changing cubicle. We all had a great view of her entire naked back as she disappeared out of sight.

The second top was the best. It’s a white, sleeveless, spaghetti strapped cotton tank top. The straps are like bra straps – adjustable. The best part is that at the front top there is a panel of lace with big holes. It’s obviously designed so that the woman can adjust the straps so that she can decide how much of her breasts are visible through the lace. The thing was that Lucy had the straps adjusted so that the lace panel went below her nipples. Both were sticking through holes in the lace.

Lucy stood there in front of now four guys, wearing only that top, tweaked both her nipples and said, “I think that you’re going to have to show me how to adjust these straps, I don’t think that my nipples are supposed to poking through the lace like this.”

“Probably not, but you do look amazing wearing it like that.”

We got another great view of her naked back as she walked back to the cubicle.

The third top was a blouse. Lucy said that she could wear it for work. I (and the other voyeurs probably) thought it looked great; well, it was very see-through.

“I’m not sure that your boss will like you wearing that at work. He may just have to punish you for being so brazen.”

“That sounds nice, I can’t wait,” said the bottomless Lucy.

“Go and get dressed.” I said, “I think that we need to look for a bra or two.”

When Lucy came back out she was fully dressed – well, she had on the skirt and top that she’d left home in. She didn’t look too happy and as we queued to pay for the top. She told me that she didn’t like the idea of shopping for a bra. Why would she, she’d already told me that she didn’t like bras.

I squeezed and told her that the shop I had in mind only sold sexy bras. She wasn’t convinced until we got there and she saw what I had in mind. I told her that she needed to have at least one bra for when we were meeting narrow-minded clients; and at least another for teasing men with.

Lucy’s face looked better as I selected three bras for her. One was a shelf bra, the second was cup-less and the third had cups that are very thin and see-through. The shop didn’t have a changing room but the girl promised that we could take them back if they didn’t fit.

We went to the food hall to get something to eat before round 2 of the shopping. As we walked in Lucy told me that she had to go to the toilet. When she came back she was wearing the shortest skirt that we’d bought, and one of her new tops. Her nipples were rock hard, and it showed.

As we walked to a food counter I couldn’t help noticing all the people looking at her. She was walking straight up so her butt and pussy weren’t showing, but her pokies were. It wasn’t just them that everyone was looking at; it was the real-life Barbie doll that was holding my arm. I was so proud.

We got our food and went and sat down. As Lucy sat down she winced a little. When I asked her what was wrong she told me that the seat was a little cold on her bare butt and pussy.

I kept looking around as we ate and kept seeing people looking at Lucy. I told Lucy about them and she said, “I usually just ignore them, but if you want I can put on a show for them. I’m sure that they’d like to see me stand up and take my top and skirt off. Shall I?”

“Nice thought Lucy, but we’d better finish shopping before we get thrown out.”

Lucy giggled and told me that she wanted to look in more shops. We bought three more skirts and four more tops that afternoon and I told Lucy that I wanted a full fashion show of all of them when we got home. Lucy said that it may take a while.

As we walked round the shopping centre Lucy wanted to flit from shop to shop. Some were on the ground floor and others up a floor or two. We seemed to continually go from floor to floor on the escalators. It was after about the third ride on an escalator that I twigged what Lucy was doing. She was deliberately going up and down the escalators so that men could look up her short skirt. What’s more, the slowing down as we walked to the escalator was to make sure that she had a man just behind her.

“Okay,” I thought, “I can help you with this.”

The next time (and others) that we went to go up an escalator I too made sure that a man or men were behind us. As we started going up one time I put my arm round her and slid it down to her hip. Then I slid it back up to her waist, sliding her skirt up with it.

The two young men got a great view of her bare butt. I was deliberately carrying my wallet in my hand and about half way up I ‘accidentally’ dropped it in front of Lucy. Without thinking, Lucy bent forward to pick it up for me. Perfect; I heard a gasp from behind and knew what had caused it.

As we got off the escalator Lucy leaned of to me and whispered, “Thank you.”

This girl was unreal.

In one of the stores that we went in to that afternoon, the changing rooms were like one of the earlier stores - in a small room and off the main shop. Men had to wait at the entrance. I joined two other men waiting and wondering what surprise Lucy would spring this time.

Lucy paused as she went into that room and then chose a cubicle. She didn’t close the curtain. I couldn’t see her at first but then she moved inside the cubicle and I could see her reflection in one of the mirrors.

We three men watched that mirror as Lucy stripped naked. As her top came off she tweaked her nipples, presumably to make them even harder. As she stood there in front of that mirror we watched her run her hands all over the front of her body. As they got to her belly her legs opened and she played with her clit for a few seconds before stepping into another skirt.

She came out and showed me the skirt, totally ignoring the other two men. She repeated the show, nipple and clit tweaks as well, until I’d seen all the skirts on her.

All the skirts were sooo short that she wouldn’t be able to bend over without exposing her bare butt.

We bought all of those skirts.

Lucy did buy two dresses; one was a conventional, light cotton summer dress, buttoned all down the front; and the other was a modern looking dungarees dress. Obviously it was designed to be worn over some sort of top, but not my Lucy. The bib looks great perched on the front of those magnificent tits.

Finally Lucy declared that she had enough clothes for her new wardrobe for now and we set off home.

The fashion show only got about a quarter of the way through before I pulled her to me and we fucked for ages before collapsing on the bed and dozing off. That night I just had to take her clubbing so that she could show-off some of her new clothes and let me fondle her body on the dance floor. I finger fucked her to an orgasm while on that dance floor surrounded by dozens of people.

At work on the Monday I over-heard Liz complimenting Lucy on her outfit and saying that she wished that she could afford new clothes like Lucy’s. Before Lucy had a chance to talk to me I called Liz into my office and asked her if she liked Lucy’s new outfit. When she said that she did I asked her if she’d wear clothes like that (Lucy was wearing a microskirt and top that made it obvious that she had no underwear on).

Liz said that she would love to but she couldn’t afford to. Her eyes lit up when I offered her a hundred pounds a month clothing allowance, providing that she gave me the receipts each month. It wasn’t long before we had two young women coming to work in skimpy clothes. Whenever Liz has accidentally shown me her butt or crotch she too was going commando.

I asked Ethan what he thought about the new-look girls. He said that they looked ‘cute’ which disappointed me a little, then I remembered that he’s married with a couple of kids.

After about a month I thought that Lucy had learnt enough to be present at some of our client meetings. I started with the in-house ones. The first one was with an elderly client who has never even hinted that he appreciates attractive women so I asked Lucy to dress a little bit conservative that day. When she dressed that morning, her version of conservative was a tight, mid-thigh length skirt with a cami top covered in a see-through blouse. No bra or knickers, but you couldn’t tell.

She looked gorgeous, and the client did a double take when she walked into the room. The meeting went well and Lucy was able to explain everything that was asked.

A week later I took Lucy to a meeting at the client's place of work. He’s a mechanic who does up classic cars for lots of money, and he said that he wanted the meeting at his place because he had a mountain of work on and some crazy deadlines.

He’d got all his paperwork out on his workshop desk and got on with our task. We frequently had to go and ask questions while he was bent over or under a very old Jaguar. At first I went out to him then I started sending Lucy to ask the question.

When Lucy came back the second time she had a big grin on her face. She whispered that she was glad that she’s worn a flared skirt that day. The mechanic had been under the Jag and had pulled himself out to answer Lucy’s question and found himself looking straight up her skirt. Lucy told me that she’d seen a bulge appear in his overalls.

I asked Lucy if she’d minded. Her response was to put her finger on her pussy and then put it in front of my face. It was all wet so I leant forward and sucked it.

“I presume that you’d like to ask all the questions from now on?” Lucy didn’t need to answer, and I sent her each time that we need to ask about something.

When everything was sorted we all had a conversation about the numbers and how we could manipulate them. Lucy sat opposite the man and he was obviously struggling to keep focused. He just agreed to my every suggestion.

On the way back to the office I rebuked Lucy for teasing the poor man, then pulled into a field off a country lane and got Lucy to lean over the car bonnet while I gave her a full service.

Life went on with us fucking each other silly at home and me struggling to concentrate at work. In a way I was pleased when clients came to visit us as I had told Lucy that she had to dress more conservatively which was less of a distraction for me.

I decided that I needed to get Lucy more used to meeting clients at their place of work so I set-up a few meetings.

End of part 1

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