Crowd Surfing
by Vanessa


Hi, my name is Vanessa. I was born in December 1975 and now have a 34AAĖ24Ė35 95-pound figure with blondish hair. In 1998 I quit my boring existence in a little town in North Wales and went to work as a Housekeeper for a middle-aged man in the East Midlands of England. It was a brave decision to make as Iíd applied for the job after seeing the job advert in a BDSM magazine that someone had left in the hairdressers where I worked. I didnít really know what I was letting myself in for, but I really did need to do something because my life was so drab and boring. Even the interview for the job was unbelievable, but I was so desperate to change my life that I did everything that was asked of me, and I was finally offered the job.

Shortly after starting the job my employer (Jon) told me to write a Journal of my new life, and he has since created a web site that it is published on.

If you care to read my Journal you will discover that my relationship with Jon is rather different to that of most employee and employer, but I have easily come to realise that I have a life that just could not be more satisfying or pleasurable. I love my life and all the little adventures that Jon and I get up to.

Apart from a little bit of hair that grows on my legs, I have no body hair below my neck. Itís all been removed with electrolysis. Iím slim with small(ish), pert breasts that have small aureoles and giant nipples. "When theyíre hard," Jon says, "theyíre like chapel hat pegs". I have a nice firm, flat stomach with a pubic bone that does stick out a bit. In my pussy lips I have 2 little gold rings that Jon put in me. My clit is very prominent and is usually sticking out between my lips. Itís about an inch long with a little round head. Jon sometimes calls it my little dick. I donít own any bras, knickers, trousers, leggings or shorts; and 90% of my skirts and dresses can be described as mini or micro. I used to be a very shy girl, but Iíve now gone completely the other way, and get a great thrill from letting other people see my body.

I hope thatís enough to satisfy the people who asked. If it isnít, perhaps they would like to e-mail me with specific questions.

Jon told me to stop writing my Journal in the summer of 1999, but has recently asked me to document, some of the more interesting experiences that we have had since then. Both Jon and myself have been scouring the Internet looking for ideas for little adventures or incidents that we could manufacture to have some fun. Weíve found one or two stories that appear to be slightly rewritten copies of some of the text in my Journal, and one or two that are very similar to some of the adventures that weíve had and that Iíve written about in my Journal. At first I was a bit annoyed about this, but Jon said that I should be honoured that someone thought our adventures were good enough to copy. Iíve started thinking that way as well.

Crowd Surfing

(Please note that all people involved were over the legal age of consent at the time of this adventure)

One weekend this last summer Jon took me to a big out-door concert. I wasnít really looking forward to it and the names of the Groups didnít really mean anything to me. When we got there it was well into the programme and there were what seemed like millions of people and a lot of deafening horrible noise.

I was getting quite bored and a little deaf when Jon pulled me by the hand to one corner of the packed crowd near the stage. We stood there for a few seconds as Jon looked around, then, as he pointed to the middle of the crowd, said to one of the group of young men, ďThis lady needs to get to her friend over there, can you help?Ē

One of the men looked at me then said, ďYeh sure, come here love.Ē As I moved forward, two of the men grabbed me and lifted me up in the air.

Everything happened quickly after that. I was moving slowly, face down, towards the middle of the crowd. The best bit was the hands. I had no idea who they belonged to, but they were everywhere, and so was my skirt, top and shoes (all Iíd had on). Within 10 or 15 feet all had been ripped off leaving me naked.

The next few minutes were ecstasy. Those of you readers who have read some of our other adventures will know that I just love being naked in front of strangers, and there I was, less than 2 feet away from dozens of faces; and to make things even better all those hands were playing with my tits and pussy. I lost count of the number of fingers that went into my pussy. Needless to say that I came a couple of times before I was finally lowered to the ground.

When I got my balance I started to wonder what I was going to do. I was naked in the middle of big crowd of clothed people. It didnít take long for me to realise that the people there were more interested in the music than looking at a naked woman.

After a couple of minutes Jon appeared and produced another skirt and top out of the bag that he had brought with him. He apologised for not remembering shoes. He then led me to another corner of the crowd and the same thing happened. Up I went and had another similar fantastic experience.

It took Jon a while longer to find me that time, and then he didnít give me some clothes straight away. Instead he stood behind me, put his arms round me and slowly fucked me, right there in the middle of the crowd.

After heíd filled my already very wet pussy, and then gone soft in me, he pulled out, zipped up and gave me yet another skirt and top.

We left shortly after, and on the way home Jon confessed to me that he hadnít enjoyed the music, and that the whole purpose of the trip was to get me to do the body surfing. Heíd wanted to see me get groped and stripped by hundreds of different hands.

I really love that man.

Love, V