Amy the Exhibitionist
by Vanessa

Part 28

Please note that all characters in this story are over the age of legal consent where the story takes place.

Parts 1 – 4 are about Amy’s discovery and exploits before she reached the age of legal consent. They can be found on /~Vanessa/ or by googling ‘Amy the Exhibitionist’.

Love, V

Part-Time Job

Reluctantly, I have stopped doing this. I’m making enough money doing the Pole Dancing, and I’m having less and less time to spare.

‘Females in the 21st Century’ course

This is going well; the Prof is concentrating on how women can use their sexuality to their advantage in the workplace. A couple of students asked about the sexual harassment laws, but the Prof has told us that there are ways and means round those laws and she’s been telling us a few of them. I already knew that she’s a devious old cow because of her blackmail antics, but she’s quite clever as well.

One quite interesting thing that she said was that when women use sex to get a promotion or whatever, the men are always suckers for a tight vagina. It gives them the impression that they are dealing with girl who doesn’t have much sex therefore having sex with them is something special. The Prof said that in a similar way to weight lifting producing strong biceps, exercise the vagina’s muscles is the best way to get a tight vagina. To that end she gave us all a little box.

When we opened it we found a heavy steel ball about the size of a golf ball (like a giant ball bearing). The Prof told us to push it right up our vaginas. As soon as a lot of the girls did that gravity took over and the balls slipped out and clunked onto the floor; much to the amusement of some of the other girls.

The Prof told us that we had to insert our ball into our vaginas for two separate hours each day (while standing up and walking around), and practice using our vagina muscles to keep it in.

I didn’t think that I would have a problem with this but I was wrong. I lost control one time in the café and another time while walking to a lecture. Other NEWPS members had the same problem. It was quite amusing hearing steel balls drop out of vaginas all over the campus then watching the embarrassed girl chasing the ball as it rolled along the floor.

My pussy muscles were not as strong as I thought, and they ached quite a bit the first five or six times that I wore it. After about the eighth time I got better at holding it in. At the next lecture I was one of only four girls who went to that lecture wearing it.

Pole Dancing – plus

Kailene and I are still earning quite a bit of money from this.

On the ‘extras’ side; the agency has offered me a couple of escort jobs. One I turned down because the man sounded a bit creepy; but I took the other one. The man sounded okay, the only thing was that he wanted me to dress as a schoolgirl. Okay, I can understand that, I guessed that he had a thing about schoolgirls and I was happy to fuel his fantasy.

I had to go into town and buy a new schoolgirl blouse and little tartan miniskirt, but the money was worth it.

The Friday night ‘date’ started with me bring picked-up by a taxi. (I got a few puzzled comments from the other girls in the dorm about my outfit as they are used to seeing me naked.) The taxi took me to a posh hotel and Ralf met me in the reception area. He sounded okay, but asked if he could call me Julie for the night.

“For £500 pounds you can call me whatever you like.” I thought.

Ralf took me through to the restaurant and we got seated. A waiter asked me what I’d like to drink and I said a glass of white wine would be nice. Ralf then set the tone for the evening by telling the waiter that his daughter was only joking, that she was too young to drink alcohol. He told the waiter that I’d have a mineral water.

I quickly realised that I was his daughter for the evening so I fell into that role and started calling him ‘daddy’.

Throughout the meal Ralf asked me question about how I was getting on at school and how I was doing in the swim team. I tried to make my answers very vague, and sexy. For example, when he asked me if I had any problems finding my way round my new school, I said, “Okay, but whenever I have a class on the second or third floor I always seem to have some boys following me up the stairs and I’m sure that they can see my knickers up my short skirts. One day when I’d forgotten to put any knickers on Jimmy Smith followed me up the stairs and told me that he could see my bald pussy. I was sooo embarrassed daddy.”

Ralf asked me about the swim team again, He obviously wanted to hear something sexy so I said, “They’ve got these new uniforms that we have to wear. They were so embarrassing the first time that we wore them because they are so brief. I like the boys’ costumes because they’re so tight; you can see the shape of their thingies; and after they’ve been stood near us girls for a while their thingies get so much bigger. At our last practice Jonny Turner was stood next to me looking at my little titties and Emma Jones’ butt when his thingy got big and popped out of the top of his costume. I was staring at it for ages before he pushed it back in."

“What do the girls new uniforms look like?” Ralf asked.

“Well daddy, there’s hardly anything to them; there’s no top so my little titties aren't covered at all. As for the bottoms, they’re about the size of my hand when I was a baby, with no backs or straps at all. Some of the girls had to shave off all their hair down there so that the boys couldn’t see it.”

“Did you have to shave your little pussy, Julie?”

“No daddy, I know that you like me looking like a little girl so I shave my pussy every day, just in case you phone me and want to see me.”

“Thank you Julie, I’m glad that you remember. What about the costume, you say that it doesn’t have any straps. How does it stay in place?” Ralf asked.

“Well daddy, it has this balloon thing that I have to push into my pussy, like a tampon; then I have to attach a pump to it and blow it up so that it can’t come out.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Only if I blow it up too much daddy; when I get it right it makes me feels all warm and nice.”

Ralf thought for a minute then said, “I bet you can swim fast in that costume.”

“Yes daddy I can, I’m the fastest girl in the team at breast stroke.”

“Wow!” Ralf said, “I’ll have to give you a very special present later.”

“You know that presents cost you a lot of ‘extra’ money, don’t you daddy?” I said, wanting to let him know that ‘extras’ cost extra.

“That’s okay Julie I’ll make sure that you go back to school with lots of money stuffed down your bra.”

“Daddy, you know that I don’t wear a bra, or knickers when I’m with you.”

“So you haven’t got any knickers on now Julie?”

“Of course not daddy, do you want me to show you?”

“Best not Julie, they’re a bit stuffy in here. Tell you what, how about we go down to the hotel leisure centre when we’ve finished here? You can show me your breast stroke as well.”

“That would be nice daddy, but I haven’t got my costume with me.”

“Oh don’t worry about that Julie, it’s late at night, there won’t be many people there.”

We finished the meal then went down to the hotel leisure centre. There was a youngish man there when Ralf took me in to the men’s changing room but Ralf still told me to undress. I pretended to be embarrassed and covered my breasts and pussy as both men watched me.

“Don’t be shy Julie, it’s only me and I’ve seen you with no clothes on lots of times.”

“Yes but…” I said.

“Come on; let’s go through to the pool.” Ralf said.

There was no one there and Ralf got me to swim a couple of lengths before saying, “Okay Julie; I can see that you are a fast swimmer; let’s get you dried then we can go up to my room to dry your hair.”

Back in the men’s changing room Ralf sat down and insisted on drying me with a towel then putting my skirt and blouse on. I have to say that he was good at fastening the buttons quickly.

In his room, Ralf undressed me and sat me in front of the dressing table while he dried my hair with the dryer.

When he’d finished I said, “Daddy, you said that you’d give me some more pocket money if I was good to you. Can I have it now please?”

“Of course Julie.”

As he got his money Ralf said, “And don’t you go spending it all on midnight snacks young lady.”

“No daddy.”

After I put my money with my clothes I turned to ‘daddy’ and started to undress him saying, “Can I thank you properly now?”

When I’d got him naked (not a bad size either) I mounted him and bounced up and down. I didn’t expect him to last long, but he did. I think that he must have taken a double dose of Viagra because we fucked in lots of positions before he finally shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed it all.

“That was nice daddy.” I said, “Can I have a shower please?”

“Of course you can Julie.”

When I came out of the shower he was asleep so I dressed, left and phoned my taxi.


The Prof has been quite quiet on this. The only thing that she’s ‘forced’ us to do recently is a couple of hockey games. As expected, both ended up as orgies in the changing rooms afterwards.

Dan – The Thesis on Voyeurism

Dan has finished his thesis so he doesn’t need me anymore. I’ve left the webcam switched on in my room (when it’s not needed anywhere else) as I’m sure that there are a few people around the campus watching me. I’d hate to spoil their fun.

I have no idea how many people are watching me, but I do know that there is an App going round that will search for webcams and that I have caught one or two people using it to spy on me.


About a month after the Trade Fair we held a Sorority meeting to discuss Young Sara and Emily. Everyone agreed that we should invite them to join us – subject to a satisfactory hazing.

I contacted them and they gave me their email addresses so that I could send them the application forms. They replied within 24 hours. There was nothing unexpected on the forms and I emailed them back saying that they’d been accepted subject to a satisfactory medical examination and survival of a hazing. Within hours they both emailed me asking when things could start.

I phoned the team and arranged a meeting. Everyone had been thinking about this and we agreed on the following tasks for Emily and Young Sara’s hazing.


Each of them was to have the webcam in their room for a week. It was to be set-up in a location that had a good view of their bed and main living area. We told them that NEWPS members would be watching them 24x7 and that if we saw them doing anything inappropriate then they would fail. We would tell them that inappropriate didn’t include any sort of sex act.


Just what the name says; Kailene volunteered to organise it.


This would be a bit more difficult as the contact that we’d had for the previous hazing had left the university. I phoned Ben, and after a lot of catching-up, he gave me a name of someone (Tom) who might be able to help me.

I phoned Tom that evening and asked him what he knew about some fake medical examinations for sorority girls. He said that he’s heard rumours about them. I guessed that he was playing cagy, probably because he has a career to worry about, so I told him who and what I was, and my role in the fake medicals.

Tom agreed to meet me the following evening in an off-site bar. He wasn’t at all surprised to see a naked girl walk in and get us both a drink.

I explained everything to Tom and he agreed to help. I also told him about Emily’s medical condition. He told me that he’d heard of it, but didn’t know any of the details, He said that he’d read up on it before Emily’s examination.

I also told Tom that I wanted it to be as realistic and feasible as possible, and to do that I asked him if he would give me a medical as well, calling it an annual check-up.

It was Tom’s suggestion that he video the session and have a couple of ‘medical students’ there that were getting some real life experience of female examinations. I liked that idea and asked if he would mind if we had a webcam there as well. Tom had no problems with that.

I left it with Tom, and a couple of days later he phoned me to tell me that he’d got it all set-up, all he needed was a couple of agreeable dates and times. I told him that I’d get back to him.

Sold as Slaves

This was a new one to us. It was Zoe’s idea and she volunteered to take the lead. She said that she’d produce a list of ‘terms and conditions’ that she’d get all bidders to sign as they arrived.

Ella suggested that at each hazing event we could put a big card in sight of the cameras lens that told viewers when the next show would be. She also suggested that we print dozens of small pieces of paper that only have the IP address of the webcam on; and all of us hand them out to every young man that we saw that we thought might enjoy the shows. Everyone was happy, especially when Ella volunteered to do the printing and cutting.

Leah got a worried look on her face then said, “This bukkake, what if we get 200 or so hard-ons turning up, all wanting to shoot their loads on the girls?”

“Well,” I said, “I like the idea of 200 guys dumping their load on Emily and Young Sara, but that could easily turn into a riot. We’d have to put a limit on numbers and write that on the signs. How about a max of forty guys? There are eight of us; do you think that each of us can control five guys?”

“Easy!” Kailene said.

“Five guys all to myself, that sounds nice,” Leah said.

“We need to have a couple of big guys on the door at the bukkake and sex slave sale events. Does anyone know anyone?” Katie asked.

Kailene said that she might do and that she’d talk to them.

“It’s not a sex slave sale.” Zoe said. “Okay, they’ll be naked when they’re sold, but any sex is down to the girls, their decision, and we’ll have to make that clear before the sale.

We all nodded.

It was settled.

Emily & Young Sara’s Hazing


Young Sara had this first. I think that she was determined to show that she is a randy little slut. She had three of those dildos with suction pads on the base stuck to the walls and a chair in her room. Whenever I was watching she would be fucking herself on one of them. She even did her studying sat on that chair, impaled on the dildo.

She’d also set-up a spotlight at the bottom of her bed and slept with it switched on; she being naked and without bed covers.

Young Sara loves to masturbate. In the time that I watched she must have frigged herself to a dozen orgasms. Heaven only knows how many she did it when I wasn’t watching. I wondered if she was trying to have the same number of orgasms as Emily does each day. Not much chance of that.

A couple of times (when I was watching), Emily was in her room and they made out on the bed. Poor Emily does have a problem with that PGAD. I’m amazed how well she copes. She must be totally knackered by the end of each day.

When it came to Emily’s turn to have the webcam she showed the viewers that she is quite happy being naked all the time. She was so relaxed – apart from when she was having an orgasm. No dildos for her, she didn’t need them.

Emily asked what the writing on the big card that we told her to display prominently in her room meant. It read:

Come and cum on me on DD MMM at xx o’clock in room xx, x block. First 40 guys only.

I told her not to worry about it as it was for something else; but to make sure that the camera could see it.


Kailene organised this. We took Emily and Young Sara to the room 15 minutes before the appointed time and found 14 men already waiting; being kept out by Kailene’s bouncers.

Things looked promising.

We moved two tables into the middle of the room as Kailene produced ropes to tie the two victims, spread eagle to the tables. Kailene then produced two pairs of lab goggles to protect their eyes and Ella wrote the date and time of the next live broadcast on a big card and stuck it where the webcam could see it.

At the appointed time, Kailene checked with the victims that they were okay and that they still wanted to go ahead with it.

“Bring it on!” Young Sara said.

“Can’t wait, I’m about to cum just with the anticipation.” Emily said.

Before she did anything else, Kailene went to her bag and got out her remote controlled bullet. She gently pushed the business part far up Young Sara’s cunt and told us that it wasn’t fair that Emily had an advantage. Kailene switched the vibe on and told everyone that she was going to force Young Sara to have as many orgasms as Emily has.

We all cheered and Young Sara said that she was looking forward to it.

Kailene had brought her laptop and after setting-up the webcam and checking that her laptop could pick-up the webcam stream okay, she asked the rest of the NEWPS girls to move to the sides of the room. We were there to watch and police the event.

Kailene went and opened the door and the bouncers let the first batch of ten young men walk in. Each one stared at the two naked and tied spread eagled girls.

“Right gentlemen, a couple of rules.” Kailene shouted.

“Firstly, there is to be no touching the girls.”

“Secondly, you are here to deposit your seeds on the girls, and to look. It’s up to you as to which part of her body that you squirt on. Don’t expect the girls to swallow any of it. Right then; let the games begin.”

Both Emily and Young Sara lay there with their mouths open as five young men gathered round each of them, all with their meat out and wanking away.

Poor Emily kept cumming and cumming. It was almost a non-stop orgasm for her; much to the delight of her audience. Young Sara wasn’t doing much better either. I think that Kailene must have left the vibe set on maximum. Young Sara was shaking and jumping about as much as Emily was. I was just waiting for one of them to pass out.

Neither did.

It wasn’t long before neither of them could see anything because their heads and bodies were covered with white creamy blobs.

A couple of the young men were taking a long time to cum. When that happened one of the NEWPS girls would go over to him and give him a helping hand.

Kailene kept going to the door and talking to the bouncers then letting the next batch of ten in. The rules were repeated then they took their positions and did the business.

When the last of the forty guys had made their deposits and left, Kailene said, “Right Emily and Young Sara, that was part one; for part two we need to get you up and onto your knees.”

Looking a bit puzzled, we untied the victims and got them up. Leah started to clean Emily up, but Kailene told her to stop, saying that it was best if she stayed covered in male cum.

What Kailene never told any of us was that there was an extra session after the bukkake; a blowjob contest. Kailene had lined-up another thirty young men who had to submit to having a BJ by either Young Sara or by Emily, The two girls were blindfolded and had to get on their knees and do as many blow jobs as they could in the next hour. When Emily’s orgasms slowed, Kailene turned down the vibe to try to get Young Sara to match the number of orgasms.

When the time was up the score was Emily 12 and Young Sara 11. That left the rest of us girls to take of the ones that Emily and Young Sara couldn’t manage within the hour. Kailene took care of both bouncers.

Both girls had very sore mouths and throats and were totally knackered. As we were cleaning them up and gave them a more conventional drink, Kailene said, “Well girls I hope you enjoyed that. I don’t know how many faces and cocks you recognised, but I know that you know quite a few of the guys that were here. Next time you talk to, or sit next to a student, just think, there is a reasonable chance that you gave him a blowjob or that he deposited his load somewhere on, or in, your body.”

We took the two girls for a shower then put them to bed. They both needed some sleep.


I delivered the webcam to Tom (the doctor) the day before the first medical, and checked with Tom that everything was set. At the appointed time I went with Emily to the place that Tom had told me.

I knocked on the door and waited. When the doctor shouted for us to go in I opened the door and saw Tom sat at the desk looking very professional, right down to him keying something into the PC that was on the desk.

The room was in the medical school wing and was an actual examination room that was used for training purposes (Tom told me that last bit when I phoned him later that day to thank him). The room was bigger than any doctor’s room that I have ever been into, probably to accommodate watching students.

“Good morning ladies, you must be Emily and Amy, the two NEWPS girls, my name’s Doctor Tom Smith, have a seat, I’ll be with you in a minute.”

In true doctor’s style he kept us waiting for that minute or so. “Right, sorry about that. Amy, you’re here for your annual check-up, and Emily you’re here for the full examination right? As agreed with NEWPS, these examinations are being recorded for training purposes. I assume that both of you are happy with that?”

We both nodded.

“The other thing that NEWPS has agreed to is that the examinations be observed by one of the groups of students that has reached this stage in their studies. Again I assume that both of you are happy with that?”

Before we could answer the doctor got up and went and opened the door and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, please come in.”

In walked three young men and two young women; all were wearing white coats and carrying clipboards. Two of them had stethoscopes round their necks. They went and stood at the side of the room

The 'doctor' turned to the students and said, “These two ladies are here for private medical examinations. Both they and their sponsors have agreed that you be present to observe the procedure. You may ask questions, but keep them to a minimum, and I may ask any of you to help with the examinations.”

The doctor turned to us and said, “Emily, I’m sure that you’re a little nervous so we’ll do your examination first then you can relax while I examine Amy. Before we get to the physical I have a form on the computer that needs to be completed. I’ll read out the questions if you’ll give me the answers please? Okay?”

Emily nodded and Tom started asking the questions, starting with questions like name, date of birth, age etc. Then the questions got more personal.

“Do you smoke?”


“Do you use any sort of illegal drugs?”


“Are you a virgin?”


“Do you masturbate?”


“What method do you use, manual stimulation or with objects.”


“What objects do you use?”

“Vibrators and dildos.”

“Anything else?”

“Like what?”

“Vegetables, bottles or other solid domestic objects?”

Emily blushed. “I use carrots and cucumbers occasionally.”

“When did you last menstruate?”

“Ten days ago.”

“When did you last have vaginal sex with a man?”

“Two days ago.”

“When did you last have oral sex with a man?”


“When did you last have oral sex with a woman?”

“This morning.”

“Are you taking any prescription medication at the moment?”


“Do you have, or have had, any medical conditions?”

“Yes, I used to suffer from Miliaria Profunda and currently suffer from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder.”

Tom turned to the students and briefly told them what the two dis-orders are; then told them to read-up on them.

“Your PGAD may make this examination a little difficult for you but I’m sure that by now you have got used to problems like this. When did you last wear clothes?”

“About two months ago.”

“Right,” the doctor said, “we’ll move on to a couple of basics.”

The doctor then got Emily’s height and weight.

“Now I need to see how flexible you are and how you respond to doing some basic exercising. Please go and stand in front of the students and turn to face me.”

The doctor then got Emily to do a few exercises which included her bending at the waist with her butt to the students. This exposure triggered her first orgasm of the session and her face was visibly contorted as she tried to suppress the moans and shakes. I watched the student’s faces as it happened, all looked a little surprised and two of the men had slight grins on their faces and growing bulges in their trousers.

After giving Emily time to regain her composure the doctor called her over and told her that he was going to check her heart and lungs. With her taking deep breaths the doctor used his stethoscope all over her upper torso. Her little nipples looked as hard as rocks.

“Heart rate a little elevated, but not more that I would expect under the circumstances,” the doctor said. “Sit down and I’ll check your blood pressure.”

When that was done Emily was told to go and lie on the examination couch. This was raised at the head end so that Emily could see what was happening. The bottom of the couch was facing the student doctors and as the doctor was entering something on his PC I saw Emily have another orgasm as the student doctors watched her.

I looked up, saw the webcam and another camera and smiled. Both were over the lower half of the couch.

After a couple of minutes the doctor stood up and walked over to Emily. “Right Emily, I need to check you over to make sure that you have no irregularities.”

With that he started touching her up (sorry, there must be a medical term for that), starting at her head. He went right down her body but missing out her breasts and pussy. He even got her to turn over and checked her spine.

When he was touching the inside of the thighs Emily had another one. The doctor backed off and patiently waited. As she had that one her legs slid open a bit and stayed open when she was back to normal.

Next the doctor went to her breasts. Just before he started he warned her and told her to try to relax. He prodded, squeezed and pressed, just like my real doctor does when he’s checking my breasts. When he squeezed her erect nipples Emily came again. The doctor apologised and backed off until a very red faced Emily calmed down.

“Emily,” the doctor said, “so far so good, the next part is the pubic, vaginal and rectal areas. I realise that your PGAD will make this very difficult for you. We can proceed in one of two different ways; the first choice is for me to stop every time that you have an orgasm; or I can keep going and only stop when you tell me. Obviously, the first way will prolong the examination.”

“Please just go for it doctor; I’ll let you know if I need you to stop. That’s if I haven’t passed-out, it wouldn’t be the first time."

“Well if you do stop breathing Emily, you’re in the best place to get quickly revived,” the doctor said jokingly.

No one laughed.

The doctor told Emily to put her calves on the stirrups while he put some rubber gloves on. Emily watched him finish, looking over to the students, then back to the doctor. She knew that she was in for a hard time and her face showed it.

As soon as the doctor touched her bald pubic bone Emily started cumming. He quickly completed examining that area then moved on to her vaginal area, opening her outer labia and having a good look; then inspecting and squeezing her clitoris.

He then backed off and stood there waiting for her to regain some sort of composure. That done, the doctor picked up a speculum and turned to the students and said, “At this point I would normally use some lubrication, but in this case none is required, the patient had adequate natural lubrication.”

He turned back to Emily and held up the speculum for her to see as he opened it to the maximum, then closed it again. That sight was enough to start Emily again. This time it was a strong one and Emily’s body started shaking.

As soon as the speculum touched her vagina Emily gave a loud gasp, arched her back, and then passed out. The doctor turned to the students and said, “Would one of you check her vitals please, I need to complete this examination and now would appear to be a good time.”

One on the male students came over and put a finger on the side of her neck then turned to the doctor and nodded.

“Right then, let’s proceed.”

The doctor inserted the speculum, opened it wide and, with the help of a little torch, had a good look inside Emily. This time though, he was doing a running commentary to the students. He then invited them, one at a time to come and have a look, asking each of them what they were looking for.

The fifth one was just looking inside Emily when she started to come round. She saw him and started to cum again. This time she didn’t pass out.

The doctor eased the speculum out as the student returned to the others. “Very good Emily, everything is in good working order in there. Normally at this point in a NEWPS sponsored examination I have to stimulate the young lady to check that she is capable of multiple orgasms, but with you Emily I do not need to do that. We’ll move straight on to the rectal examination. When you’re ready, please turn over onto your hands and knees.”

Emily calmed down then got into the required position.

“Spread your knees a little more please Emily.” The doctor said then turned to the students and said, “Lubrication is always required for this procedure.”

He then dipped his finger into a jar and rubbed what he scooped out round Emily’s anus, slowly sliding his finger inside. Ignoring Emily’s gasp he moved his finger round for about a minute then removed it.

“That’s it Emily, under the circumstances I think that you have done well. It’s interesting to see that anal stimulation didn’t trigger an orgasm. I’ll have to research that fact a little more. There’s just one more thing that I need you to do, please take one of those jars to the toilet and get me a mid-flow urine sample.”

Emily slowly climbed down, picked up a jar and left the room.

“Right Amy, your turn, the annual check-up is just a physical so please can you climb up onto the couch?”

My examination went in a similar way to Emily’s until the doctor got to my pubic bone. I didn’t cum. I didn’t cum until the doctor squeezed my clitoris.

Just as I was calming down, Emily returned with a jar containing yellow pee. When she put it down on the table the doctor thanked her and told her that she was done and that she did well.

I managed to not cum while the doctor completed his internal examination of me, but when the students came over one by one and practiced inserting a speculum. Then started probing around inside me I just couldn’t hold back any longer; I came quite loudly and the male student had to stand back and wait until I’d calmed down.

After they’d all examined my insides the doctor then told me that I had to prove that I could still have multiple orgasms. To help with that he produced one of those magic wands and asked for one of the students to come and use it on me. All three of the male students stepped forward and the doctor had to decide which one went first.

I say first because each one of the five students brought me to an orgasm with that wand. I have to say that the female students were the best; they just knew what I needed.

After giving me a couple of minutes rest I had the rectal examination then was sent to fill the jar with a sample of my urine.

As we walked out of the building Emily asked me if the doctor and students had done to her what they did to me. When I told her that they had she was visibly embarrassed.

She then asked if the examination was ‘for real’, or just a set-up. I told her that the video would probably get used by medical students all over the country for years to come.

Leah had volunteered to keep Young Sarah occupied while Emily’s medical was taking place so that she wouldn’t know what to expect. As a reward Leah was to accompany Young Sara for her medical. I saw them walking to the building as we left, but I easily managed to keep them apart from Emily.

We went straight to my dorm room, opened up the webcam window and watched Young Sara’s and Leah’s medicals. Both Emily and I noticed that the five students were different students. I told Emily that there were obviously more than five students on that course.

Sold as Slaves

Zoe had arranged the auction for a Saturday morning (lunch time). She’d done a good job of advertising it (although I never saw any flyers or posters) because about thirty people turned up.

As people entered the room she handed them a copy of the ‘terms and conditions’. They read: -

1. All bids must be in multiples of £5.

2. The girl will become the ‘slave’ of the highest bidder until 18:00 the following day.

3. The girl has the right to refuse any instruction that would endanger her wellbeing.

4. The girl has the right to refuse to take part in any sex act.

5. The girl must not be taken outside the city boundary and must not be instructed to perform any sexual act in public.

6. The successful bidder is not to share the girl with anyone else without her consent.

7. Each girl will be accompanied by a naked female chaperone to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the girl, and that the bidder adheres to the ‘terms and conditions’.

8. The successful bidder will be expected to provide food and drink for his slave and her chaperone.

9. Failure to adhere to the above will terminate the agreement immediately with no refund of any part of the bid paid.

Zoe then told everyone that if they were not happy with the terms and conditions they were to leave right then. Of course, no one left.

Leah brought the two slaves into the room. Both were naked, had their hands tied behind their backs and were wearing dog collars with leads attached.

Zoe told both slaves to climb onto a table and the bidders were told that they had five minutes to inspect the merchandise, but told not to touch. Both slaves were standing with their feet about shoulder width apart and Emily was already cumming.

When the five minutes were up Zoe told Emily to climb down and Leah took her to the side of the room.

The bidding for Young Sara started. Amazingly it got to £165 quite quickly and finished at £205. Zoe told Young Sara to climb down and her lead was given to the highest bidder – Jake.

Katie had volunteered to be Young Sara’s chaperone, and the three of them left the room with Young Sara having a big grin on her face.

Emily was told to get back up on the table and the bidding started. Emily was sold for £255 to Zak who led her out of the room with Brooklyn.

This is what Katie later told us about Young Sara’s day and a half as a slave: -

Jake led Young Sara back to his dorm room. When we got there the lead was taken off and her wrists were untied. Sara then had to clean Jake’s tip of a room while he watched.

Things weren’t all that bad for Young Sara, once she’d got the place cleaned up Jake phoned his mates and before long Young Sara was the star attraction at an impromptu party. Young Sara was given the honour of keeping everyone supplied with drinks. Everyone appreciated the naked waitress.

I (Katie) kept out of the way in the dorm’s common room and checked with Young Sara every time that she came out for more bottles. She told me that she had been groped a few times, but nothing that she couldn’t handle.

As the guys got more rowdy, Young Sara had to fend off more wandering hands but whenever I checked with her she told me that she was actually enjoying it. She said that she could get the guys to do whatever she asked them.

About midnight Young Sara hadn’t been out for more bottles so I went to check on her. I found her riding Jake’s cock with about half a dozen guys watching. When I caught her eye I mouthed,

“Are you okay?”

She smiled at me and nodded so I went and pinched a blanket out of someone’s empty room and curled up on the sofa in the common room.

When I woke up it was light so I went to check on Young Sara. She was fast asleep, draped over Jake. I shut their door and helped myself to some coffee in the common room.

Jake and Young Sara emerged just before noon and I followed then to the showers. Young Sara certainly looked happy, and by the sounds coming from the shower stall, she was enjoying herself.

It was obvious that Young Sara was in no danger so I checked with her to see if she was okay on her own. She was, so I left them to it and went back to my room.

Young Sara later told me that she’d been fucked by all the guys at the party, and loved every minute of it. She also told me that she’d been a little disappointed that the bukkake and blowjob session hadn’t turned into a gangbang as well.

Brooklyn’s report on Emily’s day and a half as a slave: -

Zak led Emily to the uni café where he explained that he was a bit of a photography nerd and he intended to use Emily as his model. I (Brooklyn) was expecting an easy time chaperoning her.

After a quick visit to Zak’s dorm room to collect a couple of cameras I had to follow them all over the university where Zak took dozens of photographs of her, some in some quite erotic poses; with and without a blindfolded, handcuffs, dog collar and lead .

That evening Zak took Emily in to town to show her off to his mates and get some photographs of her with them. Naturally, Emily had to stay naked all the time, apart from her heels, dog collar and lead, blindfolded and with her wrists cuffed together behind her back.

Fortunately, Zoe had thought of a situation like this and when I phoned Leah and Amy they got the bus into town straight away and came straight to the pub. Emily was going to be watched-over by the three of us.

Poor Emily had to stand in amongst the group of young men, blindfolded, handcuffed and attached to Zak by the dog lead. I told Leah and Amy that I’d had to remind Zak that he was not to share Emily with anyone else without Emily’s consent.

Now one of the things that trigger poor Emily’s orgasms is being naked and being watched by men and that was exactly what was happening; albeit Emily couldn’t see the men. Just hearing them so close and listening to their comments as Zak touched her naked body was enough make her cum and cum and cum. We were expecting her to pass out any minute, but somehow she managed to hang in there.

Zak’s camera must have had a big memory card and Zak must have had spare batteries for it because the flash was going off every minute or so. He was talking photographs of Emily with every one of his mates, and getting them to take photographs of him with her. Every time that Emily looked like she was coming down from her high Zak would touch her pussy and she’d start up again.

About 10 pm Zak and a couple of his mates took Emily to a Chinese restaurant. Us three chaperones decided to follow and had a meal at the other end of the restaurant from Emily and Zak. Fortunately Zak took Emily’s cuffs and blindfold off and we watched her eat and drink quite a bit.

Zak cuffed Emily when they left the restaurant, but left the blindfold off, and we followed them back to Zak’s dorm room. Zak’s mates didn’t go in, leaving just Zak and Emily on their own.

Emily came out of Zak’s room a little later to go to the toilet and told us that she was going to be okay on her own with Zak so we left with me promising to be back at dawn.

When I got back to Zak’s dorm in the morning there was no sign of life from anyone on the whole floor so I helped myself to some coffee and waited.

It was late morning when Zak emerged and went to the toilet. I quickly went to see Emily and she told me that she was fine and that I wouldn’t be needed for the rest of the day; she was actually enjoying her time with Zak, saying that he reminded her of the guy that took her virginity while she was still at school.


Katie and Brooklyn went and collected Young Sara and Emily and met the rest of us at the uni café where the ‘slaves’ filled in all the details for all of us. Suffice to say that both of them had enjoyed themselves, and had a good fucking as well. Young Sara took great delight in telling us all the details of her gangbang.

“Hmmmm,” Leah said, “perhaps the slave auction wasn’t as humiliating as we had wanted it to be.”

That gave us all a laugh then I said, “Well Young Sara and Emily, I think that it’s fair to say that you both have sailed through your hazing and that you have proved that you are now worthy members of NEWPS.”

“Thank you, all of you,” Emily said, “I’m sure that I speak for Sara as well when I say that we’re both proud and honoured to be part of such a wonderful organisation; and to be able to call you all ‘our friends’. By the way, is someone now going to tell us that NEWPS stands for?”

When I told them, Young Sara said, “Well mine certainly is; it’s been like that ever since I started walking around without any clothes on. I’ve had to drink twice as much as I used to, just to keep hydrated.”

The NEWPS Bouncers

Leah had entered a NEWPS team in to the St. Damian’s Netball League. We’d all played netball at school so all we had to do was a little team-building practice. Leah had organised a couple of practice matches so that we could get back into the game, and practice as a team.

At both of the matches the other teams were surprised that their opponents were completely naked and at both games one of the opponents had to say that it was easy to see who was in which team.

We gelled quite well as a team and won the second game; then the league games started.

We had a total of five games. We won three and lost two. One of the games that we won was against an all-male team; the only male team in the competition. None of the men’s team was what I call ‘manly men’; possibly due to the fact that most men consider netball to be a ‘girly’ sport.

I think that they must have heard that they were up against a team of naked girls because none of them looked surprised when we walked out. In fact two of them had tell-tale bulges in their shorts.

Now netball is not supposed to be a contact sport but we took advantage of our bodies and rubbed up against, or accidentally collided with the men lots of times. Leah even managed to end up on the floor on top of one of the men with her breasts pressing on his face. The poor man was so embarrassed. What we’d learnt in the Females in the 21st Century course was coming into its own and we easily managed to ‘fluster’ the men and win the game.

“Men are such a push-over.” Kailene said.

Pole Fitness

A new sport has been introduced to the university – Pole Fitness. When the notice went up all the NEWPS girls were interested. The notice described the sport as ‘Pole dancing but without the erotic nature.’ Naturally, Kailene and I were very interested as we both still do erotic pole dancing just about every weekend.

The notice also said that the classes were open to men as well as women; which intrigued us all.

A couple of the NEWPS girls saw this new sport as the opportunity to learn what Kailene and I were doing, and to be able to earn money like we do. Two others just wanted to be able to tease the men in the classes by flashing their pussies to them. We all agreed that the exercise would be good for us.

As we all walked to the first class we discussed Kailene and my jobs and we all agreed that it would be better if it wasn’t mentioned.

We were met by two confused women teachers that the university had brought in. Apparently neither of them had considered that girls from the Females in the 21st Century course would want to attend. One of them asked us if we realised that pole fitness involved spreading our legs wide. When we said that we did, the teacher told us that four male students had already signed up for the course.

Both women were surprised that none of us were worried by that fact.

We were taken into one of the gym’s annexe rooms and saw that the uni had installed 10 poles with soft mats all around the bottom of them. Also in the room were the four men and seven other girls, all chatting at one side of the room. When one of the teachers was followed into the room by ten naked girls everything went quiet and the original eleven turned and stared at us. One more man turned up before the class started.

The teachers explained to us all what pole fitness was. They then told us that we would be learning new moves each week. We were told that we could use the room to practice any time that we wanted.

We started with the basics and we all sat around watching and listening as the teachers told us how to grip the pole with our hands and legs. I was getting bored. It must have showed because one of the teachers picked on me to help her demonstrate a few things.

Of course I found it easy and the teacher told me that I was a natural. I didn’t tell her that I pole danced in clubs most Saturday nights.

We were then split into pairs and took it in turns to practice those basic moves. While one of the pair was on the pole, the other was there to support them while they got the confidence to hang from the pole.

The teacher who split us into pairs kept the clothed students separate from the naked ones. At the end of that first lesson she called us naked girls together and told us that she’d assumed that each of us would want to be partnered with one of our friends to avoid any embarrassment.

Brooklyn’s tone of voice told us that she was a little annoyed with the woman and told her that we didn’t want treating any differently from the others. If we got partnered with a clothed person, female or male, or if we were selected to demonstrate anything that possibly could be classed as embarrassing, it was okay with us; us being naked was our choice and it was not to affect our lives in any way.

The woman was a bit embarrassed but agreed to our request (demand).

The following lesson most of us did get partnered with clothed people, men as well; although a couple of the men looked a bit uncomfortable supporting a naked girl. When I got partnered with a man I pretended that I needed lots of support so that I could get his hands on me. He was nervous at first, but relaxed when I told him that I wouldn’t bite and that it was okay for him to touch me.

The lessons went well and it wasn’t long before we were all doing some of the moves that Kailene and I do in the clubs to get the men worked up. It seemed a little strange spreading my legs and slowly sliding down the pole with a little audience that weren’t there just to see my tits and pussy. Well, maybe the men were, or even one girl that definitely looks and acts as if she’s gay.

It was a lot of fun.

End of part 28

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