Amy the Exhibitionist
by Vanessa

part 22

Please note that all characters in this story are over the age of legal consent where the story takes place.

Parts 1 – 4 are about Amy’s discovery and exploits before she reached the age of legal consent. They can be found on /~Vanessa/ or by googling ‘Amy the Exhibitionist’.

Love, V


Babysitting in Greece – second week

Day 8

At breakfast Ella suddenly said that we hadn’t used the body paint yet. She was watching Sarah pleasure herself on the CFM and I guess that she was having nice sexy thoughts.

“It would be a shame to waste it,” I said “How about I go and get it and we put it on now? I asked. Everyone agreed and I went for it and the brushes.

On the way back I thought that I would be a good idea to have a shower first. I put the paint and brushes down and told Ella that I was going for a shower; as we didn’t know how it would react to warm water and soap. Ella said that she’d come with me and Sarah said that she’d be along in a bit.

Alexi hadn’t shown much interest in the body paint when we bought it, but she said that she’d go and have a shower as well.

Dimitri kept eating his breakfast.

When we got back down we talked about what we wanted painting on our bodies. We all agreed that it needed to be simple as none of us have any artistic skills. We then talked about where we were going to go with it on. I said that I wanted to walk through the main drag in Faliraki when there were lots of people about, but not when it was dark. Both Ella and Sarah said that they wanted to walk along the beach. Alexi didn’t care where she went just so long as it wasn’t to school.

We decided on a bit of a compromise. What we were going to do was walk south for quite a way and then back to the villa. Then in the middle of the afternoon we were going to walk into Faliraki, along the main drag; then back along the beach.

That being sorted we worked on what we wanted to ‘wear’ for those walks. Things were made easier when Sarah, Ella and Alexi said that they only wanted bikini bottoms. I thought then said that if they were only having bikini bottoms then that is all that I’d have as well. If we decided to go somewhere where my tits should really be covered then we would have to come back and paint a bikini top on.

That was all too easy. Next we had to decide on the size and shape of these bikini bottoms.

Alexi said that she wanted a smallish bikini that covered her bum. The rest of us just wanted a thong bikini. They had to be reasonable sized thongs so that we didn’t attract any unwelcome attention. I went and got an eyeliner pen and started drawing the outside line of what we wanted. It was easy for the thongs, but for Alexi I asked her to go and put on one of her bikini bottoms so that I could draw a line round the outside.

Each of the thongs had a ‘V’ about 2 inches across the top, at the top of our butt cracks.

I did a bit of a test with the paint to see how long it took to dry. I used Alexi’s backside. Anyway, it dried within a few minutes and we were surprised just how durable it was. It took really hard rubbing to remove it. That being the case we got to work and within about 30 minutes we all had our bikini bottoms. It was fun painting pussies and we had to use lots of paper towel to dry them before they got wet again. Sarah was painting my pussy and I got her to put a thick layer on.

We got a few things together, I let my hair out and we set off. As soon as we got out on to the road, Alexi said that she felt weird. We were going the way that she goes when she goes to school. She had visions of going to school and spending the day naked.

I have to say, I felt really naked. I could hardly feel the paint. As we turned out of the side road, a car was going passed. Alexi’s immediate reaction was to cover her breasts and pussy. Ella told her to relax; that she had to pretend that she had a proper bikini bottom on.

We passed a couple of walking people, not too close, and they didn’t react in any unusual way.

We walked for about an hour, out of the built-up area, along the coastal path, along a couple of beaches and down a road with houses either side. We even stopped at a little beach bar and bought some ice creams. It was only when we were close-up to people that some of them looked at us a bit strangely. I guess that they weren’t sure what we were wearing; did we all have nice camel toes or what?

When we were near the houses I asked Alexi if she’d been there before. She told us that she’d been there a few times with her friends, and a couple of times on family walks. I then asked her if she’d seen topless women there. Alexi said that she thought she had, but wasn’t sure; it wasn’t something that she looked out for.

On the way back we took a route that meant we spent more time walking along the side of the road. There wasn’t much traffic. We had a bit of a heart stopping moment when a police car went passed us and put its brakes on; but it kept on going. Two young men on motorbikes went passed us, then turned round and went behind us, then passed us again. The second and third times they passed us they went real slow.

Back at the villa we had some drink and food and discovered that if we sat down and didn’t wiggle about, the paint stayed intact. We only had a little touching up to do before we set off to Faliraki. But before we left, Sarah, Ella and I went and put our Ben Wa balls in. Alexi came with us and when we got out our little balls she asked us what they were, and what they were for. I explained to her that as we walked along they would move about inside us, knock together and give our pussies little jolts of pleasure. If we moved about enough they can even make us cum.

Alexi was amazed and said that she wanted a pair. I was feeling in a good mood so I let Alexi borrow mine. I explained how far they had to be pushed in, and that she had to use her pussy muscles to stop them coming out. Alexi asked me if I would help her put them in.

Her pussy was already wet as I gently pushed one in. I couldn’t resist it, when I pulled my finger out I gave her little clit a quick flick. She liked that. I gave her the other little steel ball and told her to push it in. When she was done I told her that I’d better check that it was far enough in. I pushed my finger in again and probed round until I’d felt both of them. Alexi was getting wetter. As I pulled my finger out I flicked her clit again. Alexi told me to stop it, unless I wanted her to cum.

As I was now the only one without something in my pussy I got out my diamond butt plug. Alexi saw it and asked me what it was. I told her and she said, “People put those things in their backside?” “Or their pussy,” I added as I squatted down and slid it in. When I stood up I turned away from Alexi and bent over so that she could see the diamond sticking out of my pussy.

As we left the room I told Alexi to remember to use her pussy muscles to keep the balls in. I added that it could be quite embarrassing if one fell out and everyone around looked at you and saw the ball rolling across the room.

We set off, and as we got closer and closer to the busy part of Faliraki we were all getting a bit nervous.

Alexi had had one near mishap with her little balls. She had to stop and push one further back in. She said that she was so wet that she was finding it hard.

Alexi seriously thought about hiding somewhere and waiting for us to get back. We left the decision to her; in the end she came with us. By the time we got to the first busy street my pussy was dripping. We’d already walked passed a few people without any problems; but we were expecting there to be a lot more people in the busy part.

There were. I could feel my heart pounding. I asked the others how they were and they all told me that they were just like me.

Anyway, Ella reminded us that we had to walk as if we had bikinis on; and that we were doing nothing wrong. The confident approach.

It worked too. Okay, we got a few people doing double takes, and a few people openly staring at us; but no one said a word. The confident approach had worked. I wondered what people would have done if we’d been trying to cover our interesting bits; or hiding behind anything that we could find. I suppose that it also helped that there were a few other young women walking around wearing just bikini bottoms or thong bikini bottoms.

We decided that we would walk back along the beach; through the hundreds of people that were there. Quite a few young male tourists looked at us, and I saw one or two that had big grins on their faces; but the rest must have thought that our thongs were made of thin material and were giving us nice camel toes.

We came to the part where we had to leave the beach to head back. When we got back we all sat round the pool and brought ourselves off to get rid of all the sexual tension that had built up. Then we tried to remove the paint. We tried warm soapy water, then straight detergent. Nether worked. We tried soaking in the pool for 30 minutes; but that didn’t work either. In the end we had to peel it off. It was painful.

We started with Alexi. The poor girl was screaming as we pulled the front part off. It was like pulling well pressed on duct tape off the poor girl’s stomach. She didn’t scream as much when we pulled it off her backside but she wouldn’t let us pull it off her pussy. She said that she’d leave it for a couple of days and see if natural skin growth and natural skin oil would make it easier.

Us three with thongs weren’t so hard. It still hurt like hell, and was worse than any waxing that I’ve ever had.

We all had red and tender skin when we’d finished. So much so that we spent a good hour or so in the pool.

We didn’t feel like going out that night so we watched some DVDs until about midnight. I’d got some energy back and asked if anyone fancied going for a walk. Alexi didn’t, but Ella and Sarah were up for it.

“Okay, let’s go!” I said and started walking to the door.

Ella shouted, “Amy, we need to put at least a skirt on.”

“No we don’t” I said, “Let’s go like this, it’ll be more fun.”

Ella and Sarah followed me out of the door.

We walked right to about 100 yards from the main drag in Faliraki before we saw anyone. We hid behind a parked car while they passed. I’m surprised that they didn’t hear us and come and investigate; as we were giggling and whispering.

We got right to the end of the side road. We were about 10 feet from the main street with people walking by. At that time of night, most of them would be well lubricated and maybe would even realise that we were naked, even if we were stood right in front of them; not that we intended to do that.

We could see a road going off the other side of the main road; it looked as quiet as the one we were on. We decided that we were going to cross the main road and hoped that we’d picked the right moment.

We 3 naked girls stepped out of the relatively dark side road onto the bright main road and walked across it. We’d already decided that we’d walk as if we were fully clothed. We had to look as if we were doing nothing wrong.

My heart was pounding and my pussy was dripping as we got into the bright lights. I slowly looked left; there was no one for about 10 yards. I looked right, shit, 2 couples were right there. One of the men said, “Fucking hell.” One of the girls said, “Lost something sluts?”

“There’s a fucking good party going on down there.” I said, pointing to where we’d come from. One of the couples turned left towards where I’d pointed, the man in the other couple stared at us as we walked.

It took less than a minute for us to cross that road. As soon as we got somewhere dark, I finger tested Ella and Sarah. Both were as wet as I was. I leaned back on a car and frigged. Both Ella and Sarah did the same. When I’d cum I said, “Fuck, I needed that.” After a minute or so, Ella said, “So did I.” Sarah was last to cum the she said, “Shit, that was good.”

We started walking down the deserted road. We guessed that if we turned right, then right again, we would be back somewhere that we recognised. We looked at the buildings that we were passing. They were shops; we were on a shopping street.

We turned right to be confronted by a young man staggering down the middle of the road. As soon as we realised he was drunk we kept walking. The man saw us, but it took a few seconds for it to register that we were naked. He stopped and stared at us and was mumbling something incoherent. As we walked passed him, his head followed, but his body didn’t. He fell over.

We came to another brightly lit road, but it wasn’t as noisy. I had a quick peek from behind a parked van. No one! I waved to the others and walked out. Looking back for the others, I collided with something and ended up on the ground. So did another drunk man; right on top of me. He rolled off me, looked at me, and said something about him being in heaven.

Ella and Sarah pulled me up and we ran. We were well into the dark street before we slowed down to a walk. Sarah asked me if I was okay. I did a quick mental check for any pain and told her that I was okay.

Ella said that she’d had enough excitement for one night and we headed back to the villa.

Day 9

Dimitri was up and out before we emerged. Alexi was the last to come down and she had managed to get the rest of the paint off.

We decided to spend the day on the beach in Faliraki. We thought that it would be nice to have lots of young men perving at our virtually naked bodies. I say virtually because if we had gone totally naked we could well have got arrested. Alexi wasn’t too keen on coming with us at first, but when we told her that 99% of the people on the beach would be foreigners then she changed her mind. I think that she didn’t want to be caught on the beach, wearing just a thong, by adults that she or her parents might know.

We thought that it would be more fun to go naked under our skirts and then change on the beach.

We packed a bag with a few thongs, towels etc. and were ready to leave when Ella asked if we knew what time it was. It was only mid-morning. We didn’t want to get to the beach before there were lots of people there. We wanted to be seen, especially by young men. We had a couple of hours to kill.

Alexi decided to use the CFM and give herself a long slow fuck; while the rest of us jumped in the pool.

We’d been in there for about 15 minutes when Sarah spotted the couple in the villa next door. They looked like they were moving pool furniture around. About 10 minutes later they were joined by 4 men and another woman. Some of them were sitting and talking, while others were standing and talking.

Some of the men were looking over towards us. I guess that they could see that we were topless as we jumped up and down in the pool. From where they were standing and sitting they wouldn’t have been able to see what Alexi was doing.

I got out of the pool and walked round the pool. As I got near the wall between the 2 villas, one of the men came over to say hello. As I’ve said before, the walls are only about 4 feet high so he would be able to see all of me.

It turned out that all of them were Scottish so there wasn’t much of a language problem. He told me that there were about 15 of them meeting there before going off on a cruise down the coast.

As we talked some of the other men came over; and so did Ella and Sarah. More people arrived and more of the men came over to join us. There were about 6 men talking to 3 naked girls, over the garden wall.

One of the men was looking behind us. I hadn’t thought about it, but when they were by the pool they wouldn’t have been able to see what Alexi was doing; but stood against the wall they could see her, and what she was doing.

Alexi was in a little world of her own, pedalling away and playing with her nipps. She was totally oblivious to what was going on around her.

The man that had spotted her was just staring at her. I waved my hand in front of his face. He looked at me as I said, “Great machine that, exercise and pleasure at the same time. We take it in turns to use it.”

“I wish that they’d develop a machine like that for men.” He said.

“It is fun watching her though, isn’t it?” I said.

He didn’t answer. By that time, just about all of the men had seen Alexi and were stood quietly watching.

One of the young women came over. When she saw what the men were looking at she just watched, with a grin on her face. She said to me, “Where did you get that from, I want one.” I told her that we’d found it in the garage. “Lucky you,” she said; then she told the men that it was time to leave. She had to prod a couple of the men to break their concentration; and the whole lot of them left.

We went back in the pool. A bit later Alexi joined us and Sarah told her that she’d had an audience. Alexi looked towards the next door villa and saw no one. “Are you teasing me?” she asked. It took us a while to convince her that it had actually happened. When she finally accepted it, she went bright red. She said that being seen naked was one thing, but to be seen fucking herself with a machine was something else.

Alexi asked if she could borrow my Ben Wa balls for going to the beach. No one else had thought of wearing them until Alexi asked me. I said that she could and we went upstairs to sort out what we were going to wear (inside and out). Alexi had my Ben Wa balls so I put my remote vibe in and gave Alexi the control. She went to put it in the bag of our things and gave me a quick blast to prove that the battery wasn’t dead. I wasn’t expecting it and I screamed. Ella asked me if I was okay. I just said, “Oh yes!” Ella and Sarah wore their Ben Wa balls. I thought that it would be fun letting the sun reflect off the fake diamond in my butt plug as I lay on the beach, so I put that and the strapless bikini bottom into the bag.

Wearing our skimpy skirts and tops on our outsides, we set off and decided to stop at a café for a drink and a bit of pussy flashing. We had the little race to see who could sit in chairs that faced the tourists walking by.

Alexi was carrying the bag of our things and she kept sneaking her hand in to it and giving my remote vibe a quick blast. I was expecting her to do it when the waiter was giving me my drink, but I still jumped and gasped when it happened. The waiter gave me a funny look.

We managed to get a couple of nice reactions from passing tourists. Two youths who spotted Sarah’s pussy turned round and went for another look; what’s more they got an eyeful of Ella’s pussy as they went back; then another look at Sarah’s as they went in their original direction. The thing was; they were so obvious with their staring. I was watching them, watching Ella and Sarah; they pretended to read the café’s menu just so that they could get a longer look.

Just as we were getting to the beach, Alexi told us that she needed to stop for a minute because my Ben Wa balls were getting her close to cumming.

Both Ella and Sarah grabbed an arm each and kept Alexi walking. She came as they were walking in amongst the crowds to the water’s edge. Fortunately she kept it quite quiet and didn’t attract any attention.

We walked along the water’s edge looking for a spot near a group of lads who we could tease. It didn’t take long.

I’m sure that at least one of them spotted us walking in their direction; and by the time we dropped our bag, most of them were watching us.

We made a big deal of spreading out our towels, bending over and squatting down. I’d be surprised if any one of them hadn’t seen at least one of our pussies by the time we sat down.

Off came our tops and we heard a couple of rude comments from the lads. We sat and quietly discussed how we were going to change from skirts to thongs. We all agreed that we wanted to swap thongs during the day, so that we could have different exposures at different times.

Ella said that she wanted to wear the strapless bikini bottom for starters. She got it out of the bag, lifted her butt up, and slid the shaped lump of plastic into place and sat down; giving a satisfied sigh as she impaled herself on the little dildo part. She turned to me and told me that plastic had just met metal and that it felt good. Then she took her skirt off. She stood up and made minor adjustments to the position of the bikini; then sat down again. All that time, my eyes were watching the youths; who were watching Ella.

Sarah and Alexi were both rummaging around in the bag looking for which thong to wear. As Sarah leaned over I could see most of her backside. I guess that the youths could see it as well. Both of them decided to wear one of the thongs that have the bottom part of the ‘V’ of material missing. Sarah held the one that she’d selected, up in the air and had a good look at it; then she lifted her feet and pulled it up her legs.

Next she got onto her knees and pulled the thong the rest of the way up. As she did so, her skirt got lifted. I playfully slapped her butt. Sarah took her skirt off and lay down on her back.

Alexi was a bit more discreet, shuffling the thong up her legs and raising a cheek at a time to get the thong into place. The she took her skirt off. All that without getting up.

Sarah passed me the bag. I decided to wear one of the thongs that is basically 2 pieces of string; one goes round, and the other under. I slid it up to my knees then got onto my knees. I was facing the youths. Unlike Sarah, I took my skirt off first; leaving me looking like I was totally naked; then pulled the thong up. The ‘string’ that goes under disappeared in between my lips as I lay down, face up.

We lay there for about 30 minutes, talking about everything and nothing. Alexi had got the remote control out of the bag and occasionally gave me a quick blast. She gave me the impression that she wanted to me to ‘suffer’ for quite a while.

Sarah and Ella got a bit restless and decided to go for a walk. They weren’t gone long. When they got back Ella said that the strapless bikini bottom wasn’t that comfortable to wear for walking; it rubbed the top of her legs. She also said that the dildo part had been pushing against her balls and got her really worked up. Ella looked in the bag to see what thongs were left. She got out one of the ones with all the material of the ‘V’ missing, sat down and pulled it up her knees. She lay back and eased the strapless bikini out of her pussy and held it up to look at it. I could clearly see the shiny dildo part; so could anyone else who was looking. She put it in the bag and pulled the thong right up.

Alexi asked if anyone wanted some suntan lotion rubbing on. We all said, “Yes.”

Sarah was nearest so Alexi knelt next to her and started on her legs. She worked her way up each leg. Sarah’s legs opened as Alexi got to the top. Alexi rubbed the side of her hand against Sarah’s pussy. Alexi did the same on the other leg.

Alexi shuffled up a bit, squirted the lotion onto Sarah’s chest; and rubbed it all over; paying attention to Sarah’s nipples. More lotion went on Sarah’s stomach and Alexi massaged it in. Alexi took her time rubbing lotion on Sarah’s pubic bone and pussy. She slid her hand under the thong and down to her pussy. I heard Sarah moan and guessed that Alexi had fingered her.

Alexi told Sarah to turn over and started at the top of Sarah’s back and arms. Alexi left Sarah’s backside to last, the paid special attention to her cheeks and in between the top of her legs. I heard Sarah moan again.

Alexi moved to Ella and repeated what she’d done to Sarah. Ella moaned a couple of times as well.

It was my turn, but before she started on me I looked all around. Not only were most of the youths watching, but others were as well; including some girls.

Alexi turned the remote vibe on and left it on slow the started on me. Her hands felt good. She wasn’t as good as the masseuse a few days ago, but she was good.

Alexi squirted the lotion onto my breasts, left most of it there, looking like blobs of man cum, as she massaged my arms. Alexi started on my left breast and gave it a really good massage. She teased my nipple then rubbed it between finger and thumb, hard. Then she did my right breast; doing exactly the same.

When she got to my stomach she lifted my thong out from between my lips, and slid her hand down. Her finger went in and I nearly came. As her finger came out she pressed it against my clit; I nearly came again. She pulled the thong up so that it disappeared between my lips again.

Alexi slapped the side of my thigh and told me to turn over.

Slightly disappointed, I did so. As Alexi rubbed the lotion on my legs they opened, giving her access to my pussy. She didn’t waste the opportunity and as her hands slid up the back of my thigh, the inside hand hit my pussy and her index finger pushed the thong out of the way and went in a little bit. She did the same with my other leg.

Ella said that she wanted to put lotion on Alexi, got up and told Alexi to lie down. Ella squatted next to Alexi and got to work. Ella didn’t look very comfortable, and I could see her pussy poking through her material-less thong. As Ella got to Alexi’s pussy (front and back), Alexi moaned louder and longer. Perhaps Ella was properly finger fucking her.

We all lay back and soaked up the lovely warm sun with the vibe inside me, still on tick-over.

After about 15 minutes I heard someone say, “Hey there!” I opened my eyes (I was on my back) and saw that it was one of the youths from the nearby group. He was looking down at our virtually naked bodies. Some of us had our legs slightly apart.

“My mates were wondering if you’d like to come and join us; we’ve got some beer and they’d really like to meet you.”

I looked over to his mates and saw them all looking our way; then at my friends. They were all looking at this youth. I decided to play it a bit polite, and a bit cool, and said, “Thank you for the offer, we’ll discuss it and see how we feel.”

I felt the vibe go into top gear. I gasped a bit and clenched my fists.

“So where are you all from?” Ella asked the youth. He told her as he looked down at her exposed pussy. Ella said, “Amy comes from that part of the world too, don’t you Amy?” Everyone looked at me, the youth as well. I tried to hold it, but I couldn’t. I started to cum; shaking and moaning, I looked up at the youth. He hadn’t a clue what was happening.

Alexi said to the youth, “We’ll discuss it and let you know.” The youth took the hint and left. Alexi looked at me and said, “Nice was it?”

We had a quick discussion and decided that we would go over to them. If any of us wanted to leave for any reason we would say, “Are we going to have a go on that mechanical bull again tonight?”

I told them that before I went over I had to get that ‘wonderful’ vibe out of me. I turned to Alexi and said, “Get those balls out Alexi, here and now.”

Alexi turned on her back, sat up, covered her pussy and delved in for the balls. Meanwhile, I’d sat up, removed my thong and got the vibe out.

I gave the remote vibe to Alexi and told her to put it in. She did; then moved the skirt that was covering her lap. I put the Ben Wa balls into our bag and got out my butt plug. I asked Ella if she would swap thongs with me. I told her that I wanted to make sure that my diamond was on display. Ella agreed and sat up, slipped her thong off and we swapped thongs.

I pushed the butt plug in and slipped the thong on. I looked down at my pussy. I could see all of it because of the lack of material in the ‘V’ of the thong. My diamond was showing nicely.

Four virtually naked girls were walking into a group of young men who were probably on holiday in Faliraki with the sole intention of fucking as many girls as they could. I felt a little rush of juice.

The youths welcomed us and gave us a beer each. We talked about all the expected subjects then one of them said that he liked our thongs. That made all the lads look at the nearest pussy (not that many of them weren’t already). I got another rush. I looked at the front of the shorts of all of the youths; all of them had a hard-on. One of them asked me if I’d got a ring in my clit. I pushed my pussy forward and opened my legs a bit.

“Is that a diamond? And how is it staying there?” another one asked. Another said to his mate, “It’s on the end of a dildo, it’s got to be.”

I looked down at their crotches again and said, “I can see that you all like our bikinis; and my diamond.” Two of the youths hands moved to cover their crotches. Alexi giggled.

One of them said, “Right, that’s enough of the small talk, we want it, you want it, so let’s go back to our hotel”

“Nothing like being up-front.” I said, “Tell you what, we’ll go for a walk and think about it. If we come back to you then you’re on. If we go back to our towels then sorry, you’ll have to find some other girls. There’s plenty about. Oh Sarah, are we going to have a go on that mechanical bull again tonight?”

The lads looked blankly at us. Sarah, Alexi and Ella understood and we turned and walked off.

We walked to the water’s edge and along the beach. Ella was a bit pissed because she fancied one of the lads. I said that I fancied one of them as well, but it wouldn’t have been fair on Alexi. It wasn’t right for us to put her in that position. Alexi said that she wanted to go with them; that she wanted to get properly fucked. I told her that I understood what she was saying, but this wasn’t the right time; and they definitely weren’t the right guys.

There was a long silence then Ella looked at Alexi and said, “Amy’s right, flashing your goodies to everyone is one thing, but there’s a right time and place; and this isn’t it. Talking about goodies; look at him over there.” Ella pointed at a really cute guy.

We walked a fair way along the water’s edge, then back. We saw a few guys checking us out and Sarah said that her balls were getting her randy.

We walked back to our towels and lay down, without looking at the youths.

I lay on my front with my legs open so that anyone passing would be able to see my pussy and diamond. I hoped that the sunlight would catch it and sparkle to attract attention. Alexi was laid next to me on her back, but up on her elbows; again with her legs apart (but not as wide as mine), with her sunglasses on. She was giving me a running commentary of people who were walking passed and looking at us.

After a while I remembered that Alexi was wearing the remote vibe. I reached for the bag, got the control out and gave Alexi a quick blast. She screamed loud enough for me to look round to see if anyone was looking at her. No one was so I turned it on low. Alexi looked at me and said, “What the fuck was that?” Alexi told me that although she’d seen a vibrator before she’d never felt one, least of all a remote controlled one inside her. She told me that she liked what she was feeling.

I turned it up and down and watched Alexi’s face. Yes, she was enjoying it. I left it on low and asked her about the people walking by. She started telling me what was going on, but I could see that she was getting close. I turned it off.

“Amy, please?” Alexi said. I said, “Not yet.”

I left it for a few minutes then turned it on to low again. Alexi gasped; then smiled.

I left in on again until she looked close; then turned it off.

I did this 4 times then decided to let her cum. I waited until 2 youths walked passed. They’d obviously seen us from a distance and decided to walk passed close to us. The youths got to within 4 yards of us when I turned the vibe up to full. Amy gasped again and then started shaking. Her legs were jerking up and down, her stomach was wobbling and her head was rolling round. What’s more, she was shouting, “Yes!” and “Fuck!”

People were looking at her; especially the youths. I wondered if they know what was happening.

Ella put out her hand and held Alexi’s hand.

Alexi’s orgasm went on, and on, and on. In the end I decided that I had better turn the vibe off.

As Alexi came down from her high she looked at me and said, “That was the best; I’ve never had one so intense.” I smiled at her.

When Alexi was able, we all ran down to the sea and dived in. It was cold, but good.

We picked our moment and came out of the sea right in front of a group of lads that were walking passed. My nipples were rock hard.

We lay on our towels and dried in the sun.

About an hour later we decided that we wanted an ice cream. We walked through the crowds in just our skimpy thongs. I really enjoyed all the people watching us. We didn’t know exactly where we were going and it took us a while to find somewhere. Both Ella and Sarah were finding all the walking on the sand ‘interesting’. They were still wearing their Ben Wa balls.

The girl selling the ice creams looked us up and down as she served us. Alexi didn’t speak while we were there so the girl didn’t know she spoke Greek. The girl muttered something in Greek and then smiled at us. As we left Alexi told us that the girl had called us English sluts. We laughed.

We had real trouble finding our towels. We must have walked for about a mile before we finally found them. In that time both Ella and Sarah had an orgasm brought on by the little steel balls.

We collapsed on our towels and did nothing for 5 minutes; other than notice that the group of lads that had tried to hit on us earlier had gone.

When I started to get some energy back I got a bottle of water out of our bag, had a drink and passed it round. After it had done the rounds I put it back in our bag and got the remote control out. Alexi hadn’t seen me.

I waited a minute or so then turned it on. Alexi had been relaxing as was caught by surprise.

“Arrrrrgh,” she said as she got the first jolt. “Slowly please.” She begged.

I let the vibe slowly bring her up. Just as she was showing signs of getting there I switched it off.

“Please Amy,” Alexi begged.

I teased her for a good 15 minutes then decided she was going to have to wait. I put the remote in our bag and stood up; then pulled Alexi up. I told her that we were going for a swim. To protests of me being a rotten bitch, I dragged her into the sea.

We didn’t stay there for long; then went and lay to our stomachs.

Ella and Sarah went for a swim. I waited for a few minutes then got the control out. I teased Alexi again.

On, off, on, off; I went. The poor girl must have been in hell. All of a sudden I heard,

“Alexi, stop playing with yourself!” It was Ella. I got up on my elbows and saw that Alexi had opened her legs and slid her hand (the one on her side away from me) underneath her stomach and was playing with her pussy. “Good for her;” I thought and turned the vibe on to full.

Alexi grunted, started twitching and reached her goal.

After she’d calmed down and got her composure back, she turned to me and said,

“Thank you Amy.”

I too had been lying with my legs apart and the sun was heating the metal casing round my diamond. I had to go and have a quick swim to cool it down. As I was walking back I saw that a middle-aged man had laid out his towel about 3 yards from the feet of the others. He was lying on his stomach, resting on his elbows, and having a good look up the legs of Alexi, Ella and Sarah (they were also laying the same way having a good chat). Their legs were slightly apart so the man was able to see the 3 pussies.

I walked right passed the man to the others and told them that a man was perving at them. Alexi closed her legs, but Ella and Sarah both opened theirs a bit more. I put on my sun glasses then lay down next to Alexi, on my back, up on my elbows and with my legs open, watching the man, who had noticed my diamond. I wondered if he’d dug a little hole in the sand for his bulging cock before he had spread out his towel so that he would be more comfortable when he lay down.

I asked Alexi why she’d closed her legs and she told me that it was what her mother had always told her to do. I asked her if she always did what her mother told her, then said that I get a thrill out of teasing men, it makes me feel horny.

I reminded her that only a few minutes ago she’d had an orgasm, right there, on a public beach with lots of people all around, with goodness knows how many of them watching her; and that she was only wearing a next-to-nothing thong.

Alexi said, “Yeah, what has my mother got to do with it. I’ll do what I want to do.”

She opened her legs a bit.

The man kept watching us so I thought that I’d give him a better look at my puss. I turned over and got onto my hands and knees with my backside facing him. I had my knees open. With the material of my thong being non-existent, my pussy was nicely framed by the strings. I looked through my knees as one of his hands slid under his waist. I imagined his hand gripping a nice hard cock.

I stayed like that for a few minutes, talking to the others and waggling my bum. The poor man must have been real frustrated.

We 3 English girls started feeling like we hadn’t had enough suntan lotion on, so we decided that we’d better head back to the villa. On the way I teased Alexi with the remote vibe. At one point she had to stop when her legs trembled. We sat her down while she recovered.

I teased her some more.

When we got to the villa we shed our thongs and jumped in the pool. It felt good.

That night we had a quiet time; we all went to a quiet Greek locals bar and had a few drinks. We didn’t even do any deliberate flashing; but with us girls wearing very short skirts there was every chance that someone will have seen something. We did catch Dimitri trying to look up Alexi’s skirt at one point. He blushed and denied it.

Day 10

Dimitri appeared just as we were finishing breakfast. He told us that he was going to the water park with some of his mates.

I put the CFM on my sunbed and gave myself a long slow fuck as we discussed what we were going to do that day. Sarah said that watching Ella and me on the mechanical bull had made her think about horse riding. She never had the opportunity to ride a horse, but had always fancied trying it. Ella said that she wouldn’t mind having a go.

Alexi told us about a horse riding club at the other side of Faliraki. It’s owned by the family of one of the girls in her class. She been there lots of times and thought that she was quite good at it. Alexi said that if we liked she could phone her friend and see how their bookings were.

We all agreed and Alexi phoned her friend. We were in luck; they could fit us in that day.

I got off the CFM and we cleared up and went and got dressed. The 3 of us were back by the pool quite quickly and we had to wait for ages for Alexi. When she did appear, she was wearing a thick top and jodhpurs. Not only that, she was carrying one of those riding hats.

We all laughed but Alexi told us that she always wore those clothes when she went riding.

I put on a serious face and told her that she was the sensible one and we were being stupid. No one in their right mind would go horse riding wearing only a skimpy top, short flimsy skirt and sandals; but we were. One reason was that we didn’t have any sensible clothes with us. The other reason was that we fancied doing the Lady Godiva bit. We had to explain to Alexi who Lady Godiva was.

I told Alexi to put a change of clothing in a bag as we didn’t know if we would go anywhere else afterwards. I suggested that she wouldn’t be happy lying on a crowded beach wearing jodhpurs.

While we were waiting for Alexi we talked about wearing our Ben Wa balls. We thought that it would be good to have them bouncing around in our pussies while we were on the horses. Sarah killed off that idea when she reminded us that our pussies would be spread wide open as we straddled those horses. It could be difficult to squeeze to keep them in; and if one did come out we might lose it forever.

Anyway, we walked to Faliraki and caught a bus to the stables. Alexi found her friend and they were wittering on in Greek. Her friend kept pointing to us and saying something. Alexi came back to us and told us that her friend wasn’t happy with the way we were dressed, but it would be okay if we signed a form saying that they weren’t liable if we had an accident.

We signed the forms.

I asked Alexi if we could take the horses down to the beach. Alexi spoke to her friend then told us that she (Alexi) would be leading us there. Her friend trusted her to look after us.

Alexi took us into the stables and told us to select a horse each. Alexi told us that they were all quite docile so we wouldn’t have any problems. I looked for a male horse. I wanted some strong male meat between my legs. I found one; what’s more, his cock was out and hanging down. It must have been over 3 inches in diameter. Alexi laughed and said that they often got like that. I reached under and held it. It was warm and seemed to be throbbing a bit. Maybe it was my wishful thinking.

I asked Alexi if she’d ever held one. She shook her head sideways. “It won’t bite you.” I said. Alexi put her arm out and held the horse’s cock. After a couple of seconds she moved her hand up and down, wanking him. “He’ll like that,” I said.

Ella called for Alexi. She stopped and turned away. I took over the wanking and started dreaming.

Alexi was obviously enjoying being in charge. She told us that we had to put the saddle on our horse. She quickly explained what to do then got on with saddling her own horse. When she turned round, all 3 of us were struggling. One by one she came round us and helped us do the job.

Alexi then told us to lead our horses outside to the steps to help us get mounted. When we got out there we saw 2 young men that I guess were stable hands. They’d obviously got word that 3 girls in very short skirts were there.

Alexi told us what to do, and she held the reins of each of our horses as we climbed on. Then she led our horses to one side while she got us all on. Then she quickly got on her own horse.

The little audience of stable hands must have got a right eyeful as us 3 knickerless girls in micro skirts lifted our legs over the horses.

Alexi then showed us how make our horse go forwards, backwards, fast, slow, slow down and turn. She also told us that talking to them helped keep them calm; to remind them who was in charge.

We set off at walking pace with Alexi at the back to keep an eye on us all

When we’d got well out of the stables and along a wide path; Alexi came along side each of us and showed us how to go up and down like I’ve seen riders do on the TV.

I asked Alexi if we could go back and swap the saddle for one with a dildo in the middle. She laughed and said not.

Alexi steered us up though a field and into a wooded area. I shouted for everyone to stop; then asked Alexi if we’d be going back the same way. When she said that we were I was naked within seconds. Ella and Sarah followed. I carefully got off my horse and collected the skirts and tops. I then hid them behind a bush and marked the bush with a couple of small rocks and an empty coke bottle that I found.

As I walked back to my horse I saw that it still had a hard-on. I asked Alexi if they stayed hard for a long time.

“Oh yes,” she replied, “I’ve known them to be like that for the whole of my riding lesson.”

Alexi then had to tell me how to get back on my horse

We rode our horses out of the woods and along a wide track towards the beach. Along that track were a middle-aged couple walking towards us. I was the only one who spoke as we passed them. All I said was, “Good Afternoon!”

The beach was only, about 100 yards long and there were a few people on it, none were kids. We rode along the water’s edge, then back, with the water splashing up onto our legs. Alexi asked us if we’d like to do it again, but a bit faster.

We did, with us bouncing up and down. It was a great feeling as my naked butt and thighs came down on the leather. The saddle was wet with both seawater splashes and my juices. At one point I looked down at my breasts as they bounced along. I was really pleased that I have firm ‘C’ cups and not floppy ‘DDs’.

Just about everyone on the beach watched us; but none of them said anything.

Alexi then led us up onto a coastal path. At some time in the past it must have been popular for people to walk along the now deserted path because every 10 yards or so was the remains of a bench for people to sit and look out over the sea.

We got back on our horses and continued along the coastal path. We’d only been moving for about a minute when 2 young couples appeared in front of us. They looked quite surprised to see 3 naked girls and 1 girl wearing jodhpurs on horses. The men seemed to appreciate the sight, and the girls looked amused.

We came to a junction in the path and turned off, up towards the hills. We had a quiet walk through some woods and back to the stables. We were just about to turn in to the stables when Ella said, “What about our clothes?” We’d all completely forgotten about them, and had to go back and get them.

The stable hands appeared almost as soon as we arrived, and were eager to help us get off our horses. I’m sure that they got a good look up our skirts.

As we walked out of the place, the 3 of us that hadn’t ridden before all felt that we were walking a bit bow-legged.

On the bus on the way back to Faliraki we decided that we’d go for a walk along the beach, and maybe have a swim before returning to the villa. Alexi was still wearing her riding gear and asked that we find somewhere for her to change.

“No problem!” Ella said, “You can get changed right here.”

“No, I can’t,” Alexi said, “What about all these people?” There were about 6 or 7 others on the bus. Only 2 of them, men, were behind us.

“No!” said Alexi. But we weren’t listening. We pounced on her and stripped her naked. Getting the boots and jodhpurs was a bit of a challenge; and I’m sure that the driver was looking in his mirror at us.

Fortunately, Alexi took it in good spirit and didn’t scream out. The 2 men behind us were watching, but all the others just ignored us.

When we’d got Alexi naked we looked in the bag for her change of clothes. We found her shoes and skirt, but couldn’t find a top for her. She asked if she could put her riding top back on but we wouldn’t let her. We told her that she’d have to go topless.

Alexi wasn’t happy, so Sarah asked her if she would be happy if there were 2 of us topless. She agreed and Sarah took her top off.

We walked from the bus station to the beach, stopping for an ice cream on the way. As soon as we got to the beach both Ella and I took our tops off as well. We were all now wearing only shoes and skirts. The shoes didn’t last long before being consigned to our bag.

We walked slowly along the water’s edge, searching out the good looking guys on the way.

After a while Ella said that she wanted to cool down. We had a little discussion and decided that if we took our skirts off close to the water and ran in, hardly anyone would realise that we were naked. So we did.

We spent a good 15 minutes splashing around. I washed all the dried horse cum off the inside of my thighs. By that time I think that I was only leaking my own juices.

We decided to get out and headed for the beach. When we got to about knee deep, I looked for our bag. I couldn’t see it; neither could any of the others.

We scanned up and down the beach but couldn’t see it anywhere. We went back into the water to decide what to do.

We worked out that the sea’s current might have moved us up the coast a bit, so our bag might be down the beach out of sight. As we needed to go down the beach to get back to the villa we decided to walk down the beach, in the water, so that our lower halves were hidden.

We set off and I soon got fed-up with walking that deep in the sea, and went to about knee deep. It wasn’t long before the other three joined me.

Fortunately there weren’t many kids there, and those that were there just ignored us. I can’t say the same for the older boys. They had a good look at us; one of them even followed us for about 100 yards.

One time Alexi thought she saw a policeman walking towards us. We all immediately turned and went neck deep in the sea. As we swam on and the man got closer we realised that it was just a man wearing a shirt and trousers the same colour as the cops. We went closer to the shore.

We got closer to the point where we needed to leave the beach and we still hadn’t seen our bag. Alexi was getting worried about her riding clothes; she hadn’t a clue how she would explain the loss to her mother.

We stood around in the sea deciding if we had any option other than running for it. The consensus was that we didn’t. We had to get over the beach and across a busy street before we would get to a street that would be a lot less busy.

We looked all round to make sure that there were no police around; then started walking. We figured that running would attract more attention.

As we got half way to the road we realised that we would have to walk passed a large group of youths. Alexi was a bit scared so we told her to stay close to us.

We got just about every comment that you could imagine; even a few phrases that I’d never heard before.

Alexi was a bit shocked, but okay.

At the roadside we had a quick look each way. Apart from a few holidaymakers we saw no one that might cause us a problem. Then we ran; across the main road and down the side road. We ran for about 100 yards before slowing down to a walk. The rest of the way was along quiet roads. A couple of cars passed us, and one beeped its horn, but that was it.

As we got close to the villa we saw Dimitri turn into the villa; and he had our bag with him.

When we asked him about how he got it he said that he’s been on the beach with some of his friends and he’s recognised it as Alexi’s. He checked inside and found Alexi’s riding hat with her name on it. So he’d brought it home.

We didn’t know whether to be mad at him of pleased with him. Was he a being a caring brother, or had he seen us and decided to play a trick on us. I guess that we’ll never know.

That night we 3 English girls decided that we wanted to get laid. We got cleaned-up and set off. I’d decided that instead of wearing a top and skirt, I would wear 2 tube tops. The ‘skirt’ one just covered my butt, and only covered my pussy to people who were stood up.

We were looking for a group of 3 guys who were reasonable looking and were willing to buy us a few drinks. The first bar that we went in didn’t look promising; perhaps we were out a little too early.

The second was better; lots of groups of lads, some too drunk. We moved around in the semi light, getting groped a bit as we went. There were 3 potential fucks propping up a concrete pillar and drinking from bottles. We went and danced close to them.

I made eye contact with one of them, but he just looked away. He hadn’t a clue what he was going to lose out on.

In the third bar we struck lucky. As we walked in, 3 good looking guys walked in the same door coming from the other direction. We nearly collided; which was a great excuse to start talking. We stood talking for a couple of minutes then one of them decided to go to the bar. He came back with 6 bottles of beer.

We split naturally into 3 couples and were dancing, talking and drinking beer. The guy I was with was quite lively with his hands. It didn’t take him long to have an arm round me and a hand that kept ending up on one of me boobs or a butt cheek (over my ‘skirt’).

I only pushed them off if I thought he was getting a bit too confident, too quickly. I wanted a bit of a chase, not a quick, “wham, bang, thank you mam,” night.

We danced some more and I saw that Ella and Sarah were getting on with their guys okay. One time, relatively early on, Ella was dancing with her guy with her back against his chest. He had his arms round her and up her top.

My guy must have seen them as well because he danced his way behind me and held me the same way. As he went under my tube top and played with my breasts and nipples, my tube top rode up over my tits, letting everyone have a look at them. I could feel his hard-on pressing into my butt. It felt big.

After a few minutes I pulled away, turned to face him, letting him have a look at my tits; then pulled my tube top back over my tits. I had to adjust my ‘skirt’ as well, it had crept up and most of my cheeks and pussy were on display.

We got together with the others and decided to move on, to another bar. As we were walking down the main street, my guy had his arm partially round me, with his hand on my butt. It crept down to my thigh, then back up, under my ‘skirt’.

Of course, my ‘skirt’ rode up, back and front. When I looked down, I could see the top of my crack. If I could see it, then so could anyone else who looked. I didn’t care.

We found a bar that the guys wanted to go in, and they got us all some more beers. We stood and talked and tried to swallow each other’s tongues. My exposed ass was getting massaged. Ella’s and Sarah’s were as well; although I couldn’t be 100% sure as their guy’s hand was under their skirts.

I pulled my ‘skirt’ down as we went to dance. My guy wanted to dance real close straight away. He was behind me, holding me real close as we shuffled in time to the music. One of his hands was massaging my tits, and the other my stomach (above my ‘skirt’). His hard cock felt good against my ass.

I slid both my hands behind me and they met at his zip. Down the zip went, and out came his cock. I wanked him a bit then rubbed his pre-cum all over one finger. I pulled that finger out from between us and held it to the side of my face, where he could see it; then I sucked it.

The guy got ambitious; he lifted me up so that his cock sprung between my legs. I reached down and guided his cock inside me; then pulled my ‘skirt’ down in front to cover my pussy.

He danced a bit, still holding me off the ground with his cock buried deep inside me.

I looked over at Sarah and Ella; they appeared to be having nearly as much fun as I was.

He walked out of the bar onto the middle of the street with me still impaled on him and my feet dangling. He turned and said that he was waiting to see if his mates followed us. They did, but all 4 of them were walking.

I leaned my head back and asked my guy if we were going back to their hotel. He said, “Unless you’ve got anywhere better.”

We got about 100 yards down the road before he lowered me to the ground. It hurt a bit as his hard cock got at a funny angle before slipping out. I turned and put it back in his shorts before pulling my ‘skirt’ down.

We almost ran all the way to their hotel and through reception. In the lift clothes were being almost ripped off. Six nearly naked people left that lift and ran to their room.

What happened next could easily be described as an orgy. The 3 guys on the three beds and us 3 moving round the guys until we had fucked each of them.

The guys needed a rest so one of them got some beers out of the fridge and 6 naked people went out onto the balcony and watched the world go by.

Then it was round 2. We started by getting the guys hard with our mouths. I didn’t let the guy I was with cum; instead I lay on the bed and lifted my legs up and back. He knew what to do and rammed into me.

With more moaning, grunting and swearing, the 3 guys came again.

I needed to cum again so I told him to get on top of me in the 69 position. I took his soft cock into my mouth and he started eating me. He was quite good at it as well.

It took a while before his cock got hard again. He was concentrating on eating me and kept his cock in the same place so I raised and lowered my head so that the whole of his cock was in my mouth and throat. I was glad that his pubic hair was short; I hate getting a hair stuck in the back of my throat.

I orgasmed before he did; but I still kept on throating him. I felt him tense up then cum. I never even tasted his cum; it went straight down my throat.

He rolled off me and I looked round. The others were all just lying there.

We just lay there relaxing. After a while I realised that the guy next to me was asleep. I whispered to Ella and Sarah that he’d passed out. Both of them said, “So has mine,” at the same time. We laughed (quietly); then Sarah said, “Shall we go?”

We found our clothes, got dressed, helped ourselves to another beer; and left.

Out on the street we decided to head back to the villa. That was after a discussion as to whether or not we should go looking for some more fun.

It was my turn in the middle of the bed that night and I had a very relaxing sleep.

Day 11

As we were eating breakfast I was looking at the CFM. I had this thought that we could turn it into a 2 girl operation. I thought that it could be set-up to tease a pussy, rather than fuck it. After I’d finished eating I turned the CFM round on the sunbed and pulled a chair to the end. I asked Sarah to sit on the front edge of the chair with her legs wide open. I adjusted the sunbed’s place until the dildo part was touching Sarah’s pussy.

I got on the sunbed and started pedalling. Yes, Sarah could just sit there and let me pedal-fuck her. Good, but not quite what I was originally thinking of. I got off the sunbed and moved it closer to the chair. The dildo was resting along the length of Sarah’s pussy and pointing more towards the sun. I got back on the sunbed and slowly pedalled. The dildo slid up and down the length of Sarah’s pussy, rubbing her clit as it went.

Sarah smiled and said that it felt good. I kept pedalling. Sarah discovered that she could adjust its position by moving her butt on the chair. She begged me to keep pedalling.

While we were having fun, Dimitri appeared. He looked at us, then at Sarah and said, “Can I fuck you Sarah?” Sarah looked shocked and said, “No.”

“Please; Amy and Ella let me fuck them.” Dimitri replied.

Sarah looked over to me and Ella. We smiled.

Sarah repeated her refusal. Dimitri turned to Alexi and said, “How about you sis. Do you fancy a fuck?” Alexi’s jaw dropped; then she said, “The only fuck you’re going to get here is ‘Fuck Off’; go and have a wank Dimitri” Ella and I laughed. Dimitri stormed off.

Alexi looked at me, so I said, “Better that he learns from me than some slut down an alley somewhere.” Alexi thought for a minute then said, “Yes, you’re right, thank you. It’s a shame that your brother Ben didn’t come with you.”

We weren’t in the mood, or had much energy, so we stayed by the pool; not even clearing the breakfast things.

After about an hour we heard noises and assumed that it was Dimitri doing something. Imagine our surprise when this cute guy came round the corner carrying a long pole with a net on the end, and a tool box.

All 4 of us were naked and lying on sunbeds.

The guy looked at us, saw Alexi and said something in Greek. By that time Alexi was bright red and had closed her legs. Alexi said something in Greek back to him and he smiled; then looked at us 3 again. None of us 3 had tried to cover up, or close our legs.

Alexi and the guy had a short conversation, then Alexi said, “Ladies, this is Andreas, he’s come to clean the pool. I forgot all about him coming today, sorry.”

“I’m glad that you did forget Alexi, he’s quite cute, and does he speak English?” Sarah said.

“Only a few words.” Alexi replied.

“Well don’t let us stop him doing his job.” Ella said.

Alexi had another conversation with Andreas, who then walked on, towards the pool.

Andreas says that he likes English girls Alexi said. “And we like him too!” Ella said.

Andreas got on with his job as the 4 of us watched him. After a while we cleared the breakfast things then started messing about, running around and throwing little things at each other. We could see Andreas watching, but pretending not us watch us.

I swear that it wasn’t planned, but as I ran passed him I collided with him and he fell in the pool. We all stopped and watched him get out. He said something to Alexi in Greek. She laughed then turned to us and told us that he’d said that if he’d done that when he was a kid he would have got spanked.

I said, “Wow!” Sarah looked at Ella; then they both looked at me with evil grins on their faces. “You wouldn’t?” I said; but they did. They came to me and grabbed an arm each. Alexi twigged what was happening and moved a chair over towards me. Alexi told Andreas to sit down; then Ella and Sarah dragged me over to Andreas and put me over his lap. I have to admit that I didn’t struggle much, or complain.

As I went down I could feel Andreas’s cock pressing against my side.

Alexi and Andres had another little conversation in Greek; then I felt Andreas’s hand swat my butt. I wasn’t really expecting it and I screamed a bit. Ella and Sarah laughed and told Alexi to tell Andreas to get on with it.

After about the fifth stroke Ella said, “More; harder.” Alexi translated. The more that Andreas spanked my bare bum, the more the others urged him on.

My butt was hurting and I was close to crying. After about the thirtieth stroke I realised that it wasn’t hurting any more, in fact I was feeling good.

My hand (that wasn’t trapped against Andreas) came up from the ground and went up the inside of Andreas’s wet shorts. As more swats come down on my butt I discovered that Andreas wasn’t wearing underwear. My hand found his cock. I squeezed it then realised that I was close to cumming. Five more swats and I started moaning and shaking; then it hit me. I screamed, loud. So loud that the couple in the villa next door came out to see what the noise was.

Andreas stopped spanking me and his hand rested on my butt. As I started to get back to normal I felt Andreas’s hand slide to my pussy and enter me. I squeezed Andreas’s cock again, and moved my hand up and down his cock as much as I could in the limited space.

I wanted more. I got up and pulled Andreas up. He started to walk towards the villa but I didn’t move. Instead I reached for the zip of his shorts, unfastened them and let them drop. I heard Alexi gasp as Andrea’s cock came into view.

I led him to a sunbed and motioned for him to lie down; then I held his cock and sat on it facing away from him. I looked at the others; Ella and Sarah were smiling and Alexi’s mouth and eyes were wide open.

I rode Andreas until we both orgasmed; me first. As he started to go soft I reached down and fondled his balls and stroked the inside of his thighs until I could feel him getting hard again.

I got off Andreas and offered him to the others. Ella and Sarah weren’t in the mood, but Alexi was. I told Alexi that she was too young to let him fuck her; and besides, we didn’t have any condoms. Alexi wasn’t happy, but she accepted it. She walked over to him, knelt beside him and took his cock into her mouth. When she came up for air she said, “You didn’t say that I couldn’t do that.”

I smiled at her and said, “Go for it girl; why don’t you try a 69?” Alexi knew what to do. She told Andreas to move from the sunbed to the floor; then knelt over him, offering her pussy to his mouth as her mouth engulfed his cock again.

Andreas was good; I almost wished that I’d got him to do that to me.

We watched them satisfy each other; afterwards, Alexi came and sat with us. She said that she was going to see her doctor to get on the pill soon.

Andreas finished working on the pool; had a brief conversation with Alexi, kissed her, and left. As Alexi came back to us she said that she always thought that he was cute.

We got a drink and discussed what we were going to do for the rest of the day. No one could think of anything special that they wanted to do so I suggested that we go to Traganou Beach again; but this time leave all our clothes back at the villa. It is one thing being naked and having some clothes in a bag with you, just in case; but it’s something else leaving all your clothes miles away. It’s a lot more daring, and arousing.

After a bit of debate everyone agreed and we then had to decide what to take with us. We settled on suntan lotion, money, bottles of water, shoes and towels; that was it. We all agreed that the towels were not to be worn at any time. Oh, one more thing, our Ben Wa balls. We decided that we’d share the three pairs between the four of us, swapping whenever one of us had an orgasm.

Alexi was a bit nervous when we set off, but as soon as we got out of the built-up area she relaxed.

Two youths on motorbikes passed us and turned round and went passed us again (slowly) for a better look. We turned off the road onto the coastal path just after we’d seen them.

There were a few people walking along the paths, but no one said anything. Shortly before we got there Alexi had to stop for a minute, then for another one while she took out the balls and passed them to me.

We spread our towels out at the top end of the beach and improved our all-over tans for an hour or so. To start off with, we were the only people for about 50 yards; but after a while, a middle-aged man came and sat about 15 yards from us. Alexi swears that she saw him wanking at one point. That may have been something to do with the little contest that we had. We decided to see who could cum first. All 4 of us frigging probably had something to do with him wanking; but apart from that we had a quiet time.

We decided to walk further down the beach to find an ice cream. We got to the part near the road where quite a few people were. Some openly stared at us, but again, no one said anything. Neither did the young man in the beach café who sold us the ice creams. I’m pretty sure that he under-charged us, he probably wasn’t able to add-up properly when confronted by 4 naked girls. Poor boy! We were all feeling in a bit of a teasing mode so we sat at a table near the counter and teased the poor boy by opening and closing our legs. I tied my hair back so that he could have a good look at my tits as I tweaked my nipples.

We finished the ice creams and got a bit bored so we headed off back up the beach.

We stopped and spread our towels near where the sea looked more inviting, and ran into the water. We swam and messed about for about 15 minutes then went back to our towels.

After more suntan improvements we had another quick dip then headed back to the villa. On the way we had to stop to let Sarah give Alexi her Ben Wa balls.

As we walked along the costal path we saw 2 young couples walking towards us. By the time they got right up to us we could see that the boys were uncomfortable in the shorts department, so much so that Alexi giggled at them. Just after they’d passed us, Alexi looked back and saw them going down to a little cove. There was no one there when we passed it so we assumed that our little display had prompted a bit of action between them. Alexi wanted to go back and spy on them; but she was out-voted.

As we walked back through the built-up area, Alexi got a bit nervous when we saw a man walking down the street towards us. Alexi told us that he lived just down the road from them. She hoped that he wouldn’t tell her parents what he’d seen. In the hope that we could distract him so that he didn’t see Alexi. I asked Ella to put her arm round me and play with one of my nipples. It may have worked because he was looking at Ella and my breasts all the time.

It was dancing at the club night, so the 3 of us showered and got ready. We wore the same little wrap skirts that we wore for the audition; the tops didn’t matter as we didn’t expect them to stay on for long.

We left the villa in time to get there for 10 pm. The security man on the door had been told to expect us and we were led to a room at the back where we met the club’s lead dancer, Anna. It turned out that she is from Manchester and moved to Rhodes five years ago and started out by seeing an advert for a dancer at a club, just like we did.

Anna asked the usual question about Sarah and didn’t seem at all concerned about her flat chest. She then asked us if we were wearing thongs to dance in. I told her that the manager had told us that it would be okay for us to wear our skirts. I didn’t say, “Just our skirts.”

Anna looked each of us up and down; then said, “They are quite short, I guess it will be okay.” None of us said anything about our lack of underwear.

We were told where to leave our tops and taken out into the club. It was still quiet, but there were dancers on the floor, in cages and one dancing round a pole. Anna told us that she knew that none of us had danced round a pole before and that we’d soon get the hang of it.

Anna told us that 2 of us would take over from 2 of the girls in the cages, and the other 1 would dance round the pole. She’d come and swap us over every 10 minutes or so.

Anna took us to one of the cages first, and pressed a button on a remote control. The cage came down to the floor and a girl wearing just a thong got out. Sarah got in and with another press of a button, the cage went up. As it went up I could see Sarah’s butt, but couldn’t tell that she was underwearless.

Sarah started dancing as Ella, Anna and I went to another cage. Another button pressed and down the cage came. Ella got in that one.

That left me to be the pole dancer. As we walked over to the pole I watched the girl who was already there. She was good. I told Anna that I was worried about losing my grip and coming crashing down. She picked up a jar and told me to rub a bit of the waxy substance on my hands, and my lower legs. She told me that it would help me grip the pole.

When the other girl left, Anna told me to do a few spins round the pole, then try whatever I wanted. She told me that I would soon get the confidence to try some more ambitious things.

And she was right, as soon as I gripped the pole with my hands I realised that I wouldn’t slide easily. I did a couple of spins round the pole then put my hands high and gripped. I could easily lift both my legs and do the mid-air splits, both at the side of the pole and either side of the pole with the pole pressing against my pussy. I was enjoying myself and was totally oblivious to the people watching. I certainly wasn’t thinking about my pussy being on display.

I tried climbing the pole with my legs and feet in the position that I saw the other girl do. I could do it; I was elated. I wrapped my legs round the pole and slowly slid down with the pole rubbing against my pussy. It felt good, but not as good as the knobbly rope in the gym back at school.

I tried gripping the pole high above my head and swinging my legs right up so I was upside down. I wrapped my legs tight round the pole. I wanted to let go with my hands but I didn’t have the confidence. I slid down with my skirt round my chest.

At the bottom I put my hands on the floor into the handstand position against the pole; then wrapped my legs round the pole. I wanted to pull myself up but I didn’t have the confidence, instead I lowered my legs either side of the pole and walked away on my hands as my pussy slid down the pole.

I was just thinking about what else I could do when Anna came over and told me my time was up. I walked over to Anna as another girl took over.

“The boss didn’t tell me that you didn’t wear anything under the skirt. Are the others knickerless as well?” Anna asked.

I asked Anna if there was a problem with that. She said not and added that the punters would love it; that it was a lot more teasing than thongs.

Anna told me to dance on the main dance floor until one of the cages was free. As I danced I watched the girl on the pole and looked for Ella and Sarah. I could see them, but it was a bit dark. I couldn’t see up their skirts and I guessed that anyone standing underneath wouldn’t be able to see that they were knickerless.

The cage that Sarah was in was lowered to the ground and I swapped places with her. As we passed each other I told her not to wear shoes when she went to pole dance, and that it was fun.

Up I went, to about 7 or 8 feet in the air. I started dancing and looking around. I could see Sarah starting on the pole. She looked as nervous as I had been. She kept spinning round the pole with her skirt flipping up in the draught that she was causing.

Sarah started doing similar things to what I did. There were times when I could see her skirt round her chest, but I was too far away to see any detail.

Sarah’s time was soon up and Ella took over. Ella was good. In no time she was spinning round with her legs wide apart in the air. She was good at climbing the pole as well. I could see her face as she slid down with the pole against her pussy. She was enjoying it.

All too soon, Ella’s time was up, and so was mine. Anna came and collected me and took me to Ella and Sarah.

Anna told us that the boss had told her that we had some sort of a dance routine that we’d done for him. She told us to have a 10 minute break then she’d clear the stage and we’d be up. We found a quiet corner and talked. We all agreed that the cage dancing wasn’t much fun because it was too dark. We all enjoyed the pole dancing. I said that it would be good to add it to our cheerleading routine back at university; but as we didn’t know where we would be performing it was a non-starter. Ella asked Sarah and me if we knew of any pole dancing clubs or bars near the university. I said that I might do, and that I’d check it out when we got back.

Anna came for us and took us to the stage. We left our shoes at the back of the stage and Sarah took the lead. We went through everything that we’d done for the manager, and some more. The bright lights were on us and we couldn’t see how many people were watching us; but we could just hear the cheers over the music. They were the loudest when we were rubbing our pussies against Sarah’s legs.

By the time we’d finished I doubt that there was anyone, other than the barmen who hadn’t seen our pussies. It felt good.

As the night went on, we repeated our routine, and had another couple of sessions on the pole and in the cages. We all got more confident on the pole and spent more time upside down and with our legs spread wide.

As the place filled up, the place got darker; but the places where girls were performing got lit up more with spotlights. Some of the spotlights were on walls low down and shining up into the cages. I started to enjoy the cage dancing more as I could hear men below passing comments about what I wasn’t wearing.

At about three in the morning the place closed down and threw the last of the customers out. Anna called us over and told us that we’d got the job on a permanent basis. Our skirts and lack of underwear had been popular with the customers. She told us that we’d get paid weekly as the club closed on each Saturday night.

On the way back to the villa we all said that we wanted to do more pole dancing. We decided to do some research when we got back to university.

Day 12

We were late up that morning. By the time we emerged, Dimitri has disappeared and Alexi was skinny dipping. She told us that one of her friends had phoned and invited her round. She said that she didn’t really want to go, but felt that she should. We promised not to do anything exciting without her.

As Alexi was leaving, I called her over and lifted her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. I kissed her and told her that she was a good girl.

We decided to go for a long, slow walk; got dressed and set off. The pace was slow; we were still tired from the night before.

We ended up walking along the main Faliraki beach. As we’d gone onto the beach we had automatically taken our tops and shoes off; leaving us in just our micro skirts. The ones that fasten with just a small piece of velcro.

About half a mile along the beach we came across a game of volleyball on a properly marked court. We decided to stop and watch for a while and sat on the sand. That part of the beach was reasonably crowded and we weren’t the only ones watching the game.

After a few minutes Ella said, “That’s it, I’ve just realised what’s odd about this game. There are 3 players in each team. I’m sure that there should only be 2.”

“Whatever!” said Sarah.

There was a team of 3 girls and a team of 3 boys. The girls were getting thrashed; losing just about every point. Ella said that we could do better than them.

When the game ended, Ella got up and went over to the lads. When she finally got them to raise their heads and talk to her face, she challenged them to a game. Sarah and I overheard this and I said, “Thanks Ella,” in a sarcastic voice.

The lads looked over to Sarah and me; then one of them accepted the challenge. I wasn’t really in the mood, but my friend had challenged them and I wasn’t about to let her down. The NEWPS ‘team spirit’ and all that.

Sarah and I got up and went over. The lads didn’t see my face; their eyes never went higher than my chest as I asked them how to play the game; what were the rules? One of them finally saw my face and quickly explained the rules.

We got started and it didn’t take the lads long to realise that if we had to jump for the ball, our little, light, floaty skirts would go up and they’d get an eyeful of our goodies.

The problem for them was that if they knocked the ball high, one of us would jump for it. If we missed, which we usually did, there was a good chance that the ball would go out of the court. It wasn’t long before we were leading.

Ella was the first to trip on the court’s edge marking tape. She went flying, landing with her skirt round her waist. The boys enjoyed that view, so did some of the few people that were watching.

A bit later, both Ella and I went for one rally. We collided and fell to the sand. As we fell, something must have caught on my skirt because when I landed I realised that I was totally naked. I pretended not to notice, got up and went to my starting position, expecting the game to start again.

Nothing happened; everyone was looking at me. I said, “What!”

Sarah looked at me and said, “Amy Skirt.” I looked down and said, “Ooops.”

I looked round, saw my skirt and went and put it on.

After that the lads didn’t stand a chance. We beat them easily. We went over to them to thank them for the game; and got talking. This time they managed to look at our faces.

We got our tops and shoes and went and sat with the lads. I sat with my knees up and together; but one of the lads was in front and to my side. It didn’t take him long to realise what he could see.

As he mumbled on, I looked at Sarah; she was sat with her legs out straight, slightly apart. She was leaning back on her hands. One of the lads was sat at her feet. Her skirt wasn’t covering much at all so he must have been able to see her puss.

Ella was flashing as well. She was sat like me, knees up and together; right in front of the third boy; but her feet were well apart. He had a straight line of vision to her pussy.

I was getting wet seeing these 3 lads lust after our pussies and the bulges in their shorts.

Ella suggested that we go for a swim, saying that we all needed to cool down. One of the lads said that we couldn’t because we hadn’t got our bikinis with us. Sarah said that if we’d been somewhere quieter we’d have gone skinny dipping; then said, “Why don’t we go like this?” meaning in our skirts.

Both Ella and I said okay, and we all got up and ran into the sea.

It didn’t take long for us to split off into pairs and start snogging. This got more passionate and hands started wandering.

The inevitable happened and we started fucking. The lad standing there and me floating on my back with my legs round him. The last time that I’d fucked in the sea was in Ibiza, with Ben.

As I lay there with him ramming into me, I looked round at Ella and Sarah. I couldn’t see much of them as they were floating in front of their guy.

All around us, dozens of people were going in and out of the sea. Only a couple were watching us. I guess that they were trying to work out if they were watching what they thought they were watching.

When there are so many people messing about in the sea it’s difficult to know if the scream of pleasure were that, or just people having fun.

Sexual needs satisfied, we got out of the sea. We didn’t want to sit on the sand because it would have got all over our wet skirts. Instead we decided to dump the lads and move on. We said our farewells and thanked the lads for the fun. As we left we reminded them who won the volleyball.

We decided to head back to the villa, stopping for a coffee at one of the bars.

As we got back to the villa we heard people talking and laughing round the back. When we’d left, both Alexi and Dimitri had gone out, so we went to a window and looked out at the pool area. Imagine the pleasant surprise when we saw Alexi and what we assumed to be one of her mates standing by the pool, both completely naked. There were two other girls in the pool that were at least topless.

We left our clothes in our room and went to join them.

As we walked out to the pool, the girls saw us and the three mates all tried to cover their ‘bits’. Alexi told us that she wasn’t expecting us to be there; but was glad that we were. She introduced us then told us that they’d been at one of her friend’s houses and they’d got talking about her English relative and her friends. Alexi had told them all about us being naked most of the time; and about some of the ‘adventures’ that she’d had with us.

Alexi’s friends had told her that they wanted to meet us. Alexi had told them that we wouldn’t be at the villa, but that they could all go there and wait. Alexi put three conditions on it. Firstly that the three of them go and shave off all their pubic hair, secondly that they go there underwearless, and thirdly, that they remove all their clothes when they get there. Alexi told them that if they were going to be at her villa, then they would have to be dressed like the ‘English’ girls.

Apparently there had been a little bit of a conversation about those conditions, but Alexi had won; and here they were.

The girls started to relax a bit and stopped trying to cover-up; not that they’d been very successful anyway.

The English of the other three girls wasn’t as good as Alexi’s so Alexi had to translate at times.

The girls wanted to know all sorts of things about us, about England, about English men, and all sorts of other things. We spent the next couple of hours answering questions either round or in the pool.

We were all sat drinking (soft drinks) when all of a sudden Dimitri and one of his mates came round the corner. It had taken Dimitri long enough to get used to seeing us three and his little sister naked, but to see three of his little sister’s friends naked a well, was something of a shock. He just stood there and stared. His mate was one of the ones that had been round; he too just stood and stared.

As for Alexi’s three mates, well they screamed and six hands went to breasts and pubes. Apparently, Alexi had told them that Dimitri wouldn’t be there.

Alexi tried to calm her mates and I went to Dimitri and told him that either they both get naked, or they disappear. They opted for the latter option. Before they left I told Dimitri that his sister had told us that he wouldn’t be back until the evening. Dimitri said that his mate wanted one more look at the naked English girls before they went back to England.

I escorted the two boys away from the pool and told Dimitri that if they wanted to spy on all the naked girls they should go into the villa through the front entrance; and quietly go upstairs and look out of a window; but to make sure that they weren’t seen.

The last time I saw them, they were heading for the front door.

Back round at the pool things were more relaxed. The young girls were talking amongst themselves and Ella and Sarah looked a bit amused by it all.

I asked Alexi what her mates were saying. She told me that they were horrified that Dimitri and his mate had seen them naked. I asked Alexi to tell them that they now had a sort of power over those boys. That the next time that they saw them they should act all confident and tease them by asking them if they enjoyed the view; and did they want to see more. I could just about guarantee that they would say that they did. Once that happened they have a sort of control over them; and that they could get those boys to do just about anything for them.

The girls looked very sceptical so I told Alexi to tell them to try it; that men will do just about anything for a beautiful woman.

Sarah changed the subject by suggesting a game of water polo and we all ended up in the pool throwing a ball about. I looked up to the windows a couple of times and could just about see a couple of faces watching us. I wondered how many times Dimitri, and maybe some of his mates, had looked down on us.

After a while I asked Alexi if she had introduced her friends to the CFM. She hadn’t, so I suggested that she did. The four of them got out of the pool and we watched Alexi demonstrate how it worked.

One by one, all four peddled themselves to an orgasm while the others, and us three, watched.

Time was getting on, Alexi’s friends left and we got some food ready.

That evening we got ready to go and do our dancing bit at the club again. When we walked there we went a slightly different way. As we passed a bar that we hadn’t seen before we saw a sign that said that there was a hypnotist performing there later that night. It was surrounded by pictures of young men and women doing silly things.

Ella stopped us and read all of the sign. “That looks fun!” she said. Sarah agreed. I was a bit sceptical. Ella said, “Sod the club; let’s go in here instead.”

We actually bought some beers for ourselves as we waited for the act to start.

When it did, I was a bit surprised that it was a woman; not that I have a problem with that.

She started by telling everyone that hypnotism doesn’t work for everyone; you have to be receptive to the idea. She said that she was going to attempt to hypnotise some people from the audience and then tell them to do a few silly things. No one would get hurt or be forced to do anything that they didn’t want to do.

Then she asked for 6 volunteers, 3 men and 3 women. Ella’s hand went up and she shouted, “3 women here.” The hypnotist looked over; then called us up. Sarah said that she wasn’t going, saying that we would need someone to tell us what we had done when we were hypnotised. I said that she had a good point. I would like to know what I had been up to. Ella said, “Okay,” and Ella and I went up.

I have to say that I wasn’t convinced about all this hypnotism stuff; but I was happy to give it a try.

The hypnotist selected another woman and 3 men. She asked us to get a chair each and sit in 2 rows – boys in 1 row and girls in the other; facing each other.

We were then told to sit upright, with our hands on our thighs, eyes closed, and to keep still and relax for a minute.

Next we were told to imaging a large metal box; open it and put all our thoughts, worries, debts, jobs and all our concerns into the box. Then close and lock the box. Then push the metal box to the back of our minds.

We were then told to sit quietly for a minute, thinking only about relaxing.

After the minute we were told to think about each part of our body, starting with our eyes, and to tell it to relax. We were told that by the time we got to our little toes, our body should be like a pile of children’s play dough.

The hypnotist then slowly went through the parts of our head, arms, torso and legs etc. telling us to tell that part to relax.

Author’s Note: At this point the story will continue being told by Sarah as Amy, and Ella were ‘hypnotised’. V

The hypnotist told the audience that what she was going to tell the ‘victims’ to do next would determine if the hypnotism had worked. She turned to the ‘victims’ and told them that their right arm was getting lighter and lighter. So light that it would start floating up, right up in the air.

When their right arm was fully in the air they were told to tell themselves that it was getting heavy; and to lower it back to their thighs.

Six arms slowly went up; then fell back down.

The audience were then told that when they opened their eyes, the ‘victims’ would do whatever she suggested that they do. She told the audience that her voice saying, “When I count to five, you will open your eyes and feel refreshed etc.” would bring them out of their hypnotic state; and someone saying, “Put all your thoughts into a large metal box,” would put them back in their hypnotic state.

The hypnotist then started telling them to do silly things like, scratch their armpit, pull faces, stand on their chair etc.

Then the interesting things started.

For starters they were told that would not be embarrassed by anything that they did.

The girls were told to passionately kiss the boy opposite them. Ella must have fancied her boy because she had to be told to stop.

The boys were told to take their shirts off.

The girls were told to put on the boy’s shirt, over their tops.

The boys were told to take their shirts off the girls.

At this point the hypnotist told the audience that she was going to test taking them out of their hypnotic state and putting them back in. She said, “When I count to five, you will open your eyes and feel refreshed etc.” All 6 looked all round with a puzzled look on their faces.

The hypnotist then told them that she was about to start the hypnotism. She said, “Put all your thoughts into a large metal box.” All 6 looked straight ahead.

The girls were told to take their tops off; none of them were wearing bras. They were reminded that they were not embarrassed so there was no need to cover their breasts.

The girls were told to hug the boys.

The girls were told to tweak the boy’s nipples.

The boys were told to tweak the girl’s nipples.

The boys were told to take off their shorts and underwear. They were reminded that they were not embarrassed so there was no need to cover their genitals.

The girls were told to take off their skirts and underwear. They were reminded that they were not embarrassed so there was no need to cover their genitals. Of course, Amy and Ella weren’t wearing knickers, but the third girl was wearing a small thong.

There were now six naked young people on the stage, none of them covering their ‘interesting’ bits. None of the boys were erect.

The girls were told to passionately kiss the boy opposite them again. The naked girl’s bodies pressed against the naked boy’s bodies caused 3 erections; much to the delight of the audience.

Next, all six were told to go into the audience and passionately kiss two members of the opposite sex; then go to the bar and get a bottle of beer and take it back to the stage.

One of the boys kissed me, it was quite nice. I took the opportunity to have a quick fondle of his cock. I watched the naked people move through the audience. All of them were getting groped as they moved around. I saw Amy put her hand on a man’s crotch as she kissed him.

While this was going on, the hypnotist moved all the chairs so that they were in one row facing the audience.

When they all got back on the stage, the hypnotist told them to put the bottles on the floor behind their chairs. The boys were told to sit down and the girls were told to sit on a boy’s lap. Ella and the third girl sat sideways on their boy’s lap, but Amy sat with one leg either side of the boy; facing the boy. I couldn’t see from where I was, but I believe that as she sat down, Amy impaled herself on her boy’s cock. The expression on his face supported my theory.

They were all told to kiss their partner.

Things got even more interesting next. All six were told to get their bottle of beer and sit on the front edge of their chair. They were then told to use the bottle for what they usually used a bottle like that for. The boy’s automatically put the bottle to their mouths and drank; but all three girls hesitated.

“Okay,” the hypnotists said, “do what you normally do with a beer bottle.”

All three girls took a drink from the bottle then put it to their naked pussies. After rubbing the end around their clits, they pushed the end into their pussies. Amy took her time and alternated between fucking herself with the bottle and drinking from it.

The audience loved this.

The hypnotist let this go on for a minute or so then told them to stop. The boys were then told to lie on the floor on their backs. Then the girls were told to get on their hands and knees; with their hands and knees either side of their partner. The classic 69 position.

The hypnotist then told them to do whatever they wanted to do. The girls started blowing the boys and the boys started eating the girls. The audience was going wild; but the six just continued as if they were the only ones in the room.

After a few minutes they all started cumming. The third girl backed off her partner’s cock and got his load on her face and chest. No one saw the other two guys cum; Ella and Amy swallowed it.

When they had all finished, the hypnotist told them all to stand up and go into the audience and kiss as many of the opposite sex as they could within the next 10 minutes.

One of the boys came to me for a kiss; as we kissed I wanked his semi into a full hard-on. After that I watched Amy and Ella enjoy being groped and finger fucked. I wondered how much, if any, of it they would remember.

The hypnotist called them back onto the stage and told them to get dressed. After that they were told to sit on a chair, close their eyes and relax. She told them that they wouldn’t remember what they had just done, but they would remember that they enjoyed themselves.

She then said that whenever someone said, “Put all your thoughts into a large metal box;” we would relax and start doing whatever the person who said it suggested.

She then said, "When I count to five, you will open your eyes and feel refreshed and alive. One, two, three, four, five."

All six ‘woke-up’ and looked round. One of the boys asked what had just happened. The hypnotist told him that he had just been hypnotised for a short while, and that he wasn’t to worry, he hadn’t done anything to be ashamed of.

The audience laughed.

Author’s Note: Back to Amy. V

Ella and I went and found Sarah and started asking questions about what had happened. With a big grin on her face, Sarah told us that we had just snogged two of the guys that had been on the stage with us.

We suddenly had quite a few guys around us, all wanting to talk to us. I overheard one of them tell another that he wondered where we got our all-over tans.

After a couple of free drinks we decided that we’d had enough and headed back to the villa.

Day 13

After we’d finished breakfast we were sat relaxing in the sun when I brought up the subject of the Hypnotist; and how good she was. I turned to Ella and said, “Put all your thoughts into a large metal box.” After a minute of silence from Ella I told her to clear up all the breakfast things. Ella stood up and started to do just that.

Sarah looked at me and asked me how I knew to say those words. I smiled and said, “You didn’t think that I’d fall for that load of crap did you?”

“Then you ……..” Sarah started to say. I just said, “Yes, it was fun wasn’t it?”

Sarah and I then had to explain to Alexi what had happened the night before. We were all laughing when Ella came back outside. She wanted to know what the joke was, but we wouldn’t tell her.

What I did tell Ella was that the CFM was getting lonely, and that she should go and give it its daily exercise. Ella went straight to the sunbed with the CFM on it, and started to fuck herself with it.

After a couple of minutes I said, "When I count to five, you will open your eyes and feel refreshed and alive. One, two, three, four, five."

Ella looked round and said, “How did I get here?” Sarah looked at me and we both laughed.

Ella was still pedalling away when Dimitri final emerged. I had a sudden thought and said, “Dimitri, this is our last full day here and I want to do something that involves you.” Dimitri turned to face me and looked interested. “Can you and 3 of your mates be here at 2 pm? I’ve got something for them to do that will probably take about 2 hours. I promise that you’ll all get well rewarded.”

Dimitri looked a bit puzzled and stayed quiet. “Please!” I said. After another pause he said, “Okay,” and left.

Ella looked at me and said, “What are you planning Amy?”

I smiled and said, “Something outrageous, exhibitionistic and it would be humiliating for a lot of women.”

“But not for you?” Ella said. “Spill!” was all Sarah said.

I turned to Alexi and asked her if Apollo had a collar and leash. When she said that there should be one in the garage I asked her to go and get it. As she walked to the garage I told Ella and Sarah that I was thinking about Dimitri taking a different dog for a walk. Sarah said, “Who, you?”

Alexi was back with the collar and leash. I told all 3 of them that I was still working on the details and that I’d tell them at 2 pm.

We improved our all-over tans for a while, whilst working out what to do for the rest of the morning. Someone mentioned photographs of Faliraki and Alexi asked why we hadn’t taken any photographs while we were there. Ella said that we were poor students and couldn’t afford a camera.

Alexi said that she’d got a digital camera that we could borrow; she said that she could email the photos to us. We liked the idea. I got a pen and piece of paper and wrote the NEWPS email address. I asked Alexi if she could email the photos there; then everyone could look at them.

Alexi asked what this NEWPS thing was. We spent the next 15 minutes explaining about NEWPS.

Alexi went and got her camera and took some photos of us around the pool. We all took some so that no one would be left out.

We decided to put some clothes on and go into Faliraki and take some photos of places that were interesting to us. While we were walking there I remembered something that I’d read somewhere. I didn’t say anything to the others.

We must have taken about 50 photos of places with us in front of them. It was difficult to get a serious photo that we could show our parents; every time someone was about to take a photo, one of us would lift someone’s skirt or top so we’d have to start again.

We were stood outside the club that we’d danced in when I remembered my idea. I asked Alexi for the camera and asked the others to go and wait about 20 yards away.

I waited for some tourist looking people to walk by and went up to one of them, a man. I asked him to take my photo, telling him that it was for my boyfriend who couldn’t come on holiday with me because he was sick. The man agreed and I gave him the camera, showed him how it worked and backed away.

I posed all respectable like until just before I thought he was going to take the shot. I then said, “Wait, I know what will cheer him up.” I dropped my skirt and pulled my top off, leaving me naked; then assumed the same pose.

The poor man didn’t know what to do. I said, “That button on the top, just point the camera at me and press it.”

When he’d taken the shot I quickly wrapped my skirt round me and pulled my top on while walking towards him. I thanked him again, and while he passed me the camera I said, “He’ll have something to look forward to when I send this to him.”

The others wanted a go and all selected their ‘victim’. Ella picked two youths who looked well pleased when she got naked. All in all, we must have spent nearly 30 minutes getting photos for our ‘boyfriends’.

We headed off back to the villa to get something to eat.

Dimitri and 3 of his mates arrived right on time. The 3 mates stared at us 4 naked girls. I asked Alexi if she was going to be alright at school with Dimitri’s mates spreading the word that they’d seen her naked. She laughed and told me that she’d thought about it when they’d first come round and seen her. She said that she couldn’t care less; she was going to try what I’d said about turning it on them and getting them to do things for her.

I laughed and said, “Good for you.”

When the boys had got over their initial lust, I told everyone what my plan was. I told them that I wanted to wear Apollo’s collar and leash, have my hands tied behind my back, and be walked naked, right through the centre of Faliraki.

Alexi translated what I’d said, and we watched the shocked expressions on the boy’s faces. One of them said something that Alexi translated to, “Are you crazy?”

Sarah said, “Yes,” which Alexi translated.

I went on to tell them that as a reward for taking part I would let them all gangbang me when we got back.

When Alexi translated, they all looked more interested.

I then told them that there were two more parts to the deal. The first part was that they were all going to have to spank my bare butt just before we left; and secondly, someone had to write the words ‘whore‘, and ‘slut’ in Greek and in English, on my back and chest in marker pen (the removable type).

I explained to everyone that if anyone asked what was going on, they were to say that I was married to an old-fashioned Greek man, and that I had cheated on him. His punishment for me was that I had to let his son lead me through town dressed like the cheating whore that I was.

Ella said, “Brilliant!” Sarah said that only I could have thought of that, and wanted to do that. Alexi asked me if I was sure that I wanted to do it.

I then explained that I wanted two of the boys to lead me, and the other two and Ella and Sarah were to be about 15 yards ahead and behind me, keeping a lookout for cops. I said that I wanted Alexi to walk about 5 yards alongside me carrying a bag with some clothes in it. If anyone sees a cop you are to run to me and Alexi, and get me covered-up. We’d then split up and meet back here. I told everyone that I wanted Dimitri to be leading me through the main part of Faliraki, just in case I needed something translating. The other 3 boys could swap places whenever they like.

Alexi translated and I then said, “Right, let’s get organised. Dimitri, you go and find some rope to tie my hands. Girls, you put some clothes on and help Alexi find a dress or something that will slip easily over my head, remember that my hands will be tied behind me; Oh, and get the camera and the remote vibe please. I want to be on a high all the time. I’m going for a pee.”

When everyone was back I was the only one naked. I looked at the rope that Dimitri had got; it was okay, so I told him to tie my wrists. While he was doing that I checked that we had everything that we’d need. I then asked Alexi to put the collar and leash on me, then write ‘whore‘ and ‘slut’ in Greek and English on my back and chest with the marker pen. I asked her to write it in big letters; I told her that I wanted everyone to be able to read it.

I went over to the table and was just about to bend over it when I remembered the vibe. Obviously I couldn’t put it in, so I asked Alexi to. Sarah said that she wanted to do it. I turned to Sarah and said, “Don’t be greedy Sarah, you had your tongue in there last night.”

One of the Greek boys saw what Alexi had in her hand and asked her what it was. She laughed and told him. She put it in his hand then switched it on. The poor boy nearly had a heart attack, and more importantly, he nearly dropped it. More laughter and Alexi took it back from him.

I bent over the table and spread my legs. Alexi squatted down behind me and rubbed the vibe up and down my pussy. “Amy, this is going to be easy, you’re soaking wet already.” Alexi said as I felt the vibe go in. She pushed it in as far as she could; then licked her fingers.

“Right, who’s going to spank me first?” I asked. As soon as Alexi had translated, Dimitri and his mates all moved forward. Ella took control and told three of them to move back. My legs weren’t wide enough for Ella and she told me to spread them more. I could feel the air on my open puss.

The lad was obviously nervous; his first slap didn’t even hurt.

“Harder.” I said.

The second slap hurt.

“Ella, count them up to 50 and then let someone else take over.” I said.

The slaps continued. By the time he got to 50, my backside was starting to hurt all the time. The next boy took over. Again, his first slap didn’t hurt.

“Harder.” I said.

By the end of the second 50, my backside felt hot. I asked Ella what it looked like and she said that it was bright red, but it didn’t look painful. I wanted my butt to glow and have marks that would last all day. I asked her to go and look for something that would hurt more, but not a cane. I didn’t want marks that would be there for a week.

Ella set the third boy on to his task. By the time Ella got back I had tears in my eyes; but I still wanted more. Ella had found an old table tennis bat in the garage and gave it to Dimitri.

When the first swat landed I knew that I was going to make it. What I hadn’t told anyone was that I wanted to see if the boys could punish my backside enough to make me cum. I liked the idea of leaving the villa having just cum, and still be on a bit of a high.

After about the tenth swat they stopped hurting. Obviously I could feel them, but I felt no pain. By the twentieth swat I was starting feel my pussy getting warm and tingly. By about the thirtieth swat I was cumming. I was shaking and swearing.

Dimitri stopped and watched. As soon as I realised that he’s stopped, I shouted, “Keep going!” Dimitri looked confused and Ella had to help him get started again.

After a few more swats I was starting to come down. I turned my head to Dimitri and said, “Harder.”

The last few were quite hard and I could feel the tops of my legs being pressed against the table edge. Fortunately, they were hard enough to make me cum again.

Dimitri stopped. Just about everyone was behind me watching me jerk and shake.

When I got control of myself again, Ella told me that my pussy had been shooting drops of my juices out. When I stood up and looked down I could see these drops of liquid on the concrete. My inner thighs were wet half way down to my knees.

I asked Sarah what my butt was like. She said that it was a mixture of bright red and dark red. There was no broken skin. She guessed that I’d have a few bruises the next day.

We set off with Dimitri holding the leash and me totally naked (not even shoes) on the other end. The Greek boys were talking in Greek, but they appeared to be enjoying it.

After a couple of minutes, Alexi switched the vibe on to low. I wasn’t expecting it and jumped a bit. She left it set on low to keep me simmering.

We got to what we always took to be the border between the main town and the suburbs. I told everyone to spread out like I’d told them. I fell in behind Dimitri and told him to give the leash a gentle tug occasionally. Before Alexi moved away I asked her to turn the vibe onto full as soon as people started looking at us. I wanted to cum lots of times when people were watching me. I also asked her to take plenty of photos.

We turned a corner onto the main street and immediately some of the people stopped and stared at me. Of course, some people turned away as soon as they saw me; I will never understand why they do that; are they embarrassed to look at a naked woman or what?

Even one of the waiters, in the first bar that we passed, stopped what he was doing and stared.

I’d only walked about 50 yards when I felt another orgasm cumming. I always find it hard to walk in a straight line and upright when I’m cumming; I seem to lose control of my legs a bit.

We walked on with me being a shaking wreck. I was nervous as hell, but I was sooooo excited. I could feel my juices running down the inside of my legs and my pussy throbbing with pleasure.

The street got busier and more people were stopping and looking at me. Some of them were saying some things which I just knew were about me. I asked Dimitri to translate. He told me that they were saying that the writing on me was right.

No one was coming up to us and saying anything directly to me, well not that I heard. I was so excited, and on a sexual high that I don’t thing that I would have heard them anyway.

I saw a few men get out their phones and cameras. I was giving them some memories of their holidays that they could wank to for years.

I’d just had what must have been my fifth or sixth orgasm when a group of young English men saw me. They’d obviously started on the pop early and were all ‘happy’.

They came over for a closer look and started saying things to me and their mates. They asked lots of questions and made comments like: -

Why are you naked?

Are you being punished?

Are you a sub?

Can I fuck you?

Why is your arse red?

Can you suck on this?

Why are your legs all wet?

Have you been whipped?

Nice tits.

Can I suck those big nipples?

Is that kid your Master?

I could show her a thing or two.

Are you his slave?

Will you be my slave?

Alexi had obviously seen what was going on and had turned down the vibe. I guess that she didn’t want me to lose control with those yobs around.

At one point Dimitri started telling them the story about me being married to his father and that I’d cheated on him, that this was my punishment.

They started asking Dimitri lots of questions. I told Dimitri not to say anything else, and to keep walking.

The lads eventually got bored and went away. The vibe got turned back up to full.

I don’t know how long it took us to get to the other end of the main drag. It seemed forever; but at the same time it seemed to be over in seconds. I have no idea how many orgasms I had.

We turned onto a quiet street and waited for the other to arrive.

Ella asked, “What now Amy?” My adrenalin was pumping, I wanted more. I thought for a second; I didn’t want to walk back the way we had come, that would be pushing my luck too much; so I said, “Let’s walk back along the middle of the beach, then back to the villa. Oh, and thank you guys, this is amazing.”

We headed for the beach and then walked along it. There were quite a lot of people on the beach, very few were kids. What kids there were, were playing at the water’s edge; and we walked along the middle of the beach.

Again, people stared at me and nudged their companions; cameras and phone were out; and apart from a bit of name calling, no one said anything to us. Alexi gave me a few more orgasms on the way.

We got to the place where we needed to leave the beach and went back onto the road. It was a lot quieter there and it didn’t take long for us to get out of the main part of Faliraki. The other moved closer as we walked back to the villa. Thankfully, Alexi turned the vibe down; I needed the rest.

Back at the villa, Ella got us all some cold drinks. No one offered to untie me, and I never thought to ask until the drinks came out. I asked Sarah to untie my wrists but she refused saying that I wasn’t finished yet. She held the glass for me while I drank.

I went for a pee; which was ‘interesting’ with my wrists still tied together.

When I got back outside everyone was waiting for me.

Ella untied my wrists and told me to lie on the towel that she had spread on the floor. As soon as I was down, Ella and Sarah came and sat on me. Then the 4 boys came to me. I could see that each of them had the end of a piece of rope in their hand. Each of them pulled one of my arms or legs wide apart and tied the end of their rope to me. The other end of the ropes were attached to something solid.

Ella and Sarah got off me. I was spread-eagle with my wrists and ankles tied. I was going nowhere.

Ella said, “We thought that we’d continue your humiliation for a bit longer. You appear to be enjoying it.” Ella turned to Dimitri and said, “She’s all yours boys.”

The four boys moved towards me all at once. Eight hands were all over me. My breasts were getting mauled, my nipple were getting pulled and twisted, and I was getting finger fucked.

“Slow down boys!” I shouted, “There’s enough for all of you.”

Dimitri said something in Greek and they all stood up. More Greek chatter and three of them backed away. The fourth went and knelt between my legs. He leaned forward and down and took my left breast into his mouth. As he was sucking and chewing my nipple I felt him undo his shorts and get his cock out. Then I felt his cock start to enter me.

All of a sudden I realised that the remote vibe was still inside me. His cock was trying to push it deeper and it was hurting. He realised that something was wrong and got off me. I turned my head to face the girls (who were all sat watching) and asked Sarah to get the vibe out of me. The girls all burst out laughing as Sarah got up and came over to me.

While Sarah was delving into my pussy I opened my mouth wide and looked at the boy. He has covering his cock with his hands. He saw my open mouth and realised what I wanted. He knelt down near my head and put his cock in my mouth.

Instinct took over and I sucked him. I felt Sarah retrieve the vibe and the next thing I felt was someone else’s weight and then another cock in my pussy. I was getting fucked at both ends.

Neither of them had much staying power and it wasn’t long before I was swallowing and feeling my pussy fill a bit more.

Those two got up and another one lay on me. This boy was better organised, he’d got his cock out before he lay on me. While his hands mauled my breasts I felt his cock searching for my hole. He found it and in he went.

This boy also didn’t have much staying power and it wasn’t long before he was shooting his load into me.

Dimitri was last, he was better than the others; he probably learnt some things in the past week or so. Nevertheless, it wasn’t long before I felt him cum and he got off me.

Okay, they’d got their reward for helping me, but I wasn’t feeling very satisfied. The girls were watching all this and Ella must have seen the disappointment on my face. Ella stood up and said, “Boys, come over here and watch this. I’m going to show you how to make a woman VERY happy.” Alexi translated.

Ella came over to me and sat on the floor on the other side from the boys. With one hand she caressed my boobs and nipples, and with the hand she played with my clit.

“This is what women like, slow and gentle.” Alexi translated.

Ella continued and slowly brought me to a wonderful orgasm. I know that I wouldn’t have moved if I hadn’t been tied down, but the fact that I was tied spread-eagle seemed to enhance the experience.

Ella got up and asked the boys if one of them would like a go. Alexi didn’t need to translate, Dimitri moved forward, got down and started frigging me. Ella was watching and gave Dimitri a couple of pointers; like not trying to twist my nipples right off me.

Dimitri was starting to get me worked-up when Ella stopped him and invited one of the other boys to have a go. This one was good at it and it wasn’t long before Ella realised that I was getting close. She pointed out to the boys that my breathing was getting heavy, that my eyes were shut and to note the expression on my face.

As I reached my climax the boy stopped and I vaguely heard Ella saying something about shaking and jerking being normal reactions.

I opened my eyes when I felt hands on my breast and pussy again. Boy number 3 was starting his turn. He wasn’t bad; I had a bit of a low as he got into a rhythm; then I was back up there having what felt like orgasm number five hundred of the day. When I opened my eyes boy number 4 was there; I’d missed the swap over.

This boy just couldn’t push my button. The more he played with my clit the less turned on I got. I didn’t want to disappoint him so I faked it. Anyway, I needed a rest.

When he got up; Ella asked me if I was okay. I said that I was, but that I needed a drink. She went and got me some water. While she was getting it I had flashbacks of the time when I was the ‘subject’ at the Human Anatomy classes when David was demonstrating how to stimulate a woman; then getting all the students to practice on me.

After the drink, Ella told the boys (with Alexi’s translation) that there was another way to give a woman a lot of pleasure. I guessed what was coming (no pun intended) and wondered how much more I could take. Ella pointed to her tongue and said, “With this,” and after a pause she said, “I’ll demonstrate.”

Now Ella is good at eating me; she never fails to make me cum; and quite quickly too. She got on her knees between my legs and bent down and started on me. She got me sooo close, then stopped and got up.

“Teaser!” I complained. Ella turned to face me, smiled and said, “And you love every minute of it.” I couldn’t deny it, I love being taken to the edge, over and over again, and then finally taken right over. It always makes my orgasms more intense.

“Boys!” Ella said. That was all they needed; one by one they ate me out. A couple of times Ella had to tell them not to bite too hard when she saw my face wince. Each one of them brought me to yet another orgasm; albeit not so strong ones.

I lay there wondering how much more I could take; I needed some rest.

Thankfully, Ella told the boys that the fun had ended and sent them on their way.

“Now it’s our turn Amy.” Ella said.

“Oh shit!” I said, “I’m knackered.”

“You can’t be that knackered,” Sarah said, “You’ve been laid on your back for the last hour or so.”

“Very funny; besides, I need a shower; and what’s more, how come I’m the only one naked?” I said.

Ella, Sarah and Alexi looked at each other; then Sarah said, “I guess we’ve been too busy watching you enjoy yourself.” With that, Sarah stripped, got the hosepipe and hosed me down.

“That should have sorted out your problems.” Sarah said. With that she knelt either side of me in the ‘69’ position and started chewing my clit.

Instinctively I responded, or was it something to do with her pussy pressing on my face? Whatever; we enjoyed and satisfied each other before Sarah got up; only to be replaced by a now naked Ella.

By the time I’d satisfied Ella, my neck was aching; but I soon forgot about that as I reached yet another climax.

A naked Alexi was stood next to me when Ella got up. She looked at me and said, “I’ve been watching and learning.” I smiled and said, “It will be my pleasure.”

Alexi got into place. She is a quick learner. She took her time and so did I.

I had a very satisfying orgasm, and I think that Alexi did as well. She looked very happy when she got up.

The 3 of them came and stood over me.

Alexi said, “Shall we untie her now?”

Ella said, “I’m not sure, maybe we should leave her there for a bit longer.”

Sarah said, “I think that the neighbours will appreciate it if we leave her there for a bit longer.”

Both Alexi and Ella looked round. “How long have they been there?” Ella asked Sarah.

“I first saw them when the boys were eating Amy’s puss.” Sarah said.

Ella said, “I think that Amy’s really enjoying all this; I’m tempted to leave her here; let her get a bit more exposure. Amy, what do you think?”

I said, “Guys, this whole afternoon has been the most amazing afternoon of my life. Something that I will remember until the day I die. I have absolutely no idea how many times I’ve cum; and I really do appreciate your help; but I’m totally knackered. Please untie me.”

They did; when I got up onto my feet I went and hugged each one of them. Ella was the last one and she was stood by the pool. As I hugged her I walked her backwards, right into the pool.

When we came up for air, Ella said, “I suppose I deserve that.” I kissed her, full on the mouth.

The other got some food ready while I lay on a sunbed. When they brought the food out they had to wake me up to eat.

That evening we went for a last trip round some of the bars. Ella wanted to have a last go on the mechanical bull, but when we got there it wasn’t working.

We ended up chatting up a few guys to get us some free drinks; then went back to the villa quite early.

We had our last breakfast in the morning sun before helping Alexi and Dimitri clean the place up.

As we were getting ready to leave, both Ella and Sarah put in their Ben Wa balls. I was about to do the same, but then went to see Alexi. I gave her my Ben Wa balls and the remote vibe and told her to enjoy herself. I also made her promise to share the CFM with her friends.

We all wore slightly see through tops and short wrap skirts for the journey home.

Alexi phoned for a taxi for the three of us. While we were waiting I got Dimitri on his own and asked him how often he and any of his mates had been in the upstairs window looking down on us. At first he denied doing it, but after I told him that I’d seen him there, he said that he’d been there most days. I laughed, kissed him on the cheek and said that I hoped that he’d enjoyed it.

With lots of hugs and kisses we got in the taxi and left.

Unfortunately, our flight times meant that I wouldn’t see my Aunt and Uncle; their flight wasn’t due to land until 4 hours after ours took off. The meeting had been arranged for the flight there; but……

Security at Rhodes airport wasn’t anywhere near as tight as at London and we sailed through with no body scanning or frisking.

The flight back to England was a relatively quiet one. I think that all of us were sad to leave.

As with the outward journey, we had to cross London to get our train back to university. Not only had we hit London at rush hour (again), it was a Friday. The first train was busy, and that was going in to London. When it stopped at our change station we had a bit of a battle getting off. I was pulling up the rear and only just managed to get off before the doors closed. What’s more, the platform was crowded and I only just managed to get my feet on the platform. As the doors closed I felt them brush against my back.

The people started moving forward and the train moved off. I felt a tug and the next thing I knew my skirt was gone. As I screamed I looked in the direction the train was going and saw my skirt fluttering from a door.

I was bottomless in a London underground station; and what’s more, everyone, except Sarah and Ella, was ignoring me.

All the people who had been in front of me were disappearing leaving just a few coming onto the platform for the next train. I was pissed-off on two counts. Firstly I’d lost a perfectly good skirt, and secondly, no one was looking at me. All I had on was a skimpy top and shoes, and no one cared. I guess that what they say about Londoners living in their own little world and not wanting to get involved in anyone else’s is right.

It was a good job that we had our holiday clothes with us. I considered staying bottomless, but decided against it on the grounds that although the public were ignoring me, I bet that there would be security people around who wouldn’t. We opened our little case, got another skirt out and I put it on.

The next train was just as crowded. No group of noisy youths, but plenty of business suits carrying briefcases. None of us got groped, but I was stood face to face with one of them and he was looking down at my breasts most of the time. My nipps got hard and made little tents in my top. Just before we got to our station I adjusted my top and ‘accidentally’ pulled it too far down. I let him have a good look at my nipps before saying, “Ooops!” and pulling it back up.

The rest of the journey to university was uneventful and we got back to our rooms that evening.

There was a note pinned to my door asking me to phone Kailene as soon as I got there. I did, and she said that she was coming right over. I was walking back from the shower when Kailene arrived and she followed me down the corridor. As always, I was naked and carrying my towel over my shoulder. After a big kiss to welcome me back, Kailene wanted to know what the red marks on my butt were.

We spent the next hour or so catching up on events in Greece, at uni, and with the other NEWPS members.

I fell asleep with Kailene gently caressing me all over.

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