Amy the Exhibitionist
by Vanessa

part 21

Please note that all characters in this story are over the age of legal consent where the story takes place.

Parts 1 – 4 are about Amy’s discovery and exploits before she reached the age of legal consent. They can be found on /~Vanessa/ or by googling ‘Amy the Exhibitionist’.

Love, V


Babysitting in Greece – first week

Day 1

My mother arranged for me to babysit her sister’s kids for a couple of weeks while their parents came to England on a trip that was a mixture of business and pleasure. The original plan was that my step brother, Ben, would come with me but he had university commitments. My oldest, BFF would have come with me instead but she had planned to stay at university for some of the holidays; then had family commitments (a non-optional family holiday to Spain).

It sounds bad, but Ella and Sarah were my next choices. Actually, if it had been possible, all of them would have come; even the 4 new members of NEWPS; but there again, we didn’t even know them when we had to book the flights.

Anyway, to save money on the ridiculous luggage charges made my airlines, we packed a few things in a carry-on bag, and carried a carrier bag containing an extra skirt and 2 extra tops each. We planned to put these on before we checked-in and take them off on the plane. All 3 of us were wearing our Ben Wa balls.

To get to the airport we had to take a train down to London, go across London on the Underground then get another train to the airport. The thing was; we hit London at the evening rush hour. The Underground was bursting. When we got on the tube we were crushed by the hundreds of people trying to get home. We ended up right in the middle of a gang of noisy youths. I was squeezed between 2 of them and couldn’t see Ella or Sarah. It wasn’t long before I felt a hand on the back of my thigh. Hand paused for a second, presumably to see my reaction, or lack of, then slid up my flimsy skirt.

Hand slid between my legs and rubbed my pussy. I wanted to see how far hand would go so I opened my legs a bit. I was rewarded by a finger sliding back and forth inside my lips. I had a bit of a rush and the finger went in my well lubricated pussy. Finger went deeper, then in and out a few times. It went deeper and then stopped. I felt my Ben Wa balls knock together.

Finger started going in and out again as I heard Ella shout, “Get your fucking hand out from under my skirt.” I almost burst out laughing. Finger decided that he’d better stop in case I shouted at him. The train slowed down and then stopped at a station. The youths got off. As people started moving I looked round to see if I could see who ‘Finger’ and ‘Hand’ belonged to, but I didn’t have a clue.

Things cleared a bit and we managed to get next to each other. Ella said, “I had to get the ugly, smelly bastard didn’t I?” Sarah and I laughed.

We made it to the airport and went and put our extra clothes on; then promptly got frisked by an ugly dyke on security. As her hands slid up the outside on my legs she accidentally, maybe, pulled my skirt up. She pretended not to notice and it went right up above my ass and only fell down when the dyke’s hands went out along my arms.

We settled in on the plane and when the seat belts light went off we took it in turns to go to the toilets and take off all but 1 layer and stuff the rest in a carrier bag. None of us had seen the others get dressed and we had a good laugh because we’d all ended up wearing similar, slightly see through tops and wrap skirts that were really a bit too short. There wasn’t a bra or pair of knickers on any of us, nor in any of our bags. There was however some of the thong style bottoms that I’d made for our Ibiza holiday and 2 see-through bikini tops, one for me and one for Ella. We’d all agreed that Sarah’s tits were too small for her to bother with a top most of the time that we were there. Ella said that she didn’t plan on wearing one most of the time either. My boobs are a ‘C’ cup so I thought that there may be the odd occasion when I should probably wear a bikini top – unfortunately.

The bouncing of the plane made Ben keep us all happy, and we all had to make sure that we weren’t sitting on our skirts.

The plane was 2 hours late taking off, and 2 hours late arriving so we missed my Aunt and her husband. The plan had been that they’d meet us at the airport, pass on any last minute information and introduce us to their kids. It worked out that my Aunt and Uncle were in Departures when we landed, and the kids were waiting in Arrivals with a big sign saying ‘Amy’.

Fortunately, my Aunt had taught them pretty good English. They were very polite and took us to a taxi for the 30 minute ride to their home; which turned out to be a small villa with its own swimming pool about half a mile south of Faliraki.

Alexis is a late developer and her breasts are somewhere between Sarah’s (non-existent) and Ella’s AA cup.

At first Dimitri and Alexis gave the impression that they didn’t want us there and that they believed that they could look after themselves. Shortly after we arrived at their home I sat them down and explained that it wasn’t our idea to be there, and that we were not going to dominate them. We were there to have a good holiday and we hoped that they could have fun with us.

That seemed to put them at ease and we asked them if they would join us for a swim. They said that they’d join us in a bit. Just as we started leaving the room I turned to Alexi and Dimitri and asked them if they’d do us a big favour. I asked them to speak in English whenever anyone of us was there. They both agreed saying that it would help them too.

The 3 of us left our clothes in our room (we all shared my Aunt and Uncles room) and walked naked to the pool. As we went out the back this big black dog (Apollo) came running over to us and started licking our feet and legs. We had to spend a little time with it to get it to calm down. When it did calm down it started sniffing around us. It seemed particularly interested in our groins. A fact that seemed to amuse Ella.

The back garden of the villa is surrounded by other villas. There is a small wall around each one, but wouldn’t be difficult to see over to the neighbour’s pool area; but that didn’t bother us. We weren’t going to let a few holiday neighbours stop us getting all over tans.

We’d been messing about, ducking and groping each other for about 10 minutes when Alexis came out. She was wearing a little bikini and seemed quite surprised to find us naked. She didn’t say anything, got a ball out of a big box, and jumped in. We started throwing the ball to each other and one time that she was close to me she told me that she knew a good shop where we could buy some bikinis. I told her that we normally swam naked and asked her if she ever swam naked. Alexis said that she sometimes did with her girlfriends at the beach, but never at home. I reminded her that her parents were thousands of miles away for the next couple of weeks; and anyway, her parents had seen her naked thousands of times.

The ball came our way and Alexis dived for it.

Alexi came back over to me and said that she couldn’t take her bikini off, not with Dimitri there. I laughed and said that Dimitri would be too busy looking at us 3 from England. Alexi said that I was probably right and took her top off and threw it towards the sunbeds.

After a while we got out and sat on the sunbeds. I went and got us some drinks and while I was there Dimitri came into the kitchen in his swimming shorts. When he saw me he stopped and stared. I saw him, said ‘Hey’ and asked him if he wanted a drink. He didn’t answer so I asked again, a bit louder. He seemed to come out of his trance and asked what I said. I asked him again, adding that he must have seen a naked girl before. How could he possibly not have when he lived in such a hot place so close to the beach? He told me that he had, but never in their kitchen.

I laughed and told him to get used to it.

By the time he got outside and saw the 3 of us, and his little sister topless, he had got quite a boner. It amused Alexi and she kept giggling every time she looked at Dimitri; even though Sarah had told her to stop it and leave the poor boy alone.

Mind you, the sight of three naked 18 year old girls laying on sunbeds with their legs open would probably be enough to give a 95 year old man a hard-on.

We talked and asked Alexi and Dimitri what there was to do around there, how far was it to the main part of town; was there a nightclub there; how far was it to the beach; how far was it to the supermarket. Then I asked Alexi and Dimitri if they had any friends living nearby and if we hadn’t been there, would they have invited them round. Yes and yes were the answers so I told them that it was still okay to invite them round; just as long as everyone was sensible then everything would be okay.

We started to feel hungry so us 3 went to see what we could find, leaving Alexi and Dimitri playing in the pool. Alexi didn’t put her top back on.

The fridge was well stocked and we got a meal ready. We ate it outside with Apollo sniffing around us and searching for scraps of food.

After we’d cleaned up we put short skirts, bikini tops (not Sarah) and shoes and told the kids that we were going to explore.

The place wasn’t that big and the supermarket and bars were just where the kids had told us, and within easy walking distance. We kept walking and found a lovely little beach with golden sand and gentle waves crashing on the sand. We just had to go for a swim.

There were still a few people on the beach and no one said anything when we took our clothes off and ran to the water. It was gorgeous. That warm water swirling round our sensitive parts felt really good. When we got out we went for a short walk along the water’s edge while we dried off.

We put our clothes back on and headed back. On the way we stopped at a bar and had a drink. We’d sat at a table outside, next to the footpath, where quite a few tourists were walking back and forth. Ella said that we shouldn’t miss an opportunity and turned her chair so that anyone who was walking towards her could have a good look up her little skirt. As soon as Sarah realised what Ella was doing, she moved her chair so that she could flash the people going the other way.

I felt a bit left out, but not upset, it was still the first day and I knew that I would get plenty of opportunities.

When we got back to the villa we told Alexi and Dimitri where we had been and Alexi told us that the beach that we’d been on wasn’t a nude beach. The nude beach round there was near the harbour. There was a long beach a bit south of there and they had often seen naked people there.

It was about 5 minutes after we got back that I suddenly realised that Alexi was still topless.

That night we walked to the start of the lively part of Faliraki and had a drink before heading back. When things got quiet we took our clothes off and walked back naked.

Both Alexi and Dimitri were already in bed although I could hear a few noises coming out of Alexi’s room.

Day 2

The 3 of us went to explore the beach area to the south. Apart from shoes, both Sarah and Ella decided to wear only an ‘A’ shaped microskirt made out of very thin, lightweight material. I was feeling jealous, and told them so. Sarah suggested that I forget the bikini top even if it was see through, and let my long hair hang free (I normally tie it behind my head). I could easily pull it over my breasts if I needed to. My spirits raised, I put on one of the skirts that is made out of 2 rectangles of material that I made for our holiday in Ibiza (see part 7); and with my breasts sticking out proud, we set off.

I think that only one man looked at us as we walked out of the built-up area, and I didn’t try to hide my breasts.

We walked along the coastal path over the rocky area, passed a little beach to a beach that we later found out is called Traganou Beach. It was great walking along the path over the rocks. We were the only people on the path and we took our skirts off and walked naked.

Traganou Beach isn’t the best beach in the world, but it was good for us. There are areas of trees at the edge of the sand and a bit further down there’s a café.

There was hardly anyone on the beach and we walked right along until we saw a road and lots more people. We put our skirts on and went and bought an ice cream before heading back. We’d gone less than 50 yards when Ella decided to take her skirt off; so we all did.

There were a few people walking along the path over the rocks, but we didn’t bother putting our skirts back on until we got to the built up area. As we put them back on I thought about going to that beach again, and leaving all our clothes back at the villa.

We got back to the villa and went in. Alexi asked me to come to her room. Once inside, she closed the door.

We talked about sex and men. I told her that I had a secret that I wanted to share with her. I told her that I’d been fucking Ben since I was her age. Alexi said something in Greek, then apologised. She asked me if our parents knew. I shook my head sideways.

Alexi told me that she would never have sex with her brother. I asked her when she had last seen him naked, and when he’d last seen her naked. She told me that it was when they were little kids. I pointed to her pubic hair and told her that in England most girls shave their pubic hair, that it was why Ella, Sarah and I didn’t have any.

Alexi ran her fingers though her pubic hair and told me that she used to like it, but now it just looked ugly. I told her that she knew what she could do about it.

I changed the subject and asked her if she was coming for a swim. She nodded and went for her bikini. I told her that she didn’t need it; Dimitri wasn’t home, not that it mattered.

We went down to find Ella and Sarah in the pool. Sarah looked at me and mouthed, “Everything okay?” I nodded. Alexi and I jumped in the pool and joined in the fun.

We all got out about 15 minutes later and lay on the sunbeds. Ella, Sarah and I put our feet on either side of the sunbed so that we didn’t end up with a white pussy or inner thighs. Alexi did the same.

We were all talking, asking Alexi about school and her friends when I looked up and saw Dimitri and another boy. I said, “Hey Dimitri, who’s your friend?”

Dimitri introduced him, but all the time, both the boys had their eyes on 4 naked girl’s bodies. Dimitri seemed to be concentrating on Alexi’s pubic hair – which she wasn’t trying to cover.

After quite a few seconds, Dimitri turned to his friend and said, “Come on.” As they walked away I heard him say, “I told you so.”

We stayed there for about another hour or so. At one point Ella asked where the suntan lotion was. Alexi volunteered to go and get it. When she got back she told us that Dimitri and his friend had stared at her as she walked passed them. I told her to ignore them.

We used most of the bottle of suntan lotion on each other, paying quite a bit of attention to our ‘interesting’ bits.

We went for another swim then Ella and I went and got some food ready.

We invited the boys to have some food and we all went outside to eat round the pool. The boys didn’t eat much because they spent the whole time staring at Alexi and us.

Alexi seems to be getting used to being naked round her brother and never made any attempt to cover her pubes or little breasts. She didn’t eat much either as she spent a lot of time giggling at the 2 boners that were straining the material of the boys shorts.

That evening we all walked up to the edge of lively part of Faliraki and sat in a bar and talked and drank. The kids had soft drinks. We all wore almost decent clothes. Even Alexi went commando under her little skirt. But Dimitri didn’t know that.

When we got back to the villa everyone went to bed except me, I told Ella and Sarah that I wasn’t tired and that I was going for a walk. What I didn’t tell them, but they probably could have guessed, was that I was going for a naked walk.

I walked back to the lively part of Faliraki but didn’t go onto the main drag. Instead I stayed on the quiet and dark streets. It was so exciting being naked so close to hundreds of people with my clothes about a mile away.

I kept walking as close as I dare to the lights and noise, but always chickened out before the lights got so bright that I would be easily seen. The excitement and nerves really turned me on. My pussy was dripping and aching for attention. I finally gave in to my pussy and leaned back against a parked car and frigged myself to orgasm while watching all the people walk across the end of the road, no more than 20 feet away.

Once satisfied I decided to walk back to the villa, but I wasn’t as alert as I was earlier and as I turned a corner a middle aged couple were right in front of me. They stopped and stared as I walked right passed them.

When I got back to the villa everyone was asleep so I squeezed in next to Sarah and went to sleep.

Day 3

When Alexi came down for breakfast the next morning she was only wearing her bikini bottoms and when she joined us 3 naked girls in the pool later she took them off revealing her bald pubes. She said that she was ‘like the English girls’.

We were laying on the sunbeds when Dimitri came out and saw his bald, younger sister. I’m sure that he wanted to say something, but he didn’t, he stared at her for a full 30 seconds before walking off.

I turned to Alexi and said, “That wasn’t so bad was it?”

“My pussy is tingling.” Alexi said.

“My pussy tingles every time a man sees my pussy too. It’s a nice feeling isn’t it?” I replied.

We’d been laying there for about 20 minutes, finishing our breakfast, talking and enjoying the morning sun; when Dimitri came back with another of his friends. They both stared at us, and in particular Alexi, for a while; then disappeared into the villa.

I turned to Alexi and asked how many friends of Dimitri lived nearby; and how many of them she thought he would bring round to look at us.

Alexi laughed and told me that he had 4 friends that lived within walking distance and that he would probably bring all of them round at some time.

I had a quick chat with the others then Alexi and I went to find Dimitri. He was in his room, with his mate, doing something on his computer. I didn’t want to embarrass him by asking him is he was going to bring all his friends round to see the naked girls; so I told him that we were having a pool party that afternoon, and that we would like him to get his friends to come.

Dimitri looked at his friend, then at the naked Alexi, then at me and said, “Will you all be dressed like that?” Both Alexi and I laughed and I said that unless it rains, then we would.

Dimitri asked what time it started then the 2 of them went off to tell their friends.

I asked Alexi if she was going to be okay being naked in front of all Dimitri’s mates. Alexi said, “Sure, I like being naked and bald; it will make me feel all tingly.”

We went and told the others.

After we’d finished breakfast, Alexi and I put a skirt and top on and went to the shop. On the way there I showed Alexi how she could ‘accidentally’ drop her purse and then squat down in such a way that anyone who was looking would be able to see her pussy. She told me that she could have some fun doing that at school.

We spent the rest of the morning sunbathing and getting the food ready for the pool party. Dimitri had spread the word and mid-afternoon 4 of his mates arrived.

There were 5 x 14 year old boys all wearing swimming shorts, 13 year old Alexi, naked, and us 3 x 18 year old girls, naked as well.

The boys went straight into the pool, probably to hide their little hard-ons. After a while we 4 girls joined them. We were all messing about with a ball and ‘bombing’ everyone. All of the boys can speak some English so communications were okay.

About 30 minutes later people started getting out and sitting around the pool.

Ella and I decided to split the boys up and we each called some of them over to us. They were still a bit embarrassed about being around naked women, but not as bad as before.

I got 2 of them talking about Greece and Faliraki and the beach, and I guess that Ella was doing okay with the 2 that were with her as I could hear them laughing at times.

That left Sarah, Alexi and Dimitri. They seemed to be getting on okay, at least they were talking.

I changed the subject to the beach and asked the 2 with me where the beaches for naked swimming were. They told me the same as Alexi had told us; so I asked them if they went there to look at the naked women. This embarrassed them a bit, but not enough for them to stop looking at my tits. I embarrassed them again by asking them if they liked looking at Alexi’s body. They both nodded.

I asked them if they had ever touched a woman’s breasts; then if they would like to touch mine. One looked nervous, and the other looked excited. His shorts tented a bit more.

“Go on then.” I told them. They both put out a hand and touched my breasts. “They don’t bite.” I said. First one, then the other started massaging my breasts. When they got a bit more confident they concentrated on my nipples.

It was nice, and I moaned a little. That surprised them and they stopped. I told them that women like it when a man touches them like that.

Before they could say anything, Alexi shouted for everyone to go and get some food.

They were off; so were the other boys. A naked Alexi was inside with 5 boys. I could hear laughing; from Alexi as well, so everything was okay.

We 3 sat on the sunbeds to get some more rays; especially on our tender bits.

We talked and decided that we were going in to town that night.

After quite a few minutes, the 5 boys and Alexi came outside. Alexi looked happy.

The boys saw us 3 with our legs spread wide and stared at us. I said to them, “Stop staring boys, you must have seen a pussy before. If you want to get a closer look, get down and look; we don’t mind; but there’s one condition. I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” I had to explain that to Dimitri and he had to explain it to a couple of his mates.

One of the boys decided that he was happy with that, and dropped his shorts. He has quite a big cock; and it was pointing towards the sun. Alexi giggled. Ella pointed to her pussy and said, “Okay, get down here and look; but no touching.”

Dimitri was next to drop his shorts. I pointed to my pussy and Dimitri got on his knees.

Two more of the boys took the plunge. One got down between Sarah’s legs and the other had to wait. While he was waiting, the fifth boy decided that he wasn’t going to be left out and dropped his shorts.

While Dimitri was getting a close look at my pussy, I looked around. There were 5 hard-ons and one very giggly Alexi. The boys were being good and only looking.

When all the boys were done looking I told everyone that it was time to get back in the pool. I was the last one in because I went and picked-up 5 pairs of boys swimming shorts and dumped them on the table.

We all messed about in the pool for another hour or so. The boys seemed to be paying quite a bit of attention to Alexi. I suspect that some of the boys were groping her, and possibly she was grabbing the odd cock or two; but I couldn’t be sure; they were under water.

The sun was starting to go down so I told everyone that the party was over. There were still 5 hard-ons as the 4 boys put their shorts on and left.

Alexi and Dimitri were still in the pool.

That night, Ella, Sarah and I went look round the bars. The place was heaving and very noisy. We had only intended to go and look; but after about the third offer to buy us a drink, we caved in and let the boys buy us a drink. I guess that our skimpy skirts and next to nothing tops helped.

It only cost us a few gropes for us to get a few more drinks.

Quite a few of those bars have a small stage and run some sort of entertainment. One of them was doing this kids game, musical chairs. But this was an adult version. There were 6 players (3 girls and 3 boys), and 5 chairs. When the music stopped, the person who didn’t get to a sit on a seat had to take off an item of clothing.

When the music started again, no chair was taken away and everyone got up and started walking round the chairs again. This went on until 1 person was naked.

We volunteered for the next game and knew before it started that one of us 3 would lose (win) because each of us only had on a top, a skirt, and shoes. All the boys wore a top, trousers or shorts, under pants, shoes and socks.

Ella lost this game. She had to stand naked in front of the crowd while the organiser presented her with a bottle of booze. She kept her hands by her sides, unlike the girls that were losing when we first went in. I was down to my top and Sarah still had her top and her shoes on. One of the boys was down to his under pants, but that was all.

We were suddenly more popular with the boys and it didn’t take much to get some more free drinks.

On the way back we promised ourselves that we’d go back for another go later in the holiday.

When we got back to the villa we went to bed and the 3 of us cuddled up. As I said, the 3 of us share my Aunt and Uncle's bed. On the first night we decided that the 2 of us that were on the outside would slowly bring the middle one to an orgasm. The next night we would all move 1 place to the left and have a different, lucky middle girl. Next night, move to the left again.

Well that night I was in the middle and Ella and Sarah did a fantastic job of bringing me off. I had a very contented night’s sleep.

Day 4

We decided to stay round the pool at the villa for the morning; all 4 of us girls improving our all-over tan. Dimitri went off to see his mates, again! Around mid-morning Alexi went to get us all some ice-cream. She came back out with just one portion, which she gave to Sarah. Alexi said that they’d run out in the freezer in the kitchen, but there would be some in the freezer in the garage. I went to help her.

While I was there I saw this cycle thing. I say cycle because it had pedals and a chain that were obviously from a bicycle, but they were mounted on a wooden board. The chain went round a circular disc of metal with holes in it. Resting on top of the contraption was a steel bar with what looked like a dildo on the end. The whole thing was covered in thick dust.

I asked Alexi if she knew what it was; she didn’t. I asked her if she minded if I got it out and had a closer look at it to try to work out what it was. While Alexi took the ice-cream to the kitchen, I took the ‘whatever it was’ out to Sarah and Ella by the pool.

Neither of them knew what it was. While we were eating the ice-cream we all had wild guesses about what it could be.

It was Sarah that got it right on her third guess. She’s finished her ice-cream and went to fiddle with the ‘whatever it was’. She attached one end of the metal bar to the metal disc and put the whole thing on her sunbed. After a couple of minor adjustments she could lie on her back with the contraption between her feet; and pedal the ‘whatever it was’. The ‘dildo’ end of the metal bar was resting on her stomach and went back and forwards as she turned the pedals.

Ella and I had big grins on our faces; but Alexi hadn’t worked it out yet.

Sarah got up and cleaned the dildo thing and lay down again. This time she put the dildo up against her pussy. She slowly started to pedal and the dildo pushed its way into her; then came out; then went back in. The faster she pedalled, the faster she got fucked.

We christened the ‘whatever it was’ as the CFM (Cycle Fucking Machine).

Alexi was amazed. Not only hadn’t she seen anything like that before; but she found it in her parent’s garage. “What the hell else was there in there,” she asked.

Alexi, Ella and I went back into the garage. Ella found a small cardboard box that had a dildo in it. It had a suction pad on the base. “That will be fun,” Ella said.

I picked-up a piece of plastic pipe about 4 inches long with a 2 inch diameter. It had a slit all down the length of it. Alexi told me that her mother sometimes used it if she had a lot of heavy plastic bags to carry; she told us that you slot the bag handles through the slit then hold the pipe. I said that I could think of another use for it; and we took it with us when we left.

Ella went and washed the suction pad dildo and stuck it on one of the plastic chairs by the pool. Since Ella had found it, we let her christen it. She sat there looking completely normal, except for the big grin on her face. Sarah said that we should take it with us when we went to a café. If they had plastic chairs we should stick it on before sitting down.

I washed the piece of pipe and pushed it up my pussy so that the end was just showing. I soon got used to walking around with it in; the breeze was getting inside my pussy and was quite pleasant. Two of the other girls all came and had a look up the pipe. Sarah was still fucking herself on the CFM.

We got round to talking about all the different things that we’d put up our pussies. The usual carrots, cucumbers and hair brush handles were mentioned. I said that I’d been thinking a bit about bestiality lately. There was a pregnant silence. Alexi blushed. I continued, “Those cocks that horses have look inviting; so big, so long.” Sarah went, “Mmmmm.”

I told them about the time that I was fisted in Ibiza and that I’d enjoyed it. Sarah said that it sounded delicious, but that she’d like to try something a little smaller to start with.

Ella changed the subject and said, “Let’s go and look in the villa and see what we can find.” We never got any further than the kitchen because Ella looked in the fridge and brought out a bottle of beer and a can of whipped cream.

It was a big can of whipped cream and Sarah said that it could be painful.

“No, not the can, just the cream; I mean squirt it into us.” Ella said.

We opened the beer bottle and took it and the can of cream outside into the sun.

Sarah wanted to go first with the bottle of beer. She sat on the edge of a sunbed and pushed the bottle in her pussy. She got the narrow bit and some of the thick bit, then lay back to enjoy the feeling.

She suddenly said that she could feel the cold beer coming out of the bottle in to her pussy.

Ella said, “Let’s not waste it; pull the bottle out then I’ll suck the beer out of your pussy.” And she did. When Ella got up she said, “Nice taste, but I prefer my beer cold.” That got a bit of a laugh.

The other 3 of us had a go at pushing the bottle in. I had to take the pipe out to have my go. I managed to get 99% of the bottle inside me. I didn’t want to push it right in because I didn’t know how easy it would be to get it out.

Even Alexi’s young pussy managed to take some of the thick part of the bottle; although she did say that it really hurt.

Next was the whipped cream. As it was Ella’s idea, she went first. She eased the spikey nozzle in to her pussy as far as she could so that she could still get to the button to press to release the cream.

When she first gave the button a blast, she screamed and pulled the nozzle out.

“That was weird and cold,” she said, then immediately put the nozzle back inside her pussy.

This time she gave herself a long squirt, and sighed. Some of the cream seeped out round the nozzle. She looked funny.

“Hold it in.” I said.

Ella tensed up; then she relaxed. As she did, this long sausage of cream came out. We all laughed. When it stopped I put my hand on her pussy and rubbed the cream all over her.

“My turn!” Alexi shouted as she grabbed the can from Ella.

Alexi lay back on a sun bed, pushed the nozzle in; she screamed a bit as she caught one of the spikes on her pussy flesh, the squirted.

“Arrrrgh.” Alexi said, and laid her head back with a big grin on her face. Then she squirted again. This time cream oozed out round the nozzle. With a satisfied grin on her face she pulled the nozzle out and we all watched another cream sausage appear.

Alexi’s hand went to her pussy and she started massaging and teasing her little clit.

Sarah picked up the can and went to a sunbed.

“Oooow.” Sarah said as the first squirt went inside her. This was quickly followed by, “Arrrgh,” as the second long squirt filled her.

Alexi was watching as the sausage of cream came out of Sarah’s pussy. Alexi suddenly got up, came over to Sarah and said, “Can I lick the cream please? I’ve never licked a pussy before.”

Alexi knelt beside Sarah’s sunbed and Sarah welcomed Alexi’s mouth to her pussy; then guided her in the best ways to please another girl. Ella and I watched for a while. I realised that Alexi’s still cream covered pussy was pointing at us. I picked up the beer bottle and fucked her with it as she worked on Sarah.

Both came about the same time.

I was the only one left that hadn’t had the cream treatment. I picked up the can and was ready to inject myself when I had a sudden thought; I got off the sunbed, gave the can to Ella, and got down on to my hands and knees. Ella just knew what I wanted and eased the nozzle in to my pussy.

I didn’t know exactly when Ella was going to press the button so it came as a bit of a surprise when she hit me with a long blast.

I squealed then sighed as Ella filled me up. When Ella removed the nozzle I tried to hold it in, but didn’t manage for long. The cream came blasting out of me and went all over the place; much to the amusement of the others.

As the flow subsided, it ran down my legs to the floor.

We all had cream all over us. Alexi suggested that we dive into the pool to get clean. Sarah said that we should go and have a shower. I looked over at the hosepipe and said that I had an idea.

I took the spray thing off the end and turned the tap on, then sprayed everyone for a second. After the screams I sat on the end of the sunbed and held the end of the hosepipe to my pussy.

Ella looked at me and said, “You’re not going to are you?” I didn’t answer. Instead I held the end of the pipe to my hole. I felt the water going inside me. I pushed the hosepipe in. I was full and the water was rushing out round the edge of the pipe.

The volume of water was putting pressure on my insides, but it felt good. I pulled the hosepipe out and water shot out. As it slowed down I squeezed my muscles and more shot out.

I put the hosepipe in to my pussy and did the same again. Next I squeezed the end of the hosepipe so that a fast jet came out and directed it in to my clit. It didn’t take long for me to cum. When I’d calmed down I hosed myself down to get rid of the rest of the cream then passed the hose to Sarah to do the same.

She did; both parts. Then the other two did the same.

Just as Alexi had the hosepipe in her pussy, Dimitri came round the corner. Alexi was beyond caring who saw her, but Dimitri looked shocked. I grabbed Dimitri’s arm and dragged him into the kitchen. I sat him down and explained that girls have needs as well as men. He looked a bit embarrassed when I told him that it was easy for boys to have a wank and get their satisfaction that way; but girls have to be more creative; they have to find something that will meet their needs. I explained that a water jet is one way of massaging a pussy to please a girl. It’s just a bit different form a girl using her hand; or a boy using his hand on a girl’s pussy.

I asked Dimitri if he had ever felt a girl’s pussy. When he shook his head sideways I asked him if he wanted to touch mine. Dimitri nodded.

I took Dimitri up to his bedroom and lay on his bed. I looked at Dimitri and told him that he could do whatever he wanted to me. He still stood there so I put out my hand and guided him to me.

I put his hand on my right breast and moved his hand around. He got the message and started doing it on his own. I asked him if he’s watched any videos on the internet. He nodded; so I asked him if the girls in the videos had been fucked. He nodded again so I told him that he could do to me what he had seen in the videos.

Natural instinct took over and Dimitri started caressing my whole body. He made it to my pussy and roughly poked and prodded me. I told him that girls liked it gentle.

Dimitri’s cock was straining at his shorts and there was a little wet patch on the front. I told him that he could take his shorts off if he wanted. He did, and his cock sprang out.

Dimitri climbed in between my legs and lay on top of me. With a bit of help he entered me, and he came within seconds. He lay there as his cock went soft, then rolled off me.

I left him lying there, still naked, with a smile on his face.

Back at the pool everyone was getting hungry. No one fancied preparing any food so we decided to go and find a café. I sent Alexi to tell Dimitri. She came back and told us that he was lying on his bed naked when she went in. He’d got a hard-on, which he didn’t try to hide, as she told him where we were going and asked him if he was coming. Alexi told us that she’d stared at him as he’d got up and put his shorts on.

I told Alexi that Dimitri had found some confidence and that he would probably be a bit more outgoing from then on. Ella looked at me and said, “You didn’t did you?” I smiled and nodded my head. Sarah looked at me and gave me that knowing smile.

We girls went and put a skirt and top on and all 5 of us set off. I put on my favourite rectangle outfit and put my stainless steel butt plug in my pussy. It’s the one that has a big, really nice fake diamond that is on show when I insert it.

We got about half way to Faliraki and found a café. We 3 girls all teased the waiter with flashes of tits and pussies. Alexi said that she was too close to home to join in. Dimitri was more talkative and took all opportunities to look up our skirts.

At one point Alexi saw my diamond sparkling in the sunlight. She asked me what it was. I told her, and showed her. Dimitri had a good look as well.

When we got back to the villa we stripped and all but Sarah jumped in the pool. Dimitri took his shorts off too. His cock kept getting hard then going soft again; but he never tried to hide it. Alexi had stopped giggling at Dimitri’s cock, and even stared at it when it got hard.

Sarah meanwhile, had decided that she was going to give herself a long, slow fuck using the CFM.

We’d been in the pool for about 30 minutes when we saw a youngish couple come outside to the pool in the villa next door. The man was wearing swimming shorts and the woman was wearing just a bikini bottoms. Now, as I’ve mentioned before, the wall between the villas is low, so it was easy for us to see them, and easy for them to see us, even when we were in the pool.

Alexi told us that she didn’t know the couple and that the villa was sometimes rented out.

We were all in the pool when they came out so they probably didn’t realise that we were all naked; and they didn’t appear to have spotted Sarah. They did when we got out. The man spent quite a lot of time looking at us, but the woman ignored us.

That night the 3 of us went into Faliraki again. We went to a few bars and never had to buy a drink; which was a good job as we didn’t take any money with us. One of the bars has a mechanical bull in it, but it wasn’t working. Another had posters saying that there would be a wet T-shirt competition in a couple of days.

As we passed one of the clubs we saw an advert saying that they were looking for dancers. Obviously we couldn’t get a job there, but Sarah said that it could be a bit of fun going for the try-outs. Ella went and asked at the door, and was told that we should go back in the afternoon any day. The manager was usually there from lunchtime and would be able to fit us in.

We decided to give it a try.

Both Alexi and Dimitri were still naked when we got back. Alexi told us that Dimitri had a hard-on most of the time that they were watching TV and that he didn’t try to hide it. She told me that she’d gone outside and had a session on the CFM and had an orgasm. Dimitri had been watching her.

I asked Alexi if she realised what she was doing to Dimitri. She laughed and said, “It was payback for all the times that he’d been nasty to her.” I told her to be careful; that men sometimes force themselves on girls who tease them. Alexi said, “Maybe that would be a good idea.”

We went to bed and the 3 of us cuddled up and released each other’s tension.

Day 5

I woke up early and went to put some coffee on. There was a bit of a noise coming from out the back. I looked out to see Alexi using the CFM.

I poured myself a coffee and went outside and watched Alexi.

Alexi was in a world of her own. I watched her cum before she even realised that I was there.

“You like that machine don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, I can see why my Mum’s got it; but I don’t understand why it was hiding in the garage. If I had my way it would stay out here all the time.” I smiled and told her that she’d have to talk to her Mother about that.

We 4 girls had breakfast by the pool and worked out what we wanted to do that day.

We decided to go to Rhodes. Dimitri didn’t want to go so it was a girl’s day. The 3 ‘English’ girls wore skirts, tops and shoes with no underwear, but Alexi wasn’t feeling that comfortable not wearing knickers going to Rhodes. We finally persuaded her to wear one of my thongs; the one that looks decent from the front, but has the material in the bottom half of the ‘V’ cut out.

The skirt and top that I wore was one of my favourite ‘rectangles outfits’. This time I wore the top part as well.

We walked into Faliraki and got a bus to Rhodes.

We wandered around the shops and the sea front area, stopping a couple of times for an ice cream or a soft drink. Each time we sat at a café there was a race to see which of us 3 could get to the seats that faced the tourists, so that we could sit there with our pussies visible to anyone who looked our way.

Alexi practiced dropping her purse when a man was walking towards her, then squatting down, with knees wide open, to pick it up. She did a great job when some teenage boys were walking towards us. Their faces told us that they had got a good look at her pussy.

As we were wandering around we suddenly found ourselves at one of the entrances to Rhodes old town. We went in. It was so quiet there; there was hardly anyone to be seen. Ella said that we could walk naked and no one would even know. Well, we didn’t get naked, but we all (Alexi as well) took our skirts off and the 3 of us walked bottomless. Alexi still had the thong on.

The crazy, and the disappointing thing, was that the people that we did see didn’t take a blind bit of notice of us 3 girls that were bottomless and 1 that wore only a thong. In the end we’d had enough of the old buildings and quiet, narrow streets and searched for a way out. We found one, and had been out of the walled old city for about 5 minutes before Sarah said that she’d noticed quite a lot of people looking at us. We decided that we’d better put our skirts back on before the police saw us.

We found ourselves on a beach on the west side of the city and there were a few people sunbathing or wind surfing. As soon as we’d got onto the beach Sarah decided that she wanted to walk topless and took her top off. So Ella and I did too.

It was quite windy and our skirts spent quite a lot of time up round our waists. The 3 of us never bothered trying to hold our skirts down and let the natural forces control it; but to start off with, Alexi spent a lot of time holding her skirt down. By the time we were about half way down the beach she gave up and let anyone who was looking see her thong.

We got to the end of the beach, put our tops back on, and headed back to the main part of town. We found ourselves in an area that has lots of little shops that were history and art based. Not the sort of places that I would normally go, but in one theatrical looking shop Ella spotted someone painting something on someone’s back. It wasn’t what they were painting it was the fact that it was paint on skin.

Ella stopped and was watching the artist and turned to me and said, “We could paint bikinis on us and walk around Faliraki naked.” We bought 2 large bottles of it and a couple of small sponge brushes.

That night the 3 of us went into Faliraki again. We were all a little tired so all we did was get ourselves a few free drinks by doing a bit of pulling out tops down, lifting our skirts up and letting a couple of boys grope us.

We had an early night.

Day 6

The day started slowly. I was up before anyone else, and I decided to go for a spin on the CFM. I was well on my way when I saw the man from the next villa walking round their pool. At first he didn’t see me; then he did. I pretended not to notice him as I peddled away. My orgasms are always good when someone is watching and it doesn’t look like they know that I’ve seen them. That one was no exception.

My quiet moaning stopped, so did the peddling. As I got up I looked over to the man. He was still staring at me so I said, “Good morning; it’s nice to get a bit of exercise before it gets too hot isn’t it?”

“Yes, I suppose it is,” he replied.

I went in and put the coffee on.

The others got up and we all sat round the pool eating breakfast. Everyone, including Dimitri was naked. He’s starting to get used to being around so many naked girls, because he didn’t have a hard-on. Maybe he’d taken care of it before he got up.

Both Dimitri and Alexi said that they were going visiting friends that day, so the 3 of us were going to be on our own.

Dimitri went to get dressed, closely followed by Ella who said that she was going for a pee. It was about 10 minutes before Dimitri came down. As he was leaving he wished us all a happy day; which was something that he hadn’t done before; it was usually just an “I’m going to my mates” and he was off. He also had a ‘pleased; look on his face.

When Ella finally came back down I asked her if she was okay. She had a grin on her face. I just said, “Dimitri,” Ella nodded.

As Alexi was going out she caught her skirt on something and it pulled it up. I saw that she was going to see her mates without underwear.

We decided to stay by the pool for the morning and go into Faliraki for the dance try-outs in the afternoon

Sarah wasn’t feeling that brilliant so we put her on a sunbed and pampered her with sun lotion and drinks.

Ella wanted to use the CFM but we needed to get some food from the shop. I volunteered to go on my own. Before I went I put my butt plug in my pussy (a girl never knows when she might get the chance to show-off her diamonds) and put on another of my favourite rectangle outfits.

In the supermarket I got the chance to squat down a couple of times and to bend over to get something from the back of the shelf. I’m pretty sure that the young girl assistant saw my diamond; and that an old man saw my breasts as I leaned over.

When I went to the check-out I slid my skirt around so that my pussy was only just covered. Of course, when I was filling my bags my skirt ‘accidentally’ got brushed away from my pussy, giving the young boy on the till a good view.

When I got back to the villa, Sarah was feeling a bit better, and Ella had positioned her sunbed so that the couple next door would get a full on view of her pussy; if they looked over. They weren’t there when I got back, but Ella told me that they’d been there a few minutes ago.

Sarah was feeling good enough to do some dancing so after lunch we headed off to Faliraki. We all wore little wrap skirts and tops.

As we walked there we wondered what sort of a place it would be, and what sort of dancing we were expected to do. We talked a bit about using part of the cheerleading routine that we’d learnt from Katie and Sarah.

It turned out to be okay; not a bit dingy as we’d expected. Only the manager and 3 cleaners were there getting the place ready for the night.

The manager told us that he was looking for girls to dance in cages, round a pole and to put on a bit of a show on the stage. There was nothing that needed a lot of synchronisation with other dancers, just general erotic dancing. He told us that we’d be expected to be topless all the time. He looked at Sarah and asked her if she was old enough to be there. We managed to convince him that she was 18, even offering to take her passport in the next time we were there. He then told us that most of his girls wore just a thong and shoes.

Ella told him that none of us had any experience at pole dancing. He said that it would come naturally providing we were natural dancers. He then told us that we needed to show him what we could do; and he went and turned the music on. He pointed to the stage and told us to go and dance.

We had a quick chat and decided to go with the cheerleading routine, although we wouldn’t be able to throw Sarah up in the air; not with just the 3 of us, nor with the light hanging down.

Anyway, as we got on the stage we took our shoes and tops off. We got into position and waited for the word from Sarah. I suddenly remembered that I still had my diamond butt plug in my pussy. The manager was going to see it.

We started and were doing most of what you’d expect from cheerleaders. Our skirts were going up as we back flipped, somersaulted and did high kicks etc. etc. When 2 of us got into the crab position and started rubbing our pussies against Sarah’s leg I looked at the manager. He had a big grin on his face.

The music stopped and the manager came over. He told us that we started on Thursday and that we needn’t bother about the thongs; he was happy with us wearing what we were right then. He told us that it was Thursday because his most experienced girl was going to be there on Thursday, and that she would look after us.

We left the club putting our tops on as we walked. We had all sorts going through our heads. Thursday was 5 days away. That was 3 nights before we went back to England. Were we going to tell them? Were we going to turn up at all? Were we just going to go for 1 or 2 nights? We went to the nearest café and got a beer.

As we sat down Sarah looked at me and said, “I see that you didn’t take your butt plug out before we left. I wonder if it helped us to get the job.”

We weren’t really thinking about flashing the waiter, nor the tourists passing by. We had other things on our minds.

We discussed all the options and possibilities; well the ones that we could think of; and decided that we’d go on the first night and see what it was like. Then take it from there. If we got paid then great; if not, then hopefully we’d have had a good time and it would have been worth it. It wasn’t like we were starting our future careers.

We walked back to the villa; but I still wanted to do some thinking; so I told the others that I was going for a walk. Before I left I went and swapped the butt plug for my Ben Wa balls; I wanted to a distraction.

My thoughts were drifting from the dancing, to my friends back at the villa, to Katie, to Kailene, to the effects that my friend Ben Wa was having on me, to the cheerleading we had to do, to Greece, to everything. Before I knew it I was walking along Faliraki beach in amongst the tourists. I realised that I had even ignored a couple of young men trying to hit on me.

I found myself walking towards a little gazebo with a table in the middle of it. There were 2 youngish men in white T-shirts and trousers there. One of the men was writing on a board. He stopped writing and put the board against the gazebo corner. It read,

Trainee Masseuse needs volunteer
to help him develop and demonstrate
his techniques. Why not volunteer
and get a free massage?

Well, I was less than 2 yards from the man and I thought that a massage might help me to relax and clear my head. I asked the man when he wanted a volunteer. He looked me up and down and said, “Now!”

“Okay, can I volunteer please?” I said.

“You can be my first of the day.” He said; “Just give me 10 minutes to finish getting set-up and we can begin.”

I sat on the sand and watched him get himself organised. The other man was watching him and telling him things some of the time. I couldn’t understand what they were saying. It didn’t sound like Greek words. Man 2 got out a video camera and tripod, and set it up in one corner.

I wasn’t the only one watching them. A few people were gathering; and couple of the men were looking at me. I remembered that I was sat on the sand with my knees up and slightly apart. As I wasn’t wearing anything under my skirt I guessed that they were looking at my pussy. I didn’t move.

I realised that I was going to be watched, and videoed, having a massage; hopefully a full body one.

When he was ready, Man 1 came over to me and told me that he was ready. He asked me if it was okay for him to video the massage as it would be helpful as a training video.

“Sure, no problem.” I said as I thought about how many massage students would be watching my naked body.

Man 1 invited me to take my top and skirt off and to climb on the table, face down. I don’t think that he was expecting me to be naked under my skirt. He looked a little confused at first, then carried on.

As I climbed on to the table I looked round. The audience had grown, and lots of the men had their phones or cameras; even proper video cameras out. The thought of all those men back at their homes, watching me get massaged, sent a little rush to my already wet pussy.

Man 1 offered me a towel to cover my backside, but I refused it.

I lay there, naked, on my stomach with my legs slightly apart; with goodness knows how many video cameras pointing at me.

Man 1 started with my scalp and neck. He was good. If my mate Ben Wa hadn’t been doing his job and my pussy hadn’t been wet and happy; and there hadn’t been all those people watching me, I swear that I could have drifted off to sleep.

I would have woken up when he started on my back; he was pummelling and kneading me all over my back. It was hurting, but at the same time it was nice. He even did the same with my backside.

When he did my arms and hands he was pulling and pushing and bending. At one point I thought that he was going to pull me off the table; but none of it felt bad.

Man 1 started on the back of my legs, pummelling my thighs and calves and squeezing my muscles. When he was right at the top of my legs the sides of his fingers touched my pussy. The first time that it happened I let out a little moan and shuddered.

Man 1 asked me to turn over. This is it I thought; everyone is going to get a great view of my tits and pussy. I felt another damp rush to my pussy.

As I lay down I left my feet about 18 inches apart. Everyone would be able to see that my pussy was very wet and swollen.

Man 1 started on my head again. As he massaged my temples I felt as relaxed as was possible under the circumstances.

He started on my arms again; this time bending and pulling them in every position possible. My fingers even got pulled until they cracked.

Man 1 started on my torso next. He didn’t do anything with my nipples, but he massaged my breasts hard and very slowly. It felt good and I moaned a couple of times. I wondered if the video cameras would pick up those moans.

He moved down and was soon massaging my stomach and hips. I couldn’t see what he was doing but it felt like he was trying to get his fingers behind my pubic bone. That felt weird, but good too.

Next were my feet. I had expected him to do one leg, then the next, but he did both my feet first. I heard my toes crack.

Then he worked up and down each leg. When he got to the top of my left leg the side of his hand was pressing against my pussy. He kept pressing for a few seconds. His hand was covered with massage oil before, but it now had my juices on it as well. What’s more, I was close to exploding. He worked back down my left leg.

He moved to my right leg and worked his way up. At the top the side of his other hand pressed against my pussy. After a few seconds the hand moved up and down, rubbing against my clit. That was it; I couldn’t take any more and my orgasm hit me. I started jerking, shaking and moaning loudly.

The man just held my leg and waited until I got back to something like normal; then he carried on as if nothing had happened.

When he was back to my right foot he lifted my right leg and bent it at my knee. Then he pulled my leg right up so that my knee was on my chest. He pressed down on my leg. It hurt a bit and stopped my thinking about how much of my pussy was getting on the videos.

He then did the same with my left leg; then both of my legs. I was bent double and my chest felt like I was getting crushed. Just as I was thinking that I should say something, he lowered my legs.

Then he surprised me again, he pulled my legs wide apart and pushed them wider until it hurt. After a few seconds he closed my legs and pulled my feet high up in the air.

He held my ankles with one hand and went round to my head. Leaning over my face he took an ankle in each hand and spread my legs wide – again. This time he wasn’t blocking the view that the audience and cameras had of my wide open, swollen and very wet pussy. The stretching of my pussy triggered another orgasm albeit a little one.

He held me like that for about 20 seconds then pulled my ankles together. He went round to the other and of the table and lowered my legs, leaving my feet about 18 inches apart. He came round to my side and smiled and told me that the massage was complete.

I just lay there thinking how relaxed and satisfied I was. After about 30 seconds I sat up and looked around. Most of the audience had gone but there were still a couple of cameras pointing at me.

Man 2 this time, passed me my skirt and top and thanked me for my help. My immediate thought was that it was me who should be thanking them.

I got dressed and walked away thinking that I was a very lucky girl.

Before I knew it I was back in the villa, a very happy girl. Sarah was feeling a bit ‘off’ again and was relaxing by the pool. Alexi and Ella had prepared something to eat. Dimitri was nowhere to be found.

Sarah didn’t feel like going out that night so she and Alexi watched some DVDs while Ella and I got ready and went into Faliraki.

We walked down the crowded street not being able to make up our minds which bar to go in when we came to the bar that did the Wet T-shirt competitions. I looked at Ella and she looked at me. Neither of us said a word as we turned and went in. We earned ourselves a drink then went to see about entering the competition.

There was a girl already talking to the man. We saw that she had breasts smaller than Ella’s, and the man was telling her that the customers wanted to see big tits and cleavage. She looked a bit upset as she walked away.

We told the man that we wanted to enter the competition. He looked us up and down then told Ella the same that we’d heard him tell the other girl. Ella was quick to tell him that we did a double act; and that she could guarantee that the audience would want to look at her.

“Are you sure?” the man asked, “I wouldn’t want you to get upset by the lads taking the piss out of your small tits.” When Ella nodded he added, “We don’t normally do double acts and you won’t get any sympathy from us if the lads don’t like you.”

I just said, “They’ll like us, I guarantee it.”

“Okay, you’re in. Go through that door; you’ll find T-shirts in there. Get yourselves ready. We start in 15.”

Through the door we saw 5 other girls, all wearing different types of knickers, and some already wearing T-shirts. They’d modified the T-shirts in various ways so that they showed their curves.

Ella and I picked up a T-shirt and went to a corner of the room.

Back at university when I’d first got to know Ella well, I’d told her all about my holiday in Ibiza with Katie and Ben. I’d told her about the wet T-shirt competition that we’d entered there; including what we’d done on the stage.

I asked Ella if she remembered what I’d told her about Ibiza. She said that she had, but asked me to take the lead and she would follow. I told her that it would be good practice for the cheerleading that we had to do. She laughed.

We took our tops off, put the T-shirts on (they came down below our skirts); then took our skirts off.

The T-shirts were cheap XXL man-size ones, but the neck holes weren’t big enough to easily slide over our heads and hair; so we ripped them so that they only just stayed on our shoulders.

While we were waiting we listened to the other girls talking. They gave the impression that they didn’t know each other; but that didn’t stop the catty comments. We got the impression that some of them were taking the competition very seriously and were trying to psych-out the others.

A bit later the man came in and gave us all a number. When he got to us he said, “Oh yes, a double act,” and gave us just one number; the last number.

The contest started and we could hear the guys cheering. One by one the 5 girls went out to do their turn. One by one they came back in. Only 2 were naked when they came back in, the other 3 still had their knickers on. One girl looked like she was about to cry. One of the naked girls had a big grin on her face. Both Ella and I thought that she thought that she was going to win.

Our number was called and we went out and on to the stage. The DJ called us over and asked us our names. We both gave false names. Then he picked up a big jug of water and poured it down out fronts. I had expected it to be warm water, but it wasn’t; it was freezing. I looked at Ella’s hard nipples, then at mine.

The DJ announced our names and the music started. It was Katy Perry’s "Teenage Dream". We danced like we would on the dance floor for a minute or so; then started teasing the T-shirt over our shoulders and down to the tops of our breasts. I let a nipple ‘slip’ out for a couple of seconds then covered up.

I looked at Ella and nodded. We danced to the back of the stage then did a handstand with our feet about 2 feet apart. Gravity took control of the T-shirts and they were soon round out hands. We both walked on our hands, out of the T-shirts, to the front of the stage. We were both totally naked. The guys loved it. The noise was deafening.

We backed up a bit and turned round giving the audience a great view of our backsides.

Ella was the first to drop over into the crab position. I saw her go and followed. Our open pussies were now facing the audience.

For some reason the DJ walked to the front of the stage between us. Instinctively, both Ella and I followed him, still in the crab position, and slotted one leg from each of us, between his. Our pussies were up against his legs. We both raised and lowered our bums so that we were rubbing our pussies against his legs.

The DJ couldn’t cope, and backed away.

I dropped down onto my wide-open knees and raised my body. Ella followed. With our spread knees and bums on our ankles, we thrust our pussies back and forwards, as if we were fucking some lucky guy.

By this time the music had changed, but we kept going. I pointed to a guy holding a beer bottle and motioned to him that I wanted it. He looked at the bottle, then at me. I nodded my head and he passed the bottle to me.

I had a quick swig then put the top of the bottle to my pussy. The crowd knew what I was suggesting and shouted, “In, In, In.” I looked over to Ella; she was just getting a bottle from the audience.

In the bottle went, right up to the thick part. I pulled it out then put it to my lips and took another swig. Then I put it back in my pussy and fucked myself with it with my right hand and rubbed my clit with my left hand.

With an audience like that I came within a minute.

I stayed there with the bottle still in me until Ella had cum and returned to normal. Then we passed the bottles back to the guys who had given us them (I think).

We stood up, turned, and picked up our T-shirts and left the stage.

We were back on the stage with the rest of the girls within a couple of minutes. The others had put their T-shirts back on, even in their ripped state, but we just held ours.

When we collected our prize I turned and wiggled my bum at the audience.

We went and put out clothes on and went to find someone to buy us a drink. A group of half pissed lads started chatting to us and bought us a drink. One of them came out with that ancient line, “I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on.” Then they all tried to talk us into taking our tops off. I decided that I’d play them along to get us some more drinks. I told them that for 2 drinks each we’d take our tops off. They bought them and we did.

We stood there topless, drinking with them and listening to all their old chat-up lines. Each one of them was trying to hit on us and get us back to their hotel.

When our drinks ran dry one of them asked if we’d take our skirts off for another drink. Ella told them 2 drinks. They bought them and we did.

More chatting and bribery to touch us.

We got more free drinks and got groped; and all this in a crowded bar late at night.

Ella looked as if she’d had enough to drink (I had as well). So I told the lads that we were going to the toilet. We put our skirts and tops on and told the lads not to go away.

We did. Instead of going to the toilet we went outside and walked back to the villa. About half way there I realised that I desperately needed a pee.

One of the advantages of not wearing knickers and wearing a short skirt is that it’s dead easy to have a pee. There wasn’t any traffic on the road so I stopped and opened my legs wide and let rip. I felt much better after that.

When we got back to the villa, everyone was asleep. Ella and I had to forgo our little tension relief as Sarah was asleep in the middle of the bed. I went to sleep thinking that we must explain to Sarah why we entered a wet T-shirt competition without her.

Day 7

We all got up around the same time. Sarah was feeling much better. Over breakfast we talked about what we wanted to do that day. Dimitri had said that he wanted to go to the water park that is up the coast from Faliraki. Everybody thought that it was a good idea so that is where we went.

Before we left we had to decide what to wear in the water park. Both Sarah and Ella wondered if they could get away with pretending to be little kids and staying naked. Everyone thought that Sarah could get away with it if she got the mannerisms right, but most of us weren’t too sure about Ella. With her little breasts she might just be able to get away with it. Ella decided that she’d put on her best ‘little girl look’ and hope that she could get away with it.

Alexi said that I should pretend to be their mother. Great, I thought. Okay, I knew that with my breasts I couldn’t get away with being naked, but maybe I could get away with being topless. I’d have to wait and see. I could always try it and see what happens. We talked about what I should wear as bottoms. Sarah suggested a thong. That sounded good, especially if chose one that was basically just string. Ella suggested that I wear one of my ‘rectangle outfit’ skirts. It would look quite decent when I was stood up, but in the water and when going down the slides, it was unlikely that the rectangles would stay in place. Also, I wouldn’t have anything between my legs so I would feel better. I went with Ella’s idea.

We all agreed that Alexi could get away with being naked, but she wasn’t sure. She was worried that she might see someone that she knew and it might get back to her mother, or school teachers. In the end she decided to wear one of the thongs with the bottom half of the ‘V’ material missing. That way she would look decent until she opened her legs.

Dimitri was the easiest. He would have to wear his swimming shorts; not that I think he would have gone naked even if he could. It was virtually guaranteed that he would be in trouble if he went naked. Society standards in Greece are as stupid as they are in England.

We got ready, walked to Faliraki and got a bus to the water park.

When we got in, we went to the changing rooms. There is a communal locker room; and separate men’s and women’s changing room. We all followed Dimitri into the men’s.

Three men stared at us as we stripped and those of us who were going to wear something put it on. We put our things in a locker and we walked out. I told Alexi that she should talk English all the time, and if anyone said anything to her in Greek she was to pretend that she didn’t understand and come running to me. Ella was listening. To look more like young kids I told them that they’d have to mess about in the kid’s pool some of the time.

The naked Sarah and Ella, and the thong wearing Alexi ran off to the kid’s pool. I was only wearing my ‘rectangle’ skirt. I looked round to see if any other women were topless. There weren’t; but it was early, so I walked after the 3 ‘kids’. Dimitri was already off to the slides.

I found the ‘kids’ playing on the galleon in the kids pool. There were a few other kids and their parents there. All were ignoring ‘my kids’.

I let them ‘play’ there for a few minutes then shouted, “Kids.” They ran over to me.

I’d noticed a couple of little girls looking a bit scared. Each one of them was holding her elbows tight against her sides and her hands at her mouth; and was chewing a finger. I told ‘my kids’ what I’d seen and suggested that they do the same if anyone looked at them and they thought that there might be a problem.

We went to one of the big slides and climbed up the steps. Near the top there was a bit of a queue. People were in front and behind us. Okay, some of the men were checking us out but no one said anything.

When we got to the top there was a young man organising everyone. He looked at us, doing a double-take when he realised that Sarah and Ella were bottomless; but he carried on and set them off down the slide. He looked at my breasts, then at my face and pointed to the lane that he wanted me to use. I jumped on and was on my way down.

Within seconds the rectangles of my skirt were up round my waist. I may as well have been naked. My pussy felt good as it rushed through the water.

At the bottom there was another young man checking that everyone landed okay. He looked at me for a long time, but never said anything. As I emerged from the water, both rectangles fell back into a ‘decent’ position.

We all sat at one of the tables and talked about how things were going. Both Sarah and Ella said that it was great; a fantastic CMNF experience. Some men had stared at them but so far, none of the staff had taken any notice of them. Alexi asked what CMNF was; then said that she was having fun as well. So much so that she was thinking about taking the thong off.

I told them that my perky breasts had attracted a few looks from men; that I wished that I could be as naked as them. Alexi said that she’d seen one other woman topless.

We then worked out which rides we wanted to go on, made a plan and set off. Two of them were more interesting than the rest.

The first was where you go down a big slide sat in a big inflatable ring. Your butt sticks out of the bottom. Ella was last to set off, after me. When I got to the bottom and off the ring I went over to Ella. She was still firmly in the ring. I think that she’d bent over too much before falling onto the ring. I put my hand under her butt to push her up. I hadn’t planned it, but my fingers landed on her pussy. I pushed my middle finger inside and said, “Imagine that was a stallion’s big cock.”

Ella turned her head to face me and said, “Fucking hell Amy are you trying to make me cum?”

“Yes.” I said.

The second interesting slide was a sort of long, slow rafting ride. Again, you’re in a big inflatable ring but you are going a lot slower. At times you are stopped and bumping into other people. The rings on this one have smaller holes and you almost lay across the top. It was more comfortable and easier to stay stable if you lay with your knees apart. All 4 of us girls had our goodies on display.

Parts of the ride are really slow, so slow that they have staff in the water pushing you to get you moving again. All the staff that we saw were young people, boys and girls, about our age. All of them had a good look at us as they pushed us on. Some of the guys looked quite cute.

The other thing was; we quickly caught up with a group of noisy English youths. They loved seeing us, and I loved their comments. Some were quite rude; those got me wet in a different way. This went on for about 5 minutes; until we got to the bottom.

When we got off the rings I asked Alexi if she was okay. She said that she was, then asked if all English boys were like that. “No,” I said, “some of them tell you what they want to do to you as well.”

“They did,” she said.

After we’d been on about 5 of the slides Alexi came over to me and asked for the locker key. I told her that we’d wait for her right there. When she came back she was without the thong.

One of the slides is quite wide and quite slow for a slide. As you go down it on your back, with your legs open, you tend to swing round. My skirt had moved up round my waist and the man on the high chair half way down that was making sure that everyone was okay, got an eyeful of my pussy.

They have this funny slide thing there. It’s like a big breast pointing to the sky, with water running down it. There’s a rope that you can use to help you pull yourself up to the top; then you just slide down the tit. We only did that one once.

As we 4 girls were going round all the slides we bumped into Dimitri. He had met up with a couple of his school mates that I hadn’t met before. They were talking in Greek and pointing to Alexi. She told me that she was going to be talked about when she went back to school.

At the top of one of the slides the man setting everyone going said something to Ella. She did her ‘little girl’ act and didn’t say anything. I was behind her. The man looked at me and pointed his finger to Ella then me; then said something to me – in Greek. I came out with my best (crap) schoolgirl French and said, “Je ne comprends pas le grec,” hoping that I’d said that I didn’t understand Greek. I didn’t want to use English because there was a chance that he might understand what I was saying. The man muttered something then waved us on.

Getting something to eat was ‘interesting’. Ella went and got my purse and we went to the snack bar. It was a bit strange lining up and ordering food wearing only a skimpy skirt; and having 2 totally naked 18 year olds and 1 totally naked 16 year old with me made it all sort of unreal.

We got out pizzas and drinks and sat at one of the tables eating. None of the adults around us were taking any notice of our state of dress. Okay, some of the teenagers, especially the boys, were staring at us at times, but no one seemed to care.

We talked about how it felt being naked in amongst so many clothed people, albeit them in swimwear; and the reactions that we’d all had. All of us agreed that our pussies had been tingling most of the time; and that they’d been wet quite a lot of the time; and I don’t mean with the pool water.

Alexi said that she found it ‘exciting’ knowing that at any minute someone she, or her parents, knew could appear in front of her. She had had a real rush when the 2 mates of Dimitri had seen her. The fear and excitement of not knowing if they would tell their parents, and they tell her parents, was keeping her wet.

It was also the first time that Ella and Sarah had been naked in front of so many people. Both of them loved it. Both said that if they could get away with being naked there, then perhaps they could get away with it in other places. Both wanted to try it. Ella said that she hoped that her breasts didn’t grow any bigger.

Dimitri and his mates found us and I gave them some money to get some food. They went and sat at a table on their own.

As we were eating I noticed this older man, dressed like the other staff members, watching us. He was still watching us when we finished and got up to leave. He followed us out. I’d pointed him out to the other 3 while we were inside. Sarah told me that he was behind us as we walked towards the lockers.

I told the other to go to the kid’s area and act like young kids again; and that I’d go and put my purse away and then join them. We split up and I looked back and saw that he was following the others.

I rushed to put my purse away, and then to the kid’s area. As I got close I saw the man watching the others as they ‘played’ on the galleon and kid’s slides. I stood back and watched him, and the others.

After a few minutes he turned and walked away. I went and got the ‘kids’ and told them that he’d gone. Ella said that she thought that maybe he was security and he wasn’t sure that all 3 of them were young kids; and that he was watching them to see if they acted like kids or adults. Alexi said that she thought that he must be a paedophile. We all laughed and went to go on the slides again.

We did the rounds again a couple of times. There were a lot more people there and it took longer and longer to actually get on the slides. There was also more teenagers and older men looking at us as we queued up; not that we were minded. A couple of times I noticed Alexi holding her arms close to her sides and her hands to her mouth. I guess that she still isn’t that comfortable about being looked at so closely.

About an hour after lunch the 3 ‘girls’ all looked a bit tired; so I suggested that we head for home. All agreed; and we went looking for Dimitri. It took us a good 10 minutes to find him; and when we told him that we leaving, he asked if he could stay. He was happy that he could get back on his own, so he came with us to the locker room to get the key and some money.

We didn’t even go into the changing rooms and got dressed next to our locker, with the odd person looking at us.

We left and went for the bus. On the walk back from Faliraki to the villa, we stopped at a café and had a big ice cream each. Alexi hadn’t put her thong on and wanted to join in with our tourist flashing.

The waiter got an eyeful a couple of times as well.

Back at the villa we got a drink and went and sat round the pool.

The 3 of us walked into Faliraki that night. We didn’t set off until late so the place was heaving. After earning a couple of drinks each, we walked further on and came to the bar that has the Mechanical Bull. We looked in and saw that it was working. We went and stood at the barriers round it and watched a young man get thrown off the bull.

We went and talked to a group of young men that had tried to talk to us when we went in. Apart from the usual chat, I said that I fancied a go on the bull. Just then a girl went to have a go on the bull and the young men moved us all over so that they could all see more. Ella said that the guys wanted to see if the girl’s tit’s bounced out, or if her skirt rode up. The guys all admitted that they did. I said, “You get us all a drink and I’ll go and have a go.” Well, the top I was wearing was a little sleeveless, thin, crop top and tie front one; and it wasn’t a tight fit. Anyone whose head was down near my stomach would be able to see the bottom of my breasts. The other thing was that the skirt that I was wearing was a little wrap skirt, only held up by little patches of velcro; and the warp part of all my skirts is very small.

Sarah told the guys that if I got on that bull, they’d see a hell of lot more than white knickers (which the girl who was currently on the bull was showing).

One of the guys went to the bar and another went to book a place on the bull for me.

As the bull operator man spun the bull round and bounced it up and down, the girl’s tits spilled out of her top; much to the delight of the guys. Then her skirt rode up revealing that it was a thong, not knickers.

A minute or so later the girl got thrown off the bull in our direction. She was left spread-eagle right in front of us. The guys loved it.

I just had time to have a sip of my drink when the bull operator called out my name. Handing my drink to Ella, I went over. As I went I slid the wrap part of my skirt round to the front and loosened the knot holding my top together. The operator took me to the bull and held out his hands for me to use them as a step to get on. As I lifted a leg to put my foot on his hands the wrap part of my skirt opened so that my pussy was exposed. The operator said, “Wooooa there.” He was looking right at my uncovered crotch.

As I swung my leg over, I felt the warm air on my open pussy; and I’m sure that I gave the audience a good look.

With my legs being spread wide, the front part of my skirt was more of an open inverted ‘V’. My pussy was just behind the rope that I had to hold on to. The operator got hold of that rope and showed me how to wrap it round my hand. While he was doing this, his hand was right in front of my pussy. It didn’t touch it, but it was so close that I was expecting him to touch me at any second. He didn’t, but he did tell me how to hold my other arm out to help with my balance.

As the operator walked back to his controls I looked down at my top. The knot was getting loose. I looked at Ella and Sarah and the lads with them. All eyes were glued on me.

The operator started turning and rocking me slowly. Then he gave me a jolt as the bull went back and forward quickly. I felt my C cups bounce, but didn’t look. I was concentrating too much.

Another quick burst of rocking backwards and forwards and I felt air on my nipples. What’s more, I could hear cheering from the audience. I didn’t need to look.

Round and round the bull went, I started to feel a bit dizzy. How I managed to stay on I don’t know how, but I did.

The bull stopped and I started to feel normal again. I looked down my front and confirmed that my tits were out; and my skirt was open at the front, right up to the top of it. The velcro was holding, but it needed re-fastening.

All of a sudden the bull leaned backwards; right back. I was hanging on, but the rope and my hand were pressing against my pubic bone. I brought my other hand down behind me and pressed hard to give me more support.

The bull tipped forward quickly; and I felt my skirt rip off. My hand that had been supporting me from behind had trapped the back of the skirt, As my body had lurched forwards quicker than my hand had let go, the last remaining part of the velcro gave way. I was naked apart from my top which has round my shoulders.

The operator had no sympathy and kept the bull leaning forwards. Just as I thought that I was going to topple over the front; the bull went back up and round slowly. My balancing hand was out.

The bull started shaking; so did my tits. I could feel them bouncing up and down; and I could hear the cheering.

I think that the operator decided that I’d had enough. He spun the bull fast; and I lost it. I went flying off, landing spread-eagle right in front of a different group of lads. I was dizzy and lay there for a few seconds. When I did try to get up, I stumbled with my dizziness and the fact that I was trying to walk on inflated bags.

I looked for my skirt, which I found at the other side of the bull; put it on; then fastened my top.

I needed that drink when I got back to Ella and Sarah.

The lads were praising my efforts and making all sorts of comments about my tits and pussy. All I could think of to say was, “Well, that was embarrassing.”

When my adrenalin rush started to calm down I realised that Ella was getting on the bull. Ella was wearing a little, loose fitting tube top. She’d had to pull it back up quite a bit as we walked into Faliraki. Her little skirt was made of light cotton and had a zip up the back.

The operator started the bull. Round and round Ella went, then up and down. Her top was sliding down.

Poor Ella went in every direction that the bull would go. Her tube top was more like a belt and her little tits were bouncing as best they could.

“Nice little tits, I’d like to get my mouth round those.” I heard one of the lads say.

I have no idea if Ella lasted longer than me or not; but she suddenly came flying towards us; and landed spread-eagle right in front of us. I could see her spread pussy, so could the lads.

Like I did; Ella lay motionless for a few seconds; then got up, adjusting her top as she did so. She came back to us and took a big gulp of her drink.

Ella got all the expected comments from the lads. One of them put his arm round her bare waist and pulled to him to give her a hug.

I asked Sarah if she was going to have a go; but she told us that whenever she went on things like that she felt ill for hours afterwards. She told us that she can’t even go on rollercoasters for the same reason.

We watched another half-drunk youth try to stay on the bull, but he lasted less than a minute. I think that the operator didn’t like him because the ride was rough from the start.

Another girl had a go. She was wearing a low-cut top and short skirt. It wasn’t long before her big tits sprang loose and wobbled like a couple of plates of jelly. The lads loved it. When she came off, her see-through thong gave the lads more reason to cheer.

I fancied another go and one of the lads went and organised it. I had to wait about 10 minutes because the operator had disappeared.

When my name was called the operator told me that I had good balance, and asked me if I wanted to try it facing the rear end of the bull. What the hell, I thought and nodded my head. Oh, on the way to the operator I’d loosened the knot in my top and adjusted the velcro on my skirt so that it was only just holding, and was at my front.

It was only when the operator gave me a leg up that I realised that the rope that I had to hold on with was behind me. My legs were spread wide over the bull and my skirt had opened at the front. My pussy was being displayed to everyone. As the operator wound the rope round my right hand behind me; I pretended to cover my pussy with my left hand.

The bull started slowly, up, down, round and round it went. The operator started the bull shaking. My left hand had to go out to help me balance. As soon as my hand went out the operator started tipping one end then the other. My top knot came undone displaying my tits.

As rear end went down I lay back and put my left hand behind me. When the front end went down I lay forward and my skirt lifted up. The next time the rear went down and I put my left hand behind me, trapping my skirt. As soon as the rear end got down the operator tipped the front down. My body moved quicker than my left hand by just a second, but that was enough for my body to break out of my skirt. My left hand followed freeing my skirt and it disappeared.

The rear went down part way and I lay back again. This time the operator left me there. I was laid almost horizontally with my legs wide open and my tits pointing to the ceiling. At first I was grateful for the rest.

The bull slowly rotated and I realised that the operator was turning me so that everyone got a good look at my pussy; and I felt my pussy get even wetter. I had this vision of some naked, handsome, hunk jumping off the top of the operator’s enclosure, landing on top of me and getting a hole in one.

I must have done 3 complete turns before the operator suddenly tipped the front end down. I’d relaxed a bit too much and started sliding sideways as the bull started to rotate faster. It suddenly went the other way and I slid back on. The bull was slippery under my butt. Was that my juices?

The operator started shaking the bull and my breasts wobbled. All of a sudden the bull rotated fast and I lost it. Off I went and landed spread-eagle on my back.

It took me a few seconds to get my breath before I stood up. My open top was all I had on. What’s more, I couldn’t see my skirt. As I looked for it I fastened my top.

It took 4 or 5 minutes, with the operators help for me to find my skirt, it had slipped between 2 of the inflatable cushions on the floor.

I walked back to Ella and Sarah and finished my drink, in one go.

The guys were all either compliment me, or cracking rude jokes about me, or telling me what they wanted to do with my body.

When the adrenalin wore off I was tired. I needed to sit down. That was impossible inside the bar so we went outside and sat on the footpath curb.

After a while we decided that we’d had enough and walked back to the villa.

To be continued…….

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