Amy the Exhibitionist
by Vanessa

part 20

Please note that all characters in this story are over the age of legal consent.

Parts 1 – 4 are about Amy’s discovery and exploits before she reached the age of legal consent. They can be found on /~Vanessa/ or by googling ‘Amy the Exhibitionist’.

Love, V


Part 20 – My second term at University - fifth part

Blackmail - Professor Lesley Jones

The Prof phoned me the other night and told me that our first performance will be 2 weeks after we get back from the Easter break (she didn’t tell me who we’d be performing in front of). That’s only about 7 weeks. Just as soon as we’ve got the 4 Pledges through their second hazing we’ve got to get them into the team and start practicing. I had planned to spend some time with my parents over Easter but I can see that I’m going to have to come straight back to uni after our Greek holiday.

I told the Prof that 4 new girls would be joining the team in a week or so, but it wasn’t long for them to get up to speed. The Prof said that she’d book the gym for every night the week before our performance.

Blackmail - Professor Thomas Gibbons

Prof Gibbons obviously knows when our cheerleading performance is going to be. After Sarah and I had spent the whole of our last lecture exposing our pussies to him, he stopped us leaving and said, “I hope that your public exhibition will be good.” We just smiled and walked out.

Psychology Thesis

Logan phoned me a couple of weeks ago and told me that he wanted to take me clubbing. He’d go in with me then I was on my own until we met up ready to go home. He told me that if I scored and didn’t want him to escort me back to St. Damian’s then to please let him know. It was the middle of the week so I wasn’t expecting it to be too busy.

I decided to wear this black and blue clubbing Tutu skirt that I have. When I bought it there was a built-in pair of pants. Needless to say the scissors were in action as soon as I got home. When I wear it I feel like I’m naked from the waist down. With it I decided to wear some net hold-ups, 4 inch heels and a tube top that is slightly see-through. In the right light you can see the dark circle of my areolas, even the little bumps on them. When my nipps get hard the top looks even better.

I met Logan and he paid for a taxi into town. We went to a club that I hadn’t been to before, and I was surprised to see a bit of a queue to get into the club. It was cold queuing and my nipps were so hard they were hurting.

When we got in Logan gave me some money for a drink and told me that he wouldn’t be far away if I needed him. I went to the nearest bar and queued to buy a drink. While I was there this ugly guy (I could see his face in the mirror behind the bar) came up behind me, pressed himself against me and asked me what I was drinking. While I was deciding what to say, his hand slid up the outside of my leg, right up to my hip. I was about to tell him to piss off when his hand slid round to my stomach.

I did tell him to piss off; his breath smelt as well.

I bought myself a drink then went for a wander. I found a staircase up to a balcony and another bar. The staircase was one of these open plan things; all open and easy for someone to see up skirts; especially if a girl is wearing a Tutu skirt. What’s more, there were lights underneath, pointing up. The management really wanted people to look up girl’s skirts. Who was I to spoil their fun; I went half way up and stood against the railing sipping my drink.

I didn’t look down very often, but when I did I saw one or two young men looking up at me.

After a while I got bored with that and moved up onto the balcony. The railings up the side of the stairs continued along the balcony so I stood against them for a while.

I wandered off, back downstairs and explored. I found some stairs going down, and went down. There was yet another bar down there, and another dance floor. I’d finished my drink by then so I dumped the glass and went for a dance.

While I was dancing something made me look up. I needed to look twice because at first I didn’t believe that I could see right through the ceiling to the dance floor above. The ceiling was glass. I could see up the skirts of the girls above; and I wasn’t the only girl that was knickerless.

That was it; I wasn’t going stay down there. I went upstairs and danced there.

A couple of guys tried to dance with me. I let them for a while. One of them got real close and put his hands on my hips on the top of my skirt. He was reasonably good looking so I didn’t push him away. After a few seconds I felt his fingers go inside the elasticated top of my skirt. Okay, no problem with that; but after another few seconds his hands went lower, so did my skirt. It was half way down my thighs before I realised. Well, his hands did feel good.

It was too early to be dancing naked so I pushed him away and pulled my skirt up. Perhaps too high up because when I put my hand round to my bum I could feel flesh where I expected to feel layers of net.

I decided to go for a pee. While I was there a girl asked me if I knew I had been dancing on a glass floor and there were men below. When I said, “I certainly hope so,” she just looked at me then walked off.

I decided that I needed another drink so I went to the nearest bar. As soon as I saw the crowd I realised that I could have some fun and get a free drink or two. I looked for some cute guys and went and stood near them. People got served and moved away and more joined behind us. I was surrounded by men.

It didn’t take long for hands to find my body. I let them grope me for a while before following arms until I saw a guy that looked good. I looked at him and said, “Feel good do I? Buy me a drink and you can keep doing that.”

He wasn’t in a rush, and I did get the drink; and I got finger fucked.

I took my drink and went looking for somewhere to sit down for a while. I found a space on a sofa and flopped down. What I’d forgotten was that a Tutu skirt is made of layers of stiff netting. They’re made to stick out horizontally. Well mine doesn’t stick out totally horizontally; it does go down a bit so that when the waist of the skirt is on my hips my butt and pussy are covered.

The thing was, I’d flopped down with my butt on the front edge of the sofa and I’d laid back. The front of my Tutu was horizontal, leaving my pussy exposed. As well as that, my knees weren’t together.

Because I was laid back and my Tutu was sticking up I couldn’t see my pussy so at first I didn’t realise how exposed I was.

I sat there listening to the music and watching people. There was a couple on the next sofa getting very up close and personal with each other. One of the man’s hands was up the girl’s top and the other was up her skirt.

After a few minutes I realised that a couple of men were staring at me. At first I thought that they must be looking at the top of my net hold-ups. A minute or so later I realised that my Tutu wasn’t covering my pussy. I’m happy to say that my first reaction wasn’t to press my Tutu down; it was to have a little rush in my pussy.

I stayed still and looked round. Okay, a couple of blokes were looking at me, but in general, everything was going on as it normally did. In that case, why should I cover up? I couldn’t think of a reason; so I had another sip of my drink. I decided that if anyone said anything I would pretend to be drunk.

One time about a year ago I got away with getting out of a taxi with my dress up around my neck, leaving me naked from neck to shoes, right in front of a policeman. I staggered a bit, giving the impression that I was drunk. All the policeman said was, “Excuse me madam, but would you mind adjusting your dress?” I stopped, turned round to face the policeman and said, “Whaaaaaat?” The policeman said, “Your dress madam.” Pretending not to know, I looked down; then slowly shuffled my dress down saying, “Soooory,” and walked off thinking, ‘that was easy.’

Anyway, after a while exposing my pussy, I decided that I wanted another drink. I went through the same routine as the last time and got another free drink. Well, not quite free, it did cost me another finger fuck.

I went over to the side of the dance floor and watched the dancing. A couple of guys asked me to dance but I didn’t want to put my drink down.

The dance floor was crowded, but when I’d finished my drink I went to dance. I moved into the middle of the crowd and was having fun. It didn’t take long for some guys to dance near me. And the occasionally one of them would dance right in front of me and put his hands on me.

The group of guys took it in turns to hold and grope me. My skirt got pulled up and my top down. I even felt a bare cock in between the cheeks of my butt; and fingers in my pussy.

At one point I remembered that I was dancing on a glass floor, and looked down. I could see faces looking up. ‘What the hell,’ I ignored them.

With a very wet pussy, I decided that the boys had had enough. I pulled my clothes back into place and went and earned another drink.

I flopped down onto one of the sofas, this time leaving my knees apart; and slowly drank my drink.

I started to feel a bit tired and decided to go and look for Logan. I finally found him propping up the end of the bar up on the balcony. As I went up the stairs I was followed by a couple of guys who had realised what they could see. At the top they tried to hit on me. I decided to go along with it for a while and managed to get a drink out of them with only having to let them finger me.

I went to the end of the bar and told Logan that I was ready to go back to St. Damian’s. We walked out and got in one of the waiting taxis. I fell asleep and woke up with my head on Logan’s lap.

Logan escorted me to my dorm building, then left saying that he’d call me.

My Pledge

I let Kailene have a quiet week so that she could catch up on her course work (I needed to as well). The webcam is still on the top of her wardrobe and I’ve been watching her most mornings and evenings. I have to say that she is a horny young woman. She frigs herself at least twice a day; and she’s got a few toys that I didn’t know about.

On the Wednesday night she took a man back to her room and I watched them have quite a long session. Kailene obviously likes to have her backside spanked while she’s getting fucked.

My New Job

I was working on the Friday and Isabelle reminded me about the mobile fashion shop on the Saturday evening. There had been so much going on that it had gone out of my head. Isabelle asked me if I’d managed to talk someone into being a mannequin for her. Without thinking I said, “Yes, I’ve still got my Pledge, she’ll do it.”

Isabelle said, “Your Pledge! What’s that all about?”

“Oh, err… it’s this crazy sorority thing at university. Yes, my good friend Kailene will be with us tomorrow; we can dress and undress her as much as you like, she’ll be happy to help you.”

Isabelle thanked me and gave me details of where and when. At my break time I phoned Kailene and told her to keep Saturday evening clear, and to make sure that she was showered and shaved.

When I collected Kailene on Saturday evening I told her that we were going to be ‘living dolls.’ Kailene said, “Ooh, I hope that means what I think it does.” I didn’t say anything.

We met Isabelle and got in the van. I introduced Kailene to Isabelle, who wanted to know why an American was at an English university. When that topic of conversation ran dry, I asked Isabelle where we were going. She told me that we were going to a large Travel Show where lots of travel companies were trying to sell all sorts of summer holidays. We were one of a few fashion companies who were hanging on the back of it pushing our summer lines; so the van was full of summer lines.

We got there, unloaded the van and set-up.

We were a little early so Isabelle told us to go and select a bikini, put it on and stand like mannequins at the front. She told us that one of us should change bikinis every 15 minutes so that we displayed all the different lines. When we get busy Isabelle would get me to serve customers leaving Kailene stood there.

Kailene and I went over to the racks of bikinis and selected one each. With there being no changing rooms Kailene asked me where she should change. I told her to strip, put her clothes under the table where the till was, then put the bikini on.

Kailene said, “Yes Mistress.” Isabelle over-heard Kailene and asked me what the ‘Mistress’ bit was. I laughed and told her that it was this sorority thing, and we were hazing new pledges; Kailene was my pledge.

“You mean hazing like the Americans do, making them do all sorts of embarrassing things?” Isabelle asked. I told her that it was exactly like that.

“Wow! That sounds fun.” Isabelle said.

While we were talking, Kailene had stripped off, walked over to the till naked, put her clothes under the table, walked back and was starting to put a bikini on. I looked all around and saw one of the security guards looking; just looking. I guess that he didn’t care about naked girls being there.

I stripped, with him still watching, gave my clothes to Kailene to put under the till; and put a bikini on. It felt strange having something covering my backside and pussy.

We went to the front of our area and posed. I told Kailene to stay perfectly still.

The security guard got bored and walked away.

Fortunately there was a big clock high up on the wall of the exhibition hall so I could keep track of the time.

When the first 15 minutes was up I told Kailene to go and get another bikini and to change me into it. Kailene got a thong bikini and brought it over. She took my top off. My exposed nipples were rock hard. Then she pulled the bottoms down and lifted my feet out of it. She was knelt in front of me with her face right in front of my pussy.

“Amy, you’re dripping.” She whispered to me. She didn’t have to tell me, I knew that already.

Kailene lifted my feet into the thong bikini bottom and pulled it up. She left it hanging a bit low, and before she stood up she blew on my pussy. I let out a little gasp.

Kailene then put the bikini top on me, but again she didn’t put it on quite properly. The right cup was too far towards my right arm and my areola was exposed a little.

Kailene then resumed the pose that she was in before, but with her feet slightly further apart.

The whole place was getting busier and more people were walking passed us. About a dozen people looked at us as if they knew something wasn’t right. More people were coming into our area and browsing the racks.

Another 15 minutes passed and I whispered to Kailene that it was time to change her bikini. I told her to stay there and I went to get another bikini for her. I got back and started taking off the bikini that she was wearing. First I undid the top and let it fall; her beautiful nipples were rock hard; next I undid the tie sides of the bottoms and let them fall. Kailene was naked in a public exhibition hall (aptly named) with people walking by.

I was just about to lift Kailene’s foot when Isabelle shouted for me. She wanted me to serve a customer. I whispered to Kailene that I would be back, and left her standing there naked at the entrance to our area.

Isabelle and the customers kept me busy. I was serving customers wearing a thong bikini. My ass moving around seemed to attract the man part of the couple that came in; or perhaps it was the bikini top that I hadn’t adjusted, my right areola was still partially exposed. One woman that Isabelle told me to serve was about my age. She was there with her partner and she fancied one of the thong bikinis. She asked where the changing rooms were. I apologised and offered to try in on for her so that she could see what it looked like on me. She wasn’t sure, but her man was. He asked me to put it on.

I went behind the rack of bikinis and changed. Now I’m sure that you will have realised that a rack of bikinis gives a lot less coverage than a rack of dresses; so the couple got a good view of me naked. At one point I got eye contact with the man. I smiled, but he went bright red. He still kept looking though.

The woman liked it and asked her man what he thought. I did a twirl so that he could see the rear view (the bikini as well). He said that he liked it so the woman said that she’d have it. She went to look at summer dresses while the man stayed and watched me change back.

I went behind the rack and watched him watching me taking off the bikini that his girlfriend was about to buy. I stood naked putting the bikini on the hanger. Instead of putting on the bikini that I had been wearing before, I went round the end of the rack to give him the bikini. I held it out for him. He put his hand on it, but I didn’t let go. His eyes went from mine, all the way down my nakedness, and back up. When his eyes met mine again, I smiled, thanked him for his custom and let go of the hanger.

I went round the back of the rack and put my bikini on again, making sure that my right areola was showing again.

Isabelle had me attend to more customers; as I was putting a dress that a woman didn’t want, back on the rack, when Isabelle asked me how long I was going to leave Kailene like that. When I told Isabelle that I hadn’t really thought about it she said, “How about you serve the next customer; then go and put a bikini on her.”

“Okay.” I said, smiling.

The thing was; we didn’t have any customers at that time.

I walked around the racks, still wearing the thong bikini, checking that everything was right. When I got to where Kailene was I told her that I would get round to her in a bit. I gave her a quick finger test and said, “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” She didn’t answer. I altered her pose a bit so that she wouldn’t get cramp, and left her.

It must have been another 10 minutes before someone wanted to buy something. In that time about 7 or 8 people, men, and women, had come into the area. Kailene had been given a few funny looks, and one woman even stopped in front of her for a few seconds and looked her up and down.

I served a customer and went to Kailene. Before I could get to her, a young couple walked in and stopped right in front of her. I stopped and watched. The couple were talking to each other, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

The woman put her hand out and touched Kailene’s right breast, As soon as she made contract, her hand came back quickly. Then the man touched Kailene’s left breast; only his hand didn’t pull back. Instead he cupped her breast and rubbed her nipple. I was afraid that Kailene would cum and give herself away so I stepped forward and said, “These new mannequins are so life-like aren’t they?” The man took his hand away.

I continued, “They cost a fortune, but they really do look life-like. They even have a battery in them that keeps a sort of body shaped electric blanket warm. That’s why they feel warm to the touch.” I squeezed Kailene’s right breast and said, “They fill the breasts with silicone as well. You could say that these breasts are as genuine as some real women’s.”

I gently pulled Kailene’s silky black hair and said, “It’s not a wig as you or me know it either; they sew human hair on to a false scalp then attach it to the mannequin’s head.”

I cupped Kailene’s pubic bone and said, “They don’t bother with hair here for two reasons, firstly, mannequins usually have clothes on them, and secondly, a lot of women these days shave all theirs off.”

While I was saying that, and cupping Kailene’s pubic bone, I slipped my middle finger in her hole. I say slipped because she was so wet that a cucumber would have slipped in if it had been at the right angle.

The man said, “Isn’t technology amazing. I’m surprised that they don’t sell these in sex shops instead of those blow-up dolls. Does it have all the sex bits as well?”

I’d removed my hand by then, and the man put his hand where mine had been. The woman said, “Trevor, stop it!” and pulled his hand away. “Come on, we haven’t got all day.” She said, and pulled Trevor away.

The thing was, as he walked away, Trevor was holding his middle finger up and looking at it. He looked back over his shoulder then walked off with his girl.

I whispered to Kailene, “That would have made me cum.” Through closed teeth Kailene said, “I just did.”

I put the bikini on Kailene and left her whispering that I would come and collect her in a few minutes and take her for a break.

I served another young woman who had picked out a bikini that she liked. She asked me if we had it in a smaller size. I looked through the racks and couldn’t find one. I told her that I was sorry, but we didn’t. She turned and looked at Kailene and said, “What about that one?” I looked over to Kailene and realised that the one that Kailene was wearing was the same.

I went over to Kailene and whispered for her to stay still. I checked the size, and it was the size the woman wanted. I went back to the woman and told her that it was the right size. The woman asked me if she could have the one on the mannequin.

“Certainly,” I said, “just bear with me while I get it for you.”

It’s a good job that our bikinis have a protective, waterproof strip over the crotch part.

Kailene was left standing there naked, again. The number of people at the exhibition had increased again. More and more people were walking close to Kailene. The amazing thing was that 99% of the people just saw a normal mannequin. Only a handful had a second look. Amazing as it sounds, more people took notice of me in the thong bikini than a naked human female mannequin.

I couldn’t be bothered to put any clothes on Kailene to take her for a break, so I grabbed her arm and pulled her to the back of our area. We went passed a middle-aged woman who was there with what looked like her daughter. The woman’s face was a picture; she obviously wasn’t used to seeing naked girls.

I selected the briefest thong bikini that we had and gave it to Kailene to put on. Then I grabbed my purse and we went to look for some food.

Two girls in thong bikinis walking round a big exhibition hall got a bit of attention. It felt good with all those men looking at us. We found a fast food stall and bought a burger; with lots of men checking-out our backsides.

As we walked back, we passed a stall pushing holidays in Greece. Looking at a poster of gorgeous girls on a beach; I told Kailene that Sarah, Ella and I would be doing that in a couple of weeks. I told Kailene that I wished that she would be there with us.

I told Kailene all about our babysitting job. Kailene told me that she wished that she could go with us as well.

Back in our sales area Isabelle was busy so I jumped right in and served the next customer. Kailene went and started to tidy an area where a few garments had ended up on the floor. Kailene bent at the waist to pick-up some clothes. I saw a man standing behind her staring at her virtually naked ass.

We were quite busy so Isabelle told Kailene to select something to wear and go and be a mannequin again. A few minutes later I saw Kailene standing where we had been before. Her pose had her feet about a foot apart. She was wearing a little dress that was meant to be a beach cover-up worn on top of a swimsuit. It was see-through. The thing was; Kailene had taken off the bikini she was wearing. She was naked under the see-through dress. I could clearly see her open pussy lips and protruding clit. She did look good.

We stayed busy for about an hour, until the exhibition was winding-down. I hadn’t had much time to think about Kailene. Isabelle decided that it was time to start packing up and called Kailene to come and help us.

We were just about ready to start moving everything to the van when Isabelle asked Kailene if she liked the dress she was wearing. To be honest, I’d forgotten that we were still wearing the shops clothes. Kailene looked at herself in one of the mirrors and said that she did.

Isabelle told Kailene that she could keep it; that she’d earned it.

I changed back into my own clothes (in between the racks), and told Kailene to stay in the see-through dress.

Some of the other people loading vans appreciated the sight of Kailene working wearing just a see-through dress.

During the drive back I’m sure that Isabelle drove through all the pot holes so that we could watch Kailene’s tits wobble.

It was dark when Isabelle dropped us off and Kailene and I walked back to St. Damian’s and no one got to see Kailene’s dress, or more to the point, her body.

When we got back to St’ Damian’s I told Kailene to go and get a good night’s sleep; she had a big day ahead of her.

NEWPS – The 4 Pledges Second Hazing

It was the big Sunday. Ben and his mates had sold over 50 tickets and had worked out a rota for his mates to work the door. Ben had even borrowed a decent video camera to record the whole event.

The Pledges knew that it was their second hazing, but not what they were going to have to do. They’d been told to bring their remaining pair of knickers with them. First thing that morning I had phoned Kailene and told her to masturbate twice before she left her room.

Sarah met them all at the café and walked to the gym with them while Katie, Ella and I got the mats out and made sure that everything was okay.

When Sarah and the Pledges arrived some of the audience were still arriving. Two of the Pledges tried to get Sarah to tell them what was going on, but Sarah kept her mouth shut.

Sarah brought them to the corner that we were working from. They looked very nervous. So much so that Brooklyn looked as if she might wet herself.

It was noisy in there, and I was glad that Ben had borrowed a megaphone from somewhere.

I waited until it looked as if just about all the audience were there, then got the megaphone from Ben and said,

“Welcome to this NEWPS Hazing session. First of all, let me remind you that you are here as spectators; NOT as participants. Please stay OFF the mats and OFF the girls. There is plenty of room for you to see everything from where you are now.

Please respect these girls; they are here to take part in their final Hazing before they become members of NEWPS. The embarrassment and humiliation that they will endure here is part of that Hazing. Your presence here is to enhance that embarrassment and humiliation. Any entertainment value is a bonus for you to enjoy.

These girls don’t even know what they will have to do yet. Ben here is about to put them out of their misery.”

I passed the megaphone to Ben, who turned to the 4 Pledges and said,

“Right girls; today you are going to take part in a wrestling match.”

I was watching the girls faces, 2 jaws dropped and 1 hand came up and covered her mouth.

“This is entirely for FUN and there is no money at stake. Providing that you stick to the rules and put a lot of effort into winning, you will be accepted into NEWPS.

All 4 of you will start together and the winner will be the girl who doesn’t have an orgasm.”

All 4 girls looked puzzled.

“Put another way, you have to give the others an orgasm before they give you one.

We want each of you to be able to walk out of here without any injuries so there are a number of rules that you MUST follow. They are: -

1. Each girl is to start the match wearing only one pair of knickers; nothing else.

2. You may not pull your knickers up. If someone pulls them half way down you leave them there or kick them off.

3. No one will inflict any pain on anyone. You may restrain someone, but not hurt them.

4. Any indication of deliberate or un-warranted violence or loss of temper will result in immediate disqualification and a severe public punishment.

5. Hair pulling is not allowed.

6. All girls must remain on the mats until they are eliminated.

7. If the referee says ‘break’, you will go back to your Pledge Sister immediately.

8. Once the referee has decided that you have cum, you will be eliminated.

9. A 1 minute break will be taken every 5 minutes – approximately. The referee will decide when a break time is appropriate based on the nature of the action at that time.

10. The referee’s decision is final.

There is a prize for the girl who doesn’t have an orgasm. The lucky winner will find out what that prize is when we get to that point.

Right girls, prepare yourself.”

Katie, Sarah, Ella and I had all moved to a corner of the mats and we each called our Pledge over.

Kailene walked over to me looking very nervous. I smiled at her and told her that it would be easy for her. I told her that all she had to do was concentrate on not cumming. I asked her if she’d done what I asked her to do earlier. She nodded.

I looked over at the other 3, all looked nervous. I turned back to Kailene and told her that the others looked scared. She said that she was. I told her that if she walked out there, head up, and with a smile on her face then she was half way to winning. I suggested that when someone gets someone else down, help them to get their knickers off then start to work on their pussy. Pounce when someone looks vulnerable. Help the others to eliminate the fourth and then the third.

I asked Kailene where her knickers were. She pointed to her bag. I told her to take her clothes off while I got her knickers out. The knickers were a thong. She put it on and turned to face the centre of the mats.

As the clothes came off, the noise from the audience increased.

Using the megaphone, Ben called the 4 to the centre. He then told them to shake the others hands; and have a group hug.

Ben backed away to the side and said, “Let the fun begin.”

The 4 just looked at each other for a few seconds then started grabbing for each other. As soon as they realised that it wasn’t going to be that easy, they started moving round and grabbing out.

After about a minute, Zoe made a lunge for Leah. Leah went down with Zoe on top of her. Kailene grabbed Zoe’s knickers and managed to get them down to her knees. Brooklyn tried to get Kailene’s thong, but Kailene moved away before she could.

Ben called a break and Kailene came over to me. I told her that she needed to get the others on the ground. Kailene said that she knew that, but it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. All of them were full of energy and hyped up. They were moving too fast.

Ben got them started again, and the same happened again; although Brooklyn’s knickers did come off and find their way into the audience.

After the next break things slowed down a bit, but there was still way too much jumping all over the place. Progress was slow.

Towards the end of another 5 minutes, after another break, Brooklyn was standing at the side getting her breath back when Kailene and Zoe pounced on Leah. Poor Leah didn’t stand a chance. Zoe was on her back holding Leah on top of her. Kailene took her chance and grabbed Leah’s knickers. The knickers were off in one move and Kailene was waving them in the air. She sniffed them then threw them into the audience.

This left just Kailene with knickers (thong) on.

Zoe was still hanging on to Leah as Kailene and Brooklyn both grabbed one of Leah’s legs. They pulled them wide apart, displaying Leah’s wide open pussy to the audience. Zoe’s legs automatically went over Leah’s and held them wide apart.

Without realising it, the 4 Pledges had worked out that the best way to win was to eliminate the others one at a time.

Poor Leah was to be their first victim. Zoe was lying with her back on the floor. Leah was on top of her with her back to Zoe. Zoe’s arms were holding Leah’s arms and her legs were holding Leah’s legs apart. Leah must have known that her pussy was wide open, but I’m not sure that Zoe realised that her pussy was wide open underneath Leah.

Kailene and Brooklyn sat at either side of Leah and Zoe. They leaned over, effectively pinning both Leah and Zoe to the ground.

Kailene and Brooklyn started working on Leah’s pussy. Brooklyn was playing with her clit and Kailene was finger fucking her.

Kailene was leaning further over Leah’s pussy and she must have seen Zoe’s pussy just below Leah’s. Kailene realised that there was another opportunity there and moved to Zoe’s pussy. She worked furiously on Zoe’s pussy while Brooklyn continued working on Leah.

Both Zoe and Leah were moaning. The fight was going out of them; they relaxed for a while; then decided to fight it a bit more. That didn’t last; and they relaxed again.

Kailene and Brooklyn were working hard. I’ve never seen fingers go in and out so fast.

It wasn’t that long before Leah reached her peak. Natural body functions took over and she shouted that she was cumming.

Ben didn’t call a break. It was way overdue but other things had priority.

About 30 seconds later Zoe shuddered and screamed, “Yes!”

I think that Kailene was going for number two, but Ben stopped her and told her and Brooklyn to get up. Leah rolled off Zoe and they both lay there for a while before Ben helped them up. In a dejected, but happy way, they walked back to their Pledge Sisters.

Ben called a break and as Kailene walked over to me I could see that she was wet, very wet, but I didn’t want to touch her pussy, or talk about it. I didn’t want to risk exciting her even more.

As she drank I told her that Brooklyn loses her breath easily. I told her to get Brooklyn running round for a couple of minutes, then pounce.

Kailene went straight to the centre. Brooklyn dived for Kailene but Kailene dodged out of the way. Three times that happened before Brooklyn realised that Kailene’s reactions were too fast.

Brooklyn grabbed at Kailene’s arm. Instead of grabbing hold of it, Kailene dodged and caught hold of Brooklyn’s arm. Using Brooklyn’s momentum, Kailene sent Brooklyn running passed her.

Brooklyn tried that move again, with the same results.

Brooklyn was getting out of breath and tired; and Kailene had hardly moved.

Kailene took the initiative and charged straight at Brooklyn. Brooklyn went down and Kailene went on top of her.

The 2 of them were rolling around the floor grabbing arms and legs. First one was on top, then the other. Arms and legs were everywhere. Each one was trying to hold the others legs wide apart, whilst being in a position to play with their opponent’s pussy.

They both still had too much energy.

Ben called a break.

I gave Kailene the same pep-talk; adding that she was doing brilliantly. I told her that if she played things the same way she would win; Brooklyn was looking tired and I told Kailene to make sure that she walked back to the centre looking full of energy and confidence.

And she did. They started again in the same way but Brooklyn looked a bit stronger. She managed to get hold of Kailene’s thong and rip the elastic. Kailene’s response was to take it right off and throw it into the crowd. With a big grin on her face she turned to Brooklyn and marched towards her.

Brooklyn looked a bit scared and Kailene grappled her to the floor. They were rolling all over the place, arms and legs all over the place; again.

This time however, Kailene managed to get Brooklyn with her back to the floor and lift her legs. Kailene swung round and sat on Brooklyn’s chest with her knees on the floor. Brooklyn’s arms were out, and pinned down by Kailene’s shins.

Kailene was facing Brooklyn’s legs which she was holding straight up in the air.

Got her! Brooklyn was pinned down and at Kailene’s mercy. There was to be no mercy, Kailene pushed Brooklyn’s legs wide apart. The noise from the audience got louder. Like everyone else in the room, they knew what was going to happen next.

Kailene pulled Brooklyn’s legs under her shoulders, and leaned back a bit so that Brooklyn couldn’t use the strength in her legs (if she had any energy left); then plunged 2 fingers into Brooklyn’s pussy. Brooklyn gasped. She knew that she was beaten and stopped struggling. All that was left was for Kailene to give her an orgasm. And Kailene wasn’t in a rush to see Brooklyn cum.

Kailene took her time teasing Kailene’s clit with one hand and slowly finger fucking her with the other. She even leaned forward and licked her and chewed her clit for a while.

Ben’s mate who was working the video camera was getting it all. He was right in front of them getting every detail.

Ben forgot about the time as Kailene slowly brought Brooklyn to an orgasm.

Brooklyn looked like she was going to cum. Kailene must have realised that too because she shuffled her body back so that her pussy was over Brooklyn’s mouth.

Brooklyn couldn’t verbally tell us that she was cumming, but her jerking body did.

Kailene suddenly gasped. She later told me that while Brooklyn was cumming she bit her clit.

Ben let things settle down then told Kailene to get up.

Kailene got off Brooklyn and put her hand out to help her up. Brooklyn looked total knackered. Kailene put out her arms and gave Brooklyn a big hug then a slow kiss full on her mouth.

The audience loved it. So did I.

The Prize.

None of the 4 Pledges knew what it was until Ben said, “Kailene, you have shown great strength, initiative and skill. I am proud to announce that you are our winner.

Although the 3 other Pledges didn’t win, they are to be applauded for their brilliant effort. They all should be proud of themselves, and I for one would not like to upset any of them.

All four of you; you were fantastic. You are all now fully fledged members of NEWPS”

The audience gave a long round of applause and cheering.

“Kailene, to collect your prize you need to lay spread-eagle on the floor with your feet towards the audience.”

Ben pointed to the centre of the mats and Kailene did as requested, with a puzzled look on her face.

Ben turned to the 3 losers and said,

“Each of you 3 is going to give Kailene an orgasm. The only things that you can use are your body and this.”

Ben pulled a big dildo out of a bag.

“Leah, as you were the first to have an orgasm, you will go first.”

Leah took the dildo and walked over to Kailene. She gave Kailene a kiss on her mouth and said something to her; then started caressing her body. Her hands were everywhere. She was massaging her and teasing her. Leah lingered over Kailene’s nipples and pussy. It must have been a good 5 minutes before Leah squeezed Kailene’s nipples.

Leah massaged Kailene’s breasts hard. Kailene’s nipples were pulled and pinched and squeezed.

Leah moved her hand to Kailene’s pussy while her mouth worked on Kailene’s nipples.

Kailene’s clit got all the same treatment as her nipples did.

Kailene was getting close, Leah continued. I saw that first twitch and knew that Kailene was about to cum. Leah saw it as well and picked up the dildo and plunged it deep into Kailene.

Kailene just about sat upright as she screamed. Leah pushed and pulled the dildo in and out.

Leah looked like she was going to give Kailene her second, but Ben stopped her. Leaving the dildo still inside Kailene, Leah got up and walked back to Sarah. I saw Sarah hug Leah as Ben told Zoe to take over.

Zoe knelt down and gave Kailene a looooong kiss on her mouth; then got to work. Zoe was good (not that the others weren’t), and brought Kailene up again. Zoe worked on Kailene’s clit with one hand and pumped the dildo in and out with the other.

Kailene shouted ‘Fuck’ and came again.

Brooklyn wasn’t quite as gentle as Leah or Zoe. She worked Kailene’s breasts and clit in a rougher way. Kailene obviously didn’t mind because she came quicker than with either Leah or Zoe.

Ben let Kailene compose herself then held out his hand to help her up. Kailene pulled the dildo out then took Ben’s hand. Using the megaphone, Ben held up Kailene’s hand and said,

“Once again; our winner!”

Kailene smiled at everyone then ran over to me and gave me a big hug with her sweaty body. Not that I minded. I told Kailene that she was no longer ‘my Pledge’; that she was now my equal and that I was VERY proud of her.

Ben then turned to me and said, “Are we on for the next part?”

Now I hadn’t told Katie, Sarah and Ella about this; but I had gone to M&S and bought a 4 pack of bikini knickers. I held them up and Ben announced,

“Katie, Sarah, Ella and Amy; would you all come out here please?”

When we were all near Ben, he continued,

“As a big thank you for all you hard work in looking after your Pledges, and all your work for NEWPS; you are now invited to compete in a similar match. Do you accept this invitation?”

How could they not?

I tore open the pack of knickers and gave them each a pair. We went back to our corners and our grinning ex Pledges folded our clothes as we took them off and put the horrible knickers on.

We all went back to the centre and Ben reminded us that the same rules applied.

The bout started in a very similar way, but we all quickly settled down and applied what we had learnt from the Pledge’s match.

Sarah, being the smallest, was the first to get her knickers ripped off, and to be forced (LOL) to cum (quite loudly for such a small 18 year old).

After a break, Katie managed to rip my knickers next. I stepped out of them and threw them to the crowd. Ella and I got the opportunity to jump on Katie at the same time. We had her knickers off and were teasing her nipps and clit in no time.

She didn’t stand a chance. We had her cumming in no time.

Ella vs. Amy – Katie is a bit bigger and looks stronger than Ella so I half expected Katie to be in the final. I didn’t know if the other finalist would be me or Ella. Anyway, Ella still had her knickers on. I had to get them off her.

Ben called another break and Kailene gave me lots of moral support.

Within seconds of us starting again we were rolling around on the floor again. I managed to get Ella’s knickers off her backside and halfway down her thighs; but all of a sudden I found myself on my back with my feet either side of my head. What’s more, Ella was sat on the backs of my legs, directly over my face. Her knickers had gone (still can’t remember how) and she was facing my butt.

Ella slapped my pussy and said, “We’re going to enjoy this.”

She was right; she pumped her fingers in and out of my soaking pussy. I tried to reach Ella’s pussy with my tongue, but couldn’t.

Ella had got me. I relaxed and enjoyed cumming with dozens of men watching me.

Ella deserved her reward and we made sure that she got it. One by one, the three of us brought Ella to an orgasm with a combination of fingers, tongue, teeth and the dildo. She was loud, but not as loud as Kailene.

Ben announced the end of the event and we all tidied up in the gym. I think that all 8 of us slept well that night.

The next day after lectures, I went over Kailene’s room for the webcam and a general chat. We ended up in bed together with the webcam still switched on.

Full NEWPS Meeting

Two days after the hazing we had a meeting of the now 8 members of NEWP Sorority in the university café. For starters I asked the new members what they thought of their hazings and medicals. I asked Kailene for her comments first because I believed that she had enjoyed them all.

Kailene said that she thought that they were awesome. They had been everything that she could have wished for. She loved the fact that everywhere that she went in St. Damian’s there could be someone who had seen her naked and perhaps masturbating or getting fucked. There could well be some young man in St. Damian’s at that moment, having a wank and thinking about one of the 4 of them. That idea really turned her on.

Kailene told us that when she came to England she didn’t know anyone. Although most of the people at St. Damian’s were very friendly towards her, she hadn’t made any real friends. That was until she joined NEWPS. She said that she really felt at home now.

Leah said she had been quite surprised by what the hazings involved. The Dress Code had caught her by surprise, but she agreed with the principles and was happy to conform, even if it did mean that she had to be extra careful when she sat down. She said that she was getting used to it and was no longer mortified if someone saw up her skirt or down her top. In fact she was starting to be more like Sarah and use her body as a tool to get men to do what she wanted. She’d tried it a couple of times in town and had been surprised by just how gullible men are.

Leah also said that she was impressed with how well Sarah coped without any breasts, she said that she didn’t think that she could cope that well.

As for the hazings, Leah said that she really had considered using the ‘safe word’ when she realised that she had to strip naked and masturbate in front of all those men. If it hadn’t been for Sarah she would have run out crying.

Leah said that she’d been disappointed to be the first one out of the wrestling, but Zoe’s strength and Brooklyn and Kailene’s hands had been just too much for her.

Brooklyn too said that she was surprised by what the hazings had involved. She said that she’d looked on the internet for hazings and found nothing like what she’d had to do. Brooklyn said that she’d never considered shaving off her pubic hair and that when she first did it she was very self-conscious and covered her pubes when she walked round the dorm floor. She said that she hadn’t been prepared for the nice feelings that the fresh air blowing across her pussy gives her when she’s outside.

Brooklyn also told us that the medicals that she’d had in the past had never included what Doctor Lawrence did to her and that she’d been mortified when she first realised that she was going to cum. She’d later talked to Leah about the medical and been both horrified and disappointed when Leah had told her that the door to the waiting room had been open when Leah had her examination. But the wrestling experience had made up for it. Brooklyn told us that she felt that she could now quite comfortably have an orgasm with men watching her.

Zoe told us that one of the reasons why she applied to NEWPS was that she wanted to have some friends that weren’t lesbians and always trying to hit on her. She’d always thought that she was open-minded, but NEWPS took that to the next level. Zoe told us that she was now convinced that there are people out there who are happy to mix with lesbians and not make any assumptions. Zoe thanked us all.

Zoe went on to say that she too had been horrified and scared when she realised that she had to masturbate naked with lots of men watching. She’d never thought that she could get turned-on by the thoughts that she had while she’d been frigging that night.

Zoe told us that the medical examination was the first that she’d ever had by a man doctor. She’d always insisted to her mother that she had a woman doctor. Now she has realised that men doctors are not the horrible creatures that she had originally thought. She wanted her next medical to be with Doctor Lawrence.

As for the Dress Code, she’d never even considered that she could have so much fun not wearing underwear. We had opened a whole new, exciting world to her. She also told us that she had never thought that a man massaging her breasts could turn her on so much, and she hoped that we would let her go swimming with us again.

I thanked everyone for being so open and honest, and told them that it was my turn to be open and honest with them. I told them that every member of NEWPS was in that room; that NEWPS was the idea of Katie, Ben and myself, and that we had started it just for a bit of fun.

I started getting a bit sentimental and told everyone that everything had turned out far, far better than I could ever have dreamed of. I came to St. Damian’s with one good female friend; and I now had 7. I also told them that, just for the record, Ben was my step brother so I wasn’t the incestuous whore that some people, present company excluded, had called me.

I went on to tell the 4 new members how I met Sarah. How Prof Gibbons was blackmailing Sarah and me into doing things that he thought would embarrass and humiliate us. I told them how we made a fool of him, without him even knowing it, with the remote vibes.

I then told them about Prof Jones and what she had made Katie and I do; again thinking that we were embarrassed and humiliated; but in reality we had enjoyed every minute of it.

Next I asked the new members for their help. I told them about Prof Jones latest bit of ‘blackmail’. I told them that in 6 weeks we had to perform a cheerleader’s routine in a yet to be disclosed public place. I told them that it couldn’t be a place where kids would be as the Prof had demanded that it be erotic.

I explained that we had 2 problems. Firstly we needed more girls in the team, and secondly, the Easter holidays started next week and we didn’t have much time to practice.

The fab four demanded that they all be in the team and also promised to make themselves available for practice for some of the time over the holidays. We all said when we would be available and we worked out when we could practice.

There was a chance that we could make it and not make fools of ourselves.

I was happy.

I told everyone that we had covered everything that I wanted, and asked if anyone else wanted to discuss anything. Kailene said that she had 2 things.

The first was to ask us if the new members could all go to the swimming on Sunday mornings. The second question was to ask what the acronym NEWPS was for. She told us that she knew that the ‘S’ was for Sorority; and guessed that the ‘N’ was for Naked; but what the fuck was the ‘E’ and ‘W’ and ‘P’ for?

Four of us laughed and the other 4 had blank expressions on their faces.

Exposed Wet Pussies I said, and we all laughed.

I then told them that they would be very welcome at the swimming sessions.

To be continued…….

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