Amy the Exhibitionist
by Vanessa

part 18

Please note that all characters in this story are over the age of legal consent.

Parts 1 – 4 are about Amy’s discovery and exploits before she reached the age of legal consent. They can be found on /~Vanessa/ or by googling ‘Amy the Exhibitionist’.

Love, V


Part 18 – My second term at University - third part

My New Job

So far so good. Near closing time this week there was a man shopping with what looked like his daughter. She looked about 14 years old. He was waiting in the changing area while she was in a cubicle with the curtains fully closed. She was obviously taking her time making up her mind. Anyway, things were quiet so I quickly selected a dress and went into the other cubicle and only half closed the curtains.

From where I was stood I could see the man in the mirror, and he could see me. We almost made eye contact once. I took my top off and watched him watching me. When I dropped my skirt I ran my hands slowly up each side of my body, cupping my breasts; and smiled at him. He just stared at me. I turned round and looked over my shoulder at my backside in the mirror. I pulled my butt cheeks apart and then turned and picked up the dress.

I slowly lowered the dress over my arms, then boobs, and then the rest of me. I’d timed it just right as the girl came out of the other cubicle and told her dad which dress she wanted. They left, leaving me to get changed back into my own clothes.

Isabelle told me that the mobile fashion shop was going to a big hotel in town on the Sunday and she asked me if I would go with her and Hayley.

I met Isabelle and Hayley on the Sunday morning and we drove to the big hotel. The posters said that there was some sort of car show going on. This sounded a bit crazy to me so I asked Isabelle what we were doing at a car show. Isabelle said, “It’s not the car show that we’re here for, nor the men that will be looking at them, it’s the women that will be here with their men, and have no interest in the cars. We’ll give them something more enjoyable to do; something that all women love to do - shopping for clothes.”

We go to a few exhibitions like this. How could I have missed that?

We unloaded the van and pushed the racks into a big exhibition room. There weren’t any cars in there; but there were dozens of stalls for people selling lots of things that I had never seen before, nor would I worry if I never saw them again.

We arranged things as Isabelle wanted; then she gave Hayley and me a dress each and we were told to go and put them on.

No changing cubicles. Hayley told me that we had to change behind one of the racks of clothing. Hayley went right behind a rack, but I went just to the end where I could see everyone. I stripped a lot quicker than Hayley (fewer clothes) and took my time putting the dress on. It was fun standing there naked watching all those people knowing that at any second, one (or more) could turn and see me naked.

Isabelle told us where to stand and then put us in the pose that she wanted.

We must have been stood there for 10 minutes before Isabelle told Hayley to serve a woman who was browsing the racks. Hayley looked a bit relieved to be able to move about, but I still felt okay. The woman looked a little surprised when one of the mannequins came to life.

That woman left without buying anything but it wasn’t long before 2 more came over. After a few minutes one of them asked Isabelle if there was anywhere that she could try a dress on. Isabelle apologised and told her that she could put it on the mannequin to see what it looked like. The woman looked over at me then said, “Okay.”

Isabelle gave the dress to Hayley and told her to put it on me. I got a little rush as I realised that I was going to be naked out in the open.

Hayley said, “But Amy is naked under that.” Isabelle cut her off by saying, “Do it!”

Hayley started un-buttoning my dress and whispered that she was sorry. I wanted to tell her that it was okay, but I didn’t want to open my mouth.

Hayley put my arms by my sides and let the dress drop to the floor. As she lifted one leg, then the other to free the dress; I could hear the woman telling Isabelle that mannequins looked quit realistic these days.

Hayley put the dress on me then backed away so that the woman could get a good look. The woman liked the dress and said that she would take it.

Hayley looked at the size tag on the dress I had on, and then went to the rack. After searching through the rack she told Isabelle that there was only one that size. Isabelle told Hayley to take it off me.

I was left standing there with no clothes on; and what’s more, a couple of customers were coming into our area. I heard Hayley ask Isabelle what she should do about me. Isabelle told her that customers came first and that they’d get back to me in a minute.

One of the women stopped and looked me up and down and then walked on.

After the customers had gone Isabelle gave Hayley another dress and told her to put it on me. I was left for a few minutes then Isabelle told me to relax and go and put my own clothes on. When I got back Isabelle asked me if I’d enjoyed the experience. I told her that I had, but it would have been better if the woman had brought their men with them. Isabelle laughed.

We were reasonably busy after that and I didn’t get to be a mannequin again that day.

On the drive back Isabelle asked me what I thought of the day. I told her that I’d enjoyed it, especially when I’d been a mannequin. Isabelle was smiling as she said, “Yes, I could see that; I’ll have to see what else I can organise; but it’s not as easy when you’ve only got one naked, living mannequin.” I told her that I was sure that could find some other girls to help out. Isabelle smiled again but didn’t say anything.


I sent this email to the 4 girls that we had selected: -

Dear potential NEWP Sorority member,

Please be at the University café at 18:30 on Friday where you will be met by some of the NEWPS Sisters. They will explain more about NEWPS, its standards and expectations of you.

The NEWPS Sisters will then take you to your first hazing.

You are advised to wear a skirt, not trousers or jeans.

If you are not there at exactly 18:30 we will assume that you no longer wish to join NEWPS.

NEWP Sorority Sisters.

Katie, Sarah, Ella and I were there early, waiting for them. We had previously prepared a list of notes for things that we wanted to tell them, and Ben was at the venue arranging the furniture, after previously inviting a few dozen people to attend.

We had taken the photographs that they had sent us with their ‘preferences’ form, so that we didn’t approach the wrong girls. Three of the photographs were topless ones, and the fourth (Kailene) was a nude one of her walking down a busy street.

As each girl arrived we got them a drink and then we took over to one corner of the café.

When one of the girls walked in both Ella and I thought that she looked familiar. We’d both looked at the photograph that she’d sent us and hadn’t noticed anything, but when she walked in, there was something that was familiar. Neither of us could place her.

When everyone had arrived and got a drink, I got out the list of notes that we had prepared earlier then said,

“Welcome to your first NEWP Sorority meeting. This is the start of a new and exciting chapter in your lives.

At this meeting I am going to say a few words about each of the following subjects: -

What NEWPS is all about.

Dress Code.


Medical Examination.

A Safe Word.

Before I start rambling on let’s introduce ourselves. We’ll go round the tables starting with me. I’m Amy and I am one of the founder members of NEWPS.”

Each person introducted herself.

“NEWPS – The NEWP Sorority. For starters, we will not tell you what the acronym stands for until you have passed all your hazings. There are a number of ‘little secrets’ that will be kept from you until you become a fully-fledged member of NEWPS. None of them are anything to worry about.

“The NEWP Sorority is all about young ladies having fun as a group; taking part in group activities that improve their self-esteem and confidence. As most of the activities are physical, they will help you to keep fit as well. Some of those activities will also help other people in the community.

“We expect ALL new Pledges to put 100% effort into all NEWPS activities; and that includes Hazings.

“Dress Code - We are a female organisation and believe that women are women, not pretend men. As such we have a dress code that is definitely feminine. None of this dressing in clothes similar to what men wear. As you can see, we are all wearing skirts and tops. We expect all NEWPS members to wear skirts or dresses; never trousers, jeans or shorts. Legs will be bare, or covered in stockings or hold-ups; not tights. Skirt length may be anything from full length to not even long enough to cover your butt; that’s up to you.

“Women’s underwear was invented by men as an excuse to extract money from women. NEWPS members never wear underwear. Not only does make for more fun, it is the healthy option. You don’t get thrush and other such ailments if you are knickerless and wearing a skirt.

“Recent recruits have either disposed of all their bras, knickers, trousers, jeans and shorts; or packed them up and taken them home to their parents to give to their siblings or to a charity shop. Oh, keep one pair of knickers; you will need them for one of your hazings.

“That’s enough about what clothes to wear, now when not to wear clothes. All NEWPS sisters do not wear clothes on their dorm floors or in their rooms. Obviously there is the exception of getting ready to go out and for a short while after you get back; but the rest of the time we are naked. The other girls on your floor will soon get used to seeing you naked all the time; and if any of them invite their boyfriends over, it’s their problem, not yours.

“Some of you may have rooms that are overlooked by other dorm buildings or office blocks or other buildings that are occupied. Again, this is their problem, not yours. Do not hide away behind closed curtains; be proud of your body, and do not be ashamed to let others see it.

“Hair. As you can see, some of us have long hair, and others have short hair. Head hair length is at the discretion of each individual. However, NEWP Sorority Sisters shave off every hair below their necks, at least every other day.

“This Dress Code applies to Pledges as well.

“Hazing serves 2 main purposes; firstly it gives the existing NEWPS members the opportunity to get to know the Pledge very well and build a ‘bond’ between the Pledge and her Sorority Pledge Sister. It also gives the Pledge the opportunity to get to know more about herself. To know what she is capable of and what gives her pleasure.

“Pledges, your Hazing will be demeaning, embarrassing and humiliating; you will be your Pledge Sister’s slave. She will do with you whatever she pleases. If she wants you to eat her out in the middle of a pub or the street, then you will do it. If she wants you to walk naked down the High Street, you will do it.

“NEWPS members have to be fit. You may have noticed that none of us smoke. Girls that smoke did apply for membership, but there are no smokers here. Draw your own conclusion.

“We need to know that all new members are physically fit, drug free and capable of functioning as a ‘normal’ girl. To this end, all potential members have to submit to a medical examination by a NEWPS appointed doctor. His notes are passed to the most senior members of NEWPS for their eyes only.

“A ‘Safe Word’ is a word or phrase that can be spoken by any pledge at any time. If spoken, the activity being undertaken by the Pledge will stop immediately and the Pledge’s application to be a NEWPS member will be cancelled immediately.

“No one will think any the less of any Pledge who uses the Safe Word. We all recognise that we are all slightly different and that what some people are happy with, other are not. The Safe Word that we use is the phrase, ‘Chocolate Teapot’.

“Before we go any further, does anyone have any problems with what I’ve said so far?”

Brooklyn asked about her periods saying that she used pads. I said, “Not anymore; from now on you use tampons; unless you can get a note from your doctor.”

Kailene asked if they were expected to go around flashing their tits and pussies to lots of men. I told her that it was up to her who she flashed; but for those who had never flashed before I suggested that they try it. I told them that it is a great turn-on and it also gives you a sort of ‘power’ over those men. They are like ‘putty’ in your fingers

“Now let's get started. Each of the Sorority Sisters here will chose one of you; she will be your Pledge Sister and will be responsible for guiding you through your hazings and helping you in any and every way that is necessary; not just on NEWPS activities, but in all aspects of life at St. Damian’s. She will be your confidant and best friend; your ‘BFF’.”

To start the ball rolling, I choose Kailene. 'There’s something about you that I want to know more about', I thought.

Ella chose Zoe; Katie chose Brooklyn, leaving Leah for Sarah.

“Right, now that we’ve sorted that out we’ll split into our pairs for 10 minutes so that each couple can get to know one another better; then we’ll go to your first Hazing.”

I went and sat opposite to Kailene. She’s from Florida and has decided to study in England. I told her that I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to leave such a beautiful part of America; a place that has so much sunshine and sand. Kailene is quite good looking, green eyes, tanned skin and long black, silky hair. I told her that I wanted her to tell me all about the photograph that she’d sent us; that I found it ‘interesting’. I told Kailene that I’d chosen her because on her application she’d said that she was an exhibitionist. That part had really got me interested. I wanted us to get together and exchange details of the adventures that we’d both had.

I asked Kailene if she’d have any problems with what I had told everyone; adding that I didn’t expect the Dress Code would be a problem as I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra or knickers (I could see the triangle of tanned skin up her skirt and her nipples were poking her top quite nicely). Kailene told me that she was happy with everything that I had said. She said that she already complied with the Dress Code and that she was looking forward to being my sex slave.

Now I hadn’t used the word ‘sex’ in front of ‘slave’; but Kailene had. This girl wanted to be my sex slave; that will be fun.

I told Kailene that I thought that I knew her from somewhere, but couldn’t place her. Kailene laughed and told me that she had been lucky enough to help at one of Ella hazings; and that she’d been lucky enough to have been eaten out by Ella.

It clicked. I told Kailene that the hazing that she was about to do wasn’t quite the same, but that I was sure that she would enjoy it. I also told Kailene that I could see that we were going to get on well together.

After 10 minutes, I announced that the new Pledges were now going to do their first Hazing. We were going to a big building. Outside of it, each Pledge would be blindfolded and that the blindfold MUST remain in place until the Hazing was over and they were back outside the building.

Each Pledge Sister will guide their Pledge to one of a number of rooms where they will go in and the Pledge will be given some instructions by a man. These instructions are to be followed to the letter. The Pledges were told that the only thing that they could say from that point on was the Safe Word; IF they felt they needed to use it.

We went to the building and blindfolded our Pledges then we each guided our Pledge into the building then split and went 4 different ways. As we slowly walked I asked Kailene if she was nervous. She said, “A little.” I squeezed her arm and told her that she would do just fine, that it would be easy for her.

We all ended up outside one door and I knocked. Ben had told everyone in the room that they were to act, and speak, as if there was only one Pledge there. Ben opened the door and invited us in. We took our Pledges and stood each one in front of a table.

Ben then read out the following:

“This girl has applied to join the NEWP Sorority. In order for her to be accepted she has to complete a number of hazings. This is the first one. We hope that you young men will show your respect for this Pledge, and only get involved if invited to by the Pledge, or the NEWP Sorority member with her.

To complete the hazing she must do the following: -

1 Keep the blindfold in place.

2 Strip naked.

3 Lay on her back on a table.

4 Raise her legs high in the air and spread them wide.

5 Masturbate until she has an orgasm.

6 Get dressed and leave with her Pledge Sister.

I was watching Kailene’s face as Ben read. She smiled. I heard a bit of a gasp from Zoe.

After the cheers and comment died down Ben said, “Pledge, remove your clothing!”

All 4 girls started to undress. Kailene was the first to be naked; she didn’t have any underwear on. Leah was second; she too was underwearless. Brooklyn was third; she wore a thong but no bra. Zoe was last; she wore both a bra and a thong. Brooklyn also had a full bush of pubic hair.

“Pledge Sister, get your Pledge on the table.” Ben said.

“Pledge, raise your legs and open them wide.” Ben said. That got more cheers and rude comments from the crowd. Kailene had another smile on her face.

“Pledge, masturbate.” Ben said.

All 4 girls started to frig.

Kailene was the first to use both hands; two fingers from one hand going in and out; and Kailene was also the first to cum. I guess she appreciated the excitement of being watched by a few men.

It took quite a while for the others to cum, but eventually their moans got louder and they started shaking. Meanwhile Kailene was going for number 2. She just made it before Zoe (the last of the other 3) got number 1.

The 4 Pledges must have realised that they were all in the same room by then. The moans and shouts from the others would have given it away.

Ben had been standing right in front of the middle 2 tables getting a front row view. When he was happy that they were all done; he told them to stand up and told them that their Pledge Sister was holding their clothes in front of them; and to get dressed. Brooklyn’s and Zoe’s underwear didn’t go back on.

While the Pledges got dressed Ben thanked the audience for their help and as soon as each girl was ready, we led them out of the room and out of the building.

When everyone had arrived we told the Pledges to take the blindfolds off and asked them what they were thinking.

Kailene said that it had been roughly what she had been expecting and that she had thoroughly enjoyed it. She said that she’d get that delicious tingling in her pussy every time that a male student gave her a funny look. Was he one of the ones that had seen her frig herself to an orgasm?

Kailene also asked me if all 4 of them had been in the same room; and just how many people had watched her frig herself.

I wasn’t going to lie to them and told them that we thought that it would be more of a turn-on for them if they thought that they were the only one that was frigging. I didn’t answer the question about how many people were there.

Zoe told us that she’d been expecting to have to get naked and perhaps masturbate; but she never expected there to be a male audience; but at the same time she’d been really turned on by it; and yes, it was more of a turn-on thinking that she was the only naked person there; and yes, she’s looking forward to people giving her that ‘knowing look,’ and her wondering if they’d seen her naked and having an orgasm.

Brooklyn said that she had exactly the same feelings as Zoe. Leah said that she’d not expected anything like that. She said that for a couple of seconds she had considered using the Safe Word; but her pussy had told her not to be so stupid.

I then announced that everyone had done well and that NEWPS would discuss the evening’s event and that the Pledge Sisters would be in touch with their Pledges.

I also added that the next time that we see any of them we expected them to be fully compliant with the NEWPS Dress Code.

We split into our 4 pairs and Kailene and I walked to her dorm room. No sooner than we’d got through the door, Kailene stripped off, saying that she must comply with the Dress Code.

We had a long chat, exchanging details of some of our adventures. Kailene was amazed by what we’d got up to in Ibiza, saying that if she’d done anything like that in America she’d have been locked up. But Kailene did tell me all about the time she’d been dancing naked in a club in Switzerland.

Kailene also told me about one time that she’s been in a clothes shop and she’d had to ask for some help. The assistant had dragged her by her pubic bone with her fingers in her pussy; to the checkout; and made to pay for some clothes while still held like that. The best part was where she’d gone back to the shop a few days later and asked for a job. Kailene didn’t get a sales job, but she did get a job as a mannequin for the day. The staff had left her naked in the middle of the shop for ages; and even groped her in front of the customers.

All that talking about clothes shops started me thinking; I needed a plan to have some fun with Kailene in the shop that I’d just got a job in. I didn’t tell Kailene about that; I thought that I might be able to use that to surprise her.

When we’d run out of experiences that we could think of at that time; Kailene asked me if there was anything else that she needed to know; or anything else that she could do for me. I thought for a minute then told her to get on her knees, spread her knees wide, lean back and put her hands on the floor behind her.

Kailene looked good with her bald, wet pussy spread wide and her nipples pointing to the ceiling.

I sat there staring at her pussy thinking how I was going to enjoy it. After a few seconds I said, “Every time that I say ‘assume the position’, that is how you are to present yourself. It doesn’t matter where we are, or who else is there, you get down into that position. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress Amy.” Kailene said.

I liked the ‘Mistress’ bit.

I then told Kailene that I was going back to my room; that I would be back at 10 o’clock in the morning and that I expected her to be back in the same position when I walked through the door.

Shopping with Kailene

I walked into Kailene’s room at exactly 10 o’clock; and Kailene was there on the floor, wet pussy staring at me. I walked to between her legs and rubbed the front of my shoe up and down her pussy. I wished that I’d worn some pointed shoes.

Leaving Kailene like that I asked her what jackets she had. She told me that they were in the wardrobe. I went and looked through her clothes and selected a leather jacket and a short, flared miniskirt. I gave them to her and told her to put them on, along with some shoes; nothing else.

We collected her purse and bag and we set off into town.

The bus was a double-decker and I was happy to let a youth push in between us to follow Kailene up the stairs. He wanted to look, and I wanted him to look. I’m pretty sure that there was another youth following me up the stairs, but I wasn’t sure, I didn’t look.

As we sat there I told Kailene that she looked good, and I asked her how she was doing. She told me that she was good; she felt that she looked good. Then she asked me what I was going to do to her. So I asked her what she wanted me to do to her.

Kailene said that she wanted her pussy to be seen by thousands of men; she wanted to be humiliated in public and she wanted have thousands of orgasms with people watching and knowing.

I told her that I couldn’t promise thousands but I would promise dozens over the next few months.

I reached over and put my hand between her legs. They opened automatically and I gave her the finger test. She sighed as I went in and out a couple of times. I then pulled out and put my finger in front of her face. She sucked it.

We went to the Ann Summers shop first and I got Kailene to buy a Pocket Rocket and some Ben Wa balls. Then we went to McDonalds and I sent Kailene to the toilet to insert the Pocket Rocket while I bought us some lunch.

We sat in the shop window facing the street. Kailene automatically crossed her legs but I told her never to do that again. At other times she could keep her knees together, but that time she had to keep her knees wide apart so that anyone passing who looked in, could see her pussy.

I told Kailene to shuffle down in her seat so that her butt wasn’t on her skirt – like me.

As we ate our food I played with the remote control. A homeless man shuffled passed and looked in. When he saw us he stopped right in front of us and stared at our pussies which were no more than 3 feet away from his filthy, bearded face.

He looked up and I smiled at him. He left.

Two other passing men did a double take as they passed.

All the while, I was playing with the remote control. How Kailene managed to eat her food I shall never know. Just as she was taking a drink I turned the control up to full. Kailene nearly choked; then started shaking. She grabbed my arm and squeezed. I left the control on full.

Kailene came down from her high and I let her finish her food and drink; then I turned it up again.

Kailene was up there again and my arm was starting to hurt; when one of the McD’s girls came to clear the table. As she went to pick up the tray she realised that she could see 2 pussies and that Kailene was obviously close to an orgasm. The girl looked at me, smiled and walked away with the tray.

I switched the control off and let Kailene get back to normal. Kailene said, “That was wonderful, thank you.”

As we got up to go to the toilet to clean-up I saw 2 wet patches on the seats. I told her to leave the Pocket Rocket in.

From there we went to a clothes shop; not the one that I worked at; Kailene wanted to buy a new skirt. The one that we went to was quite busy and there was a queue for the changing rooms so I told Kailene to try on the skirt behind one of the racks. Kailene asked me if she could get arrested for that. I told her that the worst that could happen was that we’d get thrown out. The skirt is a little Rara number, it’s very cute. I might get one like that myself sometime.

I held the skirt for Kailene as she took off her own skirt leaving her wearing only the short jacket and shoes. Two teenage girls ware moving over to where Kailene was so I held on to the skirt to see what would happen. One girl saw the bottomless Kailene and called her mate over. They both stared at her. Kailene said, “The queue for the changing rooms was a mile long.” The girls giggled and walked away.

I passed the skirt over and Kailene stepped in to it. She looked good. The material was smooth against her belly and as she smoothed her hand over it I thought she was going to cum; especially when I gave the Pocket Rocket a quick blast.

Kailene bought the skirt.

We wandered around a few more shops but didn’t buy, or even try on, anything; then we took the bus back to St. Damian’s. As I followed Kailene up the stairs on the bus I slid my hand up her leg. Boy was she wet.

I turned the Pocket Rocket up and made her cum again while we were still on the bus.

Blackmail - Professor Lesley Jones

The cheerleading practice is going well. We’re starting to get it together. Katie and Sarah are doing a good job of choreographing things.

Prof Jones phoned me a couple of days ago wanting to know how we were getting on. I told her that it was coming along, but we were having trouble remembering the sequence of all the moves.

The Prof asked me how we were getting on with recruiting more girls to the squad. I told her that we were making a bit of progress but it was difficult talking girls into wearing such a skimpy outfit that would embarrass and humiliate them in public.

After practice last Thursday we talked about getting the Pledges involved, but we decided against it for now; for two reasons. Firstly we thought it would be better if we’d got our act together first; and secondly, we wanted to be sure that they’d get through the Hazing and stick with NEWPS. They had enough on their plates for now.

Psychology Thesis

Logan phoned me a few days ago and told me that he’d arranged for me to go to a dinner as someone’s ‘+ 1’. The dinner was a semi-formal one at a hotel in town and that the man was a respectable person that he knew well. Logan told me that I would be safe with him and that he (Logan) would be close by. I was to wear anything that I thought was appropriate, but he had been told that it wasn’t a dinner jacket job so it wasn’t that formal. If I had any problems about what to wear, I was to call him back.

Logan gave me the time and place details.

As soon as I got back to my room I started going through my wardrobe and after a lot of indecision, I finally decided that I would wear my black fine mesh dress. It’s mid-thigh length and the design is quite respectable really; it’s only when you take a closer look that you realise that you can see through it. The holes in it aren’t quite big enough for my nipples to poke through; but you can easily see the shape and colour of my nipples and areolas; and the front of my pussy.

If I’m stood up with my legs slightly apart and there is a bright light behind me you can easily see the shape of my pussy lips and clit.

I met my ‘partner’ for the evening in the hotel’s reception. He’s a middle-aged man named David. I’d already left my coat in the cloakroom and when he saw me he said,

“Oh my! You look wonderful my love. I can see that I’m going to have a lot of people wanting to talk to me this evening.”

David took me into the room there the dinner was, with me holding his arm. Quite a few people standing around the door looked at us. I wasn’t sure if it was my dress that they were looking at, or the fact that David had a young woman, half his age, on his arm.

I felt good standing there.

We walked round the room with David introducing me to so many people that I gave up trying to remember names. At the time I was watching people’s faces to see their reactions to my dress. Quite a few of the people there were in their late forties or fifties; and it was their wives that gave me the dirty tramp looks.

The younger people smiled and stared. One woman told me that I had a ‘divine’ dress. I felt like bursting out in laughter.

It was watching the men’s eyes going backwards and forwards from my breasts to my pussy that made me feel good. My pussy was wet and tingling. I doubt that many of the men in there could tell you what my face looked like.

The tables were circular and set for ten people. All had place names on them. I was sat between David and another man called Peter.

Peter started the conversation by asking me how I knew David. Before I could answer, David said, “I’ve never met Amy before. I picked her up outside the hotel about 30 minutes ago.” Okay I thought; I’ll go along with that and said that I was walking passed on my way into town with a couple of girlfriends and David came up to us and asked who would like to have dinner with him in this hotel. I was hungry so I volunteered.

“Wow! I didn’t think you had it in you David.” Peter said.

The conversation went on, all polite conversation making stuff. Peter kept looking at the side of my breasts and my legs that were bare right up to my pussy. I hadn’t put my napkin on my lap then. Peter’s partner kept asking him questions to distract him from my flesh. At one point she asked me where I got such an unusual dress. I told her that I’d made it myself.

All through the dinner people kept coming to talk to David and their eyes were always on my breasts. I loved it; and so was my pussy, it was wet; and my nipples were rock hard.

When the dinner itself was finished there was dancing. Thankfully it was a DJ and not some amateur band. I had a constant stream of men asking me for a dance; and when I was up dancing, nearly all of them wanted to put their hands on me. The attention was fantastic, but towards the end I was getting tired.

At one point I noticed Logan standing at the side of the room.

When I did get to sit down next to David at the table, the men there were staring at my breasts. If they were on my side of the table it was my legs. The napkin had been cleared away with the rest of the stuff.

I managed to escape to the toilet once. While I was there a woman, only slightly older than me, told me that she thought that I was very brave.

At the end of the evening David walked me out. He apologised for all the harassment that I’d been given. I told him that I’d sort of loved it, and that being dressed like I was, I had been expecting it. I gave him a big kiss.

The next day I got a phone call from Logan inviting me to a meeting. When I got to the Psychology department’s meeting room Logan was already there. I asked him if he wanted me to take my clothes off. He told me that it was up to me. So I did.

We were both sat at one side of a table with him taking notes. There was some coffee in a flask that we took it in turns to fill our cups from.

Logan asked me to talk him through the evening adding details of what I was feeling. I told him that I’d enjoyed the evening, and certainly enjoyed the attention; but I hadn’t been exposed that much.

Logan seemed a bit disappointed; but I didn’t know what he’d expected.

After that, Logan asked me to tell him about some of my most memorable moments when I was exposed in public. Wow! I had to think where to start. In the end I chose to tell him about my holiday in Ibiza. He was a bit surprised when I told him that I was sharing a bed with my older brother.

As I told him the ‘interesting’ bits I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. My nipples where throbbing.

I told him that the most memorable part was being led through the streets and bars naked, with my hands cuffed behind me, wearing a dog collar and lead. It was such a turn-on knowing that I was so helpless and so exposed. Dozens, if not hundreds, of people saw me and dozens groped me. It was an amazing feeling.

I told Logan about a few other ‘adventures’ and before I knew it the time had gone and we had to get out of the room. I got dressed, Logan gave me my money, and I left.

To be continued…….

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