Amy the Exhibitionist
by Vanessa

part 16

Please note that all characters in this story are over the age of legal consent.

Parts 1 – 4 are about Amy’s discovery and exploits before she reached the age of legal consent. They can be found on /~Vanessa/ or by googling ‘Amy the Exhibitionist’.

Love, V



Ella was on the phone to me even before I walked into my room. I invited her over and got Katie. We spent hours talking about what we did and didn’t do over Christmas.

The conversation got round to NEWPS and Sarah. We’d all got on well with Sarah and thought that she was very much like us (apart from her lack of boobs that is).

Katie suggested that I talk to Sarah and give her a copy of the notice that we put up in Whittle uni and see what she said.

We then talked about the 5 girls that we thought were potential members of the non-existent NEWPS and Ella’s suggestion that we recruit from St. Damian’s rather than from Whittle.

Ella told us that she thought that it would be more convenient to recruit girls from St. Damian’s; after all, hazings and most of the other activities were at St. Damian’s. We all agreed and I promised to print copies of the advert so that we could pin it up all around the university.

Ella said that the first 2 hazings would work with multiple girls. Katie said that they’d take a bit more organising; then I said that we needed to do something else, something different. I threw in the idea of a nude wrestling contest where the winner of each match was the girl who didn’t cum. There’d have to be a male audience. Both Katie and Ella liked that idea.

Katie suggested a nude keep-fit session with male instructors. We all agreed that it could be fun.

We agreed to talk about it again when Ben was there.


I phoned Sarah and met her in the uni café. I asked her if she knew how I met Ella; after all, she went to Whittle not St. Damian’s. She admitted that she didn’t know. I gave Sarah the NEWPS advert. She read it then asked if Ella, Katie and I were all NEWPS Sorority Sisters. I said, “Sort of,” then went on to explain a little about NEWPS and Ella’s initiation into NEWPS. Sarah listened quietly, but I could tell that she was intrigued.

At the end Sarah said, “So how do I get into this non-existent NEWPS?”

“That was the question I hoped you’d ask.” I said and got out the questionnaire that we’d used. I gave it to Sarah with a pen. I got us another coffee while Sara wrote.

She gave me the completed form: -

Name Sarah
Age 18
Height 4 feet 11 inches
Weight 101 lbs
Measurements 32 minus A 23 33

Do you prefer to work in a team, or on your own? Both

Do you consider yourself to be outgoing? Yes

Do you like helping other people? Yes

Do you smoke? No

Select your preference in each of the following groups: -


Dress y
Skirt and Top
Trousers / Jeans

Full length Skirts

Mini Skirts
Micro Skirts y


Stockings and Suspender Belt
Bare Legs y


Baby Doll
Bra and Knickers
Knickers only
Nude y


No Ha! Very Funny


Full knickers
Bikini Knickers
Commando y


One piece Swimsuit
Bikini Bottoms only
Nude Swimming y

Pubic Hair

Full Pubic Hair
Trimmed Unshaped
Trimmed Shaped
Landing Strip
Fully Shaved y

Sexual Orientation

Bi y

Sexual Activity

Occasionally Active
Frequently Active y

Masturbation Frequency

Daily y
Less than Weekly

What is the highest number of orgasms that you have had in one session? 5

Was this on your own or with someone else? Own

Have you ever gone out in a short skirt with no underwear? Frequently

Have you ever been Naked in Public? Yes

If so, enter the details here. Streaked at an amateur football contest

Have you ever been gangbanged? No

Would you like to be gangbanged? Maybe

I looked through the answers and smiled. I then said, “What about hazing?”

“Of course,” Sarah said; so I told her more details of what we’d done, including my second, first hazing and Ella’s third hazing. Of course, I didn’t give Sarah ALL the details; I had to keep some surprises for her. Sarah said that she’d do whatever we wanted, providing that it was done at St. Damian’s, not Whittle; and that I would be her Pledge Sister. I told her that her hazings would be at St. Damian’s and that lots of fellow students would see her naked and indulging in sexual activities; and the fact that she wouldn’t be able to see who they were. I told her that she could easily be talking to a boy a week or month later, not knowing that he had seen her masturbate or get fucked. Her only comment was, “Hmmmm, nice.”

I told Sarah that one of the first things that I had instructed Ella to do was to stop wearing trousers, jeans, shorts, tights, legging, knickers, thongs, and bras; and to dump them all.

Sarah laughed and said, “Bras! Okay”

I said, “I guess that we can forget that one; and what’s more, I told Ella to be naked in her dorm at all times and to walk around the dorm floor naked. Will that be a problem for you?”

“Not for me, but I don’t know about the people in the office block out the back. Besides, I sometimes walk around the floor naked already.”

My turn to laugh and I told her to ignore the office block. As an afterthought I told Sarah about the Sunday morning swimming. She was up for that.

Sarah was wearing Jeans, top and a thigh length coat when we met. She asked me if she had to comply with the rules straight away. I looked round and saw the toilet nearby. I just nodded my head. Sarah got up and went to the toilet. Two minutes later she came back with her jeans in her hand. She sat down and pulled her thong out of the pocket. As she sat down, the middle of her coat opened and I could see flesh, right up to her stomach.

Sarah asked me if she could hang on to her trousers, jeans and shorts and take them home for her little sister. She promised not to wear them.

As we left we got a funny look from the girl that had served us when we went in. I presumed that she had remembered that Sarah went in wearing jeans and was leaving with bare legs.

Sunday Morning Swimming

There were now 4 girls going nude swimming each Sunday Morning. When Sarah walked into the changing rooms Henry asked me if where I found the little girl. I told him that Sarah was 18 and that she was quite capable of looking after herself.

Not much for the guys to grope when Sarah went on the water jet, but there weren’t any complaints, especially not from Sarah.

Blackmail - Professor Thomas Gibbons

Our lectures started again and Sarah and I went and gave the Prof a long look at our pussies. I wondered if he’d missed that sight over Christmas. At the end of the lecture he asked Sarah and I to stay back. When everyone else had gone he said that the Fashion Department were pleased with our ‘efforts’ and that he would have something else for us to volunteer for soon. He then asked who the fourth girl was. I didn’t give him Ella’s name; I just said that we have some good friends that will do anything to help us. He smiled and said, “I hope so.” He also told us that he was pleased that we were continuing to ‘display’ our commitment to his lectures. We knew what that meant.

Blackmail - Professor Lesley Jones

About 3 weeks after we got back I had a phone call from Prof Jones. As soon as I heard her voice I got a tingling in my puss. I was expecting some humiliating, embarrassing and good fun; but she just told me that she hadn’t forgotten us, and that she was working on a ‘little project’ for us.

The Labs Geeks

The 2 geeks have been very quiet. Okay, some of the time that I’ve been in the Lab with them I’ve had my Lab coat open and let them ogle my tits and pussy; nothing special. Perhaps if I keep doing that they’ll get used to seeing a naked woman and stop being so embarrassed when they’re with me.

Gym Club

It was about 4 weeks after we got back to St. Damian’s that Katie and I got round to going again. We joined an aerobics class that was about to start and had a good workout. It was all girls and some of them got a good look at our pussies, but that was all.

As we were leaving we walked passed a notice board and I caught a glimpse of a notice about hiring the gym. Something made me stop and take the details of who to contact.

Sarah’s First Hazing

It took a couple of weeks for Ben to organise the room and audience. I found out where I had my second, first hazing, it was the same place that Ben had arranged for Sarah. Sarah recognised the place as well.

As we stood outside the door I asked Sarah if she still wanted to go through with it. She nodded so I took the blindfold out of the plastic bag that I was carrying and put it on her.

I opened the door and the noise was deafening. I could just hear Sarah shout, “Fucking hell Amy, how many hundred people are here?”

Ben had already got a table out and put it in the centre of the room. As I led Sarah over to it the noise subsided. I was glad because I didn’t fancy shouting over that racket.

When it was quiet I shouted: -

This girl has applied to join the NEWP Sorority. In order for her to be accepted she has to complete a number of hazings. This is the first one. We hope that you young men will show your respect for this Pledge, and only get involved if invited to by the Pledge, or the NEWP Sorority member with her.

I didn’t bother with the rest of the script.

There was only bit of talking going on as I turned to Sarah and said, “Pledge, strip.”

As she opened her top I heard someone shout, “Fucking hell, it’s a little kid.” I turned to where I thought the voice had come from and shouted. “Sorry to spoil the fun for those who wanted to see big tits, but I can guarantee that this young lady is 18 years old; and I can assure you that not many 12 year olds will have done what this girl is going to do tonight.”

There was a bit of talking as Sarah took her skirt off, folded her skirt and top and held them out for me to take from her. She did quite a good job of folding considering that she had a blindfold on.

I must admit that standing there with no pubic hair, and virtually no breasts, and looking nervous as hell; Sarah did look about 11 or 12.

I went over to Sarah and led her to the edge of the table. I told her to feel for the table, then perch her bum on the edge and lay back. I didn’t have to tell her to raise and open her legs, she just did it.

When things went quiet again, I told Sarah to masturbate.

Sarah started rubbing. She was nervous and probably scared a bit, and it took a while for her to relax and get into it. When she did relax she started moaning and with the fingers on her other hand she started finger fucking herself.

After 4 or 5 minutes, Sarah started shaking, jerking and shouting, “YES”. Then she came. Sarah continued rubbing herself as she started to calm down. I told her to stop.

I then said, “Pledge, move your legs right over so that your feet are behind your head then move your legs outside your shoulders and hold your legs down with your arms.”

Sarah’s pussy was now facing the ceiling with her clit sticking up; and she had easy access to it for her hands.

“Now masturbate again.” I told her.

The audience was captivated.

Sarah reached her second, noisy orgasm.

As she regained her composure I told her to stay in that position. I then got a deck of cards out of my bag and handed them to the nearest student and told him to take one and pass the rest on. As they were doing that I went over to Sarah and dipped a finger in her pussy then put it in the nearest student’s mouth. He sucked it.

I then shouted, “I am going to call out a few card names. If I call out the name of the card that you have, then come forward and I will give to a task to perform. I have quite a list here so don’t be impatient.” I had come prepared with a list of card names, in random order, with a task next to each.

Author’s note: Some of these tasks are repeated so that Sarah had the same thing done to her by different students.

The ‘tasks’ that I told the students to perform on Sarah were: -

2 slaps on each butt cheek.

Finger fuck her for 30 seconds.

2 slaps on each butt cheek.

Finger fuck her for 30 seconds. This young man decided to use 3 fingers.

Chew her clit for 30 seconds.

1 slap on her pussy.

Eat her pussy for 30 seconds.

Insert dildo in her pussy and fuck her with it for 20 seconds then remove it.

2 slaps on each butt cheek.

1 slap on her pussy with provided Leather Belt. I think that the lad was a wimp, or scared of hurting Sarah because she didn’t even flinch.

Finger fuck her for 30 seconds.

Eat her pussy for 30 seconds.

Chew her clit for 30 seconds. This lucky card holder was a girl and she was good at eating pussy. She made Sarah cum.

2 slaps on each butt cheek.

2 slaps on her pussy with provided Leather Belt. The girl who did this must have been in a bad mood. Maybe she was jealous or she wasn’t getting the attention that she wanted. Anyway, she brought that belt down hard. Sarah screamed out both times that she got hit. There were tears in her eyes.

Eat her pussy for 30 seconds. I could see Sarah’s chest rising up and down quickly, and her breathing was heavy.

At that point I stopped Sarah’s ‘torture’ and told her to get up. As she slid off the table her legs started to give way, but she managed to stop herself falling into a heap on the floor.

I gave her a couple of minutes to recover then asked her if she was okay and if she wanted to continue. She nodded, so I told her to bend over the table and spread her legs then I started reading out more card names.

Using the provided condom, fuck the Pledge for 20 seconds.

Insert the Ben Wa balls into the Pledge. The poor young man who got this task had to ask me what Ben Wa balls were, and where to put them. He got a good laugh from the audience.

Spread KY-Jelly over the Pledge’s butt hole.

2 slaps on each butt cheek.

1 swat of the Riding Crop on each butt cheek.

Insert the dildo into the Pledge’s butt.

2 swat of the Riding Crop on each butt cheek.

Touch a Ben Wa Ball. This young man had a really good feel around inside Sarah. I’m sure that he was pretending to not find them.

2 swat of the Riding Crop on each butt cheek.

I stopped the show there and told Sarah to stand up then get down on her knees. She had tears running down her cheeks.

Blow Job. This young man held Sarah’s head and thrust his cock down her throat. Just for a second I thought that I might have to intervene as Sarah was choking quite badly. The youth pulled out then thrust again and shot his load down her throat.

Blow Job. This young man was gentler and shot his load all over her face.

Dress the Pledge. The young man took this task as an opportunity to grope Sarah’s pussy and waggle the dildo that was still sticking out of her ass. He left her looking like she’d been dressed by a 5 year old.

I then announced that the show was over and told Sarah to shout her thanks to all who had participated. She did, adding that she had enjoyed every second.

The audience applauded and shouted a few comments like, “When are you coming back?” and “I’ll look out for you and we can do that again.”

We ignored these and I led a still blindfolded Sarah out of the room.

I took the blindfold off Sarah and she straightened her clothes then asked me how long she had to keep the dildo in her ass. She didn’t ask about the Ben Wa balls.

As we walked back to her room I reminded her that for the next few weeks, any of the 50 or so people that were there would look at her and remember what they had seen her do, or, in some cases, remember what they had done to her.

Sarah told me to stop or I would have to cope with her cumming as we walked.

Back in her room I told Sarah to remove the dildo, and told her to keep the Ben Wa balls for a few days.

We stripped and went for a shower together. Her butt wasn’t as red as Ella’s had been.

I phoned Sarah the next evening. After she had told me how she was, I told her that she had passed a combined first and second Hazing. I also told her that we were setting-up a medical examination for her. I hadn’t told Sarah about the medical.

My Thursday / Friday Job

On the first day that I went in after Christmas I had no sooner got to my desk and stripped off when Bob called me into his office. He asked me to sit down then told me that the business was closing down. They needed more money to develop something, but the bank wouldn’t lend it to them.

It was a Friday and I had intended to work 8 hours that day. Instead I worked less than half an hour. At least Bob paid me for the full day.

I needed to find another job.

To be continued…….

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