Amy the Exhibitionist
by Vanessa

part 10

Please note that all characters in this story are over the age of legal consent.

Parts 1 – 4 are about Amy’s discovery and exploits before she reached the age of legal consent. They can be found on /~Vanessa/ or by googling ‘Amy the Exhibitionist’.

Love, V


Part 10 – My first few months at University - second part


Professor Lesley Jones blackmailed Katie and me into helping out at her gay friend’s art gallery again. After the usual strip off before we got into her car, the Prof told us that we were going to the same Art Gallery to take part in another erotic exhibition.

This was the third time that the Prof had blackmailed us and although we’d thoroughly enjoyed ourselves we’d pretended that we were shy and totally humiliated by them. We’d given up on the shyness but still wanted the Prof to believe that we were humiliated by it all and that we didn’t want to do it.

Katie started, “Please Professor Jones, you’ve already made us do lots of very embarrassing, humiliating and even degrading things. When is it going to stop? I don’t know if I can take any more.”

“Yes,” I said, “it’s horrible. I’m starting to think that I’d rather get kicked out of university.”

“Relax girls,” the Prof said, “this one isn’t going to be that bad.” I almost felt disappointed.

We arrived and were dumped outside the back door this time. We knocked, and gay boy let us in. He welcomed us and told us that this exhibition was all about bondage. He took us into the big exhibition room where we were surprised to see 2 other naked girls; and lots of men with ropes and step ladders.

Gay boy told us that each of us 4 naked girls would be taken to an area of the exhibition room where we would be put on display for 20 minutes before being moved on to the next area.

There were 3 open areas down each side of the room. Some had ropes hanging from the ceiling. The walls were covered with paintings of women restrained in all sorts of poses. Some of them looked really painful. The centre of the room had static displays of equipment that looked like it could be used to tie women to, or up with.

Area 1

At my first area I saw 4 steel rings screwed to the ground, quite far apart. I was told to lie on the floor, on my back, in the middle of them. A man that I hadn’t seen before came to me and put a pink leather cuff on each wrist and ankle. He then clipped chains to each of them and pulled my legs and wrists out and clipped the other end of the chain to the rings. I was spread-eagled - quite firmly.

I was starting to think that I could get 20 minutes sleep when people started walking into the room. A whistle blew and the man that had chained me down came over and knelt by my side. He was holding what turned out to be an electric massager. It was what I now know to be a Magic Wand massager. He held it against my pussy and switched it on.

Fucking hell, it was good. Within seconds I was getting wet and feeling good. I had my first orgasm within 5 minutes; and it was a loud one. People were looking over to me and some were stood watching me. I was in heaven, being brought to an orgasm by a man I had never seen before, and being watched by strangers.

It took no more than 2 minutes for me to cum again, then again, then again. I was screaming, shouting obscenities, sweating, writhing about, shaking, twitching and shouting for the man to stop. But he didn’t.

I’ve heard of orgasm torture before but I always thought that it was orgasm denial.

I even passed out for a while, but my clit was still being massaged when I came round. Then I came again, and again, and again.

I never thought that I could get too much sexual pleasure, but I really did need that man to stop.

Eventually I heard the whistle and the man stopped. He unfastened the cuffs and helped me get up. I had real trouble walking. Another man came and helped me to area 2.

Area 2

When I got there I saw a bar about 1 yard long, hanging about 3 yards from the floor. Attached to each end was a webbing strap. And the bottom, about 1 yard from the floor was a loop in the webbing.

I had no idea what it was until the man told me put a leg through each loop and slide them up to my thighs. I was holding the 2 lengths of webbing that were hanging down. It hit me, it was a swing. The man attached a length of webbing between the hanging ones, behind my lower back. I had something to lean back on. I wondered if I could just swing there with my legs wide open for 20 minutes. No such (bad) luck.

The man brought out a dildo on a stand and screwed it to the floor. The dildo was pointing at my pussy. The man told me to lie back so that I was lined up better with the dildo, and he gently pushed me forward until I hit the dildo. The height wasn’t quite right and the man made an adjustment and tried again.

That time the dildo hit the entrance to my hole and went in just a bit. After the 20 minutes of torture that I’d just had, I needed something inside me.

The man stopped the swing and got out a couple of nipple clamps with a chain between them and put them on me. They hurt, but it was a pleasurable pain.

He started pushing me again. What I hadn’t realised was that the man was going to keep pushing me back and forwards for the rest of the 20 minutes. I was getting fucked by the dildo.

He started slow at first and it felt good. He started pushing faster and harder. I started cumming again. Fortunately not as often as the last torture; and I was disappointed that my audience was smaller.

During my calm periods I could hear the other girls shouting and screaming. At least I wasn’t the only one getting tortured.

I managed to count the number of orgasms that the swing and dildo gave me, it was 7.

The whistle blew and the man helped me down.

Area 3

This just had 2 ropes hanging down from the ceiling. They went up and through some sort of pulley and down to a winding handle on the wall.

The man at area 3 cuffed my wrists behind my back then put another pair of the pink ankle cuffs on me. He told me to lie on the floor on my back under the ropes. He clipped my ankles to the ends of the ropes then went to the wall and winched me up. As I went up my legs were stretched wide apart. He stopped winching me up when my head was about a yard from the ground.

Just when I thought that I was just going to be hanging there with my pussy wide open for all to see, I saw the man working a different winch. The next thing that I knew my pussy was being massaged. He’s lowered one of those massage things down on to me.

I was rapidly getting to heaven again. I started moaning and before long I was cumming again, and again, and again. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was upside down and my blood was pounding round my head, but the orgasms seemed stronger.

The only relief that I got was when my body jerked and shook. The massager moved a bit, but soon settled back to just touching my clit.

I was screaming just as loud as I was at area 1. I didn’t pass out even though I thought that I was going to.

At last the whistle blew and the massager was switched off. The man lowered me down and un-cuffed me.

Area 4

No dildo or massager on this one, but more pink ankle and wrist cuffs. My left wrist and left ankle were clipped to the end of a bar about 4 feet long. Then my right ankle and wrist were clipped to the other end.

The bar was then pulled up into the air. I was left with my wide open pussy pointing to the ceiling.

When my audience grew, the man swung me out into them. I actually bounced off a couple of them until they got out of the way.

I had a bit of a rest on this one, and could hear the screams from the other girls.

Area 5

Instead of being on the floor, this area was raised up and sloping to the wall a bit; and there were plastic curtains across the back and down the sides. In the middle was a rope hanging down with a clip on the end.

More pink cuffs on my wrists and my right ankle. My wrists were clipped to the hanging rope and it was adjusted so that I was on my tip toes. The man then lifted my right leg right up and clipped my ankle with my wrists. It was like doing the splits with one foot on the floor and the other high in the air.

The man obviously didn’t want to hear me screaming because he got out a ball gag and put it on me.

Not too bad I thought, but then he got our some high pressure hose pipes and gave them to people in the audience. He told them to squirt me wherever they wanted. Guess where they squirted me.

My nipples took such a pounding that the clamps fell off. It did feel good. There was a constant stream (no pun intended) of high pressure water hitting my pussy. It took a while, but I did cum.

When the whistle finally blew, my pussy felt numb. The rest of me felt cold and clean.

Area 6

There were 4 ropes hanging from the ceiling in a big square, about 2 yards across. I was told to lie face down on the floor with my hands out in front. Yet more pink cuffs were put on my wrists and ankles then attached to the 4 ropes. I was winched up in the air to about the height of standing people’s faces. My back was bent backwards and I wondered how much it would be hurting after the 20 minutes.

Next, the man who had winched me up showed me a remote controlled vibe. Then he inserted the business part into my pussy. He then showed me some sort of whip. It was about a dozen strips of leather all attached to a handle.

He them passed the whip and the vibes remote control to people in the gathering audience. They were a sadistic lot. It was seconds before the vibe was switched on, and it never seemed to go off. I was brought to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

All this pleasure was increased by having my pussy and tits whipped by different people from the audience. The women were the worst. They whipped me so hard that I screamed.

It was difficult for my body to jerk about, but it did. Non-stop pain and pleasure.

When I stood up after the whistle and I had been released, I looked down at my hurting boobs and pussy. There had red and purple marks all over them.

It was over, and I was knackered. I have absolutely no idea how many orgasms I had that night, but I do know that it was a hell of a lot.

As the Prof drove us back we had another go at her for making us do such degrading and humiliating things, but I’m sure that we were wasting our breath. At least we were keeping up the pretence that we didn’t enjoy what she was making us do.

When we told Ben what we had been forced (LOL) to do he said that he was worried that we might have got hurt. I laughed, showed him the bruises on my pussy and said that we already had been hurt, and it had been good.

Flashing one of my Professors

The lectures on one part of my course are given by a middle-aged man. For his age he is quite good looking. Yes, you can guess where this is going, History teacher all over again.

I decided that I would play it cool for the first couple of months by only ‘accidentally’ flashing my pussy at him. So far I know that I have attracted his attention and he has looked up my skirts, but I have just ignored him and not deliberately opened my legs making it obvious that I wanted him to look. It’s been hard, but I’ve done it. I plan to keep doing that for another month or so, then get him in a conversation and see if he says anything. Then get a bit more blatant about it and see what happens.

Another thing about my course is that it involves some laboratory work. We’ve been split up into groups of 3, and I’ve ended up with 2 geeky looking guys. They look geeky, but they’re okay actually. They’re both shy and get very embarrassed whenever I mention my clothes or sex. Even dirty jokes make them blush.

I haven’t deliberately flashed them, but a couple of times I’ve caught them looking at my legs and breasts, especially when my nipples have been creating little bumps in my tops.

I still haven’t decided what or even if, I am going to do anything about these two.


We decided that we would advertise for new members, get started with the hazing; then take it from there. We weren’t sure how things would go so we didn’t plan too far ahead.

We decided that we would look for pledges at Whittle University so that there would be less chance of anyone recognising us. We designed a poster that we pinned on the notice boards on the girl’s floors of all the halls of residences and some of the public notice boards. The poster wording was:

NEWP Sorority

A Sorority similar to those that have proved very successful in the USA has been formed in Whittle University. It is being run along the same lines as the American ones and now has vacancies for a small number of young ladies.

Applications will be processed in the same way as the American Sororities i.e. Applications will be received and young ladies will be invited to attend a number of hazing sessions.

Applicants will not know the names of, or even knowingly meet any of the existing Sorority Sisters until they have been fully accepted into the Sorority. The only exception to this is the Sorority Sister that is chosen to guide the applicant through her hazing.

Any applicant found to have been discussing her application with anyone other than her appointed Sorority Pledge Sister will be immediately dropped from the programme.

As in America, the hazings will be of a humiliating nature and are designed to ensure that successful candidates are capable of living up to the high standards of existing Sorority Sisters.


Improved Self-Esteem
New Friends – for life
Community Work

Application can be accepted only by email.

Please send an email to newpsorority at requesting an application form.

The poster included a few pictures of groups of young women partying and generally having fun.

When we received an email we would reply requesting the following information:


Do you prefer to work in a team, or on your own?

Do you consider yourself to be outgoing?

Do you like helping other people?

Do you smoke?

Select your preference in each of the following groups:


Skirt and Top
Trousers / Jeans
Full length Skirts
Mini Skirts
Micro Skirts

Stockings and Suspender Belt
Bare Legs

Baby Doll
Bra and Knickers
Knickers only

No Bra

Full knickers
Bikini Knickers

One piece Swimsuit
Bikini Bottoms only
Nude Swimming

Pubic Hair

Full Pubic Hair
Trimmed Unshape
d Trimmed Shaped
Landing Strip
Fully Shaved

Sexual Orientation


Sexual Activity

Frequently Activity
Occasionally Activity

Masturbation Frequency

Less than Weekly

What is the highest number of orgasms that you have had in one session?

Was this on your own or with someone else?

Have you ever gone out in a short skirt with no underwear?

Have you ever been naked in public? If so, enter the details here.

Have you ever been gangbanged?

Would you like to be gangbanged?

No application will be accepted unless it includes an attached photograph of the applicant wearing no more than her preference of swimwear.

All applicants will have to submit to medical examination by a NEWPS appointed doctor. This is to ensure that the applicant is physically fit enough to perform the Sorority programme of events, and to ensure that they do not use drugs.

As NEWPS is a relatively new organisation it can only cope with a small number of applications each term. All applications will be dealt with on the basis of first come, first served.

Applications (with photo(s)) to be emailed to newpsorority at yahoo co uk

Our first Pledge

We had already had one girl show interest in joining (Ella), so I phoned her and asked her if she was still interested. She was, so I told her to meet me at a bar in town the following night.

When she arrived she was wearing jeans and a top and a jacket. I could see the outline of a bra. She is only a small girl, about 6 inches shorter than me, and probably a 32A. I bought her a drink then gave her a copy of the poster. She told me that she had seen the poster and was about to send an email when I phoned. I gave her a print of the questionnaire and a pen and told her to complete it.

I studied her as she was writing and decided that she was quite a cute little thing.

I asked her why she wanted to join a sorority. She told me that at school she was a very quiet girl who never really fitted in the popular girls, she had a reputation for being a bit of a geek. Also, the popular girls had continually teased and almost bullied her because of her small breasts. I told her that she should be proud of her breasts and that although men go on about big breasts all the time, most of them actually prefer small breasts.

Ella told me that when she got into university she had decided that she no longer wanted to stay in the background, she wanted to have as much fun as all the other girls.

I explained to her that I had passed all my hazings and that my first task as a fully-fledged member of NEWPS was to initiate a new member.

Her answer to the questionnaire looked promising, but didn’t fit in with what she was wearing. She looked a little worried as she told me that she was wearing jeans and underwear because all the other girls in her block were. I asked her if she was sure about the knickers. She couldn’t answer that one.

I told her that because both me and my pledge sister had already met her, her application had been successful subject to her passing all the hazings. I reminded her that failure to pass any of them or to disobey any of her Pledge Sister’s (me) commands would mean that she would not pass through to the next stage. I also told her that I would never tell her to do anything that I hadn’t already done, or would be happy to do.

Ella asked me how many hazings there were but I avoided giving her a number saying that it depended on how she got on with the first few hazings. She then said, “Okay, I’m happy, what do I do now?” I leaned over and gave her a big hug.

I then gave Ella her first instruction. “Go to the toilet and remove your knickers, bra and top. Dump them in the trash can and return wearing only your shoes, jeans and jacket.” Without a word or pause, Ella stood up and went to the toilet. She was back in less than 5 minutes.

Before I let her sit down I told her to stand in front of me and open her jacket wide. Without hesitation she did just that. I studied her pert little breasts for a full minute before telling her to fasten her jacket and sit down.

I asked her what her feelings about what she had just done were. She said that she was nervous, even scared a bit, but that she was determined to get into NEWPS and would do everything that I ordered her to do.

My next order to her was that when she got back to her room she was to put all her bras, knickers, thongs, tights, trousers and jeans into a bag and tape it shut. I told her to bring it with her when she came to her first hazing which would be the following evening at 7 pm. I told her to meet me at the same pub.

We went outside. I gave her a kiss and another big hug and told her that I would see her the next day.

I told Katie and Ben all about Ella and told them that I had arranged for her first hazing to take place the next evening. I told them that I would take her to the same boy’s residence, but on a different floor. Ben told me that he would go and check the place out and phone me to tell me which floor. He told me that I probably wouldn’t see him, but if I did, I was to ignore him.

Ella’s First Hazing

Ella arrived on time wearing a miniskirt, jumper and jacket; and carrying a big bag. I asked her if the bag contained ALL the clothes that I had told her. She nodded. I then told her to prove that she wasn’t wearing underwear. Outside the pub she opened her jacket and pulled up her top to show me her boobs, she then pulled up her skirt revealing her bald pubes. “Freshly shaved are you?” I asked. She nodded.

“Right then,” I said, “let’s go,” and we set off back to Whittle University. On the way I told her to dump her bag of clothes into a rubbish bin saying that it was her last chance to back out. The clothes went in the bin.

As we walked I asked her how her first day without underwear had gone. She told me that she had been very nervous; and excited. She told me that she’d been wet all day.

She said that she’d walked to the shower with her towel wrapped round her instead of her usual bra and kickers with her towel over her arm. I told her that from now on she was to walk around the corridors and common room naked. She blushed but didn’t say anything.

I pulled out the questionnaire that she had completed and went through them.

I said that she’d put a tick against Nude Swimming; and asked her if she’d ever gone swimming in the nude, or just her wish. She confessed that she had always wanted to try nude swimming but had never had the opportunity. I made a mental note to talk to Katie and Ben about that.

Next I asked her when she had last masturbated and when she had last has full sex with a boy. She told me that she had masturbated 3 times since I had last seen her. She had been so excited that she had masturbated just as soon as he had got back to her room, as soon as she woke up, and in the shower when she was getting ready to come to meet me.

She said that she last had full sex with a boy when she had got drunk at a party 2 weeks ago. She told me that she was taking the pill.

Ella asked me what this part of the hazing involved. I told her that she would not know what each hazing involved until it started; but as this was her first one it wasn’t going to be a difficult one. I explained to Ella what a ‘safe word’ was, and gave her one.

As we approached the chosen building I got a phone call from Ben telling me which floor he had decided was okay. I had just hung up when Ben walked out of the building. As Ella and me got close to Ben I told her to close her eyes, pull up her skirt and flash her pussy. With absolutely no hesitation she did. I ignored Ben, and after Ben had passed I stopped Ella, put my hand up her skirt and gave her the finger test. I held my wet finger up to her face. Without being told to do so, she opened her mouth and sucked my finger.

I smiled and told her that she was ready.

Just inside the building I pulled out the blindfold and put it on Ella. I didn’t want her to know which floor she was going to perform on. She may have been able to work it out by counting the steps, but I wasn’t going to make it easy for her.

I slowly led her up the stairs and to the door to the common room, told her that it was her last chance to change her mind (she said not), opened the door and led Ella in.

The 5 boys that were in there stopped and looked over to us as I pulled out the same piece of paper that Katie and me had used for hazing 1 (see part 9); and started reading.

The boys cheered when I read out item 2; and Ella’s face went red. It went even redder as I went through the rest.

I then asked the boys if they would show their respect for the Pledge, and waited until each one had agreed.

I asked the boys to clear a table and bring it to the middle of the room. I then told Ella to strip naked. Again, without hesitation, but with a very red face, Ella stripped and dropped her clothes onto the floor. I held her arm and led her to the table and turned her round. I put her hand on the table and told her to lay back and get on with it.

And she did. The thing was, she must have been very close to cumming before she started because she started moaning as soon as her fingers touched her pussy; and it took less than 2 minutes for her body to start shaking and jerking about.

She came in less than 2 minutes.

The fingers on her right hand kept on rubbing and the fingers on her left hand went in and out of her little pussy.

Everyone stood in silence as Ella kept on going until she had cum 3 times.

When she final stopped, the boys complimented her on her performance (well that’s the polite way to describe their comments); and I told her to drop her legs and rest for a minute.

I stood and looked down on that naked, lovely body with her legs over the edge of the table and wide apart. I felt like kneeling down and eating her out there and then.

I didn’t, I told her to get up and passed her clothes to her one item at a time. When she was dressed I thanked the boys for their help and we left. I led her down the stairs before taking her blindfold off.

I asked her how she was feeling, and all she could say was, “Fucking brilliant.” I then asked her where her room was and we walked to it. On the way there, Ella thanked me for making one of her fantasies come true. She told me that ever since she had started masturbating she had dreamt what it would be like to make herself cum with boys watching.

When we got there I undressed her and lay her on the bed. She was still in a bit of a state and her chest and little boobs were going up and down at one hell of a rate. I sat on the bed beside her and told her that she had been fantastic and that she should be really proud of herself.

Whilst waiting for her to calm down I looked round her room. I noticed that there weren’t many clothes in her open drawers and also that when I looked out of her window I could see the windows of another hall of residence quite close.

I asked her about her clothes and she told me that now that she had dumped all her jeans she needed to go shopping. I told her not to go shopping without me.

She told me that she sometimes had to close her curtains because she was being watched by some boys in the nearby hall of residence. I told her to never close the curtains and to stay naked in her room at all times.

When Ella finally got back to near normal she sat up, hugged me and gave me a big kiss on my lips.

Ella was still all sweaty so I told her that she should have a shower. She asked me if I would go with her, so I stripped and we walked naked to the shower room. One of the other girls on that floor came out of her room just before we got to her and Ella said a very cheerful ‘Hey’ to her.

We shared the same shower and we rubbed each other’s pussies until we both came; then we walked back to her room, still naked.

I got dressed and left, telling her that I would be in touch.

When I got back to my room, both Ben and Katie were waiting for me. I told them that it had gone well, and told them about Ella not stopping until she had cum 3 times. Both were impressed. I told them about Ella’s desire to try nude swimming and asked them if there was any way that we could get her into the Sunday morning sessions. Ben said that he was sure that his mates would agree to it. Katie said that she had already met Ella and that she already knew that she (Katie) was a Sister in NEWPS. All I had to do was remind Ella that she must never say anything about NEWPS to anyone other than a Sorority Sister.

We all seemed happy with that so I suggested that Ben didn’t tell any of his mates that another girl would be there, and let them have a little surprise.

We then talked about how we could get Ella, and any future NEWPS candidates, to have a humiliating medical examination. Ella had already filled in the questionnaire so she was expecting one sometime soon.

We agreed that it would need to take place somewhere where the victims felt safe, and where it was feasible that a medical exam could take place. Ben told us that he knew a couple of guys in the medical research department and that he would talk to them, and that he was sure that they could set something up.

I phoned Ella the next day and asked her how she was feeling. She said that she was really happy and asked me if she had done enough to pass her first test. She told me that she even sang while she was in the shower.

I told her to meet me at a certain place in town at 10 am that Saturday morning.

Shopping with Ella

When we met that Saturday she was wearing a little denim skirt and white blouse. The blouse was a bit thin and I could see her little nipples through it.

Me on the other hand, had worn my Ben Wa balls under a thin cotton dress and jacket. The thin material wasn’t really appropriate for the weather, but it did feel nice.

I asked Ella how she was getting on without jeans and underwear. She said that she was getting used to it, but that she had accidentally flashed a boy in the café at the Uni. I asked her how her pussy felt when she realised. She said that it tingled and got wet.

I took Ella into the clothing department of a big store and we looked at what they had for teenage girls. We found 3 skirts (all very short) and 2 tops that I thought she would look good in. The changing rooms were at the end of that floor. I took her to one and told her to strip and try a skirt and a top on. I was standing in the door-way, keeping it open with my back. The changing rooms are in a little corner and partners usually wait in front of the cubicles.

A young woman came to try something on and her partner stood close by. It didn’t take him long to spot Ella, just as she was taking the first top off. I saw him watching and said to him, “She looks good doesn’t she?” He looked a bit shocked at first, and then said, “Sure does.” I turned to Ella and told her to drop her skirt and do a twirl for the man.

Ella didn’t even look at the man until she had dropped the skirt and done her twirl. When she stopped, she was facing him. She looked at him and blushed. The man said, “She looks fantastic.”

Ella went red and started to cover her boobs and pussy. I just said, “Ella, stop it,” and she did. She had only giving the man a full frontal for a few seconds before his partner came out of her cubicle and walked to him, without even looking at Ella and me.

Ella tried-on the other clothes with me keeping the door open, but no one else came that way.

Two of the skirts were actually quite nice (and short), and I bought them for her.

We went for a McDonalds and I asked how she felt when we were in the clothes shop. She told me that she had been terrified, but VERY turned on. I leaned over and gave her the finger test. I showed her that she was still very wet. She sucked my finger clean. I congratulated her on her first experience of exhibitionism.

Ella asked me if I was feeling okay, she said that I had looked a bit flushed a couple of times. That was when I told her about my mate Ben Wa. She was amazed, she’d never heard of anything like that before. I told her that I would get her some.

I then told her that I was going swimming on the Sunday morning and that she could come with me. That it was optional and if she chose not to come it would not prejudice her application to join NEWPS. I told her that the other Sorority Sister that she had met when I was doing one of my hazings (Katie) would be there. I told her that it was not a NEWPS event and that she must not mention NEWPS to anyone there.

Ella asked if her black bikini would be okay to wear. I told her that she could wear it if she wanted to, but Katie and me would be naked. She asked me where and when.

I told her that it was at St. Damian’s Swimming Pool and that as well as Katie being there; my brother and a couple of his mates would be there. Ella asked me if I really went swimming naked with my brother. I nodded.

Email from Ella

A couple of days after Ella’s first hazing, the NEWPSorority yahoo uk email account got this email from Ella:

Dear Sisters of NEWP Sorority,

Firstly let me say a BIG, BIG thank you for accepting me (subject to me passing my hazings) into NEWPS. I feel so proud of myself for getting this far.

I have to say that when I met Katie and Amy when Amy was being hazed I realised that I was really missing out on a lot of fun and swore to myself that I was going to do my best to get into NEWPS, even though I still don’t know what the NEWP acronym stands for. I confess that I had had a couple of drinks that night but my feelings were exactly the same the next morning.

When I met Amy at the pub I was nervous and even shocked when she told me to go to the toilet and return without my underwear. Amy told me that I would soon get used to wearing short skirts with no underwear and she was right. I am really pleased that she got me to get rid of all my underwear and trousers etc. Being underwearless has given my confidence a real boost as well as getting me turned on when I realise that a man is looking at my naked pussy up my skirt.

When I was stood outside the boy’s common room with the blindfold on I was nervous and scared, I just didn’t know what to expect. Okay, I’d seen Amy go through her hazing but she had told me that my first hazing would be different.

When Amy read out the list of orders I was nearly peeing myself. I really had to pull myself together and prove to myself that I could do it. In a way I was pleased that I was blindfolded because I was embarrassed enough just being there, and when I got naked I was sure that you could have toasted some bread on my face.

When I put my hand to my pussy and touched my clit I immediately forgot about my embarrassment.

After 3 orgasms I just had to stop and I thought that I had failed my first hazing. I was so relieved when Amy said that she was proud of me.

Since then I have made myself cum at least once every day just thinking about what I did. I never could imagine how turned on I would get stripping naked and masturbating in front of lots of boys.

Every time that I sit next to a boy in a lecture or even speak to one I get wet wondering if he had seen me naked and watched me masturbate.

Thank you once again, and I am really looking forward to my next hazing.

If there is anything, absolutely anything that I can do for any of you in the meantime you just have to tell me.

Yours obediently,


This email got me thinking. My original idea was that I wanted Katie and me to do our hazing at Whittle Uni just in case we bumped into someone who had seen us being hazed. Maybe it was because I was still new to the university game and didn’t have much confidence. Anyway, Ella made the point about getting excited by not knowing if the bloke next to her, or even talking to her had been at her hazing and seen her naked and masturbating. I realised that I would get just as turned on.

I chatted to Ben and Katie about this and they agreed that if I wanted to be hazed at St Damian’s then they would organise it. They told me that they would fix it up and surprise me with it.

Ella’s Medical Exam

Ben got everything set-up with the guys from the medical research department so I sent the following email to Ella: -

Congratulations on passing the first part of your initiation. It is now time for you to have a medical examination to prove that you are physically fit enough to take part in the Sorority programme, and to ensure that your body is drug free.

Please attend St. Damian’s University, Rosewood Campus, G Block, Room 184 at 18:00 on Wednesday where you will be met by your Sorority Pledge Sister.

I was waiting outside the room when Ella arrived. When we went in we saw that it was a small room with chairs down 1 side and another door opposite the chairs. There were 3 young men sat on those chairs. After a couple of minutes 2 men came out of the other room, one was a young man. The other was a little older and had a white coat on.

The man in the white coat spoke to the young man, thanking from coming and saying that his results would be sent to the coach.

White coat tuned to Ella and me and said, “You must be Ella, please come in. Bring your friend with you.”

Ella followed White Coat in and I followed Ella. I tried to close the door, but the catch didn’t close properly leaving the door slightly open.

White coat sat at a desk, told us to sit on the chairs that were in front of the desk, then introduced himself as Doctor Pete Lawrence.

The doctor did something on his laptop then looked at us. A look of recognition came on his face and he said, “Amy isn’t it? You were here for your check-up a few weeks ago weren’t you?” Before I had chance to say anything he looked at Ella and said, “I see that you are here for a check-up before joining NEWPS. NEWPS are paying for this and have requested that I perform a few additional procedures that I doubt your GP will have performed before. Are you happy to proceed with these?”

Ella nodded.

The doctor then asked Ella lots of questions that you would expect at a normal medical and typed her answers into his laptop.

He then asked her to stand up and take her clothes off, shoes as well.

Ella did as she was told and the doctor took her to some scales and then a height measurer. He recorded the results on his laptop leaving Ella stood against the wall.

He called her over to the side of his desk, picked up his stethoscope and listened to her chest as she breathed in and out. Her little nipples looked as hard as rocks.

The doctor told Ella that one of the additional procedures that NEWPS had asked him to do was to check to see if she was capable of doing some basic exercises and that her limbs were as flexible as any normal girl of her age.

He then told her to go over to an open space. Just a she got there he told her to stop and open her legs to about shoulder width, then bend at the waist and touch her toes without bending her knees. Ella hadn’t turned round when she had been told to stop and she bent over and gave the doctor and me a beautiful view of her bottom and pussy.

He left her like that for a few seconds then told her to stand up, turn round and squat down.

Next he told Ella to do 20 star jumps. Finally he asked her to attempt to do the splits and get as low as she could. Ella managed to get right down.

The doctor kept Ella down in the splits while he made more notes on his laptop. While he was doing this Ella looked at me and smiled. I winked back at her.

When he had finished on his laptop, he told Ella to get up and go and lie on the examination couch. This was raised at the head end so that Ella could see what was happening. The bottom of the couch was next to the door. I realised that Ella’s feet would be visible to anyone who looked through the crack in the door. Ella would also be able to see them – if she looked.

The doctor looked round the room then said to me, “I appear to have left some instruments that I need in my bag in the other room, would you be so kind as to get them for me?”

As I opened the door Ella was visible to the young men that were in the waiting room. I got the bag and went back in. I deliberately left the door half open, gave the doctor his bag and went to stand near the door. I looked at Ella and her eyes were going from me to the door and back. I smiled and shook my head sideways.

The doctor started by feeling all round Ella’s neck. Then he slowly ran his hands down each arm, bending them at the elbow and waggling each finger. He said that he was looking for any irregularities. Then he did the same with each leg, going up to, but not touching her pussy.

Then came her body; he felt down the sides of her ribs then told her to turn over so that he could check her spine. When that was done he told her to turn onto her back again.

Next was her lower abdomen and hips. I don’t know if it was deliberate or not, but as the doctor felt round her hips her legs opened a bit.

The interesting bit started next. His hands went to each breast in turn, he felt them the same way that my doctor did when he was checking for lumps. Then he squeezed, lightly rubbed and pulled each nipple in turn.

Ella let out a little moan.

The doctor then told Ella to lift her feet and put them in the stirrups. As Ella was doing this the doctor asked me if I would come and stand next to Ella and hold her hand. I looked a little puzzled but did so. As I picked up Ella’s hand she gave my hand a squeeze.

I looked out through the partially open door and saw 3 pairs of eyes looking right at Ella’s pussy.

The doctor put on a pair of latex gloves then gave Ella’s pussy a close examination of every little bit of it.

Ella moaned a little louder than the last time.

The doctor’s finger went into her pussy and moved all around.

Ella moaned again.

The doctor withdrew his finger and went to his bag and got out a speculum. He held it up so that Ella could see it, and opened it to its full extent. Ella’s eyes opened wider as the speculum got wider. Closing the speculum, the doctor explained to Ella that he needed to examine the inside of her vagina. He said that he often needed lubrication to do this, but he could see that none was needed now.

He inserted the speculum, opened it wide, then shone a torch into Ella’s vagina and had a good look. He then got this long cotton bud, wiped it round inside her then put the wet end in a little jar. He removed the speculum then started rubbing her clit. He explained to Ella that a late addition to the NEWPS requirement was that he had to stimulate her clitoris to establish if her response was normal for a woman her age.

I don’t think that Ella heard much of what he said, I could tell that she getting very turned on.

As Ella reached her orgasm she gripped my hand tighter and tighter. Her body started shaking and jerking. There were lots of loud ‘aaargh’, ‘oooow’ and ‘yes’.

But the doctor didn’t stop. As Ella came down a bit he told her that NEWPS needed to know is she was capable of multiple orgasms. Both Ella and me know that she is, but neither of us told the doctor.

The doctor kept going until Ella had had 4 orgasms. The poor girl was covered in sweat and looked absolutely knackered. My hand felt bruised as well.

The doctor then told Ella that he would leave her to rest for a couple of minutes and went over to his laptop and stared typing something. Ella looked up at me and smiled. I whispered, “Well done” to her.

I looked out of the door and saw 3 happy looking young men watching. I smiled at them.

The doctor came back over and told Ella that he needed to do a rectal examination and asked her to turn over and get on her hands and knees. Unfortunately for the young men outside, he went and stood at the end of the examination couch before putting a finger in her bum and waggling it around.

When he had finished he took off his latex gloves, threw them away, then went and sat down. He then told Ella that she could get off the couch. She came and sat on the chair next to me. The poor girl looked knackered.

After a couple of minutes of the doctor typing away, he turned to Ella and told her that the physical examination was over and that everything was in order. He then told her that the only remaining thing was for her to provide a urine sample for him to send to the laboratory for drug testing. He got a little sample jar out of his bag and passed it to Ella and said, “Can you go and pee into that please?” Ella looked round and back at the doctor. He said, “Oh yes, if you go to your left out of the other room you will find a toilet just down the corridor on your left.” Ella went to get her skirt but the doctor said, “Don’t bother getting dressed; there won’t be anyone around at this time of night.” Ella looked at me and I nodded.

Ella got up and went out of the door to be confronted by the 3 young men that had just watched her have a very intimate examination as well as 4 orgasms.

Ella later told me that she was so embarrassed. She also told me that the doctor had been wrong about the toilet being ‘just down the corridor’. It had been about 50 yards and round a corner. What’s more, there had been a group of people standing around that corner. She told me that she would have run if she’d had the energy. They’d gone when she came back.

I’d heard Ella come back into the outer room and held the door open for her. I didn’t close it; in fact I left it wide open.

Ella put the sample jar on the doctor’s desk and stood there naked waiting until he stopped typing. While he was typing I looked to the waiting room and saw the 3 lads looking at us.

When the doctor finished typing he looked up at us and said, “Ella, subject to your results being acceptable, your examination is now complete. Amy, I see from your notes that there is one section of the NEWPS additional procedures that was added after you had your medical. You can either have it now, or we can book you in for a later date, which would you like?”

Well, I didn’t see that coming. Ben’s devious mind was at work again – thank goodness.

“I might as well get it over with now,” I said.

“Okay, please take your clothes off and climb onto the couch.”

I turned my back on the doctor and was facing the 3 young men in the waiting room. They stared at me as I peeled my top off, freeing my braless breasts. I was staring back at the 3 young men as I unfastened my skirt and let it drop to the floor. I was naked apart from my shoes, which I kicked off. One of the young men licked his lips, so did I.

I climbed on the couch and automatically lifted my legs and put them in the stirrups. 3 pairs of eyed were glued to my pussy.

The doctor walked over to me, pulling on a pair of latex gloves. He said, “I see that you’ve worked out what the additional requirement is.” I nodded.

The doctor stood on my right side looking down on me. His right hand went straight to my pussy and found my clit. I shivered when he touched it and the 2 of the young men smiled. I continued watching them watching me until my mind was on something more important.

Looking at a naked Ella, knowing that 4 men were looking at her, that a doctor had brought her to multiple orgasms, and that I was now going through the same, caused me to be very aroused even before the doctor told me to take my clothes off.

After seconds I was moaning and wanting more. After a minute I was almost screaming as my first orgasm came. As I was coming down a bit I looked at the Ella, then the 3 young men. Ella was standing there, still naked, and had one hand on her pussy. I could see the bulges in the 3 young men’s trousers, and the lust in their eyes.

The doctor kept going and it wasn’t long before he took me over the edge again, and again, and again.

5 times that man made me orgasm. I was a very happy, contented, sweaty, knackered girl when he finally stopped.

He stood there looking down at my heaving body for quite a few seconds before saying, “Very good Amy. I’ll add the results to my notes and forward them to NEWPS.”

I slowly got off the couch and Ella and me got dressed.

As we were leaving, the doctor started to thank us, then saw the 3 young men.

“Oh yes, I’ve still got to give 2 of you a check-up haven’t I. Come on in James”

“Wow, I’ve never had a medical quite like that before,” Ella said as we walked to the nearest bar. I told her that she looked like she enjoyed it. All she said was, “and more!”

In the bar Ella told me that it was the first medical that she had ever had where she’s enjoyed herself. She said that being watched by the 3 young men had made it so much more exciting.

After a couple of drinks we both went back to our rooms.

I found Ben and Katie in Katie’s room and told them everything. I thanked him for the extra bit, but he said that he knew nothing about it. He had only arranged for Ella to be examined. Ben also told me that the doctor’s name isn’t Pete Lawrence, and that his doctorate isn’t in medicine.

More to cum soon.

Amy -