Amy the Exhibitionist
by Vanessa

part 8

Please note that all characters in this story are over the age of legal consent.

Parts 1 – 4 are about Amy’s discovery and exploits before she reached the age of legal consent. They can be found on /~Vanessa/ or by googling ‘Amy the Exhibitionist’.

Love, V


Part 8 – The summer holidays - Ibiza

The holiday really started when we walked out of our house. Katie had come over the day before because we had an early start. Katie and I both wore the only clothes that we were taking that weren’t either partially or totally see through. We figured that we would be well pissed off if we got arrested even before we got on the plane.

We had to be at the airport at 4 o’clock in the morning. Dad offered to drive us but it wouldn’t have been fair on him because of his early start at work. Instead we went by bus. We had leave home at midnight so we got no sleep. When we got onto the final bus we dumped our big case and took our carry-ons to the back of the bus. That journey took an hour and by the time we got there both Katie and me were wearing something more in-line with what we intended to wear for the rest of the fortnight.

Ben had decided that we would take the little black remote controlled vibe (my ‘little black number’) with us and while I was getting changed he got the vibe out and told me to put it in. He didn’t switch it on.

We had done online check-ins so we only had to dump our cases before going through security. As we queued Ben switched the vibe on and I gasped quite loudly. He switched it off just as we got to the front of the queue.

When I went through the scanning archway it beeped. I went through it again but it beeped again. A security guard came to me and told me to put my arm out wide. He ran this wand thing over me and was staring at my tits all the time. Being that close to me he could see my hard nips through my top and if he’d bent down to scan my bare legs he would have seen my juices running down the inside of my thighs. Anyway, he waved me through.

Before we got on the plane Ben told me to go to the toilet and get the vibe out. I was a bit disappointed but did as he told me.

Ben had booked the 3 seats right at the back of the plane and he sat between Katie and me. One of the toilets was right behind us and there was a constant stream of people queuing to use it. Most of the men were staring at Katie’s and my tops and tops of our legs to see just how much they could see. If it was a cute man I would shuffle my backside a bit so that he could get a glimpse of my pussy.

About half way through the flight Ben asked Katie to unfasten her seatbelt and sit on his lap. As she lowered herself down I saw Ben quickly unzip his trousers and get his cock out. Katie gasped then smiled as she realised what she had impaled herself on.

They stayed like that for a good 10 minutes before Ben told her that it was my turn.

I was sitting in the aisle seat which meant that my back was to Katie as I impaled myself on Ben’s cock. For the 10 or 15 minutes that I sat like that Katie was caressing my bum. She also reached round and up my top and caressed one of my tits when no one was looking. Poor Ben couldn’t take it anymore; I suddenly felt his hot juices fill me up. When he’d gone soft I got off him and sat down.

Ben then welcomed us both into the ‘Mile High’ club.

When we were talking on the plane I told Ben and Katie that I had noticed that Ben had taken on a sort of dominant role with us, and that both Katie and me had fallen into a submissive role. Both of them said that they hadn’t really noticed but when they thought about it they both agreed. We discussed it a bit and agreed that Katie and me were happy doing everything that Ben told us, and that Ben would also do anything that we told him, providing that we didn’t tell him to strip off in the middle of a crowded street and wank for us. He told us in most European countries women could usually get away with being naked just about anywhere, but men usually got arrested as soon as they dropped their trousers. We all complained about the stupid dual standards.

I also raised the subject of how we sat. I suggested that both Katie and me never cross our legs at all during the holiday. Ben said that it wasn’t very ‘lady like’ and Katie said that she didn’t intend to be anything like a lady. It was agreed.

When I got off that plane there was a big wet patch on my seat and a smaller one on Katie’s seat.

The warm air that hit us when the plane door opened was great. I instantly felt very happy and contented.

The tour operator ushered us out to a coach to take us to our hotel. It took about an hour. When we walked into reception there were lots of young people talking and laughing all over the place. It seemed like the whole place was filled with people our age.

We could see through to the swimming pool and there were lots of people obviously having a good time. We could also see the girls walking around. Most were topless and quite a few wore thongs. Some of the thongs were knickers style thongs not bikini style thongs. I could see that I was going to be happy there.

We rushed up to our room and flung the balcony doors open. We were on the second floor and our room was on the side of a busy, narrow road with narrow footpaths. At the other side of the road was another hotel with balconies. Katie said, “This could be interesting.”

After stripping off, Ben rearranged the furniture a bit so that 2 of the beds were right in front of the balcony doors with the foot of the bed nearest the doors. He up-ended the third bed so that we had more space in the room. We all lay naked on the bed, in full view of anyone in the hotel over the road, after a few minutes Ben told us to go and explore. He told us that he would come and find us in a bit.

We put on the same thong bikini bottoms that got us thrown out of the swimming pool in England (no tops) and went out of the room. It felt a bit strange, but nice, being virtually naked walking down the corridor of a hotel. We decided to wait for the lift and when the doors opened 2 young men got out. They had obviously had a few drinks and one of them said, “Well hello, where did you 2 come from?” They looked us up and down a few times and one of them had his eyes glued to my tits.

We smiled at them, told them that we might see them later and got in the lift before the doors shut.

I gave Katie the finger test and she was as wet as me.

None of the reception staff took the slightest bit of notice of us 2 virtually naked girls as we walked through reception and the rooms on the ground floor. We walked down the hotel steps and onto the street with all the cars wizzing by. We looked both ways then crossed the road. Just along a bit we could see Ben leaning on the railings of our balcony. Katie shouted at him and we all waved.

I wanted to go for a walk down the street but Katie wanted to go back into the hotel saying that we could go for a walk later. We went back into the hotel and through to the swimming pool where we saw other girls wearing just a thong. We fitted in quite well. Wandering round the pool we saw a little games area with a table tennis table and a pool table. A girl, who was wearing just a thong, and a boy were playing table tennis.

As we passed the outside bar a young man asked us if he could buy us a drink. We looked at each other then told him he could. We got the drinks and the 3 of us went over to his mate and we sat on their sunbeds and talked.

The lads moved to the bottom of the sunbeds and told us that we could lie down and start our tan. We did. About 5 minutes later I remembered the design of the thongs that we had on. Looking at the lads faces I realised that they had already seen our pussies.

‘What the hell’ I thought and let my legs part a little. I looked over to Katie and saw that she had done the same. In fact her legs were wider apart than mine. After a few minutes more of telling each other lots about each other, one of the lads told me that he liked our bikinis. I opened my legs more and told him that I had made them myself. “Impressive,” he said. I wasn’t sure if he meant what he could see, or the fact that I had made the bikinis.

The lads sat on the end of the sunbeds staring at our pussies and making more conversation for a few more minutes when Ben appeared. Katie and me got up and I introduced Ben. I thanked them for the drinks and we left.

As we walked away Ben said that it was easy for girls to get free drinks. He was right.

We showed Ben round the rooms that we had found, including the tour operator’s notice board. We saw that there was a party in the hotel every night, lots of swimming pool activities, pub crawls and a few trips to local and big island clubs.

We walked out of the hotel to a little supermarket next door talking about which of the trips we wanted to go on. Not many because we didn’t have much money.

We bought a supply of drinking water and a few bottles of beer. None of the staff took any notice of our state of dress but one man had a good look at my pussy as I squatted down to lift the big water bottle.

Back in our room we decided that we were hungry. Katie and me took off our thongs and put on a skirt and bikini top. I put on one of the little wrap round skirts that didn’t meet at the sides and slid it round a bit so that the front, top of my left leg was showing, right up to my belly button. Katie slid it round a bit more to show my pussy but I thought that it was better to cover my pussy, well for the time being anyway.

Just before we left, Ben announced ‘Rule number 1’. We both looked at him wondering what the hell he was on about. He produced the remote vibe and said that each time we went out for a meal and we knew that we were going back to the room we had to take it in turns wearing the vibe. He then asked who wanted to be first. We both put our hand up. I backed-down saying that I’d already used it once that day. Ben passed the vibe to Katie and she squatted down and pushed it in.

As we walked out through reception Ben gave the vibe a quick burst causing a loud gasp from Katie.

We went and found a little café and sat at a table outside. Ben picked a table at the roadside next to where everyone was walking. Katie was in a seat facing the street one way and I was in a seat facing the other way.

When I sat down I automatically crossed my legs. Ben corrected me, telling me that if I did it again he would have to punish me. I laughed and asked him if he was going to smack my bum. He got a suggestive look on his face and said, “Maybe.”

We ordered and got or drinks. Katie was quiet for a couple of minutes then she moved her chair so that she was parallel to the road, and slid down so that her bum was perched on the edge of the chair. Her little skirt had ridden up and her pussy was on display. She opened her legs wide then closed them. I could see her wet lips, so could anyone who was walking up the street towards her – if they looked.

I smiled and did the same.

We spent the rest of the time waiting for our food flashing the people walking along the street, interspersed with Ben giving the remote vibe a blast. Every time that Ben did it Katie squealed a bit which attracted a couple of people to look over to us.

Ben gave Katie a bit of a rough time as she ate but she finally made it and we paid and left. We were about half way back to the hotel when Ben pushed her over the edge and she grabbed my arm as she shook and fought to stay quiet. Ben just stood there smiling.

Back at the hotel we stripped, went and sat on the balcony and watched the people going by. We were all sat on chairs with our feet apart on the railings. Katie still had the vibe in and Ben was slowly getting her high again. The next thing that I realised was that a bus driving down the street had stopped in traffic, right in front of us. Some of the passengers were at a height where they were level with us; and 2 or 3 of them were staring straight between our legs.

That was it for Katie, with these strangers a few feet from her she just orgasmed. A loud one as well, though you couldn’t hear much over the noise of the traffic.

When the bus moved on a couple of young men and a man and a woman in the hotel over the road had come out onto their balconies and were about 25 feet from us. They were all in their swimwear – unlike us.

Over the noise of the traffic we said ‘hi’ to each other. The couple went in, but the young men stayed out drinking beer and watching us. A short while later we went in and the 3 of us lay on the bed. I fell asleep and when I woke up Katie was riding Ben with the 2 young men still watching.

That evening we went to the tour operators meeting where they told us a bit about San Antonio and tried to sell us tickets to every event on Ibiza. We skipped the end of the session and spent the rest of the evening in the hotel bar.

The inside bar has very low sofas which when you sit down the first time you think that you are falling to the floor. As a result both Katie and me ended up sitting there with our legs wide apart. Much to the delight of the men in the bar there was no way that we could hide our bare pussies without crossing our legs – which we didn’t.

The hotel party that night started and finished early as there were only a handful of people there. So we didn’t go.

The night was so warm that we all slept on top of the bed not knowing if anyone was looking into our room. In fact, we never closed the curtains and the light was on for the whole 2 weeks. We must have provided voyeurs paradise for the people in the hotel over the road.

Author’s Note:

I’ve just realised that if I write about everything that Amy and Katie got up to in chronological order I would be writing a book, not a short story. I’ve decided to just write about the best bits and put them in time of day order. I’ve grouped them into Breakfast, Day Time, and Nights, but there will be some overlap as ‘events’ went over from one time of the day to another.



The first morning that we went for breakfast Katie and me just put on of our string vests on. When we got down there we saw that some girls wore bikinis or thong bikinis, some wore a skirt and bikini tops, and some just bikini or thong bikini bottoms.

Because a lot of the guests never made it to breakfast one waitress could look after the small number of people that were there, and she didn’t seem to be bothered about the lack of clothes.

The next morning we just wore the thong bikini bottoms that have the bottom half of the material missing, the ones that we wore the first day. We didn’t even wear shoes. These didn’t get any reaction from staff or guests so on all the days after that we wore any of the 3 other types of thong bikinis that we had with us.

I must admit that we did get a few looks and comments from the other guests, after all, our pussies were on display.

It was a bit ‘strange ‘ being dressed in so little in a hotel restaurant at first, but we soon got used to it.

One morning as we were coming out of the restaurant the receptionist called us over. I thought that we here going to be in trouble but he just told us that we should wear shoes in the restaurant as there was a danger from broken glass.

Day Times.

We decided to explore San Antonio the first day. Katie wore one of the wrap skirts and a very see-through bikini top and I wore one of the thin flared micro skirts and a very see-through top.

Because we intended to eat out somewhere, it was my turn to wear the remote vibe.

We wandered all over the place for hours. Ben kept giving me little reminders of what was inside me, usually when I least expected it. 3 times he made me cum that day, and each time it was when other people were around. I got a few funny looks. One time when I was cumming I dropped my purse and when I was able to, I squatted down to retrieve it. As I was doing so I heard a whistle and looked up in front of me to see a young man staring between my legs. I dropped my purse quite a few times after that.

During the afternoon we came across a sex shop and went in. It was amazing, I’ve never seen so many sex toys, some of which I still don’t know what you are supposed to do with. Ben insisted on buying 2 pairs of handcuffs.

We had lunch in McDonalds with Katie and me flashing our pussies to anyone who looked towards us. One of my 3 orgasms that day was in that McDonalds.

Another good day was when we got a boat to one of the beaches nearby. The ferry was small and had people sitting in rows facing each other. We picked a spot opposite a group of teenagers and gave them the pleasure of staring at our pussies under our skirts. I was wearing one of the sets of rectangles. We had sunglasses on so we could watch them watching us without them knowing.

The beach was great, lots of warm sand and warm, clear water. One end of it was obviously for people who wanted to sunbathe naked, so we went to that end of the clothed part and we all stripped off (yes, Ben as well). No one really took much notice of us, but we did get a lot of people looking at us when we walked all along the water’s edge to both ends of the beach. Ben had decided to make it a little bit interesting for the gawkers by walking in between us and holding our hands or putting his arms round our waists.

We got even more looks when Katie and me went to the little bar to get some ice creams without putting anything on.

A bit later Katie and me went for a walk around the car park, the café at the other end of the beach, and along the coast a bit. Again we went naked.

We also went swimming a couple of times and Ben decided that he’d looked at us 2 naked girls for too long. One at a time he got us to float on our backs and he fucked us in amongst the other swimmers. We came out of the water right in the middle of the clothed part and walked in amongst them to get back to our towels.

On the boat on the way back Katie didn’t put her skirts on; instead she wore a thong bikini that left her pussy uncovered. A middle aged couple sat opposite us. The man looked happy, but the woman looked like she was going to explode. She didn’t half give her husband some grief.

Walking back to the hotel from the harbour was ‘interesting’ we had a few people looking at us and a couple of young boys following us. One time when they had gone passed us and were walking back towards us for another look; I dropped my bag and squatted down, with knees apart, to pick it up. I watched them stare at my puss.

The next day Ben took us to a large supermarket that we’d seen. We went to the pet animals section and Ben bought 2 dog collars and 2 leads. I asked him if he was going to lead us round town one day. All would say was, “something like that”. Katie and me were wearing see through skirts that morning and the checkout girl had a long look as she worked. After that we got a bus to another beach. I wore a wrap skirt while Katie wore one of the flared ones. I remembered the trick about holding the side of an unfastened skirt together, rubbing against the edge of a seat and letting go so that it looked like the skirt snagged on something and fell to the ground leaving me naked below the waist. A little scream and fake panic got other passengers to look at me.

Katie was so impressed that when we came back she wore that skirt and tried it. She got it right. Only she ended up completely naked as we’d decided to go back topless. I only wore one of the thongs that left my pussy completely uncovered so as we walked through San Antonio I was only wearing a couple of pieces of string (and shoes).

We spent quite a few days round the hotel pool and got to know quite a few of the other guests and both Ben and Katie had let it be known that I was Ben’s sister and that we were all sharing one room. Conversations often got started by both boys and girls asking me if I really was Ben’s sister. I always said that I was, but didn’t say that I was his step sister very often.

The first few times that we spent the day there Katie and me wore one of the thongs, but after a few of the boys told us that we may as well be naked, we went naked. Most days when we were at the pool the only things that we took down from our rooms were a towel, sun lotion and sunglasses. We let Ben carry our money. We had to walk through reception to get to the pool and none of the staff took a blind bit of notice.

Being naked in the hotel got so common that one day while it was still light we walked out onto the street and got about 20 yards down the road before we remembered that we were naked.

Someone at the pool had a plastic football and we often split into teams and played our version of water polo. It was usually girls v boys and there definitely wasn’t a ‘no contact’ rule. I lost count of the number of times that my body got groped. I wasn’t complaining as I often grabbed the boy’s cocks.

The hotel had an ‘entertainments officer’ who organised quite a few games for the guests to play. Most involved the swimming pool and had the opportunity for underwater groping.

Sometimes we got challenged to a game of pool or table tennis. Neither Katie nor me are very good at either, we usually lost when we were playing girls and won when we were playing boys. When we started losing against the boys we would start teasing them by hiding the table tennis ball where the boys couldn’t see it (in our pussies), or fingering ourselves, or using the pool cue as a dildo, or making out with each other. The boys kept complaining that we weren’t playing fair.

One day we got the bus to Ibiza town to have a look around. Katie wore one of the wrap skirts and a semi see through top. I wore a string vest and belt.

There were quite a few American sailors there because one of their massive aircraft carriers was in port. It had its side doors open and it looked big enough for a jumbo jet to fly right through. Anyway, the American guys loved the way that we dressed. We lost count of the number of offers to take us for a drink.

We went up to the old part of the town where it was very quiet. We found this big ancient cannon and a couple of yanks that were there asked if they could take our photograph on the cannon. After a couple of shots they asked is if we would pose topless for them. We did one better and posed naked, sitting on top of the cannon with our legs either side. The yanks were well pleased and wanted to buy us diner. We declined.

Ibiza town has a lot of little clothes shops, all ridiculously expensive, but that didn’t stop us from trying some on. The shops usually only had us as customers so each time we found something that we wanted to try on we just changed in the shop. None of the shop assistants complained, but they all watched us.

At one point, Katie and Ben fancied a drink but I wanted to look in a few more clothes shops. We arranged to meet on the harbour wall and off they went leaving me to browse some more. I went into this one small shop that was being looked after by a really cute girl about my age. There was no one else in there. As I browsed she asked me if I needed any help. I said that I didn’t, but if I did I would let her know. I browsed some more and found a top that I wanted to see how I looked in it and I asked the girl if I could try it on.

I put the top down and started to undo my belt, but the damn thing was stuck. Either that, or I was too nervous about what I was hoping was going to happen.

The girl could see that I was having a problem, came over and asked if I needed any help. I told her that I was having trouble with my belt. She squatted down in front of me to get to it and unfastened it easily.

I was wearing one of my string vests that day and as she squatted down she could see through all the holes to my naked pussy. She said that she liked my dress, she said that she liked the way she could put a finger through the holes. As she was saying that, she pushed a finger through one of the holes and touched my puss. It felt nice and I moaned a bit. She slid her other hand up the back of my leg, right up to my bum.

Her other hand slid up my other leg so that she was holding both my cheeks. My vest was up round my waist and her face was right in front of my pussy. After blowing on my pussy a couple of times (which made me moan again), she stood up, pulling my vest up with her. My arms went up as my vest was pulled right up and off.

I was stood naked in a shop, right in front of a big window with people walking passed, and there was a cute girl stood inches from me. I decided that if I was naked, she was going to be naked too. Staring her into the eyes, I stepped back a little and got hold of the bottom of her top and lifted it up and off her. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her firm little breasts pointed straight at me.

She was wearing a denim skirt so I reached forward, unfastened the button and zip and slid it down until it dropped on its own. I was pleased to see that she too wasn’t wearing any knickers.

I stepped forward and kissed her full on the mouth. She reacted as I hoped and we explored each other’s tonsils. Our hands were busy exploring each other’s boobs and pussies.

Within seconds we were on the floor eating each other. Her pussy tasted really nice and her nipples were small but very sensitive, I had her cumming within a couple of minutes. Thankfully, she kept her teeth and tongue working on my pussy until I came as well.

I rolled off her and lay beside her for a minute or so. Then we got up and dressed in silence.

I kissed her cheek, thanked her for her help and said goodbye; and was off out of there. She was nice, but I prefer Ben and Katie.

I never did try that top on.

When I got to the harbour there was no sign of Ben and Katie so I went up onto the harbour wall and found a seat that I could sit on to wait for them. It was only when I sat down that I realised that just in front of me was a railing, then a drop of about 6 feet to a lower part of the harbour wall. There were lots of people walking along there and I realised that if they looked up at me they would be able to see up my skirt to my pussy; especially if I opened my legs and put my feet on the railings. So I did.

While I waited, I watched the people below through my sunglasses. Quite a lot of the youngish men and a few of the youngish women did look up and must have seen my pussy. I most enjoyed the 3 boys who were about 14 or 15. They just stood and stared as I got wetter and wetter as I ignored them. They eventually gave up and walked off.

Ben and Katie arrived and we walked off to get something to eat. Both Katie and me flashed a few people before it got too dark. We decided to head off back to San Antonio before it got too late.

On the way back to the bus station we came across a sex shop. We decided to go in and look around. I thought it would be good to get us feeling even more randy.

After a few minutes, Katie asked if we could spend the money that we had won at the wet T-shirt competition (tell you about that later). After a short group discussion we all agreed and we bought 2 sets of Ben Wa balls, 2 Butt Plugs and a long, double ended flexible dildo.

The Butt Plugs are made of stainless steel and at the end that doesn’t go in the butt there is a really nice fake diamond about an inch across. When they are in your butt or pussy, all you can see from the outside is this diamond sparkling in the light. Ben though that they would look great to anyone who we flashed our pussies and / or bum at.

Neither Katie nor me had heard of Ben Wa balls before and Ben had to explain what they were, and how they worked. We were both a sceptical, but Ben assured us that we would not regret using them.

As we walked to the bus station and while we were waiting for the bus. I was getting wetter and wetter thinking about trying our new toys.

Katie did the ‘get the skirt caught and pulled off’ stunt as we got on to the bus, much to the delight of a couple of middle-aged English men.

We sat right at the back and both Katie and me frantically ripped open the packaging.

We tried the butt plugs in our pussies first. They looked good, felt good too. The diamonds sparkled each time the light from a street light came in. Then we moved them to our butts. I felt full.

Because Ben was sat in between us we couldn’t try the double-ended dildo properly so we took it in turns. I was looking forward to getting on the bed in our room with Katie.

Last was the Ben Wa balls. When we pushed them in, I said that I could hardly feel them. Ben just told us to wait until we got off the bus and walked back to the hotel.

About 10 minutes later Katie suddenly said, “what if one falls out?” Shit, I hadn’t thought about that.

Ben told us that we could use the muscles in our pussies to keep them in. I spent the rest of the journey squeezing my pussy muscles, which got me feeling quite randy.

Ben was feeling a bit left out watching us both play with our new toys on the bus, so Katie gave him a blow job.

We got off the bus and as soon as I started walking along the road I started to feel the 2 balls bumping together, it felt good. More walking and more bumping and I was starting to feel quite good. Just before we got to our hotel, I heard a dull thud and Katie shouted, “Shit!” I turned round to see Katie walking back down the road and then bending down. One of her balls had fallen out and was rolling down the road. Ben and me both laughed.

Back in our room, Katie and me didn’t waste any time in replacing the balls with our double ended dildo. We gave Ben, and the people in the hotel over the road quite a show.

The next day I wanted to try flashing people with a Butt Plug in my pussy. I put it in while I was in the shower and swore that I wasn’t going to take it out all day.

Breakfast wasn’t a problem, but straight afterwards Ben wanted to relax by the pool for a bit. We went out and grabbed a sunbed each. As usual, my legs were open a bit and it wasn’t long before one of the other boy’s came over to us and asked what I was doing with a diamond in my pussy. I told him that it was a Butt Plug that I had just got and was trying it out. He said the obvious so I told him that if it had been in my bum he wouldn’t have seen it, but because it was in my pussy it had attracted his attention and he would be staring at it for as long as he could. He said that I was right.

We decided to go to one of the beaches by boat and I put on one of the sets of rectangles while Katie wore a little wrap skirt and bikini top. On the boat we were sat opposite a young couple. It didn’t take the boy long to realise that he could see my pussy and something shiny in it. I watched them through my sunglasses as he whispered to his girlfriend and she too looked at me. Both of them spent the rest of the boat ride with their eyes glued to my pussy and whispering to each other. The bulge in his shorts told me that he was enjoying the view.

We went and spread out at the end of the clothed area and had a relaxing few hours topping up our all-over tans. As I always wanted to make sure that I got the insides of my legs tanned, my legs were wide apart. Ben went for a walk up and down the beach and when he came back he told me that the sun kept reflecting off my diamond which would have made him want to know what it was, if he didn’t already know.

I wondered how many other people’s eyes had stared at my pussy and diamond because of the diamond.

One thing that I hadn’t bargained on was the sun on the metal ring holding the diamond in place. I was first reminded that the sun heats metal quite quickly when I felt my pussy was getting hot. It wasn’t arousal hot (although I was), it was temperature hot. I put my fingers on the Butt Plug intending to turn it and found it to be quite hot. After I realised what was happening I had to go for a swim or a walk along the beach (through all the unfortunate swimsuit clad people) for it to cool down.

Going back to San Antonio on the boat was just as good. Two teenage girls were sat opposite me and the spent most of the ride staring at my pussy and whispering and giggling.

Another day we got the bus to Ibiza town then got another bus to a place called Ses Salines. There are some nice little beaches and rocky and wooded areas there. Apart from one area, most of the people there were naked. We had a really nice time there relaxing, having sex in the sea and on the sand in amongst the rocks. We had the odd one or two people watching us, but we just ignored them. We walked quite a bit along the coast and through the wooded area, all whilst being naked. It was a wonderful feeling.

There is a little beach bar there where we had some lunch. Katie and me were the only completely naked people there, there were some people who we had seen naked on the beach but they had put something on before going there.

We walked to the bus stop still naked and only put our clothes on when we saw the bus coming. While waiting there, Ben went in to the little shop to get us an ice cream while we sat on the road curb with our knees bent and feet flat on the road. One teenage boy went and stood on the other side of the road opposite us so that he could get a good look at our pussies. We obliged him by opening our knees and feet wide.

About 10 days through the holiday we were out at a café having an ice cream and flashing people walking up and down the street when a girl about our age came and sat at a nearby table. We all thought that we’d seen her before but couldn’t place her. Ben was the first to remember her (probably something to do with her long blonde hair). She was on the plane out, with her boyfriend. They had been on the same coach as us but had got off at the hotel before we got to ours.

Ben said, “hi” to her and we started talking. After only a couple of minutes she started crying. We managed to get her to tell us what was wrong.

Her boyfriend had been going off and leaving her for hours on end. She (Emily) had found lipstick on his shirts and a couple of love-bites on his neck that she knew weren’t hers. The previous night they had gone to bed and when she woke up in the dark he was beside her, but there was a naked girl riding him. After a lot of shouting Emily had got dressed, grabbed her bag and walked out.

When we met her she hadn’t been back to their room and swore that she wasn’t going to; and she didn’t know what to do.

After a bit of discussion Ben told her that we had a spare bed in our room and that she could use that until she decided what she was going to do. Emily perked up a bit and bought us all some lunch. It turned out that all their money and traveller cheques were in her bag.

On the way back to our hotel Emily asked Katie and me if we realised that she could see through our skirts and tops. Ben laughed and told her that you could see through most of our clothes.

Emily got another shock when we went into our room and saw that the 3 of us were sharing the same bed. She got yet another shock when Katie told her that Ben was my brother.

Emily said that she hadn’t had a shower since the previous day and asked if she could use ours. Ben went to get her a new toothbrush.

A short while later Emily came out of the shower wearing only a towel saying that she literally had nothing to wear so we let her look through our clothes. She chose the black mesh dress and went to the bathroom to put it on.

She looked good when she came back, but she was pulling at the hem saying that she wasn’t used to not wearing underwear. We all laughed and said the she’d get used to it.

We talked a bit then Katie suggested that we go for a swim in the hotel pool. Everyone liked the idea and Katie and me stripped off and grabbed a towel. Emily jokingly asked if we were going like that, and was again shocked when we said that we were. I told her that she could borrow one of our thong bikinis but she said that she would just come and watch.

There were quite a few people that we knew at the pool, all of the girls there were topless and 2 were naked. It was funny that none of the boys ever got naked.

Anyway, after a lot of encouragement from everyone, Emily decided that she would take the plunge in both ways. The dress came off and she was quickly in the water, covering her small (but cute) breasts and bald puss as she went.

It took her about 30 minutes to relax and start enjoying herself, but when it came to getting out her hands were in covering mode.

We talked about her nude swimming experience and she said that she mostly liked it. She wasn’t happy that the boys were looking at her breasts all the time. She said that she was embarrassed by her small breasts. Ben told her that she shouldn’t be and that a large percentage of men actually prefer small breasts even though they always go on about big double Ds. He also asked her if she’d noticed that lots of the boys had spent lots of time looking at her breasts rather than Katie’s or mine. That they wouldn’t have done that if they didn’t prefer hers. That made her a bit happier and she relaxed a bit.

A bit later she got up and walked round the pool chatting to a couple of the boys. When she got back to us she said that was a lot happier about being naked around other people.

When the time came to go back to our room, Ben took the towels and Emily’s dress and disappeared leaving the 3 of us having to go back to our room naked. As we walked back through reception Katie asked Emily if she would be happy to prove that she was okay with being naked. When Emily asked how, Katie said that she had to go out into the street, cross the road and wait for us to wave to her from our balcony. Once we had seen each other she could come up to the room.

Off she went. We watched until she got to the other side of the road, then Katie and me went up to our room.

When we got there we could hear her shouting our names. However, some of the other guests in our hotel, and the hotel over the road had heard her and were on their balconies looking down at her. Some were whistling and shouting crude remarks at her. When we went out and Emily saw us she curtsied towards 2 of the groups of boys that were watching her, then walked over the road into our hotel.

When she got back to the room she told us that she was scared to death but at the same time very excited. She told us that she was quite turned on.

That night the 4 of us went round some of the bars and got pissed. Emily wasn’t very comfortable wearing see through clothes with no underwear out round the town at first, but she soon got used to it and was flashing her little tits and ass to get the boys to buy us drinks just the same as we were.

Back in our room Emily watched us 3 having sex before we all fell asleep.

Next morning Emily joined us for breakfast wearing one of our thong bikinis. She wasn’t too sure about going in to the hotel restaurant wearing so little and with her pussy on display, but soon got used to it when no one took any notice of her.

By the way, breakfast was ‘buffet’ style so no one noticed the extra person.

Late that evening Emily went to her hotel to get her things. Emily hadn’t wanted to go on her own so all 4 of us went – just in case. Fortunately, her ex wasn’t there so we got all Emily’s belongings without any problems.

The funny thing was that after we got all Emily’s clothes, she still kept wearing our clothes.


On one of the tour operators pub crawls during the first week, we went to a bar that had a stage and ran wet T-shirt competitions. Oh, on these trips to pubs we usually didn’t have to buy many drinks for ourselves or Ben. The guys were always keen to buy ours if we flashed our tits or bums or pussies. We’d ask for bottles of beer and then pass some of them to Ben.

Anyway, both Katie and me told Ben that we were entering. We found the man who was organising it and were sent to a room at the back. We were given a T-shirt each and told to change into it. I didn’t fancy leaving what little clothes we had in that room so as soon as I had my T-shirt on I went and gave our clothes to Ben.

Back in the changing room we watched the other girls get changed and some of them rip their T-shirts to make them look sexy. We didn’t. All had knickers on. I went and told the organiser that we didn’t have any knickers. He seemed a bit disappointed saying that the guys liked to see the girls strip to their knickers, then take them off. I offered him a compromise of Katie and me doing a double act. I promised him that he wouldn’t be disappointed and that the guys would see lots of skin.

We were told that we would be on last and planned our act as we watched the other girls get wet then slowly tease their way out of their T-shirts. Some wore thongs, others full knickers. Not all stripped naked.

Then we were called on and got wet. We both then ripped the top of our T-shirts so that the neck hole was very big. As the music played we wobbled our tits and bums to the audience as they chanted, “Skin, skin.” Then came the unexpected bit, together, both Katie and me did a handstand and we stayed on our hands walking round the stage. Both our T-shirts fell round our hands and we walked out of them.

To tease the guys as well as help with our balance we opened our legs as wide as we could and went round the edge of the stage. After a while I winked to Katie and we both went over into the crab position with our feet right close to the front of the stage. On another wink to Katie we both lifted our shoulders and went down on our knees with our bodies leaning back. Our knees were as wide apart as we could and our open pussies were displayed to everyone.

The music stopped and we went off the stage.

We were well pleased when we were called back and told that we had won. We then had to repeat the performance. All went well, but at the end when we were on our wide apart knees, the music kept playing. I had an idea which Katie followed.

I lifted my body without moving my knees. Facing the very close audience I reached out to a boy who was drinking out of a bottle. I motioned for him to give it to me. I then took a drink and then slowly teased my pussy with the neck of the bottle. To shouts of, “In, in” I pushed the top of the bottle into my pussy. This got huge cheers from the guys as I started to fuck myself with the bottle. I looked over to Katie and saw that she was doing the same.

The music stopped and we got up, collected our money and left the stage.

Ben had our clothes so we went looking for him. We worked our way through the crowds getting groped quite a lot. My pussy was dripping, and it wasn’t with beer.

It took a while, but we eventually found Ben but didn’t dress until it was time to go.

One night during the first week, and after another night out drinking, Ben decided that he wanted to see how much of his hand he could get in to our pussies. With him between us on the bed he got to work on both of us at the same time. It was a bit of a competition between Katie and me to see who could take the most. I have to admit that it hurt like hell and we both screamed quite a bit (which attracted a bit of an audience from over the road); and we both had a couple of orgasms on the way.

Ben got all of his hand into Katie first. I wasn’t going to admit defeat and after a few more screams and another orgasm, he was in.

Both Katie and me had had our legs up in the air. We put them down and Ben shuffled round so that he was laying between us, head to feet. Katie and me played with Ben’s goodies and gave a joint blow job while he moved his fingers inside us.

After another orgasm for both of us, and one for Ben we all relaxed with Ben’s hands still inside us.

The next thing I knew it was morning and Ben’s hands were still inside us. I leaned up and gave Ben another BJ to wake him up.

Ben’s hands were a little numb, and with another couple of little screams from both Katie and me, Ben slowly extracted his hands.

We showered and went for breakfast with both Katie and me telling Ben that our holes were still wide open.

After breakfast we went and lay on some sunbeds by the pool. Of course, Katie and me had our legs open and a few people (girls included) asked what we had been up to.

When we told them one of the not so smart boys asked how the hell we had done that, so Ben showed him with Katie. We had a little audience as Ben slowly worked his hand in. One of the other boys said that he wanted a go so I said, “come on then.”

He wasn’t as gentle as Ben had been, it hurt quite a bit but I didn’t stop him. I orgasmed a couple of times, much to the delight of the girls and boys watching.

It’s one thing having an orgasm in public when people around you don’t know what’s happening to you, but it’s something else having one when you are naked, laying on a sunbed round a hotel pool, having a fist being pushed in to your pussy and you’re being watched by a group of people that you know. I don’t think that I’ve ever been so turned on. The other thing that I realised was that the more pain that that young man gave me, the more turned on I got.

Later that day we went on the boat to one of the nice beaches. We both wore one of the string vests, much to the delight of the group of boys on the boat. We spent most of the day sunbathing naked in amongst the people who kept their swimming costumes on.

It took most of the day for our pussies to get back to normal so a lot of people must have seen inside both our pussies.

The hotel parties were okay, they took place round the pool and were basically an excuse to dress up (or down) and drink a lot. The boys always managed to get the girls to shake their tits and bums. At some of them there were a couple of video-cams that were forever zooming in to get close-ups of our goodies. None of these parties lasted long and then most of the people went off to one or more of the bars in town.

As I mentioned earlier, each one had a theme. The more interesting themes and the ones that we went to were: -


I think that the most anyone wore at these was knickers or boxers for the boys. They should have guessed (maybe they did) that most young people sleep naked these days, especially when it was so hot.

On the beach:

Quite a few people chose to be naked there, and judging by the lack of tan lines I guessed that they sunbathed on the beaches where they could get naked.

Toga Party:

Ben pinched a sheet from the maid’s trolley to help us with our outfits. All 3 of our togas consisted of 1 strip of sheet that went over one shoulder and down just long enough to cover our bums and pussies (meat and 2 in Ben’s case). Each toga was held together on our shoulders with a narrow strip of sheet, and round our waists was another strip of sheet that allowed us to pull the sheet as far round us, or not, as we wanted.

This time us girls were lifting the boy’s togas to see how many of them wore nothing underneath. We had quite a bit of fun comparing cocks and wondering what they were like hard. I think that most of the boys found this embarrassing as only 1 of them got hard.

The School Dance:

We were amazed by the number of old school uniforms that people had taken on holiday with them. The only way that we could get to look a bit like school girls was to buy some black hold-ups and borrow a couple of ties from some of the boys. Why is it that the boys go crazy when they see girls spilling out of school uniforms?

Masters and Slaves:

Ben said that it was called this, but we later found out that it was actually ‘Naughty School Girls’. When Ben told us that we were going I knew exactly what we would be wearing. Katie hadn’t twigged and had put a skirt and bikini top on when Ben got out of the shower. He told her to take them off because she wouldn’t need them. She looked a little puzzled as he got the 2 dog collars out and told us to put them on. He then produced the handcuffs and told us to turn round. With our wrists cuffed behind our backs he attached the dog leads to the collars.

He told us to wait on the balcony while he got dressed. The lads over the road thought it was funny.

Katie and me were led down through reception and out to the swimming pool. We got a big round of applause when we walked in. The other girls there were in their old school uniforms and some of the boys had canes, rulers, slippers etc. so that they could ‘punish’ the girls.

We had to ask people to ‘feed’ us with drinks, which was an excuse for them to get close and personal. There was nothing that we could do to stop them groping us, even if we had wanted to.

As more alcohol got consumed some of the girls had to bend over a table and get their backsides caned, spanked or whatever. If the girl had knickers on they were removed to a lot of cheering. Most of the boys were being gentle, but one of the boys who had a cane gave this one girl a real thrashing. He kept asking her if she wanted him to stop but she kept saying no. Her face was getting as red as her backside, and her breathing was getting heavier. Just before it happened I realised that she was about to cum. She did, and very loudly too, much to the pleasure of the onlookers.

Katie was ‘punished’ before me, and she got a red backside from one of the boys who had a ruler.

When I was picked I bent over the table and opened my legs wide. When the boys saw what I was doing they shouted for me to open them wider. Who was I to argue?

One of the boys with a cane came forward. When I saw him I was a bit scared, but at the same time I got a little juicy rush. The strokes started off gentle but got harder. The boy also made sure that I never got 2 in the same place.

He asked me if I wanted to stop and I shook my head. The next 2 were a bit round one cheek, but the end of the cane whipped round and hit my pussy. Boy did that hurt, but at the same time it felt a sort of good. I knew that my pussy was getting wetter.

Two more strokes from the other side with the end whipping round to get my pussy and I realised that the pain wasn’t that bad and that I too was about to cum.

The next stroke took me completely by surprise. The boy stood beside me and brought the cane down between my bum cheeks with the end of the cane hitting my clit. That was it, with a loud squeal I came. I was shaking for ages. Fortunately (maybe not), the boy stopped. Later, Ben told me that I had got a lot of applause and cheers, but I never heard it.

When the group decided to move to the local pubs, Katie and me were lead out of the hotel by our collars and leads, still naked and with our hands cuffed behind our backs.

We got quite a few comments and cheers from other young people along the streets and we had to duck behind a parked van when a police car came along. Some older people just stared at us as we walked past them. In the pubs Ben and other boys, had to help us with our drinks and we got groped quite a few times.

We went to 2 of the nightclubs in San Antonio. In both of them we ended up dancing naked and us impaling ourselves on Ben’s cock.

One of the clubs had a room that had a small swimming pool in it and lots of people were jumping in. Most stripped off first but not all. That same club had a contest to see who could do the sexiest strip. We didn’t enter, but one drunk, very overweight twenty something woman did. The poor woman got lots of boos and rude comments. Still, I don’t suppose she remembered it the next day.

The other club had a foam machine that filled the dance area to head height. Some of the youths there used it as an excuse to grope the girls. I know that I got groped a couple of times. Katie told me that she had been as well.

That night both Katie and me decided to wear our Ben Wa balls. I can thoroughly recommend wearing Ben Wa balls and going out dancing. I was on a high all night and even went over the top twice. I couldn’t wait to get back to our room and Ben fucked us both on the balcony before we went to bed.

The night before the Last Night

As Emily was getting ready she found my set of Ben Wa balls and my Butt Plug in the bathroom. I told her what they were. She though the Butt Plug looked great and I offered to let her try it, but she wouldn’t. I did manage to convince her to try the Ben Wa balls. I explained to her about what to do if she though they were going to drop out.

We went to a pub and danced quite a bit. Emily looked quite flustered for most of the evening, and later confessed that she’s had an orgasm when we were dancing.

Last Night

During the last day and evening, both Katie and me realised that Emily was getting very close to Ben. We already knew that she fancied Ben so in one of the pubs where we managed to get a seat, Katie and me went for a dance leaving them alone. When we got back they were trying to swallow each other’s tonsils. We knew what was going to happen if we didn’t stop it and Katie and me knew that we were happy to let them get on with it.

When we got back to our room, Katie and me jumped on the single bed leaving Ben and Emily to the big bed. We left the light on so that the voyeurs across the road could watch Ben and Emily enjoying each other while Katie and me gave another display of one way of using the double ended dildo.

Returning Home

We all checked-in at the airport together and us 3 girls sat together while Ben sat on his own. Emily had been scared that she would have to sit with her ex. Ben told her that one way or another, that would not happen.

The flight back wasn’t as exciting because we didn’t have a cock to play with, but us girls had a really good chat.

We saw Emily onto a bus that didn’t have her ex on, and went to find our bus.


I know that I haven’t mentioned Ben much but he was great, he had to watch us having such a great time and never complained once. Oh, and he usually wore swimming shorts most of the time.

Read all about my first few months at University in part 9 – cumming soon.

Amy -