by Turnberry

Part 4

To modify Jill’s session Mark agreed to help Agnes with some legal work. When they met Tuesday, Agnes came right to the point, “I want to nail Captain Rosa.”

Mark never met the man but heard stories about him from cops. Mike was one of the few lawyers the cops would open up to as he made the cops feel he was on the same side of the law. He also had many cops as clients. He knew the captain’s reputation as a womanizer. He heard that he had a girlfriend that he had sex with. He also knew he did not stick up for his people and was good at department politics, there have been rumors of abuse in both the Horny Goat option and the chain gang, both of which he is in charge off. Not letting on what he knew, Mark asked, “What do you have against him?”

“He is taking kickbacks from the club. He pushes me to use sections that require a payment he not only gets larger kickbacks he enjoys making it difficult for the women, and he set me up for a walk at the Horny Goat.”

“Do you have any proof?”

“I’ve seen him receiving money. He did not like Jill’s section being modified so he is going select the sections, he was also upset that Amber had it too easy.”

An angry Amber said, “I did not think my walk was easy and how can he change Jill’s session after the judge approved it…”

“The judge only agreed that only three optional sections were to be used, he left it up to the club which ones will be used and how they will be used. What he will do is make it as hard as possible then offer to modify it for sex.”

“Do you know of any woman he forced to have sex?”

“You are talking to one and he has Mary back on the Chain Gang B. That one is special; they make it so difficult that most woman will offer to do anything for a transfer.”

Amber said, “Get the SOB, get his money, his possessions, his job, his marriage.”

Mark said, “I know a private eye. I will have him check out captain Rosa; I will also contact a stockbroker friend. Agnes see what can be done about him taking over her session. Amber, I will get her released for four hours bring her to our meeting ask Mary see if she is willing to have sex to nail the bastard, let’s meet at 10:00 tomorrow morning .”

That evening Joe and Jill called. They were upset that after getting an agreement from Agnes a captain Rosa was taking her session and was threatening to use sections to fondle breasts, rub pussy, and feet and ass for the entire four hours.

Mark told that he knew about and  was working on it.  They were to come tomorrow to a 10:00 meeting.

Wednesday Mark, Amber, Agnes, Mary, Joe, Jill, Officer Harris, Roger the private eye, and Ben the stockbroker were in Mark’s family room. Mark started the meeting by asking Agnes if she’d talked to the captain about Jill’s third session.

“I made a deal with him, on my second walk he agreed to do what I want for two hours. I offered to instead do whatever he wants for two hours providing he lets me control the session.”

Jill said, “Will it help if I offered a blowjob?”

“Only if you give him one.”

“I will do it.”

Mary said, “He put me on a special chain gang. They work us from dawn to dusk with three 15-minute breaks to eat. If you have to relieve yourself you iust go while you are working. We are only giving a short dress that has never been washed and sandals we have to pick up trash including dog poo with our bare hands. We are not allowed to wash unless we agree to have sex. At no time are we allowed to talk. At night we must remove our dress and kneel with our mouth open. Master sticks his cock in each woman’s mouth then decides which one will give him a blowjob. At night we are tied town… every morning they will let one woman to say what she will do for a transfer. Let me know when you want me to ask.”

Mark asked Roger to work with the girls to document what they were forced to do. “What did you find out about the captain?”

”He is living too well for his salary, but hides it well. He is married and has no kids. He has a reputation as a womanizer; he has a girlfriend, his wife must suspect. He is not liked by those who work for him. His total worth is $400,000.

“I asked Officer Harris to our meeting as I have a lot of respect for his judgment. He is not under captain Rosa. Will you help us?”

“Rosa is a disgrace to the department how can I help?”

Mark said, “Check into the kickbacks and get the man running the chain gang to cooperate.”

Ben said, “I found a company that is almost out of business, it’s called World      Mining. It has two part-time employees, the company’s only assist is mineral rights on 200 acres. The owner has been trying to sell for a year with no takers. He would jump at $100,000.”

Joe asked, “How can I help?”

Roger answered, “I could use Joe’s help.”

Mark asked everyone to meet the next day.

That afternoon Roger went to captain Rosa’s house. When Mrs. Rosa answered the door and said her husband was not home. Roger said, “This is awkward. I came to warn him one of his girlfriends is checking up on him. I never knew he was married.”

“Do you know for sure my husband has a girlfriend?”

“Actually girlfriends plus he uses girls from the walk program and the chain gang. He offered girls for me but I love my wife and don’t want to ruin my marriage. I don’t mean to be rude but with the way he likes sex you must have sex twice a night.”

“We have not had sex in two months.”

At the Thursday meeting Roger said she hired me to get Rosa. We got cameras set up in Agnes’ apartment and at the motel.

Mark said, “Agnes if you are still willing to have sex with him ask him to come to  your place tomorrow start talking about World Mining.”

“I will do it.”

“Jill if you willing to give a blow job before you answer he might demand more; ask him to meet you at the motel Friday.”

“I admit I am scared but I will do what it takes.”

”Ben finalize the purchase of World Mining; make Joe president, change the one 200 acre to 200 one acre mineral rights, and have the two employees submit ideas to use the mineral rights.”

“Officer Harris what did you find out?”

“I got the Horny Goat and chain gang B supervisor to co-operate to avoid prison.”

“Have the chain gang supervisor to tell Mary to what Rosa wants and let Roger install cameras.”

Mark said, “See you all tomorrow.”

That evening Agnes said to the captain, “Remember our little deal…”

“If you back out I will make her session extremely difficult.”

“Just the opposite I want you to come over tomorrow.  I will fix something to eat then we can have the night for our deal; forget about two hours I want to celebrate all night.”

At the Friday meeting Agnes said, “It’s set up for tonight.”

Jill said, “I gave the SOB a blow job he made me do it naked, and Roger got it on tape.”

Ben said, “Everything is set; we own the company.”

Officer Harris said, “I have enough to go to court.”

Roger said, “Mary is going give in to the captain today, and we got a bonus his girlfriend on film.”

Mark said, “Tuesday is screw the captain day.”

Agnes took off her clothes and knelt before him saying, “I will do whatever you want.” For three hours she did every sex act he could think of…

The captain had never before seen Agnes want sex. He had to ask, “Why are you celebrating?”

”Thanks to World Mining in a month I will be set for life! Today the company is almost worthless it has mineral rights on one parcel that is too expensive to mine. Next week it is going have 200 parcels and new technology. The president has not told the owner as he is going buy the company tomorrow. What this means is that he will make millions.”

Than the phone rang. Agnes put down the phone and said, “Shit, Joe's partner backed out; he didn’t think it was right to screw the owner. Now if he can’t find a partner by tomorrow afternoon I will lose millions.”

“What if I take his place?”

“Let me call Joe and you can talk to him.”

Joe told him, “I am uncomfortable with having a stranger as a partner but I have no choice if I don’t want to lose millions. This is what I will do. I will let you buy 40% of World Mining for $400,000. I will give you a contract to be COE for 3 years at a starting salary of $175,000 providing you can work out the details with my lawyer. I have to warn you he is expensive as what we are doing is borderline legal.”

The captain could not believe his luck, he had Agnes, got a blow job from Jill. Fell into a million dollar deal and to top it off he would celebrate by having Mary for his pleasure; life could not get better.

Mark and the captain met Saturday afternoon in Mark’s office. “The first item we will address is my fee, sign here agreeing to pay me $5,000 by Monday, I got a $220,000 loan on your house there us no prepayment and will cost $2,000 a month, there is a $1,500 fee to expedite it payable Monday, sign here. How much money did you bring?”

He had $1,500 in his checking, $21,000 in his savings, and $115,000 in the secret kickback account, deciding to leave his checking and $7,000 in his savings.  He said, “$129,000”

Mark asked what stocks he had, checking the current price said they were worth $18,300. “Sign here and I will sell them. I got you a loan against your car and other positions for $25,000 payable in one year at 10% interest a month.”

“That brings us to $392,300 for the $7,700 you still need. What I suggest is that you increase your loan to $30,000 and  have Joe put in the $2,300. Let me call him to see if he will do it.” Mark hung up and said, “He will do it under one condition - Monday morning as the CEO you put out a press release of the changes at World Mining. Don’t worry Joe will compose it and make sure it is correct, you need to sign it even though Mark is the majority owner and runs the company you are the highest ranking officer. Sign this and you are part owner and CEO of World Mining.”

The captain said, “I am going celebrate, I have a girl who will do whatever I want. She is going have a day she will remember.”

“What are you going do?”

“I will start by having her strip and suck me; then after fucking her I will give her a good whipping. If you want you’re welcome to join us.”

Mark felt he had to protect Mary from being whipped, so he acted like he was checking his schedule. “I have an idea bring her here about 6:30. I have a girl that I am keeping out of jail for which she is paying me off in sex.”

When the captain left Mark called Roger to put his cameras in his office and to see if he could get another girl who wanted to give sex for a transfer. “Have the supervisor tell Rosa he found out that there will be an inspection tonight. Mary has to be back by 8:30.” Roger returned the call saying he got a girl who would come at 6:30.

Captain Rosa and Mary arrived first. Mary was naked on her hands and knees. A minute later another girl came. Mike saw it was Amber. Seeing Mary, Amber stripped and got down on her knees saying, “Master I am your slave how can I pleasure you?”  To Mary, Rosa said, “Take out my cock and start sucking.” Mark said, “That sounds like a good idea, let me  make a suggestion, I have a couple cartons of whipped cream in the refrigerator, let’s have them crawl and bring it without using their hands  then put it on our cock and balls and lick it off.” When they finished the guys made them beg to suck their cocks. Mark said, “I have another suggestion. Let’s have some hot girl on girl action.” At first Rosa and Mark had to tell them what to do. The girls started slow but soon they got into it and brought each other to multiple orgasms.  Then Rosa said, “I lost track of time I have to have her back by 8:30,” and rushed out.

When Rosa left Mark said, “What are you doing?”

“Roger could not get anyone so he asked me if I knew anyone, I could not let Rosa whip and God knows what to Mary so I told him I would be the other girl. Roger was against it. I had to convince him that it was our only option. I knew you would not make me do anything real bad. I expected to be naked and give you a blowjob.”

“How bad was the girl on girl?”

Blushing Amber said, “At first the thought of making love to another woman was disgusting and I had to force myself, but I ended up enjoying it.”

Sunday Jill noticed posters around the neighborhood reminding everyone about Jill’s session at the Horny Goat. She did not take them down as new posters would be put up. She was glad that being part of the group to get Captain Rosa took her mind off her session. She did not know how to feel about Agnes, she hated her the first two sessions, but for her last session she had sex with the captain to protect her.

Monday Rosa saw “his” press release than watch his stock rise He bought the stock at $0.20, at closing it was up to $0.75, he could not believe he made over $1,000,000 in a day. He paid Mark his $5,000 fee and the $1.500 closing cost. Rosa had only $500 left in his savings he was blinded by the stock’s performance.

Jill was not as happy. She was not looking forward to her session at the Horny Goat. She knew it would be difficult. The only good thing was she could get the paint off her nose and forehead.

On the morning Joe said, “I have an idea after your shower to get your mind off of tonight. Don’t get dressed be my naked sex slave.” Jill agreed feeling that Joe was right about taking her mind off her session and she would have great sex.

She was not disappointed she lost track of the number of orgasms she enjoyed.

Jill said, “It’s time to go,” and started to put her robe on. Joe stopped her saying, “You agreed to be my naked sex slave, I did not tell you to put something on.” When Jill did not remove the robe, he gave her an option get in the car naked or call a cab and be late and get a penalty. Jill dropped the robe and got into the car. When they got to the club Jill had to fight the urge to rub to the door. There          were10 men and two naked woman in the room. The men were laughing and joking while the two woman were miserable. Agnes had Jill kneel and kiss her feet. “I have to get these two started; meanwhile crawl to the men and kiss their feet.” Agnes counted to 10 then there was a zap and a scream; she started counting and the first girl started walking. The second girl started walking at the count of eight.

Agnes asked, “Ready for a fun night?”

I did not answer I just glared at her.

“Failure to answer a question is a 15 minute penalty now I will ask again; if you don’t answer a second time it is an additional 30 minute penalty.”

This time I said, ‘Mistress I am not looking forward to it.”

“We will start with the three sections from last week: 11 your nose will be painted orange until your sessions are done. 07 for a fee you will kiss on lips. 05 you will shout ‘I am a fucking cock sucking slut” when the spotlight is on you. To practice go to the men shout your statement and offer to kiss everyone.”

“We have three additional sections for your session: 02 for a fee kiss feet. 03 for a fee be spanked. 10 for a fee do an erotic dance. You will lay on their lap and be given five slaps four times an hour. You will count the slaps by saying master thank you that’s one. Let’s get some practice do a dance for the men than pick one to spank you when you’re done you can start your walk.”

When Agnes told me she would not cuff my hands I first thought she was being kind then she added, “Every time you cover up you will receive a 15 minute penalty. It will allow you to give a better dance by playing with yourself.” I realized it would be hard going four hours without a penalty

As soon as I walked out the door the spotlight was on and I had to shout “I am a fucking cock sucking slut.” I heard a lot of comments from the subdivision. Most of them were barefoot when I had to go on hands and knees and kiss their feet, even with all the nudity I have done I could not help blushing doing an exotic dance. The first spanking I laid on the guy’s lap and made sure I counted and thanked him. To my surprise I liked lying on a man’s lap while being spanked.

The line went across the stage. This is one of the times I had to fight the urge to cover up. When I got to the stage the spotlight went on me and I had to shout. This time I was told to stop and a naked man with an erection interviewed me, he asked me questions about my sex life like when did you give your last blow job and did you enjoy it? If standing naked on stage answering questions about my sex life wasn’t enough, I had to do an exotic dance, then kiss with our naked bodies pressed together finally I had to lay across his lap were I could feel his erection and get a spanking. Every time I came to the stage it was different so I never knew what to expect.

The problem that I had the new sections made it hard to do four circuits on hour, I had to rush.

I got through the first two hours on time without covering up.  The third hour I noticed my relatives and without  thinking covered  up. The fourth hour I had to pee and did not complete the four circuits.

Agnes said, “You have completed your 15 hours, now all you have to do is your penalties. You will crawl to the stage kiss the man’s feet than get up and do a dance than kiss for a couple minutes. To finish you will receive 15 slaps with a paddle, you will finish the circuit by crawling.”

The crawling and dancing was no problem, kissing a guy with our naked bodies pressed together was difficult. The spanking has a combination of pain and pleasure.

I can’t explain the joy I felt when Agnes told me my sessions were complete. I could get my clothes. Joe was surprised when instead of putting them on I just threw them in the car, saying, “The minute we are home I expect you to fuck my brains out.”

Tuesday when the captain came to his office Harris was waiting for him. “Good morning captain. I been investigating kickbacks to you from the Horny Goat. The man you been working with agreed to help us to avoid prison.  I have film of you receiving money and I know about your secret account. I also have been investigating your abuse of women on chain gang B, and at the Horny Goat. The supervisors have filmed you and will testify against you. You are looking at 20 years in jail, which for a cop is meaningless as you will not last that long. It is a death sentence. You are lucky the city does not want a scandal. I have been instructed to make on offer if you video tape a confession, resign, and pay a $100,000 fine there will be no jail time. I hope you turn the offer down.”

He’d taken the offer as being COE of World Mining at twice his captain’s salary and as he made over $1,000,000 in one day the fine is no problem paying back the money. 

As he was saying goodbye divorce papers were served; needing legal advice he called Mark.

“What is she asking for?”

“The house and furniture, the car, the cost and half the savings and $2,000 a month.”

Mark asked if she’d said any thing about World Mining. When Rosa told Mark it was not listed, Mark said her lawyer made a big mistake. “Sign it now and get it to me along with $500 and I will get it processed before they find out about World Mining.”

That afternoon Rosa checked on his stock and found it down to $0.05. He called Joe who did not seem concerned told him to come to the headquarters of World Mining at 7:00. “I will show you our strategy and you can check out your office.”

When he got to the address he found a15 foot steel shed with WORLD MINING painted on the door. He went in and saw one old white haired guy. Rosa said I am the new CEO. Joe must have given me this address by mistake.”

“You are in the right place; your office is the desk in that corner. I am Harry. Joe said you would be coming. Before Joe left he told me to give you this message.”


We are a committee to destroy you

Your marriage: we have film of you with your girlfriend. Agnes, Mary, Jill, and Amber along with signed statements from the Horny Goat on your abuse of women which we shown to your wife

Your job: we told you that if you resign and tape a confession you will not go to jail as the city does not want a scandal. We lied, the city has not made a deal. We can turn in our evidence any time we want. With your confession you are sure of jail time. You know how a cop is treated.

Your money: World Mining was worthless we bought it for $10,000. the press release that you put out was also a lie. You are guilty of insider trading. We tipped the authorizes off and dissolved the company. Your position as COE no longer exists. Your credit cards have been cancelled

Your home:  You gave it to your wife as part of the divorce, you still are responsible for the $220,000 loan.

Your possessions; Everything at your home belongs to your wife. Your car has been repossessed, your loan of $30,000 is to the mob you know what will happen if you can’t pay;

We have left you owning only what you are wearing and the money you have on you must feel we have taken everything from you however we still want something, your dignity.

If you want us to take care of the loans, keep you out of prison, give you a place to stay and three meals a day, take off all your clothes and every thing in your pockets give them to Harry than sit at your desk at wait for us to contact you.

The Committee to Screw You

Rosa realized he did not have any choice, prison would mean a death sentence, and with only $35 dollars in his pocket and no credit cards he could not afford a cheap motel. He undressed and gave his last possessions to Harry and sat at his desk. 

As Harry left Rosa thought how the day turned to a disaster. After a two hour wait a there was a knock on the door and a woman’s voice said, “Cab for Rosa.” He forced himself to open the door and walk out.

“I know you, you’re  the captain from the Horny Goat club, you made me do some disgusting things now it looks like the tables are turned, tell me why you are naked.”

He told her everything the committee did. What he did not know was the committee picked a person who Rosa abused and told her the committee’s plan.

“Let’s have some fun, get on your hands and knees crawl to me and kiss my feet”

“Now crawl in front of t he car then when I turn the headlights on stand up and jack off.”

It took him 10 minutes.

He was taken to Mark’s house. He recognized the women, Mark, and Officer Harris. Mark said, “This is Joe, Jill’s husband, Roger a private eye, and Ben a stockbroker, and our new member Anita.”

“Why are you doing this?”

Mark replied, “The first thing you must learn is any time you talk to any member of the committee you be on your knees and address us as master or mistress.” 

“If you want us to take care of the loans, keep you out of prison, give you a place to stay and three meals a day, you must agree to be our slave for five years. You have one minute to agree.”

When the minute was up Mark said, “You will get a offer for six years tomorrow. Anita, take him back to World Mining and pick him up tomorrow at 8:00pm.”

Rosa knowing he would have to give in got on his knees and said he would take this offer.

“When Anita brings you back tomorrow your slavery will start. By the way World Mining will be locked all day you will have to spend the day outside. I will let the   mob know they can contact you on paying off the loan.”

Rosa got on his knees and begged to let him start tonight.

”If you agree to be our slave for seven years.”

Completely defeated and at the committee’s mercy, he agreed.