by Turnberry

Part 3: Jill

Jill was not having a good weekend. Every time she left the house she saw posters telling when she would walk naked at the Horny Goat. At first she tore them down but within hours a new poster would be up. If she met anyone they knew about her upcoming walk. Most people expressed sympathy but she could tell they were glad it was happening to her.

When she was home the phone kept ringing most wanted to find out   how she got into such a situation. Even her parents called her mother accused Jill of bringing shame to their family; she complained that she will not be able to face her friends. She was not surprised at her mother’s reaction. What she did not expect was her father telling her that she needed to be taken down a peg or two and he was going watch. She unplugged the phone as she did not want to talk to anyone else.

Jill had never before heard about the Horny Goat club; now everyone she talked to knew about the club’s reputation as one of the foremost sex clubs in the country. Some of her friends admitted to have gone there and told her the sex acts they saw. At first being very conservative in sex she did not believe them. When she continued to be told stories about the club she started to believe them. Her first reaction was fear but a lot of what she was told excited her.

She started to read the paper, when she got to the local news there was an ad for the Horny Goat, glancing at it Jill saw her name and time of her walk; tossing the paper she turned on TV, Jill got interested in a movie and forgot about Monday until a commercial came on for the Horny Goat – not only did it list her name but it was on a pay per view and copies are available for sale. It also stated that sections 05, 07, & 11 would be in effect with all other sections at the club’s option. She lost interest in the movie shut TV and asked Joe if he knew about the sections.

Joe said, “I’m not sure  why don’t you ask  Mike?””

When Mike answered the phone he said, “I have been trying to call you all day is something wrong with your phone?”

“I unplugged it I was getting to many calls about the Horny Goat. Why were you calling?”

“I’m curious why the judge was so hard on you, did you have a run-in with him?”

“I would not call it a run-in. All I did was tell him that the bushes he planted were not on the approved list and he will have to replace them. He did appear upset but being a judge he understood rules are rules.”

“I’m seeing him at a banquet tonight I think I can get him to modify your sessions, I will call you around 11:00.”

11:15 Mike called. “The good news is after I suggested that someone might see a conflict of interest as he wanted payback for having to replace his bushes the judge is willing to modify your sessions. He will be at my house at 9:00AM to discuss the changes.”

Jill felt that this was the first good news she had in weeks. Then Mark said, “There is a price, you must walk from your house to mine wearing only your bra and panties. You will not cover up at any time.”

“But that’s six blocks and people will see me.”

“Tomorrow a lot more people will see more of you. I never asked why did you call?”

“Mike what are the sections?”

“They are what the club can make you do during your walk. I will discuss our options tomorrow.”

Early Sunday morning Jill realized her only choice to get a favorable option was to walk to Mark’s. She showered put on a bra and panties looked out the door seeing no one in sight forced herself to start walking, She made it within a block of Mark’s when she ran into people walking their dogs, without thinking she covered up.

When Mark opened the door he said, “You covered up either do the walk over or give me your bra.”

“Let me in and I will give it to you.”

“You will take it off then you can come in, if I have to ask again you will have to take it off facing the street.” She quickly took it off revealing a nice set of breasts.

When they were inside Mark said, “Let me explain the sections, the judge made these mandatory:

11 your nose will be painted orange until your sessions are done.
  • 07 for a fee you will kiss on lips.
  • 05 you will shout ‘I am a fucking cock sucking slut’ when the spotlight is on you.
  • These are the one the club can have you do:

    If you want to me to tell your what can be done give me your panties.”

    Jill without hesitation took them off saying, “To modify the walk I will pay whatever you want I will give my body anything.”

    Mark was pleased this once proud woman was naked offering her body.

    “This is what I want you to do to convince Judge Munch. When the judge walks into the room you will drop to your knees, bow five times, craw to him and kiss his feet until you’re told to stop. You will then kneel with your legs spread and your hands behind your head you will say, ‘This worthless piece of shit thanks you the privilege of letting my lips touch your feet’. You will only talk to answer a question.

    Realizing it would be a half hour to wait for the judge Mark had her practice  with him being the judge.

    “You must be wondering why I am being making you do embarrassing acts. It is to get you ready for your walk and to get your session modified. Although I have to admit I am enjoying it.”

    When the judge came and had a naked Jill bow and kiss his feet, then kneel he said, “I see she is ready to talk about options What are you proposing?”

    “That instead of four three-hour sessions have three four-hour sessions.”

    The judge accepted it. Jill was for it.

    Mark continued, “Change the second session to Tuesday afternoon and announce the change Tuesday morning.”

    The judge had no problem changing the day but wanted to announce it Monday.

    Mark said, “Jill greet the judge again. When you’re done kneel in front of him and ask if there is anything you can do to persuade him to OK the announcement Tuesday.”

    The judge said, “Tuesday is OK but it is up to the club to decide what time Tuesday, what else?”

    “Do we have to have the three mandatory sections?”

    The judge looked at Jill naked and kneeling said, “I can’t change the mandatory sections but what I will allow is the sections to be in effect for only a portion  of   the sessions, what  else?”

    “Can session two be the same as session one?”

    “I have no problem with that.”

    Mark said, “One more item, can the club be limited to three optional sections?”

    “I will approve all your requests. What I want is for the arresting officers and the club to be informed and see if they have any objections.”

    When the judge left, Jill asked if she could put something on. Mark told her he contacted the officers after he talked to the judge. They would arrive in 15 minutes, when they came he wanted her to greet them like she’d greeted the judge.

    When the officers arrived Jill went white with fear as she recognized them as people she had a conflict with. One of them she’d made repaint his mailbox as he had a dark blue instead of light blue. The other officer she’d made change his house numbers as his were an 1/8 inch to small. When they told her it didn’t make any difference she’d replied, “Rules are rules.”

    Officer Doyle said, “When you made me repaint my mailbox you said rules are rules. Do you still feel that way?”

    She answered, “Yes sir.”

    “Did you break our rules?”

    Worried why he asked she replied, “Yes sir I did.”

    “We reviewed the session changes the judge approved. Do you think the punishment is enough for the rules you broke?”

    She knew he wanted her to say no while she felt kneeling naked is more than enough. She could not answer.

    “We can live with the changes if you do one thing: shout ‘I am a shit-eating cock-sucking fucking slut.’ Will you do that?”

    Jill felt relieved as she was expecting much worst so she said, “Yes sir” then froze when he added, “25 times outside”. Seeing Jill froze with fear Mark said to her, “Do it in the back yard. You will only need two minutes and only a few people will see you.” Knowing she needed the officers’ approval she ran into the back yard and started shouting, only three neighbors saw her. As soon as she was done she ran into the house.

    The officers told Jill that they would tell the judge that they had no problem. They left saying, “See you tomorrow…”

    Mark said, “Now all we is the club’s approval. Amber would you talk to Agnes?”

    He explained to Jill that Agnes was in charge of the walk program at the club, and that Amber knew her. She had a hard time convincing Agnes. After telling her what she had been made to do today she agreed to help.

    “Agnes agreed to help but she has two conditions, the first one if you help me with some legal work next week…”

    “I can help you.”

    The second condition is that Jill is to call her husband to take her home where she will be his sex slave until midnight. If you agree I will come this evening at 8:00.”

    “What will I have to do?”

    “Anything Joe wants.”

    “What if it something disgusting like a blow job?”

    “Anything Joe wants.”

    Amber said, “It’s having the club use all the sections or be your husband’s slave. It could be worse; she could have made you a slave to the officers.”

    Jill said a very nervously, “I will be his slave.”

    When Joe came he was speechless when he saw Jill naked and kneeling, when she crawled to him and kissed his feet he was able to say, “What is going on?”

    Mark told him Jill would continue to kiss his feet until he told her to stop. He could not believe it when she thanked him. Then kneeling she said, “I will be your sex slave until midnight.”

    “What will you do?”

    “Anything you want.”

    Mark being concerned that Joe would be too easy on Jill, said, “The harder you are the fewer sections will be used.” To show he got the message Joe had Jill crawl naked to the car, Jill was still naked when they came back, Joe had her crawl and kiss her feet when Agnes arrived..

    Amber told the guys to go in the den and watch the game while the girls went over the details. As soon as they were out of the room Amber said, “Tell us about your day.”

    Blushing she answered, “He kept me naked all day, he tied to the bed posts and kept bringing me just to the point of orgasm, then he would stop, I wanted to come so bad  I offered to do anything he wanted if he fucked me. Knowing how I feel about having to give a blowjob, he said beg me to let you give me a blowjob, when I agreed he brought me to the most intense organism of my life  I found that bondage excites me and want to do it again. After a few blowjobs I did not mind giving one. I see why I been forced to do embarrassing acts all day, it will help me at the Horny Goat.”

    Agnes said, “Speaking about the Horny Goat this is what I will do. For the first and second session, you will start with section 11: your nose will be painted orange and remain painted until all your sessions are done. For the third hour you will do section 07: for a fee you will kiss on lips. For the fourth hour in addition to section 07 you will do section 05: SLUT will be painted on your forehead and like section 11 it must stay on until all sessions are done you will shout I AM A FUCKING COCK SUCKING SLUT when the spotlight is on you. Do you have any questions?”

    “Do I have to be painted?”

    “Not only do you have to be painted but it must not be covered up and you must go to any scheduled activity.”

    “Do I have to kiss guys or just let kiss me?”

    “You have to kiss them on the lips for five seconds, and women can pay to be kissed.”

    “What about my last session?”

    “It will be the hardest one. It already lists your name and time. Some people are going be upset as they were expecting one more session. As for sections, for the entire session sections 11, 07, and 05 will be in effect. In addition section 01 put ankle cuffs on will also be in effect the entire session. For the third and forth hour section 10 for a fee do an erotic dance will be in effect. To make it interesting the section for the forth hour will be a surprise.”

    “I have to warn you – tomorrow you will be treated like everyone else.”

    As Jill lay in bed naked tied to the bed posts she was confused. She’d done things today that she always thought no respectable woman would do but she enjoyed a lot of it. In a way she was disappointed when Joe untied her.

    Monday she was a nervous wreck, she did not leave the house or answer the phone all day until Joe said, “It’s time to go, you don’t want to be punished for being late.”  When they got to the club Joe went in the lot for the walk option, the guard told Joe he could park there but he could not go in with her. He had to go in the main door. He could meet her inside when she was finished. Joe kissed her and said, “I will see you later.” The guard gave Jill a box and told her to put all her clothes in it as she must enter naked. Jill went behind the guard house and stripped quickly gave her clothes to the guard and ran to the door. The guard said, “I can’t let you in unless you sign that I have your clothes; and we do not permit running, please walk.”

    When she got inside Agnes was in a black outfit that looked like it belonged to a German SS officer. In the room was a very frightened woman with two officers and a man also in black with a face that could be on a horror film. Agnes said, “Give my assistant a big kiss then kneel then beg him to paint your nose and slut on your forehead.” The other woman had cuffs on her hands and legs. She hesitated when Agnes told her to start walking the green line but started before she got zapped.

    Agnes gave Jill a large glass of soda. When she finished she handcuffed Jill’s hands behind her back. “When I tell you to start you will go out that door and follow the blue line. You are to remain silent and smile; you will do at least four circuits an hour. If you have to pee use the pail by the men’s room, face the club when you go. It’s time for you to start.”

    When she opened the door a spotlight was on her it took a zap on her ass to get her to start walking, the spotlight stayed on her for 15 minutes. When it was finally off her she recognized friends, relatives, and people from the sub-division. It looked like everyone wanted to witness her shame. A lot of people made comments about her body or said things like nice to see you. Halfway through the circuit the blue line went into the men’s room, she went through it as fast as she could but still got pissed on. She got a warning to smile. The blue line led into the dining area but had an opening only 18 inches high which she had to slither through. The circuit ended in the walk option parking lot where she had to ask the guard to let her in.

    When Agnes said, “One done 15 to go,” she realized how miserable the evening would be.

    The second hour Jill started to get the urge to pee, She knew she could not hold it to the end of the session. As much as she hated to do it she squatted over the pail, immediately a spotlight was on her. She was so embarrassed it took her a few minutes to go.

    Starting the third hour she had to kiss anyone who paid $5.00. The fourth hour every time the spot light was on her she had to shout I AM A FUCKING COCK SUCKING SLUT.

    When her four hours were done Jill felt she just finished the worst day of her life. All she wanted was to put clothes on and go to bed; she did not want to think about tomorrow’s session.

    Agnes asked Joe if he wants to barrow the handcuffs so Jill could wear them home. “You might as well kept them on her. As long as she is handcuffed why bother getting her clothes?” She whispered to Jill, “Have a fun night.”

    Jill stayed in bed until Joe reminded her they were to welcome a new couple, Jim and Jane Wells, to the sub-division. He said, “We will stop on the way to the club.” Joe told her if she didn’t want to go naked for a blow job he would put a coat on her.

    Jill got on her knees and gave him one. The Wells knew about the Horny Goat. Jane asked Jill questions about her walk as she’d just gotten a warning for speeding.

    When Joe said he would take off the coat in the car, thinking that she would have to give a blowjob Jill asked, “What do I have to do to keep the coat?”

    Joe said, “I know what will be fun, the coat has five buttons, I will ask you five questions. For every one you get wrong I will unbutton one button. However if you get one correct you can wear the coat to the club fully buttoned. If you get all them wrong you will wear the coat unbuttoned to the club. To make it easier I will even tell you the questions: Within 2 years how old are Jim and Jane? Within 5 pounds how much do Jim and Jane weigh? What area of the country was Jim raised?”

    Jill was sure she could do it as she’d gotten a hint of an southern accent on Jim.

    Joe had them write down the answers, “How old is Jim?”


    “Wrong 26.” Joe unbuttoned the second button from the top.

    “How old is Jane?”


    “Wrong 27.” Joe unbuttoned the second button from the bottom.

    “What does Jim weigh?”

    Taking  more time, “170.”

    “Wrong 185.” Joe unbuttoned the top bottom partially exposing her breasts.

    “What does Jane weigh”:

    Hoping she was right as she knew what the next button would expose, “118.”

    “Wrong 112.” Joe unbuttoned the bottom button causing Jill’s body to be on view.

    “Last question, what part of the  country was Jim raised?”

    Thinking she heard a southern accent answered, “The south.”

    “Wrong he lived in the Midwest until he moved to Mississippi five years ago,” as the last button was unbuttoned the coat swung open fully exposing a very embarrassed Jill.

    Jane asked, “Does she have to go to the Horny Goat like that?”

    “Actually her problem is to walk slowly to the car so the coat does not fall off. Are you going to the club?”

    “We were curious but did not think Jill would want us to come.”

    Joe said, “Jill won’t mind; you can ride in with us. It will give you an idea what will happen if you are caught speeding.” On the drive to the club the coat opened wider. When they got to the club to Jim and Jane’s amazement Jill got out of the car naked and walked into the club.

    When Jill entered Agnes asked, ”How did it go?”

    “I did not get much sleep Joe brought me to orgasm with his tongue, cock, and finger.”

    The second session was a repeat of the first. On the plus side she knew what she had to do and most of the people who knew her were not there. She still hated every minute and could not wait for the session to end. She almost made it without having to pee but early in the fourth hour she had to go. When she heard Agnes say her session was over she had tears if joy. Agnes said, “Here is your release; give it to the guard and he will give you your clothes. Mike when can you help me with some legal work?”

    “Tomorrow afternoon I am free.”

    “I will see you at 1:00.”

    Jill grabbed her clothes and ran to the car.

    Jane said, “Aren’t you going get dressed?”

    “I been on view for four long hours all I want is to go home. What do you think about the Horny Goat option?”

    “I will be very careful not to speed.”