by Turnberry

Part 2: Agnes

Five months after her nude walk Amber told Mike “Joe Sanford called; he and Jill would like  to see you this evening for some legal advice.”

The Sanfords were the last people Mike wanted to see. But he said, “Tell them to come around 7:00.”

The Sanfords were in their late thirties and had no children. They were one of the first families to move into the Oakdale subdivision. They were involved in creating the guidelines for the homeowners. Jill has been the head of the homeowners association for eight years. As Joe and three of their friends are on the association the Sanfords control it.  They have taken on the strict enforcement of what they treated as hard and fast rules. Mike had received notices that his grass was too high, he did not have a standard mailbox, his bushes needed to be trimmed, and his door was not an approved color. To put it mildly Joe and Jill were not very popular.

At 7:00 Joe and a silent Jill were at the door. Joe came right to the point. “Jill was clocked doing 52 in a 25 mile zone. Jill was given 30 minutes to decide to take it to court or take the Horny Goat option.  We decided to take it to court”

Jill said, “Do you know what the option is?”

Amber answered, “Walking around bare assed. I know someone who had to do it; she told me it was very embarrassing.”

Joe said, “It gets worse… today she was caught doing 67 in a 45 mile zone. The court date is in two days what can we do.”

Mike said, “Let’s start with the Horny Goat option; the first one is 27 miles over which is a 4-hour walk. The second is 22 over which is a 3-hour walk but for a second violation 2 hours are added for a total of 9 hours. The problem is you rejected the option. If you change your mind and take the Horny Goat option penalty hours will be added. I am sure I can get them to accept 10 hours if you take the option.”

Jill exclaimed, “I want to go to court!”

Joe asked, “If we lose how much jail time are we talking about?”

“As of last month instead of jail you will be put on a chain gang and used to clean the parks and streets. The guideline being used is one month plus a week for every point which for Jill would be 3 to 4 months. They claim using chain gangs will save money but I suspect the real reason is humiliation.”

Jill asked, “What are my chances?”   

“Not good. All I can do is try to prove the radar device was not used correctly.”

In court Mike asked, “How do you know the unit is accurate?”

“It was calibrated two weeks ago; the certification sticker is one the unit.”

“Have you had training on how to use the unit?”

“Both me and my partner have training on use and handling of the unit, here are our training records.”

Mike asked for a recess and told Jill, “There is no way to win. I recommend you change your plea to guilty and ask for the horny Goat option.”

“But that means I have to walk around nude.”

“I know it won’t be easy, you have to choose between the Horny Goat and a chain gang.”

Mark said, “Excuse me I will be back in a minute.” He returned with a slim dark haired woman in her mid twenties. “This is Mary and she was on the chain gang for a month.”

Mary had never been in trouble. One day her alarm did not go off and she did not want to be late for work. She took the chain gang as walking nude was unthinkable.

Mike gently asked Mary to tell about the chain gang.

Mary answered, “I hate to talk about it but I owe Mike for getting me out early. The first thing you are told is to strip and have body cavity searches. I was given only shoes and a bright orange dress that was five inches above my knees. When I protested of wearing it I was told either the dress or go naked, I put on the dress. I was taken to a man in charge of a chain gang of five women working in a park. He told the women that they could take a break and told me to kneel. ‘Your name is C6 as you are the sixth woman on chain gang C; the rules are simple: no talking without permission, always call the supervisor Sir, kneel when you talk to him, and pull your weight on the chain gang.’ He attached a padded chain ten foot long to my right ankle and the other end to C5 and told her she and I had permission to talk that night. I was given a bag and picked up trash the rest of the day.” 

C5 said, “The work is not hard however it is from dawn to dusk but we get a break every hour. The worst thing is the public exposure and having that chain on 24/7. You have no privacy if you have to piss you just spread your legs and go. Don’t be shocked by us going nude at night, we are giving a clean dress every three months no matter what condition your dress is in. By taking it off we keep it clean and air it out. It also helps to keep Sir happy, speaking of keeping Sir happy in exchange for making our lives easier we take turns giving Sir a blowjob your turn is in three days. Don’t even think of not giving one, he can not punish you as he is not allowed to abuse us but you will find your dress ripped and your tits or pussy on display. Do you have any questions?”

Jill asked if she had to go naked and give blowjobs.

“The first two days I kept my dress on the third day I went naked and gave my first blowjob.”

Mike said, “One more question and you can go. What is worse, the chain gang or the Horny Goat?”

“I would take the club as it may be harder but it is only for a few hours.”

Mike thanked Mary then told Jill she had to make a decision to either continue with the trial which he felt they had no hope of wining, or plead guilty and take either the Horny Goat or chain gang.

Jill, with a sob, decided the Horny goat was the lesser of the two.

The judge said, “You have a 4-hour penalty for the first speeding violation and 5 hours for the second, I am adding 3 hours for court time for a total of 12 hours. Starting Monday you will walk naked at the Horny Goat for three hours the next four Monday evenings. Section 05, 07, & 11 in effect all sessions, all other sections per the club’s discretion.” Jill started to sob. I actually felt sorry for her.

Mike went to work. I decided to get a bite to eat and do some shopping. I went to a little café that is next to the courthouse. As I was waiting for my food I heard, “Hello 1354. “


“Agnes, Officer Agnes Morgan. Mind if I join you?”

I was so surprised that all I could say was, “Do I have to kiss your feet mistress?”

“Just call me Agnes   I just want to talk, did your husband recognize me, I testified before him a couple times?”

“I don’t think so, he did not say anything.”

“I am not surprised you had him thinking with his penis. After you left how soon did you get fucked and when did he take the cuffs off?”

Blushing I said, “In the parking lot. He kept me naked and cuffed for two days. Why are you at the Horny Goat?” 

“To protect the women and to supervise the humiliation process.”

Trying to control my temper I told her, “You did not seem to be doing much protection and why do you have to add more humiliation, walking naked is more then enough humiliation?”

In a calm voice she replied, “As the main purpose is punishment the men are allowed some latitude but there is a line they can not cross, as for the foot kissing that is part of the punishment. The purpose is to have you start out with mild humiliation before the nude walk. You actually lucked out, the cop gave you a break, the pick-up crew did not watch you strip and let you out by the door, and I could not be too hard on you because of the respect we have for Mark.”

“Somehow I did not feel lucky,”

“That woman your husband defended is going have a rough time; some cops live in your subdivision and been angry at her picky rules. They have been waiting for her to break one of our rules.”

“And your friend will have it even worse for example it is on close circuit TV, your name and time are on display, you are filmed and copies are sold, and we can punish for any infraction.”

“I know Jill can be a bitch still I feel sorry for her. I hope some day you understand how it feels.”

She did not say anything for a minute then she said, “I know how it feels. I have done a four-hour and a two-hour walk.”

“What did you do?”

“I was assigned to a desk job due to an injury, I was bored so when this job was created I applied for it.”

The captain told me five people were in the running for the job; he decided to give the job to the first one who agreed to help fine tune the job by being the speeder. That desk job had me so miserable that I agreed. I thought I might have had to walk around in my underwear for an hour. I knew it might be somewhat embarrassing.  The captain said, ‘I want to make this  realistic, tomorrow we will be doing a speed check on Oak St. between fifth and sixth you will speed by them when asked what you want to do you will take it to court. When you find you can’t win request the Horny Goat option.’ My lawyer after hearing the cops testify later told me I had no chance of winning and I was looking at least a month in jail. The only way to avoid jail was to plead guilty and request the option.

“The judge said, ‘You were 21 mph over the limit plus an extra hour for taking up court time for a total of 4 hours to be done Tuesday evening.’ I knew I had to walk through the club a couple times, I was not sure what I would wear. I tried to get the captain but found he was gone until Monday.  Monday morning I got to see the captain I asked how long I would have to walk.  ‘Plan on four hours as we need to get the bugs worked out.’ I  did not like it but I could understand his reason. I asked what I was to wear.  ‘To keep it realistic you will be naked the entire time.’ I was so shocked that I was speechless finally I managed to say, ‘You said this was a set up. No way am I going to walk around butt naked.’ ‘That is your decision, you can go to jail for speeding and for not doing the option, that should give you at least a year. As you put some of the inmates in jail they will be happy to see you. Don’t waste your time trying to tell about the set up, only you and I know about and who do you think will be believed?’

‘You bastard!’ ‘To show you I am a  nice guy I will ignore your outburst and not request penalty hours providing you get on your knees and ask me to forgive the name calling and beg me to let you still have the option. You have one minute than it’s jail.’ I did not want to go to jail so I swallowed my pride and got in my knees and did what he asked.

I did not get much sleep Monday night. Tuesday I was in a daze at work. If my day was not bad enough the captain issued a memo praising me for helping on the option but also telling when I would be at the club. When I got home I had a stiff drink and tried not to think about walking naked when I heard the doorbell, when I answered the door I was told I have 3 minutes to get in the car or extra time would be added. When I got in the car the captain was in the back seat, they all watched me strip.  When I was down to my bra and panties I begged him not to make me do it I offered to have sex with him.

‘That sounds like you are bribing an official  which is a serious charge, of course you could be offering me sex because you like me, if  that is the case finish stripping then put your hands behind your head, spread your legs and ask if me to kiss you and fondle your body.’ I stripped then asked, ‘Captain please kiss me and fondle my body.’ ‘Call me master and beg me to do it.’ As much as I hated doing it I said, ‘Master it would give me great enjoyment if you kiss me and fondle my body, I am begging you.”  He played with my tits and pussy the entire ride to the club; he only stopped when I had an orgasm. The only good thing was no one could see me.

“When we arrived at the club the captain told them not to waste time going in the lot just pull over and let us out. I ran to the door only to find it locked. The captain took his time walking to the door then finding the right key. By the time the door was open I was crumbled into a ball.

“Looking at his watch the captain said, ‘You are scheduled for 6:00 to 10:00 pm so we have 15 minutes before we start. Let’s play fetch, I will toss this pencil you will craw to it pick it up with our mouth crawl back to me and lay it on my lap. You will do it in 15 seconds or you will be punished.’ When he tired of the game he had me kiss his feet, he then ordered me to do an exotic dance. I never felt such embarrassment as when I walked into the club. I noticed the guys from the station, they were trying to grab a feel, then I noticed the women from the station were also there. Most had a camera. The first two hours were used to determine the paths to walk. We came up with three paths the highlights are the paths go across the stage and then go through the men’s room.                          

“The last two hours we tried variations of hand and ankle cuffs, and gags. We decided that all woman will have their hands cuffed behind their backs with the ankle cuffs and gag to be used for those who cause a problem..

“When I got off the floor at 10:00PM I felt that I had finished the worst day of my life. Instead it got worse. I was met by the captain, three very nervous nude women, and the guys that brought them in.     

“The captain explained that the three women were volunteers from the chain gang, these two had one hour and this woman had an extra hour for a mask. The captain said, ‘You got the job starting now, you have 15 minutes to give some pre walk humiliation.’

“I thought they were humiliated enough but knew to keep the job I had to make them even more uncomfortable. I had them stand one foot in front of the men with their hands behind their heads and their legs spread, then t had them do a bump and grind. They were almost glad when it was time for their walk.

“I had them drink three glasses of water cuffed their hands behind their back and told them if they had to pee they must use the pail by the men’s room facing forward.

“The woman with the mask took a deep breath and started her walk, the other two just stood by the door, I told them they had 10 seconds to start or a half hour would be added. A second woman began walking. The last one still would not start. I zapped her ass with  a cattle prod, when I told her she’d just gotten a half penalty and if she wasn’t walking in ten seconds I was going zap her in a much more sensitive area on a higher power, she immediately started her walk.

“I asked, ‘Where are my clothes?’

“The captain said, ‘We are not sure what you should wear and what time you should be here, for a couple days stay naked and don’t leave the room.’

“I asked about food.  ‘Someone will check what you  want and bring it to you.’ I did not like it but I had no option. It was like being in a cell. All three women had to pee, when they finished they were numb from embarrassment. By the time the last woman finished we felt our option was workable, all three said they were embarrassed to such a degree that they couldn’t describe it. Two days later the captain came back he wanted to know if I wanted some clothes and to go home.  I told him that I felt like I was in a jail cell except the food was better. The captain said, ‘You can have your clothes and get a ride home. All you have to do is agree to have sex with me.’ I told him to go to hell.  ‘You can stay here naked,’ then he added, ‘starting now you will have to barter for food with the only thing you have, your body.’

“I did not eat the first day but by evening was starving. The next afternoon when the captain asked if I wanted to eat I asked what do I had to do. I was told to make an offer, I was so hungry I offered to do whatever he wanted. ‘Will you be my sex slave this evening? So there no misunderstanding to get food and brought home you will have sex any why I want.’ ‘I will do whatever you want can I have something to wear home.’ ‘OK but you must be naked when we are in your house.’

“He gave me a T-shirt that just covered my ass. The minute we got in my house he had me take it off. He said if I did everything he wanted for two hours we would take a break for food; every time I didn’t do what he wanted I’d have to wait an extra hour, if he had to tell me twice it was an extra half hour. I has so hungry I did whatever he wanted, I did not even think about what I was doing. After two hours he let me eat. After I ate he tied me spread eagle on my bed before I realized now that I’d eaten and was home so I didn’t have to do what he wanted, so I told him to untie me. He ignored me and started to lick my pussy while playing with my boobs, I felt an orgasm coming and tried to fight it without success. The next hours I had the most intense organisms of my life.”

Amber told Agnes, “I felt my walk was bad, I have to admit yours was much worse. What about your second walk?”

“One day there was no one scheduled for a walk so I went home at 9:00 PM. When I walked into the house the phone rang, it was the captain and he said there were three members of the Common Council who wanted to see how our speeding program worked. He said he knew it was asking a lot but could I be the speeder again. ‘Why is it so important?’ I asked. ‘They have enough power to shut down the program, the vote to extent the program is this week.’ Knowing how much the program meant to him, I smelled payback so I said, ‘OK I will do it on one condition you be my slave for two hours.’ He reluctantly accepted.

“There was not much room to strip with four men in the car, when I was naked I had to sit between two of the guys with my hands behind my back. When we got inside the captain explained the pre-walk humiliation, he had me get on my hands and knees and kiss their feet, than asked if there is anything you would like to see me do. One of them asked if I could do a dance. Then it was time for my walk, even though I done it before I had to force myself to move. What got me through the walk was knowing pay back was coming…”