by Turnberry

Part 1: Amber

I was just a mile from my exit when I saw the flashing lights. I pulled to the side to let it pass but to my surprise the police car pulled in behind me. After a couple minutes a cop got out and walked to my car. As I handed him my license and registration I asked, "What is the problem?"

"Mrs. Amber Tuttle I clocked you going 55 MPH in a 40 MPH zone."

"I guess I was in a hurry to get home and was not watching my speed, do you know how much the fine will be?"

With an odd look, "You haven't heard about the new speeding policy that was put in effect last month?"

"Now that you mention it my husband was telling me but got interrupted by a phone call."

"By any chance are you related to Mike Tuttle the lawyer?"

"Mike is my husband and I don't know about the speeding policy."

"Mike is a good guy; he is one of the few lawyers the cops have respect for. You said you were almost home; drive home and tell your husband that you were caught going 55 in a 40 zone and that I'm willing to list it 54  MPH. I'll be along in 20 to 30 minutes."

When I told Mike he said, "Don't you know the new policy?" 

"That is what the cop asked. What is going on is there some class I have to go to besides the fine?"

"You better sit down, You've heard about the Horny Goat strip club. The owner came up with the proposal to the city council that a detriment to speeding is to have the woman walk around his club nude. The idea being that embarrassment will work better than a fine."

"They of course rejected it!"

"They'd just had two accidents where young kids were killed so when he suggested nudity as a punishment (plus they will still be fined) and in addition he will pay them a percent of his profits. When he offered to do all the paperwork it was decided to try it for 10 months. This is what the council agreed to for any woman caught speeding. The council felt some woman would not want to be recognized so for extra time she can were a mask."

This is what they decided.

1 to 9warning first time
10 to 14$1001 hour+1 hour
15 to 19$1502 hours+1 hour
20 to 24$2003 hours+1 hour
25 to 29$3004 hours+2 hours
30 to 39$4005 hours+2 hours
over 40$5006 hours+3 hours

For a second violation 2 hours are added
For a third violation 4 hours are added
For more than three violations the judge determines the hours

"There  must be something that can  be done. Tell me I don't have to parade around naked!"

"We could take it to court, but the problem is we don't have much chance as it's up to the judge to determine the hours. They add at least an hour for taking up court time. He will also set the date and time so it will be a public record so everyone you know can come and watch"

When the doorbell rang I did not want to answer it. "Let me get the door I need some information from the officer," said Mike.

"Officer Harris what is the current status of the violation?"

"I reported that I stopped a Mrs. Amber Tuttle for speeding and the approximate speed. I put it officially as 14 MPH over the speed limit. I also requested a 30 minute delay before they come in case you decide to take it to court."

"Before who comes?"

"The Horny Goat sends out an unmarked vehicle with two guys. The normal procedure is you get in and strip the second guy takes your clothes and puts them in your car and they  both drive to the club."

"They can't force me. What if I refuse?"

"If you refuse the Horny Goat option you will be arrested and put in a holding  cell until bail can be arranged. A court date will be assigned.

"If you take it to court and lose the judge will sentence you from one month to a year jail time plus a fine and the loss of your driver's license. After 10 days of good conduct, which is not easy, you are given a second chance at the Horny Goat at double the hours. If you do it you will be set free, otherwise it is back to jail for another 10 days of good conduct."

"Officer Harris, were are they sent?" I saw Mike frown when he heard Metro.

"Amber, Metro is the toughest women's prison in the state. You are not even allowed to talk without permission. It is a long shot but I may be able to get you in a different prison."

I panicked. "Are you telling me I have to make a choice between walking nude in a strip club and up to a year in jail?"

Mike said, "It's even worse... they are here from the club and they will give you only 15 minutes to decide."

"Mrs. Tuttle, most woman go to the club. If you go to court the charge is dismissed only 10% of the time while 75% of the time the hours are increased. Like your husband noted if you go to court it is public record and the paper will list your name and date you will be at the club. This will let your friends and relatives come and watch you."

Officer Harris said, "They will deny it but the club is harder on the woman who take it to court."    

I was a wreck as I had been crying, but even in the state I was in I knew I had to go to the Horny Goat. With as much dignity as I could muster I thanked the officer for not putting it at 15 over kissed Mike trying to sound casual. "See you later," and I walked to the waiting car feeling like I was going to my execution.

When I got to the car the rear door was opened and I was handed a box. "Put all your clothes in it and let me know when you're done." At least they stayed outside so I did not have to strip in front of them. Even though it took all my effort I managed to keep from shaking and to act as if it was no big deal when I handed over my clothes.

"Officer Harris has you 14 over that is one hour at the club. Do you want the mask for an additional hour?" When I said yes, then it was a total of two hours. "Mrs. Tuttle you may not believe me, but you got lucky. A lot of cops get a kick trying to get as many hours as possible for the woman; then they go to the club and watch. Officer Harris is a decent guy he will give you a break and he only goes to the club on official business. Now please sign these forms and we can get this over with."

On the ride to the club I tried to sit as low as possible. "Mrs. Tuttle if you want to sit on the floor you won't have to duck every time we get next to a car. And please don't take this wrong but you don't have to worry -- you have a nice body."

"How did you know I was concerned that no one would want to look at me?"

"You may be surprised but most woman still want to look attractive even nude. I feel my job is to help the woman. I try to imagine how I would feel if it was my wife or daughter in the back seat. Do you want a suggestion to help get through this? Have your husband watch and try to turn him on. It will make it seem like a kinky game you and he are playing and I would bet you get fucked the first time before you get home and then have a very interesting night. You can use my phone."

For the first time I was able to laugh thinking of some games Mike suggested and some we actually did. You guys all have sex on your minds. Then I made the call.

"We will be there in a few minutes. We will park in an enclosed lot you can put on a mask and you only have to walk a few feet. At no time will your name be used you will be 1354. One thing I will warn you about the woman in charge is a real bitch don't get on her bad side. Good luck."

"When do I get my clothes back?"

"When you're done you will be given your car keys, your clothes are locked in your car."

To them it was only a few feet to me it seemed like a mile to the door.

I was greeted by a tall athletic-looking woman in her late thirties, dressed in black leather. She looked like she had not smiled in a decade. She let me know who was in charge by saying, "While at the Horny Goat you will do as I say. You will not talk except to answer a question. You will call me mistress. If you annoy me in any way your punishment will be made worse.  I can send you out early and bring you in late. It is up to me to stop men from groping you. 1354 do I make myself clear?"

Feeling a little foolish but hoping to please her, I said, "Yes, mistress." She gave me a cold look and told me anytime I speak to her I should be on my knees. Now I was to answer properly. I got on my knees and said, "Yes, mistress."

"Yes mistress what? I want to know what you are agreeing to now one more time."

"Yes mistress I will do as you say and not annoy you."

"Keep that attitude and we will get along fine. See 1526. She annoyed me I am starting her 30 minutes early and will bring her in late adding an extra hour to her punishment. If you notice she has on a collar, a ball gag, ankle cuffs, and handcuffs. The collar is for your protection. It has a microphone so if you're being groped you can get help, but with a gag in she may have trouble being heard. When I took her to the door when she hesitated. I had to zap her on the ass with a cattle prod."

Mistress told me to kneel and pointed to a TV. "I can keep track of the prisoners by our surveillance cameras. Let's watch 1526. See the red, gold, and blue lines on the floor? You are assigned a color and you just follow it.  You must make at least 4 compete laps an hour. 1526 has the red. Gold will be in use for four hours. The woman on blue will be done in 20 minutes and then it is your turn."

We watched as 1526 began her second hour. The ankle cuffs made her take small steps. You could tell she was humiliated with her arms cuffed behind her back everything was in view. As she got to a group of guys they sort of just made room so that she had to brush against them to get past. It got worse as she continued. They grabbed her boobs and fingered her pussy. You could see that she was trying to scream into her gag.

"Well it is time to get you ready. Lie face down in the floor." She put handcuffs and a collar on me. "So far you have been a good girl I may leave off the gag and ankle cuffs if you thank me. Instead of kneeling you can lie on the floor and kiss my feet." I know she was trying to humiliate me, but I did not care I would do anything to avoid the gag. I crawled to her and kissed both shoes. She said, "That was good but don't you think it would better show how grateful you are by kissing my bare feet until I tell you to stop?"

I could tell she wanted me to give her a reason to make my punishment harder so I said, "Mistress, you're right it is much better for me to show how grateful I am for your kindness in only using handcuffs by kissing your bare feet until you tell me to stop."

After a few minutes mistress told me to stop kissing and stand by the door. "When I bring the woman in you will start walking the blue path and will keep walking it for two hours. I will give you ten seconds to start than I will use a cattle prod on your ass. You are not allowed to talk unless someone does anything to hurt you or sticks anything in your pussy or ass. If so just yell help. Of course if you stray from your path you are fair game. If you have to go potty there is a bucket you can use. Any questions?"

"Mistress, can I try to get a guy turned on?" For the first time I saw her smile, "Do it if you want. I had a feeling that you are a slut." I wanted to show some pride and walk into the club without the help of the prod. I took a deep breath closed my eyes and went into the club. There are no words to describe how vulnerable I felt.

All I could do was start walking. Everyone knew what they could touch. At first I tried to resist until I realized that  being handcuffed and not allowed to talk, I had no way of stopping them and all that would be accomplished is I would be punished as I would not be able to do four circuits an hour.

The first circuit they had a spotlight on me. Many guys took advantage and took pictures of me. I was glad for the mask as I could never live down pictures of me walking naked.

The blue line ran through all the areas of the club including the stage. To get off the stage I had to face the audience and in a loud voice say, "I am a fucking slut. I love having a cock in my mouth."

I was almost done with the first circuit, it was actually worse then I imagined with everyone taking a feel and making crude comments. I felt it could not get worse then I saw the blue path go into the men's restroom. Knowing I had no choice I walked in. They were waiting for me. They had their cocks out and rubbed them on me as I walked past then I got pissed on. I was in for the worst two hours of my life. The line led through the restaurant. To exit the restaurant the blue line went through a 12 inch high opening that I had to slitter through.

I found Mike on the second circuit. To let Mike know I was trying to make a game out of it I stopped for a couple seconds in front of him   On the 5th circuit the woman on the gold path peed in the pail. I've never seen a face a deeper shade of red. When I got to Mike he said, "I dare you," on the 6th Mike pushed harder. It helped me get past the time as what was on my mind was, ‘Do I have the guts to pee in front of a crowd?' On the 7th lap Mike said, "You know you want to try it; are you going blow your last chance?"

On the last circuit I actually had to pee. Feeling I could turn Mike on I went to the bucket. It was very embarrassing and took a few minutes but I did it.

As I finished the last lap I heard, "The blue prisoner can come in." I ran to the door. Mistress said, "You are free to go; your husband paid your fine." With a smile she added, "He also bought the handcuffs -- he is in the parking lot.''

With his lips on mine and his hands on my breasts he whispered, "Don't waste time asking me to free you just get in the back seat."