Power Play
by Trishymouse

I imagine myself approached by a figure I am not expecting. I cannot see who it is. I sense the figure is male but that is all. He is in the shadows, or maybe he is masked. No words are spoken. But I do see his eyes. They stare into mine - wide, strong, and commanding. He steps towards me, his left hand reaching to cup my chin, his fingers curling down somewhat and pressing against my throat, ever-looking into my eyes. My throat constricts, my lips part, and I suddenly remember to... breathe.

His other hand reaches behind my head taking hold of my hair, firmly and slowly pulling my head back, making me look up directly into his eyes. He is tall, and he uses this as part of his power over me. Silently, I know I must not look away.

The hand on my chin moves down and away, only to reappear with a blindfold mask. My eyes are covered as he slips behind me. Then, in the 'dark' and silence, I wait.

Time becomes elongated, passing more slowly. As the situation has begun unfolding, a sense of the surreal only heightens the senses all the more.

Suddenly, his voice sounds in front of me - strong, calm, specific, "Kneel."

I kneel.

Something is placed around my neck. My breathing becomes more conscious as I feel somewhat constricted by it. It forces me to keep my head straighter, to maintain a posture...

I am led to a waiting car and put in the back seat and the man gets in with me.

"Take off your clothes," He commands.

When I am finished my hands are tied behind my back.

I feel a soft touch on my left nipple; suddenly it is pinched hard.

"You now belong to me. I can keep you for myself, sell you, loan you out, do whatever I want."

"Who are you?" I ask.

There is a pause. Eventually he speaks, but his voice is cold.† "This one time, I will pardon it, but from now on, you will not attempt to engage me without seeking permission first..."

He pinches harder, while grabbing my hair tightly, "...or you'll be punished."

He abruptly takes his hands off me, and I fall back. As I do so, I feel a surge of intense pain in my nipples as blood rushes back into them.

"To answer your question, you will call me 'Sir'."

I struggle to understand what is happening to me, overwhelmed. I cannot see anything. My heart is pounding so hard that I almost think I can hear it. I notice smells... I smell Him. Despite my blindfold, I feel his gaze on me. Instinctively I lower my face in a protective gesture, but I am forced up.

"You will sit straight, keeping your posture at all times."

I feel weak from fear, and my body wants to betray me. I almost open my mouth to protest, but think better of it.

"Youíre learning... Thatís good," He says. "I am pleased."

I hear him move, to get something. Then I hear a SNAP, as something sounding like rubber, or latex, is slipped on... onto what, I wonder.

"Open your legs."

I freeze, jerking my head toward his voice.


I focus and obey.


As I do so, I feel his hand reach between my legs and stroke my inner thigh. It feels cool... alien... gloved. Despite my fear, the touch causes me to feel suddenly more alive; I feel a stirring deep within my sex that, god help me, is more sudden and intense than anything I can remember. Could it be that I want this?

While Iím thinking this, his gloved hand moves higher.

"Lay back."

I donít hesitate this time, and as I do, he parts my labia and slides his fingers along the folds.

I tighten, but it doesnít matter. His fingers go where he wishes -- where I wish -- and I realize suddenly that I donít want to resist, that I am falling down a well of sensation every bit as powerful as any drug known to man.

I relax, part my mouth and lick my lips. I hear a laugh coming from him, low in his throat. Itís not a laugh of derision, or humiliation, but of satisfaction.

"You offer yourself for inspection so readily, little one... Remember what I said before? Youíre mine... to do with what I want, when I want, how I want. To do with however many times I want. To serve my every desire."

Despite the unknown behind his words, a moan escapes my throat.

"Tell me what youíre feeling," He asks.

Feeling? The feelings pouring through me are beyond strong. They are ruling me. And this man? Like a master Conductor of an orchestra, he conducts my body so it SINGS.

This is only the overture, however. How will I survive the Ďmain themeí?

Before I can answer, fingers brush like butterflies around my clit. I feel it respond, swelling. The pounding of my heart is echoed by the throbbing of my clit...from the tip all the way down its legs deep inside.

"If you keep doing that, Iíll be in heaven..."

Suddenly he slaps me. He slaps the very center of my heaven. The shock is so complete; so unexpected, my breath is caught. I try to take a breath, but it wonít come.


He slaps me again. The pain is so sharp, so terribly stinging, tears come to my eyes. I suck in air only to cry out in release.

His hand strokes my thigh as if to calm me.

Reaching down, he lifts me by the back of my neck towards him.

"Youíll need to learn the clarity of pain first, before you can get there... and only when I say so."

The car stops and I am taken out; I hear other people and traffic noises as I am led to a building. Once inside I am taken to an elevator and the ride up is quite long.

Once in a room I am led to a spot and told to stay there. The blindfold is taken off and I am in front of a window. The TV is turned on but I cannot see it. I am told to get on the foot of the bed in the submissive position and look straight ahead. I see myself in the mirror and the TV is right next to it and I see another woman on the screen in the same position.

Before leaving the man says, "You are to stay where you are and look into the mirror and think about what is happening and what will happen to you." The man leaves and locks the door from outside.

When the man returns he has some other men with him. "These potential buyers want to see you in the flesh." The men are looking at me and discussing what kind of slave I will make. The conversation turns to my lack of training.

When they have left the man takes me by the leash and leads me blindfolded back outside to another car. This time I am put in the front seat. Someone gets in and starts driving. A light touch on my left nipple becomes a hard pinch, "Your training starts now, submissive."

As the car slows and turns onto another road the blindfold is taken off and all I see is woods; soon a log cabin appears and the man leads me inside to right in front of the fireplace and instructs me to kneel in the submissive position. Then he walks away.

I am alone. My mind is overflowing with scattered thoughts and emotions. I remember my yoga training, and begin to settle my mind, to consciously breathe... to slow down.

While I slow my body, my mind still races. Who is this man who claims me? Why am I reacting like this? Why am I wanting what everything Iíve been taught screams to me NO? I already know the answers. Iíve been flirting with them all my life. Deep in my soul I have longed for this for so long without answer, that I was resigned to no fulfillment.

Gradually as my mind quiets, I begin noticing things. Hearing the wind brushing against the cabin, a birdís call off in the distance. I smell wood -- burned -- probably from the fireplace. I feel the cold of my skin, and shiver.

I want to move, to find a way to get warm, but I know I shouldnít. My only alternative is to withdraw into myself, to draw away from reality. I start to drift off into memory... my home... my family... my horses.... riding... yes... I loved the freedom it gave me... riding my horses under the WARM summer sun... racing across the fields and dirt roads, warm rippling muscles beneath me... freedom and power and yes, sensuality. I was one with a powerful animal, and I was happier than I had ever been before or sense... until....

I feel a pain at the back of my head. My hair is being pulled, forcing me up...

"You will now begin your training so that I can take you back to the market and get a price for you that will reflect the value you are worth. If you are good enough I may keep you as my own slave, but time and training will tell if you are worthy.† Stand with your back to the fireplace, with your legs spread as far as possible, your arms will be tied to the beams over head.† Put your head back and close your eyes. If you are caught trying to see the punishment will be something the likes of which you have never dreamed about."

Hearing a slight movement a sharp sting spreads from my left nipple to the rest of my left tit. Then immediately there is another hard slap of the switch on my left tit. I let out a moan, which is part pain part pleasure. The next slap hits my inner left thigh.

"When you learn to accept pain as part of your pleasure you will enjoy your life like never before."

A hand covers my pussy, "You are wet and hot submissive, could you be learning to yearn for the pain I will provide? Do you want more?"

Before I can answer my left inner thigh gets three hits from the switch, hard and fast.

"When I ask you a question you will answer with the first thing that comes into your mind. There is no time to think about it, I want the answer quickly or you will be silenced and punished."

My left nipple receives three hard slaps from the whip.

"Does that turn you on submissive?"

I cry out, tears streaming down my face from the pain. I try to answer, but god, it hurts so much! All I can perceive at this moment are the centers of the pain -- my thigh, my breast -- and it feels like Iím entering a tunnel. As my world shrinks to focus on the pain, and I latch onto that focus like a drowning man, I am sent spinning again in pain by another lash of the whip.

"Not quick enough," He utters, as I scream.

With my mouth open, my head is brought forward. A ball gag is forced into my mouth and tied onto my face and head. I choke, but there is nothing I can do. For a moment, I canít catch my breath, and my eyes widen in terror.

He takes the whip and slides it between my legs and along my slit, right over my clit, and I am surprised to find that it jumps at the touch. He sees the change in my eyes, and looks intently into them. Without taking his eyes from mine, he delivers three more hard and fast to my left thigh, then three to the right... then for two beats, nothing... My eyes scream, and his stare into mine, seeking answers. Again, the same. There is only his eyes, and the pain...Again... Again... and Again... And then there is only the pain... I canít even see anything but the pain. The pain is everything... My legs buckle, and I suddenly drop... my weight hanging from the beams.

The next thing I know, I feel one of his strong arms around my waist, as Iím lifted and brought down. I look up to see him standing over me, straddling my hips with his two feet. Always looking into my eyes, He unzips and kneels over my chest. He removes the gag, and commands, "Suck me..."

He slides his cock into my open mouth, past my teeth, over my tongue, and against the back of my throat. I take a deep breath, closing my lips over him, my tongue slicing along his underside, my lips and tongue pressing and devouring him. He tastes wonderful, a musky odor, and I feel his veins throbbing, and a bit of salty pre-cum, and it makes my clit tingle. The pain is still there, but thereís a warmth coming from it that is flooding my pussy and clit and my breasts and my mouth and my MIND... I want to please him, and he begins thrusting into my mouth, looking down into my eyes as I look up into his, the lust in his eyes feeding mine.

He grunts and moans, making animal sounds of pure lust and pleasure, making me feel so used, so needed, so turned on that I am jealous of my own mouth. I want him INSIDE me, I want him fucking my pussy slowly, slow and torturously, as I swell, as I touch myself, as he bites my neck and sucks on my neck and sucks on my nipples, as... oh god, I want him inside me SO bad...

I feel his cock swell even larger, pulsing, and I suddenly feel his warm cum flood my mouth and as I begin to swallow it, he withdraws and sprays my face with it.

"Did that turn you on slave? That was for not following instructions in the hotel room. There was a camera behind that mirror. I watched you walk over to the window and then hurry back to the bed when you heard my key in the door. That is a slave market. Who do you think will buy a slave that doesnít stay where she is put. Tell me how you feel, slave."

My head is pull back by your hair, "Does your nipple burn? Tell me how you feel."

Iím confused. I know I never disobeyed him... but I donít argue. Iím still building, passion pulsing through me, centered throughout my pussy... my clit tingles from tip all the way inside down its legs, and all the way up to my nipples... burning... yes, but also strangely focusing me. I lick around my lips all his cum my tongue can reach, and as I do so, I look into his eyes with extreme longing.

All of this is recognized and done by me within seconds. I answer him, "Yes, it burns... as I burn for you to be inside me. I need (want is more like it) you to fill me. Iím empty without you."

I am intoxicated by the look in his eyes, the feel of his hands grasping my hair, of the feeling of power over me. I have never felt more like a woman before. I offer myself to him with my eyes...

"Your needs will be met, however your wants will be dealt with at my discretion. You are expected to beg."

Grabbing a handful of your hair I am forced into another room.

"Into the submissive position on the deerskin and look at yourself in the mirror. You are to think of nothing but your desire to be my slave. There is no other choice for you. From now on when you speak to me you will call me either 'Sir'.

"Close your eyes."

My head is pulled back and up by my hair. My left breast feels something hot to add to the sting the whip has caused. Then more drops of heat. My left breast is burning beyond anything Iíve felt before.

I wasn't expecting anything that had happened to me thus far, but this most of all. The pain I suddenly feel causes my entire body to shudder in reaction, trying to understand what was being done to it.

"There is no other choice for you," he says. I repeat it like a mantra as I pant to cope with the searing pain. ĎDesire to be my slave.í To be his slave.

Pain seeps into these thoughts, and won't let me think. Hold on... Hold... I hear panting, and realizing it's my own breathing but it's like I'm observing someone else. I suddenly realize my face is wet; the pain has brought me to tears. I open my eyes looking up, and see his looking down into mine. "Please Sir, have mercy on me..."

"Your breast will be sore for days. When you feel the pain remember where it came from. You are my slave."

I begin to feel the exhaustion setting in... I can't fight it any longer... the pain is so overwhelming, but I don't have the strength to resist it.

"Do you fear me?"

"Yes," I whisper in my weakness.

"Pain is but fear leaving the body."

"You will lay on the bed face down, your arms spread and at the bed posts, your legs spread as far as you can."

I am then tied in that position and left alone. Soon I drift off to sleep.

Slowly I am awakened as someone is pushing into me. I am still wet from the punishment and he slides in easily and slowly. More... more... filling you stretching you.

"You will cum only when given permission. You will have to beg for permission at times and others you will be told when to cum."

My body is building a delicious tension, my ass raising to give him full entry, to drive deeper, wanting him to fill me.

"Faster, Sir, fuck me faster, please, oh Sir please, PLEASE," I scream.

I hear him grunting and thrusting, and feel his hot breath on my neck, then his teeth sliding by my ear...He growls, "Cum with me... I take you as mine." And he takes hold of my neck with his teeth, biting into me as I shudder, as he spills into me, as I wash my own juices back onto his.

I sink back into sleep only to awaken some time later... I am alone in my own bed at home... I'm on my stomach, my bed is wet.

It is the morning after, and I have no idea what has happened. But as I look up into the mirror across the room, I see marks upon my neck. I touch my ass and it burns, I look down, and my nipples still proudly erect, are spotted with wax... I smile, my clit tingling at the memories... I don't question what or why, I just purr...