Seventh, in
The Interview Series

by Tracker

We retired from the table, Susan automatically started to pick up the dishes. I stopped her. "Susan I need to see you in my office, please." I kept my voice neutral.

A look of alarm came across her face. "Yes, sir."

I led her into the office and locked the door. She looked decidedly nervous. She still had on the Ďbusinessí dress, a tan jacket over a white top with a tan matching skirt. It looked to be linen. I had her stand in the middle of the floor and walked slowly around her. She was beautiful.

"Ok, what is the problem?"


"You were getting jealous at the table and before."

"I... I felt... I felt left out..."

"I see. You realize that there is only one of me."

"Yes, sir, sorry sir."

"Dear, I love all of you, but I am not a young man anymore. That and the fact that we are all exploring new territory here, I am trying to be fair, but you sweet young things are going to have to take it easy on this old man."

"Yes, sir."

"Now, letís see, what can we do so you donít feel neglected?"


I undid the jacket button and caressed her belly. Her breath quickened.

"I suppose I should instruct you on patience."

"Y... yes... sir."

I walked behind her and pulled up her skirt and tucked it in her waistband. I then squeezed her ass.

"You were wanting a collar, right?"

"Oh, yes sir!"

"Then you need to learn to do exactly as I wish."

"Yes, sir."

I put my arms around her and slowly undid the buttons on her blouse down to her navel. Then ran my hands back up on her bare skin to cup her tits through her bra. I felt her quiver.

"Do you want to be disciplined, like the other girls?"

"Oh... sir, please correct me."

I pulled her bra up over her tits and fondled them a bit. She started to rub up against me with her ass. I let go of her and backed away. She gasped and almost fell backwards. I went to the desk and found a double clip. I returned and put her hands behind her back and clipped her wrists together.

"Now, I want you to go fetch a set of nipple clips and a spreader bar."

ĎS... sir?"


Conflicting emotions chased one another across her face. She looked down at the way she was displayed and let out a little moan.

"Yes, sir."

She turned and walked to the door, the high heels and her arms behind her making her ass twitch enchantingly. She looked at the locked door then at me.

"Well, go on."

"Yes, sir."

She turned around and brought her hands up to work the lock. The view of her tits and the way she was bent was heavenly. After she finally made it out the door, I went to the bar and poured a scotch. I sipped it on the way back to my desk. Everyone in the house was probably preoccupied, but the thought of her getting caught like that would probably drive her nuts. I hadnít realized that she was bashful, hmm, the possibilities. Looking back over the last few days, I had been neglecting her. But with Gloria and now Gwen going into bombshell mode, I had my hands full. And she was so quiet. Well, I was going to really work to make it up to her.

When she returned, she had the clips in her mouth. She had to open the door then go back into the hall to retrieve the bar then set it inside against the wall. After she managed to shut the door, I went to her and led her to Gloriaís bench. I chuckled to myself, I would have to make a couple more of these. I had her bend over at the waist, steadying her so she didnít fall. Then I took the clips from her and applied one to each nip, after running the chain under the bench. She had about two inches of slack. I went to my desk and grabbed a paper clip and my keys and hung my keys from the center of her chain. I was rather surprised that she had returned with a set of clover clips. She let out a gasp as I dropped my keys. Confident that she wasnít going anywhere for a moment, I retrieved the spreader bar. I clipped it to her ankles and ran it out so she was spread wide. Then took some rope and tied it to the bench.

"There, all nice and comfy."

"Y... yes... sir."

I went back to the desk and retrieved a feather. Hiding it behind me I went back around behind her. I slowly pulled the plug from her ass, Ďaccidentallyí letting it slip a couple of times. Her breath was coming in gasps by this point. Her thong was in the way, so I got out my pocketknife and cut it. I waited for a few moments then took the feather and ran it up on the inside of her thigh. She jumped and I heard the keys jingle. I did the other thigh. She moaned. I started to tickle around the outside of her cunt and her hips started to dance. She tried to lean farther forward, but the bench forbade that. She started to fight her wrist restraints and the spreader bar. I kept teasing.

"Now dear, you are being punished, you may not cum till I tell you."† As I ran the feather over her clit.


I teased her clit for a while, until she was trying to hump the feather. I went back to the desk to get a new one, as the first one was starting to get soaked. I figured I would have to keep this one drier for it to be effective, so I ran it around the ring of her asshole. She screamed. Her body jerked and she tried to lift up, but the clips on her nipples stopped her and she screamed again. Her asshole was starting to pucker closed but I managed to work the tip of the feather inside and twirled it. Her back arched and her body went rigid. She shrieked then came.

"Bad girl, I guess I will have to spank you."

I laid the feather on her back and soundly smacked her ass, first one cheek then the other. I gave her four then caressed her cunt letting my thumb tease her asshole. I rubbed both holes till she started to pant and gave her four more hard swats. I alternated back and forth till she had received twenty to each cheek. I think. I kind of lost track. But I doubt if she noticed. The inside of her thighs were dripping by this point.

"Would little girl like fucked now?"

It took her a few moments till she could gasp out a please sir.

"How would you like it."

"I... donít care, sir, just do it, I need it so bad, please sir, I beg you."

I dropped my pants, with some difficulty, and slowly ran the tip of my cock up and down her slit. I pushed it against her asshole and she thrust back, but I pulled away. She whimpered. I laid it in the crack of her ass so it would rub across her hole and humped her a bit. She was fighting by this point, trying to move to get it inside of her. I leaned over her still rubbing my cock over her hole and squeezed her tits, tugging slightly. Her hip action got frantic. I played with her tits and held her pinned to the bench with my body. By this point she was making little animal noises in her throat. She was trying to grab me with her hands. I pulled back and she whimpered again. I grabbed her hair and plunged into her burning cunt. The shriek was ear piercing. She came immediately.

"Bad girl, you simply refuse to mind."

I pulled out and walked in front of her. Pulling her head up by her hair I stuck it in her face, wiping some of her cum across her cheeks. She took it in her mouth and did a wonderful job of cleaning it.

"How does your pussy taste, little girl?"

I pulled it back out and walked back and gave her another twenty, rubbing her between each four. She was panting and quivering. I figured the hands were going to be a problem, so I cut a couple of lengths of rope. I unclipped her wrists and then doubled the rope and did a couple of turns above her elbow. Taking the opposite wrist, I tied them in place. There, nicely out of the way. I retrieved the feather from where it had fallen to the floor and since I was down there, I started to tease her belly and tits. My how she fought. I stopped when it started to look as if she was trying to rip her nipples off.

"Letís see, what should I do with my little slut now?"

"P... p... ple... please... fuck... sir."

I was frankly amazed that she could still speak. I walked around behind her, what a vision, juice was just dripping from her. Her cunt was so red it looked as if she had been whipped there. Her asshole was opening and closing, also nicely red. That and the view of a freshly spanked ass. Ah, well, give the lady what she wants. I grabbed her hair pulling her head back and slammed into her cunt. I pounded her hard for a few seconds and she came again, her back arching, her scream muted this time. This time I smeared her juices all over her face.

"You will mind me little slut."

I let her clean me, then grabbed her hair and started to fuck her mouth. When she showed no signs of gagging, I started to pound deeper, stopping every few strokes so she could breath. I was starting to get close so I pulled out. She whimpered again. I gave her twenty more, by this time her cunt was so soaked that I was wiping my hand off on her butt before I returned to spank her each time.

"Now, slut, I am going to use your cunt, and I will tell you when to cum."

She moaned, probably figuring that she was going to be there for a while. But the old man was getting tired and I was going to end this. However I doubted if she would complain. I slid into her slowly this time and then picked up the pace. I could feel her body respond and she started to give as good as she got. I was on the edge anyway and so was she, so I laid over her and pulled off both clips at the same time.


She wailed and slammed back onto me, her cunt grabbed me like a vice. I shot deep into her and we both collapsed forward onto the bench. After a minute or so I tried to stand up. The floor caught me as my knees gave out. I looked at Susan and she looked to be sleeping, probably passed out. That still does wonders for an old manís ego. I finally managed to get my pants back on, but still had to crawl to the desk. After a few tries I collapsed back into my chair. I finished what little remained of my scotch, then looked longingly at the bottle. I must have half-dozed, as I was awakened suddenly by a knock on the door.


It was Gloria. She looked like she was on fire.

"Sir, how may I..." The words dwindled away.

She had a perfect view of the business end of Susan, and she was a mess. Gloriaís mouth dropped open.

"My, god, what did you do, sir?"

"I entertained her for a while. She was a good little girl all day, except for when she got a little impatient, so I rewarded her the best way I knew how."

I could see the gears turning upstairs. Maybe this would calm our little sex-fiend down a little, if she figured the rewards were better than the punishments. One could only hope. I really didnít want to have to step into the full control mode as I really had better things to do with my time. I wanted willing obedient slaves. I figured they were a lot more fun when they were wanting to do what they were supposed to, without a whip hanging over their head. Of course a little whip play could still be there.

"Just a moment."

I went over to Susan and fastened one of the straps over her waist. No use having her interrupt Gloriaís work.

"There you are, please do a thorough job."

"Yes, sir."

Gloriaís eyes glazed over. She went to Susan and knelt down. In a few seconds Susanís eyes flew open.

"Gloria, stop."

"Yes, sir."

Susan looked at me, fighting her restraints. She was whimpering.

"Susan, stop that or I will have to put your clips back on."

"S... sir?"

"Gloria has a job to do and after she is done I will let you go."

"Oh... sir..." It came out in a little wail.

Susanís face was bright red, but she collapsed on the bench. I was wondering how long... There came a knock on the door. Susanís eyes liked to popped out and she started shaking her head no.


Her face went white and she dropped her head. It was my son. Sean stood in the doorway with something in his hand.

"Um, dad..."


It was a leash?

"I have a problem..."

Why was he holding a...

"Go on."

"Well she begged me..."

Oh, shit.

"And I...

"Bring her in."

He gave the leash a little tug and Gwen followed him into the room on all fours. When he stopped she sat up kneeling in perfect form. She looked scared.


"Sir, I couldnít stop myself, he, he..."

"Sean, what am I going to do with you two?"

"Please donít be..."

"Mad? No, I suppose there is no point."

"She can still..."

"Work here, yes, stay here, no."


"Sean, I love her to death, but the strain of having her here if she is yours would drive me crazy. Just watching her ass alone drives me up the wall."

Gwen turned a nice shade of red.

"I really... damn dad."

"Sean, Iíve seen this coming for a while, I didnít see this particular ending, but you two have been wrapped into each other, whether you realized it or not. No, you have my blessings."

"Thank you, dad."

"Thank you, sir."††

"And now..."

There was a knock on the door.


Ah, the final pieces. Doug and Angie entered. When Doug stopped Angie went to her knees. But the look of shock on both of their faces was priceless. Angie, for her part, took in Gloria and Susan, but her eyes really locked onto Gwenís collar. She got a faraway look in her eye. Doug couldnít seem to focus on any one thing, until I caught his eye and nodded towards Angie. He looked at her then at Gwenís collar and back to her. He looked at me like, now what do I do? I smiled.

"Just a moment folks, I need to fetch something."

On the way to my workshop, I was lost in thought. Funny how life sneaks up on you while you are looking the other way. I considered Sean and Gwen. I was more than happy for both of them, and Gwen really did want that damn collar. I chuckled. I got to my bench and grabbed a gray leather collar that I had done for a friend, but the color was wrong. It was about the right size. I looked up, deep in thought and my eyes caught the ones that I was making for the girls. All they needed was for the rivets to be driven in. Ah, well, in for a penny, in for a pound. I finished the collars and headed back upstairs.