Shifting sliding, the sound like the rustle of dead leaves

or scales

Definitely scales


Floating shifting, the memory of dreams


Gradually dawning like a slow sunrise on a cloudy day


The fragments drifting together across several planes / realities. Emerging into . . .

A stabbing pain between my eyes. Everything sliding sickly around, back and forth as if the glue that held the world together suddenly came unstuck. Vertigo, nausea, falling almost . . . almost.

Where, what, who am I???

Bruce looks over to me in alarm. "Man if I knew that it was going to fuck you up that bad, I wouldn't have offered you a hit. Are you ok man?"

Just peachy. If only I could find my mouth in this confusion to tell him.

"You don't look so hot."


"Need to lie down?"

Define down.

Strange feelings, sensations bombarding me. My awareness restricted to a point.

Colors flat.

Like stepping into a room too small.

I look to Bruce, over, across, whatever. I see a look of disbelief. He edges away.

I see a strange creature.

It looks so soft and weak.

I sense it fears me.

Other things come into focus.

I feel cold, darkness at the edge of my vision sliding slowly toward center.

I hear a voice / thought?

I hear a voice / thought?

I am suddenly pulled back, everything flies into the distance to a point and disappears.

Why was I summoned to that place?

Silver Dragon

by Tracker

February 17, 1977

Snowing again. Damn. Stuck here on this airbase, bored out of my wits and now snow. Don't know what else I expected though. Maine, winter, I guess that snow naturally follows. But continually? Hope Ann makes it.

February 18, 1977

God, what time is it? That little minx about did my brains out. Said something about a meeting tonight, asked if I wanted to go. Not me. Witchcraft is a bit over the top for this Midwestern boy. Of all the girls to pick, not that there are that many in this hell hole. I grab a high priestess. Hell of a ride though.

Got some good stuff in on one of the planes the other day. Think I will go down to Robin's room and see if he picked anything up. Maybe shoot some pool.

February 19, 1977

Freakin alert again. SAC sucks. 12 on 12 off. Looks like this one could last awhile too. Shit!!!

February 20, 1977

Ann dropped in last night. At this rate I won't last the week. Strange though, I don't feel all that tired, just a little weak. Wonder if she is a vampire too?

She said that she had a few of her "friends" from her group ask to meet me. I wonder what the heck for. It's not as if we share the same interest. Except for Ann that is.

February 21, 1977

This journal is getting to be a pain in the ass. Helps to keep my head straight though. But the brass don't act as if they are going to step down for a while. Seems the Chinooks are at it again. At least there is a reason this time.

February 24, 1977

Man, last night was hairy. Some dickhead decided to make a pass over the base in a helicopter. Scrambled the 111's but the bastard disappeared before they could get up? 27 seconds? No way. Those birds sit hot in the hangers, I mean loaded and pumped. I would think someone was seeing shit, but I was on the flightline and heard it myself. Who in the world would be stupid enough to try something like that? And how in the world did they get away? Or that freakin close to start with. This looks like a hell of a way to start the weekend.

February 25, 1977

Had the strangest dream. Like I was at one of Ann's prayer groups, ha ha.

Thing was, I was in the center and they were all dancing around in a large circle. It felt as if they were draining me like a glass of water. I woke up tired and as I sit here, It seems as if someone has slipped me a lead overcoat. I think I will ask Ann when she gets here and see what she has to say about it. If she leaves her clothes on long enough.

May 2, 1977

God this is weird. I don't remember yesterday. At all. Period. I don't know what the fuck's happening but looking back over my journal, I am missing days all over. I never really caught it until today. I missed breakfast cause I didn't have the strength to sit up. Took nearly an hour. Was almost late to role call.

May 3, 1977

Met one of Ann's friends, I don't think that we made the greatest impression on each other. Strange thing is, I think that I have seen him in one of my dreams. He looked as if he recognized me too. Been itching at my brain all day. He said that I needed to meet with Leah, she was curious about who could hold Ann's attention this long. Said he was joking, but his eyes never laughed. It seemed as if I were getting sized for a coffin the way he was watching me. I think I will go with her next time just to see what the heck is going on. Ann looked strange when I suggested it. Think it caught her off guard for some reason. I reminded her that it was her idea. She still seemed uncomfortable. I don't get it.

May 4, 1977

What the hell is going on? Ann came to the shop and told me that it might not be a good idea after all to meet with her friends. She wouldn't say why. After she left a light colonel shows up and introduces me to this guy named Jacob. As he puts it "just a jive nigger." I don't know what to make of this, why would an LTC be even talking to a straight sleeve. And Jacob? He said that he was going to take me under his wing, Dig? Oh brother. I may have not been in that long but I don't trust strange happenings. And this looks to be heading toward the top of the strangeness list. Oh, almost forgot, someone decided that I needed another course in 'weapons integration'? Whatever the hell that means. Just noticed that it got added to my study courses. Nobody seems to know where it came from.

One of my instructors looked really strange when I asked about it. Said it was a supplementary course. Wouldn't say anything else. Got really busy in a hurry though.

May 6, 1977

Ann has been acting really strange since I asked about a little get together with her friends. She's not really distant, as matter of fact, she invited me to move into her trailer with her. But there is something she is not telling me.

May 7, 1977

Ann showed up with her pickup truck and started packing my things today, funny thing is I don't remember telling her that I was going to shack with her. I guess she is used to getting what she wants. Funny thing she said I would be less exposed there? I asked if any of her friends were going to show up and help. She got really quiet about then. Next thing I know Jacob is in the mix. I looked at him kinda strange, and he said he was just here to help.

May 10, 1977

Yay, the alert is finally over. I think I might sleep the rest of the week. If I am allowed to of course. I really didn't understand Ann's flip side until I move in with her. I think Alister Crowley was her decorator. The only thing missing is cobwebs in the corners. She has a very simple wardrobe though. It either is Olive Drab or involves strings and lace. And not much of that. I noticed though, I am not waking up as tired as I was on base. I don't know why though, I am getting a lot less sleep. She is watching me as I write this. Like she is waiting to pounce.

May 14, 1977

Jacob said that I needed to learn to defend myself today. I asked why? He said that you never know what might happen out in that big bad old world. I asked whom he had in mind to teach me. He said that he had some spare time and would be glad to. No charge. My radar kicked in heavy at that point. TANSTAAFL. Nothing is free. Come to think of it, what is a Staff Sergeant doing hanging around someone who doesn't even have a rank yet?

May 17, 1977

Damn I ache, seems Jacob's idea of training is to find the farthest wall and bounce me off of it. Says it will teach me awareness and how to land properly. Well I am aware now of places in my body that I didn't know could hurt. Made the mistake of taking a swing at him today. I didn't think anything that big could move that fast. Oh shit that hurt. Ann did an excellent job of making me forget about it for a while but unfortunately it didn't last. I noticed that she seems to be avoiding her friends lately. When I asked her about it she didn't say anything just jumped my bones again. Weird.

May 21, 1977

I found a car that I am thinking about getting. It is a 1972 Plymouth Duster. Hemi Orange with black racing stripes. Looks like a real honey. They want two grand for it though. Didn't want to pay that much for a car. Took Ann to see it and she fell in love with it. She asked me today if I have had any strange dreams lately. I asked her why and she changed the subject. Women.

May 27, 1977

Some of Ann's friends showed up at the trailer today. They were real polite while we were in the trailer together but when they went outside apparently there was a big disagreement. I wasn't invited. Met Leah though. I think the room temperature dropped about ten degrees when she walked in. She acted nice but it was like she had an important meeting somewhere and didn't have time to waste on the likes of me. The word bitch comes to mind. The strange thing is, while we were talking she looked at me and it felt as if someone was going through the files upstairs. I didn't like the feeling so I made my mind go blank for a minute. I don't know why, it just seemed like the thing to do. She sat up like I slapped her and wouldn't say anything else the rest of the time she was there. Ann looked at me weird too. The other guy there, Mark, I think it was, looked very uncomfortable. I think he would have crawled into the couch if he could. It wasn't long after that they went outside and the "discussion" took place. Loudly. I couldn't seem to make out what the yelling was about even though it was loud even in the trailer. Ann came in with this look that was a cross between pissed and worried. Which in turn scared the piss out of me. I had never seen her worried before.

Visions of Things to Come

May 27, 1986

Have you ever thought about time? It is a strange beast. The future is only one second away and the past is occurring as we think about it. I have noticed that most people that I meet, think of the past as some distant memory. Childhood, the missed pass in highschool, their first kiss, whatever. What they don't realize is the past is a microsecond behind, eating the present even as it occurs. It stalks us through life like a starving animal eating our dreams, our accomplishments, our failures. It fixes our deeds in the glue of the unchangeable.

As I answered the door, I knew who was on the other side. My good friend and headache, Bruce. In all fairness the headaches aren't really his fault, they just occur when he starts talking. Usually about particle physics, politics, warped space-time and the usual mundane stuff. The stuff that causes me to think... and remember. He says its time to wake up.

Before I give the impression that I am psychic, Bruce is about the only friend, save a few at work, who seem to be able to put up with me anymore. Outside the fact that I rarely go out, and never invite in, I am a social creature. Yeah, right. People as a whole irritate me beyond belief. But I can't say why. I know, but when I try to capture the thought it just slips away. I'm wandering.

Anyway, Bruce is in his normal attire, a flannel shirt, jeans, shitkicker boots (steel toed of course), and a leather beret. Carrot hair, piercing eyes, and pale.

"You alright?"

"Hmm?" I replied. I wasn't quite awake, despite the fact it was about two in the afternoon.

"Man, you looked purty bad last night."

"Last night?"

"Yeah, over at the homestead. Remember?"

"Give me a sec,"

My eyes started to swim into focus, and I noticed that jolly old Bruce wasn't his normal bouncy self. He is usually in motion, rocking back and forth, or up and down on the balls of his feet. Today... well I couldn't quite tell, but something wasn't quite right. I crawled slowly from the warm, comfortable wrappings of half-sleep. I needed to summon the great god Coffee.

"Come on in, I got to get some neurons firing." I said.

"You sure?"

That stopped me dead in my tracks. After our chance meeting a few years back. We have always had an open door, no invitation necessary agreement. I think that we were the brothers that neither one of us had. Couple that with a love of English bikes and all things that go fast, we were close. We "grokked."

"You have to ask?"

"Uh, sorry, I guess," was his reply. He wouldn't meet my eye and his bounce turned into a shuffle.

"OK, What's up?"A chill ran down my back and I felt as if I had drunk a whole gallon pot of java.

"Uh, you don't remember..."

What the hell?? Let’s see, went over about seven or eight, after I figured out that my dearly beloved was working another "double shift". Had some Bookers, nectar of the gods pretending to be whiskey. Had a few tokes from some homegrown. Must have been good cause I don't remember going home.

"What did I do? Rape your sister?" At least that got a smile.

"Then you don't...We need to talk"

" Then come IN."

"Oh, yeah."

We moved through the junk piles, and cleared of a space on the couch and a chair respectively. My house is in a perpetual state of mess. I don't even pretend to justify this; it's just the way it is. Melanie never cleans and I gave up a few years back because I was outnumbered. Another thing we would probably have in common before too long, Bruce was divorced a while back and I probably soon will be. My son is the only thing that I worry about.

"You know, at the risk of being redundant, what's up?" I asked.


Something was definitely shit. In the time that I have known Bruce he has never been at a loss for words.

"Something happened last night," Bruce said.

"Go on"


"What happened, did I grow wings and scales?"

Bruce looked as if he had seen a ghost. Or worse. "You remember then?"

My turn to be caught from left field. “What??"

"When you changed there for a second."

"What the bloody hell are you talking about?"

Suddenly I had a very sharp pain dead between the eyes. The room greyed out for a moment, then returned.

"OK, we were kicked back, smoking. Must have been around midnight, and you... changed."

The pain moved into my temples. "Go on"

"You looked as if you were getting kinda sick, and then... your eyes... and…"

I said nothing. The throbbing in my head was spreading out like oil on a pool of water. My ears started to ring and even my teeth were aching. I was looking out through a reddish haze. I doubt that I could have spoken at that point if I wanted to.

"Man the scales and the eyes and..."

Snap. I always thought that was a figure of speech, but I felt it through my head, down my spine, into my toes. My nerves felt an electric jolt and I must have jumped. Suddenly I remembered, that and much more. I felt as if I were going to be sick.

"Wings and silver scales and the eyes"




I felt the doors to the crypt of my memories creak open. I knew that I wouldn't be able to force them closed again. The old ghosts responded with a vengeance to the drumbeats of my heart. I looked out though my eyes as if I were looking out of small hazy windows, everything slightly obscured. Then I saw the other places overlaying. The patterns of energy crawling across the surfaces, brighter on the living but still there on the inanimate. Bruce flashed in and out; one second a blob of whirling color, the next his normal pale self. Faces from the past flashed before my eyes, some still living, some not. Places, things, a montage of discord. In my mind I felt the sleeper stir, the one who laughs at me in my dreams/nightmares. I felt the energy stir and worm its way through my body. I looked at my hands and they looked as if they had been dipped in a rainbow and the colors were dripping off, glowing. One memory surfaced, laughing, and...

May 28, 1977

We made love last night. Weird but that's the only way to describe it. I didn't realize the difference until it happened. Everything before was sex, wild, sometimes kinky, but just sex. Ann came in from her fight, and walked up to me and just held on for the longest time. There was nothing I could think to say. Then she just smiled and said "you are going to be the death of me"

June 4,1977

I don't know what's going on. The world seems different, like I never really looked at it before. I have started to get headaches though, if I am out in bright light too long. I don't understand it. Yesterday Jacob walked into the room behind me and I felt it and I think I surprised us both. He said that it was time to change my training and gave me some exercises to do. Work seems surreal.

June 6,1977

I talked to Sgt. Barker today and told him about the Duster. I gave him my idea and I could tell by his grin he liked it. The people up here in northern Maine really don't like us being here, so they try to take us for everything they can. I am going to let my hair grow and he is going to cover for me at roll call. Then I am going to see what I can negotiate for the car. He told me I was devious. We both laughed.

June 8,1977

Ann fixed this fantastic dinner and we went to a movie down in Presque Isle. The only down side to the entire night was when we came out and seen one of her coven watching us from across the street. I almost forgot, I got a stripe today, I officially an Airman. Whoohoo.

June 9,1977

I thought I finished my on base training; then I get this packet with a whole new list on it. What gives? Loading parameters for the 30mm vulcan cannon? Onboard weapon control systems? Troubleshooting servomotor controls? I mean, we don't even use that stuff on the B52's. I went to the Commander and he said that he would look into it, but he looked just as puzzled as me.

June 10,1977

I went in for a "security interview" today. Thing was instead of the Sergeant who usually reads the questions, it was a suit. The guy was spooky. The questions weren't the same either. All and all it was one of those bitch days that never seem to end. We loaded an alert bird for rotation and found out it was a leaker. Wound up working 11 hours. Ann was late getting home too. It is too quiet in that trailer when she isn't there. Said she got orders for small arms certification down in New York. Going to be gone a week in August.

June 12,1977

Bunch of the guys from the squadron got together for a road trip yesterday and we headed out into the woods. Got wasted on our ass. Ann even got up and did a dance around the campfire. I had flashbacks to those nightmares I was having when I was on base. All in all though, a good time was had by all.

Revelations of an Awakening Man

May 27, 1986

"Tracker, you all right man?"


"You alright?"

"Uh, yeah. I think so."

The light show was starting to fade and I at least felt as if I was in the same room. But the memories... Shit. I needed some time to sort all this out.

So I said, "Give me a minute."

I got up and headed for the bathroom, thought I was going to take a piss, but I wound up losing my breakfast that I didn't have. My head cleared a little and my stomach settled down some and I found that I was hungry.

"Hey Bruce, want something to eat?"

"Naw, man. Had a Carnation before I came over."

The man lived on Carnation and Pepsi. God knows how. I on the other hand needed food. It gave my mind something to focus on other than what happened in the living room. I staggered into the kitchen and fixed myself a filet of bologna sandwich and some chips. A cup of coffee and I had a four star breakfast. I started munching on my way back into the living room and sat down.

"Hey, man, didn't mean to fuck your day like that. What happened?"

"Lack of groceries I guess," I lied, actually.

"If you say so, just stay in the same room next time."

"What do you mean?" I said around a mouth full of bologna.

"I don't know. It was like you were fading in and out."

I got a sudden surge of nausea and I had to stop chewing for a second.

"Must have been the light"


I didn't believe me either.

"What happened last night?" I asked.

"I was hoping you could tell me."

"I remember Bookers and some smoke but...."

"Dude, you changed."

"Go on"

"It was like one minute you were there and the next you kinda faded, sort of went translucent. Then that other thing started to show, like and overlay, then you merged."

June 14,1977

Talked to Randy during lunch today. He said that I was glowing differently. I asked what he meant and he just smiled and handed me a book by Carlos Castaneda. Guess I have some reading material now. Duff said something about heading out to the gravel pits later on to watch the northern lights. So when I got home I talked Ann into it and about twenty of us headed out. Good beer, good company, good entertainment. The lights were awesome. Duff came over later on in the evening and started talking to Ann about nagual? I didn't understand half of what they were talking about, but they had a grand discussion I guess.

June 15,1977

Jacob showed me some new stuff today and it wasn't even painful. I think he is getting soft. Did find out something curios though. He is giving lessons to the base Judo instructor. I have been checking around, and nobody knows where he works.

June 18,1977

Ann didn't come home from work last night. Wouldn't talk to me today about it. Just said she had something she had to take care of. She said of course she wasn't mad at me. Only thing was I had a wicked nightmare while she was gone.

June 19,1977

Decided to head down and see about that car. I wore my blue jeans a red flannel shirt and a baseball cap. I guess they thought I was local, cause the price dropped to fourteen hundred. I am trying for twelve.

June 22,1977

I don't think that I had better go back to Caribou for a while. I settled the deal yesterday and they said they would change the oil and make sure everything was ready to go. I picked it up today after my haircut, in uniform. They were not happy to see me. Darn. I drove it off the lot, and learned how to drive a four-speed stick on the way home.

June 23,1977

Damn, that car has power. Picked Ann up after work and we went cruising. We had to stop at one point cause she got a little too frisky. Whew, I should have bought it sooner. Drove it to the credit union so they could take pictures of it and finish the paperwork and it is mine.

June 25,1977

Decided to take a trip home in July, see mom and do some visiting. Asked Ann if she wanted to come and she said no. I guess visiting the parent isn't what she had in mind. I am going to try to talk her into it though before I leave. I can't imagine being away from her for a week.

June 26,1977

Ann decided to head down to Caribou for groceries today. After she left, I started getting this feeling I was being watched. Ann's trailer is on five acres of land and there is nothing around but trees, the nearest house is over a mile away. So I went outside to look around. I didn't see anything around the trailer, so I walked out to the road. About a hundred yards. No cars, no people, nothing. Still had that feeling though. On the way back to the trailer a wolf walked out of the woods. It was between me and the trailer. It looked at me for a while then walked back into the woods. I told myself it was time to get a gun. Ann came back about an hour later and we looked for tracks but couldn't find any. She told me that the wolves around this area usually ran in packs. I don't know if she believed me or not.

June 25,1977

I talked with the DNR guy on base and he told me that it was unusual to spot a wolf this time of year. He also told me they never run alone. I don't know what to think. He asked if I had any food with me and I told him no. He looked as if I was making the whole thing up. He told me that if a wolf had actually confronted me, it probably would have attacked and that I probably seen a large dog. I know what I saw.

June 26,1977

I spent the day in the library, such as it is, looking up shape shifters. Last night I ran across a reference to it in that book that Randy gave me. I really didn't learn that much, just got a lot of strange looks from the librarian. Ann said I should forget about it, but she was looking rather strange when she said it. Like she knew something that I didn't. I am really starting to dislike New England.

June 27,1977

Jacob said that I needed some meat on my bones. Like that is ever going to happen. I told him I wasn't into ribs and chitlins. He laughed and said that he had a secret, since we were best buddies and all. I wonder when that happened. He said to stop by tomorrow after work and we would rap. That guys got so much jive it's hard to understand him sometimes. I wonder how a guy with so much shit, managed to become a staff.

June 28,1977

Ok, I now believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause. Jacob met me in the rec room in the barracks and played a game of pool. Then he said it was time for my education. I thought "oh brother". We walked down the hall to his room and he turned and said that what I see I cannot talk about. A man’s room is sacred. Then he opened the door onto another world. Literally. There were books, everywhere books. One whole wall was a bookshelf. Quite a few were in languages I didn't even recognize. He bid me enter. His mannerisms changed, his vocabulary changed, it seemed his attitude changed. I learned that night that he had a master in English and Latin and degrees in several other languages. I lost count around ten or twelve. He said that the shuck and jive was to keep the others off his ass. We talked for hours after that and I can only say that I am amazed.

July 4,1977

I took Ann down to Presque Isle for dinner. We went to the Potato Bin, just about the only place around to get a decent steak. Afterwards we caught the local fireworks show and made some fireworks of our own on the way back. I asked her again to come back to Indy with me.

July 6,1977

Had a new guy show up today. Anthony Rocha. Mexican American. We were introduced during a shop meeting and afterwards he came around and everyone shook hands. Except me. We looked at each other and he made the sign of the cross then mumbled something then left. I know things are a little different around me lately but come on. Ann laughed until she about cried.

July 7,1977

I am confused. Randy started talking to me about the book he loaned me like I was taking lessons from it. He says that I am more planted in the Power. Whatever that means. I asked him about this nagual thing that he was talking with Ann about and he said that I was still finding myself, not to worry about such things. I get the feeling I am getting sucked into this stuff whether I like it or not.

July 8,1977

I decided that I should do some research on my own. I don't like being in the middle of something without knowing what is going on. I talked with Jacob about it and he said a wise man never stops learning. Big help. He said that he had a friend that would be arriving on base next month that might be of some help. I hope someone can, I am starting to feel very lost.

July 9,1977

God, please let the world go away and leave me alone. Leah showed up on base after work. She drives a new Cadillac, one of the big ones. Said she needed to speak with me. I said no. She followed me all the way back to the trailer then drove on by when she saw Ann's car I guess. I walk in and Kramer was there. He is a guy that I trained with. Come to find out, he was a student of magic in D.C.

For a change I listened to all the talk and started asking questions. I broke out my stock of Johnny Walker Black and we sipped scotch till the wee hours of the morning. I can't say that I learned a lot, except for what direction to start looking.

One thing that stood out was a reference to my "aura". I think this will be as good a starting place as any.

But I Like my Mundane Life

June 6, 1986

I remember. Words that are a curse to me. I am almost afraid to drive, I see other things that may or may not be there. Colors, patterns, people. This is how I used to be before the burnout. When everything ebbed so low that I was able to hypnotize myself into not remembering, not being. I wasn't quite sane then. And I was tired. At least now I understand where my cheerful disposition comes from.

Bruce is walking up the driveway between the houses. I had better let him in before he knocks and deafens me. I have to get my control back or this shit is going to drive me insane. Again. I hurry towards the door and open it just a his hand is raising. In the back of my mind I note that I could see him through the door.

"Hey, Bruce, come on in." It comes out almost as a whisper.

"You alright man?"

"You seem to be asking that a lot lately."

"Well you look as if you haven't slept in days."

"I will tell you about it sometime if you promise not to have me committed."

"That bad huh?"

"That bad."

"I didn't mean to stir up any bad shit, I was just trying to wake you up."

"Well you did wonders."

"Where's Melanie?"

"At work, so the story goes."

"She notice anything?"

"You have to be kidding, she avoids me like the plague."

"Well, there is a resemblance today."

"Gee thanks."

We moved into the living room and cleared off our usual spots. Bruce seemed uneasy. With what he had seen, I guess it wasn't any wonder. It would have helped my nerves though if I could have just seen Bruce, instead of the flickering rainbow that surrounded him. It made my head hurt.

"You know, I always wondered what was up with all the science bullshit you dredged up." I told him.

"I could tell there was a lot more to you than you were letting on."

"Did you ever think it might be for a reason?"

"There are always reasons."

"I suppose when you were a kid you used to take the backs off radios and such that said 'no user serviceable components inside'."

"Of course." He said laughingly.

"You know me" He continued. "I'm the thumb up the ass of the universe."

"Actually, in this case, you are the hammer to the skull of me."

He leans forward looking like a kid with a new toy.

"So what exactly did I do?"

"Probably just what you wanted, and just what I didn't want you to do."

"I don't understand."

"I was sleeping for a reason. That reason was my sanity."

"You a closet serial killer?"

I had to laugh at that one. Even though he was a lot closer than he thought.

"No, a closet witch-hunter."


"I wish it was."

"And what started you off on this unusual career field?"

"Self defense."

July 21,1977

I tried to get Ann to come with me. I almost felt that she wouldn't be there when I got back. But to my relief, she was waiting at the airport. I had some car trouble on my way to Indy. So I left the Duster in mom's garage and flew back. It really wasn't a vacation to shout about. I visited with some old friends that acted like they hardly knew me and visited my old school. Mom had to work most of the time that I was there, so I had a lot of time on my hands, and little money. After the second day I decided to visit the Indianapolis Library. I guess that is where my education really began. I came back with a list of books and the address of clearing houses around the states, some overseas. It looked like a good chunk of my money was going to be invested in paper pretty soon. But I was starting to get an idea about what was going on, I thought.

July 23,1977

Road trip. Kramer, Zimmerman, and I. Off on a little adventure. Since I didn't have wheels, I got out while I could. Kenny was offering me a bike, but I haven't ridden before. Guess I'll have to learn. Anyway we headed down to Bar Harbor for some lobster. a change of scenery and a buzz. We found the place we were told about, and man that was a meal. We made a mistake and got a dinner apiece, we probably could have ordered one dinner and still came away full. I found out that they serve lobster in Maine, and large crawdads everywhere else.

We did the drive around the island and headed back. I talked them into a stop in Bangor at a bookstore that was on my list, and eighty dollars later, I have more research material.

July 24,1977

Ann and I got into our first major argument. About the books. She said that I really didn't need to know about that stuff, that I would probably wind up getting hurt. I thought that was a fine bit of advice from someone who had her own coven. After we cooled off a little, I explained that if I was going to be around this shit, I was at least going to learn to take care of myself. Then I told her that I thought that the nightmares that I was having, really weren't nightmares, but was somehow connected to her coven. Then she started crying. I didn't understand, so I begged her to tell me what was going on.

July 25,1977

Ann cried herself to sleep last night. I am almost afraid to bring the subject up again. She hasn't come home from work yet and I feel isolated and abandoned. I started reading a little while ago, and I was right, this shit is over the top. A spider sandwich for strength? Come on. I leafed through some of the other books, but I couldn't concentrate. The words were running together. I am thinking about heading back to the barracks and seeing if I can score something for my head. Maybe something to help me focus instead of just zone out. Randy usually is chemically minded, he might know the right brew.

July 26,1977

Damn, I didn't get any sleep last night. Ann never came home, but I saw her at work and she looked like hell. She's here right now, and she won't go more that three feet from me and keeps saying she is so sorry. She hasn't calmed down enough to talk yet, but I have a feeling this is going to really be wild when it cuts loose. I did see Randy last night and he referred me to Moose. I got turned on to some purple barrel acid, which explains the no sleep. I got back about eight and dove into the books until I had to go to work this morning. I read one of them twice. After you filter out the bullshit, there is an interesting thread running through them all. I doubt if that was what the writers intended though. I checked back with the loaner from Randy, and started sifting pieces. I was still buzzed at work today and there was little to do, so I found me a corner and started cleaning and thinking. I let my mind wander where it would, and wound up in some of those old physics primers. I may be actually looking in the wrong direction after all. Quantum physics dictates that causality may be nonexistent due to the reactions that may actually take place based on intent. This basically means that the simple intent to do something without the action, theoretically could cause a reaction. A basic state of mind, in other words, could cause events with out any physical action from the thinker. Couple that with magic's dependance on symbols... focused energy without physical contact. I think I need to return to the library.

July 27,1977

Thank god, Ann is almost back to her old self. I didn't realize how much I depend on her just being here. She still won't talk about the books or anything else having to do with her coven, but at least she is talking. I got some real strange looks today at the library. Non-Euclidean Geometry, Quark-quark Physics, Temporal Physics, Quantum Engineering Primer and the Kabala. I thought the Lieutenant at the desk was going to call the guys with the butterfly nets.

August 2, 1977

Ann is too subdued. I have started riding into work with her everyday because she doesn't want to be alone. She acts as if she is haunted. I don't know what to do. She is actually reading some of the books I got from the library, and has been asking questions. She is looking puzzled most of the time by my answers, and then she gets this faraway look in her eye. She has actually helped me organize my line of study and suggested other routes to try. Over the last few days, she seems more and more drawn into what I am trying to learn.

August 3, 1977

I got floored today. We were in the quantum book and Ann pops up and runs into the bedroom. She came back a few seconds later with a book on Sorcery.

She looked at me for almost a minute and the sat down and started showing me things. Next thing I knew we had five or six books open comparing different things. If I had a way to publish what I think we have found, I doubt if I would have to work again the rest of my life.

Life As We Don't Know It

June 6, 1986

"It started in the Air Force," I told Bruce. "I got caught up with this girl who was the leader of a local coven."

"Do what?"

"I fell in love with her, even though I didn't realize it at the time. It seemed as though her followers didn't like the idea of me stealing away their high priestess. Took it kinda personally actually."

"Is this where Rod Serling walks in?"

"I have no way of describing exactly what went on, just suffice it to say, there was a major disagreement."

I had gotten up prior to this and poured us both a shot of Jack. We sat there in silence and sipped the whiskey. Bruce was looking off into space and I was just trying to get some control over what I was seeing. One of those Kodak moments.

"So it was a disagreement over ownership." Bruce quipped.

"No... it was a tad more complicated then that."

"Why's that."

"Well it was subsidized."

"Uh, by who?"

"Our dear old uncle."

August 5, 1977

Jacob showed up during lunch today with this little oriental guy in tow. I was a little tired and cranky so I made a crack about who the Chinaman was. Something knocked me on my ass. I didn't see either of them move so I looked around for a Mack truck. Jacob started to introduce him and he interrupted and said, "Ahh, yess, me Chinaman." Jacob looked at him then at me, shrugged his shoulders and told "The Chinaman" my nickname. He looked at me and said "Honorable Rat... velly goood." I didn't know what to make of this whole escapade, so I kept my mouth shut, just in case there was another Mack truck floating around. Jacob told me that this was the man who was supposed to help me. By this point I wasn't arguing about anything, my ears were still ringing. They told me to drop by the gym after I got off work. Looks like a late dinner tonight. Ann drove today and wound up going with me. To my surprise, no introductions were necessary. As I stood a little back from the reunion, I got a chill watching them chat like they grew up together. I clamped down on the next thought and forced my mind to go blank. That caught everyone's attention. All eyes turned to me. Jacob looked shocked. Ann looked guilty, of what though I didn't know, yet. And the Chinaman, nodded his head and said. "Ah, yes, I see now." He turned back to Jacob and said "We talk tomorrow. No more tonight." Class dismissed. All the little kiddies trot home and get a good nights sleep, there will be a test in the morning. Shit. I didn't question Ann about the little meeting, and I think she was relieved. We talked about the normal BS around the squadron and other little things. After we got home, she fixed dinner, we had some wine, a little smoke, a lot of sex, and wandered off to sleep. At least she did. I sat and thought. I was starting to see a picture forming from the pieces and I didn't care for the looks of it. I told myself I was crazy; there is no way that someone would go to that much trouble... Or would they???

August 6, 1977

I didn't see Jacob or the Chinaman today but I did see something that gave me cold chills. I decided to go for a walk during lunch, clear my head, think. I wandered by the base HQ and lo and behold there was a Cadillac parked in front. I recognized it immediately, Leah's. I wasn't about to go in to see who she was talking to, but the fact it was there... I wonder who is next in line as head honcho of that coven. On the way back to the shop I came up with a very basic plan. Ann gets off a half hour later than I do so I usually hang around her office. She is basically the Squadron Commander’s secretary. I wandered in like usual and we chatted. I got a good look at the layout. I hadn't bothered to really look before. I noticed that there were the normal eight foot high walls with no ceilings. Our shop is basically a small hanger with walls added for offices. The Commander left about a quarter after, he was used to seeing me hanging around and I barely got a second glance. I had stationed myself so that I got a good look into his office. On the way home I talked Ann into stopping by the barracks and I scored some killer smoke.

I had already talked with Kenny that day to arrange it. Normal night, food, wine, smoke, sex, sleep. I got up after I felt her body go slack and her breathing slowed. I grabbed my bicycle and did the six mile trek back to base. I told the gate guard I had forgotten something back at the barracks, and went to the shop. There's a ventilation grill in the back where the emergency generator sits and I went in through there. Ann's door was unlocked so it was just a matter of climbing over the wall into the Commanders Office. Had an uneasy moment when security made its rounds while I was sitting on top of the wall, but nothing ever happens in Maine and he didn't even turn his flashlight on to check the rooms. I did mine though, the light almost blinded me. I found his personnel files and picked the lock. On the wrong cabinet. It seems my files weren't under M. I thought about it for a minute and checked the file next to it. It was there in a folder all its own, marked special handling. There were several files: two had my name on them. One marked Personnel, the other marked Secret. I had seen the Personnel file several times, at reviews, my promotion, etc. So it was the other one that interested me. In it I found my "other" training record. It was certified by several flavors of the alphabet soup. I found that I had two more waves of supplementary training, along with field training? I also learned that I had more than one career designation, and there was a post designation of SF/T after each one. There was a background check that should have been a lesson to historians everywhere. And then I ran across the surveillance reports. I had to look over my shoulder at that one. I was in there a lot longer than I thought, because I heard security make another round. That really didn't worry me as much as the time that I had spent. So I put everything back, and then I noticed the other files in there. One marked control and the other marked training. I took a quick peek though each and came away with my head spinning. It was definitely time to leave. It did explain though why a secretary had to be certified every year on small arms.

And Up My Other Sleeve

June 6, 1986

"So you found out you were really popular."

"Oh, that's not the half of it." I replied.

"Dude, you are sounding like one of those conspiracy nut cases. If I didn't know you better, I would think that you went over the top and down the other side."

"Don't be to sure that you know me just yet. I just got a glimpse of the old memories, and I ain't sure who's looking back out of the mirror."

"Well, what happened after your revelation?"

"I decided to change the rules of engagement a little bit."

"What rules?" Bruce asked.


August 7, 1977

I had forgotten, until last night, about Ann's trip down to NY. She was to leave in two days and be gone for a week. If what I was thinking was true, that gave me two days to prepare for a skirmish with her coven; her government-sanctioned coven. I figure the only advantage I have going at the moment, is the fact that they still think their cover isn't blown. I don't know for sure whether Ann has been a good girl and reported her findings on our research, but I can only assume that she has. Hope has nothing to do with this. Besides there is a long jump between theory and practice, and I think I have an edge on that. I went ahead and bought Kenny's bike. It is a Kawasaki 500. I guess I will get to learn to ride it on my way down to Portland this weekend.

August 8, 1977

I got a hold of Moose today and he still had several hits of acid left. I bought them all. I also went to the library and checked out several books on meditation. The Lieutenant doesn't even look at me strange anymore, must have been briefed. I checked into a week’s lease of a hunting cabin out by Gas City, and booked it real cheap as it is the off season yet. The guy didn't even blink. I told him I was looking for a place that was quiet to write a book. If what I am thinking is true this won't work, except to bring everything out on neutral ground. I stopped by the local general store to pick up some groceries, and the checkout girl acted like she wanted to get stocked into the cabin as well. Sorry dear, I doubt if you would like the party that is likely to occur.

My Shot at Stardom

June 6, 1986

"I decided that everyone knew more about me than I did. So I decided it was time to find out what all the fuss was about."

Bruce chuckled. "What did you do? Go to your local psychic detective?"

"No, close though. I went to my local psychic photographer."


"Come on, think back about ten or fifteen years. Kirlian photography was the rage, remember? Thing was that since most of the pictures came out looking almost the same, it was written off as static discharge from the plate behind the subject."

"And you know it wasn't?"

"The people who wrote it off never saw my picture."

August 9, 1977

I saw Ann off at the base terminal today, she caught a hop down on one of the tankers instead of having to fly commercial. She had tears in her eyes and said she loved me. That shook me up. I thought about it on my way back to the trailer to pick up the bike. It would be nice to actually have someone on my side for a change. The only thing was, I knew what she wasn't telling me and what she was hiding. I half expected Jacob to be there when she left, but he didn't show, so that was one less worry I had to contend with. It was a long ride down to Portland and that bike is far from comfortable. It didn't take long to get the hang of it though. I think I like riding. I will have to find a better road bike though. I stopped outside of Portland and got a bite to eat and checked the local phone book. The shop that I had found was still in existence, so I called them and got the location. An easy drive from where I was, I wasn't looking forward to riding in a crowded city on a bike that I was just learning how to ride. I got there and had my picture taken and the job was done.

Kirlian photography is supposed to give you a snapshot of your aura. While I was waiting I looked at some of the pictures on the wall to see what I was going to get. They were kind of impressive, but none of them prepared me for the shock of seeing my own. I was wondering why the psychic who ran the shop wouldn't come close to me, but I understood after seeing that picture. I had to remind her to take my money as I left, and then I had to leave it on the counter. My picture, words escape me on this, the best I can say is it looked as if it was photographed with me in the middle of a blast furnace. Most of the other pictures I had seen, looked as if the person in them was surrounded by a soft glow of various colors. Mine took up the whole picture, obscuring most of the details and whiting out the picture in a few places. It looked kinda like a massive swirling fireball. I understood why there was so much interest in me anyway. More and more pieces fell into place, the picture I was seeing wasn't nice. I debated on staying the night, but thought better of it. No use having them hunt me down here and figure out what I was up to. So I shot back up to Gas City, to my cabin away from home and got busy.

How to Win Friends

June 6, 1986

"So a photograph changed your life." Bruce quipped.

"No, that part was chemically induced."

"Do what?"

"Knowing that the aura was there wasn't enough. I needed control. To control it I needed to see it. Now think of a drug that lets you see colors."


"That's the stuff. I found a nice quiet cabin out in the woods and studied meditation and alchemy. With Ann down in New York, I didn't have anyone peeking over my shoulder, at first."

"Oh, did someone drop in while you were playing?"

"Not physically, no. The coven decided that with Ann gone, it was a prime time to drop in for an astral visit."

"I take it there was an altercation."

"Kind of, their timing was all wrong."

"For whom?"


August 10, 1977

Surprisingly last night was peaceful. I must have slipped my leash for a while. I doubt it that will last long, as I must look like a spotlight in the dark to anyone seriously looking. I was beat by the time I made it back, I had never rode after dark, hell, I had never ridden before yesterday. I slept like a baby. I got up bright and early, did breakfast and went to work. Meditation sounds so easy in the books, and I suppose it is when you aren't being hunted by a pack of witches and the US Government. For some reason I had a hell of a time relaxing. It took me a while but I finally got to the point I could do it without having to consult the book. I probably have a long road in front of me on the way to finding my center though. I took a break at noon for lunch and went for a short walk to get the blood moving again. Places like this explain why Ann is so fond of Maine. I think I would go nuts personally, if I had to live here. I went back and took a hit of acid and tried for the deepest meditation trance I could manage. Mind blank, floating. The acid kicked in and all of a sudden I was floating in a sea of fire. I almost freaked, before I remembered the picture. Ah, so this is what they see. I relaxed into it and to my surprise, I floated deeper. It felt as if the world was revolving around me. I let go and let myself drift out and suddenly I saw lines of blue fire in the wall. That shook me for a minute until I realized that they stopped at a wall socket. God knows how long I watched that lazy blue glow slowly move up and down the wires. I looked around me to see what else there was to be seen, and noticed a bird. I thought nothing of this, until I realized it was outside on a branch. I was looking through a wall. I stayed lost in just seeing for the longest time then I remembered why I was there. I looked back to the blue fire in the walls and reached out with my pool of red fire and felt a mild shock. The next thing I knew I was watching the blue fire being drawn into the red and then it went dark. I puzzled over this for a while then it hit me. I had blown a fuse. I drifted up and floated into the kitchen and found some spares in one of the drawers. I had no trouble finding the box as it looked like a blue floodlight. I replaced the dark fuse and the new fuse lit up and the glow was then even. Mission accomplished. I was debating on how to proceed from there, when the options were removed from the outside. They had found me. I heard / felt confusion. There were only four of them. I saw that they were sitting at a table with a candle and a mirror in the middle. They were holding hands, aw, how sweet. I pulled back for a better view of the room and one of them said something that sounded like Latin and a ball of energy shot out at me. I watched it come, and, instead of ducking, I drank it. I guess my aura did actually. I was irritated by the distraction, and pushed. I watched to my amusement as they all flew backwards from the table. It looked as if their glow had been enveloped by my fire glow. I watched as it sucked into each of them and they dropped like rag dolls.

I lost interest and wandered up through the ceiling and on outside. I looked around and found that I was in Limestone, about 2 miles from the trailer. Well at least I had an idea of their base of operations.

August 11, 1977

I didn't think that I would be able to sleep last night, but when I crashed, I went right to sleep and woke up feeling fantastic. The only problem is I still see a slight glow around everything and the light from outside hurts my eyes. I was planning on another hit of acid and some more experimenting, but something inside is telling me it might not be a good idea. I had some breakfast and decided to make a trip back to the trailer. I took a detour on the way there though. I took a look at that house that I had seen while I was tripping. It was still there and the cars were still outside. No dream then. I got to the trailer and there was a brand new Cadillac parked outside. Leah. I thought, what the hell and went on in anyway. She was curled up on the sofa reading one of my books, lost in concentration. I don't think that she even heard me come in. I watched her for a few seconds, and she almost looked childlike. I cleared my throat, and I thought that I was going to have to pull her off the ceiling. Her shields clamped back in place and the room temperature dropped. She started to say something and caught herself.

I chuckled to myself and said, "Long time no see."

She kinda jerked a little bit at that.

"How is everyone?"

She looked as if I had spit on her and half whispered, "You bastard."

I told her I was in no position to argue that, as I had been adopted and really didn't know for sure.

She looked at me then said, "I think we need to come to some sort of agreement."

To which I replied, "Oh?" I was still a little buzzed on the acid and really not thinking all that clearly. "And why is that?"

I think I was just jerking her chain trying to piss her off. It worked.

"You bloody fucking bastard, you son of a bitch, you, you."

I thought that this might go on a while so I said, "Uh, dear, you’re repeating yourself." Suddenly I watched a ball form in front of her, and I said, "Ah, dear, I don't think that I would do that. I would hate for you to wind up like your friends."

The ball disappeared, and the color drained from her face.

"What are you?" She asked, almost a whisper.

I told her I didn't have a clue. I was just trying to survive and maybe someday retire. She told me to stop being so flip. To which I replied that I wasn't. I wasn't wanting any of this shit and if certain people would have left me alone, that I would have been quite content to just go on in my ignorance and let life pass quietly by. I think that rocked her a little. I don't think that she ever considered that one of her pawns might have feelings and that she was actually to blame for this mess. I had her off guard a little so I asked her straight up if I was being used as a power source or an experiment. She had a look of shell shock and answered that they had been drawing from me for a while. Then she caught herself and shut up. I had learned what I wanted though.

I turned to go and she said, "Wait!"

I stopped and turned back.

She said, "This changes things, we have to come to some sort of an agreement or..."

"Someone else might get hurt?" I finished for her.

"We underestimated you. But this cannot continue like it has. You need us."

I looked her in the eye and said, "I need you? Or is it maybe, you need me?"

At least she had the good graces to look embarrassed.

"Tell me what you are trying for, or at least try to be honest, and we might be able to talk, try one of your tricks again and I promise, all hell will break loose. Why don't you think about it before you reply? I will be honest I don't know what I have started here, but I sense a lot more potential that what I have achieved so far. I may not be able to stop you, but I promise I will do my damndest to take out as many as I can before you drag me down."

The little girl look was back and she said, "I believe you would too. My god I believe you would." Then she said, "I don't understand what you have done, I have seen the books and none of this makes sense to me, but please for the love of god, stop. We need Ann and we need you it seems, but if this continues…"

"I am not the one who started this and I have no intentions of bothering you if you leave me the fuck alone!"

She flinched away at that.

"When we can all get together and discuss this instead of sneaking around and trying to trick each other, maybe then we can work something out. I think, however, that both sides had better cool off a little first, don't you?"

She looked at me for a long time, then said, "Yes, you are right. If we tried to talk now, nothing good would come of it." Then she smiled. "I suppose now I must treat with you as an equal."

I smiled back. "That would be a good start."

She walked to the door then stopped.

She turned and half smiled "At least now I know what Ann sees in you."

Then turned back and left.


June 6, 1986

"I took out four of them." I explained to Bruce.

"I thought you said that they only showed up in their astral forms."

"Yeah, but I was able to find out where they were and return the favor. Goes to show that you shouldn't fuck with a man's high."

Bruce chuckled. "So you dropped in for a visit?"

"Something like that, I really don't know how to explain what really happened."

"If I had to guess, I would say that they weren't really happy with you after that."

"Damn you’re good. Got to meet the new leader of the coven though. She was rather pissed until I pointed out that I wasn't the one that went looking for them."

Bruce stared into space for a few minutes then said, "Man this shit is strange, I don't think even I would believe it if I hadn't seen your pet."

"What do you mean? We haven't got to the part where it really gets strange yet."

"Oh, shit."

"Never summon what you can't control."

August 12, 1977

First thing I see when I show up for work is Jacob. He was looking rather subdued. He asked what I had been up to over the weekend.

I said, "Oh, just this and that."

He looked at me real funny, and then said that they were looking for me. I asked who. He said him and the Chinaman. I told him that he should have caught me before I left Friday. I noticed he had dropped his shuck and jive routine. He said that he looked for me at the trailer and I wasn't there. I told him I needed to get away for a while and do some thinking. Then he dropped the bombshell and asked if I had any nightmares. I figured one good turn deserves another and said no, I was sleeping rather peacefully. I guessed, at that point, that Leah and her crew weren't on that tight of a leash. Or maybe Leah was actually keeping her word. I couldn't know, so I let it slide. I had to be very careful about what I knew; last I heard breaking into a Commander’s office was a federal offence. Besides I knew now I was messing with more than the Air Force. Sobering thought of the day. He asked where I was staying and I saw no point in lying, they could find me quick enough if they tried.

"I rented a cabin out towards Gas City. The trailer felt empty without Ann in it."

He said that he understood and let it drop.

August 13, 1977

I am thinking about going back to the trailer. It is rather pointless being here now. I suppose I should keep the masquerade. If Leah is holding up her end of the bargain, it might look funny to the watchers. I am getting a lot of studying done but I haven't made any new breakthroughs. I have even caught up on my study program. I have two more coming, but I am not supposed to know that yet. I am supposed to show up tomorrow at the gym for one of my training sessions.

August 14, 1977

Things are just idling along. Jacob is acting a little off, hasn't slowed him down though. The Chinaman wandered in and showed off a little. Gave me a few pointers. They spent most of their time just watching. I think there were supposed to be more fireworks this week.

August 15, 1977

Went drinking with Jacob and the Chinaman. Talk about a wild night. We only broke three bars.

August 17, 1977

I picked up Ann last night, thank god. We had a wonderful reunion. I may sleep the rest of the weekend. I asked her if she had Leah's number. She freaked. I told her we need to talk and told her what happened. She sat there in silence and at the end shock, then got up and kissed me and we had another go round. She said that we would talk about it in the morning.

August 18, 1977

Leah showed up about noon. She was by herself and the normal temperature drop didn't occur. I offered her a drink and we sat down and chatted like old friends. I inquired about the people who were at the house that night, and she said that they were all right, but they were showing signs that the worst blow might have been mental. I asked if she thought that they would recover and she said she just didn't know. I said that I was sorry. She looked at me and after a while she smiled. She said that she believed me, and it was a shame that it worked out the way it did. I told her that we could work together, but not the way that we were. Ann said that it wouldn't be possible. Leah gave her a dirty look and asked why not? Oops. I knew, but there was no way to say, unless I knew for sure where their loyalties lie. Ann and Leah stared at each other for a while and I asked if they needed their drinks refreshed. I walked out and heard them start in on each other, I actually considered eavesdropping, but changed my mind. Other than the shop talk, this was actually rather pleasant. I rattled the glasses to let them know that I was coming back in and to my surprise they continued to talk in front of me.

"So why should we tell them, they aren't god after all?" This was Leah.

To which Ann replied, "What if they figure it out? I know these people, they are not nice."

I figured that was as good a cue as any. "Of what people are we speaking?"

As I returned their glasses to them. Ann looked at me hard, as if to gauge how I would react.

The silence grew long and then she said, "There are some things that I need to tell you."

I was wondering if she would, now I would get to see just how much.

"I am working special assignment, attached to this squadron."

Ok so far now how far would she go?

"The group that I am with is supposed to create an artificial environment to see if your development can be accelerated. Since most people associate PSI powers with magic, the covens were created. Or, in this case, subverted. The idea being to push you till you develop a shield, then corner you to see how you react. They were particularly interested in you, because you seem to draw from everything around you. The more you were drained, the larger the Aural field when you recovered. Then you shocked me by going off on what I thought was a tangent. But after a while, I realized that you had out-thought a lot of the 'experts' and made a link between theory and practice."

Whew, more than I expected, a lot more.

"There are two separate operations going at the same time, one inside the military and one in the civilian sector."

She looked as if she had a bad taste in her mouth. "I was supposed to be your main contact and confidant, but a problem came up."

With that she stopped as if she ran out of words.

I thought about it for a minute and asked, "What was that?"

She looked at me for the longest time then said, "Damn you, I fell in love."

Oh, shit.

"So I separated from the coven to try to protect you and the trouble started. I was called on the carpet and they decided to go ahead with the operation anyway. But I haven't reported in for a few weeks and I gather that the previous week didn't go as planned, so we are treading on very thin ice."

Leah spoke up, "I told them that after the initial contact, that we couldn't locate you and the group was reluctant to try. After they examined the group, I think that they believe me."

I got more than I had bargained for in spades. It was my turn and I had to figure a way out of this before it returned to business as usual.

I looked at Ann and said, "Then they don't know about the research and my little side trip to Portland?"

Leah looked puzzled over that one, so I told her that I had slipped down to Portland to get my picture taken. I got it out and showed her.

She looked at me strange and asked, "Did Ann tell you about your aura?"

I replied, "No, I overheard them discussing it at a little party at the gravel pits or something and thought that might be something to look into."

Both women looked shocked as I hadn't told Ann about this either.

"Quite the resourceful. I think you are starting to scare me." Was Leah's reply.

I continued on, "It was all drug induced."

This got a laugh out of both of them.

"I think we need to give them what they want."

The laughter stopped.

"Ann, you need to start feeding them what we have discovered, but in small doses and edited."

I looked at Leah. "You need to resume operations after you get your group back together. But make sure that they accidentally hear the story about the unfortunates who got blasted last weekend. That should make them easier to control."

I thought for a minute. "As for Jacob and the Chinaman, I will feed them what they need to hear. This should give us some breathing room until we can think of a way out of this mess that doesn't include someone getting hurt."

Ann looked puzzled for a minute then asked, "You knew about Jacob?"

I smiled. "I don't mean to put your group down, but having an LTC do the introductions was a bit stupid."

She laughed at that.

"The question is, can I trust you two? I know there is no one else, so I am staking a lot on you two."

Ann looked hurt for a few seconds then I think she realized that she hadn't been open with me until now. I watched as several different emotions chased each other across her face. Leah just stopped. I mean she froze. It suddenly occurred to her that this was serious. Very serious. I let them think about it, I wasn't going to rush them, as I was going to have to live with their decision, one way or the other.

I sat down and sipped my drink, wondering to myself just where all of this was going to go. This was actually the first time in a while that I felt that I had some control, and It gave me a chance to look over the past events in a new light. I found that I was scared. These two were used to orders, but I didn't think that they could lead. And that was what was needed, was someone to lead us out of this mess. I didn't care for where the indicators were pointing.

Leah spoke up first, "I have come to realize that what we were doing is just plain wrong. I really didn't like it before, and now that I have come to know you, I like it less. When you stop and look at it, we are all being used in this. I will help in any way that I can. I swear it."

I smiled, "Swearing isn't ladylike or necessary in this case."

Ann looked at Leah and said, "You’re slipping, you're the Ice Queen, your not suppose to have a heart."

Leah just laughed.

Ann went on "I have already told you I love you, but after finding out what we were hiding, I can see your point in asking. Dear, I have been in your corner for a while. I just didn't know how to tell you all of this. I was afraid you would leave me. I will help you no matter what. Apparently you already have a good idea what you are up against, no, what we are up against, so I am sure that you know what that means."

We sat for a while and I noticed that my drink had evaporated. I checked with the girls and got up to make new ones. When I came back I looked out the door and realized that we might have made a huge mistake.

"Leah, your car is out front."

She looked at me for a moment and then her eyes registered shock.

"Oh, shit."

I thought about it for a minute and told them that Leah had come here to confront us on what happened to her friends. Ann nodded at this and said that she thought that she could pull it off. In the back of my mind I made note that this confirmed that the trailer was watched. Ann smiled at me as if reading my mind.

Leah said, "I had better go soon. If I stay too long then it will look suspicious."

"We are going to have to find a way to meet." I replied "And the sooner the better. We need to plan our next step."

It was Leah's turn to smile. "Follow Highway 1 south about a quarter of a mile past Limestone. There is a dirt road on your left, follow that back and it loops around north. You will see a path crossing the road that will lead you to our meeting house."

I looked at her and said, "That sounds like a hell of a walk."

She smiled, "You have a motorcycle."

I laughed at that one. "Dear, before I went to Portland, I had never been on a bike in my life that I didn't have to pedal."

Ann looked at me and said, "You mean that you bought that bike and never even knew if you could ride it and then took it on a 136 mile road trip to learn?"

I half smiled. "I had little choice at the time. My point is however, that risking my neck is one thing but risking Ann's too, is quite another."

Leah looked at me for a second and said, "You know, I really don't believe you. Let me get this straight, you buy a car and learn to drive it on the way home, you buy a bike and learn to ride it on a road trip most people plan weeks for, and you are worried about doubling on a dirt road? I suggest you try it, you might be able to do handstands on it by the time you get there."

I had to laugh at that, but "It was just me doing all of that, and I wasn't putting any one else at risk."

Leah just shook her head. "You are unreal."

Ann piped in, "We will be there, say, tomorrow about four. I need to make sure that we come alone first."

Ann then turned to me, "You stay inside, I think me and miss Leah are going to have a catfight."

Oh shit. After Leah left, Ann came back inside. I think she enjoyed it. We talked late into the night. At one point I had a nasty thought and asked her if the trailer might be bugged. She said no, because if I did develop the way that they planned, I might be able to see it. I hadn't thought of that. I wondered too, about how close I was being watched. She pointed out that on Maine roads, it is next to impossible to follow someone because you would be the only two vehicles on the road for miles. I said that made sense, but I would keep my eyes open anyway. I was getting royally paranoid. Then I got to thinking that they really wouldn't have to watch too close because they thought that they had someone on the 'inside'. If we could convince them they still had control of the situation, they really had no reason to watch that close. I asked about the coven. Ann said that most of it was already here when she got here, and that a few were operators from different parts of the country that they had recruited. Leah was actually from Virginia. She had been found as a child and trained. I didn't ask what 'found' meant. I asked if there were plants in the barracks. She said one that she knew of, but didn't know his name. I thought that I knew, but wasn't sure. We went over her notes that she had been collecting on my studies and tried to figure out what tidbits we could feed the watchers that would keep them happy without telling them too much. All the while, I was trying to figure out what my next line of research would be. Ann asked why I was pursuing this when that was just what the watchers wanted, and I told her that I wanted to make sure that I had the edge in this game. If they managed to bring in any surprises, I wanted to at least be able to counter. I was in deep, and I knew that swimming to the top was out of the question. I asked Ann how long she had known Leah. She said that she had worked with her one other time at Minot. I almost asked how that turned out, then thought better. I told Ann that I would give her a list of books that I 'needed' so she could try and find them for me. She said that it might help. We worked on that for a while, and then turned our attention to some other things. Pleasant interlude. I asked her what would happen if I started acquiring some of the ceremonial accruement. She asked why. I told her that if I were to look as if I were following another line of research we might be able to keep them off of us for a while. My main problem was how to get the books that I really wanted. Ann smiled and said ask Leah. Silly me, I wasn't used to this cloak and dagger stuff. Ann told me I was a fast learner.

From a Pawn to a King

June 6, 1986

"The problem was, that I was the one who had to lead this dance."

Bruce replied, "So you took over?"

"Stop and think. They were used to following orders, not making decisions."

Bruce laughed, "So you formed your own coven, eh?"

"More like a task force at first."

"At first?"

"Well things got a little complicated."

"The brass find out?"

"No, it's just that our little group evolved. Rather quickly I might add."

August 19, 1977

Jacob caught me first thing. He wanted to meet after work and go partying. I told him that Ann and I had plans. He said Ok, but looked kinda funny. Ann turned in our edited research and asked to get off early so we could head down to the Pub in Presque Isle. I guess the brass were pleased with her story about wanting to make sure I didn't suspect anything and the BS that she fed them, so they said OK.

After work we hopped on the bike, I still felt nervous having her on it with me, and shot down towards Caribou. I took a back road that I knew of and came back towards Limestone. I had no trouble finding what Leah called a road, but when I saw it, I almost called the whole thing off. It was a logging road. Barely a set of ruts with a few craters set in to break the monotony. Ann told me to go on, and I went. I think I lost about fifty pounds just in sweat before we got to the path. It was actually a lot smoother than the road. I killed the bike as soon as I saw the house through the trees and we walked the rest of the way. I wasn't taking a chance on the noise reaching out past the house. The back yard was surrounded by trees and we didn't have to worry at all about being spotted. It was almost too easy. Leah let us in and told us that no one actually uses the house without her permission. I didn't think of that. Ann gave Leah a rundown of the day and what we talked of last night and Leah asked what books that I would need. She said that she knew of someone who could probably get whatever I wanted. I didn't ask. I gave her the list and she raised an eyebrow, then looked at me and said that she could get most of them at Portland from the University. I could see she wanted to know why so many were theoretical science books and the rest were religious. So I told Ann to give her a copy of the original notes. Ann asked me if I was sure. Trust is not received unless given. I was in up to my ass in this one – it was all or nothing. Besides I was the one who was demanding trust from her a day or so before. She said she would read them and then burn them. I asked why. She said that if they stayed there, that they might be found. She couldn't trust everyone in her group. Good point. We worked on a plan of attack for about an hour then figured that we had better head back. I suggested that we needed a way to contact each other in case of emergency. Leah didn't think that was a good idea. We arranged a meeting for the weekend and said our goodbyes.

It was dark by then and that logging road looked like a minefield. I made it through somehow, but then it was a trip back to Caribou, so we could come back the same way that we left. This shit was tedious. We got home and Ann fixed dinner and we talked about what we wanted to do, where we wanted to live, that sort of thing. I think we were just trying to take a break from it all. We sat there on the sofa for a while, snuggled together, then Ann got up and said that she wanted to do something for me. OK. She ran off into the bedroom and came back a few minutes later wearing calf boots, a black mini skirt, and a white top with peasant sleeves. She told me not to move and put a record on, and then proceeded to do a strip tease for me. I must have looked kinda funny sitting there with my jaw on my chest. It made for one hell of an end to the night.

August 20, 1977

Today was almost boring. I turned in the last of my papers on my "supplementary course" and figured that I probably had a few days before the next series arrived. Jacob stopped by at lunch and I asked if he wanted to head out tonight, he said no. I didn't ask why, but I noticed that he was his old self again. Good sign. About two in the afternoon, the Chinaman made an appearance. He didn't speak, but stood across the bay studying me. I pretended that I didn't notice him there and after a while he went away. Later on, after work, I felt Leah's group probing me so I went blank and they backed off. So far so good. Ann said that she had a talk with the higher ups and fed them some more misinformation. I worry every time she has to talk with those bastards. After dinner she told me that everything seems to be settling down to business as usual. I can only hope.

August 21, 1977

I had an idea today and stopped by the library at lunch. I was looking at a book on alpha and theta waves when the Chinaman walks in. He studies me for a minute then comes over and looks at what I am reading. He nods and asks if I have been working on my chi. That set me back. I finally remembered him speaking of it at one of our training sessions. I told him that I was unsure how to proceed. He tilted his head, grinned and said, "Bullshit." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So he grins at me and asked if he got the pronunciation right. All I could do is nod. Then I felt it, that light touch in my brain. I blanked immediately. He laughed and said bullshit again. Then he patted me on the back and left. I went to the card file and looked for a book on chi. No luck. I suppose I will have to look for other sources. This one is obviously on the approved list so I will run it by Ann. It should make them proud.

August 22, 1977

I felt Jacob and the Chinaman walk in the office today while I was looking for parts. I turned to say hi, and noticed there was a suit with them. Jacob and the Chinaman looked at each other like proud parents. The suit only looked stunned. I let my mind go blank and my eyes unfocussed. Then I saw the auras, tight pulsing patterns around them. I flipped back and noticed a set of three blank looks. Ah, so they can be caught off guard. So I told them that I had a MHU outside with a bad pump and I needed to get it back on the line pretty quick as we were down to two thanks to someone scheduling the other two in for their six month inspection at the same time. Jacob said cool they just stopped by to rap, but if I was tied, no biggie.

I picked up a new housing and started to update the inventory, when I had an idea. I let my mind go lofting again and tried to feel where Jacob and crew were. I couldn't get anything at first but as I was almost ready to give up, I finally got the same feeling that I get when they walk in the room. It was in the Commanders Office. I pulled back and wondered what I could do with this tidbit. I also wonder if they can tell I am looking.

August 24, 1977

Yesterday must have been a holiday; we worked till noon and then the whole squadron shut down. Early weekend. Ann checked with Leah so we are heading that way later. We got invited to a hog roast though and we thought it would be an excellent chance to disappear as they usually last all weekend and everyone just comes and goes as they feel. I knew where they were having it so we left early and Ann followed me in her car. I stopped about a mile down the road and walked my bike into the trees. We took Ann’s car the rest of the way in. The party was just getting underway and the kegs were tapped and the pig was just about done. I was really kind sorry I couldn't stay for the whole thing. Along about five the bash was in full swing, bikes running back and forth, music, drinking, dancing and the most important part, couples starting to wander off into the woods. Playtime. Ann and I had been grabbing our share from the keg, but most of it was going on the ground. It really isn't hard to pretend to be blasted when everyone else around you already is. We yelled and danced and sang, and then just wandered off. No one noticed. We hiked back to the bike, staying well off the road and checked for any watchers. I rolled the bike out and we were on our way.

I didn't have that bad of a time with the logging road this time and we parked where we were before. I started up towards the house, and came to and abrupt halt. I heard voices. Ann started to say something and I signed to her to get down. She had good training. I crawled up to the edge of the trees and noticed that the back door had been left open. I stayed there listening and heard the voices again. I could make out Leah's, but the other voice I could not place. After a while I heard the front door and then a car start up. I waited. Then I saw Leah at the back door giving the thumbs-up sign. Whew. When we finally got in there, she said one of the guys from the coven showed up to talk. I asked if that happened often. She said he was trying to get in her pants. Ann laughed. Leah said that he wouldn't be trying again for a while. I didn't ask. We started to talk and Leah said she had something for me. She came back in the room with and armload of books. I was ecstatic, until I realized that only about half of them would fit in the saddlebags. Ann told me that she could tell that I had never ridden before and I scratched my head.

"Strap them on the gas tank."

Duh. OK, nobody’s perfect. We made our plans for the next week’s campaign and actually started to figure and overview. We decided to slow down our "progress" whenever we could, stall basically, and try to figure any weak points that we could use. Ann said that after a few months, if the "subject" appears to be under control, they usually call off the watchers. But she added that this was a special case. I asked why. Because of the rapid rate of development, and the survival factor. Survival factor? Of the last couple of cases that she worked on, the "subject" only lasted an average of six to eight months and was showing signs of instability within the first two or three. Fucking Great!! I guess that the monkey in the sideshow has lasted a lot longer than usual, let’s go look. So, I asked her, am I actually drawing attention because I haven't broke yet? She frowned and said that was pretty much it. I asked what the program called for at this point. She said that what would probably happen is that they would start testing. To see if you are reliable, if you can be trusted, and what your actual abilities are. Great. Ann continued, the first two pose no real problem for you, the third might be. How so?

Your abilities are slated to be tested by the coven. My thoughts on the matter were not very nice by this point. The bad thing about it is they already had four accidental test subjects and must be pretty sure how it would turn out. What a bunch of cold-blooded bastards. Leah couldn't stall forever, and would look damn suspicious if she tried.

I looked at the girls. What I saw frightened me. They were looking to me for answers. Leah must have figured out what I was thinking, She told me that there were only six of the native coven left and three of those wanted to leave. That left three innocents in the way. I asked Ann how soon I could expect this testing. She said that it wasn't on the near agenda, but there was no way of telling. I guess they make the rules up as they go. I told Leah, as a worse case scenario, if they force her hand, grab the other three and run, far and fast. She said she would look guilty as sin if she did that. I told her that at least she would be alive. I have had no time to practice control. I don't know what would happen if I had to defend myself. I told Ann what we needed was to get away for a week or so to ourselves and work on this. She said she wasn't sure that was possible. Well we need to do something.

Leah chimed in and said that she had read the notes and from what she had learned at college, I was tapping power at a molecular level. Whoa, left field pitch, wait a minute ladies, let me catch up here. I shook my head. Leah asked me if she was wrong in that assumption. I said that I really wasn't sure as I didn't have all of the pieces yet. She asked why I was shaking my head then. I laughed and told them that I am in a house alone with two beautiful women, and the only thing I can think of is how we can talk longer. Ann smacked me and Leah blushed. Ann saw the look on Leah's face and stopped cold. Leah? No way. Ann looked at me and back to Leah and then sat down, hard. I followed shortly after, when it sank in. Leah turned around and wouldn't look at us.

Oh Shit!!!

Then Leah said that she understood what happened when Ann defected from the coven, because she felt the same way. That took a while to sink in, quite a while. Now what? Leah finally turned back to us and said she didn't see how her feelings should change things. There were red streaks down her face. Ann and I looked at each other then we stood up and hugged her. After a few seconds she hugged us back. Ann said that, yes, it does change things and that she was a part of the family. I kinda looked puzzled at that one, but I said nothing. I couldn't think straight, I could barely breathe, and I was terrified. I was nineteen, trying to figure a way to outsmart the organization that had put all of this together, and now I had two women who were depending on me, to watch over. The thought of anything happening to either of them scared me beyond belief. I felt lost.

Two's Company...

June 6, 1986


"So what happened?" Bruce was clearly puzzled.

"Well, have you ever heard the phrase 'two’s company'?"

"Yeah, and three's a crowd. Got rather unpleasant, huh?"

"No quite the opposite. In this case it turns out two’s company, three’s an orgy."

"No way."

"I think that was harder to deal with than the government."

August 25, 1977

We made our way back to the party and made an appearance. We walked around a bit then made our way back to the car, picked up my bike and went back to the trailer. I had found where they were watching from and it was simple to avoid them. We were so tired when we finally made it back, that we just fell asleep.

When we awoke, we had breakfast and talked. It kept coming back to Leah. Ann thought that we should just keep on working on my project and worry about it later. It appeared that she thought that we had time. I wasn't so sure. What I did need was enough time alone to learn to focus or at least learn how to control the blast. I suggested that we talk Leah into doing a repeat on the last experiment – with the government’s brats. Maybe next time they would get the picture. The problem was that I was not sure that I could duplicate what I did without acid. Couple that with no easy way to find out. Ann thought that they might suspect a setup if it was military only that got zapped. Well I couldn't do it if Leah was there. Maybe I could hunt the civilians and give them enough of a scare to leave. Ann pointed out the control factor again, damn. We had no way of knowing what they were up to because that information wasn't kept in the Commander’s office. There had to be a way.

Ann asked what I was going to do about Leah. I asked her what she meant. "She really loves you I think."

I was trying hard not to think of that. I felt guilty and I had no idea why.

Ann then added, "I'm not jealous, we can share."

As if life wasn't complicated enough. I had enough shocks over the last few days that this almost rolled off me. Almost. I went brain dead. I looked at Ann and she was serious. I had no idea what to say, what to do, or even what I was feeling at the moment.

I finally asked, "Is that what you want? Because I don't have any idea what to do about it personally. I don't want to see any harm come to either of you, and I am not sure that I could handle a situation like that."

You guessed it, bombshell time.

"It would be fine with me, we were lovers before."

I sat down. Then I started to get up to fix a drink and forgot what I was doing and sat back down again.

Ann laughed at me and said, "Poor Rat, you have lived in the dark too long. Love is love and I love you both."

I tried central processing upstairs, but got a busy signal. Systems down. My mind felt like it was trying to hide in the corner, I couldn't blame it; I was looking to join it.

Ann looked at me. "I have had a list of 'lovers' that reads like the Limestone phonebook, but you are the first man that I can actually say that I love. Leah has never been with a man, so I was rather shocked when she told you last night. One of the main problems that she had with you originally, was that you stole her lover... and roommate, she doesn't like to sleep alone."

August 26, 1977

I have no idea what happened today. I looked up and it was over. I rode home with Ann, and tried to read while she fixed dinner. The words kept running together. I couldn't get my mind to function. Study requires thought. I gave up, and went into the kitchen and hugged Ann. She turned around and hugged back. Dinner almost burned. I never imagined that she actually wore a teddy underneath her uniform. We ate and did it again. She told me I had repressed desires. I told her I was obviously a backwards mid-western boy still wet behind the ears. She laughed and told me I was at least honest. I told her that I was trying to think of what to do, but I just couldn't manage the think part. She told me it would come in time.

August 27, 1977

My next training program showed up, I acted surprised. When Jacob naturally made an appearance just after that I let him see it and asked him what he thought was going on. He said he had no idea, had I checked with the Commander. I said what I had the last time and we both looked properly puzzled. The formalities over we talked about another bar hopping marathon this coming Friday. I told him to bring his pool cue. He said never, he would hate to break it on someone. Ann came out at lunch and said that some of my books had arrived. We went home that night and built a fire with the books, save the one on Chi. I sat down and read part of it while supper was cooking. After we ate, I showed Ann the book and we went over ideas. We fit some of the pieces in with what we already had and I realized I was almost functioning normally.

I asked Ann what she thought I should do about Leah.

She smiled and said, "Fuck her brains out."

I didn't think that I heard her correctly. So she repeated it.

She said, "Look, we are all under a lot of stress, and I really think it would help us bond."

Us. I let it soak in for a while. Us. Ann had said she was a part of the family. Us. Family. I reflected that I should do the all American male thing and take advantage of the situation. Then it hit me. I was feeling like I was taking advantage of them.

I told Ann about this and she laughed, "Take advantage huh? We are going to ride you like a new pony."

Hmm. Well, what was the worst that could happen?

August 30, 1977

The week went by and nothing really happened. Ann knew about the bar hopping bit. So I left after work with Jacob and the Chinaman. Four bars, the last one we almost got caught by the cops.

August 31, 1977

We got up grabbed the bike and headed down towards Caribou. Back road, logging road, path. Nock nock. You could have pushed me over with a feather. Leah answered the door in an outfit that would have made a stripper blush. Ann gave me shove from behind and I wound up in Leah's arms. We made our way into the den, and Ann took off her jacket, then her shirt and slacks. Then they attacked. Literally. Over and over. Apparently they had already decided. Ann leaned over and kissed Leah when it was done and said well? Leah got this lazy grin and said let’s do it again. I thought about trying to crawl from the room, but I doubted that I would make it. They laughed at me and snuggled in. I drifted off. I awoke to Leah helping me up. She had little trouble. Then she went wild while Ann watched. By this point I was almost in pain. I was relieved when Ann granted me a reprieve.

We lay there on the floor and talked about what we were going to do. Leah said that she thought my idea about scaring off the civilians was good. Until I pointed out that I still had no idea if I could control it or if I could even duplicate what I had done. Ann said that I needed to experiment. I told her that I wouldn't even consider putting either of them in harm’s way. Leah said I was sweet but that there might be a way. She said that she would arrange to have a few of "those gung-ho jerks" monitor me. It was almost certain to get out of hand because they knew everything. I suggested a group of three. That way if it got out of hand, there would be minimal damage. She asked why I was worried about those assholes. I said that I really wasn't, but I really didn't feel like jumping in over my head either. Ann said that she would be there to back me up. I told her no; that might get back to the brass. I was alone on this one.

Leah told us to shut up that she wanted to enjoy this while it lasted. We decided to retire to the bedroom and crawled into Leah's bed. Ann and Leah went at it for a while then Leah turned to me and said, "You know, I could get used to doing you," and started in on me. Ann decided that I should at least have a bite to eat. Between the two of them, I probably wouldn't be able to lift a finger the rest of the week. Before we drifted off, Ann gave me a wicked grin and said, "Taking advantage of whom?"

I awoke to the smell of food cooking. The girls must be cooking dinner. I staggered out of bed and went down to the kitchen. I couldn't believe what I saw. Ann had on a chef's hat, a lace peek-a-boo bra, and a g-string. Leah had on a French maid outfit with stockings and a garter belt. Both had on high heels. Talk about a teenage wet dream.

I stood back in the doorway and heard Ann say, "And you were worried."

Leah said, "I know, but damn, you could get hooked on that."

Ann replied, "You mean you aren't?"

Leah turned around and saw me in the door. She smiled so big I couldn't believe it.

She said to Ann, "I think dinner’s up."

Ann laughed and told her to get a hold on her hormones. She asked why, she liked making whore moans. I had never seen either of them so cheerful. I couldn't believe it, no booze, no drugs and yet, I was high as a kite. Our family. We had dinner by candlelight, and settled into the den. My eyes had a hard time figuring out which one to look at first. I said that after desert, we were going to have to get back. Leah said why? You can spend the night in 'Bangor'. I thought, why not? Then Leah looked at me and asked what I meant by dessert so I showed her. She tasted fantastic, and got to make quite a few of her whore moans. Ann suggested that we get some sleep, and Leah started to lead the way up stairs. I found myself looking dead at Ann's ass on the stairs, so I decide to try it out right there. We finally made it to bed and cuddled for while. Leah said she couldn't believe this was happening to her. I was thinking the same thing myself. She rolled over to me and said do you mind? I asked what. Then she crawled on top of me and did it again. No I didn't mind.

September 1, 1977

When I awoke, Leah was still on top of me asleep. Ann was already out of bed. Needless to say, I really didn't want to move. After a while I smelled bacon and my stomach started growling. I told it to shut up or it would wake my covers. Finally Ann walked in and looked at me with a smile and said, "Comfy?" I smiled back but didn't move. Ann shook her head then walked over and smacked Leah hard on the ass. Leah's eyes flew open in surprise and a slow grin spread across her face. She started wiggling her ass so Ann smacked it again. I thought to myself, what aren't these girls into. Leah moaned and started rubbing all over me. Ann got this big grin on her face and told me to roll her over. When I did Ann grabbed a leather strap from the corner of the bed and started to put it around Leah's wrist. She told me to "hold her down." Leah started to put up a fight so I grabbed her other wrist and pinned it back. Before too long we had Leah trussed up good.

I looked at Ann and said, "Now what?"

She said, "You don't know?"  Then she turned and left the room. That was one wild ride. Afterwards we went down to breakfast, Ann was grinning like a cat in a cream factory. She asked Leah if it beat a strap-on and Leah blushed.

Leah was rather subdued during breakfast. Ann said that sometimes they liked to play games. It depended on the mood. I thought about that for a while and asked what type of games. She told me to ask Leah. I looked over at Leah and she was staring at her plate.

I was rather puzzled by this so I said, "Leah?"

She didn't look up but said, "Yes master?" in a quiet voice.

Oh... my... God.

I looked at Ann and asked, "What do you do, take turns?"

She said, "It depends on our moods."

"This is the first time with anyone else though," she continued.

I was stunned. I guess that I had lead a sheltered childhood.

She said, "If you don't like this game there are others."

I smiled uneasily and said, "I guess I will have to learn the rules."

Ann replied, "There are no rules, except that no one gets hurt and everyone enjoys themselves."

I didn't have a clue what to do next, this was a game that I had never dreamt of and it was more than a little overwhelming. Ann watched me for a while, then got impatient.

"Leah, did you clean your toy when you finished this morning?" She asked.

"No, mistress." Leah replied.

"Then you had better do it now." Ann told her.

Leah got down from the chair and crawled across the floor. The way she moved went to the center of me, I don't think I have ever seen anything so sexy. Then she proceeded to slowly clean her 'toy.'

Ann then said, " You have been a bad girl. You know you need to take better care of your toy's or you won't be allowed to play with them anymore."

She got up and walked over behind Leah and started smacking her ass. After the fifth or sixth swat, Leah was frantic. Ann told me to hold her there, she would be right back. She went upstairs then came right back with a black bag. I really don't think the order to hold Leah was necessary, as she had no intentions of stopping what she was doing. Ann produced a little plastic toy and some lube. Leah's eyes looked like saucers when she saw it. Ann dripped the lube on the toy, and... I guess it gave a whole new meaning to shove it up your ass. She moaned and her eyes rolled back, panting like a freight train. She got really serious about the toy cleaning thing. Ann then took what looked like leather bracelets out and put one on each of Leah's ankles and wrists. She snapped each wrist bracelet to its respective ankle and stepped back. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Ann looked at me and half grinned. "Fuck her."

Leah's eyes flew open and she started shaking her head. Ann smacked her ass again. I got up and walked around behind Leah and Ann sat down where I was. Ann spread her legs and told Leah to get busy. I looked at the view from where I was and realized that the toy Ann used was bigger that I thought. I started to pull it out and Ann said leave it, you’re going to do her there next. Leah moaned and started shaking her head, so Ann grabbed a handful of hair and put it back where it was. I was in a daze, I started in on Leah and she went wild. Ann now had both hands on the back of her head, holding on for dear life. After a few minutes of this, Ann told me to pull the plug and nail her ass good. This was definitely going to be a first. Leah started pulling against the restraints. Ann gave me a wicked grin and said that she was next. I was too dazed to know what that meant. I started to slide the toy out and Leah let out this moan that went straight to my soul. She started wiggling her ass and bucking, so I gave a mental shrug and yanked the thing out, and replaced it with the real thing. Leah started bucking against me like she was going insane; it was all I could do to hold on. Needless to say I couldn't last long at that rate. When we were done, I started to reach down and undo the snaps on Leah, but Ann said leave her. She toweled me off and said that she was next. I told her I doubt that I could get it up, and she said "stick it in the slut's mouth, she'll get it up for you." Ohh..kay.

While I was doing as told, Ann walked around behind Leah and reinserted the toy then pulled another out of the bag along with something made of cloth. Ann turned the toy on and when Leah heard the buzz, she started to turn around. It was my turn to grab a handful of hair. Ann slid the little buzzing toy home and then grabbed the cloth. It was a black bikini bottom that tied on the sides. Leah was going nuts. Ann finished and came around to me and told me it was her turn. She bent over and told me to shove it. We did it right in front of Leah, Ann checking occasionally to make sure she had a good view. When we were done we collapsed on the floor, I started to release Leah again and Ann said " The little cunt is putting on a good show, don't waste it." I told Ann that this was a new experience in my book. She said it was for her too, this was the first time it had ever been a threesome.

I lay back next to Ann and watched Leah struggle against the straps. She was making little noises in her throat that sounded like a cross between a moan and a plea. I doubted if she could have said anything if she even wanted to at that point. Ann told me to rest up, that Leah was going to need a fuck real bad when we cut her loose. I groaned. After a while I got curious and asked Ann what else she had in that bag. She dumped it on the floor. I asked her what the chain thing was so she took it from me and went over to Leah and demonstrated. Nipple clips. Ok, I guess I am taking a course in kink here. I thought about it for a minute and said to myself, go with it. I looked at the rest of the pile and had a wicked idea come to me. I took one of the little egg shaped toys I found there and stuck it in the front of the bikinis, right over a very sensitive spot and turned it on. Ann even moaned on that one. Leah couldn't hold still. I got its twin out of the pile and looped it over the chain that was on Leah's nipples and she went berserk. I told her to clean me up and I would let her go. She had me like a steak dinner. I went around behind her and slid the now soaked bikini off to one side. I pulled the plug from her ass and did her hard with the other two still in place. She screamed. Afterwards, Ann came over and undid Leah. Ann had a glazed look in her eyes. Leah had enough strength left to roll over and wrap around me and after a few seconds Ann curled up on the other side.

After we awoke, a few hours later, we had lunch. Leah wouldn't get more that a few inches from me the whole time. To be honest, I wasn't sure if the game was over or not. Ann wasn't much better, she kept coming back every few seconds and rubbing up against me. My head was spinning. I had never had anything that intense in my life. I looked at Ann and she still was in shock. Suddenly I thought, your turn. I went into the living room and picked up the toys and put them back in the bag. Then I grabbed Ann and took her upstairs. I pushed her down on the bed face first and told Leah to grab one of her wrists. It took a few minutes but we finally got her tied down. I took a pillow and rolled it up and propped her butt up and she freaked. She started to thrash around and scream, so I took one of the little rubber toys out of the bag and put it in her mouth. Leah looked at me with her eyes wide and started to back away. I grabbed her and pushed her on top of Ann. As she tried to get up I found the wrist restraints and fought them on her. I clipped them behind her back and then managed to get the ankle straps on her. I slid her around until I could clip her ankles to Ann’s. I hadn't planned for this so I sat back a minute to study the situation. Hmm, what to do… I looked through the bag again and found a couple more straps. Then I thought about it and walked over and studied the bed. It was a large four-poster bed with a canopy. I looked at the feet first and saw the steel loops where the straps were attached then I looked up. Oh, my my. There were more straps tucked into the corners of the canopy. I studied them carefully; they slid through rings and hooked. Hmm. I undid one of Leah's ankles and clipped it to the other then released it. I then picked her up and took her up to the head of the bed and sat her down. I released the straps from the canopy and attached them to each wrist. It wasn't easy, for some reason she wasn't cooperating. I then unclipped her wrists and pulled her hands up with the straps. The legs were next, kinda simple once you get the hang of it. Leah was spread out in all her glory. Ann on the other hand was just lying there taking it easy. Time to figure out the next step.

I started digging though the bag and I could tell I had both girls’ attention. I studied each item carefully. I rather doubted that Ann would be all that helpful this time. Hmm. Quite a collection. I found a larger plug and sat it on the bed. Leah asked what I was going to do with that. I just smiled. I picked up two sets of the nipple clips and got up on the bed in front of Leah. She started making a fuss so I found another of the little "shorties" and stuck it in her mouth. I then took one set if the clips and attached them to her nips. I noticed her eyes go wide. The other set that I had been studying were padded, so I thought that they might come in handy for something else. For the time being though I hung them from the chain between Leah's tits. I grabbed the plug and lubed it up. I then knelt in front of Leah and started working the tip of it into her ass. My, did she dance. I slowly and gradually fucked it in a little at a time, deeper and deeper, till it went past the ridge. It slid home the rest of the way by itself. At that point I noticed that the straps were the only things holding her up. She kept thrusting her hips forward so I figured she wanted something else. I took the other set of clips and attached one end to her clit and the other to one of the eggs. She jerked once then discovered that the weight of the egg forbade that. I turned on the little egg and she really started to dance. I turned my attention to Ann; now back to what I had originally planned. As I moved over next to her, I had her full attention. I dug in the bag for something I had seen earlier, a strap-on. I tried it on, and Ann started going crazy. So I smacked her ass four or five times and she settled down. I got around behind her and finger fucked her ass then slid the strap-on in, I took the other access and then started slowly stroking. I wanted it to last. I looked into Leah's eyes as I rocked slowly back and forth there. God she looked hot. Ann was getting into the swing too, but I wouldn't let her rush me. Finally I felt the feeling building, so I slapped Ann's ass and stroked in hard. Leah jumped and writhed. I slid back and did it again. Ann by this point was trying to dig though the mattress. I did it that way a few more times then grabbed her hips and started slamming home.

When it was over I got up and turned off Leah's toy but left her hanging. I took the toy out of Ann's mouth and told her to clean it up as it still had work to do. It didn't take long. I attached Ann’s wrists to her ankles and sat her up. I then brought Leah down and flipped her on her back then attached her wrists to Ann's ankles. Her butt was on the pillow that Ann had just vacated. I adjusted the chain out on the nipple clips and looped one set though the other and attached the second set to Ann. Joined at the tits. I took the plug out of Leah's ass and did a repeat performance. I really couldn't tell, but I think she liked the touch about the strap-on. I released Leah's wrists and went to the john. I overheard, "quick study my ass." I laughed to myself. I had done things that I never would have considered a few days before. I asked if they were going to dress for dinner, and they about ran over each other on the way to the closet. I threw on some clothes myself and went down and lit a pipe. A few seconds later I looked up and whew, what a sight! Leah had opted for a fishnet body stocking with a lacy vest and knee boots. Ann had a skirt on that looked like a wide belt, topped with garters and stockings and a peasant shirt. They sat on either side of me and finger fed me dinner. We had to get back, but we just couldn't resist one last little fling on the living room floor.

Then Comes Fate

June 6, 1986

"So everyone had a real good time." Bruce grinned.

"Yeah, for a while. Then fate came knocking."

"You didn't get one of them knocked up did you?"

"No, I just got myself knocked up pretty hard."

"Do What???" Bruce looked royally confused at this point.

"I have a few words of wisdom for you. Never try to catch a Norton Commando on a corner when you are riding a Kawasaki 500."

"Oh, Hell man. Everything went to hell then."

"No, actually, everything got better."

"Is that when you got the Triumph?"

"No, not until later. I did get a couple of slaves though."

Bruce was actually speechless.

September 3, 1977

I don't remember Monday, I was so out of it, a bomb could have gone off behind me and I wouldn't have noticed. It's hard to believe, but Ann and I are closer than ever. If it weren't for the government bullshit, I would be in heaven. I am beginning to find that any time I am around Ann and Leah for any length of time it takes a few days to recover.

September 4, 1977

Things were going too good, I should have known it wouldn't last. My own stupidity almost killed me. I met up with a friend from the barracks and we were going to cruise down to Caribou. He had a Norton Commando that had a 'café racer' kit on it. I made the mistake of trying to catch him on a corner. I lost it and screwed the front end of my bike. Ann is fit to be tied. What's really bad is I lost our back way into Leah's. Now we have to figure another way, as the exchange of information alone is vital.

September 5, 1977

Jacob saw the knot on my head and decided to call off practice. Thank God. I got to thinking about that and asked Ann if she had any time off. She said that she has a few weeks saved. Hmm. I went back to the clinic and told the doctor that I was having blinding headaches. They did their normal mumbo jumbo and said it was probably pressure from where I hit my head in the accident. They prescribed a few days off, and if I had any dizziness, blurred vision or fainting to come back in. I had him write it on the form to turn into the Commander.

When I got to the Commanders office, I showed him the part about fainting. I asked how in the hell I was suppose to go in if I had fainted. He laughed. I didn't even have to suggest it. He asked me to call Ann in. He told her that he had a 'secret mission' for her. She was to take me home and watch over me for a week. Full pay, no vacation time used. He actually cut a set of orders that we were to do whatever it took to relax and that he didn't want to see us back before the 16th.

September 6, 1977

We took a ride down to Caribou, and stopped for a bite to eat. Ann hit the payphone and called Leah. She met with us at Houlton, and we brought her up to speed. She had been wondering what was going on. Apparently they had halted coven activities due to an unforeseen problem. Interesting. Leah said that she is going to make a beeline back and tell them she is going on vacation. I asked if that was wise. She said that they hadn't told her about my 'delicate' condition, and there was really no reason for them to suspect. We finally decided to meet in Canada. The reasoning was that it would be harder to trace us once we left the states. Meanwhile we went on to Bar Harbor. We had an early dinner and Ann went to one of the souvenir shops. She knew the guy that worked there usually reported back to the agency. I asked her why? She said that the first thing that he did when he saw her was to ask her why she was down here. She told him that we were on vacation and that we were probably going to head down towards Boston. I'll be damned.

September 7, 1977

We left Bar Harbor and took Highway 1 to 179 towards Amhurst, then took Highway 9 northeast to Calais. A few roads later we were in Fredericton, New Brunswick. I used to think that Canada was 'north somewhere', but Northern Maine is surrounded on three sides. Going to Canada was usually easier that going to Caribou for groceries. What made it nice, in our case, was the political unrest had put their government and ours on more 'formal' speaking terms. No washee without a tickee. By the time we arrived, Leah had already moved in. She had arranged for a cabin about half way to Prince William, right off the Saint Johns River. I asked her about it and she said that the people who own it were close friends, and Canadian Nationals, so we had no worry.

I started to unpack my books, and I got swatted, hard. Leah and Ann both. "You are taking the weekend off."

In my mind I was thinking, from work maybe. I grabbed my pack and headed up the steps. You could only see part of the 'cabin' from the driveway, and it was a quarter mile from the road. The closer I got the bigger it grew, this was a cabin like a greyhound bus terminal is a garage. The girls said something about freshening up, and I asked where I should stow my gear.

"Our bedroom is at the top of the stairs."

I suppose I could get used to that. I went up the stairs and opened the door to the Saint Johns River. The whole eastern wall was window. We looked to be maybe two hundred yards back and about fifty feet above. The trees had been clear-cut back so the view was completely unobstructed. I dropped my gear and walked out on the balcony. It was incredible. I turned to go back in and saw my own reflection. Mirrored windows. I was wondering, considering what the girls liked to wear most of the time. I walked back in to take a better look at the room as the river steals your attention when you first walk in. The bed was a huge affair. I walked over to check it out, a waterbed of course. I looked at the bank of buttons and dials built into the headboard. This is crazy. I let my eyes scan the room; there was nothing in this place that didn't scream money. I started to really wonder just who these people were that owned this place. Big money usually means conservatism, I wondered what they would think of magic camp being set up in their cabin.

I shook my head and went out to find the girls coming up the stairs. Oh shit. Dressed up like little nurses from an x-rated flick. White high heals, white stockings, garter belts, white almost thongs peaking out though the white lace micro sun dresses and, oh yes, little white nurses caps. They way they were walking coming up the stairs just screamed obscene. Smiling like cats. Nurses like these could put you in intensive care, if you had a weak heart.

Leah spoke up, "It's time for your lunch Mr. Rat."

They each grabbed an arm an escorted me down the stairs and into the kitchen. Then they sat me down and took turns feeding me. As they turned around to clear the table I noticed both had little round objects peeking out of the cracks of their asses. Ann caught me staring. She said that I was better endowed than the toys that they were used to, so they were in training. She said that last weekend the accommodations were a little too tight. I said I was sorry, that I didn't realize.

"We didn't mind." came the reply in stereo.

Leah then confessed that she did freak, when Ann told me to shove it. Then seeing the look of concern, said that upstairs was sheer heaven. Ann told her to speak for herself. I didn't know what to say.

Leah said, "Poor Rat, we've rattled you again."

I shook my head. I looked outside and it was starting to get towards the afternoon, so I said excuse me for a moment before you get carried away I do need to bring something in. They exchanged nervous glances. I said it had little to do with them and went back out to Ann’s car. As I brought the case in they met me at the door and I could tell I would get no peace until they knew.

"It's a 7mm Savage Custom bolt action," I told them.

Leah looked at the case and asked, "Scope?"

"12-24X54 Simmons Tactical."

They both whistled. I forgot in all the loveliness who I was dealing with. They had to see it. I took it down into the living room and opened the case. This started another round of whistling. Ann noticed the modified browning bipod. Leah noticed the laser rangefinder nestled in beside it. I could have brought them candy and not inspired that type of response.

Ann then picked up the box of rounds and opened them. She looked at me and said, "Naughty, naughty."

7mm Light Armor Piercing.

Leah said, "So that's why they call you the Rat."

I took it out of its case and assembled it. Then loaded it and took it upstairs. Better to have and not need that need and not have. They followed me up and told me that they would have to try it out tomorrow. I asked where, and Leah told me there was a range outback.

With the gun laid out and out of the way the fantasy kicked in. Ann walked over and told me that I needed to rest for a while, doctor's orders. Leah came over and started to undo my shirt while Ann attacked my pants. They told me to lie down and proceeded to give me a rub down. Ah, warm oil. I felt the fingers caressing my back and melted. Then they told me to roll over. Whoa. I wasn't the only one that was being oiled. Ann gave me a wicked grin and squirted the oil all over Leah's tits, then they started rubbing all over each other. They were already drenched in it when I rolled over.

Then Leah said, "Oop's we almost forgot our bedside manners."

She then proceeded to oil me down and started rubbing. She straddled my legs, started with my shoulders and worked her way down. Ann, I guess, needed something to rub so she reached around and started in with Leah's ample tits. She then slipped the straps on her sun dress off of her shoulders and started inching it down as she rubbed.

Leah looked down and said, "I see part of you is healthy."

Ann had her dress down around her waist by this time and was smearing oil all over her. Then she dipped down and under Leah's thong and her fingers started to work their magic. Leah groaned and started rubbing my healthy part.

Ann said, "I think that I had better assist here."

She lifted Leah by her waist and sat her on me. My turn to moan. Leah started grinding on top of me then collapsed and started sliding her body up and down my chest.

Ann said, "Don't wear him out, we still need our checkups."

I felt Leah's body shudder and she sat up and got off of me. They both rolled out of bed and beckoned me to join them.

When I did, Ann bent over the bed and said, "I need my clearance checked."

Leah nudged the thong aside and pulled the toy out of Ann's ass.

Leah said, with an evil grin, "We need it at maximum size for accuracy of course."

Of course. Silly me. So I guided it into Ann's ass and she let out a moan that almost made me lose it on the spot. Ann went crazy for a second, then shuddered and pushed me out.

Leah bent over and said, "My turn."

I was happy to oblige. A repeat performance. I was wondering by this time if I was going to finish, when Leah pushed me out too. I was ready to scream.

Ann sat down in the edge of the bed and said, "One more test and you get a clean bill of health."

I walked over and slid into her and the race was on. You couldn't have dynamited us apart.

“Now that we have determined that you are back to full performance, we can really start playing,” they told me. I noticed before they left the room that they slipped their toys back in place. I pulled on my pants and went out on the balcony to light a pipe. I noticed that there was a recliner there just calling out my name. I must have fallen asleep, because Ann was almost next to me when I awoke with a start. She said that it didn't seem that I had lost any of my perception. I asked the time as it was starting to get chill outside, and she asked me if it made a difference. I thought about it and said no. She told me to come, that it was time for my feeding. I noticed (for her) she was conservatively dressed. Tight black pants and a peasant top. I paid it no mind. I followed her through the bedroom, marveling at the way she moved. Almost gliding, but the backfield was definitely in motion. If you could watch her walk and not think of sex, someone needs to check your pulse.

On the way down the stairs, something about that outfit was tugging at my mind. We went into the kitchen and Leah was there in a knee length skirt and a blouse that was almost identical to Ann's. I was starting to wonder if we had guests coming. They fed me, made a game of it. I wasn't allowed to touch the silverware. After the feast, they stuffed me until I probably couldn't walk. Leah started talking about this and that, while Ann walked out of the room, behind me. I paid her no mind but then I felt her come back. I glanced over my shoulder and when I turned back Leah was right in front of me. I froze in surprise. She grabbed my arms and pinned them to the chair and Ann put those wrist restraints on me. I was too freaked to put up much resistance. Next thing I knew, Ann had strapped my ankles to the chair as well. I saw no reason to fight, so I sat there, wondering what was next. Ann walked back into the living room and I heard music start. Leah turned me around so I was looking out over the living room and then went down to join Ann. They started dancing with each other. Apart at first, then they met in the middle of the room. Light saxophone and subdued lighting. Then they started to rub on each other and the tops came off. I would have paid good money to see a show like they were putting on. Nothing hurried, relaxed and sexy as hell. They were both wearing what looked like teddies. I was as intrigued as turned on, but the show wasn't over by a long shot. They backed apart and then came back together and rubbed some more. Leah's skirt somehow found its way to the floor. Definitely teddies. Stockings, garters and high heels. The music changed to a little faster beat and Ann starts belly dancing. Her slacks seem to glide down her legs, and Leah came up behind her and put her hands on Ann’s hips. They began to synchronize their dance. Leah started running her hands up and down Ann's sides, then let them wander around to the front. Caressing, fondling. The front of Ann's teddy magically fell forward and she had a lace half bra underneath. I caught my breath. Leah's hands wandered around to the back and Ann's teddy dropped to the floor. She was wearing a silky French-cut panty underneath. The rhythm picked up and it started looking like a harem dance. Leah slid around front for a repeat performance of teddy, and then turned around and they started kissing and rubbing. Somewhere the bras came loose, but they couldn't fall, because they were pressed so tightly together. Their bodies were still keeping perfect rhythm with the music. They backed away for a second and the bras dropped, then Ann dropped to her knees and hooked her thumbs in Leah's Panties. By this time, I couldn't breathe. She flipped them down and buried her face in Leah's crotch. Leah arched her back and shook. She then dropped to her knees and they kissed. Ann slowly stood up and Leah returned the favor. Ann caressed the back of Leah's head and Leah reached around and slid the toy out of Ann's ass and started working it in and out. Leah slowly stood up, still working the toy and they kissed again. Then Ann reached around and started to work Leah's toy.

They started grinding together and the beat picked up – the rhythm as well as the toys. I watched as Leah's eyes rolled up and she let out a low moan that carried over the music. Ann followed shortly after. They slid the toys back in and slowly danced over to me. They danced in front of me for a few seconds then started rubbing themselves on my knees. They turned around and started rubbing again and then reached behind to work their toys. My pants were very uncomfortable by this point. They picked up the pace, I noticed that the music had nothing to do with this part of the dance and I watched them shudder almost in unison. Ann let out this little bark and moan. Leah just moaned long and low. They collapsed to the floor and 69ed each other, with the toys working in the background. I was getting close to frantic. When they finally got off, they each took a side and released me. I don't remember who I grabbed first, but I made sure that they were both taken care of. I had help. I remember in the middle of doing Leah, looking down and watching Ann working Leah's toy like crazy.

We lay there in the kitchen floor for a while, the girls giggling like schoolgirls, and then Ann decided to go up and make the bed. We’d trashed it earlier. Leah stayed cuddled next to me and then started licking on my neck. She worked her way down till she got to where she wanted, and worked her magic on it. She looked me in my eyes and said with a half moan, do me in my ass, please. I got behind her and removed her toy and she shuddered, I started to slowly ease in, but she had other ideas.

She slammed her hips back and growled, "Do it hard, damn you, do it nasty."

I started to comply.

She moaned and said, "Spank me, spank me, I'm your little slut, use me you bastard." By this time I had a hold of her hips, and I was slamming home.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and she moaned, "Yes, fuck your little slut, fuck my ass, use me."

The shock of hearing her talk like this stunned me.

She kept it up, saying sweet little things like, "God, my cunt's dripping, you bastard harder", and "I'll be your little fuck slut."

Her words were sending chills throughout my nervous system. I gave her hair a yank and felt juice run down my leg. She screamed and started pounding onto me harder. When I came, she let out another yell and I felt the juice again.

She looked at herself in amazement, and then at me and said that she had never done that before. I was staring myself. Liquid was just dripping from her. Ann must have come back down when we were busy. I looked up and she was stunned. She had a wild look in her eye and was breathing hard. I looked at the puddle in which we were kneeling in wonder. I had never seen anything like it.

Leah was half babbling at this point, "Oh my God, Please, Oh, I'll do whatever you want, I'm your little slut, please."

I pulled her around and hugged her; it was all I could think to do. She was shaking in my arms. Ann came over and hugged us both, she was shaking too. I was starting to get some feeling back. Leah finally caught her breath and said sorry, she didn't know what had come over her.

I asked, "Sorry for what?"

She just stared at me for a minute and said, "I am yours."

Ann jerked at this and I looked at her. She had a look of wonder on her face and was staring at Leah. I must have missed something there. Ann helped Leah to her feet and she started towards the stairs, when Leah stopped dead and said in a small voice, "my toy." I reached down in a daze and picked it up and followed them upstairs.

We put Leah to bed like a little child.

I looked at Ann and asked, "What happened?"

She smiled, "You did."

I looked over and Leah was already asleep. I told Ann that I needed a drink, so we went back downstairs. Ann got some glasses and I decided to clean up, Ann told me she would get that, and I said I didn't mind.

Ann came up with my glass and asked, "What happened?"

So I told her about Leah asking me to do her in the ass. Then the rest of it. Ann told me that she’d heard Leah all the way upstairs, and came down for some of the dialog. I got up, turned around and almost ran into Ann.

She looked up into my eyes and asked in a low voice, "Can I be your little slut too?"

Oh, my God.

She turned around and bent over and said, "Make me your fuck whore too."

I took out Ann's toy and smacked her ass hard. Then I slammed it home. She came halfway back up and I pushed her down, then smacked her ass again. She started whimpering and moaning. I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her into my thrust.

Her back arched and she said, "Fuck me."

I smacked her ass, then bent her over farther and slammed into her again, she was trying to speak but couldn't get any of the words out. Then I started in on her hard. She moaned, she bucked and shook. I wouldn't let up; I held her bent over and pounded into her ass. I felt her tighten more that once and finally when I came, she shrieked. No puddle but she was still dripping wet. I let go of her and she dropped to her knees. I joined her. She smiled weakly and said that she understood now.

I asked her what?

She told me that she understood why Leah was mine.

I asked her what she meant.

“Just what she said, you are the proud owner of her.”


She smiled and said, "Me too."

Gifts Given

June 6, 1986

"Of course, I wouldn't keep them."

"Uh, what did you do? Sell them?" Bruce asked.

I laughed at that one. "No I just changed their minds a little"

September 8, 1977

I awoke to the sound of rain, no shooting today. The girls were gone so I made a trip to the bathroom and went downstairs. The girls were buck naked cooking breakfast. I told them I liked their outfits.

Leah turned around and said, "We didn't know what you wanted us to wear, so we didn't put anything on."

Whoa, I had to think about that one for a second. I asked if this was one of their games, and they chorused "no." Oh, shit. So I asked them what they wanted to wear and they said whatever I wanted. Now what? My head was spinning again, I suppose that I should be getting used to it, being around them. My head was spinning a lot lately. I didn't have a clue what to tell them, so I told them to surprise me Ann stayed with breakfast and Leah went upstairs. A few minutes later I heard her return. I turned around to a vision in leather. She asked if I liked it, and I stammered something that kind of sounded like yes. Ann smiled and turned the cooking over to Leah. A few minutes later there were twin leather goddesses cooking breakfast. They fed me and cleaned up then came over in front of me and kneeled down and asked what to do next. I noticed that they had on chokers with rings on them. I asked what that was about and they told me they had them in case I wanted to take them for a walk. I thought about it long and hard. The idea I had was purely perverted, but it might tell me what I wanted to know. I asked them if they were to be my little sluts. They smiled and said they were mine. I gave them back a smile that made them squirm. I told Leah that I wanted their leashes, and Ann that I wanted to see the toy bag.

They got up to fetch and I took a drink and pondered this new situation. If they were to be my toys, let’s see what they really would do. I was going to play by the original rules, nobody hurt, everyone has fun, but I was going to push it. They came back, Ann with the bag and Leah with the leashes in her mouth. Oh, boy. I took the leashes and sat them on the table then I took the bag and started digging. I found what I was looking for pretty quickly. I told them to turn around and bend over. I gave each of them another toy to play with, they already had the originals in their asses. Then I took out my pocket knife and made a slit about two inches long over their clits. I took apart the padded nipple clips and let them dangle. I had them stand up and turn around and they were both kinda breathing funny. Leah started to let her hand drift towards the clip, and I told her I would spank. I had them walk to the sink and back and noted that the clips where bouncing all over the place when they walked. For some reason they weren't walking too steady on the way back. I clipped the leashes on them and told them that I wanted a tour of the house, starting upstairs. Ann's eyes flew open wide and Leah had a look of sheer panic on her face. I took the leashes and led them to the stairs. I stopped and looked over my shoulder when I got there and both girls were panicked. I told them to lead the way. They started up and then stopped about halfway. They were hanging on the rails for dear life. I smacked them on the ass and said let’s go. At the top they were breathing like they had just ran a mile sprint, so I let them rest for a few seconds. I let my hands slide down their backs and gently nudged the toys in their asses. They jumped about a foot. We went through the entire upstairs, room by room and finished in our bedroom. I told Ann to bend over the bed and had Leah sit in the chair. I smacked Ann's ass and said that she was a bad girl for stopping on the stairs. I slid the little leather strap to one side and took her toy out of her ass. I took its place. I backed almost all the way out again and smacked her ass then slammed back in. She started to claw the bed. I backed out and slid my fingers down to the other toy, and turned it on. She came about halfway up and I smacked her ass again and shoved her back down. I then shoved back in and did her hard. I waited a few minutes till Ann was breathing somewhat normally again and told them to trade places. Leah froze. Ann was looking dazed and wasn't too steady on her feet. I told Leah fine, then we would see the rest of the house. I stopped off downstairs and grabbed the toy bag.

We wandered though the entire house. By the time that we finished in the basement, actually a rec room, both girls were almost crawling. I sat down on the couch and had Leah stand in front of me. I reached in the bag and pulled out the nipple clips and put them on her. I then had her lie down across my lap and spanked her. I felt a shudder run through her body and her back arched. I guided her over to the coffee table and had her kneel in front of it. I bent her over, removed her toy from her ass and turned the other toy on. Her back arched and I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her back onto me. I took my time with her, sliding out and using her hair to pull her back. Every once in a while, I would smack her ass. I felt her come a few times but I wanted to take my time and make it last. She started to writhe around and buck, so I spanked her again, three or four times. I think the slow pace was driving her nuts. Finally I asked her if she was going to be a good little slut from then on and she moaned that she would do anything. I smacked her ass one more time then grabbed her hair – I had a double handful. I pulled her head back and slid her forward pinning her against the coffee table and I royally pounded her ass. I called her my live action play toy with the vibrating cunt. She was beyond words. I felt a gush on my legs as her body spasmed. She screamed. I was mesmerized, I kept pounding and she did it again. I heard a gasp, Ann was watching from the chair and her finger was going crazy on her clit. Leah reached back and grabbed the coffee table and started pulling herself back onto me, slamming her ass on my cock. She gushed again and I came. Ann cried out from her chair and I saw her back arch. She collapsed in the chair. Leah kept on for a while, pulling herself against me, as if she couldn't stop. Ann was watching Leah with a look of sheer amazement. I finally pulled out of her and she whimpered and then turned around and glued herself to me. It was like she couldn't stop moving. I reached down and shut off her toy and her body let out another spasm. I removed the tit clip from her clit and another shook her body. I motioned Ann over and had her take the clips off Leah's tits and yet again her body jerked. I hugged Leah to me, she wouldn't stop shaking. Ann knelt down and joined us in a group hug. Finally, after several minutes, Leah started to calm down.

She gave me a weak smile and said, "Do again?"

I laughed. She hugged me so tight I felt my ribs creak, then laughed a little herself. She looked at me and said there should be a law against what I did to her. I told her that there probably was.

Then I told them that I really didn't want sex slaves, I wanted them, their games, their surprises, their moods. Then I added, if I was struck by an urge though, I might bend them over without warning. Ann and Leah looked at each other as if they were going to cry. I asked what was the matter. They told me nothing, everything was perfect. I shook my head. I asked Leah if she could walk and she said yes, then I asked her if she still felt like playing for the rest of the day and she said yes, please, yes.

So I smiled and told her, "Then run your ass upstairs, and fix us lunch, cunt."

She grinned and took off, ass twitching all the way.

I looked at Ann and said, "Now for you."

I took the clip off of her and she caught her breath, then I pushed her over to the coffee table and made her kneel in Leah's puddle. I took the wrist restraints and spread her arms out to the far corners. I started spanking her, telling her she was a bad girl for getting herself off without my permission. She was going to have to be punished. She moaned and fought the restraints. I made her ass a bright red; I know my hand was stinging like hell when I was done. I slid my finger down the leather between her legs and she was soaked. I undid the buckle in the back and took the toy out of her ass. I got one of the bigger plugs out of the bag and shoved it in its place. Ann’s back arched and she groaned. I heard a sharp intake of breath behind me and turned to see Leah with a plate of sandwiches. I told her we would be ready to eat as soon as I finished with this little bitch. Ann kept fighting the restraints. I smacked her ass again and took the toy out of her cunt. I slid into her and it was like diving into an oven. I felt a spasm caress me and I was off. I started doing her hard. I could feel the ridge of the plug in her ass, every time I slid by it she would gasp. I forced her knees together between mine and pinned her legs. She was getting frantic, then I felt her come again, and juice ran down my leg. I smacked her ass and told her that she was a dirty little slut and I was going to use her fuck hole to get off. She came again, harder. More juice came out. I was wondering if I could get her to duplicate Leah's performance. I sure as hell meant to try.

I was pounding into her and whispering in her ear; "What's the matter, slut, don't you like being used for a fuck toy?"

"Don't even try to pretend, you’re loving every minute of this, you nasty little bitch." She came again, this time she did gush. She really started to thrash around so smacked her ass again and told her that I wasn't done using her cunt yet. She came again hard, I felt it pouring down my legs. So I asked her how it felt to have her cunt gushing out of control. Then I pulled out of her and told her to beg me to put it back in. She whimpered and begged.

I slammed it home and said, "What a cunt, begging to get used."

She shrieked and gushed. I laughed and called her my helpless little sex toy. She stopped moving for a second, so I slapped her ass and told her that I wasn't done using her yet, get that little ass moving. She let out another whimper. I grabbed her shoulders and yanked her back onto me. Then I told her that I was going to shoot in that nasty cunt and that she was going to show me how much she loved it, like a good little slut. She did in spades, coming in wave after wave. I was doing her dirty, pounding her hard then pinning her against the coffee table and grinding in deep. When I finally came she shrieked again and gushed all over me. I fell back, and heard Leah moan. I looked at her and she was shaking, covered in sweat.

I tried to move but couldn't, so I told Leah to release Ann. Leah crawled over and fumbled with the clips, finally getting her free. Ann didn't move, so I reached over and worked the plug out of her ass. That got a reaction, her back arched and she moaned then fell back on the table. I grabbed a handful of leather and pulled her back onto the floor next to me. She lay next to me for a while and finally put her arms around me. Leah sat down on the other side and hugged. She was trembling. After a few more minutes, we all calmed down enough to speak. Leah said to me that she had never seen anything like that. Ann said that she had, when she watched us, but never thought that she could do it. I told them that they were the ones who taught me what to do. I got a look of shock from both of them. I looked at them both and told them that their little sex talk last night told me exactly what they needed.

Ann stared at me a second and in a small voice said, "That was just play talk."

I smiled and said, "Oh, really? Want to test that?"

Ann's eyes grew wide, so I continued, "When we get done from lunch, I am going to tie you up so that you can't move and then use you in every hole then cum on your face while you lie there helpless."

She started breathing heavy, and groaned a little.

Leah smiled and said, "Quick study."

I laughed and said that I was going to tie her up and make her watch, then shoot a load in her ass. It was Leah's turn to moan.

Then I said that actually, we were going to grab a shower and see if we could find a hardware store that was open. We ate and jumped in the shower. It turned into a three way grope-fest. I slid into some slacks and a shirt, and then watched the girls dress. That was a production. Ann opted for a sun dress, but, oh, what she had on underneath. Leah went with an almost too sheer peasant top with a little mini skirt that looked fantastic on her. It was almost conservative.

Leah drove us into town and after a few tries found a lumberyard and hardware that was open. The clerk followed the girls around like a little lost puppy. I doubt that he got too many in there that looked like those two. I wandered the isles and found what I was looking for then asked about closet poles. Oops, French, no English. Leah came to our rescue, though when she spoke to the clerk, I thought we were going to have to pick him up. He fell over himself trying to get them for us. Then I asked about clock chain and got a puzzled look from Leah. She turned and asked the clerk and he made a beeline into the back room and came out with a 50 foot roll. I thought about it for a minute, and took the whole roll. When Ann asked later, I told her it was easier then having the poor clerk cut it, after talking with Leah he would probably lose a finger in the attempt. We went out to the car and Leah started laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes. After she calmed down, she asked if we noticed the look on the clerk's face when we left. I said no and Ann shook her head. He had asked her which of the girls was with me, and she had answered both, we're his sex slaves! Well, I hope I don't need anything else from that store. I asked if they wanted to go shopping while we were out and they said no. I asked why not, they could probably start a riot if they tried, or at least give a few clerks heart attacks. Ann hit me.

When we got back, I sent the girls up to play and took the stuff from the hardware store into the basement to the workshop I had spotted on our tour. I spent about and hour in the basement about a third of that was cleaning up. I thought to myself that I would never be able to look at a hardware store the same way again. I went upstairs and heard giggling. I peeked in the room and saw four round ass cheeks. They were lying on the bed, facing the window with their backs and asses to the door. I walked around the bed to see what they were doing. Catalogs, a whole stack. Ann tossed me one and told me to pick something out. I looked through it for a second and told her I didn't think that anything in there would fit me. It was a lingerie catalog. They asked if I wanted an early dinner and I absently said yes, I was thinking about what the girls would look like in some of these outfits. Then I thought of something else, I got up and opened one of the suitcases, then another. I struck gold on the third attempt. I was hoping Ann brought it, if she did so did Leah. I dug through her luggage and sure enough. This might be a little more interesting than I thought. I laid the outfits on the bed, and then went out to smoke.

Later on Leah came out and said that dinner was ready. I must have fallen asleep. She was already wearing her outfit, and when I went downstairs I found Ann had hers on too. They were a cross between a teddy and a cargo net. Nothing but straps of leather joined by two inch rings the whole affair formed a body hugging net with six inch squares of exposed flesh. Two of the rings bullseyed each nipple and they met in back in one ring just above the ass cheeks, in the front just above the pubic triangle. Two straps then crossed under and connected front to back. It was visually stunning. I was also considering it practical too, for what I had planned. I checked each girl out and noticed that they both had rings on each side at the waist. Just what the doctor ordered. I let them feed me dinner and clean up. I loved watching them wiggle as they strutted back and forth in their high heels. They finished up and came over and knelt in front of me again. I was ready this time. I told Leah to go fetch the toy bag. I watched them shudder a bit. I told Ann to wait in the living room. I went downstairs and grabbed the new toys that I had made along with the bag's from the hardware store. When I made it back up Leah was already back and they were both waiting in the living room. I told them to put on the wrist and ankle restraints. They looked at each other and complied. I sat my little goodies down, I noticed the girls trying to figure out what they were for. I went over to Ann and took her wrists and clipped them to the rings at her waist, I then clipped her ankles together. I turned to do Leah and her eyes were like saucers. She catches on quick. When she started to back away, I told her I would spank. I did the same to her and then turned to my creations. I took from the bag nylon rope, I had two lengths, and climbed the stairs. I looped then through the posts and let them drop about four feet apart. When I first entered the cabin I noticed that the upstairs hallway was open over the living room. It looked to come in handy. I went back downstairs and picked up one of the closet rails. I had cut it to three and half feet and drilled through each end and the middle and inserted eye bolts. I grabbed an end to one of the ropes and tied it through the center eye bolt. I walked over to Ann and she started to squirm. I unhooked one of her wrists and hooked it to one of the eye bolts in the rod. I then did the other. I then took the other end and pulled her arms up over her head, I tied my end off on a rail at the base of the stairs and went after Leah. She was a fighter. It didn't matter, you can't really go anywhere with your ankles clipped together. High heels didn't help. Pretty soon she was hanging around with Ann and I made my second trip to the pile. These rods only had the eye bolts on each end. Since Leah was so impatient last time I walked over to her first. I clipped one of her ankles to one end and one to the other. I did the same for Ann, wouldn't want her to feel left out.

I watched them for a minute and said, "You are moving too much."

I had their attention with that remark. I got into the toy bag and got out the nipple clips. One set for each. They stood there patiently and waited. Something about rope. The loop of chain I adjusted so it lay about two inches above their navels. I went back to my collection and picked out the clips that I made. Electrical test clips with rubber tubing cemented inside the jaws, I knew from my experience with electronics, that you could bend the jaws in or out to increase or decrease pressure. I opted for decrease, I had no intentions of doing anything to hurt them, with the possible exception of a mild spanking. I had put small eye screws in the ends and attached a length of chain to each. I hated to keep Leah waiting, so I did her first. I clipped it to her clit and she really started squirming. I took the length of chain and ran it out and looped it over Anns tit chain. I measured down about a foot and cut it, then attached a one ounce fishing sinker to the end. I looked Leah in the eye and dropped it. She gasped and Ann moaned. I went back and got its twin and did Ann. When I attached the sinker and when I looked at Ann, she had a look of sheer panic in her eyes. I dropped it. I told them that if they got too close the sinker would drop and tighten up, so I would try to stay put if I was them. I walked back to the toy bag and got out the girls favorite vibrators. I decided that Ann was being treated unfairly and she should get hers first this time. I slid the straps apart and pushed it in, after making sure that she hadn't forgotten the one she was keeping in her ass. I did the same for Leah. I told them that I almost forgot and went back to each and switched them on. I stood there a while and watched them try not to squirm, every little jerk or twitch set up a chain reaction that got them both. Sharing is beautiful. I was wondering how long it would take before one of them came and all hell broke loose.

I went into the kitchen and fixed myself a bowl of ice cream. I sat down in the living room and ate it, while I watched the show. After I finished, I got up and cleaned the bowl and put it up. I walked back to the toy bag and fished out the two plugs. I sat them on the coffee table and then found the lube. I stood between them and lubed one of the plugs and looked back a forth between them. They were both shaking their heads and moaning no, please. I decided to go with the please part and strolled over to Ann. I knelt down and took the toy out of her ass and replaced it with the plug. She jerked and they both squealed. Then I did the same for Leah. I was wondering how long that they could take it, when Leah let out a low moan and jerked, Ann's eyes went glassy and she came too. They both started shaking, I watched the little chains dance and thought that must be playing hell with their self-control. I went to Leah and ran my tongue over each of her nipples and she came again. I didn't want Ann to feel left out so I licked both of hers too. I took Leah's weight from Ann’s chain and let it fall to the floor. I did the same with Ann’s weight. A look of relief came to both of them. Then I asked if they remembered what we were talking about before lunch. They both jerked. I took Leah's weight and dropped it over her tit chain and moved the weight up. I them went back to Ann. I asked if she liked an audience when she got fucked like a cheap tramp. I unhooked her wrists from the pole and clipped them back on her waist. I them pushed her to her knees and told her to make sure it was clean. After a while, I glanced over my shoulder at Leah and she was trying so hard not to move. I thought to ease the tension somewhat. I detached myself from Anns mouth and turned towards Leah. Her eyes rolled up and she moaned. I reached down and unclipped her clit, then took the tit clips off too. I went back to the toy bag and got one of the little eggs and turned back to Leah.

"Nothing like a relaxing message when something's been overworked, don't you think?"

Leah started shaking. I slipped the little egg between the straps and turned it on. She let out a cross between a cry and a moan. I told her I would check on her later, that I had a promise to keep.

I went back to Ann. I grabbed where the straps of her outfit met, just below her tits and lowered her to the floor, on her back. With her wrist clipped to her sides, she wasn't going to be any help. I guess she was trying to put up a fight but I just put my foot on the rod and stretched her right out. I took the clips off of the clit and tits and tossed them to the side. I then removed the vibrator. I slid down and got a face full of her scent, then I tasted her juices. I took my time, she was delicious. I then wormed my way up her body. I looked into her eyes and slid into her then stopped, she went crazy trying to get the motion going. I was just enjoying the feeling of being inside her and watching her squirm. She was getting frantic, but her high heels wouldn't give her any purchase on the floor and she couldn't use her hands.

I told her, "Be patient, It’s my cunt, I'll use it as I see fit. But don't worry, I'll have you lying in a puddle of your cum in no time."

She let a low moan. I pulled out of her, the slowly reentered. She started trying to buck her hips.

In a hoarse whisper she said, "Fuck me, please, fuck me, please, I'm begging you, do me, damn you."

She was really getting into the spirit of things. I started to rock her and she let out a moan and came. Nice start. I picked up the pace and she did it again. I slid back a little and hooked my arms under her knees and brought them up. I started grinding into her. Her breath was coming in small gasps. I felt warmth on my leg and realized that she was enjoying herself. I pulled out. She almost screamed. I licked some of her juices from her cunt and slid her vibrator back in place. She was trying to fight the whole time. I then removed her plug. I sat her up and walked around behind her and sat down and slid up against her butt. I grabbed a hand full of straps and pulled her on top of me. I hooked my feet over the pole between her ankles and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back. I reached down with one hand a guided myself into her ass. She tied to squirm away but she was pinned. I used my feet to push her down. She knew what I was using the pole for, but there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it. I hooked her leash to her collar and grabbed it with my free hand and pulled her back. I pushed down on the pole and forced myself deeper into her ass.

I started talking to her, "Do you think Leah likes the view? She may have watched before, but this time she gets to see every inch that slides in and out of your ass." She really started to squirm, I continued, "Then she will get to see how turned on you are and watch you cum, over and over again."

I looked over Ann's shoulder at Leah and she was transfixed. She couldn't take her eyes off of the scene before her. I let go of the leash and wrapped my arm around Ann, just below her tits. With my free hand I grabbed her vibrator, turned it on and started stroking in and out. The gasps started again. I kept up my dialog,

"Now she is going to see how much you enjoy being a helpless little fuck toy, a little fuck slut."

I started grinding my cock into her ass.

"I am going to use your ass to get off and you are going to show your girlfriend how much you enjoy it, slut."

She came, hard. I heard the juices squirt out past the vibrator before I felt it on my hand. I had her, she knew it, and she loved it. Her ass started pounding onto me.

"Good girl, use that fuck hole, you love it, don't you, cunt?"

She came again and royally drenched my hand.

I said, "Look, you’re getting Leah so hot that she can barely stand. You’re putting on a hell of a show for her."

Ann hoarsely whispered back to me, "Fuck my ass, fuck my ass you bastard, fuck your little whore."

Leah's eyes rolled up and I watched a shudder go though her body. She was hanging from the bar. I stroked almost out of Ann and rammed it back home.

I said, "She really got off on that one didn't she? You two make a nice couple. Two little sluts that love to be fucked, a couple of nasty slutty whores. Well, if you are going to act the part you might as well look the part."

I pulled out of her ass and slid her off of me, she was begging for me to keep fucking her. I pushed her down on the floor and straddled her shoulders, then held her tits together and started fucking her between her tits. I watched her hips pump up and down like she was still getting fucked there. I felt her head tilt up and then her tongue run up my ass. Kinky bitch. She stuck her tongue up my asshole when I stroked back the next time and I felt myself starting to cum. I leaned back so I was over her head and came across her face. It shot from her forehead down to her chin and started running down her cheeks. I pumped out a little more into her now open mouth. She leaned her head back and sucked the last of it out. Too my amazement, I heard her come again. I looked up at Leah and she was right there with her. I could see the wetness running down her legs.

I fell backwards and waited till I could move again. I got up and walked over to Leah.

I told her she was next and she shook her head and said, "No, please, no."

I told her that she was going to get it and like it. Her eyes were wide and she begged me not to. I told her that I wouldn't want her to feel left out, besides, I pointed out, you came just watching us, so don't try to pretend. I ran my finger up her still wet leg, held it up to her and told her to taste it. Her mouth opened and I put it inside. She started sucking on it like it was a cock. Her hips started to buck, and she moaned. I went back to Ann and put her plug back in place. Then sat her up and slid a chair in behind her. I figured after her performance, she needed to relax. Leah on the other hand… I walked over to Leah and moved her wrists from the pole to her waist. I told her that I had promised before to shoot a load up her ass and I would hate to go back on my word. I pulled the plug from her ass and she moaned. I told her that since she had already came a few times that we would get straight to business. I sat her down, like I did Ann and pulled her on top of me. She was a fighter. I slid into her hot little ass, and pulled her back and pinned her there. I told her that she had to know, after seeing Ann and I, what she looked like at this point. I looked over at Ann and her eyes were like saucers, it must be a hell of a view. Leah struggled against me, her every movement slid her farther onto me. When she realized this she froze. I pushed down with the pole till I was buried in her to the hilt. She gasped, and started to move her hips.

I told her, "That's a good little slut."

She stopped, so I slid out and rammed home. She started bucking her hips.

I told her, "You’re putting on a good show for Ann, but you already knew that, didn't you?"

She moaned and called me a bastard.

"And you, dear, are a horny cunt that is going to masturbate her ass on my cock till you cum."

Her hips picked up the pace. I was just holding her in place letting her get herself off. Her back arched and she cried and I felt the splash on my legs.

"I don't even need to use the vibrator on you, do I?" I asked her. "It's hard to say you don't want it with your hips moving like that. Ann must be getting one hell of a show."

Her body tensed and arched and she screamed. I felt her wetness running all over.

Then she whispered, "Please."

I asked, "Please, what?"

It was like a flood-gate opened.

"Please fuck me, ram it up my ass, use me you bastard, make me your fuck toy. I promise I'll be your little slut, use my fuck hole, use your little fuck toy!"

Her hips were ramming up and down.

I asked her, "Don't you care whether your girlfriend sees you like this?"

"I don't care." She half yelled. "I want to feel you fuck me, I want to feel you cum inside my asshole, I'm your fuck toy, use me, damn it, fuck me, I'm your slut, cum in me."

I looked back to Ann, she was stunned, then I let my eyes wander on down and noticed that she was sitting in a fresh puddle.

"Well, if you want to be a toy, I guess that I will use you like one."

I pushed down on the pole and forced her all the way onto me, hugging her tight with my arms. I reached down and let the heel of my hand rest on the egg that was buzzing against her clit. I grabbed the vibrator and started to pump it in and out, rocking my hand on the egg. I started pumping her ass with my cock and she screamed and came and came and came. I started slamming home and grinding into her, her hips grinding right back. In the background I heard a series of little shrieks and moans one right after the other, Ann must have been enjoying the show. I didn't let up on Leah.

"You nasty little cunt, fuck me!"

She was out of control by then. Her body arched against me shaking like a leaf.

"Come on you little slut, ride that cock."

And ride it she did, hard. So hard that I was starting to worry that she would hurt herself, but she wouldn't let up. Her body was tight as a steel spring and she was making noises that were not quite words. I glanced over at Ann and she was rocking back and forth on her toys, her eyes glued to what we were doing. I heard Ann let out a low moan, almost a growl and I came hard into Leah's ass. Leah shrieked and gushed and then whimpered.

She wouldn't stop moving though, when I let up, she sat up on me and started to grind her ass on my cock. I was too drained to stop her.

I heard her say to Ann, "I am his slut, his fuck toy, his bitch, his fuck hole."

Ann started to whimper again. Leah started rocking her hips back and forth, round and round like a belly dancer. I felt myself start to get hard again.

Leah said "God my ass, I love your cock up my ass. It feels so dirty; I'm your dirty little girl, your fuck hole."

I looked at Ann again and she was rocking like crazy. So was Leah. Leah was breathing in short gasps, I felt her asshole grip my cock like a vise and she came again. I was fading into the surreal. I reached up and grabbed her, pulling her back down on me. I crossed one of my arms up between her tits to her shoulder. I clamped her down on me and impaled her on my cock. I reached down with the other hand and pushed her onto me harder.

"Oh, yes, yes, use me." She breathed.

I couldn't stop, I had to make her cum, I had to cum, I wanted this little girl like nothing else in the world. I did her hard and nasty and wouldn't let up. She was whimpering, then coming, thrashing around on me. I heard Ann cum again, then felt myself, then Leah. I felt Leah collapse on top of me, and the world went away.

I awoke to whimpering. I looked over at Ann and she was still rocking back and forth on her toys. Her eyes were glazed. I slid out from under Leah and went to Ann and turned off the vibrator. She whimpered. I undid her wrists and her arms flew around me and she pulled me on top of her and started to beg me to fuck her. I told her I doubted that I could get it up. She told me to stick it in her mouth, fuck her mouth, cram it down her throat; she just needed it in her. I half got up and flipped around and 69ed her. She latched onto my cock and started to go to work on it. I tasted her sweetness and when I felt myself start to harden again, I couldn't believe it. She grabbed my ass and pulled me in deeper, almost down into her throat. I couldn't help myself I started to fuck her mouth, her throat.

I finally pulled out and she said, "Use me like that other slut, I want to be your fuck hole too."

I pulled the vibrator from her cunt and she started to hump my hand I flipped back around and started doing her.

She said, "Slam it in, fuck me, I'm your little cunt."

I started doing just that and she came down my leg. She was working her ass hard, and panting. I felt her body tense again.

Then she pleaded, "I need it, shove it up my ass, please, fuck my ass, I want to feel you cum in my ass."

I got up then and took down Ann's pole and unclipped her ankles and then clipped them to the center eye bolt so that her feet were together. I took one of bigger vibrators out of the bag and slid it up her cunt, then I grabbed an egg and placed it over her clit. Her eyes were huge, she was shaking her head no, but she couldn't seem to speak.

I took the plug out of her ass and walked around behind her.

She started to whisper, "No, not that, no."

I slid her on top of me and switched both of the toys on. She came immediately and hard. I pulled her back and slid my cock up her ass, which was a tight fit with the bigger vibrator.

She said, "God, no it's too much, please no."

Then as if by themselves her hips started to rock. She moaned deep in her throat.

I told her, "You're a little cunt, act like one."

She said, "Yes, yes, I'm your little cunt; fuck me, use me, make me feel like a dirty slut."

Her hips picked up the pace. Her hands were free, so she pushed herself up with them and ground herself onto me harder. I let her do the work for a while, then grabbed her wrists and clipped them back to her waist.

She said, "Yes, I am your helpless fuck toy; use me, cum in my ass."

Then I did her dirty, I pulled her back and pinned her body to me, and put both feet on the pole and pushed. I brought my knees together and pinned her legs together. Her ass tightened like a vice, she caught her breath. I reached down and started to rock the egg and she went crazy. She tried to struggle but I had her pinned to me so tight, she could barely move. I started pumping her ass hard. She started gasping. I told her that I had her, I was going to use her and that there was nothing that she could do about it. She moaned and squirted down her legs. I told her she was a dirty little slut and I was going to use her ass. She came again. I was having a hard time holding back so I stopped for a minute to calm down. She started to squirm, so I pushed down and pulled her legs tighter. She moaned. I told her that I was going to use her as I pleased and there was nothing she could do about it.

I felt another spasm rock her body, and she said, "Please fuck me, cum in me, please."

I started drilling her ass again and she caught her breath, "Yes, fuck me, use me."

I picked up the pace.

I whispered, "Just a helpless little slut, with a cock up her ass, begging to get fucked."

She started coming hard, I clamped her to me, I couldn't stop. She started making little yips in her throat. I told her she even sounded like a little bitch now. I felt it building and I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to. Ann’s body arched against me and I came inside her ass. She screamed.

When I awoke Ann was still there. I felt myself still in her ass. I pulled out and she woke up. I looked over at Leah and she was passed out. I turned off Ann’s toys and slid out from under her. I undid her wrists and ankles and turned to Leah. I did the same for her and she didn't even wake up. Ann was starting to crawl towards the bathroom, so I helped her up and we made our way to the bathroom, swaying like drunken sailors. She took out the toys and dropped them on the floor. Then she half fell onto the toilet. I went back to see about Leah. I touched the egg and her eyes flew open. I took it out of its little nest, and she whimpered. I then removed her vibrator. She reached up and hugged me.

"Do again?" she whispered.

I laughed. I helped her sit up, and then she made the bathroom trip. We finally made it up to bed, after crawling most of the way.

A Growing Family

June 6, 1986

"I just convinced them that it was more fun as a game, rather than an occupation."

Bruce was starting to get this deer in the headlights look. "Ohh..kay."

"But then of course, things got a little complicated"

"Man, I don't even have a guess what could be more complicated than that."

"Well, when the new additions to the family arrived, we were caught rather flat footed."

"New additions. Dude this is getting to be too much."

"You started it. I am just telling as I remember."

"I take it these 'new additions' weren't kittens."

"No, an Angel and a Dragon."

September 9, 1977

We awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. I heard Leah answer it, and start speaking French. Leah talked for a minute and hung up.

She looked at us and said, "Oh, shit. She has sent her maid over for us; she said that we were on vacation and that we should enjoy ourselves. I tried to talk her out of it but she said the girl had already left and not to worry."

I looked at the girls and said, "The toys!"

They jumped up and threw on some clothes and ran downstairs. I wasn't quite that fast. I got there in time to pick up the rods and take them up to the bedroom. The girls came back up as the doorbell rang. Leah went down to answer as I put up the gun. I heard some girls’ voices and shortly after Leah came back up.

She grinned at Ann and said, "I think that we had better keep him up here."

Ann said, "Oh?"

Leah said, "Uh huh."

I looked at the girls, they were up to something. I got up and Ann tackled me.

"Naughty, naughty."

Ann was sitting on my back, went there was a knock on the bedroom door.

Leah sighed and said, "Well, I guess there's no help for it. Oui?"

The door opened and this little girl came in. Woman I suppose. Brown hair down to her ass, pretty brown eyes, aristocratic features. I saw what the problem was. I laughed. Ann kneed me. I laughed harder. Ann hit me. The little girl just stared at us. Finally she spoke to Leah.

Then Leah said, "Oui" and she left.

Ann asked Leah what she did with the collars and the leashes. I told them that after last night, the only threat I was to that girl was that I might fall over on her. Ann said that was what they were afraid of. I asked what was said, and Leah said she wanted to know if we wanted coffee. That sounded like heaven. Ann got up and we headed downstairs. There were three cups set on the table. I could get used to this.

We sat and chatted for a minute and I got up to go to the car. Ann said she would get them and went out. She came back with my books and set them on the coffee table in the living room. I grabbed my coffee and headed for the table. I sat down and started to arrange everything and get my notes in order. Ann went back upstairs, and Leah sat down next to me and started looking through my notes. We started talking about what we were planning when out of the bathroom comes the maid. I glanced up and stopped. I had forgotten about helping Ann last night. Leah looked up and turned white. The maid was standing in door twirling the egg in one hand and licking the vibrator. She said something in French to Leah. Leah replied. The maid smiled and winked at us and took them to the kitchen sink and washed them. Leah looked at me and shrugged. The maid came back by and ran a finger down my spine and went back into the bathroom. I asked Leah what she said. Leah told me that she said that she was sorry she missed the party. Ann came back down in a sun dress and sat down, we told her what happened. Ann turned red then shrugged her shoulders. We went back to work. The maid worked her way upstairs and then finally came back and looked me dead in the eye and said something. Leah chuckled and answered her. She looked me up and down and said something else. Leah flat out laughed, and replied to her. I took the chance and studied her. She was about 5'2", stacked, a real knockout. She curtsied and left. Ann looked at Leah and said, "Well?"

"She wanted to know if there was anything else she could do for us, I told her no, she said 'would you like to bet on that'."

Leah laughed again. After a few seconds Ann joined her. I just shook my head.

We went back to work and formed a plan of attack. I went upstairs and grabbed a bottle out of my case, the acid. I came back down and the girls had taken their positions. I started to meditate. I let the world melt away. I was surprised to see the red flames spring up before I took the acid. I floated for a minute and popped it. I relaxed and just let the world float by. Finally it kicked in. I watched as the flames became more distinct. I could see the blue lines in the walls and two other flames off to either side. Ann and Leah. I let the flame flow out from me and I watched as theirs sent a tendril out to meet it. I held the flame and let the tendrils touch it and it ate theirs. I drew it back hurriedly. I heard them gasp. I flipped to this world and asked if they were all right. Ann didn't answer and Leah sounded shaky. I tried to come back down. I went over to Ann and she was breathing heavy. I put my hand on her and she shuddered. I tried to let a little of the flame go into her and she gasped again and sat up. I asked if she was ok and she said she was, so I went to Leah and did the same thing to her. They were both shaken. Experiment number one; failure. Or so I thought. I could still see the flames around me and my eyes were drawn to a mantle piece. It was a dragon and a knight locked in combat. I thought to myself, if I could have armor. So I tried to focus on the fire and the knight and visualize the armor. It wasn't working; my eyes kept drawing back to the dragon. I decided to just go with it. I felt the fire change. I started studying the dragon in minute detail. I was entranced by it. I felt the fire changing but paid it no mind, until I heard the gasp. I looked over at Leah and she had backed into a corner with her hands in front of her. Ann had fainted. Standing in front of Leah was a silver dragon with an aura of fire. I called to it and it turned. Its eyes were flame. I went into it. I gave it the concepts of friend and foe, of hate and love, of defend and attack, and of curiosity and learning. I don't have a clue how or what I actually did but the dragon flowed back into me and I felt at peace. The acid buzz was gone. I was as straight as an arrow, and my head was remarkably clear. Leah looked over at me and asked what happened just then and I told her I didn't have a clue. We went to Ann and she was unhurt as far as we could tell, so we tried to wake her. To our relief she didn't seem to be fazed by what happened. I asked her what she saw. She said my aura started to spin then coalesced into a dragon, a huge silver dragon. I looked a Leah and she just nodded her head. I asked if it had hurt either of them and they said no, but they looked into its eyes and felt pure fear. I asked if the dragon was afraid, they said no they were. Ann then said nagual. I said what? She looked at me and said a manifestation of the id, the psyche. I thought about it for a minute, a creature of the subconscious. Ann said that was close. I thought about it. A mental projection of an aura, possibly controlled by my subconscious. We sat back down at the table and started hitting the books. As we went, we were bouncing ideas off each other. Ann got up later and fixed sandwiches for lunch.

We kept at it till somewhere around two. I finally shut the book I was in and rubbed my eyes. I looked at the two girls and said enough. They were starting to look a little worn.

I looked down at the table and asked, "What about the maid?"

Ann hit me.

I looked at her then at Leah and asked, "Is she supposed to come tomorrow, and if so, is it safe to leave this stuff out?"

I continued, "We’re going to go through hell if we have to reorganize this mess everyday."

Leah said, "The maid will be here everyday until the weekend and I don't really think it will be a problem. One, she probably can't read English, two, what would she make of all this anyway, three, Ms. V would never hire someone who wasn't discrete."

I looked at the mess on the table, books on witchcraft, spells, physics, quantum mechanics, a Bible, meditation and the kabala. I laughed, not too many people would have any idea what they were all in one place for.

I looked at Ann and asked, "Ok, what is your problem with the maid?"

She put her head down. I took my finger and put it under her chin and brought it back up.

"She's prettier than me." She said in a small voice.

"Bullshit!" It was a reaction, more than a comment.

I looked at her for a while then said, "Dear, you have nothing to worry about in the looks department. If it came down between you and the maid, she would be out the door so fast it would make her head spin."

Ann stared at me a while, then a smile slowly came to her face.

"Coming from anyone other than you, I would think that you were just saying what you thought I wanted to hear. But you, you don't play those games, you don't deceive, you accept things for what they are and go on." She smiled and kissed me. Then she turned and trotted upstairs.

I watched her go and turned to Leah, "What was that about?"

Leah replied, "Somehow I don't think you are real, you must be from another planet or something. It is about a word which I doubt you are familiar with, at least on an emotional level. Jealousy. She was afraid that you would like the maid more than her."

I stared at her then said, "That doesn't make a damn bit of sense."

Leah smiled, shaking her head. "You are unreal."

I asked, "What was she expecting me to do, take off after the maid? What in the hell would make her think that?"

Leah replied, "You are male."

I thought about that. "Let me get this straight, because I am male, I am supposed to throw away everything that we have together and chase a strange piece of ass. That makes absolutely no sense, even if I got a piece, I would be losing you two."

Leah stared at me for the longest time.

"Let's turn the tables then, what if we chased that little piece of ass?"

I thought about it and said, "I see no harm in that, I doubt that you are going to drop me just for a fling, and you might have some fun."

Leah looked at me in amazement. "I really don't believe you. You must be a fantasy that I am having and I will wake up in a minute, back in the same fucked up world that I left."

I told her she wasn't making sense. She laughed and kissed me and went upstairs. I thought about it for a minute and shrugged my shoulders. I guess that whatever this was all about would come out in time. Somehow I couldn't believe Ann would think that I would dump her over someone I couldn't even talk to, no matter what she looked like.

It had stopped raining earlier so I went out on the deck, lit a pipe and sat down and let my mind wander. After a while, I felt Ann approach. I turned and she was staring at me.

She shook her head and said, "Let me get this straight. You really wouldn't have a problem if Leah and I did the maid."

I looked her in the eye and asked, "No, why should I?"

She looked stunned.

I continued, "I doubt seriously if you are going to dump me for her, for one thing I don't think you like rubber up your ass half as much as you like me being up in there."

She hit me then smiled.

I went on, "If you girls wanted to have some fun, I really don't mind in the least." Ann asked, "Well what about if the little bitch bent over for you?"

I looked at her, "Not a damn thing now, I wouldn't take a chance on hurting either you or Leah, you two mean too much to me to jeopardize our relationship on a piece of ass... besides I have too much money invested in rope."

She laughed at that and asked, "What if we didn't care?"

I told her, "I would have to be absolutely sure, before I even thought about something like that."

"Leah's right, you can't be real."

I thought about it for a while and told her that the three of them together might be one hell of a show.

Leah came out and saw the stunned expression on Ann's face and said, "I told you we need to call in the army, we're dealing with an alien."

Ann said, "Hell no, we're going to keep him."

The girls went back inside and after a while I followed. I went upstairs and told them to get some clothes on. They asked why. I told them we were going to go down to the range and make some noise. They both looked at me as if I had just handed them a bouquet of roses. I dug some standard shells out of my bag, no sense wasting the good ones and got the gun out of its case and assembled it. I checked the action and receiver and we headed out. Leah led the way down to the firing range; it was set into the side of the hill. I set up and checked the scope and mounts; and told the girls that they were up first. They grinned and laughed like school girls. Leah went first; she fired five rounds and flipped the switch that brought the target back. She had an inch and a half grouping at 100 yards a little off to the left. She frowned. Ann went next with just about identical results. I asked then what was bothering them. They showed me the targets and said that they were missing. I laughed and told them that the gun was set up for me and I aimed with my left eye. I took the gun and got a two inch group dead on the bull's-eye. Leah shot again and hit dead on. Ann then repeated the performance. I looked at the targets and compared groupings shaking my head. They asked if there was a problem. I said, "No, it's just your shot groupings are almost as tight as your asses.” They hit me.

We stayed down there for another hour and finished one box and then a second. Finally we headed back up. Leah told us that she had an errand to run and took off. Ann took the gun from me and started to clean it. I sat down and went through the targets; I thought to myself that I hoped that I never pissed these girls off. I am no slouch and these girls were better shots than I.

Ann spoke up, "I am really having a hard time believing you wouldn't have a problem with us and the maid."

I asked, "Why not, maybe you should eat out once and a while."

She threw a towel at me.

I continued, "What is the difference between this and you and Leah?"

"Leah is family." She replied.

"Listen, if you think that you would enjoy it, go for it." I told her. "Besides, you and Leah are free spirits and I love you for it."

Ann asked, "What about you?"

I replied, "I really enjoy seeing you happy. Your joy is contagious. Besides I might like to watch."

Ann laughed, "What is that going to do for you?"

I told her, "I don't know, you two seem to enjoy it. You both came the other night whether or not I was doing you or not."

Ann said, "God, that was intense. I couldn't believe that I was feeling like that."

I said, "You did make a good audience."

She replied, "I felt so helpless."

I told her, "It's a shame I don't have a few more poles."

Ann said, "Well why don't you call Leah? She has a phone in her car. Oh, hell, I'll do it."

I thought to myself, car phone? That is major money.

Ann interrupted my train of thought, "Do you need anything else?"

I absently said, "Some of those eye bolts." Ann talked some more and hung up. She came over and said, "You have six poles and twenty eye bolts on the way. We wanted to make sure you had them on hand, in case you have any other ideas."

Eager little things.

"I am going to start dinner," Ann said.

I thought to myself that we might be late going to bed.

Leah came back a little while later and tossed a bag of eye bolts to me. She said that the poles were in her car. I followed her out and she grabbed what looked like a grocery bag and a shopping bag from some boutique then made a beeline upstairs. I grabbed the poles and headed to the basement. I came back up to see Leah and Ann in their outfits. Leah said that she was about to come and get me as dinner was ready. They fed me and started to clean up. I asked them why, we had a maid. The girls smiled at each other and said that she may need to save her strength. I looked at them funny and they told me to go play. I went upstairs and grabbed two of the solid rubber toys out of the toy bag. I went back down to the basement. About an hour later I came back up. Leah and Ann were entertaining themselves on the couch. I watched them for a while, either they were still hungry after dinner or just thoroughly enjoying themselves. I noticed that they had on their collars, wrist and ankle restraints. I cleared my throat. They jumped, and sat up. I looked around the room and the toys were all laid out. The ropes were hanging from the rails, waiting. I laughed.

I looked at them and asked, "Anxious, ladies?" They stood up bouncing.

I asked what they wanted me to do.

They said take us.

I went to Leah and clipped her ankles together and then her wrists to her waist. I did the same to Ann. I then bent Ann over the couch and replaced the toy in her ass with a plug. I left her there hanging, and went after Leah. She wiggled around but I did the same for her. I then stood her back up and hung her from her bar. I went over and did the same for Ann. I made a trip back down to the basement and brought up the toys that I had just made for the girls. When I came back they were just standing there waiting on me. I said enee, menee, minee, moe and went to Leah first. She looked at what I had in my hand and gasped. I told her that if she got bored she could entertain herself now. I had made a T out of two of the post and mounted a rubber toy on the vertical bar of the t and on the crossbar, I mounted the eye bolts. I clipped one of Leah's legs to the bar and she started kicking with the other. I tuned her around and started spanking her. I made her ass a bright red. I knelt back down and slid the toy up inside her and then clipped her other ankle to the bar. I looked at my handiwork, it wasn't bad for a guess. The toy was only halfway inside her. I went over to her rope and gave her some slack. I walked back and pushed down on her shoulders till she squatted. All the slack was off the rope and the toy was now buried inside her and she was breathing very hard. I let up and she stood up. Sweat popped out on her brow. I looked at her she was standing very still, it didn't look natural. So I went to the table and picked up the egg and put it back in its little nest. It looked quite at home there. I stood up and looked at Leah and she started shaking her head no. I asked what, and she started saying, "No, please, no."

I said, "Oh, you said please. I didn't quite catch the rest."

I turned the egg on and she started to dance. I watched her as she started to moan. She bent her knees slightly and the rubber toy slid in deeper. She stood up as if she got shocked. Her eyes went wild, and she started panting. I told her to enjoy herself; I would be back for her.

I turned to Ann and saw that her eyes were glued on Leah. I picked up the other toy that I had made and put it at her feet. It was nothing more that a six-foot long pole with an eye bolt on each end. I unclipped her ankles, one at a time and clipped them to the pole. I then unclipped her wrist and clipped them to her waist. I then lowered her to her knees. She put up no resistance. I had her clean me up, as she was so fond of putting it, and then lowered her the rest on the way down on the pole. I then clipped her wrists, one at a time to the top of the pole. I walked around behind her, knelt down, and ran my finger up between the straps. She was soaked. I reached over to the table and picked the egg up and settled it into its nest. She squirmed a bit. I then took a vibrator off the table and inserted it slightly. She started moaning and rocking her hips. I started sliding the vibrator slowly in and out. She started moving faster trying to pick up the pace. I took my time, looking up at Leah occasionally. She was watching every move that we made, moaning and rocking slightly. I felt a shiver go through Ann and she moaned. I turned the egg on. Ann jumped and stared pulling against her restraints, she started jerking backwards, trying to free her hands so I held the vibrator still. She realized that she was literally fucking herself and stopped. She was panting and shaking. I turned on the vibrator that I was using on her and she bucked backwards again, then held still, shaking. I glanced over at Leah, she was glistening with sweat. Her hips were jerking, and then her knees would buckle, she would drop a little, then shoot up. Good, I wouldn't have to worry about keeping her entertained, she looked quite busy. Ann on the other hand, looked as if she might need a little help. I started stroking again with the vibrator and she started to moan. Her hips started rocking and her breathing was starting to get erratic. I asked her how she felt. She was starting to buck faster so I held the vibrator still again. She upped the pace and was trying to rub herself on my wrist. I smacked her ass and she whimpered and came. I told her she was a good girl.

She said in a half whisper, "Please, fuck me."

I told her I couldn't quite hear her.

She said a little louder, "Please, fuck, me, please, fuck me, please."

She was keeping rhythm with the movement of her ass against the vibrator. I asked, "Where?"

She was begging now, "In my cunt, in my ass, in my mouth, I don't care just fuck me, please fuck me."

"Good little slut, hot and wet, don't care where you get it, you just need it bad." I replied.

"Yes, I'm your little slut, stick it in me you bastard." She moaned.

I took the vibrator out and put it in her face and told her to clean it. I held it for her as she licked her juices off of it. Then I went back around behind her, I waited till we had Leah's full attention, and slid in her. She let out a long low moan and started rocking her hips. I let her do the work for a while. When she started getting into it, I pulled back. She whimpered and started to pull at her restraints. I stroked back into her and she started bucking wildly.

I asked her how she wanted it.

"Hard and nasty, use me." She replied.

So I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back onto me. I ground into her and started to pound her cunt. She screamed and squirted, when she came, it felt like her cunt rippled around me. I started to lose control and she was frantic. We came together, I was pumping it into her and she was gushing all over me. I pulled out and fell backward against the couch to catch my breath.

When I could move again. I went over to Leah. I unclipped her legs and slid the now soaked toy out of her. She shuddered and hung from the other pole. I then took down one of the poles and clipped her ankles to it. She must have figured that she was next, she started struggling. I took Ann's wrist pole and moved it so it was in front of Leah. I went back to Ann and clipped her wrists to her waist and unclipped her ankles. I stood her up and walked her over in front of Leah. She was rather dazed still, so she stood there and let me hook her wrists to her pole. I took up the shack on Leah's pole then did the same for Ann. They were standing tit to tit. I took the T pole and inserted the toy in Ann and she gasped. I guess it was a little bigger than the vibrator that she was used to. I clipped her ankles to the pole and noticed that it went almost all the way in. I pulled out the other little rubber toy that I had picked up earlier. I had taken one of the eye bolts and fastened it into the flat end of the toy. I took out Ann's plug and replaced it with the toy. She started to moan a little. I took Leah's wrists and pulled them around Ann's waist and clipped them together. I then pulled them down and clipped them to the toy in Ann’s ass. Leah was slightly bent over at this point. Perfect position. They made a cute couple. I took the bottle of baby oil and oiled my two babes. I didn't want their tits to chafe. I walked back behind Leah and took the plug out of her ass and without ceremony. I slammed into her ass hard. She tried to straighten up and pulled the toy in Ann’s ass deeper. Ann jerked against her restraints and moaned. I told Leah that she was going to get to entertain her girlfriend as well as get a good screwing. Leah came hard and jerked again. Then I told Leah that I was sorry, I had forgotten something. I pulled out and walked to the table and got one of the bigger vibrators and came back. I told her that there wasn't any sense in wasting a good hole, shoved it in her cunt and turned it on. I walked back behind her and stuck it. I got a moan out of both of them this time. I ran my hands over their oil slicked bodies, then grabbed Leah's hips and started to do her. I made a comment about my two helpless fuck toys, and both of them started moaning. I picked up the pace and Ann shrieked and Leah's hips started bucking. I started ramming it into Leah's ass and grinding it. Leah was begging me to shoot into her ass. Ann was just making animal noises with her throat. I felt Leah's ass tighten and I shot deep into her ass, she screamed and came again. I fell backwards, my legs no longer able to support me. Leah dropped to her knees and the toy was pulled from Ann’s ass. Ann just hung from her pole and was trying to rub her cunt on Leah's face. I watched for a while, until my strength returned and crawled over and unhooked Leah's wrists. She released her ankles and helped me with Ann. It took us a while.

I started to pick up the toys and Leah said, "Just leave them; we have a maid, remember?"

I was too numb to think so we all started up the stairs.

Adopting an Angel

June 6, 1986

"You've met the dragon, obviously. Well the Angel was the maid, quite the cute little thing too." I said.

"What did the girls think of this?" Bruce asked.

"Well after they found out I wasn't going to run off and leave them forever, they helped." I replied.


"Yeah, they held her for me while I screwed her."


"After that, we all became one big oversexed but happy family."

"So now you had three."

"I also learned control, grasshoppa."

"You mean the girls?"

"No, my aura."

September 10, 1977

I awoke to the sound of the doorbell, the girls were already up. I stumbled into the shower and hosed off. The hot water running over me felt heavenly. I got out and threw on some clothes and went downstairs. The girls were nowhere to be found. I went to the kitchen and found a cup of coffee waiting on me. I grabbed it and headed back to the living room. I sat down to my notes and was leafing through them, when I noticed that the toys weren't there. I figured that the girls must have got them. Every so often, I would hear giggles faintly echoing through the house. I didn't pay too much attention. I got lost in my work for a while, when suddenly, from behind me I heard Ann say, "Rat, would you do something for us?"

I said, "Sure what would you like for me to do?"

Leah said, "This."

I turned around and got a face full of the maid. She was bent over with her wrists strapped to her ankles. Her ass was only a few inches from my face. Her skirt was flipped up and she had on a little lacy thong.

Leah said, "From what she tells me, it needs done real bad."

I looked up at Leah and Ann; they had grins that were pure evil. I noticed that the maid had worn a skimpier outfit than the other day.

"We'll hold her for you." Ann offered.

I asked if she had any preferences.

Leah said, "All of them, we seem to have a lot in common."

The maid started to wiggle her ass. I guess she was getting impatient. I moved the thong to one side and tasted her. She was as sweet as honey.

Ann said, "Good, isn't she?"

She looked so tiny that I was almost afraid of breaking her. I stood up and dropped my pants. I started to enter her and she came up as far as the restraints would let her. She was tight, real tight. I heard her moan something, and looked at Leah. Leah said that she wasn't used to something that big. I was hoping she would get used to it in a hurry, cause I wasn't too sure I could stop. I started to stroke in and out of her and she started to fight the restraints, her voice was gradually rising in pitch, almost musical. The girls had her by the arms and shoulders and weren't letting her move away. I started to fuck her harder. I felt her pussy tighten and her back arched and she whimpered. I stopped so that it didn't end too soon; she was making me lose my control. She started bucking back onto me and gyrating her hips in moves that would make a stripper blush. I smacked her ass and felt her pussy tighten again. I backed out and she started humping up and down and whining something in French.

Leah translated, "She wants it up her ass; she wants you to cum in her ass."

Fine by me, but after feeling her twat, I wasn't sure she was prepared for me up that hole. I lubed her ass and started to finger fuck her. Her hips went wild. I slapped her ass, and she went crazy. I felt her asshole grab my finger and she whimpered; she had come again. I grabbed her hips and pushed up against her asshole and she pushed herself onto me. The head of my cock slipped into her and she started shaking. I felt her ass tighten again and felt wetness on my leg. I stood still, I was still afraid of hurting her, when she thrust back with her hips and I slid in about halfway. She came again and started to buck and push me in deeper. I let her do it until I was buried to the hilt inside her. The little girl was frantic, her hips were gyrating and she was shaking and moaning and trying to buck farther onto me. I started to slowly fuck her and she cried out. Leah had a shocked look on her face and told me she wanted me to ream her like a cheap slut. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I started to grind my cock into her ass and felt her come again, then I started to really fuck her hard. I looked at Ann and her eyes were glued on my cock going in and out of the girl’s ass. I pounded her and she came for me, over and over, panting like a dog in heat. I finally came and she cried out, but I really didn't care what it translated to, I knew what she meant. I sat down hard.

The girls undid the restraints on her and she promptly turned around and started to suck on me for all she was worth. Ann and Leah looked at each other in amazement. I felt myself start to get hard again and her eyes got huge as I started to fill her mouth. Ann got down and started to lick on her pussy and Leah was spanking her. Then Leah got a toy from the bag and shoved it up the poor girl’s ass and Ann got a face full. She pulled her mouth off my cock and moaned something. Leah said that it was too big to fit in her mouth. I told Leah to take the toy out and put a plug in, which she promptly did. I held my cock straight up and the little girl got the hint. She dropped on it and went crazy. Pretty soon I was lying in a puddle and had shot a load deep into her cunt. She fell on top of me and quivered.

When I came too, she was still on top of me. I looked over her shoulder and saw Ann and Leah 69ing each other and doing each others ass at the same time. I gently woke the little girl and we watched Ann and Leah go at it for a while. Finally they moaned in unison and rolled apart. The maid said something to me and from her back on the floor, Leah translated, "She said that this must be a dream, this she would believe if her ass didn't hurt so much and for me to tell you not to worry that she enjoyed every second of it." Leah and the girl started to talk and I looked at Ann and asked if she enjoyed herself.

Ann laughed and said, "I couldn't believe that she was able to take you like that, I about creamed watching her trying to get it in."

I laughed and told her that I was kinda stunned by her performance too. The maid got up and made a bathroom trip wiggling her ass the whole way. I watched for a few seconds and realized that she had on high heels today. She had come loaded for bear, even before she even knew the girls plans. Leah told me that she needed to go take care of another house and she would be back for dinner. I thought to myself that I was going to have to get some vitamins. I asked Leah about her. Her name was Angelique and she was twenty, she liked everything that we had been doing, but never had anyone who wouldn't freak out and run when she suggested it. I told her that I didn't think the French were that timid. Leah said usually they aren't, but everyone knows who she works for and is scared to death of her. She had apparently got one of the stable hands drunk at one of Ms. V's other estates and tried to do him, but he came up short. Leah held up her fingers spread about three inches apart. I told her that I hoped I wasn't a disappointment.

Leah laughed, "From the look on her face the only disappointment is going to be when we leave."

Angel came back and kissed me, then kissed the girls too. She started talking a mile a minute, then trotted out the door.

Leah translated again, "She wanted to let us know that we are the best thing that has ever happened to her and wants us to know that she can't wait for tonight."

I asked Leah, "How far should we go with her?"

Leah said that we were to take her as far as we wanted, she wants to try everything. "Did you tell her no whips or stuff like that?" I asked.

"That was the only part that she really didn't want to try." Leah explained.

I looked at Ann and asked her how she felt about this.

"I can't wait. I want to watch when you do her, and I want you to do her first."

I looked a Leah and she agreed, "I want to see you tease the little bitch till she comes all over herself."

I thought that I had better hurry up and get something done as it looked like a busy night. I walked upstairs and got my acid. I was thinking of how strange all of this seemed. I knew that I had better enjoy it because it might never happen again. I went back down and told the girls to go play. They asked why. I told them that I was going to be pretty much alone in this now, because the last time proved that one mistake could nail them and that there wasn't too much that they could do about it. They pouted for a minute then jogged upstairs. I thought what the hell and took the hit. I sat down to meditate. It took seconds. I could see the fire almost immediately. I wondered if I had written about the last time in my notes. I think that I was becoming sensitized to the power field. I drifted for a while, a lot more at peace with what I was doing than before. Maybe that had something to do with it. The acid didn't kick in as hard this time, some part of my mind wondered about this. I was thinking before I started to focus on the mantle piece, but now that I was in, I thought to try something else. I focused on my memory of the dragon. It appeared almost instantly. It stared at me with those eyes of flame, and I fell into it. I felt its body, its wings, its eyes. I looked out through its eyes and saw another world. I felt us melting into each other, communicating without speaking. Vague concepts, ideas without reference. We fused, became one and it was over. Just like last time, it was as if I had never taken any drugs at all. My vision was crystal clear, even colors looked brighter.

I sat down at my notes and wrote as best I could of what happened, this time remembering the aura showing up before I took the acid. I thought about that for a minute. Why not? I tried to see the aura by relaxing my eyes, boom it was there. No way, I tried to make it reach out and touch my coffee cup and the cup exploded. Shit! I relaxed and made it go away. Hmm. So I didn't need the acid if push came to shove. But how much time would I have to call it? Maybe when I got back to the real world, I could have Leah sacrifice a few of her government lambs. If it worked out right I might get them to call off their full scale test. I would have to work full time on the control factor though. I spent the next two hours turning my aural sight on and off. Then I went outside and practiced trying to touch things without destroying them, this proved harder that the on and off thing. I found that I could focus it down to needle thin and extend it several yards. I walked to the firing range and put targets on each of the three isles. I then tried to hit my target. I tried first by reaching out, but I couldn't get that far. I thought about it for quite a while then walked back to the house. I went up and found the girls. I asked them about their blue fireballs. They tried to explain, but I didn't get it. So I said screw it and we broke for lunch.

After they fed me and cleaned up, I asked Leah if there were any leather shops in town. She said that we would have to run into Fredericton for that. I also asked about adult toy shops, this drew a strange look, so I explained that I had modified a couple and was looking to replace them and find out what else was available. Leah asked if there was anything else. I told them let’s just look around and see what we find, so we spent the afternoon shopping. I found what I was looking for at the leather shop. When we got to the toy store things proved more interesting. I found the replacements easily enough, and then found that they had clothing. I asked the girls to pick out a couple of new thongs, the type that tied on the sides and asked if they knew what size Angel wore. While the girls were doing that I went into their bondage section and looked around. I found some smaller clips that were adjustable and some restraints that had Velcro closures. I wandered the store some more and found smaller eggs. It looked to be an interesting night.

We shopped around the city, and stopped at a few more stores. I picked up a few more items here and there. Then we found a new age shop. I wandered the isles and found some machines for monitoring your alpha and theta waves. One of them had adjustable thresholds that could be tuned for peak readings and had relay driven outputs. I decided to dive into my checking account pretty heavy for that one. I had them take me to an electronics store after that and picked up some items that I thought might be useful there. I was glad we had an early start. The girls had a blast, they were messing with the store clerks and generally having fun just shopping.

We went back to the cabin and I grabbed my stuff and headed to the basement. I got to thinking and headed back up and asked if there was a sewing machine anywhere about. Leah led me to a room downstairs that I had thought was a closet. I went down to the basement and grabbed the girls’ new thongs and had them try them on for me. They were rather curious about what I was up to so I showed them. I made sure that they had them on the way they normally wore them and marked where there clit was. I took one of the smaller eggs and placed it behind the mark. I then sewed a small pouch that the egg fit into nice and snug. When they saw what I was up to they couldn't wait to try them on. I had to adjust them a little to get them perfect. I did Ann's first, then took it back to one of the machines and sewed a A on it, then I did Leah's with an L. Then I guesstimated Angel's. The girls laughed and said they knew one little girl that was in for a hell of a surprise. I told them to go play and I went down to the basement.

I took the new clips and replaced the test clips on the chains and made a set for Angel. I had bought a dozen of them to play with. I was looking at my handy work when I got a wicked idea. I took one of the clips and attached about an inch of clock chain on it. Then I took a small fishing weight and attached it to the other end of the chain. I called the girls down and asked if one of them would mind being a guinea pig. Ann was always the adventurer, so I had her drop her drawers. Leah was sitting off to the side and the look on her face was worth a million. I clipped the new toy on Ann and she wouldn't move. I asked how was I supposed to know if worked, if she held still. I finally grabbed her wrist and took her for a short walk. About six feet before she dropped to her knees panting. I asked her how it worked, and she couldn't speak for a minute. Pretty good I guess. So I made two more. Leah made a crack about not daring to leave me alone with a screwdriver and a paper clip. I made a couple of new poles and turned to the new machine that I had bought. I checked out the instructions and hooked everything up and tried it out. I played with it for a while and was able to drop into my aural state quite quickly. The girls had watched all this with great interest. I then told Leah that, since Ann had been the first guinea pig, she was up for this one. I attached the probes and set it up a little differently than when I was trying it. I had her put on one of the new thongs that I made. She looked at me strange until I turned the little egg on. Apparently the new eggs were a little more intense than the old ones. I watched the reading and sure enough, the more turned on she got the higher the reading. I waited till she was about to climax then set the threshold. I then shut the egg off. The readings started to go down. I watched Leah, when she got to the point that she was almost breathing normally, I set the lower threshold.

I sent them upstairs, then when to the bench. I cut one of the leads from the egg and took some very thin headphone wire that I had picked up and hooked it in line. I ran out about 25 feet and then soldered on test pins that would hook into the Alpha machine. I set the machine so the lower threshold turned it on and the higher turned it off. I took it upstairs and set it on an end table. While I had been doing my science fair project the girls had been 'decorating' the living room. They looked at the machine, but since I had unplugged the egg before bringing it up, they assumed that it was for me to practice with. I had found, at a surplus store, a jeweler’s display briefcase. I went down to my workroom and put the new toys that I had made in it. I then started on the leather. I hoped that I had enough time. I used the thong that the girls had bought for Angel as a rough guide. I made a wide belt that had a smaller belt with a buckle to adjust the size. I had Ann come down to try the size since she was pretty close in build. It was at the second to last hole so I had six more to tighten it if I needed them. I sent her back up and riveted loops on the belt with rings. I placed them so that they were on the sides of the belt. I took some velvet that I had found at a fabric store, and made a liner. I sewed this in place so it wrapped over the edges of the leather. I finished just in time, the doorbell rang.

I stuffed the belt into one of the shopping bags and grabbed the bag and the briefcase and took them to the living room.

Angel was in the bath taking a shower, the girls had put on black dresses that looked as if they were painted on. Very short. I noticed the pattern underneath and knew that they had on their playwear beneath the dresses. They were also wearing their collars and restraints. Angel came out with the new thong, a black corset that left her nipples exposed, all trimmed in red, a garter belt and stockings with a lacy print and high heels. She also had on a collar and restraints. She looked like a bondage wet dream, even the girls whistled. She looked a the poles hanging from the railings and ran her hand down one of them, like she was stroking something entirely different. She gave me a smile that made me melt in my socks. I told them I would be back down in a minute. I went upstairs and changed into a pair of black knit pants and a black silky shirt that I left mostly unbuttoned. I went back downstairs and out to the deck. It was a little chilly, but overall warmer than I expected for this time of year. I lit a pipe and watched a barge go by. Angel came out a little while later and had a seat. On my lap. She snuggled in and made herself comfortable and me uncomfortable. For some reason my pants had gotten tighter. I swear she was purring. Ann came out to announce dinner and asked me if I had a new pet. I laughed and said it seems that way. She said that they had to run her out of the kitchen because she was trying to taste the cooks.

We went in and of course the girls had to feed me. A man could get spoiled like this. Angel came up with a new twist. She would set a piece of meat on her tongue and just about put it down my throat. My pants got tight again. After dinner was finished and cleanup done, we went into the living room. Ann and Leah stood underneath the two outside poles and Angel, following their lead, went to the one in the middle. I told Leah to ask Angel if she was sure about this, and Leah reported back that if I didn't hurry I was going to get raped. Sweet little thing.

I went around and clipped their ankles together and their wrists to the poles. I took the slack out of the poles and they were mine. I told Ann and Leah that I was going to honor their request and tease miss Angelique till I let her cum. I got some strange looks at that. I went to our dear maid and clipped her ankles to the spreader pole, then moved her thong aside and gave her a plug for her ass and a vibrator for her cunt. I stepped back to admire my handiwork, and noticed that her eyes were huge. I was wondering whether she had noticed the pouch in the front of the thong. I went to my briefcase and took out the modified egg. This got some looks from all of the girls. I walked over to Angel and slipped it into its pouch. She started to squirm, so I smacked her ass. I tucked the control into the waistband and made sure it was on then I went over and hooked the leads to the machine. I took the headband and put it on our sweet little Angel’s head and made sure it was set just right. I turned on the machine and checked the readings. Angel said something to Leah and Leah replied. I looked at Angel and flipped the output switch. Angel gasped and started struggling against her restraints. I watched as the needle climbed on the meter. She started breathing real hard, and just about the time she was on the edge, it stopped. Her body was glistening with sweat and her eyes were half closed. I watched the needle drop. Her eyes started to focus and she was breathing almost normally, when the machine kicked in again. She cried out. I noticed that the needle was climbing much faster this time, maybe I should be taking notes as this might be a new line of research. I glanced at the girls and saw a look of shock on their faces. Angel was trying to pull her way free and her hips were trying to fuck the air. It stopped again and Angel cried out, "Non! Non!" I watched the needle and it went down a lot slower this time.

I decided that the girls were overdressed so I went to Leah and unzipped her dress and slid it down. I did the same for Ann. I went to the briefcase and took out the new clips and sat one in front of each of the girls. I then went to the table where they had arranged the toys and got their nipple clips. I thought about it a minute and put the set on Angel. She didn't seem to mind; she was on an upswing, and shaking like a leaf. I took Ann’s clip and put it in place and was awarded a groan. I did the same with Leah. I then took the weights and walked over to Angel. She was taking a break, so I didn't figure she would mind. I looked at each of the girls and placed their weights over Angel's chain. I stood there for a minute and the machine took over Angel. She started to shake and the girls went nuts. I went back to the table and got Leah and Ann a little something else to pass the time. I gave them each their very own vibrator, but I didn't turn them on. I made sure their toys that they had been storing in their asses were in place and got a sudden craving for ice cream.

I went into the kitchen to fix a bowl, and heard the moans and cries in the background. I heard them babble back and forth, when it was over. I wandered back into the living room and slowly ate my delicacy, when a depraved idea came to mind. I took my time with the rest of the bowl and was rewarded with a puddle of melted ice cream in the bottom. I walked over to Angel and dripped some on her tits with the spoon. The ice-cold treat made her jump, which didn't help either Ann's or Leah's composure. I licked it off slowly, looking into Angel’s eyes between licks. She started to whimper. I did it again and her hips started to move, and shake. The look in Angel's eyes was pure lust. I noticed that the machine hadn't kicked in so I figured I was keeping her hot enough to keep it from triggering. I took my time and we enjoyed my ice cream. When it was done I took the bowl back and washed it and put it away.

I went back into the living room and watched them go through a few more cycles. Angel kept saying something over and over again, so I looked at Leah and raised my eyebrows. It was right after a cycle, so the words came between pants, "She wants you to fuck her, she's begging." I told Leah to ask her if she liked an audience when she gets fucked like a nasty cheap slut. Ann and Leah both knew what I meant and started to squirm. Leah relayed the message. Angel’s eyes flew open and she started breathing heavily. She was looking around like a trapped animal and pulling at her restraints. I removed Ann's and Leah's weights then I walked over to the bag and took the belt out. I put it around Angel's waist and took her wrists from the pole and attached them to the rings. She was still struggling. I unhooked one of her ankles and clipped then together, then picked her up and took her to the center of the room. I laid her on her back and clipped her ankles apart. I replaced the egg with a more conventional one and removed the plug from her ass. I sat her up and walked around behind her and sat down. I pulled her on top of me, making sure I had control of the pole. I pulled her backwards so she was lying flat and wrapped an arm around her. She realized she was completely helpless and started to struggle. I looked over the top of her and checked to make sure the girls had a good view. Their eyes were riveted. I pulled the tie on the thong and left her exposed. I pulled her up a little farther and guided my cock into her ass. She froze. I had just the head in and it was as tight as before. I reached up a bit and turned on the vibrator, then the egg. She started to struggle again, and then realized that she was pulling herself farther onto me. She stopped and quivered. I took the vibrator and started fucking her with it. She was moaning and then started bucking her hips. I then rested my wrist on the egg and she went nuts. I felt myself rammed up in her and her hips were grinding onto me like a depraved stripper. I resumed fucking her with the vibrator keeping pressure on the egg and felt her start to cum, over and over. I wished I could tell her what a lovely slut that she was, but from the sounds of it, Leah wouldn't make a good translator at the moment. I was trying hard not to move because I knew that, as tight as this girl's ass was, I wouldn't last long. She was whining and crying, bucking her hips the whole time. Finally I started doing her, she moaned and matched my rhythm. She started arching her back and her whole body got into the act. I was stunned by the way her whole body was caressing mine, even as she lay there tied. I knew I couldn't last so I let go and started pounding her ass, to my surprise she matched me stroke for stroke, finally her back arched and her ass clamped down on me and I shot into her ass. She went limp on top of me.

I lay there panting like a freight train, trying to get my body to work again. Finally, I reached up and undid Angel's wrists. I was still stuck up her ass, so I gently pulled out and slid from beneath her. I undid her ankles and picked her up. I took her to the couch and laid her down. I turned off her toys, but left them where they were. I walked over to Leah and asked if she liked the show. I reached down and ran my finger up the inside of her leg and tasted her. She moaned softly. I told her I was just checking to make sure she wasn't bored. I walked over to Ann and tasted her too. Then I told them that I usually do Leah last, and I really didn't think that was fair, so I told Ann that she would get to watch. I undid her clit clip and took her thong from the table. I put it on her and she must have realized what I had in mind. She started to pull against the restraints and moan. I picked up the modified egg and settled it into its pouch. Ann started whimpering and saying no. I put the headband on her and watched the needle start to move. I flipped the switch and the refusals stopped, replaced by loud moaning. It picked up in tempo as she got closer to her peak. Then it stopped.

I took Angel’s pole down and clipped the center ring to Leah's ankles. I then moved her wrists to her waist. She was so intent on Ann she didn't move. I took her clip off and nestled and egg in place. I took some oil and poured it down the crack of her ass and massaged it onto her ass cheeks. She was panting, still fixated with Ann. I pulled the toy from her ass and finally got a rise out of her, I don't think that she had a clue until that point what I had planned for her. I sat her down, went around behind her and pulled her up on me. I wasn't going to play nice, I switched the vibrator and egg on and without letting her catch her breath slid into her ass. I started doing her, slowly. I had her pulled taut on top of me. Suddenly I felt a touch on the back of my hand. I looked up to see Angel lightly move my hand from the egg. Then she turned the egg off and replaced it with her tongue. Leah went nuts. I had one arm crossing between her tits to her shoulder and the other around her waist. It was still all I could do to hold on. Angel moved over and stretched out on Leah's legs and I hugged them both with mine. I whispered in Leah's ear that not only was she completely helpless, even the maid was going to use her. Angel got a face full and I heard her moan. I started pumping Leah's ass, and told her she was a good little slut to show her appreciation for Angel's nice tongue like that. I told her that if she didn't mind I was going to use her asshole to masturbate now. She gave Angel another drink. I told her after I finished using her I was going to spread her back out and let the maid use her for a while. She started struggling and bucking her hips and gushed. I started pounding her ass, and asked Leah if she thought that Angel would lick my cum from her ass. Leah went rigid and her ass clamped down on me like a vice. I came in her ass hard. She screeched.

For some reason I didn't feel drained like usual. I had no trouble moving and I felt like electricity was coursing through my veins. I pulled out of Leah then slid out from under her. I smacked Angel’s ass and she rolled off of Leah's legs and knelt down with her knees apart and her hands at her waist, palms up. She looked sexy as hell that way. I took Leah's ankles and clipped them to the outside rings then took one of the ropes and tied it to the center ring and pulled her legs in the air. Leah was still in a daze and made no effort to resist. I tilted Angel’s head back and pointed at the table then gestured in a sweeping motion to Leah, as if to say, all yours. Angel smiled, got to her feet and kissed me. Then she turned to Leah. I watched them for a few seconds and turned my attention to Ann.

I was shocked. Her hair was plastered to her head and she was covered in sweat and was slightly drooling. I watched as another cycle started, and she was so keyed up that it only took a few seconds to peak. Her back arched and her hair flew. Then she sagged, the restraints were all that were holding her up. I went over and shut the machine down, then took Ann down from her pole. I unclipped her ankles. I then took her wrists and clipped then to her ankles. I took the thong off of her. I pulled the vibrator from its soaked nest and slid into Ann's cunt. She came immediately. She started to moan, beg and buck, all at the same time. I felt her pussy ripple, almost as if there was a hand in there stroking me. I started to fuck her and every time I would slide home, she would jump. I was going to take my time with her, but as the shock wore off, she was going to have no part of it. She started telling me I was a bastard and that I was going to fuck her etc. I thought about it, as she was talking, and had a wild notion. I called to Angel. Ann looked at me strange. When she came over, I told Ann that it wasn't nice for fuck toys to talk too much. I looked at Angel and smiled and gestured to Ann’s face. Angel took the hint and in the brief time that I got to see her face, before Angel sat on it, there was a look of complete shock. I looked into Angel's face; she had a grin that made me ever harder, if that was possible. I resumed my task, and Angel started hers. She ground down across Ann's face then lifted slightly for a few seconds, it became a slow fucking motion. I got a glimpse of Ann and her tongue was flicking like a snake's. I told Ann, that it was proper for a fuck toy to be used and not heard. She came all over me. Angel giggled. I reached up with one hand and pinched her tit. She smiled again, leaned forward and kissed me. She must have had a six-inch tongue. When she let up, I was gasping for air. She giggled again. The giggle made me think of a child. I looked at her. A child in a corset, stockings, and heels that was face fucking a helpless woman, while dripping cum on her face from where she just got fucked in the ass. Some child. Ann seemed to be enjoying herself, from the size of the puddle that was forming. Her hips were bucking up and down like a mad woman's. Unfortunately, after a few minutes I started to lose control. I hammered Ann’s cunt and came. I had wanted to make it last longer, so I could watch Angel. She was a vision of sex and innocents.

I released Ann, she hugged Angel and they got up and went over to poor forgotten Leah. They did tricks on her that I have no words to describe. I sat down on the couch to watch the girls play. It was breathtaking. They did clean up all the stray cum from the various orifices. When they were done playing, they looked at me as if to ask if I wanted any more. I shook my head and smiled, so they released Leah. They came over and we snuggled. Ann on my right, Leah on my left, and Angel on my lap. Oh, how I wished this could last forever.

Ann finally asked, "Where in the hell did you get the idea for that infernal machine?"

I told her that I had been thinking about getting one for my meditation practice, but, when I saw what this one could do, I couldn't resist a little cross application of technology.

Leah replied, "You are unreal. A shopping trip to various mundane stores, and you have a dungeon that would make De'Sade envious."

Angel asked Leah a question, and Leah relayed it, "She wants to know about the machine too, how much should I tell her?"

I looked at Leah and laughed, "I think that we adopted her, and since she is part of the family, use your own discretion. Who knows, maybe she can come up with some ideas that we missed."

Leah and Ann both smiled, but Ann asked, "Do you think that is wise, what if she tells someone?"

I laughed, "Tells them what, that we are a bunch of sex crazed witches who are studying physics to escape from and evil government plot? Yeah, I would believe her, wouldn't you?"

Ann had to chuckle at that one. Leah shrugged and started talking. Angel sat up after a while and wiggled to make herself more comfortable, which had the opposite effect on me. I told Ann that I hated when she did that. Ann said why, can't take the heat? I told her I needed to rest sometime.

She laughed and said, "Well you wouldn't want to take advantage of us, now, would you?"

I laughed and told her sometimes she could be a real bitch.

She looked at me, batted her eyes and asked, "Does that mean that we get to do it doggie style next time?"

I just shook my head. Angel wiggled again and felt something poke her in the ass. She looked at me and smiled then did it again.

She asked Leah a question; then Leah replied then looked to me, "She wants to see your dragon."

I started to tell Leah that I wasn't sure that I could do it, then stopped. I smacked Angel on her ass and shooed her off me. I walked over and marked where the settings were, in case I wanted to play with it again. I reset the controls and tried for a deep trance. I had little trouble, with the machine’s help. I watched the fire coalesce around me, and I heard a squeal that jolted me out of my trance. I looked over to the girls and Angel was saying something to Leah.

Leah translated, "She said she was sorry but you startled her, do you realize that means she can see your aura?"

I didn't know how to react to that, so I shrugged my shoulder and returned to my trance. It came back like flipping a light switch. I then focused on the dragon. It was a lot easier than I thought. I got to see this time, my aura spun and tugged away from me and formed into the dragon. I heard a gasp and the dragon and I both looked towards it. Angel stood up and walked towards it. Its red eyes glowed back at her. She stopped beside it and reached out and petted it.

I was stunned. It didn't move at first, then it settled down and let her rub its scales. It shook out a wing and gave the little girl a living cape. I looked over to Leah and Ann; they were both as confused as I was. The dragon curled its head around and Angel started rubbing behind its ears. Then a thought hit me like a blow between the eyes. Angel could touch it! Angel said something to Leah and Leah turned to me, like I understood. Maybe I did. I shrugged my shoulders and Leah and Ann got up and joined Angel. The dragon watched them approach then laid its head back down. I thought to myself, that I had made pets of the girls, and they had made a pet of my dragon. I got up and walked to it. It didn't move, it knew I was there. I reached down and touched it. It was warm, almost hot and had the dry slickness of a serpent. I noticed that the scales fit into each other and if it could raise them, they would be razor sharp. The dragon moved its front leg (arm?) out away from its body then the scales raised like a fan with overlapping blades. They went back down and it turned its hand over, and opened its claws. They must have been about six inches long. The dragon then looked up to me and smiled. It was definitely not a vegetarian. I started to feel light-headed and weak. I felt us start to move together, to melt. I felt the unsettling sensation of becoming one again and the dragon was gone.

I stood there swaying, and heard Angel say something to Leah who then, with a chuckle, translated, "She wants to know if she can keep it."

I had a feeling that I had understood, before Leah had translated. I looked at Angel, and let my mind relax, and got the shock of a lifetime.

She said, "It's about time. Oh, and by the way, yes, I realize that it is a package deal." I dropped to my knees. Leah looked from her to me in alarm.

I waved her back and said to Angel, "How well can you understand me?"

She smiled real big and said, "Well enough, now that I have touched your magic, even better."

Leah looked at me and asked what the hell was happening. I told her that we had a telepath on our hands.

I looked back at Angel and thought, ‘Can you hear me when I don't speak?’

‘Of course,’ came the reply, ‘I can pick up a lot of the thoughts from your fore-mind, so long as your mind is focused, which with you, surprisingly, is most of the time, even while you were doing me. By the way, I love the image that you conjure when you think of me and I love the nickname Angel.’

My head was spinning. I thought, ‘And the girls?’

‘Sometimes I can, they are not as loud as you and harder to understand.’ She thought back. ‘When I first came here, I knew that there was something here that was interesting, before I ever met you. Then I met your lovely ladies and felt the love and lust and devotion that they had for you, I was really curious. I was rather hurt when Ann was worried that we would run away together. Leah was not as bad, but she didn't really trust me either. Then the next day it all went away. You should have seen me changing in the car, I wanted to look my best for all of you.’

Whew, that was a load to take in at one time.

‘You are the only person that I have met, that actually worries more about what a woman wants sexually, than yourself. You worry too much about hurting though. Even the tugs of pain when you first enter my ass melts into pleasure. You don't take your excitement from making us your toys and much as you take it from us enjoying the feelings of helplessness and nastiness.’

That floored me, I had never examined my motives before, it was like looking into a mirror of the soul.

‘How poetic, I think in your case quite true, you don't act on conscience, but from caring, so you don't have to think about what you do.’

I thought, ‘I suppose you are an angel.’

‘Hardly,’ came the immediate reply, ‘angels don't fantasize about being hung upside down and getting fucked in the throat.’

She laughed out loud as my jaw hit my chest. She said something to Leah, I got a vague, not superman after all, and Leah busted out laughing. It was a while before she could tell Ann. I wondered to myself if there was a way to help Ann understand, I didn't want her to have to be at the mercy of Leah or me.

‘You amaze me, it was alright as long as you were having me translated to you, but the first thing that enters your mind when you can understand, is concern for Ann being left out. I think I would have given myself to you even if you weren't such a kinky bastard.’

I thought, ‘Well, do you think we could help her?’

‘I don't know, I have never thought to try, I am a selfish little bitch at heart, I have never really cared whether someone could understand me before.’

I thought, ‘Hmm, let’s make a deal. You help me help Ann and I will tie you up so you can barely move hang you upside down and make you watch as I fuck one of the girls in the ass then shoot it down your throat.’

After a minute, the reply came, ‘Whew, that mental image, I was planning on it anyway, but damn you sweetened the pot. Tell me, how far would you go with me?’

I thought, ‘No farther than you want, and even if you asked I couldn't hurt you.’

‘Who is the angel here?’ She asked.

I replied, ‘Not me, I am thinking about hanging you back up with the machine and watching the girls have their way with you.’

After a while, ‘Damn you, you make it hard to concentrate.’

‘What are your plans?’ I asked.

‘I have the rest of the week, this is my only commitment.’ She replied.

‘Hmm, want to drive the girls nuts tomorrow when you get here?’ I asked.

‘Who said that I was leaving, although I should ask first I suppose,’ she answered.

‘You are welcome anytime, you don't need to ask.’ I told her.

‘What did you have in mind?’ 

‘How deep into your fantasies do you get?’ I asked.

‘I have always found, the deeper the better, if you submerge yourself in them the feelings are more intense,’ was her answer.

‘How would you like to blow the girls mind by staging a little show, where you get raped in front of them?’ I asked.

‘Whoa, that does sounds intense, what do I need to do?’ She asked.

‘Dress in your normal clothes, nothing fancy, just as if you are heading off to do another house and just go about your work in the morning.’ I replied.

‘What are you going to do to me?’ 

‘Now it wouldn't be rape if you knew what was going to happen.’ I replied. She laughed out loud.

We spent quite a while discussing our situation, Ann brought up the idea about seeing if the dragon could help. I didn't know that much about that creature, but I didn't see any harm in trying. It obviously meant us no harm, God knows it could have got us all tonight, but it responded with great care not to hurt anyone. Hmm, it did respond, now that I think of it, when I thought about its scales. I hadn't said anything, it just did it. Since Angel was tapped into me, there was a lot less translation this time. Ann said that I was sweet to worry about her, and I told her that I thought it would be beautiful if we could all understand one another on that level.

A little bit later I excused myself saying that there was still one more project that I wanted to finish before it was bedtime. The girls looked at each other, they were starting to know my projects intimately. I didn't let my mind picture what I had planned, so the little minx Angel couldn't read it. I just went to the basement and started to work. I had more than one project actually, but they were all connected, so to speak.

Angel's From Heaven

June 6, 1986

"Angel's arrival opened up new horizons for us."

"How so?" Was Bruce's next question.

"She showed us a place that we never could have found without her."

"Go on."


Bruce smiled. "I thought you had already explored all of those possibilities."

"Well, let's say that we found that telepathy isn't limited to thoughts."

September 10, 1977

I awoke to sunlight streaming in. I went downstairs, but the girls had just gotten up and didn't have coffee made yet. Angel was tidying up the kitchen then moved to the living room, she had on the outfit that she was wearing when we first met. She looked cute, even in tennis shoes and ankle socks. I went to the basement and brought up my toys, all wrapped up in a blanket. I sat them on the couch and went for some coffee. We chatted till I saw the maid go into the bathroom and I told the girls that there was something I wanted them to see. I took them to the living room and had them sit in a couple of the chairs, so they could get a good view.

I dug in the bundle and came out with a couple of belts. The girls looked puzzled, I just motioned for them to be quiet. I walked over and stood beside the door to the bathroom. Angel stepped out and started by me and I took the longer of the two straps and flipped it around her. She looked up in surprise. I pulled it tight and she tried to pull away from me. I flipped her onto the floor and put the other strap around her legs just above the knees and pulled it tight. She started to scream, so I stuffed a pair of panties in her mouth. I picked up my struggling bundle and took her over to one of the hanging poles. I put restraints on her and stood her up. I clipped the wrists and ankles together, then removed the other straps. I hung her from the pole. Then I spread her legs with one of the other poles. I walked around her as she fought to get free. I grabbed a handful of ass and she jerked and made a noise in her throat. I stopped in front of her and undid one of the buttons on her blouse. She started jerking back and forth, trying to get away. I undid another, she started shaking her head no and making noises. I undid the third one and peeled her blouse back exposing her bra. She jerked backwards a little and started jerking back and forth again. I tugged her bra down just far enough to show the nipples. I walked back to the table, on the way looking at the girls just sitting there with shocked expressions on their faces. I picked up the nipple clips and walked back swinging them from my hand. Angel was really fighting to get free and shaking her head. Her eyes were huge and she looked scared. I pinched a nip and she jerked. I put the clip on it and pinched the other one. She was trying to back away and still shaking her head. I put the other clip in its place and walked behind her. She tried to look behind her but could only turn so far. I pointed at the other girls watching and she turned a bright red. I ran my hand down her front and settled it over her crotch. I started to grope her through her dress. She started to fight again. I reached down and got the front of her dress and started to pull it up. She was frantic. I saw tears in her eyes and her face was red. I tucked her dress into her waistband and bunched it up till I knew she was exposed. I grabbed her hips and ground my cock into the crack of her ass through her dress. I started running my hands over her body, squeezing and rubbing. My, how she fought. I turn her loose and walked back in front of her. I knelt down and pulled the front of her panties down. I ran my finger through her slit and it came out drenched. I brought it up and touched it under her nose, then wiped it off on her face. I looked her in her eyes and grabbed both sides of her panties and jerked them off of her. She had a pleading look in her eyes, shaking her head no. I stepped back and watched as she tried to bring her knees together and twisted back and forth trying to get free. I took a butt plug from the table and held it up so she could see it. I dribbled oil down it and rubbed it in my fist. Her eyes went wide, as she tried to pull away. I went around behind her and lifted her skirt. I took the plug and slowly fucked it up her exposed asshole till it went past the ridge. I then let it slide slowly home on its own. She was struggling frantically now. I took one of the vibrators and turned it on. I ran it back a forth down the length of her slit. She tried to dance away from it. She jerked back and, as the rope swung her back forwards, I slid it in. She went up on her tiptoes. I started fucking her with it and she danced trying to get away. I did her with the vibrator till she held still and started shaking and then slid it home. I took her thong from the table and tied it on her. She just stood there hanging from the ropes and quivering. Her face was beet red and she had tears in her eyes.

I went to the couch and unwrapped my other creation, basically two poles about two feet long made into a cross, with Velcro restraints on the end of each pole. I placed it in front of her and took her ankles from the pole and clipped them together. I then did the same for wrists. I forced her to her knees and fastened one of the straps around her leg just above the knee. I grabbed her arm and fastened one just above the elbow. I unclipped her wrist and pulled her arm back and fastened it to the other side. I sat on her ass and undid her ankles and forced her other knee into place. When I was done, she was on her elbows and knees and couldn't move. I flipped her dress up and spanked her. I then placed an egg in the pouch of the thong and turned it on. I pulled the vibrator from her twat, and started fucking her, grinding into her cunt every time I slid home. I was in no hurry; I didn't want to actually finish in her yet. I did her that way for a while till I felt her cum. I thought to her, ‘Damn, you're a nasty slut, I can't even rape you. You want it too bad.’ I wasn't sure that she could 'hear' me in that state, but I was sure after she immediately came down my leg and started humping me. I slapped her ass and she came again. She started making animal noises so I took the panties from her mouth. I then thought to her, ‘Since you’re getting into this so much, I think I will do you up the ass so the girls can see how much you enjoy it.’ She started squirming. I pulled out of her and took one of the larger rubber toys from the table and slid it in her now soaked cunt. I removed the plug from her ass and slid into her. She let out a loud moan. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head up so the girls could see her face.

I told her, "Cum for me cunt, show the girls what a little slut you are. Cum down your leg like a good little girl."

I felt her asshole tighten on my cock and her body spasmed. I started fucking her ass slowly, grinding in as I had her cunt. After a short while, I started to get close so I cut loose and pounded her ass.

She started saying stuff aloud in French, I picked up, "Do it, do me, cum in me, fuck my ass, cum in my ass, do it."

So I did. When I came it felt like I wasn't going to stop. She literally splashed hers out on the floor. I pulled out of her and she whimpered. I undid her elbows while she was still dazed and clipped her wrists behind her back. I took off the thong and slid the vibrator out. I took one of the little clips that I had made with the dangling weight and clipped it to her clit. I then undid her knees and stood her up. Her skirt was still pulled up in front and her shirt was still open exposing her ample tits. I jerked her bra down the rest of the way and they came free, bouncing slightly. I took a collar from the table and put it around her neck and attached a leash. I walked her a few feet and felt her jerk. She started fighting against the leash while trying to stop the weight from bouncing. I jerked her forward and started towards the stairs. She started saying no in French. I half drug her up the stairs and then started back down. I walked her back to the girls and handed Ann the leash.

The girls were hot. I told them that the little slut was all theirs, have fun with her. Ann and Leah rose as one and started playing. Angel was trying to back away, but couldn't get away from her leash. Leah lifted her dress in back and spanked her, telling her to hold still. I watched the weight on her clit bounce every time Leah spanked her. Ann took the chain on her nipple clips and was twirling it. Angel was trapped and knew it. The girls did her dirty, strap-ons, dildos, spanking her and making her suck on a dildo. One was fucking her mouth with a strap-on, while the other was sucking on her pussy. Then they stood her up while one did her in the ass and the other in her cunt. After they finally finished with her, I set her free.

She hugged me and 'said', ‘God, that was wonderful, I felt so helpless and horny, You made me feel like a nasty little tramp, a slut, I have never felt so dirty in my life.’

I smiled at her. She had enjoyed every minute of it. I told her I had work to do now, and I might need her help. I repeated myself out loud to the girls and they all started cleaning up a little, while I went for the acid. I hooked myself to the machine and took a hit. A little while later it kicked in with a vengeance. I summoned the dragon, and thought about what to do from there, when it stared into my eyes and took over. It went over to the girls and lay down. The put their hands on it and I watched as part of the glow from it enveloped them. All of a sudden I heard voices. The longer that they stayed in contact, the louder it got. Finally the dragon got up and stared at me and we became one. It was almost instantaneous. It had the usual effect of taking the acid buzz with it, but something was different this time, I heard the girls chatting. All of them. They were sitting there just staring at each other in silence, but they were talking. I was higher than if I had been on acid. We were one now.

We sat and talked a while, all of us enjoying the new sensation. Leah shocked me by asking Angel if she had ever shot a gun. Angel replied that she had when she was fifteen. Her father had a twenty-two. Leah asked her if she wanted to try something bigger.

Angel replied, "Other than sir Rat?"

That got us all laughing. Angel said that she would like to learn. I told Leah no recruiting. Finally Angel said that she wanted to change into something more comfortable, and Ann and Leah joined her. I wandered outside and lit a pipe. I was starting to notice things about our link. Unless I 'listened' I couldn't hear the girls. I wondered how many other parameters were in play.

I 'called' Leah, ‘I almost forgot, would you do me a favor please?’

‘Yes, dear?’ Came the reply.

‘I need you, or one of you to run to town, to a surplus store, and pick up a length of climbing rope.’

‘Ok?’ Was the reply.

‘I have a promise to keep.’ I told her.

After she left, Angel and Ann came downstairs, dressed rather conservatively. I looked at them in wonder, it was out of character for them to have that many clothes together in one place, not in a suitcase. Ann gave me a wicked grin and said that they needed to be careful, you could never tell, a girl could get raped around here. I laughed. They loved the games. I asked them if they wanted to do Leah when she got home and I would watch. They started to jump up and down and giggle. I showed them how the belts worked and we got everything cleaned up and ready to go. I sat down and cracked the books for a while, but was unable to come up with any ideas. The girls helped a little, but I don't think, from what I heard, that their minds were on it.

Finally, we heard Leah's car pull up. The girls hid on either side of the door. Leah walked in and they jumped her. Angel grabbed her legs and Ann whipped the strap around her arms, pinning them to her waist. They put a collar on her and half drug her under one of the hanging poles. She started to make a fuss, so Angel pulled off her panties and stuck them in Leah's mouth. Leah's eyes were huge. Ann put the restraints on Leah then clipped her to the pole. Leah was fighting all the way, trying to pull free. It took both of them to pull her arms over her head. They spread Leah's legs and clipped them apart, then walked around her a couple of times. She was fighting furiously trying to get her arms free. Angel stopped in front of her and bit her on her nipples through the shirt, just hard enough to get them to harden. She then pinched them and gave them a little twist. Ann, in the meantime, had walked around behind and lifted her skirt and spanked her a few times. Angel reached up under her skirt and started to rub her cunt. Ann started to run her hands all over Leah's body. Leah went nuts trying to get away. Angel pulled Leah's skirt up and tucked it in her waistband, then took and egg from the table and put it in Leah's panties. Ann's hands stopped on the front of Leah's shirt and ripped it open. Angel reached around and unhooked her bra, then yanked off the straps, exposing Leah's tits. Ann grabbed some oil off the table and started rubbing it all over Leah's tits and belly. Angel then went over to the table and took a little fat rubber toy and walked over in front of Leah. She lifted her own skirt fucked herself with it a few times.

She looked at Leah while she was doing it and said, "I want my panties back."

She pulled them from Leah's mouth and stuffed the toy in its place.

Then Angel said, "You got them wet, you drooled all over them. If I can't wear mine, then you aren't going to wear yours."

Leah started to shake her head no, but Angel reached down and jerked them off of her. The panties and the egg hit the floor.

Angel looked up at Leah and said, "Oops, we got your egg dirty, guess we will have to get you another."

Ann handed her the egg from the machine and Leah's thong. Angel held it up so Leah could see and placed the egg in the pouch. Leah was frantic. Angel put the thong on Leah, then switched on the machine. She let out a quavering moan as her head flew back, her whole body arching backwards. Ann held out a vibrator to Angel, but Angel shook her head no.

She said, "Let’s just let the little bitch concentrate on one thing at a time."

She then turned to Ann and started to rub on her tits, followed by a long wet kiss. Before too long they were both stripped down to their stockings and covered in oil. They did each other with strap-ons and dildos while Leah watched helplessly from where she hung. The machine was driving her to the edge at least twice a minute by this time. Her clothes were plastered to her body with sweat and she was whimpering continuously. She was well past the point where she was fighting her ropes; she was doing well to stand up. Angel and Ann finally decided to have mercy on her, if that is what you would call it. Ann asked if she would like to get fucked. Leah didn't respond so Ann took that as a yes. She turned off the machine and pulled the thong off.

She looked at Angel and asked, "Heads or tails?"

Angel gave her a wicked grin and answered, "Tails."

I don't think that Leah had a clue what was about to happen, till Angel shoved her strap-on up her ass. Her eyes flew open and her back arched. Ann, standing in front of her, was just waiting for her chance. As Leah's body came forward she met it with her strap-on. The girls really did Leah dirty, they would stroke her slow for a while then one or the other would slam it home and fuck her hard. I lost count of the times she came.

Finally the girls collapsed. Leah just hung there sobbing. I walked over and ran my finger up her cunt and she moaned. I wiped it on her face and told her she was a slut. She turned beet red. I picked the restraints from the table and put them on Angel, clipping her wrists and ankles together. I then did the same to Ann. I picked Ann up and put her on the coffee table and strapped her down. She hardly struggled. I grabbed a pillow from the couch and propped her butt up. She made a pretty centerpiece. Angel was starting to recover from her activities so I had a little more of a fight from her. I took one of the hanging poles and clipped her ankles to it then put her wrists behind her back. I strolled over to the bag that Leah had dropped when she came through the door and found the climbing rope. I carefully tied the rope to the center of the pole and carried her so she was next to Ann. I took the rope and looped it through the banister and pulled it till Angel was hanging about three feet from the floor and tied it off. I hadn't counted on the tenancy for her to start to spin so I took a second rope to stabilize her. She was starting to really get vocal by this point so I took the dildo from Leah's mouth and stuck it in hers.

I told her, "A promise is a promise."

Her eyes went wide. I walked behind Ann and checked to make sure the girls had a good view. I slid into Ann's ass and started stroking her hard. Ann started to pull at her restraints so I grabbed her hair and shoved her back down on the table. She started to wiggle trying to get away so I forced her legs together between mine and pinned them.

I told her, "Come on dear, I promised Angel that I would fuck one of you in the ass and shoot my load down her throat. I would hate to disappoint her."

I looked at Angel trying to get free with her hair hanging almost to the floor and thought, my god even hanging like that she still looks like sex incarnate. I felt it building so I pulled out of Ann and stuck my cock in Angel's mouth. She didn't hesitate; she started to suck like there was no tomorrow. I started to fuck her mouth and she arched forward trying to get me down her throat. I put my hands on her head and fucked harder. Her cunt was inches from my face so I started to eat her and suck on her clit. She came and drenched my face. I licked her juices and she came again. I felt myself starting to come and shoved my cock deep into her throat. I got another squirt it the face and shot my load down her throat. I pulled out and staggered over to release her. After I got her down I leaned back against the stairs and tried to catch my breath.

Ann came to her senses first and said, "My god that was unreal."

I had forgotten about the link.

Angel replied, ‘You just can't tease some people.’

I had to laugh at that one. ‘You didn't seem to have any problem with it, my shirt is still soaked with your juices.’

Leah said, ‘I felt it when she came. I couldn't believe it.’

I crawled over to Ann and released her and then started on Angel. Ann released Leah and we all collapsed in the middle of the floor. I asked Angel how she could take it down the throat like that without choking.

‘I practiced with a dildo, I wanted to be ready if I ever found someone with the balls to do it to me that way.’ She continued, ‘I should have used a bigger dildo though, it was all I could do to take it.’ She crawled over to me and said, ‘Maybe I just need more practice,’ and licked my cock.

I moaned and in a small voice said, "Help me." The girls laughed.

We lay there a while snuggling and rubbing till Ann suggested lunch. Ann and Angel jumped up and started for the kitchen, while Leah and I started to gather up toys. I had just picked up the last of the poles and turned around to meet Leah. She just melted into my arms. I dropped the pole and hugged her close. I could smell her scent like a rare wine and needed to taste her. We kissed then I nuzzled her neck and tasted her sweat. She moaned and pressed herself against me. I reached down squeezed her ass-cheeks, then slowly knelt and ran my tongue between her tits. I felt her hands on my shoulders, pressing me further on. I kissed her belly button on my way to her love nest. She put her hands on the back of my head and thrust her hips forward. I slipped my tongue into her burning slit and was rewarded with a loud moan. Her hips started rocking to that most ancient rhythm. She tasted salty, sweaty, delicious. She shuddered and came on my tongue.

Behind me I heard; "Couldn't wait for lunch?" Then Angel asked, ‘Are they always like this?’

Ann laughed and replied, ‘Dear, would you take her place if you could?’

Angel responded, ‘In a heartbeat.’

‘Time is precious, and all of it borrowed, we do not know if there will be another chance,’ Ann said.

“Sorry, I don't know what came over me." Leah explained.

‘Oh, we thought you came over him, not vice versa.’ Angel’s thought came through her laughter.

They fed me and themselves and we retired to the living room to talk. I left them momentarily to answer the call of nature. When I returned, I was walking past Ann and reached down to stroke her hair. She jumped about a foot in the air and yelped. Leah looked at her and asked what was up.

Ann replied that she was the only one who hadn't been "raped."

I laughed and told her, "It wouldn't be any fun unless you were dressed anyway."

Angel asked, ‘Where did you get your insight into that?’

I replied, “I read somewhere that raping was not only the sexual use of the other person but the humiliation and control of the other person.”

“So that is why we reacted the way we did, even knowing it was a game?” Leah asked.

“I think that it is the violation of you in the safety of you own clothes that make it particularly humiliating. Then to be on display in front of other women and have it pointed out that you were getting off on it is the icing on the cake so to speak. Leah turned red when I called her a slut even though what we did to her was no different from the other games.”

“Then why am I so jumpy then?” Ann inquired.

“I don't know, unless it has to do with you seeing the way the other girls reacted. Or maybe you don't like to totally relinquish control.” I replied.

“You mean that it is all right when I relinquish control, but I don't want it taken from me?”

“I don't know, it would be my guess though. If you think that it would bother you too much, we can do something else.”

“No, I don't want to spoil the party, it's just a little scary, that's all.”

I looked at her and said, "Why don't you sleep on it and get back to us, the thought of doing anything to hurt you is scary to me, ok?"

She smiled and said, "God, I love you. I trust you and I know that you would do nothing to harm me. Please, let’s not stop playing because I have butterflies."

Leah smiled and kissed Ann. "We love you too, and thank you."

Ann looked at her funny. "Why?"

Leah grinned real big and relied, "After what you did to me with that damn dildo, I want a turn with you, sweetheart."

The girls all laughed at that. We chatted about this and that and finally Angel asked Leah about the shooting lesson. They all brightened at this and I told them to help themselves. They asked if I was going to join them and I said I was going to do a little studying while they were out. Angel looked at me real strange when I said that, so I winked at her and she smiled. I sat down with my books as they ran upstairs and dressed. When they came back down I pretended to be totally absorbed in my studies. Angel "whispered" to me ‘Be good now.’ I had a hard time not smiling.

They went down to the range and I listened for the first report before I got up. I to the sewing room and grabbed the tri-fold mirror that I had spotted there. I took it up to the bedroom next to ours. During our first tour of the house I noticed a canopy bed, I thought to put it to good use. Using some rope I suspended it from the canopy. The bed now had a mirrored "ceiling". I went back down and grabbed four of the restraints and attached them to the four posts of the bed. I cut four two foot lengths of rope and tied snaps to one end and ran them through the loops of the restraints and tied sliding knots. I grabbed a sheet of plastic tarp and tucked it onto the bed like a second sheet. I put the alpha machine on the nightstand along with a bottle of baby oil and a bowl of water. I went back downstairs and resumed my studies.

After a while the girls returned and Angel was bouncing up and down saying she made a bulls-eye. I laughed and said that we needed to celebrate and suggested dinner and a movie. Ann looked at me and grinned.

"You’re not planning on taking advantage of us are you?"

"Oh, maybe later I will have my way with you." I laughed.

Angel quipped, ‘Oh, dear, we will surely lose our innocence.’

I had a brief flash of Angel in her black corset straddling Ann's face. I looked over at Angel and she had a look of pure evil on her face. Leah looked at me and asked if I was sure it was safe to take Angel out without a leash.

"Why?" She asked. "I don't bite, I swallow."

"I hate to change the subject, but can you summon your dragon again?" Ann asked.

"Sure, why?"

"We're going to see if we can share feelings, like when Angel got off earlier."

"Do you think that is possible?"

"Well Leah and I both felt it and it wouldn't hurt to try, would it?"

"I see no harm. I was wanting to try something anyway."

I sat down in the middle of the floor and my three ladies sat down next to me. I cleared my mind and saw my aura. Now, could I summon the beast without acid or the machine? I let myself drift and visualized my pet. I felt my aura waver and saw it start to spin. I focused harder and the spinning slowed, trying too hard?

I relaxed my mind and pictured the dragon and just let myself drift. I felt the now familiar separation, and my beast was there. The girls got up and went to it; as usual it seemed to know what was needed. They sat around it for quite a while. I noticed that I was not tiring a quickly as usual. Maybe by not "forcing" it, I could hold the connection to the dragon longer. I suddenly felt this strange sensation like my body was being caressed and rubbed. I looked up and all three ladies were looking back grinning. Whoa! I completely lost focus, but the dragon stayed put. I was confused. They beckoned me over. I sat down and touched the beast and we all seemed to melt together. When we finally broke the connection, I was actually uncertain of who I was for a moment. The dragon drew into my aura and surrounded all of us before drawing into me. We sat there for the longest time not saying anything. It felt as if we were in a soft warm glow. It was like the telepathy thing but on a feeling level. Ann leaned over and kissed Angel and I felt this explosion of passion. I hugged Leah to me and it deepened. We all hugged and kissed each other. Angel told me that I had already eaten her and Leah, why didn't I snack on Ann so that we could see what it felt like. I had never seen a woman shed a pair of slacks that fast in my life. She lay back in Leah's lap and Angel gave her a kiss. I got down between her legs and tasted her sweetness. I felt a tingle between my own. I looked up startled. Both Angel and Leah had a dreamy look on their faces. I resumed what I was doing and started sucking her clit and tonguing her. It didn't take long, I felt a shock go down my back and center in my groin. I got a face full of Ann’s juices. I simultaneously heard Angel and Leah gasp. I looked up again and saw that their pants were soaked.

"Oh, my god!" Leah exclaimed.

I looked at Angel's stunned face – she was beyond words. Her face was flushed and she was breathing erratically. We sat there on the floor, letting what had just happened sink in. Suddenly we all started to talk at once. It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening.


Stunned silence.

"Just calm down, all of you, we are feeding each other our reactions."

Ann looked at me curiously. "Feedback loop?"

"I think so, we are going to have to be very careful with this," I replied. "I have no idea what could happen."

‘I think, my love, you are the control factor,’ Angel thought to me. ‘You will have to watch over your pets, lest we get carried away.’

‘Where did you come up with that one?’

‘I could feel myself being drawn into whatever that was, but could not stop myself. You were a voice which could not be denied which broke through and gave me something to grab onto.’

I looked to Ann and Leah. They both nodded in agreement. I couldn't help but wonder how far this would go and what would happen if we ever lost control. I must have lost myself on that line of thought for a while. When I looked up the girls were really worried.

"What's the matter?"

Leah spoke up. "You are really scary. You were focused on whatever that was so much you stopped being here."

"You faded out. We could still hear your thoughts, but you weren't here." Ann continued.

‘Not that I could understand much of that.’ Angel finished.

There was a murmur of agreement to that.

"Are you alright?" they all asked at once.

That broke the tension; we looked at each other and busted out laughing. I felt nothing but love for my ladies, I must have projected it because all of a sudden they stopped laughing and we had a group hug. It lasted for the longest time then we sat around and chatted about this and that. We carefully avoided talking about the future. None of us wanted to look beyond the present moment.

After a while Angel said that she would have to go home. When I asked why, she told us that she didn't think that she should wear what she had here to go out on the town. She asked Ann and Leah what they were going to wear, and I had a preview of three very lovely ladies in black evening gowns. Angel caught me eavesdropping, and shot me a picture of what she planned to wear underneath. They all laughed when my jaw hit my chest.

When Angel left we retired to our bedroom and started to get ready for the evening. Leah and Ann laid out their gowns, and I noticed that they were both strapless. I smiled to myself and rethought my plans. We showered and I got dressed, the girls opted for a lingerie show. I watched while they tried on this and that, and not much of either, and got very uncomfortable. When they finally picked out what they were almost wearing, I was somewhat relieved. They looked at me and laughed.

"Have a problem dear?" Leah inquired.

"We could kiss it make it better." Ann purred.

"Not if you want to make it out the door tonight." I replied.

I was finally able to stand and made a hasty retreat for the door.

"Chicken," Ann teased.

"Now we won't know if we do our makeup right or not," Leah pouted.

"I trust you," I said as I ran.

I could hear their laughter all the way down the stairs. I decided to smoke and stepped out the back, but no sooner than I did, I heard the doorbell. I went to the door and opened it to a vision of loveliness that I almost didn't recognize. Angel stepped in and I finally remembered to breathe.

She giggled and said, "I think you look fantastic too, dear."

I was speechless.

"I hope you don't mind, but I changed your plans a little."

I finally found my voice. "How so?"

"I called Ms. V. and asked if we could borrow her table tonight. She said of course and is even picking up the tab. She seems delighted that we are getting along together."

I wondered to myself if she would be so delighted if she found out how well we were getting along together. I shook that thought from my mind as I heard the upstairs bedroom door open. I turned and my heart stopped. Angel clapped and went to meet them. As they met at the bottom of the stairs, I was paralyzed in total shock. Could these very sophisticated and very beautiful young ladies be the same ones that I had tied up earlier and teased to the point where they were begging to get fucked? I couldn't believe it. They would be quite at home on a Paris fashion show runway or in the high-end audience. I couldn't help but ask myself just what they were doing with me.

"Because we love you, fool." They spoke as one.

Angel decided to ease the tension somewhat so she ran her hand up under her breast and hooked a finger on the top of her dress and flashed me. I sat down hard; unfortunately there wasn't a chair anywhere near me. By the time they ran over, asking me if I was all right, I started to regain some control over myself. I stood up and they fussed about me. I couldn't help but think that I was way out of my league. They told me to stop it, if anything they were lucky to have found one such as me. Yeah, right.

They put on little half capes and Leah drove us to dinner. I had no idea where we were going until we pulled up in front of this very exclusive looking country club and the doorman opened the doors for us and took the car to park it. The man by the entrance opened it and stared at the three lovely visions that floated by him. The maitre de seemed to have a hard time finding his voice, and finally led us to our table. When we entered the dining area, it got very quiet. I glanced around and noticed just about every male in there staring and most of the females looking either very jealous or very pissed at their dates. When we got to our table, I went around to each of the ladies and took her cape and handed them to the maitre de who started babbling something in French. Angel explained to me, without speaking, that he was apologizing for overlooking this and hoped that we weren't angry.

I smiled and said in English, "That's quite alright."

You could have heard a pin drop. The maitre de fled into the back room and I heard quite a bit spoken. The next I knew, this waiter appeared and begged in broken English, to be excused for not be prompt when we were seated. I looked curiously at Angel, and she "told" me that we had the whole place totally off guard. I had not only caught the maitre de in a major faux pas, but had forgiven him in English. They knew well the people that Ms. V. entertains, so I must be a major VIP from America. I had a hard time not busting out into laughter at this. If they only knew! We were offered the finest wines from their cellars and service was very prompt. After the initial shock wore off, the crowd relaxed; however, I noticed quite a few lingering looks. The girls weren't the only ones getting them either. I had quite a few ladies trying to catch my eye. We settled in and spoke very little out loud, but we had quite the conversation going in our minds. We all found it very hard not to laugh at all of the pretentious people who were desperately trying to figure out just who the hell we were. With Leah and Angel’s coaching, we made it though all of the courses without too many mistakes. When we were done, we sat a while and suddenly the lights dimmed and music started to play. I stood up and asked for Ann’s hand to dance. It was magical. I danced with each of the girls in turn. I noticed that even though the dance floor was small, no one got within a few feet of us. As I returned each of the ladies to the table I bowed to each, which caused quite a stir in itself. I noticed that it was the guys turn to look pissed. We had just sat down when dessert arrived. I had to admit that their timing was excellent; of course it might have something to do with the guy who was looking through the windows from the kitchen. I guess they were not taking any chances with us. After we finished dessert, a young man approached Angel and asked her to dance. She looked at me and I nodded. He looked real nervous at this exchange. So she got up and the danced. I was watching them; about half-way through the dance the young man stumbled and looked beet red. Afterwards he fled back to his table. Angel returned with an amused look on her face, but would say nothing. When we got back to the car, she lost it.

We stared at her and she finally explained; "He asked me if I was with you, dear. I told him that I belonged to you. He didn't understand, so I told him I was your sex slave."

Oh, god, not again.

Leah and Ann couldn't stop laughing. Oh, well, I couldn't afford to go back there anyway.

By the time we left the restaurant, it was too late for a movie. The girls didn't seem to mind, as we’d had quite a good time dancing. We did a little sightseeing and wound up at a disco. We danced a little and the girls played mind games with the poor guys who were there. Ann stayed with me as neither of us spoke French, so we danced a little and chatted. Leah and Angel seemed to enjoy the sex slave line so within and hour, no one would come near any of us. I did get a few looks of respect and envy from a lot of the guys though. The waitress got so rattled that she almost dumped a tray of drinks on us. It seemed that Angel wasn't the only one who needed a leash. When we left I almost thought that I heard a collective sigh of relief. We went home after that.

When we entered our humble cabin, I reached down into bag by the door and as Ann went by, I swung the strap around her arms. She froze, stunned. I got the other strap and had her legs trapped before what she could figure out what was happening. She started to get rather vocal so I took the panties that I had stuck in my pocket earlier, and put them in her mouth.

I told her, "Don't worry dear, they’re not yours, and I doubt that Angel will mind too much."

She started to struggle. I picked her up and carried her up the stairs and to the room that I had prepared earlier. I tossed her on the bed and with Leah and Angel’s help, secured her, spread eagle. I started peeling her top down to her waist then took her dress up so it made a wide black belt. She looked panicked. She was screaming into her gag and thrashing about like a madwoman. I smiled at her and ripped off the thong that she had on underneath. She started to sob. I went back to our room and got my razor and some shaving cream. I came back in and watched Leah and Angel licking on her tits. I walked over and without saying anything about what was coming next I spread shaving cream on her bush. She screamed again into her gag. I told her it might be a good idea to hold still, as I would hate to nick her. I told her to look up so she could watch the whole thing in the mirror. She went rigid. I slowly started to remove her hair, working my way down to her lips. I would glance up occasionally, to see her shaking her head no, a nice shade of red. I would rub every once in a while to make sure I didn't miss any and she would make this helpless groan. Her eyes were transfixed by the mirror. When I was done I took a towel and wiped her off and then used the baby oil to oil her down. I told Leah and Angel that dessert was served. They laughed and flipped a coin. Ann's eyes were about to bug out of her head. Leah won the toss and went down between Ann's legs and started eating noisily. I told Ann to watch carefully, I would hate for her to miss something. She was still shaking her head no and making this pitiful noise into her gag. I told Angel that I would hate for her to get bored, so I had her grab one of the posts for the bed and started to bang her right there, with her dress hiked up around her waist. I told Leah just to make the slut come once or twice, that I didn't want her to wear down to soon. We were all going to get to use her. Ann really started to thrash about then. I reached out tentatively and got a blast of shame and lust and fear. She was hot. Leah got up and crawled over Ann and kissed her then wiped her face off on her. I turned Angel loose and grabbed Leah for a little entertainment. I had her get down doggie style next to Ann and started to pump in earnest. I went at her a while then asked Angel if she was thirsty.

Ann got this look of sheer panic on her face, just before I pulled out of Leah and shot my cum all over her face. Angel got a face full. I looked Ann dead in the eyes and said, "I thought you would get off on that, slut."

I watched her hips buck and Angel got another drink. Angel sat up and asked, "What's next master?"

"I just want to use her asshole once or twice, but I can't see you two doing without, just a sec."

I grabbed a thick rubber dildo and yanked the panties from Ann's mouth. She screamed and I pushed the wrong end of the dildo in their place. I tossed a strap-on on the bed and started to work my way under Ann's body. After I had worked my way under, I told the girls to enjoy themselves.

Leah grabbed the strap-on and just grinned at Ann, "I told you I wanted a shot at you. Now just relax and show momma how much of a slut you are."

"Wait a sec." I stuck my cock in her cunt and stroked it a few times "There you go, all yours."

I felt Leah guide me to Ann's asshole.

I pushed and the head just popped in. "Damn, the little bitch must have been looking forward to that."

I felt her ass clench around the head and felt her moisture run down on me.

"Yep, she's hot to trot. Lets take her for a ride."

I watched as Angel grabbed the baby oil and rubbed it on the dildo in Ann's mouth, then she slid it in her ass. I heard Ann scream as Angel’s pussy slowly descended towards her face. I felt Leah slide her toy home and we all got busy. I could feel the lust surround us and build. Ann started to spasm over and over. I was glad I had thought of the plastic sheet. I watched as Angel lost it and sprayed Ann's face, and mine, with her juices. I personally was just enjoying the feeling of having her asshole clenching my cock. I started to stroke her and she went rigid again and sprayed halfway down to my knees. Finally I could hold it no longer and shot deep into her ass. She screamed and Leah and Angel both came, rocked by Ann's orgasm.

I lay there stunned by the intensity of what happened, slowly drifting back to consciousness. I realized that Ann had fainted. I pulled the gag from her mouth and looked over to where Angel had fallen. She looked to be out of it too. Slowly I worked my way out from under Ann and found that Leah had fallen backwards, narrowly missing the footboard of the bed. I released Ann then picked up Leah and took her to our room. I went back for Angel, but she was already stirring. I helped her up and sat her in a chair. Ann was still out cold. I took her to our room and ran a bath. Angel came in and helped me get her into the tub. I sat her on my lap and slowly let our bodies sink until just our heads were above water. Angel took a washcloth and started to gently wipe Ann's face. We heard a moan from the bedroom and Angel went in to see to Leah. A few moments later Leah staggered in and asked if Ann was all right. I was loathe to wake her. Finally I heard Angel start to call her name in my mind. After a few seconds she shifted and then moaned.

I asked quietly, "Are you OK?"

Then faintly, in my mind I heard, "Do again?"

Professor Tracker's School for Wayward Witches

June 6, 1986

"I found, however, that the girls were more serious about being my slaves than I thought."

"Why, what happened?"

"I thought that I had given Ann and Leah their freedom back only to wind up with all three of them on their knees."

"No way."

"What could I do? Once I figured out that it was more than a game to them, I couldn't refuse them."

"So you became their master. Man, that must have been a rough job." Bruce chuckled.

"I also became their teacher."

"Do what?"

"I loved them, and I knew that I wouldn't be there all the time for them. So I taught them. Actually we taught each other."

"I take it we are talking about more than sex."

"Oh, that played its part. But by the time we were finished, those were three young ladies that you wouldn't want to piss off."

"Whew, between the four of you, I don't see anything bothering you."


"Five?" Bruce looked puzzled.

"Five. Memneth, in the process, became a separate entity. As a matter of fact, he taught me a thing or two."

"That thing is intelligent?"

"We used it to merge our knowledge and power. He gained insight from all of us, along with understanding."

"So that thing that I saw was an intelligent creature."

"I wish you wouldn't talk about my son that way." I said with a grin.

Bruce's jaw hit his chest.

September 11, 1977

When I awoke the next morning, I couldn't move. Ann was pressed tight against my left side, Leah was on my right, and Angel was sprawled out on top of me. I was in heaven. I lay there for the longest time breathing in their scent and just looking at them. Finally Ann stirred a little and I asked how she felt.

"God, I have never felt anything that intense in my life." She replied.

"I meant, how do you feel now?"

"Wonderful, I remember waking up floating in that bath with your body pressed against mine. I get a buzz just thinking about it."

"You didn't mind the 'rape'?" I asked.

"Mind it? God I loved it. You pushed just the right buttons and I really lost myself in it."

"I didn't take you too far?"

"I was terrified and totally humiliated and I felt like I was being used for a plaything. No, I would say you took me just far enough."

She leaned over and kissed me.

"Sir Rat, I know now what we look like in your eyes, but we aren't that fragile, and we dearly love to please you. The only complaint that any of us has, is that you worry about us too damn much... Don't stop." Ann giggled.

"My love, we do joke about being your sex slaves, but the fact is, we wouldn't have it any other way," Angel added.

I hadn't noticed that she had awakened.

"We would do almost anything to please you, so long as it doesn't involve us being separated from you," Leah broke in.

"I have the feeling that you ladies are ganging up on me here." I laughed.

"We are quite serious. If you asked us to run naked through the middle of town, we would. Do not take our love lightly. You may not think so, but you are a rare find, and we feel lucky to be with you," Ann said.

"Last night we felt pain, when you were wondering what such as we were doing with you. Dear, you have no idea of your worth." Angel added.

I felt awkward, I had done nothing with them or for them that they didn't want, I was just trying to please them, I couldn't understand the fuss. Who wouldn't want to make them happy? Their smiles alone were worth more than gold to me.

"Some day we need to visit whatever planet you come from," Leah commented. "Because just about every other male that I've met has never managed to see anything above my tits. Before you, I was never any more than something to fuck."

"Besides, where else would we find anyone with such a twisted genius?" Ann added.

The girls all had a good laugh at that.

"We wanted to wear our collars last night to show everyone that we belonged to you, but we knew that you wouldn't approve," Angel said.

"Actually, we really would like to wear them all of the time," Ann added.

"It doesn't matter whether we are playing or not, you are more than a lover, you are our master. Not because you want, but because we want it that way." Leah finished.

Whew, that was a bit much to wrap my brain around.

"It's like that warm glow that we woke up with, we knew that it was coming from you. We also knew it was you just appreciating us being here." Angel continued.

"You think of us, worry about us, take care of us and surprise us, just to make us happy." Leah added.

"No one has ever put our feelings before theirs, cared so much, or, now that you mention it, been so damn kinky in just the right way." Ann finished.

"Are you sweet little things finishing each others thoughts, or is it just my imagination?" I asked.

"That is another gift that you have given us," they replied together.

"We also know that Ann is your 'priestess', I am your 'woman child' and Angel is your 'tiny sex angel'. The images that go through your thoughts when you think of us, give us cold chills and a warm glow at the same time." Leah explained.

"I never knew that I could look so sexy in someone else's eyes." Angel continued.

I suddenly had a mental image of the three of them in high heels, black lace stockings and garter belts, black lace thongs and black lacy half bras kneeling in front of me with their collars on. I had an instant hard-on. Angel moaned and slowly oozed up my body. I still had my arms wrapped around Leah and Ann, so Angel was in total control as she rubbed herself up to where she could kiss me and rub her pussy on the head of my cock. Lightning bolts shot behind my eyes and my back arched. Angel giggled and let herself slide down the length of my shaft. I heard both of the girls next to me suck in their breath. Leah and Ann each took their free hand and put them on Angel’s shoulders pulling her body tight against me and grinding her cunt on my cock. The girls then locked their legs around Angel’s and mine, pinning us all together. I could feel this massive sexual glow going through all of us, building as we caressed each other. I looked down into Angel’s half crazed eyes, wide open, almost panicked. Her breath was coming in short sharp gasps. I felt Leah’s and Ann's bodies quivering pressed up against mine. Then I felt a massive shock race down Angel’s spine, centering on her cunt, then exploding through all four of us. I exploded into her pussy and it rocked through us once again. Suddenly Angel’s hips started to grind and buck, and a third explosion.

I awoke to the sound of giggling.

"Well, now we know what to wear today, let’s get dressed and make breakfast."

"My god," I exclaimed, "what happened?"

"We used the link for a quickie," Leah giggled.

"Starts the morning off right, don't ya think?" Ann added.

"I feel so used..." Angel mock pouted. "Do again?"

I groaned and they laughed. I watched as they wiggled around the room getting almost dressed. They put their heels on last then grabbed their collars and came over to the bed and knelt, presenting them to me.

"Please, sir, may we wear our collars today?" They said as one.

I couldn't have said no to them if I had wanted to, which I didn't. I was starting to understand what it meant to them and what it made them feel. I couldn't deny them. I was wondering as I buckled the collars on each one in turn, just who was the slave of whom?

"We are yours, sir," Leah said.

"May we go fix your breakfast now?" Ann asked.

Angel just purred. I smiled and shook my head. I thought that I knew what they needed so I went with it.

"Leah and Angel may go now. Ann, please draw me a bath and attend."

The girls let out a little gasp, realizing that I was willing to play their master to the hilt. I was learning as I went and feeling them out for what they needed. I probably had a long way to go, but I was willing to make the trip. They got up as one and went to their respective duties. I lay there for a while reflecting on what was happening to our relationship. I was starting to be more comfortable with the situation, now that I knew that the girls were really enjoying what they were doing. I no longer felt as if I was 'taking advantage' of the situation. When Ann called out that the bath was ready I had her kneel by the tub as I soaked for a few minutes, then I stood up and had her wash me from head to toe. I could feel her getting hornier and hornier as she worked. I had her dry me and then she dressed me and we went down to breakfast together, me leading, her following.

They took turns feeding me. I had to insist that they eat too, as I ate. There was a sexual tension in the air that was slowly building. I watched their lovely asses sway as they moved around the kitchen cleaning up and putting away the dishes. By this time I was in a sexual haze. I chuckled to myself and told my 'slaves' to clean up the mess that they made that morning. I could feel waves of frustration and horniness radiating from them. Watching them walk up the stairs though was an experience – I almost called them back.

I sat down to my notes, but they were far from my mind. I was considering how to spend the day. Then I had an idea. The girls would love it... after it was over. Knowing them, while it was happening too.

They came back down the stairs and knelt at the foot of the coffee table and waited. I ignored them while I 'studied' my notes. I picked up a book, I couldn't even tell which one, and pretended to read. The sexual need radiating from them was almost overpowering. I waited as long as I could stand it then got up without a word and went upstairs. I could feel their confusion, but they stayed put. I grabbed their sun dresses and their medium-sized butt plugs. When I went back downstairs, I could feel the shock. I said nothing and handed them their plugs. As they worked them into place I could feel the lust cranking up another notch. It was everything that I could do to keep from screwing them right there on the spot. I gave them their dresses and told them we were going shopping. I saw a look of panic mixed with something else I couldn't quite identify flash across their faces. They slipped the dresses on and then noticed that everything that they had on underneath was black and could be seen quite clearly through the white cotton dresses. There are no words for the riot of feelings that came through the link.

"Are we ready to go?" I asked.

"Um, now, sir?" Ann asked weakly.

"Well I could go get the clit clips for you if you want," I replied. "I figure adding another weight too might help."

"Uh, no, please, sir thank you, we're ready," as they backed to the door.

They finally turned around and started towards the car. The high heels exaggerated the sway of their hips as they struggled to accommodate the invader in their butts. I noticed that they sat down very gingerly and once down they all breathed a sigh of relief.

"Where too, sir?" Leah's voice sounded strained.

"The Fredericton Mall," I answered.

She hesitated. I could feel the shock course through the car.

"Don't worry; I won't make you walk naked through the middle of it unless you misbehave."

The car grew very quiet.

"Of course, not obeying is misbehaving."

The car immediately was put in gear. The ride into Fredericton was one that I will never forget. I was beginning to think that the paint was going to melt off of the car before we got there. When we finally arrived, I wasn't sure at first if I would be able to walk. The girls were in worse shape than I, but not by much. We were able to park fairly close to the entrance, and the cool air of the morning helped dry the sweat that had their sun dresses plastered to their bodies. But this one poor guy was just coming out as we got out of the car and dropped everything he was holding when he saw them. I hoped it wasn't groceries. They followed me at a discrete distance as we took a very thorough tour of the shops. After the first few they relaxed a bit (though no one else did) and started to enjoy themselves. Angel bent over in front of a shoe salesmen to look at a pair of shoes on the bottom shelf, and made him walk into a rack of shoes. Leah and Ann trotted over to help him up and I thought that I would have to summon the paramedics. The sporting goods store drew quite a crowd, and probably caused a few divorces. We were in the pet shop when this older gentleman came up to me. We stood watching the girls for a moment.

"Are they yours?" He said in perfect English.

"Yes," I said quite startled.

"Very nice, would you sell them?"


"I thought as much. They are a part of you now."

"Yes." I was having problems grasping where this man was coming from.

"Would you consider doing me a service?" He asked.

"What would that be?"

"I have two girls that I would like trained."

"Go on."

"What would you charge?"

I stood there stunned. There was no way to explain that it was a two-way street for me and the girls. They were training me, as much as I was training them. He must have mistaken my shock for hesitation.

"Would a quarter million apiece be adequate?" He calmly asked.

I thought quickly. This was way above my head.

"I am sorry, but I have my hands full at the moment." I replied.

"How about 300 thousand?"

I felt this shock run though my body and turned. Angel was white as a sheet. I 'heard' a brief dialog in my head and understood better with who and what I was dealing. I 'called' the girls over and had them kneel.

"I am sorry, but this is not about money. I might be able to help you later, but right now, I have obligations that I cannot ignore."

He stared at the girls. I detected a note of envy on his face. "Quite alright, I understand. Here, take my card, from what you have done with these young ladies, I would pay you dearly." He said. "Please call me at your convenience."

"I would be happy to," I lied.

He turned and strolled off. I had the girls rise and we had a brief 'conference'.

"What did he want you to do?" Angel asked.

"Oh, sell you."


"All of you."

"Oh, my, god."

"When I refused, he tried to hire me to train his stable."

"Good god."

"Do you want to leave now?" I asked.

"No." They replied in chorus.

"Do you think he will bother us?"

"I doubt it." Angel said.

"If he does we form a triangle and put Angel in the center." Ann said.

"Good plan." I replied. "Just keep an eye out, and stay together."

They soon relaxed again, but I noticed every once in a while, Ann and Leah would scan the crowd. When we finished we walked to the car with Angel between Leah and Ann and I was leading. I noticed a guy near our car, and felt Angel move forward and Leah and Ann move out and back. The man must have noticed our actions for what they were and beat a hasty retreat. When we left, Leah noticed a dark blue van following us. I had her turn three times in random directions and it stayed with us. I told her to keep an even speed and dropped into a light trance. My dragon responded immediately. I didn't have to say a word, it disappeared and suddenly I had a vision of the inside of the van with four guys screaming. It was over as quickly as it started. I looked back and the van had run into a line of parked cars. No smoke no flames, keep going. It seems that the slave trader didn't want to take no for an answer. I had Leah stop, and I did the trance again, this time picturing the slave trader. The results were much the same, except for the part where the dragon picked him up and dropped him in the river. I hope the message got though.

I had them go to our favorite toy store and picked up a few things As I was checking out I noticed they had ben-wa balls. I bought three sets. When we got back to the car I gave them to the girls. Ann and Leah turned beet red. Angel just looked at them curiously. I told them to put them where they belonged and Angel turned red when she saw where they went. They were good girls and put them away. We drove home from there. The roads from Fredericton were smooth, so Angel really didn't appreciate her new toys till we hit the gravel driveway heading to the house. When we got there I had the girls trot upstairs and take off their dresses. I noticed on the way back down that they were holding onto the stair railing for dear life. When they finally reached the bottom, I walk over to Ann and took her by the elbow and bent her over the couch.

"Wha…" She started to say.

I pulled her thong to the side and removed her plug then started to ream her ass. I heard the girls gasp as Ann sent shockwaves through the link. She was holding herself up with her hands so I decided to support her lovely breasts for her.

I felt her orgasm explode over the link but stayed focused as best I was able on what I was doing. I was pulling almost out and slamming home, holding her tits and squeezing. I felt another bomb go off and almost lost it. I pinched her nipples grinding my cock in her ass. She came yet again. I was starting to wonder if I could hold up to another one but I had to try. I reached underneath of her and flicked her clit and she lost it. I had to hurry, I grabbed Leah who had passed out and put her restraints on her followed by Angel then Ann. I had Leah hanging and was pulling Ann up when Angel started to stir. She was still dazed and didn't put up much of a fight as I hung her up. I took off Leah's thong and got the one with the pouch in it. I put the machine egg in it and carefully secured it in its place. Angel was watching wide eyed as this was going on. I hooked everything up and sat down to watch my lovely ladies. I didn't have to wait long before Leah started to wake followed shortly by Ann. I got up and before Leah could figure out what was going on turned the machine on. Three sets of eyes went wide. Three bodies started to dance.

"No." Angel

"God." Ann

"Please." Leah

I had to fight to stay enough out of the link so as to be able to control what was going on. They came to the edge and the machine turned of for the next cycle. I was sweating. I walked as best I could over to Ann and slipped her plug back in place.

"I would hate for you to do without," I croaked.

I had just barely made it. The machine kicked on for the next cycle and it took me to my knees. I made it back to my seat as that cycle ended.

"We need to be able to control the link," I half whispered. "We are helpless unless we can control it."

The next cycle started. Now that they understood what was going on, it turned into a struggle. After an eternity it ended.

"If we cannot separate ourselves from the link, what happens to one happens to all," I said. "That leaves us helpless to act if we need to."

The next cycle started. I was on fire; I felt the lust building and fought it. I could see Ann and Angel fighting as well. I felt something inside me click. I felt the lust with my body, but my mind cleared. I reached out to the girls and helped them find it. The cycle ended.

"Do you have it?" I asked the three helpless females.

They all nodded. I don't think that they could speak. Then the next cycle started. We could all feel it but it was in our bodies not our minds. We could act if we needed to. That was all I could hope for. The cycle ended.

"Are you going to let us down now?" Ann asked.

"It seems you have accomplished what you wanted." Angel added.

"Naw, it’s not lunch time yet, relax and enjoy."

"WHAT?!!" The three voiced as one.

Then the next cycle started. I watched as Leah's body arch backwards, but her eyes were locked on mine. I pulled my cock out of my pants and slowly started to stroke it. I heard Ann moan, "You bastard."

I laughed. "That's you bastard sir."

"She's right sir," moaned Angel.

"I suppose so, but considering your positions, you three shouldn't be calling names. I might decide to wait till dinner to release you."

"NO!" Came the chorus.

"Excuse me?"

"No sir, please."

The cycle ended. Three very beautiful and very horny ladies in a row. I got up and walked over to Leah's rope and waited. The next cycle started. I lowered her to the floor and then released her hands. I staggered back to my seat and watched her struggle to get the egg out of her pouch. She finally got enough control of her fingers to accomplish her goal then fell backwards for a few seconds. After a while she got up and released her ankles. She let down Angel and released her then they went to Ann. When they were done they came over and knelt before me.

"What are your wishes, master?"

"I wish that you would get off of your knees and be my little girls again."

They oozed up off the floor and launched themselves at me.

"Look what a mess you have made of me," Angel said. "I think you should clean it up."

She had set down on my hand, her very wet pussy rubbed back and forth.

"I agree, just feel this," Ann said.

She, of course was doing the same to the other hand.

"Personally, I want a piece of this," Leah said and straddled my cock.

I had a feeling that lunch was going to have to wait. We made love. Not just sex. There was almost an incident when Leah forgot she had the balls inside her. When everyone was sated we played with each others’ bodies and relaxed. Then got up and cleaned up. Lunch was almost anticlimactic. Afterwards we settled back into the living room and chatted.

"We aren't making much progress are we?" Leah asked.

"Oh, I don't know; three very lovely slaves. All the sex we could want. I'm happy." I said.

"That's not what I meant and you know it."

"I am worried that our time is almost up." Ann said.

"Well," I replied "let’s see, we have established a telepathic and emotional link, I can drop into a trance almost instantaneously, I can summon a dragon that has already proven to be able to take out an attack force, and we can act as one when necessary to attack or to defend ourselves. I would say that we have a little to show for our time."

"You have been using our sex games for training. Sir Rat, you amaze me," was Angel’s comment.

"I never realized..." Ann started.

"That we were doing anything but having fun." Leah finished.

"Well class has to be entertaining to hold your attention, don't you think?" I asked.

"Face it, we have all been learning as we went. Angel was invaluable in opening new horizons, but we all contributed," I continued.

"So, all the time we were playing we were working?" Ann asked.

"Well, not all the time." I said. "But we were all learning trust and confidence in ourselves and each other."

"So even the 'rapes'.” Leah said.

"I was learning your fantasies, your drives, what made you tick." I said.

"I'll be damned," Leah finished.

"If you think that I planned all of this you are sadly mistaken. I just went with the flow. I did see the danger in the link, but we all worked together, albeit not willingly, to find a way to detach ourselves if necessary." I told them.

"So we were more than just pawns." Leah said.

"Pawns? Hardly. You all are more valuable than diamonds. I want you to be able to survive if something goes wrong."

"Don't even talk like that!" Ann exclaimed.

"I must, last I checked, none of us are bulletproof."

"So we know not what comes the morrow?" Angel asked.

While she was talking, she was walking around behind me.

"No, and I'm not even sure about today," I replied.

"Then we should make the most of what time we have, wouldn't you agree?" She asked.

"Sounds like a fair assessment to me."

"Oh, then I might not get a chance to try this again." She said and rocked her body over my shoulder and crawled down to my pants. She had the zipper undone and my cock in her mouth before I knew what was happening. She threw one of her legs onto my other shoulder so that her pussy was staring me in the face. She then proceeded to deep throat my cock. I sat there for a few seconds completely stunned. She started to push herself up with her hands and then let me slide back into her throat as she lowered herself back down. I wrapped my arms around her waist to support her and then leaned my head over the next time she came up. He body slowly rose and I buried my tongue in her cunt. I got a face full. She groaned and picked up the pace as best she could.

"Would you look at her go…" Ann said in awe.

"I wouldn't mind trying that, but I am afraid that I would choke," Leah replied.

"I can't imagine even trying that."

"I think I am going to spend some of my spare time with a dildo and see."

"It might not be a bad idea; look he's starting to fuck her throat." Ann exclaimed.

Ann was quite right, I could hold back no longer, I started pumping her mouth, her throat. I got another face full of her juices and heard the girls moan. I started sucking on her clit and she really started to lose it. I felt myself start to cum, so I rammed my cock home and bit Angel's clit. Her back arched and she came in my face, meanwhile I was pumping a load of cum down her throat. Leah and Ann screamed. I pulled Angel's limp body off of mine and lay her in my lap. She snuggled in my arms and wrapped around me. I looked over at my other two, and they were smiling, sitting in twin puddles.

Angel drifted back and then looked up at me and smiled. Carefully keeping my mind blank I smiled back. Then I grabbed her by her hips and flipped her over my knee and spanked her. I gave her three or four good swats and then ran my hand up between her legs, caressing her pussy and teasing her ass with my thumb. Then I gave her three or four more. I kept this up until I could sense that she was about delirious with lust. Then I paused and waited till she calmed down and repeated the process. I kept this pattern up for quite a while.

Finally I asked her, "Are you going to be good now, little girl?"

She moaned, "Oh, yes, oh please."

"No more interrupting our conversation?"

"Mmm, I promise, oh."

"What should I do with you now?"

"Oh, please, fuck me."

"But you've been a bad girl, why should I do that?"

"Oh, please master, I will do anything that you wish, please take me."

"But that wouldn't be fair to the other girls, now would it?"

I felt her jerk on my lap and grabbed her. I shot an order to Leah and Ann and they rose as one to comply. Angel started to struggle in earnest when the girls grabbed her arms and half drug her to her pole. Before long she was hanging from it and her spreader pole was in place. Leah and Ann turned from their errand, dropping to their knees.

"Why don't you two entertain each other while I think of a suitable punishment for our wayward young lady?" I told them. "Make it nasty, so she can think about it."

"Oh, please, no," Angel cried.

"And give her something to chew on."

Leah took off her thong and rolled it up.

"I don't think this is enough."

Ann then volunteered hers. Leah rolled them together and swatted Angel on her ass. When her mouth opened to yelp, she stuffed the already wet thongs in. Ann grabbed the baby oil and started rubbing Leah down and soon the favor was returned.

Then they started playing.

Meanwhile I was watching Angel squirm. God what a lovely picture. Suddenly an evil thought. I got up and got the machine and set the probes on Angel’s head. Her eyes were like saucers. I took the modified egg and smiled at her. I walked behind her and stuck it up her ass. I heard her through the gag. I walked back around and she was shaking her head no, her eyes pleading. I smiled and flipped the switch. I felt the jolt through the link and heard Ann and Leah moan. I lay back on the floor and called Ann over. I had her lay on top of me on her back and slowly entered her ass. I watched Angel start to jerk on her restraints, trying to get free as the egg in her ass worked its magic. Her eyes were glued on my cock slowly sliding in and out of Ann's ass. I felt Ann come and had Leah take her place. I made her come then switched again. As long as I kept up the slow pace and kept my mind detached from the link, I could make it last quite a while this way. Angel in the meantime was starting to get a very glazed look in her eyes. She couldn't seem to look away and her hips were trying to fuck the air.

Finally Leah said, "Master, if it pleases you, I think you should take pity on poor Angel now."

Angel had tears running down her face. I hoped that I hadn't gone too far with her. I turned off the machine and took her down and very gently held her in my arms till she recovered somewhat.

"Please," Angel said after she had calmed down.

"Yes, my love?"

"Please, I need you."


"Please, sir, fuck my ass, I need it hard and I need it bad, ream my ass, cum in my ass, I need to feel you in as far as you can cram it, damn it shove it up my ass."

I was shocked for a few seconds then flipped her over and gently pushed up against her anus. She was going to have no part of it. When she felt me touch, she literally rammed herself back on my cock.

"I am not a delicate little flower, fuck me, damn it."

"I take it I don't have to worry about breaking your spirit, hmm?"

"Listen, you made me so horny I could scream, now fix it."

"My, my, such language from a proper young lady like yourself."

"Proper my ass, if you don't start doing me hard right now, I am going to tie you up and rape you."

"So you still want to be my fuck toy, hmm?"

"You bastard, I am your slut, your fuck toy, use me you bastard."

I smacked her ass and she moaned. Grabbing a handful of hair I yanked her back on me and met her hard with a forward thrust. As she bounced forward I smacked her ass again. She shrieked. I started pulling, bouncing, smacking over and over till she was screaming.

"Fuck, yes, fuck, yes, do, me, fuck, me."

I glanced up and the girls eyes were about to bug out of their heads. Their skin was glistening with sweat.

"My Angel, my love."

"Oh, god fuck me."

"You make such a beautiful little fuck slut."

She came hard.

"Your cute little ass sucks my cock almost as good as your mouth."

She came again.

"I love to use your tight little fuck hole to get off."

Yet again.

"Now show the girls what a nice little slutty fuck-whore you are when I dump this load of cum up your ass, bitch."

I came; she screamed and shot her juices down the front of me. She started to rise up but I shoved her back down.

"Who told you I was finished with your asshole, bitch?"

She went rigid. I grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her hips. I lay down on top of her and forced her legs together between mine, pinning her to the floor.

"Now you are going to get royally reamed, cunt. I am going to use your ass until I can't get it up anymore."

She squirmed underneath me. I pulled out and slid back in grinding back and forth as I went.

"Ah, nice and tight, how you like, little girl, nice big cock up your shit hole?"

Her arms came back like she was going to push me away, so I grabbed them by her wrists and pinned them to the floor.

"I'm sorry little girl, you don't have a say in this, your asshole is mine and I intend to use it."

I felt her come beneath me.

"Ah, good girl, come nice and hard while I ream your butt."

"Oh, god, please stop, don't oh fuck, please."

"Sorry, can't quite make out what you’re trying to say. Tell you what, If you make your asshole suck all the cum from my cock, I will let you up."

She started to hump me with her butt. I could feel her ass tightening every time she pulled on me. She came hard but didn't stop.

"God, you are a talented little butt fuck, would little girl like me to cum in her ass now?"

"Oh, please, oh, please, use my, ass, master, please."

"Good little fuck hole. Show the girls you like it now."

I came in her ass and she squirted down my legs.

"Ah, did my little Angel get enough now?"

"Yes, master."

"Will my little Angel be a good little girl now?"

"Yes, master."

I lay there a while with my cock in her ass, just enjoying the velvety heat. Angel moaned and squirmed. I felt her pulse in her ass and to my surprise, I felt myself get hard again.

"Oh my god! Master... not again... please, you promised." Angel cried.

"Yes, I guess I did, but damn your ass feels so good."

"Are you hard again?" Leah asked in shock.

"She brings out the best in me, I guess."

"Then ream her again, I want to watch." Ann said.

"NO!" Angel shrieked.

"I did promise to let her up," I said.

So I rolled over so Angel was on top of me, my cock still buried in her ass. Leah lay down on her legs, trapping them beneath her. Ann straddled her face and lowered her dripping cunt to her mouth.

"I seem to remember a little girl doing these things to us." Leah said.

Angel started to squirm. It felt wonderful on my cock, but I didn't move. Leah started running her tongue up and down her slit. Ann started rubbing her cunt on Angel's face. As if by themselves, her hips started to hump.

"Angel, I let you up on top, but if you don't hold still, I am afraid I may not be able to help myself."

I ran my hands up her belly, lightly caressing her, up to her tits; I encircled them then pinched her nipples. I felt a shock run through the link.

"God, she's a hot little bitch," Ann moaned. "Her tongue must be six inches long."

"M-m-m-master, please, master, I can't, stop, please, no, I need, it, don't, god, oh please, no, fuck, my ass, god, stop, fuck me, please, master, no."

Her hips were pumping now, Leah was holding on for dear life, but managed to keep her tongue buried in Angel’s snatch. I was just holding still, letting her fuck herself.

"No-o-o-o, please, fuck, me, use, me, please, I need it, fuck, me."

Angel came, and picked up the pace on my cock. I felt her ass start to clench as she tried to draw me in deeper. It felt as if there was a hand milking me.

"Angel?" I asked.

"Yes, master?"

"I promised."

"No... no... no... please, I, will, be, your, little, fuck, toy, your, slut, your, whore, your, cock, sucker, please, use, me, fuck, me, use, my, asshole, cum, in, your, fuck, toy, use, me."

Even in her mind, her words were keeping time to the movement of her ass.

"Is that what you want?"

"God, please, ream, my, ass, please, fuck, me, please, use, me, please."

She came again and I grabbed her hips. I started to slowly stroke in and out.

"Harder, you, bastard, harder."

"Now, now, dear. I will use my toys as I see fit."

"No-o-o, I need it." She moaned pitifully.

"You mean like this?"

I pulled almost out and slammed into her ass. She screamed and gave Leah a face full of her juices. Then I resumed the slow pace again.

"Oh, g-g-god, please..." she whimpered.

"I have decided that I like it up your ass. I think you are going to be my cock warmer. I might even decide to sleep with it shoved up there."

"Oh, please, whatever you want, I am yours, please." She begged.

"Do you want me to stop now?" I asked.

"No-o-o-o-o, god no, please, I beg you, don't stop, ream your little slut, fuck me."

I called to the girls in my mind and showed them what I wanted them to do. Angel went rigid.

"Oh no... please, not that, no."

Ann grabbed the strap on and Leah stuffed one of the rubber dongs in Angel’s mouth. She lubed it up and slid it in her ass. Angel watched as Leah's cunt was lowered to her face. Ann spread Angel’s legs and slid the strap on home.

"I believe in sharing my toys, when I play."

We started fucking the poor little girl and she went nuts. I granted her wish about doing her hard and nasty. Ann kept time with the strokes of her strap on. Leah was fucking herself in the ass right over poor Angel's face.

"Do you like this, little slut?"

Angel couldn't answer; the only thing coming over the link was an almost animalistic moan. Then she started coming, one right after the other, over and over. The shock waves rocked through all of us. Leah came and drenched Angel and me. I felt Ann come. I held back as long as I could until all three of the girls climaxed at the same time. When I came they did it again and darkness settled on us.

I awoke to a gentle calling. Leah was sitting next to me on the floor.

"Ann has a bath drawn upstairs."

Angel was still passed out on top of me; my cock was still in her ass.

"Do you need help carrying her?" Leah asked.

"I don't know."

I gently rolled my little Angel over and gently pulled myself from her ass. She moaned and thrust back with her hips, but didn't wake up. To my surprise I had no trouble lifting her. I took her upstairs and the three of us gently lowered her into the water. I sat her in my lap and slid backwards. We lay there for the longest time. Finally Ann started to gently wipe some of the mess from her face. I heard Leah's voice quietly in my mind, calling to her. I could feel her slowly start to wake with my mind, suddenly her butt started rocking on my lap and she started to moan.


"God, don't stop, please use me again, don't stop, please."


She awoke and let herself relax and float. Then she purred and snuggled up against me.

"Do again?"

We lay there relaxing in the warm water for a while then we got up and headed for the shower. Ann and Leah joined us and we made sure that everything was clean.

After we dressed we went downstairs and got something to drink. Angel wouldn't get three inches from me. I was surprised that she could still walk. We settled in the living room, the usual arrangement, Leah on one side Ann on the other and Angel on my lap. We talked for a while when suddenly an idea occurred to me. I asked the girls what they thought about pooling our knowledge.

"What do you mean?" Ann asked.

"You and Leah know about those fireball things, Angel has probably knows more than any of us about the link and among all of us, we might learn more about my scaled pet." I replied.

"Just how do you plan to pull this off?" Leah asked.

"The same way we have managed to pull a lot of other tricks off – link with the dragon."

"What should we do?" Angel asked.

"Instead of just me meditating, I propose that we all try for a light trance state. I have found that if I try too hard to make something happen, it doesn't work. So if we relax and let ourselves drift and guide it we might be able to merge our talents."

"It just might work," was Ann's comment.

"Are there any other tricks that your coven uses?" I asked.

"Well, there are probably quite a few different things that might be useful, but usually it requires the entire coven for a lot of them to work." Leah told us.

"Is it a power limitation, do you think?" I asked.

Ann replied this time. "I am not sure, I have tried a few if the 'spells' by myself and once I thought that I was close, but it didn't 'feel' right."

I considered that for a few moments. A mental block from previous experiences? I really only knew one way to find out and that was by trying the 'spells' myself. But I had already found that neither of the girls was able to relate to me how to do them. I was back to where I’d started: the link. The worse that we could do is fail.

"Well, what do you think?" I asked them.

They looked at each other and smiled, then spoke as one. "Yes!"

I moved the coffee table to one side and we settled into a half circle.

"Now what sir?" Angel asked.

"Relax and let your mind go blank. Just try to let yourself drift. You should start to feel like you are floating."

I dropped into a light trance and summoned the dragon. It was almost instantaneous. The glow from the dragon enveloped us, and we merged. I felt a flow of energy back and forth between us. It felt as if all of us were inside of the dragon. Leah came to the foreground and I saw/felt how the Latin fire worked. I 'demonstrated' the aural focus technique. Ann contributed remote viewing. Angel showed us how to eavesdrop on other people without their knowledge. It went round and round for what seemed like hours, and I could sense the dragon becoming stronger. Ann and Leah 'donated' the most from their witches’ lore. I translated it into a more understandable energy manipulation format once I understood the principals. Angel held the link and demonstrated the open flow through the link. We went back and forth reinforcing what we learned and making sure that we could make everything work (at least in theory). Then we explored the possibilities of combining techniques. It went on and on. Strangely, after a while a sexual glow started to build within the link. I suppose, with the present company, I really shouldn't have been surprised. We dropped deeper, past the thought level, into something more tactile. We explored each others’ desires and feelings. We lost ourselves in each other. The usual feeling of weakness didn't occur, if anything I was starting to feel stronger. We all were.

I have no idea how long we were in the link. When we came back however, I was stunned. The world gradually came back into focus and there were three glowing red fireballs sitting next to me. The dragon was still there. I waited and nothing changed. Memneth turned to me and smiled.

"I/we are one/whole now." I heard in my mind.

I was stunned.

"I/we exist outside of your power/energy. You need not use your power to sustain I/we." Memneth explained.

"One other thing/concept I would show you." It said.

Suddenly I was back in the link. It demonstrated the layers of reality and how to move between them. The concept tore at my mind, I felt myself retreating from it as I had nothing to reference this understanding against. My mind shrieked and blackness overtook me.

Dreams? A world of crystals that sang to me. A world where the sky was fire.

World upon world, place upon place. The space between worlds, so cold. Then voices calling me, drawing me. A world with three beautiful creatures and a dragon. Home?

"I think he is back again."

This place spun away for a moment then returned.

"Damn, he keeps fading back out. I need help!" This voice sounded panicked.

I fought to focus on these voices and the room jumped into sharp relief.

"Oh, thank god, I think he made it all the way back." It was Ann's lovely voice.

I was freezing. I think my teeth were chattering.

"Get him in here, I have the bath ready." Leah said.

Two pairs of hands pull at me, I sat up.

"Be careful, it almost felt like my hands were going to pass through him for a second." Angel's panicked voice.

"Shit! I felt it, try to hold on to him." Ann replied.

"Where's that damn dragon, the least it could do is help!" Leah shouted.

I felt a burst of energy in the room.

"Stop your wanderings, your children are worried for you." Memneth's 'voice' echoed through my brain.

I felt Angel jump beside me. "Damn it, I hate it when it does that."

"He's so cold. Get him in the water." Ann said.

I could see the room passing by me but I couldn't feel my feet moving. I focused on my legs, my feet. I didn't feel as if I weighed anything and if the girls let go I would float away.

"That is it, father/creator, focus on this place lest your children panic." Memneth's voice came booming in my mind.

"There, lower him in." Leah's beautiful voice.

I felt as if I was dropping into a pool of fire. I think I screamed.

"Shit, it's too hot!" Ann exclaimed.

"It's just barely warm." Leah replied.

Gradually, I felt the heat move into me and I couldn't stop shivering.

"He's starting to get some color back at least."

"Put some more hot water in. Slowly so he doesn't feel the shock."

I heard water running. I opened my eyes to three very lovely and very concerned faces.

"I love you." I heard my voice croak.

"I am remorseful, I did not realize that my knowledge would affect you so." Came Memneth's booming voice.

"I just wasn't prepared. I don't think anything could have prepared me, for the shock."

"These things you knew of though? I simply demonstrated how to travel between."

"Sir dragon, knowing and doing are two entirely different things."

"I understand not."

"You might in time. Don't worry about it now."

"As you wish. May I go now? I wish to explore this place/ world."

"You may go, just don't let yourself be seen, people wouldn't understand."


"The other entities that inhabit this world."

"Ah, the weak ones."

I chuckled. "Yes, you would frighten them, as they wouldn't understand."

"Yes father, I will be careful then."

With that Memneth disappeared.

"Are you OK?" I heard a chorus of three voices.

I laughed. "I will tell you when I figure it out for myself."

"Master, you had us so worried." Angel's sweet voice said.

"It's all right, I just wasn't prepared for what I was shown."

"What did that lizard do to you anyway?"

"It showed me something that I had guessed at, but didn't quite believe."

"But you disappeared."

"I know, at first I thought that I was dreaming, but I came to realize that I was actually at the places that I was seeing. If it wasn't for you three beautiful creatures, I might not have made it back."

"Please don't do that again. We thought that we had lost you."

"Don't worry; I have no intentions of repeating that anytime soon."

"We love you too."

Ann and Leah said. "We are going to fix dinner now."

Angel replied. "I will stay here with him so he doesn't wander off again."

With that Angel climbed into the tub with me.

"Little minx." Ann and Leah laughed.

"Do you know of any better way to keep his attention?"

She started to rub her ass against me.

"Your cock warmer is ready for your use, sir."

"Surely you can't be horny after what I did to you earlier."

"For you, my dear, anytime."

"But you have to be sore..."

"It only makes me feel that much more wanting."

"God, you are incredible."

"You made me that way, sir."

I kissed her and nuzzled her neck. She purred. Her ass wouldn't stop moving.

"Angel, have you ever heard of the concept called rest?"

"Mmm, I think so, I just don't believe in it."

I felt her hand between us, guiding me into her. I was almost relieved it wasn't her ass this time. I knew, from the repeated pounding that it had taken earlier, that she had to a lot sorer than she was letting on. The insides of her felt like molten fire around my shaft. Once again I marveled at the fact I was even able to get it up again.

For the next couple of minutes I was content to let her ride me. I felt her slowly build and got caught up in it. I started to pump into her and she responded by milking me with her pussy.

"God... this almost... feels wrong..."

"What? What do you mean?" I asked, quite taken off guard.

"I don't feel like I am helpless, being controlled, used."

"Aren't you enjoying yourself?"

"Oh, god, yes, it just feels so different."


"Would you rather I held you down and fucked you?"

"That would be wonderful..., but this is good too."

I took her wrists and pulled them behind her, capturing them in one hand. I put my other hand on her shoulder and started to grinded her down on my cock. Her breath caught in her throat and I felt her buck as she came.

"Oh, sir, please use your little slave, fuck me."

"Turn around; I want to watch your ass while I fuck you."

She got up and complied. As she slid back onto me I grabbed her wrists again in one and a got a handful of hair in the other. I pulled her head back and started to fuck her hard, using her hair to hold her on me.

"Yes, yes, god yes, use me, fuck me."

"You like this little slut?"

"Oh, yes."

She started to grind her hips around in circles and bounce. I was getting close so I gave her hair one last tug, forcing her head back till she was looking at the ceiling and rammed up inside her. I came on my next stroke and she joined me. I released her and she fell back on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and she snuggled in, purring. I was in a teasing mood.

"I think next time I will come on your face and let the girls clean it off you."

She moaned and said. "Oh, please. Could we?"


"Ann and Leah have been listening in since they left us, sir."

I chuckled and muttered. "No privacy here."

"We were worried that you might disappear again."


"Well, it was kinda fun sharing the experience."

"One for all..."

"And all for fun."

"Somehow I don't quite remember it going like that."

Angel giggled. Such a tiny precious thing.

I heard through the link. "Hey we're getting jealous down here."

"I can't help it if you want to be voyeurs."

"Got to get our fun in where we can. By the way, dinner’s ready. Angel let the poor man up so we can feed him."

She started to giggle and rub her ass on me again.

"Whoa, girl, we said let him up, not get him up!"

Angel giggled again and said, "Damn!"

We got out of the tub and dried each other off, it took a little longer than necessary, but we were very thorough. I threw on a robe and Angel threw on next to nothing, basically what she normally wore and we went downstairs. The girls sat me down and fed me, I noticed that there was always someone within a few feet of me at all times. I guess that they weren't taking chances. After dinner Ann sat on my lap while Angel and Leah did the clean up. We went into the living room and sat in our normal arrangement, one on each side and one in my lap. Leah did the honors this time on my lap.

"Let’s see, I am supposed to do this I think," Leah said as she wriggled her butt on my lap.

"Don't you ladies ever get enough?" I asked.

"NO," came the chorus.

"I am curious, I realize that I am in the company of three beautiful and sexy young ladies..."

"Mmm, Flattery will get you everywhere." They replied as one.

"But I don't understand how I am able to keep up with all of you."

They laughed, a beautiful sound. "We are sharing our energy with you dear."

I was stunned. "When did this start?"

"We found that we could do it when the physical link was established. We thought that you knew."

"No... I guess I have been distracted while it was taking place."

Angel laughed, rubbing her ass. "I'll say!"

"Well I noticed that I was able to go at it over and over without the usual 'lag' time, but I didn't realize..."

"That we were helping?"


"We were being a little selfish, actually. We wanted more and more of you, but didn't want to wear you down."

"I see."

"We were all experiencing what you were doing, so we 'boosted' you when you were with your intended victim."

"I guess that might explain your orgasms even when you weren't directly involved in the action, eh?"

"Oh, yes, you see, we were always in the action whether you were doing us or not."

"I'll be damned."

"We really doubt that, sir." They all laughed.

Angel smiled. "God that was intense."

"Oh, then I have an idea. Why don't I tie Angel to the coffee table and see how many times I can ream her little ass in a row?"

"No master, Please not that!!" Angel cried as she tried to back away.

I laughed. "You know me better than that; I would never hurt you dear."

"Sorry, I am a little sore back there right now."

"I know. But I do admit it was fun."

"Oh, god, you don't know the half of it. Part of me was screaming stop, the rest of me was screaming don't ever stop. I am getting wet just thinking of it."

"Slut." Ann and Leah said in unison.

Angel sighed. "Yes, for my master, any time, any place."

"As long as we get to play too!" They replied.

"So who is the victim tonight?" Angel asked.

"I don't know, why don't I fulfill an obligation then go from there?"


"Stand up and remove your clothes." I ordered.

They grinned and complied.

"Now, kneel in front of me, Angel in the middle."

I had three beautiful young ladies lined up in front of me on their knees. I let a smile play across my face. I pulled my cock from its nest and slowly started to stoke it.

"That's not fair!" they cried as one.

"I'm sorry, wasn't that suppose to be that's not fair sir?"

"Oops, sorry sir."

"Hmm... what to do... I think that I will worry about that transgression later, I want to finish this first."

I resumed stroking, picturing in my mind each of them in turn, in various positions. I could feel the tension build. When I was on the edge I stood up and shot my load on Angel’s face. First a feeling of shock, then an orgasm followed by two more from the other girls.

I looked and Leah and Ann and said. "Well? Clean it up!"

The girls grinned and started licking the cum from Angel's face and tits. Ann went back up and shared a little with Angel and Leah continued down, 'in case she missed some.' I let them go for a while then called them back to 'attention'. I let them sit there for a few minutes.

"Hmm, disrespect, Leah and Angel, to your poles."

"Yes master," came the reply, their heads down.

I hung them up and put their spreader bars on them. I went back to my chair and called Ann over. I put her across my knee. Leah and Angel’s eyes grew large. I started to spank Ann, four swats, two a cheek, then caressing her cunt while my thumb teased her ass. I took my time with it. When she was on the verge of cumming, I stopped and put her on her pole. Angel was next. She already knew what to expect so she was less than enthusiastic. I repeated the performance with her the hung her up. Leah was last. When I was finished, I sat back down and watched the girls squirm. Such a lovely sight. After they had calmed somewhat, I went to the toy bag and retrieved the three egg vibrators and bikinis. I gave each of them their very own, up their pussies, and set them to the lowest setting. Before too long they were having a very hard time holding still. I was monitoring them through the link and found that they couldn't quite make it over the top. I watched for a while then went to the kitchen and got a big bowl of ice cream. Angel was the first to catch on and moaned out loud.

I ate the ice cream very slowly and then went over to Leah and dripped some of the resulting puddle on her nipples. I was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath then a squeal. I licked it off slowly, circling round and round from her nipples out. Then I went to Ann. By this time you could feel the heat in the room. I was wondering which would 'break' first. I did Angel then went back to Leah and started over. Several rounds later I ran out so I took my bowl back and washed it and put it away. I came back and sat down again. I pulled my cock out and slowly started to stroke it. I had all of their attention then.

"Master? If it pleases you, could you please take pity on your poor slaves and give us our release?"

They had cheated, they all 'spoke' together. I resumed what I was doing, to their mutual discomfort. Finally they caught on.

"Master? Please take Leah first, she is in need of release."

"Any preference, Leah?" I asked, smiling.

"Whatever pleases you, sir." She half moaned.

I took her down and had her get to her hands and knees, then pushed her down to her elbows. I spanked her then rubbed her ass, then spanked her again.

"Please, sir, take pity."

"You mean this isn't what you had in mind?"

"Fuck me please sir." She had a note of desperation in her voice.

I moved in behind her and entered her hot little cunt. She came almost immediately. I started to slowly stroke in and out of her. I could feel her building through the link. When she was right on the edge I pulled almost all of the way out and slammed home. She screamed and came. I resumed my slow pace again and did a repeat performance. After the third or fourth time she started to quiver all over.

"Please." She almost whispered.


"Please do your slut nasty, sir."


"Please sir, use me hard, I need it, show me what a nasty slut I am."

"Oh, I intend to, in my own time."

I pulled out and stroked into her ass.

"Yes, that's it, yes, use me."

I started slowly stroking her ass, then slammed her when she was on the edge.

Over and over I did her like that.

"Sir... please." She was almost in tears.

"My aren't we the demanding one?"

I pulled out and spanked her again. Then I reentered her ass. She started to hump backwards so I smacked her ass.

"I can see you won't be satisfied..."

I started to slam into her ass, rocking her forwards each stroke. She half rose on her hands, so I grabbed a handful of hair and pushed her back down. Then yanked her back with her hair on my next stoke.

"Is this what you need little girl?"

"Yes... God... YES!

I rode her like that for a while, she came over and over. Then I felt it, through the link. The very subtle nudging, 'helping' me. It was no wonder that I hadn't noticed it before. I felt where it was coming from... Ann! I guessed that the two fed Ann and she sent it along to me. I let Leah have one more orgasm then pulled out of her. I clipped her wrists to her ankles, and then went to Angel. She had juice running down her leg. I took her down and lay her on her back. I clipped her wrists to ankles then grabbed her by her shoulders and started fucking her hard.

"Now, little girl, you had better get that cunt of yours sucking, because if I haven't cum in three minutes, it goes up your ass."

Her eyes flew wide and she started to buck in earnest. I could feel her rippling like a hand milking me.

"Please master, don't make me, my ass is so sore."

"You think it is now..."

I felt her cunt clamp down and a shudder ran through her.

"Two minutes..."

Her head started to rock from side to side.

"What does it feel like, having to put out to save your ass?"

She came hard.

"Paying me in pussy, so your ass doesn't get reamed."

Her whole body arched, ripples went through her cunt.

"One minute."

I felt her pussy start to clench my cock every time I pulled out. She started to whimper. I had been fighting it for quite a while and could hold back no longer. When I came she shrieked with a massive orgasm. I didn't say a word; I just got up and took Ann down. I put her in the same position as Leah, with her wrists to her ankles, ass in the air.

"I would like to thank Leah for the warm up. Angel, you did admirably in saving your ass, so to speak. However, if I can't ream yours, I guess that leaves Ann's."

"NO!!" Ann yelled.

"Hmm, that discipline problem again."

"No, please sir, no!" She half whimpered.

"I think I will go with the please part."

I started to spank her. Four swats and then caressing her cunt. I kept a pattern up until I had her ass bright red. Then I stuck my cock in her pussy, which was soaked, and then shoved it in her ass.

"If you can make me cum before you do, then we are done. If you cum first, I up the odds."

"No-o-o-o, please sir, I will be good."

"Oh, you’re going to be good alright."

I started grinding into her ass. Then I grabbed her by the hips and fucked her for a while. I could feel her start to build towards a climax.

"I didn't think you wanted this, little girl, but I sense that you are quite enjoying it."

"Please..." Ann whined.

I stopped and pulled out.

"No-o, don't stop, fuck me, please sir, please."

"Well make up my mind, are you going to be my butt fuck toy or not?"

Ann was getting frantic.

"I'll be your butt fuck, your slut, whatever, just please don't stop sir."

I rubbed my dick against her pussy and got it wet again then slammed it into her bowels. She came up as far as her restraints would let her the arched her back and thrust back onto me harder. I smacked her ass then slammed into her again. She came hard. I stopped and went to the table and grabbed her nipple clips.

"That's one."

She was still in a haze but woke up when the clips bit into her nipples. I resumed my post and slid back into her butt.

"No-o-o-o, sir, this is not fair, god, I can't stop, please sir."

I started pumping, not a hard pace, but steady.

"When you make me cum, I will quit. If you cum before I do we add something else."

I felt her ass clench on my cock as she tried to milk me. Unfortunately she was already pretty close with the clips and the residual high, and before she could stop herself, she came down my legs. I got up and went to the table and grabbed a vibrator.

"That's two."

I shoved it in her pussy, but didn't turn it on. I resumed pumping her ass. She started to moan and squirm, her ass bucking against me.

"You haven't made me cum yet little girl; I guess you must not want me to stop."


"Ah, such a slut. I could masturbate in your asshole for hours."

I felt the shock that ran from her head to her feet. She came and came. I didn't think she was going to stop for a second. I pulled out and went back to the table. I grabbed one of the clit clips and clipped it on her. She squealed and froze. I resumed my position and started fucking her ass again.

"Gonna make me cum, bitch?"

"N-n-n-not f-f-fair, s-s-ir." She moaned.

I wasn't doing her that hard but the clip was playing hell with her clit. She came again. I didn't bother to stop; I just reached down and turned on the vibrator.

"Since Angel is too sore I guess I will use your ass for my cock warmer tonight. That is if you can still walk when I finish using you, slut."

"Fuck me, use me, cum in me sir, god, I can't stand it, fuck your little slut."

"That's the spirit – begging for me to ream your ass like a cheap little tramp."

I was pounding into her. It didn't take long before she came again. I pulled out and grabbed a bigger vibrator. Turning it on I slid it into her overflowing cunt. She screamed. I resumed my assault on her ass hole.

"Don't stop, please, don't stop, sir please."

I didn't say a word, instead I felt myself starting to cum. Ann let out another scream and collapsed in her restraints. I stayed where I was. I had felt before the feed, so this time I drew on it. I felt myself start to harden again. I took off Ann's nipple clips and the blood rushing back into her nipples woke her up. She started to whimper.

I started to stroke; long strokes ending with a smack against her butt. I heard in the background Leah and Angel start to whimper too. I reached down and grabbed her tits, pinching the already abused nipples. She shrieked and came again. I started pounding harder.

"S-s-sir, I thought you were going to stop."

"Well, I thought I would address the discipline problem while I was here."

"God, don't stop, I love it, don't stop."

I grabbed a handful of hair and started pulling her into my strokes. It wasn't long before I came. I stood up and released Angel and Leah, smacking them both on the ass.

"Clean her up. I want every drop licked up and sucked out."

Neither of them was too steady on their feet, but they went at it with a will. It took quite a while as both of the girls seemed really interested in doing a thorough job.

Ann in the meantime was having a hard time holding still. They had left her restrained and she had no say in how much 'cleaning' was done.

"Enough, release her."

"Yes sir," came the prompt reply.

After we resumed our places on the couch, they seemed a little more subdued.

"Did we get enough that time, ladies?"

"Yes sir."

"Now, to work."


"I want each of you to activate your auras."

Four bright red glows manifested before me. I heard each of them gasp.

"We can do it!"

"Yes, it seems you can. Now focus on that coffee cup."

It exploded into dust.

"Oh, my god, this is what you do."

"My turn."

I summoned one of the 'Latin fireballs' and made it float gently about the room before making it disappear.

"Angel, you try."

A fireball appeared in her hands and repeated my performance until it was in the center of the room, then it blew up. At least nothing was damaged. However our ears were ringing. I summoned another.

"Angel, reach out with your aura and draw it in."

The fireball was sucked from my hands.

"God, that's a rush!"

I did it again for Leah and Ann, with the same results.

"Angel, summon Memneth."


"You heard me."

Memneth suddenly appeared.

"Yess, mistress?" His voice boomed through our heads.

Angel clapped her hands like a little girl with a new toy.

"Memneth, we were just checking out the girls’ new-found powers." I explained.

"Ah, very well father, I am glad to be of assistance."

I summoned what Leah called a veil. I can only describe it as a window of energy. I focused my mind on the trailer and was rewarded with a view of the inside of our living room. Leah gasped.

"I have never seen that done with less than three people."

"You try it." I told her.

She did and we were rewarded with a view of the inside of her house. I had each of the girls do it in turn. Then we moved on.

"Leah put your hand on my chest and push with your aura."

I made sure that I was standing in front of the couch. It did me no good. I felt this force slam into me and I went over the top of the couch backwards. The girls ran over to make sure that I was all right. Ann and Angel refused to duplicate Leah's performance. They were afraid of hurting me. I wasn't too thrilled either by the idea.

We found that each of us could do all of the 'tricks' and started to experiment with other ideas as we went along.

"There is one other thing that I have been shown, but I don't think that we should explore it yet, till I have a better idea how it works."

The three girls almost tackled me.

"No, sir, we don't need you to try that again."

It was late by this time so we wandered up to bed. Neither Angel nor Ann seemed disappointed that I didn't want a cock warmer that night.

Hindsight and the Road Not Taken

June 6, 1986

"That was the point that I made my first major mistake."

"What, in the tripping thing?" Bruce asked.

"No, that was just a minor matter in the things to come."

"Then what?"

"My inexperience in matters of the world. It is alright to read of strategy and tactics, but knowing what to do and when is not simple. In hindsight, this was what led to my downfall. If at that point I would have gone on the offensive, I probably would have been living quite contentedly with my lovely ladies. Instead I let myself be intimidated by the idea of what they supposedly represented. The powers that be, the great god government. I was a fool."

"That's a bit tough on yourself, don't you think?"

"I suppose. But I did the worst possible thing under the circumstances."

"What was that?"


September 12, 1977

I awoke and found myself surrounded by my three ladies. Ann was on top this time. I lay there as still as I could. I could hear their soft breathing. Their scent was intoxicating. The warmth of their bodies surrounded me and I basked in it like a lizard in the sun. I heard a noise at the foot of the bed as Memneth looked over it at us.

"I figured that you would be out exploring." I told it with my mind.

"I found that I was lonely." He answered.

"You are welcome anytime."

"How do you put up with these 'people' as you call them? They are so greedy and self-centered."

"Yes, but some of them aren't all that bad and there is always a chance that they can learn."

"Some of them... Mindless cruelty, hate... I couldn't stand to be around them."

"I know how you feel."

"They feed off of one another."

"They know no better. That is all they know."

"I found myself wanting to do harm to them, so I retreated back here."

"Do not harm them, to do so would taint you."

"Thank you father, for your understanding."

"Thank you son, for your control."

"They are so beautiful, father."

I looked at my girls. "I know."

"Mmm, flattery will get you everywhere. How's our favorite lizard today?" Ann asked.

"Wonderful, mistress."

"He's so polite, maybe he could teach his father..." Leah said.

"Father really loves you, you should be more kind." Memneth spoke with reproach.

"I forgot, he doesn't understand humor does he?" Leah laughed.

"What is this humor?"

"Discussing humor with a dragon, how surreal," Angel said sleepily.

"The next time we join, we will have to explore it." I told him.

"I look forward to it," Memneth replied. "Would you mind, father, if I joined with you during your next love session?"

"What? Why?"

"I have sensed the passion, but do not understand what you do."

I got caught flat-footed on that. The girls, sensing my confusion took matters into their own hands.

"Sure, we would enjoy that." They said as one.

I was taken off guard. They shot me an image of what I did to Ann last night and I sprung up as if they had hit a switch. Ann slithered up my body then slid her pussy back and forth on my cock. Then they started a repeat performance of the previous morning. When I was thoroughly entwined with Ann, I felt Memneth flow into me. I felt like I was on fire. Every nerve in my body felt like it was being rubbed with sandpaper. I started to stroke into Ann, lifting the girls off the bed with my thrusts. I felt the girls’ reactions through the link and it fueled me. I started to fuck her harder. I felt it through my whole body when she came. It didn't even slow me down, if anything I picked up the pace. By this time our bodies were covered in sweat. Angel’s and Leah's were too. I felt them cum. Then I felt myself start to cum. The bomb went off in my head followed by the three girls. I didn't stop, I didn't even slow down. Ann was limp on top of me for a few seconds, and then tried to match my thrusts. A few strokes later, all three of them came again. I could feel Ann flickering in and out of consciousness. I couldn't stop. I started to grind my hips as I fucked her and they came again. Ann passed out this time. I rolled her off me and flipped Leah onto her belly. I put a pillow under her hips and plunged into her asshole. Her back bowed and she let a cross between a scream and a moan. She came almost at once. I started fucking her ass, driving her hips into the pillow. There was no sex talk, just a kind of haze. I grabbed her hands and pinned her to the bed. I was pumping her ass so hard by this time it sounded like some one clapping their hands. She came again and the shock through my body sent me over the edge. I must have come for ten seconds. I could feel it squishing in her ass. I still couldn't stop. Sweat was poring off of me, I was gasping for air by this time. I started rocking her forwards with each thrust. I could feel almost panic through the link when she cum this time. Her orgasm gave me my own and I dumped another load up her ass. She passed out this time. Without missing a beat, I grabbed Angel and put her legs up over my shoulders. She gave me a panicked look as I thrust into her. I ground down on her cunt at the bottom of the stroke and she shrieked and came. I started to fuck her, slamming and grinding. I could feel her come over and over. I still couldn't stop. I blasted another load and she sprayed me right back. She put her hands on my chest like she was going to push me off, so I grabbed her wrists and pinned her back. Her head was flailing from side to side and she was almost crying. Finally, I came again, which drove her over the top and down into unconsciousness. I felt Memneth flow out from me.

The room faded back into focus. Memneth was gone. I looked at my three little girls and they were still where I had left them, cum oozing out of various orifices. I reached out with the link and they were all quite out of it. I went into the bathroom, finding out on the way how much my overworked body ached. I drew a warm bath and went back and picked up Ann. The strain was so much that I almost passed out. I forced myself to stay conscious, and put her in the water. I made sure she was not going to slide under, and then slowly started to call to her with my mind. Gradually she came to. I was kneeling by the tub and her eyes slowly opened then focused.

She looked at me and said, "Let’s not do again!"

I had to laugh. I asked if she was alright and she said she was sore, but other than that she was OK. I asked if she could help me with the other two. Her eyes flew wide.

"Both of them?"

"I am afraid so. It seems my son is a little more energetic than I could have hoped."

"How are they?"

"Passed out at the moment, I need help. It was all I could do to get you in here."

She stood up and moaned. As we moved back into the bedroom she got to be a little steadier on her feet. I heard her gasp.

"Oh, my god!"

"Leah is next, but I hate to sit her down."

"I can see that!"

"Next time let’s think things through before we just jump in, shall we?"

"God, poor Leah, how many..."

"Until she passed out."

"Oh, no."

Her butt was still in the air and her asshole looked as if she had screwed a beer bottle. It wasn't bleeding, but another round it looked as if it would. We picked her up and drug her to the bath. She moaned as she slid into the water. I called to her and finally she awoke. With a shriek. She shot out of the water and we grabbed her as a wave of dizziness washed over her.

"Oh, god, my ass, it's on fire!"

"Are you going to be all right?" I asked.

"I think so; just let me lie down... On my belly if you don't mind."

We took her back into the bedroom and she sucked in her breath when she saw Angel.

"God, her too?"

"Same as you, till she passed out."

"It looks as if she is lying in a lake."

Ann and I picked the poor girl up and took her to the bath. We lay her down in it and tried to call her back. She finally responded and moaned.

"Remind me..."

The other two girls chimed in, "To think before we speak."

I breathed a sigh of relief. No harm done, other than our aching bodies.

"You are dealing with a very intelligent child. Memneth does not understand our limitations. We need to explain them before we try something else with him."

"Tell us about it." Ann said.

"Angel if you feel up to it, can you get out so Leah can soak? She seems to have the same problem that you had earlier."

"And then some, from what I saw," Angel said.

"That's alright. The water burns like fire," Leah blurted.

"Some salts will help," Ann said.

"I'll trot down and get some. I think there's some in the pantry." Angel said.

She stood up, a little shaky at first, and then climbed out of the tub. "OK, maybe I won't trot." She staggered into the bedroom and got a good look at the bed. "My god. We made that mess?"

"I just feel lucky none of us really got hurt." I told her.

"How about you, you don't seem to be all that light on your feet either?" Ann asked.

"I'll live."

Angel went down for the salts. I decided to collapse on the floor. Ann joined me.

"Where is that overgrown lizard anyway?" She asked.

"I don't know, it was gone when I came to."

"I wonder if it has any idea about healing."

"Probably not, it only has picked up on what we have taught it."

"Then why can't we teach it?"

"Hey, that's a hell of an idea!" Leah chimed in.

"Would it be safe?" I asked. I was worried about things getting out of hand again.

"If I teach it the specifics."

She closed her eyes momentarily and Memneth appeared. "Yes, mistress?"

"I want to join with you, teach you." Ann said.

"As you wish, mistress."

Memneth lay down and Ann placed her hand on its flank. I watched as the glow appeared from each of them then merged. After about a minute, Ann leaned back.

"I see no problem in doing that, mistress."

Memneth placed his paw on her head. I couldn't help but flinch looking at his claws. A blueish glow enveloped Ann for a second, and then disappeared.

"Whew, what a rush." Ann exclaimed.

Angel came back and we explained what we were doing. Memneth repeated his trick with her. Leah and I went last. I had never felt anything like that. It was like a cool fire. It flashed though me then it was over. I stood up and I felt fine. I told Leah to turn around. Her ass no longer looked angry and swollen.

"Damn, I guess I will have to do that all over again."

Leah stared at me for a minute in disbelief then laughed. "Sir, you forgot the link again. Nice try."

I laughed along with her.

"I am sorry if I caused you discomfort, I didn't understand that you had limits in what you do with each other."

Leah spoke up. "That's alright Memneth, we’re not used to anyone being able to exceed our limits, so we didn't think about them."

"Thank you mistress Ann, for your explanation of humor. I will think on it."

I looked at Ann. She had only been in for about a minute, how much could she have told him?

She caught my thought. "Time moves differently when you are linked like that, didn't you notice?"

"I really wasn't watching the clock last time."

"Well it felt like about an hour had passed when I returned."

"Speaking of time, what time is it anyway?"

"About 11:00. Why?"

"I was wondering why I was so hungry."

Angel spoke up. "I'll go throw together some lunch."

"Thanks dear, love you."

Angel smiled. "Back atcha."

"Do you realize that means that we were going at it for at least four hours?" Leah asked.

"Whoa!" Ann exclaimed.

"Wanna hook up with the dragon again?" I asked.

"God no!" Leah blurted.

"I don't know, I think I finally found a way to keep up with you three."

"Don't even think about it!" They said as one.

We decided to get dressed and join Angel downstairs. After they fed me, we settled into our favorite places on the couch. Ann did the honors on my lap this time. I noticed that she didn't wiggle like her predecessors.

"What, not going to tempt fate?" I asked.

"I think we have had enough for a while, don't you?"

"I don't believe it, my little girls are sated."

"No, just resting, thank you," Leah commented.

"You mean I couldn't even tempt you with some rope and vibrators?"

"You're sweet, but not now dear." She replied.

"I don't believe it," I said in mock surprise.

"Don't push your luck, that rope does sound tempting." Angel giggled.

"Why you little minx. Wasn't that enough upstairs?" Ann asked in shock.

"Oh, yes, but our time is limited, and I hate to pass up the chance." Angel replied.

"After all, what is the use of being a sex slave if you don't have sex?" She continued.

Ann and Leah just stared at her.

I shook my head and grinned, "Angel, you are incredible."

"You made me that way, sir," she said smiling. "Now what about that rope?"

"Oh, my god, she is horny, I can feel it through the link!" Leah said in shock.

"Before we wander off in that direction, I do have a question for you Leah."

"Yes, dear?"

"If you knew of the 'healing spells' why didn't you use them?"

"It takes a lot of power to do them. I figured Memneth was out best bet."

"From what you say, the veil takes a lot of power also."

"You mean?"

"Actually, I wish that you would have tried it. Now we can't be sure."

"I’m sorry, I guess that I’m not used to thinking outside the traditional lines."

"Leah, please don't be too hard on yourself. The only reason that I have been able to do what I have is the fact that I didn't have any preconceived limitations. Trust me, it is always easy to look back and kick yourself for what you didn't see."

"Well it probably helped that you were a walking psychic nuclear reactor." Leah observed.

"What do you think is the reason for that?" Ann asked.

“I don't know for sure. I have no idea who my real parents are and my dad died when I was ten. I was left alone a lot, and I did nothing but read. Dad used to be a truck driver for a publishing house, so books were never in short supply. I was reading college chemistry and physics before I entered junior high. Classics, religion, philosophy and history were basically what I learned to read with. Needless to say, I did badly in school."

"You are joking, right?" Ann asked.

"No, quite the opposite. I was bored. School did little to interest me, and since I already had a background in the sciences, I got into a lot of trouble."


"Nothing serious. I think it was back in ninth grade. The school was trying a new program in science class that let you go at your own pace. I was a nerd by then anyway so I teamed with the smartest guy in the class. We knocked off the course about a month sooner than they expected. So, the teacher, god bless his soul, told us to go to the library and find an experiment of our own to do. I picked trinitrious-iodine."

"What in the world is that?" Leah broke in.

"Well, as long as it is wet, it is like clay, when it dries it is a contact explosive."

"Oh, shit!"

"We were taking the clay and rubbing it on a piece of paper. Then you put a drop of honey in the middle. The film of trinitrious dries and when a fly lands to get the honey, you get this bang, and a small cloud. Kinda scorches the table too. Well the teacher wasn't amused, especially when he found out that I had made about two ounces of the stuff, probably enough to take out one of the walls. So he decides to take it out to the football field. It put a three foot crater about two feet deep on the forty yard line. He got in a world of shit over that."

"So you were the evil genius back in school." Ann interjected.

"No, not really, just bored. I guess though, that the incident back in high school didn't help my reputation though. I found out that the high school library was a lot more extensive than junior high. There was a collection of magazines called Scientific American. One of its writers would take high end experiments and duplicate them using parts that were readily available in most hardware stores, with a few items tossed in from Edmunds Scientific. I decided to make a particle accelerator in my electronics class. It didn't go over too big. Something about stray radiation. The school confiscated it and my argon laser."

"My god, you are a genius." Ann exclaimed.

"Not really. I did nothing that hadn't been done before. Reflecting back, I would say I was more of an engineer. I have always made do with what I had on hand; it comes from having a single parent who waited tables in a restaurant as the sole income of the family. You made do or you did without."

"None of this explains your aura," Leah pointed out.

"As a guess, that came from a comic book."

"Excuse me?" The girls’ eyes grew wide.

I laughed. "Remember, I lived in seclusion growing up. I didn't have the classical teaching of reality. One of my favorite comics was Dr Strange. Toss in the TV show Bewitched and a few other odds and ends from the time along with no one around to tell me that none of it was real... I remember sitting in the living room floor trying to draw in energy like in the comic book. I could always feel it but could never do anything with it. So after a while, I filed it away in the back of my mind as a failed experiment. Unfortunately, there were no books around on witchcraft. The powers that be might have had more of a fight on their hands from the start."

"Screwdriver and a paperclip..." Leah mused.

"Give me a machine shop and I really could scare you. I never studied one particular course and there are a lot of things that I have wondered why they haven't tried. Top that off with our wonderful military teaching me all about weapons. It's the same story, a part from this, a piece from that..."

"Given the way you were raised, I would have figured that you would have a lot more trouble dealing with people than you do." Ann observed.

"Well it wasn't total isolation. I used to spend a lot of my summers down in Arkansas on my grandfathers horse ranch. I learned about manners and honesty... a lot of my values came from there. I also learned about shoveling shit. There was about 150 head of horses on that ranch and I helped cleaning the stables from about fourteen on."

"That doesn't explain your attitude towards women." Leah interjected.

"I was raised by females. I grew up with my sister, who was ten years older than I, and my mother, who went through a few bad relationships after dad died. I heard it all and vowed that I wouldn't ever treat a woman the way that my mother and sister were treated."

"That doesn't explain your confidence." Ann observed.


"The way that you are able to take charge and lead."

I laughed for a while on that one. "I see, you mistake being cornered and scared to death as decisiveness."

"Well you don't seem to lack decisiveness in dealing with us." Angel purred.

"I just try to give you what you want. You may not believe it, but when I make you young ladies happy, I feel like I am on top of the world. Face it, with my background, I have had no experience with dating. My chances of snagging ladies such as you was in the negative numbers. I am overwhelmed by your love and devotion and you have taught me things that I had never dreamt of. The idea of you being my slaves was so foreign to me at first, that I fought it tooth and nail. You made me come to understand that my way of thinking was too restrictive for your personalities. I had to make a giant leap to grasp that. One that I could have never made without you. One that I had to make for fear of losing you. I look at those collars that you wear now, as the greatest honor that you could have bestowed me. They speak of trust, love and devotion that I didn't think could exist in this screwed up world. I just wish that there was something that I could do to let you know just what you mean to me."

"Well there is one thing..." Angel purred and snuggled in closer.

"Why you little slut," Leah laughed.

"Thank you, about that..."

I laughed as I grabbed her. Ann jumped up and I put her across my lap.

"Oh, please sir, your little slave has been so bad." Angel moaned.

It wasn't one of our wildest sessions; we were too tired for that. I spanked her and made her beg to get fucked in her various holes. I had the girls hold her down. Still she seemed to enjoy herself. I envied her mind-set; enjoy it while you can get it.

That over, we decided to take a nap. Until we saw the state of the bed. Thank god it was a waterbed, if that stuff soaked into a regular mattress, it would have been ruined. As it was, it took us about an hour to get it clean enough to use. We collapsed into it after we were done and slept through till early evening. Leah apparently awoke first. She decided to get me up, literally. Our antics woke up everyone else, who cheered Leah on. I got ridden like a new pony.

It was strange, but after the experience that morning, it was like everyone calmed down. I wondered to myself if it was going to last. Then I saw them getting 'dressed' and I figured that we just went through the eye of the hurricane and everything was getting ready to cut loose again. High heels, lace stockings, garter belts, lace thongs and corsets. Black and red. Knew I should have got those vitamins when I had the chance. They came over and knelt before me. I sent Ann and Angel to make dinner and had Leah draw my bath. I had her wash me after I soaked for a while, then I dressed and went down to dinner. The feelings of lust were starting to be felt through the link and build while I was being 'fed'. After dinner we retired to the living room where I was informed by Ann that she needed a touch-up on her shave. I was more than happy to oblige. Afterwards I had the girls check to make sure that I hadn't missed anything and they were very thorough in their inspection. By the time they were finished I think the paint was ready to peel from the walls because of the heat.

Angel said that she would like to be shaved too, and asked if I would do the honors. My hands we shaking so much from the sexual tension in the air, that I was afraid to. Then I had a nasty thought. I grabbed the cross that I had made and strapped Ann down.

"You were asking about doggie style, so now you are going to be my little bitch." I told her.

I entered her hot little cunt from behind.

"I can't shave Angel with my hands shaking so I figure I will use you to get off."

Her response was immediate. She came and moaned. I was already close, so I shot a load in her just after.

"There, now if I need, I can just use you till I get off. My own little pussy dispenser."

"Yes sir, thank you sir," she moaned.

I went upstairs and got my razor and cream. Leah, in the mean time, went to the kitchen and got a bowl of water. When I came back Angel was spread open on the coffee table, her knees dangling at the corners. As I started to spread the shaving cream on her bush she started to wiggle a bit, so I told Leah to put her restraints on her. I tied her ankles to the legs of the coffee table then clipped her wrists together and stretched them over her head. I clipped some rope to her wrist restraints and pulled her out taunt. I took the rope and ran it under the coffee table and tied it to the legs. I resumed what I was doing.

As I started to shave her I apologized. "Sorry that I don't have a mirror so you can see yourself losing all your pussy hair."

I felt her heat build as I slowly stroked the razor across her mound.

"Darn it Angel, you have my hands shaking again."

I went over to Ann and shoved it in. She came almost as I entered.

"You even got my pussy here all worked up."

I pumped Ann's cunt till I came. I smacked her on the ass and pulled out.

"Don't go anywhere I might need to use your cunt again later."

Ann moaned. I went back to Angel and finished her shave then oiled her.


"Yes sir?"

"Check and see if I got everything. Take your time."

"Yes sir!" She replied with a huge grin on her face.


"Yes, Leah?"

"May I be shaved next?"

"Of course." I had been hoping she would want to be done too.

I watched as she 'checked' to make sure that I had done a good job on Angel, the heat in the room went up quite a few notches.

"Damn it, I am getting the shakes again."

I went over and used Ann. She didn't seem to mind at all. When I was through, I released Angel, whose legs were a little unsteady for some reason, and had Leah take her place. Angel knelt by the side of the coffee table so she could watch. I could feel the lust rolling off of her in waves. About halfway though with Leah's shave, I had to use Ann again. Angel was moaning and squirming by this time. I finished Leah and had Angel inspect my work. I didn't have to tell her to be thorough.

While she was busy, I took a seat. I was faced with a problem. All three of these lovely young ladies were going to need it bad in a few seconds. Answer, make it worse. Ann was already turned towards the coffee table, so she should at least have something to watch. Leah wasn't going anywhere. That left Angel. Hmm, let’s see how well Angel can handle her frustration, shall we?

I told Angel to kneel by the coffee table opposite from Ann. I didn't have to probe any of the girls, their lust and need were radiating from them. I took some baby oil and squirted it between Leah's tits. Then I straddled her waist so that I could look into her eyes. I started to tit fuck her. She started to moan and squirm. I held my finger in front of my lips to let her know to be silent.

"But sir!!"

"Shh, I will spank!"

"Yes sir." She said meekly.

I was massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. It was driving her crazy. She started to buck her hips, her eyes were pleading with me. I took the baby oil from the table and squirted some more, to ease the friction, I was going to make this last. I heard Angel start to whimper. I looked at her and it was all she could do to stay still. She had a sheen of sweat from her scalp down as far as I could see. Frustration and need was coming off of her in waves. I looked at Ann. She had tears rolling down her cheeks. Finally I shot onto Leah's face. I told Angel to clean her up and I went over to the chair and sat down. When Angel had finished she turned to me and knelt.

I sat there for a minute then asked, "Who first?"

It was touching, none of them wanted to deprive the other, yet they all wanted it so bad they could scream.


"Yes sir?" Her voice was trembling.

"I want you to go over and clean my pussy."

Ann started to squirm. Angel knelt down behind her and started to lick. I walked behind Angel and with warning shoved it in her steaming cunt, shoving her face into Ann. Angel let out a muffled moan and Ann grunted. I started pounding Angel while she was trying to do her job. I admired her focus. I felt Ann get off, then Angel. After about a minute I pulled out and shoved it in her ass. I started to do her hard, which in turn was shoving her face deep into Ann's pussy. When I finally came, both girls were right there with me. Angel collapsed for a second, the pulled herself up, swaying on weak arms. Then she returned to her duties. I was amazed by her tenaciousness. When she was done, I told her to give Leah something to eat. She straddled her face while I straddled her hips. Angel gave me this soft warm smile, and put her hand on the side of my face. Leah in the mean time was trying to give as good as she got. I was stroking her as deep as I could, given the angle. When we finished her off, I released her and we turned to Ann. I released her arms and put them behind her. Then her knees. I lay down and had her straddle me and slid into her burning hot cunt. I told Angel and Leah to pick a hole and before too long Ann was really busy. I really came to appreciate strap-ons. When we came we all just collapsed together. After we recovered somewhat, I told Leah to give Ann her strap-on. She looked at me curiously. Then we did a repeat performance on Leah. When it came to be Angels turn, she asked me to do her ass. I was happy to comply.

As I slid into her ass I heard her say, "Ah, your cock warmer is ready for your use, sir. Please do her like the cheap little slut that she is."

I about came on the spot. She was straddling Ann and Leah was pumping her face with rubber. I had to stop moving because there was no way that this was going to end too soon.

"Please sir, your little slut needs her asshole reamed so bad, do me dirty, use me."

I looked up at Leah and she was just shaking her head with a bemused smile on her face. I felt Ann start to thrust into her hard.

"Well, let’s give her what she wants!" Ann exclaimed.

I started in on her ass with a will. My thrust were lifting her almost off of Ann's dildo and hard onto Leah's.

"Yes, god yes, use me, fuck me." Her voice came into our minds.

I could hold back no longer. When I came I touched off a chain reaction that went through us all.

Then Ann spoke, "We love you, Angel."

"Yes, we really do, my love." Leah added.

I had never heard the girls say that before, I was stunned. The glow that was enveloping us now was love. For each other and themselves.

"Yes, sir we love you too." They all chimed in.

I released Angel’s hands and we snuggled right there in the middle of the floor.

Shopping Spree

June 6, 1986

"We were just idling along. It was almost like a honeymoon."

Bruce chuckled. "A honeymoon with three brides?"

"I doubt that I will ever experience anything like that time again. However we were just postponing the inevitable and we knew it."

I stared into space for a while. Literally. As we had talked I could feel a lot of the old controls slipping back into place, but I was still not anywhere close to feeling comfortable with it.

"You really miss them, don't you?"

"More than you will ever know."

"So why don't you just hunt them up?"

"I wish it was that simple. One of the problems that I have is that I don't have the power like I used to."

"It seems like you have quite a bit to me."

"Compared with what I had, it is like comparing a dry cell battery with a 10,000 volt feed line. Coupled with the fact that parts of what I used to know is missing. I have tried, lord how I have tried."

"Maybe in time..."

"Maybe, time has moved on though, I don't even know where to look."

"Well, what happened next?"

"We went shopping."

September 13, 1977

I awoke alone. I was almost panicked.

"Can't leave you alone for a second, can we." I heard through the link.

"Sorry, I guess that I feared the worst."

"Oh, that we ran off with each other?" Leah's teasing voice came through.

They came into the room. I was shocked. They were fully dressed.

"Disappointed dear?" Angel teased.

"No, I just didn't think that you owned that many clothes." I shot back laughing.

"What would you do if I wanted to bend you over right now?" I continued.

"You would be surprised how fast I could get out of this outfit," Angel replied.

"We didn't think you would mind a day out in the world," Ann told me.

"Sounds like fun, what did you lovely ladies have in mind?" As I asked this I was letting my eyes wander over their lush forms.

"Shopping!" Leah exclaimed.

They had on fairly short skirts with white blouses and vests. I was amazed that they were able to coordinate so closely under the conditions.

"So you weren't going to take a chance on me picking your outfits today, hmm?" I teased.

"Where we have in mind, we really didn't think we could go, with your taste in undress." Ann shot back.

"Can I help it if I like to look at your assets?" I asked.

"Asses is more like it." Leah replied with a smirk.

"Well they are nice, especially when there is something in them." I laughed.

"Men!" Angel exclaimed. "Don't ever change."

"Don't worry, we probably will still be able to keep your 'interest' up." Ann said as she shot me an image of what they had underneath.

I should have known. I was suddenly having a 'hard' time. The girls just laughed at me. I noticed that they had their collars on. I reflected how much I had changed over the last few days. I thought that they looked stunning on them.

"Oh, by the way..." Ann said as she twirled around and flipped up her skirt. She had a plug in her ass. My hard time got harder. I moaned.

"We thought we would go as your teases today." Leah said with a grin.

"Lord god help me!" I exclaimed.

I got out of bed as best I could under the circumstances. I staggered into the shower and hosed off. When I got out they were waiting. Leah and Angel dried me while Ann dried my hair. When I went back to the bedroom, they had my clothes laid out. My black suit with a tan shirt and black tie. They helped me dress. I was starting to wonder if I would ever go down. They took their time making sure that the fabric was smoothed on me. I wanted to scream.

We went downstairs and they fed me breakfast. Angel got a little frisky with her tongue, which didn't help my condition any. Ann noticed that I had gotten some crumbs on my lap and cleaned them off. With her tongue. Rope was starting to look real good about that point. I was just about to grab them when they decided that it was time to leave.

I followed them to the car; their assets were definitely in motion. I could watch them for hours. I made a mental note to have them park farther from the cabin next time. Leah looked over her shoulder at me and smirked.

"See something you like big boy?"

"Just admiring the view."

It was Angel’s turn to flip up her skirt and flash me. Little minx. To my surprise, Angel got behind the wheel. They put me in the back seat and Leah piled in on one side, Ann on the other. It was a long ride to Fredericton.

We pulled up to a shoe store. I was puzzled; maybe the girls needed some new heels? We went in and the girls cornered a salesman. Poor guy, he never knew what hit him. Within a few minutes of their influence, I think he would have hand delivered house slippers to China for them. They brought him over and to my surprise, he measured my feet. Then they took him to the back of the store for a few minutes and came back with a couple of boot boxes. They grabbed me and out the front we went.

Next they stopped at a men’s store. They repeated their tactics with a poor tailor.

I hoped that we weren't going to be there long as this guy looked to be in his eighties, and I didn't think his heart was going to hold out with all of the girls’ attentions. I was measured, very thoroughly, and they took him back to the back for a few minutes. When they returned they snagged me and we left.

Next was a leather store. Belts. Next, shirts. Next, underwear. They spent quite a while picking out what they wanted. After they found my size, I wasn't going to get much of a choice in the matter. Then we went to a western wear store. That kinda threw me. Two hat boxes later we left.

They decided it was time for a break so they stopped at a café. It took quite a while for the people in there to get used to them feeding me. They worked that poor waiter to death though. A four course meal, one order at a time. When I started to reach for my wallet, I got my hand smacked and by some coincidence, my ass. Ann just grinned.

We puttered around a few shops nearby until Leah looked at her watch and nudged Angel. Back to the car we went and back to the men’s store. Ann led me in to the back where the tailor was waiting. I turned around and found Leah and Angel with just about all of the purchases from the day. The tailor just grinned as the girls took me back into the changing room. There were two suits waiting on me. One formal, one casual. Both black and charcoal grey. They dressed me in the formal one first, finishing out the suit with the accessories that they had gotten from the other stores. When they were done I didn't recognize the guy in the mirror. Black snake skin boots, black and grey three-piece, silver grey silk shirt, shimmering black silk tie and a black leather flat brimmed hat. The casual suit was much the same, except for a cotton shirt, leather boots and a charcoal grey silk tie. They bagged up the more formal stuff and we headed out. I noticed that Leah made the arrangements.

After that we stopped at a few more stores, the girls picked up this and that, I think we were just wasting time for a while. Every once in a while one of the girls would make sure I was 'entertained' by flashing me. We finally went back to the cabin and they drug me upstairs and dressed me in the formal suit. None of them would say a word about what we were doing or where we were going. I said nothing, not wanting to spoil their plans. They were enjoying themselves. When I was dressed the sent me downstairs so I took the opportunity and lit a pipe. When I was done I went back inside and sat down with my notes.

I must have gotten lost in my reading because suddenly I heard Ann clear her throat behind me. I suppose I should have been used to what the girls were capable of, but still I had to remind myself to breathe when I saw them. Ann had on a long formal dress, midnight black. It accented her long blonde hair. Leah was dressed in the same style dress but this one was gold. It made her raven hair shine. Angel’s dress was tan and white. It also was a perfect accent to her dark brown hair. They had on very little jewelry, but didn't need it. Their silky form fitting gowns were enough to showcase their beauty. Oh, they had on collars that matched their gowns perfectly.

"I think that we are ready now." Ann stated.

I couldn't find my voice to reply. Ann and Leah snagged my arms and with Angel leading the way, we went back to the car. I caught myself admiring Angel’s assets. I wondered to myself how a woman could have that flowing motion when she walked. It was an art form that entranced me. Angel must have picked up on my thoughts. She stopped, bent over at the waist and rubbed her ass. Little minx. My pants got uncomfortable again. The girls just laughed at me.

We wound up back at the country club that we had visited before. I noticed that the maitre de was a lot more careful this time. The girls had the usual effect on the patrons. There were two guys at a table by the entrance. I noticed one nudge the other and point. The other looked over and dropped his drink. One poor guy got slapped by his date. The waiter was a little more on top of things when he came out this time, but he still almost tripped on the way back to the kitchen. I glanced towards the kitchen doors and before too long they had someone posted at the window. Needless to say the service was impeccable. We had a better idea what to do this time so we made fewer mistakes. Angel was an excellent coach.

We had just finished dinner when a woman came up to clear our table. She was very business-like until she glanced up and saw the girl's collars. She stopped cold.

"Your pardon, sir, may I ask a question?" She asked in French. Angel translated immediately, over the link of course.

"Of course madam," I returned in English.

This stopped her for a minute.

Her eyes widened and she continued in fairly fluent English. "Those collars, do they mean what I think?"

I chuckled. "It depends on what you think, I suppose. Why don't you ask the ladies in question?"

I nodded to the girls.

"We are his." They said in unison.

Her hands started to shake. "Who's choice?"

"Ours." They replied.

"Oh, my... um, sorry to bother you sir." She said hurriedly.

She wouldn't meet my eye and I could have sworn that she bowed before she left the table. I guess that my mind set had changed to the point that I gave it no thought until the waiter came out of the back almost at a run. His eyes were wide as he looked us all over.

He blushed and asked. "Please sir, is there anything that I can get for you?"

He sounded almost panicked. I looked at Angel for and explanation. She told me that it would seem that I had made quite an impression. I was puzzled, but she would explain no more.

"No, that will be all." I replied.

He half bowed and started to back away. The girls seemed immensely amused.

"OK, what's up?" I shot them.

"It seems you have become a VIP extraordinare."


"Well, dear, it is one thing to show up with three beautiful women, it is quite another to show up with three beautiful slaves." Angel volunteered.

I considered this for a few seconds.

"Voluntary slaves at that," she continued.

"Ah, and how long before everyone in this entire place knows about it?" I asked somewhat amused.

"I give it less than a minute." She replied.

I let this sink in for a minute. To my surprise, it didn't bother me like before. I suppose that I had completely accepted their decisions. Looking back over the last week, I tried to figure where the big change had come. I couldn't do it. In my mind I was laughing at myself. I sat back for a while and watched the room. It didn't take long. I suppose I was watching the equivalent of a social wild fire. When it had burnt though the group, you could see a subtle change. I couldn't figure out what was different until I thought to put myself in their place. Then I realized, to them it must seem that I was on the ultimate power trip. I thought about that for a while and found that it didn't bother me either. I was lost in introspection when a gentleman from the band came over.

"Your pardon sir, is there any music you would prefer?" He asked.

I glanced up, but he wouldn't meet my eye. I asked Angel though the link what a good song would be to dance to. I felt her flow into me and I replied something in French. He looked rather puzzled. I suppose that I had given the impression that I didn't speak French, which I didn't. It must have confused the heck out of them.

"Very good choice, sir," he replied as he backed away.

The music started so I took Ann's hand and we got up to dance. No one would join us on the floor. I gave it no thought as I linked with Ann and we flowed together.

I found that you can't misstep when your bodies are one. I wondered what we must look like. When the music ended there was actually mild applause. I returned Ann to the table and bowed to her. Then the next song started. It occurred to me that they had been waiting for me to decide when the music should start. I watched the other couples dance and wondered again what we looked like on the floor. Leah shot me an image of this couple going through what looked like a perfectly choreographed routine. I realized that it was Ann and I.

The next song started and I took Leah's hand. I waited till there were other dancers up there so we wouldn't spoil everyone else's fun. Leah and I flowed together and we floated across the floor. The punch line was, I had no clue how to dance. It was like the last time we were here; I took my cues from the ladies. I got lost in the music and in Leah. When it was over I glanced up and noticed that the other dancers had gone to the edge of the floor and were clapping. I returned Leah to the table with a bow.

"God, that is an awesome feeling," she said to me.

"I had never dreamt that anything like this was possible myself," I mused.

"You seem to take it in stride."

"What else is there to do?"

"You could dance with any woman in here, probably with their date’s blessings." She replied.

"Oh, I didn't realize that there were any other women in here."

"You are so sweet."

When the next song started, I gave up trying to share the dance floor, I simply took Angel’s hand and we took it over. I noticed with her that the movements were more lithe and sexual, almost catlike. We flowed with each other and with the music. I was quite drunk on the feeling. When it stopped I was almost heartbroken. Then I noticed that there was dead silence. I looked around and observed several ladies were beet red and the rest of the people looked to be in shock. As I started to return Angel to the table, the applause broke out. I simply turned Angel around and let her bow as I stood there. Then I continued back to the table.

We didn't dance the rest of the night. It didn't seem fair to the rest of the couples. We sat and enjoyed dessert and a few more glasses of wine. I noticed that we were watched a lot. I could feel a thousand questions floating around the room, but no one would dare to break our gathering. This time no one dared ask one of the girls to dance. They didn't seem to be disappointed. The waiter stood back far enough to be unobtrusive, but close enough to be there if I so much as looked at him. I wondered to myself if this is what it felt like to be royalty.

When we left the maitre de asked my permission before he helped the ladies with their capes. I was asked if I wanted my own table held for me and I replied no, that I was to be returning home soon. I told them that I would give their place my highest praises when I returned home. He beamed. I didn't have the heart to tell him that it wouldn't mean much where I was going, let him enjoy the praise.

We went to what looked like an exclusive disco in some large building downtown. There was a line stretching down the sidewalk. Angel just walked to the front and said something to the doorman. We were escorted in. We were taken to our own table and assigned our own waitress. When she returned with our drinks, I noticed she had on a leather collar. When I looked up at her, I thought that she was going to drop to her knees. She caught herself and blushed. Then I looked around the room. Just about every female in the place had collars. And a few of the males. Leah, Ann and Angel were just staring at me with neutral expressions on their faces. I smiled back at them and they grinned. I don't think they were sure how I would react. Actually, I felt rather at ease here. I noticed that a few of the masters had their women kneeling beside them. Some didn't. I guess it was a matter of preference. The outfits ranged from conservative to next to nothing. I watched as one lady was stripped and spanked. After a while a gentleman came up and asked if I would like a tour. Translated, of course, by Angel.

"I would be in your debt," I replied.

He stared at me for a moment.

"Of course, sir." He replied in excellent English.

As I got up I looked to my ladies and said. "Attend."

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a look of approval from the man. We started through the crowd followed at a discreet distance by my ladies. When we started into the second room I had to get myself in firm control. I was shocked. Crosses, racks, pillories and quite a few devices that I had no clue what they were. Most of the equipment was in use. On one of the crosses, there was a young lady that looked as if she was striped from her neck down. Then I noticed that they were whip marks. I probed her and to my shock found her to be quite sexually stimulated. I shuddered. I definitely wasn't ready for anything like that. Paddles, whips of various kinds, chains and more rope than I had ever seen before was all present. A few were tied with rope in such intricate knots that I couldn't see how they were arranged. Then he explained that there were private rooms also for our use. He left us then and I just wandered around drinking it all in. I probed a few of the masters and slaves and found that they were quite content with their lifestyle. One offered for me to whip his slave. I declined as politely as I could. I wasn't quite ready for that. After a while I returned to our table.

"Ok, why are we here... are you wanting to try out the dungeon?"

"No, we had something else in mind," they replied.


"Please sir, be patient."

To my surprise, I really wasn't put off by the place. It was just a bunch of people doing what they wanted, in an environment where they wouldn't be judged by people who wouldn't understand. I actually felt quite at ease.

"Well, I await your surprise. Judging from your looks, this will be a real winner."

"Thank you, sir." Their relief was evident.

A little while later this man came up in what almost looked like a cleric’s outfit, if clerics wore leather that is.

"Are we ready?"

I looked to my ladies and to my shock, they took off their collars and handed them to me. Ok, go with it. I trusted them hopefully as much as they trusted me. I took their collars and nodded to the man. He led us to the stage in the front of the club and had me stand in the middle. He looked to the girls. Ann stepped forward and unzipped her gown then stepped out of it. I glanced around and found that we had everyone's attention. I looked back at Ann; she had by this time almost stripped bare. Ok, now what? When she was completely nude she came and knelt before me.

"Do you take this slave and all of the responsibilities that come with it, for as long as you care to own it?" Angel translated.

I said nothing. I took her collar and put it on her and indicated she was to kneel next to me. We repeated the ceremony with each of the girls.

"These slaves are recognized to be yours now, no one but you can lay claim to them and no one but you can release them."

"I thank you." I replied.

As I started to leave the stage, I pointed to the clothes but kept on walking. When I got back to our table, they were right behind me. I pointed to the table and they put their clothes down. Then they knelt beside me. I was hoping that I was putting up a good front, because I was totally stunned. The girls had just publicly given themselves to me. Several masters came over and congratulated me. I wasn't even sure how I answered. It must have been correct as none of them were put off. One or two invited me to visit their place, which I politely declined explaining that I was to return home soon. A few times I needed Angel or Leah's help to make myself understood. When the waitress returned she actually knelt as she took my order this time. When it arrived, I had my girls feed me. I noticed that a few of the master smiled openly at this. Afterwards, as I sat and sipped my drink, the shock started to wear off.

"Just how long have you been planning this?" I asked through the link.

"Since last night, sir."

"I am honored." I replied.

Relief flowed through the link. "We were hoping that you would understand, sir, and not be mad at us."

"Mad at you? How in the world could I be mad at you for this?"

"We didn't know how you would take it. We wanted so to surprise you."

"My loves, you have just given me the one gift that I never could have possibly asked you for and you were so proud to give it, you wanted everyone to know."

"Thank you, sir for your understanding."

"Thank you for your gift. There's only one thing that I found disappointing."

"What was that, sir?" They sounded nervous.

"I didn't get to unwrap it."

"We love you sir."

"I love you too."

"What would you like us to do now, sir?"

"Well, I am not ready for that dungeon, so what do you say we go home so I can try out my new toys?"

They giggled and rose as one.

"Do you want us to dress, sir?"

"I think that might be appropriate, if we want to get out of here without being arrested."

I had figured that they would retreat to the ladies room. However I was treated to a reverse strip tease. I noticed, as did probably everyone else in the place, that they hadn't removed their plugs for the ceremony. As I got up, the waitress came over and knelt.

"Permission to speak, sir?"

"You may speak."

"Is there anything else that I can do for you?"


"You weren't disappointed by my service then?"

"No, why?"

"You did not make use of me." She sounded disappointed herself.

"I have my slaves to attend my needs; you did your service admirably."

"Thank you sir." Now she really sounded disappointed.

"If I was such a disappointment to you, maybe I should see to it you are rewarded for your forwardness." I said sternly.

"Oh, no, please sir, I am sorry." She said. I detected an air of sexual excitement. I'll be damned. I had overheard something in the back room that came to mind.

"Well then I suppose the post with six of the best would be out of the question then."

She turned white. "I am sorry, sir, if I was too forward. If I have your leave now, I will return to my duties."

"You may go."

Immediately I heard through the link. "Where did you learn about that?"

"I overheard it in the back room, to be honest, I have no clue what it is."

"Oh, hanging by your wrist from a pole and getting six stripes from a cane."

"A cane?"

"Do you remember the thing that looked like a buggy whip made out of wood?"


"You can raise welts with it that take weeks to go down. Too hard a stroke will take off skin."

"No wonder she turned white." I said in shock.

"Well, I doubt that she will be trying to lure you into another bondage fling again."

"I am just glad she wasn't one of them that got off on it."

"Oh, you noticed them too."

"That, I don't think I could handle."

"We are quite happy with the way you are, sir."

On the way home I had a while to think. I wondered what I could do to reward them for what they had done. I also wondered at what I had become. I had no trouble accepting it now, in fact I felt as if I had entered another world that I belonged in. I felt more at home in that club then I had ever felt on base. I think it was the openness and honesty that attracted me so much. Some there had worn masks over their faces, but there was no mask over themselves. They weren't trying to force each other into a pattern that they thought acceptable. I thing what amazed me the most, was as young as I obviously was, they had accepted me and my decisions on how to handle my charges without reproof or judgement. I had seen things that I knew that I couldn't do, but no one had forced me to try them. They simply gave me the option if I wanted. I also understood the collars better. They were like a wedding ring between master and slave. I also saw a problem and then a solution. I had no doubt that the girls would love it, but there was no way that I could keep it a surprise.

Upon returning to the cabin, I stripped them out of their gowns.

Then I told them, "A slave shouldn't keep secrets from her master."

They bowed their heads. I could feel the sexual tension crank up a notch. I had them stand in front of me. I started with Ann. I pulled her across my lap and relieved her of her thong. I then proceeded to spank her soundly, making her count the strokes. Every so often I would stop and rub her and tease her plug with my thumb. Before we reached 50, all of the girls were squirming. I then had her go to her hands and knees. Pulling her plug out I did her soundly in the ass. I had her rejoin the group, then took Leah. When I had 'punished' them all, I had them sit next to me, pulling Ann down on my lap.

"Now for your reward." I told them.


"You gave me gift tonight that I had never dreamt possible, I would like to return the favor with your help."

There was confusion in the link.

I continued. "I realize that soon we will be returning to our old lifestyles. I also realize that your collars are a mark of my ownership and of your trust and love. Considering what we are each returning to, it will be unacceptable for you to wear them on a daily basis. The answer came to me at the club. I would like to give you nipple rings to remind you of our commitment and love for each other. They will be my mark upon you when you can't wear your collars."

There was a stunned silence, both in the link and out.

Then as one. "Oh, master, could we please?"

"They are to be my gift to you, should you decide to accept them."

"We would be honored; it is so perfect, thank you sir."

A long pause as I got kissed several times.

"The problem being, I have no idea where to have them done."

Angel replied eagerly. "We will need to return to the club. It is one of the services that they offer. I will call, with your permission, tomorrow and arrange it, sir."

A State of Mind

June 6, 1986

"I was really quite surprised by my ladies."

"I don't understand how they could do something like that!" Bruce looked bemused.

"I could no more explain, than I could the color of the wind."

"That goes beyond anything that I have heard of."

"It certainly goes beyond marriage vows."

"You owned them, literally?" Bruce still looked stunned.

"It was an unspoken agreement on our parts, but yes, with limitations."

"My god, man!"

"Ours was more casual than some that we met. Some were a lot deeper than we ever wished to go."

"To own..."

"Oh, stop it, when you look at it, marriage is suppose to be along the same lines. Giving up what you were to become part of something else. This was actually a deeper commitment than that. But, you have to understand, that it was agreed upon by all parties. This was what they wanted. It suited them."

"Then it was more of a game?"

"No, it was nothing to be taken lightly. It was a basic demonstration that their trust in me was absolute."

September 14, 1977

I awoke surrounded by a warm glow of contentment. Leah was my covers this morning. I reflected back that this was what started it all. That seemed like a different life now. I looked at Ann and Angel's breasts and wondered what they would look like with the rings in. I marveled at my acceptance of it all. It was the first thing in a long time that felt right. I caught their scent and felt myself grow hard. I hoped that effect never wore off. I couldn't believe how beautiful they were.

"You spoil your slaves, sir." Ann said. "And we love you for it."

"Keep eavesdropping on my thoughts and I will spank."

"You shouldn't think so loud then, sir." Angel said.

"You do make it hard to sleep with all that mushy stuff in your mind, sir." Leah continued.

"Brats, didn't you get enough last night?"

"Do you mean the spanking or the sex, sir?" Angel asked trying to sound innocent.


"Now that we think on it, no, on both counts, sir," they replied as one.

"Why, you insatiable little sluts!"

"Thank you, sir!"

"Ok, that's it, stand, all of you!" I commanded trying to hide my amusement.

They hopped out of bed and stood in a line with their heads down. I got out of bed and walked past them. I went downstairs and grabbed their large plugs out of the toy bag. When I returned, they saw what I had in my hands and their eyes grew large.

"I think that you need something to help you focus. Put these in."

They took the plugs from me and traded them, with some discomfort, with the ones that were residing in their asses. I sat down on the edge of the bed.


She lay down on my lap. She didn't seem so eager all of a sudden.


I swatted her hard.

She yelped and said. "One."

I went to nine and on my tenth stroke I caught the plug with the heel of my hand. She let out another yelp. I kept it up till fifty, every tenth stoke was on the plug.

Her ass was a brilliant shade of red when I was done. She started to reach back to rub her butt.

"Don't touch it, or you get fifty more."

She jerked her hands in front of her. There were tears in her eyes.


I repeated my performance on each of the girls.

"Attend." I said, as I walked to the bathroom.

I got in the shower and adjusted the heat.

"Come in and lather your tits."

They looked confused, but complied.

"Now wash me, without using your hands."

God, I wish that I had thought of that before. It was heaven. The only problem was, I was so hard I could have driven it through a wall. I knelt down.

"Angel, wash my hair."

I was hoping I could hold out. When she was done I had them dry me and I dressed. The sexual tension was unreal.

"Ok, if you promise to be good, you can fix breakfast. Angel why don't you call the club."

They nodded, stunned. No sex?

"Yes, master." They said as one.

I got dressed and went out on the deck to smoke. Angel came back a few minutes later.


"Yes, dear?"

"They want to know if you want the ceremony to go with it, sir."

"What do you three want?"

"We would be honored, sir."

"Then by all means."

"Oh, thank you, sir!" She exclaimed as she jumped up and down.

"When can we do it?"

"As soon as you want, sir."

"Then arrange for it after breakfast."

"Oh, thank you, sir."

I watched her ass as she trotted away. Ceremony? I wondered at this. Oh, well, I had already survived one. A short while later they called me to breakfast. They were still nude. They fed me and cleaned up. I watched them wiggle around and got hard again for my troubles.

"It's time to get dressed, ladies. But I think with where we are going, you probably won't need anything underneath."

"Yes, sir." They sounded quite confused, still no sex?

We went upstairs, with them in the lead. That was a mistake on my part. I was having a hard time not nailing them on the spot. They slipped into their gowns and I put on my jacket and tie. My hands were shaking. I looked at them when they had finished. Heels, gowns, collars and plugs. They still looked stunning. We went to the car. I enjoyed the show the whole way. I noticed that no one tried to tease this morning.

The trip to the club was uneventful, save for the fact my pants were very uncomfortable.

We were taken in a given a table, with the same waitress. She knelt as she took our order. When she turned around, I notice that she had stripes across her ass. She seemed a lot more subdued. I looked around and was surprised to see the club was busy, even at this time of day. Shortly I was approached by the same gentleman that had given us our tour the previous night.

"Your pardon, sir, I have a request."


"Would you mind waiting for a while, several of the couples that were here last night requested to be in attendance for your ceremony."

"I would be happy for them to be here, of course."

"Thank you, sir for your patience."

"A question, sir, if you would."

"But of course."

"The waitress..."

"Ah, well Jean was at the table next to yours last night and overheard your exchange with her. He said that you were most lenient with her, but she did show a discipline problem so we took care of it."

"I see. I am sorry that you had to take care of my problem for me like that."

"That is quite alright, sir, you were wanting to celebrate your new slaves."

"Yes, but I hate to have someone else take on my responsibilities."

"Trust me sir, we had quite a few volunteers for that duty. You have a maturity beyond your years. It shows in the eyes of your slaves and your treatment of them. It shows in your actions. No one faults your handling of the situation."

"I see."

"You bring hope for our future."

I was overwhelmed by his response.

"We were rather hesitant about your coming. But you acted with great forethought and reserve," he continued.

"I was only enjoying your club. It is one of the rare places that I feel at home."

"You honor us sir." He said as he bowed and left.

Shortly after the waitress returned with our drinks. She placed them on our table then knelt before me.

"Sir, may I speak?"

"Go ahead."

"Sir, this humble slave wishes to beg your forgiveness for last night."

"You put me in an awkward position last night. I had to have someone else take on my responsibilities because I was in a hurry to leave."

"I swear, sir that it will never happen again."

"Then you may go, but be sure, I will make time if it happens again."

"Yes, sir, thank you, sir."

The girls took all of this in with great interest.

In my mind I heard, ‘You are amazing, you should be in politics.’

‘I am not sure that is a complement, dear hearts.’

‘We meant it in a good way, you handled that like a true diplomat.’

"I feel as if I am the proverbial blind man in the dark room."

‘Well if we were all that blind...’

We sat and sipped our drinks and chatted. We drew little notice. Several couples came in but we drew no special notice. I was wondering just who we were waiting on. Finally the 'leather cleric' made his appearance. We were taken to the stage, where a table was set up. As we reached the stage the girls dropped their gowns and stepped out of them. Ann stepped forward. The cleric handed me two gold rings.

"I come before you tonight to reward my slave for her devotion, two rings of gold to show my pride for her."

The cleric took this thing that looked like a small gun and placed it next to one of Ann's nipples. I heard a click and a sharp intake of breath. He pulled away and I placed the ring inside the newly pierced nipple. Then he did the other.

‘Are you alright?’ I shot to her with my mind.

‘Yes, but damn that stung.’

I breathed a sigh of relief. We repeated the ceremony with Leah then Angel. When we were done I looked at my three kneeling girls and was amazed at how they looked. Their heads were slightly bowed, but they looked radiant. The crowd applauded and as I led the girls back to the table, I had my hand shaken and my back slapped more than a few times. Congratulations were coming from all directions.

After it died down somewhat, I sat there sipping my drink. My three beautiful ladies kneeling next to me. The waitress came to the table with the girls’ forgotten gowns, bowed, then left. Later three men came to the table.

"May we join you?" in perfect English.

"I would be delighted."

"You show excellent poise for someone so few in years."

"I thank you."

"We would like to know what your plans are."


"Are you planning on staying with us?"

"I’m sorry, but my time is almost gone, I have commitments to which I must return before too long."

"Ah, then you are going to return to the Air Force."

I was stunned.

"It would seem that you have me at a disadvantage."

"We looked into you as best we could, and found that we were not the only ones that were interested in you. You are being hunted as we speak."

"That is unwelcome news."

"They seem to find you very important, and they cannot locate you."

"So, it would seem that my holiday is over then."

"Only if you wish it."

"How so?"

"We admire your courage. You came amongst us and became one of us with little experience. Do not worry, no one knows but us. But I admit to a curiosity of who or what you are."

"As long as it stays at this table."

"Of course."

"I, for lack of a better descriptor, am a sorcerer."

"So, these people that hunt you wish you to become their weapon."

"It would seem so."

"And these young ladies?"

"Are witches."

"You must be quite powerful then."

"I am learning. Hopefully the people who hunt me don't know how much."

"So you are one of their projects."

"So to speak. I am not supposed to know of it however."

"Cold. Do you know of their long range plans?"

"No, I am hoping to keep them in the dark until I find a way out that doesn't include innocent people getting hurt."

"Would you consider staying here?"

"As much as I find that appealing, you must know that I am not a man of fortune. I have little in the way of talent to offer."

"You underestimate yourself. Obviously someone thinks you are quite valuable."

"But taken out of that context, how would I survive here?"

"We could find a place for you with us, if you wish it."

"That could place you in a very awkward position if they found out that you we hiding me."

"This is true." The man frowned.

"The people that are interested in me are not just from the military, but from other less discrete parts of our government also."

"I see."

"Unfortunately, the lines of national boundaries become blurred to such men."

"Then you do not hesitate strictly for your own safety."

"No, to take a chance that I would not be discovered would be foolhardy at best. I would not take a chance on bringing trouble down on people who have befriended me."

"You amaze me, sir. I will truly regret your leave taking."

"Well, let us celebrate now, for we know not what comes later."

"Here, here!"

They called the waitress over and ordered lunch, which proved quite excellent.

They were amused when the girls fed me, not allowing me to touch silverware.

"You and your ladies complement each other."

"They are the reason that I am here."

"How do you mean?"

"Before I met them, I had no idea that this lifestyle existed."

"Then you have known them for a while?"

"Ann for about six months, Leah for about a month and Angel for about a week."

I think that was the first time that I had caught them flat footed.

"Surely you jest."

"We have evolved into what you see over the last week."

"But how?"

"They taught me what they wanted and I gave it to them. My main goal, besides their safety, has been to see their smiles."

"But... how, why?"

"Simply because their joy is mine. Angel, introduce us."

Angel introduced us using each of the men's full names as well as my own.

"Then they truly are..."

"Witches. We have been talking ever since we came in. They give me my cues when I need them and I theirs in turn."

"How is that possible?"

"We are linked, our thoughts and our feelings."

"I find that hard to believe, sir."

"Why is that?" I projected into their minds.

They sat there speechless. They had heard me quite clearly, but I hadn't spoken.

"I cannot explain how this came to be, suffice it to say that is quite true. This is one of the reasons that I have drawn such interest."

"One of the reasons?"

"Among many. The ladies share in what I know."

"My god."

"It would probably not be a problem for me to stay, but if it came down to it, someone might get caught in the crossfire, and that I will not allow."

"Then you are not in hiding for your safety."

"No, I doubt that they could hurt me. Between the five of us, there is little that could stand against us."


"There is one other. I would introduce you, but that would be quite awkward."

"I am sorry, is he deformed?"

"No, quite the opposite. I simply would have no way to prepare you."

"You have my curiosity now, good fellow."

"It wouldn't be possible in here, perhaps one of the private rooms?"

"How would he get in?"

"Trust me."

We went back to the private rooms. I found the largest of them and pushed everything out of the center to the walls.

"What are you doing?"

"I am making room for our meeting." I replied.

"Do not panic when you see him, he will not harm you. He is a dragon." I continued.


I summoned Memneth.

"Yes, father?"

They handled it better than I thought that they would. No one screamed.

"I would like for you to meet my friends."

Memneth turned towards them. The subdued lighting glistened on his scales. He barely fit in the room. His glowing red eyes stared into theirs. They backed away for a moment, then came back to where they were. I admired their courage.

"I am honored to meet the friends of my father." His voice rumbled in our heads.

"Your... your... father?" The spokesman for the group was incredulous.

"He created me, I was a part of him, now I am."

"Where do you stay?" Their curiosity slowly overriding their fear.

"I do not dwell on this world. I only come here when I am asked."

The girls went over and started petting him. He lay his head down so Angel could rub behind his ears. The men slowly came forward to touch him, their eyes were wide. I turned to them. "Now you see why I cannot stay, the men that hunt me must be stopped and I will not put any of you in harms way."

"I think that we understand. It seemed like such a flight of fancy before."

"If I can put an end to this, I would like to return sometime."

"We would be honored."

"I thank you. I am sorry, but I had to impress upon you the importance of our secrecy."

"We would not have truly believed otherwise, I understand."

"I admire the openness and freedom of your place, and your lifestyle. While there is much that I would not care to partake in, I find no fault in those who take their pleasure in the ways that they do."

"Thank you."

"Might I ask a favor?"

"Of course."

"If things do go wrong when we return, would you provide a place of retreat for my ladies?"

"We would be happy to."

With that the men left. I turned to the girls. "While Memneth is here, why don't we share the healing spells?"

It didn't take long. While we were in I probed Memneth about how he traveled between. I thought that I understood more, now that I wasn't dealing with the total shock of having all dumped on me at once. I tried a simple experiment and to my delight it worked. So while we were linked, I demonstrated it to my lovely counterparts.

"Ann, come here please."

She came to me and I placed a hand on each of her breasts. I concentrated and she gasped.

"You took away the sting," she said.

I did each of the girls. Afterwards we returned to our table. They started to kneel until I indicated that they join me at the table. We had several people stop by to congratulate me on the ceremony and one master sat with us a while. We chatted about this and that and found that we had much in common. He invited us to drop in at his place some time, but I told him that we were to leave soon.

After a while we took another tour of the dungeon room. I went in with a different view of things. As we walked around I went in with the view of toys. Things that we could share together. Things that I could share with the girls. By the time we left, I had watched a half dozen different 'scenes'. Some I paused just to glance at others I studied in great detail. I found myself amazed at what these people could do with rope. I watched one man tie his slave so that she couldn't move with just a six foot length. I resolved to learn more.

"I have a question for you ladies."

"Yes, sir?"

"I have been looking at the gags that they use here, on thinking back, you would have had no problem spitting out the gags that I used on you. Why didn't you?"

"Because, sir, when you put them in, it was an implied order that they stayed put."

"You mean..."

"We have always done our best to please you, sir, and you us."

We stayed a while longer. I got to know a few more people. It was strange, some, I couldn't speak their language, but we got along like we were old friends. I found that I had more in common with these people that I ever had with the people on base. It gave me much to think on.

We returned to the cabin and started our own celebration.

And in the End

June 6, 1986

I have never heard of anyone getting out of life alive...

"I'm beat, let’s finish this later."

"You’re not going to just leave me hanging, are you?" Bruce asked.

I hesitated.

"I suppose not. How about the condensed version?" I asked with a sigh.

"You're telling it." Bruce looked puzzled. "There's another reason, isn't there?"

"Yeah, I was copping out. The next day we split up and went back to business as usual. I think that we knew then that we couldn't go back to what we had. Ann and I found that we had to be real careful around base. They could tell that something had changed, just not what. Then about three or four months later, Ms. V found out about Angel's 'indiscretion' and sent her to finishing school in Europe. Leah was the next to go. About a year or so after that, the powers that be forced her to 'attack'. I responded and took out the coven, which by that time was mostly governmental anyway. I made sure that none of the civilians got fried. I knew that Leah would look guilty as sin if she walked away untouched, so I kidnapped her. To say the least, they were not amused. There was little that they could do, though, without showing their hand. It is hard to complain when you can't admit that you knew what was going on. I sent Leah to the club in Fredericton and they sent her to who knows where. I didn't think that it would be too prudent to ask. I then arranged to lose my security clearance. It was the one loophole that I found. Without my security clearance, I could no longer work around the weapons. I was too close to getting out anyway to retrain. So they kicked me out. From what I heard from Ann, that fried a few major circuits. The brass were pissed. I arranged to return to Indy so I could get myself back on my feet so to speak. I was going to return for Ann when her term was up in six or seven months. She said that she was going to ride it out."

"What's up man, you don't look so good."

"About two months after I got back, I got a call from Randy." I choked to a stop.

"Oh, no!" Bruce exclaimed.

"They said that a truck had crossed over the center line and hit her head on."

I stopped and started to pour myself a shot. Then thought what the hell and took a long pull from the bottle. I felt like I had swallowed a flare and it was burning its way back out. It had nothing to do with the whiskey. After a while I went numb enough to try and finish.

"I was stunned for a few weeks. Then I summoned a veil and stepped though to the trailer. It had been stripped. I went to the meeting house next and found that it had been left almost untouched. I say almost because there was a copy of the local newspaper on the kitchen table. It was the only thing in the house that wasn't covered by dust. The headline showed the car crash. I sat in the living room and cried for a while. Then it hit me. How had that paper gotten there? I still knew the numbers on base so I gave Randy a ring. I asked if Jacob was still around and if he was could he arrange a meeting. Randy said sure and called back to tell me he would drop by after work. I thought long and hard about what that meant. If he was still on base, they were expecting me to return. Well who was I to disappoint them? About four thirty good old Jake showed up. He never stood a chance. I had been sitting drawing power from anything that I could get it from. When he walked through the door I blasted into his mind and tore it apart for the information that I wanted. I left him there and went to Virginia. I got lucky, if you could call it that, I found all three of the 'gentlemen' that I was looking for in a meeting. I wonder what whoever found them thought. I returned home. I was exhausted. I was depressed. I summoned Memneth and gave him his instructions. The last thing I remembered, till you 'woke' me up was his big red eyes."


I look back on those times in amazement. I am but a shell of what I once was, but I still can't get a reading from a psychic. Go figure. I would like to say that I have found peace and contentment and lived happily ever after. After all this is fiction isn't it? After the divorce, I settled in with a woman, I won't mention her name, and we looked around and figured that with our kids grown, we had no reason to marry. We have a vanilla relationship and are fairly content. My son has grown and is chasing strippers. My stepdaughter lives in North Carolina doing who knows what. Memneth, well, who knows? Time moves differently where he exists and the decades for me have been centuries for him. I suppose that I am distant memory, as far as he is concerned. Every once in a while I still try to call him, but I know that he has his own path to travel and I have been left in the past.

However... My son has inherited the gift. He doesn't have the power as yet, but I can feel it growing in him...