The Arrival of Sean
Sixth, in
The Interview Series

by Tracker

As Doug and I sat in the middle of the floor, recovering, I let my eyes wander the room. Gwen looked hot enough to fry eggs on and Susan wasnít in much better shape. Then I looked at Gloria. She was kneeling next to Angie with tears running from her eyes.

"Gloria, are you alright?"

"S... sir, may I be excused?"

"Whatís the matter, dear?"

"I... I... sir, I donít feel well."

"Here then," I said, rising to my feet, "let me help you."

"Please, sir."

I reached down and she shied away for a second, then took my hand. Something was definitely wrong. Her legs were wobbly, so, without thinking, I picked her up. She clung to me like I was her last hope in the world and started to sob. Doug looked up and I shrugged my shoulders. I carried her to my room and laid her down on the bed. She didnít want to let go.

"Whatís the matter, dear?"

"P... Please, sir... Donít make me... do that... again." She said between sobs.

Whoa, there was a list of things that we had done... "Do what again, Gloria?"

"I canít... sir, please."

"Now, now dear... I need to know."

"S... spank... lord... spanked her..." She started crying again.

I kicked myself mentally. I really hadnít learned enough about her to put her in the situation that I had. Damn it! She acted so strong at times that I did the one thing that I hate in other people. I assumed. Damn it!!!

"Gloria, I am sorry, I didnít think."

"Sir, It... is I that... am sorry... I guess that I had better... go now..."

WHAT!!! "Why would you want to go, dear?"

"I...Iíve... I canít... do... what you need..."

"Wait a minute... You have not failed me in the least. I put you in a position that you could not accept. If anything I failed you."

"But... sir..."

"No buts. I didnít know you well enough to do what I did, and I apologize. You have never been in this type of situation before and I reacted without thinking."

"Then I donít... have to... leave?" her sobs were starting to subside.

"Not unless you really want to."

"Oh, thank you sir." As she started crying again.

"Now what?"

"I am so happy..."


"Why donít you rest here till lunch, I will send Gwen up for you."

"Thank you, sir, what should I wear for lunch?"

"Whatever you feel, at least a little bit more than what you have on." I said jokingly. When will I ever learn?

"Yes, sir."

I wandered back downstairs to find Doug releasing Angie from the bench. She was still a little woozy. He took her over to one of the chairs and started to seat her. She missed the chair and knelt beside it. She was still buck naked, but didnít seem to notice. The deer in the headlights look was still prominent. Doug was just staring at her as if at a loss. Susan and Gwen still looked as if they could cum if you breathed on them. Doug looked up.

"Is she alright?"

"There was a slight misunderstanding. That and I pushed her a little too hard."

"The spanking?" It would seem that he was more observant than I, on that one.

"She felt that she had failed me because it affected her so."

"She is something else, isnít she."

"Iíll say, I am not sure that this place is ever going to be the same, after that little girl gets done with it."

I was watching Angie for a reaction, but she just knelt there with her back straight and her head slightly bowed.

"Would you like to stay for lunch?† Susan can whip up a mean dish, when the mood hits her."

"I would be honored."

"Doug, despite what you saw when you came in, we are not all that formal here."

He looked at me curiously, as if he wanted to say something then shook his head. I turned to Susan who was kneeling in the middle of the floor squirming. "Susan, why donít you whip us up an early lunch, dear?"

"Yes, sir." She looked very frustrated as she got up. I grinned as I turned towards Gwen.

"You had better get ready for Sean, I am sure he will be ready for you."

She suddenly got a faraway look in her eye. "Yes, sir." She said softly.

The way she came up off her knees, oozed sex. I wondered briefly if she had been taking lessons from Gloria.

"Um, Tracker?"

"Yeah, Doug?"

"About that bench..."

"Do you want one?"

"I could pay you..."

"Donít worry about it. If you want, we can head down to the shop and get the measurements before lunch."


I started towards the door. Glancing back, Doug followed and Angie arose and dropped in a few paces behind Doug. She hadnít so much as mentioned her clothes. When we got down to my shop, Doug whistled. "Damn, I always wanted to have a shop like this."

"Well, I used to do construction work, before I turned it over to Sean. This is just the must have tools that I kept."

When we had stopped walking Angie dropped to her knees. Doug kept glancing at her. I chuckled inwardly. I wasnít sure that he knew whether or not he liked the new situation. I decided to take over at this point. "Angie." I pointed a a spot in the middle of the floor.

"Yes, sir." She immediately got up and went to it then knelt back down. Doug just watched her, shaking his head.

"Will this wear off?" He asked.

"Only if you let it."

I proceeded to take the necessary measurements and had the body board almost finished when Gwen knocked at the door. I turned and dropped the board. Doug seen my look and turned but didnít have anything to drop. Letís see, start at the bottom. A pair of four inch heels, with little straps woven up her ankles. Flowery lace stockings and the straps of a garter belt showing from under a lacy black micro skirt, that only missed being a belt by a fraction of and inch. What was obviously a teddy that almost, but not quite, covered her nipples. Oh, and a pair of nipple clips, the tweezer kind, with bells hanging from them. The black leather wrist and ankle cuffs only added to the heat. I had to adjust my pants. "Sir, lunch is ready."

I had never heard lunch announced with such a sexy voice.

"Um, weíll be right up."

She turned to leave and I got a heavenly view of the cheeks of her ass just below the skirt. I had to readjust my pants. This was getting to be a habit around here.

"Oh, Gwen."

"Yes, sir?"

"Please go fetch Gloria."

"Yes, sir."

Doug and I looked at each other when she left. Kind of an Ďoh my godí look. When we finally came to our senses, we started upstairs, Angie automatically dropping in behind. We had just sat down when I heard a fork drop. I looked up and Susan had a look of shock on her face. I followed her gaze and was glad that I had already sat down. Gloria and Gwen. Oh my god, again. Gloria had opted for her little almost a long shirt dress. The one with a cleavage down to her navel and beyond. I guessed that she liked Gwenís idea about the nipple clips because they were holding open the top of the dress. I had no trouble seeing she had a thong on. That dress was almost transparent. Garter and stockings and heels, oh my. This was starting to get out of hand. I looked over at Doug. He was preoccupied with getting Angie off her knees and onto a chair. I thought to myself what else? Then the doorbell rang. Gloria scurried off to answer it and god, she had a beautiful ass. I hoped that it wasnít the Avon lady at the door. Whoever it was, is going to get an eyeful. She returned with my son in tow. I chuckled to myself, he was stunned.

"Sean, I think you have met Gloria, this is Doug and that is Angie."

He nodded to both of them. The sight of a naked woman at the table was nothing compared to what met him at the door. Then he noticed Gwen... Priceless.

Gwen rose and went to stand before him. He slowly walked around her looking her up and down.

"Sir, this way please."

She led him to her place at the table then knelt by his chair. I smiled to myself. Then Gloria came over to my chair and knelt beside it. Susan was a little irritated by this, seeing as she had been Ďneglectedí. She was trying hard to hide it, but I could see it building in her. After she finished serving us she knelt on the other side of me. I shook my head. Doug looked at the three ladies on the floor then at Angie. She was watching him expectantly. He nodded she dropped. I guess lunch was served. We ate and chatted, feeding our slaves when the mood hit us. I wondered to myself, if they were the slaves, why were we feeding them. Finally Sean leaned back and looked over at Gloria.

"So I take it this is what you wanted me to see."

"Yeah, but I didnít think that you would get to see so much at once, though."

"You could give someone a heart attack having her answer the door that way."

"She took off before I could say anything."

"Hmm, well dad, that looks like a discipline problem to me."

At his words, I saw Gloria jump. I looked down and she had turned a nice shade of red.

"Well, that will have to be taken care of later."

I pulled Susanís head over till she was against my leg, then started stroking her hair. I swear she purred. I moved my hand back and rubbed her neck.

"So, pop, whatís on the agenda?"

"Well, I was in the middle of making a bench for Doug, but I think we had better take care of some other things first."

With that, Gwen smiled.

"I will go fetch the plans so we can go over them, It shouldnít take more than two or three hours." I continued.

I felt Susanís body tense and Gwenís smile froze in place. Doug even noticed, his eyes went wide. I chuckled to myself, but before I could say anything, Sean spoke up quickly, "Uh, dad, I think you had better rethink that, if you want to see your next birthday that is."

I laughed outright. "I figured as much. It has been fairly warm in here today."

"Good, idea."

"Doug, why donít you take Angie to one of the spare bedrooms, Gloria will show you. Oh, Sean, since Gwen decided the "seating arrangement" without consulting me, would you mind taking care of her discipline, while you are at i?."

"Will do." He said with and evil smile.

Gwen looked decidedly uncomfortable.

"Since miss Gloria had her fancy tickled already, she shouldnít mind cleaning up. That is what a maid is supposed to do, right?"

Gloria went from red to white to total shock, in the space of a heartbeat.

"We will address her discipline problem at dinner."