The Morning After
Sequel to
The Interview

by Tracker

After Gloria left, the girls were rather quiet. I did notice that every comment was punctuated by sir however. They seemed almost confused. Susan served dinner and had to be invited to join us. Just before that Gwen had asked to leave her desk to go to the bathroom. After dinner they cleared the table and Gwen helped with the dishes, something she detests. I went back to my desk and lit a cigar to think. The girls were in full sub mode. I realized that they had received a major shock, but it seems to have completely reset the upstairs circuit breakers. That as a given, What, if anything, do I do about it? That question asked then it follows is there anything I could do about it? Followed shortly by, do I really want to do anything about it? I pondered these questions for quite a while. I couldnít form any concrete answers so I decided that the best thing would be to leave it for the light of day. One thing was obvious however, I might be dealing with the training of three new slaves, rather than one.

I awoke to a slight rattling sound. After prying my eyes slowly open and finding my glasses, I discovered a cup of coffee on the nightstand and Susan kneeling beside the bed. She had on her playwear, which was next to nothing. It was slightly disturbing, not that I mind a mostly nude female, but the implications it brought forth. I decided to forestall the inevitable and grabbed my coffee.

"Sir, How may I serve you?"

I spilled some of my coffee. As I was fumbling for an answer, Gwen came in. She was dressed, or undressed, the same way. I reflected to myself it was going to be hard to work around here if this kept up. She proceeded to kneel next to Susan. She repeated Susanís question and my mind did a flip-flop. Now what the hell was I supposed to do? I sat there in silence and sipped my coffee. I had to come to some sort of decision fast, but I need to think first.

"Susan, prepare breakfast for us, yourself included. I will be down shortly."

"Yes, sir."

She rose to her feet (I had to admire her grace) and wiggled out of the room. Only then did I notice the four inch spike heels. She looked like walking sex. My mind did another tumble watching her ass sway as she left. Back in the deep dark recesses of my mind I heard a voice ask Ďthis is a bad thing?í I had no answer.

"Gwen, help Susan with the table and anything else she needs."

She repeated Susanís performance and I found myself very uncomfortable as I watched her beautiful ass sway out of the room. I was beginning to see that my informal relationship with these two beauties was probably over. Next problem, I needed them in their normal capacities. Ergo, I would have to establish rules. Oh, lord this was going to get complicated in a hurry. It probably meant that everything that they normally did was going to have to be laid out formally. I reflected back to the interview and how they acted. Was this going to be a twenty-four seven? It occurred to me that I was looking at this all wrong. Remembering how they acted, it seemed to come naturally to them. So the ground Ďrulesí were already in place. Judging by this morning, they already had an idea of what they thought they were supposed to do and how to act. So all I had to do was set up a routine. Maybe this was how the Ďproperí masters did it. Sipping my coffee, I realized that it took a load off of my handling of Gloria. I would simply let them know if they displeased me and how to correct it. Hmm, correct... oh. It looks as if I am going to be getting a lot more time in with the whips. Judging from the way Gwen acted last night, this could get very interesting.

I took care of my morning routine, and went downstairs in a better mood to find both girls kneeling next to the table. I have always had a thing for girls in garters and stockings. The thongs and pushup half-bras didnít hurt the scenery either. I could see that my major problem was going to be thinking straight while I was around them.

"Sit. This is breakfast and therefore free time."

"Sir?" Gwen asked.

"Girls, all meals are to be considered free time, you are to speak your mind and talk† if you wish. Each of you has responsibilities in this household and need to be able to communicate in an open manner to accomplish them. If you let any of your work suffer because you did not speak freely at these times, you will be corrected."

"Yes, sir." was the chorus.

I noticed a slight smile on both of their faces. The strange thing, at least to me, was that they looked happy, almost joyous. I had grabbed them both straight out of college. Susan first, then a few years later, Gwen. They had answered one of my ads in the local Ďalternativeí newspaper. Both had started in housekeeping, basically maids and evolved into their present positions. I doubt that they really had any experience in the BD community. I remember them talking about old boyfriends who tied them, but I think that they were as surprised as I by this turn of events. The upshot was they were better prepared for it than I. I do not like making snap decisions, I am a planner. Maybe too much of one. Well, this time I was going to have to figure things out as I went. On the job training.

"Sir?" Susan asked.


"Sir, we have been talking..." She looked uncomfortable.

"Go on."

"Sir, would you be our master?" She got out in a rush.

I smiled, at least they knew the difference in the relationships.

"You wish to wear my collar?"

"Yes sir, please."

"Donít you think this is rather sudden?"

"No, sir, after last night we realized that we had been missing something. It felt so right when you told us what to do and... did what you did." She was blushing.

"We shall see, I will not take you right now, I need you both and I will not take a chance on this until you and I both have time to think this through."

"But sir..." Gwen started.

"Let me finish... If we go on in a trial period and it works out, fine. I would be honored to own either of you. But if it doesnít, then at least we can relax back into what we had or find a way in which all of our needs are satisfied. What we will do in the meantime is work our way through this, establishing ground rules, as if you already had your collars. This means that I will be pushing your limits to see what you and I are comfortable with. That also means that I will be correcting any behavior that I do not approve of. Do you agree to this?"

"Oh, thank you ma... sir." Gwen said in a rush.

"Thank you sir, we will try to please you." Susan replied.

"And I, you."

They seemed to glow. Perhaps this was for the best. If I did it right, they would be teaching me as much as I was them.

"First off we are going to need some baseline rules. Number one, you are offering me yourselves for my use. That means from now on you will only cum with my permission. No midnight finger rides."

I watched as they both turned beet red and squirmed in their seats. Then as it really sunk in, their eyes grew wide.

"Number† two, dress code. I will divide your closets into two sections. One will be for private, one section for public. You will lose all of your pants. You will keep a pullover dress handy at all times in case of unexpected visitors and if there is a scheduled appointment you will be required to be in business dress. I do like what you have on today, but in the future you will dress and then check with me if it is appropriate. I do like variety. I might also decide for you, if I am planning something."

They let this sink in. I noticed that their skin was starting to look a little flushed and they were both breathing a little heavy. They were getting off on this. I decided to push it.

"Number three, you will lose the hair."

Simultaneous gasps. Then after a few seconds moans, followed by some very heavy breathing.

"I will take care of this for you and you will come to me whenever you need to be done."

Hmm, is it getting hot in here?

"I may or may not require you to check each other to make sure that I didnít miss anything."

Yep, definitely getting a lot warmer.

"Number four, you will take an enema every time you shit. At least once a day."

I think the air conditioning broke.

"You will of course keep your plugs in at all times. If I get the urge, I might decide to bend you over at any time, and I want all of the holes available. This is of course for your comfort."

They looked like a fresh asphalt road on a sunny summer day, you could almost see the heat waves roiling off of them.

"Number five, this relates back to number one actually, anytime that you think that you are on the verge of cumming without permission, you are to let me know so that we can take steps to keep you from embarrassing yourselves. Unless of course, there are guests in the house, in which you will excuse yourselves and return to your room."

"Sir, may I cum?" Gwenís voice was rather strained.

"Sir, may I also?" Susan didnít sound much better.

"In the interest of continuing this discussion, you may, but only with the otherís help, I think that we are going to have to work together on this."

Their stunned looks only lasted a few seconds, and then they dropped to the floor. I found out that this was going to be a lot Ďharderí on me than I thought. I watched and listened as they brought each other off several times in a row. When they returned, albeit unsteadily, to the table. I waited till their eyes returned back into focus. I considered that I hadnít told them more than one, but decided to save that for later. Lets just see where we were going first before working on the details.

"Are you back with me?"

"Yes sir" was the chorus.

"Good, number six, I will no longer sleep by myself. There will be one or possibly both of you in my bed whenever I am in it. You can alternate nights."

That got a grin out of them.

"Number seven, since I am getting up there in years, whichever of you shares my bed for the night will help me shower in the morning."

Thermostat busted again.

"In keeping with that theme, if I decide to take either of you during the day, you will also be required for cleanup afterwards. I hope you both have a Ďtasteí for this. Any questions?"

I watched the play of emotions across their faces. Watching as they came to terms with the rules that they had asked for, by asking for my collar. It really wasnít a hard sell; I have seen other masters schedule their slaveís entire day. But it would push them and show what other horizons lay ahead.

"Oh yes, Gwen, I need you to type this up so when Gloria arrives I will not have to go over this again. I expect both of you to make her feel welcome and help with her training. I do not expect for you to become her mistresses. You are to guide her. She is going to be uncomfortable enough without having three masters."

Just then, the doorbell rang. The girls scrambled to their rooms and put on dresses. It rang again and Gwen answered it. I had retired into my den, which was also my office. I heard a knock on the door.


"Sir, itís your son."

"Show him in, then fetch Susan and join us."

My son walked in with a big grin on his face. "I was wondering how long it would take before they were truly on their knees."

"Well, I was wanting to keep it informal, but what can you do?"

Sean laughed.

"It looks as if you have them right where they want you... What brought this on, by the way?"

"I decided to interview for a maid. The usual disasters, one right after another, and then this one showed up and knocked us all on our ears."

"Do tell."

"Well Gwen decided to play like full slaves, the poor girl was inexperienced and scared to death, and one thing led to another..."

"I saw your ad. Did you hire her?"

"She was a natural. I actually tried to shock her, to scare her off, but she took to it like a duck to water. I took Gwen right in front of her then disciplined Gwen because she came without permission."

"Whoa, what got into you?"

"It was a bad day up till that point. Besides Gwen started it. The punch line was, she admitted to cumming too. It got rather intense after that. I think the girls discovered that it was more than role playing to them."

Susan and Gwen came in. I motioned for them to sit. They seemed a little uneasy, of course Gwen has the hots for my son anyway. Hmm, new horizon? I looked to my son;

"We were just discussing rules when you came in. It is like a trial time now to see what we like and donít like. They were asking for collars and I figured to show them what to expect without the commitment. They are to behave as full slaves, and then at meals we will discuss any problems."

"Not a bad idea. So you are laying the foundation now, before you build the house."


Sean turned to the girls and asked, "How do you like it so far?"

They turned to me and I nodded, "Consider this free time. We will have to have another rule, since this came up. So Rule number eight, You will answer to my son as you do to me... In all ways."

The look of total shock was priceless. This would have made a hell of a mastercard commercial. My sonís head snapped back around and we locked eyes. I could see the wheels turn upstairs, and then he relaxed.

"I believe that you were asked a question, ladies?"

"We are quite happy with it, sir." Gwen said staring at my son.

I could see her heat rise as she considered the possibilities. I glanced at Susan and she had the same look. I would have to be careful or my son would steal my slaves away. I chuckled to myself, it might do him some good. Time to up the ante.

"Oh yes, since my son is not to be considered a guest, I believe you are overdressed."

I thought the paint would peel from the walls. I give them credit, they only paused a moment before the dresses came off. But god were they hot. I think if either of us so much as breathed on one of them they would have shot off to Neverland on the express rocket. I looked back to my son, "In the interest of propriety, I would rather that our flings be kept separate. In other words I really donít want to see your naked ass banging one or both of my girls, Ok? You may use any of the other rooms, except my bedroom, so long as I am not in it."

I watched as the confusion ran rampant on my sons face. Was I really offering what he thought?

"I can expect the same from you, right?"

"Of course."

"Youíre serious, arenít you?"

"Quite. Face it, I am not a young man anymore and I fully intend to keep these young ladies primed. I know you donít visit more than once or twice a week so I doubt that you will wear them out for me. Besides, it will keep them from panting after your young ass every time you walk through the door. Gwen has been in lust from the time she laid eyes on you and Susan hasnít been much better."

Both of the girls turned beet red at this point. After a few seconds, Susan spoke, "I didnít realize that you had us pegged that close, sir. You are evil."

"I figured you would jump at the chance to get jumped."

"I donít know what I am thinking at the moment." Gwen chimed in.

"Well if it something that you really donít want to do..."

There came a chorus of noís and we didnít say that sirs. I laughed. I had noticed that Sean watched Gwen like a hawk whenever he dropped in.

"You can have one of them now, but after this morning I need some relief too. Why donít you have them strip so you can make a more informed choice."

The girls started to squirm, both were bright red and panting like racehorses.

Chip off the old block. They did a strip-tease that would have put most clubs out of business. The funny thing was, I donít really think that they had a clue how much they had changed over the last twenty four hours. It was a sight to behold. After they finished Sean got up and walked around each of them. He ran his hands across their asses and up their sides. Caressed a tit, tweaked a nipple. The girls were panting by the time he was done. To my surprise he grabbed Susan. Then he leaned over to Gwen, "She can tell you what to expect, so you can be that much hotter from anticipation next time."

I thought Gwen was going to cum on the spot. My son left with his prize and I sat back to consider Gwen. She was trying desperately to hold still. Finally she blurted, "Sir... please, I need to cum, please use me."

"Lay down on the desk, on your back, with your cunt facing me."

"Yes sir!"

She scrambled to comply. Her pussy was drenched and so were her thighs. I licked around her lips, taking care not touch where she really wanted me to.

"Please sir, I beg you, please."

"You may cum as often as you wish."

"Thank you sir."

I touched my tongue to the inside of her thighs again and to my surprise she exploded. I started to lick her lips then sucked her clit and she went off again. I tapped her plug and lapped her juices. She started this low moan that built into a wail.

I tapped her plug harder and she gasped and then it was one climax after another. I started to suck on her clit hard. She had a major orgasm then passed out. I was a little dazed so I sat back to admire the view. I had never seen her react this way. Finally I could feel my feet again so I got up and fetched her wrist and ankle bracelets. I put them on her then clipped each wrist to its respective ankle. She started to stir a little. I took a rope lengthwise under the desk and tied it to her restraints. I used it to spread her wide. She started to moan and her eyes fluttered then flew open wide as I buried my cock deep inside of her. She bucked and screamed as I started slamming into her cunt. Then the wail started and I could feel the ripples as one orgasm chased another though her body. I didnít last long, but it was long enough for her to have a massive finale, before she passed out again. I sat there drained. It had only been a few minutes but I felt as if I had ran a marathon. I was getting to old for this. Nah. I thought about it for a few minutes and found the vibrator in the bottom drawer. I slid it into her and turned it on low. It was kind of early but I decided what the hell and poured myself a shot of scotch. I sat back and sipped waiting for her to awaken. I was just about to get up for another when she started to stir. Then she went crazy. I watched her for a few seconds then slowly removed the plug in her ass. I reached into the bottom drawer and used the lube that I found there. I took my time this time sliding slowly into her. Her back was arched and she was fighting the restraints. I started the slow stroke wanting to prolong the experience this time. She couldnít find the leverage to speed things up but it didnít keep her from trying. My how she fought. Her wail started and I pulled out.

"P... please, donít stop sir, please."

I slid back in a repeated the slow strokes till she started to wail again. Then I pulled out again and left her trying to hump air.

"Fuck my ass, please sir, please fuck my ass."

I kept repeating the cycle over and over till her words were no longer making sense. I heard a knock on the door.

"Just a minute."

I cranked the vibrator up on full and started to royally ream her. She went from moan to wail to full fledged scream in less than a second. I pounded her then shot my load just in time to watch her pass out again. I grabbed a towel and cleaned myself up and pulled up my pants.


As I collapsed back into the chair. Sean came in half dragging a shell shocked looking Susan.

"I already did and damn she was hot!"

I laughed as Susan turned a few shades of red. Then she looked at Gwen.

"My god, what did you do to her, sir!!?"

"Oh, I was just poking around and she fainted a few times."

"A few... sir?"

"It seems that this sex slave thing agrees with you two. I have never been able to get these type of responses with just rope."

I turned to my son, "Did you clean her up?"

"Yep, had a blast doing it too... and so did she."

"Well as you can see, I havenít had the chance. Susan, please clean Gwen for me."

Susan blushed again then walked around behind my desk and got to work with her tongue. She was almost done, making sure that she didnít miss anything, when Gwenís eyes flew open.

"Please sir, not again!"

"Hmm, looks as if she is sated."

Gwen managed to lift her head as Susan popped up between her legs. Oh, if I could only describe the looks. I let them stare at each other for a few seconds, "Susan, fetch me a bowl of water, a towel, my electric razor, my safety razor and some shaving cream."

"Y... yes sir."

She scurried out as Gwen gave a low moan. My son just gave a little chuckle.

"I can see that you are getting along nicely in your new role."

"I am just trying to neaten things up around here. Do you want to do the honors for Susan when I finish up with Gwen?"

"Actually, I was wondering if I might do Gwen, just to see what I missed of course."

"Sounds like a plan."

Gwen was back to a nice shade of red by this point. Susan returned with the requested items and my son set to work. By the time he was done with the electric she was panting and moaning. He let her cool down a bit before spreading the shaving cream. Then waited a while longer as the rubbing had her going again. By the time he finished with the safety razor she was into a low wail. I had Sean step aside and motioned to Susan to check his work. Gwen blasted into orbit as soon as Susanís tongue touched her cunt. Susan was very thorough, only stopping when Gwen passed out. We released her and carried her to the couch. I motioned for Susan to take her place. In a few moments we had her firmly attached to the desk and I did the honors with the razors. I about half way though with the safety razor when Gwen started to stir. I took my time. Susan was panting like a freight train by this point. I told Sean to awaken sleeping beauty fully and he walked over and gave her a kiss that had her eyes wide open almost immediately. I finished up with the towel and told Gwen to check my work. We wound up holding Susan down because she was bucking on the desk so hard that we were afraid that she would hurt herself. It took less than a couple of minutes before she was in Never-Neverland.

After Susan rejoined us we sat a while and talked. I asked the girls if they had any regrets so far and they said that they were quite content. I figured exhausted covered it better, but who was I to argue? Afterwards, I had Susan make lunch and found out what Sean really showed up for, a certain CAD program that he needed. We had lunch, then he left. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful until it was bedtime.

The girls couldnít decide who was to be my bed warmer so they both joined me.

I drifted off to sleep thinking that I could really start to like this, if I survived it.