by Tracker

Part 8

Crimes and Punishment?

I watched as dinner was being set to the table. I looked at the little elf kneeling beside me and finally came to a decision.

“What is your name, littleone.”

She looked as if she would faint. “Celeste, milord.”

She looked as if I had bestowed a blessing on her. Which, from what Eschele and said, wasn’t far from the truth. There was so much that I did not know yet about these people. Celeste, like just about all of the other females that I had seen, was a knockout. Her hair was chestnut brown and fell down to her ass. She was well endowed in the breast area as were all of the others that I had seen. If they were created from the “thoughts of men” then they had bred true. I noticed that even when they were just fresh from a “workout” that they had a pleasant scent to them. Sort of a strong musk. Celeste was giving off that scent rather heavily at the moment. I suddenly wondered, as I felt a part of my anatomy respond, if they produced pheremones with their scent. It would explain a lot.

“Would you like to attend me during the meal, Celeste?”

She looked as if I had offered the crown jewels. “Yes, sire, please, yes!”

I glanced up as Tinimia led Elerith into the room.

“Then you may attend.”

“Yes, Milord.”

She almost ran for the kitchen as Tinimia brought Elerith to kneel next to me. Uncertain of my mood, she knelt with her.

I looked Tinimia in the eye. “Did she come?”

“No, milord.”

“Very good, you may join us for dinner. Fetch your bowl.”

“Yes milord.” She looked visibly relieved.

Elerith looked completely out of it. The scent of her musk was extremely strong and she had a glassy stare. She made no move but held her position, as if uncertain of her status at the moment. I considered her actions in light of the new information and suddenly understood. They were all conditioned to breed and serve the master. Any female was to be available to the master and they were to insure that the master was with all of them. Her programming got her in trouble. But that aside, she was going to learn to obey me over what her programing told her to do. I needed a helper and a guide in this world, not a pimp. I figured that tonight I was going to get the point across to all of the sisters as well as elevate my status with the villagers.

Gavin came in a few moments later. “Milord.”

I smiled distractedly at him. “Gavin.”

“What did she do?” Indicating Elerith.

“She disobeyed me.”


“I understand why now, but I still need to get my point across.”

“I see.” He looked confused.

“Worry not on it, friend, It is just an unpleasantness that needs addressed.”

“I have the people that you wished to see, when do you wish to meet with them?”

“I was considering after dinner, but I think it would be wise to wait for the morrow. I want this out of the way first.”

“Very good milord. Where do you wish to meet with them?”

“The study down from the old throne room should do.”

“I will see to it then. I will have them there after morning... er, breakfast.”

I chuckle. “Gavin, I do not worry about the words, just the meanings.”

“That is good, as some of these words slip past me on occasion.”

The meal was set and I watched with amusement as Gavin’s eyes went wide as Celeste served me. She smiled shyly at Gavin then knelt at my side opposite of Elerith.

“Sire! You honor us greatly.” Gavin was stunned and excited.

“I am learning your customs, Gavin. I meant not to slight your people before.”

“Sire, to date, you have never slighted us. But this!” He was smiling at Celeste as if she was a favorite daughter that had won honors or something.

“Gavin, You know not how much I value your people. I am doing my best for them and they for me, as far as I have seen. I only hope that I do not err in my dealings with any of them, as I still know not all of your customs.”

“Sire, we are yours to lead. We will follow where you will.” Gavin was almost babbling. I had never seen him this worked up.

“Enough then, let’s eat.”

As we ate and chatted, I began to feed Elerith morsels from my plate, interspersed with jolts with the remote. I watched her closely, making sure that she didn’t cross over and climax. I stretched out the meal for quite a while. The rest of the sisters looked decidedly uncomfortable as Elerith’s moans grew loud. Finally I finished and took Elerith’s leash. Celeste started to clear the plates.

I looked at her. “Attend.”

Gavin’s eyes shot up and there was a stunned silence from the room. Celeste looked as if she was about to faint. Her scent grew much stronger. I said nothing and led Elerith back to the room, with a few pauses on the way for her to calm down.

Upon entering, I led Elerith to the end of the bed. I took a spreader bar and attached it to her wrists and pulled them over her head. I then spread her legs with another bar. Celeste had knelt by the door when we entered.

“Milord, what do you do to her?”

“I am punishing her for disobeying me.”

“Are you going to beat her?”

“No, littleone, that is not my nature. I am simply denying her release.”

I could see her confusion so I added. “Her sexual release.”

Celeste’s eyes grew huge as it sunk in what I was doing.

“Have you ever been with a male Celeste?”

“Yes, milord.” She blushed as she said it.

“Do you wish to be with me?”

I never actually saw her clothes disappear, she was out of them so fast. Then she blushed. “Um, milord? What of Elerith?”

“She is to watch, that is part of her punishment.”

Celeste looked shocked.

“Do you still wish to be with me?”

She looked at Elerith, then at me. “Yes, milord.”

“Then you will say nothing of what happens here tonight.”

“As you wish, milord.”

~Eschele, Veraina?~

There was a thump and they both appeared and knelt.

“Yes, master?” I marveled how their voices complemented each other in that duet.

“Take Celeste and bathe her, I am going to take her tonight.”

Their eyes grew huge.

“Is there a problem with that?”

“Um, no master. We will get right on it!” They exchanged glances.

Eschele went to start the bath while Veraina found Celeste a robe. After a few moments they both left the room. I walked over to Elerith. She had a sheet of sweat all over her body and her eyes were unfocused.


“Hmm, y... yes milord.” Her voice sounded far away.

I stared at her for a few moments then scanned her mind. She was almost in sensory overload, with the constant forced arousal and the guilt of knowing that she had failed me. I considered the situation for a moment and decided that this had gone far enough.

~Eschele, Veraina, keep Celeste there and pamper her for a while. I will be in with Elerith later.~

~Yes, milord.~

I cut her panties from her and removed the egg. The plug proved to be a little harder. Elerith was tense.

“Elerith, just relax, just hang there for a few moments and let go. Just relax for me, let go and drift. Take a deep breath, that’s it. Let it out. Good girl. Now relax. Feel the tension leaving your body, just relax.”

I felt her body slowly lose its tension and I removed the plug. She didn’t flinch. I looked up and her head was on her chest, but her eyes were open and staring. What the...


“Yes, milord...” Her voice had a far away tone to it. Her eyes were unfocused.

“Raise your head, El.”

I watched as her head came up straight but her eyes never lost their glassy stare.

~What is the current subjects condition?~

~Subject is in a trance state.~

Great, this was a new one for me. I had never even met someone that had been hypnotized, let alone attempted it myself.

~Can you teach me the proper way of handling this?~

I was starting to get familiar with the internal massaging of my cranium. For some reason this time took quite a while. Almost as long as the lesson on molecular realignment. As it sunk in, I realized why. I had just completed a psych course. But at least now I knew enough to get El out without harming her. Not that it was much of a threat, I now realized. I could have let her sleep it off. Then another question reared its head.

~Why are the people so susceptible to hypnosis?~

~For behavior modification without the use of the sensory overload state.~

This was getting too weird. What type of control freak... I gave up that line of thought and brought Elerith out of her trance. She seem much more relaxed so I scanned her. She was still aroused but it wasn’t as demanding. I released her ankles and then her wrists and carried her to the bed.

Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Down

I was in the process of laying Elerith on the bed. The setting sun made her skin glow. She looked so fragile, so beautiful.

~Alert, incoming, bearing 92 degrees, eight fliers, 340 miles out.~


~Display.~ I felt a chill down my spine.

The room was overlaid with a grid map. It showed concentric lines radiating out from the center with eight lights moving in from the east. Fast.

Oh, god, no!

~Father, we are attempting intercept.~

Be careful Memneth, please!

~Alert, four more fighters, intercept plot, Camelot facility. 315 miles.~

I saw four more indicators just north of the other eight.

NO, NO,NO!!!

~Father, we cannot cover both.~

No, not moving at that speed. Also, with eight of them, there was more of a chance on one of them slipping in behind my son.

~Memneth, intercept the Camelot flight, I will see about the others.~

There won’t be as much risk with four and the rest of the dragons for cover.

~Yes, father.~

And for god’s sake, be careful!

I thought for a second.

~Veraina, stay with Celeste. Eschele, watch over Elerith. Melriea, find Gavin and get the people inside the walls. Yondelin, go to Camelot and warn them. I want all of the free sisters to help Gavin and Melriea.~

We have to get those people inside!

~ETA, 12 minutes.~

Please be careful son.

~Memneth, status.~

~Two downed, We are preparing to veil for the next two.~

I veiled to the wall. There were too many people outside, trying to get through the gate.

~Girls, open veils and drag them though if you have to.~

Please, hurry!

~Four fighters inbound jinked, new target, Stonehenge.~


~What type of facilities are present there?~

~The Keep of the sisters.~

Is that all? No local towns?

~Is it defended?~


Fucking great.

~Tinimia, Sinimia, get to Stonehenge and veil the sisters here.~

~Yes, milord~

Please have enough time, please.

~How far out are they from Stonehenge?~

~ETA, 10 minutes.~

Everything was moving so fast, yet so slowly.

~Milord, they won’t listen.~

We don’t have time for this, people!

~Speak to their minds, show them as I have shown you.~

I wasn’t going to be able to do this with a gun this time. I knew this. I opened a veil and pulled my sword through. The irony of this hit me and I chuckled. Finally, the people were inside.

~Raise the shield.~

~Shield is up. Targets within visual range.~

I watched the air around the keep shimmer. I picked up specks on the horizon.

~Girls, focus your power on me.~

I felt confusion in the link. The specks were growing larger... Fast!

~Just let your power flow through you into me.~

I suddenly felt it build. It multiplied as the sisters joined in, one by one.

~Get everyone away from me! I don’t want anyone caught in the backlash.~

The power kept building, I focused it into the sword.

No time to think now.

~Father, we got the last one just before Camelot, there may be some damage to the outlying town from the blast.~

No time to think.

I pointed the sword and focused harder, the specks were getting a lot closer.

No time.

~Milord, the sisters from Stonehenge are all here.~

No time.

I cut loose. I felt it blast through me into the sword and out.


The world went white. Suddenly I felt like I was floating and the world was dark again.

And Then There Was Light

God, someone shut off that infernal ringing...


Wow, voices in my head... where am I?


I wonder what is bothering them. It feels so good floating here. I wonder why everything is so dark. Ah, there is a speck of light...

~Milord. Please wake up.~

Whoever she is, she has a lovely voice. Oh, look, the light is getting nearer.


The light is pretty, it draws closer.

~Father, it is time to wake now.~

Then the light flares bright, encompassing me. Suddenly the floating is gone, replaced with... PAIN.

I think I am screaming.

Dark again.

I watched the darkness fade again, the pain was gone. Then came shapes. Two of them. Oh, those are eyes... They swam into focus.

“Elerith?” What the hell was wrong with my voice?

I felt wetness, a few drops on my face.

“Milord, milord...”

“It’s ok, El... it’s alright.”

I tried to reach up to hold her, but my arms weren’t working for some reason.

“Is he going to make it?” I recognized that voice... where...

“His body is healing as we speak, and I think his mind is also.”

My body, my mind, what the hell are they talking about?

“What is going on here?” God, I sounded like a frog.

“Hush, milord. You were burned by the flash.”


“What flash?”