by Tracker

After Dinner Delights

Elerith followed me up to the room. I was lost in thought. I had totally forgotten about Veraina and almost stepped on her. She was kneeling by the door. Elerith looked at her curiously.

“Come Veraina,” I said as I past through the doorway.

“Yes milord.”

I went to my bench and thought about what to do with this one.

“Veraina, tell me more about your fantasy.”

“Sire, I am to be completely under your control.”

“I see.”

There was a knock at the door.


Eschele came in and knelt. She had a light sheen of sweat on her body, but she was holding her composure well.

“Eschele, have you cum since you left the room?”

“No master, I did have to stop on the stairs however.”

“You are doing much better. It’s time for you to work on your control now.”

She came to me and knelt. I noticed that Veraina was eying her curiously. Well, it was time for her to see what she was getting herself into. I took an egg and placed it over Eschele's clit. Her breath picked up slightly but there was no other sign that she knew what was coming. I held the control in my hand and she stared at it like it was a snake. I waited for a minute to see if she would move. She held her position, however, so I turned it on low. Immediately her body tensed. I watched as she fought with herself to keep from touching the egg or the control. I wasn't going to restrain her this time. I knew that would make it that much harder for her to obey me. I watched her squirm for a while then turned to Veraina.

“She wanted to be a slave too. I am training her in self control.”

Veraina just stared.

“This is what you can expect if I do your fantasy.”

“Yes milord.”


“Do with me what you will, milord.”

I couldn't believe it. She had to know what Eschele was going through, yet she was willing to join her.

“I will give you a taste, before you make up your mind.”


“Yes, Veraina?”

“I wish to be your slave, I have made up my mind. Do with me what you will.”

“You realize, that may be the last decision that you get to make?”

“Yes, sire.”

“Very well, I am now your master. You will do exactly what I say. Since your body is now mine, you will not touch yourself without my permission. You are to be trained to control yourself as I will not allow you to cum except as I see fit. Do you understand?”

“Yes master.”

I locked her hands behind her back and pulled her across my lap.

“This is for your impertinence in refusing my decision that you should have a trial time. You should never question my decisions or argue with them.”

“Yes master.”

I spanked her hard. Fifty strokes. I could see her fighting towards the end, but she didn't cum. Very well, then she would get used.

“Eschele, she has made it though her spanking without embarrassing herself. This is what you need to be able to do.”

“Yes... master...” She panted.

I took a short piece of chain and ran it from Veraina's wrist cuffs to her collar. It brought her wrists to the middle of her back. I positioned her over the chair and lubed my cock.

“Veraina, you are not to cum until I say.”

“Yes master.” She was breathing a little harder and sounded panicked.

I shoved it into her ass and her back arched I pushed her down, pinning her to the seat. I started to stroke her slowly, giving the sensations time to build. I felt her body tense as she started to fight her orgasm. Eschele, by this time, was whimpering. I could see her shaking as she watched me violate her sister’s asshole.

“Now, when I am using you for a fuck hole, you are to worry about pleasing me, rather than your own feelings, slut.”

“Yes... m... mast... err.” Veraina's voice was a little strained.

“You are not to think about the feeling of me using your ass, of me sliding in and out of it.”

She whimpered.

“You are not to think about what this looks like to the girls here, as I use your hole to get off.”

She was shaking, but managed to fight it back. I was really impressed. I started to stroke her harder. Her body was rigid as she held on to her self-control, but I could see the signs that it was slipping. Actually mine was too. Her ass was clenched along with the rest of her and it was so tight, even with the lube, that I was having some difficulty fucking her. It was going to be a trial to see if I could make her cum before me. She was trying so hard that I didn't want to cheat. I finally relented.

“Veraina, you have been good, you may cum now.”

It was instantaneous. She clamped down on me so hard that I saw stars. I was trapped inside her, as her ass rippled on my cock. It went on and on. I was unable to cum she had me clamped so tightly. Finally she eased a little and I blasted into her ass, which sent her over the top again. She collapsed onto the chair.

Eschele was a basket case by this point. I could see that she was right on the edge. But she was fighting for all she was worth. I glanced over at Elerith and she seemed to be a little excited too. I smacked Veraina's ass and she came back to life a little. She dragged her body off of the chair and knelt. I was impressed. I took my seat and went shopping for her. She had been a good girl so I decided on something different for her. I found her a leather dress that barely covered her ass along with garters and stockings. I got her a peasant top that was so thin a material that it was nearly transparent. Oh, and I gave some nipple rings. She managed not to cum then either. She had excellent control, not perfect, but excellent nonetheless. I healed her nipples and helped her dress. I then put her hands back behind her and locked them in place. I found her another pair of heels that were about an inch higher that locked on and helped her into them. Probing her mind, I found that she was hot. But there was a cool center. There was probably where she went when she was commanded not to cum. I thought long and hard. Finally I decided to take a chance. I had her lay back on the bed and chained her ankles to her collar with a twelve-inch chain on either side. I grabbed the piercing gun and sucked on her clit to get it hard. I ran my fingernail down the side of it and found that it was most sensitive towards the very tip.

“Veraina, you may cum if you need to.”

She looked at me funny. I sucked her clit till it was as hard as I could get it, and then pierced it. She screamed and squirted down my leg. I put a sixteen-gage ring through it, and then healed it. Unchaining her, I had her stand. She was more than a might shaky. I found another of the little gold balls and hung it from the loop. I stood back to look. With the chain on the ball, it was dangling just below the bottom of the skirt. She was standing very still by this point. I reached out and flipped the ball and she sucked in a breath and her eyes went wide. She started to quiver all over. Hmm, I must have did it right. I breathed a sigh of relief. I figured that I could repair any nerve damage if I did it wrong, but I really didn't want to put her through that.

“Veraina, fetch me a glass of wine from the stores.”

She took two steps and stopped. She sucked in a deep breath and walked as smoothly as she could out the door. I wondered how long it would take her to return. Especially with her hands behind her. In her state, she might not even realize the problem till she got down to the wine.

“Sire, that was cruel” Elerith was still breathing hard.

“She is going to learn to overcome all types of handicaps and restrictions. She has excellent control, but it will get better as she fights herself. When I am satisfied with her control and her ability to obey orders no matter what, I will move on to her next phase.”

“Sire, may I ask what that would be?”

“I am going to teach her pussy to fetch.”


I walked to her and put my hand on her cunt. “This is a pussy, a cunt or a twat. In their case, it is a fuck hole.”

“I am starting to grasp these names better, sire. It is like each name is a step closer to humiliation.”

“You are a fast learner. I use them in that tense to excite that part of their experience. As they learn the different terms, the words will be that much more effective.”

“You are training our bodies to be played by your words”

“That is the gist of it, yes. By the way.” I patted the bed. “Your turn.”

Her breath caught in her throat.

“You are not a slave, so you may cum as you wish.”

I pierced her nipples and her clit. She did cum on each one and fainted when I did her clit. I released her and put her head on the pillows. I figured to let her rest as tomorrow evening was going to be very trying for her.

Eschele was still on the edge. I walked to her and turned off the vibrator. In a few seconds her eyes came back into focus.

“You are doing well, making good progress.”

“Yes sire.” She panted.

I released her and removed her panties. She actually held onto the balls. I had her release them into my hand. She gasped when I removed her plug. Still quivering slightly, she was still very close. I moved her to the chair, then rather than take her ass as she probably expected I shoved into her cunt. She put a death grip on the chair legs. I slowly stroked her. Then I felt something that I wasn't expecting. I felt her pussy tighten as I pulled out. The feeling got more pronounced as I fucked her. She was milking me. She worked at it and was pushing me to the edge. This one had promise. I stopped and felt her pulse her cunt on my cock. She was almost there. I left it in place and felt her contractions grow stronger. I started to fuck her again. She whimpered but kept working my cock with her pussy. Finally, just before I shot into her, I felt it. She had managed to draw me in a little.

“You may cum.” I said through gritted teeth.

We blasted off together.

I pulled from her and she moaned, then she surprised me by rolling from the chair and kneeling, albeit unsteadily. I stared at her for a few moments.

“Go rest, littleone. You have done well.”

She rose to her feet and slowly, but quite gracefully, swayed from the room. These elves were a never-ending source of amazement to me. I went to my chair and collapsed. I wanted a shower bad.

~How would it be possible to run pipes through these walls? ~

~Molecular realignment. ~

~Explain. ~

~The molecules in the stone is realigned and compressed to form a channel through the stone. ~


~Show me. ~

I felt the normal internal massage of my brain. This took a long while as the focus and control was awesome. When it finally ended I had a complete grasp of the technique. I considered its uses beyond the described task. My thoughts were brought back to earth by a knock.


The door was slowly opened but no one came in. I walked over to see Veraina kneeling to pick up a glass. She held it carefully then glided to me and turned around and bowed away from me. To my amazement, she had spilled very little, if any. I took the glass from her and she turned, kneeling at the same time. I put the glass to her lips.

“A sip for you littleone, for a good job.”

She took a sip. “Thank you master.”

“Rise and turn, littleone.”

I unlocked her wrists.

“Go and rest.”

“Yes master.”

I watched her glide down the hall. It would seem that she had mastered the art of walking with that ball hanging from her clit. Simply amazing. Shaking my head I went to bed and pulled my covers, Elerith, on top of me.

Curtains Damn It

I awoke... yeah, the sun again. Elerith was still sprawled on top of me. Hmm... First things first. I gently pushed her down till I was at her entrance. I could feel her dampness on the head on my cock. I thought to myself, wakey, wakey, and shoved into her. I guess you could call it an alarm cock. She came awake with a gasp. I smiled as I pushed her up till she was sitting on it. She was still a little out of it. I bounced her. She started moaning and thrashing. I held her in place.

“M... milord!  Have... mercy... oh... oh... god...”

She let out an ear-piercing wail that turned into a scream. I smiled as I kept her bouncing. She started to faint, so I twisted one of the rings. Her eyes flew back open, in panic. I grabbed her hips again as she almost bounced off. I pushed her down hard. She gasped and I felt more wetness as she clamped down on me. I kept her on the edge of fainting, not letting her cross. Her eyes were glazed by this point and she was drooling. Over and over she would cum then be shocked back to semi awareness. Finally I shot into her. Her back arched and she came again, but she didn't stop moving. I wasn't even sure that she was conscious by this point. She didn't seem to have the strength to bounce herself; but she was still rubbing back and forth. I felt myself start to harden again. Her eyes were unfocused and she couldn't seem to draw a full breath. Her gasping was hoarse and labored. I felt her cum again, this one rocking her whole body. Still she kept humping me. I let go of her hips and took her nipple rings in my fingers. As she moved now she was tugging at her own nipples. Her eyes rolled up as another orgasm blasted its way through her. Her hands came up and cupped her tits. Squeezing them out, milking them. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth by this point. I figured that enough was enough by this point. I reached down between her legs and jerked her clit ring. Her whole body went rigid and I felt her pussy milking me. To my surprise, I came into her hard.

I caught her as she fell forward. I let her lay there as her breathing returned to normal. She was sprawled on top of me with my cock still embedded in her little pussy. I felt her start to stir and suddenly her hips started to move again. She groaned and her eyes flew open with a panicked look. She started breathing hard.

“Elerith!” I shook her a little.

She started to rock harder on me. I felt myself start to respond to her and she whimpered.

“Elerith!!” I shook her harder.

She was bucking by this point and I was fully hard. I felt her tense, then cum. She started to thrash and buck, her eyes were unfocused. I grabbed her by her shoulders and shook her.


She jerked and looked down at me, her body still rocking on my cock. I literally had to pull her off of me. I lay her gently on the bed, her hips slowly coming to a stop. She half gasped, half whimpered and jerked.

“Ma... master?”

“Elerith? Are you alright?”

“Yes, master, how may I serve you?” Her voice was distant.

I placed my hands on her head and sent a flow of energy into her. She jerked, and then sucked in a deep breath.


I breathed a sigh of relief. That was one that I would not try again.

“Just rest littleone.”

“Yes sire.”

I rolled out of bed and took a seat to the side so that I could watch over her. What the hell had happened? Did this mean that if I push them too far that it locked them into slave mode? If I did, would they return if it went too far? Shit, this put a nasty twist on things. I would simply have to watch them more carefully and not take them too far. It would seem that their tendency to pass out was like a safety switch. If I bypassed it, they overloaded and went into slave mode. My thoughts chased one another around for a while. I also came to the revelation that they were a lot more than playthings to me.

Elerith seemed to be sleeping peacefully, so I got up and wandered the room. I made it to the far corner and caught the sun in my eyes again. I focused with my mind on that newly taught skill and watched as dust spurted from the wall. I made two holes one on either corner of the window. I veiled a curtain rod and mounts from a hardware store and mounted them with the holes. The screws were loose, so I focused again and the stone flowed around them. Weird, but effective. I went curtain shopping and found what I wanted in a midnight blue velvet. I thought that Elerith would like them.

Shortly, there was a knock at the door.


The door opened to Veraina and Eschele. They came in and dropped to their knees. I stared at them with the newfound knowledge that I had just acquired. I was going to have to be especially careful with these two. I did not want them as mindless automations.

“Master, breakfast is served.” Eschele announced.

“Go on. I will be there shortly. Afterwards prepare a bath.”

“Yes master.” Veraina replied.

I watched as they rose. Veraina's little ball barely moved as she came to her feet. So much control and grace. I stood in the doorway and watched them as they glided down the hall. I would have to find their limitations and make sure that I never crossed them. I stood there for a while and my mind returned to some semblance of normal. Then the revelation hit me. I went to rouse Elerith.

We went to breakfast together. She was back to her old self, thank god. Gavin was already in his place as we sat.

“Good day to you sire.”

“Good day Gavin.”

“Good day lovely Elerith.”

“Good day.” She replied smiling.

“Gavin has Vegal started on the throne room yet?”

“No sire, he was to wait till after breakfast.”

“Good, have him wait till after lunch. I have a little play to put on.”


“I am going to convince the good mother to cooperate with us.”

“That sounds like a proposition I would avoid, personally.”

“Well, she will be most cooperative before she leaves.”

“What is your intention milord?” Elerith inquired.

“I intend to make her a slave.”

They looked at me in shock.

“But, but she, she is the most...” Elerith was starting to lose her color.

“She is going to be put low, then made to do her duty.” I replied.

“You are going to humiliate her?” I had forgotten that I had taught her that word.

“Yes, and make her perform. She will know her place when she leaves.”

Gavin just stared at me. We ate quietly, little else spoken, for the rest of the meal.

Bath and Breaking

After breakfast we went to the bath. The girls were still filling it so I climbed in and let the water rise around me. I dozed for a while. I awoke to Elerith climbing on top of me and snuggling in. Veraina and Eschele were kneeling by the side.

“Veraina, Eschele, join us.”

There was a chorus of “Yes master.”

I confess that my mind was elsewhere as they washed me. What I was planning on doing was going to be unpleasant. But, from what I had heard so far, necessary. I was planning on giving her the benefit of the doubt. Who knows, maybe we could just talk this out and have lunch together. Elerith noticed my concern, but said nothing. After the water started to grow cool and I felt that I had put things off for as long as possible, I sent Veraina and Eschele to gather the sisters into the throne room. They dressed and went to their tasks. I veiled Elerith and me straight there and started preparations. Using the veil I brought the pieces that I though I might need, including a table and a set of stocks.

I assumed the throne and waited. The sisters started to file in and looked up in shock at me on the throne. I had Elerith stand beside me and Veraina and Eschele kneel next to us. Tinimia and Sinimia curled at our feet. A Kodak moment. The rest of the sisters were arrayed down the hall.

I had put it off as long as possible. I summoned a veil and pulled Kisselia through. She had been in mid stride and skidded to a stop facing us. I watched as shock then anger played across her face. Her eyes narrowed as she examined me. I knew then, that I was going to have to do it the hard way.

“I know not who you are, or what you are about, but this farce will cease now!” Her voice was commanding.

“Elerith if you are responsible for bringing this... this thing here, I will strip you and banish you from our lands forever! This is an outrage! What do you ladies think you are doing out of your robes?”

“Shut up.” I said in a level voice.

“What!!! How dare you.”

“I said, shut up!” I reached into her mind and froze her.

She stood there unable to speak or to move. I got down and walked to her and stared her in the eye. She could not look away. I felt the first seeds of doubt in her mind as she fought to move. I walked around her, examining her as I would and animal. She had white hair. I looked at Seara and she looked embarrassed.

“Your mother?”

“Yes sire.”

“You may leave.”

“No sire.”

“Are you sure? Explain.”

“This woman had me and left me with the other sisters to raise, she had no hand in it as it would have got in her way on her rise to the mother of the sects. I have received nothing but scorn from her, do with her as you will, but I want to watch.”

Whoa! A bigger bitch than I thought.

“As you wish.”

I went back to the throne and concentrated on the individual threads of her robe. If it works on stone... I watched in amusement as her sleeves fell from her robe, baring her arms. She wasn't a bad looking elf, even with the hateful look on her face. I decided to make this a show and started at the bottom hem of her dress. It slowly came apart, turning to dust, from the bottom up. I watched as her face started to color. It was a full ten minutes till the last fell away from her shoulders.

I walked to her then and unwrapped the gauzy undergarment and then, making sure that I copped a good feel removed her wrap from her cunt. I walked around her again. I went to the table and picked up some items. I showed them to her as I slowly walked back to her. Her forehead broke out in a sweat and she was beet red. I put the collar and cuffs on her then and cuffed her behind her back. I then took a strap and brought her elbows together, making her tits stand out proud. I walked back in front of her and played with them a bit. I then ran a finger between her legs and looking her in the eye, tasted it. I could feel her fighting in her mind like a trapped animal. All coherent thought had left her.

Another trip to the table and I had the piercing gun in my hands. She had no clue what was to come. I sucked each nipple out till it was hard and pierced them. I felt her actually cum with my mind. She was frantic. I took her to the stocks and placed her head in them. A spreader bar had her wide open. I teased her clit till it was standing rampant; the click of the gun actually broke her from my control. She started to whimper as I put the ring into place.

“Please... please stop this. I... I beg of you.”

I walked in front of her and pulled out my cock. She stood there mesmerized. I pushed it to her lips and her mouth opened of its own accord. I grabbed her by her hair and pushed it down her throat. Her body went rigid as she actually came. I pulled out and she gasped then I went back. Her eyes were a little glazed by this point as I fucked her throat. I took my time, a few times just holding it in front of her as she stretched her neck out trying to take it. I finally got close and pulled out an pumped my cum onto her face. She went limp in the stocks.

I opened them and led her to the frame in the middle of the floor. It looked like the frame of a bizarre three-legged tepee. I took the rope from the top of the frame and attached it to the lock on her wrist. She looked around as if to run. Which might have been amusing to watch with the spreader bar on her ankles. I pulled the rope slowly and watched as she started to bend at the waist. She was bent almost double when I paused. I retrieved a little entertainment for her. I hung a gold ball, about the size of a marble on each tit. They weighed about ten to twelve ounces each.

She was moaning constantly now. “Please... please...”

I walked behind her and hung another weight from her clit ring. Her pleas were replaced by a gasp.

I turned to my kittens. “Kitty want to play?”

Kisselia watched in a horrified fascination as the two latex-covered sisters came down the steps, swaying on their hands and knees, their tails high in the air. They rolled under her and started to bat at the little hanging balls. Kisselia shrieked and started to fight her bonds. I smiled and pulled the rope tighter, till she was on her toes. I walked behind her and gathered some of her cum from between her legs. She was in such a state that I doubt she even noticed. She noticed, however, when I shoved my cock up her ass. She howled. Hmm, maybe that wasn't enough lube. I started to pound her asshole hard. I had no trouble holding back with this one, as I found the whole affair distasteful. She seemed to be enjoying it though, I felt her cum several times. She would start to go limp, then the cats would bat at one of the balls again bringing her awake. I just kept fucking her. I felt her spasms grow closer and closer together till I couldn't tell them one from the other. She was cumming continually by this point. I could hear her panting turn hoarse and she was trembling constantly. I kept fucking her. Her head was hanging limply and her panting was turning into raw gasps. She finally shuddered and went still.

I called the cats back and went back to take the throne again. There wasn't a sound in the hall. I let my gaze wander over the girls and they were just staring at her. I couldn't find a sympathetic face there. We waited till finally she stirred.

“M... ma... master?” She whimpered.

She slowly brought her head up. Her eyes were distant.

“Mast... master?” It was a lost, pleading voice.

“Yes slave?” I sighed.

“How may I serve you, master?” She sounded eager... Mindless, but eager.

I felt sick.


I stared at the little elf swinging in strappado. Begging to serve.

“Release her.”

They all jumped at once. Upon her release she dropped to her knees. Her only bondage at this point was the lock on her wrist. The sisters resumed their places, unsure if it was over or not.

~What is this effect?~

~The subject is in sensory overload. This is basically used for programming. Subject will retain whatever it is taught without memory of the occurrence.~

~It will return to it's normal state then?~

~Programming state will last for approximately six hours, your reckoning, unless reinforced. Prolonging the program state will cause damage to the subject if held for over three days.~

I broke from the link. I did not feel good about what I had done, but at least it wasn't permanent. So she could be taught in this state. I suppose that could work.

“Kisselia, from this time on, all sisters are your equals and are to be treated with respect and love. Do you understand?”

“Yes master.”

“You are to help the other sisters and take care of them.”

“Yes master.”

“There will be one coming soon that will be the master of Camelot. You will serve him in all ways.”

“Yes master.”

“You will be bonded to him, his word will be law to you.”

“Yes master.”

“You will prepare Camelot and it's communities for his arrival.”

“Yes master.”

“You will prepare the sisters for his arrival.”

“Yes master.”

“The old legends have returned. The creatures are peaceful. You will tell the people and prepare them.”

“Yes master.”

“These creatures are to be treated as friends. They will aid you if you request it.”

“Yes master.”

“You will find peace and happiness in these actions.”

“Yes master.”

“Elerith, take her to our room. I will be there shortly.”

“Yes sire.” She looked a little shaken.

“Sisters. This is not a permanent condition. She will return to normal in a little while and will remember none of this. What I have told her to do will stay with her though. You should never have to worry about seeing this again, unless there are others like her, that are totally intractable. I did not enjoy this spectacle and have no wish ever to repeat it again. This will never happen to any of you. I will not allow it. Now go on about your duties.”

I watched as the sisters filed from the room. They were still in shock.

Well, so was I.


“Yes Eschele?”

“Thank you.”

That broke my reverie. “Why?”

“You could have done that with us.”

I smiled at her. “I would never do that to you or Veraina or any of the sisters for that matter.”

Veraina looked up. “Master?” She asked softly.

“Yes Veraina?”

“You love us, don't you?”

That one hit home. I paused, just looking at my two little elven slaves. “Yes, yes I really do.”

“Thank you master.”


I walked to the room, deep in thought. Veraina and Eschele were at my heels. Upon entering if found Kisselia and Elerith on their knees in the middle of the floor. Kisselia was in perfect form and unmoving. She looked like a mannequin. Elerith was watching her. I could see that it unnerved her.


“Yes sire?” Her voice sounded tired.

“She will recover.

“I know, sire. It was just so... so wrong.”

“Tell me about it.” I sighed.

“You could have done that with any of us, couldn't you?”


“That is what almost happened to me this morning, isn't it.”

I sighed. “Yes, and it scared me beyond belief.”

She looked up at me. “You didn't want this, did you?”

“No. I wanted to be able to just work it out. But I didn't have time for a protracted argument with a power hungry leader.” I chuckled. “I guess I don't do politics that well.”

She smiled at me. “Sire, we still love you. We fear you, but we still love you.”

“El, you have to believe me, I would never so something like this to any of you.”

“We know. It was just scary to watch.” She sighed. “I understand why you did it that way though.”

I sat down at my bench. It was going to take a while before things got back to normal. In the meantime, however, I was going to send a message back to Camelot.

Kisselia, come here.”

“Yes master.”

“I have some new clothes for you. You are to wear them at all times as a sign of you subservience. You will wear them proudly to show your new station.”

“Yes master.” Her musical voice was sending cold chills down my back.

I went shopping for her. I found her a couple of sets of latex hot pants and shelf bras. The bras were leather and came to just below her new rings. I took a hole punch and made a little hole in the hot pants just where her clit was so her clit ring would swing free. The outfit was black and screamed slut. I found her a couple of pairs of over the calf high heel boots. The three-inch heels combined with her stature made it look as if she was on stilts. I gave her gloves that were black and came to the elbows. I changed her cuffs to ones that buckled, so she could change and bathe. Her collar stayed locked on however. I was tempted to give her a set of Ben Wa balls, but thought better of it. I had Veraina find her a room.

Collapsing back into my chair, I sighed. Was all of this worth it? Only time would tell, I thought. Elerith came and knelt before me.

“Yes El?”

“Sire, we love you.”

I smiled at her.

“Do not worry yourself so. The deed needed doing and was done with what compassion you could muster.”

“Thank you El.”

“Come, let us bathe before mid... lunch. It will relax you.”

Eschele went on ahead to get things started. I walked to the bath with my arm around Elerith. In the back of my mind I heard, the trap is truly closed now.