by Tracker

Bath Time

I was sitting back watching Seara sleep. She looked so peaceful. I couldn't help but wonder at these elves. I ran back in my mind the thoughts on their conditioning.

~Subject, behavioral conditioning of the local populace.~

~What do you wish to know?~

~Local reaction to masters.~

~Reaction is not localized. It is genetic, reinforced by the text left from the previous masters.~


~Subjects vary and are tested to find their proper position in sociological structure.~

 ~Parameters of the sects?~

~Parameters are trainability, docility, sexual response and openness to advanced programing.~

~Explain advanced programing.~

~Their ability to adopt the sexual practices imprinted on them by the master.~

I sat back and thought about that one. So they were conditioned to adopt my sexual preferences as their own. I looked back to Seara on the bed. Would she now prefer to be teased, led around on a leash and anally nailed? Or did this take place over a period of time.

~Can this conditioning be broken?~

~No, It is at a genetic level. To attempt to remove it would damage the subject.~

Part of me rebelled at the thought of the elves being at the mercy of their programming. Then it occurred to me that it was really no different that any other society. It was just more orderly. What choice did a poor man have in the way of training? Just what little the rich tossed them. Self-trained individuals could only rise so far. It wasn't a matter of ambition but of time. It sucked but it did sort the exceptional people from the crowd. But it also left a lot of rich lazy bastards in charge. Now I was the “rich lazy bastard” in charge. The problem in this case was that if I didn't follow the programming, I could actually be damaging the ones that I cared for. Hell, I had probably already warped a few. I was interrupted by a knock.


The door opened and this little brown haired elf was there. I had seen this one but she looked so timid that I had left her alone.

“Milord, your bath is ready.”

“Your name littleone.”

“Sire, my name is Tinimia.”

“Well Tinimia, tell me, what is your deepest sexual fantasy?”

“Sir?” She blushed down to her nipples.

“What have you always dreamed of doing?”

“M... milord... I... a pet, sire. I...”

“Hmm, a pet, eh?” I smiled. “Maybe we could arrange that for you.”

She dropped to her knees, her eyes wide. “M... milord?”

“Come join me in my bath, littleone, and we shall see about a collar and leash for you afterwards. You will have to sleep at the foot of the bed though.”

“M... milord... yes... milord yes.” She was sighing as she said it, her eyes far away.

If they were to be programmed, I would strive to fulfill a few fantasies along the way. I was curious to find out what some of the other girls fantasies were. This could be a fun time for all, if I did it right.

We found Aerealn and Karia already in the tub and soaking. I dropped my clothes on the bench and climbed in.

“Milord? Where is Seara?” Aerealn asked.

“I left her asleep on the bed. She has had a rough day.”

“Milord, what was it that you did to her?” Karia asked

“Oh, I gave her a couple of toys to keep her occupied.” I smiled. “Tell me Aerealn, what is your deepest fantasy?”

It was Aerealn's turn to blush. “I have always wanted to be tied up...”


Her blush deepened. In a small voice she replied. “And used, sire. By both sexes.”

“I see. Well I was thinking since you young ladies are trying so hard to please me, that I would return the favor.”

Aerealn's eyes grew wide. “You mean...”

“Well, it may not happen tonight, but I will make sure that you get your wish fulfilled.”

She stared off into the distance. “Yes, milord. Yes.”

I looked over at Karia. “How about you, dear?”

“Sire, you have already fulfilled most of my fantasy. The only thing that was lacking was being completely helpless.”

“Well, next time we shall see what we can do.” I smiled at Tinimia. “Come here little pet and curl up on my lap.”

Her eyes grew wide and she oozed over to me. Her movements so fluid that I had a hardon before she was half way across the tub. She crawled into my lap and drew herself into a little ball with her head on my chest. She was actually purring.

“Milord, Am I to understand that she wants to be a pet?” Aerealn smiled as she asked.

“So it would seem. But even a pet around here is going to learn some tricks.”

Tinimia looked up at me with wide eyes.

“Tinimia, sit.”

She looked down at my cock and moaned. In a move I couldn't begin to describe, she uncurled and in one fluid movement had the tip of me inside her cunt. She was facing me as she “sat”. I watched her sink down till it was buried inside of her. She was panting and trembling.

“Good kitty.”

I started to bounce her up and down. She did sound like a cat when she came. I kept her bouncing until she could no longer hold herself up. I let her rest for a while on my chest.

“Roll over!”

Her eyes flew open. I felt her pussy clench on my cock. She pulled herself off of me and rolled to her back. I started to rub her belly and tits.

“Good kitty.”

Then I pushed her down. Her back arched as I popped into her ass. Still slick with her juices, I sat up a little and just let her slide down. I had her positioned so she had no way to stop herself. When she bottomed out, she looked up at me and mewed.

“Aerealn, do you remember what I did to you earlier in the tub?”

“Yes, milord.”

“Would you care to try it with our little pet here?”


“If you don't care for it, just stop, but if you are planning on being used by both sexes, then you can expect this.”

Aerealn moaned then positioned herself between Tinimia's legs. I could see her head move slightly and Tinimia jumped. She looked down between her legs at Aerealn and moaned. I felt Aerealn's tongue lap at my cock where it went into Tinimia and a split second later, she jumped again and shuddered. Apparently Aerealn got used to the idea in a hurry because Tinimia was have a hard time sitting still. Which did wonders for my cock. I cupped her tits and massaged her nipples for her, which seemed to make it harder for her to sit still. I lay back and just enjoyed the wriggling, squirming and the squeezes when she came. I glanced over at Karia, she looked a little warm from the show. So I had her come over and straddle my face. I licked her to several orgasms then had her move off.

“Kitty want some cream?”

I motioned for Karia to straddle Tinimia's face. Then I really got rode. Karia grabbed her hair and held her to her cunt. From the look on Karia's face, Tinimia was being a good little pet. Finally she just collapsed. The girls let her go and she lay sprawled across my chest. I smiled at the girls then put my arm around Tinimia and rolled her over the edge of the pool. She came awake to me pounding into her ass. She still sounded like a cat when she came, her asshole gripped down hard and I shot a moment later. I picked her up and settled back into the water with her on my lap. I swear she was purring in her sleep.

We lay there till the water started to chill. I rousted Tinimia and bid the girls goodnight. Tinimia looked up at me a meowed. I smiled back.

“Kitty want her collar?”

She purred and rubbed up against me. I shook my head; she really enjoyed being a cat. We walked back to the room and I had her kneel by the bench. I measured her, then cut and dyed the leather. While it was drying, I went shopping. I had to hit quite a few stores, till I remembered the lesson with the gun. I pictured what I wanted in my mind and reopened the veil. There it was. I brought it through and had Tinimia stand up. She looked at what was in my hands without comprehension. I held it open at the waist and had her step into it then helped her stretch it over her legs. When we were finally finished I had her stand in front of the mirror. Her eyes went wide. A black latex catsuit, compete with a tail. Crotchless of course, with cutouts for her nipples. The leather for the collar was dry now, so I finished it, then added a little accessory that I thought she might like. I put it on her and locked it. She started to walk to the mirror and heard the tinkling. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. Amazing what a little bell from a cat's collar will do. I had her put on her heels and then gave her cuffs for her ankles and wrist. When she was finished she looked fantastic. She thought so to, judging from the difficulty that I had prying her from the mirror. I clipped a leash on her and we went out in search of Elerith.

We were on our way to the stairs when we passed Licyntha coming out of her room. Judging by the stunned look, I believe that Tinimia made quite the impression. We walked into the dining hall and there were still a few villagers and a couple of sisters there. It got real quiet. Except for the dish that hit the floor. I doubt that the lady even noticed that she dropped it. Elerith came out of the kitchens to see what happened and stopped dead in her tracks.

“Tinimia?” She half whispered.

Tinimia just tugged ahead of me, so I dropped her leash and watched her latex cover ass wiggle as she made her way to Elerith. When she got there, she dropped to her knees and meowed.

“It followed me home, mind if I keep it?”

Elerith looked up at me in shock. “What have you done to her?”

“I gave her what she wanted.”

Elerith looked down at Tinimia. “You wanted this?”

“Yes, mistress, since I can remember, my sister and I have fantasized about being cats. Being treated as cats. Milord asked me and I told him. He did all of this for me.” She had a tear in her eye.

I looked at Elerith. “Well, would you mind a cat sleeping at the end of the bed? It might even crawl into bed sometimes, you never know.”

Tinimia just purred. I doubt if Elerith realized what she was doing, but she started to pet her. I just smiled.

No Rest for the Wicked

I sat back in my chair and watched as the villagers overcame their shock. Suddenly Tinimia was the center of attention. One of the sisters even walked her to the table and started to brush her hair. She got petted, hugged and generally pampered. At least I wouldn't have to worry about watching her.

Then I caught myself, watch her? I was even starting to think of her as a cat.

Elerith finally finished what ever it was that she was doing and I had her take Tinimia's leash. I had Tinimia show us her room and grabbed the comforter off of the bed. When we got back to my room, I had Elerith put it at the foot of the bed. Tinimia went to it, sniffed it, then curled up in the middle of it. I put her leash over the bed post and made sure that she had plenty of slack. Meanwhile Elerith was looking at Seara, who was still passed out from earlier.

“Milord, may I go fetch some water and a towel to clean poor Seara up a little?”

“By all means.”

After she had left, I sat back to think. I was coming to realize that I wasn't being given that much time for thinking. I considered what I had learned so far and compared it to what I had observed since I had arrived. I was missing something. Ok, I was in a dom's utopia. I had thirteen young (relatively speaking) elves that would do anything that I wanted. I had all the resources at my disposal that I could ever need. I had a conflict with aliens. I had an entire town that I had taken under my wing. I had complete control over both the town and the local sect. They were conditioned to believe that I could do no wrong, so to speak.

The whole situation stank.

Don't get me wrong, I was in a proverbial paradise. I was challenged by the aliens, I was entertained and adored by the sisters. I was respected and paid difference to by the town.


The thought about this being a velvet trap came back to me. Why was it so imperative that I stay? With all of this in place...


I looked up and Elerith was washing some of the mess from Seara. Seara still hadn't stirred.

“Yes El?”

“I am sorry sir, but you were fading away.”

“Sorry El, I was lost in thought.”

“Can you help me roll Seara over. You seemed to have made quite the mess of the poor girl.”

I got up and helped her, then gave her a thong. Between the two of us, we managed to get it on her. About half way through, she moaned and wrapped her arms around me. She didn't seem to want to let go either. I finally managed to free myself and she whimpered a little, but didn't wake up. With Seara taken care of we stripped and climbed into bed.



“I never really got the chance to say thank you properly.”

I looked at her. “You said thank you.”

She rolled on top of me. “But not properly.”

She sank herself down on my cock. She was getting better at that, even thought her eyes did roll up when she hit bottom. She managed to get about six or seven strokes in before she came. But she was persistent. I lay back and let her do all the work for a while then I grabbed her wrists and started to bounce her. She went crazy. She let out a scream when I shot into her.

“Milord... That bouncing... what it does... to me.” She said between pants.

“That does look like it would be a challenge, milord.”

“Sorry, Seara, we didn't mean to wake you.”

She smiled. “Then you shouldn't have let Elerith on top of you, sire.”

I laughed. “She was just thanking me for the outfit that I picked out for her.”

“That is a nice dress. I love what it does for you, Elerith.”

“Tell me ladies, are you happy with the way things are so far?”

“Well, other than being teased half to death, and not getting bounced.” Seara pouted.

“I am quite content, milord.” Elerith smiled. “Of course I just got bounced.”

“Seara, tell me, what is your deepest fantasy?”

Seara blushed. “You have already done that, milord. I always dreamed of being helpless and teased to distraction, then used as a toy.”

“How about you El?”

“S... s... sire?” She said in a small voice. Suddenly she looked hesitant.

This had to be good.

“Well, how do you expect me to fulfill your fantasy, if you do not tell me?”

“But... I... Oh... I... am made... to clean up... after...”


“After you... use... girls...”

“Oh? How are you to clean them?”

“Oh... sire... no... please...”

“Elerith, do I have to punish you?”

“Oh, please sire, no, with my tongue, sire.”

“Hmm, you said girls, that could be two or...”

“Oh sire, please...” she whimpered.


“All of them, sire.” She was breathing heavily by this point. I could smell her arousal.

“I suppose that means that you would have to suck the cum out of them too.”

“Oh, god... sire... no, please.” Her eyes were wild. I could smell the musk from her get stronger.

“I don't know, I might like to watch you suck my cum out of the sisters’ asses.”

“It would appear that she wants to be put low.” Seara observed.

“If you mean humiliated, I would agree. But I don't think that she should just do them all at once, she might make a mistake.”

“Sire?” Elerith's voice was trembling.

“No, I think that she should practice first.”

I climbed out of bed and walked to the pile. I was going to have to find a place for all of this stuff. I found a nice padlock and went back and locked Elerith's hands behind her. I then put her on the floor beside the bed and made her kneel there. I pulled Seara over and had her lay with her legs hanging. Pulling her thong to the side, I pushed into her. I had a picture in my mind of Elerith's fantasy. Needless to say I didn't last long. I kind of felt sorry for poor Seara, she only came about five or six times. I pulled out and pointed at Seara's now gaping cunt.

“Elerith, get busy.”

She was panting. She knee walked to Seara then started to lick her. I watched and made sure that she got all that ran down her legs. She finally straightened.

“See, it is a good thing that we didn't try this with all of them.”

“Sire?” Elerith looked panicked.

“You didn't suck all of my cum from her cunt. Now finish her.”

Her face turned a bright crimson. “Yes milord.”

She buried her face back in Seara's pussy and Seara let out a low moan that started to rise in pitch. It reached a crescendo and Seara came all over Elerith's face. Which made her go back to finish her legs again.

“There you go, that was a good job, once you got the hang of it.”

She looked dazed and was panting. “Thank you sire.”

“Now lets see how you do with the other hole.”

Her eyes grew huge and she started to shake her head no. I pushed into Seara's cunt then pulled out and shoved it in her ass. Seara came on the spot. I heard Elerith moan. I had no trouble coming as watching Elerith's performance and envisioning the up coming act had me primed. I pulled it out and held it in front of Elerith.

“You might as well clean this first.”

She panted. “Yes... Sire.”

She was very thorough and when she finished went right to work on Seara. I almost shot again watching her stick her tongue up Seara's ass. She decided to do that first as she had a pretty good idea that Seara was going to cum during that particular phase of the cleaning. She was right. When she finished, she went back to her kneeling position and I checked her work.

“We have a name for you where I come from.”

“Sire?” You could almost see the heat rolling off of her.

“Yes, cum-sucking slut.”

“Oh sire.” She whimpered.

Seara managed to recover enough to ask. “Sire what does slut mean?”

“Oh, just a girl who will do anything to get fucked and often.”

Seara laughed. “Then I guess we are all your sluts then.”

Elerith was whimpering as we talked.


“Please sire, I am in need.”

“I suppose since I am staying here, that I need to teach you a few words from my language.”

“Yes sire.”

“What you need to say is, please fuck me.”

“Yes, sire, please fuck me, sire.”

“Good girl.”

I helped her up and took her to the foot of the bed. The rope was still hanging from the eyebolt in ceiling, so I tied it to her padlock and pulled her arms up. It wasn't a hard strappado but it was enough to keep her bent at the waist.

“Now be careful or we will wake the cat. Then you will have to clean it too.”

Elerith just moaned. I actually fucked her rather gently. She had to be getting tired by now. She still screamed every time that she came. I released her from the rope and lead her to bed.

“Sire, are you going to unlock me?”

“No, I think you will sleep tonight with Seara's cum on your face. You won't be tempted to wipe it off this way.”

“Yes sire.” She said meekly. Then she whispered. “Sire, thank you.”


“Yes sire?”

“As long as you are happy, so shall I be.”

She looked at me in wonder, and then snuggled in as best she could. Seara curled up against me on the other side.

A Brave New Day

This sunlight in the face thing was getting old. I was going to have to introduce this world to curtains. I yawned and stretched. Hmm, Seara was still curled up on one side and Elerith still hadn't wandered off. I could learn to love this place. Now if it just had plumbing. I smacked Seara on her cute little ass.


“Rise and shine littleone. A new day dawns.”


“Well, I guess another day of discipline wouldn't hurt.”


She rolled out of bed and knelt next to it. “Sire, may I serve you?”

I smiled at her. “Draw a morning bath for us.”

She smiled back. “Yes sire.”

I rolled back over and noticed that Elerith was already awake. She had a big grin on her face.

“You do well here sire.”

“You think?”

“You pamper us, yet keep us controlled.”


“I take it you agree, kitten?” I laughed.

“Oh, yes sire. The reality is much better than the dream. I always felt ashamed by my desires, but now, I am in heaven. I no longer feel afraid.”

“Well, you are going to have to take a bath after morning meal. You do need to spend some time outside that second skin of yours, Tinimia. Your skin needs to breathe occasionally.”

“Yes sire. Will you take me to morning meal on my leash? Please?”

“I will be happy to, kitten.”

I rolled out of bed and found the keys to Elerith's padlock and released her. Watching her stretch was invigorating to say the least. Watching her dress was erotic. Watching her walk in those heels was obscene.

“I will make sure morning meal is being prepared, sire.”

“By all means, I think I will stay here and play with the cat.”

Elerith just grinned as she walked to the door.


I walked to the pile and picked up a few things. I took them to the bed then unhooked Tinimia's leash.

I lay back and said. “Here kitty, kitty.”

She crawled up onto the bed then up my legs. Ass high and swaying as she moved. She came up and nuzzled my face.


I gently pushed her down. “Sit.”

She moaned and positioned herself over my cock. Then slid down onto it. Her eyes rolled up for a second. I took each of her wrists and locked them to her ankles. Her eyes went wide.


I pulled her down on top of me then held her with one arm. I grabbed the vibrator that I had retrieved earlier and managed to lube it with one hand. Not an easy task. She was wiggling around by this point, whether trying to get away or just get off, I couldn't tell. I nuzzled the vibrator up against her ass then slid it in. Her wiggle turned into a full-fledged squirm. I shoved it home then turned it on. It took both arms to hang onto her. She was fighting her bonds and humping and thrashing like an animal. I just let her fight; I was getting the cock massage of a lifetime.

About this point, there was a knock on the door. I doubt that Tinimia even noticed. She was a little distracted.


A little brown haired elf entered. Nude of course. I suppose that dressing them as I nailed them was one way to keep score. She stopped dead and stared as little Tinimia went nuts on me. I watched as her eyes glazed over and her breath quickened.

“S... si... sire?” She panted.

“Yes, littleone?”

“Um... uh... morning... morning meal is... err... served... sire...” She couldn't take her eyes off of Tinimia.

We were interrupted as Tinimia came, quite vocally.

“Littleone, what is your name?”

“Um...” She looked as if she was having a hard time remembering it. “Asinith... sire.”

“Well Asinith, we will be along shortly. Why don't you join us for our bath after morning meal?”

Her eyes finally wandered to mine. Then my words sank in. She seemed to glow.

“Yes... please... yes, sire! yes!”

I watched as she skipped from the room. Meanwhile it would seem that Tinimia was starting to wear down a little. I didn't want her to wear herself completely out before morning meal, so I propped her up a little with my hands on her shoulders and started to bounce her. I was already close, so when she screamed and clamped down on me, I shot deep into her cunt. She almost passed out. I let her down on me, her chest was heaving as she drew in air.

When we had recovered somewhat I unlocked her wrists. I let her clean herself up a little as I dressed and then clipped her leash to her collar.  I helped her to her feet and steadied her as she swayed. I had her lead the way out the door so I could watch her lovely little ass. That tail was just too erotic for words.


“Yes, pet?”

“What was that thing that you put in my backside?”

I chuckled. “That is known as a vibrator.”

“It should be called an earth shaker.”

“Oh, you didn't like it?”

“I liked what I could remember of it. It made my mind go away after a short time.”

When we entered the hall, there were a few stares, but I was amazed at how these people adapted to the strangeness that I had introduced over the last few days. It was much a replay of the day before, with the exception of setting a bowl of food on the floor so Tinimia could eat. Come to think of it, I was adapting to the strangeness pretty well myself. As I ate, I worked through what I thought I would need in the upcoming attack. I had little doubt that it would be coming, when I had no clue. I wondered at my own ambivalence. It was almost as if I couldn't take it seriously. Was this linked to the rest of the puzzle?

I glanced up and noticed that there were quite a few people staring at me. As soon as they saw me look up they went back to what they were doing. I went back to considering my situation. If the aliens were to attack, It would be nice to have some air cover. That said, where the hell would I get it? Most of the pilots that I had known from the Air Force were retired or had jobs pushing around the big passenger jets. Fighter pilots were necessarily a young breed and I knew of none. I shelved the idea, but had something tickling the back of my brain. When I came back from my thoughts I was staring down the long table at the far wall. There was a tapestry there. I stared at it for a while.

Of course!

Finishing off my plate, I went outside. I looked around and found that it was much too crowded. I left the castle and walked a few hundred yards down the road. I wondered to myself if he would answer after all these years.


I heard nothing for a few moments. Then there was a boom that sounded from the sky. I saw what looked like a small smoke ring and a dot that started to grow in size as I watched it. It had wings. I smiled for a moment then noticed that it kept getting bigger... and bigger. My eyes were starting to bug a little. And still it kept growing. My god, if this was Memneth, he had grown to the size of a navel destroyer! Finally he landed in front of me and I landed on my ass. The back blast from his wings bowling me over.


I picked myself up and stared at him open mouthed. He stood about three stories tall at the shoulder and I could only guess at his length. His fore claws were longer than I was tall. I finally recovered some of my composure.



He lowered his head to the ground. I still had to look up to look him in the eye. I walked to him and rubbed the side of his snout.

“I have missed you son.”


“Does this place disturb you like where we used to be?”


“Would you mind staying for a while? It would seem that I might need your help.”


“Do you need anything? Food?”




“I will talk with them. It might help with their fear. Find a place and let me know were it is, I will come to you and talk.”


“And I you, son. And I you.”

I backed away and watched as he unfurled his wings. God he was huge. He jumped and his wings caught the air, knocking my on my ass again. He circled the castle once and flew off inland. I stared at him till he was out of sight.

“Milord, are you harmed, are you well?” I heard frantic voices.

I looked over. Elerith and just about everyone else was clustered behind me. They all looked worried.

“I am unharmed.”

“What was that, sire?”

I turned and started to walk back to the castle. “That was my son.”

Morning Bath

I turned and walked up to the room. I sat for a while, staring at the wall. After all these years, I could talk with my son. Where had he been, what had he done? Hell, where to start. I hadn't given it any thought when I called him. I really hadn't expected... I really didn't know what I was expecting.


It was Asinith.

I smiled at her. “Yes, littleone?”

“We were waiting for you at the bath.”

“Sorry, littleone, I was lost in thought.”



“Why do you fade away when you think hard?”

“You know, I have no idea.” I smiled again. “Let’s go to the bath.”

She grinned real big and jumped up and down a few times. Which almost got her little ass nailed right there on the spot. Pervert’s paradise. Somehow I just couldn't believe that they didn't know how bouncing their tits like that affected a male.

When we arrived there were already several sisters in the tub. I noticed Tinimia with another little elf. Side by side they looked like mirror images. Asinith, already nude, just walked over and slid in. Elerith grinned as I watched. I shed my clothes and heard a little gasp from the elf with Tinimia. I was starting to get curious. I slid in next to Seara and let the water soak into my bones. Seara looked to be asleep.

“Excuse me littleone, I do not know your name.”

The little elf next to Tinimia jumped a little. “My name is Sinimia.”

Hmm, Tinimia, Sinimia. Sisters?

“I take it you are Tinimia's sister?”

“Yes, milord.”

I looked at Elerith. “Didn't Tinimia say something about her and her sister’s fantasy?”

Elerith smiled. “Yes, I believe she did.”

“Well?” I asked looking a Sinimia.

Sinimia looked shocked. “Um, yes sire?”

“We are going to have to start a kennel.” I laughed.

“You mean... I mean are... could you? Please?” She was blushing, but smiling from ear to ear.

“I see no reason why not.”

“Oh, thank you, sire.”

I looked at Asinith and smiled, as she looked a little lost. “We were discussing fantasies. Tell me what is something that you have always fantasized about?”

She looked shocked, then turned bright red and slid down into the tub. “Uh, I have... thought... dreamed... um, about being... taken.”

“Well that is a given, but I think you are leaving something out, aren't you?”

She turned even more red. “Against my will.” It came out in a whisper.

“I see... that one may have to wait. I will have to think on it.”

She looked both relieved and disappointed. I chuckled to myself, none of them had a clue about some of the things that I had done. It wasn't a problem to do; it was just doing it right. Since they were bonding to me, I wanted to make sure they enjoyed the experience.

“I will want both of you up to the room for a fitting, after you finish washing me.”

I watched as the words filtered in and they fully realized what I had said. They rose as one and flowed across the water to me. God these little elves could move. It was almost as if their every move was calculated to be sexy. I lay back in the tub and let their tiny hands roam my body. This was almost too good. I rolled over and let them do my back. When they were done I slid under and rinsed. As I came up I did a little twist under the water and drove my face up between one of their legs. I had no idea which one. I trapped her against me by grabbing her ass and stuck my tongue deep into her cunt. I heard a squeal then a sigh. I held her there till her legs gave way. She made some very interesting noises in the process. It was Asinith. She half floated by the edge with Elerith supporting her. I beckoned to Sinimia.


“Here kitty, kitty.”

Her face registered shock for a moment, and then she came to me. I had her straddle me and sink down till just the head was inside of her. Then I jerked her legs out from under her. She let out a wail and I could hear her squirt past my cock. She started to faint so I supported her and started to bounce her up and down. She came back to life with a vengeance, her hair making a halo around her head as she slung it back and forth. Then, the last time that she came, she went still. I picked her up off of me and lay her over the edge of the tub. When I shoved it up her ass her back arched.


I started to stroke her slowly, drawing it out, while she tried to claw through the stone floor. It wasn't long before her little ass was pushing back to meet me, trying to speed up the pace. I pinned her to the floor and maintained a nice slow even stroke. She was starting to get quite vocal about it, sounding like a cat in heat. I kept the pace slow until she started to babble. I pick up then and started to pound until she was just about to cum, then slowed back down.

“Rowl?” She whimpered. “Milord, please.”

“Yes, littleone?”

“I am in need.”

“Oh, then you need to ask me to fuck you.”

“Oh, please, milord, fuck me.”

“In the ass?”

“Yes, please, fuck my ass, milord.”

I started to ream her hard then. It wasn't long before she wailed and I felt a velvet vice on my cock. I shot it deep into her bowels and felt her come again.

She lay there panting on the edge. I looked over and the girls were smiling.

“Elerith? I think you need to clean up. I got the first one. This one is yours.”

“Mi... milord?” Her face turned crimson and her breath caught in her throat.

I sighed. “This is getting to be a habit with you, I am going to have to punish you.”

“Milord, please no.” She whimpered.

“Yes, you know that you have a job to do. I do not want you to hesitate, you are going to learn to mind.”

“Yes milord.” She whispered.

She glided across the pool and all conversation stopped. Sinimia's back arched again as Elerith stuck her tongue in it.


“Just hold still, kitten. The little slut needs to suck out all that nasty cum.”

Elerith moaned. Sinimia just looked back over her shoulder as the blond head bobbed up and down on her ass.

Fittings and Such

A simple old canvas mailbag. Heavy canvas, a rope closure with a locking clasp. A relic of the sixties or seventies, I couldn't remember which. I had used it for a laundry bag when I went camping. I smiled.

I had told Sinimia and Asinith that I would meet them up in the room and had sent them on ahead. I had then veiled to my room to dig out my old laundry bag and wait. I had already extinguished the torches. The room was only dimly lit by the sun though the window. I was going to have to be careful though or I would scare Sinimia.

I heard them before I saw them, chatting as they came down the hall. The door opened and Sinimia came through. She tried to stop but was knocked forward by Asinith. They both stumbled into the center of the room. I slowed time. It seemed to be more difficult here. I walked over tho Asinith and simply put the bag over her head. It fell down to below her ass, so I gathered it up and cinched it at her waist and locked it in place. I hooked the bag’s draw rope to the rope from the ceiling. Then I let time back to normal. Asinith was still moving under momentum when I pulled the rope taut and hooked it on the bed. I turned to Sinimia and she screamed just before my hand went over her mouth. Then she saw who I was by the light from the door. She relaxed and I pointed to my chair. She cocked her head, but went to sit like a good little kitten. Meanwhile Asinith was having a little trouble. I had the rope just tight enough that if she walked in any direction it would start to lift her from the ground. But that didn't keep her from trying. I could hear the heavy breathing and the whimpering as she fought the bag. Her arms were essentially free inside, so she was trying to pry and pound the bag, which I am sure, didn't feel a thing.

I had run a second rope through the eye and I took it and tied it to the drain holes that I had put in the bag, way back when. I took the slack off of this rope, pulling the bag up taunt. It had the effect of pulling her arms in to her body. She was thrashing around like crazy now. Lifting her feet off of the floor at times. I had a pair of ankle cuffs that fit her just right. I almost got kicked when I put them on her though. I padlocked her legs to the spreader bar after a slight struggle. Then I ran my hand up the inside of her leg to her cunt. She lifted up on her tiptoes and I took some more slack off the rope. When she tried to come back down it pulled the bag to her tighter. I walked around her and groped her through the bag. She couldn't tell were I was, so she didn't know where to jump. I walked over to my pile – did I mention that I was going to have to find a place for all of this? And grabbed a vibrator and some lube. After greasing it up a little I trapped her waist and shoved it up her ass. When I turned it on she danced, my how she danced. I ran a finger through her slit and it came out soaked. Holding the vibrator in place I walked in front of her and pushed my cock into her. She pulled away screaming into the bag and I shoved the vibrator in farther. She tried to dance away from it and I slid in a little deeper. She was frantic now. I trapped the spreader bar with my foot and shoved upward into her cunt till I was in as far as I could get. Her whole body shook. She was making squeaking sounds and gasping. I started to fuck her hard. Her feet trapped to the floor and the bag holding her body in place, she was truly screwed. She was thrashing back and forth but whenever she pulled it had the effect of drawing me into her harder. I used her for quite a while, until, with a scream, she came hard and grew still.

I pulled out of her and walked behind her. She was dangling from the ropes. I pulled her hips back and took the place of the vibrator. She came awake immediately. I trapped the spreader bar again and stood there letting her fuck herself with her struggles. Finally she either calmed or just plain wore out, and the movements slowed. I started to pump her ass then. She just moaned. I slowly picked up the pace till she was gasping for breath. Her ass started to come back to meet me. I had already felt her cum a few times. She picked up the pace, then her whole body tensed and her asshole clamped down on me hard. I shot and our screams intermingled.

It was actually harder to get her down than it was to trap her there. She was out like a light and a dead weight in the bag. I finally got her onto the bed and unlocked the bag. I pulled it off of her and she was covered in sweat. I pulled a sheet over her so she didn't chill. She had a very serene look. I guessed that I would have to ask her later if this was what she had in mind.

I went to my bench and beckoned Sinimia over. She came and knelt by the bench. I measured her neck and started her collar. While the dye was drying, I summoned a veil, picturing in my mind what I wanted. There it was. I pulled it through and Sinimia gasped. I helped her into it and she flew to the mirror.

“Milord! It is so beautiful.”

I let her stand there. To be honest, I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of her. I finished her collar and fitted it to her along with her wrist and ankle cuffs. I found her a pair of matching heels to go with it and just stared. I now had a white cat. The latex glistened under the torchlight. In the white heels and the black collar and cuffs she was a bondage wet dream.

I finally pulled my eyes away from her and measured Asinith's neck. It was almost lunch before I finished it. I found her a Silver dress and a thong and woke her up. The first thing that she saw was Sinimia. She gasped.

“Milord, she is a vision.”

“Well, you will be too when you dress.”


I pointed to the dress and thong and she squealed, clapping her hands. I had to help her with her thong. Did I say how tough it was being a master?  I put her cuffs and collar on her then helped her with her heels. After the obligatory trip to the mirror, I sat her down.

“Asinith, did you enjoy your fantasy?”

“Milord, I was so scared that I thought I should cry. I was so helpless. I could scarcely believe how in need that it made me.”

“Then I take it that I didn't go too far?”

“No, milord. A slighter portion and the meal would scarce be fulfilling.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. I knew that I had been taking a big chance. Fantasies and realities sometimes clash in a big way and I had pushed it some. My thoughts were jarred by a knock.


This time it was a little black haired elf. She came in and knelt. Then her eyes caught Sinimia. Her jaw hit her chest and she blushed.

“Yes, littleone?”

“Sire, mid day meal is served.” Her eyes never left Sinimia.

“Your name littleone?”

“Eschele, sire.”

“Well, I want you to return after mid day meal.”

She just stared at me. “Um, yes, sire.”



“Is there a problem?”

“No, sire. It is just that so much has happened that I am a little frightened.”

“Ah, I see... Tell me, what is your deepest fantasy?”

She looked shocked. “Sire?”

“What do you fantasize about?”

“Slavery sire.”


She sighed. “I wish to be forced to serve. I wish to be punished when I disobey. I wish to be used as you see fit. I wish to be totally under control, chained.”

Whew. This one sure knew what she wanted. “When would you like to start?”

“Sire? It is but a thought. I could never...”

“I can see that you need to be punished for not answering me.”

I sent the girls ahead, and then I strode over to her and lifted her to her feet. I drug her to my bench and made her kneel. I put wrist and ankle cuffs on her, then locked her hands behind her. Her eyes were like saucers by this point. I turned her over my knee and spanked her hard. I had given her about twenty strokes and she came hard.

“Bad slut. You are not to cum unless I give you permission.”

“Yes... Sire...” She panted.

I finished with another thirty. I could tell that she was fighting to keep from coming, her body rigid. So, I helped her. I slid my hand down the crack of her ass the pushed my thumb up her asshole. She shrieked and of course, came hard.

“I can tell that you are going to need training, slut.”

“Y... yes... sire... please.”

“Did you mean, please correct me?”

“Yes... sire. Please correct me.”

“Well, I have some things to help you practice your self control.”


I measured her neck and started a collar for her. Then I put her on her feet and dug out a butt plug. Bending her over at the waist, I shoved it in. She came back upright with a little shriek. I could see her body quiver as she fought her orgasm. I put a set of latex panties on her then gave her a set of Ben Wa balls. I did the visualization trick and found her some stockings, a garter belt, a white tube top and a leather skirt that I first mistook as a belt. Oh, and a nice little maid's cap and white elbow length gloves.

Unlocking her hands, I helped her dress, which embarrassed her to no end. When she was all decked out, I finished her collar and locked it on her. Her hands went back behind her back and I locked them in place. I raided a pet store for a chain leash, measured fourteen inches and cut it. I locked either end to her ankles, giving her an fourteen inch stride. Then I found her some very tall heels. I looked at her critically. Something was missing. I was pushing her rather hard, I thought, so just to be sure, I scanned her mind. I came away with a hardon. Calling her turned on by this was like calling an aircraft carrier a big boat.

Hmm, so let’s push it a little farther, shall we? I veiled to a piercing studio and borrowed a gun and a couple of rings. Pulling the top down so her nipples were displayed, I put the gun up next to her right nipple. She came when I did the first as well as the second.

“You simply refuse to mind.”

She was beyond the point where she could talk. I healed her nipples so they could take a strain then hooked a chain between them. A leather leash went to that chain. She moaned as the weight drew her nipples down. I walked her to the mirror. She gasped at the sight that greeted her. I let her stand there with her mouth open for about a minute.

“Come, we are late for mid day meal.”

“Yes sire.”