by Tracker

First Encounters

Finally we got out. The girls wandered off and I went back and dressed. Suddenly I had a weird feeling that something wasn't right. I veiled back to the tower and accessed the stone.

~Is there a way to interface with you without contact.~


I felt the pulse in my head again. It felt like it was in a different part of my head. It went on quite a while. I discovered there were other functions while this was happening. When it was done, I released the stone.

~You are now integrated into the command link.~

~I need an area out to twenty miles monitored for alien activity.~

~Done. Activity on grid coordinates 51-13-01.46 x 1-45-03.19.~

~Display activity.~

The room disappeared and I had an aerial view of a road. Villagers were running down it, being pursued by something in the air. They looked like helicopters without the blades. I veiled down to my room and grabbed my forty-four, my sword and my Walther. I then veiled to the attack.

I came out slightly behind the crowd as the aircraft were starting another run. Without thinking, the forty-four appeared in my hand, cocking on the way out of the holster. The one on the right slewed into my sights and I squeezed off a shot. The resulting blast blew the other one sideways and into the ground.

~Were there any transmissions from the targets?~

~No transmissions were detected.~

~Live targets?~

~None detected~

I returned the forty-four to my holster. Then the adrenalin caught up with me and I started to shake for a few seconds, almost going to my knees. I started to walk back towards where the villagers had run from. I scanned both sides of the road. I could see where the blast points had hit on each run. At the third set I found an elf. It was so covered in blood that I couldn't tell its sex. I knelt down and felt a faint pulse. I channeled my energy and let it flow into the wounded creature. I did it slowly so there would be no shock, beyond what it had already suffered. While I was doing this, a few of the villagers had caught up with me. They watched as I slowly brought the elf back to life. When I had done all that I could to, I got up.

“Over here, milord.”

I ran to the next victim and repeated my treatment. One I got to too late. But I managed to save six of them. In the meantime the others had gone back and retrieved their wagons. I found out that this was the rest of the villagers from Lanith. I told them to get going. I went over to the downed aircraft and walked around it. It was smooth and black. I finally found a hatch and opened it, then looked inside. It looked like both of the crew members were killed on impact. I dragged their bodies out and laid them next to the craft. I took about and hour looking through the craft, but not being an egghead, I had no clue about what made it work. I gave it up as a lost cause and veiled back to my room deep in thought.

~What is the time differential between this world and mine?~

~Thirteen point two one seconds.~

~Can I return back to the time of departure?~

~Yes, but no further excursions are possible until time equalizes.~

 ~So an hour trip would mean that I can't return for thirteen hours and twenty one minutes?~


So I had better get it right first time. I thought to myself. I still had an adrenalin high going when a little blond elf walked in. She saw me and dropped to her knees. It took everything I had not to grab her and nail her little ass right there.

“Pardon milord, I came to change the linen.”

“I see, and you are?” I was surprised how calm I sounded.

“My name is Licyntha, sir.”

“Licyntha, I need you to find Gavin and Elerith and tell them that I need to speak with them.”

“Yes, sir.” She looked disappointed.

I chuckled after she left. After I relayed the news, the little elf was going to get luckier than she thought. I sat down and started to make a list in my head. One of the first things would be a palm pilot and a way to charge it. Some of the stuff was military. I couldn't purchase that anyway, so that could be done from this side with a veil. Reloading tools, wiring, etc.

~Can you transmit energy to electronic devices?~


Well, some solar panels and batteries should work in a pinch. I opened a veil to my old room and sneezed with all the dust, I am a lousy housekeeper. I found my old Garmin palm and brought through the dock. I looked wistfully at my computer, but figured the Internet was out of the question. My hunting gear, ammo and some tools.  I brought through my clothes and then moved it to my leather shop. That took quite a while to bring across. I was just bringing the last pieces over, when Gavin showed up. He stood to the side watching me curiously as I drug the last of the leather through the portal. A few minutes later Licyntha showed up with Elerith.

“The caravan from town was attacked on the way here. One didn't make it. They should be here in a few hours. I treated the worst injuries, but there will probably be a few that need treatment on arrival. I want a hot meal prepared for their arrival and some common baths as well as a place for then to be checked out for injuries.”

“Do you know the name of the one who died?” Gavin asked.

“Regrettably, no, I had other things on my mind.”

“I understand sire. I was just worried for my friends.”

“I got them moving and they are being monitored as we speak. They should have no further problems.”

“Thank you sire. I will get right to the meal and setting up a place for them to be checked as they come in.”

“Thank you Gavin.”

“I will get to the baths and organize the sisters for treatment.”

“Thank you Elerith.”

With that they turned to leave. Licyntha got up to follow Elerith.

“Licyntha, come here please.”

Elerith shot me a grin over her shoulder. The little elf walked up to me and knelt.

“Yes, milord?”

I said nothing, I just dropped my pants as I heard the door close. Licyntha's eyes grew large, but she opened her mouth. I pushed it in and she started to nurse on it. I let her go till it was hard and then picked her up and put her on the bed. I put her ankles on my shoulders and pushed my cock into her cunt. She sucked in a deep breath. I shoved it home and it came out with a whoosh. I wasn't using any tricks or techniques, I was just fucking her. Hard. She panted and whimpered as I pumped away in her cunt. I felt her cunt grab me and her back arched. She let out a whine as she came. I just kept pounding away at her. I felt her cum at least three more times before I shot my load. Her eyes rolled up, but she didn't pass out. I crawled up on the bed then grabbed her and sat her between my legs, facing my feet. She was swaying slightly. I half sat up then lifted her up and back. I saw her look down. I lined my cock up with her asshole then let her down till it was pushing at the entrance.


I let her down farther and it popped into her ass.


I dropped her. She let out a hoarse scream and fell back on my chest. I wrapped my legs around hers and pinned her back with an arm around her tits. With my other hand, I reached down and pinched her clit. She came awake immediately. I started pounding into her ass hard. She was making little noises like barks. She couldn't seem to get enough air for a scream. She was thrashing around and bucking. I held her to me and just pounded her. I felt her go limp again and I pinched her nipples. Her back arched as she woke up. I hadn't stopped stroking her ass for second. She was frantic by this point. She was getting her ass reamed and I was pinching her nipples hard. I felt the bed getting wetter and wetter. I finally pulled her legs together, trapping them between mine and pounded her like this till I shot into her ass. She went limp on top of me. I pulled a pillow down and rolled us both up on top of it. I grabbed her wrist and pulled them out and up. She was pinned underneath me now. I pulled back and started to pump her. I could feel myself hardening again. It didn't take more than a dozen strokes before I was hard as a rock and pounding her ass again. She came back awake and her hands clawed the bed. She was making grunting noises as I smacked into her ass. She wriggled underneath me, but I held her trapped. Then I felt her asshole grab me. She let out a squeak. I pounded her harder and she started to cum over and over. I was rocking her body so hard that the entire bed was moving. The peaks were getting closer and closer together, when I came. She shrieked, and then went limp.

I sat there staring at her for a while. Part of me wanted to nail her again. I wondered at that. I summoned another veil and focused it on a rather sleazy lingerie shop that I knew of. I had been in there once and the guy was a real asshole. Well, I guess that it's inventory reduction week for you. I browsed his store, picking this and that. I cleaned out a few racks. I shopped his better quality outfits, of which there weren't that many and of course the undies. I got the smallest sizes that I could find. I did find some tube dresses. I grabbed all the black and silver ones. I closed the veil and examined them. Nice and stretchy, actually better quality. I checked out the box and I had about thirty of them. Somehow a midnight blue one had snuck in. Oh, well, it should go good with Elerith's eyes. I thought about it for a minute. Opening another veil, I grabbed another midnight blue and a few other shades of blue. She was, after all, the mistress of the sisters.

I figured that I had a little time before lunch, so I grabbed my tape and measured Licyntha's wrist, neck and ankles. I sat down and got to work. I had to open a veil again to my shed; I had forgotten my arbor press and jigs. It took probably all of an hour and I had a nice set of restraints for my little elf. I made a mental note to raid for some more locks. I was just putting the last one on her ankle, when there was a knock at the door.


The elf that came in had white hair. She knelt by the door. I stared at her.

“Milord, mid day meal is ready.”

“Your name littleone?”

“My name is Seara, Milord.”

“I don't remember seeing you, before.” I was puzzled.

“Forgive me milord, but I was scared, so I hid.”

“But all of the sisters were at the meal.”

“I was there, I just hid.”

I puzzled at that for a moment.

“Do you mean that you made yourself unnoticeable?”

“Yes milord. Elerith came to me today and told me that I was rude and that I should apologize.”

“I see.” I thought about it for a minute. “Come here Seara.”

She came to me and knelt. I measured her neck and made her a collar. While I was waiting for the dye to dry on it, I had her stand up. I dug through the pile from the sex store and found some ben wa balls and some latex panties. Hmm, there it is, a nice little butt plug. I had her turn around spread her legs and bend over. I inserted the plug in the appropriate hole and had to catch her as her knees gave out. Touchy little thing. I then had her put the panties on. When she had them nice and snug I peeled them to one side and inserted the balls. Her eyes were a little panicked by this point. The collar had dried nicely by now, so I mounted all of the hardware and put that on her too. This simple act made her eyes glaze over. She was panting. I then had her put on the tube dress. I adjusted it so that it just covered her nipples. Hmm, something was missing. I opened a veil to a high end shoe shop. There they were, high heels. I found a pair that would fit her, but they only had two in that particular size. I was going to have to do some hunting for the rest of the girls. I dropped a gold coin on the counter and wondered what they would make of it. I had her put them on and walk to the door and back. Elves must have exceptional balance, she had no trouble with the new shoes. Lord what it did for her ass when she moved though. She had broken out in a sweat when she made it back to me.

“M... mil... milord... These things... they... torment... me so... I am... I am in need.”

“They are there to remind you who you belong to now. They are to be your punishment for hiding your beauty from me. You will wear them till sleeptime. I will decide how to finish your punishment then.”

“Y... yes... milord.” Her melodic voice was quivering.

I clipped a leash to her collar and led her to lunch.


Seara had a little trouble with the stairs for some reason. I suppose those balls must have been raising hell combined with those heels. When I took her into the dining room, all conversation stopped. The sisters who were present looked shocked. The male villagers looked stunned, some with their mouths hanging open. The female villagers were a mix between stunned and jealous. I led her to my place and sat down. She knelt beside me, panting slightly. Elerith was already in her place and looked at her then at me.

“I did some shopping, do you approve?”

“Milord, that outfit would have her taken in an instant if she was back in Lanith.”

“I got one for you also. But she has some other accessories that are her punishment for hiding the other night.”

“May I go get it?” She was almost begging.

“No, not till I can show you which one is yours.”

“Very well, milord.” She actually pouted.

“Do you like it?”

“Milord, I had no idea that clothing could make a woman look more naked than being nude. It looks... exciting. I feel in need just gazing at her.”

“Well it was just a little something. I made her the collar; don't you think it goes well?”

“Sir, that collar alone has every sister in here panting.”

“Wait till you see the rest of the set.”


“I made a full set for Licyntha, while she was resting. Why don't you have one of the girls go fetch her?”

Throughout the meal, she couldn't tear her eyes away from Seara. I had gotten a double portion and I hand fed her as we ate and talked. Elerith kept coming back to her outfit. She wanted one bad. I wouldn't give her any details and that made it worse. I noticed that all of the sisters had shown up by this point and that there was a very animated discussion going on. I heard the word collar over and over. 

Then Licyntha walked in. I suppose floated in would be more appropriate. She had a radiant smile that lit up the room. She came to me and knelt. Then she noticed the outfit that Seara had on. Her eyes went wide.

“I have one for you also, Licyntha. We will get it for you after mid day meal.”

She panted slightly. “Yes milord.” Her voice was husky.

The conversations in the room had stopped again. I saw a couple of sisters touching their necks. The villagers were starting to crowd into the room too. It would seem that I had started a sensation. I had Licyntha return to her seat. I got to thinking that I might want to be careful. If I went and hand fed each one when they were to be punished, then I might wind up with a whole line of bad girls.

Licyntha was the center of attention back at her seat. It seemed as if all of the sisters and quite a few of the villagers were asking her questions. She was a little red faced and intimidated by the attention. The other sisters were talking a mile a minute. I rather thought that it was strange that she wasn't bothered by wearing no clothes, she was bothered by questions. I noticed that none of the sisters were really worried by being seen by the villagers nude. It really didn't seem to faze the villagers that much either. I was wondering what I was going to do about them ignoring my rule on the robes, but I figured that I would let it slide till later, when I had a better idea of their makeup. Besides, I made the rule to keep from starting an uproar with the villagers. It seemed rather pointless now. Considering their normal dress, it did seem a little unusual though.

I took my time finishing, which was driving Elerith nuts. She sat there and fretted like a little kid. I noticed that Licyntha was watching me pretty closely too. The only one that didn't seem to anxious for me to move was Seara. Her breathing had finally returned to normal, but she was being real careful to hold still. I decided that I had enough fun here and slid back from the table. I heard Seara moan. Elerith looked at her funny. I just smiled.

Let’s Play Dress Up

Elerith spent her trip upstairs watching Seara. Licyntha was watching her too. They couldn't figure out what was bothering the poor little elf. I could see a thousand questions chase each other across their faces. I led them to my room and told Seara to kneel. Licyntha had already knelt when she came in the door. Elerith followed me to my bench before she knelt. I smiled at her and tossed her a thong from the stack. She just stared at it. I had her stand and helped her into it. Funny thing, she had been nude a moment before, but the act of me helping her with a pair of panties embarrassed her to no end. I then blocked her view and picked up the midnight blue tube dress. I held it up in front of me then turned around so she could see it. Her reaction was priceless. She gasped and dropped to her knees. I hadn't noticed till I held it up but it sparkled slightly.

“Well?” I just looked at her.


“You can't put it on down there.” I was trying hard to keep a straight face, but it was slipping.

She rose slowly and touched it like it would disappear if she broke the spell. She pulled it up and I adjusted it for her. Then I had a thought. I opened a veil and grabbed one of the mirrored doors off of my closet. I had to wipe the dust off of it. But when I propped it against the wall, the girls acted as if it were magic in itself. It was starting to look as if I was going to need a pry bar to get Elerith from in front of it. After a few minutes she turned to me and knelt.

“Thank you master.” She had tears in her eyes.

To think that this piece of cloth wouldn't even get a second notice from the women back in my world. Other than to say that it was either obscene or just a throwaway. I opened another veil and went shoe shopping again. I found several pairs of heels in the girls’ sizes, but not the ones that I was looking for. Finally I found them in one of those shoe sale places. The obnoxious ones. I had “paid” for the other pairs, but with this place I didn't bother. I still had to find about six more pair, but I had time. I turned and handed them to Elerith and she started to cry. They were almost the same shade as her dress. She put them on then looked up at me. I smiled and ran the laces up her calves, crisscrossing them and tying them in the front. She walked to the mirror and just stared. I went back to the pile and grabbed a black dress for Licyntha. She wasted no time getting into it. I tossed her a thong to complete her ensemble. She was the only one that was fully dressed now. I had no doubt that the collars and cuffs would not come off until I said so. She knelt then shyly looked up at me. She was radiant. I sat down at the bench and started on Elerith's Collar and cuffs. It took a couple of hours. I lined hers with blue suede. I had Seara come to the bench and kneel. I did her cuffs in about an hour. As I locked them on she just stared at them.


“Milord, I am so sorry.”


“I slighted you, yet you reward me so greatly. I feel unworthy.”

I just shook my head in wonder.

“Well then, go fetch Melriea, Veraina and Yondelin.”

She bounced to her feet, forgetting the balls. Her eyes glazed for a moment and her breath caught in her throat. I had to steady her as she swayed. Then she undulated out of the room. God what those shoes did with her ass. I almost followed her out to the hall so I could watch her walk down it. I did a little more “shopping” while she was gone and managed to snag a few more pair of heels.

It was almost dinner before I finished the leather work for the three. I noticed that all of the cuffs were almost exactly the same size, so I set up a simple jig and cut a bunch of each. The collars I would still hand make as I wanted them to be snug, but not tight. I wanted them to be aware of them at all times. Melriea and Yondelin got black dresses, Veraina got a silver one. It set off their hair nicely. I had almost forgotten Aerealn. I told Seara to go fetch and watched with amusement as she very carefully got up. By the time she had returned I almost had the cuffs done. I measured her for her collar and tossed her a silver dress. Elerith helped her with her thong as she hadn't been there for the others, to watch. She stared at herself in the mirror for the longest time when I finally finished all of her accessories. I looked around the room and they were all hot. I sent them all away, telling Aerealn that I wanted her after even meal. Seara just knelt where I left her as I had her by her leash. I figured by the sun, that I had another hour or so.

I veiled to a hardware store and grabbed some miscellaneous hardware and a few tools. I left a gold coin. I had to veil back as I forgot a concrete screw eye and lag set. I guesstimated three feet from the foot of the bed and sank the screw eye into the ceiling, getting a face full of dust in the process. I made a couple of spreader poles from the poles that I got and laid them by the bed. Seara was watching all of this curiously. I watched her for a while then decided to add to her wardrobe. I dug in the pile and found some nipple clips and a plug gag. I gagged her and she looked at me funny. Then I put the first clip on. She started to reach for it so I clipped her wrist to her ankles. She was fighting for what she was worth. I grabbed her hair and held her by it and put the other one on her. I watched as her body convulsed and her eyes rolled up for a second. I waited till she calmed down then removed the gag. She was panting.

“Can I trust you to leave them alone?”

“Y... yes milord.”

I released her hands and she moaned. “Milord, I fear to move. These put me in a terrible need.”

“You won't have to wear them that long littleone.”

“Oh, thank you, milord.” She looked relieved.

“Just till after even meal, when we return here I will remove them for you. You are not to touch them.”

Her eyes grew huge when she realized that she would have to walk to get to the dining room... and back.

Even Meal

I worked for a while on cuffs, both wrist and ankle. I had finished several sets when I heard a knock.


A little black haired elf came in and knelt.

“Your name littleone?”

“Milord, my name is Karia.”

“Thank you, Karia.”

“Milord even meal is ready.”

“I thank you littleone. After even meal, please return.”

Her eyes lit up. “Yes, milord!”

She almost skipped from the room. I chuckled to myself. There is no way that this could happen on earth. Thank the lord that the mundanes had no clue this place existed or they would probably be here fucking things up too. I took Seara's leash and led her to the dining hall. By the time that we reached the stairs, I could hear her panting. We had to stop on the stairs. We walked into the dinning hall to the sound of muted gasps. I wondered if they would be eager to try these little bits of jewelry. With the sisters, I was starting to wonder. They had taken everything that I had thrown at them so far. Seara was the first that I was attempting to punish.

I led her to my place and she carefully knelt. Her eyes were glazed and she was panting like a bitch in heat. Elerith just stared. I noticed that the sisters were looking at each other in shock. I wondered what type of sensation there was when half of them showed up in their new outfits. It would seem that I was shaking things up a little. We went through the routine and I piled a plate full. Finally, Elerith could take no more.

“Milord, what is this that you do to her?”

“I am punishing her.”

You could have heard a pin drop. Even the villagers were silent.

“How so, milord, you even feed her?” Veraina asked.

I smiled. “I realized that everything that I have done with you heightened your need.”

“But milord, we cannot help that!” Aerealn exclaimed.

“I realized this. This alone would make my punishment ineffectual.”

“Milord, this still doesn't do the telling.” Elerith looked confused.

“It is simple. If I can do naught but give you pleasure then I will do so, but deny your release until I will it.”

The sisters sat there stunned. Half of them knew what that meant. The other half could guess. I continued eating; making sure Seara got a morsel now and again. I noticed that some of the ones that I had been with before, looked at her in pity. I guessed that they would not be so eager to take her place now. Some of the villagers even looked at her in sympathy.

“Gavin, have you caught sight of the caravan yet?”

“No sire, but I have set a watch.”

~Current location of the convoy.~

~Approximately two point three seven nine kilometers out. ETA estimated thirty five minutes by your reckoning.~

“They will be here in a little while; they are almost in sight now.”

The room got quite again. Gavin just stared, but said nothing.

“I would recommend getting things ready after even meal.”

“Yes, sire.”

“Will you need me to assist?”

“No sire, if there is anything serious, we will send a runner. We do not want too many people crowding them when they come in.”

“Elerith, do you need a crew for the kitchen?”

“No sire, I have it set up, as well as separate baths for the males and females.”

“Very good. I might be a little busy addressing the rest of this one’s punishment. I am hoping that I will not have to repeat it with any of the rest of my pets.”

I watched as some of the villagers registered shock at me calling the sisters pets. Some of them just looked at me knowingly. The sisters had a mix from contentment to anticipation. I wondered just how you conditioned an entire race. I was a master, I.E. I could do no wrong. There was something strange about this whole setup. I had a feeling that I was still missing a few pieces. My thoughts were interrupted by a young male elf running in.

“Misser Gavin, misser Gavin, they just cleared the rise!”

He slid to a stop when he noticed that I was at the table. He dropped to one knee and took off his hat.

“Beggin pardon, milord, I did not know.” He looked scared.

“Son, might you tell me your name?”

“Milord, my name is Elrod.”

“I thank thee Elrod, for your name and for your announcement. You have done nothing wrong in your haste.”

“I thank thee sire.” He backed out of the room and ran.

I chuckled. I noticed that there were several villagers staring at me. I realized that they had no clue how I knew of the caravan. I thought about that and decided that they really didn't need to know either.

I finished my meal and picked up Seara's leash. She moaned loudly as she rose. When we reached the hall. She moaned again.


“Sire, I need to visit the jakes.”

I realized that she had not been to the little girls’ room in a significant amount of time. I released her leash and told her to meet me in my room. I watched as she rushed off down the hall. My, what those heels did for her ass.

The Punishment

When I arrived, both Aerealn and Karia were kneeling by the door. They must have flown up there to get in position. I noticed that Karia was eying Aerealn's outfit. Well she would have her own soon. I no sooner touched the door than I heard the alert.

~Alien activity detected 51-14-26.82 x 1-39-52.15.~

~Display activity.~

The girls screamed as the room disappeared and the view changed to a small town. I watched as a flight of those aircraft flew over it.

“That's Lanith!” Karia exclaimed.

“Shit! Aerealn, go tell Gavin that I have to take care of some more trouble. Karia, stay put till Seara comes back then stay in the room.”

“Yes, milord.”

I ran into the room and thought about how in the hell I was going to pull this off. The answer came from my hind brain. Apparently it had paid better attention to my lessons from the stone. I visualized what I wanted, a M82A1, and then summoned the veil while holding this image. When it opened I was staring at a case. I pulled it thought then did the same for the fifty cal rounds for it. I did this several times until I had what I hoped I needed.

I unpacked the gun from its case and loaded its magazine and a spare from the case. I unpacked the thermal imaging scope next. It was with the case, so hopefully it was sighted at least close enough to this gun. I grabbed my forty four and veiled to the town. I heard them before I saw them. They were cruising over the town taking random potshots. I saw what I was looking for. It was an old bell tower that had fallen in disrepair. I veiled to the top of it and almost dropped four stories as part of the roof gave way. I was going to have to start to look before I leap. I stared at the scene before me. There was no way that I could take all four out at once.

~Can you jam their transmissions?~ 

~Commencing jamming of known bands.~

I pulled out one of the clips for the rifle and stripped the ammo back out. I hoped that I could pull this off or I would probably have my head blown off. I focused just on the lead. I felt the energy flow into each bullet and I prayed that it only went where I willed it. Or this was going to be a very short battle. I reloaded the clip and snapped it in place. I cycled it once. I turned on the imaging scope and acquired my first target. I picked the farthest one. It was moving slowly as if it didn't have a care in the world. I squeezed the trigger and the huge gun roared. I did a quick inventory, quite happy that it hadn't blown up. Which was more than I could say for the aircraft. I slid the sight to the next one and squeezed off the next shot. By this time the other two were starting to realize that something was wrong. I managed to nail the third one, when the forth kicked it in the ass and took off. Straight away from me. Poor bastard. I led him slightly and squeezed. Then I started breathing again. So far I had been tremendously lucky. I knew that it couldn't hold. I had to get ready for a royal hairball when these aliens catch on that they are losing aircraft over one particular area. I called up a quick survey of the area. To my amazement there were no casualties. Thank you lord! I veiled back to my room.

The girls must be getting used to that by now. They didn't scream. Much. All three were there as well as Gavin. I sat the big gun down and flopped into a chair.

“No casualties, four aircraft gone. The aliens are going to notice this, Gavin.”

“What would you have us do, sire?”

“Get the remainder of them here.”

“I will leave on the morn.”

“If you are willing, I will take you there now.”

I watched as he turned white. But the responsibility to his people overrode his fear. I summoned a veil and he stepped though. He was in the town square. He walked to a bell and started to ring it loudly. Then he walked back to me.

“I know that you are watching this place, go back and take care of your obligations, I will get these started by morn.”

“Are there any needs?”

“No we will bring naught but the necessities and stock such as we have.”

“Take care friend.”

He looked shocked for a moment.

“I thank thee sire.”

I veiled back. I regained my chair and shook for a few moments. I regained my composure and felt the adrenalin coursing. I regained my feet and went to Seara. Without a word I clipped her ankles to the spreader bar that I had made. Then I threaded a rope through the eye bolt in the ceiling and attached it to the other bar. Her wrists went to these and I pulled her arms up. I put the gag back in her mouth and released the clips from her tits. She went nuts. But at least we weren't deaf. She started to fight the bar but could do nothing but move around in circles thanks to the one on her ankles. I smacked her ass. Then I lay back in the bed in front of her and beckoned to Karia. She crawled up on top of me and I flipped her around so she was facing my cock. I slid her body down and felt her hot little mouth engulf the head. Her tongue felt exquisite. I waited for a few moments, just savoring the sensations then I smacked her ass hard. She lunged forward and I went partway down her throat. She came back up coughing a little then went right back on her own. I started to fuck deeper into her and I felt her body tighten. I really wasn't planning on finishing in her mouth, but it was tempting. I watched her little ass wiggle in front of me then looked up into Seara's eyes. She was starting to look a little desperate. I pumped Karia's throat a few more times and pulled her off. I flipped her back around and she impaled herself on my cock. She was the first to take the initiative. I was surprised. She made it about halfway the first attempt. Her eyes rolled up and she whimpered. Then she pulled part way back of and buried it to the hilt. She fell down gasping on my chest. I let her go like that for a while. She couldn't manage to do more than a few strokes at a time, but she was persistent. I finally felt her go partway limp and pulled her legs up. I wrapped an arm around them, pinning them to her chest. Pulling out I guided myself to her nether opening. She gasped and whimpered when I touched my head to it. Then I pushed it in. She almost pulled away from me at that point; her body was tight as a spring. She let out a wail that kept rising in pitch, till I felt her body shudder. I started in stroking her and the wail turned to a whimper again. I picked up the pace little by little till I was shaking the bed. When I came, her whole body shook, then went still. Aerealn was kneeling by the bed staring, her eyes were more than a little glazed by this point. I rolled off next to her and lifted her so she was halfway on the bed. She half turned to look at me and I shoved it in her little cunt. I didn't make it all the way the first try, but the second stroke buried it. I did her hard then switched to her ass.

When I was done with her, I walked to Seara. She was trembling, her eyes wild. She was panting so hard I was afraid that she might hyperventilate. I walked behind her and cupped her tits, squeezing the nipples slightly. Her ass pressed back against me. Never one to refuse a request, I pulled out my pocket knife and cut her panties from her. The insides were dripping wet. The balls hit the floor with a click click sound. I pulled the plug from her ass and she started to make muffled cries into her gag, shaking her head no. Like she had a choice. I spanked her ass a few times, well, maybe more than a few. Alright, about thirty strokes. To each cheek. Her ass was a nice bright red and she was to the point where she was thrusting her ass out to meet my hand. I walked back behind her and pushed into her asshole. I was relentless. I just kept pushing till it was buried. Then I started to fuck her. Hard enough to lift her from the floor. I reached around and tweaked her clit a few times and then tormented her nipples for a while. I couldn't really tell what she though of it though, as the sounds coming through the gag were rather muffled. It really didn't take that long before she was hanging limp from the bar. I studied her still form, hanging there with her skirt up around her waist and the wetness running down her legs. She still looked sexy as hell.

I measured Karia and started her collar. While the dye was drying, I put her cuffs on her. I grabbed a thong and a silver dress and laid them next to her. I figured she had to wake up eventually. I considered spanking her, but I knew that I would wind up nailing her afterwards and I did have things I needed to do. But it was still tempting. I let Seara down then placed her on the bed. I figured that the first to wake was going to draw a bath. The collar finally dried and I mounted the hardware and put it on Karia. She stirred as I locked it in place.

“Well hello, sleeping beauty, time to wake up.”

“Um, yes milord.”

She sat up and looked at the other two girls.

“Oh, you might want to finish dressing too.”

She looked down at the silver dress and squealed. I had to help her with the thong; it is tough being a master sometimes. When she got everything in place I gave her a pair of heels. She was a little unsteady on them at first, but it didn't take her long before she had a first class strut going. She almost got nailed again. I sent her to draw a bath. I rousted Aerealn next and sent her to help Karia. I figured after the day that Seara had, she could use the rest. She didn't even stir when I removed her gag. I considered it for a few minutes and figured that she could sleep here tonight. It had been a while since I had slept with two women.