by Tracker


I walked to the stone and placed my hands on it. The effect was immediate this time.

~What do you wish?~

~I wish to survey the castle.~

I started at the top and worked my way down. Most of the rooms were quite mundane in purpose, bedrooms, baths, studies, and such. The top level, it would seem, held the servants quarters. The next contained the master’s quarters, library and such. I noted that there were, what I thought were guest rooms... until I counted them. The ground level was the public level, with the meeting rooms, banquet halls and kitchen. And a throne room that didn't belong there.

I dropped down and there were store rooms and tunnels leading to the outbuildings. A couple led to the walls. One let to the gate room. Nice layout. But one that could turn on you if someone got inside the wall. The next level contained shops as near as I could tell, but what they made, I had no idea – or why they were so far underground for that matter. I didn't want to ask at this point, there was time for that later. I was just trying to get a feel for the place. The next sub level was the lockups. I looked closely but found no bones. I considered that a good sign. The forth and fifth levels were actually labyrinths. I visually traced my way through them and they led to a passage connecting the two levels. I traced back from the passage and it led to another passage that dropped to the bottom level. The actual fifth level entrance led nowhere. Strange. There was no entrance to the bottom level, save through the labyrinth. I went into that level and saw several rooms with bricks stacked in them and a workshop with what looked like a press of some kind in it. There were bags of something there about the size of flour sacks. It almost looked as if they were full of rocks. Another room farther back held a pile of rocks. I drifted closer and saw that they sparkled. Whoa. I broke contact with the matrix.

Opening a veil, I stepped through to the bottom level, in the rock room. I then realized that I had no light. It took me a second then I laughed at myself. I held up a hand and focused the power into a ball. It lit the room quite nicely; and almost blinded me. If these rocks were real, I doubted that I would have any trouble making next month’s rent. I picked up a few and tucked them in my pocket, one or two of each color. I then wandered back to the room with the press and the sacks. I studied the press and it looked as if there was something engraved on it. I couldn't make out what. It almost looked like a die stamp. Wandering over to the flour sacks I found out that they weren't filled with flour. I had a hard time picking even one of them up. I carried it to a bench and cut the drawstrings on it. Gold coins flowed out. I stood there quite a while staring at them. Grabbing a handful, I stuffed them into another pocket. I had to know... making my way down to one of the rooms with the bricks, I entered and walked to the stack. I rubbed off the dirt on one corner and lo and behold. I walked back to the press room with my head spinning. The funny thing was, I couldn't think of a damn thing to do with any of it. I had my magic. What I had in my pocket would pay the townspeople for what they had brought and probably ten times more. Deep in thought, I summoned another veil and went back to the banquet hall. I should have gone to the hall outside, but I was getting used to screams.

After everyone calmed down, I sought out Gavin. “A moment if you would.”

“Yes, sir?”

“I have something for you to take back with you when you go.”

I handed him ten of the gold coins. He stared at them like they were ghosts.

“Is there a problem?”

“Um, no sir. It is just the likes of these have not been seen in several lifetimes.”

“I figured that it should help with the cost of repair to your town.”

“That and more, that and more. What are you, sir, if I might be so bold?”

“In my world, I was labeled a sorcerer, by the witches that I owned anyway.”

“You owned?”

“Well, they did give themselves to me.”

“Tis a strange tale, but not half so strange as your doings here.”

He walked away, shaking his head. Finally there was a call to dinner. The seating arrangement was much as before. I, of course, sat at the head. Elerith to my right, Gavin to my left. Everyone was watching me as the food was served. It took me a minute. I raised my glass.

“Peace to this world!”

With that out of the way, we fell into the food with a will. I hadn't realized how hungry that I was till the first mouthful. I devoured two plates. And desert, whatever it was. The food was delicious, but I couldn't tell you what any of it was, save the bread. There seemed to be no caste difference when it came to eating. I liked that. The women elbowed to get at the food as much as the men. I was the only one treated with difference. I almost felt as a father amongst his children.

I smiled to myself, the children on the right side of me was going to get an education after the townspeople left.

School’s in Session

We finally wound down and the townspeople made their way to the out buildings. Some of the sisters started to get up to go, also.

“Ladies, sit.”

Elerith looked at me with a half smile. Some of the others giggled. I guess that news had spread. The rest looked at me in confusion.

“After discussing the way of things with your mistress, Elerith, I have decided to show you your new way of life, should you decide to stay here.”

I heard a murmur and saw confusion on all of their faces. I smiled. I took Elerith's hand and brought her in front of me. I then removed her robe. She had still not donned any underwear. I turned her around. To my surprise, she didn't even blush.

“Are you ready?”

“Please, milord.”

I bent her over the table and dropped my pants. The look of shock on most of their faces was priceless. A few of the others were speculative. Hmm. I nudged up against her slit and found it quite wet. She knew what to expect this time. It still wasn't easy sliding into her and she made it quite well known. She had a death grip on the edge of the table and was panting and moaning like a freight train. When I finally made it all the way in. I looked up at the rest of the sisters. I started to stroke Elerith. She was whimpering by this point.

“If you stay, ladies, I will guarantee that this can and will happen to you whenever the fancy strikes me.” I slammed into Elerith hard and she half shrieked.

“You will have a change in dress code also, on any save this floor. You are to be in your robes down here.” I pumped Elerith hard a few times to be rewarded with her back arching off the table and another shriek. I smacked her ass.

“Above this level, I will choose how you dress and how you behave.” I reached around and grabbed her nipples, lifting her from the table by them.

“I will do with your bodies as I please.” I twisted Elerith's nips and she collapsed back into my arms.

“If you cannot abide by that, leave now.” I started fucking the little elf hard.

The ladies at the table could tell that her feet were not touching the floor. I was bouncing her body up then letting it slide back on me. She could do nothing but grunt as she bottomed out. I was supporting her body against me with her tits and her arms were just flopping around. I could feel her cumming almost continually on my cock. I worked her hard. The rest of the sisters watching... not one of them so much as glanced towards the door.

“There will be simple rules that we will work on later, but to you these rules will be law. I will punish any of you who don’t abide by them by letter and intent.”

I finally lay Elerith back on the table and pounded into her body till I shot off. Pulling out at the last second and spraying her back and hair with my cum. A few of the girls gasped. I wiped my cock off on her ass cheeks.

“Well, do you wish to stay?”

There was an almost perfect chorus of “Yes, Sir!” with a few “Yes, Milord!” tossed in. It would seem that Elerith wasn't joking. I was in a dom's paradise.

“Well then, show me what I can expect.”

Not one hesitated. The robes all hit the floor within seconds of each other. Within a matter of seconds they were all nude. Twelve of them. Thank god for the matrix, or I would probably be dead by the end of whatever passed for a week here. I walked down the line running my hand over their bodies. An ass here, a tit there, down their backs. All were fantastic looking and fit as a gymnast. But there wasn't a gymnast around that was that well endowed in the front. There were differences, but they were subtle, for the most part. The most telling was the redhead. I walked up to her and studied her, the differences were there, but I couldn't put my finger on it. She was breathing hard, almost panting. I casually ran my hand up her belly and pinched one of her tits. She dropped to her knees with a moan. When her eyes opened my cock was right in front of her. They went wide. I put my hand on the back of her head and guided it to her mouth with the other hand. It didn't take long to figure out that no more than the head was going to fit. But her tongue was working overtime on that. I pulled out then pulled her to her feet and kissed her forehead. I walked on. Then I came to the one with the raven black hair. Her eyes were wild and I hadn't laid a hand on her. Her eyes seemed to beg me. I walked up before her and cocked my head. I then pushed a finger into her cunt. Tight but soaked. I pulled it back out and she moaned. I brought it to my lips and tasted it.

“Delicious” Her eyes almost rolled back in her head. I steadied her.

I got to the last one in the line. I thought that I recognized her.

“Melriea, isn't it?” She had auburn hair that was quite wavy.

“Yes, milord.” Almost a whisper.

“I would like to make it up to you for scaring you in the cathedral.”

Her eyes grew wide. I half knelt down and put her arms around my neck then picked her up and sat her on my dick. I pulled her legs around my waist then guided myself to her slit. She was hanging onto my neck for dear life. I knew it couldn't last. I just held my cock in place. I felt her arms loosen slightly and I popped inside. She gasped and tried to pull herself up. I followed the motion with my hips. She gave out after a few seconds and slid on farther. She started to whimper. We went through several cycles like this. She was about halfway down and looked quite panicked. I started to bounce her. She shrieked. I felt her body go limp for a second and I caught her. I cupped the cheeks of her ass and pushed one of my fingers against her asshole. She stiffened. I started to massage her nether hole, which was quite wet now with her juices, when suddenly she came. Her body relaxed for a second and my finger went up her ass to the second knuckle. She wailed and started to buck on me franticly. I started to wiggle my finger in her ass and she came again. I had already came once with Elerith, so I just stood there and savored the sensations. The little elf was fucking herself silly. I let her continue until she spasmed hard and went limp. I gently pulled her off, and then lay her face down on the table. Taking hold of each wrist I pulled her back onto me. I waited for a few moments then spanked her. She came alive by the third or forth swat. I grabbed her wrist again and started to fuck her hard, controlling her movements with her arms. She was wailing almost continually by this point, punctuated by little shrieks. I finally drew close and started to pound her hard. I shot my load to an ear piercing scream. I pulled out and wiped my cock on her ass.

I looked at the rest of them. They were hot. The little black haired elf was on her knees. I walked back to her and put my hand on her head.

“Good girl.” I smiled.

The others took the hint and hit the floor. It would seem that they wanted to be good girls too. The little black haired elf quivered. I looked down and she was staring at my cock like it was a snake. I rubbed it on her cheek and she opened her mouth. I put it inside. She started to moan and lick. I felt myself harden in her mouth. Her eyes grew wide. She didn't seem to have as much trouble with it as the redhead. So I left it there. She even managed to work it into her deeper. I felt it bump on the back of her throat. She started to bob her head. I was amazed. She was working up to a respectable stroke, at least for someone of her stature. I let her go for a while then laced my fingers together behind her head. Her eyes went wide. I started to fuck her mouth with short strokes, bottoming out in the back of her throat. Her hands went to my wrist, so I stopped. I knelt down and picked up her wrap and tied her hands behind her back and then pushed my cock back into her mouth. I resumed fucking her as she fought her bindings. Watching her squirm on my cock went straight to my groin. I felt myself start to cum, so I pulled out and stroked it out onto her face and down her front. She licked up what she could get to. I looked at the little blond elf next to her.

“Clean her up.”

The elf started to rise.

“With your tongue.”

I watched as the little blond's eyes went wide, and then she moaned. Her eyes were panicked. She crawled over and started to lick the cum off of the little black haired elf's face. The little blond worked her way down the front of the black haired elf till they were both panting like bitches in heat. When the blond was done, I patted her on the head.

“The hour is late. To bed with you. If you have not found a room, pick one on the second floor. Yours is not the servants quarters on the third. If you have already taken a room on the third, you can stay there tonight, but I want you down on the second floor tomorrow. Go.”

I watched as they picked up their undergarments and robes. Not one offered to get dressed. I watched their asses sway as they left the room. I must be dreaming. But if I am, I hope that I never wake up. I went back to the head of the table and collected Elerith. She followed me without a word, a slight smile on her face. 

Pillow Talk

Elerith put her robe across one of the chairs. Then turned and knelt. She was such a lovely little thing.

“Tell me, El, are you happy?”

“Yes, milord.”

“How do you think that I handled tonight?”

“Perfectly, milord.”

I pulled the sheets down, wondering how old they were. There were so many mysteries here. I didn't have a clue what questions to ask. I lay back in the bed and stared at the ceiling. It, like everything else, looked ancient and at the same time, new. I looked at Elerith.

“Come to bed. You are to be my covers tonight.”

Her smile lit up the room. When she had settled in, I rubbed my hands down her sides to her ass. She wiggled it and giggled.

“How do you expect us to sleep with you making all that noise?” I laughed.


“Yes El?”

“Did you really put your finger up Melriea's backside?”


“I have never heard of anything like that.”

I smiled. I put my hands on either side of her head and gave her an image of Angel in action. When I was done, she was trembling.

“She really enjoyed that?”

“Yes dear, as often as she could get it.”

“I can't imagine.”

“You are quite a bit smaller than she was. I am not so sure you would enjoy it.”

“Might I try?”

“Tell you what, If you really want to try it, I will get some things to help you.”

“Some things?”

“They are considered toys in my world, but they can help you adjust over time.”

“Thank you milord, I want to be able to do everything with you.”

She snuggled in and wiggled again.

“El, how old are you?”

“I am only two hundred and twelve.”

That sat me back. I stopped and considered.

“So you will be around for a while then.” I chuckled.

“Yes, I should have another ten or twelve hundred season turns.”

I suppose, proportionally, I was nailing a teenager.

“Another thought, how far should I take the girls?”

“Milord, I believe that after tonight, you can take them where you will.”

“So nothing I did scared any of them.”

“Scare?, not so, you had them in shock and panting in heat. I could see them putting themselves in our places as you took us and used us.”

I chuckled.

“I have never felt so alive... and in need,” she continued.

“In need?”

“Yes, milord, it seems all I think upon of late. I feel it burning inside of me.”

“Even after earlier?”

She sighed. “Especially after earlier. I cannot describe what you do to me.”

“Aren't you a little sore?”

She cocked her head. “No, I am not in pain, why?”

I thought for a few moments. “Were you in any pain while we were doing it?”

“No, I can't describe what I was feeling, but it wasn't pain.”

“None at all...”

“No, now why are you asking this, milord?”

“Because, human females usually have a lot of pain when stretched to any extreme.”

“No, milord, I felt enough pleasure to send me out of my head, but there was no pain. Is that why you were so slow entering me?”

That rocked me. So slow? Good lord, what were these elves made of?

“Well, would you like to try an experiment?”

“As you wish my lord.”

I pushed her up so she was sitting on me the guided her over my erection. I pushed till I was just inside... then I dropped her. She sucked in a huge amount of air as if to scream, then her eyes rolled up and she fell forward on me. I waited till she recovered.


“Milord, have pity on me. I felt as if I should die from being pleasured. I have never felt so intensely. I feel as if my skin is on fire.”

I thought about what she had said. I had another idea. I reached around to her rather soaked crotch and got my finger wet. I then started to rub her little asshole. She moaned and grabbed the sheets. I did it again then slid it inside. I felt her body tense and her cunt gripped my cock hard. I started to finger fuck her ass and she went crazy. Humping me and writhing around, moaning and whimpering. I slid it in further and she shrieked as she came. I slid another finger in, then a third. She came each time. I started to fuck her with all three and she came again hard and passed out. I rolled her off of me then lay her across a pillow. I was still soaked with her juices, so I just slid it in her ass. It was burning hot. I waited a few seconds then started to do her hard. She came awake almost instantly, shrieking, panting and whimpering. She started to claw the bed. But her ass started to come up to meet me as I stroked her. I ran my hand over her body and it was tight as a spring. I kept at it till I shot my load into her. She shrieked again, and then collapsed.

I knelt behind her just staring. These creatures were as close to the perfect sex toy as you could get. I had a few other ideas that I wanted to try, but I had a feeling that I already knew the answer to most of my questions. They could probably take a lot more than I was willing to dish out. I pulled out of her ass with an audible plop. She didn't budge, out like a light. I rolled her off the pillow and put it back. Then I lay down and pulled her on top of me again.


I awoke to the sun streaming in. Into my face. I looked down and Elerith was still sprawled over the top of me. I inhaled her scent and immediately thought shower. Alas, all of the plumbing was worlds away. Hmm, I wonder what it would take to... I laughed at myself, I hadn't even been here a day yet and I was thinking major home improvement. Ah, well, when is man ever content with his condition. I heard a knock on the door.


The door opened and one of the sisters was there. She came in and knelt. She was nude. I was amused. She looked up and saw Elerith passed out on top of me and tried to suppress a smile.

“Milord, morning meal is served if you wish it.”

“We will be right down.”

“Yes, milord.”

She rose, then started to leave.

“Tell me your name, littleone, I do not like to treat you as an animal.”

“My name, milord, is Veraina, treat me as you will.” Her look was almost predatory.

“Veraina, is there somewhere to clean up?”

“We can draw you a bath, if it pleases you, milord.”

“Thank you, please do so.”

“Very well milord.”

When she had left, I nudged Elerith.

“Rise and shine sleepy head.”


“Morning has broken.”

“Ah, I must be up then to fix...”

“Morning meal? Your sisters have already taken care of that.”

“Hmm, this must agree with them greatly then.”

“And why do you say that?”

“Because when we were back in the sanctuary, it almost required a whip to get them out of bed in the morning.”

“Well Veraina just...”

“Veraina was up before noon?” She had a look of utter shock on her face.

“Sounds as if they want to keep me happy.”

“I can do naught but agree, milord.”

“So, littleone, did you enjoy last night, it was hard for me to tell as you kept falling asleep.”

“Asleep! You kept bringing back to make me swoon anew.”

“Hmm, it didn't bother you then, eh?”

“I felt as if I was being pleasured to the brink of death, milord. Over and over.”

“Out of curiosity, has this ever happened to you before?”

“Sir, I have only been with two other males and no, I have never heard of anything like this.”

“Strange, it is almost like conditioning.”


“It is as if you have been conditioned to respond only to your master.”

“If that is so, I can think of no better way about it.”

“But, how do you feel about it?”

“The feelings that I have are true enough for me. I am quite content as I am.”

“I see. What if I could break the conditioning?”

“NO! Please, sir, don't! If it is for you, I do not care! I wish to please you.”

The little elf was almost frantic. I hugged her to me. If this wasn't conditioning, than I was a mundane. Come to think of it, it might work both ways, because I was starting to become addicted to her also. Hmm, a binding. Increased sexual prowess, almost unlimited energy and the perfect sex toys. Bind the wizard to this world with sex and love. It was starting to look like a velvet lined trap. I looked down at Elerith and smiled, I could live with this kind of trap.

I put that thought from my mind as I rolled out of bed, reaching for my glasses. Damn it, they must have fallen. I looked on the floor and it looked as if they had gotten knocked halfway across the room. I started to go get them and it hit me. I could see them. Across the room. I am/was nearsighted to the point of being almost blind without my glasses. I wondered what else got fixed. I picked up my glasses and sat them on the night table. I then pulled on some pants and swore that I was going to raid my closet again, back on earth. Elerith simply wrapped her robe around herself and fastened it.

There were townspeople, I suppose I could call them villagers now, and a few of the sisters at the table. Everything was a lot less formal this morning, which I figured was a good thing. I looked around and also figured that I was going to have to learn a few more names. Like a couple dozen. Great, I am terrible with names. Ah, well. I piled a plate full and took my place, watching the comings and goings around me. It reminded me of a cafeteria setting. I was paid deference to, but generally ignored. Kinda like the boss who shows up in the lunchroom. Elerith was to my right and was wolfing down her food. Hmm, must have burnt off a little energy last night.

About three quarters through my plate, I heard a loud boom, followed by a crash. It almost sounded like someone doing demolition. I looked up startled, but everyone else seemed not to notice. I was going to have to hunt up Gavin and see what the heck that was. Before I had finished, I heard the same boom crash three more times. I got up from the table and wandered outside. I heard it again outside the gates. I went to the gates and looked out. It looked like some of the elves were cutting firewood from a stand of trees close to the castle. When they had just about cleared the tree that they were working on, one of the elves raised a bow. I frowned. He drew back and shot it at a tree. Boom, the tree jumped up about a foot, then toppled over. Where in the hell did they come up with explosive arrows? I had been standing there for about five or six minutes when Gavin appeared next to me.

“Is everything good, milord?”

“I suppose.”

“We are setting up some wood for the homes and the keep.”

“Tell me, what are you using on those arrows?”

“Using sire?”

“To make them explode.”

“Oh, that is elf shot.”

“Yes, but what is it?”

“It is an old trick, sire. Here, let me show you.”

He picked up a pebble and cupped it in his hands. I watched as he concentrated for a few seconds. Then, holding it up like a magician doing a trick, he flipped it away from him. It made a crater in the ground when it went off. I stared at the crater, then at him. 

“You can put as much into it as you need, sire.” He explained.

“I think I am going to have to try that. I will return in a moment.”

I veiled back to my room and picked up my forty four. It was a shame I didn't have a spare cylinder for it. I smiled. It was a replica of a civil war Remington revolver. Black powder with an eight inch barrel. It didn't have the range of a modern piece, but it still packed a whollop. I picked up my possibles bag and hung it around my neck. I veiled back out to the gate. Gavin was starting to get used to me doing that, I guess. He only came a foot off the ground this time.

“I am going to make a little noise, Gavin, you might want to plug your ears.”

He looked at me strangely as I pulled the piece from my holster. I leveled it at a nearby mound of dirt, maybe four feet high and squeezed off a shot. I turned back to where he was, but he was gone. I chuckled. I emptied the gun into the mound then ran a brush down the barrel to knock out some of the fouling. I then poured a measure of powder into the cylinder and put in a felt wad. Taking a ball I cupped it in my hand and focused on it. I felt the energy flow from me into the ball. I then sat in on the cylinder and rotated it under the press to ram it home. I repeated that with all six cylinders. Gavin had wandered back, but eyed the gun warily. I smiled and started to cap it.

“Now I am going to see if elf shot works in this.”

“But, milord!”

I leveled the gun, cocked it and squeezed the trigger in one motion. I watched the mound raise up and a hand came back and smacked me about twenty feet backwards. It was raining dirt for a few seconds. I sat up shaking my head, my ears ringing. Gavin had landed even farther back. I crawled over to him. He seemed to be alright, just dazed a little. I took no chances. I placed a hand on either side of his head and healed him. He sat up looking at me in wonder. I drew in the power and sent it through my own body, just to be sure.

Standing up, I looked to where the mound was. I walked closer. Hmm, someone dug a hole about fifteen feet in the ground about twenty feet across. Gavin came to stand beside be.

“What I was trying to tell you, milord, was that we have little power and it takes all of it to do the shots. You have many, many magnitudes more.”

“I kinda figured that.” I laughed. “I guess I will have to be careful when I am trying something new.”

“Not to play the bishop’s council, but that may be a wise thought.”

Turning back towards the gates, I noticed that I had drawn quite a crowd. I put the forty-four back in it's holster and started back towards the keep. Everyone was eying it as I walked by. It would seem that I had made an impression. Whether good or bad remained to be seen.

The Morning Bath

I made my way back to my room to find Veraina kneeling by the door. I walked past her and then stripped my clothes. I had left the door open as I did, so she got an eye full.

“Yes Veraina?”

“Sire, your bath is ready.”


“She is already there, milord.”

“Very well, come here.”

She rose and came to me. I smiled and kissed her. Her eyes widened in surprise, then she seemed to melt. I held the kiss for quite a while. When I pulled away her knees gave out. I caught her, then turned her and lay her face down on the bed with her legs hanging off. Beautiful target. She was panting and about to come to her senses when I rammed myself home in her cunt. Her back arched and her breath caught in her throat. I grabbed her shoulders and forced them back to the bed. Holding her, I started to pound her mercilessly. She couldn't get her breath enough to do more than whimper. I felt her cum hard several times. Then she went limp. I pulled out and pushed up against her tiny little asshole. Now we get to see if all of them can do it. I pushed in and drove it home. Her back arched and she clawed the bed. I started to ream her hard. I felt her cum again, then she reached back and grabbed the edge of the bed to force her way back onto me harder. I was amazed. I started to pound her hard. She was whimpering continually now. I came hard, then pulled out and went to find my bath, leaving her passed out on the bed with my cum dripping from her asshole.

I was almost to the point of veiling back to the stone to search the castle, when I finally found the bath. It was a it was a stone depression in the floor, about the size of a very large hot tub. Elerith was laying back almost asleep and there were two other elves with her. One of them was the red head, the other was the raven haired elf from last night.

“Mind if I join you, ladies?”


They started to get out.

“No, no, stay, I would like some company.”

“Yes milord.”

Elerith just smiled.

“Would you be so kind as to tell me your names?”

“Yondelin, milord.” The little redhead almost whispered it.

“Aerealn, milord.” This was the black haired elf.

They had actually blushed when they said it. I smiled and lay back. The water was still warm, even after my little side trip. I wondered what they used for soap. I didn't care at that point. Then I felt tiny hands rubbing all over my body. My eyes flew open. All three of them were soaping me. I relaxed and enjoyed it – until one of them got a little frisky with the soaping. I looked down and Aerealn was rinsing my cock. With her tongue and mouth. Yondelin caught her at it and decided to rinse the other side. I looked across the tub at Elerith and saw that she had a big smile on her face. She was just laying there relaxing. I slid down the bowl a little farther till I was just out of the water. I picked up Aerealn and flipped her so that she was lying on top of me with her little pussy in my face, staring at my cock. Yondelin floated back to watch. I slid Aerealn down till I felt her mouth around my head. Her tongue went to work. Time for experiment number three. I smacked her ass hard and she lunged forward. I felt my cock go partway into her throat. She swallowed then pushed herself back gasping. Then she slid it back into her throat again. I pushed it in farther. I felt her swallow again then bob her head. She held it there for almost a minute, and then she pulled herself off of it and gasped again. She went right back to it, forcing it even farther down her throat. I looked up and Elerith and Yondelin were just staring with their mouths open. I started to fuck her throat. After another minute or so she pulled herself up for another gasp, then dove right back on it, this time driving it all the way home. I started to fuck her mouth again, stoking her slowly. After the next break, she dove back to it and I picked up the pace. Her head was bobbing up and down to meet me with each stoke. Her body started to squirm on mine. I smacked her ass again and she went nuts. I had to pull out for fear of her suffocating. After her gasp she dove down on it like it was her last meal. I spanked her as she bobbed her head on me and I felt her whole body tense after the twelfth smack. Her pussy spurted a little. I let her up for another gasp and when she went back I grabbed her head and started to pound into her face. When I came, I felt her swallow over and over. There was another spurt from her pussy too. I pulled her off of me and she wrapped around me tightly. The girls still had their mouths open.

Finally Yondelin spoke. “Milord... could I... May I try... to do that, please?”

I smiled at her and beckoned her over. She slid across the pool and crawled up my body. Her fluid motions were sexy as hell. I waited till she was on top of me then spun her around. Aerealn just giggled. I felt Yondelin take it in her mouth. It was still semi hard, but the way that she was licking, I doubted that it would stay that way. Finally she wormed some more of it into her mouth. I wrapped one arm around her waist and pushed her head down with my hand. Stroking up, I started to fuck her. She started to squirm and fight a little as it got hard. I let her have some air then pushed it hard into her throat. Her arms and legs shot out and her body went rigid. Her pussy shot a spurt almost to my face. I let her up and she gasped and dove right back down on it, ramming it as deep down her throat as she could get it. I had the timing down from doing Aerealn, so I controlled her completely. I was watching her little pussy opening and closing, wishing for the first time that they were a little taller or that my tongue was a little longer. Hmm, well if I can't have one... I beckoned to Aerealn and had her kneel over my face. I started to lick her cunt and felt her shudder and moan. Then I heard a gasp and something metal drop.

“Oh, my...”

After lifting Aerealn off of my face, I looked over and saw that it was one of the women from the village. She looked stunned. She had dropped the bucket that she was carrying. I smiled at her and she turned beet red.

“Your name littleone?”

“D... Diseria, milord.” Her eyes were like saucers.

“Well, Diseria, I am sorry that I startled you. I was just getting to know my pets.”

“Your... pets?”

“Yes, I decided to keep them.” As I said this I pushed back into Yondelin's throat.

Diseria picked up her bucket and backed from the room. I heard Elerith chuckle.

“It would seem, milord, that your fame is spreading.”

I pulled Aerealn back down and drove my tongue into her. She gasped and I felt a pulse, then I got a mouthful. I kept at them both till Aerealn finally collapsed. Then I let Yondelin get a good lungful and went at her with a will. Buy the time that I pumped my load down her throat, my chest was soaked with her juices. I pulled her off and she latched on to me and snuggled in. I slid back under the water and relaxed. Aerealn came to a few moments later and joined us, snuggling in on the other side. Elerith was grinning from ear to ear. She slid down into the water and came over to crawl up on top of me. This was what Diseria returned to see. At least this time she held onto the bucket. Her eyes were like saucers again as she dumped the hot water into the tub. I smiled up at her and she beat a hasty retreat.