The Interview

by Tracker

Help Wanted
f sub 20-35 for light
household duties
will train to position

Three weeks! I had interviewed about a dozen girls. None of which were suitable for the position and lord there were some winners. The one that stood out was a young lady who talked through her teddy bear. She couldnít speak to me directly. I was wondering if it all was worth it. I had been lucky before, but it seemed that my luck had come to an end. I decided to let the ad run another week, but didnít hold much hope, as spring break was starting.

Monday rolled around and things went on. Gloria answered a call about ten and wrote down something. After she hung up, she rolled her eyes and put it on my desk. An interview at two this afternoon. Amy Van W****. No other information. When I questioned Gloria, she said that was all that the girl would give her. Great! Oh, well, no information was better than the misinformation that I had been receiving. I shrugged my shoulders and went back to work.

We had a late lunch and I had Susan for a light snack before she cleaned the table. I got lost in trying to get several houses lined up. Not for me but for Sean. About quarter till two, my son rang.

"Hey old man."

"Thatís hey old man, sir to you."

"Sorry I ainít one of your pets."

"Yeah, am I glad of that. Whatís up?"

"Well... I got a problem..."

"Go on." It must be a doozy for him to hesitate.

"Well... Itís Gwen..."


"Sheís... sheís not been..."

"Sean, you are not going to help by not telling me."

"Sheís being a brat!"


The doorbell rang. I motioned for Gloria to get it, but she was already slipping on her dress. I paused to watch the show as she lifted her arms over her head and let the dress slide down. At least she was a little more conservative after becoming the centerpiece for dinner one evening. Sean rattled on and I had to make him repeat himself.

"She is deliberately doing things to provoke me!"

There was a nock at the door.


"What?" My son sounded puzzled.

"I was answering the door, go on."

Gloria entered followed by a woman in a business suit. The kind I hate that has the pants. Blonde, about five two, fairly nice, but I have a thing against blondes. I think it is a throwback to my time with Ann. They bring back the wrong type of memories. Round plastic framed glasses. She looked like a lawyer. I motioned for her to take a seat.

"I can talk to you about it later." He sounded relieved.

"No, we talk now. Whatever this is about can wait."

"Ok, well, when I get home from the job site, she wonít have dinner..."

"How late?"

"Sometimes very"

"How much time have you been spending with her?"


I was watching the blond, wondering who the hell she was. She seemed fascinated by the conversation.

"By well, I assume that you have been living at the job site."

"I... uh..."

"And that translates to yes. Son, she is feeling neglected."

"I kinda figured as much..."

"Well, then you should address the problem."

"How? I mean she ignores me!"

"If she is being disobedient, then discipline her."

"But, darn it, I love her!"

"I know you love her, but that doesnít stop her from being a submissive. Turn her over your knee."


"Listen, why do you think she is defying you?"

"Because I have been ignoring her?"

"And not giving her what she needs. The discipline makes her feel secure. By not addressing the problem, you are in her eyes, ignoring her. That makes her feel unwanted."


"Sean, I had Gwen for a couple of years, before you stole her from me. Trust me, a good spanking will straighten both of you out."

"If you say so dad."

"What are fathers for?" I laughed.

"Well, I will try..."

"No, you will do, and stop living at the job, damn it."

"I promise, say, what are you doing this weekend?"

"The weekend is free as far as I know."

"Great, why donít we swing by?"

"That sounds like a plan."

"Thanks dad."

"Anytime son."

I hung up the phone then collected my thoughts. I found myself staring at... whoever the heck she was.

"May I help you miss?"

"Yes, Tracker, isnít it? I came about the job."

I caught myself before I blurted out, "What job?í

"Um, the housekeeper position?"


"I see."

"Is there a problem?"

I stared at her in disbelief.

"You realize what the job entails?"

"I believe so, I would clean house and be available for sex."

I was dumbfounded. Her mannerisms and her dress spoke of a conservative professional. That and she didnít have the mannerisms of a submissive. It didnít add up. I looked harder, she was a very nice looking woman, I would guess in her early thirties. Very self assured and controlled. She looked like an executive.


"What do you mean?" Her turn to look puzzled.

"Just what I asked. Why? Is this a fling, an impulse, what?"

"I... Want to try it."

"Try it?"

"I am a teacherís assistant at a local university. I have the entire summer off and I thought that I would try it."

"What do you teach?"


I fought to keep my poker face intact, but something must have slipped as she suddenly started. So I was wrong about lawyer, she was something worse. I stepped back from that feeling as I hate to judge anyone without at least getting to know them. But this was going to prejudice me and I knew it. Part of me was screaming to just get her out of my house. The other part was curious.

"How old are you?" I asked more to gain my equilibrium than for the information.

"Thirty four."

I looked at her closely, she sure didnít look it.

"You are Amy?"


"I wasnít sure as we werenít introduced. Amy, I keep coming back to why. Have you had any experience at all as a submissive, bondage, that sort of thing?"

"No, I have little sexual experience at all, I spent most of my time earning my degree and then the requisite courses to teach."

"Then this is just something that you have read about?"

"I was reading a paper on submissive tendencies, and I was shocked by the percentages quoted and by the theory brought forth at the end."

"That was?"

"That as much as eighty percent of all women have suppressed submissive traits and that this is a throwback of a survival instinct."

"So this is more professional curiosity."

"I am not sure."

"How do you mean?"

"Well, I found myself reacting strangely to the article..."


"I... I became..."


"Yes. I didnít understand why, but I was aroused by the thought."

"So this is an experiment to see if you might fit into the eighty percentile." I chuckled. Leave it to a shrink to be professionally confused.

"You could call it that."

"Amy, besides the Ďsexí part, do you have any idea what this entails?"

"Honestly, no. I did find your conversation with your son fascinating though."

"And in your professional opinion, how was that handled?" I was preparing myself to tear a chunk out of her.

"Very well, I thought."


"I think that you donít care for people that my profession trains, but we actually had a lot in common in that conversation."

"How do you mean?"

"The needs of the individual should be addressed by what they respond to."

"I see."

"This Gwen must be a submissive and her needs were not being addressed."

"Go on."

"Being what she is, which I am beginning to understand is not necessarily aberrant behavior, you prescribed the cure for both of their problems."

I was impressed. She at least had an open mind, but how open?

"Ok, then would you mind if I asked you some questions? These are things that I will need to know if I decide to hire you."

"Of course."

"Have you been tested for STDs?"

"Yes, here is the results." She said as she retrieved a paper from her bag.

I studied the results. It was a lot more thorough than the ones that I was used to seeing.

"Are you currently in a relationship?"


"If you take this job, do you plan on living here or commuting?"

"I didnít realize that living here would be an option. I think I would live here."

"Have you ever been bound, during sex or otherwise?"


"Have you ever had sex with another woman?"


"Would you object to having sex with another woman?"

"I really donít know." She squirmed a bit on that one.

"You said that your sex life was limited, have you ever had an orgasm?"

"I think so."

"You think so?"

"If it was, I wasnít impressed."

I was starting to be impressed, by her honesty.

"Have you ever had anal sex?"

"No." She squirmed again.

"Have you ever been spanked during sex?"

"No." She was starting to look a little warm.

"Have you ever shaved?"

"Excuse me?"

"Shaved your mound?"

"Uh... um... no." The professional reserve was showing a few cracks.

"Do you know the difference between a sub and a slave?"


"So basically, I would have to train you from the word go... Are you comfortable nude?"


"In a group of people?"

"Uh..." Her eyes were getting a little glassy.


"Yes, master?"

Amyís head jerked around and she stared at Gloria.

"Would you care to show Amy your normal dress?"

"Yes, sir."

Gloria did a slow striptease with her slip-on dress. I watched Amyís reaction carefully. The color started to rise in her cheeks but she couldnít seem to take her eyes off of Gloria. I glanced over at Gloria and she had assumed the standing position of her legs spread and her hands laced behind her head. I pointed next to the desk and she promptly knelt where I had indicated. Amyís composure had completely fled. She was flushed and breathing quite heavily.

"Gloria is one of my slaves, not a sub." I turned to Gloria. "Tell Amy how this happened."

"Yes, sir. Susan, Gwen and I begged my master for his collar. He refused at first until he was sure that there wouldnít be any problems. Either with us adapting to it or with our positions in the household."

"My god!" Amyís face was ashen.

"Whether or not this is what you wish is up to you, the position does not require it. However, it will require us to train you in the basic rules and expectations of the job. Are you still interested?"

Amy paused, lost in her own thoughts. I figured this should be the telling point. After a few moments she answered. "I... Iím not... sure."

Her look of aloofness was gone and was replaced with a lost little girl look. I liked it better as it showed that there was a human being behind the mask. I considered what it would take to train her and if I really wanted to. I chuckled to myself, this was an opportunity to Ďenlightení one of the so called professionals.

"Iíll tell you what, take a few days and call me back, say by Wednesday, if I donít hear from you, then I will find someone else. I would expect you to do some research on what you are getting into. There are several internet sites and a wealth of books on the subject. One thing up front, I am not a sadist, I do not get off on inflicting pain."

She stood up, though her eyes were still riveted on Gloria. She stood there for a few moments fumbling with her bag, kneading the straps. I noticed that she wrapped one around one of her wrists, then started and looked down. She looked up at me with a helpless expression then fled the room.

"Sir, permission to speak?"

"Please do."

"Sir, are you serious about training her?"

"You know, dear, I was asked the same thing about you."

"Yes, sir."

I chuckled to myself. This could be an interesting project. I have a phobia about shrinks that dates back to my time in the Air Force. I used to have to be Ďinterviewedí by the sanctimonious bastards four times a year because of my security clearance. I had come to hate their attitudes and their superior airs. As much as I wanted to be fair to Amy, I was torn by the past and my inner lust to rip apart the base for those overbearing assholes. I figured this would be a fine time for a scotch and some reflections into my inner motives for considering what I was going to do. I had no doubt that I would be hearing from Amy; her reactions told me volumes about her. I also had no doubt that I would accept her Ďemploymentí. What was troubling me was my motive for doing so. I generally live and let live, but my darker side was fighting to come to the front and I do not like giving it the upper hand.

Tuesday went by in a whirlwind. I had landed my son a job restoring an old mansion in one of the new renaissance areas that the city was so fond of lately. There was a second bite that was more than a little interested in a complete remodeling. Things went on in the household pretty much as usual. The girls seemed to be a little quieter than normal but I wrote it off to me being busy.

Wednesday rolled around and the phone rang precisely at eight. Gloria answered it then transferred it to me.


"Yes, this is Amy, I was there the other day for the interview."

"Yes, I remember, have you decided?"

"I would like to come in and talk with you some more, if it wouldnít be a problem."

"No problem, when would it be convenient for you?"

"I am not working now, so anytime."

"How about nine, my day is fairly open."

"I will see you then and... thank you."

I wondered what Amy wanted to talk about. I chuckled to myself. I had nothing going on and Gloria had pretty much cleared the books already. So we could have a little fun if we wished.


"Yes, sir."

"Fetch Susan and get into some of your more revealing playwear."

She looked at me curiously. "Yes, sir."

She went off and I went to the bar and fixed a scotch. I sat back lit a cigar and considered what I was going to do. I laughed and figured whatever I wanted. A few minutes later, Susan and Gloria made an appearance and knelt before the desk.

"We are going to have a new recruit at nine, I want you two to be on your best behavior. If we donít scare her off, then you might have a new sister, but she will have to be trained as she has no experience at all. She thinks that she is just going to work for the summer, I intend to change her mind."

I heard a chorus of ĎYes, sirsí.

"When she gets here, Susan I want you to serve us snacks and drinks. Gloria, I want you to do pretty much as you did on Monday, but shed your dress as soon as she is led in and kneel to the right of my desk."

The girls acknowledged me, but looked confused. I reflected that I wasnít acting like my normal self. Oh, well, they were probably going to be really shocked by what I had in mind.

The doorbell rang promptly at nine. Gloria answered and after the formalities led Amy in the room. She didnít look so sure of herself this time. She had lost the business suit and opted for a skirt and blouse that was quite tasteful. I admired the new look, thinking that soon she would probably not need the outfit for quite some time. It all depended on our discussion. She sat down, looking very uncomfortable and more than a little nervous. Gwen knelt where I had told her and Amyís eyes locked onto her. I just sat there staring. A few seconds later, there was a knock at the kitchen door.


"Sir, your refreshments. May I serve you?"


She came to the desk and knelt. Kissing the tray she held it us and I took a glass and one of the finger sandwiches. She then went to Amy. "Mistress, may I serve you?"

Amy lost all color and started to shake a little. She took the glass and I watched as the wine rippled.

"You may place the tray on the desk and attend."

"Yes, sir."

She placed the tray on the desk an knelt on the left side of the desk. Amyís eyes darted back and forth. She finished her wine in a gulp.

"Now, Amy, how can I help you?" I kept my voice neutral.

"I..." She paused, after a few moments she continued. "I want... to be... trained."

"That is an interesting choice of wording; do you mean that you want the position?"

"Yes, yes... the position... please."

Her face had a look of almost terror, as if she had condemned herself to something she didnít understand. Which was closer to the truth than she knew.

"Is there anything else?"

"I... want... I..."

"Yes?" Feeling like a bastard for what I was doing.

"Your... collar."

"Youíre sure about this?"

"I... donít... yes, please. I need to be... trained."

"Amy, you realize that if I accept, you will no longer have any control over your own life, that my word will be law to you, and that you will no longer be able to refuse me anything upon the threat of punishment."

Her eyes were huge and she looked terrified. Her breathing was coming in gasps. Her whole body shuddered. "Y... yes. Sir."

A part of me was feeling like a total asshole, the other was rubbing itís hands together with glee.

"Gloria, before I accept her, would you fetch the basic rules for her to go over?"

"Yes, sir."

She went to her desk, her ass twitching, and returned to Amy and knelt. "Mistress, if you would."

Amy took the paper and started to read. She gasped and the turned red and started squirming in her seat. Several times she stopped and closed her eyes then resumed. She looked up at me then reread the paper.

I told her, "Those are the basic rules, they are not the only ones in effect. If I accept you, you will call me sir. You may not call me master until you earn your collar. You will answer to the girls as if they are me and accept any command that they give you. You will be in training from the time I accept until you earn your collar or quit. After you earn your collar, quitting will no longer be an option."

Her eyes locked on me with the last statement, but she didnít look defiant. She looked trapped, strange reaction for what she had just requested. I decided to give her an out. "Do you still wish to do this?"

She stared at me, then at the two girls, then back at me. "I... want to. I... Yes, sir, may I serve you?

I sat back, thinking. This was my chance to back out. I realized that I was doing this from impure motives, but the temptation... Well, as long as I kept my doubts about my own motives, I reasoned, I could keep my darker side in check.

"Ok, if you are serious, strip."

"Uh... yes, sir." She said in a small voice.

She stood up, her body trembling, and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Her eyes were focused on the buttons as if she had never seen anything like them before. She got to the last one, then looked up at me. She hesitated for a moment then took a breath and opened her top. She let it fall to the floor. She looked down at her body as if lost, then slowly reached behind her to undo her bra. I was watching each move with interest, as I was quite willing to let her back out if she wished; at this point. She slowly released the straps from her shoulders and let it fall with her blouse. Her body couldnít seem to stop trembling, her color was pale. Her nipples were hard and she almost covered herself, but caught herself before the move was half completed. Suddenly she straightened her back and sucked in a breath. In one move she unzipped her skirt and pushed it to the floor. Her panties followed and she stood as if at attention. I got up from my desk and walked slowly around her, she was very well built, no excess fat and quite trim. I figured that she must work out. I stopped behind her and ran my hand up her side, then down her back to her ass. Quite firm. She quivered under my touch. I walked around in front of her and looked her in the eye. Her body jerked. I reached down and ran my hand up between her legs, her cunt was soaked.

"Naughty little thing arenít we?"

"Y... yes, sir." She turned beet red.

"Well, you have gotten me worked up as well. You are a very good looking woman."

"Thank you, sir," she said quietly.

"Susan, come here and bend over the desk."

Susan turned red, knowing what was coming.

"Yes sir."

"I have to admit that you are a very sexy lady, but since you are in training, I will have to make do."

Her eyes were huge as Susan bent over the desk. I dropped my pants and told her that she wasnít to cum until I did. Amy gasped as it sunk in. This was to be her fate. I pulled the thong down and Susan stepped out of it. I removed the plug from her ass and sat it on the desk. Amyís eyes locked on it. I entered Susanís ass and started to fuck her, hard. I could see Amy was having a hard time holding still. I forced myself to think of anything other than what I was doing, knowing that Susan was going to get off on being used in front of a stranger. It really didnít take all that long. She came hard.

"Bad, girl. You are supposed to be setting an example for Amy."

"Yes, sir, please correct me," she gasped.

"Gloria, fetch the strap."

"Yes, sir."

I grabbed Susanís hair and took her around to the front of the desk. Her ass was no more than a couple of feet from Amy, and Amy was getting an eye full. I started to spank Susan with my hand, four on one cheek, four on the other. Then I paused to rub her cunt, letting my thumb tease her asshole. I gave her twenty swats like that, stopping every four to tease her. Gloria returned with the strap and I walked around and presented my cock. Susan took it in her mouth, and I gave her ten to each cheek. I was watching Amy as I did. Her expression was fabulous, stunned yet fascinated. She was swaying slightly. I went back around the desk and shoved it up Susanís ass. I heard a whimper behind me. I did manage to cum this time before Susan, but I didnít have to wait on her either.


"Yes, sir."

"Clean up."

"Yes, sir."

She got up and walked over behind Susan and dropped to her knees. Amy gasped. Gloria did a very thorough job. When she was done she rocked back and asked, "How may I serve you, sir?"

I looked at Amy and she was swaying back and forth, moaning.

"You may return to your desk."

"Yes, sir."

I picked up Susan and carried her to the couch. If nothing else, taking care of my pets was getting me into shape. I returned to my desk and sipped my wine.

"Amy, sit."

"Yes, sir." She almost fell back into the chair.

"Now you have some idea what you can expect, do you still want a collar?"

The stunned look rapidly faded, to be replaced with... I wasnít sure. She sat there for a few moments then replied, "Yes, sir, how may I serve you?"

I considered her reaction and her reply. I still doubted my motives and I was coming to doubt hers, but I figured at the very least I had a housekeeper. I reviewed my previous plan and reconsidered. I had pushed her and she still accepted, I had to respect her commitment. I had to respect her; what was left of my honor would not let me do otherwise. I reflected that I was going to keep pushing her, if nothing else, to see what her limits were. I still could put a good use to the toy I was building in the basement.

"Amy, I accept your offer of your services. After lunch Susan and Gloria will take you shopping for some clothes and other necessities. Gloria, please show Amy her room."

"Sir, should I get dressed?" Amy asked.

I was amazed that she had asked. She was already adapting to her new role, at least how she understood it.

"No, after Gloria has shown you where your things go and settles you in, I want you back here to take care of your excess hair."

"Yes, sir." She turned a nice shade of red.

"Oh, and Gloria..."

"Yes, sir?"

"See if you can find Amy a thong and a little something to keep her ass company."

"Yes, sir."

She turned red again and her breath caught but she didnít hesitate. She picked up her clothes and followed Gloria out the door. There was something strange here. Amy wasnít resisting anything that I did, but she seemed to be fighting with herself. I wondered if that could be all of her years of training going against what she really wanted, or was it something else. I went down to the workshop and guesstimated the size on a pair of wrist and ankle cuffs and grabbed a length of rope for good measure. When I returned, Susan was kneeling by my desk.

"Sir, permission to speak?"


"Sir, arenít you being a little rough on Amy?"

"Yes, I am. I will be honest, I am having a hard time accepting her."

"But why, sir?"

"Back when I was in the Air Force, I had a young woman named Ann. She was blonde and built about the same as Amy. She was also the one who taught me about being a master and a slaveís needs. Ann was also the first woman that I collared. Amy is also a shrink trainer. I hate shrinks. I have been fighting for control since she arrived the other day. There is also something strange about Amy and I wish to find out just what it is."

"I see, sir. Do you think that this is fair to Amy?"

"No, that is the reason I gave her so many chances to say no."

"Yes, sir." Susan looked troubled.

"I am going to give her several more chances to quit. Probably once a day for the first week. But I intend to drive her hard."

"Sir, why?"

I paused on that question. Why? What were my intentions? What was driving me to go so far outside of my normal tolerance?

"Dear, I really donít have an answer." It was my turn to look troubled.


"Yes Susan?"

"We love you, sir."

I smiled. Maybe that was my problem; after the loss of Ann, I had felt empty for so long. Amy had walked in and presented me with both sides of my pain. A chance... to do what? Have vengeance? Repentance? Or was it something else? I thought about it for a few minutes. There was something in me that was responding to Amy. What was it that was driving her?

"Susan, I will keep in mind that she is an individual. I promise to be careful with her. But she is hiding something and she is here wanting something. I want you to keep an eye on me, keep questioning me when I do something outrageous. I donít want to go too far."

"Yes, sir, and thank you sir."


"For your trust, sir."

Susan had put me back on a more level ground. The girls would be my conscience. Ann wanted something from this beyond the job and collar. I wanted to know what. I had no doubt that Susan would tell Gloria of our conversation at her first chance.

A little while later, Gloria returned with Amy. Amy looked rather shell shocked. Gloria came to the front of the desk and knelt. After a moment, Amy uncertainly joined her. She looked at Gloria, then adjusted her position.

"How may we serve you?" Gloria asked, obviously showing Amy the proper way to address me.

I was rather glad that Gloria had taken her under her wing. The girls were going to be an immense help in her training. Hopefully they would keep me in line also.

"Gloria, help Amy with these." I ordered, as I tossed her the wrist and ankle bands.

"Yes, sir."

She took one of Amyís wrists and buckled the band on. Amy brought her hand up and stared at the band. She had a far away look in her eye as Gloria put the second one on her. She rose up to give Gloria access to her ankles and Gloria buckled the last two in place. I watched as she took a deep breath, stifling a sob.

"Amy, what is wrong?"

"S... sir, um, n... nothing, sir. H... how may... I serve... you?"

I considered what I had just witnessed. She was acting as if she was being forced into doing this.

"Do you wish to continue?"

"Y... yes, sir."

"Ok, come here."

She slowly rose and walked around the desk to stand before me. Looking into her eyes, I hooked my thumbs into the straps of her thong and guided it down her legs. She moaned slightly, as she stepped out of it. I guided her to the middle of my desk and gently laid her back on it. I took a couple of clips and fastened her wrists to her ankles. Running a rope under the desk, I tied to her restraints and forced her legs open wide. She brought her head up, a look of panic in her eyes. She started to fight the bindings then stopped herself. She was panting like she had just ran a marathon, and her eyes were wild. I slowly ran my hands down the v of her inner thighs to her mound. Her lips were splayed open and she was quite wet.

I looked up as I touched her cunt and she cried out, "NO!"


She sobbed for a minute, then said, "Y... yes, sir?"

"Amy, what is wrong?"

"I... I... nothing, sir, I... Nothing."

"Amy, if I continue, I am going to shave you then I am going to push you to the edge of sexual release and hold you there till I find out what you are hiding from me. A slave should hold no secrets from her master."

She turned white. Her body started to quiver and shake. A look of panic and hopelessness chased each other across her face.

"I... I... Understand, sir... How may I serve you?"

"Tell me what is wrong."

"I... I canít, I just canít sir."

"Do you wish for me to continue?"

"Yes, sir, I beg your collar, sir. Do what you will."

What the hell was driving her? Something had pushed her to this and she was literally forcing herself to do this. Her body was responding quite well, but there was something that was haunting her mind that she wouldnít let go of. I considered what I was about to do. If I stayed committed to this, tt was tantamount to rape in my eyes. But that seemed to be what she was driving for. The old adage of canít rape the willing came to mind for a second, but still, this was something that I had never done. A fantasy was one thing, this was quite another.

"Amy, I donít know what you are afraid of, but I will ask you again, are you certain that you want this? If you agree, I will not stop till you tell me."

"Sir, I need this, please do what you will."

I need this? So it was something that she needed to prove? Or maybe an old ghost that needed to be purged. I wasnít trying to back out so much as find a way to justify this to myself. Could I do this with a clean conscience? I sat down and had Susan fetch me a scotch. Our eyes met as she offered it to me. She was troubled too.

"Sir, permission to speak?"

"By all means."

"Sir, I can see this troubles you."

"Yes, it does."

"If I may suggest sir, look at it as therapy."

I started. Therapy. Sort of like shock therapy in fact. Amy obviously needed to get this off her chest, so I was actually the therapist in this instance.


"Yes, sir?"

"Thank you."

She looked relieved as I smiled. I realized that she wasnít so worried about what I was going to do, as how it would affect me. I looked at Gloria and she was smiling too. The girls were not as worried about what I was going to do to Amy as much as what it was going to do to me. I took a drink and then got up.

"Amy, one last chance, there will be no others and you will not be able to stop until I get an answer."

"Yes, sir, please continue."

She looked relieved. She had obviously heard the brief conversation and had shown me that was what she was seeking. I was not something that she could release voluntarily, it was going to have to be forced from her. Ok, then letís start. I took my scissors and trimmed her hair, rubbing all over her most sensitive spots. She started to moan about halfway through. My electric shaver was next, and I let it vibrate her till she was panting in heat. Then I stopped till she had cooled down. It took quite a while as I was using this to build her need to the boiling point. After I finished with the electric, I oiled her cunt with baby oil then rubbed on some shaving cream. She was oozing out her cunt by the time I was finished. I paused again to let her cool down and then shaved her with the safety razor. I had to pause twice in the process. I cleaned the excess away and rubbed her to the edge of a release with the towel. After she had cooled a bit, I told Susan to inspect my work. Amyís head shot up. She started to protest, but then a look of resignation came over her. Susan did a very thorough job, having to stop half a dozen times. She knew what I had planned, and was going to make sure that it was followed to the letter. Then she surprised me and pulled the plug half way from Amyís ass. Amy let out a shriek. Susan ran her tongue around the plug and then looked at me.

"Sir, begging your pardon, but you missed a few hairs."

Amyís head shot up, her mouth half open to protest, then stopped and let her head fall back with a whimper.

"Susan, would you be so kind as to hold that out of the way?"

"Yes, sir."

I found the offending hairs.

"I see no reason to shave these."

I took a pair of tweezers and jerked the first one out. Amy shrieked again and started thrashing. I waited till she calmed somewhat and got the next one. There were about a dozen fine blonde hairs around the base of her asshole, and it took about ten minutes to remove them all. I noticed where I had toweled her dry was quite wet again.

"You can put that back now."

"Yes, sir."

Susan pushed the plug home rather sharply. Amyís back arched off the desk.

"Oh, shoot, I forgot, You need to check again."

"Yes, sir." She slowly pulled the plug back out. Her inspection was quite thorough again, only accidentally letting the plug slide home a couple of times. When she was through, she slid it back home again.


†"Yes, sir."

"I didnít tell you to put that back."

"Yes, sir." She pulled it out again. Amy was fit to be tied, which of course she was.

"Now put it back."

"Yes, sir." She forced it back in. Amyís back arched and she started to whimper.

"You know, Susan, that went in awfully easy, maybe she needs a bigger one. Gloria go fetch her something that she will be more comfortable with."

"Yes, sir."

Amyís head came up from the desk with a pleading look in her eyes. I smiled at her and gently rubbed her cunt. She moaned and let her head drop. Her hips started to thrust against my hand.

"Does little girl need something?"

"Yes, please sir!"

"And what would that be?"

"Please, screw me!"

"Screw you?"

"Sir, please screw me, fuck me, what ever you want, please."

"Well, Amy, I want to hear your story."

"Oh, please, sir, no."

"Well, then you must not need it that bad."

Amy moaned and thrashed. Gloria returned with the new plug. I was shocked by the size of it. I looked at Gloria and she just smiled and shrugged. I shook my head and lubed it up real good. I pulled the other one out, quite sharply and Amy came about a foot off the desk. I waited till she calmed somewhat and slowly started to work the new one into place. I had to stop several times as Amy was on the verge of losing it. It finally went past the ridge, her head came up off of the desk and she was staring at her crotch as if in disbelief. Her eyes were like saucers and her hips couldnít seem to stop moving.

As she lat there twitching, I turned to Susan. "Well, why donít you fix lunch, it is about time and Gloria, why donít you finish up at your desk, and make sure Amy doesnít wander off. I am going to finish up in the basement. Oh, and I almost forgot, I donít want you to get bored while you wait, so here."

I reached into my bottom drawer and removed an egg vibrator. Amy started to moan and shake her head no. I slid it up into her cunt and switched it to it lowest setting. I then took a length of rope and doubled it. I ran it around her waist and through the loop, which I had placed in the small of her back I ran the rope between the cheeks of her ass and through her cunt, bisecting her sex. "Damn, I need something to tie this too. I know!"

I fished out a pair of clover nipple clips and dangled them before her. Her face had a look of total disbelief. I applied one to her left nipple, they were already quite hard and she screamed. I waited to she had calmed somewhat and did the right nipple with much the same results.

"Feel like talking yet?"

She just shook her head and moaned. I took the rope and put it through the chains and pulled it quite tightly up into her cunt, pulling her nipples down in the process. She brought her shoulders up to relieve the tension and I tied the rope off. "Sure?"

She whimpered but didnít say anything. I shrugged my shoulders and smacked her cunt. She tried to arch her back but the clips stopped her. I left her there, with Gloria to watch, and went down to the basement to my shop. I wasnít exactly comfortable with my new role. This was probably going to step far outside the "fun" side that I was so fond of. I had already basically started a torture program, that it was almost at the victims request was a moot point. Well, it looked as if my latest toy was going to be used for something other than what I had designed it. My little psychologist upstairs didnít know it, but this was one time that she didnít stand a chance. The punch line being that I had learned much of what I needed for this from the military. The one place that had taught me my aversion to shrinks in the first place. This whole thing was a living irony.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts as I walked into the shop. I smiled as I looked at the saddle stand and saddle in the middle of the floor. Ride Ďem cowgirl, I chuckled to myself. The saddle wasnít exactly top of the line, much closer to lower middle of the line, but I didnít want it for a horse show. I still hated cutting the two and a half by six inch slot in the seat though. I looked it over to make sure that there were no rough edges. I had already removed the stirrups and fenders. The saddle was bolted to the stand which was reinforced with a wider base. It had a steel frame with a wooden barrel. The contraption underneath looked out of place, however. Motors sliding arms and cables. I knelt down and started the final process of wiring in the relays. It took about a half hour. I plugged it into the laptop and switched it on. Nothing happened. Good. I started to play with the settings and one of the dildos peeked its head through the slit in the saddle. I ramped up the stroke and it slowly rose and fell. I started the other and its cousin behind it slid up also. I ran the speed up on one then the other and checked the readings on the laptop. The feedback circuits were working perfectly. I started a pump that was buried in the base with the rest of the hardware and a ring of lubricant squirted on the rear toy. I shut down that part and turned off the motors. I walked to the bench and picked up the other accessory. I plugged it into the saddle horn, two clear quarter inch tubes and a couple of wires. The tubes ran up to elongated suction cups. There were cell phone vibrators glued to the tops. I went back to the laptop and started the pump. I put one of the cups on my hand and ran up the suction till I couldnít shake it off. I set this parameter in the computer then started the other pump. It was basically an open cylinder with no check valve. I started it and felt a sucking on my hand. It pulsed it time with the pump. I varied the stroke a little and it got quite a hard draw. It actually felt as if someone was "nursing" on my hand. I changed the speed and set the other parameters, then kicked in the vibrators. They were quite strong for their size. I ran back through and did a final check. I had one more attachment, but I couldnít think of a way of testing it without a volunteer. I was sure Amy would be happy to help. After all, she was the one who started this mess. I checked the probes and amplifiers then shut the computer down.

I returned upstairs to the sound of very loud moans mixed with some pleading. Gloria was sitting at her desk with a very bemused half smile on her face. Amy was promising her all kinds of delights if she would just let her come. I had to laugh. Amy jerked, which did nothing for her comfort level.

"Feel like having that conversation yet?"

She turned red and shook her head no.

"Ah well. Oh my, I am so sorry; I meant to take these off of you earlier."

I walked over and released one of the clover clamps. It took a second then she let out an ear piercing scream. I reached for the other one and she started to shake her head no. I grabbed it and off it came. Her back arched and she came. Hard. Well it seemed that we had a pain slut on our hands, hmm. She lay there panting with a look of wonder on her face.

"I suppose we will have to start over now."

I released her and helped her to her feet. She was a mite unsteady. I pulled the egg out of her, which for some reason, embarrassed her to no end. I even helped her back into her thong, which embarrassed her again. I then slapped her ass, which made her eyes glassy for a moment.

"Excitable little thing arenít we."

"Y... yes, sir."

"Well then, you will definitely have something to look forward to."

She looked at me with curiosity mixed with dread. Susan came in and announced lunch. Lunch was almost boring, except that our new recruit couldnít seem to sit still. She didnít spill anything or do anything to get her disciplined, which probably meant she was well rattled. I remember that Gloria had pulled off that one. After lunch I sent the girls shopping after toning down the size of the plug in Amyís ass and equipping her with ben-wa balls. It was an education watching her try to walk. As she was heading out the door, I smacked her ass again. Quite hard. It did wonders for her complexion.

I headed back down to my workshop to test the rest of the probes and lost myself for a time when the EEG amplifier started acting weird. I traced it to a bad ground which was letting in a false signature. I looked up and had burnt two hours. I finished testing the rig and returned to my office. I lit a cigar and burnt another hour hashing out the restoration job for Sean. Finally, about four, the girls returned. I watched them parade in leading Amy. She looked a mite unsettled. Gloria, without ceremony, stripped Amy of her top. Ah, a shelf bra with nipple nooses... and her tits were bright red. I looked a Gloria curiously.

"Sir, we had a bit of a problem when we were picking out her outfits."


"Well, sir, we took her into a changing booth and gave her a little encouragement."

"This was where?"

"Oh, one of the more sleazy lingerie shops, sir."

"Ah, I see."

"We got quite a round of applause when we came out, sir."

I had to laugh. It would seem that the girls had embraced this project wholeheartedly. I was relieved to say the least. Susan relieved Amy of her skirt. They had done her up with a garter and stockings, the hooker fishnet kind, and her thong was still in place. Gloria reached into one of the shopping bags and the fashion show started. I was surprised at one point, when Susan produced a riding crop and encouraged Amy to change. I had her turn around after that and noticed that her ass had received quite a few more swats than what she had just received. The girls were not letting her slack; that was for sure. I wondered at the change that had come over them. The toy show came next and the riding crop saw more use. I was amazed at the selection that they had purchased for her. Then I noticed the cuffs, they were the type that locked and the girls put them on her and made sure that they were locked, tossing me the keys. Finally, Gloria led Amy up to her room to help organize her closet. Susan came to the desk and knelt.

"Yes, dear?"

"We had a talk with her on the way into town, sir. She admitted that she wasnít telling us everything and said that she needed to be punished. We tried to pry out what it was, but she would say no more."

"So you think this is the best course?"

"Sir, I am beginning to believe this is the only course."

"Well, I think Amy has bitten off more than she can chew this time."

"How so, sir?"

"I am going to break her with frustration."

"Begging your pardon, sir, but that didnít work too well today."

"Yes, but I have a little help now."


"I am going to give Amy riding lessons."

Susan just looked at me curiously. She knew that I could come up with some pretty effective things to "entertain" them.

The rest of the evening went off without a hitch, Amy behaved herself impeccably. There were no more scenes and we relaxed and talked during dinner. Well we talked, Amy listened. She seemed afraid that she would betray herself if she joined us. After trying to include her for a while, we gave up and just chatted about household matters. We retired early, after locking Amy to her bed.

Susan was the first up, and after waking Gloria she went down to start breakfast. I didnít particularly like the change in routine, but I thought that I understood it. Gloria went to Amyís room and helped her with her toiletries. I donít think that Amy cared for enemas. While they were taking care of their business, I showered and started dragging things up from my workshop. By the third trip an elevator was starting to look very attractive.

At breakfast, I pried out of Amy that she had never had an enema before. I pointed out to her that if things worked out, I might be using that hole in the future. She didnít look comfortable with that idea. After breakfast, I asked her again if she wanted to continue. She didnít look comfortable but said that she wanted to serve. Well she was about to get her chance. I took her into the office and she stopped dead. I half drug her over to the saddle and with the aid of a stepstool, put her on it. I had mounted a ring at the very back of the saddle skirt and I attached her wrists to it. I brought her feet up one at a time and attached them to rings just under the seat, back by her wrists. I ran a couple of wide straps around her thighs and she was pretty much attached till I let her loose. I started plugging in the laptop and running the connections. She watched with a growing look of apprehension. Then I produced the spandex top, she started fighting. I let her go for a while, just enjoying watching her tits flop back and forth. I had taken a sleeveless spandex top and cut it down the back. I had riveted speed laces up the back. I put the probes to my computer inside the fabric and wired them to a plug in the side. I put the top on her and laced it as tight as I could, which made her tits stand out through the cutouts in the front. I plugged in the cable to the computer and checked the feed. I had to readjust one of the probes but I soon had her vitals displayed in full color. Temperature, heart rated, and pulse. I took a leather crown and stuck it on her head and read out her alpha state. I smiled up at her and asked if she wanted to have that conversation yet.

"No, sir." She said quietly.

I plugged in the suction cups and fired the pump with the computer. I put one on each nipple. Her eyes went wide. I then plugged in the one that I wasnít so sure about, but I neednít have worried. It sucked itself right onto her clit. I didnít even have to trim it. It was on a separate pump system so it would probably need calibrated. Oh, well, Amy wasnít going anywhere and I was sure I could get it close by her reactions.

"Last chance."

"No, sir, please what..."

I flipped the switch. The pumps started to nurse on her tits and her clit. I watched as her vitals changed. I keyed in random variations and for some reason Amy could neither sit still nor talk. I watched her carefully as she approached her peak. She was fighting it, but it was still carrying her along. I kicked on the vibrators on her nipples and she drew closer. The one on her clit just about sent her over the top. I set that as the cutoff. Everything stopped except for the gentle suction holding her little toys in place. While she was otherwise occupied, I ran the first dildo up to about and inch was in her cunt. She was so far gone that I donít think that she noticed. She noticed when she finally calmed down and I set the lower threshold. Her eyes went wide with panic. I had only programmed in four inches of penetration, but set up the program so that the more excited she got the faster that it would fuck her. It didnít take long for her to reach the upper limit. I sat back and watched as she went though three or four more cycles. It was taking her longer to come down each time. I noticed that Susan and Gloria were entranced. As she was going up the next time I brought up the little toy for her ass. I had to reach under the saddle to remove her plug. I would have to remember that next time. I lubed it up and ran it in about an inch. Her eyes went wide with panic. I sat back down and waited. The toy in her ass took her up quicker, that was for sure. When she cooled down to the lower limit I keyed in the back toy limiting it to three inches and set the lube pump for every tenth stroke. She shot up like a rocket, fighting her restraints the whole way. She was making little whimpering sounds as she came back down. I let her go for a few more rounds then set the program to random and ran the limits up on the dildos to seven in the front and six in the back. I knew her plug was longer than that, so I wasnít too worried about her handling it, but I watched her carefully for any problems (other than her growing frustration of course). I watched as the computer played her like a fine guitar. She could get right to the edge, but no further. I had set up the timer in the program to stop after a half hour had past. She seemed to have no problems taking the multiple penetrations so I just sat back to watch. I had figured about right, she was covered in sweat and moaning continuously by this point. I took her down and laid her on the couch. I sent Susan for water and let her drink all she wanted. After a while she was back down to earth and I asked her if she felt like talking yet.

"No, sir, please, sir, fuck me, sir."

"Conversation first dear, I like to get to know a girl first, call me old fashioned."

I let her rest for a half hour then put her back into the saddle. I had more of a fight on my hands this time, but Susan came through with the crop. After she settled in I decided to play a little dirty this time and keyed in the anal probe first. She probably would have gone through the roof if she hadnít have been tied down. It didnít take as long as I expected though before the machine kicked off. She was already sweating. I turned the rest of the options loose and waited for the next cycle. The room was starting to fill with her musk. I noticed that her hips wouldnít stop moving between cycles and that she never came all the way back each time. I added fifteen minutes to the run. I kept adding fifteen minutes a run up until lunch. She was up to two hours by then. I put a belt on her and locked her wrists to it so she couldnít "ride her finger." Gloria and Susan took turns feeding her lunch. I let her relax the rest of the day, leaving her wrists locked to her waist when she went to bed. The girls also took turns helping her with her toiletries. When she was finally chained to her bed, the girls attacked me; I suppose that they got a little horny watching Amy take her ride.

The next day went pretty much the same as the first, except it started at two hours and went up. There was also a session in the afternoon. By the end, she was begging the girls to whip her to an orgasm.

By Friday she was up to a session in the morning and one in the afternoon. After we cut her loose she tried to hump a chair. We wound up chaining her with her legs spread in her bed. I went down to the shop to think. We were close, but this was wearing on us all. I let my eyes wander the room. I caught sight of an old project that I had discarded because it didnít work the way it was suppose to. It was an old muscle stimulation device. It worked in theory by sending electrical impulses through the muscles, basically causing them to twitch. My son had come up with the idea to try it on one of his old girlfriends, but the twitches were rather painful and they stopped because she couldnít handle it. I walked over and pulled the box and there it was, about the size of a pack of cigarettes. There were touch switches that activated the power and pulse duration. I put a fresh battery in it and ran a voltage check across the contacts. It showed a slight surge when triggered. Hmm, a photo gate should take care of that. I dug into my parts and found a couple of low voltage opto-isolators. I went upstairs with the box and wired the probes into the nipple and clit cups with some fine grid wire. I hooked the wires from the opto-switches into the computer and added another device to the run program. I figured that I would test it tomorrow.

Saturday, the day started as usual. I didnít let the girls out of bed until we all had relieved a little stress, and then made them shower with me. We were fairly relaxed when we got around to Amy. We tried to draw her out during breakfast, but she refused to talk. So to the saddle she went. I think she was getting used to the sexual frustration, so hopefully this would break through to whatever she was trying to hide. She wanted it out, so why was she fighting so hard? I donít think that she noticed the extra wires, so when I started the ride normally she was quite prepared for it and seemed to melt in the saddle. She whimpered when the first cycle ended, but it didnít look as if it bothered her that much now. I waited till she was halfway into the next cycle and keyed in the box. Her body went rigid. She opened her mouth as if to scream, but nothing came out. She started humping like mad. It took her to the edge in a matter of seconds. I was watching the computer and it never got above a mild setting. I stared at her for a second then made my decision. I cranked it up so that it would vary the power and duration, but it would not drop below where it was and it was limited to twice the output. This was only up to the medium setting, but I thought that it would get her attention. She started to say something when she came back down, but the machine kicked in and her hips took over. It was still set on random and a few seconds in it blasted her. She shot up to the top then it kicked off before she could cum. She wailed.

Then she started to beg. "I take it you wish to talk now?"

"Y... y... yes... sir... please!"

"Well, maybe after lunch."

"Sir! No please."

And the machine kicked in. It got her first thing. Her body went rigid and her mouth flew open. Her back arched and she started to hump the dildos. I heard a knock on the door. What the... my son, I had forgotten about him. Gloria already had her dress on and was at the door. I shrugged, I guess he would get to see the other side of his old man now. The cycle ended and Amy started to beg again. "Amy, I would like for you to meet my son."

She stopped with a look of horror on her face, just as Gloria led Sean and Gwen into the room.

"Gwen, Sean, this is Amy. Amy, this is Gwen and Sean."


The machine kicked in. She rode it for almost a minute before it jolted her this time. With much the same results.

"Dad, what are you doing to her?"

"Well she had this problem with her voice, but I think that she has found it now."

Gwen dropped to her knees and just stared. The jolt had driven Amy to the peak and shut down. She started begging again.

"Amy, do you promise not to try to hide anything else?"

"Sir, yes sir, I promise, I..."

Bang, it hit her first thing. Sean watched in fascination as her hips went nuts on the dildos. She almost made it this time but the machine was quicker. I walked over and shut it down.

"Sir, I promise..."


"Iíll tell you."


"Has it stopped?"

"Yes, Amy, now letís hear what has had my house torn up for the last week."

"Sir, arenít you going..."

"No, I am not, if I donít think that you are telling the truth or if you are hiding something I will turn it back on and leave you till dinner."

"No, please sir."

"Then you had better tell me why you caused all of this."

"I... it was my second year of college. When I did it..."

"Did what?"

"It started with an online chat. My sister... Oh lord..."

"Go on."

"I met this guy in a chat room and teased him. It went on for a few weeks. I didnít think anything about it. My sister was visiting the dorm and seen the messages. He was into bondage and she was teasing me."

I let her pause for a moment.

"When she left I had been talking to him and he kept asking what I looked like so I sent him her picture. It was supposed to be a joke."

"What happened."

"The next time she visited she asked me if I ever got the guts to meet this guy and I said no. She called me a coward and said she sure would. I told her to right on ahead."

She sobbed. "She did. I found out a week later. I went to rescue her and found out that she didnít want rescuing. They both laughed at me. My sweet little sister was a sex slave."

"So you had to know." Actually I felt relieved. I had envisioned foul play. But this was just a poor confused woman trying to find out why. I suppose that things like this didnít fit into her neat little picture of the world.

"Yes, I had to understand."

"So you came in and tore my household apart just to find out that your sister had a mind of her own and enjoyed what she had found."

"But it was my fault."

"They donít teach much in college now days, do they?" My son asked.

"Apparently not. Amy, you might find this hard to believe, but people tend to make their own choices. That is what fascinated you about Gloria and Susan, wasnít it."

"Yes, sir."

"Sir? What do you mean by that? Your experiment is over, you can go home now."

"Sir, no I canít. Unless you force me to."

"And why is that?"

"I want to be your slave. I want your collar. I misjudged you and all of this and I want you for my master, sir."

"Youíre joking."

She looked as if she was going to cry. "No, sir, please donít make me leave."

I sat down hard. I had literally tortured this girl for a week now and she didnít want to leave. "Why?"

"Because, sir, you were fair and patient. You did this because I forced it on you, but still didnít get mad when you found out. Please, sir, donít make me go."

"What about your job?"

"I will get started in the morning and clean the entire house, sir."

I shook my head in bemusement. "I was speaking of your teaching position."

She stared at me for a few seconds. "Oh, that, I suppose they are going to have to find someone else, sir."

"What am I going to do now?" I thought out loud.

"Please, sir, use me however you want."

So we took her down and gang banged her. The girls even got strap ons. She wound up begging me to take her in the ass, but I sampled the rest of her charms too. She told me afterwards that she was impressed with her orgasms.

Spring turned into summer and she turned into the perfect maid. I gave her the collar she wanted on Independence Day. I love irony. Fall rolled around and I asked her again about her job.

"I have finished the upstairs, sir. Is there a problem?"

I let it drop. Funny thing is I have lost a lot of my prejudices, about blondes and psychologists. Especially a certain one that I get to shave every week. Live and learn.