The Interview
by Tracker

Help Wanted
f sub 20-35 for light
household duties
will train to position

All that I wanted was a housekeeper, a maid. I had bumped Gwen out of that position when I found that she had a MBA. She had evolved into my personal advisor and bookkeeper. When she wasnít tied to my bed or whatever else was handy. Susan was out of the question. There was no way I was going to let her out of the kitchen. She could make a hamburger taste better than a Porterhouse at Chez Jeanís. So I figured that I would just hire someone to basically pick up around the house and hopefully fit in to our lifestyle. I am not that much of a neat freak, my dragon miniatures do not have to be 17.5cm apart and 12cm from the edge of the shelf. Nor does every speck of dust behind the books on the bookshelf have to be gone. Some of my friends tell me that I am way too lax on my slaves. I remind them that I am hiring subs for servants, not owning slaves. I have a hard enough time keeping track of my own life without micro-managing some one elseís.

So why was this turning into such a pain in the ass? I have to admit that I have seen a fairly good cross-section of everything that I do not desire in a woman. One showed up with more metal in her body than the local scrap yard could lay claim to. Donít get me wrong, I like a few piercings, but I counted twenty on her face alone. One was a Dom that wanted to try the other side for a while. I listened for all of ten minutes. Listened because I couldnít get a word in edgewise. By the end, I almost saluted before she left. The Marines missed a good one there. I could go on but Iím sure you get the picture.

I called Susan in and sent her for some aspirin. I had three more scheduled for today. Gwen was on door duty today and I think that we were all getting rather stressed out. So I was rather surprised when Gwen came to the door and knocked twice. Up until now, she had just been leading them in, waiting patiently for however long the ordeal lasted then, in some cases, almost dragging them out. She was not happy by this point.

My curiosity peaked I told her to enter. She opened the door and said, "Sir, there is a young lady to see you."

She had a slight grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye. This had to be good.

"Show her in and attend." What the hell, Gwen was play-acting for a reason.

"Yes sir," she did a little curtsy. "This way please."

Gwen led in this little girl, I do mean little, then knelt in the classic position next to my desk. About this time Susan came in from the kitchen with my aspirin and a glass of water. She stopped at the door taking in the girl, Gwen kneeling and my poker face.

"Sir, your aspirin, may I serve you?"

I motioned to her and she came to my left side, knelt and kissed the glass raising it to me. In her other hand was the aspirin. I took them from her and downed the pill handing the glass back to her when I was finished. She bowed and rose.

"Put that up, return and attend." I knew she was as curious as I was.

"Yes, sir." She bowed again and left the room to return in a few minutes to kneel on the other side of my desk.

The stage set, I was wondering about the script. Gwen had to have had a reason for this little drama. I sat there for a few minutes studying this young woman. She was really easy on the eyes, that was for sure. Long light brown, almost blonde hair down to the middle of her back. Her face was almost elfin. Her figure was exquisite. She was dressed in a knee length cotton dress that was sleeveless. And she was nervous as hell. I watched her slump in the chair and then straighten up then wriggle to get comfortable. I was wondering about her complexion as her face was constantly changing from a pale white to a beet red. She looked scared to death. I voiced my next thought, "Tell me, what are you doing here?" I kept my tone even.

"I... I came... I wanted the... pos... job. Please!" Her voice was as beautiful as her body.

"Why?" My voice was flat. I thought she was going to cry.

"I... I... need... to do this."

Not the answer I expected. I thought about this for a while. She Ďneeded?í to do this. What was Ďthisí that she needed to do. I have never heard of anyone desperate to be a maid, so this had to be about the sexual side. I could tell she was a sub, hell she almost screamed it. But she was scared.

"Explain Ďthis.í"

I thought she was going to faint. Her face paled and her breathing was erratic.

She kind of wobbled in the seat. If her eyes opened any further we were going to have to pick them up and pop them back in.

"I need... to... to... serve you... god please... with my... my... body, sir."

I considered her response and the way it was delivered then decided to push a few buttons. I already knew, I thought, what was going on.

"Your experience?"

She hesitated, looking very frightened.

"None, sir." Then she fainted.

Gwen must have the reactions of a martial artist, she caught her before she was completely out of the chair. I came around the desk and picked her up, she didnít feel as if she weighed anything, and took her to the couch.

"Ok, just what the hell is going on here?"

Gwen laughed and replied, "I thought you could use a good laugh. The poor girl has no idea what she is doing and I asked her if she had a safety and she had no clue what I was talking about. I did manage to drag out that her girlfriend is into it deep and put her up to this. I figured after all of the bitches that you have had to deal with, this would be fun, before you scared her off."

I considered it for a moment. Gwen must have a sadistic streak tucked away somewhere. Personally, I felt sorry for the young lady. I couldnít imagine what would drive her here as scared as she was. If nothing else, she had guts. But she was totally in the dark as far as the sub scene was concerned. I found myself considering how much it would take to train her, or at least enlighten her. I also found myself royally pissed at her girlfriend. If she actually put her up to this...

"I think that she at least deserves to finish the interview. It took a lot for her to try this." I replied.

"You arenít thinking of training her are you?" Susan asked incredulously.

"And if I do?" I asked in a tone of voice that reminded them of who signed the paychecks. "Of course, I will need to show her what she can expect."

"What do you mean?" Gwen asked, suddenly uncertain.

"Well, since you started this little theater piece, then you should stick with the character part til the end. I might need your help too, Susan."

I heard a slight moan from the couch.

"Positions ladies."

They looked at each other then shrugged and returned to their places at the desk. I wondered to myself if I wasnít crazy to even try this. I am getting up there in years. Closer than I care to fifty in fact. I have always considered training a young manís game as it took a lot of time and planning to accomplish. It always seemed to me to be a lot harder on the master than the slave, as he has to plan every facet almost perfectly to keep them both satisfied. Unlike the fantasies I have read, I have heard of a lot more failures than successes. In most cases the problems started when the Ďmastersí forget that the slave has feelings too. It is a royal minefield when you start playing around with a femaleís sexuality. A lot of the mines that are in place arenít visible to either side. A woman has to be almost totally in touch with her inner self to know exactly what she wants and this young lady didnít have a clue. Well the worst that I could do at this point was scare her. It might even be for the best, come to think of it. I looked back over what little information that I had about her and found myself pissed at her girlfriend again.


"Relax, you fainted. Would you care for a drink?"

"Y...Yes please, sir."

Hmm, she called me sir even in her state. I turned to Susan, "Water."

"Would you like to sit?"

"Yes please, sir."

I noticed that she was looking at her feet and wrists. I was puzzled for a second then it hit me that she expected to wake up tied. Just what the hell had her girlfriend told her? Susan returned with the water and I held the glass as the girl drank. Her hands were shaking too much for her to try it.

"Would you like to continue?"

"You mean... yes sir, please!" She sounded relieved.

"One thing that you should know. You can stop this at anytime today. I can tell that you have no experience as a sex slave, and that this all new to you. I have no idea where you got the idea to try this, but I applaud your courage." I turned to Gwen. "Cancel the rest of the interviews, and return."

"Yes, sir."

"Sir, may I speak?" The little girl still looked rather frightened.

"Feel free to speak as you wish for now, I have not taken you for my own as of yet."

"Am I still being considered then, sir?"

"At this point, I think that you need to have some idea just what you are getting yourself into. Even if I do not retain your services, it would at least give you an idea what to expect in future."

"Oh, thank you sir, thank you!"

"Why are you doing this?"


"You have quite obviously never had a master, and I doubt seriously if you have any experience at all with the lifestyle."

"I... I watched Doug and Angie, thatís my best friend, one evening. I... canít explain what it did to me... There was a part of me that screamed that I had to be like that, to have that... happen to me... I have felt empty ever since."

"Did your girlfriend suggest this?"

"When I asked her about it, she laughed at me and showed me the ad in the paper."

"That was all, no advice, no safety, nothing?"

"Sir, what is this safety you keep asking about?"

"Does anyone know that you are here?"

"No, sir."


"I... I donít understand, sir." She looked as if she was about to cry.

Without thinking I reached out and hugged her.

"I am not angry with you... by the way, what is your name."

"Gloria, sir."

"I am not mad at you Gloria, I am rather irritated at your friend Angie however."

"But why sir?"

"You have no clue... amazing. Letís see, I could have been a homicidal maniac that wanted you so I could whip every inch of your skin off of your body or a professional slaver, lets say for the Arabs. Should I go on?"

She had paled again when it sunk in what she had done. What could have happened. I continued, "Again, I am not angry with you. Your Ďfriendí however, needs a reality check."

I waited until she calmed somewhat. I figured that it was time to see what I was dealing with here.

"Are you ready for the rest of the interview?"

"Yes sir." Her voice was a lot steadier



"I usually donít care to have to repeat myself. However you are new at this, so I will explain. You are volunteering your services... your body, to do with as I please. That is what was on your mind when you came in anyway. So what was it that you expected?"

"I...I donít know, I never... thought... that... someone would be watching, sir."

"Ah, I see... then watch." I turned to Gwen. "Strip."

I saw a slight jerk, Gwen is a might bashful, but she started this mess. I was just going to enjoy it. I watched as Gwen slowly removed her top and dress. There was a rustle behind me and to my amazement, Gloria was pealing off her dress. I turned back to Gwen just in time.

"Leave the garter and stockings."

I returned to Gloria, she had already lost her bra and was beet red. I watched as she slowly removed her panties. She started to cover herself then straightened and put her hands at her sides. She was a vision. I walked around and studied her, which did nothing for her comfort level. She was breathing rather heavily.

"As this is your first time, I suppose that you should be introduced to what you can expect. Gwen come over here and show her what you have in storage."

Gwen turned bright red and walked slowly over. She turned till her back was to Gloria and bent at the waist. I heard her gasp. I wondered if she had ever seen a butt plug. She couldnít seem to take her eyes off of it.

"Would you like to see what the rest of it looks like?"

Gwen jerked then caught herself. "S...sir?"

"Would you like to see it?"

"Um, yes sir."

"Then take it out and look at it."

Gloria turned white and started to shake a little. Then to my surprise, her hand moved as if by its own violation, and slowly started to pull the plug from Gwenís ass.

"It helps if you twist it slightly as you pull." I told her helpfully.

Gwen was gasping, a very bright red. She moaned slightly as the plug came past its ridge, then gasped again as it popped the rest of the way out. Gloria was holding it in her hand, looking lost as if what to do with it.

"Wha... why... um, does she... what is it for...?"

"It is to train her asshole for this."

I grabbed Gwenís hips and swung her around so she was sideways to Gloria. I dropped my pants and ran my dick into Gwenís now sopping cunt. Embarrassment is a huge turn on for her. I stroked twice then pulled out and shoved it up her butt. I smacked her ass and stroked until I felt her come then pulled out. I laughed as they both dropped to their knees.

"Gwen, I didnít tell you to cum."

"Sorry, sir, please correct me."

"Go fetch your ankle and wrist bands."

She started to get to her feet.


She dropped back to her knees and crawled from the room. Gloriaís eyes were glued to her as she crawled away, then to my surprise, she spoke, "Sir, I am sorry, but I came too." she said in a small voice.

Behind me I heard Susan gasp. I was stunned. I had thought to scare her off or at least make her take a long look at what she was doing. It looked as if I had a natural on my hands. I wondered how much I could push her.

"Susan, go fetch the guest chair for Gloria."

Another gasp, then she went to fetch.

"Do you wish to continue with this?"

"Yes sir. But you are going to have to teach me what to do. I am sorry."

I shook my head. I looked down and her thighs were soaked all the way down past her knees. Gwen returned with her cuffs and I had her put them on, making sure that Gloria had a good view of her pussy while she did. I had Gwen lay face down on the desk with her ass pointed towards the room and spread her legs, clipping them to the legs of the desk. I then ran a rope long ways under the desk and pulled her arms straight out from her body and tied them off at her cuffs. By this time Susan had returned with the guest chair. Gloria stared at it; I could see a thousand questions. It is a high back chair with arms that has a split in the seat that hinges in the back. The arms of course are hinged too. I had Gloria sit and strapped her arms down at the wrists and elbows and strapped her legs to the chair too. I fastened the waist strap then asked her if any of the bindings were too tight.

"No, sir." There was a quaver in her voice.

"Do you wish to continue?"

"Yes sir." She replied breathlessly.

"Well, I donít wish for you to be bored while I address this discipline problem..."

I walked to my desk and pulled out a vibrator from the bottom drawer. I returned to her and flipped the latch on the chair and opened the legs, and hers too, they were attached after all. I slid the little toy into her quite wet cunt, turned it on low and slid the legs back together. I watched as she started to squirm and fight the straps. Her breath was coming in short gasps.

"Do you wish to continue?"

"Y... yes sir..." She finally gasped.

"Susan, fetch my strap."

I noticed that Susanís eyes were wide and she was breathing funny too. I walked up behind Gwen and smacked her ass, first one cheek then the other. I waited a few seconds and did it again. I repeated this till she had received ten swats on either cheek. She had started to moan halfway through. Her ass was starting to turn a nice shade of pink. Susan returned with the strap, which I took, then went back to her place. I noted that she had moved forward a little. For a better view. She still had her clothes on and looked hot, in more ways than one. Gloria had a sheen of sweat by this time, all over her body. She quivered and spasmed every so often. I walked back around the desk and lifted Gwenís head and pointed my dick at her. She opened her mouth and I slid in. I then took the strap and started to spank her with it as I stroked in and out of her mouth. Her tongue was doing a dance on me and she was sucking for all she was worth. I gave her twenty light strokes, taking care not to let the strap curl around her ass to the top of her legs. Then I walked, somewhat unsteadily, back around and lubed myself with her cunt and took her in the ass again.

"Gwen, you may not cum until I do."

"Y... yes... sir..." She spoke in time with the strokes.

I didnít think that I would last too long, but Gwen went even faster. I stopped and pulled out. My balls were screaming at me, but I knew that next time I should be able to let Gwen off the hook so to speak. I resumed my place in her mouth and gave her twenty more with the strap. I was trying to take it as easy as possible; it has been my experience that she can get off with just a spanking. But in this case her Ďdisobedienceí was hard on us both. My stamina is just not what it used to be. I took my time walking back around. I noticed that Gloria couldnít seem to sit still and that Susan wasnít in much better shape. I resumed my place and this time I was able to beat her to the punch, though it was a very near thing. I remained standing by shear force of will and managed to walk back around my desk. Falling back into my chair, I let myself go limp for a second. Gwen was just flat out of it. I looked at her curiously, I had never seen her in this state; of course I had never pushed her like this either. I glanced at Susan and she was in a world of her own too. Hmm.

"P... p... please... sir, may... I cum?" Gloria gasped, her voice was pitched a few higher octaves than normal.

I fought to keep my voice even, "By all means."

"Sir please..."

"Yes, Gloria, is there a problem?"

"Sir, Please, I need help, I canít do it by myself."

"Hmm, what would you suggest?"

"Sir, please help."

"What do you wish me to do?"

"P... p... please... fuck me." She said in a loud whisper.

"Iím sorry, what did you say."

"Please fuck me!" Her voice was getting frantic.

"Oh, Iím sorry dear, it will take a while for me to recover. Wait, I have an idea! Susan would you be so kind as to help our poor little friend out?"

I heard a gasp from Susan, she didnít normally Ďgo for that sort of thing.í Then she moaned. I stood up and watched her crawl over to Gloria and open the chair. She pulled the vibrator out and started to lick her pussy, sliding her tongue inside and then sucking on her clit. It didnít take but a second and the poor girl exploded in an ear-piercing orgasm. Susan didnít stop however, she kept licking and sucking and within a few seconds Gloria came again then again. I watched as wave after wave washed over her, coming closer and closer together. Finally there was one long wail that seemed to stretch into minutes. Then she passed out.

"Please, sir, may I cum?"


"Please, sir, I donít know what is happening to me, please."

She was laying on the floor, rolling back and forth. Her legs were soaked and she was gasping for breath. I went to her and lifted her legs, spreading them. I ran my tongue across her clit and she squirted in my face as she exploded into an orgasm. I did to her, what she did to Gloria, with much the same results. After she fainted I sat back, musing, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

I released Gwen and helped her to the couch. Then I went back and released Gloria. I carried her and laid her down to recover. She was breathing evenly and had a strong pulse, so I wasnít too concerned. I put my pants back on and went back to my desk. Gwen was starting to lose the deer in the headlights look, but I judged she still had a ways to go. I felt a little better, so I got up and fixed myself a scotch. I sat back at the desk and pondered the unusual turn of events. I have never made an issue of the full slave thing; I preferred a more casual relationship. The way that the girls reacted though was making me reconsider my approach. I hadnít seen this side of either of them. When they came too, I might not have much of a choice. I think that they had thoroughly enjoyed this little trip to the edge. As for Gloria, she may not have been trained, but her responses were perfect. I doubted that she would have much trouble fitting in and might actually open new vistas for us all.

"God, that was intense, sir."

I doubted that Gwen even realized that she addressed me as sir. I think there were some major shocks to the system today.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, sir, I think so."

"Do you realize that you have been calling me sir since you came too?"

"Have I s... oh my god!"

"Interesting turn of affairs, donít you think?"

"Watch Susan when she wakes and play along."

"Yes, sir."

I fixed Gwen a drink and we sat down to wait. I noticed that she was deep into her own thoughts and didnít disturb her. I could almost see her playing out the events in her mind. I wondered what conclusions she would arrive at. Finally we heard a moan from Susan. I walked over to her and took her hand. Her eyes fluttered then focused.


"Are you alright?"

"Oh, but that was wild, sir. How is Gwen?"

Another moan drew our attention. I went to Gloria as her eyes snapped open. "Sir, I am so sorry. I didnít mean to..."

"Gloria, itís ok, everything is fine."

"I mean, I have never felt anything like that sir, it overwhelmed me."

"Itís ok, besides, you werenít the only one."


"How are you feeling?"

"Wonderful sir, kind of light-headed, but I feel like I am glowing."

"How about you, Susan?"

"She described it pretty well, sir."


"I feel wonderful, sir."

"Gloria, do you want the position?"

"Oh yes sir, please?"

"Today is Tuesday, think on it til Friday and give me a call. Oh, and tell Angie that I would like to see her too."