The Arrival of Gloria
Third, in
The Interview Series

by Tracker

Things were finally settling down a little. The girls seemed quite content in their new roles and I was able to return to business matters. They were actually very good so far. We worked though a few incidents and I was shocked to discover that they had no qualms whatsoever about my handling of their sex lives. It seemed as if they couldnít get enough. I decided, however to coast for a while until the Ďnewnessí wore off before we tried anything else major. They never could seem to decide on the bed warmer rule. So I slept with both of them. I could think of a lot worse ways of waking up in the morning. I think that the morning showers might just be illegal in several states. We could probably save on hot water as even if it were ice cold, the heat those two were throwing off would heat it before it ever touched our bodies. I also discovered the reciprocal rule applies to sex. You canít tease them without teasing yourself. But damned if I didnít try.

Friday arrived before I realized and the phone rang. Gwen answered and then chuckled and told someone that she would fax them a copy. I really didnít pay attention at the time. About an hour later the phone rang again and Gwen put it though to my line. It was Gloria.

"Hello, Gloria, how are you?"

"Fine, sir. I have a few questions if you donít mind."

"No, not at all, have you decided?"

"That was one of the questions, do you still want me, sir?"

"Of course. I wanted to give you some time to think this through before you decided."

"Oh, thank you sir, I was so worried."

"The other questions?"

"Do you want me to live there, sir?"

"You have a place here if you want it."

"Then I should tell the apartments that I am moving then, sir."

"Donít you think that you should try this out for a while to see if it suits you? I will not force you to stay and I canít see you burning your bridges."

"Sir, after the other night, I doubt if there will be any problems unless I make them, I just hope that you will be patient with me as I will need to learn everything."

"I doubt that will be the problem that you think. You might even find that you enjoy the corrections."

"Oh, god sir, if they are anything like what I saw, I might become addicted to them."

"Is there anything else?"

"Yes, sir, when do you want me there?"

"Whenever is convenient for you."

"How about now? Sir."


"I am outside in my car, sir, I couldnít wait."

"Then come in, by all means."

"Thank you sir."

I sat back and reflected. She didnít do anything by half measures. Then I heard a knock on the door. Gwen got up without grabbing her dress and went to answer it. It suddenly occurred to me that I had been had. Sure enough, a knock at the office door.


I was glad I was sitting. I donít know if it true that clothing can make the man, but I sure found out that they can sure make a man melt. Gwen was grinning over her shoulder, I must have been a sight. I know she was. Corset, garter belt, stockings, shelf bra, and a thong that made shoe laces look obese. I had no trouble seeing that she had shaved. I couldnít have stood up if I wanted to. Where in the world did she get those heels? High heels with straps that cris-crossed all the way up her calves. A walking wet dream. I heard Susan giggle from the doorway to the kitchen. Yep, Iíd been had.

"Please have a seat."

"Thank you sir."

"I take it you have already talked to the girls."

She smiled (I melted again). "Yes sir, Gwen faxed me the house rules so I dressed accordingly."

She was a lot more sure of herself now, and a hell of a lot more attractive.

"Do you foresee any problems with the rules?"

"No, sir, I regret that I had already shaved before I got the fax. Perhaps we can go over it later and make sure I didnít miss anything."

Damn, it got hot in here! I was planning on taking it easy on her for a few weeks, but she sure as hell wasnít taking it easy on me!

"Anything else I should know about?"

"Um, sir, if you donít mind. I just bought a plug the other day after seeing your size, and I havenít quite gotten used to it yet. Could you give me a day or two to, um, accommodate it a little better?"

Oh, lord.

"You see, sir, I have never been taken back there before, and I want to be able to take all of you when I do."

Please, lord.

"I have been dreaming since that night that you did Gwen, of the feel of you sliding up between my ass cheeks, sir."

GOD!!! Give an old man a break!

"Um, Anything else that you can think of?"

I never learn.

"Well, sir, I bought some nipple clips the other day and tried them, so I am a little tender there, but I really donít think that I would mind if you played with them, my breasts have always been sensitive, and I really got off on the clips."

Oh, sweet Jesus! Change the subject, quick!

"Have you ever been tested for STDs?"

"No, sir, but I have only had one boyfriend, back in high school and we never really went that far."

"You are a virgin!!?"

"Unless you count my vibrator, sir."

I started to look around for Rod Serling.† There was no way...

"I could never find someone who interested me; I guess because I really didnít know what I was looking for, sir."

My mind went blank for a second, make that a minute. I decided to retreat. "Susan, Gwen, please show Gloria her room and help her settle in."

"Oh, sir, I meant to tell you, I am on the shot."

It took a second to register. She was primed and ready.

"When you get settled in please return and we will talk some more."

"Yes, sir, and sir?"

"Yes Gloria?"

She gave me a look that would peel paint. "Sir, I so look forward to serving you."

I watched her ass sway out of the room. I could see just a hint of the plug nestled in her ass. I thought about all that she had said. She had accepted all of my rules, even about my son. All of a sudden I had a thought that my world would never be the same. I got up and poured a tall scotch, I was so lost in thought that I looked down and the glass was empty, so I did it again.

Gwen returned in a few minutes and stood by the desk.

"Yes, Gwen?"

"Permission to speak freely, sir?"

"Yes, by all means."

"Sir, how come, since she walked in, I feel like a rank novice?"

"I donít know... Tell me, was I hallucinating, or did she... did she say...?"

"Ah, then Susan and I are not alone, sir."

"You mean lost and feeling totally over your head."

"That about sums it up, sir."

"Who would have believed that was hiding inside of that scared little girl the other night?"

"The question on our mind is who is going to be training who, sir?"

"I know what you mean." Damn, the scotch had disappeared again.

About a half hour later I hear a knock at the office door.


A very bemused Susan accompanied by Gloria entered.

"Have a seat ladies."

Shortly thereafter, Gwen made an entrance. I noticed that Susan and Gwen had a deer in the headlights look. Gloria just looked like pure sex.

"I take it you have been talking?"

"Yes, sir." Gwen volunteered.


"Limits, sir." Gloria spoke up.

"Do you have anything to suggest?" When will I ever learn to keep my big mouth shut?

"No, sir, I had them describe as much as they could, bondage, spanking, water sports and different types of training. I didnít hear anything that I wouldnít try."

"You do realize that I am a little more conservative than a lot of masters."

"Thatís ok, sir, I want to learn from you."

"Why, may I ask?"

"Sir, you managed to do more for me in a few minutes than Doug and Angie were able to do with each other all night."

"How so?"

"Itís just a feeling, sir, I got it when I came in here and it just got stronger as I stayed. It felt right and to top it off, you cared."

"A feeling?"

"Sir, When you told me to strip, if you would have touched me, I would have..."


"Yes, sir. One time Doug told me to get undressed but, it was like he didnít know what he was doing. It came out like a request. I couldnít help but laugh."

A thought flickered to the surface. "Tell me, was Angie there for that?"

"Yes, sir. She wasnít really happy with Doug for trying. I left shortly after that, so I really donít know what happened."†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Ah, I begin to see now. Time to change the subject.

"So, how do you like your room?"

"I really like it sir, it just seems that the bed is a waste."

"How so?"

"I thought all us girls slept with you, sir."

She did it to me again... then she giggled;

"I suppose we will have to rotate on who gets to be the covers, sir."

Gwen and Susan just looked lost. Echoing in my mind Ďwho is training whom?í I decided that I needed to get a handle on this, before everything spun apart. It wasnít that Gloria was trying to disrupt everything, it was the fact that she was... Gloria.

"Not to cut this short, but we are going to have to get back to work. Susan needs to start lunch, and Gwen has to catch up on the books so we can all be free this weekend. Why donít you take a few hours and do some shopping? Lunch is at noon, so you have a few hours yet."

"Thank you, sir, Gwen told me about the dress rule and I donít have anything that I can throw on quick. Iíll get right on it."

There was a sense of relief in the room as her cute little backside wiggled out. A few minutes later, we heard the front door. Susan started to get up.




"Yes sir."

"We are going to drop the slave procedures for awhile. In fact as long as it takes. Now, what are we going to do? Better yet, what is the problem as you two see it?"

There was silence for a few minutes. Finally Gwen spoke. "Sir, the problem, I think, is that there is no problem. No one is that damn perfect."

"Sir, I think my major problem is jealousy. I really donít know why though."

Susanís observation gave me pause. I reflected that the only reason that I didnít bang Gloria as soon as I saw her, was that I had a feeling that the girls were feeling bad enough without me rubbing their noses in it. Then Gwen continued, "Sir, I think that Susan is right. That said, I think our problem is that we feel that we are competing with her. I really donít think that she realizes what she is doing."

"So the problem is us and not her."

"The problem seems to be, that after what you did to Gwen and I Tuesday, she is so hot to trot, that the only thing that she can think of is getting nailed, sir."

"To be honest, ladies, she had me so tied up in knots that I was about to poke a hole in the bottom of my desk. Do you think that if we give her what she wants that she will cool down some? Because, I donít think that I can work with that sexual nuke running around."

The girls grinned, it was the first indication that they were coming back to their old selves.

"Sir, a question if I may, the only reason you didnít screw her brains out, was because you didnít want to hurt our feelings, wasnít it?" Susan asked.

Gwen looked shocked for a second then looked at me.

"To be honest, I was worried that it would have hurt you both very deeply. Which brings us back to square one. What are we going to do about this?"

"Now, that I have had time to think without that walking sexual innuendo screwing with my mind, I see what was going on." Gwen then continued. "Why donít we make it a group effort after lunch, sir?"

"Thinking back on what she said, sir, she may be acting this was because she is insecure about her position here."

"Looking at it in that light, I am more inclined to believe what she said about her past lack of relationships. Put that together with Tuesday and her voyeuristic adventures with her girlfriend, she found what she wants and is willing to do what it takes to get it." I reflected.

Gwen suddenly grinned evilly, "If she is worried about her position, I think that we should check the quality of her work, sir."

I must have looked lost. She continued, "Sir, what would you think about Susan and I taking turns comparing the quality of her shaving job. We would have to do it several times to cross check... for quality control purposes of course."

"Of, course." I laughed.

"Sir, isnít a slave supposed to bow to her masterís whims, no matter what?" Susan asked.

"I suppose..."

"Then, sir, If you are going to deflower the poor innocent lass, might I suggest exploring all of the possibilities?"

"She did seem to have a fascination for my restricted position the other night, sir, Mayhaps you could let her experience it first hand."

"We could do all of the clean-up work between rounds, if you wish, sir."

"Yes, Susan and I promise to be very thorough, sir."

I was starting to get into the spirit of things, "Didnít she say something about nipple clips?"

Both girls just grinned.

"I have a thought, ladies, what would you think of adding wrist and ankle restraints to your wardrobe from here on out?"

"Please, sir?" Susan promptly spoke.

"Yes, sir, please?" Gwen added.

"So be it then, I will have captive slaves!"

"Anytime, sir." Susan stated.

"Anywhere, sir." Gwen added with a grin.

"Good, then it wonít look unusual for us to give her a set."

"Sir, you are evil."

"I have my moments. You know, after this, if she stays, I think we are going to have to really train her. More on attitude than actions. Of course, it might not be necessary if this does get it out of her system."

"Um, sir?"

"Yes Gwen?"

"What if it makes it worse? Sir, Think, you are about to overwhelm her on her first real sexual experience."

"I find that hard to believe, we are just going to show her a good time."

Famous last words.