The Training of Gloria
Fourth, in
The Interview Series

by Tracker

I sat at my desk and watched as the household returned to some semblance of order. I was sipping on another in a long series of scotches, having given up on trying to think after trying to come to terms with Gloria. Now that my mind had calmed somewhat, I was actually looking forward to the coming event. I would have to be careful with her, but hey, we were trying to shock her a little, weren’t we? Then that damn little voice chimed in ‘like at the interview?’ I told it to shut up and tried to think positive thoughts. I was jarred out of my revelry by my private line.


"Hey, dad, wanted to know if you were going to be home tomorrow."

"As far as I know, barring fire or flood."

"So mind if I drop in? I wanted to return your disk and pick up a few of those drawings that you have on the Tesla project."

"Really, got any new ideas?"

"Nothing set in stone, I just want to do a simulation with variable vanes."

Damn, this was starting to show potential.

"Cool, I have something I want to show you anyway."

"Animal, vegetable or mineral?"

"None of your damn business." I said with a chuckle.

"Oh, did you get that new girl?"

"Is that all that’s on your mind?"

"Yeah, my mind seems to work a lot like yours."


"Yeah, we perverts have to stick together!"

"I prefer to think of it as ‘socially challenged’."

"That’s what I said, pervert."

"When are you thinking of stopping by? I need to tell Gwen, so she will stop asking."

"It must be rough, old man."


"Probably sometime around noon."

"Cool, I will tell Gwen to be shaved and waiting."

"Hey, I am trying to drive here."

"Keep in practice, she will be wanting you to drive when you get here too."

"Later dad."


I hung up the phone and turned to Gwen, at her desk. She was a nice bright pink, not quite red.

"Let me guess, sir, that was Sean."

"Hmm, how did you know?"

"Who else would be interested in me being shaved, sir?"

"Oh, I don’t know, if we posted pictures on the internet, I would probably say quite a few."

"Sir, that’s terrible."

"Sorry, Gwen, I can’t help but tease."

"That’s ok, sir, we still love you."

"Just take it easy on him, I don’t need you wearing him out."

Her eyes went dreamy for a second. "From what Susan told me, sir, I don’t think that will be a problem."

We actually got some work done, now that we had come to terms with our little problem. Susan was almost done with lunch when we heard a knock at the door. Gwen slipped on her dress and answered it. She came back a few seconds later with Gloria in tow. Damn, I forgot to give her a set of keys. I must have been rattled.

"I am sorry, sir, I forgot to ask about keys, I must have been a little rattled."

"That’s alright, I didn’t think of it either, I guess my mind was on other things." Like bending her over and blasting a load in her.

"So, did you find anything that you liked?" Remember the part about keeping my mouth shut?

"Oh, yes sir, Would you like to see them? So I will know if you approve."

"Sure." Some day I promise that I will learn.

"Oh, and I bought some new toys and underwear too, sir."

Oh, shit.

She started a ‘fashion’ show. Her blouse and skirt came off first in a striptease that defies description. Then her thong and bra. She pulled out a set of ben-wa balls and demonstrated that she knew where they went. Next was a new butt plug. She had even purchased lube. When she pulled the old one out her eyes glazed over for a few seconds. It wasn’t that big. It looked as if she had decided to go up a few sizes. I watched, very uncomfortably, as she struggled to fit the new one in place. By the time she was finished, my balls were screaming at me. I glanced over at Gwen and noticed a little half smile. I guess after our little conference, she was looking at things differently. I relaxed a little with that observation. Meanwhile, Gloria was showing off a new set of nipple clips. The clover clip kind. I was starting to rethink my previous hesitancy, after lunch I was going to do her dirty.

She moved on to her ‘underwear’. She had about twenty new pieces, bras, thongs, teddies, etc. I figured that if you put it all together you might come up with enough material to make a small handkerchief, almost. Then came her dresses. The one that stuck in my mind the most had a cleavage that went down to her navel and the hem was only about two inches from showing the world her shave job. A nice little lace job, semi translucent. At that point I couldn’t have gotten up if my desk was on fire. She had even picked up a little maids uniform, I leave that one to your imagination. After what seemed like an eternity, Susan finally rescued me with a call to lunch. I told Gwen and Gloria to go on, I had something I had to finish up. Actually I had to calm down so I could stand up. I envied a female’s ability to get excited and still be able to walk.

Lunch was rather pleasant, we chatted and relaxed, generally having a good time. Then it happened. I guess that after dealing with this ‘new’ version of Gloria, I was watching everything. She sat her glass down at the edge of the table. I wouldn’t have paid much attention to it, but she looked up at me with a little half smile. Then she leaned over to get some dessert and ‘accidentally’ knocked it over. I couldn’t believe it, she had set herself up.

"Oh no, I am so sorry sir, please correct me."

Susan choked, and Gwen downright laughed. Well I guess that I wouldn’t have to dream up a reason for this afternoons plan now. I sighed in mock frustration.

"I suppose that I am going to have to spank you for this."

Her eyes suddenly got a faraway look. "Yes..., yes sir, I am so sorry." She said in a breathless whisper.

It suddenly hit me. She had been sexually frustrated for god knows how long and had been building up to this point in her life when she could finally let it go. That was a motivation that was beyond my understanding. It was almost scary.

"Clean that up, then finish dessert."

"Yes, sir."

I watched as she swayed out to the kitchen then back. The promised spanking looked as if it had cranked the heat up another notch. The girls were getting hot, just anticipating our after-lunch plans. After lunch we just sat and talked, I could see Gloria getting nervous.

"Gloria, is there a problem?"

"Um, no sir... I was just..."

"Wondering why we were just sitting here instead of in the other room warming your buns?"

"Um... Yes sir." She turned a nice shade of pink.

"We are waiting to let lunch settle a bit. Nothing spoils the mood like getting sick in the middle of the entertainment."

"Entertainment, sir?"

"Well, you didn’t think that I would leave Gwen and Susan out of your debut. Besides, they have a part to play too."


"Oh, nothing major, just cleanup work and an inspection."

"Inspection, sir?"

"Oh, since they are going to be helping you get used to our routine, they wanted to check your work."

"My... work... sir? Oh my god!"

"Yes, we believe in teamwork."

I was rather amused watching the play of emotions across her sweet little face. I noticed that she stated to fidget and squirm in her seat. I had to remind myself that this was all new to her. I really didn’t want to push her too hard. But then again, after this morning, what was too hard? It seemed like everything that was thrown at her was absorbed and just made her hotter. That and she had really put on a show before lunch. I started to get uncomfortable just thinking about that. I made a show of checking my watch then got up and went to Gloria. As I touched her arm to guide her from her seat, she let out a gasp, then a moan. I realized that I had never touched her before. I pulled her to her feet and she swayed a little bit. I couldn’t resist, I ran my hand down the center of her back, lightly caressing, to her ass. I had to catch her. She had started panting and had a wild look in her eye, almost frightened.

"Are you alright?"

"Y...yes... sir..." She replied between pants. "I’m sorry sir, I almost came."

Whoa, Just from being touched?

"Well I would advise against it, you are to be punished first and you are not to cum before your spanking is finished."

She whimpered. "Sir, please, I am so close."

"No, punishment first, I want to be inside of you so I can feel you when you cum."

"Oh, God, oh, god, sir please, I can’t take it."

I felt her body go rigid as she fought a losing battle. I had one hand on her ass and ran my other up her belly to lightly caress a tit. She exploded. I caught her as she slid to her knees. I glanced up at the girls, they were covered in a light sheen of sweat, and panting slightly. I decided to take matters into my own hands and knelt down and picked her up. It felt as if she didn’t weigh anything.

"You’ve been a very bad girl. I guess that I am going to have to correct this problem now, before it gets out of hand. You came here offering your body for my use, and I can’t have you cumming all over the place just because you get a little excited."

A little? I could have fried eggs on her, she was so hot. She melted into my arms and gave me a little girl look that almost made me cum on the spot. Good lord, I was almost fifty, and having to fight for control like some teenager on my first date. I carried her into my office and the first problem reared its ugly head. She was too short to lay across my desk. I tried to think. Do you know how hard that is when you have a very horny little girl in your arms that is just radiating sex. I could smell the musk from her recent orgasm and feel the heat from her body on my skin. Somewhere out of the depths of my depravity, a solution presented itself. I told Susan to fetch a measuring tape from her sewing room and Gwen to take the guest chair to my workshop. I got a lot of puzzled looks all around from those requests.

"Do you think that you can walk now, dear?"

"Yes, sir." She replied weakly.

I put her on her feet and steadied her as she swayed a bit. Then had her follow me down to my workshop. I used to do carpentry and rehab work on old houses, so I had a rather well equipped shop. When Gwen showed up with the chair, I had Gloria take a seat and made sure she didn’t go anywhere. I love leather. I took the tape from Susan and measured from just above her mound to about and inch below her chin. I grabbed a one by six from the pile and cut it to length. I then measured from her chin to just above her tits and marked that, the from below her tits down to her mound. After marking the board I put Susan in charge of one tit and Gloria in charge of the other. I had them gently separate those lovely globes and measured in between. I found centerline, split the difference of the measurement and marked out from there. I then took a compass and found the center between the three points and did a half moon on each side of the board. Out came the jigsaw and we had two almost half round reliefs cut into the board. Over to the spindle sander and all of the rough edges were knocked off. The belt sander rounded the corners. I glanced at my young ladies, expecting them to be quite bored by this point, but I was surprised to see fascination on all of their faces. A trip to the shaper made all of the edges round and I took a step back to look upon my handiwork. I sat it aside and grabbed one of my old saw horses. I studied it for a few seconds and tore it apart to get the metal braces. I measure two inches from either end of my new ‘body board’ and cut a two by four to length. I then measured from the floor to just below my crotch. Might as well make this comfortable for all concerned. I calculated the angles out farther then normal then cut the legs to the new length. I reassembled it and mounted the body board with six heavy angle brackets. I ran a ‘belt’ of two by fours around the legs, about six inches from the floor and checked it for stability. Solid as a rock. Excellent! I glanced back to the girls. Gwen and Susan had a bemused smile and Gloria’s eyes were like saucers. I sent Susan for one of the king sized pillows from Gloria’s room and reloaded my air stapler.

"See, Gloria, that bed won’t be a total waste."

Upon Susan’s return I took the cover off the pillow. It was a satin inner cover, black. Nice touch. Not that I had ever considered this use when I bought it. I tacked it down rolling it over the edges and pulling it tight to compress it. It was touch and go around the tit reliefs but after a little thought I managed to get it in place. I released Gloria and helped her onto her new spanking bench. I was thinking on mounting cameras all though the house, so that I could replay moments like this. The look on the girls faces were priceless. Back to my bench for some leather straps. Hmm. Belts! I had three two inch wide belts that I had made but never used. Double roller buckles too! Things were really coming together. I found the centerline between the buckles and the end and cut them in half. I took the first and placed it just above her ass then wrapped it under her bench to the center two by fours and trimmed it to fit. Inch and a half from the end, I used a quarter inch hole punch and then drilled a hole to mount it. A bolt and two large fender washers later the first strap was done. Rather crude but effective. I could finish the detail work later, I had a female to ravish. One strap below the tit reliefs, one above and Gloria was finally ready to play... or be played with. I walked around it checking fit and generally admiring my handiwork. Oh, and running my hands all over Gloria’s body. I hadn’t taken the time for eyelets for restraints, but after sending Gwen for the ankle and wrist cuffs, rope around the two by fours on the legs worked wonders. I noticed that her arms would not be a problem, but her ankles were rubbing on the belt of boards that made up the stand. Susan fetched me some cushions from the couch and a little creative staple work later, I was satisfied.

All the time that I had been doing the finish work I had been exploring Gloria’s body. For some reason she looked a little excited. A little excited enough to light my cigar.

"Gloria, you broke two of the house rules today. One was an accident (yeah, right) the other was disobedience."

"Please correct me sir," came her soft voice.

With out any further delay I started a mild spanking, ten swats to either ass cheek. I waited a few seconds, as I heard her start to moan and pant, I didn’t want her to cum too soon this time, then repeated with ten more a little harder. She was starting to fight her ties a little by this point. Two more times, a little harder each time and her ass was starting to get a nice glow. It was taking a little longer each time for her to come back.

"Gwen, since she came earlier I will need for you to clean her before I use her."

I heard a sharp gasp from Gloria. Gwen knelt down and started her chore. After a few seconds I had her stop as Gloria was getting close. I waited until her breathing returned to normal and had Gwen resume. It took about five times for Gwen to finish.

"Gloria, I realize that this is all new to you, do you want to stop?"

"God please sir, don’t stop. Please."

"Ok, now for the matter of your disobedience. Since this was a more severe infraction, It will be a more severe punishment, do you wish to continue?"

"Sir, please, punish this lowly slut, I deserve whatever you decide." I was shocked for a moment and looking up, I wasn’t the only one. I told Gwen to fetch the nice clover clamps that Gloria had been so generous to provide.

"Oh, God sir." Gloria gasped.

"If it gets to be too much, just say ‘escape’ and I will release you. That is your safe word."

"Yes sir." Came the moan.

When Gwen returned, I took the proffered clips and applied one to her right nipple. There was no need to play with it to get it erect as it was already as hard as a rock. She jerked and thrashed and pulled at her restraints. I watched as the clip danced around. Finally she calmed down so I applied the other one. Her body went rigid and shook. While I was waiting for her to calm down, I went to my bench an found a supple leather strip about an inch and a half wide. I walked back in front of her and dropped my pants. She looked at my cock, inches from her face, mesmerized. I pointed it at her mouth and she took it and gently started to suck. I waited a few seconds trying to get control over myself then let fly with the strap. I had guessed on the length almost perfectly as I watched the strap caress the globe of her left ass cheek and stop just before the top of her leg. She lurched forward, almost gagging as it drove me down into the back of her throat. I counted to ten and let fly with another to her right cheek. I repeated the pattern back and forth, a little harder each time, until I had given her five to each cheek. How I managed not to cum was beyond me. By the sixth or seventh stroke, she was lunging her body forward, trying to get my cock down her throat. When I had given her her ten, I pulled out of her mouth and walked behind her.

"You may not cum before I do."

She couldn’t answer, she was panting like a freight train. I guided the head of my cock into her cunt and managed three strokes before she blasted in a massive orgasm. I wobbled back around in front of her. She didn’t even hesitate, she took my cock in her mouth, soaked with her juices and started to suck.

"You are being very bad Gloria, you are here for my use. You need to control yourself."

She moaned and started to suck harder, licking as far up my shaft as she could reach. I felt her teeth slightly as the strap went home on her right cheek. After ten more. I backed out. She was trembling. I want back around behind her and slid into her now soaked cunt. I could feel her tense as I started to stroke again. I almost made it that time. I had to sit down for a minute as I pulled out. Actually it was more of a collapse than a sit. I waited till she was almost breathing normally again and staggered around to her mouth. It was open and waiting. Ten more and I was back at my post. God, let me cum first, this is hard on an old  man.

I got into the swing and started to pound that lovely little hole. When I finally came (not much more then ten or fifteen strokes) I felt her cunt grab onto like a hand. I could feel it ripple inside and she let out a scream and fainted. Damn that does wonders for the male ego. I noticed a curious darkness at the edge of my vision, as I was wondering at it, I felt hands on my back and arms. The darkness suddenly went total and I awoke with two lovely angels looking down at me.

"Wha ?"

"You fainted, sir."


"Still out like a light, sir."

"Whoa, that was intense."


"Yes, Gwen?"

"May we cum, sir?"

My eyes went back into hard focus and I could see that they were hot. "After having to watch that show, I am surprised you haven’t already."

"It was close, sir."

"Yes, by all means. I am afraid that I won’t be able to help though."

They went after each other with a vengeance. I watched for a while, waiting for my head to stop spinning, then looked over at Gloria. She still had her clips on. I wondered about how long and thought that they had better come off. I considered for a few seconds then took them both off at the same time. She awoke with a scream. I helpfully massaged her tits for her till she calmed down somewhat.

The girls, by this time, were a panting mess in the middle of the floor. I shook my head and went up to my office and poured myself a scotch. It felt like fire going down, but it revived me somewhat. Until I started to turn around. I sat down for a minute till my head cleared then went back to the shop. The girls had recovered by now and were kneeling in the middle of the floor. Gloria, of course, hadn’t moved.

"Gwen, Susan, inspection time."

The girls looked at each other with a grin. Susan went over to Gloria, who was fighting her restraints moaning, and started by sucking all of my cum from her pussy. She then cleaned the surrounding area quite thoroughly.

"Since your punishment is now over you may cum as you like."

"Thank... you... sir..." Between gasps of air.

"I didn’t find anything, sir."

"Hmm. Gwen you had better check."

Gwen took over and within a few licks got a face full. Which she dutifully cleaned up.

"Nothing, sir." She confirmed with a grin.

"Hmm, did you check under the lip of that plug?"

Gloria gasped and went rigid.

"No, sir."

"Well do so."

She went back and pulled the plug out to the ridge and ran her tongue around the base. Gloria’s head flew back and she let out a little wail. Gwen thoroughly inspected the area and then had to go back and clean up as Gloria came again.

"I might have found a hair, sir."

Gloria’s body stiffened.

"Susan, you had better go see."

Susan repeated the performance but halfway through ‘accidentally’ let the plug slip from her fingers. I watched Gloria’s body shake as her ass drew it back in. Of course, after the inspection, she had another mess to clean up.

"Sir, I am not sure. I think I might of found one, but on going back, I couldn’t find it again."

I sighed. "Gwen, maybe you can remember where it was."

After the third or forth time we concluded that all of the hair was gone. Gloria was covered in a sheen of sweat that made her body glisten under the shop lights. Her eyes were glazed and she was panting, limp on the bench.

"Well, since that is over I suppose that I had better let her loose."

"SIR!!!" Gloria’s head shot up with a cry.

"Um, yes dear, is there something else?"

"P... please, sir." She had tears running down her cheeks.

"Did we hurt you dear, here let me get you loose."

"NO... please, sir, please..."

"What dear."

"P... please..."

"Do you?"

"God, please, fuck my ass, sir, please."

"But you said that you wanted to wait."

"Sir, I am begging please ream your little slut."

"Well, Ok."

I walked up behind her, amazed at how hard I was after coming less than an hour before. Gwen handed me some lube with a grin. Seems she had her head on her shoulders better than me. I eased the plug out of Gloria’s ass and quickly put the head of my cock in before it could go back to its original shape. I let it set there to give Gloria time to get used to it, then slowly pushed in. She shrieked.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes... sir..." She panted

I continued my penetration until I was buried as deep as I could get. She squirmed and moaned. I waited until she had relaxed a little, then slowly pulled out a little ways. She fought the straps.

"Please, sir, fuck me, that feels so nasty, fuck my asshole, use me."

I started to stroke. "Hmm, what type of girl would beg to get her asshole fucked?"

"A... slut...sir."

"But I thought you were a proper little girl."

"I... am..., I want... to... be... your... slut... sir."

"So you like having your asshole violated, used as a fuck hole?"

"Yes, please... I’ll be... your... whore... your slut... use me..."

"Damn, tied down and having your ass reamed and you want more. Nasty little slut aren’t we?"

"Oh, yes... your slut... I will... do whatever... you... want, just... please... don’t stop... fucking me..."

"Well I know that you are new at this, but why don’t you see if you can get your asshole to suck me, like that pretty little mouth of yours."

I felt her ass clench tightly on my cock. As I pulled out the added stimulation sent her over the top.

"Good girl. We’ll have you trained in no time."

I felt her tighten again followed by another orgasm.

"We will have to work on you endurance though. Since you are now a walking sex toy."

As I felt her come this time I joined her. Blasting a load deep into her bowels. She shrieked again then passed out. I love having that effect. I should have got into this full slave thing a lot sooner. I managed to stay conscious this time but not on my feet. My legs refused to support me. I looked over at the girls, they were hot, but grinning from ear to ear.

"Go ahead, after watching that, I am sure you need too."

I got a chorus of thank you sir before their heads disappeared between each other legs.  I crawled over and released all of the restraints on Gloria. Her face, I noticed, had a very serene look. I chuckled to myself, I doubt that many girls get what she got the first time. I wondered to myself how she would handle her domestic duties. Then I wondered if I really cared.