Dinner with Friends
Eighth, in
The Interview Series

by Tracker

I returned upstairs to find the situation mostly unchanged. Sean and Doug had taken a seat, their two pets kneeling next to them. Gwen looked radiant. I walked to Doug and handed him the gray collar. Angie looked up with tears in her eyes. He looked at her for a few minutes then reached down and buckled it around her neck.

"Thank you, master," she said quietly.

Doug looked up with an almost puzzled look on his face. I smiled, went to the bar and fixed a scotch. I sat down at my desk.

"Gloria, please finish Susan."

"Yes, sir."

Sean, Doug and I talked about what had happened, with the sounds of moaning and whimpering in the background. We stopped occasionally when the sounds turned into screams. Gloria was nothing if not persistent. We were in the middle of discussing Gwenís commute when she spoke up.

"Sir, may I speak?" Looking at Sean.

He looked at me for a few seconds before realizing she was asking him. "Um, yes of course."

"Sir, Gloria has a degree in small business management and accounting."


Everyone flinched.

"Sir, itís true, we were discussing your bookkeeping and she admitted to it."

Why would...


"Sir, I could work for Sean and get his place organized, and still be available if you need me."

Sean was just looking back an forth between the two of us. I sat back and let it soak in.

"We can discuss this later then." I said as I considered the implications.

I knew that I wouldnít say no. It was a win-win situation for both of us. Things were changing much too fast for my taste, but what the hell. Sean needed someone in his life and Gwen adored him. Gloria finally either finished or had pity on Susan. I walked over to release her and Sean helped me carry her to the couch.

"Gloria, when she can move, help her to our room and take care of her. We will be in my shop."

"Yes, sir."

"Oh, and Gloria, come here for a second."

"Yes, sir."

"I suppose that I had better put this on you before my son steals you too."

With that I reached in my pocket and pulled out the collars. I had measured her when I did her bench. It was a perfect fit. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes. "Thank you, master."

"You are still to call me sir, for the most part."

"Yes, sir."

I walked over to Susan and put hers on her. I wondered what she would think when she woke up with it on. I chuckled, I would probably hear it over the power tools. They looked right, somehow. We went downstairs and finished Dougís bench. I showed him how to upholster it. I wasnít turning loose of another pillow. I was planning on doing all of them when things got back to normal -- if they ever did. Doug followed us to my computer room and looked on curiously as we went over the Tesla plans. Sean showed his ideas and we plugged them into the program. The simulation showed a twenty-two percent increase in rpm. We had to estimate horsepower.

Doug suddenly spoke up. "You know if you cool the fuel mix before you inject it, it will be denser, right?"

Sean and I just stared.

"I used to work on high performance dragster engines. I have some turbine theory from college."

"You realize this isnít a standard turbine."

"Iíve seen these on the web, but not taken to this much detail."

With that we talked for quite a while. I didnít realize how long until Gloria knocked on the door. "Sir, dinner will be ready in an hour."

"Thank you."

"Please, tell Susan that we will be eating in the dining room instead of the nook and help her set the table."

After she left, I went into my workshop and started digging. Good I hadnít gotten rid of it. I had a friend that wanted a turntable for one of her store manikins, but changed her mind. After all the years I had quite a collection of failed projects. I dug it out and Sean and I set about cleaning it up. He grinned as I started to modify the manikin support. Then he outright laughed when I added and accessory to the base.

"You wouldnít..." Doug exclaimed.

"You donít know my dad to well, do you?" My son replied.

"I believe in making the punishment fit the crime."

Angie stared at the contraption for a while, then suddenly gasped as she figured out what it was for. I finished it up by adding some straps from my stock and a little padding here and there.

"I believe the mount for our centerpiece is complete. Sean grab an end."

We made it up as the girls were finishing dinner and put it in the center of the table. I had just plugged it in when I heard a gasp. Ah, the centerpiece herself. Gloria just stared at it.

"Time to get ready for dinner. Come here Gloria."

She turned white, frozen in place. Slowly she put the plate she was carrying on the table and came to stand in front of me.

"Since you obviously enjoy being the center of attention, and donít mind putting on a show, we are going to put your talents to work tonight."

"Sir... please..."

"Oh, thatís alright, no need to beg. Maybe this will help get it out of your system, so that you donít answer the door three quarters naked."

"Um... yes, sir." She said rather meekly.

I helped her up on the table and guided her into place. I had her kneel first and strapped her legs down then pulled her down onto her elbows and strapped down her arms. I plugged the first attachment in, an eight-inch vibrating dildo and then removed her plug. I took the gel dildo that was mounted to the vertical support and slid it into her ass. I strapped her hips to the two bars on either side of the support and our centerpiece was ready. Very red. Well soon enough she would have other things on her mind. I heard another gasp.

"Susan, are we ready to eat."

She just stared at Gloria, who what starting to fight the straps.


"Um, yes, sir."

As we sat down, the girls eyes were riveted on Gloria. We passed the food, rather that having Susan serve. None of the girls offered to kneel without our consent this time. When everyoneís plate was full, I turned on the turntable. It started to turn and Gloriaís eyes went huge. I guess I forgot to tell her that the manikinís arms were supposed to move and it was controlled by the support shaft lifting and lowering. It must have been playing hell with that dildo that was in her ass. Then I kicked on the vibrator. She started to fight the straps in earnest this time. We had to remind the girls to eat. As Gloria went by I tried to feed her a bite, but she didnít seem interested. By the second rotation (it took almost half a minute) her hair was plastered to her head and she was making a lot of funny noises. Personally I was enjoying my steak. Ah, the smell of good food and sex. I waited till she was facing me again and stopped the table. Her eyes finally came into focus and I offered her some water. I hadnít counted on the intense reaction that she was having, so I didnít dare feed her as I had planned. I turned it back on and she moaned. We continued to eat and at one point Sean reached out and scooped up some natural spice. It really didnít help Gloriaís composure. The girls were starting to look really uncomfortable. Maybe the air conditioning broke and I didnít notice. We finished eating and sat back.

Susan started to get up to serve desert. I stopped her. "Now, ladies, this little display serves two purposes. I am hoping that it teaches little Gloria here some discretion. I also hope that it gets though to you that by putting on our collars, you are agreeing that we can punish you any way that we see fit... And at any time. Personally, I was quite willing to go on, but I honored your request, as has Sean and Doug. But be warned, we will consult with each other in the future and if you step out of line, you might be in for a big surprise."

To my surprise, I got an unanimous yes sir, except of course for Gloria, who was too far gone to speak by this point.

"Susan, I wasnít there when you awoke, but I am deeply honored by your trust in wearing that collar, I hope this hasnít scared you into changing your mind."

"Sir, may I speak?"

"Of course."

"Sir, it is I that am honored. I trust you completely, and if it means something like this to train me to your desires, so be it."

"Sir, may I speak?" It was Gwen this time.

"Of course, but shouldnít you be asking your master?"

"Sir, I love your son, and will accept any punishment that he deems fit, I will swear to him also."

She turned to Sean. "Sir, I am yours, body and soul, please have mercy on your slave and keep her."

"Sir, may I speak?" Angie was looking at me.

"Of course."

"Sir, you are master of this house, which is why we address you as such. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me my place today. I will accept gladly any punishment or pleasure that my master sees fit to give me."

Gloria had finally given out. I stopped the table.

"I hope that we can remain friends and come together often. Doug, it had been a real pleasure." I said.

"Sir, I want to thank you for everything. I just hope that I am up to this."

"Just keep her on a short leash."

"Susan, please help Gloria, when she comes to and make sure she gets something to eat."

"Yes, sir."

"Drinks anyone?"


Help Wanted

f sub 20-35 for light
household duties
will train to position

"Susan, would you fetch me an aspirin?"