Civilization and Other Artificial Constructs
by Tracker

This story is fiction; it is however based on an actual conversation that took place. Please feel free to comment, however, I will not guarantee an answer.

I had just returned from a long haul from Arizona back to the Midwest. I found myself with a few days free, so I called my pet to see if she was free for a late lunch. She was able to get away, so I had her meet me at a local restaurant. When she arrived I opened her car door and escorted her inside, holding the doors for her and then her chair at the table. I noticed that at the next table there was a slight built woman with a rather sour look on her face, but I thought nothing of it.

When the waitress arrived with the menus, I ordered a glass of sweet tea for my pet and coffee for myself. As the waitress walked away I heard a "humph" from the sour woman. I was starting to get curious. When the waitress returned, I ordered Tilapia with mixed vegetables for my pet and a New York Strip for myself.


I looked over at the lady and chuckled. My smile seemed to royally piss her off. I looked back to my pet and her eyes were on the table, but she had a huge grin on her face. My darker side decided it was time to make an appearance. I looked her up and down in the lewdest fashion I could manage and replied, "Yes, can I help you?"

She turned several shades of red. I worried for a moment about her blood pressure, but then considered that this was probably normal for her. She ignored me and addressed my pet,

"How can you lower yourself to this level? Have you no self-respect?"

My pet glanced up at me, I could see a twinkle in her eye.

"Sir, may I have permission to speak?"

When we go out informally, the standing rule is for her to be herself with no restrictions on her actions or her speech. It would seem that my beloved was jerking the poor womanís chain.

"You may." I replied, trying desperately to keep from laughing.

"Were you referring to my contentment and happiness or my social status, mistress?"

I almost choked on my coffee. The woman actually managed to turn a darker shade and I imagined talons springing from her fingertips. I looked around and was relieved that the restaurant was fairly empty this time of day. I donít mind a scene, but getting thrown in jail for a brawl is quite something else. She sputtered for a while and finally managed to speak.

"How can you possibly live like that? This is the 20th century for godís sake, self-respecting civilized people just donít treat each other that way!"

"Oh, I see, civilized people. I am sorry, mistress, but neither my master not I are interested in artificial moral restrictions."

"But, but, he... he is controlling you! Telling you what to do!"

"Yes." My beautiful little pet sighed. "Isnít it wonderful, mistress?"

The poor womanís jaw dropped open. She went from scarlet to pale white. I considered intervening before she developed serious health issues. Before I could interrupt, however, my darling pet continued.

"I am being good, arenít I master?"

The little minx, I was going to sidetrack the conversation before we got fully into the minefield, but my darker side was having a blast.

"Of course my pet, I havenít had to spank you for weeks. Other than the other day when you asked me to."

"Oh, yes." She replied with a dreamy look in her eyes.

By this time the womanís jaw was going up and down but her voice had left her. She rather looked like a fish on dry land. I decided to try to defuse the situation.

"Previously, you spoke of Ďcivilized.í I suppose that you would consider civilization a good thing, which it is for the most part. That is of course, until it starts to micro manage how a person feels and behaves in their private life. Consider this profound statement, no two people are alike. Given that fact I believe it morally wrong to pass judgment on you or anyone else who is content with their way of life, provided that they do not pass judgment on me. I refuse however, to live my life by someone elseís standards simply because they think that my actions are morally incorrect. As little as 50 years ago, what you are wearing right now, would have earned you the label of whore at the very least. Shorts and a tank top? Simply indecent! Go back even farther and you would have been stoned or burnt at the stake. But yet you sit here and pass judgment on us because we are live as we please. Madam, you are a hypocrite."

She sat there stunned for a few seconds.

"But, but... the womenís movement, all those years.."

I cut her off.

"I regret to inform you, but the womenís liberation movement was about equality and choice. Equality is relative as far as I am concerned, due to talent, opportunity and motivation. Choice is what I consider important. Pet, what is your choice?"

"To serve you master."

The woman sputtered, "But there is no equality there!"

"Actually, there is no equality anywhere. I am not an equal to some CEO or fireman or cop for that matter. I am not equal to my pet either."

She finally looked smug, "I can see that, you are repressing her."

"How do you mean, in her personal life or professional life?"

"In her life period!" She looked pleased with herself, for about two seconds.

"Do you know who she is, by chance?"

"No, I havenít met her before." She looked puzzled.

"Pet, introduce yourself."

"My name is C____ L_______."

The womanís puzzlement continued for a few seconds longer, then the color drained from her face.

"I suppose that you could say that we are not even close to socially equal, as she owns G_____ and probably makes more money in a day than I earn all year. I am a truck driver, she is a business owner. I came from a lower middle class family; well, I know you have heard of her family. I suppose that it is terrible that I would repress such a helpless young lady."

My pet laughed and continued, "You would not believe what we went though, when we first got together and my master found out who I was. It was terribly difficult to train him." She laughed and continued. "You see, he has the proverbial short end of the stick. He has to manage his own life and make sure that I am happy and content in mine. I made the mistake of offering to insure that he never have to work again in his life. It almost destroyed our relationship on the spot. A__ chewed me a new asshole for that one."

The woman looked confused.


"Yes, she is my slave sister, we both serve our master. She was my lover before she met my master and I was very hurt and angry because she left me for this Ďmale.í However once I came to know him, I understood and was persuaded to join them. I now have the best of both worlds. Our master turned out to be both open-minded and considerate of our needs and we worked together to build a relationship that exceeded our wildest expectations. I wonder at times though, where he finds the strength to manage it all."

"You... Youíre... happy with this?"

The poor woman looked completely lost. I almost felt sorry for her. I asked her to join us at our table and she accepted. She sat down as if in a daze.

"I am very happy with it. Have you ever considered going out on a date? You have to worry about your shoes, your dress, your makeup, your jewelry. I have no worries as my master tells me what to wear, how to look. I donít have to worry about making the wrong choice as it is made for me. I trust his taste and his judgment and know that I will not be embarrassed unless it is for my entertainment. Which he has done a few times."

"He purposely embarrassed you?"

"Oh, yes. It was quite a learning experience too. During that time I explored a side of me that I didnít know that I had. I also learned that I could trust him to protect me and care for me no matter how difficult or bizarre the situation. I try to repay his efforts by doing exactly as he desires. In return he teaches me and gives me a freedom that I had no clue existed. I feel freer chained to his bed, than on my yacht in the Caribbean."

I noticed something peculiar at that point. At the mention of chains the womanís eyes went glassy for a few moments. I looked up and my pet noticed it too. Apparently the only one at our table that was repressed was the one who was trying to end my repression. I chuckled inwardly. If she was truly outraged then we had just given her and outlet for it. I sat back to watch.

"He chains you to his bed?" She asked softly. Her eyes were far away.

"I am so sorry, I didnít mean to disturb you." My pet replied looking me in the eye.

"No... no go ahead, I never dreamt..." Her voice was dreamy and her breath had quickened.

I reflected. All of that anger was from either fear or jealousy.

"What is usually misunderstood in our type of relationship, is that it is a two-way street. In my place, I have to find out what her needs and desires are, mostly by trial and error. In a lot of cases she might not know herself what she responds to best. Everything has to be carefully considered before hand for her pleasure and her safety. If I tie her wrists, are the ropes too tight? Am I spanking her too hard or not hard enough? If I leave her tied, is she getting enough to drink so he doesnít get dehydrated? How long can she be teased without getting angry or disillusioned with me? I learn what I need from her to set the rules that make us both happy." I told her.

"You... You tie her up, spank her... Oh, god..." She exclaimed weakly.

Her breath was a lot quicker and her skin was turning splotchy. Hmm, I wonder what was on her mind? I looked down. Somehow we had finished our meal. I didnít remember any of it. I reflected that it had been an enjoyable time however. I figured, what the hell. She had an attractive face and figure, and a fairly open mind, given the sociological brainwashing. I stood up and helped her with her chair, and then I helped my pet. She gave no reaction to my chauvinistic actions. I smiled.

"You will ride with my pet back to our place." I told her.

She nodded, glassy eyed.

"Yes, sir."