The Training of Angie
Fifth, in
The Interview Series

by Tracker

I awoke to a strange heaviness on top of me. My fuzzy brain couldnít puzzle it out. I drifted half in, half out of sleep. I heard a sigh and my eyes flew open. I was staring up into a pair of beautiful brown eyes set in an elfin face.

"How may I serve you, sir?"

Damn, I could get used to this. I grinned, "How about sliding down a little and we will see if anything occurs to us."

She had already spread her legs to caress the outside of mine. She was literally wide open. And as I felt her slowly slide down, quite wet. Then I felt hands upon my chest and looked to my right at Gwen.

"We would like to serve you too, sir."

Briefly, I wondered at my chances of surviving till dinner. Well, help was on the way, which gave me a rather nasty idea.

"Gwen, I am sorry, but you are claimed. But you can sit there and watch."

A mixture of frustration and shock played across her face. "Yes, sir."

"Susan, I would like a little snack before breakfast though."

With a little luck, Gwen would be quite ready for Sean, when he got her this afternoon. Susan however was quite eager to serve up her snack and it was already quite moist too.

Afterwards we showered. I had Gloria and Susan wash Gwen -- very thoroughly. I had her hold still as I dried her. For some reason that spot between her legs just wouldnít dry. It seemed the more I toweled it off, the wetter it got. So I gave up. Just before she was ready to cum. She wasnít walking too steadily on our way down to breakfast.

It seemed as if we had no sooner sat down then the phone rang. It was the weekend damn it, and not my private line either. Susan looked at me, her eyes questioning. I sighed and shrugged, so she trotted off to answer. A few seconds later she called me to the phone.

"Itís Doug, sir."

Who the f..., I must have looked confused.

"Doug, of Doug and Angie fame, sir."

Oh, I fought my sluggish mind out of the gutter that it had been residing in and tried to rejoin the Ďrealí world. These girls were getting to me. I took the phone from her.


"Uh, my name is Doug, um, I understand that you wanted to talk to us. Gloria said, I mean, well, she said that you were a little..."

Good, god, this guy was terrified.

"I was just wanting to talk with you about Gloria. Can you drop by sometime?"

"Um, sure, when s.. Um would you like?"

"Whenever is convenient."

"Gloria gave us the address, we could be there in an hour... If, I mean..."

"That will be fine."

"Um, thank you, bye."

I couldnít think of why he would be thanking me, but the whole conversation spoke volumes about him. I chuckled to myself; this guy was trying to be a master? I returned to the dining room. "Gloria, just what did you say to Doug by chance?"

"I told him that you had hired me and that you were not happy with the circumstances that led me to you, sir"

"Ah, I see. Is there anything else I should know about before he gets here?"

"Well, um, when I went to their house, Angie wasnít home and he..."

"Made a pass at you?"

"Yes, sir. So I told him that my master wouldnít approve."

"This was when?"

She looked down at her plate.

"Thursday, sir."

"You werenít even sure that I was going to hire you, let alone the fact that I havenít even give the girls permission to call me master."

"But, he... was..."

"You used me as a way to intimidate Doug, so he would leave you alone."

She looked sick. "Yes, sir."

"Ok, I see now. I want you all in your playwear with your business dress over the top, except for you Gloria, I want you in your maidís uniform."

I heard a chorus of "Yes, sir" and they trotted off to get dressed. I retired to my office, reflecting that this room was getting a lot more use in the last week, then in all of the time I had owned the house. I poured a scotch and noted that this was starting to be a habit too. I moved a couple of chairs in front of my desk then sat down with my drink and lit a cigar. Soon the girls made an appearance. "Susan fetch the guest chair and place it over there." I pointed to the right of my desk.

"Gwen, Gloria fetch miss Gloriaís spanking bench and set it right there." I pointed to the left.

"Make sure the business end is pointed towards our guests."

Gloria turned pale. The girls fled the room, knowing that I wasnít in a good mood, or at least they thought. Actually, I was rather pleased the way things were working out; I had a chance to get several points across at the same time. When the girls returned and everything was set up to my liking, I had Gwen assume her place at her desk, and Susan finish cleaning up breakfast. Gloria, I had kneel next to her bench. About ten minutes later, I heard the door bell. Gwen got up and answered it. There was a knock at the office door.


"Sir, Mr H___ and Angela B____ to see you."

"Send them in."

I was amazed at how totally professional Gwen could be since she started on the path to her collar. Gwen showed Doug and Angie to their seats then returned to her desk. I noticed that both of them looked thoroughly cowed by the setup. I smiled inwardly and pretended to shuffle papers, so I could watch their reactions as they surveyed the room. I noticed that both of their eyes locked on Gloria then on the bench. Their faces told volumes. I waited till they had settled somewhat then began.

"I originally wanted to speak to you about a certain lack of safety in sending me Gloria, but since that time, something has come up."

Doug and Angie looked at each other. Kind of like two kids that are in trouble, but not sure why.

"It seems that I have a discipline problem on my hands. Gloria, explain and apologize."

"Yes, sir, Doug, sir, I lied to you Thursday, when I said that Tracker was my master. I hadnít been hired yet. I make no excuses and I am sorry."

"I cannot let this pass, as I need to be able to trust her whether she is with me or not. Since she lied to you, Doug, I think that it would be appropriate for you to administer the punishment."

I heard a gasp from Gloria.

"Gloria, take off your uniform and lie down on your bench."

Her voice was trembling. "Yes, sir."

Her normal tease was gone as she stripped off the already revealing outfit. Angie was beet red, and I could see a protest start, but she caught herself. I was almost hoping she would let fly. Doug just looked confused. He was trying hard not to stare at Gloria, but with the high heels stockings, thong, etcetera, it was a losing battle.

"Gwen, please fetch my paddle and on your way back, tell Susan to attend."

"Yes, sir."

By this point a very uncomfortable Gloria was on her bench. I walked around my desk and secured her with the straps. I went back and retrieved some rope, her wrist and ankle bracelets already in place, and finished securing her arms and legs. A glance at Angie told me that she was very uncomfortable herself. Soon Gwen returned, she came to me and knelt, offering the paddle with her head slightly bowed. I took it and pointed to the left of the spanking bench. She gracefully rose, went to her place then knelt. Susan knocked.


Two steps inside the door she knelt. "How may I serve you, sir?"

Doug and Angieís eyes looked to fall out of their heads. I pointed to the right of the bench and she assumed her place. The stage set I held out the paddle to Doug. He stared at it like it was a snake.


"Use your discretion, but I want to see a minimum of ten to each cheek."

"Yes, s... Um..."

He walked over behind Gloria, then caught sight of her plug. His eyes went wider, if thatís possible. He looked at me as if for permission and I nodded, trying hard not to laugh. He finally drew back and gave her a respectable swat.

"Gloria, you are not allowed to cum."

He dropped the paddle. He stared at me then picked it up and hit the other cheek. By the time he was finished he was shaking. He handed back the paddle and returned to his chair.

"That takes care of your responsibility to Doug. Now this is for lying to me."

I gave her another ten to each cheek. She was crying by the time I was done. "Thank you, sir. I will not let it happen again."

Doug and Angie just stared at her. I released her, and she knelt. "How may I serve you, sir?"

"Tell Doug what you told me, when I asked if you had a safety."

"Sir, I was shown the ad in the newspaper."


"Nothing more, sir."

"Doug, you know what a safety is donít you?"

By this time he was staring at Angie. He was not happy. "Yes... yes I do. Angie, did you set this up?"

Angie was white as a sheet. "Angie?"

"I... I..."

Doug was starting to get royally pissed. I figured I had better step in before some one got blood on the carpet. "Angie, do you realize what could have happened to Gloria?"

"Sir, I didnít think she was serious, besides..." It came out in a rush. Then she caught herself.

"Besides what?" I asked in a very cold voice.

She seemed to shrink into her chair. "She... she was... Doug was... He..."


She looked as if I had slapped her.

"Doug was looking at Gloria, and you were jealous, right."

She just nodded her head.


She jerked.

"Yes... sir."

Doug started to speak but I held up my hand. To my amazement he backed off. "Did you even consider what could have happened?"

"I didnít really believe that she would, I mean she is such a mousy thing. I never thought she would have the, the..."

"Guts... My dear, when she showed up her she was so scared that she fainted in the middle of the interview. I did everything I could think of to scare her off, but she knew what she wanted and stuck with it; even though she was terrified at the time. She probably has enough guts to go around this room. What pissed me off was the fact that someone would send and inexperienced virgin into a situation where she could have wound up raped, enslaved or worse. I realize now that neither of you have had that much experience with this lifestyle. I brought you both here to see what background you had. If I had found out that this was done maliciously, I would have been more than furious. But the way that it stands, Doug, you need to enlighten her to her responsibilities -- even if you go no further into this than you are. There are people out there that would just love to get their hands on Gloria, or on Angie for that matter."

"And you miss, have no business gambling on what someone else may or may not do."

"Sir, I am so sorry."

"I think you need to take that up with Doug."

To my surprise, Doug spoke up. His voice was firm. "No, I think that Angie needs to find out the price that Gloria paid for lying and that means to everybody concerned. Do you mind, sir?"

I considered for a moment. It might just put everything back right between the two of them. I could see that this was a total surprise to him and that as much as he loved her, he was ready to do something that he might regret later. This way she would put paid to the whole incident.

"As you wish. What do you have in mind?"

"May I borrow your bench sir?"

Angie looked sick, she started to shake.

"By all means, whatever you need is at your disposal."

"Do you mind me asking, Have you been tested?" It was my turned to be shocked. He was suggesting...

"We all have. That is one of my requirements here. Gloria is the first one that I didnít insist on."

He looked puzzled so I continued. "You see, my comment on her being a virgin was quite literal."

Doug and Angie both just stared open mouthed a Gloria. Doug asked, "You mean...?"


I left it at that. Doug looked at Angie;




Her face lost all color. She stood up and almost collapsed then caught herself. It was the must unsexy disrobing that I had ever seen.

"On the bench, now!"

She lay down on it, it was almost comical, she was about six inches taller than Gloria and hung off either end. Doug fumbled with the straps until he figured them out then cinched her down tight. Really tight.

"Sir, Do you have any more of those restraints for her wrists and ankles?"

"Susan, go fetch."

"Yes, sir."

Doug turned back to Angie and said, "You would do well to observe and learn from these girls, as I will expect the same from you from now on."

"Yes, sir." She replied quietly.

Soon Susan returned and Doug finished with Angie. He turned to Gloria, "Since this sin was against you more than anyone, I want you to give her..." He looked to me smiling, "Ten on each cheek."

Gloria hesitated, so I told her, "If you do not correct her to my pleasure, You will take her place when this is done."

"Yes, sir!"

She took the paddle, it looked quite huge in her hand, and swung. Hard. The crack of it hitting soft flesh was punctuated by a rather startled scream. Gloria almost dropped the paddle. She looked at me uncertainly and I nodded that she continue.

"All of them at least that hard." Doug told her.

"Y... yes, sir."

Angie was crying before it was halfway though. When she finished, Gloria knelt before Doug and raised the paddle. When he took it she returned to her place with a very dazed look on her face and a tear in one eye. To my surprise he walked over to Susan.

"I realize that you had no direct part in this, but in doing what she did, she could have harmed all of you."

He handed her the paddle. She looked at me and I nodded.

"Yes, sir."

I could tell that she didnít like it, no more than Gloria did, but she didnít hesitate. Gwen was next, I think I was right when I thought before that she had a mean streak. She really nailed her good. Doug then looked at me, "Sir, use her like she is one of yours. I am inexperience at this, so I want to learn from you."

"You have learned quite a bit from what I see, but do you really want me to..."

"Yes. It is time she learned what it means to truly serve."

"As you wish. Susan, fetch my strap. Oh, and it seems that her ass is lonely too."

"Yes, sir."

I had a seat to wait and Doug sat across the table.

"Gwen fetch us something to drink, I will take scotch."

"Yes, sir, and you sir?"

"That would be fine," replied Doug.

"Yes, sir."

"I never really experienced this before, Angie was being a headstrong brat and I donít think that I am keeping her on a tight enough rein. Would you mind if we visited again sometime, I would really like to learn?"

"I see no problem with that. My weekends are usually free."

I was starting to really like Doug. He had the backbone just not all the information. Angie was going to be in for a hell of a surprise before too long. As a matter of fact... No sooner than we got our drinks from Gwen, Susan came back with the bracelets. I let them sit on the desk while Doug and I chatted. After my drink evaporated, I went to Angie and showed Doug the various positions that she could be put in. We opted for one that made her look as if she was riding one of those Japanese motorcycles. I gave Doug the plug that I had Susan fetch and tossed him some lube from my desk. It took him some effort to slide it home and Susan was definitely uncomfortable.

"Why donít you check to see if your slut is wet?"

Doug grinned and ran his finger up her slit. He looked shocked. "Sheís soaked!"

She turned beet red. I took the strap from the desk then walked in front of her and dropped my pants. She looked up to see my cock waving in front of her face.

"You are your masterís slave. He has given you to me to use as I will. That means that I will discipline you and use you as I see fit. Do you understand, slut?"

Her eyes were on my cock, but she jerked when I called her slut. "Y... Yes..., sir."

"Good, You may not cum until you are given permission. If you do your punishment will be repeated. Gloria, you are on cleanup."

Doug looked at me curiously when I said that. Gloria just went around behind Angie and knelt to the side.

"Open, bitch."

I was trying to push her buttons to get her mad, but she was lost in what was happening to her. I stuck my cock in her mouth and let the strap fly. Her scream was muffled by my cock, but to my surprise she didnít let herself bite. By the sixth swat she was sucking for all she was worth. I had to fight to hold back. She was good. After she had her ten, I went behind her and pulled the plug. She fought the straps and started whimpering, no.

"Are you telling me what to do slave, I can double your punishment if you are."

"No, sir." She said in a small trembling voice.

I lay the plug on her back and slid slowly into her asshole. She whimpered and moaned. I waited for a few seconds, as I was sure that this was a new experience for her; then I started to slowly stroke. The whimpers got louder then turned to moans. Then I felt her starting to try to return my thrusts. Before too long I heard, "Please, sir, may I come."

"No, not till I do, you should always think of your master first, you should not be thinking of how it feels to have a cock violating your asshole, or how much of a slut this makes you because you are enjoying it. Or what you look like to all of the people watching it slide in and out of your ass."

"P... p... please, I canít stop, I need..." With that she came, hard. It lasted for almost a minute.

"Bad, slut. I guess we have to start over."

She was panting hard, but didnít hesitate to take my rigid cock into her mouth. As I slid it in I motioned to Gloria, who started to clean her. Angieís eyes flew wide as she realized what was being done to her. I could see her fight to keep from cumming again. She didnít, but it was a near thing. I think that Gloria was taking pity on her. I gave her ten more to either side then lubed myself again and slid home. I took my time, not taunting her this time, but still prolonging it. When I came she screamed and her orgasm lasted longer than the first. She looked dazed as Doug walked in front of her. Her mouth seemed to open automatically. He slid in and Gloria went to work. Doug just held it there till Gloria finished, then let fly with the strap, thrusting forward at the same time. She came with the forth stroke. He finished his first ten then started on his second. He made it to the end then started on her other end. I could see she was straining, trying not to cum. Doug was taking his time. Sliding slowly out then slamming home. Her fists were clenched and she was pulling at the ropes for all she was worth. Doug finally picked up the pace and a look of panic came across Angieís face. She managed to hold out, though she passed out when she came.

Doug and I looked at each other. I was just about recovered enough to pick myself off of the floor. He had a dazed look on his face.

"I had never thought..."

"It is a learning experience...for both of you."

"She is usually so unresponsive."

"She probably had no idea why either. You will actually have the rougher job, you need to find out what makes her tick, the problem being, she probably doesnít know herself. So it is a matter of trial and error. If it had been Gwen on that bench we would have been spanking her all night, as she can get off from just the spanking."

"Whew, thatís a lot to take in."

"The trick is to go slow and play it by ear."

"And the punishments?"

"I donít make it a habit unless it is something that could come back to haunt me later. You have to remember that you are dealing with a human being. Unless she is a pain slut, repeated disciplining will alienate her after a while."

"So the trick is to balance everything, then."

"That and a little love and a whole lot of sex." I replied with a grin.

Angie started to stir.

"Gloria, you need to clean her up so we can let her loose."

"Yes, sir."

Angie woke up in a hurry after that. Gloria wasnít taking it easy this time and it took a few tries before she was done. Angie just hung there limp.