Tough Girl Triathlon


Modern Sporting Nudes

            September 29, 1999


Erotic Sports Programming Channel Sponsoring ToughGirl Challenge


ESPC’s latest entry into the blossoming adult sports market is similar to FX’s Toughman concept.  Regional contestants compete for the local title before progressing on to a national competition.  ESPC’s wrinkle is that women compete in a three-event race.  The three events are a 10K-bicycle race, a 400M swim and a 5K foot race to the finish.  Ten cities will host the competitions over the next three months before a national competition.  Each event will be taped for delayed broadcast the next weekend.  The organizers are very tight lipped over the adult nature of the competition, but the hype is that there will be ample opportunities for the appreciation of exposed feminine flesh.




Kimberly had always been a tomboy.  As a child she played baseball as well as any of the boys.  She had been treated as one of them, at least until she turned 14.  As a freshman in high school her chest had started to transform from tiny mounds to magnificent firm breasts.  She still liked to play the games, but the boys just seemed unable to treat her the same.  She had taken to more solitary methods of keeping in shape.  Jogging and bicycle countless miles on her own, her figure was firm and fit. 


Now a sophomore in community college Kimberly had taken a dare from several of her friends to compete in the ToughGirl events.  She had even taken to working out in all the events separately, but she had not done them back-to-back.  She knew she did not have to worry about what to wear – the ToughGirl coordinators promised they would have uniforms for all the contestants.


ESPC’s  Board Room


“Are you sure we can get away with this legally?” asked G. T. Honer.


“The contestants in the first four cities have all signed the contracts and release forms.  We’ve had the best lawyers make sure there are no loopholes when all the fine print is examined.  The women will have to compete or they can be sued for breach of contract.  Besides the only evidence of our actions will have dissolved by the time the girls realize they have a problem.”  Philip Wendell Worthington the Third sat back and smiled after delivering his assurances.



Kimberly arrived at the park where the competitors were to meet.  A huge tent had been set up behind the coordinators’ table.  Kimberly was one of the first to sign in.  She was given a sealed brown paper bag that contained her uniform for the race.  She entered the tent to find an area with metal lockers and wood benches.  Kimberly moved to a bench, sat and tore open the paper bag to check her uniform.  She was shocked to find only a pair of red spandex shorts and black tube top. 


Kimberly thoughts swirled in her head.  “I can’t run in these.  I’ll bounce out of the top in no time.  The shorts aren’t even lined.”   A blush appeared on her face.  The corners of her mouth turned up in spite of her shock as she realized how sexy she would look in the uniform.  She heard gasps from other young women behind her.  “Well, I should at least try on the uniform.”


Kimberly stripped off her clothes and placed them in her locker.  She placed her own combination lock through the latch.  I took her several minutes to pull the tight shorts up her lean legs and over her hips.  She looked down to see that the spandex left little to imagination, as the outline of her lips was visible through the really skintight material.  She ran a hand between her legs to check the seams and felt a tingle.  In the privacy of her apartment she would have taken delight in turning that tingle into sometime much more. 


“Not now, not here” she whispered to herself.


Kimberly held her arms above her head and pulled the tube town down them.  She had some trouble getting it over her shoulders, but finally situated it over her breasts.  Her firm breasts bulged above and below the thin strip of material and it took her several more minutes trying to get more coverage and support before finally giving up.  Though not satisfied with the top she pulled on her shoes and socks and let the tent.


Kimberly selected one of the standard bicycles that had been provided for the race.  She adjusted the height of the seat so the she could best reach the pedals.  A few quick loops of the parking lot assured her she had everything adjusted properly on the bike.  As she climbed off the bike she felt her right breast pushed upward by the tight top.  She looked down to she her entire right nipple exposed.  She quickly rearranged the top and herself.  It was going to be a constant challenge to keep her nipples inside the top.  She took her place at the starting line and waiting for the race to start.




Kimberly got off to a good start and stayed near the start of the pack.  She felt she would have been in the lead if she were not constantly adjusting her top.  A skinny girl seemed to be slowly pulling ahead and it took little to see why – the girl’s top was around her waist.  Kimberly also saw that the girl’s shorts had become a second skin over her sweaty posterior.  Kimberly felt her own shorts grow tighter and tighter and was sure she too was showing her own rear contours as well.


Kimberly was satisfied with her biking as she reached the change over line near the lake.  A race assistant took her bike as she dismount and ran the few steps toward the waist deep water and kicking off her shoes and sock.  She drove forward and swam ask hard as she could.  The cool water felt refreshing as her sweat was rinsed from her body.  She felt the damn top slip down to her waist but decided to ignore it.  She was swimming breast down.  She failed to notice as the seams of the tube top parted and the material drifted away.


Kimberly actually gained on the leader but the distance was wearing her out.  Kimberly felt her heart pounding in her water-clogged ears.  By the time she reached the water edge she was only a few feet behind the skinny race leader.  Kimberly realized for the first time she would have to run barefooted, but running part of the race was on packed sand.  She had hoped to occasionally run through along the water’s edge.  The cool water would help refresh her and soothe her feet, but she frown as she saw the designated course ran though the crowd.  The track was only about ten feet wide and the spectators made a solid wall on both sides. 


If was only now that she noticed that the skinny girl was running topless – her top was gone.  As Kimberly emerged from the water she reached down to pull her own top up to her chest that she noticed it to was absent.  She looked back but saw nothing floating in the water.  In a panic she tore out after the leader who was pulling away.  Kimberly was trying to run with her arms across her chest, but that was only slowing her down.  She finally started pumping her arms at her sides and was slowly gaining on the leader.


Kimberly was only about 1 kilometer into the 5 K running course when she noticed her shorts loosen.  She pulled her hands to her sides to find that the seam down her outer right thigh was splitting apart.  She grabbed the two sides of the split in her right hand and continued to run.  The girl in front of her suddenly stopped when her shorts burst from her body.  Even with her right hand holding the her own shorts together, Kimberly ran passed the naked former leader.  She did not see the skinny nude try to dive into the crowds along the sides of the track. Cheers and applause erupted from crowd as hands pushed her back onto the track.  No one moved aside and she was trapped and exposed on the track.  In desperation she tore out in pursuit of Kimberly.


Kimberly, unaware of the naked running girl behind her, thought the audience reaction was for her.  Running topless was not too bad if she could win the race, but she was used to running with a jogging bra.  The bouncing of her breasts brought a mild throb between her legs that was not her normal reaction to jogging.  If only her shorts had not split she would be able to really tear along the track.  Things were about to get worse, much worse.


Kimberly’s shorts had remained tight at the crotch even with the right side splitting open.  She immediately noticed that the tightness there faded.  She was hoping that the shorts were stretching when suddenly the crotch seam burst open.  Her tight shorts were now a skirt far too short to serve any purpose, but Kimberly stopped and tried pull the material back together.  Under the wide-eyed stares of the spectator lining the course, Kimberly squatted as she tried to pull the multiple splitting seams together.  The seam that ran up between her ass checks was unable to stand the strain of her efforts and burst apart like and exploding balloon.  There was no way for Kimberly to turn without mooning a part of the crowd.


In desperation she tried to get into the crowd on the south side of the track, but found the people packed together as tight as an impenetrable wall.  She stumbled to the opposite side of the track only to find no escape there either.  She suddenly realized why the skinny girl had run by her.  The only exit was at the end of the course almost four kilometers away.


Kimberly stood and with quivering legs, ran as quickly as possible down the track towards the finish line.


Behind Kimberly were a few other naked running girls who had come to the same conclusion as Kimberly.  Almost half of the participants had had their specially designed uniforms burst from their body while still in the water.  These women refused to emerge from the water and huddled together.  It would be over four hours before competition coordinators would appear and small towels for their use.


Kimberly managed to cross the finish line in second place.  The horror of running for almost twenty minutes in her publicly naked condition left her emotionally spent.  When the media with the video cameras and microphones descended on Kimberly she was unable to speak except to pled for something to wear.  The competition coordinated immediately surrounded Kimberly and informed her she would be returned to her clothes in her locked locker.  With relief she allowed herself to be led to a car.   She held her breath when se saw it was a convertible.


The victorious ride down the main drag back to her close was the final straw.


Modern Sporting Nudes

Sports Editorial            October 17, 1999


Women’s Triathlon To Continue


Despite numerous dropouts from the future plan events the “ToughGirl” competition will continue.  After the first race there was quite an uproar from many who had signed on for the later races.  In a confusing turn of events, replacements have come forward with no addition enticements, to fill the ranks. 

The ToughGirl coordinators say that all the events will continue as planned.  The reasoning is obvious – financial.  The ratings on the delayed broadcasts have gone through the roof.

Once again financially profitable adult oriented competitions are proving a financial windfall.