What Had She Been Thinking?

By TrackJim

"What had I been thinking?" Sylvia gasped as she leaned against the inside of her apartment. "At least I'm home and safe."


It had started as only a way to enjoy the first warm sunny day of the year. The last few weeks she had been practicing on the rollerblades she had received for Christmas. She had gotten pretty good on the sidewalks and parking lots near her home. The morning had warmed as forecasted by the weatherman. Scattered white puffy clouds drifted across the bright blue sky.

The temptation had been too great to ignore. Wearing her new string bright red bikini would let her work on her tan. With a cap, elbow and kneepads and her new blades she set off for the park.

The sidewalks were unusually free of pedestrians. She soon had a rhythm going. Her arms and legs pumped smoothly as she built up speed. The air felt good as it flowed over her body.

She zoomed into park with a big smile on her face. The trail was paved and a perfect place to skate. She passed a group of four male joggers returning her smile and waved at her. She raised her arm to wave back. At that moment she felt the knot in the middle of her back slip loose -- the one that held her top in place. Before her topís front could slip off her breasts she clamped her arms to her sides. She stopped pumping her legs and coasted into a curve lined with bushes.

Suddenly, from behind the bush, he appeared. He was racing along on his own blades. His startled expression matched Sylvia's. They had less than a second to avoid a hard collision. In her panic Sylvia forgot about her loose top and raised her arms.

As they passed each other the guy's wristwatch caught the loop at the side of her bottoms. She felt a strong tug and a moment later the string snapped.

Sylvia's arms pinwheeled as she fought for balance. Her bottoms slid down her right leg and passed under the wheels of her blades. The air passed between her legs and across her short hairs. They tickled.


The wheels shredded her bottoms as her top hung from her neck baring her breasts. Her forearm caught in the swaying top and another RIP thundered in her ears. Too much was happening too fast.

She was still fighting for balance as she came coasting out of the curve. Through the woods she spied the college menís track team jogging toward her.

She had to hide.

After braking hard she staggered into the bushes. She held her breath and cowered as the team passed. They did not stop to examine the tattered red cloth on the trail.

At first Sylvia had tried using her elbow and knee pad as a substitute for her missing bikini, but the best she could do was hold them over her bared privates. She finally gave up on that hope. Instead, naked and scared, she waited for hours hidden in the parkís woods. Only after night fell did she work her way home in the shadows.


Sylvia had removed her roller blades but was still sitting with her back to the door when the phone rang. She staggered to her feet. Still naked she padded to the phone.


"Hi, dear. How'd you like to go rollerblading tomorrow?"

Sylvia could not say a word.