Jackie's Northern Exposure

by TrackJim


  Jackie wanted some fun and some solitude. She needed peace after her many embarrassing public accidents of the past year, including the debacle at the Thanksgiving Day Parade with Cousin Jenny. The white snowbound landscape was relaxing. On the third of December the North Woods of Wisconsin had received a record snowfall. Now a week later the twenty-seven inches of snow had been plowed. The roads were passable and the snowmobile trails clear.

  Jackie's family had vacationed in the North Woods when she was a child and she loved the clear crisp rural air. She flew into Milwaukee for a short 4-day vacation. In her rental car she had driven almost to Rhinelander. As the tourist season was still early Jackie was able to get a room and rent a snowmobile with little trouble. She had loved riding behind her father and clinging to his back when she was ten. Jackie's rented Ski-doo was a much more evolved and powerful machine from the one her father had driven. Jackie wanted to take it out for a drive under the full nearing moon that night when the landscape would be masked in an eerie pale blue light.

  Jackie had invited Cousin Jenny to meet her here, but Jenny was still upset from Thanksgiving and seemed determined to hide from view for a while. Jenny's buoyant personality would eventually restore her good spirits, but it might take some time.

  Jackie had tried on the two piece snowsuit and found it to be comfortable. The pants stretched to just below her ribs and were held up by suspenders. The short jacket reached to her waist overlapping the top of the pants. She pulled the insulated coat and pants on over her insulated shirt and jeans and tried walking outside. The snowsuit did not rub her and was very comfortable, but it was hot. Jackie knew that it was bad if you soaked your clothes in sweat. Even under a snowsuit, sweaty clothes would eventually start to lose their heat and bind up in sensitive places. Since the weather promised to be in the lower twenties she decided to forget the jeans. Back in her room she switched to a T-shirt over her tight bra. She pulled her short boots off and then her jeans. The jeans were placed on her bed. As she pulled up the snow pants she felt the smooth cool lining slide delicately across her inner thighs to her lacy white panties. She had a momentary twinge of hesitation. Jackie was convinced that she need not be concerned. The snow jacket and pants were made of a heavy strong fabric with solid double stitching. As she clipped the suspenders in place she discovered they rubbed the sides of her breasts through the thin T-shirt. She detached suspenders from the pants and left them on the bed with her jeans. She put on her boots and snapped the straps on each ankle to tighten the pants tightly round the tops of her boots. This would keep the snow and cold air from entering. She pulled a ski mask over her head. Slipping into the hooded jacket, and zipping it closed, she was ready.

  The snowmobile was right outside. She joined the snowmobile trail that crossed the edge of the parking lot. Within minutes she was zipping along the trail at twenty miles per hours. The night was wondrously clear and crisp. She cruised the main trails to avoid the thin ice of the lakes. After a few minutes she noticed the vibrations of the motor and her lacy panties were creating warmth in her pussy. It was a very pleasant feeling. Accelerating to twenty-five intensified the warmth. At thirty her pussy was filled with a sexual fire. She breathed the cold air in gasps.

  Jackie failed to notice that her jacket's hood had become filled with air like a parachute. The air pulled the jacket higher. The jacket still overlapped the top of the pants and kept the cold out. In her distracted state Jackie almost failed to notice the limb that had fallen across the trail. The limb hung horizontally from one tree against another at just over three feet above surface of the trail. The surprised Jackie ducked and her head cleared the limb. The jacket's hood snagged on a side branch and dug in. Jackie did not have a clue what was happening as she was pulled back and up. Her hands were pulled from the handlebars. The motor dropped to idle, but the snowmobile continued forward on momentum alone. The strap at her right ankle caught on the brake lever on the right handlebar.

  Jackie was stretched like a guitar string and momentarily hung in the air. As the snowmobile coasted forward Jackie's arms were pulled over her head. The jacket slid up her torso pulling the T-shirt with it. Her sleeves were pulled inside out until only her hands were in the jacket. With a snap Jackie's hands were free. The jacket sailed back and up, caught on a branch fifteen feet in the air. The T-shirt separated from the jacket and snagged a different branch twelve feet in the air.

  As the jacket had slid up Jackie body, the pants were pulled down her legs and hung from her boots. At the moments the jacket snapped behind her, Jackie's boots pulled from her feet. The pants snapped forward. The top of the pants fell under the tracks of the snowmobile as it came to rest and stalled.

  This all happened too fast for Jackie to understand the situation. One moment she was zooming along grooving to the heat between her legs and the next she was in her underwear, horizontal facing the stars, two feet above the ground.


  Jackie was on her back in the snow along side the snowmobile trail. "Aren't the stars pretty tonight." After a very few moments of stargazing she set up abruptly. "Damn it's cold." She hugged herself from the cold. She looked back along the trail and spotted her jacket and T-shirt high in the trees. She turned and spotted the snowmobile and her pants. Her feet were freezing she scurried to her pants. She grabbed them by their legs. When she tugged she discovered the snowmobile had trapped them under its tracks. She pulled her boots from the end of each pant legs and pulled them on.

  Her naked feet felt as if a she were stepping on a million sharp tacks. She had a moment of relief as the still warm boots caressed her feet. A whisper of wind reminded her the rest of her was still exposed. She hurried to and straddled the snowmobile seat. Her butt told her the seat had not stayed warm. She grimaced and she tried to start the snowmobile. If she could move it she could get her pants free. Unfortunately, her attempts were futile as the snowmobile refused to start.

  Jackie realized she had only a very few minutes to get someplace warm. Frostbite would attack her exposed skin immediately. She had not passed anything helpful along the trail in minutes.


  Jackie heard the sound of a car door closing somewhere up the trail. She forced herself to stand and hurried along hugging herself tightly just below her breasts. Now she just wanted warmth. As she hurried she noticed that the wet snow had melted and soaked her bra. It was semi-transparent. She looked down and saw that her little white panties were also soaked and completely transparent. She sniffled in frustration.

  Up ahead Jackie spotted a few cars and what looked like a rustic bar. With no other thought she staggered to the door. She fell against the door; it opened and she fell through. She fell to a fetal position. The cold air was still striking her back. Kicking out with her left leg she slammed the door shut.

  Silence and warmth enveloped Jackie as she curled into a tighter ball.

  Slowly sounds invaded Jackie's ears as she shivered on the hard floor. She heard the moans of a man and a woman making rough love. She weakly lifted her head and took in the room. A TV over the well-worn bar played a porn movie. Around the bar were twelve men dressed in jeans and thick flannel shirts. Their ages ranged from thirties to forties. Many could use a shave. They stared at her with their mouths wide open. She shivered (not from the cold) as she saw twelve mouths change into twelve hunger grins.

  The bartender turned off the TV and announced "Well, guys, I guess we have a floor show tonight." All twelve moved toward Jackie. She could tell they were all eager to help her warm up.

  "Not again" Jackie moaned to herself. "It's going to be a long hard night."