Midnight Dawn
by the Tracks

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Chapter 1:† A Frustrated Hero Is Born

Dawn sat hugging her knees to her chest as her bottom rested on a piece of cardboard.† The air was just cool enough to raise goosebumps on her flesh but it was the complete absence of clothing which caused her breath to catch in her throat.† She desperately prayed no one would find her hiding behind the battered dumpster until Edith came to her rescue.† Dawnís mind sought escape.† Recent events played in her mindís eye.


It had been very late, well past 4 AM.† It was almost another all-nighter for her and her lab partner, Edith.† Finally, the experimental results had been evaluated much to their shared glee.† They had shared their delight and coffee before heading home.† She was walking from the bus stop to her condo.† A scream broke the nightís quiet -- a womanís terrified voice.† Dawn reached into her purse for her cell phone.

"Damn!"† She couldnít find it.† Another scream forced Dawn to run toward the alley from which it came.† She entered the alley and saw the big brute mugging a young woman.

"Fire!!" Dawnís yell was meant to draw attention from the apartments and condos along the alley.† The mugger didnít even look away from his victim but pulled a knife from his back.†

"Shut up or youíre next, sweet cheeks."

At five feet two Dawn didnít appear intimidating but she WAS mad.† Dropping her purse she grasped the zipper near the neck of her jumpsuit and pulled it down in one swift motion.


The mugger had turned back to his intended victim and moved the knife toward her throat, ignoring Dawn completely.† He was taken by surprise when the trashcan lid smashed into the back of his head.

"OWWW!!!! What?"

He turned and found the alley empty of an attacker.† His reached for his victim's purse as she pulled on its straps.† "Let go!" he roared as he turned back to the struggling woman.† From the corner of his left eye he saw movement and turned toward it.† A discarded lamp hovered in the air for a second before swinging into his slack-jawed face.


"By dose.† You broke by dose."

He dropped the purse and held he hands over the throbbing bloody mess that was his nose.† The victim grabbed her purse and ran deeper into the alley.† The confused mugger sought escape and ran toward the street.† As he neared the street he saw a purse in the alley.† With criminal instinct he grabbed it, spilling some of its contents to the alleyís broken surface while continuing his escape.

In the seemingly empty alley there was a sob.† The soft pad of footsteps approached the spilled items.† The purseís spillage moved around as if being searched.† A cell phone rose into the air and was dialed.† A machine answered the call.

"Edie, I need your help again.† Please hurry or you wonít get here before dawn.† Iím locked out, in the alley next to my building."


As the sun rose above the horizon a very naked Dawn had shimmered into view.† Her options were now extremely few if she wanted to escape discovery.† She could remain in the alley and hope to be unnoticed.† It wasnít trash pickup day so the trash men would not be emptying the dumpsters.†† In her hiding place she could not be seen from the street.

"Why did I shove my jumpsuit into my purse?" she moaned to no one.† She jumped when her cell phone vibrated.

"Hello," she whispered.

"Dawn, itís Edie.† What happened?"

"I stopped a mugging but he made off with most of my stuff."

"You're naked?"


"Iíll be there in a few minutes.† Donít go anywhere."† Edie hung up.

"That wonít be a problem," Dawn sighed.


The spare cotton jumpsuit from the trunk of Edieís car felt delightful against her body.† Edie stood watch at the end of the alley after handing an embarrassed Dawn that jumpsuit and gym shoes.† Being decently covered, Dawn emerged from the alley.† The two ladies went up to Dawnís condo to relax after her ordeal.

Dawn jumped in her shower to rinse the alleyís grime from her body.† In a long terry robe she joined Edie in the breakfast nook.† Edie was the first to speak.

"You know we havenít worked out all the kinks in the use of your new powers.† You shouldnít act solo.† Now maybe you will be more careful."

"It was an emergency.† I had to do something."

"I know, I know.† Iíd have probably acted too, but itís still dangerous when we arenít together.† Tell me all the details."

Dawn described the nightís events.

"Okay, I see you didnít have much choice in the matter.† You did have to act alone."† A mischievous expression formed on Edieís face.† "I had fallen asleep on the bed.† When the beeping answering machine woke me I played your message I rushed right over her.† I didnít even take time to dress."

"Huh?"† Dawn muttered as she looked at her lab assistant.† Edie stood and opened her trench coat revealing her naked body

Chapter 2:† The Dark Accident

Sitting at the table Dawn thought back to that fated day when her life had been changed.


She and Edie were working at their lab at the college.† One of Dawnís students had brought in an interesting rock.† It was little more than an inch in diameter and had the distinctive scorch pattern of a meteorite.† Noticing some strange inconsistencies she chipped off a few granules and placed the sample into the gas spectrometer.† The results were puzzling.† The meteorite was composed of no elements from the periodic table.† The substance was extremely light for any solid she had seen.† It did not react to any of the chemical tests to which she subjected it.† It appeared completely inert.† It was Edie who suggested she try bombarding a sample in the university's small accelerator.

Edie and Dawn found themselves the only occupants in the particle acceleratorĎs control room at three o'clock in the morning.† They ran the bombardment sequence as described in Dawnís research application.† They were disappointed and quite puzzled when they got no reaction at all from the run.† It was as if the sample did not exist.† It should have at least deflected some particles or released a particle of its own.† Dawn keyed the command to remove the sample from its mounting.† The nearly silent motors whirred and within a few seconds the sample tray slid out of the machine.

Dawn was about to reach into the tray when she noticed a shimmer of darkness surrounding the sample.† Darkness should not be emitted; light should be absorbed.† She had Edie run a quick check for radiation but none was detected.† It was an act of confusion that she reached for the sample.† As her finger touched it there was a moment of blackness.† As their eyes cleared it was Edie who noticed that the sample tray was empty.† Fearing contamination, they ran another full scan of Dawn.†

Dawn was very uncomfortable as she lay naked on the cool stainless steel bed of the bio-scanner.† Edie ran the scan in a professional manner but Dawn's thoughts were not so professional.† The cool metal chilled her backside.† Her nipples crinkled as she tried to remain motionless as a blush grew on her cheeks.† She found the situation embarrassing and desperately hoped the scan would finish so she could put her clothes on.† The door to the room was locked and no one should be around to discover her compromising situation.† What was taking Edie so long?

"Okay, Godiva, you can get dressed."† Edieís comment was spoken with a giggle.

"What took so long?† Did you find anything wrong?"

"You are not in any obvious danger, but there does seem to be some residual effects besides that blush that's reddened your body."

It was at that moment that the weirdness intensified.† Edie was looking straight at the naked and blushing Dawn when she vanished.

"Huh?† Where'd you go?"

"I'm right here."† Dawn's disembodied voice came from where she had been.† A moment later, Dawn's bra floated into the air.† Edie watched as the garment moved around and took the shape of Dawn's breasts.† The next moment her blouse floated up as invisible arms slid into the sleeves.

"Hey, Edie quit staring at me like that.† It's embarrassing."

"But you're invisible."

"What do you mean?"

"I can see your clothes but not you."

"Quit pulling my leg."† Panties floated into the air, moved to near the floor then rose to almost disappear under the tails of Dawn's blouse.† Edie remained silent as Dawn's skirt moved and took a familiar shape.† Shoes moved and in a moment Dawn's clothes stood by themselves.† From the position of the blouse's sleeves Edie could imagine Dawn's hands were on her hips.

Dawn sighed in relief.† "That's much better."† The next instant Dawn appeared in her clothes.

"But you WERE invisible," sputtered Edie.† She reached to the video system as Dawn moved beside Edie.† "Here, let me replay the last couple of minutes for you."

"Oh, my, I thought you turned that off."† Dawn flickered to invisible for a moment, and then reappeared.† Edie rewound a bit of tape and hit the play.† There on the metal bed was a naked and very embarrassed Dawn.† Then Dawn disappeared from the screen.† Both women watched Dawn's clothes float around on their own as the invisible woman dressed.† Edie turned to Dawn as the screen played on.

"Look at yourself.† You're doing it again," shouted Edie.

Dawn looked down at her empty sleeveless as she raised them to her eyes.† Looking lower she found no legs below the hem of her skirt.† Both ladies were dumbfounded.

It took several days of late night examination for the two to determine what had happened.† Based on the results of the experiment they had made a startling discovery.† The sample could only be what had only been theorized by physicists and astronomers -- DARK MATTER.† According to some dark matter theories it was a substance which made up a major component of the universe.† It was generally thought to have little interaction with so-called regular matter and energy.† That made it difficult to detect since it did not reflect or absorb light in an explainable manner.† Somehow the bombardment had excited the substance so that it DID react to Dawn's matter.† By some trial and error they had determined the substance reacted to Dawn's emotional state.† When Dawn was clothed there was usually no reaction.† It was Dawn herself who had reluctantly presented the working theory that got results.† When Dawn was naked (or near naked), and sufficiently embarrassed, her body became non-reactive to regular matter and energy.† Light passed through her with no interaction.† Dawn did not reveal to Edie that moments of sexual arousal obtained similar results.

They two scientists continued their tests and found no detrimental effects to Dawn's health.† Dawn did not reveal to Edie that there was one other result she had observed.† Dawn found she was horny all the time.† It was at some point in these tests that Edie revealed a side of her of which Dawn knew nothing.† Dawn had been working hard to be naked but NOT turn invisible.† It required intense concentration, but she could do it if she worked hard at it.† At least until Edie had pulled the handcuffs from her briefcase.† Dawn had fought in a battle in her mind as Edie insisted they needed to push her limits.† Edie had locked Dawn's wrists behind her back.† It only took a few seconds before Dawn's mental battle was lost.† She vanished from view.† The handcuffs remained floating in sight.

"Come on, Edie.† Let me out of these."

"Not until you admit that arousal also causes a reaction."

"I'm just embarrassed."

"By what?† I can't see you.† It's not like you are standing like a trussed-up naked lust bunny.† Or is it?"† Edie could not suppress a giggle.

Dawn groaned.† "Okay, I admit that I usually vanish when I'm aroused.† Not that that happens much except in these sessions with you."

"Really?"† Edie reached into her briefcase and pulled out one of the lab's video tapes.† At Edieís insistence Edie had been taking full videos of all their sessions and taking them home for study.† Edie slid the tape into the VCR and hit the play button.

"Oh, no!"† Dawn stared at Edie.† "I saw you take the tape out of the recorder last night."

"I did, but I put another one in."† Edie returned Dawn's stare.† "I suppose you were just trying to see if you could make your clothes vanish too."

That had been Dawn's excuse for the test but she had really needed relief last night.† Seated in the lab's chair in only her bra and panties she had masturbated until she exploded in a glorious orgasm.† Regretfully, her panties had never vanished, but she had been somewhat relieve by that first orgasm -- and the two that followed.† Now Dawnís face was red, but she knew Edie could not see it.† Dawn was quite invisible, embarrassed, aroused -- and frustrated.† With her hands cuffed behind her back, she couldn't touch the places that begged for attention.

"Look, Dawn, you've been under intense pressure since we ran the bombardment sequence.† You haven't taken time for even one date.† You must get some relief.† I can leave you cuffed all night but I want the full truth from you.† Was this the only time you've masturbated?"

There were several seconds of silence before Dawn answered.†† "The only time in the lab."

"At home?"

Dawn's voice was barely a whisper.† "Every night."

"See, the truth wasn't so hard.† I've been doing the same and I wasn't effected by the experiment."

Dawn smiled invisibly.† "We have to be sure."


Dawn sat at the control panel while Edie stood quite naked, quite visible and quite embarrassed as she squirmed with the cuffs now on her wrists behind her back.† Edie knew Dawn had the camera focused on her.† It was not fair.† Dawn could hide most of her embarrassing situations behind her invisibility.† Edie couldn't.† Now it was Dawn who got her revenge with comments about Edieís lush body and questions about her sexual situations.† More than once Edie had seen Dawn blink to invisibility as Edie revealed her private moments.† Edie liked a little kink.† She had bought the handcuffs and used them in college with a roommate -- a female roommate.† Dawn was not a prude but she had not imagined Edie with another woman -- until now.† Although Dawn had never been with another woman, the thought of her and Edie naked together caused Dawn to vanish.† Edie noticed and asked, "So you like the idea of me with another woman?† Maybe with you?"

Dawn was so glad Edie could not see her blush.† The idea had an appeal.† Edieís figure was athletic, proportioned.† Each time Edie had squirmed against the cuffs Dawn had noticed the ways her breasts and hips wiggled.† Dawn felt her own nipples grow hard and hot even as she watched Edieís do the same.† Dawn struggled to keep her voice even.

"I think we need to keep this on a professional level."† She stood and walked behind Edie.† Edie was partly relieved and somewhat frustrated when Dawn removed the cuffs.† "Go home, Edie.† We've done enough for one night."

Chapter 3:† Limits Tested

Over the next few weeks Dawn and Edie kept their discoveries to themselves.† It was Edie who said they needed experimental data from outside the lab.† Dawn was very hesitant until Edie assured her she had a private place for their next study.† She was house-sitting for some friends of her parents.† The house was large and out in the farmland.† They could be outside and still have privacy.† Dawn surrendered to her logic.† The weekend came and Dawn found herself in the passenger seat of Edieís car as they drove into the wheat and corn fields of the rural countryside.† Edie turned off the paved road onto a lane of white gravel.† The lane wound through a grove of trees and emerged near a large modern house.† Dawn looked toward the road and saw they were safely hidden from its users.

It was Edie who spoke first.† "Okay, let's get started.† Strip off that top and shorts."

Dawn wasn't completely surprised by Edie.† She had described the plan she had. For hours and hours Dawn would be naked.† For the first daylight experiment they wanted to determine if sunlight intensified or diminished the dark matter effect.† Dawn had already tried some brief experiments when she lay under her bedroom window with the sunlight streaming in.† Not once had Dawn become invisible.† She suspected the dark matter was somehow overwhelmed by full spectrum sunlight.† In the lab she had become visible under some bright ultraviolet and infrared lights.

Now it was a naked, blushing Dawn who emerged from Edieís car.† She looked longingly at her clothes on the seat, suspecting she would not be wearing any clothes for the next thirty-six hours if Edie had her way.

"Still visible," observed Edie.† "We need to up your N-quotient."† Edie had invented the N-quotient.† It was the value needed to make a Naked Dawn invisible.† Dawn groaned as she saw Edie pull the cuffs from her suitcase.

"Back or front?" asked Dawn.

"Back, of course."† She knew that got Dawn's motor revving more quickly.† With arms behind her back Dawn couldn't use them to hide her luscious front.† All would be on display and accessible.† After locking the cuffs around Dawn's wrists she walked to the house.† Dawn followed.

"Stop," ordered Edie.† "We agreed this weekend would let us test the effects of sunlight on your condition.† You only get to inside once every two hours to use the facilities.† For all other times you will be out here exposed to the skies."

Dawn was quite embarrassed by the situation.† She let her mind focus on erotic situations, hoping she would vanish from view.† Although her thoughts had an effect, she remained quite visible.


Dawn was very aroused and frustrated.† With her hands trapped behind her back she was unable to use them to relieve her body's needs -- and she very much wanted to relieve those needs.† Then Edieís voice invaded her world.† "This is interesting."

"In what way?"

"Look at your feet."

Dawn's feet and calves were invisible, although she could see the impressions of her feet in the lawn.† She looked at her thighs and found their lower halves had also vanished, but her hips remained on display.† She could see her vibrating clit peeking into sight.† Looking higher, her stomach and lower back was invisible but breasts with their erect nipples were quite on display.

"Your head is also visible as is your tight bottom.† I hadn't noticed how much your butt cheeks could blush."† She giggled.

"So all my privates on visible and the rest are hidden?"

"Yup!† All your goodies are visible."

Dawn groaned.

"Dawn, if you want I could try to excite you more and see if your goodies disappear too.† What do you think?"

Dawn remained quiet but her blushing cheeks, all four of them, grow redder.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Edie walked to stand directly in front of Dawn.† Her hand rose to gently tweak Dawn's nipples.† The reaction was immediate but not what Dawn wanted.† Her nipples became more erect and actually throbbed in time with her heart.† The throbbing expanded downward.† Seeing Dawn's reaction by her half closed eyes Edie lowered one hand to Dawn's throbbing clit.† Dawn's hips thrust toward Edieís touches as orgasm approached.

Edie was not unaffected by Dawn's reactions.† Edie had remained clothed figuring that would make more contrast to Dawn's nakedness.† Besides, Edie was getting a kick out of controlling her senior partner.† Dawn was an intelligent beautiful woman.† She should have some fun instead of spending all her time in the lab.† The fact that Dawn had a sex drive was obvious from the revelations Edie had coerced out Dawn.† Also, there was something very nice about stroking this vibrant woman at her mercy.

Dawn felt her knees getting wobbly.† She leaned into Edieís touch and was soon being supported as their torsos touched.† As the videotape would reveal (the one being recorded by the camera Edie had placed in the window) the visibility of Dawn was changed in another embarrassing way.† Soon ONLY Dawn's crotch, bottom and breasts were visible.† Hours later when Edie would play the tape for Dawn she would see Edie enjoying her manipulation of Dawn's only visible parts

Edie left Dawn face down on the lawn after her fourth orgasm.† Edie giggled thinking Dawn would need her rest.† Edie got a lawn chair and a book.† She sat near Dawn to observe and enjoy the naked nymph on display.


Sunset was upon them.† Dawn had been released from the cuffs.† The two shared a picnic on the front lawn, Dawn naked and Edie in tank top and shorts.† As the sun slipped behind the horizon Dawn vanished from view.

"Dawn, we got our first verification.† Something in the spectrum of sunlight does overwhelm or nullify the dark effect."

"What?"† Dawn looked down toward her body.† "Oh, I'm invisible again."† A smile came to Dawn's invisible lips.† Payback!

Edie was totally unprepared when invisible hands grabbed her top and in one quick action pulled it over her head.† A bare breasted Edie had but a moment to react before her shorts were around her ankles and she was pushed to the ground, the grass tickling her nipples.


The metal bands locked Edieís wrists behind her back.

"No fair.† You were the experiment."

"But you were enjoying your position of power just a little too much.† I think its time you shared in the experience."

"But I'm not invisible."

"I know."


Hours passed and it was Edie who was aroused and frustrated.† Was this what Dawn had felt like, unable to relieve her arousal?† Edieís nipples were crinkled hard and her pussy was begging for attention.† If Dawn was still around she was being very quiet.† Where was she?

Dawn's invisibility gave her freedom to walk around and investigate.† The night air was just cool enough to tease her naked flesh.† She was warm enough if she kept moving.† She walked beside the gravel road and stood on shoulder of the main road.† She found it fun to let the occasional car whisk by her with them never knowing she stood there naked.† It was then that fate once again intervened in her life.† She spotted a car approaching from the east. †As she saw it weave back and forth Dawn stepped back from the road's edge.† The car slowed causing Dawn to check to make sure she was still invisible.† With all her parts still invisible she held her position and saw the car stop fifty feet away.† The passenger door opened and a teenaged girl jumped out.

"Look, I only wanted a ride.† I'm not going to give you a blowjob just to go twenty miles."

"What more do you want?"

The girl muttered with disgust and walked away.† An overweight driver emerged from the car and staggered after her.† Dawn's reaction was automatic.† She ran to the man and kicked him in the crotch.† He folded to the ground coughing and gagging.† Dawn was somewhat surprised by her violent reaction but as she thought about it she felt justified.† The teenager never looked back.

The man finally passed out.† Dawn checked his pulse and found it normal.† Based on the smell of his breath he would eventually wake with one hell of a hangover.† Dawn giggled at her evil thoughts.† She rolled the man on to his back and loosened his belt.† Down went his zipper.† Invisible hands pulled at his pant legs revealing a pair of dirty ragged boxers.


Turning her head she grabbed the boxers and pulled them off too.† She reached into the car, grabbed his keys and opened the trunk.† She rolled the clothes around the keys and locked the bundle into the trunk.† Revenge served.

Chapter 4:† A Serious Workout†

The past weekends had revealed some real data as well as some their private secrets.† Edie had thoroughly enjoyed Dawn's vigilante action.† Edie kidded that Dawn was a superhero.† Dawn pooh-poohed the idea but Edie kept at it.† As the days passed Edieís arguments got to Dawn.† They decided Dawn would use her powers with Edie as her backup.† Dawn would call in periodically and let her know where she was.† They set up a series of meeting places where they could get together if she had a mishap.† Dawn resumed taken some martial arts courses to help prepare for trouble but she thought her invisibility would be her best weapon.† Who could fight an invisible opponent?

Dawn finally admitted how turned on she got traipsing around the city's nightscape naked.† Edie called her the invisible dark angel.† Dawn liked that name but said she didn't even want a name.† Her actions would be invisible and for the common good, not for any fame or notoriety.† Besides, there had been a TV show called Dark Angel and she was entirely different.† It was Edie who started calling her Midnight Dawn.†

Dawn restricted her activities to nighttime since her powers all but vanished under sunlight.† Oh, she could sneak around invisibly if she stayed away from sunlight but she would be trapped inside or in dark alleys.† It was Edie who coerced Dawn into some more experimentation.† By this time Dawn went along with most of Edieís ideas.† They always learned something Dawn should know.† Edie convinced Dawn they should test her strength in her invisible condition.† The only place that came to mind for a comprehensive test was a workout club.† Edie knew of an all-night workout club out in the suburbs and convinced Dawn to try an invisible workout.


Edie sprung the first surprise when she picked up Dawn in front of the college lab.† She insisted Dawn undress in the car immediately.† She did not want to wait in the workout club parking lot while Dawn stripped.† Dawn scowled but unzipped her jumpsuit as Edie drove away from the college.† It was dark and Edie told her hardly anyone could notice.† Even the thought got a reaction out of Dawn.† She blinked out of sight even before she had the jumpsuit pulled away from her chest.† Edie giggled.† "You are getting jumpy.† I thought by now you would have gotten used to stripping in public."

"I usually strip someplace safe and turn invisible immediately.† No one ever sees me naked except you."

"Hmmm. We could try this in daylight."

"No way!"

Dawn rode quietly.† The textured leather seats of Edieís car felt nice on her backsides.† She failed to notice when Edie turned on the seat warmer, but she did notice the heat on her bottom after a few miles.† Combined with her usual aroused condition she found her thoughts grow more erotic.† By the time they pulled into the parking lot she had a nice sexual rush.† She stepped out of the car with no prodding from Edie and followed Edie into the club.

The place was almost deserted.† The cute brunette at the front desk told Edie all the instructors were off duty but she thought one or two might still be in the club if they wanted assistance.† "No, I think we, I mean I will be just fine.† I only want a light workout and a steam."† The cute brunette was having an effect on Dawn.† Her yellow leotard looked painted to her perky body.† Her outlines of her nipples were noticeable beneath the thin material.† When Edie turned left to the women's locker room Dawn turned right.† Only Edie noticed the door to the men's locker open and shut on its own.

The men's locker room was quiet except for the sound of water running.† Dawn felt naughty as she tiptoed toward the sound.† The sound came from a shower stall with a glass door but the door was open a crack.† Dawn looked through the crack.† Under the hot spray was a man of average height but of better than average fitness.† Dawn sighed in satisfaction as he lathered the soap over his firm flesh as he stood in profile.† He rinsed the soap from his body and worked the soap into a new lather between his palms.† He reached down and proceeded to give his privates a good soaping.† "Nice package," she sighed as his member rose under the attention of his hand.† He turned and looked in her direction.† Had he heard her whisper?† There was knock on the door to the back exit.† Dawn jumped by reflex and turned from the beefcake she was watching.

"Hello?"† Edie voice came from the direction of the door.† Dawn looked back and saw the showering man cover his crotch with his hands.

Dawn hurried to the door just as Edie cracked it open.† She pushed Edie out of the way.

Edie giggled.† "You just couldn't resist a little voyeurism, could you?"

Dawn invisibly smiled as the memory of the shower room and its occupant.† "What's a girl to do?"

Edie laughed back.† "But I don't get to play."

Dawn laughed back.† "Hey, go ahead.† Strip down right now and check out the man in the shower."

"But I'm visible.† It's not the same thing."† Edie paused before pointing to the exercise machine area. "Let's get you on the machines and see what you can do."† Edie led her over to the stair machines.† "Let's get you warmed up, if you aren't already hot to trot.† First some stretches.† Here, put these on so I know where you are."† Edie watched as Dawn's invisible hands took the off-white ankle and wrist bands from her.† The bands floated in the air and stretched as Dawn pulled the bands around her wrists and ankles.† "Face me and do what I do."† Edie went through a series of arm and shoulder stretches then slowly twisted and turned to relax her back.† She then did a series of legs stretches, pulling first one knee and another to her chest.† The bands moved through the air indicating Dawn was mirroring Edieís every move.† Edie thought what it would be like to do these stretches without her leotard.† The idea warmed her in places that had little to do with her exercise warm-ups.

"That's enough, Dawn.† Let's get you on the stair machine."

Edie watched as foot pads moved knowing Dawn was climbing onto the machine.† The pads started moving at a slow pace as Dawn loosened up but soon the machine was being pumped vigorously.† Minute by minute the machine moved, faster and faster.

"Dawn, aren't you getting tired?"

Dawn's voice revealed no sign of fatigue.† "No, Iím just in the zone.† It's like I'm going down the stairs, not up."

"You've been on the machine for ten minutes and you've gone faster as time passed.† You should be gasping by now.† Slow down and get off the machine.† I want to see how you do at the weight machine."

What Dawn wasn't admitting was that the vigorous activities were making her hornier than ever.


They moved to the weight machine.† Edie set the weights to fifty pounds and placed her torso on the padded seat.† She did one set of ten, then got off the machine.† Again checking that no one else was in sight Dawn positioned her body under the bar.† She did the set of ten as Edie had.† "Okay, let's see how much you can handle.† I'm setting it to one hundred pounds."† Edie adjusted the settings and watched as the bar moved through another set of ten as smoothly as the previous set.† "You tired?"

Dawn's voice again showed no indication of effort.† "I'm fine.† Put more weight on the bar."† Edie changed the settings and told Dawn to do another set.

One again the bar moved but a bit more slowly as it moved up.

"That's a bit difficult.† How much was it?"

Edieís expression told Dawn she was shocked.† Dawn stood and walked to check the settings.

"Five HUNDRED pounds?"† She paused in disbelief.† "Okay, what's the trick?"

"No trick.† That's the machine maximum.† Babe, you are way too strong.† It has to be another effect of the dark matter."

They both stood in thought.† After a few seconds Edieís thoughts broke free.† "There's a lot more I want to check out but there's one I want you to try right now.† Edie walked to an adjacent room with Dawn's four bands following behind.† They entered a short hall and turned into the first room on the right.† Dawn spied the tanning beds.† Each was in a three-sided row along one wall.† The fourth side had an open curtain.† "Get on the bed.† I want to see if the ultraviolet tanning ray affects you."†† The wrist and ankle bands were discarded to the floor in front of one of the machines.† The bed of the tanning bed was slightly creased to the contours of a female body.



Edie lowered the top panel of the bed and set if for five minutes.† "Close your eyes and relax.† I'll check the gym for other people and be back in a few minutes.

Dawn closed her invisible eyelids and thought again how strange that she couldnít see through them.† She relaxed and let the minutes pass.† The timer rang and the tanning lights turned off.† "Edie?"† There was no answer.† Dawn pushed the top panel up and swung her legs around, placing her feet on the floor.† She looked down.† "Nice start to a tan," she thought.


She could see her legs and feet.† Frantically she looked at her torso.† She was completely visible and oh-so naked.† That was when she heard the voices.

VOICES, plural!† One of the voices was definitely a deep male.† Dawn looked around desperately seeking a towel or anything she could use to wrap around her naked body.


She ran behind the tanning unit and hid just as Edie and a man came into the tanning room.† Dawn squeezed her knees to her chest as she tried to compress her body as small as possible.† Dawn heard Edie talking with the man.† Dawn lowered her head to the floor and saw the two sets of feet walk right up to the unit behind which she was hiding.† They remained there as Edie flirted with the man.† He sounded interested in her and returned the flirting.

"Why can't they take this someplace else?" thought Dawn.† Her desperation fueled her body's erotic response.† Her nipples were pressed into her upper thighs and ached for attention.† The ache rushed to her loins as she squeezed her legs together even tighter.† Fear of discovery and arousal fought for supremacy in her mind and body.† Seconds seemed like minutes as she heard the verbal patter on the other side of the tanning unit.† Finally, their voices and feet moved to the door.

Dawn did not realize she was holding her breathe until the door closed.† Slowly she uncoiled and glanced around the unit.† The room was empty.† She felt her joints pop as she stood snuck towards the door.† She put an ear against the door and listened.† He heard no voices or sounds of any kind.† She pulled the door open and looked into the hall.† Seeing the hall was empty she tentatively stepped into the hall and moved toward the room with the exercise equipment.† Nobody was in sight.† Could she cross the room and duck into the ladies' locker room?† No other acceptable ideas came to her frustrated mind.† She moved an arm across her chest to hide her erect nipples.† As she moved her other hand to cover her crotch she looked down.† Her forearms were invisible.† DAMN.† She could not hide her breasts or her twitching pussy -- which twitched more as the situation aroused her.† She noticed her legs below her knees were also invisible.† Should she run back to the tanning room and wait for the rest of her to become invisible?†

The decision was forced on her when she heard voices in the hallway behind her.† She ran as fast as she could for the ladies' locker room.† She made it into the locker room just as she heard the door open behind her.† She was making a quick check of the locker room for towels or anything she could wear.† She found none.† As she walked passed a large mirror she caught her reflection.† Her invisibility has continued to expand but not enough.† Her breasts hovered in the air without a torso.† Above her blushing breasts floated her face.† The top of her head as well as her neck was invisible.† Looking lower she saw she was visible from her upper thighs to below her waist.† She twisted her body and saw her bottom, also blushing.† All her most intimate areas and her face were visible.† A part of her mind wondered if the increased blood flow from her blushing made those areas vanish last.† Despite her condition she erotically wondered if a man's dick would be the last visible part if he was also contaminated with dark matter.

"Ohhhh..." moaned as her thoughts brought fresh moisture to her aroused loins.† "I needed that thought like Custer needed more Native Americans.† At least I'm safer in the locker room.† Edieís voice came through the door to the lobby.† "I'll check my car.† Maybe my friend is waiting for me out there."† Dawn cracked open the door to the lobby.

The man at the front desk -- the man from Dawn's shower room watch -- answered.† "Nobody has left since I took my shower."

Edie smiled mischievously.† Somehow Dawn knew Edie thought this was great payback.† "Well, if you see her send her outside.† Ta-tah."

Edie exited the front door.† Dawn eased the locker room door shut.† She checked back at the mirror and gasped as she saw MORE of her body was visible.† She did not know if her invisibility power was fading but she decided she couldn't wait.† She grabbed letter-sized memo on the wall and held it in front of her voice.† Taking a deep breath she opened the locker room door and rushed for the front door.


At the sound of the locker room door the man at the front desk turned in that direction of that sound.† He stared slack-jawed saw two attractive breasts bounced out of the locker room.† An equally attractive set of feminine hips and pussy bounced along below the breasts.† As they passed him the breasts disappeared.† Only a lovely behind bounced away from him and out the lobby door.

"I've got to quit skipping my supper.† It's making me see things."† He smiled as he replayed the memory of those delicious woman parts moving in the air.

Chapter 5:† Getting Home and a Day in the Park

Outside the gym Edie sat in the driver's seat when she heard someone at the locked passenger door.† She turned to see two lovely and familiar nipples pressed against the window.† "Let me in."† Dawn was almost shouting as Edie smiled and unlocked the passenger door.† The door opened as Edie watched Dawn's intimate body parts enter the car.† A sigh of reflect filled Edieís car.

"I guess tanning beds have a side effect," commented Edie.

"A bad side effect!"† Dawn's voice was husky as she tried to catch her breath.

"I don't think anybody can identify you unless they know you very well."

"What do you mean?† My face is visible."

"Babe, you face is not visible.† All I can see is here and here... and here."

Dawn's breath caught in her throat as Edieís finger tips flicked across her erect nipples then touched lightly between her slightly open thighs.


Dawn's orgasm exploded just as her few visible body parts faded from view.† The car filled with the smell of feminine arousal and Edie could not resist touching her own suddenly erect nipples.† The car started rocking as Dawn's seat bounced all by itself.† The bouncing continued for about thirty seconds before the depression in Dawn's seat stopped moving.

"Wow, babe, it sounds like you had a wonderful time there."

"Take me home."† Dawn's voice was thick, husky and barely a whisper.† Edie smiled, started the car and pulled out into the light late-night traffic.


It was late afternoon as they went over their notes of the previous night.† Dawn agreed with Edieís conclusions but she did not like her corrective suggestions.

"Look, Dawn, be practical.† We agree that normally being naked arouses you enough to make you invisible.† However, if you are exposed to the right frequencies of ultra violet light you become completely or partly visible.† Increased arousal and embarrassment may eventually override the ultraviolet effect.† It might be possible to make you invisible in full sunlight too if we keep you aroused enough."

"I don't think that practical.† It's too hard to be that aroused and still be able to do anything but orgasm."

"Give me twenty-four hours and let me work on something.† Go home and relax tonight.† Tomorrow's Saturday and I intent to give you a serious workout of your new powers."

Dawn groaned.† She bet the weekend was going to be a long one.


Dawn was fast asleep as Edie worked on the device before her.† She was willing to sacrifice one of her playthings for the greater cause.† She smiled as she imagined the workout she had in mind for Dawn.


As they had agreed they met at Edieís place.† As soon as Edie closed the door Edie told her to strip.† Dawn was down to her bra and panties before she vanished.† As instructed Dawn put on the wrist and ankle bands so Edie could keep track of her.† Once Dawn was naked Edie held out to her a metal egg.† It was a smooth oval metallic object about an inch wide and four inches long.† Dawn took the object and listened to Edieís suggestion.

"You want me to put this where?"

"Dawn, I want you to insert it like a vibrator.† I'm sure you've done that at least once in your life."

Dawn remembered the one time she had permitted a boyfriend to use a dildo on her.† It had been a glorious night, but that was years ago.

"Come on, just put it in and let me experiment.† It won't hurt you."

With great reluctance Dawn slid the device into her already moist loins.† Even as she watched her action she saw the device disappear as she pushed it completely into her love canal.† The feel of the metallic intruder was not uncomfortable but Dawn would soon be very aware of both its significance and its constant presence.

"Now just sit in front of the drapes and relax.† I'll take care of everything else."† Edie held in her hand a remote control of some kind.† She touched a button and the egg started vibrating.


"Nice isn't it and you don't have to worry about it not calling you in the morning."

Dawn relaxed and enjoyed the tender vibrations.† She had her eyes closed when she heard the sound of the drapes being opened.


"Give it a moment."† Edie looked at Dawn as she blinked into view with the sunlight streaming in the front open windows.† Edie touched the remote control and the nice vibrations grew stronger.† Dawn closed her eyes and sighed as the vibrations reverberated through her body.

"There, you are almost completely gone again."

Dawn opened her eyes and looked down.† Only her proud perky nipples and a ring of breast flesh were visible.† Looking lower all Dawn could see was a small stain growing on the seat of the chair.† She realized the stain was her own juices.† Almost instantly her nipples vanished from view.

"Success," shouted Edie.† "Now let's see if you can stay invisible in sunlight.

"Edie, I don't think I can."† Dawn's voice faded as the orgasm erupted from deep within her.† She did not see Edie with the video camera.† The video captured the depression in Dawn's chair and the growing stain in the seat of the chair, and the audio clearly picked up the sounds of Dawn's wondrous orgasm.† Several minutes passed as Dawn's arousal crested and she slid down the back of the erotic wave.† She was catching her breath as Edie spoke.

"Dear, it sounded like you had a good time.† You were invisible in sunlight all the time you had an orgasm.† I got it all on tape.† This is an important discovery."

"Yeh, I'll distract the villains with the sounds of lust."† Dawn opened her eyes and took in her condition.† "But I can't stay invisible.† See?"

She pointed invisible fingers at her chest.† Edie did not need those fingers to see the tips of Dawn's still erect nipples.† "That will confuse the villains too," Edie chuckled.† "Look, we have the basics down.† We just need to work out the kinks.† Here, put these on and we're trying this again."† Dawn took the handcuffs from Edieís hand.†

"Behind my back again?"

"Oh, yes."

"I think you're having too much fun at my expense with these experiments," Dawn said as she cuffed her own wrists behind her back.


Thirty mind-boggling minutes later Edie declared a success.† Even in Dawn's emotional afterglow she remained completely invisible.† She was spent but Edie had more planned.† "Goody, now for a full field test."

Dawn opened her eyes.† "Edie, I don't think I can even stand.† My whole body is numb."† Edieís hand reached out and touched Dawn's invisible shoulder.† The hand dropped and found her left breast.† Edieís hand felt so warm, so tender.† Dawn was taken by surprise when Edie pinched Dawn's nipple.

"OUCH!† Edie?"† Dawn stood to escaped Edieís hand.

"See, you aren't so numb.† You can stand.† Turn around and let me uncuff you."

Dawn turned.† Moments later her wrists were free.† Dawn rubbed her wrists.† They did not feel tender despite her recent struggles against their metallic embrace.† She could not resist placing the fingers of her left hand between her thighs.† Her loins begged for tender touches.† As if Edie could read Dawn's mind she said, "Before you lose your excitement let's get down to the car.† Follow me."† Surrendering to Edieís orders an aroused, naked, tiring and very frustrated Dawn followed.


As Edie drove down the street she failed to notice the white panel van that followed.


Edie drove a few miles to a forest preserve.† The parking lot had a few cars in it but the preserve was not crowded.† During the drive Edie has explained her plan.† They would find a picnic table in plain view of other people.† They would sit facing each other.† Dawn was to attempt to stay invisible all the time.† If a body part became visible Edie would activate the egg until Dawn vanished.

Dawn felt the breeze caress across every sensitive bit of her unclad body.† The air felt particularly nice when it fluttered her pubic hair.† For twenty minutes Dawn maintained her invisibility thinking about her potential exposure.† Several men played softball and were potential observers.† Dawn found it difficult to maintain this level of arousal.† Soon Dawn's own fingers were caressing her most intimate areas.† She struggled to suppress her moans and groans.† She was so wrapped up in keeping control she failed to notice the approaching men until they spoke.

"What'cha doing over here by yourself?† Come join us and have a beer."† Edie smiled at the gentleman as a still invisible Dawn held her breath.† Would the men sit at the table and bump into the naked excited woman?

Edie stood and approached the men.† "I'm just relaxing on this fine day."† She paused and giggled.† "I could use a cold one."† Dawn watched as Edie walked away between the two men.† Dawn stayed frozen in place having no better place to go.


Twenty minutes passed and Dawn was getting very worn out.† She checked her body and became scared as her nipples became visible.† Concerned she would be discovered she scurried to Edieís car.† "Damn!"† Edie had locked the car.† Dawn saw more of her breasts were visible and could see a faint glow between her legs.† She was losing the erotic edge needed to stay invisible.† In a panic she ran to the nearest stand of trees.† She hid in the leaves behind a tree trunk just in time to see her body come into view.† She was completely visible.


"When's she coming back?" fumed Dawn.† Dawn had been hidden but visible under the leaves.† Only her fear of discovery kept her from surrendering to the fatigue that assaulted her.† Finally she saw through the trees that Edie had returned to their picnic table.† Edie looked around and groaned as she saw the two gentlemen approach her again.† Dawn could not hear their conversion but she saw Edie wave to them and walk to her car.† Dawn squirmed in her hiding place as Edie drove away.


Two hours passed as Dawn suffered.† She felt abandoned and helpless.† To make matters worse, ants had found her and seemed determined to crawl across every inch of her body.† She was forced to remain quiet while a family with children took over the nearby picnic table.† Her skin was slowly coated with the crumbling fragments of the leaves under which she hid.† She itched and was afraid to scratch.

With no warning the egg erupted with very energetic pulsations.† Dawn bit her lower lip to suppress her gasps.† She started squirming as her body responded with spasms of pleasure.† Dawn was keeping her eyes closed until she heard Edieís voice whisper her name.

Walking along the tree line Edie whispered Dawn's name over and over.

"Here."† Dawn's voice was a groan.



"I don't see you.† Are you invisible?"

Only then did Dawn look down at her twitching body.† She saw only a depression in the moving leaves.

"I am now.† Get me out of here."

"Poor, baby.† It sounds like you've had a rough time.† Follow me."

Dawn had to force her legs to work.† She stood with wobbly knees and followed Edie.† Edie opened her car's driver's side back door.† She saw the depression in the seat and then the door closed on its own.† Edie wasted no time driving home.

Once again the panel van went unnoticed.

Chapter 6:† Itís A Gas?

Dawn woke slowly.† The clean crisp pastel blue sheets felt very nice against her skin.† The weight of the comforter pressed the sheets against her.† She turned on her side, snuggling in her warm nest.† A quiet buzzing invaded her semi-conscious mind and demanded attention.† She pulled the bedclothes over her head and tried to ignore it.† Suddenly the sheets and comforter were gone.† The air felt chilly against her warm skin.

"Time to get up, sleepyhead."

Dawn opened her eyes.† Edie stood at the foot of the bed with her arms filled with the sheets and comforter.† She laughed.† "Gawd, I wish I looked as good as you do when I first get up."

Dawn suddenly felt as naked as she was.† She curled into a ball with her knees pulled up to her chest.† "Go-away," she mumbled.

"You've had twelve hours of sleep.† You need to get up.

Dawn glanced as the window.† "But itís still dark.† Leave me alone."

"No way!† It'll be light soon.† I've got more experiments for you."

Dawn surrendered and crawled from the bed.

She noticed she was at Edieís place.† She stumbled to the bathroom and took care of the necessities.† Only then did she look in the mirror.† Her skin had a healthy glow to it and looked a bit darkened by the sun.† "Hmmmm.† I guess I can get a tan even when I'm invisible."† She ran a comb through her short hair and smiled.† She admitted that she looked good.† Her exercises had kept her figure firm but she noticed just a hint more lean muscles in her arms and legs.† Even her abs looked firmer.†† The dark matter must not be hurting her. †She was keeping a daily log of any possible side effects of her exposure to the dark matter.†

The side effects had started with only her powers of invisibility and her heightened arousal.† Then her increased strength had been detected in the gym.† Her pulse was strong and regular.† She ran her hands down her body checking for any other changes.† Her body felt tingly as her fingers touched it.

The knock at the bathroom door broke her train of thought.† "Come on."† Edieís voice sounded slightly aggravated.† Dawn forced her hands to her sides and left the bathroom.† Edie was dressed in a pair of long shorts and a tank top.† She motioned for Dawn to follow.† Edie walked to her front door and went outside.

"Edie, I'm naked."† Dawn looked around the door hiding her uncovered body behind it.

"Turn invisible.† Get with the program."

"But I'll be trapped outside without any clothes when the sun comes up."


"Oh."† Dawn's face reddened before she vanished.† She followed Edie to the car.


ĎI've got to get some gas."†† Edie pulled into an all-night gas station.† "You can pump gas if you want."†

Even though she was still invisible Dawn crossed her arm across her breasts.† She was about to reject Edieís suggestion when she saw two men enter the station's convenience store.† She saw the attendant raise his arms over his head.† "Edie, get down.† I've got to take care of something."

She left the car and ran to the convenience store doors.† The two men and the attendant all jumped at the sound of the door opening.† They turned back when they saw nobody.† Invisibly, Dawn looked over the situation.† One man had a gun aimed at the attendant and the other was climbing over the counter.† The man with the gun was obviously the more dangerous one.† She picked up a bottle of motor oil from the display near the door.† She threw it to the back corner of the store.† The man with the gun turned toward the sounds.† The gun wasn't aimed at anyone.† Dawn stepped to the man's side and kicked him in the back of his head.† He staggered for two seconds before collapsing into a heap on the floor.

The second robber looked at his unconscious partner and was unprepared for a kick to the side of his head.† His eyes crossed before he collapsed against the attendant.† The wide-eyed attendant watched the robber slide to the floor before grabbing the phone to call the police.† Dawn slipped out the door unnoticed.

Edie was still pumping the gas when Dawn tapped her on the shoulder.

"Yikes!" She squeaked.† "Don't do that."

"Stop pumping and go pay for the gas.† We've got to get out of here before the police arrive."

"Police?† What did you do?"

Dawn smiled invisibly.† "I foiled the bad guys."† Her smile was heard in her voice.

"Damn, I wanted to watch.† Warn me next time."

"Next time, but let's get out of here.† Go pay."

Chapter 7:† A Day at the Beach

After the excitement at the convenience store Edie changed her plans.† They drove back home.† They listened on the radio and heard the report of the foiled robbery.

"Hello, this is Julian Marshall.† We have the report of a foiled attempted robbery.† According to the station attendant of the BP Supermart two men were holding him at gunpoint when something unexplainable happened.† First one robber collapsed to the floor then the other.† Both thieves were still unconscious when the constables arrived."† The reporter speculated that the attendant must have stopped the villains even though he denied it.†

When they got back home they were both delighted at the events.† Neither could go back to sleep.† Edie agreed to stop this weekend's experiments but only if they went to the beach.† Dawn was delighted she'd get to wear clothes and relax in the sun.† Edie said she had the perfect swimsuit for Dawn.† For the ride to the beach Edie gave Dawn a sweatshirt and shorts.† Dawn had them on when Edie came from her bedroom.† She had a long t-shirt hiding her dark bikini.† The two jumped in the car and headed for the lake.

The day was clear and the sun deliciously warm.† They drove with the windows open enjoying the wind.† At the beach Edie smiled at Dawn in a mischievous way.† Dawn knew she was up to something.† Edie told Dawn to go into the beach locker room and strip.† Only then would she give Dawn her swimsuit.† Dawn was beginning to enjoy Edieís games but was too embarrassed to admit it.† She stood in the stall and handed out her clothes.† Only then did Edie hand in the tiny handful of material.

Dawn was shocked by the string bikini she held from her fingers.† It was extremely skimpy. †She hung the top on the stall door's hook and tied the side ties of the bikini's bottom.† The back of the suit was a strip of material about a half inch wide but the front worried Dawn more.† It was a narrow "V" of material barely wide enough to cover her loins.† As it hung tightly between her hips she saw the material gap away from her flesh.† Anyone standing directly in front of her would be able to look inside and see a hint of pubic hair.

Dawn went to work on the top and found it did not cover much of her breasts but at least her nipples were covered.† She knew it would be a constant battle to keep both the top and the bottom in place.† Despite her embarrassment Dawn smiled.† She had never worn such a skimpy bikini but she liked how it made her feel -- sexy and horny.† She emerged from the stall with her shoulders back.

"Wow!† You look fabulous."† Edie had removed her t-shirt.† Her dark bikini was not modest but compared to Dawn's minimalist suit it looked like a lot of material.† "That suit looks better on you than me.† I guess I'm going to have to do more workouts."

"You look good too.† Let's get some sun."† With that Dawn led Edie out into the sun.


The sunny beach was glorious.† Despite the wonderful weather the beach was not too crowded.† Perhaps more people would arrive later in the day.† The two ladies stretched out on the blanket Edie had brought.† First they sunned their fronts for fifteen minutes then their backs.† Dawn stood and stretched.† Her body drew the attention of men and some women.† It was not due only to her small bikini but the also the athletic body it revealed.† Dawn smiled at the attention.† "Come on, Edie.† Let's get wet."† Without waiting Dawn ran into the water.† The surface was warm but only a few inches down it was cool and invigorating.† She swam leisurely out about fifty feet before turning and treating water.† Her toes would occasionally feel the sandy bottom as she kicked.† Edie eventually caught up to Dawn and surfaced a few feet away.

"I wonder how it would look if you were invisible while immersed in water.† Come on, Dawn, give it a try."

"But someone will see."

"Only your head is above water.† Anybody would think you had just ducked under.† Give it a try.† The water should help block some of the ultraviolet light."

"It'll be too difficult."

"I have an idea."† Edie ducked under water.† If Dawn had been thinking she would have anticipated Edieís actions.† When the side ties were pulled lose she was unable to grab hold of her bikini's bottom before it was whisked away.† A few seconds later Edie surfaced holding the bottom half of Dawn's stolen bikini.† "I bet you're turned on enough to turn invisible now."

"Give those back."

"Not until I check out my theory."† She swam away a few more feet.

"Oh," groaned Dawn.† She did feel embarrassed enough to turn invisible if it was dark or if Edieís torturous egg was working its magic.† "Why not give it a try?† She's not going to give me by my bottoms until I do."† Dawn closed her eyes and let the motion of the waves and the swirl of the water between her legs carries her away on her imagination.† The undulating water's surface tickled the bottom of her breast as she pretended her top was stolen.

"Hold that thought," Edie said.† A few seconds later Dawn felt hands on her thighs.† Was it Edie?† Dawn opened her eyes as Edie surfaced.† "You did it.† From your ribs down you are invisible but I can see a hollow air pocket in the shape of your lower body.† Let's try harder."† Dawn did not pull away as Edie reached for the string bikini top.† She lowered herself as the top slid from her breasts.† Edie ducked underwater again as the cool water swirled around Dawnís already overly sensitive nipples.

Edie surfaced.† "We're almost there.† All of you, below your shoulders, is just a shapely air pocket.† I bet it won't take much more and you disappear completely."

Dawn felt fingers tweak her nipples but before she could pull away Edie spoke again.† "There you go.† Completely invisible.† How does it feel?"

"Terrible.† Wonderful.† Oh..." Dawn fought against the feelings that burned from within but part of her thirsted for it.†

"Duck your head under the water."† Edie saw a hole disappear for a few seconds then reappear.† From the hole's size Edie guessed that only Dawn's head was above the surface.† "Amazing!† The water does not adhere to you head.† It slides right off."† The sound of Dawn's labored breathing could be heard over the sounds of the waves.† The moans gave Edie an idea of Dawn's highly aroused condition.

"Sounds to me you have things to work out.† I'll leave you along to work through them."† Edie moved a few feet away and watched the hole in the water she knew was her friend.

Dawn felt the heat of the sun on her face but that heat was nothing compared to the blaze that roared through her body.† It engulfed her as she curled into a semi-fetal position.† She floated in the water with her head back, just her invisible face above the water.† Edie ducked below the waves and watched the hole in the water that was Dawn.† She saw the watery shape of Dawn's right hand reach between Dawn's thighs.† A smile grew on Edieís face as she saw her friend satisfy her needs.† "I think I should leave her alone for a bit," Edie thought.† She turned and swam to the beach.† She sat on her towel and watched the "mysterious" watery hole float in the water.

Mysteries are like a vacuum; they draw attention.† Edie did not notice the three college men observe the mysterious hole and walk into the water to investigate it.† Only when they approached Dawn did Edie jump up but it was far too late to intercept them.† The "hole" disappeared as the men were about to encircle it.† Edie watched and was becoming more concerned.† Was Dawn alright?† Where had she gone?† Edie stepped into the waves and moved toward the circle of men.† When she was waist deep in water she something rub across her behind.† She turned, ready to slap away a hand but no one was there.† The next instant Edieís bikini bottom was pulled to her ankles.† She reached down to retrieve them but was pushed onto her back.† When she recovered and stood she reached down.† Her bikini bottom was gone.† It had to be Dawn.† "Where are you?"

"Waiting for my swimsuit?† Since I see you don't have it I'll take yours."† Edieís hugged her arms around her chest to protect her top.

"Come on, Dawn.† I'm not invisible.† They'll all see me."† Turning she saw the watery hole in the shape of Dawn's invisible waist.† Facing the hole Edie added, "Give back my bottoms and you can walk with me invisibly.† I won't be able to run away and leave you."† Despite her situation Edie giggled.† "I wouldn't take too long to decide.† I think I see some of your perkiest points."

Dawn looked down and saw a glimmer of her achingly erect nipples.† She placed her invisible hands over them but her nipples remained visible.† She looked down the water hole in the shape of her body but couldn't see if anything else was coming into view.† Embarrassment and panic took over.† She ran to the beach toward their towels.† She saw stares from those on the beach then remembered Edieís bottoms in her hand which to observers had seemed float in the air up the beach.† Everyone was too far away to see the two perky nipples which were faintly visible.† Dawn dropped Edieís bottoms and reached the towels but her bikini was not in sight.† She flipped up the blanket to reveal only sand.† She groaned, "Where is it?"† She could put Edieís bottoms on but she'd have to become visible and therefore topless.† If she remained invisible a nicely shaped but empty bikini bottom would attract attention.†

In the water Edie could only imagine Dawn's search.† She had moved into chest deep water and, despite her own embarrassing situation giggled at Dawn.† There was little chance the hidden bikini would be found where she had buried it in the sand.

On the beach Dawn was getting worried and tired.† Any moment she might become visible.† Realizing she had only a few choices, and little time, she acted.† One hand dropped to her loins while the other started tweaking her nipples.† She felt her level of arousal increase and closed her eyes to better focus her attention.† She did not see the two men approach from behind her.

The men had watched from the van until the ladies had gone into the water.† They'd moved behind a dune and watched with binoculars.† To them the hole in the water was not empty.† With their infrared filters the invisible woman was visible as a dark green glow in the general shape of a human female.† They'd watched her emerge from the water and move to the towels and blanket.† Neither could completely ignore the erotic show they witnessed but a job was a job.† If they lost this opportunity there would be hell to pay.

When Edie saw the two men in white jumpsuits approach Dawn she thought they were some sort of maintenance crew.† The thick glasses they wore looked strange.† Only when they got a few feet from Dawn did she shout.† Edieís warning was drowned out by the sounds of the wind, waves and gulls.† Edie ran toward their towels even before she saw one of the men spray something on a square of material in his hand.† One man clamped the material across Dawn's mouth while the other pulled Dawn's arms behind her.

Dawn felt the stinky cloth on her mouth and immediately could feel her consciousness fade.† It was only with her improved reflexes that she threw the man grabbing her arms five feet away from her.† Before she could push the other man away she collapsed.† Edie was running full tilt up the beach despite that fact that she was bottomless.† As Edie ran one man hoisted Dawn over his shoulder.† The other turned toward Edie and shot the spray in her direction.† One whiff and Edieís head spun.† She lost her footing and when down in the sand.

The sight of Edieís bottomless run drew the attention of other beach lovers who ran toward her.† The two jumpsuit-clad men moved off toward their van.† "Hey," shouted one sun-blonde young man.† When he received no reaction from the other two men he reached for the nearer one and received his own shot of the sleep spray.† He staggered to a stop and dropped to his knees an arm's reach from Edie.† The other onlookers stopped and stared as the two men entered their van and drove off.

Chapter 8:† In the Grasp of Evil

Dawn woke on her back with a throbbing headache.† She groaned and raised a hand to her forehead.† Her fingers gingerly felt her face and scalp searching for an injury but the pain was already receding.† She felt a comfortable giving substance along the back of her body -- her naked body.† When she opened her eyes she looked for familiar surroundings but found only darkness.† As she watched the room dimly came into focus.† She was on a padded floor.† The room was a cube about ten feet on a side.† She stood and examined the walls.† All four walls were padded much like the floor.† A dim glow emerged from above the ceiling as if the entire ceiling was one continuous lighting element.† Everything looked seamless with the corners rounded.† Her eyes looked down to her body.† Yes, she was visible and naked, or almost naked.† Two-inch wide bands encircled her wrists, ankles, neck and waist.† The bands did not restrict her movement, breathing or circulation.

"She's awake."† A calm male voice came from the ceiling.† The ceiling's glow increased until the room was comfortably lit.† Dawn backed against a wall, covered her breasts with an arm and lowered her hand to hide her pubis.

"Welcome to our lab."† This second voice was female.† The tone was non-threatening, almost conversational.

"Where am I?" demanded Dawn.

"In the care of scientists like you."† The tone of the voice was female.

Dawn's memory of her capture was intact.† "True scientists don't kidnap people."

"Please don't take that attitude.† We hope you will work with us to determine what has happened to you and what you can do."† The voice continued to be calm but there was a hint of frustration.

"What do you have in mind?"† Dawn tried to calm her voice.† She had to find out more about her kidnappers.† Perhaps they could help her but they would have to earn her trust.

"For now we just want to observe you and run a few experiments."

"Experiments?"† That sounded ominous.

"We won't be injecting you with any chemicals or shoot any dangerous rays at you.† We will expose you to selective spectrums of light from the infrared to the ultraviolet.† We'll observe your bodyís reactions."

Pointing to the bands on her body Dawn asked, "What are these for?"

"The bands serve several purposes.† First, they should remain visible even if you aren't.† Second, they contain sensors to help us monitor your condition. They have other features you don't need to know about so long as you cooperate."

Dawn didn't like the sound of that but chose to bide her time.† She decided to change the subject.† "Can I have some clothes?"

"You'll be provided with adequate attire when you are out of the examination chamber.† In there you don't need any clothes.† Please move to the center of the room and hold your arms at your sides."

Just the thought of cooperating with the demand was enough to arouse and infuriate Dawn despite her concerns.† She blinked to invisibility.

"See, you anticipated my next request, but you are still trying to cover yourself."† The visible wristbands betrayed Dawn.† "You're invisible so relax."

Dawn forced her arms to her sides and waited.† Seconds ticked by in silence.

"Spread your legs, please."

"Damn those bands," cursed Dawn in a whisper.† She moved her ankles a foot apart.

"Wider," requested the woman's voice.†

"The sooner these tests are over the sooner I get some clothes," thought Dawn as she reluctantly complied.

"Amazing!"† It was the male voice.† "See, she even reacts more to my voice.† See, the hot spots on the infrared.† These must be her breasts and this has to be her crotch."

Dawn's humiliation grew.† Even though invisible to the naked eye they were using their machines to see her intimate parts.† She wanted to hide but there was no place available.† The female voice grew quiet as the male voice gave all the requests.† Minutes stretched into an hour.† More than once Dawn was about to lose the erotic edge she needed to remain invisible but each time the male's requests made her more frustrated and humiliated.†

Chapter 9:†††††† Edieís Plight

Edieís woke to find a crowd of sunbathers encircling her.† Thankfully, someone had placed a towel over her lower body.† She wondered how long she had unconscious with her legs spread before a Samaritan had placed the towel.† She sat up but it was too early for that.† Her head spun and her headache throbbed.† She pulled the towel around her waist when she realized her bottom was uncovered as she sat in the sand.† With the help of two young men she managed to stand without quite losing the blessed towel.†

Edie looked around and started asking about Dawn.† Of course, no one had seen her but they had seen the two strange men squirt Edie and her failed savior when they challenged the men in the jumpsuits and goggles.† Edie asked and finally found someone who remembered the escape vanís license plates.† Edie was not sure what she should do.† Before she could decide the constable arrived and took statements from the growing crowd on the beach.† Edie was asked to wait until the police finished taking statements.† During her wait Edie found her t-shirt, towels and car keys.† She felt more comfortable after donning her t-shirt and wrapping her own towel about her waist.† She would have been happier if she had her bikini bottoms, but they were not to be found.

Edie was not sure how she could describe the kidnapping of her friend.† After all, no one had actually seen Dawn being carted away.† All she could really tell the police was that same as the other beachcombers -- the tale of an unusual assault by two men using a mysterious spray.† A cute male detective named Kotter questioned Edie for some time after he led her to a picnic beach near the parking lot.† Edie squirmed as she felt the rough wood through the towel as she sat.† Kotter kept asking her for more information.† Edie felt sure he knew there was more going on here than just a weird assault.† Finally, the detective and the rest of the police were let everyone leave.

Edie escaped to her home.† Driving with just the towel as her only garment below her waist was very distracting.† When she got home, she changed into a clean blouse and jeans, forwarded her phone to her labís office, grabbed her cell phone and drove to the office.

At her office Edie thought through the situation.† Dawnís abductors had come prepared.† They knew quite a bit about Dawnís powers and limitations.† Could they have information from their experiments?† If they did there had to be something at the lab she could find.† Edie examined each of the video cameras and lab security systems.† The hardware did not seem to have any external feeds.†

Edieís needed someone to help her look at the database security.† She called Tom, a graduate student who had been hitting on her for a date for the last semester.† His graduate work was in corporate security and database management.† He jumped at a chance to help her in exchange for "dinner and a movie".† Edie smiled for the first time since Dawnís abduction.† Tom was sweet.† Without the thick-lensed glasses and without clothes styled after the 1950s he might be too bad.

When Tom arrived at the lab Edie was surprised.† Tom had been off work and came directly to her.† His tank top revealed much more than his normally shapeless shirts he usually wore buttoned up to his neck.† He was not muscle man but the definition of his lean arms and shoulders was a pleasing surprise.†

Before she would let Tom start examining the labís files Edie swore him to secrecy.† He smiled and agreed on the condition that they had a second date at a place of his choosing.† When Edie asked for more information about the second date Tom said that was HIS secret.† With flirtatious smiles on both their faces Tom dove into the workings of the labís computers.

Chapter 10:† Intangibles

After two hours the "requests" came to an end.

"Okay, please become visible."

"Ah," groaned Dawn.† "It's not that easy."† Her frustration and embarrassment were quite elevated.


"I have to cool down a little before I can reappear."

"There is no other way for you to reappear?"

Dawn did not want to reveal all her secrets.† She might need those secrets to escape.† Seconds of silence passed as Dawn noticed the overhead light grew brighter.† The light became brilliant until it difficult to see.† Dawn held her hands in front of her eyes against the glare.† The sight of her own hands made her realize she was again visible.

The female voice spoke.† "As we suspected bright full spectrum light can sap your powers."

Dawn wanted to cover her body but she refused to give in to their control.† "Can I get out of here?† I need to use the restroom."† Her need existed.† It wasn't urgent but it was an excuse to get out of this damn room.

The female's voice responded.† "Let's make sure you are drained of your powers so you canít vanish on us."

Dawn was getting thoroughly pissed.† She hated being under their control.† She let the rage burn within her.


Ten minutes passed and Dawn was fuming emotionally.† She stood like a statue in the middle of the room as instructed.† Her eyes were closed against the glare.† She thought it grew brighter with each passing minute.† She was correct.† The duo in the control room had increased the illumination until it was more than twice that of a noon-time summer sun at 10,000 feet.† The instruments recorded the readings from the sensor bands as well as the sensors built into the padded room's walls and floors.† It was the readings from the floor sensors that detected a change and sounded an alarm.

"What happened?" asked the woman as she looked down at Dawn's image on the monitor.

"Ah, the floor sensors indicate a decrease in the subject's weight."

"But she's still there."

"I can see that but we are reading only twenty percent of her weight."

Dawn heard the exchange through the speakers.† She did not feel any different except for being a little light headed.† She held her hands before her face and gasped as she saw through them.† They were still visible but mostly transparent.† It was as if her hands were composed of a light fog or mist.† Her shock increased as the wristbands fell through her wrists and to the floor.† Looking down she saw all the sensor bands had fallen to her feet.† She walked to a padded wall and pushed her hand against the surface.† With a slight resistance she hand passed through the wall.† She pulled her hand back and glanced at it.† It felt normal.† Before anyone could react she walked through the wall and emerged into a stairwell.

The stairwell was lit normally which was a welcome relief to the room's glare.† She was on the bottom level with the stairs going up.† Her body felt and looked normal.† She tried and failed to turn invisible.† She pressed a hand against a wall but her hand remained solid.† Her powers were drained.† Fearing capture she climbed the steps searching for escape.† Dawn was very aware of her body parts as she moved.† The stairwell was cool.† She looked around hoping there were no security cameras capturing her nudity.† Her nipples were hard and sensitive.† Heat started to build in her loins as a fresh blush reddened her body.

Dawn reached a landing and found the door locked.† With little hope she tried to reach through the door.† Her hand stopped against the surface with a thud.† A moment later the door opened.† A man looked around the edge of the open door.† His face showed surprise before he tried to close the door.† Dawn pushed harder.† The door flew open throwing the man against a wall.† She still had enhanced strength.

It was not the time to be modest as she stormed into a small room.† The top half of one wall was covered with monitors and flat panels.† Monitors displayed streams of data.† Dawn recognized the padded room from which she had escaped on the large center video panel.† At desk height were several keyboards and control panels.† The other occupant of the room froze as she sat at a keyboard.† After a moment she lunged for a large red button on a control panels.† Only Dawnís heightened reflexes and strength allowed her to block the womanís fist from depressing the red alarm button.† Dawn slammed the woman against a wall and whipped her white lab coat off her body.† Under the lab coat the brunette-haired woman wore a dark tan power suit with an above the knee skirt.† Dawn pulled off the womanís suit coat and used it to bind her to the chair.† She turned to check on the young man.† He remained stunned, barely conscious, his back against the wall into which he had fallen.† She removed his lab coat and bound him to the second chair.† With the situation momentarily under her control she donned the womanís lab coat.

On Dawn the lab coat almost covered her down to her knees.† Dawn removed the womanís shoes and tried them on.† Fortunately the shoes were not too large for Dawn.† She hoped she could bluff her way out of this facility dressed as a lab technician.† She found the womanís purse and some helpful items.† A few minutes later she had brushed her hair freshly applied fresh lipstick.† With the womanís keycard in hand she opened the control roomís second door.

Dawn was at the end of a hallway.† Two doors on each side were of a short hall.† Elevator doors were at the end of the hall.† Dawn moved slowly down the hall, pausing at each door and to listen.† At the first two doors she heard nothing but at the third door she heard two voices.† She eased the door open a crack and stole a quick look.† It was another control room almost identical to the one from which she had escaped.† From the occupantsí conversation it was obvious they were interrogating another prisoner.† Dawnís immediate impulse was to free the prisoner.† She resisted the impulse as she feared she did not have the time.† If she escaped she would come back with her powers working and free any prisoners.

The fourth door was another unoccupied control room.† She hurried to the elevator.† There was a slot and a keypad below the call button.† Dawn inserted the keycard and hoped she didnít need to key in a password.† She sighed with relief as the elevator doors opened.

The two men in the elevator stared with surprise at the attractive unknown female standing at the doors.† Dawn was glad she had been ready.† She had swept their legs out from under them.† She made short work of them as they struggled to rise.† She checked their breathing and was relieved when she found them only unconscious.† A button for "SB4" was lit.† She examined the rest of the buttons on the elevator panel and pressed the top one, "G".† She hoped it was the ground floor.† The elevator rose.† The doors opened.†

Dawn was prepared for a high-tech setting.† Instead, she found the interior of a farm house.† From inside the farmhouse the elevator door looked like a wooden closet door.† Her surprise was broken by the whishing of air behind her.† She dodged to the left.† The nightstick glanced off her head and struck her right shoulder.† Her right arm was numb as she stood on weak knees.† The guard reached at her and grabbed her lab coat by the lapels.† He tried to push her down but the lab coatís buttons popped off one by one as they struggled.† The front of the coat gapped opened much to Dawnís embarrassment.† The guard took advantage of her momentary lapsed as she tried to cover up.† Her hooked a foot behind her and tripped her to the floor.† Dazed, she was rolled over and pushed face down to the floor.† Hands pulled her arms behind her.

Click!† Click!

Metal encircled her wrists before she could react, but react she did. She rolled onto her back.† The hulking guard raised a walkie-talkie to her mouth.† Dawn kicked.

The man dropped the walkie-talkie.† His anguished face grew red as he reached between his legs to the target of Dawnís kick.† He bent forward and Dawn kicked his jaw.† He went down like a ton of bricks.† Dawn quickly searched his pockets for the handcuff keys but found none.† Fearing discover she moved to the front door and opened it.†

It was dark outside and just a bit cool.† Dawn raced out the door and up the dirt road that led away from the farmhouse.† Soon her tanned naked body faded into the darkness.

Chapter 11:† The Rescue

Tom had found a worm that had collected and transmitted information from the lab database.† He found an IP address and attempted to determine its real world location.† Edie had grown more nervous with each passing minute.† It was all she could do not to pester Tom to hurry.† She knew he was trying his best.† She jumped when the phone rang.

"Particle lab," she answered.

"Will you accept a collect call from a Dawn?" asked the operator.

"Yes, Yes."

A moment later, Dawn spoke.† "Edie, itís me."

"Where are you?"

Tom stopped at the sound of relief in Edieís voice.

Dawn told them her location and urged them to hurry.

"Weíll be there as fast as we can."


Dawn knelt at the hanging handset of the payphone.† Thankfully, the situation had eventually caused her invisibility power to react.† Her hands were still cuffed behind her back.† She still wanted to cover her breasts with her hands, but her hands were not hers to control.† She had dialed using her nose and then ducked down to the level of the receiver.

No one could see her but a keen observer might spot the cuffs floating in the air.† She crouched with her back against the exterior wall on which the phone was fastened.† The old gas station was closed for the night.† Only the occasional car passed without stopping.† She felt reasonably safe for now but her body burned with frustration.† Her arousal demanded attention but there was little she could do.† Her nipples burned against the cool night air.† Her inner thighs were slick with her juices.† A shiver ran through her body but it was not due to the temperature.† She let her body slide farther down the wall and sat on the cooling asphalt.


Tom has insisted on accompanying Edie.† Edie had reluctantly revealed some of Dawnís condition.† Swearing Tom to secrecy she had told him of the accident that gave Dawn her power of invisibility.† She withheld the details of how the powers worked.† Tom remained in quiet thought as Edie drove forty-five minutes to Dawnís location.


Dawn heard the car slow as it approached.† She forced her body up the wall until she saw it was Edieís car.† Dawn was greatly relieved until she saw the young man sitting in the passenger seat.† She almost ran away but forced herself to wait until the car stopped and Edie spoke.

"Dawn, are you here?"

"Over here."† Dawnís voice was barely a whisper.

"Come over to the car," instructed Edie.† She saw no movement and added, "You can trust Tom.† He was helping me investigate the security breach at the lab."

With a groan Dawn walked to Edieís window.† Both Edie and Tom saw the handcuffs float through the air as she approached.† Edie opened the back door and helped Dawn in as Tom watch wide-eyed.

"So you really are invisible?" asked Tom.† His eyes were locked on the cuffs as they pressed against the back of the backseat.

"Yes, I am," answered a husky voiced Dawn.

"But why are the handcuffs visible?"

Edie cleared her throat and answered.† "Dawn turns herself invisible, but not things around her.

Tom thought on that for a moment before he asked, "Then you are naked?† No clothes?"

Dawn groaned but Edie spoke before Dawn could answer.† "Yes, Einstein, she is completely naked.† Give her a break.† Sheís had a bad day.† I imagine sheís blushing from head to toe if she were visible.† Hold on a moment."

Edie went to her carís trunk and returned with the blanket she kept for emergencies.† She tucked the blanket around Dawnís body from her neck to her ankles.† The touch of Edieís gentle hands as she arranged the blanket felt wonderful.† Dawn felt better with at least this minimal coverage even though the blanket allowed Tom to discern her shape.† Edie returned to the driverís seat and drove away.

Chapter 12:† Research Is Never Complete

Dawn woke slowly.† The flannel sheets felt nice against her body.† The air was filled with a faint flowery scent.† As her awareness grew she realized this was not her place.† She had a "black" thumb; she couldnít keep a live plant in her house.† They usually withered within a few weeks even when she tried to give them proper attention.† She stretched under the sheets then ran her hands up her sides -- naked sides.† The handcuffs were gone.† She sat up in bed holding the sheets to her bare chest.† She did not recognize the surrounding.† There was a knock on the door.

"Come in," answered Dawn as she hugged the sheets to her chest as if they were a suit of armor.

"You awake, sleepyhead?" Edie said as she looked around the door.

Dawn yawned.† "I guess so.† Where am I?"

"You remember Tom?† He offered his house as a hideout."

"Where did he sleep?"

"It was very early when we got here.† He went back to the lab to continue his search for information on your kidnappers.† He found traces of a software worm they planted on our database."

"How much of our data did they steal?" asked Dawn.† She worried they had all the video record of their experiment.† Her face blushed as she thought about that.

Edie was quick to respond.† "It looks like they grabbed from our data and text records.† The digitized video looked untouched.† Iím sure they didnít get any pictures of your sweet naked body."

"Thankfully," Dawn sighed with relief.† "We need to get detailed maps of the area.† I need to figure out exactly where I was held."

"Easy, girl!† For now we need to hide at least until Tom finishes his investigation.† Whatís the rush?"

Dawn took a deep breath and paused before she answered.† "I think there was another captive being held there.† I saw four control rooms.† One other room was in use.† I canít let them hold anyone else."

"Thatís awful, but we canít charge in there without more information and a plan.† Tom has a PC here with all sorts of bells and whistles.† Letís see what we can find online until Tom returns.† But first, we need to get some food into you."

Dawn was anxious to get started.† "Iíll fix up something for myself.† You get some maps on the computer for the area to the northwest of that gas station."† Dawn started to stand then she remembered her unclothed state.† "Can you get me something to wear?"

"Check out Tomís closet.† I donít think heíd mind if you borrowed something."† Edie chuckled, "but you could just turn invisible."

"Iíd rather not."

"Spoil sport".

Edie left and Dawn checked out the closet.† She looked down at her body and saw it needed some cleaning.† There were remnants of grass stains and dirt between her toes.† Her left hip has a small smear of a greasy substance.† She walked into the adjoining bathroom and climbed in the shower.† She made use of soap and shampoo and emerged from the shower feeling clean and refreshed.† As she dried her hair she looked in the mirror.

Her tan lines had almost completely faded.† Her skin had a healthy light brown that complemented her complexion.† Her exercises and adventures had added tone and some additional curves to her five foot two inch body.† She finished drying her short dark brown hair that nicely framed her face.† She smiled with satisfaction at her image in the mirror.† The dimples on her cheeks and her smile combined to give her that "cute girl" look she had had since her teens.

With no conscious thought her right hand tweaked her left nipple even as her left hand brushed her bikini trimmed pubic hair. †Her body answered.†† Once again her body craved attention.† Even safe from prying eyes she felt the rush of embarrassment and arousal play a vicious cycle that feed itself.† "Damn, I got to get this under control," she complained even as she caressed sensitive flesh.† "Will I ever get enough?"


Edie was concentrating on the PC when Dawn entered carrying a tray of sandwiches and soup.† Dawn wore a sweatshirt that hung to her upper thighs.† The legs of cutoff jeans went down to almost her knees.

Edie sniffed.† "That smells good.† I didnít know how hungry I was until now.† Put it here next to me."† Edie grabbed a sandwich as she typed and clicked one-handed on the PC.† Dawn slurped her way through her bowl of soup.† Feeling the warm goodness in her stomach, Dawn took a sandwich and stood behind Edie.

"Thereís something else I didnít tell you about.† When I made my escape something strange happened.† I went through a wall."

Edie turned and stared at Dawn.† "You busted through a wall?† Are you even stronger than we thought?"

"No.† I didnít break through the wall.† I passed through it.† My hand looked like it was made of smoke or mist."† Dawn held her hand before Edieís eyes.

Edieís jaw dropped.† "What did you do?† How did you feel?"

"I was frustrated and mad as hell."† Dawn told her the sequence of events.† Edie thought about the new power and wanted to know more about it.† Dawn continued.

"I was only able to do it once with my whole body.† After that I think the power was drained.† I couldnít turn invisible for awhile either."

"Damn, I wish we could go to our lab.† We need to determine the conditions and parameters of your poser.† Let me think about this.† You look at the maps I found while I think."

As Edie thought, Dawn looked at the survey maps Edie had pulled from the web.† She compared them to her memories.† She was sure she had found the area where she had been held.† The property was part of an area belonging to Clarence Huntingtonís estate.† Huntington had earned his money by supposedly legal stock manipulation.† At age thirty-five he had liquidated his holdings and become a recluse.

"We need to test your powers," exclaimed Edie.

"How?" asked Dawn, fearing the answer.

"Strip!" said Edie with a mischievous smile.


"Where else?"

Dawn did not like the idea but she admitted Edie proposal made some sense. She just was not going to admit that to Edie.† Instead, Dawn groaned before slipping the sweatshirt over her head revealing her firm breast.† In moments she vanished.† The cutoffs floated in the air, then dropped to the floor.

"You happy?" asked Dawn

"Your invisibility kicked in just fine.† Now stay like that.† When Tom gets home stay invisible."

"You want me to pretend Iím not here?"

Edie scooped up the sweatshirt and pants while saying "Weíll play it by ear."

"Look, Edie, I barely know this man.† Does he even know what I look like?"

"He got a good look last night when we carried you into the house and put you to bed."

"Was I still invisible?"

"Nope, you must have been really tired.† As soon as you fell asleep in the backseat you blinked into view.† When we carried you inside, I accidentally stepped on the blanket and it fell off."

"Tom saw everything?"

"He only had a few minutes but he saw a lot of you.† Most of that was when he used his heavy duty bolt cutters on your handcuffs.† Then we put you in the shower.† I took care of you after that."

"Oh, my!"† Dawnís embarrassed brought a throb to her loins.† She was glad Edie couldnít see Dawnís hand as it moved between her thighs.† A shiver of lust ran through her body.

"You were barely conscious in the shower.† I put you to bed by myself."

Dawn forced her voice to be steady.† "Where was Tom during all this?"

"He waited on the couch."† It was Edieís turn to blush.† "You werenít the only one he saw a lot of last night."

Dawn giggled.† "Did you?" asked Dawn.

"He was almost a perfect gentleman.† I lost my towel and he turned away... after a few seconds.† He excused himself but reminded me I owed him some dates.† Later he went back to research his findings at the lab."

"Sounds like you got a good one there."

Edieís blush deepened.† "I think heís a keeper.† Letís get back to our experiment.† Do you feel the way you usually feel when invisible?"

"Yes.† A bit cool and yet hot in spots; embarrassed and aroused.† Does Tom have a back yard?"

Edie responded.† "He mentioned a small back yard.† Why?"

"I hate to bring this up but the sunlight might have been what gave me to the power to pass through the wall.† Does the back yard have a privacy fence?"

"Letís look."† Edie went to the back of the house and opened the door.† She walked down the three steps.† The sides of the yard had privacy fences but the back of the yard had only a chain link fence.† A cemetery was behind the property.† Rows of grave markers ran through a green meadow.

"It doesnít look too bad.† You want to get some sun."† Edie jumped when Dawn answered from right beside her.

"Iíll give it a try.† Am I still completely invisible?"

Edie looked down.† "Except for a few strands of grass sticking to you feet I canít see you at all."

"Okay, Iíll wait out here from awhile and see what happens.† Iíll come back in when I hear Tom come home."

"Sounds good to me," said Edie.† "Iíll see what else I can pull up on Huntington."† Edie walked into the house through the back door.† As an afterthought Edie locked the back door and giggled.


Dawn walked around the small back yard.† She did not see any neighbors at home on either side.† There was barely a cloud in the deep blue sky.† The air was warm and comfortable.† When a young deer walked through the cemetery, Dawn tip-toed to the back fence and observed it.† The deer looked up in her direction once but then ignored her.† The peaceful grace of the deer as it grazed was calming to Dawn.† Dawn raised her hand to brush back her short hair.† The deerís head popped up.† Only then did Dawn see her hand.† She looked down and found she was completely visible.

Chapter 13:†††† No Good Turn Goes Unpunished

The shock of her exposure struck her mind.† Her body was bare to the warm sun and any eyes that saw her.† Her body responded instantly.† She skin felt hyper-sensitive and extremely aroused.† Her nipples were so hard and oh so tingly.† The tingles arced down her body to explode in her loins.† Her reflex was to cover her breasts.† Her hands remained visible and delightfully warm against her erect nipples.† Another arc of lust shot down her body.† She turned and ran to the back door -- the locked back door.† Her frustration grew as she yanked on the unyielding door knob.† "Damn, that Edie."† She swung her hand at the door.† The hand passed through the door as if it wasnít there.† She pushed the rest of her body into the house and stormed passed Edie into Tomís bedroom.† She selected a t-shirt and a pair of Bermuda shorts.† The shorts were baggy and would have fallen off her hips if she had not tightened a belt around her slim waist.† Only then did she confront Edie.

"Why did you lock me out?"

Edie grinned as she turned and answered.† "We found out your new power still works, didnít we?"

"Yeah, I guess we did, but you should have warned me.† I felt betrayed."

"If Iíd told you what I planned, it might not have worked.† Can you do it again?"

"No!† You arenít locking me in the backyard again!" gasped Dawn.† "No way!"

"We really need to know how it works so you can control it.† Letís try something simple."

"Like what?"

"Turn around," ordered Edie.† Edie pulled her trusty handcuffs from her handbag and snapped them on Dawnís wrists behind her back.† Dawn agreed they must know what triggered her intangibility but she hated feeling helpless.† At least this time she had clothes.

Edie giggled in a sinister manner.† "Now you are at my mercy.† If you want out of those cuffs you will have to do it yourself."† Dawnís frustration grew as Edie continued her research.† Her already aroused body begged attention.† The soft t-shirt rubbed her perky nipples.† She felt a juicy throb from between her thighs.† With her hands cuffed behind her back, Dawn couldnít answer the erotic call of her body.† Edie didnít notice when Dawn blinked from view.† The cuffs, t-shirt and shorts remained visible and failed to disguise Dawnís feminine figure.† She resisted struggling against the unyielding metal; she knew she was not strong enough to break them.† The soft t-shirt continued teasing her proud nipples forcing a warm feeling down her torso.

Dawn jumped at the sound of the front door.† A moment later, Tom entered the room.† He immediately noticed the "empty" short and t-shirt floating in the air.† "Hi, Invisible Girl.† Hi, Edie."† He carried a briefcase in his hand.† "I think I found the destination of the computer wormís transmissions."† He turned to Dawn.† "I never shook the hand of an invisible person."† He extended his hand toward Dawn.

"She canít shake your hand yet," answered Edie.


Edie could not resist a giggle.† "We are conducting an experiment.† Her hands are in cuffs."

"I think Edie likes the kinky side too much," groaned Dawn.† "She has much too much fun at my expense."

Tom smiled and turned to Edie.† "I would have never guessed you had a kinky side.† Do you ever wearing the cuffs?"

It was Edieís turn to blush.† "Iíd rather Dawn wore them."

"You didnít answer my question.† Perhaps I should test the situation on one of those dates you owe me," Tom said with a smirk before turning to look at Dawnís clothes floating in the air.† "So, do you have any theories about you powers?"

Dawn and Edie explained their "dark matter" theory.† Edie added the theory about the way Dawnís emotional state turned her invisible.† She added, "This new power to pass through solids must be similar."† She turned to Dawn.† "When youíre angry I think you go out a phase with normal matter.† Some theories about dark matterís lack of interaction with normal matter do suggest the possibility."

Tom had trouble following all the physics but he listened patiently.† When Edie and Dawn reached a break point, Tom suggested it was past time to eat.

"While it is interesting to watch your clothes float around", commented Tom, "I would like to see your face while we eat."

Dawn took several deep breaths to calm her mind and she blinked into view.† "Better?" she asked.† It took concentration to remain visible in her aroused state.

"Much better," answered Tom.† "Now we can eat like normal folk."

"Ah, only if someone removes my cuffs."† Dawn was having enough problems staying visible.† The cuffs added to her embarrassment.

Edie tossed the keys to Tom who unlocked the cuffs without comment.

They moved to the kitchen and worked together to make the meal.† Dawn made a tossed salad while Tom broiled steaks.† Edie cooked vegetables and prepared the table.† It was all very domestic.† Soon they sat and ate.† There was no talk of the lab.† Dawn loved it.† It had been too long since she could just relax with close friends like this.

It was Tom who brought them back to reality.† "Has anyone told the police they can stop searching for Dawn and her kidnappers?"

Dawn was the first to answer.† "No, Edie couldnít tell the police about my kidnapping.† No one really saw me kidnapped except the kidnappers.† Weíve been focused on rescuing the other hostage?"† This was the first Tom had heard of another victim.† Dawn told of her captivity and the discovery of the control rooms and holding cells.

"Canít we get the police to raid the place or something?" asked Tom.

"What excuse can we give them?" answered Dawn.† "I canít tell them how I was kidnapped or how I escaped, but we canít let them hold any one else captive."

Edie cleared her throat.† "Dawn, perhaps we should tell some authorities about you.† Then they will have cause to pursue Huntington?"

"Huntington?" asked Tom.† "Clarence Huntington?† Whatís that rich recluse got to do with this?"

"Itís his property where I was held," answered Dawn.

Tom look of surprise remained on his face.† "But heís one of the richest men in the country.† Who would believe he would be involved in this?"

Dawn fumed.† The situation was very frustrating.† What could they do against someone with Huntingtonís resources?"

"Ah, Dawn?" asked Tom.

Dawn looked at Tom, then Edie.† They were both staring at Dawn with slack jaws.† Dawn looked down.† Her body had that smoky look that she had when she could pass through walls.† It took her a fraction of a second to notice her absence of clothes.† She found her clothes in a pile at her feet.

"DAMN IT!" Dawn gasped.† Even as she raised her hands to cover her bare breasts her body resumed a normal appearance.† Normal and quite naked and blushing!† She had some relief that her lower body was hidden by the table.† Her embarrassment heightened as she felt her body respond to the situation.

"Thatís interesting," said Tom.

"What?" stammered Dawn.

"How do you get your hands to disappear like that?"

Dawn looked down.† Her breasts were completely exposed behind invisible hands and arms.† A moment later than rest of her body blinked out of sight.

Edie giggled.† "Tom, I think sheís thoroughly embarrassed and turned on by now.† That usually makes her blink out like that.† When she is tired or drained her arms and legs fade out first."

Tom chuckled.† "I wonder if she could intentionally choose with parts to hide or show.† I think the visible parts could be an effective distraction at the key moment."

Edie laughed.† "Especially to men."

Dawn groaned.† She was sure Edie would make that a series of future experiments.† She wanted NOT to be naked but they had things to discuss.† Besides, she was invisible.† Dawn cleared her throat and tried to return to the serious issues.† "I hate the alternatives.† If we tell any authorities too much I could end up as a guinea pig in a lab.† If we donít tell anyone, someone else is at the mercy of my former captors.† That means we have to do something ourselves."

They all sat quietly for a few moments before Edie replied.† "Look, Dawn, weíll help but you are the one with the secret powers.† You will be the one taking the most dangerous risks.† What are you thinking?"

"I think I need to scout out the place.† Can either of you rig up some sort of radio I can use?"

You could almost see a light bulb turn on over Edieís head before she said, "Dawn, get some sleep.† Weíll put something together.† You can snoop around tonight."† Dawn went off to Tomís bedroom and slid between the soft sheets as Edie and Tom made plans.

Chapter 14:†††† Invisible Voyeur

The sun was setting when Dawn woke.† She looked out the back window at the cemetery.† The setting sun cast a warm red glow to the rows of headstones and cut grass.† Despite the pleasant calm setting she felt a yearning from between her thighs.† As if with a mind of their own, the fingers of her right hand moved to her pubic mound.† Fingers lightly stroked her short pubic curls.† A faint sigh emerged from her throat as her fingers probed deeper.

Dawn stopped abruptly as she realized anyone could come into the room with no warning.† She forced her hands to her sides.† Her reflection faded from the window pane.† She turned and walked out of the bedroom, her invisibility her "only" attire.

The house was quiet and dark.† Her invisible feet moved quietly around the house until she got to the living room.† A soft giggle whispered from her throat as she spied Edie and Tom curled up on the sofa.† They were both asleep and gently hugging each other face-to-face.† Tomís shirt was off as was Edieís top.† Dawn walked up to the sofa and squatted to get a better voyeurís view.† She felt naughty as she watched Tomís hand caress Edieís breast even as they both remained asleep.† Edie sighed and her nipples hardened.† Dawn tweaked Edieís nipples and watched them become even more erect.

Dawn smiled as a thought occurred to her.† Very gently she moved Edieís arms behind her back.† A quick search found the cuffs on the floor.† With devilish careful movements she clicked the cuffs around Edieís wrists.† Edie barely stirred.

Dawn was satisfied she had prepared her bit of revenge.† She sat in another chair to watch things unfold.† Within a few minutes Tomís eyes blinked.† Recognizing he had an attractive female body against him, he gently freed his arms.† He repositioned his hands, one on each breast.† Unaware of Dawnís watchful eyes he gently caressed the fine feminine mounds.

Dawn could not help hugging her arms over her own chest.† She felt her own arousal growing and wanted to move one hand lower.† She bit her lip as she watched the couple.† Dawnís own nipples grew tight and hard.

Edie squirmed under Tomís gentle hands.† He bent his head down and sucked at an erect nipple.† Seconds later Edieís eyes opened.† She smiled and tried to move closer to Tomís hands.† It was at this point she realized her wrists were secured behind her.† Her eyes went wide as she struggled against the unyielding metal bracelets.

"Tom!† How could you?" asked Edie.

"How could I what?"† Tom had not realized Edie was cuffed; his attention centered on her firm mammaries.

"You cuffed me."

"I did NOT," Tom answered.† He reached behind Edie and felt the handcuffs.† "But I like the idea."† With an evil lilt to his voice he added, "Now you are at my mercy."

Edieís voiced her exasperation.† "If you didnít cuff me then who..."† Her eyes cast around the room. †"Okay, Dawn, where are you?† You mustíve done this."

Dawn couldnít resist any more.† Her laughter erupted from the corner in which she sat.

"Okay, Dawn, fun is fun.† Whereís the key?" demanded Edie.

"Itís where you put it.† I donít know where it is," answered Dawn through her continued laughing.

"OOOH, damn it!" groaned Edie.† She turned to Tom and asked, "Can you get the key.† Itís in my pants pocket."

Tom smiled broadly.† "Stand up and Iíll get the key."

Edie stood with some help from Tom.† The moment she stood Tom pulled down her shorts.† Edie was bare.† She had not worn any panties.

"Why did you do that?" Edie complained as she squeezed her knees together.

"Because itís fun.† Stand still so I can get the key."† Tom reached into the shorts pooled around her ankles.† He took his time much to Edieís embarrassment, and Dawnís delight.† Finding the key looked straight ahead -- directly at Edie trimmed pubic hair.† He paused a few seconds as Edie squirmed under her stare.† He slowly stood and faced Edie.† "What do I get to unlock you?"

"Ah, er, well, what do you want?"

"You in these cuffs, and nothing else, on our second date."

Edie pouted but Dawn could see the corners of Edieís mouth turn up in the ghost of a smile.

"Deal, now unlock the cuffs!"


Dawn laughed again.† "Iíll be your witness, Tom.† Sheíll keep her word."

Tom unlocked the cuffs but only after planting a kiss on Edieís pouting lips.

Chapter 15:†††† Preparing For Recon

Edie left the room for a few minutes to regain some composure.† Tom looked at the corner from which Dawnís voice had come.

"Are you still there?"

"Yep."† Dawn giggled.

"Then youíre naked?í

Dawn felt her face redden, and paused before answering.† "Yep."

"And you are enjoying being naked?"

"Sometimes."† There was a tremor in her voice.

Tom smiled. "Good.† You stay there and Iíll get dressed.† Tom left the room.†

Dawn smiled as she leaned back into the chair and thought.† It was fun being invisible.† Being naked was the price.† It wasnít too bad, was it?† At times like this when she was in control, it was a big rush and turn-on.† She could do what she wanted and nobody could see.† At times like when Edie was having her "fun" the embarrassment pummeled her mind -- even when she was invisible.† Edie seemed to instinctively play on Dawnís emotions.† Even though Edie couldnít see Dawn, Dawn was embarrassed as all git-out; and even hornier.

When Dawn had been trapped in the padded room, she was both embarrassed and infuriated.† Was it the combination of those emotions that made her intangible?† Could she control those emotions enough to harness both her intangibility and invisibility at the same time without draining her of her powers?† Or did she risk being naked and visible every time she used her intangibility?†

The memory of being naked and powerless set a fire in her loins.† Once again her hands moved on their own to answer her bodyís needs.† Her erect nipples responded to her caressing fingers.† Her right hand trailed down her torso to her pubic mound.† It felt so good as fingers and clitoris became familiar again.† Was she a slave to her arousal?† Did she care?


The three sat around the dining room table with a printed map of Huntingtonís land.† It was about 10 PM.† Dawn was attractively visible in bike shorts, jog bra, socks and running shoes.† They were planning Dawnís recon of the land where she thought the secret lab existed.† Tom and Edie would park near woods along one side of the fenced area.† Dawn would sneak onto the land and locate the farmhouse to verify its location with the GPS unit Edie had prepared.

"You can send short messages with it too."† Edie was like a kid with a new toy.† "It doesnít have the ability for voice transmission but you can send beeps we can receive up to ten miles away."

"Letís see it," said Dawn.

The mischievous smirk on Edieís face should have warned her.† Edie reached into her bag and withdrew an all-to-familiar metallic egg.† Dawn groaned as Edie explained.

"I used the shell of your little friend here.† I added the GPS unit which will record your travels tonight.† If you squeeze down on it you will send a pulse to our receiver.† We can send back a pulse to confirm we received your message.† I tested the range while you slept but I need to make sure you can operate it."† Edie smile broadened.† "You know where to put it."

"Canít I use a handheld unit?"

"If you need to be invisible, you would have to leave it or it would give away your position.† We canít lose contact with you.† Be brave.† Go put it in and weíll try it."

Dawn groaned and took the device to the bathroom.† Fortunately, the memory of the egg had her well lubricated and she had no trouble inserting the device.† Still in the bathroom she clenched her love muscles.† A moment later Edie yelled through the bathroom door.† "We got your message.† Tell us if you get ours."† A moment later the egg vibrated vigorously for about a second.† Somehow, Dawn felt the vibrations were both too short and too long.† She yelled back to Edie that she had received the message.† Dawn pulled her bike shorts back up.† The tight shorts trapped the egg deep within her body.

"Come on out.† We need to finish our planning."

Dawn straightened her back and walked around.

Edie looked at Dawn, smiled, and said, "Come on.† We need to make sure itís properly hidden."

"Why wouldnít it be?† Itís just like it was before."

"If you wonít cooperate..."† Dawn grimaced as Edie reached for her control unit.† The next instant the egg buzzed vigorously.† A short pulse each half second had Dawn sweating and squirming within a few seconds.† She clenched her jaw and tried to be still.

"You might as well drop your shorts.† Youíre invisible."† Edie voice conveyed her glee at Dawnís reaction

Tom spoke next.† "Itís really weird to see your clothes moving by themselves."† He walked behind Dawn and looked down, and laughed. †"My, my, I can see the inside of your shorts just fine.† I can even see them twitch as you do, even around your intimate parts."

Dawn gulped.† The shorts were revealing her aroused condition even though she was invisible.† She turned to Tom and pushed her shorts down to her ankles.

"Okay, you can pull those up now if you really want," said Edie.† "The device is completely hidden by your invisibility."† Edie turned off the device.

Dawn sighed with relief.† She pulled the bike shorts back up to her waist and took her place at the table.† Within a few seconds she popped into view.

Tom turned to Edie.† With a smile he spoke to her.† "I think you do enjoy tormenting Dawn.† I think you have to wear that thing on your first date with me, and probably the second date, too."

"Turn about is fair play," added a smiling Dawn.

Edie had a shocked expression on her face as she objected.† "But, but, I donít need to wear it."

Dawn and Tom exchanged smiles before Tom said, "Perhaps you do."

Edie remained quiet as Tom and Dawn concluded the planning but Dawn noticed a small smile turn up the corners of Edieís mouth.

Chapter 16:†††† Recon

Tom and Edie sat in Tomís car as Dawn searched Huntingtonís land.† Although all lights were out in the house, Dawn spotted it.† She wondered if her night vision had improved, too, but she put that thought aside for later thought.† It was time to sneak up to the house.† It was therefore time to remove her clothes.† She started with just a bit of hesitation, and then she pulled the sports bra over her head.† Thankfully, the night was nice.† The temperature cooled her bare skin but if she kept moving it was comfortable.† Only the faintest whisper of wind touched her body.† It took almost no effort at all and she blinked from sight.† Only her shorts revealed her existence.† A few seconds later she dropped her shorts on top of her bra, shoes and socks.

Naked, but invisible, Dawn stepped carefully toward the farm house.† Remembering the agreed upon signal, she clinched her muscles twice quickly followed by one longer squeeze.† Two seconds later the egg vibrated the two-short and one-long answer.† Edie and Tom had received the signal that she was okay and approaching the farm house.

Dawn approached until she was a few feet from a closed window.† No movement, lights or sound was detected.† She moved against the house next to the window and waited.† She heard to indication of people present.† Had the villains abandoned their lair?† She carefully circled the house.† It appeared abandoned until she saw the electric meter.† The dial was turning quickly.† Even if no one was in the house, something was using a lot of power below the structure.

Dawn almost jumped when the egg vibrated with one long vigorous pulse.† Dawn tried to calm her mind but her body was highly aroused.† She took a deep breath and sent back the signal that all was well.† The signal required two short clinches of her muscles around the egg.† Her aroused condition left her sweating despite the slight coolness of the air.† She felt goosebumps on most of her body.† Her nipples were extra sensitive in their erect state.† She was distracted and unprepared for the electric shock that struck her.


Dawn awoke to find her hands tied behind her.† She sat in a straight-back chair.† Her head rested on the chairís back.† As she blinked her eyes she had an unobstructed view of acoustical ceiling tile.† She rolled her head on her shoulders and observed the room.† She was alone in the farm house.† She was still naked but she was also visible.† She tried to pull her arms away from the chair but the ropes passed through the chairís back slats.† She started to test her strength against that of the rope when the egg emitted a long pulse.† She gasped as her loins were assaulted in an agonizingly nice way.† When the pulse end her loins begged for more attention.† Her body was aroused, excited, and frustrated.† She blinked from view.

"Perhaps Edie is actually trying to help me," thought Dawn.† She took a moment to squeeze a response to Edie; three long pulses (for the "S" of "SOS" in Morse) only increased her level of arousal and embarrassment.† She started to pull against her bindings again, but stopped as she heard the sharp tap-tap-tap heels.

"So our escaped subject has returned."† Without looking Dawn recognized the voice of her brunette-haired tormentor.† The next moment the woman stepped before Dawn.† The two stared at each other for a few seconds.† Dawnís expression was defiant.† The womanís was one of arrogance.† The woman drew her hand back and slapped Dawn across the face.

Dawn was both infuriated and embarrassed.† She sat naked and vulnerable once again before this woman.

"Get the steel cuffs on her.† If she escapes again, Iíll have someoneís butt," ordered the woman.

A deep voice spoke from behind Dawn.† "Your buttís on the line too, Dr. Pale."

Dr. Pale back up.† A man of medium height walked between Dr. Pale and Dawn.† He looked quite average except for his intense, steel blue eyes.† Dawn felt those eyes bore into her even as she recognized him from his photograph from the Internet.† This was Clarence Huntington.† She felt even more naked that ever as someone behind her locked metal shackles around her wrists.† A moment later she felt more cold metal encircle each of her ankles.† Dawnís eyes remained locked on Huntington.

Although she was still, Huntington studied her for twenty seconds before her reached out and pinched her left nipple, then her right nipple.† Her nipples had been erect but between his fingers they grew harder.

"She feels normal enough.† I donít see why she gave you do much trouble, Dr. Pale."

"How can you see me?" demanded Dawn.

Dr. Pale had lost some of her stern composure.† She forced her back straighter as she answered.† "Itís the nature of her powers.† We were still measuring them when she made her escape.† Only the special contact lenses you wear allow you to see her in the infra red spectrum."

"No excuses.† If she escapes again youíll be the subject of my own tests."

Dr. Pale paled at Huntingtonís words.† Huntington swaggered out the door of the farm house leaving both Dr. Pale and Dawn concerned for their futures.† A moment later an alarm sounded.

"Whatís that?" screamed Pale.

Chapter 17:†††† Escape and Rescue

The answer came from hidden speakers.† "We have intruders at the Prairie Road gate.† They got through the gate and proceeding down the road to the farm house."

"Stop them immediately," screamed Pale, "and get her downstairs."† Dawn was untied from the chair and lifted by two men that had been behind her.† They were none too careful where they put there hands.† She was lifted over one manís shoulder.† Her butt was up and her head hang down the manís back.† A hand slapped her bottom as she was carried toward the elevator.† Dawn tried to kick but the extremely short chain between her ankles kept them toward.† Another slap was applied to her bottom.†

That was enough.† Dawn felt the energy surge through her.† The shackles fell from her limbs and she was visible.† The man struggled to hold her across his shoulders.† It was as if the naked lady was suddenly covered with slippery oil.† She seemed to slip right through his hands.† An instant later she was on the floor scrambling to stand.† Both men tried unsuccessfully to grab her even as she stood.

The naked woman moved with the speed of magic.† One moment she looked like she was made of smoke, then she looked like a normal nude, all tanned and delectable.† The next moment she vanished from view then reappeared.† She high kicked her former carrier on the side of his head.† She punched the other as he moved toward her.† Her fist made hard contact with his stomach, forcing air from his lungs.† Both men were on the floor, hurting but not unconscious.† Dawn turned just as Dr. Pale rushed at her.

Dr. Pale went right through Dawn and slammed in the wall next to the elevator.† Having knocked herself unconscious she slid down the wall to join the two injured men.

"Ding."† The elevator door opened.† Without thinking Dawn jumped into the elevator.† She hit the "S4" button (sub-level 4?), the level where she had been held captive.† The door closed and the elevator dropped.

The elevator door opened on the all-too-familiar hallway.† The hallway was empty and she rushed to each door.† Each was another control room overlooking a padded room like the one where she had been held.† Only the one padded room held a captive.

From the back he was an average looking young man in T-shirt and jeans.† He sat in the middle of the room.† Dawn hit the switch on the microphone and yelled.† "Hey, you!† Letís get you out of here."† The man turned and stood.† He was about six feet tall and looked to be about nineteen or twenty.† He moved and looked like a fit person.† His build was lean and lanky, more like that of a long distance running.† Dawn searched the control panel and found a button label "Door".† She hit it and saw the man respond to a sound.† "Is the door open?"

"Yes," he answered.

"If itís like my cell, go out the door and up the steps.† Iím in the control room.† Hurry!"

Literally an instant later he stood in the doorway from the stairs.† Somewhat startled at his speed she turned to look at him.† A curious expression was on his face.

"What?† We have to hurry," yelled Dawn.

"Sure.† I just never expected to be freed by a naked lady."† He smiled.

Dawn blush and vanished.

"Whereíd you go?" asked the boy.

"Iím right here.† Iím invisible.† She lifted the microphone and his eyes followed its movement.† "Whatís your name?"

"Robert.† Call me Bob.† Letís get out of here."

Dawn rushed to the door and looked out.† "Let me clear the way to the elevator.† Iíll whistle if itís clear."

"No, let me," Bob replied.† "Wait here."

Before she should move Dawn saw Bob standing at the elevator doors.† He whistled and she ran to him.† The door opened just as she got to him and they entered the elevator together.

"Are you here?" he asked.

"Right beside you," Dawn answered.†

Bob jumped.† "Damn, that spooky," he said as Dawn hit the button for the ground floor.

The elevator rose quickly.† The two men and Dr. Pale were stirring on the floor as the doors opened in the farm house.

"What hit them?" asked Bob as they stepped around the fallen villains.

"I did," answered Dawn with a smug tone.

"Lady, I donít want you mad at me.† Iíd ask you to lead on but I canít see you."† He reached out with his hands.† His fingers came in contact with firm flesh.

"Watch it, mister."

"Sorry, ah, I didnít mean to get fresh."† Bob reached down and retrieved a baton from a guardís belt.† "Here, carry this so I can see where you are."

Dawn took the baton in her right hand.† She smiled invisibly.† His accidental touch had made contact with the under side of her right breast, and it had felt good.† Both her nipples were achingly erect and demanded attention.† But that would have to wait.† She pointed with the baton and headed for the outside door.†† No one was near the house but she saw a stopped carís headlights on the road to the gate.† She charged down the road.† Bob followed the floating baton as it moved down the road.† Upon seeing she was headed for the moved toward the lights.

Bob used his newly-found power to warp time.† To him the world almost stopped but he could move through it.† His limitation was that he could not breathe while warping.† To the outside world he knew it looked like he streaked from spot to spot.† Heíd discovered that himself when he had captured his own image on videotape in his apartment.† He really was NOT super fast but that is what it would look like to others.

He moved passed the floating baton and thought about reaching toward it and the warm flesh he had brushed.† Escape was more important and his moved on toward the car.† As he approached he took in the situation.† A man and a woman were being held at gunpoint by two guards.† They were leaning against a car as one guard started to pat down the man.† Bob moved passed the car out of the glow of the headlights.† He stopped and took a deep breath.† He ran back down the road to Dawnís floating baton and stopped warping.

Dawn saw Bob pop into existence directly in front of her.† She staggered as she suppressed a gasp of surprise.† Bob was the first to speak.

"Look, lady.† I think your two friends are in trouble."† He paused.† "Whatís your name?† Invisible lady?"

"Iím Dawn.† Can you turn invisible too?"

"Not really, but I can move very fast.† Iíll explain later.† You get the one frisking your friends.† Iíll take out the guard holding the gun.† When I see you attack him, Iíll make my move."

"I donít want my friends shot."

"Donít worry.† I can prevent it if you get the other guy.† Okay?"



Dawn moved invisibly next to the man frisking Edie.† She was squawking as he patted between her thighs.† He was enjoying it a bit too much instead of paying attention to his job.† Dawn had left the baton behind so she would not be detected.† She steadied herself and positioned herself beside guard.† She hoped Bob was ready.

Dawn kicked hard against the side of the guardís head.† He stood for a moment before he crumpled to the ground.


The other guardís gun went off.† The bullet exploded just after it emerged from the gun.† Fortunately for the guard, his helmet visor was down.† The visor was scratched by flying debris but his face was uninjured.† He fell forward as if struck from behind.† A few bits of shattered bullet had flown toward Edie, but the smoking bits stopped in mid-air and fell to the ground. †Except for the guard no one was injured by the firing gun.

Bob popped into sight near the smoking bits of debris.† Tom and Edie stood in shock at the sight of the two downed guard and Bob.† It was Dawnís voice that brought them back to reality.

"Are you two okay?" Dawn asked.

Edie and Tom answered yes.† "Who is he?" asked Edie.

"The other captive, the one I rescued."

Tom asked the next question.† "I donít mean to look a gift horse in the mouth, but shouldnít we get out of here?"

Chapter 18:†††† The Voyage Home

They all agreed and jumped in Tomís car.† At Dawnís prompting they stopped at a pay phone down the road from the gate.† Edie called the police to say there had been an accident.† Police and paramedics were dispatched.

Dawn told the others about her recapture, her escape and the rescue of Bob.† To her the tale was a good distraction as she rode naked, but still invisible, in the back seat next to Bob.† He kept looking in her direction but he kept his hands to himself.

When Dawn asked hold he had stopped the fired bullet and its debris, he said it really was easy.† With time almost stopped for him Tom could hit the bullet as it hung in the air.† It shattered when struck hard with the baton.† The debris he deflected to the ground with his hand.

Dawn almost wished he had reached toward her. Her body demanded attention as she forced her hands to her sides.† She became so aroused she finally placed her arms behind her back and leaned into the seat.† It was almost as if she was tied again to the chair in the farm house and unable to cover herself.† She had finished her story and rode quietly as she pretended she could not touch the places her body wanted touched.† Her nipples ached.† Her loins burned for attention.† She felt the heat of a blush flow across her body.† Frustrated, she rode in silence as her erotic fires burned.

They were a block from Tomís house when Dawn felt the thud.† She found herself sitting on the road watching Tomís car drive away.† She had turned intangible and fallen through the bottom of the card.† Thankfully, she was still invisible as she stood and rubbed her sore bum.† Tomís car disappeared around the corner as Dawn stood naked and suddenly VISIBLE on the residential street.† She tried to vanish but she felt the fatigue that was common after she had turned intangible.† Feeling very exposed, she trotted toward Tomís house.

Tom, Edie and Bob were standing beside the car speaking Dawnís name when she jogged into view.† Bobís eyes popped out and he smiled at her image.† He liked the way her body moved as she ran toward him.† Her parts bounced and swayed in a most erotic manner.† He smiled as Dawnís hands tried, and failed, to cover her more intimate parts.

"Open the front door," shouted Dawn as she ran by her three observers.† Bobís grinned broadened as he enjoyed the unobstructed back view of Dawn.† He continued to smile, as did Tom and Edie, as Dawn moved her hands in an attempt to cover her firm and tanned butt.† Tom, Edie and Bob walked leisurely to the door.† They encircled her as Tom put the key into the door lock.† Dawnís hands flashed to her front, then back to her bottom.† There were entirely too many parts to hide and too few ways to hide all of them.† Dawnís blush extended all the way to her feet as Tom took his time unlocking the door.† When Tom pushed the door open...


Edieís hand stung as she watched its pale imprint on Dawnís behind.† Dawn pushed passed Tom and ran to the bathroom.

"Sheíll need a few minutes to herself," Edie said.† She couldnít keep the smile from her voice.

"You sure she doesnít need any help?" Tom said, a smile still beaming on his face.

"She doesnít know you well enough for the help she needs," Edie giggled again as she flopped down on the couch.

Tom smiled, and turned to give Edie a lusty stare.† "Edie, with the completion of tonightís mission I think it is time for that first date you owe me.† Now where were those handcuffs?"

Edie gulped.

Chapter 19:†††† Where Do We Go From Here?

Dawn woke and stretched.† Her joints popped in that manner that felt so good.† She pulled the covers up to her chin and smiled at a sleeping Bob.† He slept in the stuffed chair across the living room.† He had insisted she take the couch while he curled up in the chair near the front door.† His breathing was slow and steady but he looked a bit uncomfortable in his clothes.

Dawn stretched again and enjoyed the warm soft sheets against her bare legs and arms.† The jersey she wore was soft and smelled of fabric softener.† She wiggled her toes and snuggled under the covers.† They were going to have to get some more clothes.† The underpants she wore were the last clean ones she had.† Sooner or later she or Edie were going to have to go home if only to get fresh clothes and other things.

Tomís house made a convenient hideout but it was not enough for four adults to share.† Dawn had cooled her arousal from the rescue with a long hot shower.† Feeling more normal she had returned to the living room.† Soon they were all about to fall asleep.† Edie and Tom decided to share the bedroom.† Dawn had fallen asleep to their sounds of pleasure from the bedroom.† From past conversations Dawn doubted Edieís first dates ended with the sharing of a bed, but Edie has honored her promise of a "date" with Tom.† The post-rescue atmosphere had been one of both relief and success which left them sexually charged.† She wasnít sure if Tom had actually used the cuffs on Edie but it could have happened.† Last nightís bedroom sounds did confirm Tom and Edie had vigorously enjoyed themselves.

A naughty thought brought a smile to Dawnís face.† She could turn invisible and look in on Tom and Edie without much chance of discovery.† The thought of her once again tiptoeing around wearing only her invisibility created a sweet juiciness in her loins.† She drifted back to sleep with a smile on her face.


A few hours later they were all awake.† "What are we going to do?" asked Dawn as she sat at the kitchen table.† Tom, Edie and Bob each sat on a side of the table in thought.† Bob was the first to speak.

"I don't know what you all think, but I don't want to end up as another lab specimen.† If we go to the authorities that's what I think will happen."

"I'm worried about that too," Dawn commented.† "But do any of us know anyone we can trust who can keep a secret and still be of help?"

Silence was the answer.

"Since we're stuck why don't we change the subject?† Bob, how did you get your time-stop powers?"

"It was an accident.† I was working in at an archeological dig in North Africa.† We were digging at a site of Roman ruins but we found older layers below it.† The symbols on the older artifacts were similar to Egyptian of the kind found in the earliest Kingdom.† I continued digging carefully while we waited for Egyptologists to arrive and verify our guesses.† One of those artifacts was a ceramic jar.† It was fragile so I photographed it as I removed each bit of the surrounding soil.† Despite careful handling, the jar cracked.† A black sphere about 10 millimeters across was revealed.† It rested in a bed of some fibrous material I'd seen used for padding in some of the other artifacts.† I shouldn't have reached for the sphere but I did it without thinking.† The sphere exploded as I touched it.† I staggered out of the pit in a daze.† When my head quit spinning, I felt invigorated.† I didn't tell anyone of my stupidity or my feelings.† I had destroyed the artifact.† When I accidentally discovered my time-stop power a few days later I was astonished.

"I don't know how anyone else found out about my power.† Maybe someone had seen the accident and reported it.† However it happened, I was kidnapped right after I returned home and taken to that lab where Dawn found me."

Dawn wondered if the black sphere was another piece of dark matter or something entirely different.† "Did you know that lab is controlled by Huntington?"

"Clarence Huntington?" gasped Bob.† "His foundation funded our dig."† He fell silent as he thought of the ramifications.

Silence persisted until Dawn asked again, "What are we going to do?"


The group brainstormed ideas all day.† By evening they had decided to continue their investigation of Huntington.† They had not decided what they would do with anything they uncovered.† They could act on it or find some official they thought was trustworthy.

They did not know they would be forced into action.

Chapter 20:†††† On the Run

Tom, Edie and Dawn risked going to the lab the next day.† Tom drove his car while Edie and Dawn took the bus.† They did not want anyone to know the three of them were working together.† Tom used his lab computer to run extended searches for Huntington related material.† He dumped the retrieved material to CDs and pocketed them for later use.

Edie and Dawn burned all their lab records to CDs.† Once copied the material was purged from the lab records.† A quick call to Tom and he set in motion a worm which should purge copies of the labs files.† As the worm devoured bit after bit, the three cleaned up their offices.† Tom requested and received an emergency leave of absence.† The grant under which Edie and Dawn operated left them more in control of their hours.† After cleaning up their offices, they simply left.† They went to a nearby bar and waited for Tom.† The wait was not long.† The three shared a drink and left together for the ride to Tom's house.

They were a few block from the house when Dawn's cell phone chirped.† "Hello," she answered.

It was Bob.† "Don't go home.† Pick me up at the grocery a block north of Tom's house.† I'll explain later."† He hung up without explanation.

Bob trotted out to the car as they pulled in front of the grocery.† He got in without saying a word and they drove off.† When they were two blocks away from the store Bob explained.† "A car and a van stopped in front of the house while I was putting the trashcans in the alley.† The men from the van came around back and broke in.† I had Tom's cell phone in my pocket and called you immediately from the alley."

"What do you think they wanted?" asked Edie.

"Probably Bob and me, and maybe you two," answered Dawn as she looked at Tom and Edie in the front seats.† "Huntington doesn't like loose ends.".

Dawn's answer brought and ominous gloom to the car.† They were lost in private thoughts for several minutes until Tom broke the silence.

"Okay, the gloves are off."† Tom drove to his bank.† "Wait here.† I won't be long."

Tom emerged a few minutes later carrying a cloth bag.† With a look of determination he spoke.

"Now we have the cash to hide and plan."† He handed the bag to Dawn.† She opened it to find bundles of twenty dollar bills.†

"How much is here?" she asked with astonishment.

"I have twenty thousand dollars.† It's part of my mad money inheritance.† Desperate times demand desperate measures.† First stop, we need computers to examine the files on our CDs."† An hour later they drove out into the countryside with two powerful laptops and an inkjet printer in the trunk.† A box contained a variety of software programs.† After a thirty minute drive Tom exited the expressway and pulled up to a motel.† He convinced the desk clerk to accept a five hundred dollar deposit for a two adjoining rooms with a connecting door.

The rooms were not fancy but they were clean and the beds comfy.† Each room had a small table adequate for a laptop computer with room left over for a stack of paper.† The set the rooms in order and hooked up the computers.† A quick check verified the computers and printer were operational.† It had been a stressful day.† They took a break for a late lunch.†

They avoided any discussion of their plight during lunch and were able to relax.† With an improved frame of mind they returned to their rooms and started examining the information they had saved to CDs.† Tom and Bob took the first shift on the laptops.† Edie and Dawn set off to a nearby mall to purchase clothes.† They purchased inexpensive casual clothes and Dawn was ready to return to the motel when Edie diverted them to a lingerie store.† Dawn blushed at the array of flimsy looking items Edie examined.† As Dawn imagined herself in the all-too transparent items she felt her arousal grow.† Edie went to a dressing room with a short night gown.† Two minutes later, Edie beckoned Dawn to join her in the dressing room.

"Do you think Tom will like this?" asked Edie.

Edie stood in the gown.† It was even shorter than Dawn thought it was, barely covering Edieís butt.† The spaghetti straps left Edieís bare shoulders and cleavage well displayed.

"I take it your evening with Tom went well," commented Dawn.

Edie returned a big smile.† "He had me squirming.† Heís very attentive to detail."

"Did you enjoy your time in the handcuffs?" asked Dawn.

"Yes, but now it is Tomís turn to wear the cuffs."† Edie turned causing the night gown to flare out, and up.† Her bare bottom flashed into view until gravity pulled it down.† Dawnís arousal soared as, in her mind, she saw herself wearing the same gown.† Edie looked at Dawn with a new smile.

"Youíre turned on, arenít you?† What are you thinking?"

"How can you tell?" asked Dawn.

"If you look in the mirror youíll see you are invisible again."

"Oops!"† A few seconds later Dawn blinked back into view.† "I got distracted.† It now takes some effort to remain visible when Iím aroused and out of the sunlight."

"Babe, you need to work off some of that excess energy or this is bound to happen accidentally."† Edie smiled and added, "Iíve got just the thing but first letís get out of here."

They paid for their purchases and made their way out of the mall.† As they walked toward their motel Edie directed them to a fuel service station.† Edie led them into the womenís room.

"Strip and put your clothes in my bag."† Edie tone was firm with a bit of glee in her voice.† "Youíll walk back in the buff to burn off some of your excess energy."

Dawn was resigned to her fate. In moments Edie left the womenís room with Dawnís clothes in the shopping bags.† Dawn checked her reflection in the mirror and gave into her arousal.† She blinked from view.† With a sigh Dawn stepped out of the womenís room and followed Edie on into the sunlight.

The bright sun and nearly cloudless sky brought a tingle to Dawnís entire body, but the most intense tingles were to her most private areas.† Dawn had to concentrate harder as she felt her strength weaken.† She couldnít afford to become visible.

"Put your hand on my shoulder so I know where you are," asked Edie.

They walked in silence.† Edie noticed Dawnís hand grew warmer as they walked on the sidewalks.† Edie had not doubt Dawn was horny, and she wasnít going to let Dawn get too comfortable.

"I sure hope you are strong enough to stay invisible until we get to our room.† If you turn visible Iíll lock you out in the hallway until you vanish again."† Edie continued with her "torturous" plan.† "Why donít you stay invisible when we get back to the room?† Itís good practice for you."

Dawn knew what Edie was doing.† She was giving Dawn the power to stay invisible longer by her teasing.† But Dawn could tease too.

"Edie, what makes you think I wonít lock you in the hall naked?† Iím stronger than you are.† I could lock you out with your wrists cuffed behind you and you would have to plead to get into the room."

It was Edieís turn to blush.† "You wouldnít do that, would you?"

"After all the fun youíve had at my expense, I might."† But in Dawnís mind it was her cuffed and naked in the hall.† Dawn felt warmth in the pit of her stomach.† The warmth flowed to her breasts, and her nipples hardened.† The warmth grew and filled her loins with excited delicious feelings.

"Tom would let me in," Edie insisted.

"Iím sure he would but then you would be at his mercy."

Edie paused before answering.† "That might be fun."† Beside her Dawn shook her invisible head in agreement.

Chapter 21:†††† The Walk Back

The two walked in silence back into their motel room.† Dawn felt the breeze caress her body, particularly the way her short pubic hair fluttered by the light wind.† With each step she had to maintain her concentration or she could become visible.† Her level of arousal increased which helped fuel her invisibility.† By the time they reached her motel room she was REALLY glad Edie couldnít see how much she was squirming.† Her thrill and shame she fought a war in her mind.† "At anytime I could turn visible," she thought and a fresh wave of pleasure erupted from between her lets.† Her free invisible hand was busy as it lightly caressed her uncovered skin.† Every place felt so sensitive it as if her entire body had become an erogenous zone.† She looked forward to jumping into the shower.† There might she relieve the desire that but it wasnít going to be that easy.


Tom and Bob greeted Edie with smiles.† Tom spoke.

"We think weíve found some important and useful information about Huntington and his operations.† Letís show you."† He paused.† "Whereís Dawn?"

"Sheís here," Edie giggled.† The men looked around the room.† Dawn squeezed her eyes tightly and stood very still despite the growing fire in her loins. A moment later she felt a fleeting touch on both her breast.† A split second later the similar sensation ran down her stomach and between her legs.† Her breath caught in her throat as the fire in her loins threatened to explode.† She opened her eyes just as a smiling Bob appeared beside Edie.

"Is she always this turned on when sheís invisible?" Bob asked Edie.

Before Edie could answer there was a knock on the door.

"Room service."

"Come in," Edie answered.

A teenage boy in coveralls entered with a stack of clean towels.† "Here are the extra towels you requested."† Edie was trapped with the boy behind her and Edie in front.† The bathroom was to her right and the only place she could move.† She tiptoed into the bathroom and stepped into the open shower stall.† She could only stand as the boy followed her into the bathroom and stacked the extra towels on shelves above the toilet.

Dawn looked at the boy.† He was more a man than boy.† His shoulders and arms were those of a gymnast -- long sleek muscles moved under his sleeves.† His dirty blond hair was a bit shaggy but it framed his face and his blue eyes.† He jaw was square and his cheeks dimpled as he spoke.† "If you need anything else just call the desk.† Iíll bring what you need."† He yawned.† "My particle physics book was putting me to sleep."

"Particle physics?† Post-graduate or undergraduate?" asked Edie.

"Iím a junior at State but itís a graduate course they let me audit."† His voice was clear and strong.† "Iím Henry.† Call if you need me."† He excused himself and closed the door behind him.

"Is he really gone?"† Dawnís voice was a whisper.

"Yes, dear.† Whereíd you get off to?" Edie replied.

"Iím gonna take a shower."† The bathroom door closed.† The shower turned on.

"We better give her some time, boys.† I think sheís quite worked up."

"She is," answered Bob.

"How would you know?"

"I did a quick check."† He paused, and then continued.† "I did a super quick search of the room and found her despite her invisibility."

Edie giggled.† "Tell us about it later when Dawn is present.† Iím sure itís a good bed time story."† She turned to see what information Tom and Bob had uncovered.

Chapter 22:†††† Merger

Dawn sat in the tub.† Her legs had given out after her explosive climax under the luscious spray of the hot shower.† Her eyes were barely open as she enjoyed the soothing afterglow.† She was shocked that she was not sated.† Her loins demanded even more attention.† One hand dropped between her legs as the other caressed her still burning nipples.† She was unaware she was again invisible.† Only when she eventually looked down at her body did she see water flow over her unseen flesh.† Her actions became more hurried as her excitement increased.

In her mind Dawn saw Bob.† They stood facing each other; both were dressed casually with her wearing a crop top and shorts.† He was obviously fit.† His long lean muscles moved under his clothes in a graceful manner.† He smiled at her and suddenly his clothes were gone.† For a moment he started to cover himself but then his hands moved back to his sides.† His manhood grew from its relaxed state.† Dawn walked to stand a foot away from him.† Her hand received for his chest -- and passed into his body.† She looked at her body thinking it would appear cloudy, almost ghostly, but she looked normal.† He reached for her and his hands rested on her waist.† His hands were hot, and felt rough against her soft flesh.† She pulled her hand from his chest.† Her hand had felt nothing.† She tried again but could not touch him, but he could touch her.† His hands caressed her body making it burn with increased desire.† She was frustrated that she could not touch him.

"Take me."† Her request was a husky whisper.

"When itís time."

She groaned.† She felt the creamy moistness between her legs.† She tried to hug him against her body, but again her hands and arms passed through his body as if they were less than smoke.† She tried to tear her own clothes from her body but her ghostly arms failed her.† She could do nothing.† He would have to take her.

"Please," she pleaded.

Bob moved his hands under her crop top.† His fingers surrounded her breasts but did not touch her aching nipples.† Finally, he pulled the top over her head and smiled at her pert nipples.† She wanted him to touch them but he had other ideas.† He hands moved down her sides and into the sides of her shorts.† His fingers moved to cup her bottom as he pulled her against his body.† Her body felt his but her hands and arms remained useless.† He slid her shorts down to her thighs and gravity did the rest.

They stood naked and then he lowered her to the floor.† He pushed her thighs apart and entered her.† The explosion was immediately as their bodies merged the way nature demanded.† Dawn pulled him deeper before realizing she was using her hands to passionately claw his back.† He groaned but did not push away from her.† They both were very real as they thrust at each other.


"Hello?"† Bob voice accompanied a knock on the bathroom door.† "Are you okay in there?"† He turned to Edie.† "Perhaps you should check on her.† Sheís become awfully quiet in there."

"Go ahead.† Itís not like you havenít seen her naked before this," came Edieís answer.

The bathroom door squeaked as it opened.† The bathroom was filled with dense steam.† Bob stepped slowly into the bathroom and moved to the tub.† He pulled aside the shower curtain to find no one in the shower.† Then he felt something brush the back of his head.† He turned to find only more steam.† Then he felt a tingle run through his entire body.† The steam forced its way up his nose and down his throat.† For a moment he felt as if he would burst but there was no pain.† His clothes fell from his body and he felt the steam pull on his cock and balls.† He reached to protect himself but he found nothing.† He was achingly erect and felt his manhood jerk as it was caressed and sucked.† He dropped to his knees and collapsed as he shot his load into the tub.

There was several seconds of silence but he heard, "Was it good for you too?"

He turned toward the voice.† Beside him sat a very naked and satisfied looking Dawn.† A smile grew on his face.

"Babe, that was greatest but what was it?"

"Did I hurt you?" asked Dawn.

"Only the great way itís meant to hurt."

Dawn thought for several seconds before she told Bob her thoughts.

"I felt warmth grow from the center of my body.† The warmth was a satisfying one, like the comfortable warmth of being all covered up in a bed on a cold winter morning.† That warmth intensified until my body couldnít hold it, and it exploded.† I felt that warmth enter and envelop you like I was made of sizzling steam.† Suddenly, I was you, too.† I felt your penis like it was mine even as it pushed into me.† I think I got both sides of the orgasm, and it blew my mind.† Iíve never felt like that in my life."

"Iíve never experienced a release like that either.† I felt you in my arms, arms the held me.† I came and came and came.† Men canít do that."† He paused as he looked around the bathroom.† "And where are my clothes?"

Dawn looked around the floor and in the tub.† "I donít see them."

Bob stood, grabbed a bath towel and handed one down to Dawn.† "I think we should get out of here and see what our roommates think."

"Theyíll think we made whoopee," Dawn giggled.† "And we made good whoopee."

Bob blushed as he wrapped the towel around his waist.† Dawn wrapped the towel around her body and tucked the ends under her armpits.† The towel hung down to the middle of her thighs.† Her body still tingled from their act.† She felt relaxed and energized.† She could not help smiling as she opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom.

"I hope the neighbors donít complain," stated Edie.† "You two werenít exactly discreet."

Bob and Dawn blushed, but they continued to share broad smiles.† Dawn described the events as she recalled them, then Bob added his perspective.† They sat on a bed and were a bit surprised when they found themselves holding hands as if they were long-time lovers.† Edie thought about their descriptions as Bob and Dawn went to get dressed.

"What do you think happened?" asked Tom.

Edie answered.

"I think Dawnís powers are growing.† Either that or a combination of her powers and Bobís powers triggered hidden traits.† I want to think about it for awhile.† Letís discuss what you and Bob discovered when the two love birds are through dressing."† She giggled.† "Unless you two want to sit there in your towels flashing us."

Chapter 23:†††† Planning

The four sat around the PC in the galsí room.† Tom and Bob had several promising leads to Huntington holdings in the area.† One in particular drew their attention.† A floor of a Huntington-owned office building was very restricted.† Only people with proper authorization could enter this area which was labeled as "Advanced Research Section".† It looked like Huntington had an office in that area.† They had been unable to hack into the computers for that floor but Tom had accessed the buildingís regular security system.† He had discovered that Huntingtonís keycard was used to enter and leave the ARS area several times a day.

Tom thought he could hack the system from within ARS; that would put him behind the security firewall.† A visual inspection of the offices and files could give them additional leads if not answers.† They devised a scheme to gain access to the floor.† Suppertime came and passed as the four had formed their plans.

Tom brought up the sleeping arrangements for the night. "Edie, you owe me another date.† I want a real date, to go out and relax.† You also have a few, ah, obligations."

Edie gulped.† She had promised him she would wear the damn handcuffs again.† Had he brought them?† She blushed.† That first time she had enjoyed his attentions.† She knew he had enjoyed himself as much as she had.† "A movie and dinner?" Edie suggested.

"Deal," answered Tom with a smile.† He turned to Bob and Dawn who looked at each other.†

"I guess weíll work something out," replied Dawn.† "Weíll take this room.† You two take the other."

Bob smiled like the cat that ate the canary.†


Edie and Tom had left for the movie leaving Dawn and Bob in "their" room.† Dawn found herself primping her hair and applying fresh lipstick.† The situation between her and Bob was so strange.† She had not done much dating the last few years.† Her past liaisons had been infrequent and usually unsatisfying.† Her past choices of bedmates had led to some good sex but relationships that never lasted.

Bob was younger than she was.† He had a casual way of acting which she found comforting.† Although his background was scientific, it was a completely different area of knowledge.† He looked to mythology and the past for answers.† She looked to science and the future.† Her thoughts turned back to the incident in the bathroom as they talked about trivial things.† Her body responded as she remembered those weird shared feelings in the steamy room.† That delicious warmth in the pit of her body begged attention.

Bob cleared his throat.† "Ah, Dawn, are you turned on or embarrassed?"

"What?" Dawn shook her head to clear it.† "What makes you think that?"

"You blink.† I mean you vanish out for a few seconds every once in a while.† Can you explain that?"

"Well, I, ah," stammered Dawn as she tried to concentrate.† She remained visible by concentration even as the warmth expanded in her body.† Her loins twitched with anticipation.† Before she could answer Tom asked continued.

"I think I noticed something that could be useful.† When you vanished your lipstick vanished too even though your clothes remained visible.† Is that the way it normally works?"

"Hmm, I havenít worn makeup during our experiments.† Iím not sure."

"Perhaps we can use that.† You have any other makeup?"

"I only have the lipstick.† Edieís is in her purse and she took it with her."

"Iíve heard of something that might help.† Let me check the phone book and see if there is any available in town."

Chapter 24:†††† The Blush and the Brush

A few phone calls and a cab ride later they returned to their room.† In a shopping bag were cosmetics.† The store even had some for theater use, but most items were for convention facial and body use.† Dawn wasnít sure how this would work as she sat in a chair facing Bob.† He started slowly by painting her cheeks with eyeliner.† The brush felt sensuous as he gently applied a thin layer.† She felt her nipples harden as if he was applying the eyeliner to them.

"Okay, try to vanish," he said.

She relaxed and vanished after a few seconds.† She raised her hands to her face and saw her handless sleeves.† Bob smiled as he spoke.† "That worked.† The makeup vanished with your head.† Turn visible again and Iíll apply heavier makeup."

"How did you think of this?"

"Dawn, I took some theater in college.† I was a lousy actor but I discovered I could do work wonders with other peopleís makeup."

Dawn forced her mind away from the nice warm moist feeling in her groin and became visible.† She forced her hands to remain still on her lap as the he applied a layer that felt like paint to an area around her eyes.† It felt as if he was painting a domino-type mask.† The brush was different but it still felt nice as he worked carefully and avoided her eye brows.† "Donít want any hair in this makeup.† When you remove this stuff you could lose some hair."† He worked patiently until he told her to go look at herself in the bathroom mirror.

"Not bad," she thought.† The black makeup around her eyes helped obscure her features.† She would be harder to recognize.† She concentrated for a moment and the reflection of her head disappeared.† The makeup disappeared as she did.† She smiled and walked back to Bob.

"Okay, if we keep the layer thin enough it vanishes with you.† Could your body be emitting a field around it that extends beyond the makeup?"

Dawn thought back to the lab experiments.† "We detected some weak emissions but we never observed any effect on anything but my body.† We thought it was only spill over from the vanishing effect or equipment errors.† We planned to check into it but we never got around to doing the measurements."

"Letís see if it works on a larger scale.† Take off your shirt and bra."†

Bobís request would have sounded more scientific if it hadnít been accompanied by his toothy smile.† With a lump in her throat she removed her shirt.† Her bra was more functional than sexy but Bob didnít seem to mind. Dawn unhooked the back hooks and took a deep breath.† She let the bra fall to her lap before tossing it to a bed.† Her nipples stood out proud and perky.† Exposed to the air and Bobís eyes her nipples got harder and longer.

Bob extended the brush with the black paint and touched the sensitive tip of her left nipple.† The contact was almost electrical.† A current arced from both nipples to her loins and that pit of warmth.† She felt juicy between her legs.† Her clit begged for attention.† Dawn forced her hands to her lap.† It was a struggle as her hands wanted to respond to her bodyís desires.† With each brush stroke the struggle became more difficult.

"Hey, stop that," complained Bob.† "I canít paint what I canít see."

"When you paint there I canít help it."

"That feels good?"

"OH YES."† Dawn was relieved Bob could not see the blush that ran from her face down to her breasts.

"You think you could paint yourself in the bathroom?† That might be easier for you."

"I can try."

Bob waved for Dawn to take the body paint and brush to the bathroom.† His eyes followed the floating items as they moved to the bathroom and the door was shut.

Bob could not believe the events of the past few days.† He had been kidnapped, held in a locked room, forced to perform his time-stop power for his jailers, and then freed by this beautiful woman.† Dawn was a few years older than he was, but she had a very nice body.† Her breasts were the way he liked them Ė high, not too large, the perfect size and shape for her height and slim waist.† Her bottom was tight. Her body curved nicely in all the right places.† Most important of all, Dawn was intelligent and treated others as equals.

To top off everything else he got to see her naked and he had unwittingly experienced the most erotic episode in his life with her.† He knew it had been an accident.† It didnít matter.† He was in love with this fabulous woman.† He would try to take it easy.† He wanted her to love him too.


Dawn sat on the lid of the toilet.† She took several deep breaths to calm herself.† Bob brought out the most basic desires.† She didnít know him well enough to have these feelings but she had to admit she had them.† After a minute she was calm enough to become visible. She stood before the mirror and examined the paint which covered and encircled her left nipple.† The paint hid the flesh but not its shape.† Her nipples were both erect.† With a shaking hand she looked in the mirror and enlarged the painted area on her left breast until the paint covered most of it.† She applied more paint to her right breast until both breasts were similarly covered.† She stood back and looked more carefully.† The paint covered more than her bikini top yet she was still naked.† Anyone near her would know it was just body paint.† She knew others could see so much of her.† Could she really go out in public in just body makeup?† Her nipples grew hard again.† A delightful twitch occurred deep in her loins as she contemplated her next step.†

Dawn removed her pants and panties.† She removed most of her remaining pubic hair and took a deep breath.† With brush in hand she painted a bikini bottom.† It took several minutes for her to complete the task.† Even alone in the bathroom she had to concentrate very hard to remain visible.† The brush felt so nice down there.† Finally, she stood and examined her work.† The body paint bottom looked good.† From a distance she thought it could fool most people.† She waited a few minutes for the paint to dry.† During that time she calmed her mind.† One last look in the mirror and it was time.† She opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom.

"How does it look?" she asked.

Bob looked at the vision ten feet away.† The paint looked good but it was the woman under the bikini that blew him away.† She was gorgeous.† The blush on her face and shoulders made her smile even brighter.† With the roomís lighting the bikini was good camouflage but not perfect.† All her curves were on display as if it was a very tight bikini of cloth.† When she turned sideways and he saw her nipples were long and erect.† She took a step toward him and her breasts bounced in the way nature had meant them to bounce.† The effect was intoxicating.† She turned around completely.† It was then Bob notice a major flaw in her disguise.

"Dawn, there is a problem, a very pretty problem."


Bob couldnít help smiling.† "You forgot to paint the back of the bikini."

"Oh."† Dawn vanished from view.† The body paint vanished with her the way they had hoped.† He heard the pad of her footsteps toward the bathroom then the door shut.

Dawn stood before the mirror.† She was still invisible as she fought the erotic impulses of her body.† She sat on the tile floor and let the wonderful feelings run their course.† Once again inner warmth exploded through her body.† In her mind she imagined running down a crowded street in broad daylight.† Her breasts bounced with each hurried step and there was no way to hide them.† Fifteen exhausting minutes later Dawn sat visible on the floor.† Her body had that wonderful post-orgasmic glow.† When she climbed up she saw in the mirror that her body paint was smeared.† She opened the door a crack and spoke to Bob.

"Hand me more of the body paint.† I need to reapply it."

Bob passed the other two bottles through the door crack before Dawn closed the door.† She took a long hot shower to remove the body paint and the remains of body fluids.† Standing once again naked and visible before the mirror, she applied first the black, then some gold paint.† If she was going to wear only body paint she wanted it to have some style.† The resulting mask and bikini were still black but she added gold piping.† Some additional swirls would also, hopefully, make it more difficult to detect it was only body paint.† By the time she had completed her repainting she heard Tom and Edie return.† Her three accomplices were talking when she opened the bathroom door and stepped out.

Dawn stood before them for several seconds.† Tom and Edie put down their cardboard cups of coffee.


The WOW had been a chorus from all three as she stood immobile and visible.† Slowly she turned to face away from them.† Dawn asked, "Did I miss any spots?"

Bob answered, "Not this time."

"Whatís that mean?" giggled Edie.

"She forgot to paint her bottom the last time."

Dawn groaned at the memory.† She concentrated and remained visible.† It was a struggle to restrain that bit of fire deep in her body.† She felt as naked as ever as she faced her friends.† Her flesh was hyper-sensitive.† Even through the paint she felt the air kiss her flesh.† Part of her wanted to vanish and hide, but another part languished in her aroused state.

"Does it disappear when she does?" asked Edie.

Dawn relaxed her concentration and vanished.

"Thereís your answer," replied Bob.† "Completely invisible."

Each time Dawn turned invisible her arousal seemed stronger.† She walked toward Edie and bent down to her ear.† She whispered, "Donít you have a date to finish?"

Edie jumped, giggle and a blush grew on her face.† She did have a debt to pay to Tom for his help.† She, too, had a feeling deep in her loins at the thought of her impending fate.† Neither Dawn nor Edie noticed when Bob blinked out of sight.

Dawn felt brief touches across her bottom.† She straightened up and whirled around.† Nobody was there.† Only then did she turn around and look at where Bob had been seated.† He was nowhere in sight.† "Iíll level the playing field."† She concentrated on her feeling of frustration and felt her body turn intangible -- untouchable.† She blinked†† and became visible as a ghostly, smoky figure.† She had a stern expression on her face until she saw the expressions of Edie and Tom.† They were smiling.

Edie pointed toward Dawnís feet and said, "Look!"

Dawn looked down.† Her body was ghostly AND naked.† A small pile of paint and powder surrounded her feet.† By turning intangible she had broken the adhesion between her skin and most of the makeup.† It was at that moment of shock Bob slapped Dawnís bottom.† Bob expected his hand to pass through her intangible behind but there was unanticipated resistance.† To his utter surprise his hand bounced back and he lost the time-stop effect.† Dawn swung at his face.


The slap to his cheek was loud.† Dawn was the most startled.† Her slap had been a reflex.† She did not expect to make physical contact.† "How did I do that?"† She reached for Edieís cup of coffee.† Her fingers wrapped around the cup and she lifted it into the air.

With surprise, Edie asked, "Did you lose your intangibility?"† She reached toward Dawn.† Her fingers felt nothing as they passed through Dawnís mid-section.

"Now, now, stop the touching."† Dawn put down the coffee and wrapped her ghost-like fingers around Edieís wrist.† She pushed Edieís hand away with not effort.

"Wow!† I can control my intangibility.† I can touch things when I want."† Despite her situation she felt glee at her newfound control.

"You can touch me anytime if you look like that."† Bobís statement reminded her she was visibly naked.† Only her face makeup has successfully survived her intangibility.† Dawn grabbed at the bed sheets but her hand went through them with no effect.† The embarrassment overwhelmed her and she retreated to the privacy of the bathroom.

"Give her some time boys," said Edie.† "Her powers and control are still growing."

"Speaking of time," Tom said after clearing his throat, "we have a date to finish."

Edie blushed as she stood.† She led the way into the adjacent room.† Tom closed the door leaving Bob alone.

By the time Dawn had calmed down the last traces of her "costume" were again smeared.† The idea had been worth investigating but it wasnít practical.† More relaxed and squeaky clean, she stepped from the shower.† "We will need more towels in the morning," she thought as she patted her body dry.† The day had been busy and tiring.† Wrapping another towel around her, she stepped out of the bathroom.† Bob was working at the computer facing away Dawn.† She tiptoed to the single queen-sized bed and eased down the covers.

"I can hear you moving."† Bob remained facing the computer.† "If you want the bed, I can make do in the chair.† Can I have the comforter from the foot of the bed?"

"Is he really like this?" thought Dawn.† Clearing her throat she spoke quietly.

"We can share the bed."

"I donít think I can just sleep next to you after today."

Dawn smiled, and felt the nice warm liquid feeling grow inside her body.† "We can do more than sleep."


"Shut up on get your clothes off.† I want to get a good look at your before you get into this bed."


Dawn was feeling very relaxed in the afterglow of glorious sex.† Bob had been a patient attentive lover.† She smiled at the memory of his body against hers.† Her hands, mouth, arms and legs had been explored.† By the time he entered her she had been aching for it.† It had felt so right and satisfying with him deep inside her.† He had moved inside her with a circular motion that hit all her buttons.† Somehow, he had waited until her first orgasm exploded and then filled her with his juice.† They shared the simultaneous high as their bodies became one.† Only then did things get extra-weird.† Her body felt as it did when she became intangible, but he hugged her and stayed hot and hard in her.† Their bodies intertwined as normal people could not.† There were moments when their thoughts were shared as was the essence of their bodies.† It was glorious.

Minutes passed with their shared oneness until they were both spent.† Only then did she feel their bodies separate and coalesce into solidity.† He was beside her; his body shimmered in sweet sweat.† The smile on his face was reflected by hers.† He turned her on her side and spooned against her back.† The feel of his body from his face to his feet against her felt wonderful as they feel into restful sleep.


The room was quiet.† She reached to the spot where Bob had been.† Some warmth remained but he was not there.† She saw a note attached to the computer screen. †She pulled the sheets about her and retrieved the note.† It explained the others were up and getting materials for a raid of Huntingtonís ARS lab.† She should sleep in and wait.† Dawn yawned and stretched, dropping the sheets.† She could use a bit more sleep.† She made sure the "Do Not Disturb" sign was on the roomís door before crawling back into the warm soft bed.

Chapter 25:†††† A Knight With No Suit of Armor

It was after eleven in the morning when Tom and Edie returned.† They said Bob might be delayed until after lunch.† He had to drive back into the city for something special.† Tom laid out the plan for Dawn and Edie.† They would park in a garage a block away from Huntingtonís building.† They would hide by the dumpsters near the Huntington buildingís loading dock until the janitors dumped the trash.† Dawn should be able to sneak through the loading dock and get inside.† Bob would purchase a pair of coveralls like those worn by the janitorial staff.†† He planned to stop time and enter with Dawn.† He hoped he would not be noticed once he was inside and time-skipping.

Once inside Dawn and Bob would work their way to the lab.† Dawn would pass through locked doors and open them for Bob.† Bob would wear a transceiver to communicate with Edie and Tom in the event of problems.† If trapped the police were to be called.

Bob returned in time for lunch.† They eat together at a diner near the motel.† After returning to the room, the boys went to one room.† Dawn and Edie went to the other room where Edie showed Dawn the materials Bob had bought.† Edie opened a shopping bag that contained a quart can and several tubes of paint.

Edie explained.† "Bob thought this was worth a try.† This is latex body paint.† While it is a bit thicker than the theatrical makeup he used last night it should adhere better and last longer.† Weíll try a small bit on your back as a test.† Take off your shirt and turn around."

Dawn saw the connecting door was closed and took off her shirt and bra.† She felt the brush draw a line from her shoulders to her lower back.† It felt like a big "V".† Dawn had to stand still for a few minutes to let it dry.†

"Okay, do your disappearing act."

"With the drapes closed and the memory of last night, it only took a few seconds for Dawn to vanish.

"That looks good.† Thereís not trace of the paint.† Reappear and Iíll add to it."


An hour later, Dawn stood before Edie in only body paint.† The paint appeared to be a black one-piece swimsuit with a deep plunging back.† In front the suit had a high neck line with only a bit cleavage.† The worst part had been the paint applied between Dawn legs.† The brush had felt very nice as Edie worked to leave no spots uncovered.† It had taken a little effort to remain visible.† After allowing a few more minutes for the suit to dry, Edie opened the connecting door.

"Come on in and tell me what you think," beckoned Edie.

Dawn felt very naked but at least she didnít look naked, she hoped, as the two men looked at her from several feet away.

"Good job," announced Bob, "but I need to add some details."

"Details?" questioned Dawn.

"Piping and some designs like I did last night.† It will help hide the lovely details of your body.† It should make the suit look more real."

"Okay," answered Dawn with a weak voice.

Tom and Edie went into the next room leaving Dawn alone with Bob.†

"Before I add the detailing have you checked the entire suit disappears completely?† We donít want it giving away your position."

A second later Dawn vanished.† Bob circled where Dawn stood.

"Perfect.† Reappear please."

Using gold and red paint he painted over the black paint.† He worked carefully but quickly.† She watched in a mirror as he added swirls over her breasts, waist and (groan) her pubic mound.† She was about to complain about the amount of time he spent on that last area when he asked her to face away from him.† He added piping along the painted edges.† He added more swirls on each side of her lower spine.† He did not add swirls across her bottom.† The first layer of black paint helped dull the feel of the brush against her body, but she was very aware as each stroke of paint was applied.† It took a lot of concentration to remain visible, even more than when Edie had held the paint brush.

She stood again for several minutes to let the paint fully dry before Bob invited Edie and Tom to review his work.† Dawn stood still in the middle of the room as she felt the eyes of her friends inspect her.† Her degree of arousal increased.† She instantly vanished when they requested it.† It was much more difficult to reappear.† She needed to find relief or she would be far too keyed up for tonightís raid.† A smile appeared on her face as she knew the perfect way to test the paint.

"Edie, Tom, please leave.† Bob and I have a test to perform."† Dawn voice was surprising commanding.

Edie and Tom smiled at each other and quickly left without question or comment.† With the door closed Bob asked, "What test?"

"The smear test."† Dawnís voice grew husky as she disappeared.

Bob was unprepared when he felt his pants pulled to his feet.† Dawnís enhanced strength was apparent as she ripped Bobís t-shirt from his body.† Before he could take a breath and time-stop, he was thrown on the bed and straddled by Dawn.† She concentrated and became visible.

"Time to smear," Dawn said before smothering his mout

Chapter 26:†††† Raid

Dawn smiled at the memory of the "smear test" as she waited.† The four had had supper and were waiting behind the Huntington building.† Dawnís latex paint had not smeared but had suffered some minor damage from the smear test.† Even better the paint had survived when she turned intangible.† Bob had applied some touchups before they left for their raid.


A visible Dawn in her body paint and Bob in his coveralls waited in an alley.† Tom and Edie sat in the front seat of their car a block away.† The radios had been tested.† Dawn wore the egg deep within her.† Bobís headset was in his front pocket.

All four remained quiet and waited.† Every few minutes Dawn squeezed the egg to signal they still waited.†† The night was comfortably cool.† Dawn felt the cool on her body but her inner fire kept her kept her warm enough.† She was watching Bob.† His coveralls did his body justice.


"Oops," Dawn gasped softly.

"What?" ask Bob.

"Nothing."† Dawnís thoughts had inadvertently activated the egg.† She closed her eyes and concentrated.† A few seconds later the egg vibrated as Edie queried if everything was alright.† Dawn sent the "all clear" signal -- a double pulse -- back to Edie.† Dawn wondered if Edie guessed the cause of the accidental beep.

Moments later the loading dock door opened -- rolling up on its track.

Dawn "BEEP BEEP BEEP!" to Edie before saying to Bob.† "Itís time."† Dawn vanished and ran to the loading dock.† She waited as custodians dumped their trash into the dumpster.† They left and hit the button to close the dock door.† Bob came through before it closed.† Using the building floor plan in her head she found the emergency stairwell.† She turned visible then intangible to pass through the locked door before concentrating and resuming her visibility.† A quick visual check of her paint told her it has survived her act of intangibility.

"Tap, tap, tap"

That was Bob tapping on the stairwell door.† She opened it from the inside.† A second later Bob appeared inside the stairwell.† Dawn led the way up the steps.† Bob had to fight the distraction of Dawn firmís backside as he followed her.† This close the paint didnít hide all her delicious details as she went up the steps.

Dawn felt her body parts bounce as she moved, and it felt naughty AND nice.† Her nipples hardened under the latex body paint.† The paint pressed back as her nipples lengthened.† It was as if a man lightly pressed his thumbs into her nipples.† But Bob could only see her bosom when she turned on the landing.† Then she realized her thinly painted bottom was right in front of his eyes as he followed her.† And he could see between her thighs!† "Why was she staying visible?" she thought but she stayed visible.

At the next landing Dawn disappeared.† They thought every other floor had cameras in the stairwells.† It was Dawnís job to deal with those while invisible.† To any guard monitoring the cameras she would only see a stick floating in the air.† The stick has a hook on its end.† Dawn hooked the cameraís cable and pulled.† The cable easily popped free.† Dawn continued invisibly as they proceeded up the steps.† Bob could barely hear the padding of Dawnís feet as she moved in front of him.† On the third landing she stopped quickly and listened.† Bob hands touched firm back.† His hands moved down and cupped two luscious invisible cheeks.

"Later," whispered Dawn with a husky voice.

Bob smiled as he withdrew his hands.† This was not time.

They reached the labís floor and Dawn flashed into view before phasing through the door.† When Bob reached the door he tapped again.† Dawn was invisible when she opened the door.† They were in the highly restricted area.† Dawn disabled the cameras and they hurried to Huntingtonís office.† Dawn was to rifle his desk as Bob hacked Huntingtonís computer terminal.† After disabling the camera they suspected a guard would manually check the floor but that would take a few minutes.† Bob pulled a small collapsible backpack from inside his coveralls and started copying files to DVDs.† Dawn pulled files folders from drawers and shoved them into the backpack.

First five minutes, then ten minutes passed with no indication of detection.† It was time to go.† They gathered their things and stood at the office door.† Dawn reached for the door to see if the coast was clear.† Her instincts saved her when the door slammed open.† She became intangible and the door passed through her.† A uniformed mountain of a man stood in the doorway.† His shoulders were almost as wide as the door.† His eyes grew large as he saw the ghostly woman standing in his way.† He turned his head in time to see Bob blink out of view.† The next moment something hit the giantís face.† Blood spurted from his nose.† He backed up as he grimaced in pain.† He had not seen time-skipping Bob take a calculated swing.† Bob was about to hit again when he saw Dawnís fist moving toward the giant.† Her fist was moving much too fast for a normal human.† The giantís head snapped back when Dawn hit him with an uppercut to the jaw.† The seven foot muscle man toppled backward.† Bob blinked into view holding his hand.

"Ouch.† Thatís like hitting a brick wall."

"Funny.† My fist only tingles," said Dawn after changing back to her visible mode.† She felt tired and wanted to conserve her strength.

The unconscious giant was spread-eagle on his back outside the office.† Dawn stepped over the giant and looked for other guards, but she was sure more would come.† Seeing none she waved for Bob to follow.† They had to get out of the building quickly.† At the stairwell door Dawn stopped to wait for Bob to catch up.† She concentrated on the egg and sent the "weíre leaving" signal to Edie.† Dawn pushed the door open and ran down the stairs with Bob close behind her.† Dawn was faster than Bob when he was in "normal" mode.†† Bob took a breath and held it.† He raced down the steps, passed Dawn, and stopped at the loading dock door.† He took a breath and looked around.† Edie was waiting outside the dock with the car motor running.

†"Letís get out of here," gasped Dawn.

Bob and Dawn jumped into the car and Edie raced away.† Five minutes and a mile away, Edie stopped at a red light.† "Was it a success?" she asked.

"Weíll know once we examine these file."† Bob opened the backpack and shook it contents.

"Pull over someplace," begged Dawn.

"Why?" asked Tom.

Dawn was visibly shaking.† In the aftermath of the raid she was trying to hold herself together.† The adrenalin on top of her near naked state left her highly aroused.† She appeared a bit ghostly almost like she did when she turned intangible.† She was trying with all her might not to phase out.† If she turned intangible she would slip out of the van.† The thought of being stranded in the middle of the city in only body paint sent erotic pulses through her entire body.† Her frustration and embarrassment were a vicious cycle that fed on itself.† Edie pulled the car to a parking spot and turned off the engine.

"Are we stopped?" asked Dawn.

"Yes," answered Edie.

"Hang on," Dawn gasped as she felt her control slip.† The inside of the car was suddenly filled with a murky mist as Dawn faded from view.† Bob felt the mist invade his body then saw Edie and Tom enveloped by the mist.† All the windows became fogged.† Bob sighed as he felt Dawnís mist caress him as it had in the bathroom hours earlier.† He was swept away by arousal as Dawnís thought and his merged.

Tom and Edie in the front seat felt their own bodies grow goosepimply as they were swept along by the erotic waves erupting from the back seat.† Raw passion swept over then.† They forget how to unlatch their seat belts as they reached for each other.

Simultaneous orgasmic explosions erupted.† All four were swept along as they shared their sensations.† The mist glowed brightly for several seconds before it faded and the mist cleared.

"Wow," gasped Dawn as she collapsed on the backseat beside a spent Bob.† She was visible and tangible, looking very good in her body paint.† She struggled to sit up in the seat and checked her uniform.† It was mostly intact, with two notable and embarrassing exceptions.† She found her extremely erect nipples were exposed after poking holes in the latex.† She covered those holes with her arms as the other three occupants of the car regained consciousness.

"Gawd, what happened?"† Edie voice was husky.†

"I think we all shared an orgasm with Dawn."† Tomís voice was very shaky and his face was red and sweaty.† "Bob, is that what you felt with Dawn in the bathroom?"

Bob sat up.† He too was blushing and trying to adjust his pants.† "It wasnít that explosive last time, but it was like that."

Dawnís voice was a bit stronger.† "Edie, get us out of here.† Iím not sure Iím done yet.† Letís put more distance between Huntingtonís lab and us."

Edie started the car and carefully drove away.

Chapter 27:†††† Warrior Born

Dawn snuggled under the bedclothes.† The warm body spooning against her back felt like heaven.† Slowly, her consciousness returned.† They had successfully returned to their motel without any serious mishaps.† As soon as they returned Dawn had steered Bob to a bed and sent Tom and Edie to the other room.† She had slowly and sensually undressed Bob to find he was hard and ready for her.† Then it was his turn to undress her.† Piece by piece he peeled the latex from her body.† Her flesh ached for attention. Once naked he pulled her to him as they stood at the foot of the bed.† They bodies molded to each other perfectly as he kissed her gently, then with more ardent passion.† They fell onto the bed.† As his fingers worked down her body she felt the power grow from within.† He had one hand on her bosom and the other on her lower stomach when the power erupted.† Once again her body became a cloud of nerve endings.† This time Bob intentionally inhaled the mist, and their bodies intermingled.† It was impossible to determine where he stopped and she began.† They shared all feelings and emotions as their act became more than animal passion.† There was a oneness, a rightness about it.† Her thoughts were his and his became hers in the sharing.

Their sharing climaxed in a mind blowing union of their very essences.† Exhausted, they relaxed in the afterglow.† Their bodies separated until they were indeed two naked beings intimately sharing a bed.

Dawn would have been embarrassed had she known the door to the connecting room wasnít closed.† In some way she knew their union was of more than two.† Edie and Tom had fallen into their bed and sharing many of feelings of Dawn-Bob when the mist invaded the adjoining room.† Tom and Edie had ridden the arousal and climax of their friends.

All four had slept deeply.


As Dawnís memory came back she stretched in the bed.† Bob remained warm and cuddly against her back.† She slid out from under the covers to stand next to the bed.† She stretched her entire body.† She felt sore in many parts of her body.† The soreness was not pain, rather it was that rather nice way one could be sore after a really good time.

She looked down at her naked body.† She blushed at the memory of last nightís pleasure, but she had no regrets.† She was embarrassed with the memory of not just her pleasure but of the pleasure of her three friends.† She had never been a voyeur but she found their shared intimacy delightful.

She padded to the bathroom to answer natureís call.† She was washing her hands when the ruckus erupted.† The hallway door to their room burst open.† Men rushed in and surprised her friends.† The fight lasted mere seconds, then there was silence.

As Dawn cowered and listened as a voice boomed.

"Whereís the other girl?† Sheís the important one."† Dawn shivered at the sound of Huntingtonís voice.†

She had moments to act.† Should she run away?† It would be easy to phase through the wall and escape.† They couldnít touch her if she did.† But her friends would be at the mercy of these madmen.† Her actual thought process took only micro-seconds before she acted.

Dawn walked through the bathroom door.† Three men stood in the room beside Huntington.† Each man resembled the muscular giant guard from the lab.† She should have been terrified but she wouldnít permit it.† Standing defiantly, and completely naked, she yelled.

"Get out!"

"Grab her," roared Huntington.

Due to the narrowness of the room the guards could only rush her one at a time.† She turned intangible as the first guard passed through her and fell into the hallway.† She resumed her naked appearance as the second guard raised a stun gun and fired.† The gunís electrode struck her right breast.† The next instant 20,000 volts shook Dawn.† She sank to her knees as the second guard smiled.† He stopped smiling and stepped back as Dawn looked up.† Her eyes crackled as if electrically charged.† She was furious.†

"Iíve had quite enough," shouted Dawn.† She took a deep breath and exploded into mist.

The intruders convulsed and their knees collapsed.† Dawn squeezed her essence around each of them.† The menís eyes rolled back as their bodies were gripped by frigid cold.† In less than a second they gasped as a fireball of Dawnís rage ripped through their minds.† They collapsed with no strength left in their bodies.

Dawn acted completely on impulse as her rage dominated her mind.† She pushed and found she was in Huntingtonís mind.† She saw what he saw as he looked up at her from the floor -- a terrifying but beautiful nude woman of smoke towered over him.† She detected much more than the sensory feelings she had received from her friends.† Huntingtonís obsession for power ruled his mind and he wanted her, and wanted her for her powers.† He was a true genius, as well as truly evil.† She saw in his mind that the guards were clones which he had co-engineered.† Conditioning had stolen the clonesí free will, leaving them little more than slaves to Huntingtonís orders.† Huntington would continue to corrupt until he was stopped.

Dawn pulled her essence together and solidified next to Huntingtonís prone body.† She felt his raw lust as he looked up at her.† He saw her as naked demon.† He wanted her, but not just her body.† We wanted to possess and completely dominant her mind as well.

Dawn stared at him as she contemplated her next move.† She wanted to do this but she didnít know if she could or should.† She knelt beside Huntington.† She saw herself in his mind -- completely nude, a thing of lust.† She harnessed her frustration, embarrassment and rage.† She focused on her right hand and concentrated.† Her hand and wrist became ghostly.† She lowered her intangible hand and pushed it into his chest.† She concentrated and felt his heart beat as it pushed blood through his body.† Slowly, she closed her fingers and squeezed.† Huntington groaned at the constriction of his heart.

"So that hurts?" Dawn thought and it boomed like spoken words in Huntingtonís head.† "If you ever threaten me or my friends again, I will hunt you down and rip out your heart."† She gave the heart another brief squeeze before withdrawing her hand.† Huntington fainted.† The skin of his chest was unmarred.† Dawn checked that his heartbeat and breathing had returned to normal.† Only then did she turn to her friends.†

Bob struggled on the bed, his arms cuffed behind his back.† Shackles were locked about his ankles and knees.† She briefly smiled at his nudity before checking the next room.† Edie and Tom were unconscious.† Each bore the tiny burns of stun guns.† The guards had been about to lock cuffs around their wrists.† Their breathing seemed normal.† She freed Bob using keys from the guardís pockets before returning with a cold washcloth. A swab of Edieís and Tomís faces brought them to conscious.† They were weak but not seriously hurt.† Tom used the guardsí own cuffs to secure them.

A few minutes later our band of good friends left their rooms with most of their possessions.† Dawn stood watch over the guards and Huntington until it was time to flee.† With one last look she closed and locked the roomsí doors and run to the waiting car.

Bob drove for several minutes with Dawn riding shotgun.† Tom and Edie rode in the backseat.† They were still shaky by the attack.† It was Bob who first broke the silence.

"Ah, Dawn?† Donít take this wrong but you do realize you are still naked, donít you?"

Dawn had been consumed in her fight with Huntington and his people.† The acknowledgement of her nudity had been pushed aside by her rage.† With them safe for the moment the acceptance of her naked condition came to the forefront of her mind.† She didnít even have body paint as camouflage.† Her arms covered her breasts and squeezed her legs together.

The four rode off into the night -- Dawn naked and embarrassed.

-- -- -- --

What will the future bring to Dawn and her friends?† Will Huntington leave them alone?


Thank you for your comments.† They have been appreciated.

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