Jackie's College Memoirs -- Excerpts

by TrackJim


As a favor I was cleaning out Jackie's garage one day and found several cassettes labeled "Memoirs: College Year". It was about my girlfriend's college years. She used to be much wilder back then. Now we have to plan and work to get her naked except when we are alone. I don't know why she recorded them. I think she would, but here are a few highlights.


October Sophomore Year

"Back in college I became involved with several of my sorority sisters in some unusual practices. Our sorority had the highest grade point averages on the campus. We took our classes seriously and studied hard hours. As some people have said 'Those that work hard often play hard'. We did moderate our drinking and avoided drugs. We were all thought of ourselves as career-minded and felt fully liberated. We dated, but avoided sex.

"To relieve some of the tension that rose from our chaste lifestyles, we reserved one weekend a month for "double dare" activities. These weekends were usually when we had one or more events in which we arranged some activity that was definitely outside the 'norm'. There was no torture or physical harm done, but at least one of us girls ended up naked or near naked in a public place. The real challenge was to do it so that no one outside our group ever got caught, but there had to be the risk of being caught.

"The victims were chosen by random. Sophomores, juniors and seniors were eligible for selection. The younger girls could not participate, although they were told accounts of what happened. Once a girl survived an event, she had to 'double dare' any other sorority sister to perform the same acts or repeat the act herself. Peer pressure can make you do things you would never have considered before.

"The very first time I was eligible for selection the sisters decided the dare for that month would be a nude walk from one end of the county fairgrounds to the other in broad daylight. This would be a good half a mile. The selected victim would strip in one of the restrooms. Her clothes would be handed to a sister who went to the restrooms at the other end of the grounds. When the victim emerged from the restroom the other sorority sisters would crowd around her to keep anyone from clearly seeing her. All the sisters wore only tube tops and short shorts with no underwear. If anything went wrong there were no clothes anyone could spare to give the victim. With all the other exposed skin no one should be able to make out the naked girl in the center of the sisters.

"As luck would have it I was the randomly selected victim. I realized if I chickened out the sisters would harass me. At the fairgrounds it took me forever to remove my panties. Finally, I swallowed hard as I stepped nude from the restroom. The sisters giggled as they crowded close to me. I tried to cover myself, but was told to stand straight or my hands would be tied behind me. In mass we started working our way down the midway.

"At first I was very scared, but as we strolled I found myself getting very sexually aroused, much to my own embarrassment. The sisters stopped at a few of the booths and played the games. I had no choice, of course, but to huddle with my sisters around me. A half-hour after we started we were only half way to the other end of the fairgrounds. That was when I noticed that the Ferris wheel was right next to the restrooms. When we passed it anyone up on the wheel would be able to look down and probably see that I was at least topless. I tried to tell my sisters but they all fell into a silent act and refused to answer me. They proceeded directly passed the Ferris wheel. As we walked by I saw a pair of teenage boys look down and see me. Even from the distance I could see their eyes get big. Fortunately they only pointed once and kept their voices quiet.

"I never felt more relieved when I stepped into the restroom and pulled my clothes on, but I couldn't believe how aroused I was. I stepped from the restroom and was congratulated on my feat of daring. I was trying to figure out whom I would select as my 'double dare' victim when no less than four sisters asked to be selected. I picked Mary. She moved to the center of the sisters and handed her shorts and top out. I took them to the other restroom and waited for Mary and the sisters to arrive. During my wait I found myself smiling as I remembered my walk. When the sisters arrived, a smiling and blushing Mary was handed her clothes.

"This was the first of many such events in which I found myself exposed in public."

April -- Sophomore Year

"It was spring break and ten of us sisters drove together to an apartment that belonged to a sister's parents. It was in a high-rise apartment building that overlooked a beautiful beach on the Gulf Coast north of Naples. There was a balcony and it was decided that each night a different victim would spend the night locked on the balcony. With the balcony and inside lights off no one would probably notice anything. The nearest balcony was fifty feet away and its apartment seemed unoccupied. Of course the night would be spent without any clothes. The dare was upped when one of the sisters said the victim should have her hands tied behind her back. There was some giggling and a few 'oh, no, I couldn't', but the suggestion was accepted.

"I drew the straw for the second night. At 11:00 PM I stripped and had my hands tied behind my back with nylons. I stepped out onto the balcony and heard the door lock behind me. It was a beautiful warm night with a clear sky. I sat on a chaise lounge and tried to arrange the cushions to take the weight off my arms. I found myself starting to enjoy the tranquillity, smiling and almost when the moon peaked over the top of the building. The full moon lit up the balcony. It felt like a spotlight on my exposed body. I jumped up and bounced my shoulder against the door several times in panic. Mary appeared in moments and smiled. She knew what was happening. She had spent the previous night out here. She opened the door and I moved to enter. Instead she stepped out on the balcony. She motioned me to step back. In a quick movement she pulled her T-shirt over her head leaving herself completely naked. The T-shirt was flipped through the door and Mary slid the door shut. The latch caught locking us both on the balcony.

"I asked Mary if she was crazy, but she just laughed and sat on the other chaise lounge. She said she had loved the night before and wanted to share it with me tonight. She reached under the lounge and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. She threaded a cuff through the top of the lounge chair and locked the cuffs on her wrists. Her hands were secured behind her neck to the chair as she stretched on the lounge. She could no more cover herself than I could. I returned to my lounge and stretched out with my legs together. My whole body was blushing. We talked a while in the bright moonlight. We were drifting off to sleep when I noticed motion on the nearest balcony. There were a man and a woman in an embrace. The woman's back was to me. I saw the man slid his hands down the woman's body. I realized he was undressing her. Her hands worked at his chest and in a moment she removed his shirt. I continued to watch as the couple stripped and the woman was laid down on a bench. The man positioned himself over her. I could tell he had entered her and their voices could be heard. They spent quite some time making love.

"I was getting both horny and panicky watching this couple. There was little I could do except rub my legs together which gave me no significant relief. After what must have been thirty minutes the man rose and entered the apartment. He returned with a couple of drinks. He sat the drinks down and looked straight at me. I knew he saw me as he smiled and gave me a thumbs-up sign. He returned his attention to his woman and they talked a while before having sex again. The woman must have enjoyed that evening as I heard her moan to four orgasms. I finally fell into an erotic, restless sleep.

"I woke to the predawn glow. The man and the woman were gone. Mary was sound asleep on her lounge. I stretched as much as I could and saw Alice coming to the door. Alice did a double take as she saw Mary in the other lounge. Alice untied my hands and let me enter. I jumped in the shower and cleaned up. My experience had left me sweaty and tired, but I smiled as I toweled myself down. I pulled on a long T-shirt and walked back to the balcony. Mary was awake and waiting for Alice to find the keys to the handcuffs. Alice appeared with the key from Mary's luggage. When Alice unlocked the cuffs Mary bolted inside and retrieved her T-shirt. Mary and I went to get breakfast ready as we were both hungry from our delightful ordeal."

October - Senior Year

"Our practices at the sorority house slowly escalated as we experimented. Our once-a-month activities were now occurring almost at least twice a month. We managed to hold our grade point averages high and continued to avoid distractions during the week. A few close calls for some of the other girls caused us to be more careful (sometimes), but the thrill just was not the same. I was getting more concerned about getting caught. I had started to have accidents in which I lost some clothing. I didn't know if it was psychosomatic or just plain bad luck.


November -- Senior Year

"Halloween was a big event for us at the house. It was a custom for many of the students to go 'trick or treat' in costume. Even before the escalation of our experimentation many of the girls often wore sexy or skimpy attire for Halloween, weather permitting. This year an Indian summer promised us an evening in the high 60's -- plenty warm enough for practically anything. We got together and decided on the costumes to be worn. We placed the description on sheets of paper and placed the paper in the hat. A week before Halloween we each pulled a sheet from the hat. No matter what, we were obligated to dress in the costume we pulled. Two universal rules were specified:

1) Unless specifically stated, no one was to wear underwear.

2) All outfits allowed shoes.

"Some costumes were tame and left the particular clothing at the option of the wearer. These costumes included Batgirl, a hobo, a ballerina, and a cheerleader (not imaginative as we had 3 real cheerleaders in the house).

"Other costumes had precise clothing stated. Some were twists on 'old time favorites', such as 1) a ghost in a sheet and shoes with nothing else, 2) a prostitute in a tight top, short skirt, fishnet hose, and high heels, 3) a sexy witch in a long, tight, over the shoulder spandex dress with a tall pointed hat and broom, 4) a Playboy bunny in a leotard with ears, tail and high heels.

"And finally some that were meant to be revealing: 1) a dominatrix(?) in a tight black corset that barely covered the breasts with tight black spandex shorts that held an active vibrator in place, 2) a mannequin which consisted of a blue, full spandex bodysuit and tights and matching hood which were all locked in place for the evening, 3) a mummy who would have four rolls of gauze and two safety pins and 4) a stripper whose costume consisted of only strappy high heels and a feathered boa.

"I had hoped to get a tame costume. Of course when my turn came I pulled (much to my horror) the stripper. The girls chuckled and promised I would be hidden in the middle of the 'pack'. I knew there would be some tricks in store for me that night.

"Halloween night came and as we gathered in our front room I noted that the weather forecast said the weather might drop to the low 60's. The girls were undaunted. I waited with a coat wrapped around me. The 'mummy' joined us. She had made a valiant effort with the gauze. It was wrapped tightly around her. I could see that in order maximize her area of coverage, the gauze was only one layer thick except over her crotch. I could see her nipples through the gauze. The rest of the girls filed out to the porch and waited for me. Several of the more covered girls moved to the front of our 'pack' with bags to accept treats for all of us. With growing fear I left my coat by the door, walked into the crowd of 15 girls on the porch and off we went. Peer pressure can make you entirely too stupid for you own good.

"I found myself frightened and aroused at the same time. We were walking down residential streets. A few children passed in costumes with bags of candy. I had the long boa wrapped from my neck across my tits, behind my back and held around my crotch. If I was seen below the shoulders and above my thighs I was in big trouble. Fortunately I could hang back with several girls near the back of the pack and was not being exposed to the neighbors handing out the candy. At a professor's home I got panicky when we were invited in, but the some of the other girls made excuses for us.


"We had turned a corner and were on a side street when the girls pulled the first trick on me. I noticed that the girls behind me had continued across the street leaving me exposed as I brought up the rear. I was left in plain view. I plunged into the girls in front of me, but there were only six and I knew I wasn't really shielded. I was holding the boa behind my butt as the girls moved on in front of me. One of the girls stepped behind and before I realized it, she had snapped handcuffs on my wrists. Now the only part I could cover was my ass. A breeze started and the boa blew off my shoulders. One of my sisters picked it up, but gave it to the 'prostitute'. I scurried alone and tried to stay in the middle of my group. At the next corner the sisters came back from across the street and formed up behind me again.

"The combination of the rising cool breeze and my nakedness made my nipples so hard they ached. As I walked along the 'dominatrix' eased over next to me. Her wrists we now locked behind her back, too. I could hear her vibrator humming along. To make matters worse for her someone had loosened the part of corset that had barely covered her nipples. Her nipples were now exposed and held in nipple clamps. I was about to comment when two arms grabbed me from behind. In moments, two similar clamps bit into my nipples. I wanted to howl in pain, but I did not want to attract attention.

"The dominatrix (Alice) and I would joined by the mummy (Gloria). The gauze was starting to unravel. Her entire left leg was visible. Her right leg was bare below her knee. She squeezed her arms across her breasts where the gauze had started to split apart. The sisters behind her were taking turns grabbing at the gauze trailing from her legs. One good pull looked like it might cause the gauze at her crotch and ass to slide off. I guessed the mummy might be as bare as I was by the time we got back to the sorority.

"We were passing rows of bushes on the house side of the sidewalk when a police cruiser eased up to the group of us. I stepped through a break in the bushes and was followed by the mummy and dominatrix. We three huddled behind the bushes as our sisters flirted with the lone cop in the cruiser. Our sisters proceeded down the sidewalk with the cop slowly driving and talking to them. Gloria, Alice and I shivered as another breeze chilled my nipples. Gloria reached over with one hand to release my nipple clamps. I bit my lips as the blood rushed back into my nipples. When I opened my tear filled eyes I saw that Gloria had removed Alice's clamps too. Alice was straining not to moan.

"I turned and looked at the dark house behind us. I made a dash for side of the porch and was followed by Gloria and Alice. Gloria was the most clothed so she went up on the porch and knocked on the door. The porch light came on and Gloria almost bolted. A woman in a long robe opened the door, took one look at Gloria and waved her in. Moments later the woman was back on the porch with the light off. She waved Alice and I to follow her into her house.

"Once inside and the door was close I saw that the woman was an attractive 30-something. We took a good look at us and whistled. She introduced herself as Gladys. Gladys told us to wait in the foyer. She went to the back of the house and returned in moments with three long t-shirts. Gloria slid her own on as the woman slid a shirt on Alice. She put one on me next and motioned for us to move to the living room as she disappeared again. She returned moments later with three glasses of hot apple cider. Gloria held one glass to my lips as the woman helped Alice take several sips. We relaxed a bit.

"Gladys asked if this was an initiation of some sort. I said we were the victims of some over imaginative sorority sisters. She smiled and said 'Suuuure'. She did not buy my explanation at all, but did not ask for more. After Gloria, Alice and I had relaxed a bit, Gladys left the room and returned wearing jeans, a blouse and a light jacket. 'Time to get you back to your house.' She led us out to the connected garage and helped us to get seated. Without drilling us for any more explanation she drove us back to our sorority house.

As we got back to the sorority Gloria said that maybe we should not be wearing the t-shirts when we entered the sorority. She was afraid that the sisters might punish us for being out of costume. The punishments could be harsh. We might be forced to be naked for a weekend and do all the house chores. That includes manning the front desk where all visitors, male and female, just register. Some punishments added handcuffs behind the back to prevent any effort to cover oneself. Alice and I reluctantly agreed and the t-shirts were left in the car. We dashed up the front door, but found it locked. We shivered in the bushes along the side of the house until our sisters returned four hours later."