Darlene’s New Job

by TrackJim with help (and inspiration) from my lovely wife, Barb


Epilogue: A New Job and A Special Boss

Things had not been going well for Darlene.

First, she had been laid off from her administrative assistant position at Galactic Software when her boss was fired for dipping into the company well. She had not been accused of any wrongdoing, but she had no chance for a good reference from him. No reference from a cell at Joliet Prison would go over well.

Within a week her apartment complex notified her it was going condo at the end of the month. She could not come anything close to the $400,000 price-tag for the place. She was searching the job ads when the phone rang. It was Julie, an acquaintance from Galactic. The call surprised Darlene. Julie had always acted jealous of Darlene’s job and had been snippy with her, but she listened as Julie told her of a position she had noticed.

“Check it out. If you find something good, maybe you could help get a job there too,” Julie had said in an innocent voice.

“Why not,” Darlene thought, writing down the phone number and address.


Darlene sat in posh chair before the desk of the Human Resource representative as he explained the job. “The job of special assistant is very simple. Mr. Oglethorpe has been a high achiever for the company, but he has been serious depressed after the unexpected death of his fiancée. We’ve offered him a few month of down-time get passed his grief and get counseling, but insists on early retirement by the end of the year. We want to encourage him to say on for a while longer. We want you to help us get him to stay on for at least another year. If he is still here until that time we will play you a big bonus.”

Darlene looked over the written numbers they showed her and felt a bit uncomfortable. This was just too good a deal – too good to be true. Just what did they expect her to do. The HR rep read the questions on her face and before she could voice them, he answered in a hushed voice.

“I know this looks suspicious. Frankly, it is very suspicious and unusual. We have information on Mr. Oglethorpe we’ve derived from his surfing the web using his company computer. Strictly speaking, his private use of company facilities is against our policies, but he brings so much income to the company we look the other way. However, we have followed his web usage and plan on using his preference as an incentive to keep him here.”

Darlene was more confused than ever. “Okay, cut through the bull. What is expected of me?”

“You may be called upon to do some light secretarial duties. Mostly running errands, getting coffee, some note taking.”


“Well, your primary duties will be to keep him happy.”

“I am not a prostitute,” Darlene answered in a stern voice.

“We aren’t asking you to be.” The HR rep paused and looked her squarely in the eyes. “As I said, what we want is someone motivated to keep him happy. From his surfing we know his likes.”

“And what are those likes?”

“Embarrassed women!”

Darlene was still confused. “How would I be embarrassed?”

“Here, read this special office dress code for the job.”


The next morning Darlene was taken to Mr. Oglethorpe’s office. She did not know why she had agreed to the ridiculous agreement. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she was introduced to Robert Oglethorpe, a middle-aged man with gray hair at his temples. He was an attractive middle-aged man with only a few extra pounds on his tall body. The dark circles around his eyes made him look said, but there was a twinkle in his eyes as the HR man explained her duties. To his credit RO (as his liked to be called in the office) looked shocked when his surfing preferences were revealed – and how Darlene fit into the picture.

“You mean I will totally control her attire? “

“Yes. You have full control in your office and reception area. Outside of there, she must maintain professional office attire. You can not take pictures, but you can look all you want.”

RO though for a few moments before answering. “And if I don’t want to put Darlene through any embarrassments, that’s okay too?”

“That is your choice and hers.”


To the observer Darlene sat quietly through the discussion. Inside her mind and body were telling her to run for the hills. How could she have agreed to this? Darlene was honest enough with herself to know it was the six-figure income she would get from her bonus IF she and RO were still here at the end of the next year. “No one really dies of embarrassment,” she thought as the HR man left her along with RO.

RO was the first to talk. “Why did you agree to this?”

“The money was too good to ignore.”

“And you aren’t scared?”

Darlene laughed nervously. “You bet I am.”

RO paused and for the first time a smile turned up the corners of his mouth. “Good,” he said with an evil laugh. “In that case get me a cup of coffee. The pot’s in my reception area.” Darlene stood and walked toward the door but before she could leave his office RO added, “And for each cup of coffee you fetch for me, you first remove one item of your choice.”


It was almost lunch time and Darlene was blushing. She had had to sit at the table on the right of RO’s private office for the whole morning reading company manuals. It would have been boring expect that by now she had removed her bra and blouse, but had kept her suit jacket. With it buttoned to the collar, she way not exposed. However, the rubbing of her bare nipples on the jacket’s rough insides had caused them to crinkle. She desperately needed to get away for a quiet lunch and get her emotions under control.

She glanced again at the locked closet door behind her. The closet contained her bra and blouse. RO had watched intently as she had removed them. He had carefully folded them and placed them on the top shelf of the closet before he immediately relocked the door. She felt vulnerable, not being able to retrieve her clothing. Why hadn’t she worn a full slip today instead of only a half-slip? She would tomorrow.

RO hung up his phone and leaned back in the chair. “A decent morning. Time for lunch. It’s customary for a boss to take a new assistant out for a celebratory lunch. Let’s get out of her before there the usual rush. There’s often a traffic jam at the elevators.”

“Do I get my clothes back for lunch.”

“Why? You look professional.”

“I don’t feel professional”, Darlene thought.


They’d had a long delicious lunch. Other than a brief scare when the coat-check girl had asked it she wanted to check her coat, it had been good. RO had not even touched her. Their conversation had become casual and Darlene’s nervousness abated. It was almost 2 PM before she followed RO back into his office. She took her place at the table and resumed her reading of the manuals.

“Darlene, I have a three o’clock meeting. I’ll need three cups of coffee for the meeting.”

Darlene could hardly breath.


The clock on RO’s desk read 2:55 as Darlene sat nervously at the table full of manuals. Any moment RO’s guests would arrive and she would have to get the coffee….and lose three items of clothing. She still could not decide what she was going to do. The financial incentive to stay and grit her teeth through the embarrassment was significant but this was only the first day and she was going to be nearly naked in front of RO and others. Would RO let her hide somewhere after getting the coffee? The small closet would be a tight fit. There was a connecting door to a conference room. Would it be unoccupied?

The phone rang and RO answered. “Thank you, Lorraine. You can send them right in?” He turned to Darlene, “I want the coffee now, three cups.” He looked down at his pre-meeting notes as Darlene bit her lower lip. Before she could move the door opened and in walked a man in his early thirties and a woman in her mid-forties. Both were obviously well dressed professionals. She was going to have to undress in front of all three of them?

“Darlene, the coffee, please.”

Six eyes watched as she struggled to stand. She fought back tears as her hands reached up to the top button on her jacket. One by one she unfastened her buttons but she kept the jacket almost closed. Questioning looks from the man and woman were silenced by a gesture from RO.

The woman was the first to smile. “How strange,” Darlene thought nervously. She had thought RO or the other guy would have been the first to appreciate her actions.

With her jacket unbuttoned a vertical strip of her flesh was visible, revealing her lack of blouse or bra. She wanted to remove her pantyhose next, but she knew that would only reveal what she too soon would be revealing anyway. Her hands trembled as she reached behind to the skirt’s zipper tab in the middle of her back. Her fumbling fingers were sweaty but she got a firm hold on the tab … and lowered it slowly.


The quiet whisper of the zipper as it lowered somehow filled the otherwise quiet office. She forced her hands to release the skirt in back and it swished down her body. Her white half-slip hid her legs. Her knees felt weak. She was committed -- she couldn’t stop now. She hooked her thumbs in the elastic waist band and pushed it passed her hip. She felt a shock as she stood in her tan pantyhose, red lace panties and high-heels. She’d done it. She had undressed before the eyes of three people in the middle of the business office. Could things get any tougher?

Yes, they could.

She almost stumbled as she made her way to the office door, turned the knob and opened the door a few inches. The coffee pot was in a front corner of the receptionist’s office. The receptionist, Helen, was not present. Fortunately, the receptionist did not sit in the general office area, but in an office of her own. Unfortunately, the door between the receptionist’s office and the hallway was wide open. Even as she watched someone passed in the hallway. Barely able to breath she stepped into the receptionist’s office.

The few steps to the coffee pot seemed to take forever. She got three clean blue ceramic cups from the cup tree and filled them. With two steaming cups in her right hand and one in her left she turned back to face RO’s door.

She heard male voices approaching from the hall. She couldn’t cover herself without spilling the hot fluid against herself. She hurried to RO’s door, but it had closed. Fumbling with her left hand she tried to turn the knob without spilling the coffee, but her hands were moist and slid on the polished aluminum knob.

“Oh, dammit!”

Darlene carefully place the cup in her left hand on a nearby file cabinet and opened the door. She held the door open with one out-stretched foot as she retrieved the cup from the cabinet. She hustled through the door as the approaching voices grew louder.


The door shut behind her before the voices passed the hall door. She was safe! Only then did she remember she wasn’t. Three pairs of eyes followed her every move as she forced herself to place each cup on the table. It was the woman who spoke first.

“Creamer, please.”

Darlene grit her teeth as she turned to get the creamer from next to the coffee pot.


After her first day on the job Darlene flopped down on her couch feeling like a nervous wreck. Luckily for her, RO has only wanted one more cup of coffee before leaving for the day … with the loss of her pantyhose. Even more luckily, he had given her the key to retrieve her clothes before he left. She had dressed in the empty office and managed to appear composed before leaving. It was only when she was hanging up her suit jacket that she noticed RO’s note in the chest pocket.

You did good today, but not good enough. For tomorrow wear a shorter skirt! Also, I want you to buy some special items this weekend. Here is a list. Keep receipts so I can have you reimbursed.

As she read down the list her cheeks grew red.



A New Week, A New Wardrobe, A Special Assistant

The following Monday morning Darlene dressed in her new clothes. She felt more than a little naughty as she looked at herself in the mirror. She appeared professional, if a bit overexposed. The skirt was shorter than she had worn since her college days, but thankfully she had good legs – if only a bit less of them was visible. The garter belt and hose where a new experience for her. She would have to be careful to keep the skirt down over the snaps.

“Yeah, right!”

Given her experiences of the prior week she knew it was only a matter of short time before she would be out of the skirt. The instructions had been clear to wear her new scanty lace panties over the garter straps. “At least I got panties.” The matching half bra did not cover her well enough. If she reached up for anything she knew her nipples could slip from beneath the lace.


Monday morning was slow. Darlene had gotten his morning cup of coffee, removing her jacket. He had then dashed off to a morning management meeting of some kind. She had been left with little to do.

“It’s time I got to know Becky better. I didn’t get much chance to talk to her last week. I may need her help sometime.”


Becky was RO’s receptionist. Darlene’s observations told her Becky was a good one. She scheduled all of RO’s appointment and took care of many matters for him. This left him with more time to work the phones and meet with his clients. She was an attractive dark-haired woman in her early forties. Darlene walked out to Becky’s office. Becky was getting herself a cup of coffee and returned to her desk. She sat back in her chair and faced Darlene.

“I wondered when we’d get a chance to talk.”

“Becky, I hope you don’t think me a slut.”

“No, I think you’re ambitious. If you were sleeping your way to the top, then you’d be a slut. Besides, if you succeed in keeping RO here, it is better for me.”

“You know all about my contract and RO?”

“I sure do. HR and I discussed ways to keep RO here. Actually, I was the one who suggested hiring a woman to embarrass.”

You? Why?”

“RO is really a prize to this company. He doesn’t grab the glory for himself. In fact, he has shared some of his bonuses with a few of us. He believes in team-spirit and puts his money where his mouth is. I wanted someone like you…well...because then I wouldn’t have to do it instead.”

“You stripped for him?”

Becky laughed. “Not really, but I did take to wearing some outfits here in the office that were a bit…scandalous if word got out.”

“Like what?”

“Well, for about three months I left my bra and panties on his desk before he showed up in the morning. He would put them in his desk. Only when the day’s work was done and he was ready to leave would he place them back on his desk.”

“Did you ever let he see you take them off?”

“No, but I know he wanted to, he just wouldn’t ask. He knows I am devoted to my husband. I made that clear before the first time I left my undies for him.”

“He understood?”

“Yes, he did. He knew I wanted him to stay. Except for his thing for embarrassing women, he is a good man.”

“So, how far will he go?”

“He won’t molest you in the office. He’s too professional. If you ever doubt that, talk to me. We’ll work it out.”

“Okay, thanks. That makes me feel better.”

“Do you want a suggestion?”


“Each day, find something more risky or revealing to wear. For now, thinner blouses and shorter skirts. In fact, I have something here you should wear tomorrow.” Becky reached into a desk drawer and pulled out a shopping bag. “Think about it.” The phone rang and Becky got busy.

Darlene stepped back into RO’s office and pulled the item from the bag. It was a chemise made of the thinnest nylon she had ever seen. Holding it to her body she saw it would just hang down to her pubic mound. Red graced her face as she realized how naked she would be in the chemise.


Monday had not been too bad. RO had spent all of the afternoon working on some proposal and had stay holed-up in his office with just her. Of course, he drank his coffee eventually. On the first cup she had removed her panties at his suggestion. Sitting without them was strangely exciting even though her skirt covered her. The feeling of her sex being framed by the garters and hose brought a warmth to her flesh.

Almost an hour later he wanted another cup. She was about to remove her hose when she spotted a disappointed expression on his face. “Dare I?” She stood. With a lump in her throat she lower the side zipper on her skirt. She had to wiggle her firm hips a bit before the skirt dropped to her feet. She just stood for a few moments as the office air-conditioned air blew across her nakedness. It felt cool on her hot loins. She’d left the skirt on the floor as she went for the coffee.

Becky sat in her office alone with the hall door was closed. Still if felt weird to walk virtually bottomless across the office to the coffee. “Will I ever get used to this?” Darlene wondered.

“Get me a cup, too,” asked Becky. “Black.”

This was a first. Usually Becky would only glance briefly as Darlene traipsed by in an undressed state. “Sure,” Darlene answered. Two cups poured and in hand she walked to Becky’s desk.

“That’s a new look.”

“New purchases for RO.”

“They look nice.” As Darlene turned toward RO’s door a firm SMACK resounded.

“Oww!” Becky jumped. “I thought you would go easy on me.”

Becky laughed, “Perfect for RO’s tastes. He’ll see my handprint on your butt and wonder what happened. Don’t tell him unless he asks.”

Rubbing her bare cheek with her free hand Darlene walked into RO’s office. RO’s eyes did a double take as she entered. She placed the cup on his desk and looked down. Both her nipples had escaped from her bra. Even as she watched the nipples crinkled hard. She reached up to arrange herself.

“Stop!” spoke RO firmly. “Leave your clothes alone.”

Darlene returned to her place at the side table, all her most private parts uncovered.


It was late afternoon. RO finished his work on the proposal and emailed it to Becky for a final review and spell-check. By this time Darlene’s clothes had been reduced to just her hose, garter belt and high-heels. She tried to appear casual as she sat at the side table, but RO could see her biting on her lower lip. He smiled. He had already noticed her biting her lower lip when she was embarrassed.

“That’s done,” RO said as he leaned back in his leather chair. Now we can just talk for a few minutes before we can call it a day. Come, sit in the chair in front of my desk.”

Darlene stood in all her glory. The few steps to the front of RO’s desk felt much farther as his eyes followed her every movement. Finally, she seated herself in the chair in front of his desk. She knew better than to place her hands on her lap -- a hopeless attempt to preserve some modesty. Instead she placed her arms on the arms of the chair and tried in vain to relax.

“You obviously like to keep fit. What do you do, go to a health club?”

Somehow, Darlene stopped her voice from squeaking. It almost sounded normal as she answered. “I try to walk every evening and visit my club on the weekends.”

“There just never seems to be enough time, does there?” RO paused and smiled. “My doctor has been on me to get more exercise. I have an idea. We can both get some exercise here at work.”

That sounded ominous. Darlene’s mind draw its own picture as RO made a phone call using the speaker phone.

“Roosevelt Athletic Supplies. How may I help you?”

RO responded. “I am doing some business with Ms. Hammonds. Could you connect me to her? Tell her its RO.”

“One moment please”

After a few seconds a vibrant female voice. “RO, its great to hear from you.”

“Julia, I’m thinking of taking you up on your offer. Can you send over the treadmill you tried so hard to sell me last month?”

“Sure thing. I’ll even deliver it myself. How is everything going for you, dear? Are you ready to go out on the town with me?” The last sentences had a flirting style to the words.

“Not just yet. When can you do the deliver?”

“How about 8:30 tomorrow?

“Great. I’ll introduce you to my new assistant.”

“What happened to Becky?”

“She’s still here. Darlene has … other duties. You’ll see when you get here.”

Darlene knew she was not going to be still dressed as an office worker for this Julie. RO would see to that.

And he did!


A Rough Day at the Office

The next morning Darlene arrived at 8:15. As instructed before she had left the day before, she brought her exercise outfit with her. The tank-top leotard and tights were both bright blue and made a nice contrast to red ‘bra’ and skimpy shorts she normally wore over them. Her trainers were red, the same read as her short and cut-off red T-shirt. She wore the shorts to preserve her modesty in the event of a run in her leotard or tight…which had happened one embarrassing Saturday months ago. The T-shirt was also for modesty as she moved vigorously in the aerobics class. More than once she had bounced out of the tank-top while stretching and dancing. Upon entering RO’s office he asked to examine her outfit.

“Nice, but a bit excessive, don’t you think?” With that comment RO handed her back the shorts, T-shirt and trainers while placing the leotard and tights in a desk drawer. “Why don’t you change right now?” Darlene was unprepared to be naked so early in the day. “You can use my private bath,” he said pointing to the side door.

“Thank you,” Darlene answered before scurrying through the indicated door.


The room was a three-quarter bath with sink, toilet and shower. The wall opposite the shower was completely covered from waist height to the ceiling by one continuous mirror. Darlene’s eyes were drawn to her reflection. She looked like an office professional in her business jacket and short skirt -- a woman obvious climbing the corporate ladder. Only the red blush on her cheeks spoiled the picture. Her eyes continued to be locked on her reflection as she removed her smart jacket revealing her thin blouse. Under the harsh lights it was easy to see her bra-less condition. She reached behind and unsnapped the button at the waist of her skirt. The zipper was lowered and in a moment she stood before her mirror’s image.

As was becoming her standard uniform, she was wearing the garter belt and hose. She carefully removed her panties before rolling the hose down her legs. Standing in just her blouse she felt the blood warm her body bringing an attractive glow to her flesh. She could see how the blouse barely covered her loins and giggled nervously. With the slightest movement the front tails of the blouse opened as she reached to undo the top button.


The tails framed the trimming she had given her dark curly hair of her loins. Only a small strip remained. “More naked than naked?” she wondered. After removing her blouse she looked around the bath. Of course, no one was there. For a moment she wondered if the mirror was a one-way mirror and if anyone was watching her. Thinking, she realized the other side of the mirror was the hallway. There were no pictures or mirrors there, just a blank wall.

Before her mind could dream up any other scenarios she donned her shorts, T-shirt and trainers. The softness on the shorts and T-shirt felt nice, but … unusual. She had never worn them without the leotard and tights. She felt strangely alive as she realized how nearly bare she was. The ‘safety-ness’ of the T-shirt felt wrong. It now looked too short to do its job. She raised her arms straight over her head and saw the roundness of her bare lower breasts in the mirror. “It wouldn’t take much more to show my nipples.”

“Darlene,” RO’s voice was heard through the closed door. “There is someone I want you to meet.” Darlene took a deep breath, squared her shoulders and walked into RO’s office.

“Julie, this is my new special assistant Darlene.” Julie was dressed in a sleeveless sleek dress buttoned almost to the neck with the lower hem tastefully above stockinged knees. Her tall spiked heels really emphasized the muscle tone of her calves and lower thighs. Julie’s platinum hair was cut short in an attractive athletic style. “She must use her equipment a lot,” thought Darlene. She looked to be in her mid or late twenties, about her own age.

“Darlene, this is Julie Hammonds. She owes a string of health clubs runs an athletic supply company.

Darlene had not missed Julie’s fleeting expression. Thoughts flashed threw Darlene’s mind. “I bet she wants more from RO than just a good customer. She wants HIM.”

Julie took one look at Darlene and saw competition, but she forced a smile to her face. “Nice to meet you, Darlene.”

“I’m sure. What are you doing for RO? Are you his private trainer? I hope you are properly trained.”

“Now, now, Julie. Darlene does special projects with me, but for now I thought she would be your demonstration model for the treadmill. You said it has a lot of special features. You show her how it all works and she can show me later. I just got called into a meeting, but you two can stay and get things set up.”

“I was hoping to show the special functions to you myself,” cooed Julie.

“Sorry, work calls. You two work things out.” What that RO grabbed a folder of papers and left.


Darlene could feel the hate flow of Julie as she explained the workings of the treadmill. “See, here, we can set up programs for the treadmill from an easy five minute walk to a two hour marathon. The tread can be sloped level, uphill or downhill by the program. Actually, the basics of this new model treadmill are not new. They have been in use for vascular and cardiac testing for several years. It is only recently been released for use by the general public. Of course, we’ve added options to the program and stressed that no one operate the treadmill without a second person present. No one with a heart condition should ever use one of these without a doctor present. That shouldn’t be a problem. I know RO’s in excellent cardiac shape. Do you have any problems?”


“Good. Now that I have shown you the basics, I think you should try one of the programs.” Darlene stood on the treadmill and set up the program, blocking Darlene’s view. “All done. Now, for your own safety I think we should use the safety straps.”

Julie prodded Darlene onto the treadmill. The treadmill was equipped with safety rails on both sides. To help insure the user wouldn’t fall, special straps could secure the runner’s hands to the rails … which Julie quickly used.

“All set?” Before Darlene could answer Julie hit a button on the control panel.


Julie sat at the side table and explained. “This is the warm-up cycle. It is just a slow walk to prepare you for what is to come.” The tread moved slowly for several minutes, then BEEP and the tread accelerated to a brisk walk which Darlene handled with ease.

“You’re doing fine. I think its almost ready for the next phase of the workout.”


The tread accelerated once more. Unable to swing her arms she had some trouble maintaining her usual rhythm. Sweat formed on her body. All too soon her T-shirt was plastered to her wet chest.

“Oh, my, Darlene. You look hot! Let me help you.” Julie reached to the control panel and the treadmills slowed to a stop.

“Thanks, Ms. Hammond.”

“Don’t thank me yet.” Evil dripped from Julie’s voice. Before Darlene could react Julie grabbed the waist band of Darlene’s shorts and yanked them to her ankles, tripping Darlene. Before she could pull herself up Julie had the shorts passed her feet. “Now for that sweaty shirt.” Darlene was afraid to move as Julie approached with a large pair of scissors.

Snip, snip, snip. RRRRRRRIPPP!

Darlene’s top was gone. The air-conditioning kissed her nipples and they quickly responded.


The machine started on its own. It was all Darlene could to as it accelerated to a jogging pace. It was not only the pace that robbed her of her breath, but the feel of running (and bouncing) naked. She just could not quite catch her breath as the treadmill raced on and on and on.


Darlene was one sweat-covered quivering naked mass of emotions as Julie taunted her. “You out-of-shape, cow. It was just setting RO in my sights and you show up. Well, when he sees the spectacle you are making of yourself, he’ll fire your ass.”


RO returned to his office to witness an exhausted Darlene struggling to keep jogging on the treadmill. “What’s going on here?”

“Darlene insisted I show her the toughest settings, then she insisted on doing them in the nude. How shameless!” Darlene was so out of breath she couldn’t deny Julie’s words.

“Can’t you see she’s exhausted,” shouted RO. “Turn if off now.”

Julie sauntered to the treadmills and hit a button. BEEP! And the treadmill slowed again to a stop. Darlene hung by the handrails, still unable to talk. RO saw the smirk on Julie face and remembered it. “Here, let’s help Darlene into my shower.”

“I’m not touching her smelly sweat,” screeched Julie.

“I’ll do it myself!” RO gently freed Darlene’s hands from the rails. Before she could fall to the tread she gently picked her up and took her to his bathroom. Several moments passed before the sound of the shower started. Only moments later RO emerged with a determined expression on his face. His suit had several dark smudges that had to be Darlene’s sweat.

“Ms. Hammond, that was despicable. It you want to get that financing you wanted, you must do some penance.”

“Uh-oh!” thought Julie. “I went too far.”



Twenty minutes later Darlene emerged from the bathroom feeling much cleaner and a bit refreshed. She had found a terry cloth bathroom in the small linen closet. Immediately, her facial expression turned to a smile … as now sweat-covered Julie ran naked on the treadmill. RO was smiling broadly from his seat at the table. He waved her to join him as he sipped on iced fruit juice from his private fridge. Darlene took relief in downing several glasses of cooling beverage as Julie performed her penance.

Darlene had to ask. “How did you know she was lying?”

“Don’t you think I know what embarrasses you by now?”

Darlene could only blush.

It was a rewarding day for RO and Darlene.


And the Work Goes On

Things settled down into a routine of sorts, but one with more embarrassing surprises for Darlene. Day after day RO came up with new ways to embarrass her. She never knew if she would make it to the end of the day still wearing anything – although never very much. On other days she was naked early in the morning and stayed naked the whole long day. On some days she was allowed to go out to lunch, usually without underwear, but always appearing normal to the casual lunch crowd. Being careful of the ways she moved and sat during lunches was important particularly as her skirts and dresses became shorter and more revealing.

On some days RO would order in lunch and they would eat together. Becky joined them occasionally. Darlene was confused by Becky. It was obvious to her Becky liked their boss and wanted him to stay with the company. One moment Becky would be supportive and comforting to Darlene and the next Becky would add to Darlene’s embarrassments. Today it was to be the latter.

About 11:00 RO asked Becky to come into the office. He asked her to order lunch for the three of them. Darlene looked decently attired, but Becky suspected from Darlene’s body language that she was probably missing her undies. Darlene had been wearing dark hose when she arrived but Becky saw her legs were quite bare .

“Something reasonably healthy?” she asked.

“Healthy, but tasty. Surprise me,” RO answered.

“Oh, by the way,” Becky added as she was about to leave the office, “I found something special for Darlene. Let me drop if off before I get the food.”

Becky immediately returned with a small shopping bag which she placed on RO’s desk. “Why don’t you have her wear it for lunch,” Becky said as she left, closing RO’s private office door.

RO pulled two items from the bag and smiled. “Darlene, please slip into these. You can change in the bath while I make a call.”

Darlene, who was indeed completely bare under her short skirt stood carefully. She picked up the two items and moved to the private bath. Only then did she hold up the items so she could examine them.

The top was about four inches wide in the front, but the strap going around her back was no larger than a strand of angel hair spaghetti. Small elastic sections at the sides of the front allowed some stretch to the top, but there was no way to adjust the size. More importantly, there were no straps over the shoulders to keep the top up. “Well, I’ve worn skimpier tops at the beach, but they always had straps or I could tie it tight,” she thought as her face grew slightly pinker. She laid the top on the sink and examined the other item.

The second item was a skirt, a very short skirt, much shorter than the one she was wearing. Suddenly her lack of even her scanty lace panties she had worn to work became very unnerving. Faced with the situation, she quickly (but reluctantly) removed all her clothes and stared at her nude body in the mirror. The treadmill had improved the curves to her calves and thighs. She even noticed her firm bottom had become firmer, her dimples more defined. She smiled at her reflection, then remembered where she was. Her face and body took on a healthy pinker glow. “Lord, am I really getting turned on by this?”

Darlene giggled nervously as she pulled the top down over her head and tried to position it so it would stay. “Dang it, Becky must have bought a D.” The top covered her warm breasts, but she knew it would start slipping down when she wiggled her shoulders. She knew she would be pulling it up every few minutes. It would be a long afternoon. To make matters more difficult the front panel was not much wider than the distance between her hardening nipples. Much of the outer sides of her breasts were going to be exposed.

She stepped into the tight skirt and pulled it up her legs. It was made of soft cotton like the top, but its tight weave did not have much elasticity to it. It was really very short so she positioned it well below her exposed navel. She looked in the mirror and gasped. The skirt didn’t reach down far enough. Even standing straight she could see a bit of her privates in the mirror. She pulled it lower, then lower still until the waistband hung dangerously low on her hips. She backed up two small steps in the bathroom then walked toward the mirror. The air passed between her legs making her feel very exposed, but her privates remained barely private.

She turned to examine the view of her rear and groaned when she saw the rear cleavage she was exposing. GULP! “I guess it’s either front or back,” she groaned. She put her low-heeled sandals on and took several deep breathes to slow her racing heart. Her hand shook slightly as she opened the door and returned to RO’s office.

RO looked up and he smiled broadly.


Darlene was unprepared for RO’s wolf whistle. He had never done one before this. Her face grew quite red as she returned to usual position at the side table. She stayed facing RO and keep her under-covered rear end away from his smiling eyes. She sat with one hand pulling down on the front of her skirt, trying to conceal her loins. Her action had a not-unexpected reaction. The back of her skirt dropped lower on her bottom. She sat with her thighs squeezed tightly together. She wanted to cross her legs, but under RO’s eyes she feared she would reveal more than she already was.

KNOCK! KNOCK! The door opened.

“Lunch is served,” announced Becky. “I have it all laid out on the coffee table in my area.”

Uh-oh! “Ah, can’t we eat in here?” asked Becky.

“Becky’s gone to all the trouble. Let’s enjoy lunch out there.”

“I’m doomed,” Darlene said under her breath.


The Chinese food was spread most attractively on Becky’s coffee table. Maintaining the oriental motif Becky has moved the table to the middle of the room, far away from the couch and chairs. Becky, acting as hostess, lead RO to the head of the rectangular table and motioned for him to sit. He knelt and sat with his knees under the edge of the table and his back toward his private office door.

Becky beckoned Darlene top the opposite end of the table and smirked as Becky kicked off her sandals then attempted to lower herself to the table without exposing her barely concealed loins to RO. She succeeded at a price. Much more of her tight bottom was exposed although only Becky witnessed the fact. As Darlene knelt with knees squeezed tightly together, she tried to pull up her skirt in back.

The laws of physics fought Darlene’s attempt at modesty. For every action there is a reaction. As she pulled up the skirt she felt the back hem creep higher until her toes touched bare bottom. As she was doing this she kept her eyes on RO’s watchful eyes. When his eyes looked down she looked too.

“Oh my!”

As Darlene had pulled up the back of the skirt, the front had followed. Framed between her exposed thighs and the hem of her skirt was a triangle of exposed warm pulsating flesh. Barely concealed was a very alive clitoris, throbbing. In desperation she grabbed a paper napkin and laid it over her lap. She breathed as short sigh as she achieved some coverage below, but her motions had come with another price. Her right nipple had escaped her uncooperative top when it had dropped and moved to the left. As she tugged as the traitorous top the paper napkin slide down her smooth thighs exposing her bare triangle of hot flesh once again. She finally achieve a balance with top, skirt and napkin covering her.

The trio started to eat and lunch was to be a tug-of-war for Darlene. She found she could move her hands and wrists with some safety, but any movement of her upper arms or shoulders and the top played seek-a-boo with her very erect nipples. Reaching for food from the various take-out boxes stretched her back causing the skirt to slid up or the napkin slid down. As Darlene pulled at her clothes the three people talked in a friendly conversational manner until…

The door to the hallway opened and someone stepped into the reception area. Darlene could not see the person, but she knew whoever it was, he or she could see much of her. From her neck to the skirt still below her waist only the thin strap of her top broke the expanse of her exposed flesh. She reached behind her back to cover up, but RO frowned at her.

In almost a whisper he said, “Keep you hands in front”. Then, in a louder voice, he addressed the visitor.

“Hi, Julie. I haven’t heard from you in a while. I understand you are responsible for sending me my new assistant.”

Julie! The woman who had given Darlene the job listing for THIS job.

Julie answered in a superior tone. “Yes, I thought she would be the perfect girl for you. In fact, I brought a little gift for you…and her.” RO and Becky smiled at whatever Julie showed them. Then Darlene felt Julie at her back.

“Put your wrists behind you,” ordered Julie. With some fear Darlene complied after RO shook his head for her to do as Julie said. In a flash Darlene’s wrists were pulled together behind her back and locked in cold metal. To add to the embarrassment, the action of pulling her arms behind her thrust her shoulder back and her breasts forward and her top fell to her waist. For a few moments Darlene pulled at her wrists, wanting to cover breasts with her hands, but the metal was unyielding.

“Lean forward a bit, dear,” ordered Julie. Before Darlene could even think of cooperating Julie pushed her back forward. Cold steel brushed her spine from her wrists and between her rear cleavage. As if by magic metal instantly encircled her ankles. Darlene pulled at her restraints discovering the bindings at her wrists were connected by a cold metal chain to those at her ankles.

As with everything Darlene’s struggles came with price. The napkin slid from her lap and her skirt rose in front. She had no choice but to sit, exposed and tightly restrained.

“Julie, those are perfect accessories to Darlene’s outfit,” said RO. “We have plenty of food. Please eat with us.”

Forced to sit and unable to cover herself in any way, Darlene sat as the others gabbed like old friends. It was a long lunch.


Lunch ended and her companions stood. Darlene, locked in cold steel was unable to rise. She wanted to ask if they could release her but she was afraid her voice would betray her feelings. Even embarrassed as she was she found herself incredibly aroused. She had no doubt that, upon opening her legs to stand after they unlocked the metal restraining her, the aroma of her arousal would fill the air. It was all she could do to act patient, her breasts bared, her skirt too high on her thighs. She watched as Julie, Becky and RO went into his office leaving her alone in Becky’s receptionist area.

“Abandoned?” thought Darlene. A chill ran over her body as she fought her emotions. In reality she wanted to relieve the pent-up desire surging through her body. “Would I really touch myself here, where anybody could walk in on me?” Her arousal and embarrassment wage war in her mind.

After several minutes of solitude, the door to RO’s office open and out walked Julie, closing the door behind her. She walked to Darlene and bent down so their faces were only a few inches apart.

“Darlene, you are doing wonders for Uncle Ray. Since his wife, my aunt died, he has been but a shadow of his old self. Now he’s enjoying life again, and you are partially to thank.” Julie giggled mischievously before continuing. “Of course, I also enjoy seeing you taken down a peg or two, but you’ll being richly paid to perform your….service.”

Before Julie straightened she reached forward with her right hand and pinched Darlene’s already erect nipple. A groan escaped Darlene throat. Julie chuckled as she left the office.

Darlene was really stewing in her own juices. Julie’s pinch had ignited a fire up and down Darlene’s body, a body that was betraying her as she fought to remain as calm as possible. The room grew quiet until she was sure the sound of her heart echoed off the walls.


The door to RO’s office opened and Becky emerged. She walked behind Darlene and worked at the restraining metal. The chain between her wrists and ankles was removed.
Her ankles were released and Becky helped her to her feet. One cuff remained around her right ankle. Darlene’s legs were a bit shaky and she leaned on Becky as they entered RO’s office. Becky stood Darlene in front of RO’s desk and left the office. Darlene stood, her hands still behind her held by the steel around her wrists. Her top hung about her waist covering nothing of importance and her skirt was bunched up, becoming tangle with the top.

RO’s sat watching her in silence as seconds dragged into minutes. His eyes sweep up and down her body. His smile was not one of sexual hungry, but of pure joy. “I am really bringing happiness to a formerly depressed man?” she thought. She was somewhat awed by her accomplishment. “To bring such happiness can’t be bad.” Her mind was rocked as pride, arousal and humiliation all fought in her mind.

“Move to the desk and turn around so I can unlock your cuffs.”

She moved as order and his fingers only touch her wrists as he released her bonds. He told her to turn around and he handed her the keys. “Go ahead, unlock your ankle.” She did, and was freed. Before thinking she immediately pulled down her skirt and was about to pull up her top when she looked at him.

“May I,” she asked.

“Yes.” In moments she arranged her top and felt a bit more presentable. He collected the cuff and deposited them in a desk drawer. “For future use,” he said while smiling. “You’ve had a busy day already and I feel invigorated. Take the afternoon off. Feel free to freshen up and change at your leisure.”

Darlene gathered up the clothes she had worn and scurried into the bathroom. She took a hot shower and was about to put on her own clothes when she caught herself smiling. Leaving her bra and panties on the counter, she pulled on the blouse and short skirt she had worn into the office. She slid the top and skirt she had worn during lunch into her handbag. Dressed, she grabbed her handbag and her undergarments from the counter and walked out of the bath. She walked to his desk and placed her bra and panties in the middle of his desk.

“Something to keep you smiling the rest of the day.”

Smiling broadly, Darlene turned and walked out with a bounce to her step.



An Evening of Self-Discovery

Darlene raced home. Once inside her condo she quickly removed her ‘street’ clothes and put on only the little top and skirt. Adding a pair of heeled sandals she walked onto her balcony. The day was lovely with a gentle breeze. She stood at the railing with her feet about 15 inches apart feeling the breeze whisper between her legs. Even without anyone else’s eyes to make her blush, she felt some of the excitement she had felt at work. Of course, there were people around who might see her, but they were all at a distance. She could walk inside at any time. She was in control, but did she want to be?

Darlene thought. “What is it about the risk, the embarrassment? When I am under someone else’s control I find myself enjoying myself on some level. Is it that I can blame them and not myself when I’m not in control?” Pondering her thoughts she found she wanted to experiment a bit.

“I could take something down to the laundry room,” she challenged herself. “Why not? I can hide behind the basket if I want.” After several minutes of examination she filled her laundry basket with a load of whites and stepped into the hall. No one was around but she felt naughty and alive as she walked to the elevator. She rode down alone to the basement. The hallway was devoid of people as she walked to the washers in the corner room. Another load was running in a washer, but no one was present. She loaded her clothes, added detergent and deposited the coins. There was a mirror on the back wall. As the washer filled with water she examined her reflection.

She had a nervous smile on her face, but that was no surprise. As her gaze lowered she was pleased with the way the top accented her bust. Her barely covered nipples made two proud points in the thin fabric. Looking lower she was quite satisfied with definition of her firm bare stomach. As she had initially worn it at the office she had the tiny skirt as low as possible on her hips. She turned her body away from the mirror while still looking into it. There was more than a bit of bottom cleavage revealed in her reflection. She pulled the back up less than a half an inch and saw the curve of the bottom of her bottom revealed. She giggled nervously and smiled as to pulled the skirt back to it lower position. “Tease,” she whispered to herself.

The sound of the elevator doors opening jolted Darlene out of her reverie. The sound of footsteps approached. With nowhere to hide she could only stand facing the laundry door. “If I stand perfectly still I should be able to get through this.”

In walk Mr. Randolph Kellahugh, her neighbor from down the hall. He was juggling an overflowing basket of laundry with detergent and bleach bottles about to fall from the top of the clothes. Darlene’s naturally helpful nature kicked in. She rushed to catch the detergent bottle as it tipped from the basket. She felt the back of her skirt slide up her bottom as she bent over. The bleach bottle followed the detergent out of the basket and she caught it too. Nervously standing straight she could feel her skirt NOT slide back down to cover her naked rear.

“Thanks, Darlene,” Mr. Kellahugh voiced with frustration. “I always overload myself and end of dropping something.”

Darlene just managed to keep a squeak out of her voice. “Glad to help.” She remained facing Randolph, hoping to shield her exposed backside from his eyes.

“My, you look great today. That’s a cute outfit you are wearing.”

“Just relaxing.” Randolph was almost twenty years older than Darlene, but a bit of gray at the temples and a face with some character lines of age, he was attractive. Randolph had never made a pass at her, treating her more like a niece. They always said “Hi” when passing in the hallways and he had come to her balcony barbecue she had thrown last summer. He was but one of seven neighbors, but he had come alone. The shorts and top she had worn for the barbecue had covered more than her current outfit, but not by much. Now, he might be the first of her neighbors to caught her in an under-dressed state. Darlene was nervous, but even she couldn’t deny the juicy feeling between her legs as she tried to act normal.

“Well, Randolph, I gotta run. See you at the rinse cycle.”

Randolph was smiling as he looked at her. “Will you be wearing the same outfit?”

Uh-oh?! “Why?”

“You might want to pull down the back of your skirt before passing the security cameras.”


She saw his eyes looking in the mirror, the mirror with a perfect reflection of her exposed rear end. She scurried from the laundry room toward the elevator. It was not until the elevator door was about to open that she remembered to pull down her skirt. Her mind was a-whirl as she rode up to her condo. It was not until she reached the door that she remembered her keys were still on the washer with her basket.


Darlene turned and rode the elevator back to the basement. Randolph was still tending his clothes as she entered.

“Back so soon.”

“S…Sorry, forgot my keys.” Her voice was little more than an embarrassed whisper. She collected her items and forced herself to walk in a normal pace as she left. The ride up the elevator seemed to last forever. Darlene carefully locked the door behind her and rushed to her bed. In two seconds her skimpy outfit was on the floor and she was on the bed, attempting to relieve her throbbing arousal.

Thirty minutes later she was back in her skimpy outfit, she was in the laundry room moving her clothes to the dryer – a smile on her face.


Tropical Exposure

It has been two weeks since Darlene’s self-enforced trip to the laundry room in skimpy attire. She had made some modifications to many of her skirts, shortening them. With a stop at the mall’s Victoria Secret she had updated her undergarments. They were mostly frilly, skimpy and revealing items. The few such item she had owned had been reserved for special occasions, but now every workday was special too. Besides she loved how the silky things made her feel especially when RO had her parade around for half the day without her outerwear. She though many times about the changes she was experiencing.

“What am I turning into? Will I get used to, even bored by the situations RO puts me in?”

Unable to answer these and other related questions she went into work each day with a smile. RO and Rebecca had both commented on the glow she had. They were delighted she was enjoying the situation. RO was particular pleased that she still blushed each time she was exposed even when it was just for him.

This morning Darlene was wearing a skirt which exposed more than half of her tanned thighs. The snaps holding up her hose were barely covered by the hem of the skirt. The garter straps passed under the snug thong. With each step the thong moved deliciously between her legs. The blouse she wore was cutoff so that it barely reached the skirt’s waist. If she reached up her tummy would be exposed. Although nothing was revealed she loved the way the outfit made her feel. “Besides, no matter what I wear to the office, RO will have it off me before it is time to leave.” She giggled to herself then blushed.

RO smiled as she waltzed through his open office door.

“My, you’re looking chipper today,” RO commented. “Any special reason?”

“Nothing in particular. I just feel good.” Darlene’s smile was radiant.

“Then you’ll really enjoy this. I have to go on a business trip next week. Rebecca’s already go her vacation planned and I don’t want to make her change plans. I checked with HR and they said there’s nothing in your contract about any time off for you when I travel. So, you are coming with me to the Caribbean.”

“The Caribbean! I’ve always wanted to go there. Will there be a lot for me to do?

“You will only have very light secretarial duties.”

Darlene clapped her hands and giggled. “I don’t have a thing to wear.”

“Perfect! I’ll bring everything you’ll need. In fact, you shouldn’t bring a thing.”

Darlene blushed and bit her lower lip. “Do you mean I’ll still be under the same clothing arrangement as I do in your office?”

“It’s the only way to travel.”


RO made one modification to his previous statements. He suggested she wear shorts and a polo shirt for the plane ride to the Caribbean. The flight was trouble-free and on time. A limousine driver picked them up at the gate and whisked the off to the hotel. He said their luggage would follow. Darlene stood beside RO as he checked them into the hotel and she followed him up to the penthouse suite. The suite was wonderful. There was a large common room with bedrooms on either side. The balcony looked over a long white beach on a small bay under a cloudless blue sky. The water of the bay was almost smooth, probably due to the breakwater beyond the mouth of the bay. A few people lounged in chairs and paddled around in the water. On the right side of the balcony was a hot tub, it water clear and inviting.

RO smiled at the view from behind Darlene. “Relax for a while. I have some calls to make. The bags should be here soon. Check out the bar and bring me something to drink. Get yourself something if you want.”

The bar was along one side of the common room. Darlene found it well stocked with non-alcoholic beverages. “Rebecca must have made the reservations with instructions,” thought Darlene. She got two bottles of fruit drink and poured them into glasses of crushed ice. She even found little umbrellas to top the drinks. With a glass in each hand she walked to the table where RO was sitting. As she set the glasses on the table he was deep in conversation, but he looked up and frowned at Darlene. He held his hand over the phone’s receiver.

“Darlene, I said relax.” He smiled. Darlene blushed. She knew what he wanted. He was back talking on the phone but his eyes never left her. He hands shook slightly as she pulled her polo shirt over her head. Since he had told her to wear the shorts and shirt, she had done as instructed -- she wore nothing else. The shirt was off and her nipples were already hardening. She placed the shirt on a chair and looked at RO. He pointed to the shorts, the meaning clear. She kicked off her sandals and hooked her thumbs in her waistband. In moments she was naked.

A warm breeze from the open balcony doors caressed her bareness. Her body was like a live wire pulsing with the energy of arousal. “Feel better?” asked RO. Darlene couldn’t speak, but she shook her head YES. “Good, why don’t you try out the hot tub.” Darlene walked to the door. The world was out there, but since this was the penthouse, few would have a good view of the balcony. Still, it was exposed to the blue sky. She tip-toed to the hot tub. She blushed as she lifted her left leg to step over the high side. She quickly pulled the other leg into the hot tub and sat. She turned on the bubbles, ducked her head under the water and was settling in when…


Someone was at the door. RO was still on the phone and he gestured for her to get the door. Darlene’s clothes were nowhere in sight. She groaned and climbed out of the hot tub. Soaking wet she scurried to the door. The open-mouthed expression on the bell hop as he spied Darlene’s naked wet form stoked her inner fires. She couldn’t say a word but gestured for him to enter. He wheeled in a cart with four bags and, without taking his eyes off Darlene, placed the bags in one bedroom. He returned to the door and waited, enjoying the view of Darlene.

“Darlene,” said RO. He waved a five dollar bill at her. She made the suddenly long walk to RO, grabbed the bill and returned to the smiling bellhop. He accepted the tip and took his time exiting the suite.

Darlene raced to the bedroom and tried to open the luggage, but all the bags were locked. She stomped her foot making her body bounce delightfully. She considered her alternatives. RO was still on the phone so she returned to the hot tub. The hot bubbly water was like a thousand fingers on her already sensitive body. She could see RO making another call.

“What the heck!” She eased her right hand down between her legs while rubbing her throbbing nipples with her left. It did not take long for her body’s response to build. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. The event left her spent and very loose in the hot tub.

“Having a good time?”

Darlene jumped at the sound of RO’s voice. He watch her from the side the tub, the cordless phone still in his hand. Guilt forced her to pull her hands from her body. At that instant the bubbles stopped and the water cleared. Darlene’s nude form was clearly visible. She moved to cover herself and another wave of lust flooded her body. RO smiled and spoke into the phone.

“Becky, she looks like she having fun.” He pause. “No, she hasn’t seen the special outfits we selected for her. The luggage just arrived and it’s still locked, but I’m sure she’ll love it.


RO made call after call on the phone to his business contacts as the day wore on. Darlene had gotten out of the hot tub and taken a shower. She was not too surprised to find no bath towels her bathroom. RO had his own bathroom adjacent to his bedroom. Somehow she knew this bathroom door was locked. Surrendering to the situation, she dried using several hand towels and walked uncovered into the common room. RO was sitting on the balcony. Steeling her confidence she walked out the balcony doors.

“You look radiant. Let’s go out for dinner. I put an outfit for tonight in your closet. Why don’t you go try it on.”

Darlene walked to her bedroom smiling. RO was going to let her wear something. She had been afraid she’d spend the whole trip naked in their suite. She opened the closet door and saw a light blue ankle length gown. She held it up to her body and gasped as she saw the slit up the front. I looked like it would go up almost to her crotch, or maybe even higher. Her body warmed as a blush blossomed on her face, then raced down her body. She bit her lower lip again, but the corners of her mouth crept up as she pulled the dress over her head. She wiggled to get it to slide down her body. She turned to look in the mirror.


Her reflection showed the evil design of the gown. While a generous amount of her breasts was uncovered by the plunging neckline, it was the gown’s front slit that took her breath away. From her navel down she was exposed. She tried to pull the sides of the slit together, but there was not nearly enough material. Desperately she checked the closet, then the dresser for something, anything she could use to cover her naked loins. She thought for a split second about wearing the dress backwards. Then she remembered that the back plunged ever farther than the front. If she wore it backwards, she would expose both her breasts AND her behind.

“Darlene, come out so I can see how the dress fits you.”

“He’s seen me lots of time in less that this,” Darlene thought. For some reason the thought did not ease her embarrassment.

RO had changed into a print shirt, light slacks and a cream colored jacket. A wide smile split his face as Darlene stepped into the common room. “Perfect fit!”

“I’m too exposed. Is there something else I can wear?”

“Sure. Check the closet again.”

“Darlene dashed back to the closet. Nothing was on the shelf or hanging. She looked down to find a pair of high-heeled strappy sandals. Her mind was in shock as her hands pulled the towering shoes into her feet. She teetered on the sandal’s tall heels. With mincing careful steps she walked toward the mirror. The sandals changed her balance, thrusting her hips forward shamelessly. Her naked loins where framed by the front slits as if proudly on display.

“Darlene, what’s taking so long?”

She walked into RO’s view. “I’m be arrested.”

“This is an adults only resort. This rules here are very casual. I’m sure the other guests will find you enchanting.”

As RO offered his arm all Darlene could think was “Guest?”


The ride down in the elevator was quick. As they stepped into the main lobby Darlene was sure every eye in the place was focused on her. Her erect nipples were very noticeable through the silky blue material. The feeling of being on display was reinforced. Her attempt to retain a calm facade was betrayed by her body as RO led her through the lobby as if there was nothing unusual about her condition. She felt an agonizingly nice tremor between her thighs. She was sure any moment her juices would start dripping.

Out the front door they sauntered. Since this was an adults only resort Darlene looked for others in an exposed state. She saw several women in sexy dresses, some with a lot of cleavage, but none actually exposing nipples to the late afternoon’s sun. Fortunately, the walk to the restaurant was short, but Darlene’s slight relief was short-lived. They were seated at a sidewalk table. She was seated with her back to those passing on the sidewalk, but her feeling of exposure was strengthened even as she sat. The sides of the slit hung to her sides as she sat leaving her quite naked in front from the waist down. She squeezed her naked thighs together in a vain attempt at some degree of modesty and slid up against the table.

The waiter was very attentive. He fetched their drinks as they waited for RO’s guest to appear. Darlene fidgeted with the napkin. She was about to place it on her lap when RO frowned at her. Before he could say anything a man approached from behind him.

“RO, I had no trouble finding you. You’re right. She a babe!”

RO stood and did the introductions. Old habits did hard and Darlene stood as she was introduced to RO’s client, Richard Burk. For a moment Richard and Darlene made eye contact, then his eyes dropped to her slit-exposed flesh. Darlene’s face grow beet-red as she felt his eyes take in her bareness. For several seconds no words were spoken.

“Sit,” said Richard. Turning to RO he continued. “I want to hear where you found this lovely lady. “ Seated with her stomach snug against the table (safely hiding her below the waist) Darlene struggled to restore some calm. However, as RO told Richard of several of her “interesting” office exploits, a fire flickered then roared in her body. Her nipples throbbed at the RO’s telling of her repeated naked experiences. Her perkiness was noticed as the men’s eyes took in condition. The fires were not limited to above her waist. Between her legs was a trembling moist juiciness she fought to hide.

The men’s conversation turned to business after the waiter took their order although their eyes continued to look her way. Darlene did not talk. She tried to pretend this was a normal dinner with a business associate, but her body’s sensations kept her mind hot with arousal. By the time the main course of shellfish was served the business deal had been struck. The conversation returned to tales of her baring existence. Darlene waited as they talked even though she wanted to go someplace private to relieve her aroused tension. She was getting frustrated to the point of distraction. RO was standing, talking to Richard. He had said something to her.

“Huh? Sorry, what did you say?”

“Darlene, are you with us? You looked a thousand miles away.”

“Oh, a, just thinking.”

“Well, it’s time to go. Richard has some papers back at his office need to sign and copy. Can you get back to the room on your own?” He placed a room key in her hand.

The thought of her walking back to their suite by herself shocked her. It was less than a five minute walk, but the thought of her exposed and on her own sent a shock through her nerve endings. Her legs felt weak but the thought of finally getting in private was the carrot before her.

“S, sure. I’m a big girl. I can get back on my own.”

As she stood her legs almost betrayed her. With each agonizing step her forward-thrusted hips presented her bare loins to those in the restaurant, then those on the street. She received stared and smiles, but no one made a threatening move or gesture. A warm tropic breeze danced the tails of the gown at her sides. The tickle of the gown flutter and the feel of the summer on her most private parts teased her flesh. The fires within her grew to an inferno as she entered the hotel and road up in the elevator.

Her body shook making her tumble with the key in the door lock. It opened, she stepped in, the door closed with a thump behind her.


She ran to her bedroom. She pulled the gown over her head and dove for the bed. By the time RO made it to the suite, Darlene was sleeping naked on top of the bedcovers. RO sniffed and smiled.

“She really is enjoying this trip.” After watching her lovely nakedness he picked up the gown and returned it to his room, leaving her door open.


Time at the Beach

“Wake up sleepyhead!”

Darlene rubbed sleep from her eyes. She could hear RO moving around in the common room. For a moment she felt panic but the moment passed as did her panic when she remembered where she was. She made her way to her bathroom. Under a hot shower her mind played back her past evening’s events. As with a mind of their own her hands moved to address the arousal she felt.

“Darlene, breakfast is here.”

She reluctantly forced her hands away from her body. She stepped from the shower and hand-toweled herself dry. The soft towels felt so good against her skin. “Stop,” she spoke out loud, forcing her hands to stop their soft caresses. “Gawd, I’m still horny from last night.” She blushed at her confession.


She forced her feet to move. Glancing about her room she was not surprised to find nothing to wear. As she stepped into the common room the busboy was just leaving. He froze in the door at the sight her of nude loveliness. A knot was in her throat as she forced herself to walk to the table containing fruits and pastries. She was seated before the busboy closed the door.

“Darlene, I got a surprise for you. You get half the commission for the deal we struck with Burk. For a two million dollar deal, that a cool fifty thousand dollars for you.”

“What? You did all the work.”

“You kept him at the table. You earned a share of the commission.”

Fifty thousand dollars!

“Darlene, you deserve it.” He smiled. She squealed with joy forgetting for the moment her undressed state. RO thought her joyous smile was a perfect compliment to her naked body.

“We have no appointments scheduled for today, but I must check in with the office and get the deal into the mill. You are free to do whatever you want until lunch, then we can go sight-seeing together. Why don’t you soak up some rays on the beach.”

Darlene’s joyous expression faded. “B … but … er … I’ve got nothing to wear.”

“When you are through eating check what’s on the balcony chairs.”

She forced herself to finish a croissant then picked up a slice of orange. As she sucked at the slice a bit of juice squirted. A drop landed on her left breast emphasizing her unclothed state. With a new blush she rose and walked to the balcony. The morning tropical sunlight warmed her body as she stepped to the chairs. She was pleasantly surprised to find a yellow and orange bikini top and bottom on the first chair. While not conservative the bikini was sufficiently modest for a beach back home. “He’s actually going to let me cover myself in public?” She stepped into the bottoms pulling them up to her hips. The cut was high, baring her hips, making her legs look even longer. It fit perfectly. The top’s only strap went over her left shoulder but the cups embraced her breasts comfortably.

Her relief at being covered for the first time since her arrival in the room was a blessing. She picked up the beach wrap from the second chair and giggled at its design. “This is more like I expected from RO except without a bikini.” The wrap flowed from her left shoulder to a gathering at her waist leaving her right breast covered only by the bikini. The wrap then flowed to her right hip. Without the bikini the draping of the wrap would have barely covered her crotch and most of her butt would have been uncovered. With each step her yellow and orange covered mound would flash into view. Combined the bikini and the wrap had a sensual look that thrilled Darlene.

RO was sitting at the phone and waved to her leave. “You have a good morning. I’ll find you on the beach. Now off with you.” Darlene liked how his eyes followed her every step as she left the suite.

The ride down the elevator was uneventful. She followed the signs from the lobby to the beach. The sun and sand of the uncrowded beach was even lovelier than it looked from the balcony. The white sand was warm as she walked north along the curve of the bay. Lounge chairs were placed in groups of three and four near umbrella tables. She took an empty chair away from the few other sun worshippers. She applied sunscreen and stretched out on the chair listening to the gentle waves caressing the shore. The rhythmic sounds soothed her mind as the warm sun relaxed her body.

Darlene jumped. She had fallen asleep. She looked down at her hands. Her thumbs were hooked in the sides of her bikini bottom as if she was about to pull them off her body. She forced her traitorous hands away. “What was I dreaming?” The dream was fading but the mental image of her removing her panties in RO’s office was still in her mind. “Oh, my! What’s happening to me? Would I have stripped myself?” Fearful she would fall asleep again only to wake and find her bikini gone, she stood. “Time to get wet.”

She left the beach wrap on the chair and strolled to the salty water. A wave rolled in bathing her feet and ankles is soothing caresses. She found the bottom sloping gently deeper as her steps carried her into waist deep water. The water was filled with bubbles almost as if it were carbonated. On contact with her skin the bubbles flowed up her body like a thousand gentle fingertips. “Lovely.” She continued walking until the waves nibbled just below her breasts. As wave after gentle wave enveloped her she found she was aroused.

From the balcony RO watched with the high-powered lens of the video-camera. He could tell the water was doing great things to Darlene. He continued to watch knowing that very soon she would realize the water was doing more than soothe her.

Darlene felt a looseness along the bottom of her top. She felt with her fingers and detected a mushiness in the top’s material. Her eyes snapped open and she looked down. The threads of her top were fraying as if they were dissolving in the water. Even as she stepped toward the shallower water her hands raced down her body passed the thousands of bubbles kissing her flesh. Her hands felt at her bikini bottom. Its state of fraying was much more advanced. She grabbed at the material and it melted out of her grasp. She looked down to see the tattered remains of her bottom float and fade away in the clear water.

“What am I going to do?” Her mind was in shock again. She could not emerge bottomless from the gentle surf, but each moment she delayed endangered her top. Even as she watched her top was melting. She would have to hurry or it too would be lost to the water. Darlene was completely unprepared for the unusually large wave approaching from behind her. It crashed over her head and shoulders carrying her toward the beach. The wave passed leaving her sputtering. The trough of the wave left her staggering in knee deep water. She blinked her eyes clear and her breath froze in her throat. She was completely naked.

A hot blush covered her body as she raced to her chair. There were more people on the beach and she felt all their eyes follow her naked body. Reaching her chair she pulled on the beach wrap. The skimpiness of the wrap without a bikini was embarrassing. There was not enough material to cover her. To make matters worse the water on her body quickly soaked the thin material making it transparent. Panic was growing in her mind. In her revealing condition she raced toward the hotel door. Her cheeks were red with embarrassment as she ran through the lobby and dove into the elevator. She was speechless when she found the two other occupants of the elevator. They were a young couple in more suitable beach attire.

“See, dear,” spoke the man, “I told you it was a clothing optional beach. She didn’t even wear a bikini.”

The wife responded with a smirk. “Oh, be quiet, Jim. I told you I would get nude if you did. You chickened out.”

The couple departed on the fifth floor. Darlene rode the remaining floors alone and embarrassed. She breathed a sigh of relief when she reached the suite’s door. Only then did she remember she had no key. Knocking on the door brought no response. RO must have gone out. What could she do? Where could she go?

RO watched using the door’s peephole. He thrilled to Darlene’s plight. The dissolving bikini has worked perfectly and it had all been captured on tape. It was time to move on. When he opened the door Darlene raced in shutting the door behind her. The look on her face was priceless, a mixture of red-faced embarrassment and … arousal? She was really aroused by the situation? “Perfect,” whispered RO.

“I see you decided to enjoy the full nude experience at the beach. Okay, for the rest of the trip you will have no swimwear at all.” RO enjoyed the shock on Darlene’s face.

“B … but it wasn’t my idea. The bikini dissolved in the water.”

“Why, Darlene, would my Becky do that to you. She spent a lot of effort picking out your vacation clothes.”

Darlene groaned and started planning her revenge against Becky. RO has other plans for Darlene right then.

“Hurry up and get dressed for our sight-seeing. Your outfit is on your bed … unless you would rather go as you are.”

Darlene ran to her bedroom and saw the sight-seeing clothes RO had left for her.


“Me Tarzan, You Naked”

RO had seen too many Tarzan movies in his childhood! Darlene looked at image in the mirror. The outfit RO had left for her was reminiscent of one worn an actress in one of those adventure flicks -- perhaps she had been Maureen O’Sullivan. The outfit could liberally be called a dress; a very short dress of soft brown hide. Two inch-wide straps went over her shoulders. In front the dress displayed her chest and the upper slopes of her breasts. Almost any movement on Darlene’s apart threatened exposure of her nipples. The dress cupped the underside of her breasts providing support and keeping them thrust up and forward. She caught herself smiling at the way her chest looked. She was proud of her breasts which were still firm and had not surrendered to the passage of time. “This dress definitely accents my figure.”

The dress’s cut remained snug from below her breasts down to her firm hips. As he eyes dropped lower her face reddened and her smile became strained. The hem of the hide dress stopped too soon, too high on her thighs. She might not have been so apprehensive if she had had anything to wear under the dress. She pulled down on the front of the dress to provide maximum length, but the effort threatened to create slippage of her already sensitive nipples from the top. She stood straight with her arms at the sides. She could not see her loins. Her hands rested on her bare hips because at both sides the skirt had slits to almost her waist. She turned slowly and realized the skirt would flare out very easily. GULP! Even a person to her side could get a view under the front if she moved. The faster she moved the more that would be revealed.

Facing her body away from the mirror she looked over her shoulder to check the view of her back. The bare back of the dress plunged to about her waist. The back of the dress below the waist was a bit longer than the front, but still stopped to far up her thighs. Overall a daring dress to wear without underwear in public.

But there were accessories.

A small-link chain encircled her neck. It was little longer than a choker. The cool silvery metal was not uncomfortable, just unusual. She seldom wore a necklace. If anything is emphasized the uncovered expanse from her neck to the top of the hide in front. On her wrists and ankles were inch-and-a-half wide bands of brown hide. Another band of leather held her hair in a pony tail. While the band did not in any way restrict her movements she was reminded of the cuffs she had worn in RO’s office.

The dress, the bands, her lack of any underwear and her certainty of being out in such an outfit was naughty -- a naughtiness which warmed her mind and brought her body to level of arousal. “RO’s really hitting all my buttons, or is it Becky who knows her too well?”

“Darlene, it’s time to go!” RO was getting impatient.


Darlene rode beside RO as he drove the Landrover through the tropical foliage. They were following a trail cut through the lust growth of a rain forest. Nature was alive in all the colors of the rainbow -- the greenery of the leaves -- the reds, yellows, oranges, purples and violets of the flowers -- the clear blue through the branches overhead. It was just the two of them in the powerful vehicle and RO was concentrating on driving. Darlene’s self-consciousness had diminished amid the magnificent display of nature’s bounty.

The roar of water grew and RO slowed. The foliage thinned and they drove into a clearing in a narrow valley. Beside them a river rushed through the bottom of the valley. To the right was a beautiful eighty-foot white waterfall. The fall were not wide but the view was gorgeous with a rainbow arcing through the mists over the pool of water at the base of the waterfall. They stepped out of the Landrover to the edge of the pool.

Darlene dipped her foot in the water. It was deliciously cool, not cold. The tropic sun warmed her flesh in seconds. She stepped into the pool until the waters reached about her knees.

“RO, it’s lovely. The water’s so refreshing.”

“You look lovely, like a water nymph.”

The warmth Darlene felt fill her body was internal as her capillaries widened and brought a blush to her skin. She looked at RO. He had that smile of his which said he was enjoying the view of her. It was not the look of a predator -- exactly – more like the expression of a person appreciating fine art.

Her mind raced in thought. “Is that I mean to him -- a work of art to be appreciated? I wonder if I…”. Yes, she would say it.

“What a great place for a swim! I wish I had brought a swimsuit.” She had had a hard time deliver her line without tripping over her word and over the conflict of emotions in her own devilish mind.

“My dear, you have a swimsuit, the one nature provides to all of us.”

“I shouldn’t!” She waited for his response, knowing what he would say.

“Take a swim leaving your dress here in the car.”

She stepped from the water, walking to the car, her mind in turmoil. “Great, now I am giving him excused to get me naked,” she thought. She had to work to suppress a fit of nervous giggles as she removed her dress and bands before stepping into the pool. In moment she was swimming leisurely in the refreshing water. The water felt wonderful on her unencumbered body. It felt so natural to move feeling water on every inch of her skin. She felt very alive and relaxed as she rolled onto her back and floated in the water. The warmth of the sun hit her face and she arched her back. Her chest rose until her nipples broke the water’s surface. Her up-thrust nipples felt the sun’s power, drying in moments as she continued to float. Her face and nipples were warm but the rest of her body was pleasantly cool but the feeling did not last. In moments the warmth from her breasts rushed down her body to her most private place. The feelings of warmth and coolness waged a war in her body and mind. The soothing sound from her water-covered ears blocked out all other sounds except those of her body. Her heartbeat quickened. She could hear the pulse of its beat in her ears and then through her whole body.

Her mind raced. “I’m gonna come right here. Aaaah, but do I want to?” After a mental pause, “Why not? I’m so turned on … and naughty.” She giggled as her hands moved to satisfy the urges she felt.


An indefinite amount of time passed before a very sated Darlene re-opened her eyes and turned to face the shore. RO was nowhere to be seen and the Landrover were gone. Alone, without a stitch of clothing, she emerged from the pool.

Where had he gone? He wouldn’t abandon her, would he – miles from anyone?

She felt vulnerable in her unclothed state. With tentative steps she moved along the shoreline looking into the rich foliage. There was no sign of the Landrover’s passing except for faint tire treads where it had been parked. Moving like a scared doe she moved to the slight break in the foliage back along the trail. The forest was alive with the sounds of birds, the rustle of wings, their caws and screeches. She felt enveloped by nature. Her feet were unaccustomed to walking barefoot. Thankfully, the ground was firm and free from rocks as she followed the trail.

“He has to be someplace watching me.” The thought comforted her but then she realized he would see all of her in a new way. Until this trip she had never been far from her clothing. Even if her clothes had been locked in RO’s office closet, they were only feet away. Now, she was miles from her clothes. She felt somehow guilty as a strange thrill warmed her body from within. “Gawd, I’m aroused by this.”

What choices did she have? She could wait until RO returned (hopefully he would). She could wait and run the risk of someone else finding her naked and scared. Or, she could walk the miles back to ‘civilization’ in her nude condition. The thought of the long naked walk made her mind spin. She set back alone the trail and almost walked passed the sheet of paper hanging from a tree branch over the middle of the trail.

The paper was high above her head. She reached up but her fingers were still inches from it. She stretched on her tiptoes realizing the way she was exposing her body -- and her special private place throbbed instantly. She felt her knees weakened as her body wrestled with her mind for control. “Come on,” she said out loud. She tightened her body like a steel spring and jumped up at the sheet of paper. Her fingers closed on the lower corner. “Got it,” she exclaimed victoriously. She forced herself to deny her urges and read the paper.




Darlene turned back toward the pool and continued on up. She started to get a bit comfortable with her situation. Her strides grew longer and surer. The tropic air wrapped her body in its warmth until a thin sheen of sweat covered it. She was all too aware of the muscles of her body. She felt aware of each as they propelled her up the terrain, but she was even more aware of how she must look. Her brisk pace made her breasts bounce before her. The wiggle of her ass felt sinfully good as the sunlight kissed it. More than anything else her mind was drawn to the movement of her thighs and her flesh between them.

She felt ALIVE!

Her naked trek must have taken over thirty minutes before she broke into a clearing near the top of the hill. She was up quite a ways and could see the ocean to the south. She turned scanning all about her, but except for a sailboat miles away she was alone … or was she? She felt eyes on her body and became quiet. She listened for any sign of an observer for over a minute before laughter erupted from the tree above her.

She jumped then knelt with her hands attempting to cover herself. “RO! Is that you? I could kill you!” She did not see him until he dropped from the tree with a camera in hand.

“Sorry, my naked dear, but the pictures of you coming up the trail are truly priceless. I should send them to an artist friend of mine so he can do a portrait of you for my office.”

“Oh, please don’t do that!” She was surprised she still needed to cover her body before RO. It was like the first week when he had enjoyed her initial shock of being naked for him. Despite her feelings she forced herself to stand. Several seconds passed in silence before he spoke.

“Come along. The car’s a little further up the trail near the jump-off.”

“Jump-off?” she thought as he pointed farther up the trail. He waited until she led the way. She resumed her brisk walk and found she enjoyed the feel of RO’s eyes on her backside. She giggled as she increased the wiggle of her bottom with each step. “I’m nasty,” she thought as a broad smile grew on her face.

RO had been correct. Very soon the car came into view. She walked passed the car to a wooden railing above a large canyon. The view was magnificent as she stood at the railing. Below her the walls of the canyon dropped sharply for a few hundred feet to the valley below. RO stood beside her, but his eyes for once looked as the landscape. He spoke with confidence.

“This is believed to be an old volcano. Over the millennium nature has worn down the rim until only this side is somewhat in tact. The legend says in pre-recorded time naked virgins were sacrificed to the gods from this very spot.”

Darlene had to ask. “You aren’t planning on a re-creation of the legend, are you? I may not be fully qualified as a naked virgin.”

He laughed. “Only the part about being naked. I have no right to speculate on your virginity. “

The situation was such that Darlene started laughing, laughing so hard she sat on the ground trying to regain her breath. RO’s deep voice laughed along with her as she held her sides, struggling to gain control. For several minutes the area was blessed with the joyous sound.

RO was the first to speak. “Okay, time to go back or we’ll miss dinner.” Without a thought Darlene took her passenger seat in the car. RO started that Landrover and drove down the hill. She did not notice her dress hanging in the tree where RO had hidden.


At Darlene’s suggestion RO stopped at the pool on the way down. She wanted to rinse the sweat from her body and the dirt from her feet. She took a quick dip in the pool and emerged again resembling a water nymph, water glistening on her body.

“Okay, where’s my dress?”

RO chuckled. “Uh-oh,” Darlene mumbled. “You know, my dress. Where is it?”

RO only chuckled.


As RO drove back toward civilization Darlene sat wordlessly. RO’s evil chuckle told her he was NOT going to tell her anything about her dress until he was good and ready. She forced herself to sit quietly. She tried to appear calm, but her inner self was anything but calm. With the Landrover moving at a steady pace through the beautiful foliage the air continually caressed her exposed body; her crinkled nipples throbbing with each bounce of the vehicle. Tropical fragrances filled the air and stimulated her on an animal level. Even the posh leather seat felt as though it was massaging her bare bottom and back.

The foliage thinned as they approached the bridge over a narrow river. She remembered a small village was beyond the bridge ... a village with people. She started to cross her arms over her exposed breasts, but RO cleared his throat -- his meaning clear. She dropped her arms beside her body.

Except for his smile RO revealed none of his delight. To have a beautiful naked lady riding beside him was a fantasy come true. He could have reached over at any time to touch her naked flesh, but he restrained himself. He wanted her a-buzz with unfulfilled embarrassment and arousal. He had not felt this good since before the death of his loving wife. Even during Darlene’s naked times in his office he had felt some his loss eating at his momentary delight.

He knew he could never forget his wonder wife. His mind drifted back to the time when…


His wife Sue sat at the dressing table putting on her makeup. RO pretended to be selecting his tie but was really watching his beautiful wife’s every move. After almost fifteen years they were still very much in love. The sight of her still filled him with disbelief and awe. What had he done to deserve her?

She finished preparing her long eyelashes, looked sternly at the mirror and smiled. She stood and turned to face him and dropped the towel she was wearing. She stood naked and smiling; RO could only stare and drink the vision of her. The years had been very kind to her. Her waist was perhaps two inches larger, but her body was still firm with curves wonderful to behold.

Sue read RO’s expression and felt herself warm as he stared. She loved how she could still arouse him even after all the years, but they would be late if she let him stare for more than a few more moments.

“Hurry up, dear, or we’ll be late. Betty and Rob will be waiting for us.”

RO selected some tie and tried to make a proper knot as Sue pulled some lacy thing up her legs. The opaque material hid her flesh but none of her curves. She carefully slid the sleek little dress over her head without mussing her hair or makeup. She checked her image one was time before turning back to RO.

“Why can you tie a perfect knot when you dress in the morning after I have left, but make a mess if you wait until I’m getting ready in the evening?” She knew he watched her dress in the evening, but he’d never admit it. She loved teasing him about it. She made him stand still as she tied a proper knot about his neck. She felt his hands reach to her sides.

“Later, or we’ll never get to Betty and Rob tonight.”


RO’s mind skipped to later in the evening. The four of them was sat in the posh booth in the restaurant. RO and Rob sat at the ends with Betty and Sue in the middle. Sue was a few years younger with her shoulders bare with her strapless gown, but RO’s eyes kept returning to his wonderful wife. After the main course the wives left for the powder room before the dessert was served. When they returned and Sue had returned to her seat RO felt her hand slip something into his jacket pocket. She smiled mischievously but said nothing as dessert was served. Sue’s eyes sparkled as she smiled through the rest of the evening until RO left for the restroom.

Finding himself alone in the lavatory he pulled from his pocket the thing Sue had placed there. It took RO only two second to recognize the lace panties she had slipped on in the privacy of their bedroom. “She’s out there without them?” RO’s body reacted as a smile filled his face. He slipped the lacy garment back into his pocket.

The rest of the evening was a dream. The four went dancing. On the crowded dance RO’s hands rested on the material over her bottom. The idea that only that one layer hid her sexy ass from view kept RO’s mind and body alive with expectations.

He watched with a little jealously when they traded dance partners. Rob’s hands eased down Sue’s back until they rested on her bottom. He was tempted to do something until he felt Betty pull his hands down to her bottom – a bottom also without a pantyline. A blush reddened Betty’s face and shoulders as they finished the dance.

The four danced for two hours before returning home.


The Landrover his a bump and RO shook himself back to the present. He was not ready for a meaningful relationship but Darlene was a glorious spark in his otherwise dark existence. He knew Darlene was enjoying herself on some levels and he was determined to enjoy watching her. She did not see him hit the special foot switch he’d had installed.

The Landrover’s engine sputtered twice then became silent as the vehicle rolled across the bridge. Darlene looked about as he pulled to the side of the road on the village side of the bridge.

“What happened?” she asked. As she watched RO got out of the vehicle and lifted the hood. He fished around in the engine compartment for a few seconds before walking to the passenger side of the vehicle.

“How would I know? I’m not a mechanic. I guess we walk back to the hotel from here.”

“Walk? H….how far is it?”

“Only about two miles.”

“B…b….but its right through town?!?”

“And I left your dress up at the top. I guess we’ll have to roll with the situation.”

Darlene’s eyes pleaded for anything to wear. “He can’t expect her to walk all the way back naked….he just couldn’t” she thought.

“I bet you would like the poncho Becky selected for you.” He reached behind the back seat and withdrew a small square cloth bag about six inches square with a slight bulge in the middle. He unzipped the end of the bag and handed it to Darlene. She reached inside and felt a very thin wisp of material. She slowly pulled if the bag and it caught in the wind. The material was tan and opaque. As it fluttered in the breeze she saw it was like a poncho, but not one fit to keep the wearer dry. The middle of the material was about two feet wide with a hole through which she could put her head. She put it on and let it hang down her body. The material narrowed as it draped down her body until at the bottom edges it was only about three inches wide and hung half way down her thighs. There were no belt or fastener to secure the sides. Even as she stood there the breeze lifted the front away from her body exposing her personal parts to any person in sight. The poncho’s back fluttered between her legs and snapped.


“What happened?” asked RO.

“It snapped a tender spot.” She wanted to rub it, but given the location of the wounded flesh she blushed and kept her hands at her sides. She really wanted to hold the material against her body to preserve some semblance of modesty, but she knew RO would not allow it.

RO’s appreciate looks did not relieve her embarrassment. Neither did his words. “Let’s get moving. We need to get back for dinner.” Darlene stepped beside RO and they set off down the road.

The breeze settled down a bit but not enough to permit the devilish poncho hang against her body. Instead she felt the poncho dance across her flesh leaving her flesh hot and yearning for more. Her nipples were covered most of the time but not spared the delicious torture as they too were teased by the feathery light material. The poncho was designed to expose and taunt, tickle and tease. It was effecting Darlene. Despite a comfortably moderate pace her face grew red and her breathing quickened. Her stomach felt filled with butterflies, and lower her innards giggled like Jell-O. She fought to maintain some control.

They were on the quaint wood plank sidewalks nearing the more frequented areas of the resort. The walked passed people -- the men all smiling – and some of the women wore smiles too. All others were dressed in minimal but decent attire. Only Darlene was decidedly indecent or so she felt. Her knees felt weak as her body rebelled against her mind’s attempt at control.


The back of the poncho slapped at her right cheek emphasizing her exposed posterior and control was lost. The heat of arousal flooded body and it was all she could do to stay on her feet. She leaned heavily on RO’s arm and staggered along. Through the hotel’s front door, to the elevator (thankfully open) and the doors closed. She breathed in relief until…

The tug came from the front of the poncho as the elevator moved slowly up. Her eyes snapped open and she watched as the poncho was pulled through the space between the elevator doors. She struggled to remain standing, but the pull forced her almost to her knees. Before she could grasp the thin material…


The poncho ripped across her shoulders from either side of the hole for her head. The front of the poncho slithered between the doors. The back slid down her backsides to a puddle on the floor. In aroused shock Darlene stood completely naked as the elevator reached their floor and the doors opened.

Her knees wobbled, she raced to her bedroom and slammed the door.

RO stepped from the elevator smiling. “She’s going to need some time to … put her face back on. I’ll call room service for dinner.”

RO was still smiling when Darlene emerged in the common room forty-five minutes later.


A Hot Evening and a Hotter Day

When Darlene emerged into the common room she wear a calm composed expression, but her state of mind anything but calm. The embarrassment and arousal she had felt when she’d slammed her bedroom door had erupted into shattering orgasms as she fell on her bed covers. She had surrendered to and enjoyed her body’s desires. She had never used drugs except a few marijuana puffs in college, but she was high on the afterglow of her experience. She wanted to curl up and sleep, but she forced herself into the shower. Under the pulsating warm water she worked the soap over her sensitive flesh, soothing the kinks out of her body. Even as the water soothed her the memory of her latest naked public experience warmed her body from within. She fought the urge to react to the warmth and remain in the shower. It was with great reluctance that she stepped from the shower. Even the feel of the soft terry towel drying the water from her body seemed to bring erotic fire to her skin.

“Gawd, I’m constantly horny. What has he done to me?”

She stepped into her bedroom and found a robe-like garment on her bed. It was sleeveless and only long enough to reach down to her mid-thighs. The belt permitted her go tie the robe shut, but the cut of the front left a V of exposed skin from her neck to her navel. She knew it would not take much for one or both breasts to flash into view. There was only a couple of inches of overlap in the material below the belt. Any long strides could expose the private parts between her legs.

“Even when he lets me cover up, he leaves he barely covered and about to be exposed. That man is driven me crazy-horny.”

She quickly combed out her hair and seeing no reasonable alternative, she stepped into the common room. RO sat on the divan in a white shirt and tan knee-length tan walking shorts. On his feet were leather sandals. In front of him on the coffee table was a bucket of ice wrapped in a towel with a chilled open Magnum of Champagne.

“Dinner should be delivered in a few minutes. Shall we have a sip of the bubbly before we eat?“

Darlene had a secret passion for Champagne, but the stuff was too expensive for her pocket book. “I warn you. It doesn’t take much to get me giggly.” She smiled coyly. “You aren’t trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me, are you?”

RO’s face became serious. “I have barely touched you. I’ve had ample opportunity to ‘take advantage’ of you, but I haven’t.”

“But you like seeing me naked. I know you enjoy it.” Her voice was light, almost playful.

A small smile appeared on RO’s face upon hearing Darlene’s tone of voice. “Yes, I enjoy seeing you naked or nearly naked, particularly when someone else may see you. Your expressions are priceless.” He had poured two glasses of the Champagne and offered her one as she sat at the other end of the divan. As she sipped the bubbly wine the bubbles tickles her nose. She held the glass before her almost touching cleavage. She could feel the coolness of the glass almost touching her skin and a single bubble of carbonation burst to the wine’s surface. The fine cold mist from the bubble kissed her exposed cleavage and lit a small fire in her chest. She knew she was reacting to the situation and RO’s presence as the spot of fire slowly grew within her body. Darlene cleared her throat and spoke.

“So, why haven’t you touched me?”

RO’s serious expression returned, but there was a sadness in his eyes. “Look, I know our employer-employee relationship is most unusual and I do find you attractive even IN clothes, but I am not ready to take us to a more personal level. I still miss my late wife every moment. You, my dear, are a most distracting diversion so I can get through each day.”

The anguish in his voice was very noticeable and Darlene’s heart felt his pain. He needed to put the grief behind him. She resolved to do her best to distract him, to get him to move his life forward. The past should be remembered and treasured, but not be a burden that stopped one from enjoying the pleasures of living. They sipped their wine in silence, both deep in thought.

As they sat in silence Darlene’s heart ached for RO. He was still a vital man, but the loss of his wife still haunted him deeply. Her repeated embarrassments had brought some joy to his life and, despite feeling a bit ashamed, she forced herself to admit had enjoyed many of those moments too. He was almost old enough, heck he WAS old enough to be her father, but she wanted to mother him. She did not think he would accept mothering so what else could she do. She realized her job was growing to be much more – she had given herself a mission. She resolved to push RO out of his shell.

When the room bell rang followed by the words “Room Service” she stood, removed her robe, tossed it into her bedroom and answered the door. Her body warmed with each step she took to the closed door. She glanced in the mirror beside the door at her nakedness and saw RO’s expression of delight as she reached for the door knob. Turning the knob and taking a deep breath she opened the door.

The eyes of the room service attendant grew large and she squared her shoulders. Her nipples grew very erect as butterflies danced in her stomach and moved lower. She waved for the attendant to enter and held the door for him. He was very distract and bumped the cart against the door frame, not once but twice. Darlene desperately wanted to hide behind the open door but forced herself to stand in the open. Anyone walking by would surely see much of her -- and she heard voices approaching. Finally the cart was through the door. It took all of her courage to follow the attendant while leaving the door open behind her. RO couldn’t have looked happier as she passed the cart and took her seat on the divan. The attendant barely managed to place the covered dishes on the coffee table without spilling anything. If was obvious where his eyes were looking most of the time. RO held out a ten dollar bill as a tip, but the attendant never saw it. He stammered his apology for being so awkward, but his eyes never left Darlene’s body. He wheeled the cart toward the door, the door through which a man and woman stared. The couple could only see Darlene in profile, but it did not make it any easier as Darlene struggled to appear calm. Finally, after bumping into the door frame again, and asking the couple to step aside, the attendant closed the door behind him.

The blush on Darlene’s face had run down her body. The less tanned portions of her breasts were warm and reddened by her blush. She looked at the still smiling RO.

“That wasn’t easy for you, was it, my dear?” asked RO.

Darlene realized she had been holding her breath. “Gawd, no!” she gasped.

“Good! That’s why I enjoyed it so much. Why did you do it?”

Darlene’s answer was more difficult than she could have imaged.

“Because I want you to embarrass me as much as possible.”

RO took a moment to answer, and smile. “Okay, I will.”


The two stayed in the suite for the rest of the evening. They had talked for a while, but soon both were yawning from their long day. They had gone to their respective bedrooms, but neither had fallen asleep quickly. Darlene had taken a long hot shower to try to relax before crawling naked between the clean crisp sheets, but her arousal would not leave her completely. She replayed the events of the day and soon found her hands were stroking herself. She blushed and drew her hands away, but within two minutes her hands were stroking her again. She finally laid on her back with her arms pinned under her back and was able to fall into a fitful sleep. About two AM she woke from a dream, a dream in which her hands locked behind her back and she was running naked down the middle of a busy metropolitan street, the eyes of thousands on her naked, bouncing flesh.

Her arms were still behind her when she woke and her shoulders were a bit tight from the position. She felt exhausted as if she had not slept at all. She sat up in bed and pulled her arms to her sides. Her forearms and hands were asleep from the lack of circulation. She wanted to stroke herself to a climax, a climax that felt ready to explode from deep inside her, but her hands refused to move. All she could do was wait and groan. Within a few minutes the pins and needles of blood deprived nerve endings made both hands twitch. She stood, stepped into the shower and finally managed to turn on the water. It was quite a few minutes before she returned to the bed and feel into a restless sleep.

The next morning she woke on her back with her arms once again pinned beneath her. Before she had the use of her hands there was a knock on her door. The sheets had fallen to her waist and she was unable to cover her breasts with them. The knock came again, followed by RO’s voice. “Time to get moving sleepyhead.” She was about to cover herself with her arms when she remembered her resolution from the night before and spoke.

“Come on in.”

The door opened and she forced her body to sit up straight. She could feel how her breasts were being presented but she held the position as RO looked in. He spoke with a warm smile on his face.

“We have to hurry, my dear. No need to eat now. We have a plane to catch to one of the other islands. You use the bathroom and I’ll lay out your clothes for the day.”

With the use of her hands not fully restored she make her way to the bathroom. She pulled a brush through her hair and washed her face before stepping back into her bedroom. RO was still present. In his hands was a rectangle of stretchy black material. “I’ll have to help you get dressed, but it’ll only take a second. Hold you arms above your head and stand straight.”

Darlene did as instructed as RO wrapped the stretchy material around her to form a very snug, very short strapless dress. The material barely made it one around her body and there were no fasteners of any kind. The material clung to itself like some plastic food wrap, but the amount of overlap was barely an inch and the overlap was along her spine. She felt as if she would burst from the material at any time. See saw her reflection in a mirror and groaned. The embarrassing material barely covered her firm bottom, outlining it almost like a coat of paint. In front the material barely covered her privates. She reached to pull the bottom of the dress lower but RO spoke.

“I wouldn’t do that unless you want it to come apart. It’s meant to barely hang together. Besides if you do manage to pull it down even an inch, I don’t think your nipples will be covered.”

She could see he was right. Her breasts were hugged tightly by the material, but all of her upper breasts above the nipples was on display. In fact she could see just a sliver of the darker brown skin surrounding each of her already hard nipples peeking above the top edge of the dress. There was no margin for slippage. Before she could do anything RO wrapped a thin scarf around her neck and led her out the door. The walk down the hall, the ride down in the elevator, the walk across the lobby and walking to the curb outside made her nervous, but at least she was not naked…as she could have been.

A white limousine waited at the curb with its driver holding the door open. Darlene stepped into the limo very carefully and took her seat. It was then she realized something about the dress. When she sat the shortness and tightness of the skirt pulled it up to her waist in front. The back of the dress was not much better as it pulled half way up her buns leaving most of her bottom bare against the seat. She sat frustrated, afraid to pull on the dress lest she lose it completely. She did not think she had the strength and dexterity to stretch and close it on her own -- and doubted RO would help her. She thought about using the scarf, but the material was so thin, she doubted it would hide much of anything.

RO slid in beside her and off they went to the airport. The limo drove to the private side of the airport away from the crowds much to Darlene’s relief. They passed through a gate and stopped on the tarmac next to a Gulf Stream II – a older private jet which could seat six. Darlene’s door was toward the jet and no one appeared to be around except RO and the driver. Darlene tried to exit the limo in a lady-like manner, but when she stood the dress was bunched up around her waist. She groaned a “yelp” and pulled the dress down, but the devilish material clung to itself. She realized she should have just run up the short steps into the plane when it took her over thirty embarrassingly long seconds to pull the dress into a not-quite decent length. She raised her foot to the first step and felt the material crawl up her thigh immediately. She held her breath and took the other steps. By the time she made it into the plane, the dress was almost back up to her waist. She took a sigh of relief, thinking she had reached some degree of sanctuary. Then she looked up and saw the three gentlemen staring at her from their seats.

RO led her to the front most chair, the one from which she could see into the cockpit. Unfortunately for Darlene, the seat faced sideways and had no armrests on either side. RO pushed her into the seat and quickly closed the seat belt around her waist trapping much of the material under the belt. Darlene struggled to unfasten the belt, but it did not unlatch. She was left naked from almost her waist down, locked in her seat. She squeezed her thighs tightly, hoping to avoid some embarrassment, but the action just seemed to emphasize how exposed she was. Moisture started for form in her loins as the situation frustrated her, and excited her. She was slightly relieved when RO took the seat opposite her. At least it would not be a stranger looking between her legs.

The flight was very short, only about fifteen minutes in the air. She was surprised when RO let everyone else deplane for they did. She had been sure he would make her face the other passengers as she left her seat. As it was each of the passenger got a good side view at her naked thighs all the way up to her waist. With the plane empty RO produced a small key and unlocked the seat belt saying, “Can’t be too safe.”

She glanced out the door expecting an audience for her naked exit. Once again a limo waited beside the plane. Instead of pulling the dress back down and having it just ride up again, she scurried down the steps and jumped in the open limo door. She and the passenger in the back of the limo were both very surprised when her half naked body landed on his.


Darlene and the limo passenger were both in shock for a few moments after her nearly naked body had landed across his. She was on her left side facing away from the man. The man was the first to react. He eyes scanned the tanned feminine form across his lap and legs; a smile forming on his face. His open right hand was pinned under her body. As luck would have it her left buttock landed squarely in the palm of his hand. His fingers moved to cup her firm flesh. The fingers on her bare bottom broke her shock. As she slid backwards RO watched her legs emerge inch by naked inch back into the tropical sunlight until her feet touched the ground. She stood a quickly as possible, but the dress had had enough. The material parted down her back where it had been stuck together.


The material jumped from her body into the back of the limo leaving her completely naked. Embarrassment drove her reaction as she jumped back into the dark limo, landing beside the gentleman. With her hands and arms she covered her body as best she could while RO slid in behind her -- trapping her between the two men.

“To the office, Raymond”, ordered the limo’s passenger. As the limo pulled away from the plane, RO spoke.

“Introductions are in order. Jack, this is my special assistant, Darlene. Darlene, this is the president of Tropical Goods, Jack Danfield.” Jack held out his right hand to Darlene, an obvious gesture, expecting a handshake. Darlene almost reacted, but her right hand was covering her mound between her tightly clinched thighs. She hesitated for a moment then her hand came up and she placed it in Jack’s. He closed his hand firmly, but not so tightly as to cause pain. He did not release it after one pump of his hand.

“Delighted to meet you”, Jack said as he continued to shake her hand, his eyes taking in her body. “Very delighted.” Darlene could only sit and blush, squeezing her thighs together even more tightly. “Here,” he said passing her the blue material she had been wearing. “You might need this, but you don’t need to put it on right now.” His deep brown eyes locked on hers as he finally released her hand.

The stretchy material had snapped back to its relaxed state looking much too small to cover her. She took it and settled for holding it across her naked lap. All she could do was sit between Jack and RO as they shook hands. She remained speechless as the rode to Jack’s office building. Her face and shoulder were blushing deep red as Jack and RO made small talk but she knew both were looking at her body, a body which was betraying her. Her nipples became hard -- throbbing under the inadequate cover of her arm. Between her legs moisture formed as she felt her entire body warm. RO stretched his left arm and it came down behind her neck and across her shoulders. Although he only touched her bare shoulders his touch served to re-emphasize her naked condition and inflame the fires of sexual energy within her. She could not help squirming a bit under his touch.

After a few minutes the limousine stopped before a modern two-story building. Raymond got out of the car and opened the door beside Jack. Jack exited the limo and turned to face Darlene. He offered his hand to her in a gentlemanly gesture. Darlene noticed Jack’s eyes were squarely on her body as she reluctantly slid toward the door. She took his hand and permitted him to help her from the vehicle. The tropic sunlight warmed her body as she stood but it was nothing compare to her inner heat. She reached inside to retrieve the stretchy material. RO slid out behind her and closed the door before she could retrieve it. She groaned as the limousine eased away from the curb taking her dress with it.

Jack Danfield was the first to speak. “Don’t worry, my dear. My office is always dresses casual.”

“Not this casual” thought Darlene as she permitted Jack and RO to escort her through the front double doors. A third pair of eyes witnessed Darlene’s nudity as they walked before a reception who did not appear to be casually dressed as she sat in a nice white blouse with long sleeves. Darlene had hoped for sympathy or support from the receptionist but her hopes were dashed. A smile grew on the receptionist’s face as her eyes took in Darlene’s body.

“Hello, Mr. Danfield.”

Jack responded. “Hello, Gloria. This is Darlene and RO. Be a dear and keep Darlene company while RO and I talk over a few things.”

Darlene felt vulnerable as RO and Jack left the lobby. Gloria stood and her casual attire appeared. Below the proper white blouse she wore a bikini bottom. It would not have been out-of-place on a beach, but in a office environment the skimpy garment was not an appropriate business attire. Darlene laughed to herself as she remembered even more inappropriate attire she had worn so many times in RO’s office. Gloria spoke.

“I thought we had a casual dress code but your office must be even more casual if you come business appointments like that.”

With RO out of sight Darlene’s embarrassment got the best of her again. Her hands and arms moved to cover her exposed body. Gloria smiled, “What we do for our men! Don’t cover up just for little ole me.”

Darlene’s embarrassment increased as Gloria gave appreciative looks at her body. “Have you got anything I can put on?”

“Are you kidding? We got all kinds of things to wear here.” The sneaky smile which accompanied Gloria’s comment sent a shiver down Darlene’s back and more butterflies to her stomach. She could feel her body shake under Gloria’s gaze. “Follow me.” With that Gloria lead the a trembling Darlene through a side door.

The adjacent area was obviously a display area. Mannequins stood displaying leisure attire. Shorts, skirts, halter tops, crop tops and other good graced the plastic bodies. So many clothes and Darlene had none. She was about to ask if she could take clothes of a mannequin but Gloria kept walking. More mannequins came into sight in swimwear of many designs any of which would have been a blessing to Darlene, but Gloria kept walking. The next row of mannequins wore lingerie. The designs were simple and elegant; floor length gowns, little nighties, teddies, panty and bra sets were proudly displayed. “Can’t I take something?”

“Relax, I’ve got just the thing for you over here.”


Back in Jack’s office they were talking business. RO had convinced Jack to convert his server and backbone software as well as to use RO’s new webpage software. Contracts were quickly signed and the two relaxed, both happy with the deal. It was Jack who brought up Darlene.

“RO, just how did you get such a nice assistant or does she really do work?”

“Darlene was the company’s idea, an idea I have grown to appreciate very much.”

“I bet she’s fun in bed.”

RO’s smile weakened. “I wouldn’t know.”

“You’re kidding me. Is she a bubble head or what?”

“Darlene is a very intelligent young woman. We have an unorthodox relationship, but it does not include sex.”

Jack’s smile vanished replaced with one of honest concern. “RO, your late wife wouldn’t have wanted you to pine away. I remember when you two were down here four years ago. It was obvious she was a very special woman. She would want you to move on.” Jack paused, looked thoughtful and continued. “I think you’ve found another very special woman. Are you going to deny that?”

RO was slow to respond. Jack could almost hear the gears turning in his head. After many moments of silence RO spoke. “I have to admit I find Darlene a intriguing mystery. She’s can’t be in it just for the money. Beside, just yesterday she challenged me to embarrass her even more.” Shaking his head he continued. “She is much like my wife was -- a free spirit with a mind of her own, but willing to do most anything to make me happy.”

Jack did not hesitant to respond. “It sounds like you do have thoughts of a more unprofessional relationship. What are you going to do about it?”

RO look uncomfortable, lost in thought. “Time to change the subject”, he thought.

“Speaking of relationships, what’s happening with you and Gloria?”

“Things have changed there. She is Mrs. Gloria Danfield now.”

“You took the plunge after all those years as a confirmed bachelor?”

“I did and don’t regret it for a minute.” He smile broadly. “Let’s see what she and your Darlene are up to.” He took a TV remote control from a desk drawer and turned on a monitor behind RO. RO turned and watched as Jack clicked through various security camera views. “There she is and it looks like Gloria’s giving Darlene the works.”


Darlene grunted as Gloria pulled at the ties. “Gloria, how did I let you talk me into this?”

Gloria pulled again at the ties at the back of the corset. This was not the old thing our grandmother’s may have worn, but a modern version using the latest materials. It looked frilly and delicate but was in fact very strong. It was all in black. The stays were a new synthetic, flat and an inch wide, but they held Darlene’s midsection in a firm embrace. The design allowed her to breath almost normally, but the scantiness of the design quickened Darlene’s breathing. Her brasts were lifted while her nipples were exposed. The garment extended down to frame the top of her ass, but left them uncovered. In front the gossamer material extended down to her hips leaving her completed exposed down to the tops of the seamed stockings on her legs. The garters hanging from the corset had already been fastened to the stockings.

Darlene was hanging on to a sturdy pole as Gloria tighten, then tightened again the ties along Darlene’s spine. Satisfied with her efforts she closed the flap over the ties. Darlene did not know about the three tiny locks Gloria used to seal the flap shut, trapping the ties away. Darlene let go of the pole as Gloria stepped back and took in her work. “It needs something.”

“I’m worse than naked.” Darlene’s hands slid down the tight material over her stomach. Her hands lowered to the hot flesh below. She could feel the throbbing of her engorged clitoris. It drew her hands lower. Before she could touch her aching privates, Gloria spoke.

“Lift your foot.” She said a high-heeled shoe on her left foot. Tapping the other leg, Darlene lifted her right foot and the other shoe slid on. The shoes had four inch heels with stretched her calves. Just standing in the shoes made her feet ache. Walking would be difficult. When she lifted her foot to look more closely at the shoes she noticed the tiny locks on the ankles straps.

“Darlene, reach behind your back. I want you to feel something.”

Darlene did as ordered and Darlene slapped a leather-like strap around her wrists. Darlene struggled but found the strap secure.

“What’d you do that for?”

Gloria giggled. “I wanted to make sure you couldn’t cover up.” There was a CLICK and Gloria moved to Darlene’s front. “Here, one final piece for you.” Gloria put a necklace over Darlene’s head, a necklace with three tiny keys hanging from it. “There, now RO can let you go whenever he wants or leave you in it.” Her fingers slid down from the necklace to cup Darlene’s breasts. “I like how these look. I think you like it too.”

“No, let me out!”

“These seem to like it.” Gloria squeezed Darlene perk nipples firmly. They ached deliciously. “See, warm and hard. It’s almost a shame to turn you over to RO. I could make you very happy right now.

Through the PA system came Jack’s voice. “That’s enough, bring Darlene to the lobby. And, Gloria, bring an identical outfit for yourself.”

Gloria giggled as she helped Darlene stagger back to the lobby. The heels made it different for her to keep her balance. Gloria stood Darlene in a corner facing her desk. Darlene had to stand as still as possible to stay up on her feet. Unable to touch or hide her aching parts she felt tightened encased, vulnerable and oh-so aroused.


Darlene had no choice but to wait; she did not dare take a step lest she fall. She felt on display in the lobby, unable to even attempt to cover her body. She hated it, or at least most of her hated it. Her embarrassment was compounded when two gentlemen entered the lobby from outside. She stood very still hoping they would think she was one of the display mannequins. The taller gentleman approached her desk.

“May I help you?” asked Gloria from her desk.

“We would like to see Mr. Danfield.” They talked to Gloria but their eyes were on Darlene.

“He is in conference. Why do you wish to speak with Mr. Danfield?”

“We’re down here making contacts for a new lines of boutiques we are opening next year.”

“He should be available soon. Would you like to take a seat?”

“Thank you. Is this a display of one of your products?” They both pointed to Darlene.

“Yes. A special display for today only. Feel free to look over the display, but no touching.”

Darlene forced herself not to blink as the two moved to stand about three feet in front of her. She tried not to breath as they looked her over. There is only so much voluntary control one has over one’s body and she could feel her body betraying her. She felt the warmth of a new blush fill her face then move down to her chest. A muscle deep inside her twitched below her waist, a very naughty twitch which fired her loins. She could feel her shame as moisture formed between her legs and her clit, like her nipples, hardened and ached. She could not hold her breath any longer but managed to exhale very slowly in a failed hope they would not notice.

The two men blinked, turned to one another and smiled. They turned back to watch even more carefully as they knew she was not an inanimate mannequin. Her whole body grew warmer under their intense stare. She breathing became more noticeable as she struggled in her lusty condition to remain as still as possible.

Thankfully, the door to the offices opened. Jack and RO walked into the lobby, both smiling.

“Mr. Danfield, two to see you if you have the time.” Gloria was all professional assistant as she gestured to the two men waiting to see them. Jack gave Gloria a serious look and spoke to her.

“I guess I have a few minutes to meet with them, but I want to see you in my office in thirty minutes with that special presentation.”

Gloria’s expression remained profession as she pulled open a desk drawer about an inch, the drawer in which she had put an outfit just like Darlene’s. “It’s right here whenever you are ready, sir.”

Darlene watched and prayed for Danfield to take the two men to his office, but she was forced to wait as introductions were made. Everyone including Gloria take good frequent looks at Darlene as she struggled in silence. Finally, Danfield and the two other men left the lobby. Gloria told RO the limo would be at the front door in just a few minutes. He thanked her and strolled casually to stand before Darlene.

“My, my, it looks like Gloria did a number on you.”

Darlene groaned. “Please take me out of here.”

“Of course, my dear, but I have one quick thing to do for my friend Jack.” He turned to Gloria and leered. “Jack thinks you were naughty when you fixed up Darlene without his permission so he gave me an order I am to pass along to you. Remove you bikini bottom and put it in the special drawer.”

It was Gloria who blushed deeply. She paused for just a moment before reaching under her desk and squirming. A few moments later Darlene and RO saw her place her bikini panty on her desktop. She pressed a button on the side of her desk and a drawer opened. She dropped her panty in the panty in the drawer and slowly slid it shut.

“How long will the drawer stay locked?” beckoned Gloria.

“He didn’t tell me.”

Gloria gulped as RO grasped Darlene upper right arm and helped her to the door.

RO’s touch fueled the fires of lust within Darlene’s body. She staggered as much from the weakness in her knees as the high-heels on her feet. She sighed a bit of relief as the limo stopped at the curb. She was tempted to ask for something more to wear for the few steps to the curb, but she did not dare ask. Instead she persevered, walking on her toes, her arms trapped behind her back. RO did not add to the exposure and got her in the back seat of the limo with some haste – quite unlike what she expected. With the dark windows up they pulled away from the curb.

RO’s eyes were all over her as she squirmed against her bond wrists but only his eyes touched her. Her thoughts raced. “Oh, gawd, why doesn’t he touch me? I can tell he wants to and I want him to. Is he still thinking of his wife?” She wanted to voice her thoughts but her mouth could not form the words.

They were nearly their hotel when RO spoke. To Raymond he said, “Please drive along the beach for a few minutes”. Raymond turned onto Beachfront Drive and cruised slowly. RO turned to Darlene. “That is one extreme outfit you have on. I think it’s a bit much for the hotel hobby.” He reached up and retrieved the necklace with the keys. He examined the keys for a moment and chose one. “Turn your back to me.” She turned until her back was towards him. She felt this fingertips near her wrists.


She felt a looseness in the straps and wiggled her wrists against them. The straps grew looser and she pulled her hands free. “Thank you” she sighed. She could feel the seat move as he drew away from her. She turned and saw him gazing at her, a very lustful gaze.

“Do I please you?” she asked.

“…yes…” his voice but a whisper.

“Do you want me?”

There was a longer pause and he whispered even quieter than the first. “…yes…”.

“Then take me … when we get to our suite.” Her body was afire, her smile wide and open.

“Raymond, back to the hotel and step on it.”

“Yes, sir!”


“But don’t touch me until we get to the suite.” Darlene liked turning the tables on RO.

As the limo returned to the hotel the two in the back were almost shaking with anticipation, but they kept their hands off each other. However, their eyes glowed at each other, filled with lust and passion. Darlene could see the bulge in RO’s pants; he rubbed his hands against his trouser legs as if they were moist. She could see he wanted to hold her, and she wanted to be held but not yet. She blushed, her body warmed as she realized she would have to walk through the hopefully not-crowded lobby to the elevators in her exposed state. Her nipples were uncovered, hard and throbbing. Her tightly corseted stomach felt as if it were being massaged from within, a massage that went lower to her juicy loins. Her clit throbbed in time with her erect nipples. She so wanted to cover herself, to hide her aroused condition. The look of pleasure and desire on RO’s face challenged her to reach new heights and make him groan with delightful anticipation – anticipation she felt too.

The limo stopped at the curb and Raymond opened the door. RO got out and extended his hand to Darlene. The moment of truth was at hand. She took his hand and extended her feet and legs out of the back. Her heeled-shoes touched the walkway. She took a deep breath and stood.

The warm sunlight kissed her body as she wobbled, then balanced on her towering heels. RO offered his arm to her.

“Wait!”, she said.

She reached behind her back and grasped her wrists in her hands.

“Lead me to our suite.”

She forced her hands to stay behind her back as RO walked her into the lobby. Her high-heels made her long bare stockinged legs looked magnificent. She could feel all eyes on the uncovered skin from her stocking-tops to her constricting corset. Well, almost all eyes! Both men and women were in the lobby and they all turned to watch her spectacle. Some eyes tracked on her hard nipples, achingly pointing ahead from her firm bouncing breasts. As she passed the first of the lobby’s occupants she realized the towering heels gave her bottom an extra involuntary wiggle with each step she took. She could feel every spectator’s eyes on her hot behind. As each embarrassing sensation flooded through her mind her hands squeezed wrists even tighter as she fought to NOT cover her body.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, they stepped into an open elevator. RO punched the button for their floor and the elevator doors closed.

“Oh, Wow!” gasped Darlene. She had not realized she had been holding her breath. Now, she breathed as deeply as her corset allowed. She saw RO taken in the effect of her breathing on her breasts, breasts which were forced up and forward.

“Why did you put your hands behind your back?”

“I was afraid I’d chicken out and I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

“My dear, you did NOT disappoint me. You’ve exceeded my wildest dreams.”

The elevator stopped at their floor. Darlene’s knees felt weak as RO led her down an empty hall to their suite. He opened the door and stepped in. Darlene started to stagger forward, but …


Darlene’s froze with shock on her blushing face.

“Turn around.”

She turn, her back to their door -- as he closed it.

She stood in her corset, towering heels and stockings -- all black -- a beautiful contrast to her tanned skin. The hall was deserted, but she was still blushing up a storm. “What does he want me to do?” Seconds stretched into minutes as she stood outside their locked suite. Her thoughts whirled as her body responded to the situation. She was afire with desire. Love juice dribbled down her thighs soaking the tops of her stockings. Her nipples were so hard they ached, ached deliciously. She felt as though she would come at any moment.


The elevator stopped and the doors opened at the same moment a hand grasped her from behind and pulled her into the suite. The suite’s door closed with her inside and her knees crumpled. RO lowered her to the floor and stood back to enjoy the view as Darlene moaned through her explosive orgasm. Fireworks sparkled behind Darlene’s closed eyes until she finally caught her breath and the orgasm passed. Her eyes opened to find RO standing a few feet away. His expression was of happiness, and more. When he spoke his voice was husky with lust.

“You can let go of your wrists anytime you want.”

Doh! She had forgotten about her self-bondage. Her hands had been clenched so hard her hands had grown cold and stiff. Her fingers popped as she straightened them. Slowly she pulled her arms from behind her back and stretched -- an action that held RO’s attention. He cleared this throat and spoke again.

“Were you serious about … taking you?”

Darlene had not cooled down. She remained in a heightened state of arousal as she struggled to her feet. She licked her lips and made a sultry smile. “Come with me and find out.” She took his right hand in hers and, swinging her nips seductively, led the way into his bedroom.


Darlene’s head rested on RO’s shoulder as the two enjoyed the afterglow of the last hour. She still wore the hose, shoes and corset. Somehow they had not found the time to remove them. As the afterglow faded she felt the tightness of the corset.

“Honey, can you get me out of these things?”

RO smiled lustfully. “Why? You look wonderful in them.”

Darlene pouted then you mouth turned up in a smile. “You’d think that. Seriously it’s getting uncomfortable.” She giggled naughtily. “I can make it worth it to you.”

“Okay, turn over.” She did and felt his warm hands on her bare buttocks before they move up to the back of the corset. “This thing’s locked. Where’s the keys?”

“You had them in the limo. Don’t you have them now?”

RO laughed. “It looks like you’re locked in until I get them.”

“Get me out of this!”

“I’m kidding. Hold still.” It took seconds to unlock the flap over the ties. RO took his time undoing the tie. His hands kept straying to Darlene’s exposed flesh…something they both enjoyed. She remained face down on the bed as RO unlocked the shoes and removed them from her feet. Finally the ties were loose and Darlene stood beside the bed. She unfastened the hose and rolled them down her legs one at a time. She slid the corset down and off her body. Free of the constricting garment she stretched and RO’s eyes glowed.

First the first time she addressed him by his first name. “Rutherford, this has been a full day.”

He grimaced. “I’ve always hated that name. So formal.”

“So, where do we go from here, dear?”

RO’s voice was serious. “Where do you want it to go?”

“I don’t know. Let’s just enjoy ourselves the present.”

He thought for several seconds. “I didn’t mean to take advantage of you.”

“You didn’t.”

“I don’t think we can go on as we were, but we still have a business relationship too. You have a contract with the company. I’ve looked at it and it’s now fair to make you lose out on it. I want you to complete your contract with company. The penalties for quitting before the end of the term are quite severe for you. I’ve studied the contract thoroughly.”

She was getting steamed. They’d just make wonderful love and he was talking like this was a corporate matter.

“You can be so square, so repressed. I should just walk out on you.”

“Like this?” pointing at her naked body.

“Oh, you’d like that.”

“Not this time. Darlene, I’m trying to be sensible.”


“Darlene, calm down. I’m only thinking about your future.”

“So am I.”

“A future I want to share with you.” Darlene remained silent as RO fought for the words. His voice was not loud, but her words where clear. “You’ve awakened in me feelings I have not had since I lost my wife; feelings I do not want to lose. I need time to straighten my thoughts, but I do want you to stay in my life.”

Darlene felt the hurt in his words. She had only wanted to make him happy, not dredge up his sorrow. And she had to admit she enjoyed the situations he put her in as well as the sex they had just had. She smiled as she answered. “Okay, we’ll go back to things as they were until you’re ready to change.” She did not want things to be as they had been, but he needed his time to work through his sorrow.

‘Darlene, we do need to eat dinner. You take a shower and freshen up. I’ll lay out your dinner outfit.”


Darlene took a long shower scrubbing the dried residues from her body. The hot water felt refreshing and left her tingling. She was still tingling as she dried. With a only a towel around her hair she walked back into her bedroom and saw the outfit for dinner.

Some things didn’t change.


A Special Evening

At first glance the dress laid out on Darlene's bed looked much like the short 'little black dress' that was always stylish. The spaghetti tie shoulder straps looked far too easy to come undone. She was sure at some time this evening they would be. A pair of high-heels and a single strand of perfect pearls lay beside the dress. As she walked closer she detected a pattern in the fabric of the dress.

She held the dress up to the still bright early evening sunlight shining through the window and groaned. Much of the dress was composed of nylon panels as thin as the stockings she had worn earlier. The panels were joined almost seamlessly with carefully placed small opaque panels. Only with the light passing through the dress could she get an idea what was transparent and what was not.

Still naked she sat at the vanity and applied makeup, just a touch around her eyes, lip gloss and lip liner -- nothing too much, just enough to highlight her features. Next she combed her hair up. Only when she was satisfied she looked elegant did she step into the dress and slide it up her body. The dress barely hung down to her naked thighs. "I really should have dark hose to complete the look", she said to her image in the mirror, but her dark tan made her legs look sexy. The feel of the material as it moved across her bottom emphasized her lack of underwear and she felt a pleasant tremor between legs. She could see her nipple grow hard through the thin panel over her right breast. A hard point appeared in the opaque material over her left breast as her whole body tingled. She stood facing the mirror so the light from the window would pass through the dress.


Even the opaque material let light through revealing the exact outline of her body. She hoped the restaurant was dark enough to give her some small degree of modesty. Looking lower she spied a tiny triangle of opaque material covering her pubic mound. Standing she was covered there. She backed up a few steps and walked toward the mirror. "Oh, not again." With each step the triangle moved from side to side...not much but enough to reveal her most private parts. From her hips up to her ribs she was covered only by the transparent material with an inch wide solid strip of opaque fabric running down each side. She turned her body to check the back view. The entire back of the dress was made of the opaque material except the bottom ten inches which displayed her buttocks through the dark transparency.

"Oh, my, there's not much hidden", she groaned -- with a giggle. "I'm really glad I kept up my workouts for my buns and thighs." Her whole body tingle grew stronger, embarrassed and aroused. She fastened the pearl necklace around her sensuous neck and slipped on the shoes. She turned off the vanity lights, walked to the window, closed the drapes and returned to the mirror. In the darkened room her reflection was of an elegantly sexy woman ready for a night on the town. She turned on the vanity light and the reflection became one of a woman exposing her body to all eyes. She turned off the light, took a deep breath and, with her shoulders squared, walked into the common room of the suite.

RO had changed into a black tuxedo. He looked very good to Darlene in her aroused state of mind. The wisps of gray at his temples added an air of sophistication. "We make a nice couple", she thought as RO took several seconds to devour her appearance. His warm smile of appreciation grew with passing moment which brought a smile of satisfaction to Darlene's face. Without a word passing between the he offered his arm to her. She took it and they walked out of the suite.

The elevator felt cold to Darlene in her barely clothed state. The doors opened on the lobby and they strode out. RO lead them down one side of the hotel lobby where several shops and restaurants made an enclosed mall area. The lighting was subdued but still bright enough that she know she was very much on display.

RO took long strides forcing her do the same. She did not have to look down to know the triangle over her pubic mound was moving left and right with each step to reveal her hot flesh. To make matters worse, the transparent material tickled her as it slid directly over her clit.


RO turned as he heard her quiet moan. He felt Darlene shiver. As they passed the window of an leisure clothing store Darlene looked briefly at her image in the glass but she quickly looked back straight ahead. She had looked so positively wanton, so revealed, so NAKED, she was afraid to look longer.

Despite her embarrassment she felt very aroused. Her nipples became hyper-sensitive as they too were teased by the dress's movement. "Do I really enjoy this on some level as much as RO does?" She was afraid to contemplate her inner thoughts. She tried to clear her mind, to NOT react to the flood of stimuli which assaulted her on an animal level.

RO led them into a dark restaurant. A few words with the host and they were seated. She breathed a sigh of relief. The booth in which they sat was dark. She faced into the restaurant. From her ribs down the white table cloth offered concealment. Only one nipple was visible but they both were erect and throbbing in time with her delicious aching clit.

She remained quiet as RO ordered for the both of them. It was all she could do to not squirm in her seat. The waiter left and younger white-jacketed attendant brought them ice water. Her hands shook as she lifted the glass to her mouth.

"Dear, spill a bit on your water on your breast, the covered one." RO's voice was quiet but commanding. She moved the glass and tip it.


Darlene stifled her squeal but not before several heads turned to look at her. The water was COLD. She looked down to check the damage. The opaque material over her breast clung to her breast like a second skin AND IT WAS TRANSPARENT. She felt very naked.

Dinner itself was one embarrassment after another as it seemed every worker in the place visited their table several times. Every guest entering the restaurant was escorted passed their table by the host. As diners left they walked passed the table again. All men and several women gave RO gestures of approval.


They had finished their dessert and were about to leave. Darlene found her still moist breast was still on display. It was then RO gave her a second order.

"Spill a little more water."

"Where?" whispered Darlene.

"Down there."

Darlene only hesitated a moment before lifting the full glass to her mouth. She took a sip and glared at RO. She stared into is eyes for a few moments before poured the entire glass down her front.

The frigid water on hot loins took her breath away. She gritted her teeth but no sounds emerged from her mouth. She did not have to look to know her whole front was on display under a layer of thin, transparent, and now cold material. Every bit of erectile tissue on her body was instantly "up".

Without a word they both stood and walked briskly from the restaurant back to their room.


Darlene woke in RO's bedroom, alone. The bed was still warm where RO had been. She could hear him in the shower -- singing horribly, but full of joy. She smiled to his off-key attempt at singing.

"He's happier than I've ever known him to be", she thought. Her smile broadened as she stretched. "I'm feeling pretty good too." She rolled to his side of the bed and hugged the bedclothes to her unclothed body. His faint masculine aroma lingered in the sheets; she inhaled deeply filling her nose with his musk. She drifted into a light sleep and failed to notice cessation of the shower sounds.



A Very Successful Presentation

"Wake up, sleepyhead. We've got a meeting." She could here the smile in RO's voice."

"Mmmmmm. Come back to bed", she said seductively.

"You tempt me, my dear, but it's not to be. Get up and get dressed or I'll drag you to the meeting as you are."

"You'd do it, too", she giggled.

"Your outfit's on your bed. Now scoot! We'll going to be late."

She rose from the bed and sashayed out of his bedroom. A glance in the mirror and she saw his eyes following her every wiggle. Crossing the common room she saw through the balcony door it was another glorious blue sky day. She hurried into her bathroom without even looking at the outfit on her bed. Ten minutes later she emerged freshly scrubbed with a soft terry towel wrapped about her body. Then she looked at the clothes on her bed.

She was surprised, but not for the expected reason. Before her was a blue woman's business outfit of skirt and blazer. A pure white blouse was spread beside it. There was even an opaque white underpants. She lifted the underpants and was delighted by its silky lightness. She stepped into them and pulled them up her legs. She 'seated' them in place. The smooth material felt lovely on her loins. She smiled as she slid her arms into the blouse. It, too, was deliciously silky against her fresh skin. The blouse was thin; a quick check on the mirror revealed her dark nipples were detectable under the white material.

Darlene was not too surprised to find the pleated skirt was very short. RO had had her wear shorter skirts, but they had usually been tight. She was going to have to be careful of the way she moved. The pleats would allow the skirt to flare if she turned. "Ah", she moaned as she looked out her window and noticed the brisk off-short breeze. "I'm gotta hold my skirt down." She turned quickly. In the mirror she saw her white panty starkly revealed as her pleated skirt spun away from her thighs.

"It's going to be a long day", she said to the mirror as her skirt settled down. She pulled on the blazer and was not to surprised to find it had only two buttons -- one just above her navel and another three inches lower. Her white blouse formed a white 'V' with the shadows of her nipples barely hidden by the lapels. The blazer hung down to an inch above the skirt's bottom hem. She examined her image in the mirror. "Sexy and professional! I like it." She adjusted her hair and walked out to the common room.

"You look perfect. Here, take these." RO handed her a stack of notebooks which she clutched to her chest. He grabbed his briefcase and the two hurried out of the suite.


They waited at the curb as the doorman whistled for a taxi. Darlene could feel the warm breeze rustling her skirt. With her hands full of notebooks she could not reach down. She tried to catch the waving pleats between her legs, but nature intervened. A gust lifted she skirt behind her. She could feel it held against her back -- exposing her pantied rear. But the breeze was not done. Air continued to rush around her and between her thighs until ... the front of her skirt was held by the wind out from bottom of her jacket. As the taxi pulled to a stop in front of her she saw the white triangle of panty at the top of her thighs. RO opened the door and she crawled in, dropping the notebooks on the taxi floor and giving the doorman a full view of her white-encased squirming derriere.

The taxi ride to the meeting was uneventful once Darlene arranged herself in the seat. She smiled at RO; saw him smile back and eye her long bare legs. The ride passed in comfortable silence.

When getting out of the taxi Darlene giggled to herself. Given her frequent dis-dressed state of attire, why was she making so much effort to maintain a lady-like appearance as she struggled to keep her panties from view? "Is it programmed in my genes or in my upbringing?" She looked up at RO standing patiently on the sidewalk. "He's enjoying my efforts", she thought.

Finally she stood beside RO. They walked toward the office building for their appointment. They rode the elevator to the fifth floor and entered a suite of offices of The East Indian Outlaw Enterprises, Limited.

The buxom brown-haired receptionist led them into a conference room. She offered them coffee and fresh Danish before assuring them Mr. Jim Clowly would be with them in a few moments.

Darlene stared at the clear Lucite conference table; she was all to aware of the way her legs were visible. She sat as primly as she could -- not easy in her short skirt. Even her blazer lapels wanted to hang open, threatening to far too much of her thinly covered chest. She pulled the back of the blazer down so she could sit on it and make it hang straight. RO calmly witnessed each of Darlene's squirms as she arranged herself.

Mr. Clowly entered like a whirlwind. RO stood and enthusiastically shook hands like old buddies. He then charged toward Darlene with his right hand extended. Reflexive courtesy forced her to react without thinking. She took and shook his hand. After a few minutes of causal small Darlene tried to daintily sit with some decorum. RO sat to her left at the end of the conference table. Mr. Clowly said opposite Darlene and she squeezed her thighs together. Any slip of her skirt and he would have be able to see right up it. Darlene felt trapped as Mr. Clowly told of past good times.

“Darlene, has your boss ever told you his real first name isn’t Robert? It’s Rutherford and he hates it.”

“Actually he has told me his real name, but I didn’t know he hated it.”

“We grew up together and he’s hated his name ever since his mother used to call him Ruthie.” RO’s face blushed. “The neighborhood kids heard his mother and he had to live with it until he went off to college. He’s used Robert ever since except when he runs into his old buds from the neighborhood.”

“Ruthie? I’ll remember that for a special occasion.” Darlene was enjoying Mr. Clowly enthusiastic charm and it was good to share a secret from RO’s past.

RO cleared his throat and, wanting to change the subject, go right down to business. “Look, Jim, we really need to discuss your market and billing software. You are still using the old version 2.0 we sold and installed for you when you opened this office four years ago. The computer world changes quickly and you’re being left in the dark ages.”

“It’s works fine. Why should I change?” responded Clowly.

“It out-of-date and you’ll have performance and compatibility problems with your back office software very soon if you don’t upgrade to at least version 6.0. It’s only the cost of an upgrade and I can throw in our handy Web-caster software at a discount. It’s only going to cost you more the longer you put if off. Perhaps a demonstration without all the techno-babble is in order. Darlene, please stand.”

Darlene did not have a clue what RO was about to do as he went on. “The setup you have works now, but it is an illusion -- a problem waiting to happen. Very soon it is going to embarrass you and probably at a most inopportune moment.” He turned to Darlene. “Take off your jacket, please.”

She kept her mouth shut as she unbuttoned her blazer. The cool air-conditioned air went through the thin material of her blouse as if it was not there. RO turned back to Jim. “See, everything looks very good, but things are about to start happening.” Sure enough, in moments Darlene’s nipples responded to the cool and to Jim’s stare. He was NOT looking at her eyes. Her face grew red and warm as blood surged through her facial capillaries. More than her face grew warm but the rest of it was hidden under her clothing…but for how long. She could feel the snugness of her silken panties. The cool air circulated between her thighs seeking her hot flesh.

“I see Darlene’s plight is holding your attention. See how she is embarrassed by this unexpected turn of events. But things can get worse for you.” RO winked at Darlene and her mouthed the words “Go along”. Jim missed the exchange as he continued to watch and wait. RO continued

“Right now Darlene is at least a little uncomfortable, isn’t that right, dear?”

There was a catch in Darlene’s voice as she answered, “Yes”. RO turned back to Jim. “She is concerned what will happen next as you will be once your software compatibility and performance problems start to surface. Then the really unexpected will become very costly and embarrassing. Darlene was holding her breath, expected RO to do his worst. “Darlene, remove your blouse please… then put on your blazer.”

Darlene thought as she slowly undid the top button of her blouse. “What game is he really playing? Is her really trying to make a sale, or am I part of the presentation flash?” After a moment she almost chuckled as she got her own unintentional joke, “flash”. As each button was opened more and more of her chest came into view until all the buttons were open. The blouse hung down her body barely hiding her very perky nipples. She took a deep breath, slid the blouse down her arms and off her body and dropped it on the table. She was not topless for more than a few seconds before she pulled on the blazer. The silk lining of the blazer had cooled while it rested on the table. Her erect nipples slid across the lining like a cool caress. “At least I’m covered again, sort of”, she thought.


RO was enjoying his story telling and Darlene’s expression as she remained standing, embarrassed and not sure what was to happen next. He had her and Jim both set up for the unveiling. “As with my delightful assistant, you may survive the short period of embarrassment and try to move forward, but you will worry. What 9 when Microsoft does their next upgrade and the bottom falls out….so to speak.

“Darlene, demonstrate what a bare bottom feels like.”

“My panties?” asked Darlene in a whisper.

“Yes”, both RO and Jim answered.

She reached up under her pleats from the side hoping to keep the front hanging over her front. Hooking her fingers in the panties’ waistband she slid the silk down her legs. Stepping carefully, she pulled them off her feet and dropped them beside the blouse on the table.

“Now, sit and relax, my dear.” RO turned back to Jim and finished. “See how uncomfortable she looks. She lost some important things, but is struggling to appear confident and normal. That is not an easy thing. Jim, do you want this to happen to you?”

Jim laughed and smiled. “Darlene, how do you feel at this moment?”

“Sir, I’m frustrated and bothered.” Her voice was squeaky.

“I certainly don’t want that to happen to me. You’ve sold me. You two have given the best demonstration I’ve ever seen in this or any conference room. Sign me up for the full upgrade.”

Darlene sat quietly as RO brought out the contract and Jim signed them. The men stood as if to leave. Darlene reached for her panties and blouse, but RO spoke.

“Leave them there as souvenirs and reminders to Jim.”

They left the conference room, then the building. Darlene’s pleats brushed her bare skin with each step. Getting back into and out of a taxi was more difficult even though she did not have panties to hide.



A Boat Ride and Another Change

Another day and two successful, though less personally revealing for her, presentations later found RO and Darlene sitting in their suite. RO ordered dinner from room service and turned to Darlene. "We've got one more client and then almost two days of leisure before heading home. The last client is an eccentric who's been a customer for several years. She wants to do some re-engineering and I think she's a good candidate for our full suite of products and maybe some on-site consultation in her home office in Indiana. She's here on vacation but still wanted to meet with us. We're to meet with her on her boat in the harbor first thing in the morning."

Darlene wondered if she would ever spend a full day 'normally' attired--and did she want to? "What's in store for me tomorrow?"


It rained overnight as it often did on these islands. The nightly rains washed the air clean and fresh. The sky had a few wispy white clouds against a marvelous blue. Darlene had just stepped out of the shower when there was a knock on the suite's door. She wrapped a towel around her wet torso and walked to the door. Taking a deep breath she opened the door to a bellhops

The bellhop cute, filling out her uniform maroon jacket and black pants in a way which left no doubt she was a she. As Darlene looked at the girl's face she saw her dark complexion, pure white teeth and deep brown eyes -- eyes which twinkled in delight at the sight of Darlene.

As several moments passed in silence Darlene felt her towel loosen. She squeezed her right forearm against her chest a split second after it started to fall. Her arm trapped it but her arm was then all that was holding it in place leaving her backside uncovered. The bellhop's eye's sparkled with interest as she continued to gaze at Darlene.

Darlene felt her body warm as the silent seconds passed. RO emerged from his bedroom, a towel about his waist. Darlene did not hear RO but she saw the bellhop's eyes shift before she felt his hand on her bare back. She jumped at RO's unexpected touch. Her towel slid down her body pooling around her feet.

She wanted to turn and run to her bedroom but RO blocked her way as she backed into him. She heard RO gasp with surprise. A moment later she knew the reason as she felt his body against her, flesh against flesh. She giggled as she realized he too had lost his towel. He grabbed her shoulders and used Darlene's body as a shield to hide behind. Despite her embarrassment Darlene could not resist grinding her bottom into him, his hardness trapped and throbbing between them.

The bellhop stood smiling -- enjoying the show. Darlene's blush deepened as she became both more embarrassed and very aroused. She wanted to cover her exposed body, but she forced her hands back to grasp RO's naked hips. She pulled him to her.

Finally, the bellhop spoke. "Package delivery." She extended her hand which held a small package about three inches square. RO reached around Darlene and took the package. The bellhop tipped her hat, smiled and walked away.

They stood exposed in the open door for a few seconds before RO pushed the door closed with the package. They stumbled back into the room and Darlene turned around to face RO. The package fell to the floor as they hugged passionately savoring the feel of each other’s bodies.

"Ah, Darlene", said RO, he voice deep and husky, "if we don't stop this now we'll never get to our meeting." He did not pull away from her, prolonging their embrace. Darlene took a deep breath and slowly backed away until her back was flush with the door. RO arms released her but it was obvious he did it with mixed emotions.

He retrieved the package from the floor. He noticed the note on it written in small concise script. "Wear this for our meeting." He pulled the top of the box off and looked inside. Darlene saw his Adam's apple bounce in a gulp.

"What is it?" asked Darlene.

RO pulled three small scraps of material from the box. He kept one and tossed two to Darlene. "Our client is up to her old tricks. This," and he waved the tiny piece of material in his hand, "is what we have to wear for today's meeting."


They rode quietly to the marina wearing bathrobes. Neither felt naked under the soft terrycloth. "Whoever this client is", thought Darlene, "she’s making RO share my experience." She was smiling despite her embarrassment each time the cabbie looked at her in the rear view mirror.

The ride to the marina took only a few minutes. The taxi left them standing at the end of a long well-kept pier. The wooden planks felt smooth and cool as they walked to slip 34. There were not many people in the marina but Darlene noticed each and every one of those present followed their long walk to the sleek white power boat anchored at the end of the pier.

A woman appeared on the deck of the power boat. She looked slim in a red one-piece swimsuit which hid none of her sleek curves. The suit revealed much of her cleavage through its front open V starting at her shoulders and diving down to her navel. Her tanned back was bare to below her waist. The sides were cut high, uncovering her hips. The slip of material running between her legs looked too narrow to maintain any modesty, but somehow it stayed in place.

Even as revealing as was the woman's attire, it was less revealing than was hidden under Darlene's robe. Her pulse quickened with each step as they neared the boat.

She woman spoke. "So there you are, but you're all covered up. Hand over those robes before you set foot on my boat."

Darlene and RO stole a quick glance as each other, then as one they let the robes slip from their shoulders. Darlene felt the sun strike her body everywhere. The lines of her bikini were modest but the material from which it was made were anything but modest. While opaque the material was very VERY thin. Every curve of her breasts, including very erect nipples, was displayed under the microthin layer of striped red and white material. The blue bikini bottom hugged the globes of her butt, but it was the front of her bikini bottom which made her blush the most. Back at the room she had seen in the mirror the outline of every detail of her loins. The material was so blasted light anyone could only tell she was not wearing anything by the bikini's snug fit.

Darlene refused to look down at her body. She knew she was on display but she could not help looking at RO who was fidgeting beside her. She almost giggled as she saw in the light of day RO's tiny swimsuit.

RO's attire was more than a Speedo, and much less. As with Darlene's suit, RO's was cut modestly, but it was made of the same microthin snug material. Even as she and the woman watched the bulge in front of RO's tight trunks tried to grow -- straining the material even tighter.

"Leave your robes on the pier. You won't be needing for are cruise." As they stepped aboard, the woman looked at Darlene. "Dear, RO has not introduced us. I am Countess Francesca dela Fountaine." Then laughing she added in a Brooklyn accent, "Call me Fran. I got the title from my late husband."

Darlene shook hands with Fran and they both turned to RO. Both Fran and Darlene smiled at RO whose blush was turning him redder than a pale-faced officer worker at this first day at the beach without sunscreen.

“Darlene”, asked Fran, “you have a very nice tan. What have you two been doing on this trip, goofing off at the nude beach?”

“Nude beach?” Both RO and Darlene questioned at the same time.

“Oh, we’ll cruise over there and anchor for the business meeting”, Fran said with glee. She ushered them into the cabin and seated them in two deck chairs behind her while she took a seat at the wheel. “Are you two comfy?” she asked. They both shook their heads “Yes”. She steered them slowly out of the harbor. Once she had cleared the boat traffic she throttled up the motor and cruised parallel to the coast.

“Darlene, come up here and take the wheel.” Darlene walked up and sat in the helmsman seat after Fran slid out of it. “You are used to the boat so I think you better fasten the seat belt.” Fran pulled the belt around Darlene’s trim waist and snapped the lock. She stepped back and looked at Darlene. “Now for something special.” Fran tapped a button on the far side of the boat and Darlene seat started to vibrate.

“Ummmmm” Darlene groaned. The seat not only vibrated but it felt as if there were fingers in the seat cushion started massaging her.

“I thought you’d like that special feature”, giggled Fran. “I find it’s quite nice for long private cruises and for special friends. I can tell it’s working on you just by seeing your high beams.”

Darlene did not have to look at her chest to know her nipples were very erect. In the microthin bikini she knew they were obvious. She could feel the seat’s vibration through her whole body. She was having trouble concentrating on steering the boat and it came as a complete surprise when the straps wrapped around her ankles and thighs. The straps pulled her more tightly into the seat cushion intensifying the feel of the massaging fingers. Darlene felt Fran’s fingers start massaging her erect nipples and she was squirming in the seat. Fran’s hands moved up to her shoulders and then down her arms, pulling them behind her.


The cold steel encircled her wrists trapping her hands behind her back.

“Don’t worry about the boat, dear”, chuckled Darlene. “The course is set on a GPS program which will do all the steering needed. Just enjoy the ride while I get RO fixed up.”

Darlene was awash with the throbbing of the power boat and the seat behind her. Whatever was controlling the boat was also controlling the magic fingers in the cushion. When the motor speed up, the fingers moved more quickly. As the boat slowed to a smooth cruised the fingers lingered at her most sensitive spots. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feelings as the breeze added it tickling of her body.

Several minutes passed before Fran reappeared next to Darlene. Darlene’s eyes went wide open as Fran’s fingers teased Darlene’s flushed body. The point of no-return was reached and Darlene screamed as the orgasm exploded through her entire body, her eyes squeezed shut. Fran stepped back and enjoyed the show.

The motor slowed to idle and stopped at the same time the magic fingers and vibrations stopped. A sweaty Darlene opened her eyes and saw the boat was sitting a few hundred yards off a beach. She squirmed but there was no way she was getting out of the seat. She did manage to turn the seat so she could face toward the back. Fran stood majestically naked before RO. RO could only stare as straps secured his wrists to the arms of his deck chair. He squirmed as Fran performed a slow hula dance, her hips grinding seductively. Darlene eyes followed Fran’s gyrations and she too was soon squirming as the display of Fran’s firm flesh.

The dance ended and Fran spoke. "Ready for our business meeting now?" A small pad appeared in Fran’s hand and she pushed the only button on it.

Darlene almost fell out of her seat as the cuffs and straps opened. Her knees were wobbly as she stepped to Fran. RO was having some difficulty in standing. His swim attire was even tighter than it had been. He stood with his shoulders bend slightly forward. Both Darlene and RO could only watch as Fran dove into the sea like a water nymph. She surfaced and shouted.

"Follow me to shore. We can talk business and work on our tans at the same time." She turned without waiting for them to follow. They shrugged and climbed down ladder from the back of the boat.

The swim to the shore was easy. The tide was coming in and there was no undercurrent. Darlene felt the water across her skin as if she was wearing no suit at all. She ran her hands down her body and found the thin material still in place. It was as she and RO stepped from the shallow surf that they looked at each other. Somehow the material appeared thinner, more like a coat of paint than any material they had seen.

Fran must have made advance arrangements as she was already seated at an umbrellaed table with a icy drink in her hand. A cute attendant stood waiting for RO and Darlene’s drink order. It was the bellhop from the morning and she was as naked as Fran. Her tan showed no trace of any tan line and she gave both RO and Darlene an evil smile. Fran smiled smugly and spoke.

"Meet my assistant, Amanda. I believe you've met."

RO was the first to look up and down the beach and saw everyone was naked. Once again he looked uncomfortable as his tight trunks became tighter. "RO", said Fran, "make things easier on yourself and get out of those." He hesitated but soon struggled, pulling his trunks down his legs before taking a chair next to Fran’s. Fran only looked at Darlene and she did not wait for the suggestion. Darlene peeled her bikini off her body and sat on the other side of Fran.

"Now, RO, what deal do you have for me today?"

RO started slowly, stammering a bit before he got up to speed. Given that Darlene was already naked -- "and looking very tasty" –- he thought, he switched his tactics. When he came to the point were he usually had Darlene remove an item of clothing, he described his own feeling of … exposure to embarrassing situations. Darlene found RO’s examples very much matched her own feelings and she smiled. They had so much in common.

Fran listened intently, a sudden serious -- though naked -- businesswoman. He finished and waited for her response to his proposal.

"RO, you build a strong case. I admit I was ready to buy your services based on a study we ran back at the home office, but I wanted to see how you handled surprises. You both did well. Put me down for the new suite and the specialization you presented … on one condition."


"You both must come to visit me when it is time to implement the new software. I want you there, both of you, in case there are any" she chuckled "more surprises. Meanwhile, spend the day with me here."

RO and Darlene agreed. Amanda brought them both fresh drinks and the morning passed as they talked of their lives. RO described in embarrassing detail the role of Darlene as special assistant, a role which turned out to be similar to Amanda’s. As if on cue wet Amanda pulled up another chair. She'd just anchored Fran's boat and was slightly out of breath from her quick trop. She joined them as they swapped stories, usually at the expense of both Amanda and Darlene.

It was getting on to lunch time when Fran suggested they go to the resort restaurant for food. Darlene and RO looked at the spot where they had dropped the suits. Only white fine sand was visible.

"Amanda, run to the cabana and get the things I brought for our guests." Amanda immediately ran off at Fran's order. Darlene found she enjoyed the way Amanda's brown backside bounced as she ran through the sand until RO spoke.

"Darlene, hurry along and help Amanda." Darlene felt RO's and probably Fran's eyes on her backside as she ran to catch Amanda.


"RO, where did you get such a lovely creature?" asked Fran.

"They got her for me at work as an incentive to keep me there through the end of the year."

"Really? You are one lucky man." Fran's expression grew serious and sympathetic. "I was so sorry to hear of the death of your wife. You had us all worried you'd go to pieces."

"I nearly did. I still miss her every day." RO's expression was very somber. "It's only been since Darlene came into my life that it's been worth living."

"Does Darlene know how you feel about her?"

"Until recently, no. Oh, she knew I enjoyed playing my little games on her, but it's more now."

"But did you actually tell her you're in love with her?"

"How could I? I didn't realize it until this trip."

"RO, you have to tell her immediately. She's too nice to let slip through your fingers."


Darlene was blushing anew as she and Amanda trotted back with the things Fran had for them to wear. Darlene had wanted to put her outfit, even as revealing as it was, on right away but Amanda and suggested she shouldn’t. So the two assistants returned naked to their bosses. It did not help Darlene that Amanda made several flattering and suggestive comments. They stood quietly in front of RO and Fran waiting for them to respond. It was Fran who spoke first to Amanda

“Give RO his shorts.” Turning to RO, “You’ll find them more comfortable than your swimsuit was, but I dare say not as interesting to me.” RO stood and quickly pulled the long shorts of his legs. They were more baggy, but Darlene thought she could still detect some ‘tenting’ in front and she giggled.

Amanda handed Fran a flattering one piece suit much like the one Fran had worn at the marina except it was ocean blue. Darlene looked at the items left in hers and Amanda’s hands. It did not take a rocket scientist to see there was not enough items left for both her and Amanda to be decently attired. The assistants wanted nervously for instructions from Fran.

“Let’s play a game”, announced Fran as she turned to RO. “RO, take the halter top and go a hundred feet or so down the beach. The girls will race for who gets to wear it.” RO took the top from Amanda’s hand and started walking across the sand. It was obvious he was examining the top as he walked. When he turned Darlene could see a big smile on his face which startled Darlene. “What’s he up to?” she wondered.

Fran had the girls get into an embarrassing starting posture with their feet dug into the sand and their shoulders low, Darlene knew she was giving a full view of her privates to Fran and anyone else behind her.

“Ready, set,…..GO!”

Darlene and Amanda took off. They were almost even, step for step until a few feet from RO when Amanda seemed to stumble. Darlene raced the last few step and grabbed the halter top from RO. She jumped up and down, smiling at her success until…

Amanda was smiling evilly.

It was only then Darlene got a good look at the halter top. There was the usual loop over the neck, but the strap across the middle of the back was strange-looking. There were two loops of material which could be tied. RO told her to stand still and he would put the top on her immediately. With the halter hanging from the loop over and behind her neck RO pulled her right wrist behind her back. He slid her wrist in one of the loops and tightened it. The halter’s front moved left. He pulled her left wrist behind her and close the other loop around her left wrist. The halter was centered and pulled tightly to her chest pinning her arms behind her. RO’s hand dropped and gave her a light slap on her naked bottom. “You better hurry along for the next part of the game”, he said with a smile in his voice. Darlene found the hundred foot walk back to Fran very disconcerting. Her arms were secured behind her back and she was naked from the ribs down. Being unable to cover her bare loins was scary, and yet arousing. Under the halter top she could feel her nipples growing hard and throbbing, and between her thighs she felt very … juicy.

“The next part of the game is one of knowledge,” announced Fran like a joyous game show host. “The prize will be this sarong.” It was a wraparound type, but shorter than an authentic one. It would cover her much like a bath towel, but at least she would be covered.

“Ready”, asked Fran.

The girls shook their heads yes.

“What bomber did Senator George McGovern fly in Italy in World War II?”

Darlene had no idea, but Amanda quickly shouted. “B-24. It in the book The Wild Blue by Ambrose.” Amanda grabbed the sarong and wrapped it about her body. The top hung low on her full breasts but she did that intentional to make it hang lower. It still showed a lot of thigh but, with some carefulness, Amanda might get away with showing too much.

Before the final question could be asked Amanda gave Darlene a sympathetic look. She turned to her boss and said. “Fran, give Darlene the last item, I go what I wanted. It’s not going to help her much, but I think she’ll look good in it.”

Fran laughed and held up the last item, the prize Amanda had surrender to Darlene. It was a gauze like strip of material two feet wide by four feet long. In the bright tropical sunlight is was very thin, “Collect your prize, Darlene”, said Fran with a lilt in her voice.

With her arms trapped behind her there was no way Darlene to grab the gauze and put it on herself. Amanda offered to help, but Fran turned to RO. “Here, it’s your choice how she wears this, or doesn’t.”

RO stood and took the gauze from Fran. Darlene thought he would wrap it around her hips but she should have known better. RO slid the material UNDER Darlene’s halter front and let it hang down her front to almost her ankles. From the front she was sort of covered but from behind she was still naked from her ribs to the ground.

“Amanda, lead Darlene to the restaurant. RO and I will follow.”

Darlene was mortified but even as she was lead across the white sands to a path through the palm trees she found she was juicer than ever. She could hear RO and Fran following a few feet behind them and heard Fran’s comment.

“Isn’t that cute? Even her butt’s blushing.”


The footpath wound through the tropical foliage. With little warning they broke into a clearing with thatch-roofed huts. Amanda lead the party to a hut was much bigger than the rest. It's sides were open; tables and a bar were visible. It was not crowded, but the few swimsuit-clad customers fell silent as Darlene and Amanda made their entrance. Amanda led them to a table and Darlene was seated with her back toward the path from the beach -- away from the customers eyes.

Darlene remained quiet as food was ordered. Her hands worked at the loops which held her hands as RO and Fran made small talk. Before the food was served she had freed her hands. She pulled the loops together and tied them off.

"Now, what am I going to do?" she thought. "RO's having a wonderful time enjoying my predicament." She giggled to herself, admitting she too was enjoying the situation. She felt very much alive -- alive and aroused. Her entire body was sensitive; responding to everything she felt, saw or thought.

A breeze swept through the restaurant stirring the gauze across her tightly clinched thighs. The material's light touch was like a lover's gentle caress. A throb from deep inside her answered the caress.

"Mmmm", Darlene groaned softly. She kept her wrists behind her back and let her body simmer in its juices.

The waiter brought their food. Darlene waited, wondering if someone would 'release' her. Fran was the first to speak.

"Amanda, we can't let sweet Darlene starve. Feed her."

Amanda cut Darlene's roast pork and started to feed her with a fork. "Not that way", scolded Fran, 'with your fingers." Amanda raised up a succulent piece of meat to Darlene's mouth. Darlene took it from Amanda fingers with her teeth. Before Amanda could remove her fingers Darlene closed her lips and sucked the juices from them. Piece after tasty piece of food was offered to Darlene's mouth. Each time Darlene took pleasure sucking Amanda fingers. Amanda was affected by the sensuous lips and tongue of Darlene; Amanda blushed and squirmed. RO and Fran smiled watching quietly at the show the two assistants were performing.

Amanda felt her arousal building each time Darlene's mouth made love to her fingers. Her squirming was involuntary. Amanda knew there was a price for her squirming. Under her sarong she felt her body grow hot with lust. She felt the sarong loosen and slip millimeters down her body. Fran would undoubtedly not let her adjust the sarong's fit. Very soon the sarong would slide down far enough to expose her perky nipples, but she could not stop squirming.

Amanda's first sign that she was revealed came while Darlene was being served a slice of mango. Darlene's eyes dropped and focused on Amanda's chest; a nipple was in view. Amanda's free hand rose to adjust the sarong up to hide the nipple which had slipped from beneath the sarong's top edge.

"No!", ordered Fran, "you touch it, you lose it." Amanda lowered her arm to her lap.

Darlene chuckled to herself and took glee in Amanda's plight. Darlene’s hands squeezed behind her like a vice even as she pulled against them.

Amanda offered another piece of the tasty pork and Darlene gave particular attention to Amanda's forefinger and thumb with her tongue. She sucked Amanda's fingers deeper into her mouth watching Amanda squirm with desire. Darlene's efforts were rewarded as the sarong slid millimeter by millimeter until Amanda displayed both tasty-looking nipples above the sarong. The sarong hugged tentatively at Amanda's breasts for a few seconds as Darlene’s tongue teased her finger. Amanda’s flesh was covered with droplets of sweaty dew.


The sarong fell to Amanda's waist. Her dark brown nipples were throbbing islands amid her tanned brown breasts and chest. A hush fell over the restaurant as its patrons watched Darlene make finger-love with her mouth to a glowing Amanda.

"Fran, we better watch these two or its going to get carried away too far." RO was smiling as he adjusted his position. Darlene could tell from his eyes he too was quite aroused.

The waiter appeared as Darlene enjoyed the last bit of the roasted pork . He asked if they wanted any dessert.

"No, I think we've had ours." RO voice was deep and happy.

"Very good, sir" and the waiter left the check.

Fran left money on the table and stood. RO and Amanda stood as Darlene thought with her fingers interlaced behind her. Should she wait until they saw she was no longer tied in her halter, or what? She smiled as a thought struck her.

Darlene stood and brought her hands in front of halter. She pulled the gauze from under the top and handed it to Fran. The top she removed and handed it to RO. She put her hands behind her back once more and squeezed her hands until her knuckles whitened. Squaring her shoulders she stood with her feet a foot apart. A smile of pride glowed on her face -- a smile mirrored on RO's.

Fran was the first to speak. "RO, she is a gem. If you don't tell her how important she is to you right now I'm going to offer her a job as my second assistant at twice what you're playing her."

RO's face beamed in pleasure as he spoke. "Fran's right. Darlene, you mean a lot to me. I counter Fran's offer with a long-term one. Be my wife, please."

Darlene hadn't expected RO’s proposal but every fiber of her being was filled with joy and she forced her hands to stay behind her. "On one condition."

"Anything!" RO almost shouted.

"You keep making me do these embarrassing things for as long as we live." Did she really say that? Was she WANTING to be embarrassed by this man for the rest of their lives?

-- YES! --

RO looked like a teenager, smiling and jumping around. "Thank you, Darlene. You're making me the happiest man alive." He grabbed her, hugged her and holding her wrists behind, her kissed her passionately.

Darlene felt she would melt as his arms engulfed her. After almost a minute of their passionate display it was Fran who spoke. "Congratulations to the both of you. Amanda, in honor of the events I think it's appropriate you offer the bride-to-be a tribute."

Amanda smile broke just a bit as Fran told her what her tribute was to be. "Lead us back to my boat dressed the same as Darlene."

The sarong was already threatening to slid passed Amanda's hips. Only the slightest of tugs, a single wiggle of her hips, and the sarong lay at her feet. After a moment of hesitation she gripped her wrists in her hands behind her back and set off for the beach. Fran followed with RO, still hugging a radiant Darlene.


The End?


Stay tuned for Darlene and RO’s Wedding and Honeymoon -- coming to the board in 2003.