Community Service for Kelly
by TrackJim

Kelly Smithers fidgeted at the defendant's table while her attorney and the prosecutor met in the judge in his chambers. "Things sure got out of hand", she whispered to herself as she mentally replayed the events of the previous night.


It all started as a birthday dare. High school graduation had been on June 1. Her parents had not thrown a party, but had agreed to host a party on June 8 for her birthday. The night of the party was perfect, seventy-eight degrees and low humidity under a cloudless sky. By sunset the backyard and house were filled with her friends. A game of volleyball was underway in the pool. All of the guests were in summer attire. Buff tanned bodies were on display in shorts, shirts and swimwear. The party continued as night fell.


Under the watchful eyes of Kelly's parents the party broke up at 10:30 so as not to disturb the neighbors. The Godfreys were an elderly couple next door. Joshua Godfrey was in his eighties. Although he moved his frail body slowly, he still had a quick wit. His gray haired wife Martha kept a close watch on Josh. She had caught him on several occasions watching Kelly's bedroom window. On one late night she caught him watching Kelly comb out her long honey blonde hair. Kelly had sat naked at her vanity giving Josh a profile view of her young body.

"You old lech! You would not know what to do with that!"

With a twinkle in his eyes Josh answered, "Hmm? A challenge?" Taking Martha's hands he led her to their bedroom. "I may be slow, but I still know what to do." Martha first words the next morning made Josh smile. "You do still remember what to do."


When the party broke up at 10:30 Josh still watched from his back window overlooking the pool. Martha gave him a rueful expression as she went off to bed. When he was not looking at Martha her expression changed to a smile, "He's going to be frisky when he does come to bed. He always is when Kelly wears a bikini."


Joshua watched as Kelly and five of her girlfriends remained after the party. Kelly's parents went to bed leaving the girls to clean up. By 11:15 the party lights were put away in their boxes. The trash had been placed in garbage bags and the extra chairs put in the garage. Joshua went unnoticed as he sat in the dark room. His eyes widened when Jessica untied her blue top and jumped in the pool.

"Jessie, my parents might be watching" remarked Kelly.

"Let'em!" Jessie's defiant tone remained as all six girls giggled. "I dare you all to join me."

Joshua's heart skipped as one by one the girls removed their tops. Kelly was the last to be topless and she quickly dove into the water.

Jessie had always been the boldest of the group. Still, when moments later she threw her bikini bottoms to the lawn, the giggling stopped. Kelly and her other friends gasped as the naked Jessie treaded water.

"I dare you all to skinny dip with me."

Joshua's hearing aid picked up Jessie's dare. "Please, lord, yes" he whispered.

Jessie was relentless as she taunted her pool mates to join her. Rose was the first to succumb. The bottom of her bright orange bikini was flung from the pool. Soon only Kelly retained her bottoms. Jessie was not going to let Kelly off.

"Come on girls. It's Kelly's birthday. She HAS to be in her birthday suit. Ten hands reached for her. She tried to defend her bottoms, but her two hands were no defense against ten. In seconds Jessie waved Kelly's red bottoms over her head like a victory banner.

Kelly knelt in the shallow end of the pool so the water covered her breasts. She gazed down at the clear water and realized it provided little modesty.

The water felt cool against Kelly's bare skin. Her nipples crinkled as the liquid swirled across them. Kelly was embarrassed and could not look her friends in their eyes. She became so self absorbed she failed to notice her friends climb from the water. One by one they grabbed their swimwear before walking through the patio doors. Jessie was the last through the doors and she slid the doors shut.

The sound of the patio door woke Kelly from her embarrassment. A still naked Jessie waved through the glass pane. Kelly's blue bikini dandled from her left hand. In her right hand was something bright red.


Panic overpowered embarrassment. Kelly jumped from the pool and dashed to the door. Jessie waved one last time through the glass before vanishing into the darkened house. A few seconds later Kelly heard the distinctive sound of Jessie's old car coughing as it cranked to life.

Kelly panicked. She had to catch Jessie before she drove away. Kelly pushed through the hedge. It's branches scrapped across her bare breasts and backside. A chill ran along her flesh that had nothing to do with the temperature of the night air. Her steps faltered for only a moment but it was enough of a delay. Jessie's car started and squealed its tires as she backed into the street. The headlights flashed across Kelly's bare form and she froze in the middle of the driveway. Her hair was plastered to her back. Her wet body glistened then Kelly was once again in the dark as Jessie raced away,

For several seconds Kelly shivered as if she was rooted to the ground. Her mind raced. She was completely naked and locked out of her home ... or was she? She broke toward the front door. "Maybe Jessie left it unlocked." No such luck! The front door knob was locked tight.

Next door Joshua had stumbled to a side window. His heart raced as he gazed at Kelly's pert backside while she stood in the driveway. He got a brief profile view when she ran to her front door. Once in front of the house she vanished from view. He chuckled at her nude plight. Moving as quickly as he could he moved to his front door and turned on the porch light.

Kelly panicked when the Godfreys' porch light came on. In order to return to the limited sanctuary on her back yard she would have to move toward that light. Instead she ran in the direction Jessie had driven. Jessie lived only five blocks away. "Surely she'll let me in."

Kelly did not make it two blocks before a police cruiser's spotlight froze her in her tracks.

"Stop right there!" Kelly tried to cover her private parts but there were too many parts and too few hands. The middle-aged male officer could not believe his eyes as he stopped next to her and stepped out of his car. "Face the car. Place you hands on the car and lean forward." The girl's body was luscious ... young and firm. He thought about procedure was almost patted her down, but he resisted. "That would be over the line," he thought. On the other hand the department's rules on cuffing prisoners was quite explicit.

Kelly was in shock and did whatever the officer said. It barely registered when he snapped the cuff around her left wrist. It was only when the officer pulled her right arm behind her back when she realized her fate. Another snap of the cuffs and her wrists were trapped behind her. The officer helped her into the back of the cruiser.

The ride to the police station was humiliating. They denied her any clothes until after she was finger printed and photographed.


Now the next afternoon Kelly waited in the courtroom for her judgement. Her stunned parents sat silently in an otherwise empty gallery. Kelly could not look at them. Instead she locked her eyes on the floor before her. Minutes passed as the attorneys met with the judge until the bailiff announced "The court will rise for the Honorable Judge Marshall Thorn". The black robed judge stepped into the court followed by Prosecutor Redburn and Kelly's lawyer, Janice Bew. The attorneys took their places and the judge spoke.

"Kelly Smithers, you stand before my bench today. Until this time you have had a clean record and leniency has been requested. Unfortunately, the town council has recently passed tough ordinances to curb the increases in public indecency. A case before the State Supreme Court has challenges the constitutionality of these ordinances as an infringement of freedom of speech and expression. If and when they are ruled unconstitutional, your charges would be reduced to a simple misdemeanor with a sentence of probation. As of now I must pass the minimum judgement as the ordinance dictates." The judge paused to let his words sink in. "For the charges against you, you are sentenced to forty days of community service. The service is to commence immediately at the township hospital's depression relief wing. This case is closed."

Janice turned to Kelly. "I'm sorry I couldn't do better, but the prosecutor was adamant." Janice's sad expression seemed inappropriately sorrowful.

"So, I'm to be a bedpan hauling candy striper. That's not so bad. Their uniforms are cute."

Janice's expression grew darker. "Not the uniforms for THAT wing. It's experimental." Kelly's face grew redder and redder as her attorney explained her duties.


Kelly sat in the hospital's ladies locker room. She had just come from the nursing administrator's office. Kelly's duties had been explained to her. She WAS to be a candy striper, sort of. Her job was to see to the basic needs of a ward of eight convalescing patients. This included getting them up in the morning, taking them to and from the small wing's eating area, reading to them in the common areas and other assorted things. She could have done all those things easily if it was not for the uniform requirements. Kelly hesitantly slid her jeans down her long tanned legs revealing her simple white cotton panties. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Her bra clad breasts quivered as she thought of her day to come. She hung her blouse in her locker next to her jeans. Her hand shook as she removed her bra then her panties and placed them in the locker. She closed and padlocked the locker. She would not be given the lock's key until the end of her shift.

Sighing, Kelly reached for her 'uniform'. First came the garter belt. She had never worn one before and could not tell the front from the back. Next came the hose. The hose felt rather naughty AND nice as she worked them up her long legs. The hose reached up to within an inch of her of her hot loins. The dark strip at the top of the hose tickled her sensitive inner thighs. She fumbled at the garter snaps until she got the hose straight. She slipped on the red high heels. "Hmmm, not bad" she thought as she saw her image in the mirror on the wall behind her. She paled as she realized the stares she would soon suffer.

The pushup bra barely covered Kelly's erect nipples. Cover, yes, but the semi-transparent material did NOT hide her dark aureoles. Even as she stared in the mirror she felt her nipples harden and throb. She looked down and gasped. She had not thought through the situation. Her auburn bikini trimmed bush was in sharp contrast to the pale untanned skin surrounding it. The throbbing in her breasts spread down to her clitoris. She felt juicy and ashamed. "Is this turning me on?"

There was only one item left in her wardrobe. The sleeveless red and white striped cotton dress looked okay if only it were a few inches longer. She pulled it over her head and started fastening the tiny buttons. The buttons stopped a good four inches short of the bottom hem leaving a slit squarely in front. She tugged and pulled to close the flap as she turned back toward the mirror. "I'm going to have to be careful." She took some small steps toward the mirror. With each step the dark tops of her hose flashed into view. She was horrified with the coverage and backed away from the mirror. Taking longer almost normal sized steps she advanced toward the mirror. "Oh, my!" With each step the slit bared her untanned loins above the hose tops. She tugged the front down only to see her butt cheeks peek into view.

Kelly checked the clock on the wall. "I'm late!" Feeling humiliated she hurried out of the locker room and took an elevator to the depression wing.


A male nurse sat at the security entrance as Kelly rushed up.

"I'm Rob. Sign in here. You're late."

Breathless, Kelly signed in and reached for the doorknob. It did not turn. The male nurse smirked.

"Not so fast. This is your first day and you're late. That'll cost you one."


"Yeah, one. The real purpose for you candy strippers is to get the blood flowing in the patients."

"Don't you mean Candy STRIPERS?"

"That's not what we call them in this wing. The sooner we get you sweet young thangs naked, the faster the patients recover. So what will it be? Your bra or your dress?"

Kelly gritted her teeth. Unbuttoning the top few buttons of her dress she unfastened her bra and pulled it out under her left arm. As she rebuttoned the top button popped away. She handed the bra to Rob who then buzzed her in.


Through the morning Kelly was very careful. She had only mooned one elderly gentleman. "At least I brought a smile to his face" she thought as her own face blushed. The inside of the dress constantly brushed her unprotected nipples and kept them hard and throbbing.

It was in the afternoon when the situation got worst. First, she lost another button while helping a gentleman in his forties out to the solarium. Kelly noticed the missing button only after the man gave a big smile. When she looked down the button between her breasts was gone. Only one higher button remained. She quickly went inside and walked toward the nurses' lounge.

Before Kelly could enter the lounge she heard voices speaking and laughing.

A male spoke. "She's so innocent, but perfect for the job. She's taken three of them out to the solarium and still hasn't realized the bright sun makes her uniform almost transparent. All the patients have improved moods."

A woman's voice responded. "It's not only the patients' moods who have improved. I haven't seen you two smile so much since Nurse Shortskirts left. I've seen you two ogling Kelly's butt when you think nobody's watching you. Her bikini must be a thong. There's very little untanned skin back there."

"There's pale skin in the front and the most delicious little bush. It makes my mouth water."

"Down boys. Don't look at me when you talk like that. You might get confused." Her tone was light and conversational. Kelly would have listened longer but she heard movement behind her. She straightened and hurried to the restroom.


The shift's end found Kelly sitting before her locker with no buttons remaining on her dress. She had performed the last hour of the shift constantly trying to hold the snug dress closed but had failed. The wing's staff had repeatedly seen her scurrying from room to room and out to the solarium in her undressed state. If blushing were dangerous for her health she would have collapsed. As it was she was exhausted. With her locker key in hand she opened her locker and changed back into her street clothes. The clothes felt rough and confining.

"Thirty nine days to go. I probably WILL die of embarrassment."

She didn't.

(Use your imagination. Maybe Sarah Wickland and Nina West could become her counselors.)