Binding Justice

by TrackJim


Marianne Mueller looked over the incident reports from the five young female victims.  When the first victim had appeared the department had thought it was an isolated case of a hysterical woman.  Each week another victim was found and told of her experience.  The department was not sure what was happening, but it was decided it warranted a serious investigation.  The cases were assigned Marianne in the Vice.

The victims' stories were very similar.  Each woman was in her late twenties with a full time office job.  Each was single and lived alone.  All had gone alone to a different bar where they'd been approached by a man, had a few drinks and left with him.  The next thing each woman could remember she was standing on a street corner late at night covered in shiny black latex.  Five days had passed were missing from her life.  Each woman's panicky screams had attracted immediate attention.

In each case the description of the man was only described as "average".  None of the women could remember any identifying details and were unable to create much of a usable composite picture.

By itself the latex that had cocooned each victim was interesting, to say the least.  It was as if each woman had been dipped in latex that formed a skintight layer on her skin.  The only openings were for the mouth, vagina and anus.  At those openings latex had coated the women's orifices for two inches into their bodies.  Their eyelids were sealed shut under the material.  Doctors had had to surgically cut the latex to peel it from their bodies.  All of each woman's hair had been removed before the latex had been applied.  This allowed for a less painful removal.  Forensic test indicated that, once applied, the latex had shrunk to firmly compress the victims.  The follow-up medical examinations found no evidence that the women had been harmed in any other physical manner except for signs of some irritation in her openings.  It was theorized something had probably been forced into all three orifices and held there for some length of time.  There was no evidence of any semen so it was doubtful the women had been raped.

As Marianne looked over the pictures she thought the latexed women to be highly erotic.  Her own likes for tight restrictive clothing were aroused and she wondered how the latex felt.  She kept these thoughts to herself, not daring to share it with anyone.  While discussing the case with her lieutenant it was decided that under cover work was called.

All the bars had been of the less fashionable type in the southwest area of town.  Perhaps several policewomen could decoy this guy into a trap.  Marianne was close to the physical profile of the victims.  She was 31 and could pass easily for 25.  Her figure was above average and she was dark haired.  The lieutenant said Marianne should check with the department's evidence department for clothing.  The police had recently raided several porn shops and maker of porno movies.  The cases had been thrown out on minor technicalities, but the confiscated clothing and other paraphernalia remained unclaimed.  Marianne smiled to herself.  She remembered seeing some very interesting outfits on the evidence description reports.


Marianne finished drying her hair and checked over the clothing and electronics on her bed.  The latest micro-receiver would fit in her ear almost invisibly.  The wrist watch transmitter allowed her to call for help if she needed. Even if she were somehow overpowered the removal of the watch would set of an alarm and transmit her global positioning coordinates. These items would allow Marianne to operate with only floating backup units that would cruise and support decoys in multiple locations.

Marianne had to smile as she looked at the clothing she had collected from the evidence room.  The tight black spandex jumpsuit was better than anything she owned.  It was a size too small for her, but that might just make her more attractive bait.  The thigh high black boots with three-inch heels looked devilishly good.  In this outfit she would attract the attention of every male in the bar as soon as she entered.  She was a little concerned she might be too obvious, but felt justified that the outfit was appropriate since each of the women had been dressed in tight hot outfits when they were been captured.

Marianne powdered herself and decided to forego underwear for the evening.  After applying talcum power to her body she opened the long front zipper and stepped into the jumpsuit.  It took her several minutes of struggling before she could close the zipper.  The built in reinforced corset was tighter than she had envisioned.  She pulled the suit down to her thighs and placed one of her own rubber waist cinchers around her.  She struggled with the laces of the front closure for ten minutes until it was tightly snug again her body.  A zipper that she was barely able to close concealed the laces.  With the cincher in place she once again pulled the jumpsuit up her body and over her shoulders.  She still had to struggle, but the jumpsuit's zipper finally closed at her neck.  Her breasts were nicely shaped and tightly held.  A smile came to her face as she decided to find some way to keep this jumpsuit after the assignment was concluded.  She pulled the snug boots up her thighs and smiled at herself in the mirror.  She was definitely someone's wet dream.  Already she felt a tantalizing itch growing between her legs.

Feeling tightly packed she was picked up by an unmarked police car and driven to the neighborhood of her assigned bar.  The Bar None was old and a little run down, but there was a good crowd of rowdy men.  She did not even make it to a table before she was approached.  She accepted drinks and talked comfortably with the men.  Several men were obviously hoping she would leave with them but they were all burly sorts and did not match the vague description of the suspect.  Her drink order, a 'slow screw', drew many comments from the rowdy men.

Marianne had been at the bar for two hours.  She had checked in with her floating support team twice from the ladies room.  There had been no trouble from any of the policewomen decoys so Marianne relaxed and was enjoying herself.  It had been decided that she could drink while on this assignment and Marianne realized she was feeling the effects of the alcohol.  The jumpsuit was also effecting her -- the tight stretchy material turned her on.  The sweat that always appeared when she got drunk was acting as a lubricant.  The latex held the sweat next to her skin and kept the heat in.  The jumpsuit tightly slid over her nipples and between her legs.  The combination of the corset and the jumpsuit's tight waist gave her a wonderful feeling she would have to try again and again.

After three hours Marianne had given up on the suspect coming to her.  Marianne reported to her support and announced she would just be going off duty.  She did not say she intended stay at the bar and continue her good time.  She asked that the unmarked car pick her up a 1:00 am and drive her home.  Marianne relaxed and enjoyed the attention she had denied herself for too long.

It was 12:25 AM when the man approached her and alarms went off in her head.  He met the vague description given by the victims.  Dressed in gray slacks and a polo shirt he was a notch above the other t-shirted and jeaned men in the place.  He was clean-shaven with no noticeable scars or characteristics.  His soft deep voice was barely audible above the music box.  As she sipped her drink it tasted a little different than the 'slow screws' she had been sipping.  Had he slipped something into it?  She was about to excuse herself to the ladies room when the man told her they were leaving.  Marianne felt her resistance vanish.  She staggered as she followed him to his car before her consciousness fade.


Marianne woke to feel her entire body being squeezed.  She was not sure if her eyes were open or closed, but it seemed pitch dark.  Her body and thoughts moved sluggishly as if in a dream.  "Maybe this is a dream?"  Moments later she felt weight on her toes.  She waited for her heels to touch, but the weight on her toes just increased, her feet remained pointed. She realized she wore some type of extremely tall high-heeled boots.  She tried to shift her weight and grab onto anything, but she was barely able to move.  Pain in her back and shoulders stabbed her consciousness.  She realized her forearms, wrists and hands were forced together behind her back into some sort of harness.  Something pulled up on her arms bending her forward until her torso was horizontal.  Some weight was lifted from her feet at the expense of her aching shoulders.  Marianne felt that her waist had been squeezed impossibly small.  Her whole body felt compressed.  The tightness at her crotch and ass was incredible.

Marianne was shocked as she realized she was aroused by some part of her plight.  She had never been under someone else's control or worn such tight or restrictive clothes.  The pain in her shoulders and toes emphasized she was at the complete mercy of someone else. Some foul tasting rubber ball was settled between her teeth even as other intruders were pressed it her.  Vibrations started in those other intruders and she was soon awash in arousal.

The vibrators cycled from mild throbs to violent hard bouncing.  Marianne rode the stimulation to an orgasm, before she could catch a break another cycle brought her to a second orgasm.  Time lost all meaning as wave after wave of orgasms struck her like a hurricane breaking over a beach.  She finally passed out.


Consciousness crept back to Marianne slowly.  She felt empty as the lower intruders were removed.  Moments later she felt something thinner inserted into her ass.  A warm fluid entered her and seemed soothing.  As the fluid continued to flow she was filled to bursting until finally the flow stopped. The rubber ball was removed leaving Marianne's mouth open.  She breathed in fresh air and moaned.

A voice spoke.  "Stay calm.  You are hearing my voice from tiny speakers placed in your ears.  Drink.  It will provide you with the fluids and nutrients you need.

Marianne felt a tube at her lips.  She sucked and was rewarded with a cool, sweet liquid.  She had not realized how hungry she was.  After quickly downing the liquid she took a deep breath and was about to ask a question when the rubber ball was pushed returned to her mouth.  Her body seemed to be squeezed even tighter. The fluid that had been forced into her ass was released from her body.  The pressure on her arms lessened until she stood with most her weight on her own feet.  The increased weight made her toes hurt more, but she was able to balance herself.  She tried to shift her weight back and forth to get some relief.

The vibrators were replaced in her.  The next moment she felt many hands grab her legs forcing them together.  The hands disappeared, but her legs seemed fused together.  She wanted to kneel, but found her knees would not bend.  Marianne wobbled as hands found her arms and moved to her sides.  The relief was short lived as her arms were pulled straight above in head stretching her like a violin string.  The weight increased on her arms and decreased on her toes.

The vibrators brought Marianne to another a countless series of explosive orgasms.  She was rendered a semi-conscious sexual animal, weakly responding instinctively to her limited surroundings.

As before the cold, sweet drink was offered and accepted.  When she finished Marianne was seated on a chair.  Her arms were pulled straight our to her sides and fixed in position.  Her legs were pulled to either side of the chair and locked to the chair's back legs.  Although she was firmly seated in the chair she felt the vibrators return and realized they had come up through the seat of the chair.  She felt a belt circle her thighs holding her firmly to the chair.  Once again she could only quiver within her barely yielding confinement.

The pattern of forced orgasms, cool refreshment and a change of position continued.  Marianne vaguely remembered that the other girls had been released after five days.  She knew her sense of time was badly disrupted but she thought she was being kept much longer.  To her way of reckoning she felt as if she had been here for weeks.

During a particularly harsh session she was in a very rigid hog-tie when she felt a strong thump.  Something was happening.  She normal could not hear anything, but loud sounds were making their way through to her ears.  These loud sounds lasted briefly and in moments she felt hands on her wrists and ankles.  Suddenly the hog-tie was released leaving Marianne lying on her stomach -- her arms and legs lying stretched out comfortably.  She was turned over and laid carefully on her back.  Her ball gags was removed.  The latex was pulled from her mouth and fresh air touched her lower face.  The latex was peeled away from her face until light struck her eyes.  She blinked and observed that as the latex was stretched away from her body it was being cut with surgical precision.  When her face was clear the remaining hood of latex was pulled down to her neck.  Her eyes finally focused on the faces in front of her.  It was her lieutenant and someone in a doctor's white smock.  Marianne started to cry grabbing the lieutenant in relief.  She was whisked to a hospital where the remaining latex was cut and peeled from her body.  Once the latex was gone she was washed and dressed in a hospital gown before being placed in a bed.


Marianne lay in her hospital bed.  She was awake and smiling weakly as she looked at Lt. James Andersen, her boss.  He stood at the foot of her bed with an armful of flowers and magazines.

"Glad to see you are awoke, Sgt. Mueller.  Do you feel like company?"

"Please come in and sit.  I could use the company. The doctor says I'm primarily suffering from exhaustion.  Some bed rest and I'll be as good as new."

"That's terrific, Marianne.  I'm so sorry this all happened."

"How long was I a captive?"

"Three days."

Marianne gasped.  "It felt like weeks.  How'd you find me?"

Jim collected his thoughts.  "When you didn't appear for your pickup at 1:00 AM, your backup checked the GPS for your co-ordinates.  Your watch/radio was found in a mailbox after being wiped clean.  I've been desperate since then.  The department had over twenty units trying to snag the perp.  Fortunately one of the uniformed cops heard of a stripper who'd been talking of a new game her and her regulars were playing.  She'd allowed herself to be dipped in latex and sealed in for a night.  A standard handheld hair drying was used to draw the latex even tighter as it had dried.   The perp was paying her four hundred bucks a night to be his latex plaything.  Her story was that she liked the experience.  The uniforms passed the word and the detectives had found her at home in an outfit just like one we discovered you wearing.  Her boyfriend was one of the flunkies where you were held."

"Were they doing this to me just for their sexual pleasure?"

"No.  They were taping you.  We found where they were editing and copying the video.  There were hundreds of tapes of you and other victims.  The tapes were being purchased via a website."  Jim hesitated.  "I afraid some copies of your, ah, session are already out there.  It'd be difficult but not impossible to identify you.  The latex was very form fitting."

Marianne blushed.  Somewhere in America someone could be watching right now.  "Can I see one of those tapes?"

"Not yet.  When you are rested and ready to come back on duty, I'll get a copy for you to view."

Their conversation fizzled to trivialities.


Marianne had been out of the hospital a week and felt ready to get back to work.  Andersen came by to check in on her at home and they talked in a restrained manner.

"Jim, is something wrong.  You seem edgy."

"Marianne, I got a copy of one of the tapes of you.  Do you still want to see it?"

"Yes, but please stay.  I may need a shoulder to cry on afterwards."

Jim handed Marianne the tape and she motioned for him to sit on the couch.  She put the tape in the VCR, turned on the TV and she sat at the other end of the couch with the remote control.  As the tape played Marianne saw many of the positions in which she had been posed.  She was transfixed as the memories of her pleasures and pains merged with the beautiful sexual animal she saw squirming on the tape.  She looked like a rubber goddess in her tightly bound attire.  They sat without either talking until the tape ended and she turned off the TV.

Marianne turned and saw that Jim was still staring hungrily at the blank screen.  She asked Jim to wait a few minutes and Marianne went to her bedroom.  Fifteen minutes later she walked up behind Jim and tapped him on the shoulder.  He turned and his mouth dropped open.  Marianne stood in a skin-tight red latex catsuit.  She was wearing her highest heels.  In her right hand she dangled her handcuffs.

"Well, officer, does anything come to mind?"

After a few seconds Jim's jaw closed and a wide smile split his face.  "Well, ma'am, I believe you may have violated some ordinances."

Marianne smiled as she handed the cuffs to Jim.  "Let the interrogation begin."