Just Five Minutes

by Toran


"Just five minutes, tops," I said, looking into her big brown eyes.  Teri was her name, and besides a nice rack and a sweet ass, she was my date for the evening.  And, apparently, there was some soothing to do.

I kissed her again, long, soft, and felt her melt a little more.  Best Italian restaurant in town and a few martinis afterward and she was just about as horny as I was.  But still, the little matter of getting it all started, getting the ball rolling, getting the boat away from port.  The handcuffs.

I dangled the pair in front of her eyes again and felt her body stiffen.  Yeah, she was turned on, but the cold gleam and harsh reality of steel was maybe not what she thought would do the trick.  I knew she considered herself a little experimental, but in her mind, a blow-job in a backseat of the bar parking lot was the limit.  This would be pushing the envelope.

"I don't know ..."  Her face scrunched up and I knew it was for my benefit.  She was trying to divert to something more familiar.  Something safe.  Oh, she definitely was curious.  But the cuffs scared her.  As well they should.  In the hands of the wrong person, such instruments could very well be a huge set-back to personal freedom.  They spoke so much, those little circlets of steel.  Once the final ratchet clicked they weren't coming off without the key.

I grinned.  "I'll even give you the key."  I showed her the little key chain and the bronze colored key that dangled from it.  As I clicked the cuffs shut and worked the key in the little slot on one of them, she watched with doe eyed fascination.  With a quick twist, I popped the cuff open and she shuddered.  Whether that was for me or real I couldn't tell.  It sure was pretty fucking sexy.  "See, nothing to it.  I'll give you the keys and if you get a little frightened you can just take them off yourself."

She tentatively reached out and took the handcuffs.  I could see her eyes widen even more when she held the full weight of the bracelets.  Oh yes, these were the real thing - not the plastic toys they sold at Spencers.  She moved one of the folding circles back and forth and finally clicked it home.  Using the key she opened it back up.

"I don't know," she murmured and, God, I almost lost it with those three words.   So innocent.  So uncertain.  So sexy.

I kissed her full lips again until she returned it.  Pulling away, I whispered, "It's all about trust, Teri.  You trust me, don't you?"

She hesitated just a moment and I could see she was weighing the month or so that we'd shared sitting next to each other on barstools, crying our souls out about how unfair the world was and how shitty our ex-lovers had been to us against getting locked up and helpless.  But this was our first real date and I could tell she wanted to show me that she was appreciative of me being there for her in her hour of need.  Yeah, to some extent she thought she could trust me.

"Ok,"  she bit her lip.  "But just for five minutes.  I've never had anything like this on me before."  She delicately slipped her left wrist between the circles of steel and gently clicked the band shut.

God, what a sight.  Nothing beats a girl with a set of handcuffs dangling from her wrist.  She began to slip the other in and I grabber her hand gently.

"No, no, dear.  Behind your back."  She stiffened immediately and I knew it would take another kiss.  I leaned in and gave her the thousand dollar sell.  When I pulled away, we were both breathing pretty hard and there was a hungry little gleam in her eye.

"Five minutes," she murmured.  I helped her find the cuff behind her back, directing her wrist to the waiting ringlet.  She fumbled a little, but I wanted to make sure that she was the one that clicked her fate shut.  Click.  Now both her hands were locked behind her.  She still held the little key in the palm of her hand and I could see she fought the urge to immediately try to get it in the slot.

I turned her around so she faced me and gave her a quick up and down.  She looked gorgeous with her hands locked behind her.  I gave her a long, deep kiss, pulling her into me and feeling her breasts against my chest got me moving.  I only had five minutes after all.

I pulled away and reached down under the sofa.  She was too busy experimenting with the feel of having her hands taken away from her to notice the coil of rope I brought out.

"This isn't so bad," she started to say, as I turned her back to me, then sucked in her breath sharply as I pulled her elbows together and quickly looped the rope around her upper arms.  She let out an adorable little squeak as her arms were pulled tightly back and cinched tightly together by the rope.  By the time she got any more words out of her mouth, her arms were lost to her completely.

"What the fuck-"  I pushed her down on the sofa face-first and crawled on top of her immediately.  Straddling her ass, I reached down under the sofa again and pulled out the fat rubber ball-gag.  I could feel her fingers going to town with the key, trying to get it into the slot and I grinned.  Pulling her head back by her shoulder length auburn hair, I slid the ball-gag in between those full, sexy lips and buckled the strap tight.

She was still fumbling with the little handcuff key and now shrieking, and I avoided her eyes as I rolled her over.  To look into her eyes now would be like falling into a well.  I would not be able to finish her.

I swung my legs around so now I sat on her tight little belly and, taking still more rope from under the sofa - it was a damn good thing she hadn't looked under there before we got started - I caught her flailing legs.  Two coils went around her knees, good and tight, and more around her ankles, so tight I would have to check her circulation later.  I was a sucker for tight ropes.  Actually, just about everything had to be tight with me.  If it didn't cut into the flesh, why bother.

Now I could step back and get my first real look at her.  Teri, my date.  Ball-gag crammed deep into her mouth making her cheeks puff out like a chipmunk.  Arms tightly tied behind her forcing her breasts to jut out lewdly behind her sweater.  Legs lashed together oh so tightly.

I reached down and pulled her to her feet by her shoulders.  She tried to struggle but short of falling down on her face, a few ineffective twists of her torso was all she could muster.  She was shrieking, of course, and her soft doe eyes had turned to raging, scared coals of fire.  I turned her around and took the handcuff key from her fingers.  This brought a wail from behind the gag.

"Now, now, dear, I said five minutes and I'm a man of my word."  I slid the key into the lock and popped one band off her wrist.  Immediately she started flailing her free arm around, as best she could with her elbows tightly tied they way they were.  It took a little work to get the other cuff off, but when it finally popped free, I dodged her little fists as I made one last trip under the sofa.  She began to cry as I caught first one wrist then the other and quickly, methodically tied them together.

That was that.  I reached around form the back and felt her breasts for the first time.  Sure, if I had played my cards right, I would have undoubtedly gotten a feel of those nice jugs anyway, with her curvy and naked beside me upstairs under the sheets, maybe a bottle of Chianti mostly drained, candles on the nightstand, maybe a little incense going from the hallway.  Sure, that would have been fun, kind of romantic actually.  We would whisper in each other's ears, I would start the kissing and eventually, I would roll over on to her and we would make wild, passionate love.  Then maybe snooze a little, and she would maybe start the second round, somewhere in the dark of the night, and this time it would be animal, not that romantic crap.  Just pure animal.  And, later, at breakfast over pancakes and bacon, she would blush and apologize for being so uncharacteristically rough.  I would pat her on the ass through my bathrobe, which she was wearing and maybe reach out and cup a breast, to get things started again.

I squeezed the flesh between my fingers hard and watched her eyes narrow to two little slits.  Well, time to get moving.  Bending over at the waist, I lifted her up over my shoulder and made my way to the basement.   There were many things to torment my girl with down there.  As well as the cage that she would have to get used to.

Part II

"OK, hon, now's your chance to vent a little - which I'm sure you'll take the opportunity to do - but more importantly, this is one of the few times I'll give that sexy little tongue of yours free reign."

I rolled the leather strap of Teri's ballgag through the buckle at the nape of her neck, and caught the alluring smell of her perfume and sweat.  Before I released the tension on the straps that had made her cheeks puff out so sweetly, I closed my eyes and kissed the fuzzy back of her neck and thought of the things I would do with my girl.

Standing back from where she slumped in the hard wooden chair in the center of the soundproofed playroom in my basement, I pulled the big ballgag from her lips and unleashed hell.

"You fucking bastard!  Fucking monster!  Asshole!"

Lovely words from a thoroughly tied and helpless female and the shrieking pitch was music to my ears.  I turned my back on her and reached for the humidor.  From the creaking of the chair, I could tell that she was working herself up pretty good.

"Monster is a little harsh,"  I said, pulling out a Fuente Black Ribbon.  "Particular tastes are what I call this room."

I turned back around and the sight of her almost dropped me.   Ankles and knees tied tightly - one of her high heels had apparently not made the trip downstairs.  Tight skirt hiked a ways up her toned and straining thighs.  Breasts bulging against a sweater pulled tight from elbows and wrists tied together behind her back.  Curls of her auburn hair fell about her shoulders, her bangs plastered to her forehead from the sweat of struggling and probably a bit from fear.  And those eyes, hot coals of fire.  And around her, behind her, the tables littered with gadgets of all types, toys made to restrain and hurt and torment.  A few rings were bolted to the ceiling beams from which chains hung.  In the corner was a three foot  square cage, much like you would find in a dog kennel and sure enough, there was a dog bowl laying inside.  In another corner was a bed, very comfortable looking in spite of the leather shackles anchored to the four corners.  Every wall was soundproofed - I tended to like the live moans and cries better than the gurgles from behind a gag.  Unquestionably - a lady was sexiest with her lips suckling a big old ballgag.  But they just said the darndest things if you let them.  And in the center, tied into a warm parcel of female, was Teri on the questioner's chair.

With steady fingers, I lit the end of the cigar.

"I trusted you, you sick fuck!"  Her voice rose to an almost hysterical pitch.  "And look what you did to me!"  A strand of hair fell across her face, hiding those wonderful eyes momentarily.  "What do you want from me?"

I blew smoke up at the ceiling.  "That's a loaded question, hon.  On a purely physical level, seeing you tied up like that turns me on like hell.  I'm not sure why, spent a few years questioning it, then just gave in and decided it was one of my fetishes.  Nothing personal, it's just that, to me, chicks are sexiest when they're tied."

I had her attention - her struggles stopped and she was looking at me through the auburn strand of hair.  "As for the other part, the cerebral part, that goes a little deeper.  Remember a few weeks back when we were talking about the crazy things that we did as kids?  Remember?  At Harpo's, sucking down, what was it that night?  Jack and cokes!  That's it.  And you told me a story about cowboys and Indians and not wanting to be rescued and being tied to a tree for hours -"

She got the strand of hair out of her eyes.  "You asshole!  That's different.  I was a fucking kid!"

I pulled up a chair and swung it around so I could sit on it backwards.  The smoke from my cigar curled lazily around her head - she'd said before that she loved the smell of a good cigar.  I smiled at her patiently.  "First of all, you can tone down the sailor tongue - such language isn't becoming a lady."

"Fuck you."

Still smiling, I reached out and found her nipple, which was hard even beneath the sweater and bra and gave it a good squeeze.

"Oww, you bast-"

I squeezed harder and her words trailed off into a thin moan.  My hand slid down and cupped her breast, my thumb rubbing the wounded nipple.  "Second, you'll find that if you did a little more listening and thinking that things would go better for you and you may learn something about yourself."  I blew a small smoke ring above her head and she watched it curl up towards the ceiling before dropping her eyes to mine.  "The deeper part of all this is harder to explain and involves a little more honesty with yourself.  Close your eyes.  Come on, close them."

I waited while she glared at me - had her hand been free, I'm sure I would have had the one-finger salute in my face.  I sighed and went to my table, fishing around until I found the satin blindfold.  "You're having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that I can do anything I want with you.  Do anything I want TO you."  I gently slid the blindfold over her eyes.  "Anything,"  I whispered in her ear, treating myself to a slow feel of her breasts.

Still whispering in her ear, I said, "How often do you let someone you hardly know rub you this way?  The sacred female breasts - never to be touched, only looked at, worshipped.  And yet, now I can touch -" I caressed the tender full weight in my hands, "or pinch-", I found a nipple with each hand and worked the bud between my fingers.  Her breath caught and I wondered if her eyes were indeed closed now behind the blindfold.  "Or I can be mean-" I squeezed her mounds hard, crushing the nipples beneath my palms and digging my fingers deep into her flesh.  She yelped in surprise and I fought the urge to strip her and fuck her right then.

I pulled back and my lips found hers.  At first she tried to turn away, but I held her chin fast, my tongue sliding over hers and finding the deep hot recesses of her mouth.  She shuddered against me and I knew that I hadn't been wrong, way back when I decided that she would be right for this.  But she still needed some educating.

I pulled away and stepped behind her, running my fingers through thick auburn tresses.  She flicked her head, whether to try to break free of my fingers or because there was a smoldering fire inside her, deep inside, one that she'd always known about, maybe, but kept under control.  And that was really what this was about.  In one word.

"I control you now, hon," I whispered softly in her ear.  "Feel the ropes - how tight they hold you the way I want you to be held."  I nipped at an earlobe and slid my hands down over her shoulders, past her breasts and to her skirted hips.  "I control what you feel."  I lightly ran my hands across her pelvis, my fingers grazing, as best they could over the nylon skirt, the upper rise of her mound.

"No," she moaned weakly and tried to shift away from my hands.

"Yes," I whispered, biting her neck.  "I control your world, now.  I have taken your power to run, to object, to decide."  I ran my tongue along the nape of her neck, caressing the red bite marks.  "But I also give back power - my power.  Through pleasure-" My hands again found her hips, and quickly I slid her skirt up and out of my way.  Her panties were soft, warm, and wet, and when I rubbed a finger along the raised line of her pussy lips, she arched her back hard into the chair.

"Or pain-"  With the hand already at the mouth of her pussy, I rammed two fingers in, the cotton of her panties her only means of resistance.  With the other arm, I pinned her chest and found a nipple, squeezing hard and long.  I let her shriek for a time, then withdrew abruptly, stepping back and admiring the way her body reacted.  She was like a machine with a dangerously high idle.  Her chest pumped air in and out, her limbs jerked against the ropes, her skin flushed.  I sat down and puffed on the cigar.  Reaching across, I pulled the blindfold off.

Her eyes were squeezed shut, a single tear poised to race down her cheek.  "No," she whispered.  "I don't want this.  Let me go."

She looked up at me with over-bright eyes, timidly, as if she were seeing the most beautiful sight on earth and didn't know whether she should like it or not.  I patted her face and she nuzzled my hand at first, then pulled away.

"Yes you do.  You want this now more than ever.  But it scares you.  And it should."  I got up and went to my table of toys.  The sadistic streak was riding high now.  She was so vulnerable, so open, so pliable.  I wanted to crush her completely.  I wanted to make her mine forever.

"I can gag your pretty lips," I picked up the penis-gag harness, "here's a good one.  Look, it even has a hose threaded through it so it can mimic the male orgasm."  I gave it a squeeze and a thin line of water squirted from the tip.

She watched the stream of water with big eyes.  I went back to the table of toys, smoke trailing me like a lazy cloud.  "This is a ring gag," I said, tossing the gag towards her where it clanged at her feet.  "Good for getting a blowjob and not loosing anything important.  Lots of spittle, though."

I picked up a pair of connected nipple clamps.  "These go on your nipples.  I can vary the tightness with this little screw and with the chain connecting them, any movement translates a little pain to both of your delicious breasts."  I tossed these at her feet too and she barely stirred.  Her head slowly turned from side to side in a tiny 'no' motion.

"This is a collar, mostly for symbolic purposes, but this particular one also helps you, the slave, maintain proper posture.  I'll be fitting you with one of these soon."

That tear cut loose from her eye and streaked down her cheek.  "This is supposed to be a date," she whispered.  "I thought I knew you.  But I didn't - you're crazy.  I was planning to spend the weekend with you if things worked out.  Instead ..."  She was on the verge of breaking down completely.

I came over and stood behind her, rubbing her shoulders, feeling the effect that the strain from her tied elbows was having on her.  I kissed her neck again and it was as if an electric current had entered her.  Casually I reached down and picked up the slave collar.  Before she knew it, I had it locked tight around her neck.

That was it - silent sobs took her.  I knelt in front of her and she tried to kick me away, but her motions were slow, trance-like and weak.  "Now, now, hon, it isn't so bad."   I pulled the big ballgag from the floor and stuffed it far back into her mouth.  She took it almost willingly, her lips going around the big red ball like they belonged there.  "I have a proposition.  Using all these sick toys you see here, I will make you come in five minutes.  If I can't, you walk out of here whenever you want.  Haul my ass away for kidnapping and rape, if you want.  If you do come however, you stay the weekend.  On my terms."

She looked down at me with those big doe eyes and I could tell she was on overdrive.  Stimulus overload.  "Now I know I stretched the truth with the handcuffs - yes, I had them off you in five minutes and look where you ended up.  But from this point on, trust is something you will have to have in me.  You see, I know more about you than you think.  You are one sexy, complicated girl with a fucked up dark side."  I counted the fingers on one hand.  "One, failed marriage with a wife-beater.  Two, confidence problems.  Three, raped in your teens.  Four, out of control wild streak that gets you into trouble.  You're practically a cliché.  But I know different.  You're just restless.  You haven't found what you're looking for.  It's a beast inside you, driving you, pushing you.  And you are afraid to look at it.  Afraid to let it out."

I lowered my voice.  "Just like me.  We both have a beast here, deep inside.  Only I know what my beast looks like.  I think it's time you met yours."

She sat perfectly still, my lovely lady wrapped in ropes and gagged like a chipmunk.  I leaned close and whispered in her ear, "You said once, I can't remember when exactly, that you wanted a total, complete mindfuck to wipe away all the shit that's happened to you.  Welcome to Mindfuck Central."

I pulled the gag out, and her eyes dropped.  "Fuck you," she whispered.

Part III

"When the thought of being helpless, even for five minutes, entered your mind - that was a threshold.  You crossed over,"  I whispered, loudly enough so she could hear through the fall of her auburn hair.  She was bent over almost double, a chain attached to the ropes that bound her hands behind her back pulled her arms up to the ceiling.

"When you clicked the second handcuff around your wrist, locking your hands behind your back and placing you, your body, your safety, in my care, even for five minutes, and even though you had the key - that was a threshold.  You crossed over."

"No", she moaned, pain from her position giving her words a delicious edge.  Her face was shrouded from me by her hair, and she hadn't seen the pair of utility scissors I had in my hand.

"Now, now, hon.  'No' is not a word in your vocabulary anymore."  I'd pulled the gag back out - gag in - gag out.  The stunning visual of her mouth stretched open to hold the big red ball, the black leather strap puffing her cheeks, was offset by her words.  They say the eyes are a window to the soul.  In my opinion, the mouth was a window to the mind.  I wanted to feel her accept her submission.  I wanted her reaction - of course, the way her body accepted the unwanted restraints was as good an indication as any, with the subtle squirming and testing of the ropes, the frantic heaving of her breasts, the balance she tried to maintain with her limbs taken from her.  But what she said, her swearing, her cries, her moans - that was the voice of her growing submission.  Her reluctance to accept her beast within, and the birth of the slave I knew she could be.

I took the scissors and deftly slit her thin sweater from her waist to the mounds of her breasts.  "When I tied you, made you completely helpless and took your power for my own - your power to resist, your power to run, your power of freedom - that was a threshold.  I carried you over."  She turned her head, trying to look at me through the falling hair but it was no good.  She had too much of the auburn tresses to push aside with just one motion.

Cutting her clothes off her was a tough decision.  I didn't want her to taste freedom at all, even for a brief second, at least not this early.  In the end, I decided that she would have no use for them in the near future and they could be easily replaced.  Besides, feeling the clothes that she had no doubt spent some time deciding on wearing on this, our first date, trying to give the right signal, project the right mood or statement or whatever I had been lead to believe from the other women I had known - feeling this skin of choice being cut away and ruined, that was a reaction I wanted to watch.

"You bastard!  You're destroying my good -"

I reached over and pulled her hair away from her face and was met with a fiery glare.  Her cheeks were flushed from the slightly upside down position and the posture collar wasn't giving her much room to move her head.  I tucked the strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her.  She spasmed in her ropes as she fought to get away from me and the moan that followed as she relaxed and let me kiss her, let my tongue bury itself in her mouth without her returning the kiss told me that she was beginning to realize that there was nothing she could do but accept this.  But I wanted more.  I wanted her to embrace this.

I slid the scissors higher up as I pulled away from her lips, her hair once again hiding her angry and frightened eyes.  "You're at another threshold, hon.  And this is a big one.  I can help you to some degree - in fact, you may say that I'm dragging you along.  But this threshold you have to cross on your own."  The front of her sweater fell away revealing the black lacy bra holding her breasts.  A few snips along her arms up to her bound elbows and the sweater was no more.  "There's something waiting for you on the other side of this next threshold.  Something I know you know is there."

I snipped the thin ribbon of lace between her breasts and the bra fell away - I could have unhooked it, but what the hell, I had already started cutting.  Two more snips and I tossed the remainder of the lace bra into the corner.  Her breasts now hung, firm and full, her hair brushing the upper rise of flesh.

"Fuck you," she whispered.  It was, apparently, one of her favorite phrases.

I reached down and found both nipples hard.  "That something behind this threshold has a life of its own."  I squeezed each nipple firmly, rolling the hard nubs between my fingers and, hearing her gasp, I went on.  "You keep it deep inside, under control, but it rules you in ways you don't realize.  The relationships you seek out.  The thoughts that come at you, seemingly from nowhere.  The images that sneak into your mind in the dark hours of night, filling you with a dark, rich lust.  A lust of ropes, of whips, of collars.  And before you realize it, you're squeezing your own nipples through your nightie like this -" I squeezed her flesh hard and she screamed.  I leaned close into her ear and whispered, "All you want is to be tied, teased, hurt and loved.  And you fight it."

I let her go and stepped back.  The soundproofed walls absorbed the last of her scream and the silence that followed was punctuated by her gentle sobs.  I pulled her shiny pvc skirt down to her ankles and cut away her panties.  Kneeling before her, looking up at the tear stained face in the center of the shroud of hair I found her eyes.  "I'm right.  Aren't I?"

She closed her eyes and shook her head 'no' once.  Then a sob overtook her.  "Yes," she whispered.

I kissed her again and this time she responded.  A bound female, naked and helpless, bent in two by my ropes, kissing me with a hunger that surprised even her.  I got up and went to my toy table.

"I'm not ready for this.  Not now."  Her voice had a nice pleading sound to it.  I found the thin rope and a few small clamps.  "You were right.  Maybe we could talk about this.  Please?  This isn't fun."

I stooped in front of her and caressed a breast.  "I don't think we're talking about fun here.  At least not for you.  I'm enjoying myself immensely."  I looped a coil of the thin rope around her breast, pulling the base of her mound tightly in a circle.  Quickly, I roped the breast with tighter and tighter coils until her flesh was pulled taught and the shape was nicely ballooned.  Immediately the orb started to turn a darker shade.

"No, wait."

I glanced up and fixed her eyes, while finding the somewhat flattened nipple of her bound breast.  "You're along for the ride, hon.  And too many objections gets a gag."  I squeezed the nipple once, getting the moan I wanted and set about tying her other breast.  She watched in silent fascination, probably never realizing that a breast could be tied, and once tied, that it would get both larger and more sensitive.  "And there is the matter of stimulation.  Some you will no doubt find quite pleasant."

I snaked a finger up into her pussy, finding it moist, and stroked her clit.  She shuddered and her hips pressed against my hand.  With the other hand, I found a nipple and clamped it with one of the clamps.  Her scream tapered off into a startled moan as I drove three fingers deep into her pussy.  Finding a rhythm that her hips matched, I fucked her with my fingers and clamped the other nipple.  Even with her legs tightly tied together, she was so wet I had no trouble pistoning my fingers, now four, deep into her pussy.  With each thrust, my thumb found the increasingly engorged button of her clit.  She began to sway.  I glanced up and the image of her tightly closed eyes, the shiny tear streaked cheeks, the tangle of hair about her face and below that, the tightly tied and clamped orbs that were her breasts - all this brought me down the home stretch.  I slowed my fingers in their invasion of her pussy, taking more time to flick her clit.  My other hand pulled a nipple clamp - first one then the other - until her breasts were almost bobbing back and forth, the tiny pincher's twisting and pulling inflaming her flesh even more.

She began to shudder and I went for the knock down blow.  First loosening her knee ropes, I buried my face in her pussy, both hands pushing her thighs apart.  My tongue found her engorged pussy lips and dove inside.  She tasted wonderful and within seconds her hips were thrusting into my face out of control.  Finding her clit, I bit down, hard and she shrieked, her legs almost buckling.  If my arms hadn't found her ass at the last second to hold her up, she probably would have torn her shoulders out of their sockets.  I felt her body shudder violently as a wave of pleasure rolled through her.  I bit again and her breath caught, her body stiffening.  The second orgasm slammed into her on the heels of the first.  My mouth was filled with her taste and I almost came right then.

But the night was young.  I would have time for that later.  Cradling her torso with one hand, I reached around and unclipped the chain holding her arms in the strappado.  She slumped against me, her breath hot on my neck and we both slid to the floor.  Her head rested against my shoulder, her tied legs curled up tightly against my crotch.  I fondled a bound breast, twisting the clamp on her nipple.  "You know, you lost."

She stirred, trying to look up at me.  I twisted the clamp even more and she moaned.  "That was less that five minutes."  I held her head against my chest and abruptly unclamped the nipple, her shriek muffled by my shirt.  "And under the terms of the bet, which I believe you agreed to, albeit under forced conditions, you must spend the rest of the weekend with me, accepting every wish as a command."

I fondled the other clamp and she tried to pull her legs up tighter to her chest.  Her hands, useless behind her back, grasped my thigh tightly in preparation for the pain that was sure to come.  "Now, Teri, I am going to give you one last chance, in spite of the bet you lost.  You can walk away from here right now.  Walk away with no strings attached except for one.  I will never see you again."  I pulled the clamp while at the same time, I found the mound of her pussy.  She shrank against me, torn between the pain in her tit and the fire in her puss.  "And you will have to find that beast inside you on your own.  Without me."

I let the clamp go and withdrew my finger.  Turning her around so she could look into my eyes, I sized her up.  A beautiful girl, arms lost behind her, legs tied and pulled up under her, both breasts bound to a cherry pink, a clamp dangling from one nipple.  And she looked at me with a mixture of lust and uncertainty.  She knew what she was, what she feared, what she wanted.  It was the threshold that frightened her.  But it was a threshold she would have to cross on her own.  She looked down, at her breasts, then all about her, as much as the collar would allow, at the table of toys, the chains and cage.  And then at the pile of her clothes in the corner, familiar and yet altered by their shreds.  Then she looked at me and I saw into her soul.  "I trusted you once.  Can I trust you now?"

I ran a finger down her cheek over the drying tears, to her lips, so full.  "Any slave of mine will have no fear that they are safe and loved."

She bit her lip, her eyes never leaving mine.  Then she smiled, the devil dancing in her face.  "Fuck you.  Master.  And that was way more than five minutes."